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Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: If you think about it, there is nothing more satisfying than watching all those CoC test cases go green

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: ON THE VERY FIRST CODE TESTING

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Ahh, I love that feeling...

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: :p

DaNinja: Hi Nixerrr I deleted my comment on the cultist wars forum after realising I misread the bresenham code.

eulerscheZahl: nixer isn't online at the moment

DaNinja: musta just missed him

Default avatar.png NicatSadiqov: hi

jacek: good morning

eulerscheZahl: moin

Default avatar.png ZaZzA: Hey

Default avatar.png zhoubou: Hello

Deathmonk: hello world

Default avatar.png MapieMamunhe: Hello world

Default avatar.png MapieMamunhe: Any tips?

eulerscheZahl: no

Bonacci: :nerd:

Deathmonk: any c++ guru around?

Deathmonk: :grimacing:


Deathmonk: anyone up for a challenge?

artmyros: i how only python:(

artmyros: know

artmyros: not how but know

Deathmonk: all languages are allowed in the above link

artmyros: ok im there

Thyl: Hi !


Deathmonk: another challenge...anyone?

SPDene: deathmonk CoC invites should be posted in the #clash channel, not here

jrke: deathmonk i will suggest to paste link #clash here which just for clash

Deathmonk: sorrry

ProgrammerDog: idu

jacek: oO

robol88: hey

Default avatar.png ilvghst: hiii

Thyl: hey

jacek: good afternoon

Default avatar.png Yumiko: good afternoon

MSmits: mediocre afternoon

MSmits: for a change

jacek: c-c-c-combo breaker?

MSmits: or that

Default avatar.png Yumiko: :grimacing:

Knee-Gears: smiths hello

NguyenDinhDuong: f

NguyenDinhDuong: df

NguyenDinhDuong: fsd

NguyenDinhDuong: f

Default avatar.png BigusRedus: a?

eulerscheZahl: stop it

Default avatar.png GriM: Does anyone know why I can't see the ship moving on coders strike back?

Default avatar.png Thosquey: try refreshing

Default avatar.png GriM: Can anyone let me know what the c# debug line is?

Default avatar.png GriM: I deleted it and I can't rmember how you do it :c

Default avatar.png GriM: nevermind

Default avatar.png masoodahm: I am terrible at programming

jacek: oh my

Tailsray: Same xd

Tailsray: But it doesn't matter as long as I like it :3

jacek: thats the spirit

eulerscheZahl: i should remember that for the recruiter

jacek: CG interview?

jp007: hllo

jacek: good evening

Westicles: CG interview: We'd like to hire you, but you're sort of already doing it for free

eulerscheZahl: i still don't understand their business model. the part of the website that is visible to us is just creating costs, isn't it?

eulerscheZahl: i know they have a recruiting platform as well. but organizing a contest where millions of games get played, that must cost a bit. also the working time to create the game in the first place

Westicles: Kind of like stores that sell novelty soaps. I just assume they are all money laundering fronts

jacek: laundering using soap?

Westicles: oO

struct: Well contests before were sponsored

struct: now I dont know how it works

eulerscheZahl: i remember the tiles of sponsored contests

eulerscheZahl: personally i wasn't actively looking for a job but many users seemed to like it

eulerscheZahl: some found a job that way

Default avatar.png Epic_Coder: hello

jacek: meh i thought it would be more crowdy druing christmas/new year time

Astrobytes: many users with families and/or young children

jacek: and they put family above CG?

Astrobytes: Shocking, I know.

jrke: but i am still here

Astrobytes: hey

jrke: but going to sleep now lol

Astrobytes: and you put sleep above CG? :P

jrke: i do not but my family won't allow that

jrke: so gn bye

Astrobytes: hehehe, gn jrke

jacek: still sleeps later than euler

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png srkhatti: helo

jacek: over 1m in 2048 \o/

eulerscheZahl: congrats! just don't break the engine and sneak your way around it ;)

jacek: i would not do such thing eh

Westicles: Is there anything random in the blockout testcases, or the same every time?

eulerscheZahl: the color of the blocks is random

Westicles: ha, okay

jacek: 2.5m :tada: the difficulty is about tradeoff of move quality vs how many moves in 1 turn

eulerscheZahl: i just changed some constants and improved from 10M to 40M :D

eulerscheZahl: but if i go further in that direction, scores get lower again. i need a faster engine

eulerscheZahl: beam width of 40 seems to be the lower bound for me

jacek: but replays are so slow :/

eulerscheZahl: read the statement carefully

eulerscheZahl: If you add a - to the output, you will disable the viewer (as it can get laggy for longer games).

jacek: who reads statements these days

eulerscheZahl: i've spent some time writing it :/

eulerscheZahl: and most players were like "2048, I know that game"

Counterbalance: how do you apply a beam-width of 40 to a game that only has max 4 moves?

jacek: oO

eulerscheZahl: looking 60 turns ahead

eulerscheZahl: not verbatim 2048. in the CG version the spawn algo is known so you can predict new tiles

Counterbalance: so, iterative deepening keeping only the 40 best moves?

Counterbalance: I ran into a ceiling / dead end problem.. doing brute force depth 7

eulerscheZahl: yes, i prune to 40 nodes each time

eulerscheZahl: and when i print, i don't print the whole path but remove the last 5 actions

eulerscheZahl: that way i avoid dead ends that i don't detect as such at the end of my search

Counterbalance: ah that's a good tip, thanks

VizGhar: I have beam size of 200 and only picking first half of moves. Most of the time I'll hit 600 rounds limit

VizGhar: I need size of 200 since I don't have ideal eval function :)

jacek: n-tuples :kiss:

Westicles: Forget the beam, go deterministic so you can get past big tiles with offline search

VizGhar: I should try it then :) I only have snake eval (i^4*field)

jacek: welp

VizGhar: miss me with that shit, send algo

VizGhar: :D

VizGhar: Where is the time I could actually understand those formulas

jacek: stupid math

VizGhar: hmm jacek, you have those n-tupes implemented? I'm 10 places above you

jacek: not in 2048, just started

jacek: simple 5-6 depth brute force

Westicles: 3 directions?

Westicles: You don't need down until around 50M or so

jacek: really?

Westicles: yes

jacek: meow

Counterbalance: what's the biggest tile you guys have gotten so far?

Westicles: 16/30 can only get 65k max, 14/30 can get 131k, 4/30 can get 131k_65k (in theory)

Westicles: *131k+65k

VizGhar: im using 64bit int for board representation = 4 bits per tile. My algo will die after reaching 64k tile :D

struct: go 128bits

**Counterbalance still trying to beat random bot at chess

jacek: chess is so cheesy

VizGhar: wow there is 128bit int in C++? didn't know that

Counterbalance: writing a correct chess bot is more work than I thought..

jacek: not portable

jacek: but CG support it

jacek: i still dont have castling or en passant

VizGhar: jacek I'm looking at those n-tuples... you have to have precomputed weights or compute it during runtime somehow

VizGhar: can't imagine how I can really use that approach

jacek: you compute the weights offline and then use them online

jacek: its like computing proper coefficients for any eval, like chess materials.

VizGhar: gotcha, but that 100k code limit is quite limiting

jacek: is queen really worth 9 pawns, or more like 9.5 pawns etc.

jacek: then get more creative

jacek: probably we would be restricted to small n-tuples

jacek: but still probably it would beat handcrafted evals

struct: VizGhar there is int128, but is just two 64 bits together

VizGhar: what is __int128 ?

struct: a class with two int64

struct: high and low

jacek: Oo

VizGhar: its brutal how my thinking is secretly gradually improving just by trying new algorithms... 3 hard puzzles in one day is quite an achievement

jacek: thats what she said

VizGhar: which part exactly? :D

jacek: ... hard ...

Default avatar.png Edisonpro: Whats its the best language? to start

jacek: python for simple things. java/c# for starters for something more serious

VizGhar: any :) but pick python

VizGhar: widely used and extremely easy

Default avatar.png Edisonpro: And how can I learn more faster... I mean like exercises

jacek: try easy puzzles

VizGhar: If you want to learn here go for Clash of Code

VizGhar: and finish every clash even after limit is up. you will eventually get better

Default avatar.png Edisonpro: Thank you so much

Default avatar.png Edisonpro: :,3

jacek: :o

Default avatar.png Edisonpro: How old were you when you started on this?

Default avatar.png DJSchaffner: what do you mean by "on this"?

VizGhar: CG or coding in general?

Default avatar.png Edisonpro: Coding in general :,3

Default avatar.png Edisonpro: Sorry Im not good in english I mean...

Skynse: Is CodinGame suffering some kind of ddos or something?

Default avatar.png Kazz: i have issues too, testcase taking like 2mins :(

Skynse: lol

Skynse: same

Default avatar.png kobi-nesher: same

Skynse: Took like 3 minutes to see my clash report

Westicles: 1am in france, every day

Skynse: must be some nightly maintenance

Skynse: understandable

Default avatar.png Skuuur: is it a reccurent problem ?

Default avatar.png Marin01: happened last night at exact same time

therealbeef: apparently it refreshes the rankings etc

struct: Its buggy since they updated db

Default avatar.png RogerSkeie: Is there a keyboard shortcut to delete current line in the IDE?

Default avatar.png omar-kvasnicka: shift+del

Default avatar.png RogerSkeie: shift+del did nothing.

Default avatar.png BrainWart: Alt+F4

Default avatar.png RogerSkeie: That worked, thank you :wink:

Default avatar.png Thosquey: is agon_k here

Default avatar.png agon_k: ouai ?

BrainWart: it's hard to beat you python guys

Skynse: my clash of code rank is almost in the 1000's

Skynse: man I wish I could keep grinding till I reached there but I have to sleep

Skynse: top 1000's*

ZzzTRAPzzZ: does clash of code get harder?

ZzzTRAPzzZ: like the higher rank you have the harder puzzles I get?

ZzzTRAPzzZ: and also does the rank drop if I stop playing like for a week?

jacek: clashes are random

jacek: and you drop rank slowly over time