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Vagina1337: very useful info

Default avatar.png Torpesh: Hey... new to the site. Can anyone tell me how to see available achievements for a puzzle?

struct: on your profile

struct: or for a specific puzzle just click it

Default avatar.png Torpesh: Ahh, found it. I was trying to find it from the coding page. Had to go back to the details page. Weird though - it said that I didn't get any, but when I went to the details it shows that I got 2/2.

Default avatar.png Torpesh: Thanks

eulerscheZahl: happy Caturday

Default avatar.png IamNick: hey

struct: If I want to overload copy constructor on c++ and I dont want to copy the last N bits, is it bad if I do memcpy(to, from, sizeof(struct)-N_bits)?

pb4: struct : Don't do that

pb4: memcpy works with full bytes, not bits

struct: what if the all the bits together = 8 bits?

struct: This still seems to hacky though I think I will avoid it

pb4: You can only use "vanilla memcpy" if N_bits is a multiple of 8

pb4: What kind of data structure do you want to copy-but-not-completely ?

struct: Thanks, also I have a question about moving range from array

struct: Imagine I want to copy from 400-500 to 0-100

struct: is memcpy fine?

struct: I dont want to copy, but just move

mzbear: as long as the ranges don't overlap

struct: It was some members on the struct that I didnt need to copy, but I dont think it would matter much, so Ill leave the default copy constructor

pb4: If it's really an array, it won't make a difference if you're copying or moving

struct: ok, thanks

pb4: I'd suggest you try the std::copy algorithm and compare with memcpy

struct: Arent they the same?

pb4: Less prone to error, and probably just as fast

struct: ah ok

jacek: merry Caturday

eulerscheZahl: oh, it's merry now :D

VizGhar: Hey guys... I'd like to contribute with this multiplayer game:

Seems to be not that hard to implement. What u guys think?

eulerscheZahl: looks similar to this game

eulerscheZahl: if you know how the SDK works, you can probably do it in 3-4 days

eulerscheZahl: so sounds like a nice project for the christmas holidays if you don't know the quirks yet

VizGhar: :) I've quickly read documentation and looked at 4-5 games on github, so I'll struggle a bit, but at least i know where to start

struct: most of the stuff is pretty simple

eulerscheZahl: and chat can help

VizGhar: sure can... you guys are here non-stop :D

struct: Cant rest before finishing STc

eulerscheZahl: can rest now, RAIC going well

eulerscheZahl: and topcoder has a minesweeper optim contest but i don't feel like competing atm :(

VizGhar: I wont feel like that next 2 years :|

eulerscheZahl: you have time till May to recover

jrke: what is RAIC ? russianaicup?

struct: yes

eulerscheZahl: the 2nd most easy tshirt of the year

SirMiska: Hello everyone!

struct: hi

eulerscheZahl: hii

eulerscheZahl: that hii-guy is still trolling on #fr :D

struct: Its the same guy

SirMiska: Could you fill me in?

eulerscheZahl: just enjoy your stay here, i don't want to turn you off by stories about a troll. they come and go

eulerscheZahl: but the fun multiplayer games on the platform stay

SirMiska: I always enjoy my time here!

derjack: aww

MSmits: oh noes, the pony is back

derjack: better do the Y thing with my alt

MSmits: are you afraid you'll break the leaderboard otherwise?

derjack: yes, i think im lucky with being 4th

MSmits: ahh ok

Default avatar.png Teo_Bal: sup

Default avatar.png tudor870: ho

Default avatar.png Teo_Bal: no homo tho

Default avatar.png mihaipriboi: sup bitch

struct: Keep spamming and you will get kicked

Default avatar.png taxxje: is there not a play again for private games

struct: There is, you can play private clashes

Default avatar.png taxxje: to re-up though

Default avatar.png taxxje: like go again

Default avatar.png Teo_Bal: i destoryed @mihaipriboi

Default avatar.png mihaipriboi: noooooo

Default avatar.png Teo_Bal: yesirrrr

Default avatar.png Teo_Bal: maria?

Default avatar.png mihaipriboi: MARIAAAAAA

eulerscheZahl: so, who else needs a kick?

eulerscheZahl: can't even switch chatrooms for a few minutes

derjack: w00t? you too submiting?

Default avatar.png Teo_Bal: ((((

struct: Robo also playing?

Default avatar.png Teo_Bal: mihai ce faci?

eulerscheZahl: playing where?

derjack: hmm i get random timeouts

struct: Yavalath

MSmits: i am submitting because of robo yes

MSmits: though not just robo, i also still lose other games, so there's work to do

MSmits: robo made some changes. His bot is pretty deterministic, but also pretty good, so he tends to hit upon a line of play my bot keeps getting wrong

struct: You need more time for first turn jacek?

RoboStac: I don't understand my bot anymore

MSmits: so i suddenly lose 50% or 100% of my games vs him when he does that

derjack: he didnt add randomness?

MSmits: dont know derjack

MSmits: sometimes randomness isnt enough

MSmits: if you add too much, the bot becomes bad, if you add too little it's deterministic

MSmits: sometimes the window size is 0

RoboStac: theres no randomness added

jrke: you need a good bot + randomness for a good rank

MSmits: jrke randomness is mostly just needed to beat someone with an opening book

MSmits: or someone else deterministic who just happens to use the right moves against you

RoboStac: I think I've got a bug in the learning somewhere and my scores aren't working well (the mean squared error stabilized at .75 which is huge), but the bot still wins somehow

MSmits: Yavalath is also a weird game because of the early wins. 1 mistake is enough

MSmits: might have something to do with it robo

MSmits: it;s not like oware, where you can keep playing and hope your opponent makes a mistake as well, so you can get some seeds back

MSmits: maybe a game like that is harder to train?

RoboStac: maybe, but I'm sure it didn't used to do this

MSmits: well it did use to be very deterministic

RoboStac: well, the only reason it isn't now is every position is almost identically stored

RoboStac: *scored

MSmits: also right after your last submit, i added 1 move to my book that made my winrate go back from 50% to 80-90%

MSmits: so dont judge by the leaderboard

RoboStac: like it thinks I have a 50-80% chance to win at all times

MSmits: hmm

MSmits: on your move?

RoboStac: for both players

MSmits: because when it's your turn you do have the advantage

MSmits: i'd say compare it with your other NN's? or is this one fundamentally different?

RoboStac: I'm pretty sure it's a bug, I've never seen the eval get stuck at such a large error

MSmits: hmm ok. Well as for your version of last night, i did not see it blunder

jrke: lemme go for resubmit for my 5 month old bot in yavalath its just mess

MSmits: derjack that last game is strange. Your bot should be good at spotting traps that late in the game shouldnt it?

derjack: unlikely. i was thinking of switching to mcts for late game

MSmits: usually the game ends early because early traps are hard to spot due to large branching

derjack: patterns get messy

MSmits: true

derjack: oh shit i forgot i commented pragmas to debug

MSmits: aha so i was right

MSmits: less sims, less depth

MSmits: more trapping

MSmits: the 3 2 start is really popular

MSmits: there's really no reason to use it, some others are just as good

derjack: my meta mcts always thinks early 3 2 is better than center

MSmits: as p1 or as p2

derjack: as p1 without swap

MSmits: and ofc, with swap rule, center is useless

MSmits: ah

MSmits: my meta mcts says 44% win as p1

MSmits: but it's biased because i;ve been using it to counter players as p2

MSmits: so ofc i get more wins as p2

MSmits: i suspect it's pretty balanced

MSmits: oh, one thing about this. I solved all but 4 moves as a win for p1

MSmits: so thats 56 losses as p2

MSmits: that might be why your mcts thinks this

MSmits: but if you pick one of the 4 leftover moves, you're fine as p2


MSmits: ignore the right side, symmetry

MSmits: as you can see 2 unsolved moves

eulerscheZahl: i'm probably wrong here as you wrote in C++ but I sense some Windows Forms there

MSmits: all my meta mcts are windows forms

MSmits: i start c++ bots from it

eulerscheZahl: i see

MSmits: it's so easy

MSmits: otherwise i know nothing about coding interfaces, w forms really saved me there

eulerscheZahl: easy to get started

MSmits: yeah

eulerscheZahl: WPF is way more flexible. but not a good idea if you want a quick UI without much learning before

MSmits: I'll remember that, this is also C#?

eulerscheZahl: yes. or .net in general

MSmits: I still like C# a lot. Especially after using C++ a lot. It's just more relaxed somehow

MSmits: you know you're not gonna do something silly thats gonna cost you hours to debug

eulerscheZahl: oh, i did silly things in C# too

MSmits: sure, but you have less opportunity to

eulerscheZahl: pass list to function inside function: list = list.OrderBy(...).ToList()

eulerscheZahl: and use the list outside of the function after that

eulerscheZahl: of course i created a new list and worked on that, nothing I did had any effect

MSmits: ah you mean you thought it was unchanged?

eulerscheZahl: story of my GitC contest code :(

MSmits: seems like a typical pass by reference bug?

eulerscheZahl: yes

MSmits: i suppose C# is more dangerous for that than C++ is

eulerscheZahl: so my upgrade behavior was flawed

MSmits: because you abstract more of the functionality, you dont always realize what its doing

eulerscheZahl: but totally my own fault of course. i still very much like C#

MSmits: for tiny programs I use python these days because of work

MSmits: but this Christmas vacation i'll be coding yavalath in unity, so plenty of opportunity for C# :)

eulerscheZahl: when i do web requests or parse some files, python is my go-to language too.

MSmits: I think i'll put a minimax AI in it, just so i dont inadvertently share my real bot

eulerscheZahl: in unity :D

MSmits: yep, it's a study project

MSmits: i'm supposed to code a roll a ball demo level and a game design document for a different game

MSmits: but i dont like roll a ball

MSmits: so i'll code yavalath as a demo and make the document about that also, probably should add a twist to it

MSmits: astrobytes suggested lavalath with a volcano

eulerscheZahl: or you do something with planes

MSmits: lol i thought you meant planes as in flat surfaces

eulerscheZahl: plains

eulerscheZahl: wait, plane was correct wasn't it?

MSmits: mmh no there's also a plane as in mathematical plane

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: plains are also flat though

MSmits: English is fun :P

MSmits: its actually not easy to make a plane game in unity

MSmits: you need to keep the plane at center 0,0,0 and instead move the stuff around it

MSmits: otherwise you easily hit floating point issues

MSmits: it uses floats for vectors, not doubles

MSmits: of course you can fix that, but it sounds too complicated for me for a simple 3 EC project

MSmits: didnt struct do yavalath in 4 hrs. I am guessing that means i can do it in 40

struct: no

struct: I didnt know SDK at that time

MSmits: oh no that was connect 4 right

struct: it was 1:30

MSmits: nice nice

MSmits: so my point is, i am much slower, but i can still do it fairly quickly :P

eulerscheZahl: "you need to keep the plane at center 0,0,0 and instead move the stuff around it" reminds me of Futurama

struct: And you already know the game

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: I got the AI, just need to convert it to C#


MSmits: in world of warcraft, the was an item called a world enlarger

MSmits: when you used it, the whole world became large

MSmits: of course thats not what really happened...

struct: Bust not be easy to do

Default avatar.png Maxim251: I play now Ocean of Code, and I created first time guidance system. I get message how oponent is moving, but I dont know his exact position. guidance system should help me average his place to smal area.

Default avatar.png Maxim251:

AntiSquid: did it shrink you MSmits ?

Default avatar.png Maxim251: This is code where boundarys is folowing his step. The square is making smaller when he is moving to end of map, and in same time is moving with orders of his move. If more he is moving on the map, then more precise of his place I get

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Now I need figureout how cut square when he us ecomand of SURFACE, then I get message on what at 9 of squares on map he is

MSmits: AntiSquid yes :)


MSmits: "Only Gnomish Technology could invent a device that affects the entire world!"

jacek: oO

VizGhar: Is there already port for CG game skeleton to Kotlin+Gradle. I just made one (force of habit as an Android Dev :P )

eulerscheZahl: i doubt that Gradle is possible, you probably have to stick to Maven

eulerscheZahl: Kotlin:

VizGhar: not sure how maven-publish works, but I've already make the skeleton run with gradle

eulerscheZahl: wait, i didn't read correctly: you made it work? also on upload?

eulerscheZahl: that is: can you upload your gradle project to CG and still have it working?

VizGhar: as I said... not sure how maven-publish works... but output from kotlin is still java, so it might work... how do i test it as fast as possible

eulerscheZahl: CG builds your project on their servers

VizGhar: havent uploaded anything... gonna try right now

eulerscheZahl: not sure if they understand gradle

jacek: gradle+kotlin? kradle?

eulerscheZahl: grotlin

VizGhar: kotle

Astrobytes: grotlin, I like it

VizGhar: allright... gradle impossible :)

VizGhar: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'pom.xml'

VizGhar: so maven is must :P

eulerscheZahl: is that the right time for "told you so"?

VizGhar: yeah... go ahead

Default avatar.png msd9126: #clash

Default avatar.png msd9126: msd9126's game: Watch on Twitch:

jacek: oh my

eulerscheZahl: hello stream

Default avatar.png Wisart: how do you make such a big clash :D

Astrobytes: there's already a notification in clash, on discord and at the top of the site msd9126 - was that necessary to link in chat too?

Default avatar.png msd9126: sorry

Astrobytes: no worries, just a bit overkill :)

eulerscheZahl: n**(n+1)

Astrobytes: did you just...

jacek: spoiler alert

eulerscheZahl: watch a pixelated stream and solve it faster than the clasher? yes!

Astrobytes: :rofl:

jacek: but they hidden the chat

VizGhar: coc hides chat by default

Westicles: Is there a way to look up a clash and see the rating?

eulerscheZahl: as far as I know: no

eulerscheZahl: but CG has all kind of unexpected surprised hiding in the API so there might be some obscure way

mzbear: accidentally using left handed vector coordinates instead of right handed for half of the code, ffs, why am i so stupid

jacek: left handed vector coordinates?

mzbear: z axis flipped

Westicles: possible brain damage from particulate matter from eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull?

mzbear: solving detective pikaptcha ep4 currently, using an approach i'm already regretting

mzbear: a hardcoded lookuptable would've been so much faster to write

jacek: and no search?

mzbear: lol

jacek: you were so traumatized by doing search you cant find a way out

MSmits: mzbear this was a 4 hr contest

MSmits: you had to solve all 4 puzzles in 4 hrs

eulerscheZahl: and remove the picture of the "Möbius strip"

mzbear: pikaptcha? it would've definitely been doable if i hadn't chosen to write this in C

MSmits: I did it in C#

MSmits: Robo did it in python in a little over an hour i think

MSmits: all 4 episodes

mzbear: and that möbius strip picture only confused me, because i didn't fully read the description and thought it was replicated on the other side in full >_<

MSmits: yeah confused everyone, it was basically the only criticism of the contest

MSmits: i just used the testcases to figure out what it did

MSmits: still took me an hour to do ep3

eulerscheZahl: and the visuals that aren't helping

MSmits: yeah

eulerscheZahl: you only see picaptcha walking if you solved it correctly

MSmits: right, that makes no sense

eulerscheZahl: and that zoom and automove of the camera just make it worse

mzbear: i only figured it out after i accidentally solved it while debugging and saw the pika walk :D

eulerscheZahl: and the whole run in a single frame of the replay

mzbear: ep4 would be trivial with a lookup table for transitions between the faces, but i dont want to do that, so i'm doing vector math instead... which isn't fun in C

MSmits: oh, i did a lookup table

mzbear: my cube coords -> face coords transformation has a bug somewhere and i hate it

MSmits: only had 1 bug in it

MSmits: which was most of the hour i took to solve ep4

MSmits: They could have added ep5 and add an extra dimension

MSmits: 4d cube!

mzbear: oh god

mzbear: i'm having enough trouble with 3d, and i've written some small 3d engines in the past so i should kinda have some grasp of this

MSmits: it's pretty hard

MSmits: i did plenty of 3d work as well, but i had trouble with this too

MSmits: sigh, c++ is so dumb, I cant even cerr a int_8 without doing to_string

MSmits: �

mzbear: "surely i didn't write the matrix multiplication wrong" ... OH WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT

MSmits: lol, grats on finding your bug

mzbear: there's another bug. first wrap goes correctly, second one doesn't ;_;

mzbear: 180 degree error in y axis wraps, but why...

MSmits: why !?!?

jacek: why?

mzbear: no, this is fallout from the z-axis issues due to right/left handed mess i had earlier

mzbear: i didn't fix it all

MSmits: lol jacek

mzbear: i'm going to need a can of ice cold coke

MSmits: how will you get it into your nose if it is frozen

jacek: :scream:

mzbear: ahhh, i had two bugs left, that countered each other in most cases. *sigh*

mzbear: oh, fails to solve the last testcase. argh

MSmits: but now you can think faster, because of the coke

mzbear: oh, it times out due to debug output lol

MSmits: that happens

jacek: all you have to do is to have even numer of bugs

mzbear: i had messed up because my face coordinate origin was bottom left corner, while the flat map coordinate origin is top left...

mzbear: waitamoment, i found one more bug while cleaning up the code

mzbear: ... but if i fix this, the solution doesn't work anymore :D

mzbear: no, wait, this isn't a bug, it's just ugly code

MSmits: thats right

MSmits: ugly code is a feature

mzbear: i'm doing some slightly hideous things with this code

mzbear: everyone else who wrote solution in C used hardcoded lookup tables or switch cases, so this is glorious. i should port this to some other languages to see if anyone else did this the stupid way as i did :D

MSmits: you would be actively looking for stupid ?

mzbear: actually, if this didn't have ugly coordinate mapping hack, i should probably port this to every language just for the giggles, but the code is a bit embarrassing because i have to differentiate between negative 0 and positive 0 (i.e. x=0 at left end and x=0 at right end)

mzbear: ... if you have 4 codingame tabs open when you level up, you get that job thingie popup in every single one of them ;_;

jacek: why would you have 4 codingame tabs open :v

eulerscheZahl: i'll ping mzbear on 4 tabs then :imp:

eulerscheZahl: i do that too occasionally

eulerscheZahl: opening the IDE clears chat history

eulerscheZahl: or opening a contribution test IDE opens a new tab

jacek: AutomatonNN really?

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the problem and for the contest is over and it was hard to find

eulerscheZahl: :rage:

struct: ok, so I managed to reuse the states, but I forgot one important thing. The parent of the state will change...

struct: Now I cant find a way to reasign parent

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: still STC?

struct: yes

struct: I could check the moves size of all the depths again

struct: and then reasign

struct: Dont think there is an easier way

jacek: some mess in leaderboard and im 6th not 4th in Y :angry:

jacek: though pony is doing good even though no opening book yet

Default avatar.png Menox: Why I can't sometimes look at someone elses code after finishing a clash?

jacek: because they didnt share

Default avatar.png Menox: Oh, thanks for the explanation

mzbear: for(int i=n;i>=0&&d[i]++=='9';i--) d[i]='0'; // and here's how you increment a number in C

KishoreP: is python better to code than Java?

KishoreP: at least on hre

mzbear: python is super convenient, yes

eulerscheZahl: always depends on what you want to do

eulerscheZahl: code golf? take python or ruby

eulerscheZahl: bot programming? python is too slow to simulate many turns. take java or even better C++

struct: What a mess I created

struct: I think it worked finally :tada:

Default avatar.png Flickerlight: I'm new to Coding Games. Is there a way to include org.apache.commons? It let me add it in an import then said it doesnt exist.

eulerscheZahl: no you can't

Default avatar.png Flickerlight: bummer. thanks

MACKEYTH: I don't think there's anything preventing you from copy/pasting the source, or components of it, into your solutions.

MACKEYTH: If you have it

MACKEYTH: But you're stuck with the Java 8 API otherwise

MACKEYTH: Have you looked into CodinGame Sync?

eulerscheZahl: no, i'm a grandmaster at manually copy-pasting from my IDE to the website

MACKEYTH: Not sure if that would be helpful for this

MACKEYTH: Just rereading the FAQ now

MACKEYTH: Are you limited on code size in the online IDE?

MSmits: 100k characters

jacek: characters*, not bytes

jacek: utf-16 character counts as one

jacek: i wonder how would the bots change if we were told the name of the opponent

reCurse: No one said bytes

jacek: its implied :v

jacek: and i made mistake in training data

jacek: i used tanh(tanh(x)) instead of tanh(x)

MSmits: thats an enhancement

MSmits: if you make it better with tanh, who's to say you can't make it better again?

jacek: it shouldnt affect much, as x was already in range (-1,1), maybe some scaling poblem

Astrobytes: you went off on a tangent...

MSmits: hyperbolically

Astrobytes: implied

jacek: :o

Astrobytes: "germanated" lol

MACKEYTH: Oh. CG is using JDK 11. Why did I think we were using 8?

jacek: good for you. android doesnt even use 8 fully

mzbear: the FAQ says it's either 8 or 11 depending on the puzzle

MACKEYTH: Thanks, mzbear. I missed that. Link?



MACKEYTH: Looks like Oracle's long term support commitment is longer for 8

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

AntiSquid: it used to be 8 for a long time

struct: ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

MACKEYTH: I guess it doesn't make much difference.

struct: Then they updated and it just before contest started and everyone was getting random timeouts

AntiSquid: save the trees, every table you break means some trees get cut to make a new one

AntiSquid: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

MACKEYTH: I do wish I could use the SwitchRule syntax that was introduced in JDK 14

AntiSquid: you can if you set everything up offline


mzbear: just found the troll vs castles game... this is terrifying

AntiSquid: get the referee and also check the codingame github repo, you need to download gamemanager files there and edit it i think

struct: Doesnt he want to use jdk 14 on CG?

MACKEYTH: Yeah, or 15.

AntiSquid: i said locally, not on CG :P


struct: Well its not possible

MACKEYTH: If I had some ham I could have ham & eggs if I had some eggs.

Zenoscave: Pew pew

Astrobytes: pewpewpew

Zenoscave: hey astro

Astrobytes: how's it going?

AntiSquid: hi pewpew

Zenoscave: pretty good. I'm thinking of going back and redoing all my bots to have sims

Zenoscave: Hey anti

Astrobytes: oh hey squiddy

AntiSquid: hi

Astrobytes: Rust'ing or C#'ing zeno?

Zenoscave: Go'ing

Astrobytes: oh nice

Zenoscave: maybe C#

Zenoscave: we'll see

Zenoscave: I want to take advantage of intrinsics

Astrobytes: The only thing I was iffy about with go was string handling, but I didn't practice enough yet

Astrobytes: *to complain

Zenoscave: I also found that you can do ternaries in avx to some degree

Astrobytes: haven't used any simd stuff in go

Zenoscave: I meant any lang where shifts are arithmetic

Astrobytes: ah gotcha

Zenoscave: Might rewrite a bot to avx. need one where the branching factor is close to a power of 2

jacek: oware?

Astrobytes: go? 19x19

Zenoscave: i'm going to start with breakthrough

jacek: :thumbsup:

Zenoscave: jacek I assume you bit board

Zenoscave: 0x88?

jacek: yes

jacek: 0x88?



jacek: unlikely

Zenoscave: is there a better board representation?

jacek: i just use bitboard. maybe it has a name, but its simple two int64

Zenoscave: one for each player?

jacek: yes

MSmits: same

MSmits: works well in bt

VizGhar: Hey guys, can CG SDK draw bezier curves? (fe. graphicEntityModule.createPolygon())

struct: maybe with line?

VizGhar: nah... line got setX, setY, setX2, setY2. No "bezier points"

MSmits: he means, draw hundreds of lines and you have a curve :)

struct: Yeah, I dont think there is any easy way

struct: this is how illedan did curves on lines


struct: but isnt a real curve

struct: I guess

struct: PIXI has bezierCurveTo but GEM doesnt

VizGhar: Hmm... I'm working on this game:

Maybe I won't need curves, just nice sprites

VizGhar: and for preview it doesn't matter at all

struct: sprites will do the job fine imo

Astrobytes: weren't you gonna do that one struct?

struct: no mine was with rivers

Astrobytes: or considered it at some point

Astrobytes: oh right

VizGhar: hehe :) I've just started today... Can be pretty funny to create some bot game

Astrobytes: looks interesting

Zenoscave: I like it.

Astrobytes: just dont have 8 players :P

Zenoscave: is there a bitscan (MS1B/LS1B) intrinsic on these machines

struct: yes

struct: __builtin_clz

Zenoscave: thanks

struct: and ctz

Zenoscave: :+1:

VizGhar: at leasy I'm placing tiles

struct: spent entire day in a function and its not working yet

jacek: dont care, upload it to production server

jacek: :tada:

struct: Where did you submit?

jacek: it was for you

Astrobytes: I don't think he returned from the function yet jacek

Zenoscave: jacek iirc you use mcts solver on breakthrough?

Astrobytes: if he's not here to answer, most use solver with MCTS as standard (on board games at least)

Astrobytes: but iirc his BT is not just MCTS

Zenoscave: So like a minimax rollout policy?

Astrobytes: just backpropagating the game theoretic value when you hit a leaf node really

Astrobytes: *terminal

Astrobytes: node

Zenoscave: gotcha

Astrobytes: pay no heed to the papers you come across, they overcomplicate matters, it really is as simple as that


Zenoscave: something like that?

Astrobytes: I think it's easier to keep a win/loss in your node structure (I'm distracted a little right now, fucking up my RAIC)

Zenoscave: gotcha

Astrobytes: Smits and jace k are your best bets for this kinda thing anyway, way better than me. Also darkhorse 64

Astrobytes: I will say watch your signs though while backpropagating using solver, it can be hell to debug

Uljahn: are you talking about this?

Astrobytes: no, just plain mcts solver, but nice link!

Zenoscave: I'm saving that one for sure uljahn

Astrobytes: damn right

MSmits: mmh pretty sure i can do the same after ply 20

MSmits: i had a proof number search paper ready and its on my list to code

MSmits: but yeah solving it entirely is too hard i think

MSmits: also I think his version of UTTT is easier to solve

MSmits: it doesnt incorporate the "most boards won" rule

Astrobytes: will be interested in your results if you try it anyway

MSmits: which means you cant just stop after noone can get 3 in a row anyway

MSmits: its for sure an interesting site

MSmits: maybe I'll learn something new from it

MSmits: the wincheck is nice

MSmits: simd

Astrobytes: didn't check the rest yet tbh

MSmits: I also like the move analysis

MSmits: could let me solve a bit faster and make the simulation better

Astrobytes: you're gonna catch the UTTT bug again :P

Astrobytes: anyway, Im outta here for tonight

Astrobytes: gn

MSmits: gn!

AlterRainbow: hi

AlterRainbow: balls

blueman34: ALTER

blueman34: YOOO

blueman34: its im a failure


blueman34: hot

Lobster_Speed: you know ppl

Lobster_Speed: @blueman34 i like how you introduced yourself as a failure

blueman34: yes