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mzbear: wtf. i woke up wanting to continue working on my bot to reach wood1 ... and i just got notification that i reached wood1

mzbear: Ah, Polilla and DavidAvsajanishvili, I thank both of you for submitting your bots to lose against mine, I needed that push since my score was so close to the boss :D

mzbear: this is a bit of an anticlimactic ending, though. I had a 4 hour nap so I could keep pushing the bot, and minutes after I wake up I hear that Blip notification sound from the computer. I suppose I should go back to sleep

mzbear: My bot is so much worse than everyone else in wood1 league, I didn't deserve this lol

struct: oh well

struct: I got pushed from 40th gold

struct: to legend in FC2020

mzbear: oh man

struct: its more prone to happen on active multis

mzbear: the fall challenge was the first bot programming thing i participated in, and i was at, like, 27th silver at one point, and I kept pushing changes and never got into gold at all. I started it 5 days late, too, and wrote the first prototype with python3 before rewriting in c++

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: Hi, I get a lot of "Can't send a troop from a factory you don't control", and happens when I issue a MOVE just a sec after a troop takes my base, any idea why is it happening?

struct: well if they just took your base you can no longer send units right?

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: so do I have to predict if is it going to be taken

struct: Do you have a replay?

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan:

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: MOVE 5 3 8

struct: I think you did not own the factory anymore

struct: you sent units when they arrive

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: maybe I f***ed up the input reading

struct: but im gonna try to replicate on ide

struct: you can send troops


struct: Here turn 20

struct: I no longer own factory


struct: turn 19 I send troops

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: ok yep, i think I messed up the input

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: and Im managing wrong info maybe

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: I got a warning regarding that

struct: ah

struct: maybe you are printing two times on same turn?

struct: It can happen and it makes it go out of sync

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: what do you mean by "printing"

struct: outputing

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: cout or cerr?

struct: cout

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: yep im outputing

struct: how many cout do you have?

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: I though I could do that

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: depends on the situation

struct: you can have more than 1

struct: but for example if you have 1 cout

struct: and later you run a cout again

struct: it will go on referee aswell

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: my code can send like 10 or more couts per frame

struct: yeah that will cause you to skip some inputs

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: so if I want multiple MOVEs

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: should I chain them in one cout

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: with :

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: ;

struct: yeah with ;

Default avatar.png Cucsijuan: ok great, will try that, thanks

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: has anyone noticed that the reverse of "codingame" is "emagnidoc"? :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: It sounds like "enigmatic doctor"

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: And by the way, can you guys give your feed back on this:

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder:

mzbear: that seems a bit too simple to be meaningful for shortest mode


AntiSquid: ChampionCoder

mzbear: yea, it's particularly simple for languages where reversing a string is either a standard function or built into the language directly

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: And AntiSquid I'll have a look at that

Westicles: Too simple is not allowed as feedback. Rule 1 or whatever

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Had a look at the link AntiSquid. That was what I had in mind foor shortest mode

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: *For

wlesavo: the better one would be to reverse the string twice :slight_smile:

mzbear: westicles, are you being butthurt about something again?

Westicles: No, I'm serious

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: If you reverse the string twice, won't we get the same thing?

wlesavo: exactly

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: *wlesavo

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Ohh

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: ok

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: But...

wlesavo: jk

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: yeah you can submit that @wlesavo


Westicles: "No CoC puzzle should be rejected with the justification that it's too simple."

Westicles: so there, Mr. Butthurt caller :)

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: lol :sweat_smile:

kishorecoder: hi

mzbear: i explicitly specified i was talking about the shortest mode

Westicles: no, you were talking about my butt (again)

mzbear: when there aren't many possible answers, it becomes a bit meaningless, there's nothing to do

mzbear: alright, i admit i'm at fault for that

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: And can somebody help me with the Code vs Zombies quest? always falling short of 40,000 points :disappointed:

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Will appreciate any help

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Thanks in Advance

VizGhar: ChampionCoder have you tried to look into forum?

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: Sorry?

Westicles: We all got in big trouble

Westicles: Even though I never heard of you before

mzbear: such is the nature of internet drama

Westicles: mzbear, not meaning to offend, but do you have some philosophical (or other) basis to your worldview? I am always fascinated by people who have a firm opinion on almost everything

mzbear: hmm... my worldview is a strange mixture of discordian, lawful, and liberal values. it's not exactly following any clearly unified philosophy

mzbear: liberal but pedantic, if that makes any sense

Westicles: sure, sounds like a personal creation

mzbear: i just spent 10 minutes trying to come up with a better description of my worldview and failed. like all things in life, nothing's simple once you take a good long look at it, but it's complexity that originates from the observer and not the subject matter

Westicles: ha, everything is simple except you?

mzbear: life is life, it follows fairly straightforward principles on the low level, i think

Westicles: sure, you can derive everything from max entropy

mzbear: lol, just did the cgx-formatter puzzle and wrote a silly recursive descent parser, and it seems nobody else did it that way

mzbear: this puzzle needs an episode 2 that requires syntax checking ;D

darkhorse64: mzbear: You made it ! Congrats !

mzbear: darkhorse: it was a bit disappointing, because i took a nap and my ranking went up without having to improve my bot

mzbear: my bot is super weak compared to everyone else in wood1

mzbear: also, i dont think it counted for clearing the puzzle of the week *sigh*

darkhorse64: This one was quite difficult. It's an achievement in itself

mzbear: i certainly underestimated the difficulty when i jumped into it. i thought i'd be done in a day or two :D

darkhorse64: This game has clearly one of the most difficult move generation engine

YodaMaster123: Blcoking right?

darkhorse64: You wrote a MCTS n-player engine ? I only wrote 2-players engines. Yes, blocking

mzbear: yep, i had to write a separate movegens with slightly different optimizations for getting all moves and for getting an reasonably uniformly random move

mzbear: total of 900 lines of code, a bit too large for my taste

mzbear: the worst part is that i'm not supposed to show the code to anyone, and i put so much work into it :D

C_Boy: hi does anyone know how i can move a contribution in WIP for a clash of code to an easy in/out category without having to rewrite it all?

helenica: hi i'm supposed to send code sample for job application, can anyone recommend me cool puzzle that has an interesting problem solved? your personal favorite? its for game dev job, and im just so anxious about it

YodaMaster123: Go for one of the AI challenges.

YodaMaster123: Something like a tree search for tic tac toe would be cool

helenica: thanks for the advice!

helenica: wow, yes!!!

darkhorse64: 900 lines is pretty standard for a board game with a powerful search engine.

darkhorse64: at least fpr me

darkhorse64: *for*

YodaMaster123: Wow, for blocking, Wood1 is basically legend...

YodaMaster123: Awesome mzbear!!!

mzbear: heh, i dont think i would've even bothered trying if someone had told me that beforehand

YodaMaster123: Takes a lot of skill to be in the top 5 of a multi...

mzbear: not if there aren't many participants :)

YodaMaster123: The top 10 are still just as competitive :D all of the really good guys are there anyway...

mzbear: since my bot is only barely on level of the boss, it's likely going to stay at bottom of wood1 forever unless i continue working on it. so, being in top5 is only because not enough people have bothered writing their own bot

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Wait untill some peoples at Your level will pass wood1, then You will be on top. I have similar situation, after two or tree days, I passed wood 1

Q12: Yes!!! I finally complete Vox Codei - Episode 2 :grinning:

mzbear: I suppose I'll write another bot to some more casual game. I'm a bit upset the list in compete page doesn't show number of participants for each game

wlesavo: well you can check the ladder manually before diving into it

wlesavo: Q12 thats a nice one, i think i had some hardcoded stuff for the last test case, and checking the solutions many others did smth simmilar as well

VizGhar: Hmm is it just me, or all Google services except search engine are down?

YodaMaster123: Can someone send me the link for the Blocking referee?

YodaMaster123: I wanted to see it after hearing about how complex it is :P

mzbear: that's the thing... you dont have it

YodaMaster123: Why?

YodaMaster123: All the other ones do?

YodaMaster123: Then you built a simulation without a referee? WOW:??

YodaMaster123: How much time did the simulation take

mzbear: i wrote the entire damn thing on the web editor

YodaMaster123: :joy:

mzbear: at least the referee is kind enough to provide a list of valid moves to me, so i could compare that to my own move generator until i got all the bugs fixed

Q12: @wlesavo yeah, the final test case was very hard. I would have finish the puzzle two days ago if the final test case was not exist :slight_smile:

Default avatar.png Noah670: hi


derjack: oh my, google dead


Coury: hi

AntiSquid: Aayush.Curious why post twice?

Aayush.Curious: net delay..

derjack: oO

AntiSquid: gmail, youtube was down for everyone derjack

derjack: aww


linjoehan: haha that happened

Default avatar.png Maxim251:

Default avatar.png Maxim251: help with There is no Spoon - Episode 1

Default avatar.png Maxim251: I pass all cases, but why I need conect nodes longer then 2?

Default avatar.png Maxim251: after submit I din't pass brocken square and tunnel

derjack: oO

Default avatar.png Maxim251: YES! I passed, It come out that I need add 3 loop to check how far nodes are in vertical or horisontal

mzbear: congratulations maxim

Default avatar.png Maxim251:

Default avatar.png Maxim251: this is part of nested loop

Default avatar.png Maxim251: And k represents lenght beetwen nodes

Default avatar.png Maxim251: I dont understand, How is made pointing in puzzles? Because i Clean code from debugging code, I make extra lines to brake loops that they are not go full to end, and still I am in that same position in the list with best coders. I did not move eve one position

mzbear: what list? the published solutions? they're voted by other users, so it'll take time to gain upvotes

mzbear: if you mean 100% ... that's just the test completion percentage

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Oww.. Then I spend few more seconds only to make my code more efitiency :(

mzbear: it's always good to clean up your code once you're done, especially if you choose to publish your solution for others to see

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Yeah :)

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Now when I see my cleaned code, with break from loop, now looks like poem :D

Astrobytes: well done on Blocking mzbear :)

mzbear: I thought I'd try something relaxing after Blocking, so I started writing UTTT bot without first looking up the full rules. i regret this decision

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Scarfield: ah yes, the relaxing UTTT xD

Default avatar.png cytolytic: bruh

Astrobytes: UltimateScarf

Default avatar.png cytolytic: how am i good at programming yet so trash at problem solving lmfao

Scarfield: AstroTic

struct: Yavalath most relaxing just ask MSmits

Astrobytes: :grin:

struct: Made by undefined

Astrobytes: Or Yinsh. Nice, simple, relaxing game.

eulerscheZahl: 2048 you can relax for more than 1 hour watching the same replay

DomiKo: Penguins are really cool

pb4: mzbear : Trolls vs Castles

pb4: Can always blame randomness when you lose :D

mzbear: that sounds ... convenient ... and also annoying :)

DomiKo: if you like MCTS and randomness then Bandas will be great

eulerscheZahl: so many games to chose from

mzbear: just submitted my bronze league UTTT bot which only does one step search for local wins/losses ... i might get into the next league with this, what are these other people doing? :O

eulerscheZahl: and if you don't like any of them: upload your own game

CommanderCero: what if i dont like my own games

DomiKo: only time is the limit :(

mzbear: ohhh... maybe I should make a game to torture you guys :D

eulerscheZahl: guess why I uploaded so many CommanderCero ;)

mzbear: i almost started playing that tower defense game, but the lack of clear specification annoyed me, and i didn't want to read the referee's source to figure out how the attackers exactly moved

mzbear: i like writing code against a specification, not against an implementation

mzbear: oh, one step search wasn't enough to get out of bronze, interesting. got rank 2 though

pb4: Isn't the specification clear in the last version ?

pb4: have to admit I haven't read it in a long time :D

pb4: Right, it's missing the main rule...

eulerscheZahl: the game logic might be a little complex for the statement, causing clutter

pb4: troll movement : one towards you if you send strictly less stones than the opponent, one towards him if you sent strictly more, no movement if you sent as many

eulerscheZahl: so: vague description in text. details in code if you care

struct: yavalath statement you win if you do 4 in a row but lose if you make 3 in a row

eulerscheZahl: and you expanded that to a series of images that makes every art museum jealous

mzbear: i meant euler's tower deference game's description

mzbear: i have no idea what the troll game is, cant see it in the list

eulerscheZahl: i consider TD as the worst of my contributions

struct: I think the images are still hosted on imgur instead of CG

eulerscheZahl: dwarfie disagrees, he really hates minesweeper

struct: if they are ever removed I cant edit it :(

dwarfie: i hates that i always have a random board where last move is to be played random ...

dwarfie: and i always lose

Default avatar.png JBM: sounds like the real thing

Default avatar.png JBM: improve ton random

struct: Just pick the opposite

struct: ez fix

eulerscheZahl: it's as frustrating as the original minesweeper

dwarfie: impossible ... stilgart uses me as bad random generator ... where i am , randaom is never good :D

eulerscheZahl: you can't make a better port

Default avatar.png Maxim251:

Default avatar.png Maxim251: struct is originated from C?

Default avatar.png Maxim251:

eulerscheZahl: Fortran knows STRUCTURE too (not sure if that was part of the first version already or added later)

philRG: DomiKo: I liked penguins also

LastRick: For a change of pace from CSB I've been doing Mean Max for a week or so and I tell you, it is absolutely frustrating. The harder I try, the worse I rank.

eulerscheZahl: Penguins was fun

struct: Meanmax is harder than CSB

LastRick: i'm beginning to recognize that

LastRick: the gap between wood and bronze bosses feels like the Grand Canyon

philRG: yep

philRG: for penguins

[Itep]: Hello! Is there a way to turn of format warning in Python3? Its really annoying to see everything underlined by a big curly line, because I have different coding style.

eulerscheZahl: "we’ll look into it"

[Itep]: thank you

sssuuri: hi all

sssuuri: please describe me python3 zfill?

elcolumbio: instead of zfill can you use f strings?

elcolumbio: print(f'{7:03}') >> 007 its better in python3.6 +

DomiKo: LOL


DomiKo: Am I blind or I should win?

DomiKo: ohhhh of course

DomiKo: bug in showing the battle in last battles

DomiKo: nevermind :(

struct: you are doing STC too

struct: nice

DomiKo: yea

eulerscheZahl: don't touch STC :scream:

DomiKo: I going to gold I guess

DomiKo: I have to!

DomiKo: STC is so grea....

struct: You have a bug though

DomiKo: Still????

struct: at least on the first replay I played with your code

eulerscheZahl: looking at that replay i'm not scared yt

eulerscheZahl: yet


DomiKo: There is one thing that is weird for me That was PERFORMANCE contest and nobody in forum tell anything about how they handle it

DomiKo: structs its vs gold bosss

DomiKo: I'm still in silver

struct: I know

eulerscheZahl: he pulled the same "no move" thing vs me

struct: but its a bug :p

DomiKo: my bot is just bad?

DomiKo: that a bug?

struct: Ofc you still have space

struct: and placed piece on wrong place

DomiKo: I see

DomiKo: 3 points ahead of Silver boss that enought

DomiKo: ehhh let's debug that mess

struct: I was thinking on trying bitboards on STC

struct: to see if I can manage to do it

DomiKo: It's really weird that nobody tell anything about updating board

struct: What do you mean updating board?

DomiKo: after making move

DomiKo: I should say how to fast make move

struct: Well I keep track of columnsheight

struct: I think it was euler that gave me that tip

DomiKo: that help a lot

struct: Also on pieces fall I do the same

DomiKo: and that's why I think it's weird that nobody tell nothing

DomiKo: there is a lot of tricks

struct: and on pieces fall I start on minX and end on maxX

Astrobytes: sometimes it's best to ask in chat or discord wrt certain games

DomiKo: I know I could ask

DomiKo: and I will

Astrobytes: forum isn't *always* helpful

DomiKo: Right now I have to implement everything I came up with

DomiKo: then I will ask how to squeeze it more

DomiKo: but I was really shocked that forum tell nothing

struct: Yeah

struct: Also when I place a stone I only check for floodfill if there are >= 4 blocks of that color

struct: So I also keep track of colors

struct: I do the same when pieces fall, I only add them to floodfill if they have >= 4

struct: There are these posts though DomiKo



eulerscheZahl: marchete has bitboards on STC

eulerscheZahl: tbh those posts aren't really helpful IMO

eulerscheZahl: just play the game and see where you get

eulerscheZahl: the tower building in the center was a little boost

eulerscheZahl: i think i read that on the forum

eulerscheZahl: lower risk of getting buried

struct: I saw re curse ai and he sometimes starts on corners

eulerscheZahl: cheater

darkhorse64: Maybe I'm wrong but the real issue is not to compute the best combo (hence performance does not matter that much) but to strike at the right moment

eulerscheZahl: watched some battles of me vs him. in the first attack i often get a higher score

eulerscheZahl: not sure if he gets less points on purpose (5 skulls ready for next attack)

eulerscheZahl: yeah, strike at the right time...

**eulerscheZahl doesn't predict the opponent

struct: yeah re curse definetly does

struct: darkhorse64 yeah perfomance should not matter much

eulerscheZahl: always attacks 1 before me and gets me stuck

struct: I was thinking on doing depth 4 enemy

struct: 22^4 at worse

DomiKo: struct yeah there are some posts

DomiKo: but they tell "I have search"

DomiKo: in most cases

eulerscheZahl: i have search too :P

darkhorse64: I have also noticed that one layer of skulls is not enough to make you lose

DomiKo: yea is so easy to ignore one layer

darkhorse64: Based on your search and opponent search, you can then make decisions

DomiKo: wow gold is weird

struct: bot strength is completely different

DomiKo: I have like few hours to reach legend

DomiKo: new update will be in 3 minutes :(

struct: update?

eulerscheZahl: promotion wave

DomiKo: yes :(

struct: Still placed quite high

reCurse: It's one of the hardest legend leagues

struct: for first submit

DomiKo: yeah not bad

struct: How much time did you spend on it reCurse?

reCurse: I forgot, let me check git history

reCurse: Crap, I did a single commit when I submitted...

struct: np

reCurse: Oldest file is may 10

reCurse: So 11 days?

reCurse: Roughly

reCurse: I was also in the middle of moving at that time so definitely upper bound

eulerscheZahl: my first submit was july 2016

eulerscheZahl: and i have no idea what i was thinking there, doesn't even print anything :D


struct: print the color :D

eulerscheZahl: how? i only have that var inside the loop

struct: seems a decent strategy

struct: if (i == 0) Console.WriteLine(colorA);

eulerscheZahl: how does CG input work? i'm confused

eulerscheZahl: oh, i was smarter than i thought :D

Default avatar.png Maxim251: :grinning:

eulerscheZahl: sorry for spoiler, might promote you

DeadRider: hi

jacek: whats the puzzle of the week this week?

eulerscheZahl: it's not paper soccer

eulerscheZahl: blocking doesn't show the potw text let's just open all puzzles to find out

jacek: someone pulled me down in othello :s

eulerscheZahl: i'm still waiting for space maze as puzzle of the week :imp:


struct: tip you can click on the achievement thing

struct: to check puzzle of the week

eulerscheZahl: clever

struct: Quest map*

jacek: meh

eulerscheZahl: quest meh

LastRick: One positive of the quest map: I've been on CG for about 5 months, finally did my first contest but really had done nothing but Puzzles. Had the entire contribution, clash and algorithm branches done. What should I do next? The compete branch said "Reach Silver in 2 games". So I went back to the bots I hadn't touched since I first joined. Got silver in CSB and it made me want to look at all the other competes.

eulerscheZahl: there we got the puzzle notification

jacek: wee

jacek: too slow

LastRick: Maybe its hard for old timers to understand this but as a newcomer, there is zero pulling you to the Compete section. I literally had no idea that the AI stuff was CG's big draw.

eulerscheZahl: i keep saying that. you find puzzles elsewhere

eulerscheZahl: codeforces, hackerrank, codechef, leetcode, ...

eulerscheZahl: multiplayers are the main difference between CG and those other websites

elcolumbio: are those puzzles better?

eulerscheZahl: i consider puzzles on the other websites as higher quality compared to the average CG puzzle

LastRick: good to know

elcolumbio: even i started coding at codingbat , it was nice

Astrobytes: yet still CG don't seem to notice

LastRick: they don't know how they are different and thus how to market themself?

Astrobytes: It may be changing, but I don't know if they realise that the multis are a massive thing

elcolumbio: i think they are great. Something for mobile would be nice

elcolumbio: by number clash of code is the biggest?

Astrobytes: puzzles are fine but if you want straight-up no fuss technical puzzles without graphics etc. as euler says you can find more suitable elsewhere

eulerscheZahl: seems they are planning their next big thing

Astrobytes: I saw that


eulerscheZahl: for those who didn't

Astrobytes: theories?

jacek: 3D UTTT

elcolumbio: wow thats great, i mainly come here to see others peoples ideas. i still wait for my first programming job.

eulerscheZahl: you solve a puzzle with other users. each codes a part of it

eulerscheZahl: other guesses?

Astrobytes: that would be so meh

LastRick: No idea

linjoehan: a multi clash?

eulerscheZahl: that's what i see in that video that i fail to scale up

Astrobytes: yeah, indeed

Astrobytes: unless it's more of a CTF type feel

Astrobytes: but I doubt that

jacek: what if they are multiarmed bandits

Astrobytes: linjoehan: I fear it may be a clash variant

Astrobytes: then we're good jacek

eulerscheZahl: i remember when was their new big project

eulerscheZahl: somehow didn't work out as planned

linjoehan: what evr happened to that thing?

Astrobytes: It's so underused

eulerscheZahl: i'm not saying that it's bad

Astrobytes: *underutilised

eulerscheZahl: just a different userbase

eulerscheZahl: we have a big community here on CG

Astrobytes: It could be useful for so much more

LastRick: I think the Learn tab is the most wasted space on this site.

eulerscheZahl: but you can't move them to i don't need and those on don't necessarily care about CG

LastRick: fair

Astrobytes: Yeah, I mean there should be a lot more sections on there relating directly to CG tbh

Astrobytes: this is true yeah

linjoehan: There's just to much stuff there I think.

jacek: get a job tab is more wasted imo

Astrobytes: As a platform for teaching as it seems to be used for a lot I guess it's useful, but definitely cluttered

Astrobytes: I always thought Get A Job was just motivation for the unemployed :P

DomiKo: but it is not?

LastRick: It's not set up correctly. If I go to the Learn tab, i want the filters to be subject or topic, not language. So forgetting that, say I want to learn (pun intended) A*, where is the search function to find it?

jacek: write it your own

jacek: thats part of learning

Astrobytes: yeah, exactly LastRick

Astrobytes: shuddup jacek :rofl:

LastRick: the search function on their page, I should write that?

Astrobytes: don't listen to Troll-In-Chief over there :D

LastRick: oh

eulerscheZahl: thats why i wrote my own search for puzzles

LastRick: i guess now that I'm high enough level, I can find the puzzles through the contribute page but before then, that was an invaluable tool that you made

Astrobytes: Oh it's still valuable once you try to load everything on that page :D

struct: Its hard to understand whats going on the gif

LastRick: it takes a minute

eulerscheZahl: the puzzle page on CG has no full text search

struct: I see 3 mouse cursors

eulerscheZahl: if you want to find a puzzle because a similar one is pending on contribute

linjoehan: move the mouse and use that one

eulerscheZahl: cat tells me to go to bed, bye

struct: gn

Astrobytes: gn euler

struct: The quality of the gif doesnt help either

Astrobytes: Way too under the dewclaw of your cat may I add :P

LastRick: night

struct: But it has a timer that is increasing

Astrobytes: It'll be some new type of clash, mark my words

Astrobytes: CG regards clash as really important because so many people play it, yet don't realise that many are just unaware there are other parts to the whole experience

Astrobytes: *don't seem to realise

Astrobytes: I could be wrong

struct: 3 mouses, 1 timer, interactive viewer(?), ide

struct: also 2 tabs on ide

struct: After they interact with viewer a skull( boss ?) appears?

jacek: cg cyberpunk

LastRick: so each of the users has a yellow line going from their part of the code to something in the picture? Like their assigned portion to build/beat?

Astrobytes: something along those (pun not intended) lines it seems

Astrobytes: It will be interesting to find out what it is anyway

struct: Ok I managed to read what it says on ide tab

struct: it says JukeBox

LastRick: is that the yellow button?


struct: This is what changes on ide

struct: 3 diffent types

Astrobytes: well they seem to click on one in the main screen, also arcade machine

jacek: CSI: struct edition

struct: 1 before interaction, 2nd shows after interaction and then the 3rd seems to be the same as 1 but with more lines

struct: Is like the last line expanded then collapsed again

LastRick: yeah

elcolumbio: is it 3 against 3?

LastRick: 5 against 1?

Astrobytes: DSI jacek, development scene investigation

struct: 5vs1 seems more likely

struct: Due to the 1 being at bottom right

elcolumbio: no it is the person who made the picture.

struct: ah

elcolumbio: i guess

struct: Someone increase quality

jacek: enhance!

Astrobytes: <enhancing intensifies>


Astrobytes: :smirk:


jacek: so NN

Astrobytes: So weeb

Astrobytes: Nice enhancement and all but... jeez

Astrobytes: still, could've been ponies eh jacek

jacek: im still searching

Astrobytes: :scream:

jacek: but i found something called pony waifu sim. interesting...

Astrobytes: some and not to most

struct: 200$ to enchance

struct: Damn

reCurse: Well DLSS is pretty much SOTA for enhancing these days I think.

reCurse: Not sure nvidia cared about animes though.

reCurse: Nevermind it's not about images

Astrobytes: any thoughts on the twitter gif reCurse?

reCurse: ?


Astrobytes: the root of this convo

Astrobytes: ah, was quite far up in the history, my apologies

reCurse: Ah yes I can see why

reCurse: Looks like early 2000s youtube geez

Astrobytes: indeed

Astrobytes: Deliberately I would guess

reCurse: err 2010

Astrobytes: 00s, 10's, w/e

struct: The challenge is to make an AI to enhance video

reCurse: New dimension of collaboration and inclusion? Meh.

Astrobytes: I am of the belief it's clash 2.0

reCurse: Coop clash :scream:

reCurse: Yeah that's very likely actually

Astrobytes: Or something along those lines

reCurse: Makes sense

reCurse: But oh boy is it out of my interest sphere

struct: I really hope its not clash

Astrobytes: Same.

reCurse: Collaborating with other devs is hell enough as it is, don't need a game about it

elcolumbio: i hope its a clash

reCurse: That would be like making chore simulator

reCurse: Why

jacek: goat simulator

Astrobytes: I was saying earlier how CG recognises it has loads of clashers, yet seems to fail to realise that half the clashers don't know about any other part of the site and what it has to offer.

jacek: i think even remi didnt know until later

reCurse: I'd say they don't care probably

reCurse: If you care about coding you'd stay out of clash

Astrobytes: In conjunction with the fact that other sites are better for puzzles and multis are their one differing strong point...

reCurse: Ok ok turning the edginess down

Astrobytes: OK boomer :P

reCurse: Alright bumping smoothiness to max

reCurse: Clashes are a unique side of CG so capitalizing on it makes sense

reCurse: I don't think clashers are in lack of exposure to other elements

reCurse: They just prefer clashing

elcolumbio: i know there are other challenges and i like clashes, because they are fast and give you a good feeling.

reCurse: That's as nice as I'm willing to get

Astrobytes: Haha. But seriously, oh yeah ofc, it's a huge drawing point. I donno, I come across a lot of people that didn't have a clue anything else existed.

Astrobytes: Heh.

elcolumbio: but do they have the will and time to invest so much time?

reCurse: Of course not

Astrobytes: No, which is what clashes are intended for. 'Fun' for 15 minutes.

reCurse: Well it's a fun distraction as long as you don't pretend it's for anything else

struct: Well a coop clash that lasts at least 30 minutes

reCurse: Like becoming a better coder

Astrobytes: I was about to get onto that yes

Astrobytes: Many view it as a serious endeavour. Take that guy the other day thinking they were like coding interview questions. I blame the internet, personally. YouTube specifically.

Westicles: They should add all puzzles to golf, that would stir things up a bit

reCurse: They are like coding interview questions, just for an inverse correlation

elcolumbio: can we agree it is like bullet chess.

reCurse: No

reCurse: No no no no

reCurse: NO

jacek: hows the chess going

reCurse: Who me?

Astrobytes: Let me rephrase: thinking they were going to help him with coding interview questions

jacek: you worked on chess or not?

reCurse: Oh, I was thinking helping employers weed out candidates

reCurse: Yeah, still am

reCurse: Engine is done, viewer is um... 80% there

reCurse: Still need to implement crazy rules

reCurse: And work on the bot protocol

Astrobytes: Looking forward to it

jacek: its antimsmits variant?

reCurse: Chess960 yes

reCurse: Because fuck opening theory

jacek: and crazyhouse because fck endtables

reCurse: Well I'm undecided on crazy

reCurse: I'll put it as an initialization input

struct: e4 thats all the theory I know

reCurse: Have 2 parts to submission

reCurse: See what happens

reCurse: One with and one without

reCurse: Also seed=0 to have standard initial position, but only for ide

Astrobytes: Nice. Seems all the bases are covered

Astrobytes: I won't touch it until after RAIC

struct: So if seed would create standard board, you do some stuff to the seed?

Astrobytes: If it comes before the end of that

reCurse: Yeah. Wasted a few hours to get font and piece rendering right. Fun times.

reCurse: The seed is used to generate the initial row

reCurse: Following chess960 method

Astrobytes: I saw the font issue on discord yeah, glorious JS

reCurse: I got rid of the scaling trick, just picked better size and colors after much trial and error...

reCurse: Web canvas is pain

Astrobytes: Fair play

reCurse: How many 50ms turns do we have max btw?

reCurse: 400/player for 2?

reCurse: Was that it?

struct: 600

struct: for 2

reCurse: So 300/player?

struct: yes

reCurse: Ok.

reCurse: So I can do pairs inside one game

reCurse: Auto-draw at move 150

reCurse: Lovely

jacek: pairs?

reCurse: Oh that's going to mess up player colors...

reCurse: Ack

reCurse: Yeah play as both white and black on same configuration

reCurse: Use 2 points as end result

jacek: so 1.5 == 2?

reCurse: Makes better use of the ridiculously low amount of games

reCurse: Yeah

reCurse: That just made me realize I may have wasted my time on that font rendering...

reCurse: ffs

Astrobytes: Flexible C++ CG SDK Dreams

reCurse: Nah it's my bad I should have realized there was no point of having a nice black rendering if they were going to switch sides, now I'd be better off using standard player colors

Astrobytes: Wasn't really a response to that, just fantasising out loud. I'm completely put off by the Java

reCurse: Oh.

Astrobytes: And the JS

Astrobytes: Tis what it is, however.

reCurse: The JS is optional

Astrobytes: True.

reCurse: If you don't mind using the CG abstraction

Westicles: Anyone know the criteria for the moderation bot?

reCurse: Probably best left unanswered

jacek: AutomatonNN what are the criteria?

AutomatonNN: code version is already a complete solution

Westicles: Minimum 20 votes and <2.5 score?

reCurse: How about you try not to break things this time?

Astrobytes: Yeah, there's no need for proof of concept.

Westicles: I don't know how I could break that. I just wanted to know which puzzles need to be done soon before they go away

reCurse: Hmm ok

LastRick: Puzzles go away?

Astrobytes: Contributions?

Westicles: Accepted puzzles that get downvoted. Seems pretty rare

Giselus: Hello guys :)

Giselus: I have some question

Giselus: Is it possible to challenge my friends in bot programming?

Giselus: I ask if I can watch just one duel between my and my friend's bot

struct: only if they are in top 1000

Astrobytes: Only if they are within... ^ this :D

Giselus: If the game has less than 1000 players can we duel at any time, or should we get some higher league?

Giselus: I've tried only one game so far, so I don't know if it works the same everywhere

struct: You should be able to

struct: unless he is in a higher league than you

Giselus: Thanks you guys :)

DomiKo: oho

DomiKo: top5 in STC is hard :(

DomiKo: in gold :(

Giselus: What is stc? :x

DomiKo: Smash the Code

struct: I remember how I made it

Giselus: Oh, I get it


DomiKo: xD

DomiKo: 30 here

Astrobytes: goddamnit. My computer/office chair just died. Now sitting on one of the good dining chairs from downstairs

struct: :/

DomiKo: :frowning2:

Astrobytes: 'good dining chairs' - who am I kidding. Chairs from my dinner table :D But yeah, was on it's way out all week, now it goes backwards at any angle and crunches a lot.

Astrobytes: *all last week

AntiSquid: time for new fancy chair ?!

struct: DomiKo you still do very early combos

AntiSquid: you need something better for your back anyway

DomiKo: ehhh

struct: example


Astrobytes: AntiSquid: my old chair was good for it tbh, just not any more. And without advice it's hard to get one to suit my specific need

LastRick: Oh come on! I beat that cat by a mile!

Default avatar.png Xx__THK__xX: Uhh hey guys, so apparently when I host a private clash the difficulty of the clash are way easier than a public one

Default avatar.png Xx__THK__xX: Is there a way to increase the difficulty?


DomiKo: struct you have a bug

Xedux: hello @ ejle

Xedux: @ejle

Xedux: could you share your previous clash code program ?

mzbear: argh, the editor glitched and desynced source with the analysis, so it no longer recognizes one of the function names, thinking it's garbled instead .... so the entire code is full of red error lines but it runs and works correctly