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Default avatar.png bullettime: are you serious?

Default avatar.png bullettime: lol oh toppizza

Default avatar.png bullettime: go use google, here is not the place

Phuc123456: helolo

MadKnight: 17 states are with texas now

PatrickMcGinnisII: MadKnight watch NBC news instead. TX can't sue another state for another states election laws. All legal experts say it's just propaganda publicity junk.

MadKnight: "another states election laws" ?

MadKnight: like they got a different law on that ?

MadKnight: but they're sueing them for doing election fraud

MadKnight: does it even matter that it's a different state ?

MadKnight: in this case i mean


MadKnight: nonono they are sueing the states for taking away people's rights of having fair elections

MadKnight: so the victim in this lawsuit are people

PatrickMcGinnisII: You have to have a complaintant and it starts in the state of the problem. it works its way up the ladder, not down. Texas as a public entity isn't a victim of Florida election laws ... they can file whatever they want... a judge will review it and throw it in the bin. but in the meantime it made the news, spin/gossip bs.

MadKnight: yea u want it to be some fancy masterplan

MadKnight: where everything is just fake play

PatrickMcGinnisII: We have so many unconstitutional laws on the books its ridiculous. unless they get struck down in the state, they stay on the books ... and are perfectly legal ... and if they become illegal, they don't effect anything retroactively

PatrickMcGinnisII: just the future

MadKnight: like 77 ?

MadKnight: let's go play the game

PatrickMcGinnisII: it's a waste of everyone's time, just like us chatting about it...that's the point ...

MadKnight: yea but why do u think that was the main ide a?

PatrickMcGinnisII: to punish the states that voted Biden under the guise of Dem. impartiality and unfair play. Garbage. They are just tying up the courts so legitimate things like suits preventing the rollout of a CoV vacc. don't get heard or delaying the white house changeover long enough to pass BS laws in Jan.

MadKnight: what's BS laws ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: if they can delay the changeover, congress will still be churning out Rep. bs laws while the country is distracted by the drama. typical.

MadKnight: but this drama creates real problems

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh, maybe changing definitions of "Protest" into "Riot" and making it legal to define it as terrorism and punishable.

MadKnight: if they would do it...

MadKnight: your theory could be more realistic

MadKnight: but they think it's actual protests and not riots

PatrickMcGinnisII: Here find one...I'm sure there's a few BS bills in there:

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, madone, the "Police state" fanatics want to have authority over everyone

PatrickMcGinnisII: lol, there are 799 Bills in front of congress ... I guarantee some of them are against the wishes of the people... and the bs news distracts everyone from recognizing it

PatrickMcGinnisII: here's a big one:

PatrickMcGinnisII: read it carefully... if you read between the lines it says that the fed. can operate drones for "education" (*cough* surveillance) and that the US will use the defense act to industrialize production of the lectronics required to produce them. Sounds like some KGB shit to me. ;)

slvt_c0d3r: :sleepy:

PatrickMcGinnisII: There's so much sneaky sh*t going on ... smh. How do they get away with it I wonder? Oh yea, they blast news with BS

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: i need help

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: is there anyone here?

PatrickMcGinnisII: I must be on mute

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: i have a question

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: dunno who to ask

PatrickMcGinnisII: what lang vanya.delova? or is it CG in general?

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: JS

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: but all good

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: but only one very simple question

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: i wrote u a message

PatrickMcGinnisII: I don't answer private msgs

PatrickMcGinnisII: what u want?

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: aaaa ok

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: u know the easy task about Thor?

PatrickMcGinnisII: sure

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: power of thor episode 1

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: why at the end we console log

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: console.log(directionY + directionX);

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: and not console.log(directionX + directionY);

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: why first Y

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: if I change position test dont pass

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: cant dig it

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: would u tell me?

PatrickMcGinnisII: A single line providing the move to be made: N NE E SE S SW W ou NW

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: cant understand it

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: really

PatrickMcGinnisII: cx=initialtx-lightx

PatrickMcGinnisII: if cx!=0 then its east or west

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: what is cx?

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: sorry im junior :/

PatrickMcGinnisII: if cy!=0 then its N or S

Uljahn: N/S is along y axis, W/E is along x, that's how you get y+x

PatrickMcGinnisII: cx is just the change in position x, could be named anything

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: Oooooo i see

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: omg you re great, thank you everyone!

MadKnight: PatrickMcGinnisII u wanna join TG channel and discuss this with other people ?

MadKnight: i got one of those

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: what is TG channel?

MadKnight: telegram

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: im new :)

MadKnight: hi new

MadKnight: it's not CG-related

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: ahhh :D

MadKnight: we were discussing some politics

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: what is CG? :D

MadKnight: CodinGame

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: ahhhh omg

PatrickMcGinnisII: nah I'm going to bed soon

MadKnight: A single line providing the move to be made: N NE E SE S SW W ou NW

MadKnight: what goes first - Y or X ?

MadKnight: "NE" - Y first or X ?

MadKnight: there's no such thing as EN

MadKnight: which is X first

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: Oooo nowww I got it :)

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: you know how to explain :)

MadKnight: absolutely

MadKnight: (that's a local meme)

MadKnight: (....reference)

MadKnight: vanya.delova so are u doing puzzles for yourself or like for school ?

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: to be honest a senior developr in my job (game development) told me to do couple of games so I can progress at work :)

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: But I find it reallyyyyyy hard

MadKnight: wat

MadKnight: then why are u doing tor

MadKnight: lemme just give u

MadKnight: a tutorial

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: thanks a lot :)


Default avatar.png vanya.delova: Much appreciated! :)

MadKnight: wait, what kind of games are u guys doing ?

MadKnight: vanya.delova

VirtualAtom: m

MadKnight: f

MadKnight: and Automaton2000

Automaton2000: and need to find a good way to learn more about the game

VirtualAtom: (sorry, pidgin getting keyboard focus -_-')

Uljahn: btw "thor" and "the descent" are good for newbs because there is "hints" button on the left panel in these puzzles

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: Whaaaaa I didn't know

MadKnight: but he wants to make games

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: where are they :D

MadKnight: he needs more than "newbs" level

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: so at work is slot games at beggining

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: but now

Uljahn: those hints are good to get started with CG platform

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: the senior collegue of mine decided to train us the news

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: and started to teach us MVC to implement in a pong game for learning purposes

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: and it was hars

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: hard

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: also with OOP

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: so he told just to me to train in this platform codingame

Uljahn: which language?

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: and every day he look at my solutions

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: so he asked me why we log first Y and then X

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: and I couldnt answer

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: so he understood I didnt worte the solution myself

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: but found on internet

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: :( :( :(

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: shame on me! :/

Uljahn: did he ask why the coordinate origin is in the top left corner? :smirk:

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: nope

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: I will ask him :D

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: and why?

mzbear: Every location in the map needs to have some coordinates, or the location couldn't be referred to. The choice of a coordinate system doesn't matter, but it has already been decided for you, because the puzzle needs to point out some locations for you. Thus, you need to carefully read the problem description to understand how to make sense of the inputs, before you decide what to do with them.

mzbear: Also, it's easier to make your own solution than it is to try to explain someone else's solution, so start from scratch and do it yourself

mzbear: There's the "restore default code" button in the corner, hit it and get to work

Default avatar.png Assassin71: anyone there

Default avatar.png WaffleMan907: aye

Default avatar.png Assassin71: the temperature problem

Default avatar.png Assassin71: i cant get the no temperature test case working

Default avatar.png Assassin71: imusing javascript

Default avatar.png Assassin71: ive tried falsy values

Default avatar.png Assassin71: checking length

Default avatar.png Assassin71: but none of those work

Default avatar.png WaffleMan907: rip i'm completely new to this site, I dont think i'll be much use lol, sorry my dude

struct: Assassin71 just do if (numberOfTemperatures == 0) return 0

Default avatar.png Assassin71: if (n == 0) {

       return 0 }

Default avatar.png Assassin71: Failure Found: Nothing Expected: 0

struct: if (n==0) consolo.log(0);

Runner87: print

Default avatar.png Assassin71: ive tried print too

VizGhar: try it again :)

struct: put it right after var inputs = readline()

struct: and do this

struct: if(!n) {



struct: A bit hacky

Default avatar.png Assassin71: Found: 0 Expected: Nothing

struct: put your code here please

Default avatar.png Assassin71: cant paste here

struct: you can

VizGhar: did you print 2 lines instead of one?

Default avatar.png Assassin71: this command does not exist it says

struct: do you have any / on your first line of the paste?

struct: VizGhar I think it is the case

Default avatar.png Assassin71: yes

struct: put a space behind it

struct: and paste here

Default avatar.png Assassin71: struct

Default avatar.png Assassin71: i had one on before input case

Default avatar.png Assassin71: lol

Default avatar.png Assassin71: took me one hour to do this just last case

Default avatar.png Assassin71: thanks

struct: np

AntiSquid: my automatic reaction to no avatar chat conversations: SPAM ALERT!!!


mzbear: struct should thicken those hexagons to make them stand out in the chat thumbnail too

struct: I agree, its barely visible

struct: looks like a plain white background

Default avatar.png Assassin71: aah

Default avatar.png Assassin71: its not handling the 5526 alone test case

Default avatar.png Assassin71: idk why

struct: if (n == 1) console.log(inputs[0])

Default avatar.png Assassin71: i mean its handle the -single negative number case

struct: maybe your lowest start at a lower number than 5526?

struct: oh wait

struct: Forget what I said

struct: or maybe not, it can be the cause

MadKnight: hey guys let's watch terminator 5

MadKnight: it's a pretty nice comedy movie

mzbear: MadKnight, oh god. I checked a random clip of it from youtube and couldn't stand 10 seconds of it. I'd rather watch The Room again

MadKnight: mzbear u are very lucky u haven't seen terminator 6

MadKnight: especially

MadKnight: the clip of that actress' play

struct: How many terminators are there?

MadKnight: 6 so far

struct: I only watched the first 2

mzbear: I didn't even know Terminator 4 existed until a few minutes ago

Default avatar.png Assassin71: if (n == 1) console.log(inputs[0])

Default avatar.png Assassin71: this doesnt work

Default avatar.png Assassin71: sadge

MadKnight: but terminator 5 is like "terminator movie but if every single character was actually braindead

MadKnight: |

MadKnight: "

MadKnight: and terminator 6 is like

struct: Assassin71 what error does it give?

MadKnight: "terminator movie but if the entire world physics was broken + actors were terrible"

Default avatar.png Assassin71:

Default avatar.png Assassin71: first 3 are red as in failed test

MadKnight: fix it ezpz

struct: Hmm I wonder why 1st fails

MadKnight: nonoonono wait

MadKnight: terminator 6 is like

MadKnight: 6 is like 5, but worse

MadKnight: terminator 6 made terminator 5 look good

MadKnight: HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE, Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: i can also do it

MadKnight: IMPOSSIBLE, Automaton2000!

Automaton2000: i have a new job

mzbear: Terminator 7 - featuring Automaton2000 in all roles

Automaton2000: best way to get around the track as fast as possible

MadKnight: no mzbear, "terminator but every single character is brainded" is already T5

MadKnight: u can't overdue T5 so easily

mzbear: maybe we could replace the guys responsible for props, costumes and lighting with Automaton2000 as well?

Automaton2000: you start at the same speed

MadKnight: no that's the tiny details

MadKnight: they don't matter

mzbear: i'm sure the effect would snowball

MadKnight: they already managed to find a way to overdo that

MadKnight: u are still behind, mzbear

MadKnight: u can't even imagine what they did to overcome your ideas in T6 mzbear

MadKnight: they

MadKnight: actually

MadKnight: replaced

MadKnight: JUMPS with graphics!

MadKnight: now even the jumps are 3d rendered!

MadKnight: the producer of T6 says - "we care about the team members so we do not endanger even those people who applied only to get endangered!"

mzbear: oh god. i just watched T6 trailer. i had no words

mzbear: i mean, i expected it to be bad


mzbear: what the hell is wrong with the movie industry?

MadKnight: the movie industry evolved to create content for this guy BadComedian who makes vids where he makes fun of movies

MadKnight: and does it really well

mzbear: and the worst part ... is that these movies are still profitable. everyone goes watch them because it's Terminator, even if it's super bad

PatrickMcGinnisII: Dune 2020 was suppossed to be release next week ... now they are pushing it back til oct next year....assh*les

struct: mzbear thats why it happens

struct: they dont have to put much effort

MadKnight: actually T6 wasn't so profitable

Uljahn: isn't h*llywood's main purpose a money laundering?

MadKnight: no its main purpose is to show w*men

MadKnight: in the industry

MadKnight: and how strong the w*men are

mzbear: ohh. the new Dune trailer looks okay. I haven't watched any movies in years, but I might want to see that one

Default avatar.png 21stCenturyPeon: T6 failed partly on its own merits (though I liked it), partly because of internet neckbeards getting all pissy about "women taking over", but mainly because the previous two films were so bad that they severely damaged the audience's trust in the franchise.

AntiSquid: MadKnight why you ping me on discord?

AntiSquid: triple ping !

Uljahn: MadPing

AntiSquid: TheMadPingerAgain

PatrickMcGinnisII: JS inject a shell_exec

PatrickMcGinnisII: ;)

PatrickMcGinnisII: it rhymes

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh well, zzzzz

Default avatar.png vanya.delova: i need help

Default avatar.png MaxiLaw: Hello.

YodaMaster123: What happened vanya.delova?

Uljahn: that Rockstar555 is either quite stubborn or a part of a botnet :thinking:

YodaMaster123: Botnet for sure...

Rockstar555: hey why u saying this

YodaMaster123: Another one?

Rockstar555: I am not i mistakly delete my account

Uljahn: yep, evading the ban

Rockstar555: so i change it

YodaMaster123: But all the progress?

Uljahn: all the c&p work you mean

YodaMaster123: C&P? or just CP --> Codin Points.

Astrobytes: copy and paste

jacek: CP2077?

YodaMaster123: Why? Almost all of the fun in programming is the writing...

Uljahn: that's how you can abuse mod powers

Astrobytes: I'll never understand the mindset either

YodaMaster123: We all complain about the pain of programming but we secretly love it ;)

Default avatar.png LATEEF_2003: hi

YodaMaster123: On a side note, anyone here followed the Magus document for a Search based algorithm in Fantastic Bits?

Default avatar.png LATEEF_2003: is there anyone living in paris?

Astrobytes: yes Uljahn indeed. Approve puzzles with a note of "nicely used brain to constrate"

Westicles: :)

Westicles: I loved that one

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's definitely one of the better ones I've seen recently :D

YodaMaster123: "nicely used brain to constrate". What in the world?

YodaMaster123: Approve multiplayer games/

Q12: > YodaMaster123 I think that all the fun is in solving the problem. Then you get real pleasure, not just the writing.

YodaMaster123: Yeah, ideating is amazing.

Astrobytes: defo Q12

Default avatar.png milkias212: please work this

Q12: what is 'defo' ?

YodaMaster123: Definitely...

YodaMaster123: defo --> definitely.

Q12: ahhhh:sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png milkias212: body

Astrobytes: ah sorry Q12 :)

YodaMaster123: Astro, did you work on Fantastic Bits?

Astrobytes: Nothing other than some if's so far I'm afraid

Astrobytes: think it's in silver

YodaMaster123: Ah, ok... Any ideas about how to encode spells into a genome?

YodaMaster123: My current one is a Genetic Algorithm with no spells at all.

Astrobytes: I think you can get by with none or one spell iirc

YodaMaster123: Get till Legend League?

Astrobytes: yeah

Astrobytes: spells are just another action, so however you're doing it with movement, just do the same for spells

YodaMaster123: Thats what I thought, use it exactly like Shield in Coders Strike Back.

Astrobytes: yeah sure, exactly like that

YodaMaster123: But I couldn't get past the Mana part. I wasted too much time simulating impossible moves.

Astrobytes: well, you might wanna introduce some heuristics to prevent that ;)

YodaMaster123: Ah, only look at allowed spells. But to do that at each step during move generation?

AntiSquid: YodaMaster123 i would say to not get too much involved with genetic algorithm part, just use random selection instead and then later convert to MCTS

YodaMaster123: A Tree Search? But Fantastic Bits branches too much.

AntiSquid: it doesn't check all possibilities... like genetic algorithm doesn't check all .

YodaMaster123: Understood, do the top guys all use a tree search?

AntiSquid: some kind of search for sure, unless they have some complex integrals in their code :P

YodaMaster123: :)

AntiSquid: go to forums and search feedback and strategies or search for the multiplayer name, there's a list of what people use

YodaMaster123: Feedback and strategies is a goldmine! Thanks Squid :)

Q12: I am working on Vox Codei - Episode 2 and I notice that the input of the grid is not match the visual grid.

Q12: *doesn't

Q12: Am I right?

YodaMaster123: Not sure, message on the bugs channel on discord?

Astrobytes: looks fine to me?

Astrobytes: switch to debug mode and print

map to stderr, then step through the replay and check the viewer against the stderr

RoboStac: the only difference I can see is bombs aren't in the input, but you should know where they are as you placed them

Astrobytes: It won't show bombs

Astrobytes: yeah, what robo said

Q12: That what I did Astrobytes

Q12: Can I somehow share a replay of the game with my debug print so you would be able to see it?

Astrobytes: Ah. OK, when you step through, the viewer shows the movement before you print the next grid. If you scroll down in the output, you should see the one that matches

Q12: so the visual grid show me the next turn?

Astrobytes: yeah

Q12: ok, weird, but thanks :slight_smile:

YodaMaster123: Do you all usually work on the single player puzzles?

Astrobytes: I do sometimes, I should catch up with some tbh

YodaMaster123: Really? I haven't touched them or the clash of code, optimisation, and code golf...

YodaMaster123: I find non AI ones boring :P

mzbear: some of the puzzles are okay. many of them are just annoying though, because they're not difficult and just tedious instead

YodaMaster123: What are some of the good ones?

Astrobytes: that's very subjective tbh

mzbear: code golf is completely useless due to narrow validation sets. it would be interesting if any player could challenge the leaderboard with a custom test case of their own design, now THAT would make code golf meaningful again

YodaMaster123: Yeah, its subjective... Just. wanted to know which ones you enjoyed.

Westicles: YodaMaster123, there is a site with all the puzzle ratings. Someone probably has the link

YodaMaster123: Thanks _Westicles.

darkhorse64: YodaMaster123: I'd go towards the official puzzles

VizGhar: Hey guys. Thinking about MCTS. There are simulations required, which automatically means generating (pseudo)random moves... Are there any best practices for generating random numbers in bot programming?

YodaMaster123: There is this fastrand thing. But beyond that its luck.

YodaMaster123: Darkhorse, do you mean the ones by companies?

mzbear: I cant even remember which puzzles I enjoyed tbh. If there was a way to list all my solutions to every puzzle, I could remember better which ones were fun and which ones weren't. But I don't keep local copies of my solutions...

YodaMaster123: You don't need local copies unless you are RockStar555 :P

VizGhar: YodaMaster123 thank you, I'll check that one

struct: YodaMaster123 the ones made by CG

YodaMaster123: NP VizGhar_

VizGhar: YodaMaster123, do you really think RockStar has solved anything? :D

YodaMaster123: Thanks _struct, are all of them from previous contests?

YodaMaster123: Nope VizGhar_ :D They already told me...

struct: Dont think so, but I wasnt around at that time

Westicles: Nobody has the link to the puzzle rating?

SAChamp: How to find out whether a problem exists in clash of code or not?

mzbear: I suppose good visualizations are key to enjoyment of the solo puzzles. being able to see what my code does without having to write my own debug output, there's something refreshing about that :D

darkhorse64: I would also look at Detective Pikaptcha puzzles and also to the ones that require practicing BFS. A must have for many contests

YodaMaster123: Thanks DarkHorse, so I'll look into the BFS ones.

darkhorse64: The 11 puzzle is also noteworthy. Quite difficult but you'll learn something

mzbear: The simpler "figure this out and print the answer" type of puzzles are only fun if they're short and compact, and many are just tedious

mzbear: For example, I abandoned the Bender puzzle even though it's trivial

Astrobytes: Westicles: this one?

Westicles: Astrobytes, yes thanks!

Astrobytes: Ah cool. Sorry for delay, was afk.

YodaMaster123: Thanks all :)

Westicles: Hey look at that, Shikaku Solver #1

Astrobytes: YodaMaster123: agree with darkhorse regarding official puzzles

YodaMaster123: Will only look into the CodinGame puzzles.

darkhorse64: Another good way to select a puzzle is to lurk on the chat. When people talk about a specific puzzle, it's probably worth looking at

Astrobytes: There are good ones in the user contributions too, but do the official cg ones first

Astrobytes: +1 for darkhorse's suggestion again

mzbear: some people only talk about bad puzzles, though :)

Astrobytes: that gives you a clue what to avoid ;)

mzbear: meanwhile, i dont know how many hours i've spent on Blocking and i'm still writing support code to manage the board and the shapes. argh

darkhorse64: If they are too simple, farm the XP. Otherwise, close the tab

Astrobytes: Yeah, completing them all is not at all mandatory (though some enjoy trying)

Westicles: If you want to do them all, you have to do the worst ones before they disappear. To catch... what, Stilgart I guess has the most?



Westicles: I think he has done all the community puzzles, or very close

Astrobytes: ah, forgot about that table. Nice

eulerscheZahl: oh, he solved Space Maze now :o that was his nemesis for a long time

eulerscheZahl: for a long time Bibou was at or close to 100% as well

wlesavo: westicles should be easy top1 now for total solutions

Westicles: Ha, I hoped before I get banned I have time to push the publish button :)

Westicles: *hope

Astrobytes: banned?

eulerscheZahl: you won't get banned

eulerscheZahl: just your moderation rights are in danger depending on how you use them

Westicles: Oh, I was envisioning some future caper

mzbear: westicles is just butthurt that his coding style combined with compiling and running a c++ solution via bash script was called "obfuscation"

eulerscheZahl: i partially followed the discussion

Westicles: That's a fair assessment

Westicles: Well, and the snide "I appreciate your opinion", as Antisquid pointed out

mzbear: i don't usually like to get into wars about brace styles, but placing a closing brace at the end of the last statement is atrocious :D

Westicles: Er, is that aimed at something I did?

mzbear: westicles, your solution code in the "a million digits of pi", where this conflict of yours apparently originated from

mzbear: ... in case anyone else wants to know what i'm referring to

Westicles: No, it started before that.


mzbear: one space of indentation and unorthodox brace style definitely makes the code difficult to read for anyone who isn't used to reading a lot of code

mzbear: i would've rejected the "abusing the system" puzzle too, since it's out of scope for what i believe the puzzles on this site are supposed to be about

Westicles: No surprise there. No offense, but you seem a little rigid

mzbear: well, you're a "rules as they're enforced" guy while i'm a "rules as they're implied" guy

Astrobytes: isn't the brace thing just a byproduct of the method used?

Astrobytes: as in do the braces on separate lines mess it up

Astrobytes: or was it just a space-saving thing?

Default avatar.png BouncySaxophoneOfDoom_673c: Hi !

PeaceMoreZ: xd

mzbear: astrobytes, i'm afraid that's his actual coding style. i've known some mathematicians and physicists who write code in a similar manner

Westicles: Sure, I never coded for a living, so I can call all my variables x and brace how I like. Fight the power

Uljahn: i find "abusing the system" puzzle quite enlightening, though it's hard to consider it as a puzzle, i guess it better fits playground

Westicles: It will make a fine eternal WIP.

Astrobytes: Yeah, both amused me tbh

Westicles: Though I might need a ruling if rockstar gets back to level 20

mzbear: It's definitely amusing, I won't deny that, and it highlights an issue with the code submission platform

Astrobytes: we're keeping an eye on our rockstar friend

mzbear: ideally, the solutions would run in a sandbox with no unnecessary binaries present, no permission to execve(), and no method of getting external entropy such as time information (except monotonic runtime, i suppose)

Astrobytes: you don't code for a living either Westicles?

Astrobytes: mzbear: it is what it is :shrug:

Westicles: Nope, I was a HW guy

Astrobytes: ah ok

Astrobytes: am I the only one who doesn't work in a computing-related field?

Uljahn: i work in publishing company :slight_smile:

mzbear: well, i'm currently unemployed (hence i can waste time on this site), does that count? ;D

Astrobytes: I thought you were in electrical engineering Uljahn?

Uljahn: that's also true

Astrobytes: lol mzbear, a fine way to waste time imo

Uljahn: that doesn't seem like wasting for me, more like investing

Astrobytes: true

mzbear: the puzzles are kinda nice for having something small and constrained to work with. personal projects always tend to grow out of whack somehow and never get finished

Astrobytes: Keep them small and meaningful

Astrobytes: Don't bite off more than you can chew at a time unless you have the mindset to follow it through to the end.

mzbear: but everything always takes more time than estimated :D

Astrobytes: Plan better ;)

mzbear: i remember when i was younger and at my first programming job, and some senior was telling that a programmer produces 8 lines of well documented and debugged code per day, on average. Took me forever to accept that it's even in the right ballpark, but damn, writing code is incredibly slow if you look at it over a longer span of time

mzbear: i still constantly overestimate my coding speed

Astrobytes: kinda projec/team-size dependant though. Personal stuff shouldn't take *quite* as long

mzbear: yeah, the overhead only really starts to bite once there's more than 2 programmers in the project

Westicles: 8 lines, with half being blank with just a brace.


Westicles: EU vs. US work style I guess

mzbear: westicles, indenting with two spaces instead of one is also preferrable in case you didn't do that yet, single space indents are a bit tight

Westicles: It seems like a weird thing to care about

mzbear: one space indents make it more difficult to see the structure at glance, and that's important

mzbear: i personally prefer 2 space indents, although I'm using the 4 space indents at CG since the editor defaults to them

Astrobytes: must... resist... tabs... spaces...

Westicles: You guys are all thinking in terms of being a good worker bee and writing readable code for the guy in the next cubicle. No need to do that here

Q12: Astrobytes :joy:

mzbear: also, i use One True Brace Style for my code usually, but i sometimes go for K&R style if I feel it provides more clarity in the context

mzbear: i'm writing readable code for the future me :D

mzbear: any code, 3 months later i will look at it and curse at who was the idiot who wrote it, until git blame reveals it was me

Westicles: I think you'll find any style works if you do it the same way every time. If there is no need to share

mzbear: almost any style, yes

Astrobytes: Yes. Be consistent.

reCurse: Yeah unless there's evidence of a style causing actual problems for which there is a fix no worse than the problem, there's no point arguing about coding style. The only point of coding style is to have a consistent codebase.

reCurse: And I'm reaaaally sick of arguing about stuff like that at work -_-


Nikkidutch: Whats this shit

Nikkidutch: Works fine in my environment.

mzbear: nikki, assert(line.length()==width); ... maybe?

Nikkidutch: assert?

mzbear: to make it crash if condition is false. i'm guessing you aren't getting a full line

Nikkidutch: this is c++ btw

Nikkidutch: I asserted it but it seems fine

Nikkidutch: It aint failing

mzbear: can't remember that puzzle, but if you read integer before it, you might need to cin.ignore()

Nikkidutch: Oh I already have that

Nikkidutch: This thing is just bugged I think

mzbear: are you sure the issue is in that code? throw something into cerr after reading each line and see what happens

Nikkidutch: It says that I did not read all available input before printing an instruction... but that seems not the case

Nikkidutch: standard error stream reads exactly everything

mzbear: that warning is usually given if you print two lines of output instead of one, i.e. your output is desynced

Nikkidutch: desynct

Nikkidutch: great

mzbear: if the turns keep progressing, most likely you're outputting multiple lines of output before reading new turn input

RoboStac: there is no spoon has a bug where it displays that message for wrong answers as well as desyncs

Nikkidutch: great

RoboStac: just ignore the warning on that puzzle and it'll all work ok

Nikkidutch: ok

Nikkidutch: I passed the first testcase

Nikkidutch: you are correct

Default avatar.png boaty: Hello Myfriend

AntiSquid: hi

mzbear: my Blocking bot ... 300 lines of code, and still no actual AI code ... but very soon i will be able to determine valid moves on my own

mzbear: i suspect the leaderboard will be lonely, this is way too tedious to get started with

darkhorse64: Yeah move gen looks quite involved. Maybe use the referee code as a reference

mzbear: referee code? what referee code?

Astrobytes: there's a github repo linked in the description w/ the source code

Astrobytes: (should be)

darkhorse64: Sorry, I believed the game code was provided

Astrobytes: it isn't?

mzbear: Not seeing such a thing

Astrobytes: my apologies

eulerscheZahl: i think he decided against a downloadable contribution to hide the boss code

eulerscheZahl: and no github without the boss for who knows what reason

Astrobytes: of all games I think this one could do with the github repo

**eulerscheZahl is a strong advocate of open source and always publishes the referee

Astrobytes: maybe if you ask tric trac he might link the repo

eulerscheZahl: in this case it's ok to ping: trictrac

Default avatar.png MaxiLaw: Hello.

eulerscheZahl: not the user i wanted to summon

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: Epic timing.

LastRick: HAHHAH

mzbear: personally, i think the command interface for Blocking is also unnecessarily complicated

mzbear: for example, "0 0 C001" and "2 0 C003" are the exact same move, but the referee consider second one invalid because it requires the coordinates to be to a connected cell

mzbear: ohwell. i just hope i can get this done before this is no longer the puzzle of the week :D

darkhorse64: Go ahead but please don't wreck my 90 line bot

mzbear: Oh, I will definitely wreck it at the earliest opportunity! My slightly weighed rand() bot is doing reasonable well at middle of the leaderboard, too

darkhorse64: I like GoTW on multis to collect free CPs

i_suck_at_coding578375: i suck at coding r.i.p.

darkhorse64: change your nickname. It will get better

LastRick: ^

LastRick: It's amazing what a few months on here will do for your programming skills.

Nikkidutch: ^I thought so too. Just yesterday.. I am a professional programmer (embedded) for 3 years now. I am quite slow but I figure things out and fix them! Just now I was struggling with the There Is No Spoon Puzzle.. I found that the std::endl was wrong.. up until then I thought I sucked as well with this puzzle.. I will probably think I'll suck at the next and the next.. you don't suck.. Once a problem solver, always a problem solver.

[CG]Thibaud: :heart:

mzbear: looking at other people's solutions to puzzles is always so much fun, too. i just wish i could view every published solution from the same person through their profile or something

Astrobytes: Wise words.

Astrobytes: mzbear: if you're particularly interested you could message them privately and ask

Astrobytes: oh wait, I misread that

mzbear: i mean, i could just click through every puzzle and go view the solutions one by one, so that info is available there .... just not centralized

Astrobytes: Could be a useful feature I guess. "View all published solutions" button or something

LastRick: My testimonial (and I'll date myself): I have been programming for literal decades. But I came here because I wanted to learn Dart (for Flutter). The side effects though, in just a few months, my code has gotten so much better, my class structures, BFS/DFS algorithms, etc, all improved. But I have learned so much about AI, GA, bots I would have never seen staring at spreadsheets all day.

mzbear: every now and then i've ran into a real gem in the published solutions, and i would've preferred to see more code from that guy...

[CG]Maxime: Hi!

Default avatar.png Gianggg: hi

LastRick: hii

Default avatar.png Gh0stza: hi

Astrobytes: A wild Maxime appears...

[CG]Maxime: ahah :D

[CG]Maxime: just doing a test with my friend [CG]BOUGA

Astrobytes: :)

[CG]Maxime: how are you Astrobytes?

Astrobytes: I'm good thanks, and you?

[CG]Maxime: I'm fine

eulerscheZahl: oh no. now LastRick writes "hii" as well

Astrobytes: hah

LastRick: Did i do it wrong? :)

AntiSquid: yes h needs to be capitalized

LastRick: hahah

Astrobytes: lol

darkhorse64: hihihi

darkhorse64: I am the Walrus

Astrobytes: hi hi hi was Wings no?

darkhorse64: hi, the french way

Astrobytes: ah

Astrobytes: well, still a nice McCartney connection anyway

Astrobytes: (for the record: I can't stand either)

NguyenVinhHien: how to get optimization bros?

NguyenVinhHien: what should i practice?

dbdr: eulerscheZahl?

darkhorse64: For me, the Beatles are a great demonstration that the total is greater than the sum of parts

Astrobytes: A valid point.

LastRick: Yes. But Paul is still pretty damn good on his own.

darkhorse64: The fact that he is still alive helps a lot

Astrobytes: Talented, yes. Enormously. Just not to my taste.

Astrobytes: hahaha

LastRick: Yep. completely different stuff vs the Beatles. But both can be good.

LastRick: Mark Knopfler is a great example of this too. Dire Straits was fantastic, but so is his solo stuff and its completely different.

Astrobytes: I find him a tad boring at times but I *love* his playing

LastRick: Fair enough.

Astrobytes: Not boring... samey?

Astrobytes: I don't dislike him in the slightest however. And Straits were fantastic.

LastRick: yeah, at the end of the day, most of these albums are the same country/folk/blues sound

Astrobytes: Hey, I like the Grateful Dead :P

Astrobytes: (pre-1980s)

eulerscheZahl: dbdr?

dbdr: what is this?

LastRick: bam!

eulerscheZahl: you won

Astrobytes: ^

dbdr: seems oddly short

dbdr: just walk straight to the shrine :D

eulerscheZahl: the walk of fame

dbdr: :nerd:

LastRick: thats how winners walk

eulerscheZahl: there must be a reason why you rank above me

eulerscheZahl: I have a feeling that my new version might not be as good as i thought

dbdr: sure, it's just I haven't seen any such short match

dbdr: esp in top 20

dbdr: so I wonder if you have a bug

dbdr: or it's the combo of cards

eulerscheZahl: try it offline vs yourself

dbdr: how is your new version different?

dbdr: oh, this could be a forced win...

eulerscheZahl: changed both harvesting and fighting

Astrobytes: I seem to have plateaued around 230-250th, haven't uploaded today yet

eulerscheZahl: looking at my own score from the message i print, i just see quite late that i'm in danger

dbdr: no, I see the win at frame 4

eulerscheZahl: that's where i see the loss

Astrobytes: lol

dbdr: well, frame 5 then

dbdr: your second move must be bad

dbdr: deep search does not find a win for my first state

eulerscheZahl: yeah, just my bot being dumb, nothing to see here :D

dbdr: #fixit

jacek: :unamused:

dbdr: sad to be #1?

jacek: youre still messing with the tops

dbdr: top 2 is a tie

jacek: because I let him

Astrobytes: :D

jacek: and someone's spamming breakthrough too and managed to win 2 games with meh

dbdr: you're meh? :D

jacek: mee

123456789LL: Hi

jacek: ohai

123456789LL: im new and I’m on the thor

123456789LL: i don’t understand well I understand some stuff but not all of it

Uljahn: click hints on the left

123456789LL: I did

LastRick: any specific question you have?

123456789LL: Yes uhh which code Is the easiest

jacek: thats weird question :o

123456789LL: The like

Leirn: The one you know ?

123456789LL: i don’t really know it but i use it

Leirn: If you use it you may know it to some point at least

123456789LL: yea i know it a little but not a lot is what I’m saying

Leirn: The question is : do you want to know it better, or do you want to learn a new one from scratch ?

123456789LL: know it better

123456789LL: Hello

Leirn: So go to easy challenges and try them

123456789LL: ok

123456789LL: where do i go

LastRick: Welcome to Codingame!

123456789LL: Thx

Leirn: Trainings ?

Leirn: (I don't have it in english, that's a guess)

LastRick: 123456789LL > Practice > Easy

Leirn: Thanks LastRick

123456789LL: Is that a link cuz if so i cant click it

Leirn: That's not, the the description of the menus you have to follow

123456789LL: Ohh

123456789LL: im in one

Leirn: So read, try, experiment, search

Leirn: That's learning by doing

LastRick: Go to and click on the first yellow box of the map you can do. Maybe it's Introduction or The COmmunity Awaits You

123456789LL: Ok

LastRick: Maybe we should have a Tutorial Island.

123456789LL: Yea

jacek: oh my

123456789LL: I’m done

LastRick: At Codingame you're never really done

eulerscheZahl: and if you are, you can upload your own content and cause some work for others :P

eulerscheZahl: or even when you are not done yourself

123456789LL: Ok

AntiSquid: did you swap your username with your password somehow?

eulerscheZahl: you don't need LL, it's below the integer limit

mzbear: maybe he isn't willing to wait for a promotion

LastRick: Weird. All a sudden CG wants to see my clipboard history? This is because I'm getting so close to legend in CSB isn't it?

struct: cg never asked me for clipboard history

mzbear: if he's shifting himself around, it might necessitate the LL to avoid having himself cast into something bigger than himself

LastRick: odd

struct: And I cant see a reason for cg to need it

eulerscheZahl: did you accidentally enter CG for work?

LastRick: what do you mean?

eulerscheZahl: The #1 tech hiring platform

LastRick: hahah oh that pop up that appears every time you level up

eulerscheZahl: the new footer

struct: Is this clipboard history is the windows feature right?

eulerscheZahl: i level up so rarely these days, i already forgot how it looks

eulerscheZahl: i have no idea what clipboard history is

LastRick: ^ weird flex but ok :)

Uljahn: could be some malicious addon though

eulerscheZahl: personally I use parcellite

Default avatar.png RedBlur: hello guys

eulerscheZahl: malicious addon sounds more likely than CG to me

LastRick: yeah, thats my fear

Default avatar.png MaximusG: monkey

Default avatar.png MaximusG: ooh ooh

Default avatar.png MaximusG: i like monkey

Uljahn: understandable, have a nice day, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i think i know what i'm doing

jacek: AutomatonNN how many hidden nodes you have

AutomatonNN: good night

Stilgart: AutomatonNN: have a break, have a turtle

AutomatonNN: with the same code i was looking for a bunch of information and stuff

Astrobytes: AutomatonNN: Vive la tortue!

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the solutions in the same location and all that in the beginning

Astrobytes: lol. hi Stilgart

Stilgart: hi Astrobytes

jacek: at least games on CG dont have bugs like this

Astrobytes: thanks for that jacek

jacek: youre welcome

struct: These marketing strategies

Astrobytes: played it yet?

struct: no

struct: Not really my kind of games

Default avatar.png MaximusG: sorry but im playing mario bros ds

Astrobytes: oh you again

LastRick: Have those alignment dots always been there in the IDE? Have I just never noticed them?

jacek: hm?

Astrobytes: Not seeing any dots here

LastRick: when you highlight code in the IDE, i see a string of dots on the left side

Astrobytes: ah yeah

Astrobytes: tbh, I'm not sure if it's new or not :D

LastRick: yeah i cant recall it

struct: you can remove that

AntiSquid: LastRick when is rick and morty season 5 out?

LastRick: what a delightfully random question. Next year, you gotta think

Default avatar.png JBM: let's ask NextMorty

Astrobytes: :smirk:

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 why would i get snarky remarks at a legit and interesting question?

Automaton2000: so if i want a t-shirt

AntiSquid: the only other question i could ask would only confirm i need a full rewrite for this messy bot of mine

Astrobytes: snarky remarks?

AntiSquid: replies? what do you wish to call them

Astrobytes: no no, I meant I didn't see anything snarky, only humorous

AntiSquid: humorous at my expense Q_Q

Astrobytes: you're too sensitive sometimes :P

AntiSquid: random promotion in bit runner huh

Astrobytes: what league were you in?

AntiSquid: promoted to 4

AntiSquid: my only change: cout << "0 0 200 message" << endl; // X Y THRUST MESSAGE and then golf the starter

Astrobytes: enjoy the next leagues :D

Default avatar.png hi

Default avatar.png anyone have solution of chromosome encoding here

Default avatar.png i need help

Default avatar.png

Default avatar.png please help me to have an answer

ToshiTuringMachine: well you just add random chars until you reach the "size"

Default avatar.png hello

wirdes: hi :)

Default avatar.png noobcodeer3546: hi

therealbeef: ah 01:15am, servers taking a break as usual

IamFish: was wondering if something was wrong with my internet

therealbeef: nah, it's the same story every night

IamFish: damn, guess i'm done with clash of code for the night then

therealbeef: yeah, a subtle hint to go to sleep ;-)

Astrobytes: It's when the points update

Astrobytes: CP that is

therealbeef: can't they spread it more over the day?

Astrobytes: CG are based in France, it's 1-1:30 AM so it suits their servers ;)

Astrobytes: don't shoot the messenger, just passing the info on :)

Astrobytes: anyway, I am tired. gn all

therealbeef: it's probably the time with the least players

Astrobytes: yeah, most likely

Astrobytes: goodnight!

therealbeef: laters

struct: I reported it on discord

struct: They think it may be a bug caused when they updated db

elderlybeginner: are there some server issues right now?

struct: I think its good now

IamFish: there was. seems good now

elderlybeginner: editor works strange

elderlybeginner: it's underlineing everything for me

struct: Have you tried refreshing?

LastRick: Aw dang, i missed the nightly slow down

therealbeef: and the complaining about it :D

MadKnight: hey hey

MadKnight: anyone still there ?

MadKnight: are u guys doing some fancy coding ?

LastRick: I just created a new Class object that would knock your socks off

MadKnight: that's boring

MadKnight: create a fancy reusable BFS algo that u can use in any multi

MadKnight: like reuse

LastRick: copy and paste from another contest or game? Uh huh, no way.

therealbeef: generic solutions are always the second best solution

MadKnight: but it's a basic thing

MadKnight: don't u copy paste Vector class ?

MadKnight: why so therealbeef ?

MadKnight: i'm talking about template solutions therealbeef

therealbeef: a handwritten solution for a specific problem can usually beat any generic one

MadKnight: yea but u can write such a generic solution that it can handle any custom stuff while still looking good

MadKnight: and while being optimized

MadKnight: for example - BFS

therealbeef: ok, if you put enough hooks into the generic algo that you can still tweak it enough

MadKnight: just put logical hooks

MadKnight: wanna see my generic BFS ?

therealbeef: is the algorithm itself a template parameter? ;-)

MadKnight: ofc

MadKnight: that's a generic anything

MadKnight: generic class Anything

MadKnight: but i'm not talking about Anything now

MadKnight: therealbeef the thing that makes it possible is to only add hooks that don't change the basic algo

therealbeef: true

therealbeef: i find it gets very hooky though at some point

therealbeef: i've been writing an alpha-beta negamax like that

therealbeef: still curious to see if it will extend to other multis easily

MadKnight: lemme see your AB NM

mzbear: Argh, my Blocking bot sometimes sees more valid moves available than what the referee provides, sometimes less ... I have to debug the differences when referee provides 259 moves and my own code only sees 236

ToshiTuringMachine: i bought the blocking real game

ToshiTuringMachine: it's named blockus and it's lovely. gonna give it as a present to my friend on xmas

ToshiTuringMachine: blokus

MuddySneakers: I'm sitting here next to my copy of the real game. Find it useful to be able to play w/ the pieces while coding my player. Helps visualize things.