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Default avatar.png Notgoodatcoding5: Hi

LastRick: that's exactly what i'm trying NOT to do

LastRick: Holy wow. That jumped me all the way to top 75 Gold. So close, @MadKnight.

MadKnight: do u start going towards future nextCP early ?

LastRick: yeah, I bank. But now I will probably revisit my banking seeing how it's turning a lot better now

MadKnight: u need to somehow improve your condition of when to "bank"

LastRick: Oh yeah, definitely. I think thats the last hurdle to legend, when to bank + a slight offset to the bank

MadKnight: u can calculate movement

MadKnight: pos += vel

MadKnight: to check if it hits checkpoint in a few turns

MadKnight: LastRick

LastRick: In other words, if I start banking "now", would it stop before getting there? if so, don't bank yet

MadKnight: like, would it miss checkpoint ?

LastRick: yeah

MadKnight: yea check for it

LastRick: Interesting. this feels like some math coming on. :)

MadKnight: some basic gamedev math

LastRick: for you guys, this is all new to me. Never done anything remotely like this.

MadKnight: u just need some operations with vectors

LastRick: yeah, i got work to do it would seem

NguyenVinhHien: whats wrong with the server?

NguyenVinhHien: error 504

Default avatar.png Amirfluids: Something is wrong with Dungeons and Maps - Epic quest

Default avatar.png Amirfluids: Map 3 does not load properly

Default avatar.png Amirfluids: took me an entire evening to double check everything

Default avatar.png Amirfluids: code works on Jupyter

Rockstar555: hii

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: By the way, there is no verification for the Sign Up option. Feel you should add a verification as it prevents bots in that part of CodinGame

Default avatar.png ChampionCoder: [Ignore the whitespace]

Uljahn: you mean google captcha which doesn't work in china?

Uljahn: also verification doesn't prevent bots, it makes signing up harder for bots AND normal users

MadKnight: nothing can prevent Automaton2000

Automaton2000: if you are on the same turn

Rockstar555: hello

Rockstar555: all of u

MadKnight: hey rockstar

XprophEtX: hello guys

MadKnight: Automaton2000 are u botstar ?

Automaton2000: as long as it is

MadKnight: are u guys in a class ?

Rockstar555: yeah

Rockstar555: nono

Rockstar555: hii

XprophEtX: Hey MadKnight, how much snow is there currently in Moscow and how cold is it?

MadKnight: just barely a layer of snow

MadKnight: but pretty cold

XprophEtX: -10, -20 degrees or colder?

XprophEtX: i just wanna get a feeling for the coldness in Russia :)

Rockstar555: MadKnight 12:28PM Automaton2000 are u botstar ?

Automaton2000: no, i mean to get to know the basics of c#

Rockstar555: hi

PatrickMcGinnisII: Automaton2000 you talk dirty to Siri and Alexa when we aren't watching don't you?

Automaton2000: how come you don't use them

**PatrickMcGinnisII : Alexa play Metal. Alexa: Playing Never gonna give you up by rick astley. ME: bitch

Rockstar555: * PatrickMcGinnisII : Alexa play Metal. Alexa: Playing Never gonna give you up by rick astley. ME: bitch

PatrickMcGinnisII: 03:17AM

Rockstar555: what is this

Rockstar555: 03:17AM

PatrickMcGinnisII: it what it said after my emote on my screen

PatrickMcGinnisII: how many hours off are we?

Westicles: 13 1/2

Rockstar555: C#

Rockstar555: hii

Westicles: hi rockstar

Rockstar555: hii

Rockstar555: wlcome to codingame

Rockstar555: hey Westicles any contribution from ure side

Westicles: hey, no just the same two. Looking for one more vote

Rockstar555: okk

Rockstar555: championcoder voted

PatrickMcGinnisII: the PI thing?

Rockstar555: okk

Westicles: heh heh, yes the pi thing :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: i found code for base-16 PI generation ... still don't think I can do 998k digits in time

Rockstar555: let talk to personal chat Westicles

Westicles: lots of drama, it is sitting at 2-2

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh, all i see is +11 votes

Westicles: Yes, it is protecting now from the angry mob in WIP

Westicles: protected

Westicles: probably stay there forever...

jacek: like trolls

PatrickMcGinnisII: i guess bc math works in alot of languages on CG

PatrickMcGinnisII: imo the real math problem is the ease at which pi can be caculated in hex

Westicles: Yeah, there is a nice problem for that already

Default avatar.png breakkkk: hello


PatrickMcGinnisII: looks like PY can do 13 hex digits from any N position of pi which equates to 16 base 10 digits of pi, i don't know if it's possible get 50 digits in PY either

Westicles: Yeah, see that's a different clever approach. Why I didn't want to just point to an algorithm and say please implement this

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh i see, it's the conversion ... how many hex digits=how many base 10 digits

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm

Westicles: right

PatrickMcGinnisII: well i know the Bailey–Borwein–Plouffe Pi puzzle can be done in php

PatrickMcGinnisII: maybe yours should be very hard and named Bailey–Borwein–Plouffe Pi part 2

PatrickMcGinnisII: heh

Westicles: ha, maybe. funny one guy argued strenuously and rejected because it is a math problem. There are like a million of those on here

PatrickMcGinnisII: it's all about algorithms, yes the math can get pretty deep

PatrickMcGinnisII: the left and right side of the binary PI calc recursion is a little strenous

PatrickMcGinnisII: alot of puzzles have many paths (algorithms) to get passing

PatrickMcGinnisII: some....only 1

PatrickMcGinnisII: in this case, even pointing at the formulas doesn't really get us there

Westicles: well, I would guess it'll never be approved, and even if it is the moderation bot will get it eventually

PatrickMcGinnisII: i respect its "depth" of understanding, unfortunately not every 'coder' has had higher maths in college muchless fringe experimentation

PatrickMcGinnisII: eh, resub next month as what i suggested above ... maybe I can tell you the limits of php in the Nth digit... i know it's well below 998,581 + 50

PatrickMcGinnisII: maybe someone a little smarter than me can give you the max validator testcase computable by a scripting language without gmp bc math

Westicles: My first version was around 300k with hardcoded solution. Boy everyone really hated that one

Westicles: Anyhow, thanks for trying to solve it. You and rockstar are the only ones to try

PatrickMcGinnisII: i guess Bash is just the wrapper for gcc compiling with gmp?

Westicles: yeah

PatrickMcGinnisII: i'm still learning

**PatrickMcGinnisII is a slow old fart

Westicles: We're the AARP crew

PatrickMcGinnisII: i'll have to do other puzzle first, didn't know i was there, tx for that

PatrickMcGinnisII: past my bedtime, g'nite g/l

MadKnight: hey Westicles

Westicles: hey

MadKnight: are u playing RAIC ?

Westicles: no

MadKnight: why so ?

jacek: its russian so its hoaxed

Westicles: It is similar to a contest here? I'm not all that good at fast bot code

Westicles: Are you guys winning?

MadKnight: yea it's similar to contest here

Rockstar555: hii

Default avatar.png StenNoode: Hi

Default avatar.png StenNoode: can anyone help me please. i want to change my coding language. At first i started with java but I need c#. cant find the place to add new language

Default avatar.png StenNoode: under my profile i see java but no place to add or choose new for deafult

VizGhar: You can choose programming language above CG IDE (while you are coding your solution)

Default avatar.png StenNoode: oh

Default avatar.png StenNoode: thank you

Uljahn: your default is the last one you used i guess


VizGhar: check onboarding again :)

Rockstar555: hii

Rockstar555: guys

Uljahn: Rockstar555: stop spamming, what's wrong with you?

Default avatar.png brian_cannot_code: hi

VizGhar: mg another one :D So I have this idea for CoC with name antispam :P

Rockstar555: what i do

Default avatar.png KindlePop9874: hi

AntiSquid: Uljahn didn't he already get banned :thinking:

Default avatar.png StenNoode: damn, Im just getting into coding and got the link to this page. they said you can start as complete beginner but this is way too dificult :D

Uljahn: you can but you'd better not :)

AntiSquid: you can, if you're ready to learn as you go and keep googling StenNoode

Uljahn: at least read some tutorials first

AntiSquid: and besides that, i bet everyone still has to look up stuff regardless how far they are with their learning

Uljahn: the rabbit hole never ends

Default avatar.png StenNoode: guess I have to go back to codecademy for some basics :D wanted to try something more intresting

jacek: :notepad_spiral: :soccer:

AntiSquid: notepad ball ?

AntiSquid: StenNoode

AntiSquid: just a randomly picked suggestion from the multiplayer section

Default avatar.png StenNoode: i opened Mars Lander - Episode 1 and understanded that I dont understand anything :D :D

Rockstar555: Sorry

Default avatar.png StenNoode: will check this out. than you antiSquid

Rockstar555: i don't use codingame in my life

AntiSquid: hm, what language are you using?

Rockstar555: but i don't use codingame i am going to delete my Id

Rockstar555: ::disappointed:

AntiSquid: ^ heard that from other users before, can't be related though :thinking:

AntiSquid: def not same guy

Default avatar.png StenNoode: I went to university in september to study web technologies. they teach c# in there. just finished fisrt semester with it. I have really crappy teacher, old man and I realised I have to figure this out by myself

AntiSquid: ahm, ok . well just practice c# here if you need it for uni, i think you would need to know at least this much ?!

codybumba: @stenNoode: There are tons of info online. Read online.

AntiSquid: + whatever you can do on codesignal, it has a good arcade section

Default avatar.png Bugy: Has codingame stopped working properly or something is wrong with my internet?

jacek: hm?

jacek: it works for meh

Default avatar.png Bugy: It shows me "Network error: status -1" when I try to check how test cases are built.

Default avatar.png Bugy: Furthermore I can't see images like backgrounds of some practice tasks

emamt: it says "Join a 5min coding battle!"

AntiSquid: can't load any new tab

emamt: but its 15min

Default avatar.png DrDrunkenstein: bugy i got the same error

Visual: codingame https cert expired

jacek: huh? its till feb 2021

Tunga: I cant even solve an easy problem


NoobMaster96: @ Tunga

Coury: hi

Coury: does anyone here know how to code

Coury: I dont

jacek: no one

miszu: what is coding?

Wontonimo: no coders but a bunch of apparently under-bridge dwellers ;)

ParticleBeam: In blocking, what is the axis of rotation? it it block 4 or different for each block?

Wontonimo: i haven't played, but from the diagram it certainly looks like block 1

ParticleBeam: I suppose it doesnt matter. The offset just changes.

Wontonimo: weird, in the writeup it first says that the descriptor is letter-flip-rotate like Q12, then later it gives examples like Q113 and Q033. What is the third number for?

Wontonimo: oh, the last number is the square that goes to the x-y

Wontonimo: so, to answer your question above, if you want 4 to be placed at the xy that you specify, then the last number would be 4, like so Q104 or q004

Wontonimo: there is no offset, you specify the block that is your center

jacek: oO

eulerscheZahl: moin

struct: Olá

LastRick: morgen

Default avatar.png Matr1x-101: hi

jacek: hello AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see a bot that will be done in the contest yet

NguyenVinhHien: i cant load my clash

jacek: hm?

LastRick: CSB is going to be the end of me. For the love of pete why does my pod wobble going through a checkpoint?

jacek: clashes work fine for me

Default avatar.png MetehanBayraktar: can't solve ascii art question , anyone can give me a hint ?

LastRick: will try, which problem


jacek: you have hints on the left

Default avatar.png MetehanBayraktar: ascii art problem on easy section , yes but those hints not enough for now :)

jacek: Bubaptik there are some post mortems on fall challenge

LastRick: Bubaptik: A good source would be the post contest wrapup


Dartisan: LastRick I see you have well progressed in Coders Strike, I think I have go back to the code :-)

Default avatar.png khasanjonovich: Hi everyone I'm joined 5 mins ago

derjack: 1800+ :tada:

Default avatar.png Samzok123: 01101101011010010`01010101010101010101\

Default avatar.png Samzok123: :sunglasses:

derjack: oO


CS_ALPHA: Im Kinda A noob In Cometitive coding

Wontonimo: I'm pretty new also. Joined a couple weeks ago. I'm super impressed with all the different challenges

LastRick: @Dartisan, the fall contest gave me some new perspective about AI bots in general, a lot more knowledge than when i joined CG this fall.

jacek: :thumbsup:

Dartisan: yes, me too, and spent more and more time in a single puzzle than fast swap over to the next one.

LastRick: Right. Pick a puzzle and focus on it.

LastRick: Do you think Dart is holding you back? For CSB, I don't. For the Fall Contest, definitely. No Priority Queue is a big disadvantage

jacek: so make your own

Dartisan: There will come once a day, I will switch the language. But currently I have a great pleasure to find new hacks out on Dart. When it comes to performance, one day I will ;-)

LastRick: of course i can make my own. it's just not my priority right now pun intended

Dartisan: You can do I think all with the List and Set components on Dart. And you can even pass on different implementations of them.

Dartisan: the import of the collection library works, like also look on SplayTreeSet or other collection components

Dartisan: or the ListQueue class

LastRick: Right, I use collection for queues. but if you look at its definition, it does appear that PriorityQueue is available.

Default avatar.png Simann: hey

Default avatar.png Simann: anyone dosing thor2?

Default avatar.png Simann: *doing

LastRick: *doesn't appear, I should say

Default avatar.png MetehanBayraktar: guys ascii art is so hard is there anyone can give me a hand for it ?maybe just say key thing to solve it?

Dartisan: yes. but also Dart is a young language it changes new features arrive and I am also curious on the performance how it progress.

Default avatar.png Simann: erm...

Default avatar.png Simann: is there any way to output some debug info with cpp programs

Default avatar.png Simann: to the debug console

Astrobytes: cerr << debugInfo << endl;

Astrobytes: @Simann

Default avatar.png Simann: thanks

Astrobytes: np

Default avatar.png Simann: :joy: im just here crying over my code wondering what is f***ing up

Astrobytes: it happens ;)

Default avatar.png Simann: power of thor episode 2 is hard man

Astrobytes: Try something easier?

AntiSquid: simann ? so siman but with NN bots? :thinking: AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to watch this puzzle to make a contest on the site and it said "what ar

eulerscheZahl: stop that AntiSquid

eulerscheZahl: AutomatonNN you are hereby officially warned

AutomatonNN: good i guess

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: i think he understood

AntiSquid: ^ this is what i aimed for lol the funny follow up reply

eulerscheZahl: did you know that upvotes aren't anonymous? I just realized I can see who upvoted me

AntiSquid: pinging you adds some comic relief too, but not the main reason to ping

eulerscheZahl: with with CG API once again

eulerscheZahl: fun with*

Astrobytes: not working on your RAIC?

eulerscheZahl: still a long time

Astrobytes: true

Astrobytes: I only submitted something awful today, had a busy weekend unfortunately

eulerscheZahl: but i've learned that we can edit the default starter

eulerscheZahl: 2 years ago it was not possible and after that i haven't tried again

eulerscheZahl: but seems they allow it now, admin confirmed on their discord

AntiSquid: wonder how many of the original halite 3 players are participating in RAIC, 3 months halite 3 + 3 months kaggle halite + now RAIC 2 months? :D had enough yet?

eulerscheZahl: so i refactored a bit

Astrobytes: Yeah, worked fine for me

eulerscheZahl: screw those structs, i want classes

reCurse: Wasn't it closer to halite 2 than 3?

reCurse: I didn't check

eulerscheZahl: i didn't played any of those but i see a halite 3 relation

AntiSquid: i see a halite field like in 3

reCurse: Oh ok

AntiSquid: didn't really try it, no idea how much physics it has

eulerscheZahl: harvesting resources to build fighting units and attack

reCurse: Attacking wasn't really a thing in halite 3

eulerscheZahl: starcraft oriented

reCurse: Suicide bombing however

Astrobytes: yeah, starcraft but halite-y

AntiSquid: any weird rules yet?

reCurse: I really liked halite 2's attacking, it was super quirky but fun to tweak somehow

Astrobytes: nothing overly weird other than their code tbh

AntiSquid: you playing ?

Default avatar.png VladimirJancar:

Astrobytes: Yeah just submitted something crap today, gonna try and put in some hours now

reCurse: Brave soul

Astrobytes: would've done it on weekend as planned but was busy.

AntiSquid: ya

AntiSquid: RAIC reminds me i want to paint my walls

reCurse: ^

Astrobytes: Yeah, once you get past the WTF reading the code it get's a *little* bit less frustrating

dbf: Astrobytes if you have a busy weekend you need to submit on Friday to get a t-shirt

Astrobytes: dbf, no last weekend was busy, I submitted today

Astrobytes: have more time to play now

dbf: cool

kovi: raic from halite3 to20: siestaguru, greentea, tonyk and me

kovi: but still time, someone might be starting or hiding

kovi: and this year there are more cg players

Astrobytes: less CG contests + COVID = more CG players doing RAIC I guess

kovi: still: fall challenge 7k players. raic <600

Astrobytes: yeah... I guess that's an "accessibility" issue :D

eulerscheZahl: and visibility?

Astrobytes: Yes, that too most likely

reCurse: These 2 are not even remotely comparable

Astrobytes: RAIC and CG? OR accessibility and visibility?

reCurse: Former

Astrobytes: Fair

MadKnight: raic is a huge game kovi

jacek: Automaton2000 huh

Automaton2000: that's not really a thing in python

Default avatar.png MaximusG: your mother

jacek: Oo

Default avatar.png ok123456789: Yes code fun

Default avatar.png ok123456789: :rage:

Default avatar.png MaximusG: yall like mario bros ds?

Astrobytes: look, keep it coding related or vaguely on topic. Spam crap and you'll be kicked

Default avatar.png MaximusG: ok buddy

Default avatar.png MaximusG: yall like coding?

HorseNuggets: good question

HorseNuggets: ayy clash of code just hit 200k nice

Default avatar.png focce: Hey! how do i print debug output in typescript?

Wontonimo: @HorseNuggets - u b killin it on clash of code !

Wontonimo: @focce " // Write an action using console.log()

   // To debug: console.error('Debug messages...');


Default avatar.png focce: awsm thanks!

Default avatar.png Mal30: is there a way to skip "shortest mode"?

struct: Only on private clashes

Astrobytes: hey struct, how's things

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 show us your hexagon implants

Automaton2000: what's the point of the site

Default avatar.png Matr1x-101: to learn coding in a fun way

struct: hi Astrobytes

Zenoscave: pewpew

struct: Just playing a bit on STC, what about you?

Astrobytes: pewpewpew cool struct, doing RAIC

struct: Hi zeno

struct: I cant understand one thing though

struct: From what I checked CG has 5 different cpus

Astrobytes: yeah 4 or 5 from what I heard

struct: 2 2.2, one of them with no lvl 3 cache 2.4 with no lvl 3 cache 3.0 and 3.1

struct: My code performs the bets on the cpus with no lvl 3 cache

struct: I cant understand why

AntiSquid: only 5 ? that explains why contests with 7k participants wreck the servers i guess :thinking:

struct: the best*

struct: AntiSquid but they have multiple cores

struct: You only use 1

AntiSquid: how many cores each? 4 ?

struct: Not sure if they do 2 matches at same time on 1 machine though

struct: I think so yes

Astrobytes: struct, time to speak to re curse imo

struct: Yeah, Ill ask him when I see him

Default avatar.png FilipBallek: Hey, is it possible to do something like 1v1 with friend?

Default avatar.png FilipBallek: compete

struct: in multiplayers?

Hobogre: I think you can just make a private clash

Default avatar.png FilipBallek: Okay, i'll try that, thanks

Default avatar.png FilipBallek: Found it, thanks

Default avatar.png Rbee: is the site lagging?

struct: Yeah for the past 2 or 3 days its been laggy around this hour

Default avatar.png Samzok123: ok

Default avatar.png Samzok123: ?!?

Default avatar.png Samzok123: Sooooooooo/

Default avatar.png Samzok123: :/

Default avatar.png Samzok123: LOL

Default avatar.png Samzok123: :point_right_tone2:

Default avatar.png Samzok123: :cowboy:

Rockstar555: Goodmormimh

Rockstar555: Goodmorning

Rockstar555: :smile: