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Default avatar.png jeansceem: Hii

JamWan: hi

edazpotato: hi

Default avatar.png Rockstar555: hi

Default avatar.png lostmarine: hi

BleedingTime: hi

Default avatar.png Rudova: yo sup

Default avatar.png Rudova: who where from?

Ahriana: hi

Phuc123456: Vietnam?

Default avatar.png Rudova: how long u here

Default avatar.png Rudova: ?

Phuc123456: wjhat

Default avatar.png Rudova: in this site

Default avatar.png Rudova: how long you codding?

Ahriana: 20year

Default avatar.png Rudova: how old are you now?

Ahriana: 21 :v hahaha

Phuc123456: =))

Ahriana: Nga ngố :v

Default avatar.png Rudova: xD

Phuc123456: Putin đại đế:))

Phuc123456: h

Phuc123456: h

Phuc123456: h

Default avatar.png Squzers: Who can help

Default avatar.png Squzers: Stall tilt

Default avatar.png Rudova: english boy

Phuc123456: Hello

Default avatar.png LonelyLongcoat_1abe: hi everyone

Default avatar.png LonelyLongcoat_1abe: Does anyone know how to write still tilt in C++?

Default avatar.png Rudova: +

Default avatar.png zxcv78945: +

Default avatar.png Rudova: i need the same

Default avatar.png LonelyLongcoat_1abe: soooooooos

Default avatar.png inkers: +

Default avatar.png LonelyLongcoat_1abe: helpppp

Default avatar.png Rudova: HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP

Default avatar.png khanhnguyendev: help what?

Default avatar.png MightyScone_59df: HELP PLEASE

Default avatar.png Rudova: to do Stall tilt on c++

Default avatar.png MightyScone_59df: Stall tilt c++

Default avatar.png MightyScone_59df: pls

Default avatar.png Rudova: drop code here

Default avatar.png MightyScone_59df: who can do it&

Default avatar.png MightyScone_59df: ?*

Default avatar.png MightyScone_59df: a bottle of beer as a gift

Default avatar.png inkers: lol

Default avatar.png LonelyLongcoat_1abe: @khanhnguyendev

Default avatar.png MightyScone_59df: if you give me your card number

Default avatar.png LonelyLongcoat_1abe: кутак сина

Default avatar.png MightyScone_59df: and a child's play on C++ if somebody can do it

Default avatar.png MightyScone_59df: pls

Default avatar.png MightyScone_59df: we are stupid students from England

Default avatar.png MightyScone_59df: i don't know English very well

Default avatar.png MightyScone_59df: sry

Default avatar.png Rudova: no

Default avatar.png Rudova: we from Omerika

Default avatar.png MightyScone_59df: SORRY FORGOT WHERE WE ARE

Gilad-Gur-Andelman: Share your code please

AntiSquid: what's going on ? @_@

Illedan: I guess we need to close the chat with the absence an adult..

Illedan: *of an

Kirbiby: Does anyone know how to find some documentation on how measure the % of chance an AI is better than an other given their results between N matches ?


pb4: Kirbiby :

Kirbiby: Merci pb4 ;)

Agade: Ah, the erf calculation was something else. I remember assuming a gaussian...integrating ... I wonder if I kept notes somewhere

Agade: I guess it must have been...assume the observed winrate is gaussian distributed centered on the observed winrate, and with the variance given by that "wald interval" (the p*(1-p) thing), then you want to calculate the probability that the winrate is >50% by integration which gives you some function of erf

Agade: Can probably do a better job if you find a package that lets you get the CDF of a binomial distrib

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Helo, Can I add in equation two pairs, and get answare as 3rd pair?

Kirbiby: I'm also trying to understand if it's the same thing done here to measure significance in optimizations :

Default avatar.png Maxim251: On Interned everybody are teaching that I can menage information inn pairs, but onclle Google don't show me nothing about adding pairs togheter or substrackting

Nerchio: So i guess me doing wonGames/Total games is not suboptimal for finding out if AI is better? :joy:

Nerchio: is suboptimal*

Kirbiby: I guess it's not so simple :d

Kirbiby: I'm still at the level of pushing in the arena and look if I gain rank, so don't worry

1Deep-Matrix: elo

1Deep-Matrix: bonjour

Default avatar.png Rockstar555: hii

Agade: Kirbiby I don't remember this stuff too well but it looks related. The t test becomes the "z test" above ~80 games. And the z test looks to me like counting "how many sigmas" of condifence you have and comparing that to one of these z test tables which tells you something like "2 sigma is 98% confidence" . My erf function call I believe is what you use to make these tables in the first place


Agade: We would be in the case H0: mu>=50...

Agade: And then they do a division to see how many sigmas away we landed

Agade: I've a feeling it's quite related

Kirbiby: hehe, thanks for taking the time to answer, I've some reading to do now :)

Default avatar.png Rockstar555:

Default avatar.png Rockstar555: this very Hard

Default avatar.png Rockstar555: solve this

Kirbiby: I feel a bit dump now, basically all this math simply means: If I observe a winrate of 55% on 10 games I can't decide anything because it could be pure luck, but I observe a winrate of 55% on 100000 games, the probability of it being pure luck is quite low, so AI0 has very good chances of being better than AI1

Kirbiby: dumb*

Uljahn: i guess 55% means just slightly better and only vs AI1, and 100k games mean that 55% is very close to "true" winrate (on infinite number of games)

dbdr: kovi #25 in FC, you fell no?

AntiSquid: fc?

Uljahn: fall contest?

dbdr: yes

dbdr: and rec*rse #9

wlesavo: fell contest :slight_smile:

Astrobytes: fail contest!

Astrobytes: good afternoon all

dbdr: :D

dbdr: 143 in legend

dbdr: people put those PMs to good use

Astrobytes: wow, indeed

dbdr: or my boss is just weak

Astrobytes: It seemed to be doing just fine previously ;)

dbdr: :)

Astrobytes: Are you playing RAIC this year dbdr?

dbdr: nope

dbdr: I might have a quick look at one point

dbdr: euler said a simple strategy is not too much investment

Astrobytes: It's pretty decent tbh

dbdr: of course it's a trap ;)

Astrobytes: lol

dbdr: as in a good game?

Astrobytes: yeah

dbdr: what's the basic strat?

tsiryJL: HI all

Astrobytes: I've not submitted yet, but mine and rush seemed to be useful before

dbf: dbdr they have quick start example only in Rust and you still are not in? :)

Astrobytes: dbdr: #Raic2020

dbdr: only in rust? :+1: :D

dbdr: that's a change

dbdr: someone must be big into rust, I remember they had a web viewer implemented in rust, quite impressive


Astrobytes: dbf: they added C++, C#, Python and Java in v0.4.0

Astrobytes: An hour ago

dbf: yep, their the only one developer is a fan of rust

dbdr: but who still uses those, Astrobytes? ;)

Astrobytes: lol, away and Rust in Peace :P

dbdr: amen

Astrobytes: tbf, the Rust starter is very easy to read

dbf: game is not bad, but I don't know what algo to use, have only IFs now :)

dbdr: bUt rUSt HaS wEIrD sYNtAx!|!

Astrobytes: lol, I think most competent non-Rustaceans would have no trouble with it. I think the biggest hurdle for people is the different way of thinking

ZarthaxX: Crustaceans

Astrobytes: *thinking/working

Astrobytes: Zarthaxceans

dbdr: the funny thing, it happens to me the other way now

Astrobytes: You've become one with it now

dbdr: I just wrote some python, and I kept thinking, wait this is sloppy, ownership is all over the place

dbdr: same in Java

Default avatar.png izum: anybody ftom russia?

dbf: да

Default avatar.png izum: о,збс

dbdr: yes, I'm the borrow checker :)

wlesavo: #ru

Default avatar.png izum: я так, чисто проверка связи)

Astrobytes: Hey, it seems like a great way to work dbdr, I won't knock it at all

Astrobytes: makes a lot of sense

dbdr: yeah, it is. but no one language will be ideal for everyone and every task

dbdr: GC/manual memory/ownership is like static/dynamic typing

dbdr: a mix of tradeoffs and personal preferences

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes good move with the Zarthaxceans hehe

ZarthaxX: Astroceans mate

dbdr: well, I think manual memory management might fade off over time

Astrobytes: lol ZarthaxX

Astrobytes: that's quite a statement dbdr! :)

dbdr: mark my words :)

dbdr: I see it like asm vs C: once you have good optimizing compilers, why would you bother with working without a safety net for very little benefit?

dbdr: (and for the rare cases, you can do manual memory manageement in rust using unsafe blocks)

Astrobytes: Oh I get you totally, it's a very optimistic outlook! Mind you, "over time" - you didn't specify how much time so ;)

dbdr: was going to say: decades :)

Astrobytes: Yeah I think that's realistic

dbdr: next step: get rust back on top of :)

Astrobytes: oh wow, when were you overtaken by x evixevi?

dbdr: yes, that guy is good at optim!

dbdr: we overtook each other twice each already :D

Astrobytes: ah lol

Astrobytes: time to optimize your optimization!

dbdr: it's getting crazy :D

wlesavo: dbdr well you beat him in b'n'c :smiley:

dbdr: or rather, he didn't beat me, and several others

vladshouldgetlost: kno9b

vladshouldgetlost: ji

jacobhasnofriends: jacob is a nonce

jacobhasnofriends: help meeeeeeeeeeeee

Astrobytes: you're getting kicked

vladshouldgetlost: jacob is not

jacobhasnofriends: noooooooooooooooooooo

jacobhasnofriends: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

jacobhasnofriends: please

ZarthaxX: wat

Astrobytes: vladshouldgetlost: want kicked too?

vladshouldgetlost: [e

vladshouldgetlost: xye

vladshouldgetlost: no thanks

Astrobytes: well shut up then

vladshouldgetlost: please can we be friends

Astrobytes: Do your schoolwork

vladshouldgetlost: im in school now

ZarthaxX: i mean he is putin, he doesnt go to school

Astrobytes: To learn. Not spam chatrooms

Astrobytes: He should putin more effort ZarthaxX

vladshouldgetlost: chatrooms are for chating

Astrobytes: not spamming nonsense

vladshouldgetlost: thanks for kicking my friend he is annoying (the one called jacob has no friends)

Astrobytes: I really don't care. Be quiet and do your schoolwork.

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes haha nice one astro, putin more effort :P

jacobhasnofriends: im back again

jacobhasnofriends: the legend returned

vladshouldgetlost: i will putin more efort

dbdr: I was going to ban :)

Astrobytes: I'm tempted

dbdr: next time

dbdr: if needed

ZarthaxX: *prepare those clicks*

Astrobytes: schoolkids, they're gonna keep doing the same thing over and over

vladshouldgetlost: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:#

vladshouldgetlost: ]

ZarthaxX: yep

Astrobytes: thanks, was in the RAIC channel :)

ZarthaxX: gotta ban the school ip or smth

Astrobytes: not fair on the kids who do the tasks tho Zartho

struct: thats not fair Zarthax

ZarthaxX: would love to know the percentage that does

ZarthaxX: :P

struct: Even if its only 1 person

Astrobytes: ^

ZarthaxX: neither of u said spelled my name correctly ;(

ZarthaxX: struct that person can do it in his house

struct: You dont know that

ZarthaxX: oh why did i put said spelled, im wrong

struct: spelled is right?

ZarthaxX: im just kidding

Astrobytes: If you were a pirate ZarthaxX you'd be ArrrthaxX

ZarthaxX: :O

ZarthaxX: *changes nickname*

ZarthaxX: talking about school

ZarthaxX: i put a survey for the kids of my class, to get feedback

ZarthaxX: so far 1 out of 7 said they would not do an advanced version of my course next year

ZarthaxX: and that same kid said that what he would improve for next year would be that EVERYONE puts their camara on

ZarthaxX: :face_palm:

Astrobytes: wtf

ZarthaxX: 12 years old objecting me that, funny

ZarthaxX: :P

ZarthaxX: nothing relevant to my subject ;(

ZarthaxX: my internet just dies if everyone has their camara on anyway

Astrobytes: That kid can do one, don't worry

Astrobytes: The others are happy so you're winning

ZarthaxX: wdym?

ZarthaxX: can do one?

ZarthaxX: yeah, im pretty ghappy with the feedback so far

Astrobytes: He can gtf

ZarthaxX: also i used this page and they are putting some AI thing for kids

ZarthaxX: *codingame incoming*

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes you missed the o hehe

Astrobytes: oh nice

ZarthaxX: looks like c4l robot :P

Astrobytes: No I didn't ZarthaxX, I was speaking scots: get tae f***

ZarthaxX: aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ZarthaxX: aight :P

Astrobytes: Man, I wish all these resources were around when I was at school

ZarthaxX: samee

ZarthaxX: we would be so smart rn astro

Astrobytes: :D

ZarthaxX: instead we are calling each other by another name every day

ZarthaxX: :D

Astrobytes: :rofl:

ZarthaxX: Astromart

Astrobytes: SmartaxX

ZarthaxX: hehe

LastRick: Man, when I was in school, there was basically nothing

Astrobytes: we had a BBC microcomputer with Logo

ZarthaxX: things were just starting

LastRick: This will show my age but during Comp Sci AP many yrs ago, a classmate and I wanted to code (in Turbo Pascal) a 2-player maze game for our final project. There's no internet, no books like this in the school library. My teacher was able to find a book somewhere and brought us photocopied pages to show us how to send data packets back and forth.

Scarfield: AnthraxX and AstroNicks

Astrobytes: Latefield

Scarfield: never too lateField

Astrobytes: Nice LastRick. My highschool only had Computer Studies, nothing about any CS concepts, just some hardware and using software, there was a little BASIC programming in the last year iirc

Astrobytes: I remember explaining the concept of the World Wide Web to my teacher in 3rd year

Astrobytes: he'd never heard of it

LastRick: Wow

Scarfield: "It will never have any succes, we have phone books already"

LastRick: As hard as it is to imagine today (as I type 1s and 0s across the world), yeah, we thought that

Astrobytes: and that was mid-90s

LastRick: but you have to remember, that early web was trash

Astrobytes: Very much so

ZarthaxX: scarfo :rofl: nice names

ZarthaxX: i think astro used the anthraxx one already, but i will give u 1 point anyway

Astrobytes: a while ago, but not today, so it counts

Scarfield: yay :muscle:

Scarfield: its weird to think about the internet before google, saw something recently about one of the first companies to provide internet to people. When he started there was 200 DK domains i think xD

Scarfield: to people in DK that is

LastRick: Crazy. two hundred places to get information. Now there's too much :)

Scarfield: Age og Misinformation

Astrobytes: Hm. People look at one resource, assume it's correct and move on...

Astrobytes: *many people, not all obviously

Scarfield: I can be gullible sometimes, have seen an "The Onion" head line, not noticing its the onion, and be like whaat

LastRick: Its not all bad though. I get to code a little pod going around in circles for hours on end.

Astrobytes: :grin:

LastRick: OMG speaking of which, I just made Gold in CSB. Freaking awesome.

Astrobytes: gj man!

Astrobytes: watch out though, the inputs are different now

LastRick: thank! Yeah, saw that on the forum. But you finally get velocity, which makes up for it :smile:

Astrobytes: haha, yeah true

dbdr: seems someone hasn't heard about brewing yet :D

LastRick: They just love learning, that's their thing

Westicles: poor deleted rockstar.

eulerscheZahl: rockstar is gone?

Westicles: yep

eulerscheZahl: i won't miss the "hii"


eulerscheZahl: strange, CG doesn't just delete profiles

eulerscheZahl: even in cases of obvious copy pasta

Westicles: They deleted the 3 approves for Sheldon's puzzle, maybe something similar

LastRick: CG is my favorite soap opera

eulerscheZahl: space maze got that poor approval process too

Westicles: oh wait, weird


eulerscheZahl: different URL, same content

struct: He isnt german anymore?

eulerscheZahl: my twin brother is gone :(

struct: Siemens members just decreased by half

Westicles: #IN

eulerscheZahl: i hereby declare myself team captain for the company leaderboard of the next contest

eulerscheZahl: hm, he spammed a link to a boring clash, as he used to do here as well

eulerscheZahl: then just gone

struct: he followed me yesterday with his new account

Westicles: Well, I still have his old approval. Now just need his new one

jrke: are you creating fake company for CG?

Default avatar.png JBM: who isn't

LastRick: I'm in

GabbyGirl: hi

jrke: so can i join siemens?

LastRick: sounds like they have an opening?

struct: first step hii

jrke: i am joining

struct: you need to solve nintendo

jrke: ohkay

jrke: lemme try then

GabbyGirl: :upside_down:

Westicles: is joining siemens the opposite of joining the resistance?

Scarfield: Viva le Siemens

Westicles: little joke for the EEs

Default avatar.png JBM: just do something else on the side

Default avatar.png JBM: so you can join them in parallel

Scarfield: read your explanation of a card JB in your contribution xD

Default avatar.png JBM: oh

Default avatar.png JBM: didn't think you needed it

Scarfield: i would be lost without it

reCurse: Did I miss an amazing tool or there really is no smart way to profile python?

LastRick: Ohhhhhh(m), sorry, took me a while to get that joke

YodaMaster123: What exactly is Siemens?

YodaMaster123: A university or company?

Scarfield: tried import cProfile re curse, or trolling? :)

LastRick: the latter

struct: german company

struct: Its popular in europe

reCurse: No not trolling, but it's extremely basic

LastRick: german company but theyre in the states as well

YodaMaster123: Ok, thanks :)

struct: reCurse doesnt vtune work with python?

reCurse: It knows how to resolve python callstacks?!

Default avatar.png JBM: what good is profiling if it tells you "all the time is spent in the interpreter's hot loop"

struct: "Line-level, call stack, time windows, hardware events"

struct: I think so

reCurse: Then it can tell me which lines and then I can try refactoring


YodaMaster123: What is the need for profiling in python? If performance is your goal you wouldn't be using Python right?

reCurse: Yeah well tell that to all those ML scientists

reCurse: All their frameworks are in python not my choice

YodaMaster123: Oh :) Like Tensorflow, Keras etc?

reCurse: But without at least callstacks or callgraphs it's hard

reCurse: Pytorch

Uljahn: tried VTune but couldn't get detailed traces for numpy calls

eulerscheZahl: profiling python sounds like a paradox

reCurse: My GPU barely goes above 5% usage and it's annoying to sit on a single saturated python core

reCurse: But no idea where to look

eulerscheZahl: when you profile, you care about performance. and then you don't use python

reCurse: Yeah well again, not my choice to use python here

eulerscheZahl: that said i think i saw icebox doing some analysis with intelliJ

eulerscheZahl: or whatever the name of that IDE for python is

reCurse: I'm fine with tinkering but not blind

reCurse: intellij is java no?

Default avatar.png JBM: i think it supports a lot of stuff with add-ons

reCurse: Hmm interesting

eulerscheZahl: jetbrains python IDE

Default avatar.png JBM: i just saw yesterday android studio was inttelij too

eulerscheZahl: PyCharm

struct: also there is pycharm

Default avatar.png JBM: which is not a good example

reCurse: Every time I step out of c++ and c# the lack of tooling kills me :/ Thanks for the hints though

Default avatar.png JBM: errrr

Default avatar.png JBM: just don't take MY hints for python stuff

reCurse: I'll take anything right now, there must be some hardcore afficionados out here

Default avatar.png JBM: oh they exist

Default avatar.png JBM: i usually try to steer clear though

Uljahn: line_profiler hasn't been mentioned, right?

Default avatar.png JBM: not much has been mentioned

reCurse: Nope, checking

reCurse: Looks a bit dead, are you using it?

Uljahn: yes

AshKetchum: reCurse

reCurse: Oh I'm starting to like the look of that

reCurse: vmprof...

reCurse: Thanks

AshKetchum: :)

reCurse: I assume line_profiler is still working with recent versions then Uljahn?

Uljahn: i use it with CG version of py3

reCurse: Nice

reCurse: Alright I got a couple of really good leads :) Thanks a lot, knew I could find good info here

Uljahn: also it seems rather alive

reCurse: Uh...

reCurse: google gave me that repo

reCurse: Weird

reCurse: Oh of course I missed the about section on the right

reCurse: I really don't like github redesign, but I guess I'm dumb too

Joseph_Mother: yo

Joseph_Mother: we back up in dis

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: Guys, i'm trying my code on my pc and it's working correctly, but the game is giving me failure

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: anyone knows whts wrong

jacek: ask failed successfully?

Default avatar.png Amirfluids: What if Thor and the light of power are at the same spot right at the beginning?

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: i might know whts wrong

Uljahn: Amirfluids: not possible, all tests are predetermined

Scarfield: ArianPunk the most common thing to forget in that puzzle is that you dont get Thors new position as input each turn, you have to keep track of that yourself

Joseph_Mother: shutp


psparsa: hello world!

Default avatar.png gnegnegne: hello

Default avatar.png Amirfluids: @Uljahn: Thanks, Done! ;)

jacek: :tada:

Default avatar.png HaythemBahri: hey

Default avatar.png HaythemBahri: where can i find c# tests ?

struct: tests?

jacek: c# tests

Default avatar.png Sakuta: anyone here know python?

jacek: maybe

AntiSquid: Joseph_Mother here's how to make a plumbus : also don't be rude to others @_@

eulerscheZahl: without clicking I expect a Rick and Morty sequence

LastRick: wheres the fun in not clicking?

jacek: yeah, he clicked, then he 'predicts' what the link is about and then say he didnt clicked

jacek: the same goes for rick rolling


VizGhar: I hate being first in bronze/silver/gold league :D

therealbeef: a regular plumbus?

VizGhar: like this one? :)

AntiSquid: 21 pounds for an obviously fake one? wtf :/

VizGhar: yeah but: Includes display stand...

VizGhar: YEEEEY first time legend :D

meh1001: congrats!

LastRick: well done

VizGhar: So note to self: You really just need simple algorithm and make it better

LastRick: What contest?

VizGhar: tron

ZarthaxX: gz :D

VizGhar: Can somebody explain me, why the promotion isn't instant?

ZarthaxX: who klnow

ZarthaxX: s

LastRick: Had the same thing this morning. I made Gold for CSB but waited two hours for promotion. The note read like promotions only happen at set times each day.

VizGhar: Yeah... but for me it looks like just setting flag somewhere in database and rerun configuration against legend players

struct: old multiplayers promotions are not instant

LastRick: It makes me think that promotion is more than just switching a enumerator from "Gold" to "Legend". Maybe it moves you to a different server. Maybe that's why you can't go back down (aka demotion), it only works one way. Just a guess.

VizGhar: hmm makes sense... I'd love to read abou infrastructure behind CG.

LastRick: Wouldnt we all love to see behind the curtain? Instead we have to make do with Grandpa Euler telling us stories. about the olden days

VizGhar: :D :D :D Grandpa Euler

therealbeef: I'd be scared to look behind the curtain

therealbeef: each time i submit the first two battles are played with the previous bot :thinking:

VizGhar: huh? i dont understand... which is previous bot?

therealbeef: me previous submit

therealbeef: i print a version nr on startup after i started suspecting this

LastRick: you are saying you test your code against your previous submissions?

therealbeef: if i submit v0.18 now, the first two battle print v0.17

therealbeef: not really a problem, but it goes to show...

struct: therealbeef that is normal, the other bot could be in middle of a battle

VizGhar: maybe some binaries remains cached? But it's still strange, that the others are properly labelled

VizGhar: aha ^^ makes even more sense

therealbeef: even if i let v0.17 run all 220 battles till convergence, the first two after submission of v0.18 will print v0.17 :)

therealbeef: granted, my bot takes 10 secs to compile

therealbeef: so i think there's a race condition

therealbeef: state models are hard

DenisAkopyan: hey! Is there a standalone ide somewhere here?

DenisAkopyan: I want to test out whether reading input using my haskell code works

struct: Denis the only way is to copy the input

VizGhar: Are there additional rules on UTTT after bronze?

therealbeef: nope

VizGhar: tnx

therealbeef: just more optimizations ahead :D

VizGhar: I've solved 3x3 tictactoe in my free time some time back using minimax... but this looks really like MCTS problem... so C/C++ is only way right? :|

VizGhar: hmm 31st place is Java :O

therealbeef: there's javas in legend and pythons

therealbeef: and im doing (stubbornly) minimax

therealbeef: but yeah, it seems you are right :)

VizGhar: heh... alright :) I have no energy for CG for next week or so :P wll see you all soon

Uljahn: therealbeef: reach legend in c++ then submit python bot or send compiled binary inside python, that's the only two ways to see python in UTTT legend i guess :pensive:

struct: Uljahn whats the highest you reached there with python?

therealbeef: Uljahn ah right, there's indeed no pythons in uttt legend

therealbeef: payback for the clash of codes i had to suffer in shortest program mode with C++ ;-)

Uljahn: struct: mid gold with just ucb1, i struggle with mcts' tree structure

therealbeef: what's ucb?

Uljahn: upper confidence bound

therealbeef: thanks

therealbeef: gotta try this mcts some time

Uljahn: ye, uttt fits well as mcts playground

therealbeef: that ship has sailed for me

Uljahn: why

therealbeef: started with minimax, dont feel like changing now

therealbeef: also i like the challenge

Uljahn: do you use bitboards?

therealbeef: nope, just std::arrays of enums

therealbeef: and some template meta programming

therealbeef: it's lightning fast, just not winning hehe

therealbeef: inferior algo lol

Uljahn: using a-b pruning?

therealbeef: yep

therealbeef: with interative deepening

therealbeef: and sorting at higher levels

therealbeef: still thinking of trying principal variation search

therealbeef: or just throwing out worst half at every level

therealbeef: hitting look ahead depth of 8/9/10 now, and 12-15 or full in end game

KnightMoves: how are you using minimax? do you have an evaluation function? or are you only scoring end states?

therealbeef: i have heuristic function yeah

therealbeef: doing 3.7M evals per sec

therealbeef: but I think I'm not using those evals effectively (obviously)

KnightMoves: Yeah i think writing a heuristic function for UTTT is not easy, hence all the MCTS bots

therealbeef: the advantage of tuning-less or self-tuning algorithms

struct: Its too hard to eval uttt positions

Default avatar.png Miraaaaacle: Knowing psychology, this kind of studying is the best.

therealbeef: learning by being challenged

struct: site a little bit slow?

LastRick: seems that way

struct: Is it always at the same time?

LastRick: hmmmm, good q

Default avatar.png Miraaaaacle: Too slow

Rock-Lee: holy shit too slow

struct: even if my code uses no time it takes so long to start :(

Default avatar.png BlueChild_7dc0: yeah what happened here everything was running fine and all of a sudden code is taking forever to run

Default avatar.png BlueChild_7dc0: or just the site itself has slowed

struct: Seems like it is the site

Default avatar.png Sergen: I believe that happens when leaderboards get updated around 12 am GMT

Default avatar.png Miraaaaacle: This isn't free right?

struct: it is

HorseNuggets: yeah that happens on the site every once in a while

HorseNuggets: usually it's fine tho