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Default avatar.png msd9126: msd9126's game: Watch on Twitch:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: anyone there

ZarthaxX: RoboStac wassup

ZarthaxX: Rodrigo_the_coder

Default avatar.png msd9126: Watch on Twitch:

Default avatar.png msd9126: Join fast!

Default avatar.png Larrxi: where to find previous weekly challenge?

Default avatar.png Larrxi: okey found it in my in Last Activity

Uljahn: msd9126: please mo clash invites in here, there is a special channel for that - #clash

Default avatar.png Boss0049: what is react

isaiahtaylor: @yamsunsee

Default avatar.png FakeShoe_f9d: hello

Default avatar.png FakeShoe_f9d: help please with stall tilt

Default avatar.png Boss0049: i sus mai me kai tob T-T

Default avatar.png MaxGies: ......

Default avatar.png Boss0049: ถถถถถถถถถ

Default avatar.png Boss0049: S UEI WKH

Uljahn: Boss0049: english please

Default avatar.png Boss0049: OK

Default avatar.png Rockstar555: hii

Uljahn: :rolling_eyes:

Default avatar.png Rockstar555: hey tell me about multplayer game

Uljahn: which one?

daffie: it's not letting me into clash

daffie: it counts down then it just does nothing.. when i click launch clash I get error code 504, clash already started

daffie: maybe third time is the charm

Uljahn: works fine for me

Default avatar.png Rockstar555: how to work in multplayer game

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Is there a IDE debugger ? like with stop dots and all

Uljahn: don't think so, but you can print to error stream

Uljahn: or debug locally

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Yes but that's not what i want

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Do you mean like, making the same code on a real ide ?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: and using the ide's debugger ?

AshKetchum: you can debug locally and use cgsync on chrome or cglocal on firefox

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: what is cgsync please ?

AshKetchum: it syncs a local file with ide

AshKetchum: wait, i will post a link to the forum

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: where can i get it ?

AshKetchum: wait, i will post a link to the forum


Uljahn: this one?

AshKetchum: yes

AshKetchum: Also SkyleDc, if you are on Firefox, you can use CG Local because CGsync is chrome only


Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I'm on chrome

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I downloaded it, thanks

AshKetchum: :)

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Does someone have a "code a la mode" (idk if that's the same name in english and all) starter code for C++ ?

Uljahn: there was no starter for cpp i guess


AntiSquid: there were starters for java, ocaml and visual basic lol

AntiSquid: i would share a starter code for c++, but i can't access my early bot versions from that contest SkyleDc

Default avatar.png ganaa1337: hello

Default avatar.png sssuuri: hello

PrO_Ogrmr: hey when i tried a new language typescript and used javascript it worked :D

Default avatar.png Stonk: some clash of code questions have so much extra info so the hard part is reading the question

LastRick: Yeah, instructions for creating a new puzzle should probably reflect this. IN/OUT descriptions can be as long as you want, you have all day. Clash descriptions should be kept to the bare minimum. (I'm guilty of this myself.)


miszu: I don't see why I lost it

struct: you did not cover your factory


Slaih: can anyone help me?

jacek: huh

Default avatar.png davygallegos: Is everyone on code4life board? So confused as a beginner dev

ZarthaxX: wdym?

Default avatar.png davygallegos: so the first command is console.log("GOTO id"). Are all commands going to be console.log?

Default avatar.png davygallegos: or may i make my own variables and functions outside of console.log?

ZarthaxX: im confused

ZarthaxX: you can change the code all you want

ZarthaxX: as long as you follow the communication protocol with the input and output

ZarthaxX: and this protocol thingy depends on the game you are playing


Default avatar.png davygallegos: You mean the "initialization input" ?

ZarthaxX: LOL jacek

ZarthaxX: davygallegos yes and the round input

Default avatar.png davygallegos: Thanks ZarthaxX (bw your username is very familiar)

ZarthaxX: np, and i dont know why haha

ZarthaxX: i came up with it

Default avatar.png jaaabir: hmm

Default avatar.png jaaabir: someone here join the clash of code

Default avatar.png davygallegos: I'll keep at it. Still get nervous making own code

Astrobytes: No.

Astrobytes: @jaaabir

Astrobytes: hey Zartho

Astrobytes: hey trollcek

Astrobytes: hey all

AntiSquid: this is quite good AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: what is the main idea?

AntiSquid: the song AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is the best place to learn c++ in general :P

jacek: really? hmm

eulerscheZahl: stop calling that moron bot

ZarthaxX: davygallegos why

jacek: will you teach me c++?

ZarthaxX: hi astro

Astrobytes: tf is that RAIC code

eulerscheZahl: Rust

Astrobytes: No, I mean the C++

Default avatar.png eyev: hi kyle

eulerscheZahl: well, that one is C++ obviously

**eulerscheZahl doesn't really like the C# starter

eulerscheZahl: using structs over classes so I can't just modify in place

Astrobytes: I don't like the C++ either

eulerscheZahl: and the properties array. I admit it's less data but would be more convenient to have a reference to the properties in each object

AntiSquid: do you have fun in RAIC halite ?

AntiSquid: not judging, just asking

eulerscheZahl: i like it

Astrobytes: really odd coding on their part tbh

Astrobytes: Still, I can make it do things

eulerscheZahl: and we even get about 4 matches per hour

AntiSquid: :O

Zenoscave: How do you solve swinging player eval heuristic in minimax

Zenoscave: like with iterative deepening one depth is vastly different and swings back and forth

eulerscheZahl: i increase the depth by 2

jacek: use different eval for whos turn now? tempo bonus or something

Zenoscave: tempo bonus?

eulerscheZahl: temporary

Zenoscave: ah

Zenoscave: I'll try those

Zenoscave: like bonus = 100 * (depth % 2)

Zenoscave: or something like that?

eulerscheZahl: or do the lazy toady way and only test even numbers of search depths :P

Zenoscave: ;)

Zenoscave: I'll try both and see which works better


Zenoscave: thanks

jacek: i dont know where euler got temporary from

Zenoscave: me either

eulerscheZahl: i'm creative

ZarthaxX: toadtive

Astrobytes: creatoad

ZarthaxX: ah better

ZarthaxX: i cant make names anymore

ZarthaxX: :c

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: euler, you're still here. I came back after 7 months of hiatus.

PrO_Ogrmr: hey i am struggling with temperature puzzle i can't find where my code fails, i tried lot of versions and top score is 80%

ZarthaxX: did you consider no temperatures case?

PrO_Ogrmr: yeah

ParticleBeam: Check that you are returning the positive temperature if it is the same distance as the negative temperature

ZarthaxX: and that

PrO_Ogrmr: ok

eulerscheZahl: a lot of users are still here ArianPunk

ZarthaxX: not cyberpunk

ZarthaxX: ;(

Astrobytes: he used to appear once in a while on ru

ZarthaxX: did he appear recently??

Astrobytes: not that I know of

ZarthaxX: ;(

ZarthaxX: sad times

ZarthaxX: 2020 took everything from us

eulerscheZahl: we still have struct

ParticleBeam: Including another year

ZarthaxX: Zenoscave

ZarthaxX: lmao

ZarthaxX: you are a :turtle:

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl true

ZarthaxX: that's all that matters

ZarthaxX: :D

Astrobytes: Zeno la tortue

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

jacek: only month to end of 2020

jacek: then real life happens

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: yeah, i went on a long journey.

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: journey of doing diff. things

ZarthaxX: jacek prob december comes with a big asteroid killing us all or smth

jacek: finally

Astrobytes: hopefully yeah

ParticleBeam: Hmm. It's December. No asteroid

ZarthaxX: december just started ParticleBeam, just wait a bit when we get close to new year :)

Astrobytes: 'cause asteroids like to end the year with a bang

ZarthaxX: astro knows ;)

Astrobytes: hey, maybe we get Asteroid Jesus/<insert your saviour here> or something

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

eulerscheZahl: pasusu will save us

eulerscheZahl: seems it's spelled Pazuzu

Astrobytes: I was gonna correct you but you even beat me to that (I was afk for a minute)

jacek: slowbytes

Astrobytes: astroslow

Default avatar.png Sergen: when only one guy gets the answer but does not share code FeelsBadMan

Astrobytes: #mustdobetter

ParticleBeam: I thought you could only see code if you got 100%>

ParticleBeam: I am probably wrong.

jacek: i think he means clash

Astrobytes: No that's puzzles, for clash it depends if the user clicked share or not

Astrobytes: even jacek beat me, I'll go back to debugging

jacek: beatcek

miszu: sricek

miszu: :P

ElJona174: Hi, I'm new here

ZarthaxX: hi new

Astrobytes: here

miszu: when 1st year CS students do the joke: there 10 types of people. One that knows binary and others who don't.

Default avatar.png QuiqueLuna: hi new

ElJona174: ochiiiiiiii

Default avatar.png QuiqueLuna: Im looking for an onichan

ElJona174: Quique´s my foxy

Default avatar.png tarikyildiz: hello

ElJona174: Alo

ElJona174: Where are u?

HorseNuggets: miszu but as programmers, we count from zero so that would hint at three people

TiopazHc: confirmed

Default avatar.png tefvhnruhjdnf: im back i was whatching the event I missed yesterday

meh1001: test

Default avatar.png tefvhnruhjdnf: the fortnite event

meh1001: yay my chat is working again

Default avatar.png tefvhnruhjdnf: that happened to me to

Default avatar.png tefvhnruhjdnf: im joining a clash and now

meh1001: I thought maybe I'd been shadowbanned for my non adherence to PEP8 standards

Default avatar.png tefvhnruhjdnf: you cheated

Default avatar.png tefvhnruhjdnf: whys the same guy allways in my lobby

Default avatar.png tefvhnruhjdnf: same region probley

Default avatar.png tefvhnruhjdnf: im streaming

ZarthaxX: tefvhnruhjdnf maybe it's a bot

Default avatar.png tefvhnruhjdnf: im not a bot man

ZarthaxX: i meant the guy

ZarthaxX: :facepalm:

ZarthaxX: :face_palm:

Default avatar.png tefvhnruhjdnf: this is my stream link

Default avatar.png tefvhnruhjdnf:

Default avatar.png tefvhnruhjdnf: 1 view till 100

Default avatar.png tefvhnruhjdnf: and follow me

TiopazHc: error inbox private

TiopazHc: the link does not work

meh1001: seems to be offline as well

LLG: that's your twitch dashboard link

LLG: it's not gonna work for others

TiopazHc: I try to solve it but I can't get anything about it, any help apart from the forum? :(

meh1001: that looks hard