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Default avatar.png msd9126: msd9126's game: Watch on Twitch:

Default avatar.png msd9126: msd9126's game: Watch on Twitch:

Default avatar.png msd9126: msd9126's game: Watch on Twitch:

Zenoscave: msd9126 quit

Default avatar.png msd9126: oops

Default avatar.png msd9126: how to quit world?

MadKnight: why would u want to quit world, Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: is this one of the other

Default avatar.png runespirit: nt

YodaMaster123: You guys have a chatbot?

Uljahn: AutomatonNN: what is a chatbot?

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the contest linked on the leaderboard and still have to timeout

KiwiTae: o/

rockstar555: hii

linjoehan: hey it's Advent of code time again

jacek: oh my

Uljahn: KoL's Crimbo season grind time again

JervzBot: ulol

Default avatar.png B-O: somebody once told me

Default avatar.png B-O: somebody once told me

Default avatar.png B-O: somebody once told me

Default avatar.png B-O: somebody once told me

Astrobytes: I'm telling you if you don't stop that you'll be kicked out from the chat.

Default avatar.png B-O: people don't wanna sing nowadays

Astrobytes: it's a chat. On a coding website. Sing elsewhere.

wlesavo: are you telling only once though?

Default avatar.png B-O: you're goddamn right astro

Astrobytes: Uljahn: thank you, I just remembered to click on my Advent Calendar

Uljahn: :santa:

rockstar555: hii

Astrobytes: lol

Uljahn: :neutral_face:

Astrobytes: he's been doing the same thing for weeks now Uljahn

Astrobytes: tbh he should've been banned a while ago

Default avatar.png Wyman: hi

Default avatar.png Wyman: :grinning:

Default avatar.png Wyman: I am new here. Is anybody?

geppoz: hy Wyman

YodaMaster123: I'm new too Wyman

jacek: good afternoon

YodaMaster123: Is the guy at the top of othello using Multi-probcut? Like in Logistello?

Default avatar.png Wyman: hi geppoz

Default avatar.png Wyman: hi YodaMaster123

YodaMaster123: Hi

Default avatar.png Wyman: Why did I see your sentence in red before?

jacek: YodaMaster123 he uses mcts with EPT, but he also uses big opening book

YodaMaster123: Why does a big opening book help?

geppoz: when in a message there is a name of an user, it becomes red for that user, wyman

Default avatar.png Wyman: wow

Astrobytes: the 3rd guy uses multi-probcut

Default avatar.png Wyman: wonderful

jacek: apparently opening book helps in othello. also m smits generated opening moves to counter-move the top bots :p

YodaMaster123: :)

Astrobytes: was jacekmax for you right jacek?

jacek: yes

jacek: why do you speak red, Astrobytes

Astrobytes: It's magic jacek

YodaMaster123: Is the alert system the reason why you guys never use a person's username exactly?

Astrobytes: Yeah, avoiding unwanted pings

Default avatar.png Wyman: me too

jacek: AutomatonNN is that so?

AutomatonNN: ̤

ZarthaxX: what i advent of code?

Astrobytes: what o advent of code ZarthaxX

ZarthaxX: is

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

Astrobytes: :D

ZarthaxX: funny

ZarthaxX: someone please ban this mod

Astrobytes: Like an advent calendar with problems of increasing difficulty each day

Astrobytes: lol

ZarthaxX: ahhh okey

ZarthaxX: and it says day 1 isnt worth shit

Astrobytes: Never done it tbh

ZarthaxX: i mean, it said that the reason was because of an outage

ZarthaxX: lol

ZarthaxX: Because of an outage during the day 1 puzzle unlock, day 1 is worth no points.

ZarthaxX: anyway, hi astrobyto

Astrobytes: lol, awesome. Hiya Zartho

struct: ban who?

Astrobytes: me, was trolling Zartho again

ZarthaxX: structo ban him :)

ZarthaxX: and hi

struct: hi

Default avatar.png CodingFart: Hi could anyone give me some tips to solve Stock Exchange Losses please?

miszu: Hi CodingFart, you need to solve it efficiently and not brute forcing

miszu: so spend more time understanding how to calculate biggest drop

miszu: there is a property about this problem that if you find it, it makes it easy to solve it

Default avatar.png CodingFart: Thank you miszu

jacek: oh my

Default avatar.png parsashahkar21: hi

Default avatar.png RustyDictator_7f53: hi

Default avatar.png RustyDictator_7f53: hi

LastRick: hello

Default avatar.png doomcoder: hi

Default avatar.png icamien: bonjour

eulerscheZahl: moin

Scarfield: Gloin & Oin

Radman_737: helllllllllllo

Radman_737: what's up ?

geppoz: eulerscheZahl I'm not going to delete my account for this year ;)

eulerscheZahl: i hope you mean suspend

geppoz: no, I mean jokes about "gold or delete", etc done during contest

geppoz: I did my "1st in country or delete"

geppoz: then we both said "nintendo or delete" :P

geppoz: am I right?

eulerscheZahl: gold sounds boring, make it legend

LastRick: At codingame, you never quit, jyou ust take extended breaks? (Stolen from Runescape)

LastRick: *you just

eulerscheZahl: nintendo :scream:

Astrobytes: gj on Nintendo geppoz

geppoz: so your turn now :D

eulerscheZahl: so delete? :(

R4N4R4M4: Hi every body

Scarfield: TendoBytes

eulerscheZahl: hi

geppoz: ty

Astrobytes: hello

eulerscheZahl: R4N4R4M4 join #raic2020

R4N4R4M4: yes I'm in, look forward ;D

Astrobytes: ScarFendo :P

R4N4R4M4: I just received this morning this :

Astrobytes: Oh there's a channel on here?

eulerscheZahl: the chat channel

eulerscheZahl: nice, got mine yesterday

R4N4R4M4: GG euler !

eulerscheZahl: ordered tshirt in M and hoodie in L, got both in M

eulerscheZahl: close enough

Astrobytes: hey, at least it arrived eventually

R4N4R4M4: after nearly a year

Astrobytes: indeed

eulerscheZahl: even via express delivery

eulerscheZahl: smits would have been disappointed if he was a winner

eulerscheZahl: moving homes in just 1 year, bad move

Scarfield: lol

R4N4R4M4: My hoodie ils L. I asked +1 for size as you said, and it fits very well :D

Astrobytes: is this year's RAIC as Halite-y as it looks?

R4N4R4M4: eulerscheZahl you rewrite pathfind for RAIC ?

eulerscheZahl: not sure

eulerscheZahl: my current attempt is worse and slow

R4N4R4M4: not sure too

R4N4R4M4: Astrobytes, yes RAIC 2020 is nice

eulerscheZahl: there are some similarities to halite for sure

struct: until fog comes

eulerscheZahl: frog > fog

Astrobytes: Gonna check it out later tonight or tomorrow, got some spare time

eulerscheZahl: and the tshirt should be fairly easy if you like merch

R4N4R4M4: you have a page to see the t-shirt ?

eulerscheZahl: i'm confident i'm already in the tshirt ranks with my pimped starter

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: i don't think they published (or even know themselves) how it will look like

Astrobytes: as long as it's black or black it's cool

Scarfield: so black is the new black now?

Astrobytes: And the old.

Scarfield: I want one only if its in slightly darker black

eulerscheZahl: my mom's reaction all the time: oh, another black one

eulerscheZahl: except when i got a while one and she was happy

Scarfield: and turtleneck of cause

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: darker black? You want a t-shirt containing a gravitational singularity or what? :D


LastRick: hah

struct: im not conviced on khet 3d

Astrobytes: oh Archer, lol

struct: The tower thing doesnt convice me

Astrobytes: 2D will still be fine struct

Astrobytes: the regular version

struct: I think the tower will just add confusion

Scarfield: if you are looking for a game to port, i played "Hive Carbon" with a friend recently, and it seemed it could be interesting enough to make a bot for

Scarfield: the pieces are hexagons :p

struct: writing the statement is the hard part

struct: too boring

Scarfield: just looked up Khet: "Classic strategy, with more PEW PEW" lol

Default avatar.png TimberStalker: how do you enable c# preview features?

eulerscheZahl: here on CodinGame? you don't

Default avatar.png TimberStalker: it said i can enable language preview features.

eulerscheZahl: that's the standard help when you type some new command. there is no way for you to activate it on CodinGame

Default avatar.png TimberStalker: oh

eulerscheZahl: only staff can update language versions

Default avatar.png TimberStalker: because preview c# doesnt need a main function, and that would be really usefull for the short code games

eulerscheZahl: i know that new c# standard. you have to wait

eulerscheZahl: last update for C# was in march i think

eulerscheZahl: using .net core now

LastRick: can we put in a wish list for our language when it gets updated next? Would love a priorityqueue in Dart. Would make A*, BFS, etc a ton easier.

Zenoscave: I'd like the same in C#

LastRick: how are you handling it currently in C#?

eulerscheZahl: copy-paste a heap from stackoverflow

eulerscheZahl: would be nice to have one in the language standard that would probably be more speed optimized

R4N4R4M4: I got question in C++, if someone could help

R4N4R4M4: Here is my code trying to write the actionInsert() function :

R4N4R4M4: The code is working outside the function, but not inside..

karliso: Why do you mean by "not working"?

R4N4R4M4: It seems that the unordered_mal stays empty when I use the function

R4N4R4M4: *map

RoboStac: you make a copy inside the function and add to that and then immediately destroy it

R4N4R4M4: oh... I didn't see that

R4N4R4M4: I thought all were pointers


R4N4R4M4: Oh, thanks, I tried this *, but forgot the & :D

R4N4R4M4: Nothig changes, with pointer or reference, the unordered_map actions.entityActions.size() is 0

R4N4R4M4: *ng

struct: the 2nd version that robo sent should be changing

struct: the action that you pass

R4N4R4M4: I think I should call the function with &action instead

struct: yes

struct: you need too

karliso: action is already pointer

karliso: will not compile

karliso: Also.. this wrapper function just complicates things. you would be better off without it.

R4N4R4M4: I got it, you're functions are OK, but when I made the copy before calling the function, and then I used the copy ...

R4N4R4M4: yes karliso you're right

R4N4R4M4: so the function did well but I worked with a bad copy


R4N4R4M4: not the good version, here :

R4N4R4M4: C++ is tricky... :D

Default avatar.png JBM: tricky is dangerous

R4N4R4M4: For RAIC, I have all my code in C, but I have to input and ouput with C++ classes , not easy for me :D

R4N4R4M4: I spent a lot of time on thoses shared_ptr !!!!

R4N4R4M4: and unordered_map<T> ;D

RoboStac: yeah, the raic default code tends to be a bit overcomplicated

Default avatar.png Sakuta: hi

Default avatar.png Sakuta: how long have you guys been coding?

Default avatar.png JBM: too long

eulerscheZahl: not long enough

Default avatar.png Sakuta: like 1 year or 2 years type quesiton

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah that too

eulerscheZahl: 10

Default avatar.png Sakuta: bc i mean im trynna learn how too lol

Default avatar.png Sakuta: it seems pretty imtimidating

Default avatar.png JBM: start simple

Default avatar.png Sakuta: like what?

LastRick: I thought I had been coding a long time (35?). Then I got here and realized I still had a lot to learn.

Default avatar.png JBM: beats me

Default avatar.png Sakuta: what code do you knwo?

Default avatar.png JBM: caesar's

Default avatar.png Sakuta: caesars?

Astrobytes: I know Da Vinci

Default avatar.png Sakuta: is that even a code?

Default avatar.png Sakuta: wai whaa

Astrobytes: and the Green Cross

Default avatar.png Sakuta: r u trynna trick me?

LastRick: COBOL and Fortran

eulerscheZahl: gray code

Default avatar.png Sakuta: oh ok

eulerscheZahl: or grey?

Default avatar.png Sakuta: i want to learn java javascript and python

Astrobytes: I think 'gray' is more US spelling

Default avatar.png Sakuta: or maybe just C#

Default avatar.png JBM: isn't named after the fellow?

struct: Should i let players choose board setups?

eulerscheZahl: it is. but i don't know how to spell him

reCurse: For which game

Astrobytes: Oh right, yeah Gray

eulerscheZahl: choose between what? render in both pixi and three.js?

struct: khet reCurse

reCurse: What's that

struct: Also known as laser chess

reCurse: Interesting

reCurse: Speaking of chess, I'm still thorn on whether to add drop or not. Maybe I'll just add both and see feedback

reCurse: *torn

struct: The crazyhouse part?

reCurse: Yeah

Astrobytes: drop? crazyhouse

Astrobytes: ?

Astrobytes: ah

Astrobytes: I like the idea tbh

reCurse: 960 is obviously staying

struct: well the 960 does well to counter the opening books

reCurse: Just not sure about drops

struct: Not sure how AIs do with drops

struct: if any player has advantage

reCurse: It has the advantage of destroying any known eval

reCurse: It has the disadvantage of increasing branching factor by an order of magnitude, I think

reCurse: Maybe not that much, but still significant

Astrobytes: would you keep insta-checkmate drops?

reCurse: Yes

Astrobytes: I think it would be interesting for sure. Perhaps make both?

reCurse: Yeah I guess it could work

reCurse: We have 2 gos after all

Astrobytes: Yep

reCurse: Disadvantage of regular chess is I would like to keep a game under 100 moves so I can do mirror match

reCurse: Without tablebase it can be hard to handle endgame

reCurse: In crazyhouse there's no endgame

reCurse: lol

jacek: use shogi [solved]

reCurse: The advantage of chess is it will (should?) be popular

reCurse: As much as I like shogi I doubt most would bother

Astrobytes: well, there is a hardcore of board game enthusiasts here

jacek: who

Astrobytes: where's the <slap jacek> button...

reCurse: It broke, too much use

Astrobytes: heh

jacek: though took me a while to get myself to make proper checkers bot

jacek: and agad pm me in the forum!

eulerscheZahl: wow, jacek knows the big fish

Astrobytes: is that a request or a statement?

R4N4R4M4: Do we know how many will be in Round 2 in RAIC ?

eulerscheZahl: 2 is before the finals?

R4N4R4M4: yes

R4N4R4M4: the T-shirt :D

eulerscheZahl: 300 from round1 + 60 from sandbox

jacek: crazyhouse960, in other words, antiMSmits chess

eulerscheZahl: and 50 from round2 + 10 from sandbox => finals = hoodie

struct: when does round 1 end?

eulerscheZahl: 2 weeks

struct: ok ill just last 2 days

Astrobytes: :)

eulerscheZahl: 360 tshirts to win 200 players at the moment

eulerscheZahl: there will be some more but that's still an easy tshirt

R4N4R4M4: yes, so we'll try the Hoodie :D

eulerscheZahl: do i have to fight you again?

Default avatar.png 1101110_1110101_1101100_1101100: hmm

Default avatar.png 1101110_1110101_1101100_1101100: i am new

Default avatar.png 1101110_1110101_1101100_1101100: some one fight my bot

R4N4R4M4: may be

eulerscheZahl: last time we both qualified for the finals via sandbox iirc

R4N4R4M4: yes great moment :D

eulerscheZahl: i was save for you it was thrilling till the end

R4N4R4M4: yes it was short

eulerscheZahl: and then they DQed 1 or 2 players and it wasn't that close after all

Astrobytes: duplicate code?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Astrobytes: lol, I just never understand what these people hope to achieve :D

eulerscheZahl: but organizers check it and take action so i'm fine with it :D

Astrobytes: yeah, it's good to know they check

jacek: unlike some other sites :?

R4N4R4M4: My next version (green) vs my actual version (blue) :D

Astrobytes: *tiny* improvement :P

eulerscheZahl: i would be ashamed to wear that cheated tshirt

eulerscheZahl: chat is laggy again :/

eulerscheZahl: oh, it's my internet

jacek: AutomatonNN are you laggy

AutomatonNN: pretty much all the problems

MiYazJE: a

MiYazJE: a

MiYazJE: a

MiYazJE: a

Astrobytes: don't do that MiYazJE

MiYazJE: I was testing, srry

Astrobytes: k, no worries

jacek: testing mods' patience

Astrobytes: :thinking:

Astrobytes: ehmmm

AntiSquid: sorry, just testing if he's still in chat

Astrobytes: ...

reCurse: What was that even necessary for

reCurse: He apologized, no harm, just move on man

miszu: What happened?

miszu: after he apologized?

reCurse: He got kicked

Astrobytes: not by me

jacek: nor me

Astrobytes: beep beep jacek

miszu: gj guys xD

eulerscheZahl: you can test if someone is on the chat via autocompletion antisq[tab]

eulerscheZahl: squiddy is offline

reCurse: ffs

Astrobytes: honestly

jacek: he kicked himself?

eulerscheZahl: is that possible?

eulerscheZahl: nope

struct: no

struct: :D

miszu: developers 1st world problem

Astrobytes: you're getting close to a "shut up" jacek :D

jacek: oO

Astrobytes: lol

miszu: qq about ghost in the cell, using graph search algorithms is not a good idea right? You can have a possibility of 100+ branching factor

jacek: 100+ branching factor? those are rookie numbers

Astrobytes: #';

Astrobytes: sorry, damn cat

TiopazHc: I am solving an encryption problem and since I don't speak English I think my translation is failing me

miszu: TiopazHc usually by looking at highest frequency and associating it to the letter E should be sufficient

dbf: eulerscheZahl, you should collect scores instead of killing all enemies, lol:

eulerscheZahl: no, it's the scoring that needs fixing!

struct: collecting is giving more points?

eulerscheZahl: collect resources: 1 point per resource

eulerscheZahl: destroying enemies: 10 times the purchase cost I think

eulerscheZahl: purchasing something yourself gives you the cost of it as score too


dbf: (not sure if it is synced with yesterday balance update)

eulerscheZahl: 30HP for resource, looks good

dbf: I've added repair of buildings during the game, but you destroyed them faster than I was able to repair :(

eulerscheZahl: my bot is just spamming units

eulerscheZahl: and blocking the own path with houses

dbf: ok, looks like your spam rate is better than mine

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Hello, i'm kind of a newbie to C++, i'm coding a bot in Coders Strike Back and i'm currently bronze. I don't know what to do to counter collisions :(

dbf: what do you mean by 'counter collisions'?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I mean, you know, pods are colliding and like, i kind of always get second because of that

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I don't really know what to do to rise in the leaderboard and some hints would help me a lot !

jacek: do you use boost

Astrobytes: You can pretty much ignore collisions for now tbh

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I do !

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Well, i'm not that good in maths and all so i don't know how to optimize my speed and my turns

struct: Store the checkpoints

struct: and start turning to them when you are close to the current check point

Astrobytes: :point_up:

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Well, i did a code which make the pod slow down when the distance of the next checkpoint is like < 1500 and all

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Wdym by "store the checkpoints" please ?

struct: after the first lap you will know all the checkpoints positions

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Oh really ?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Let me take a look ..

Astrobytes: well, you pass through them ;)

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Oh, after the first lap ! (I didn't understand sorry >.<) I'm a french guy so ... eheh

Astrobytes: all good, don't worry

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: So, how can i proceed to store checkpoints ?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Like ...

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I kinda know how to check if the next checkpoint has already been seen but ...

struct: with an array maybe

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Oh.

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Thanks ahah

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Say no more :p

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: love you <3

Astrobytes: do you get velocity in Bronze?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Wdym ?

Astrobytes: in your input

struct: no

Astrobytes: right

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I do only get boost, thrust ajnd collisions

wlesavo: yeah you have to come up with velocity before yopu do -3vel

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: No, no velocity

eulerscheZahl: i hate CSB inconsistency in inputs

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Let's get to work on these arrays :p

Astrobytes: Yeah, so calculate your velocity, store your checkpoints, adjust your numbers and go to gold ;)

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's not helpful eulerscheZahl, especially since that's the 'tutorial' multi

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Calculate velocity ? O.o

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I'm not at that poit yet ahah

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: point*

miszu: it's just delta X

miszu: delta y / delta x

jacek: calculus :scream:

ToshiTuringMachine: check atan2 cos and sin on the angle converted to radians...

Ajanx112: does using a minifier count as cheating in the shortest mode :d

Default avatar.png doomcoder: i have done to activities so far (including the tutorial)

Default avatar.png doomcoder: i am also a newbie

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: dammit

Default avatar.png Sergen: best CoC questions: actual puzzles, worst: copy this formula that I learnt in my physics class

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: i accidentally turned off the stabilizer that my pc is connected in with my foot

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: and lost this entire afternoon of coding

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Ok so i did a vector of int vector called checkpoints and a vector of int called biais. Biais contains the x and y pos of the next cp. Then it checks if it is not already set. If not it pushes back biais in checkpoint. Here, everything fine i think ...

jacek: did you go up in the leaderboard?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I didn't. I did not implement the code to turn a bit before the actual checkpoint

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I do not know how to do that

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Like, what if it fails ?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: What if the pod just doesn't take the actual cp and just go to the next one ?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: thinking it did*

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: how can i debug vars ? Like just printing a var without it being interpreted as an instruction ?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I can't get to do it

jacek: print to stderr

struct: There should be an example on how to do it in the comments

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: i did cerr << "test" << endl;

struct: that should work

jacek: it should work

Default avatar.png abdomokh:

jacek: oO

struct: :hammer:

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Ok, it works with a string just like "test" but it doesn't with a var ...

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: or am i dumb ? ahha

struct: it should

struct: What are you trying to print

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: like ... vector[0][0]

struct: What error are you getting?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: the program did not provide 1 input lines in due time... SkyleDc will no longer be active in this game.

struct: Are you still outputing the coordinates and thrust?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: i'm outputting the coordinates and thrust AND in a cerr the vector of vector

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Can i somehow share my code or anything ?

struct: just paste here

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: well, it's long ...

miszu: it will auto format

jacek: thats what she said

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Like, i may need to paste all of the code

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: i may have made a mistake

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: somewhere

jacek: paste few lines before and few lines after the cerr

miszu: it will create a pstebin link

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I'll create a pastebin, it will be easier for me

jacek: welp

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I've DMed you, struct

jacek: you can share it here freely

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: None shall cheat kappa

jacek: oO

struct: cout << nextCheckpointX << " " << nextCheckpointY << arg_puiss << endl;

struct: you need a space after nextCheckpointY

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Nono, this is working, don't worry

struct: ah right

struct: let me see again

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: arg_puiss is a string which take either " BOOST" or " x"

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: where x is a number between 1 and 100

struct: so only this line is broken?

struct: cerr << checkpoints[0][0] << checkpoints[0][1] << endl;

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: 0 ans 100

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Yes.

jacek: is checkpoints already initialized then?

struct: yes, your 2d vector is not right


Default avatar.png SkyleDc: How's that ! :O

struct: in this part

struct: you are pushing back a vector

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Is it bad ?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I think it's ok ?

Astrobytes: vectors of vectors or...

struct: maybe it is

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I mean, i got some exemples and it does that

jacek: still doesnt explain why cerr doesnt work

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Hmmm

struct: oh

Astrobytes: where's teh code?

struct: ofc it doesnt

Astrobytes: the

struct: for(int i = 0; i<checkpoints.size();i++)

struct: checkpoints start at size 0

struct: it will never store it

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Oh ...

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: <=

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: that's it, i think

Astrobytes: heh, you want num checkpoints

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: lemme fix that !

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Hmmm...

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: did change i<checkpoints.size() to i<=checkpoints.size()

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: but not working ...

Astrobytes: No. You need the number of checkpoints. Not the size of your checkpoint vector before you populate it.

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Imma send you the code, wait

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: You'll understand

Astrobytes: you can post here, it's OK

Astrobytes: we've all done it

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Just wanted to keep it secret but ok

Default avatar.png SkyleDc:

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: lul

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I'm the mystery man

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: It does take the next cp pos and push it into biais

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Then it pushes biais into checkpoints

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: If the cp pos already exist in checkpoint, it will just stop pushing biais into checkpoint

Astrobytes: OK, that's not gonna work. May I suggest creating a struct with an x and y variables

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: oh f...

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: xD

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: You know, i do LOVE weak absurd code ...

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: :')

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: (Ok, i may hate structures ...)

struct: use class

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I may hate classes too ... Well i do hate theml less than structs but ...

jacek: struct doesnt like structs

ToshiTuringMachine: use tuples

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: WTH even is tuples ?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: ahah

jacek: pair

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: i'm kind of a c++ newbie

Astrobytes: I'm having a short break, afk for 5 mins

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Ok ^^

ToshiTuringMachine: tuple<int,int> checkpoints [24]

ToshiTuringMachine: get<0>(checkpoints[i]), get<1>(checkpoints[i])

ToshiTuringMachine: make_tuple(a,b)

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: hum ...

ToshiTuringMachine: some bad guys saved the coords as a single double

ToshiTuringMachine: using fractional parts to store y

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: can i cerr 2 times ?

ToshiTuringMachine: why not

Astrobytes: yes

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I mean, i'm trying but i can't get it to work

Astrobytes: cerr as many times as you like

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: cerr << biais[0] << " " << biais[0] << " "; .... .... cerr << biais[0] << " " << biais[0] << endl; doesnt work

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: My output is just one line

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: > 7192 7192

ToshiTuringMachine: you need a endl in the middle

ToshiTuringMachine: or write 2 cerr commands

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: i did both

ToshiTuringMachine: cerr<< a << endl; cerr << b << endl;

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Lemme try

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Nope

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: > 5001

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Only one line

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Nvm, 2 lines out of 4

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: still miss 2 lines

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: mhhhhhhh nvm

ToshiTuringMachine: was it on the next turn?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Nope, seems some code is breaking everything

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: made it a comment and it now works

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: tryna figure why

Astrobytes: look, putting your x and y coords one after the other into vector<int> biais - what does that accomplish?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Well, how do i know how many checkpoints there is ?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: i do not have any "checkpoint_number" var

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: checkpoint_count*

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: Well, technically, the code should work, i just tested in a simple c++ command line program

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: But it seems the IDE doesn't support it

Astrobytes: how can for(int i = 0; i<=checkpoints.size();i++) work if you don't know how many checkpoints you have?

Default avatar.png khanghugo: count how many checkpoints you have first

Astrobytes: and don't store the x and y coordinates one after the other in a vector

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: it iterates the checkpoints vector to see if biais[0] (nextCPXpos) OR biais[1] (ypos) already exists

Astrobytes: They describe a point in the space, x and y coordinate

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: if it exists, then the checkpoint is already set and then the checkpoints.size will be the number of checkpoints on the map

Astrobytes: no, because checkpoints.size() is 0

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: so it iterates through checkpoints[0][0] and checkpoints[0][1] only

Astrobytes: also, checkpoints is a vector of vectors

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: i mean, checkpoints[i][0/1]

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: as the for iterates from i to 0 or less (checkpoints.size()) it gets through checkpoints[0][0] and checkpoints[0][1]

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: which is set just before (push_back(biais))

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: so the final checkpoints vector should look like, for exemple, checkpoints = { {1000, 2000}, {2000, 5000}}

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: or, if you prefer, array() [0=> array() [0=> x pos, 1=> ypos]]

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: ans so on

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: and*

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: How can i send you a screenshot ?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: imgur ?

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: I've sent you a dm

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: There were no error with the .size() btw, the size() of a vector actually returns an integer which starts at 1

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: (i dunno how to say it ...)

Default avatar.png SkyleDc: So i was right >.<


Scarfield: -90 is probably the angle, you are reading the input in wrong order or assigning it wrong i guess

ExileDaniel: I figured. The code by default provided wrong input order

jacek: oO

ExileDaniel: This is the default for me cin >> X >> Y >> HS >> VS >> F >> R >> P; cin.ignore();

ExileDaniel: This is the true one cin >> R >> P >> X >> Y >> HS >> VS >> F; cin.ignore();

Scarfield: the default code is not wrong on this puzzle, thousands has done it before with no issues. Are you reading all the surface points before the while loop?


TiopazHc: Any clues ?? https: //

Uljahn: besides those on the forum? no, sorry

TiopazHc: ya ps sin miedo al exito :v

bezunyl: Are the servers slow right now?

catalactics: is it just me or is it so slow

bezunyl: I'm glad it's not just me lol

ClockSort: slow it is.

bezunyl: It appears someone wrote bad code.

bezunyl: Too much for the website to handle.

catalactics: that couldn't happen, bc they have protection against infinite loop

catalactics: and other unsanitized code

jzen: Could be a flaw

bezunyl: I forgot to indicate sarcasm, sorry.

catalactics: I can bet the server room is prob like really hot.

isaiahtaylor: running my test cases is super slow and I keep getting verification timeout

isaiahtaylor: >not hosting on an autoscaling k8s sytem

catalactics: just don't join any clash of code match

Recovery_disaster: its the same every day at about 01:20 a.m. GMT+1

catalactics: TRUE

catalactics: i think they just have a maintenance?

Recovery_disaster: I think they calculate the new ranks

catalactics: maybe they're just clearing their cache

catalactics: for clash of code

catalactics: bc they keep those code results for a long time

catalactics: is it back?

isaiahtaylor: taking like 30 secs each run

isaiahtaylor: whoever can code without checking first wins lol

catalactics: true

isaiahtaylor: hovering over player profiles triggers loading bar haha

Project-Magenta: everything is slow

isaiahtaylor: seems to be speeding up now

miszu: speed kills

miszu: *miszu bein thrown out of window*

ToshiTuringMachine: js kills

ToshiTuringMachine: *Toshi gets isolated by dev community

ToshiTuringMachine: illedan are you here? i want to thank you for the Search Race puzzle and curse you because i am stuck at last test failed...

ToshiTuringMachine: this website is perfect to learn a new language when you come from another. learning c++ now

Default avatar.png CoolCheerio: hello is anyone here

AYB: hello world

Default avatar.png Toastytoast14: print('Hello World')

AYB: Console.WriteLine("Hello World")

AYB: Console.log("Hello world")

TiopazHc: count >> "HELLO " >> "\n";

Default avatar.png msd9126: Watch on Twitch:

Default avatar.png msd9126: msd9126's game: Watch on Twitch: