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MadKnight: Raynor1994 u need help ?

MadKnight: is anyone here, Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: what would be the only one that has a handler -_-

Default avatar.png msd9126: guys i am live! join me =!

eulerscheZahl: happy Caturday

rockstar555: hi

Default avatar.png msd9126:

Default avatar.png msd9126: Join me in twitch livestream!

Default avatar.png msd9126:

Default avatar.png senticoder:

Default avatar.png senticoder: we are live streaming

eulerscheZahl: you can share your links on #clash

Raynor1994: Did anyone do There is no Spoon Episode 1 on JS?

MadKnight: happy 28nov Automaton2000

Automaton2000: MadKnight how are you doing right now

MadKnight: my 28nov is going very well Automaton2000 thk

Automaton2000: at the same time for a test case

jacek: happy Caturday

PrO_Ogrmr: :)

jrke: oh yes happy caturday

Doju: How can i profile my code without running it locally?

Doju: or alternatively how can i get all of the inputs out of a game to run it locally?

Doju: printing all of it will truncate it

Default avatar.png senticoder:

Default avatar.png wodayilemeiyoushan: Why don't I get into the League when I win boss?:angry:joy:

Doju: You have to stay above the boss for a while, wodayilemeiyoushan

Default avatar.png wodayilemeiyoushan: oh thanks

PrO_Ogrmr: #reverse

jacek: #esrever

Uljahn: jacek: could you give some hints on how to compress NN weights to utf8? or is it utf16? im lost

jacek: utf16

jacek: i use python to 'compress' and c++ code to 'decompress'

Uljahn: thanks

pb4: wut ?

pb4: You compress/decompress in a different language ?


jacek: pb4 i mean i have NN in my comp, i encode to utf16 in python. then in code on CG i decompress it

jacek: as for python code


Uljahn: oh


jacek: not every utf16 character will be only one character

Westicles: yeah, base2048 addresses this but it is only in JS

Default avatar.png Pierrebr: Hey guys, I passed the test cases but when I submit it fails some of the randomly generated tests. I can't debug at this stage. How to get more info and correct my code ?

eulerscheZahl: which puzzle are you even talking about?

jrke: you can't get info of validators in any puzzle

eulerscheZahl: for some you can

Default avatar.png Pierrebr: Pirate's treasure, beginners


Default avatar.png Mr-DillinG: Damn this is more tricky than i thought :P

Default avatar.png Mr-DillinG: definately a good practice and a good way to learn more :)

Doju: this is a shame

Doju: deepcopying game states takes up like 80% of the available time

Uljahn: classic, i guess a faster way to copy gamestates in python would be to use structured numpy arrays, you can even preallocate memory for children with np.repeat to make the needed number of copies at once

Doju: I suppose i have to make my gamestates into simpler objects to make that work

Doju: currently they're pretty complex

jacek: do you need to copy gamestate instead of incrementally do/undo game moves?

Doju: I guess i could do that too, jacek

Doju: might be a lot faster, in fact...

wlesavo: deepcopy is a pure evil

jacek: deeplearning even more

wlesavo: coming from python i undo mutations in SA instead of copying state even in cpp code

Doju: Doesn't that get slower the deeper you go?

Doju: Since you have to apply all the actions to the original state for each node in the branch

jacek: dont you copy more as deeper you go as well?

jacek: or better, measure time and see what is bette

Doju: well yes, but that's O(1) for each step whereas doing and undoing mutations is O(depth_of_current_node)

Doju: anyways i'm gonna refactor everything and then think about that

eulerscheZahl: "Each game tick, first all active entities’ actions are being performed sequentually in random order (the order is different each tick). " :/

rockstar555: hii

MadKnight: no more perfectly predictable games for u

kovi: well, not different from raic2019

kovi: and with so many units it would not be possible to plan ahead except for a few turns with this rule the importance of micromanagement is lowered even more

struct: managed to create a piece yesterday on blender

struct: but i think im gonna cancel it, the pieces zoomed out are barely visible

struct: to see which is which


jacek: well the shape is the same

eulerscheZahl: my Blockout has the problem that some surfaces aren't rendered depending on how you rotate the view

eulerscheZahl: so there's still a justification to have pixi. still a fun experience to mess with three.js

eulerscheZahl: after reading the RAIC rules: sounds fun (except that I hate fog), i'll join the contest

struct: nice euler, did not see that was wip now

eulerscheZahl: as it's playable now

eulerscheZahl: except i forgot to mark it as a win after that 200 turns, so you always lose :D

Default avatar.png malik27: bhaduoooo

Default avatar.png malik27: gaanduo

AntiSquid: you can scale objects to make them bigger struct

AntiSquid: english malik27

struct: AntiSquid the quality seems fine in other gltf loaders, just not on threejs

AntiSquid: i am sure you can speak it well . malik27

eulerscheZahl: struct then use any other JS library


struct: ill check, i think i found another game though

struct: might be a little more interesting since is not studied

eulerscheZahl: so many options :o

AntiSquid: i have a huge list of bookmarked JS frameworks / engines / libraries btw :P never got around trying them all

AntiSquid: there's always new JS stuff popping out of nowhere

eulerscheZahl: i've only done a little 3D charting with plotly so far

AntiSquid: struct look up matter js, good physics engine

struct: im not really familiar with 3d stuff

struct: to create the piece i had to look up multiple tutorials

AntiSquid: but now you know how to, or got the idea of how to

struct: I imported the svg, then added scalibility then I had to change from curves to mesh

struct: yeah, thanks

bayukendhil10: Hello

struct: hi

jacek: :upside_down:

AntiSquid: :jacek:

AntiSquid: oh it doesn't work

PrO_Ogrmr: hello everyone everyday i will contribute a clash of code problem :)

meh1001: you are a month early for new years resolutions!

PrO_Ogrmr: ha

Y0ursTruly: 2020 as good as over tho

PrO_Ogrmr: hey

PrO_Ogrmr: can i set my IDE a default template as my like

PrO_Ogrmr: forever

meh1001: not sure what you mean, but mine seems to remember my settings

PrO_Ogrmr: oh,ok

meh1001: then again maybe I never changed any and so it just seems like it's remembering because I'm used to the default...:sweat_smile:

PrO_Ogrmr: :D

Y0ursTruly: {[-_-]}

PrO_Ogrmr: (-_-)

Y0ursTruly: >{0}_{0}<

PrO_Ogrmr: :|

Y0ursTruly: 0)_(0

PrO_Ogrmr: let's play a private clash

PrO_Ogrmr: ?

Y0ursTruly: hmm the "Impossible" test case i cudn't deal

Y0ursTruly: gg

Y0ursTruly: oh it was to multiply it

PrO_Ogrmr: yeah

Y0ursTruly: i just did a check for if the divisor divides all clean.. then realised putting the opposite of that got a lot of them

PrO_Ogrmr: :\

Y0ursTruly: LOLOL

Y0ursTruly: ite gtg

PrO_Ogrmr: :D

Default avatar.png Alrza: hi

Default avatar.png Alrza: who can speek persian?

Default avatar.png Alrza: :unamused:

PrO_Ogrmr: :\

PrO_Ogrmr: hello

Y0ursTruly: round 2

PrO_Ogrmr: clash ?

Y0ursTruly: make a new clash

PrO_Ogrmr: yup

PrO_Ogrmr: #link

Y0ursTruly: did u let me win owo

PrO_Ogrmr: nice game, my first test passed

PrO_Ogrmr: i making a contribution now, second contribution of today

PrO_Ogrmr: check it out

Stanworld: hello , from most of the challenge, the referree is on github. is there a tutorial to explain how to run a simulation on local computer?

Lysk: yes, search for cg-brutaltester on github

Stanworld: thanks Lysk

eulerscheZahl: well, depends on what you want to do

eulerscheZahl: brutaltester is a community tool

eulerscheZahl: to run it the way it's intended (single threaded, with a replay showing in your webbrowser, local server) you have to build the maven project

eulerscheZahl: brutaltester is to run a lot of games offline. but it will require some modifications of the referee first

struct: managed to port the mirror example


struct: But it is very lagy on chrome :(

eulerscheZahl: three.js or another framework?

struct: threejs

struct: its this example


struct: care on chrome might kill your browser

eulerscheZahl: works perfectly fine for me

AntiSquid: it's a different size for every browser? struct ... i don't see how

Y0ursTruly: the clash in this asks for one thing, i give it but the "anwers" are incorrect

struct: what do you mean AntiSquid?

AntiSquid: oh nvm misread .

struct: ok euler, i guess ill work on firefox, i dont really need mirrors, but i think it will add something to the game, since the real one uses it

eulerscheZahl: Y0ursTruly Something wrong happened Only the CodinGamer associated with this testsession can access it (412)

struct: only add visual wise

eulerscheZahl: share the task, IDE links won't work

eulerscheZahl: i'm on chromium btw

struct: The game im porting come with dlcs

struct: and its a board game

struct: lol

AntiSquid: what game is it

AntiSquid: and why do you use mirrors?


struct: I dont really need mirrors

struct: its just for visual

struct: there is one expansion there at bottom

struct: and there is this one


AntiSquid: well it has lazers so i have to give thumbs up

struct: :D

TWW: has anyone had one of the debug overlay options not be available? in a contest the 'fog of war' option is disabled for me but other players say it's working for them. It's not a league based contest so it's not like I haven't unlocked it yet

struct: which game?

PrO_Ogrmr: how read n lines in stub generator

PrO_Ogrmr: with for loop

PrO_Ogrmr: i got synta

PrO_Ogrmr: syntax error

eulerscheZahl: how does your broken stub look like?

PrO_Ogrmr: loop 10

eulerscheZahl: loop 10 what?

PrO_Ogrmr: i should read n lines a string

PrO_Ogrmr: loon n

PrO_Ogrmr: loop n ?

eulerscheZahl: then tell to read a string in the loop

PrO_Ogrmr: ok

eulerscheZahl: loop 10 read text:string(256)

PrO_Ogrmr: ok

eulerscheZahl: as documented ;)

PrO_Ogrmr: :)

struct: cant increase line width on three js

eulerscheZahl: what did you try? change material properties for the line?

struct: i tried new THREE.LineBasicMaterial( { color: 0x0000ff, linewidth: 2 } );

eulerscheZahl: looks reasonable, let me try

struct: but the max is 1.0


struct: Due to limitations of the OpenGL Core Profile with the WebGL renderer on most platforms linewidth will always be 1 regardless of the set value.

struct: oh well

eulerscheZahl: set it to 10, definitely thicker than before

struct: hmm, ill search a bit about it thanks

PrO_Ogrmr: #new_contribution

eulerscheZahl: and now that i know the puzzle i don't like the stub generator that i suggested anymore

eulerscheZahl: loop n loopline n cell:int

eulerscheZahl: and you forget a write statement in the stub

PrO_Ogrmr: :\

PrO_Ogrmr: but

PrO_Ogrmr: it is

PrO_Ogrmr: not needed

PrO_Ogrmr: for nice solution

PrO_Ogrmr: i think

PrO_Ogrmr: print((n*n-s) * 7)

PrO_Ogrmr: oh write

PrO_Ogrmr: statement

eulerscheZahl: just do something like write 7 in the stub

PrO_Ogrmr: ok

struct: Something is not right

struct: I know your solution works

struct: But it seems like validators and testcases are made for that solution to work

struct: ah wait

struct: I didnt read properly

eulerscheZahl: the statement is made for that

struct: There is exactly C cells which contains 1

struct: yeah euler

**eulerscheZahl came up with that formula too

struct: I missed this part

eulerscheZahl: and I missed you

eulerscheZahl: but now you are back :)

struct: thanks euler im happy to be back, i missed you too


struct: PrO_Ogrmr my ears please

struct: you dont have to follow me everyday

PrO_Ogrmr: i delteted my old account

PrO_Ogrmr: this is new

PrO_Ogrmr: there was some error

PrO_Ogrmr: alwatyz

PrO_Ogrmr: alwayz

struct: ah ok

jacek: delete account? it seems you picked right person

Default avatar.png Wokia:

Default avatar.png Wokia: someone can help plese

Default avatar.png ThePeeters: Garbanzos

eulerscheZahl: struct turn off the sound

struct: ty

Default avatar.png atefRuby: hola

Astrobytes: good evening

Astrobytes: oh wow, euler made a 3D contrib for real, nice

struct: hi Astrobytes

Astrobytes: hey struct, how's it going?

struct: good, I think im going to port this game


struct: Shogi was very hard to read pieces on 3d board

struct: due to loss of quality when you zoom out

Default avatar.png Mr-DillinG: damn just finished my first puzzle on my own :D

struct: grats

Default avatar.png Mr-DillinG: Very new to coding so feels really good :D

Default avatar.png Mr-DillinG: still one puzzle really have me puzzled ;) it is about arrays and sorting them according

Default avatar.png Mr-DillinG: Really need to reed up on tha

Default avatar.png Mr-DillinG: *that

Astrobytes: wow struct, that looks interesting

Astrobytes: well done Mr-DillinG

struct: There is also one that lasers go up


struct: its like an extension for the previous versions

Astrobytes: yeah I spotted this when I googled it

struct: looks different and i dont think its studied

Astrobytes: Mr-DillinG: sometimes writing things out on paper before doing any coding/looking up language features can really help

Astrobytes: You reckon it's doable struct?

struct: yeah

Default avatar.png Mr-DillinG: yea i started using adobe photoshop to write some ideas and calculations up in first :P

struct: even if the 3d version isnt the normal version is

Astrobytes: Mr-DillinG: use an online whiteboard or something lol

Astrobytes: Yeah, I meant the 3D one struct, normal version looks doable for sure. And fun

Default avatar.png Mr-DillinG: Do you have any recommendations for an online whiteboard?

Astrobytes: I only know this one:

Astrobytes: It's also collaborative

Astrobytes: So you can share the link and anyone can write on it

Astrobytes: Probably a few others too

Astrobytes: I use a real one because I'm old and in the way

Astrobytes: :P

jacek: it was the one we used that day?

Astrobytes: Yeah :D

Astrobytes: Or if you're on Windows you could use MS OneNote or something I guess

therealbeef: or MS Whiteboard

Astrobytes: yep

Astrobytes: (lol, I am slow today :D )

jacek: today

Default avatar.png JBM: today

Astrobytes: shuddup you two! :P

Default avatar.png JBM: o


Default avatar.png JBM: k

Astrobytes: ...

yhyoxx: bonsoir

jacek: :scream:

Default avatar.png Magnitik: :grinning:

yhyoxx: i scared myself too sorry

Default avatar.png ThePeeters: Bulbasur

Astrobytes: Automaton2000, AutomatonNN: où est la tortue?

Automaton2000: also i have a bug where i was able to get there

AutomatonNN: ̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤

Default avatar.png Mr-DillinG: Thank @Astrobytes

struct: what have i done


struct: I just discovered a way

struct: viewer might be a bit bigger than usual


PatrickMcGinnisII: Very Knotty struct

struct: ty lets see if i can start doing the board today

struct: I think i know enough of threejs now

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, I'm not that familiar, but I do know all the ordering that's involve with 3d->2d transformation viewing

struct: viewer is 3d

PatrickMcGinnisII: so it's taking care of all the low-level stuff for you

PatrickMcGinnisII: CG minecraft, that would take some of these puzzles to a new level

Astrobytes: did you see euler's latest contrib PatrickMcGinnisII?


Astrobytes: struct: what am I looking at in your images

struct: the first was a "feature"

struct: that made me stretch viewer

PatrickMcGinnisII: CG DOOMII

struct: did not even know it was possible

struct: the other one shows like 2 renders

Astrobytes: Aha, gotcha

struct: So you can have 2 cams

struct: or even more

Astrobytes: yep, I get it now

Astrobytes: How's the performance?

PatrickMcGinnisII: ahh, the tetris style thing?

struct: on firefox is 60fps, on chrome it isnt, might be a me problem

struct: since euler tested something on chromium and was fine

PatrickMcGinnisII: spining it with the mouse is pretty cool!

PatrickMcGinnisII: ooooh, mouse wheel zoom

PatrickMcGinnisII: Now we can play Xevious

struct: all we need is more turns

PatrickMcGinnisII: oops, wrong game

Astrobytes: Perhaps when CG sees boundaries being pushed that will happen at some point struct, who knows

PatrickMcGinnisII: ahh, I was thinking of Tempest

struct: this?

Astrobytes: Hey, you'll remember Captain Blood Patrick, right?

Astrobytes: (just popped into my head there, I guess some of our older French users might remember better)

struct: never heard of it

struct: but it is older than me

Astrobytes: came out in the mid-late 80s iirc

Astrobytes: we used to sit round the computer and play it as a family

PatrickMcGinnisII: Astrobytes a little, i don't think i liked it... although Ulrich had a kewl pseudonym ... damnit wish i could remember, SpacemanSpiff....nah, something else

Astrobytes: No idea tbh, was a cool game imo though

Astrobytes: PrO_Ogrmr: Again?

PatrickMcGinnisII: i worked for Namco America from 93-95, my name isn't on anything, but I can fix almost any stand-up arcade machine

Astrobytes: is PrO_Ogrm r somebody's alt or something

Astrobytes: Good skill to have Patrick. Now start using C on CG (I will keep nagging you :P )

MSmits: hi guys

Astrobytes: oh hey man, how are ya

MSmits: good, very busy

MSmits: it hurts me to have so many ideas to improve bots and not have time to code them

PatrickMcGinnisII: MSmits, yea screw Bandas, darn thing is pissing me off

PatrickMcGinnisII: heh

Astrobytes: Yeah, had a busy spell myself recently

MSmits: bandas is hard to sim

Astrobytes: AI course design thing go OK?

MSmits: even though its not that much code

MSmits: yeha

MSmits: but thats mostly what i am busy with

Astrobytes: kk

MSmits: currently writing a page on evaluation functions, then minimax

MSmits: there are some nice unplugged activities for minimax, just solving tree puzzles

PatrickMcGinnisII: I managed to put the moves in a lookup table.... 6560 x2 possible move combinations per line

Astrobytes: Yes, it's a great way to get the algo in your head imo

Astrobytes: works with a/b pruning too

PatrickMcGinnisII: takes about 32k of codesize

MSmits: huh PatrickMcGinnisII? why so many, there's 4 moves?

MSmits: Astrobytes yeah it does, i might not go that far though

MSmits: maybe i'll expand it later

PatrickMcGinnisII: every line of the board has a teritary 01201201

struct: hi MSmits

Astrobytes: hey, it's not a huge step in the scheme of things MSmits, perhaps make it optional

PatrickMcGinnisII: do a move on it to the right with either player 0 or player 1 and you have 2 results

MSmits: ohh right PatrickMcGinnisII, i get it, you look up each line to get the new state

MSmits: hi struct

PatrickMcGinnisII: god tired of all the loops

MSmits: 8 lookups is not cheap either though

MSmits: Astrobytes yeah i would keep it optional. I am just strapped for time in writing it right now

MSmits: optional things dont help me get the course done :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: well they are in order, so index lookup might be....I'll time it

PatrickMcGinnisII: time the dirrefernce between functions

Astrobytes: Fair MSmits :)

MSmits: PatrickMcGinnisII, my bitboarded loopy thing does all rows at the same time basically

MSmits: so it is at most 8 iterations

MSmits: it's not 8x8

struct: The rules dont explain well how pieces climb to tower :(

MSmits: huh


struct: new idea for multi MSmits

struct: Khet

MSmits: I see

MSmits: I still havent even done Yinsh

struct: Its fine, not many people did

MSmits: I did do othello though

struct: im bringing lasers this time

struct: and 3d viewer

MSmits: that was yours too wasnt it?

struct: yes

MSmits: my only nr 1's currently are your games :P

Astrobytes: Where's my Amazons :P

struct: I think i have it somewhere

PatrickMcGinnisII: I rewrote the 2 for loop routine i had into more of a bitwise, still think lookup will be faster

struct: let me check hd

MSmits: laser and 3D sounds good

MSmits: cant go wrong with lasers

Astrobytes: indeed :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: there was a laser puzzle game called blackout i think

Astrobytes: this is more like chess with lasers, and layers if you go 3D

Astrobytes: maybe simpler than chess, don't quote me

Astrobytes: I'd never heard of it until this evening

Astrobytes: MSmits did you see euler's new 3D contrib?

PatrickMcGinnisII: can't find it on google, I have it in the other room

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm

PatrickMcGinnisII: doesn't google know how old I am? i know stuff before google existed

PatrickMcGinnisII: smh

MSmits: no i didnt Astrobytes


MSmits: or maybe i did, not sure, link me :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: MSmits the zoom, rotations are worth it

PatrickMcGinnisII: left lick hold, right click hold, and mouse wheel

**PatrickMcGinnisII likes it

MSmits: very nice job

PatrickMcGinnisII: i didn't testdrive the actual contribution

**PatrickMcGinnisII pats Euler on the head

Astrobytes: Same, will give it a go when I have time though

PatrickMcGinnisII: i gtg, glhf

Astrobytes: later Patrick

MSmits: bye!


struct: Still works

Astrobytes: eyyy awesome

MSmits: no idea what i am looking at, but I likey

Astrobytes: Amazons

MSmits: ahh

struct: Astrobytes since you are an english speaker

struct: What do you understand from 3.

struct: From whatI understand he can move up or down in z axis

struct: if tower is directly above

Astrobytes: yes that seems to be the case

struct: very poor rules on the pdf

struct: I dont even know how the tower works

struct: which way it goes in and it goes out

Astrobytes: Yes, it's a touch unclear. I'll need to look into the game a bit further to get a handle on it properly tbh

struct: oh i get it now

Astrobytes: I don't :D

Astrobytes: Right, I'm out for tonight. See you all tomorrow, take care everyone

struct: gn

MSmits: gn

struct: hmm

struct: this game seems a reskin of laser chess

struct: 1987

Default avatar.png cagdas001: is there any way to hide the chat section?

Default avatar.png Dagavin: Do you guys recommend a language to use here? or it makes no difference?

ItsNotABug: played my missus at ultimate tic tac toe on paper and lost. Dont have much hope for building a bot lol

therealbeef: cagdas001 click the little triangle at the bottom

Default avatar.png cagdas001: @therealbeef oh thanks! I first thought its purpose is to send the message :joy:

Uljahn: Dagavin: there is a huge difference for clash and multiplayers, but for puzzles there is none

therealbeef: just use one you enjoy or want to learn more about

MSmits: ItsNotABug I lost to one of my students last week and I'm ranked 3rd on uttt

MSmits: you dont have to be good at it to write a bot is what i'm saying

therealbeef: basic principle of software engineering :D

FerrusDude: :muscle:

FerrusDude: :joy:

FerrusDude: Every bot is a new learning experience. :)

ItsNotABug: those who can't do... write a bot to do it for them

ItsNotABug: is server running crazy slow again?

tibithegreat: it's seems slow for me as well

tibithegreat: thought maybe my internet was acting up or something, but some requests seem to take a bit long

neilpop: the server is definetly acting super slow

ClockSort: agreed

neilpop: test dont run and server error keep showing up

ItsNotABug: well, guess its bed time then. Night

ClockSort: itsnotabug

ClockSort: itsafeature.

ItsNotABug: exactly :D

Rock-Lee: there is no one to play with me?

Rock-Lee: :(

dontcallmenoob: Hi