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miszu: with unit testing I Found 2 bugs in my code

miszu: calculations of winning odds improved but still can't beat the boss consistantly

miszu: look at this in the end.... 99.7% success chance and lost


MadKnight: PatrickMcGinnisII

JohnCM: means you didn't look deep enough

Aayush.Curious: BSOD

Aayush.Curious: share your code

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: console.log(row, col)

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: J.S.

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :) :D

Default avatar.png Seongwoon: Hey guys. is there a way to battle with my friend every stage?

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: Finally silver :D

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: in CSB

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: GG Rodrigo

JohnCM: gg

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: my last submit was minutes ago

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: and i reached silver :D

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: promotion in 31 min 30 sec

Default avatar.png zamy_z: hey noobs

Maciulis: what is this cod lobby ?


Uljahn: i think you should have such prerequisites as dedication and loyalty to the platform, good knowledge of CG activities, be frequent on the forum, be helpful and almost always online, though it's up to staff to choose you as one

Skynse: Imagine if William Lin was on this website

Skynse: dude would finish everything

Xepponir: xD

philRG: @miszu that is true, it is why it is important to write simple code in first leagues

wlesavo: miszu that looks like 99.7% loss, your mcts is probably buged

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: Or maybe his AI is so good that it wants to lose, maybe the AI doesnt like winning all the time

darkhorse64: @miszu: if your bot is OK, you should get a 60+ % winning rate for first player at the first turn

AntiSquid: rockstar555 quit the nonsense please, it's annoying

AntiSquid: referring to the random spam messages "hii" / "how to become mod" in full caps .

wlesavo: how to become mod automaton2000

Automaton2000: and you might have to be more like a puzzle

Uljahn: how to become Automaton2000

Automaton2000: no idea what the problem is, i need to learn the basics of a language

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: How to become root Automaton2000

Automaton2000: and not a single one

Default avatar.png BoBot: what is the meaning of life Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i got the best idea is to just make it a bit more

Default avatar.png BoBot: <3

Default avatar.png BoBot: seize the day, very philosophical :D

JohnCM: wa ruby is sick

JohnCM: ipv_4 = gets.chomp

p ipv_4.split(?.).reduce(0){|s,n| s * 256 + n.to_i}

JohnCM: 1 line to code what i did in 5 lines in python


Nerchio: ok but it looks awful

dbdr: why wow

rockstar555: how to became moderator

rockstar555: dbdr

tomatoes: less lines faster in interpret languages :slight_smile:

JohnCM: ruby is like winning every shortest code challenge

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: and rockstar is winning the race to being the most annoying person in this chat

rockstar555: hii

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: are you a goldfish or something rockstar?

prO_Ogrmr: hello everyone i am going to contribute nice problems

prO_Ogrmr: :)

rockstar555: couldn't understand

rockstar555: LordSkaven

Uljahn: your profile info mimicks euler's but that's the wrong path to become a mod :slight_smile:

rockstar555: ohh

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: Writing your bio in the past tense is always a great idea lol

maxim_mazurok: who loves recursion?

prO_Ogrmr: me

maxim_mazurok: solved a clash using it in under 4 mins

laPetiteGrenouille: Hey, do you know why my key: "ctrl" make a zoom on the editor pls ? =)

Uljahn: ctrl+mouse wheel changes the zoom level, so could be your wheel misbehaving

FrancoisB: bad wheel bah

laPetiteGrenouille: thx i go tcheck that =)

laPetiteGrenouille: thnnnnnnnnnnnnk

maxim_mazurok: or use No MouseWheel Zoom ext in chrome

rockstar555: how to solve Tron Battle

rockstar555: can any body help me i am in wood 2

Default avatar.png LetchoHUN: Valaki mutasson már csöcsöket

Default avatar.png juslin03: hii

Default avatar.png LetchoHUN: igazi programozó csöcsöket akarok látni. valaki villantson már a tököm ki van.

struct: english

prO_Ogrmr: i want to see real programming boobs. someone flash already my pumpkin is out.

prO_Ogrmr: translated

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: wtf

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: that is probably the dumbest thing I have ever read. And have I reviewed the code I wrote when I just started programming

Default avatar.png hiukan: how to pass the large dataset test.. ? x_x everything else is working :(

struct: which puzzle?

Default avatar.png hiukan: MIME

Default avatar.png hiukan: or MIME Type idk an easy one

Default avatar.png hiukan: I seriously don't see any way to make my code more concise without it stopping to work altogether ^^'

struct: i didnt make anything special to solve the large one

struct: can you send the code here?

Default avatar.png hiukan:

Default avatar.png hiukan: oh that's actually working nice ^^' I feared I'd totally overload the chat lol

Default avatar.png hiukan: I didn't comment it very much I hope it's readable for you

struct: ok

struct: so I moved let split = FNAME.split(".");

   let extension = split[split.length-1].toLowerCase();

struct: before the 2nd loop

struct: because you dont need to compute it everytime for every extension

Default avatar.png hiukan: oh... that actually makes sense yeah.. thank you I'll try that !

Default avatar.png hiukan: OMG IT WORKED!!

Default avatar.png hiukan: Thank you so much!! <3

struct: also becarefull when using same var name on for loops

struct: you have nested for and both vars use i

Default avatar.png hiukan: careful in which sense?

struct: its working, but its not a good thing to do

struct: on js i think it works fine

struct: but on some other languages it can create problems

Default avatar.png hiukan: ok thanks for the heads up :)

struct: people use make first loop use i and the nested one use j

struct: usually* make

struct: np

Megha.Akash: Could anybody tell which is the best place to develop skills in Ruby as a beginner?

Uljahn: the best is the place which suits your learning pace :slight_smile:

Uljahn: i mean you could pick some online tutorials, then drop those you find unsuitable

lifetimeLearner007: I'm trying to run fall challenge source code in local and build is failing. anybody has similar issue?

lifetimeLearner007: Error:(577,35) java: cannot find symbol in

lifetimeLearner007: I'm trying to run my bot in local with this repo. first time trying

lifetimeLearner007: any help/suggestion is appreciated

prO_Ogrmr: when we make a private clash, is the score is added ?

eulerscheZahl: no

prO_Ogrmr: ok

Illedan: :wave:

eulerscheZahl: hi

eulerscheZahl: i'm getting closer with the 3D game :)

Illedan: Oh

Illedan: nice

Illedan: Secret content?

eulerscheZahl: got the timeline scroller working

Illedan: :D

eulerscheZahl: not secret, i can upload it if you want to see it

Illedan: Sure

Illedan: Always want to see new stuff

eulerscheZahl: Please wait, we are building your project...

eulerscheZahl: A solo game must have at least one validator

Illedan: :P

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: i hate it when those easy errors only show after a long build process

Illedan: :(

DomiKo: :crying_cat_face:

eulerscheZahl: it's obvious that you and aCat go to the same university


eulerscheZahl: still very much WIP but the timeline is done :)

Illedan: Optim?

eulerscheZahl: solo

Illedan: Cool :D

Illedan: Open sourced code?

eulerscheZahl: not yet but you can download the zip


eulerscheZahl: that's what i want to build

eulerscheZahl: just surviving some turns

Illedan: Cool :)

ToshiTuringMachine: wow... they should pay you for this eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: i'm just including an existing library (three.js)

ToshiTuringMachine: look at that! zoomable and rotate !

eulerscheZahl: part of that lib

eulerscheZahl: and i kicked pixi

DaNinja: looks great

ToshiTuringMachine: is that only about cubes? or you can use also spheres or other stuff

DaNinja: next Battlezone

kovi: blockout...oh, i remember that game

eulerscheZahl: you can do pretty much anything ToshiTuringMachine

eulerscheZahl: but for now: a game with blocks

ToshiTuringMachine: If one has access all saved solutions for CoC in every language, can you program a language-translation ai?

eulerscheZahl: check the number of solved puzzles per language (tooltip)

Q12: wow!!

Q12: I don't want to even think about how much time did it take to do this, it is crazy!!

eulerscheZahl: it's also automated. solve in C++ and write a wrapper for each other language once

Q12: You still need to know all those languages very good.

struct: no, you just need to know 1

Q12: so how do you translate the language you know to language you don't know you also need to know the other language. (the code for this you can write in the already known language). If you have an idea to how to do this without know the second language then I would love to know how.

Illedan: Oh, he automated that eulerscheZahl? Daym

Uljahn: i guess there is some info in one of his puzzles

struct: the 3d time line looks nice

Illedan: True Uljahn. I guess he simply invoke C++ like a text file :D

struct: does brutaltester works fine with openjdk 8 on ubuntu?

VizGhar: You can code in Java and there is this magic button Convert Java file to Kotlin file and BOOOM you have one puzzle sloved in 2 languages at once :P

VizGhar: you just have to find such button for other 30+ languages

VizGhar: (talking about idea)

DaNinja: see his Abusing the System contribution

eulerscheZahl: there was a contest on codeforces: Kotlin heroes you had to code exclusively in Kotlin

eulerscheZahl: so that converter in IntelliJ came to a big help

Illedan: Wow, I got blocked in FC where every spell required a Tier0 item. And I had no space to get it -.-

prO_Ogrmr: can i contribute problems from another websites ?

ToshiTuringMachine: just check if that problem is already in the database (maybe with another name)

Westicles: You might get downvoted like this one


Westicles: Wow, and three alts to approve it

**eulerscheZahl downvoted

struct: :D

struct: gotta get that sweet exp

eulerscheZahl: bad overall rating and 20 votes in total, then it's gone

eulerscheZahl: there was 1 change to the original task: 10^9+7 => 10^7+7

eulerscheZahl: the latter isn't even prime. the user didn't understand the difference and copied a random solution which assumed the modulo to be prime

eulerscheZahl: thus providing wrong solutions at first

DefeNerTH: Sad

struct: euler any 3d model works with threejs?

eulerscheZahl: read the docs, i have no idea

eulerscheZahl: are you up to something?

struct: wanted to play a bit with it

struct: I might come with some idea

struct: Wanted to finish shogi for the japanese players :)

eulerscheZahl: i wanted to be the first to upload a ready-to-go 3D game :(

struct: Ill wait for you to finish yours

eulerscheZahl: thanks, the heavy lifting is done i think

EEngineer: Does anyone know if it is possible to play a lower league after completing it? I am wanting to try a python implement, but the additional bot and rules in Gold league for coders strike back makes starting with another language difficult

dbdr: eulerscheZahl what about an ∞D-CGFunge? ;)

dbdr: I have a solver for that

reCurse: EEngineer: There is no way except creating a new account

eulerscheZahl: you can always ignore the other dimensions and keep playing in 2D?

dbdr: I need the other dimensions

struct: also what im doing is 3d viewer, not 3d game

dbdr: actually something like 10 is probably enogh

eulerscheZahl: i see struct. like the next RAIC

struct: maybe the pool game i always wanted to do for cg can be done

struct: with 3d

EEngineer: reCurse: thank you for the information. I guess I'll start an alt

eulerscheZahl: feel free to create your own version of the puzzle dbdr

struct: but physics might be a bit hard

dbdr: thanks :D

prO_Ogrmr: can anyone send stub generator for reading

prO_Ogrmr: first line

prO_Ogrmr: 2 integers

prO_Ogrmr: second line a single integer

struct: There are examples

struct: that show how its done

prO_Ogrmr: ok

struct: read a:int b:int read c:int

prO_Ogrmr: oh tnx

ZarthaxX: smartstructint

eulerscheZahl: hi smarthaxx

ZarthaxX: hi smartoad

ZarthaxX: how is that 3d thingy going

eulerscheZahl: did you see the link?

ZarthaxX: yes

ZarthaxX: im lurking

ZarthaxX: :D

struct: Im just playing with three js for now

struct: following their tutorial

eulerscheZahl: so, next: bigger blocks and dropping animation

ZarthaxX: are you going to do that box thing like in the DOS game?

eulerscheZahl: box thing?

miszu: question, to avoid using vectors, do you guys use the following technique: use a pool of array and the 1st index is the length of your array and the rest is your children

struct: ZarthaxX how are your physics skills?

struct: I use a pool miszu


miszu: yeah I pool but that array just contains int that I will use to create my nodes

ZarthaxX: im a great psychic

ZarthaxX: :D

ZarthaxX: what do you need struct

struct: How hard is it to code something like this


darkhorse64: A pool o nodes

darkhorse64: *of*

struct: ^

AntiSquid: including the graphics ?

ZarthaxX: struct i would say it's easy

struct: the graphics are the easy part

ZarthaxX: formulas for applying a force to an object and simulatin how it moves in t time

AntiSquid: other way around imo :P

AntiSquid: struct

ZarthaxX: as this is nto the real world you can make the simulation "perfect"

ZarthaxX: under ideal conditions

ZarthaxX: anyway, remember we have smito who knows about physics ;)

struct: ok, because ball doesnt only have x y z velocity

struct: but also rotates

ZarthaxX: he can throw you the formulas

ZarthaxX: i see

ZarthaxX: but that' s jsut some googling i guess

ZarthaxX: or again, wait for smito

struct: Yeah

AntiSquid: he can throw you to the formulas

miszu: well I would use 2 pools. One for the moves and then a pool of nodes

Westicles: Pool is tough. Between english and modeling the cushions

darkhorse64: A move is an int. No need for a pool

AntiSquid: new blog post

struct: Yeah Westicles ill see if I can find something good online to guide me

miszu: the reason is in my Board class I want to make an int[] getAllNextMoves

Westicles: You know you have a good sim if it is possible to shoot the balls off the table

struct: yeah

struct: also to jump ball if you hit the cushion

struct: top spin and hit cushion hard enough and ball will jump

AntiSquid: are you doing a physics game for CG or something else?

AntiSquid: because if it's the former, the physics don't matter much, people just use the rules in the referee so w/e ...

reCurse: In the second case you'll argue with people for months over the formulas

struct: That is if anyone plays it

reCurse: Follow the CG flowchart

reCurse: Is it a community multi?

struct: I dont know yet

struct: Just an idea for now

reCurse: You went off script

struct: yes*

reCurse: Then no

reCurse: The only theory left to validate is releasing a community multi as an unofficial contest

reCurse: BR doesn't count because it got no exposure in comparison

struct: I understand, if you do something good you expect at least a little bit exposure

struct: I think BR was good

struct: Deserved more

struct: Even if some games are not worthy of a 14 days contest, I think a 1 weekend contest would be nice for some

prO_Ogrmr: hey struct

prO_Ogrmr: i want to message u personal

prO_Ogrmr: will u follow me

struct: you can just click on my name

eulerscheZahl: you don't want to follow struct? how rude

reCurse: Maybe some prefer class

LastRick: Dumb question, what is BR?

eulerscheZahl: bitrunner


eulerscheZahl: or brasil :br:

LastRick: new game? old contest? doesn't look like many people played it

eulerscheZahl: one of the first community multiplayer games

eulerscheZahl: never a contest

reCurse: It was an unofficial contest back when unofficial contests were completely unofficial

eulerscheZahl: nowadays you even get exposure via official channels if you promote and older game

reCurse: Kids these days

eulerscheZahl: :D

reCurse: In a few years I'll change my avatar to Abe Simpson yelling at clouds

sebak: hi

reCurse: hi

eulerscheZahl: you promised not to change anymore. and now you have that black and white thing

reCurse: I didn't promise anything

reCurse: Did I

eulerscheZahl: i think you did

eulerscheZahl: won't dig through chat logs now

eulerscheZahl: get back the rattle snake

reCurse: I would be surprised if I did

reCurse: Since I like changing avatars once in a while

eulerscheZahl: i only set one to see myself easier in the last battles list

eulerscheZahl: now they make the other player a bit transparent, i don't even need it anymore :thinking:

reCurse: No it's still annoying to be avatarless

reCurse: I wish CG would just get those hashvatars or whatever they're called

LastRick: I think I've seen someone else use the frog

jrke: maybe davier lastrick

eulerscheZahl: i've seen a few toads other than me already

eulerscheZahl: popular futurama character

LastRick: yes

Default avatar.png BoBot: there was definitely one I mistook you for in Fall Challenge, with crazier eyes

LastRick: i think thats where i saw it too

jrke: i am still not aware of generating different rands all time in c++ can anyone tell me?

Default avatar.png BoBot: he was in a lower league, so I guess I should be ashamed of thinking it was you...

eulerscheZahl: srand(time(NULL))

eulerscheZahl: do that once in your code. then normal rand()

reCurse: Or if you prefer determinism, hash the input state as a seed

jrke: okae

reCurse: And yes deterministic RNG is a thing.

Default avatar.png BoBot: I would say that non-deterministic RNG is not a thing?! on most hardware :D

Default avatar.png BoBot: or actually, I do not know how they gather entropy...

Westicles: rand() is awful though. better to use #include<random>

reCurse: If you hate speed sure

reCurse: :P

LastRick: hah

reCurse: Not that rand() isn't awful

reCurse: Just copy/paste xorshift or whatever

reCurse: Though didn't recent GCC fix default rand() to be at least a bit better?

reCurse: I forgot

Westicles: Oh, maybe they fixed it. Mersenne twister probably

reCurse: rip performance

Westicles: It comes in handy if you are running things for days. Weird to see getting the same solutions over and over with rand(), then new stuff with a better rng

reCurse: I'd still recommend giving SOTA LCGs a try before going full MT or crypto

MSmits: you can get non-deterministic RNG by sampling a quantum state

reCurse: Oh hello

MSmits: hi reCurse, congrats on your performance in the last contest

reCurse: Thanks

MSmits: many contestants so the rank is worth more

MSmits: not in the formulas, but in recognition I mean

reCurse: I work with absolute values

MSmits: I know

MSmits: I don't :P

MSmits: I learned a little bit of machine learning, was kind of fun. Mind you, just table based Q-learning, but I made it graphical and used it in an AI course I am making for work

reCurse: Oh that's cool

reCurse: Let me guess, gridworld?

MSmits: hexapawn, 3 x 3 pawns, for live training vs human, takes 20 games for it to start being unbeatable

MSmits: then 4x4 with selftraining

reCurse: Oh that's more interesting

MSmits: this is the 3x3

reCurse: Oooo turtles

reCurse: Feel suspiciously familiar

MSmits: and 4x4


MSmits: yeah i use turtle for teaching coding to lower years, so it's appropriate

reCurse: I think you used the same source as Halite 3 did for assets hehe

MSmits: thats entirely possible

MSmits: btw, it's super slow, it's already python, but also ran in browser

MSmits: i did a 5x5 version with self training

MSmits: took half an hour, 200k games and 800 mb of RAM

reCurse: oof

MSmits: but 4x4 is very doable

MSmits: funny thing is, it's solved as win for white

MSmits: but when i let the students play white

reCurse: One day it will be more straightforward to compile c++ to wasm, or did we get there already

MSmits: they still lose

reCurse: Then you can get something fast and in browser

MSmits: that would be very cool

MSmits: I'll be putting the tensor flow playground by google in my course also

MSmits: they have many options for embedding I think

reCurse: Nice

reCurse: Yeah

MSmits: just have to think about how to build it up. it's complicated even though it's as simple as they could make it

reCurse: But no simpler

MSmits: you can hide options and such

MSmits: I like how you can choose different input types and pick the right one based on the type of data

reCurse: Yeah it's quite well made

reCurse: I still prefer pytorch by a mile though

MSmits: yeah, but i won't actually be coding much

MSmits: most of my course is Code-free

reCurse: Ok

MSmits: AI is pretty complex when it comes to coding

MSmits: there are no small AI's

MSmits: well unless you do -3vel in csb :P

reCurse: I thought you said AI

MSmits: these guys can do simple loops and functions if i remind them how to do it

MSmits: right :)

ZarthaxX: :D

wlesavo: MSmits took me 3 games to solve 4x4 for whites

MSmits: yes, which means my students need at least 10, perfect

MSmits: I lost a lot more than 3 btw :P

MSmits: oh, something funny

struct: I lost 6

wlesavo: i guess i started wrong, with some luck you can get first move right

MSmits: you'll like this

jrke: MSmits i am waiting for your dots and boxes AI from last few months :expressionless:

MSmits: my highest class started like this today

MSmits: a student came to me, hey, want to play a game of uttt?

ZarthaxX: LOL

wlesavo: lul

MSmits: I said, sure, but I know the game pretty well

MSmits: so he said, you can be player 1

reCurse: That's when you gave them a F right

MSmits: then i said, but player 1 wins about 70%

MSmits: he said thats fine

MSmits: I did the teccles opening

ZarthaxX: LOL

ZarthaxX: this is so good

MSmits: then he beat me, with me winning 4 boards and he won 3

MSmits: in a row

ZarthaxX: D:

MSmits: I suck at uttt :P

MSmits: i only know the opening

reCurse: Should have printed out your opening book

wlesavo: lol

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

miszu: have your game engine on the side to tell you you best next move

MSmits: reCurse it doesnt go that deep unfortunately :P

MSmits: miszu, i am a bit wary of that

MSmits: if i make my bot so it can interact with a human, i could make a mistake and end up sharing my code

MSmits: that would ruin the game for everyone

reCurse: That's cheating. Using an opening book with your brain as engine though is all good.

MSmits: sure :)

struct: rip my keyboard

struct: damn water

wlesavo: its like chess open moves

MSmits: I did a few chess games

MSmits: got inspired by queens gambit series

reCurse: Still have to watch that

MSmits: won 3 out of 6, rating around 1k on

MSmits: it's great reCurse

reCurse: That's what I keep hearing

struct: im currently watching it

SF: i modified my code in Rust and not it is running in debug mode. What is a condition which affects how Rust is compiled?

SF: *now

reCurse: I got back into chess with the streaming boom back in march/april

reCurse: Well, a little

MSmits: I havent played chess for 30 years or so

MSmits: so i was surprised i didnt make a fool of myself in those games :)

reCurse: So no fool's mate

MSmits: nope

MSmits: but it's weird, i start on that site and somehow i was expecting to face some poor players

MSmits: but they dont make any mistake like forks and such

MSmits: not even the beginners

reCurse: 1k is not beginner

reCurse: And it probably matches you vs similar unsure rating players

reCurse: Curb smurfing

MSmits: yeah, well... i did 1 game against a beginner AI, then i won and immediately started facing 800-1100 rating players

MSmits: it's a weird experience, my head is all red and warm after a game. It makes me think more than when I am coding

reCurse: It's the competition

MSmits: yeah I guess so

reCurse: And you're usually not so harshly punished for a slight oversight when coding

MSmits: very true

struct: 400 is where you gonna see random piece movements

Westicles: Also, tranquilizers help quite a bit

Westicles: In late with the queens gambit reference...

MSmits: i feel like i missed out on 400 :(

struct: I played a month or so during april

struct: got to around 1200 on rapid

reCurse: I sort of stopped when I started worrying about opening theory again

reCurse: Reminds me too much of memorizing SC2 build orders, it sucks

MSmits: I agree

MSmits: but a big part of chess is memorizing good orders for like the first 10 moves and then use brain for the rest right?

MSmits: it's very much like how I get nr 1's on board games :P

reCurse: They keep saying people under 1500 or even 1800 shouldn't worry about opening theory

reCurse: They are right

reCurse: But somehow I still feel like I can be put way behind with a stupid misplacement early

reCurse: Especially since some people love their trap openings

MSmits: yeah I have that problem also

miszu: are we talking human vs human chess?

reCurse: Yes

MSmits: yes

miszu: I used to play competitive in high school

miszu: what's important in an opening is to understand why you move pieces that way and what's the middlegame strategies

reCurse: I understand the general idea

reCurse: Problem is dealing with people's traps

reCurse: I stopped playing e5 as black for that reason

miszu: reCurse that's with time. You only fall to a trap once.

reCurse: (as a response to e4)

reCurse: Oh that's what you'd think

miszu: I play sicilian if I play vs e4

reCurse: There are so many to deal with in e4/e5 that I keep forgetting one of them

MSmits: miszu's mind is like Q-learning with learning rate 1

miszu: sicilian is very aggresive

MSmits: me too, cuz they did it on the series :P

reCurse: It's also pretty complex

reCurse: I stick to caro-kann personally

miszu: I was white and I played vs closes sicilian. That messed up my game

miszu: closed*

MSmits: it seems easier to play black in openings because white almost always plays e4 right?

reCurse: At beginner level

reCurse: Then it's d4 all the time

miszu: d4 is popular

MSmits: hmm ok

MSmits: isnt that queens gambit?

miszu: if I am vs d4, I play semi slav

reCurse: Not necessarily

miszu: correct

miszu: well

reCurse: Needs to be d4 d5 c4

miszu: followed by c4

MSmits: ah ok

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, someone's been watching Netflix

reCurse: I tried playing the c6 response

reCurse: Because it looks like caro kann

MSmits: I think it's pretty weird to start playing chess after studying a dozen board-like games on CG

reCurse: But then I get wrecked

MSmits: it gives you a whole different perspective

MSmits: I keep thinking... hmm i should code a bot to assist me

MSmits: but... they already exist and it's cheating :P

reCurse: I had that exact feeling playing shogi

reCurse: Maybe a bot would help me learn...?

reCurse: Hehe

MSmits: yeah

struct: Just wait until I finish porting it, then you can give it a try

reCurse: I'm more interested into it as a player though

reCurse: As a game it's already been extensively studied

Illedan: ETA of chess multi?

struct: 1 day

reCurse: I'll do it

reCurse: But not chess

reCurse: It will be crazychess 960

struct: crazy is place pieces agan right?

reCurse: Yes

struct: nice

reCurse: This weekend maybe

Illedan: Sweet :)

reCurse: That I start working on it I mean

Illedan: 3D viewer?

reCurse: The answer to this question is the opposite of do you want to see it shipped

struct: sound?

PatrickMcGinnisII: "No Stress Chess" ? with cards?

Illedan: jking. Make it normal in 2d viewer :D

struct: What would you say is the best multi to apply GA?

struct: CSB?

reCurse: None

struct: o.o

struct: Isnt GA used on FB?

struct: or not anymore

Westicles: Number Shifting

reCurse: FB is dead game

Westicles: oh, multi...

eulerscheZahl: number shifting great multiplayer game

struct: reCurse you dont have to fear me

reCurse: ?

Guinsoo: Can I get rid of the skills on my profile?

struct: your rank 1 is safe there I mean

reCurse: That's not what I was going on about

struct: Which multi isnt dead though?

reCurse: Hmm. Any where a few top 100 have submitted in the last few months?

reCurse: Feel free to elaborate the definition

PatrickMcGinnisII: u think? eulerscheZahl

PatrickMcGinnisII: My cooking will be done in 15 minutes, so I will not bother yall

Guinsoo: wow you're first on half the games I'm leaving the chat xD

Westicles: Can you go back and unclick your skills?

struct: no

Westicles: Glad I never checked any. Too much clutter

eulerscheZahl: same

struct: ah wait i got confused with certifications

struct: I think you can unclick skills

eulerscheZahl: but i made the mistake to click the quest map. now i have those "certificates"

ZarthaxX: you dont like them?

struct: you have coc certification?

eulerscheZahl: the developer knows how to develop a complex AI [...] The system can include machine learning

eulerscheZahl: no i don't

ZarthaxX: you dont like the lies it says ok :P

reCurse: He doesn't like *marketing

Westicles: Just wait until they add the streaming achievement

ZarthaxX: understandable haha

iWillKickYourAss: .

Westicles: Is anybody working on freecell? That needs to get approved

eulerscheZahl: i started

eulerscheZahl: then the contest had priority

LastRick: everything else stopped during the contest.

eulerscheZahl: and now i want blockout first

Westicles: I found some c code to at least verify the solutions, but the autoplay messes things up

eulerscheZahl: what i feared too

wlesavo: Westicles did you actually used GA on NS? i thought you ended up with SA

Westicles: Isn't SA a subset of GA?

DomiKo: it is

wlesavo: well it is still different algos in general understanding

Westicles: Ah, well no I haven't changed algorithms.

wlesavo: i tried GA without much success, the mixing part didnt have much of a sence in NS to me

Westicles: The guy in first said a little about his solution. LAHC or whatever

wlesavo: yeah, similar to marchette i guess, but 1 min to 240 is insane

Westicles: on one core

dbdr: is that in a forum post?

eulerscheZahl: twitter

MSmits: jrke still here? I'll get that D&B bot up one of these days. I just need to make it to christmas with all this work

MSmits: dont remember ever being so busy

Westicles: Somewhere in here between the cats and the naked cartoon girls


MSmits: oh for a moment I thought you meant thats where jrke is

MSmits: it sounded reasonable somehow :P

Westicles: heh heh, could be

Westicles: oh, it says one hour to 240 on a single thread

Westicles: Starting from a completely random procedure, it is rearranged a little randomly and evaluated, so it depends on the god of random numbers whether it can be solved or not. By the way, with the current program, it takes 1 hour to solve up to Level 240 in a single thread.

eulerscheZahl: still impressive

Westicles: Yeah, much faster than mine. I think I would be a day a level where I'm at

AntiSquid: lahc dancing link wasn't it?

AntiSquid: links *

Default avatar.png nitai321: hallo

Default avatar.png ihssanehatim: hemlo

Default avatar.png nitai321: E

Default avatar.png nitai321: REEEEEEEEE

SurduTony: yo you lost no nut november or what?

Default avatar.png tAN: wassup?

Default avatar.png tAN: wish me a good luck

Default avatar.png tAN: starting a clash in 10 seconds

MadKnight: wasting good luck on clashes?

Skynse: Joined a clash, ended up falling asleep and missing it by 4 hours

Skynse: But that sleep was gooood tho

meh1001: got to let your brain run GC sometimes

Skynse: lol

Default avatar.png vidraa: what's wrong with the servers

Skynse: Probably maintenance

Skynse: yo no one can see my messages then

Skynse: cool

lifran: Ah, good, it's not just me. :D

Bikoko: hmm whatsup

JohnCM: servers seem to be ok now

HorseNuggets: johncm is a really fast typer

JohnCM: lol

miszu: qq about using a pool and wrapping around

miszu: do you do like this?

miszu: leaf->children + randomIndex % NODE_POOL_SIZE;

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: i am silver in CSB ;D

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :D

ZarthaxX: randomIndex?

miszu: ZarthaxX it's just an integer

miszu: the point is that I don't want that children + randomIndex goes outside of the nodepoolsize

ZarthaxX: ah

ZarthaxX: you just wnated to show the idea hehe

ZarthaxX: yeah, you are good

miszu: ok ty

miszu: sanity check haha

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: boost = silver

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: shield = gold

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: class pod1: and class pod2: = legend

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: hello

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: anyone there?

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :(

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: ;(

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :sob:

ClockSort: ;)

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: hooray

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: wtf, nnobody chatted

HorseNuggets: yes

HorseNuggets: we are all very socially active people

ClockSort: of course. programmers are among the most social, everyone knows.

Larzanda: Is this discord_

Larzanda: ?

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: i used targ3-vel, but didnt make it to gold

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: fck this sht i'm out

Larzanda: o.O

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: hey ClockSort

ATaco: o/

RicksMLC: o7

RicksMLC: ATaco

RicksMLC: trying to find you in the leaderboard

DaNinja: miszu make NODE_POOL_SIZE a power of 2 then you can do index & 0x1fff instead of modulo division

miszu: Thanks DaNinja I will keep that in mind when doing optimizations

Default avatar.png sittle: hi all

Default avatar.png CatSish: Hi