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jrke: can't say its slow

Gonny: oh nice

Illedan: Wait 5 hours and they are faster :)

Gonny: so 3rd 1 point below the boss, probably best to resubmit?

Gonny: lol

jrke: nice 7000+

Illedan: Wait a little Gonny

MadKnight: yea submit in the last 10sec

Illedan: I'll join you up there in a sec and push around

Illedan: :D

Gonny: haha :)

Gonny: you went 5-5 against me in your last commit

Gonny: can you lose a tad more plz?

Gonny: thx :)

Illedan: after promotion yes

Gonny: haha

Gonny: I'm thinking of resubmitting tbh

Gonny: I've been up there for 3 hours now

Gonny: time is scarse

Runner87: always second under boss is terrible.

jrke: btw what does this do

jrke: #pragma GCC option("arch=native","tune=native","no-zero-upper") //Enable AVX

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :dizzy:

Gonny: I repushed. You know how to help me Illedan :)

Illedan: I hope you help me ;)

Gonny: I will do my best

Gonny: damn it's fast

Illedan: Don't say it too high

Gonny: haha

Default avatar.png **Rodrigo_the_coder slaps :rage: around a bit with a large fishbot

Gonny: last push took me 2h

Gonny: that's the benchmark

Gonny: so very low point of comparison

Gonny: alright Illedan, I hope we make the cut!

Runner87: it is possible be the first in league and no promotion?

Gonny: yes

Gonny: the boss doesn't count as first

jrke: yup in legend

Gonny: that too

WINWINWIN: If you are not ahead of the boss then you wouldn't be promoted, if you have not finished your submit you would not be promoted

Illedan: So damn close

Illedan: :scream:

Runner87: :expressionless:

DomiKo: maras is helping!

Illedan: They are winning me too :(

maras: I'm trying to lower the boss's score

maras: :P

maras: so far it's working

JohnCM: why is the silver boss rising in rank

DomiKo: 0.17

Illedan: Do it faster than I lose points :(

DomiKo: so close

JohnCM: now the rift is bigger and bigger

maras: the boss is going down XD

maras: I just won 4 times against him

JohnCM: bring the boss down

JohnCM: this is gold boss is it?

maras: yep

JohnCM: haven't reached there yet

JohnCM: i was rank 13 silver, will be happy to break into gold before end of comp

Illedan: maras, don't beat me too :(

maras: I spent the whole day

maras: from noon

JohnCM: there's chance... 80% more battles and rank 50 alr

JohnCM: bring me up!

pde-bakk: whats the biggest thing separating top of gold with low gold in your eyes?

jrke: illedan needs 2 wins

pde-bakk: Are you guys simulating turns for you opponent too and seeing what path they might likely take?

maras: we are the champions!

Zenoscave: yes but my sim is awful

maras: now it's your turn Illedan

Illedan: gratz

DomiKo: come come

ClockSort: pde-bakk some of us are. (I'm not)

Illedan: Dont leave me here :(

Illedan: You welcome Gonny

jrke: 2 more to legend :(

pde-bakk: @ClockSort what did you improve on when you went from silver to gold?

ClockSort: i went to gold when it opened. the key was really slimming down my state so i could hit depth 6-8 full bfs

pde-bakk: oh yeah I cant hit 8 consistently

Illedan: :tada:

jrke: congrats ill

Illedan: Thx MSz

ClockSort: congrats Illedan !!

maras: nice

DomiKo: Gratz

maras: :D

struct: grats

DomiKo: Wrocław helped!

mlemm: Clocksort what did you mean by slimming state to reach more depth ?

mlemm: narrowing case number after each depth ? ?

ClockSort: my state contained my list of potions in it, and i was copying it around for every sim. I switched to storing the "Castable" status in a bitfield, and storing the potion data outside the state. Then making a new sim was quick. I also put the sims in an array and created them all at turn 1. That saved the time to new up the memory for each sim.

ClockSort: hope this helps. C# is a ****. I can't let the GC clean up my sims.

mlemm: yeah im using c# aswell and was gonna give up and sleep until i saw your msg

mlemm: stuck at depth 4

ClockSort: well the memory (mis)management is a key to being faster in C#, for sure. :)

Gonny: Illedan!

Gonny: damn it I wasn't here to see us go up lol :(

mlemm: hopefully i can optimize something in the remaining time, thanks

Gonny: what happened?

Illedan: \o/

Illedan: I helped you and MSz helped me

Illedan: :D

Gonny: oh! Thanks :)

JohnCM: gosh silver boss rose in rank by 1 full point

Gonny: First time I will complain the push went too quickly lol

Gonny: did I get promoted before the push ended?

Illedan: About time it went quickly

Illedan: You got promoted before me

Illedan: You were keeping me down :(

Gonny: oh you resubmitted again?

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :clock:

Illedan: Nah

Illedan: was 5 submits in top 10

Gonny: oh I didn't know we could get promoted before the end of our push

Illedan: ah, no

Illedan: You can't

Gonny: but I pushed after you

Gonny: how did I get promoted before you?

Illedan: Yeah, but my submit was done and I was below boss

Illedan: I got fights vs others that submitted and they pushed me up and the boss down

Gonny: oh got it, you helped me finish my submit above the boss and then someone pushed you

Illedan: :+1:

Gonny: well, ggs! :)

Gonny: damn it, it's always really fun to see the last fights before promotion when you're freaking out you'll see a loss lol

Illedan: :D

Gonny: I can't believe I missed it

JohnCM: almost beat the boss... rank 4

Gonny: was I right above the boss or did I have some margin?

Illedan: Huge margin

Gonny: oh really?

JohnCM: thanks to blitzprog who defeated me 4 times, my rank was pushed down

Illedan: 1,5 points or so in the end

Gonny: wow

Illedan: you did beat me like 5 - 0 :P

JohnCM: lucky blitzprog promoted to gold alr

Samer: anything wrong with gold boss? or just a fluke?

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Gonny: that explains how I'm not even that bad in legends

BlitzProg: Sorry lol

Gonny: haha sorry oO

Illedan: NP

Illedan: All worked out in the end :)

BlitzProg: just pushed a very different AI I had very high confidence in, compared to the previous one

Gonny: :punch:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: lol you win

Gonny: Smaer gold boss times out sometimes

Gonny: Samer *

JohnCM: lol no worries, with you out of the pool, i shld be able to beat silver boss now

BlitzProg: But yeah unlucky that I wasn't paired against the boss, it decided to pick other players to steal rank from

BlitzProg: upgrade was BFS with hardcoded "Learn" to BS that also explore "Learn" routes

JohnCM: haha i'm doing that too, only that my learn is only at current turn and not lookahead

Samer: JohnCM how are you learning spells?

BlitzProg: Now my AI tend to find quicker routes for potions by learning

BlitzProg: and outspeeded nearly everyone in silver

JohnCM: i learn the first 6 spells

JohnCM: then after that i do comparison between learn spell 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 vs not learning

JohnCM: and pick the route that gives highest returns

Samer: the silver boss looks at the first 2 spells, he nabs the second if it's all positive ingredients

BlitzProg: Well I am also "learn first 7 spells"

Samer: nab it at third rank before he gets a chance, you'll beat him

JohnCM: if this push doesn't make it, i'm gonna do the learn 7 spells

JohnCM: rank 2 now:)

BlitzProg: But I also start one BS for no spell learnt and one for every spell I can learn

JohnCM: wa lucky no blitzprog ai to push me down now

BlitzProg: and it seems very effective

Samer: try learning 8 or 9 spells instead too

BlitzProg: rank 110 gold / 467

JohnCM: what depth is your bfs?

JohnCM: i can only hit 7 without timeout

JohnCM: 8 is 50

JohnCM: 8 is 50% timeout

JohnCM: 1st silver now.. let me promote!

JohnCM: let me promote!!

BlitzProg: Depth isn't really relevant now I use BS, I can easily explore the entire game if I want, at cost of pruning alternative possibilites that seemed weak at first

BlitzProg: gl man!

JohnCM: looking good, i already beat the boss in rank

JohnCM: but ppl are bumping the boss up

BlitzProg: If you're in front of the boss when you reach 100% then you're promoted

JohnCM: 14% more to go

BlitzProg: if not but you're close then it's up to you, maybe you can let someone push you in front for instant promotion, or send it again and try your luck

struct: oh no clock is blinking

JohnCM: woohoo gold baby!

Gonny: I'm curious, is that a deleted account last in legends? :thinking:

Gonny: gg JohnCM

struct: it is re curse alt

JohnCM: thanks for the support

struct: grats

Illedan: oh, emil was re curse alt?

Gonny: oh haha ok

struct: yes

BrunoFelthes: what is the smallest and biggest possible brew price?

JohnCM: lol i'm gonna be last in gold

Lysk: 20 for max

Lysk: without bonus

struct: 6 min

Default avatar.png kreska: congrats john

BrunoFelthes: thx

linjoehan: BrunoFelthes

Gonny: I was wondering why I didn't see reCurse anywhere before popping in the top 3

Gonny: that explains it

JohnCM: ty kreska

linjoehan: man the time remaining is flashing red I'm still trying to get a sim working

JohnCM: what nonsense is this gold boss.. 30 turns 90 points

Default avatar.png kreska: its super strong :D

JohnCM: wa it's kinda sick

JohnCM: it predicted i didn't have ingredients for a particular brew, so it held back the order and did another one

JohnCM: a pity i won't have much time to play around with it

BlitzProg: pushing in a little update

BlitzProg: not expecting much but here we go

cegprakash: I should have gone with greedy :( last day simulation no time to debug

Gonny: eh Illedan looks like we're inseparable now lol

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: so depressing when you have no ideas / can't be bothered to re-write the whole thing and just pushing random changes in parameters that don't make any difference

JohnCM: blitzprog, add in opponent prediction to win gold boss

JohnCM: the gold boss obviously knows how many turns you take to brew a spell

BlitzProg: in 4h, no lol

JohnCM: i mean brew a potion

Zenoscave: pedrosorio do you mean my last 10 hours

JohnCM: haha i'm very satisfied with my outcome for this comp alr... spent days thinking how to get gold

BlitzProg: I only wanted to be gold in this challenge, goal is reached :D

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I actually wrote a simulator calling into the github code to test random parameters and see how they did against each other

Tyir: interesting, i removed some random fallback code that seemed to only trigger once in a blue moon, and it is doing way better

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I think it just times out a bunch of times, cause I'm running several in parallel, completely useless

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: yeah... I reached gold "easily" soon after it opened, then did nothing during the rest of the week

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: no sense of achievement

JohnCM: then try legend

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I've been near the top100 of gold since Wednesday

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I'm just wasting what would've been a good night's sleep

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: to end up in the same position

struct: same

struct: except the top 100 part :p

struct: I wasnt there until today

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: anyway

Gonny: last contest I spent 2 days adding a super smart quite complicated feature on FoW to see it... make no difference

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: have a good final hours on the challenge and enjoy

struct: thanks

Gonny: it's super annoying but it happens...

Gonny: good night

miszu: struct how you doing with your bot?

struct: Bad cant get legend

struct: :(

miszu: sorry to hear that :(

cegprakash: No gold November

BrunoFelthes: I think that people are sending their final version... it is to hard to climb now...

eulerscheZahl: good morning

struct: hi euler

eulerscheZahl: i see SaiksyApo entered the game

struct: send help

struct: I have to delete

eulerscheZahl: ?

struct: jk

Zaphus: Not sure if I'm moving up the ranks because my bot is better, or all the people above me just resubmitted :-)

struct: I was so close to legend :(

miszu: in my UTTT, the getallpossiblemoves() function timeout randomly..

Illedan: Haha, eulerscheZahl waking up before I'm going to bed xD

eulerscheZahl: not completely new

Illedan: True

struct: Dont know what else to do

eulerscheZahl: same struct

Illedan: 2 points up to euler :D

eulerscheZahl: that's nothing you make jokes about

Illedan: :(

struct: upsides of this contest is that I learned a lot

struct: learned BFS and beam search

miszu: found my issue

struct: thanks to icebox for explaining me beam search in under 2 minutes

rockstar555: hii

struct: I had wong idea

miszu: anyone will stay up till the end?

eulerscheZahl: are you serious struct? you didn't know that before?

Illedan: :/

struct: yes

ZarthaxX: u prob did bfs for floodfill in STC

miszu: Icebox, tomorrow I am looking forward for the O(1) for getting all legal moves :

miszu: :)

Illedan: O(1)?

eulerscheZahl: how?

struct: lol

struct: I do it in O(0.5)

eulerscheZahl: that's a constant => O(1)

**eulerscheZahl paid attention in the lecture

miszu: I feel stupid compared to you guys

Zenoscave: gj euler

struct: we all started somewhere

struct: When I made my first STC sim

struct: I had 30k sims

struct: I think

JohnCM: seeing the gold boss play is very relaxing

struct: Lets go rng gods

struct: bless me

JohnCM: the ingredients go in and out in one whole mass

miszu: I have a master in CS... yet I have so much to learn about AIs and optimizations

linjoehan: Ok I think I got a aprox sim to work now I need to get it into a MCTS and see if it works

Zenoscave: My ide gives different results :/ with almost every game. hard to debug

eulerscheZahl: that's nothing i've learnt at university either

struct: omg

struct: thiis submit

struct: looks good

miszu: took AI class in uni and have basic understanding

struct: I cant watch

miszu: I remember how I understood 0 about MCTS. Now I finally get it

JohnCM: i love how the tier 1 ingredients all become tier 2, then all tier 3 for a full board of tier 3

JohnCM: that's the gold boss

miszu: plz nerf gold boss

struct: sorry if I sound a bit hyperactive too much coffee

JohnCM: i wonder whose algo is gold boss

struct: dbdr

miszu: wasn't dbdr?

Scarfield: i would have thought you learned alot about AI in CS uni, what do you learn about then?

miszu: will you guys be active post contest?

struct: nope

JohnCM: i figured it out

miszu: Scarfield I learned A*, heuristics, manhattan distance, MCTS, minimax, then lots of probabilities like Bayen and stuff

miszu: bfs,dfs with limited depth

miszu: 1st half of the course was interesting and applicable here. 2nd half is mostly math

eulerscheZahl: "will you guys be active post contest?" yes

miszu: well you yes eulerscheZahl cuz you are a mod :)

struct: Yeah, I will too, now that I finally learn these new algos

struct: I must try them more

miszu: I am hoping getting gold with UTTT

struct: and i dont really considered floodfill as bfs because all I do is a for loop to check next by cells

Default avatar.png kreska: so after the contest can we still submit to this game to test some algos??

JohnCM: yea the game should still be there on codingame site

Default avatar.png kreska: that is nice

JohnCM: haha my fav contest i tried so far was the harry potter one. pure heuristics got me to gold within 4-5 hours.

miszu: the competition that I dread the most are multi agents

JohnCM: love those

JohnCM: it got me easy gold the last challenge

Default avatar.png kreska: its my first contest on this site so i dont know what game you are talking about but this thing is addicting

JohnCM: almost made it to legend

miszu: yeah but I have 0 clue what algorith mto use

JohnCM: heuristics, good ones

miszu: like the race game

JohnCM: or.. monte carlo tree search for each agent separately

miszu: you have to use genetics

miszu: I find it complicated to implement it

JohnCM: wa the gold games typically end within 30 turns


JohnCM: look at this crazy efficiency.. tier 0 -> tier 1 -> tier 2 -> tier 3 full board

miszu: pretty funny

AT274: Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JohnCM: the spell selection is key

JohnCM: the gold boss selects the right spell most of the time

JohnCM: enabling crazy efficient moves that fill the entire inventory


JohnCM: lol never thought i could win gold boss

miszu: good night all

Default avatar.png kreska: good night

Bobbadillio: Is there a way to tell which potion has the urgency bonus?

Bobbadillio: A bit late to be asking THAT one

eulerscheZahl: it's in the tax or somewhere

Bobbadillio: ah, tomeIndex for potions, yeah

ClockSort: submitting a better endgame handler. Go ClockSort!

struct: gl

ClockSort: if the opponent can finish in one move, don't make a move that ends with fewer points. If there isn't a move that avoids loss, "REST I return to my maker."

struct: I have 3:20 to leave legend

JohnCM: leave legend?

JohnCM: you mean enter legend

struct: yeah, sorry too much hours awake

JohnCM: haha what's after legend

struct: I keep this tab open


struct: for motivation

JohnCM: lol

AntiSquid: :D

JohnCM: i'm thinking if a couple heuristic tweaks can beat gold boss

JohnCM: haha.. now that i've analyzed 100s of his games

ClockSort: johncm beating the boss isn't enough, you have to rank above him

Bobbadillio: I've got about 1:20 before I've gotta log off, and I'm just hoping for gold league at this point :) not sure I'll make it, we'll see!

JohnCM: for starters, i try to beat the boss

struct: gl Bobbadillio

JohnCM: he wins me 90% of the time lol

struct: Yesterday I was also silver, you can do it man

JohnCM: yea.. some spell learning tweaks can win silver already

JohnCM: the silver boss only has hardcoded spell learning mechanisms

Bobbadillio: Thanks! :D I'm pretty sure I've got a shot at finishing the current move selection code I've got in mind.

JohnCM: oh just realized i'm ranked above thibaud now

ClockSort: at the end, is your position your final position, or do they have some kind of re-rank?

kishorecoder: im new to this chat

player_one: Yes! Made it to gold league. I'm satisfied. Time to get some sleep!

struct: hi

struct: nn player_one

JohnCM: woohoo

AntiSquid: best victory is when no shot is fired

Samer: AntiSquid i tested that earlier against gold boss... didn't work :P

eulerscheZahl: JohnCM you have to beat all staff members

AbundantPuddle: Lmao AntiSquid

Illedan: hmm, swapping some params swaps which game I win or lose -.-

dbf: Illedan, convert param swaps task to inventory swaps and ask your bot to solve it!

Illedan: :P

eulerscheZahl: i don't know if i should dare to submit :(

eulerscheZahl: arena.out: 158 test.out: 186 draws: 108

eulerscheZahl: it's better offline but my score is high and probably some luck

struct: hmm

struct: hard decision

struct: you are #15

Csipcsirip: servers will be dead soon

dbdr: so many draws, because of same(ish) bot

Gonny: is there a "penalty" to resubmiting even in legend?

dbdr: not very meaningful I would say

lifetimeLearner007: where do I see wins, losses, draws?

struct: that is from local test lifetimeLearner007

lifetimeLearner007: oh! does CG not provide such stats?

struct: There is cg stats but only works for top 1000

JohnCM: which staff member is in legend?

lifetimeLearner007: nice. during or post contest?

struct: oh its the stats for your current submit only

struct: cg doesnt share the stats of your entire contest run

eulerscheZahl: @john saiksyApo is

lifetimeLearner007: stats for last submit is sufficient. can you please share the link where to see stats?


lifetimeLearner007: Thanks @struct

Default avatar.png kreska: can it hurt me if i submit just before the end? How much longer will the site calculate my position?

struct: until the end

struct: until your submit finishes

Default avatar.png kreska: So until it stabilizes?

Lysk: yes

rockstar555: hii guys

rockstar555: what are you doing today

rockstar555: :thinking:

WINWINWIN: Hey rockstar, same as usual, the contest

Illedan: I'm off, may the ranking gods be with us. Bye

struct: nn Illedan

eulerscheZahl: bye ille

Default avatar.png kreska: bye

Lysk: :wave:


Illedan: Gl everyone

Zenoscave: thanks night!

eulerscheZahl: me having luck implies others not having it

eulerscheZahl: so your wish is impossible

Bobbadillio: tyvm! I need it if I'm going to hit my 1 pm gold goal ;)

dbdr: what should be the name of this contest? witches2020 I guess

dbdr: spring was pacman2020

struct: witches7k

rockstar555: hii eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: hi

kovi: my local directory name is witch

dbdr: why 7k?

eulerscheZahl: players

dbdr: ah :)

WINWINWIN: participants :)

eulerscheZahl: mine is FallChallenge2020

eulerscheZahl: created it before the contest started

dbdr: spring/fall is too generic, no fantasy in it

eulerscheZahl: and now FallChallengeCpp :(

dbdr: bring back the names

rockstar555: i am playing Back to the Code

eulerscheZahl: my game proposal has a funny name i think. but i still haven't heard anything

struct: found a solution to it yet?

Q12: I am in rank 30 in Silver and don't know what else to improve, please help me!

eulerscheZahl: which might be a bad sign as they like to announce the next contest right after the end of the previous one

Cappefra: top 20 is entirely c++, this might be the first time afaik

dbdr: kovi, my folder is boszorkányok ;)

Bobbadillio: What happened to Emil, the guy who was up there writing in Rust?

Zenoscave: recurse smurf

eulerscheZahl: special chars in the name? shame on you

eulerscheZahl: is it confirmed to be recurse?

struct: yes

eulerscheZahl: by himself?

dbdr: not supporting more than 7 bits? stuck in the 1980's? shame on you eulerscheZahl ;)

lifetimeLearner007: why is cpp always the most frequently used language in these contests? Is it that cpp experts are more in this community or the language itself has some serious advantages?

eulerscheZahl: i do. but i'm not sure if all my programs do

eulerscheZahl: i also avoid spaces

struct: im not sure he said exactly he was emil

Cappefra: @lifetimelearner007 it is faster, it performs just better

dbdr: yeah, spaces can be annoying in bash scripts

struct: But at the moment that re curse reached legend emil deleted

struct: Maybe they had a deal, legend in 1 submit and i delete

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: I'm so lonely :(

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :(:(:(

rockstar555: why

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: I'm so lonely

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :(

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :'(

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :sob:

lifetimeLearner007: @Cappefra, what makes cpp faster? I mean there are other good ones like java,cs right?

ClockSort: can someone give me a little background -- why is recurse so "legendary"?

rockstar555: i am asking why Rodrigo_the_coder

Zenoscave: ClockSort He is 1st in a number of multis

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: because nobody chatted

ClockSort: multi = ?

struct: multiplayers

Zenoscave: competition after the time limit

Bobbadillio: I think learned about reCurse through Halite, where I think reCurse also did well, and found this site through that one.

Lysk: same person

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: i feel so lonely

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :(

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :(

rockstar555: are you mad Rodrigo_the_coder

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: I am asking why rockstar555

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: 2Rockstar555

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: @rockstar555

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :D

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: D:

Uljahn: Rodrigo_the_coder: please stop spamming

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: ok

rockstar555: :laughing:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: afk mode: on for 9 min

Default avatar.png **Rodrigo_the_coder slaps himself around a bit with a large fishbot

WINWINWIN: Rodrigo_the_coder, rockstar555 both of you can take this to a private chat. But avoid spamming the general during a contest.

rockstar555: Ok

struct: Not sure if I submit this version

struct: or stay happy with top 110

eulerscheZahl: submit


Lysk: submit to the submit

eulerscheZahl: is that with enemy prediction?

WINWINWIN: Can always resubmit old version :P

struct: its very simple enemy prediction

eulerscheZahl: do it

MadKnight: but will your old version win ?

eulerscheZahl: it's the yellow button

jrke: my bot is having 0% enemy prediction :(

eulerscheZahl: mine is having 9 enemy prediction

eulerscheZahl: to throw in a useless number :D

dbdr: 9?

dbdr: top 9 paths?

eulerscheZahl: wait, changed it to 8

eulerscheZahl: depth 8 to predict end of game

Zenoscave: 42

dbdr: ah, I have 12

eulerscheZahl: nothing minimax-like with potions disappearing

**eulerscheZahl is lazy


linjoehan: man this one has beaten me. I'll have to just be silver for this one

dbdr: I have a version with +12% winrate. +/- 16% ...

WINWINWIN: What about the #2 toad, how is he doing?

jrke: davier?

eulerscheZahl: top gold and submitting

pb4: I found opponent prediction really difficult to get right, only the lightest versions were even remotely good

dbdr: if I resub, will I be stuck by freshmen optimized to play against me? :D

eulerscheZahl: end of game is important

eulerscheZahl: the rest seemed hard

pb4: dbdr, you might :D

rockstar555: eulerscheZahl you are right

pb4: I have a version +10 elo better locally

dbdr: well, past me at least

pb4: Considering whether it's good to submit it...

dbdr: you compute elo locally, using TS pb4?

pb4: Probably won't take the risk

pb4: Nope, elo is elo

dbdr: ok

pb4: But yes I do

dbdr: nice

struct: pb4 are you going to try and get rank 1 back?

dbdr: selfplay then?

pb4: It's good to track improvements this way, keeps motivation up

pb4: dbdr, yes selfplay, but I play against many old versions of myself to try and get some variety in

dbdr: right

eulerscheZahl: was about to ask that

pb4: I'll typically select 5-6 old versions of my code when playing locally

pb4: Hence the use of elo score instead of "just" winrate

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

pb4: struct : which rank 1 ?

struct: fb

pb4: :(

pb4: Nope

struct: ok, just wanted to know if you had any plans for it

pb4: Failed at CSB NN, failed at SR NN, won't get back into FB at the moment

1400179: No NN in FB

eulerscheZahl: oh, i totally missed the latest changes at FB

eulerscheZahl: impressive lead

1400179: I'm only good at dead games

pb4: oh wow, no NN and such a big lead ? Nice !

pb4: Might try later then

eulerscheZahl: and some broken bots from top players e.g. MrBrown77 :(

1400179: I gotta learn to shut up

pb4: but not in the near future, spent far too much time on CG this week :D

rockstar555: 2662 rank in coder strike back

ClockSort: man, couldn't make legend in my first big competition. disappointing.

ClockSort: I don't think I have the capacity to make more improvements. Looking like it's a finish around 50th Gold.

ClockSort: gg

Csipcsirip: I didnt even reach top500 in my first one

struct: Im not really disapointed, I fell like I didnt try hard enough for legend

struct: despite past 3 nights

ClockSort: sitting for 9th place among C# users, I guess that's something :laughing:

eulerscheZahl: 10 if you add me ;)

ClockSort: hah I will be careful not to

Csipcsirip: you betrayed c#

struct: I think my enemy prediciton was very simplistic

eulerscheZahl: next on your list: read the post mortems to get an idea of what you missed

struct: I need to think of something more

ClockSort: i entirely ignored the opponent until this final day. now i look 1 move ahead so i don't immediately walk into a loss

ClockSort: I guess that's too simple still :)

Csipcsirip: what about killer moves ?

ClockSort: gl in these final hours! bye now

rockstar555: hey guys fall challange end 2 hours

struct: bye

rockstar555: bye

rockstar555: struct

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: potion = choice([potionlist])

rockstar555: what are you saying

Zenoscave: guys please use PM don't spam the general

rockstar555: couldn't understand Zenoscave

WINWINWIN: Thanks struct

struct: more than enough warnings

struct: I havent slept for a long time

struct: no patience


rockstar555: hii

struct: next time ban

dbdr: +11.6% +/- 12.2 :thinking:

Zenoscave: dbdr what are those numbers?

dbdr: winrate improvement, with confidence interval

Presac: Finally managed to get to silver

Zenoscave: That CI is awful lol

dbdr: sure, needs time to go down

Zenoscave: how many trials?

dbdr: sqrt is a heatless bi***

Zenoscave: Argghh so close

struct: maybe im missing some sqrt in my code

eulerscheZahl: heatless?

eulerscheZahl: doesn't it make you CPU warm?

dbdr: heartless :D

Zenoscave: Where did I mess up?

dbdr: good thing is the CI goes both ways :)

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: probably slow potions

dbdr: 12.5% +/- 11.9 :)

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: U need fast potions

dbdr: looking good, but will I dare?

struct: what rank are you?

struct: atm

dbdr: #19, but that's overrated

Zenoscave: this topped out at 13th last submit

dbdr: probably many subs

Zenoscave: 13th gold

dbdr: so not much to lose anyways

AntiSquid: why overrated ?

dbdr: because of subs in progress. did not check that

eulerscheZahl: you have a 12.5% winrate vs the old? that doesn't sound too thrilling

dbdr: +12.5

Zenoscave: so 62.5?

YurkovAS: submits is fast now

eulerscheZahl: but when the score is inflated, anything can happen on resubmit

eulerscheZahl: getting stuck in low ranks

dbdr: say 57.5% vs 45%

1400179: The submits on this game are crazy

eulerscheZahl: arena.out: 95 test.out: 111 draws: 128

eulerscheZahl: i think that's too risky for me to submit

1400179: And by crazy I mean incredibly stupid

eulerscheZahl: we've long exceeded the point where i start to have the contest again

Nerchio: poor agade lost to me and i am closing legend ranks lol

dbdr: submits are stupid? what does that mean?

1400179: Maybe my memory fails me but locam was better for submits if not for points?

1400179: Submit can get stuck with random games in the middle of the league forever

eulerscheZahl: CG system stuck or no climbing stuck?

1400179: Or can skyrocket to top 5, wreak havoc before diving back down

eulerscheZahl: been there. now i'm happy with my current #15 and scared to touch it again

dbdr: I think because many games are close, could go either way. and random potions appear

1400179: Mixture of flawed matchmaking with the game being way too random

eulerscheZahl: and we have some kind of fog of war again

eulerscheZahl: the next potion

aCat: I'm happy with my uwr position

eulerscheZahl: (and spell but that's less relevant i think)

aCat: and my own too

aCat: first time contest legend

struct: grats

dbdr: I thought about doing stats on remaining potions. but games are too short to get much signal I think

dbdr: compared to total number of potions

eulerscheZahl: agreed

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: can sombodee help me brew the fastest potion

1400179: Game can flip from win to lose with those draws

1400179: Please no more card games

1400179: Even fog of war is better than this

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: victory potion: using id4

Gonny: I thought I read some people in legend tried to reverse the seed to know everything in advance?

1400179: Not quite possible

struct: Dont think it possible

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: reverse mode clash of code

1400179: At least in the time frame

Zenoscave: Struct wanna ban?

Gonny: ah ok

dbdr: reCurse: "fog of war is better" this technically true quote will be used out of context ;)

eulerscheZahl: i really think they did a great job on the visuals. you can clearly see the difference to community contests. but i'm not totally happy with the gameplay

reCurse: Would expect no less

dbdr: actually this would be good for a shorter contest

dbdr: 4 days maybe

eulerscheZahl: yes

reCurse: Visuals are nice, problem is debugging with it is as annoying as ever

dbdr: where's your battle station? ;)

struct: true

reCurse: Am I reading the output for what the viewer is showing me or not? Why is it always such a chore

aCat: visuals are unreadable ;/

reCurse: Why is the share replay more readable than ide

eulerscheZahl: and really hard to tell what's going on. you lose a game 10 turns before but as a human you don't even notice

reCurse: Sorry I'm super grumpy right now

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: 1.5 hours left, and I'm adding repeatable spells to my code... are the submits fast now?

struct: yes

reCurse: -ish

reCurse: They were at their best 2 hours ago

aCat: yes way batter than 10 hs ago ;p

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: what does this mean: rmuskovets attempted an invalid action: Command does not match action, expected 'LEARN' but got 'CAST'

ParticleBeam: You used the wrong command with a certain actionId

eulerscheZahl: you tried to cast a spell from the tome?

ParticleBeam: You tried to Brew a Learn etc

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: eulerscheZahl 1. I learned a spell 2. I used the same id to cast it

ParticleBeam: The ids are different once you learn a spell

JohnCM: when you learn a spell, different id dpeending on player

aCat: ParticleBeam yes they are

aCat: spell in time id != learned spell id

struct: so tired, not sure I will make it to legend

aCat: This cal could - you can

aCat: *This cat

eulerscheZahl: you always start too late struct

struct: true I only started for real friday

eulerscheZahl: and are not as good as ninjadoggy or chokuda i

JohnCM: wow

Nerchio: OOF

struct: i coded before

struct: but i kept rewriting code

reCurse: That's rough

struct: just for sims

eulerscheZahl: ok, kick me :(

struct: Im aware that im not as good, I dont really mind

dbdr: chokudai tried again, but no legend (yet) this time

JohnCM: finally mastering the art of full inventory stocking


Nerchio: can mod ban a mod :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: kick works

eulerscheZahl: haven't tried ban

dbdr: +12 +/- 10. I ill have to do it :sweat_smile:

struct: I think top ~100 is still a nice goal to achieve

struct: in this large contest

JohnCM: yea i'm trying top 100 gold now

eulerscheZahl: top 2%

eulerscheZahl: and dbdr is gone

struct: I still have 1:30 hours

dbdr: :D

Zenoscave: dbdr is link404 detirministic

eulerscheZahl: no

struct: but I mean im awake for 20+ hours atm

dbdr: Zenoscave no

Zenoscave: Any tips on it's weaknesses :P

dbdr: but just because of timing

Zenoscave: I'm missing something but not sure what

JohnCM: i found gold boss weakness

dbdr: it crashes when it is stuck to learn only. not that it matters, that's why I left it

eulerscheZahl: for search based contests there's rarely a real weakness at that level of gameplay

JohnCM: he gets too engrossed in efficient conversion, sometimes he gets stuck with full inventory

JohnCM: XD

eulerscheZahl: just good vs even more optimal moves

dbdr: JohnCM yes, but that's a tradeoff

dbdr: most of the time it's worth it

dbdr: +13 +/- 9

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: is the tome spells list sorted from bottom to top?

aCat: yes

Gonny: how do they pick the gold boss btw? They ask whoever's number XX if they can use their code as the boss?

1400179: Do they even ask

dbdr: in this case they asked me, yes

aCat: they do't ask, they take!

1400179: Ah ok

JohnCM: they pick the #1 boss and let everyone suffer

aCat: oh, thay did?

dbdr: not sure if it's standard

JohnCM: just kidding

aCat: ok , how nice of them ;-)

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: why does #1 work as a chat channel?

JohnCM: probably top 20 boss

Gonny: what rank were you when they asked you dbdr?

dbdr: #18

JohnCM: dbdr share your bot's weakness so we can rise

JohnCM: haha

Gonny: well thanks for making a boss that difficult :p

dbdr: my pleasure :)

1400179: They aim for 100 legend

1400179: I think it's pretty reasonable gold boss

Nerchio: you can advance to legend without being much better than boss i think

Gonny: yeah that worked pretty well

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: > why does #1 work as a chat channel?

1400179: Because hashtags

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I can even send messages there

Ifthel: Anything with a hashtag is a channel name

Ifthel: #ifthel_fanclub for example

AntiSquid: job title : chat channel

AntiSquid: oh missread @_@

AntiSquid: thought #1 on LB works as chat channel

AntiSquid: xdee

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: #iwantsomeadvice

Q12: I am 11 in silver, do I have a chance of getting to gold without submit another time?

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: if boss get low enough, yes

struct: unlikely

struct: what is the point difference?

JohnCM: oh yea.. I am more efficient than gold boss now:

Q12: How can I see how much points the boss has?

aCat: ide panel on the right

aCat: leaderboard

Q12: I have 39.55

aCat: you see it then

Q12: the boss is 41.13

aCat: what happened to emil?

Zenoscave: ask reCurse

AntiSquid: he killed email. :(

lowzhao: the boss is 2% higher than everyone nice

dbdr: wanna watch me crash and burn?

reCurse: :popcorn:

Zenoscave: do it

AntiSquid: YOLO

JohnCM: just do it

dbdr: yolo

eulerscheZahl: submitted


JohnCM: i'm pleasantly surprised how a simple change of heuristics can lead to a win in gold boss

JohnCM: maybe i should train against #1 legend

eulerscheZahl: i don't like those numbers dbdr

dbdr: :D

dbdr: let's find a better start :)

Nerchio: poor people in lower part of legend getting bombed by the top :x

JohnCM: damn i need to go legend to play against agade's bot

eulerscheZahl: not even that hard. everyone can beat everyone

eulerscheZahl: except emil

Nerchio: why does it say unnamed player

Nerchio: you can remove your bot from contest?

struct: deleted

eulerscheZahl: like me having 100% vs Agade

eulerscheZahl: 3 games, not that relevant yet

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: struct was that emil?

struct: yes

aCat: you will say wahat happened?

struct: I was not that emil

struct: I was on discord with icebox and he deletes during a strange moment

aCat: xD, ok, true that

JohnCM: lol gold boss rising in rank

Nerchio: pb has a nice lead going into the last hour

pb4: eulerscheZahl : please continue beating Agade

eulerscheZahl: won't get any matches with a rank difference > 10 :(

struct: submit to beat agade euler

JohnCM: wa that is a big personal sacrifice

eulerscheZahl: i will just idle in the chat

eulerscheZahl: i don't dare to submit again

dbdr: who let this many pople get into legend??

struct: yeah submits are starting to get slow

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: who didn't let me get into silver?

eulerscheZahl: i'm still surprised that they asked you about being boss

eulerscheZahl: and didn't just take it

dbdr: apo must like me :blush:

pb4: dbdr : any idea where you're boss code would rank if you submitted it to legend ?

pb4: your*

pb4: ...

dbdr: around #50 is my guess

dbdr: actually, Zorg1 barely passed and is #25

dbdr: very hard to know

Zorg1: hé hé

JohnCM: depends on your submit luck

dbdr: at least I did not stay stuck at bottom :sweat_smile:

Zenoscave: If most my losses are less than 10 points what's a good strategy to mitigate that?

Zenoscave: usually around 3/4

JohnCM: try rushing ur last pot

JohnCM: if opp frequently last pot u gain less

struct: JohnCM ty, I will try that

struct: I dont even have that

Zenoscave: I do already

struct: I pray that my search finds it

Zenoscave: :/

Scarfield: prioritize some extra above tier 1 ingredients in inventory

AntiSquid: maybe that was your alt dbdr, so you're at the bottom :thinking:

dbdr: what AntiSquid?

dbdr: Zorg1, tu quoque?

AntiSquid: the deleted rust account

dbdr: ah

struct: It was me, legend and delete

struct: obvious

Scarfield: xD

AntiSquid: make one for every language struct

JohnCM: then can just clock the legend every language achievement

eulerscheZahl: zeno coming for legend now?

eulerscheZahl: oh you dropped

Zenoscave: sssshhhh don't risk jinxing it

eulerscheZahl: 35

JohnCM: oo rank 139 gold...

JohnCM: very happy with my bot's performance

Default avatar.png kreska: wow that is amazing

Default avatar.png kreska: nice

JohnCM: i totally revamped my heuristics after playing with gold boss

JohnCM: try to get that clear entire inventory effect

dbdr: someone should make an extension to disable the submit button

Gonny: did you submit by mistake?

dbdr: "CG safety mode"

Zenoscave: did you press it accident

jrke: yes happens sometimes i press submit sometimes accidently

Gonny: actually they should put a popup asking if you really want to submit

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: make you need to do up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-Enter to enable the submit button

Zenoscave: they do if you haven't played yet

Gonny: we don't submit enough that the hasle outweighs the benefits

dbdr: "solve the descent to prove you're sober"

Gonny: yeah but have it all the time

AntiSquid: there is . if you modify code after pressing play = safety mode

ToshiTuringMachine: Hi guys. How do you get elapsed milliseconds in c++?

struct: high resolution clock

eulerscheZahl: chrono::_V2::system_clock::time_point start= std::chrono::high_resolution_clock::now();

std::chrono::duration_cast<std::chrono::milliseconds>(std::chrono::high_resolution_clock::now() - start).count() > maxTime

ToshiTuringMachine: ty eulerscheZahl :)

Cappefra: ah yes the straightforwardness of c++

aCat: why is benchmar so slow I wanted to tune one thing xD

Cappefra: how was it again? silver doesn't get an automatical resubmit right?

aCat: nope

aCat: only end of calc of those who already submitted and didn;t finish

rockstar555: HII

Gonny: what happens if you submit a legend bot in silver right before the end?

Gonny: does it compute to gold, then recomputes there, then gets to legend?

Cappefra: @gonny then you wake up and it was for sure a beautiful dream

Gonny: lol

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: and you remember the silver was also a dream

Cappefra: haha

Cappefra: for real though I'm so disappointed :/ first time not making it to gold

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I'm in bronze for the first time

SirLoxley: grats mate

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: on OOC and Platinum Rift 2 I was in wood-1

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: this one is "simple to learn, hard to master" imo

JohnCM: this game is hard

Traquila: Gold for my first contest

Default avatar.png kreska: congrats rmuskovets

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: Traquila fall challenge is the first contest you participated in?

Nerchio: tbh what i wrote for silver here is also the same thing in legend except more sophisticated lol

Traquila: Yes I discover this website 3 weeks ago

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: wow

Nerchio: improved performance, from bfs to beam search and some eval changes

Nerchio: nice Traquila

Default avatar.png RicksMLC: *phew* This is fun! Hi all.

rockstar555: Sorry

struct: Why is my bot trollinng


Gronahak: He just wants to assert dominance

Gronahak: And win by letting opponent timing out

Inc_: sophisticated end game strategy

JohnCM: new meta strat: time your opponent out

JohnCM: take spells which and brew potions which give them the most possibilities

Inc_: both are trolling

rockstar555: yes both are trolling

Inc_: Well, AI tries to somehow beat player

Inc_: because he is behind

rockstar555: JohnCM is right

JohnCM: i have two versions of a program, shall submit each one and see which does better

Zenoscave: Maybe. submits are slow. may only have time for one

Inc_: let them fight against eachother

Gonny: def only time for one

JohnCM: but the better one fares worse in arena

Gonny: I don't think it'll finish by 4

Nerchio: what i suggest is

AntiSquid: 39 minutes

Nerchio: submit until you get a good starter streak

Nerchio: which is like 9/10 wins if you can do it

Nerchio: :D

eulerscheZahl: he is top gold already

JohnCM: either way the better one is in arena now

eulerscheZahl: 60% and right below the boss

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I give up.

Zenoscave: euler i drop every time you mention my rank lol

Zenoscave: :P

eulerscheZahl: biggy smalls

eulerscheZahl: biggy smalls

eulerscheZahl: biggy smalls

AntiSquid: Zenoscave Zenoscave Zenoscave

Zenoscave: biggy smalls?

AntiSquid: o.o


Gonny: guys can you take that on e a side chat plz? Too much spamming

Gonny: thx

Gonny: :D

Gonny: damn I'm like euler, I'm pretty sure I have a better bot now but I'll never dare to resubmit :/

eulerscheZahl: add ?disableChat to the URL if you mean it

dbdr: cowards!

JohnCM: alt it

Gonny: no I was trolling

Gonny: no I was trolling

Gonny: either my chat died or you kicked me? oO

jrke: CG please increse battles speed

Gonny: hum

struct: was making changes and was not syncing with ide...

struct: lets go Zenoscave

AntiSquid: rip chat ?!

eulerscheZahl: you'll see a message when you got kicked

eulerscheZahl: and for ban the whole chat just disappears

Gonny: sorry looks like my chat died for a minute

Nerchio: jrke.battlespeed--;

eulerscheZahl: chat is back

eulerscheZahl: or is it?

struct: I think so

struct: Maybe not

Nerchio: chat.alive = true;

eulerscheZahl: we need quantum computing to define the chat state

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: match chat.alive { true => println!("{}", true); false => println!("{}", false); }

dbdr: Player stats:


eulerscheZahl: you learn a lot

Zenoscave: why so many?

dbdr: yeah, saw that

dbdr: tried to reduce earlier, did worse

dbdr: but my last sub is reducing in a different way, that's the +12% :)

kovi: interesing and gonny 6.6

eulerscheZahl: do you have a diagram of when the LEARNs happen?

eulerscheZahl: i do some very late

dbdr: no. do you?

eulerscheZahl: no :(

dbdr: thought about it but did not implement

dbdr: you must do late if you search finds it

dbdr: so it shoud be fine

eulerscheZahl: yes. either to use it or for the blues

The_Duck: or to get rid of blues :)

dbdr: you got the blues?

eulerscheZahl: that too

jrke: why i made resubmit ;(

eulerscheZahl: Zenoscave resubmit

jrke: not sure if i remain first in country

Zenoscave: should I?

eulerscheZahl: this won't promote you

eulerscheZahl: do you have hopes for legend?

eulerscheZahl: or want to stay gate keeper?

Zenoscave: I'll wait 10 min

Gonny: what did you mean kovi?

eulerscheZahl: you learn much less spells than average Gonny


eulerscheZahl: i'll close the IDE before i do anything stupid

Gonny: oh yes I noticed that, I tried to figure out where I should learn more but on the replays my bot just seemed smarter than me lol

eulerscheZahl: yeah, hard to analyze these matches

Default avatar.png BoBot: I would love to have a bot smarter than me

kovi: and python

dbdr: and let that better version go to waste, eulerscheZahl? ;(

eulerscheZahl: it's no a coinflip

dbdr: flip it!

eulerscheZahl: arena.out: 200 test.out: 213 draws: 263

dbdr: ah, not good enough

eulerscheZahl: no way

kovi: no way

Default avatar.png BoBot: I actually thought about reducing learns to reduce the branching factor later, and get more sims in

dbdr: that's noise

eulerscheZahl: kovi echoing or same thought?

struct: Why did I start so late

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

kovi: sitting on similar 3-5% for hours

andrefpoliveira: Ahahaha

Zenoscave: should i param tweak or resub same bot?

struct: andre I did not sleep yet

dbdr: struct: to relax, focus on that flashing clock

kovi: but a settled good position is better

struct: Maybe this submit?

struct: Doesnt look that bad

struct: rank 28 20%

Gonny: yeah python killed me on this contest, couldn't reach top 100 until Friday, I basically spent the whole week trying to get to a depth comparable to you guy's

andrefpoliveira: Damn struct

andrefpoliveira: Its almost finished ahah

andrefpoliveira: Then you can go sleep

andrefpoliveira: :)

Ravi1269: how do i run my code in clash of code

jrke: i got an idea for resubmission 1 hour ago and now i am thinking why i resubmitted

Q12: Can I submit now?

struct: I think I will gamble and submit again

aCat: yes

jrke: Q12 at your own randomness risk

Q12: ok

Q12: I will take the risk

Default avatar.png BoBot: lol I am going through my submits 2 days ago because I remembered that I sometimes beat Gold boss then - after getting to Gold...I do not now...

Default avatar.png BoBot: 2 wasted days

jrke: randomness just stay with me for till my submission ends

Michael_Howard: Well good luck everyone!

eulerscheZahl: i make screenshots when my bot did will. configured it to save it directly to my disk with a single key press. that makes it easy to find the code again

hasleron: What does resubmitting mean for the end result? Are you getting the rank you're at in 8 min?

Nerchio: no

aCat: no wait for recalc finish

jrke: no after 8 mins you won't be able to make any submits

struct: euler in your opinion do I resubmit or not?

eulerscheZahl: legend league has a recalc. for leagues below your submit will finish

struct: I have bot that is beating my best one that placed around 30 by 78% to 15%

jrke: but ongoing dubmits will continue

hasleron: oh damn

eulerscheZahl: that's significant, try it

struct: Did it

Michael_Howard: I finally submitted yesterday's version (#100 silver) with the 2-depth tree & no repeatables because I didn't leave myself enough time to get repeatables & full trees working well together. :sob:

eulerscheZahl: and resubmit at 9:59 if it's not working on the leaderboard ;)

reCurse: Stop saying that

reCurse: Rerun will start 2 hours later

reCurse: -_-

eulerscheZahl: it's night for you, isn't it?

struct: I thnk it will be more

reCurse: 4am

jrke: i think rerun will start when all ongoing submissions will end

eulerscheZahl: oh dear

struct: 9 am

struct: woke up at 11am

eulerscheZahl: 9:54am

eulerscheZahl: woke up at 6

jrke: its 2:24pm

Michael_Howard: I've been up 23.5 hours

eulerscheZahl: 5:30 actually. neighbors cat broke into my house again

eulerscheZahl: stole my cat's food

reCurse: So don't resubmit

reCurse: Bad idea

jrke: that bad idea came in my mind 1 hour ago :(

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: 5 minutes!

eulerscheZahl: 307 computing

jrke: i was ending easy 1st in India but resubmit ....................

tomatoes: :fire:

jrke: 1 is above gold boss

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: :popcorn:

Zenoscave: I would've been legend... Syamashi dropped boss...

Zenoscave: dumb mistake

struct: lost 2/13 maybe i resubmit :fire:

Default avatar.png NOaga6690: can someone help me in coders strike back tutorial?

eulerscheZahl: you will get captchas

struct: I dont even know anymore which version was best

struct: Ill just leave this one

struct: I dont really keep track

Default avatar.png rmuskovets:

jrke: 3 mins

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: the best win is the idle win

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: 2 mins

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: 1:30

eulerscheZahl: looks like syamashi will join legend

struct: yeah

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: 1 min

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: 1 min

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: there's something happening with the chat

Zenoscave: :(

struct: ok last second submit

AntiSquid: oh i think there's one tiny tweak you could do euler

AntiSquid: ah chat dead again ?

eulerscheZahl: final minute, 321 computing

struct: even had to solve captcha

eulerscheZahl: contest is over!

eulerscheZahl: i'm stuck on that tiny tweak for days

Default avatar.png BoBot: ooh, syamashi about Gold Boss, last to get to Legend?!

PED: yeah his food was stolen

struct: site breaking all over the place?

AntiSquid: yes

Astrobytes: seems to be a bit weird

Gonny: where can we see the temporary leaderboard?

Gonny: oh I found it

Whiskee: if the last run doesn't go through I'm gonna cri

Default avatar.png BoBot: wait were you guys discussing chokudai yesterday? that he started yesterday? he is mid-Gold now and his last submit seems to be doing well

struct: early too tell

dbdr: wlesavo nice start!

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: can I still write code for the challenge?

jrke: not yet

eulerscheZahl: yes, in 1 or 2 days probably

andrefpoliveira: How do we check our final placement?


jrke: ^^

wlesavo: dbdr nah, just had to resubmit because over night got dragged down quite a bit, waned to check if it was a real place

andrefpoliveira: Tyyyy

struct: oh well

struct: I go to sleep

struct: my last submit started very badly

ChrisSkyRo: do previous contests become normal games after a while?

eulerscheZahl: ok, good morning struct :)

jrke: where can we see boss's points

dbdr: chokudai going for that last minute legend


wlesavo: which forum topic should i lurk for the pm

eulerscheZahl: @jrke

Uljahn: wlesavo:

wlesavo: oh thx

jrke: dbdr lets get back to D&B :wink:

Michael_Howard: So, Spring Challenge May 6, 2021... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

dbdr: :)

eulerscheZahl: and a survey how you liked the contest

wlesavo: jrke D&B&D&R

jrke: 177 registered for Codingame spring challenge 2021

Clagus: +1

lifetimeLearner007: 2021 contest poster looks cool. I was expecting something like that this time but...

eulerscheZahl: it's a placeholder

Clagus: xD

eulerscheZahl: they always use that before they have the final one

lifetimeLearner007: lol. xD

Murleys: has anyone done the weekly challenge, I cannot seem to get the faces correct and eulers formula doesn't work ...

1400179: Oh May 6... earlier than I thought.

LunaBread: when can we see our code for the fall challenge

Astrobytes: not early enough imo :P

lifetimeLearner007: contest every 5-6 months right.?

LunaBread: so true

eulerscheZahl: view report

1400179: Was expecting june

eulerscheZahl: and game itself will probably be back in 1-2 days

Astrobytes: fingers crossed for your one euler

Murleys: the lost files, anyone done this challenge?

lifetimeLearner007: it would be nice if next one is in march like in 2019

AntiSquid: choku didn't get legend in one day, guess the contest was very hard indeed

eulerscheZahl: and kodle only silver :(

andrefpoliveira: When will the leaderboard stabilizy?

andrefpoliveira: 1h?

1400179: lol

andrefpoliveira: stabilize*

Murleys: can someone look into the lost files challenge, it says planar graphs, however none of the test cases besides the first one actually follows eulers rule, making it technically impossible to know the exact number of faces ...

Astrobytes: a good couple of hours

andrefpoliveira: Okok

andrefpoliveira: Tomorrow I will came back and check xD

aCat: lower leagues should finish quite fast

Zaphus: only 65 left computing, I don't think it will take hours

Default avatar.png Sheeptoaster: Got a question about starting up here if anyone has any time to help a new guy out, I'd appreciate it.

andrefpoliveira: Where do you see how many are still going on

aCat: 58 I see ;p


Astrobytes: oh, yeah, sorry. Legend rerun will be ages

andrefpoliveira: Oh I found it

aCat: you can sort by score: computing

jrke: andrefpoliveira where you ended?

andrefpoliveira: Silver xD

Zenoscave: 6th :/

Zenoscave: Had a bad streak at the end

eulerscheZahl: fix it

eulerscheZahl: oh wait

Zenoscave: -_-

andrefpoliveira: AHAHAH

aCat: vaery funny ;p

Zenoscave: 87th is probably one of my best so far

eulerscheZahl: amoung 7k

andrefpoliveira: Well my first challenge so it was good :)

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: I am very happy with my 804th, I wanted to do better, but literally everything I tried made my bot worse

SinOfWrath: Global 200-215 is less than 0.1 from each other. My rank is changing on every 5 sec refresh by 10 even though no one is submitting there. :D

aCat: so legend close at 81

Zenoscave: yup

aCat: if they don't kick anyone out

Zenoscave: maybe one

aCat: yep

aCat: 80/7k

aCat: seems legend a good name

Bojan: gg, it was a great challenge :D

jrke: damn was 1st from last 5 days in INDIA but in last resubmit ended 2nd

jrke: ;( ;( ;(

lifetimeLearner007: anid boosted up in the last few hours

eulerscheZahl: found another repo? :P

jrke: lol

Zenoscave: lol

Astrobytes: :smirk:

jrke: Anid started from python3 then javascript then changed to C#

Zenoscave: anid just copies code found online jrke

Astrobytes: just saw that. Wonder why... :thinking:


eulerscheZahl: CG has some cheat detection

AntiSquid: boot ksaw and start recalc :P

eulerscheZahl: i'm pretty sure it will get removed

Astrobytes: ffs, didn't even bother to change the output text

1400179: What is shame

Zenoscave: pity

Zenoscave: at least he didn't get a higher rank

eulerscheZahl: still awake reCurse?

AntiSquid: actually they booted alts last contest, so similar codes can be booted, best to avoid alts even for testing

1400179: Somehow

1400179: Please do not hold me responsible for things I say

Astrobytes: oof, late one. Or early :thinking:

lifetimeLearner007: get some sleep, the contest is over

tobk: huh, leaderboard already settled? no day-long recompute of top 100?

1400179: It's not over

lifetimeLearner007: well, no more submissions possible right.. so, I think its over

Zenoscave: they recalc legend

1400179: Not over until rerun is over

aCat: yeah... I should change one param :(

aCat: ;p

eulerscheZahl: it ain't over till the fat lady sings

karliso: recurse First 3 places are same same as in csb. Did you find this similar to csb in some way?

reCurse: Strange question :) Not at all

daffie: my grandpa used to say that

Astrobytes: your grandpa played CSB? :D

Zenoscave: Mine too

WINWINWIN: Legend recalc done?

daffie: I mean when the fat lady sings

reCurse: Didn't start

eulerscheZahl: not even started windows_98

eulerscheZahl: WINWINWIN

Astrobytes: I know :grin:

eulerscheZahl: too many users online for tab completion

WINWINWIN: Oh, all top 3 have always been close :)

Default avatar.png OldJohn: Sorry what is csb ?

WINWINWIN: Coders strike Back

WINWINWIN: Another contest.

AntiSquid: windows 93

Default avatar.png OldJohn: thanks

Zenoscave: only two i see in my list aren't mods

reCurse: Come on

reCurse: Press the button

Zenoscave: Press it


andrefpoliveira: Only legeds left to recalculate?

dbdr: bring back .emil!

Zenoscave: make emil great again

AntiSquid: emil. 's life matters !

reCurse: Yay

jrke: so its confirmed that i am not getting a tee:slight_smile:

Westicles: press the whopper button

eulerscheZahl: it started

reCurse: itshappening.gif

andrefpoliveira: Good luck everyone

Zenoscave: surpised dapo didn't show up after all

lifetimeLearner007: didn't know there's a re-count for legends.. well.... good luck guys..

Rounddice: I hope for top 10

reCurse: No prizes

Zenoscave: ah

Csipcsirip: gl boys

andrefpoliveira: I guess lower leagues are closed

WINWINWIN: Will the leaderboard shrink later?

AntiSquid: why zeno? he hasn't been around for a long time

Zenoscave: there was some speculation

andrefpoliveira: This will take a while xD

AntiSquid: based on what

lifetimeLearner007: it'll be interesting if the whole leaderboard gets changed after this recount.

jrke: every league is closed andrefpoliveira but they will release a multi for same

Zenoscave: he was typing on discord before contest and stopped

lifetimeLearner007: whole legend leaderboard*

eulerscheZahl: yes

WINWINWIN: Like it did in Spring Challenge? Any idea how much it would shrink by?

jrke: it didn't shrinked i think

eulerscheZahl: they moved the complete leaderboard and bot history from contest to multi

eulerscheZahl: (the code history)

wlesavo: would there be an alternative ranking euler? :slight_smile:

AntiSquid: it didn't shrink, just removed duplicate / very similar bots WINWINWIN

AntiSquid: there were like 5-7


WINWINWIN: So no mmajor changes in LB?

eulerscheZahl: wlesavo

Zenoscave: jrke did you post your bot on github

wlesavo: ohh nice

jrke: nope

jrke: so should we expect anid will be removed antisquid

Default avatar.png maddenvvs: Good luck everyone! You're very welcoming and motivating community!

AntiSquid: what's that euler ?

jrke: btw Zenoscave why are you asking that

eulerscheZahl: my virtual desktop #4

WINWINWIN: Yeah, maddenvvs they`re all really nice guys.

WINWINWIN: Hope to see you in the next contest.

Zenoscave: anid gives very similar output to you. just wondering if he stole yours. but it seems he is in a diff lang

jrke: anid changed 3 langs

AntiSquid: i mean what is it for ? just replay download or what ?

eulerscheZahl: python -> JS -> C#

jrke: ^^

eulerscheZahl: i only did 2 :(

Zenoscave: ah right

eulerscheZahl: failed to find a 3rd good repo :D

Zenoscave: 1st time i stuck with my first lang through

jrke: me c++ python3(just for random choice move selection on first day) then back to c++

AntiSquid: i used python for bronze, does it count as 2 languages?

eulerscheZahl: let's only consider changes at silver+

Zenoscave: how arbitrary euler

Zenoscave: ;)

jrke: when will we get CPs for this

eulerscheZahl: just be patient

dbdr: ah, just got in range to feed off eulerscheZahl :)

eulerscheZahl: i can say tomorrow or next week. will you believe me if i do?

**eulerscheZahl slaps dbdr around a bit with a large fishbot

eulerscheZahl: and i already lost to you

dbdr: that's why I'm saying it

wlesavo: dbdr i feed everyone equally, i think i have a communist in me

eulerscheZahl: only good guy kovi is helping me

Zenoscave: why would you eat a communist wlesavo

Zenoscave: they're starchy from all the potatoes

dbdr: wlesavo nice

XprophEtX: guys, how long until the fall challenge is reopened again?

kovi: be my gues euler. hopefully i can afford it

kovi: guest

WINWINWIN: XprophEtX I think it took a week last timme before it came out as a multi

wlesavo: Zenoscave you should try one, some are delicious

Zenoscave: I might

Default avatar.png xSkyline: is there going to be some editorials from legend coders for this event ?

Zenoscave: fixit XprophEtX

Zenoscave: xSkyline

Zenoscave: ezpz

Westicles: Things are tight at the tshirt line

Zenoscave: ok 3 am here. third night with little sleep i gotta go

Zenoscave: gn

eulerscheZahl: good night

Astrobytes: gn Zeno

Zenoscave: PEWPEWPEW

dbdr: so nice to see matches this fast!

eulerscheZahl: no. how shall i keep the pace at downloading?

dbdr: crowdsource it

eulerscheZahl: my system isn't designed for that. maybe next time

kovi: :)

eulerscheZahl: sounds like an interesting project

dbdr: if you fetch the ids in priority, hopfully the replayis don't disappear too fast

jrke: how to see report of someone else

eulerscheZahl: that's what i do

eulerscheZahl: regular fetching

eulerscheZahl: so far i got all i wanted

kovi: dl only top20

eulerscheZahl: which is about 24k replays

eulerscheZahl: did Rounddice break the bot? saw him much higher this day

Rounddice: No, it's actually the same as submitted ca. 12 hours ago

AntiSquid: hopefully you can still roll a good rank

eulerscheZahl: oh. i guess i just got really lucky then. or you unlucky

kovi: which place you started with?

eulerscheZahl: me?

kovi: rounddice

Rounddice: I think like 8th

Nerchio: i was like 50th at best and i dropped to 73 rip :D

Rounddice: Maybe I was just stuck up there because I submitted a long time ago

kovi: yeah, some kind of nemesis ascended and pushed you down

andrefpoliveira: What is the prize for the 3 winners?

eulerscheZahl: canvas with contest artwork

eulerscheZahl: 40x30cm

AntiSquid: it's a canvas with the witches on it

rockstar555: COMPETE CONTEST CODINGAME SPRING CHALLENGE 2021 you have registered to this contest

andrefpoliveira: Like to put on a wall?

eulerscheZahl: yes

andrefpoliveira: Damn thats nice

eulerscheZahl: screws are included

andrefpoliveira: Ahahah

rockstar555: 323 CodinGamers have registered to this contest

wlesavo: whichvas

lifetimeLearner007: witch canvas might look ugly in any part of the home

eulerscheZahl: thank you AntiSquid

kovi: on the other hand karliso is improving well

AntiSquid: it's the 2nd kick though

karliso: I submitted in last seconds

karliso: It was not planned

AntiSquid: just random lines nonstop . ban next time rockstar555

karliso: I think I submitted worse version

eulerscheZahl: oh

Nerchio: damn euler you're getting beat down

eulerscheZahl: the classic last second bad idea

eulerscheZahl: well, i have a pretty bad bot :P

karliso: I was testing some version and it gave good results... vs me.

eulerscheZahl: it's your duty to beat it

Nerchio: i went from 50 to 73 sad to see :(

AntiSquid: i didn't submit my best bot, but there's only 100 ranks difference wouldn't have matters :D

eulerscheZahl: my best was 25->91

AntiSquid: mattered *

eulerscheZahl: evil recalc

dbdr: lucky precalc rank

lifetimeLearner007: will there be another recalc after this one?

dbdr: recalc the recalc

karliso: I would be happy with top 10.

eulerscheZahl: in the multiplayer i got right next to those uses who were next to me before

dbdr: ah then ok

AntiSquid: yes on the multiplayer game you can recalc all day every day lifetimeLearner007

dbdr: pacman2020 right?

Westicles: I think a good prize would be 55ms for the next contest

lifetimeLearner007: haha...

eulerscheZahl: coders of the carribean

dbdr: ah, wasn't born

lifetimeLearner007: why stop at 55ms, let it be 100ms :p

wlesavo: Westicles the real prize is the time we spent? :smiley:

AntiSquid: no, that's the investment you made

Westicles: groan

Donotalo: next contest May 6?? :( i'll forget how to spell codinggame :(

Westicles: you already did

AntiSquid: does it help to keep track of how often you visit a state that leads to a brew so you focus on states that are more likely to yield brews ?

eulerscheZahl: thanks for explaining the joke

Astrobytes: lmao westicles, play multiplayers in the meantime Donotalo

Donotalo: (that's intentional)

Westicles: ah, that's a whoosh on me

Donotalo: i like real contest

AntiSquid: a long woooooooooosh :P

Donotalo: missing those days when CG used to release a game every 2/3 months

Astrobytes: yeah

lifetimeLearner007: yeah

AntiSquid: they were probably too much under pressure ?!

eulerscheZahl: i remember 2 CG contests at once

Astrobytes: try the user-created games, some of them are pretty good

eulerscheZahl: hypersonic and the accountant

dbdr: wat?

eulerscheZahl: HS wasn't finished when TAC started

JFB: It was strange contest. Congratulations for aCat - you school 1st. And 6 persons in Legend. And it looks that contest was very popular in Japan schools - 2nd - 6th places in the rank

Donotalo: i've played many games on CG all are fun when i started

Donotalo: but now i like real contest

Donotalo: life is not giving enough time

dbdr: I mean what were they thinking?

dbdr: maybe a sponsor request?

Default avatar.png boon-cpu: YOOOOOOO

eulerscheZahl: TAC was sponsored and related to a movie coming to cinemas

eulerscheZahl: HS was long announced

AntiSquid: do students who beat aCat get better marks as bonus ?

eulerscheZahl: TAC even had $10k for the winner

Astrobytes: nah they lose marks AntiSquid :P

dbdr: good movie too if I remember correctly

eulerscheZahl: i've never seen it

JFB: I have on DVD :-)


eulerscheZahl: so smits didn't play this contest :(

dbdr: yeah :(

Nerchio: :(

Astrobytes: nor robo

Westicles: I remember when they used to make movies

JFB: All OK with him?

AntiSquid: maybe no time ?

Astrobytes: Smits is just busy

Astrobytes: teaching & learning etc

AntiSquid: i only was here about 2-3 days trying to fix something


Default avatar.png rkfcccccc: hello guys

Default avatar.png rkfcccccc: whatss upp

AntiSquid: hi

Default avatar.png rkfcccccc: where u from dud

AntiSquid: what's the r in your name? recycled ?

Rounddice: My bot is coming for yours eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: oh no!

Default avatar.png rkfcccccc: my name is vlad

Default avatar.png rkfcccccc: im from thailand

Default avatar.png rkfcccccc: what s ur name

JFB: I have mixed filling about my results. 1st time I in 1st 100 (83) so success for me. But from 2nd hand - I 2nd in Gold - so very near Legend. Maybe next time

AntiSquid: and live in russia ?

Default avatar.png rkfcccccc: im a gypsy

eulerscheZahl: as long as i stay in top20 i'm fine with you beating me Rounddice

lifetimeLearner007: mixed feeling*

AntiSquid: :thinking: that's random

JFB: Yes

Astrobytes: very close JFB

Default avatar.png rkfcccccc: yes

AntiSquid: asked about the r because your name is r KFC cccc, get it ?

dbdr: top 2 is super close

Westicles: seize back our KFC?

Default avatar.png rkfcccccc: if u will write it with my keyboard layout, u will get a word "cool" written in my language

Default avatar.png BoBot: yea, my version from ~2 days ago did ~200 places better than my most recent version, glad I found that version in the last 15 minutes of the contest and could resubmit :D I was wondering if it was because my Gold opponents had gotten, it was because I had gotten worse..

Nerchio: 20th is a hotspot :P

aCat: AntiSquid

Default avatar.png BoBot: omg, it truly is

aCat: nope

Guinsoo: when can we play the fall challenge again

eulerscheZahl: and you can be relaxed while watching it Nerchio

Default avatar.png BoBot: so much effort spent for a T-shirt

Nerchio: like 12 ppl +- 0.5 points

AntiSquid: so astro was right then, aCat

aCat: but +1 point for legend, +1 for top 50, +1 for top 100

Nerchio: yeah i am relaxed steadily going down :D

Astrobytes: :D

Guinsoo: oh euler u made tower dereference :D

eulerscheZahl: i consider that the weakest of my contributions :(

Astrobytes: Guinsoo, fall challenge will be available again in a day or 2

Guinsoo: ye it's kinda dumb with the fire tower but it was fun!!

JFB: No other school with >3 persons in Legend aCat

AntiSquid: BoBot i mean if it were just for t-shirt then there's no point competing since you work those hours and buy a CG shirt :P

Guinsoo: Okay thanks a lot

eulerscheZahl: bad balancing

andrefpoliveira: The fire tower is op?

Default avatar.png BoBot: @AntiSquid yea it was mostly a joke - though I did not know you could buy them :D

eulerscheZahl: yes

Guinsoo: Yesss

Westicles: engineers will do anything for a tshirt

andrefpoliveira: Ahah okok

andrefpoliveira: I just took a look last day

eulerscheZahl: but i won't change that now after release

AntiSquid: i think i like tower defence game most from your contribs, just didn't hav etime yet for it euler

wlesavo: what a time to look at cg stats

Guinsoo: I always loved TDs

eulerscheZahl: different players have a different taste. TD isn't for sim but can probably be fun with heuristics

lifetimeLearner007: recurse score is finally rising after a constant drop

AntiSquid: i use sims, just not very hardcore on the sims

Nerchio: pb4 and agade close too interesting :P

Default avatar.png BoBot: btw, people who have programmed both in Rust and C++, do you think Rust is easier to pick up/learn? it seems like performance wise it is at least competitive with C++ I have never really gotten into low level not-memory-managed languages, coming from Java/Python background

dbdr: BoBot do you prefer stricter compiler checks or debugging crashes?

dbdr: (honest question)

Guinsoo: Which one is stricter

Default avatar.png BoBot: compiler checks

dbdr: rust

Default avatar.png BoBot: definitely

AntiSquid: how do you feel about the syntax c++ vs rust dbdr ?

dbdr: then I recommend rust

Default avatar.png BoBot: fail fast, I am scared of undefined behaviors and weird bugs that apparently C++ can have :D

NicolasH_42: BoBot ive learn rust during this challenge and its very nice

AntiSquid: let's say c++ was like rust, apart from syntax only

Default avatar.png BoBot: again, I started programming in Java

Guinsoo: It has no garbage collection but is still safe? whoa

dbdr: AntiSquid rust syntax is slightly more unusual at first, but I think nice afterwards. I don't think syntax matters much in the end

Default avatar.png BoBot: yea @Guinsoo I am also very interested in how that works

Default avatar.png BoBot: @dbdr the syntax is what is putting me off a bit - so many special character - that is why I hated PHP as well $ everywhere

dbdr: not that many, is there? & for references, but that's in C++ too

lifetimeLearner007: you wouldn't like angularjs then

Default avatar.png BoBot: seems like a minor thing, easy to get used to, but I believe in clean and clutterless syntax :D

dbdr: ? for unwrapping

dbdr: what else?

Default avatar.png BoBot: @dbdr that is just first impressions, I literally learned about the language's existance last week :D

dbdr: :)

AntiSquid: syntax looks really weird, only reason i didn't try rust

Default avatar.png BoBot: and I have been doing Python for the last few years, which does not even have curly brackets

AntiSquid: python best syntax :P

Default avatar.png BoBot: I almost started converting my code to Rust this weekend, but got cold feet - probably too short of a timeframe anyway with a new language

dbdr: yeah, a few days is too short

Default avatar.png BoBot: I will try with smaller problems first, maybe next contest :D

wlesavo: знерщт вщуы рфму curly brackets ерщгпр

wlesavo: damn

Default avatar.png BoBot: hahahaa Cyrillic

dbdr: I really started rust in a one month constest, and taking my time

tomatoes: :grinning:

wlesavo: python does have curly brackets though

AntiSquid: ban

Default avatar.png BoBot: @wlesavo well yea, but not for code blocks

Guinsoo: I like C for his performance and control (pointers) but I've been learning java at uni and I like the objects, it's just better organized. My friend tells me that Java is slow af and he's right I guess so I think I should try C++ next?

aCat: I definitaly want to learn rust

wlesavo: oh you meant that

Default avatar.png BoBot: @Guinsoo lol Java is not slow as fuck, that is some C++ privileged speak

aCat: seems I need some fast language in my portfolio

Guinsoo: Oh really

dbdr: aCat what's your main lang?

eulerscheZahl: RAIC codeball contest

aCat: hmmm

Guinsoo: I'll just keep doing Java for now then

eulerscheZahl: and i used java for it :D

dbdr: yes, one fast one is definitely a good idea

Nerchio: BoBot for competitions here and 50ms time limit Java feels slow when its competition is C++

Default avatar.png BoBot: if "slow as fuck" is "top 3 out of the top 10" most popular languages then yea

aCat: I use c# whan I can, Python when its easier, Java when I have to

Default avatar.png BoBot: true Nerchio, but this site is pretty much a corner case in programming :D

aCat: Lua when I tteach Lua or have to do something with c++

Nerchio: i like Java but here it has obvious disadvantages

Guinsoo: I did a tree search for the Fall contest in Java and could only look 3 turns ahead, but I guess I didn't optimize it well

TwoLate: I'm right behind FrequentlyMissedDeadlines. How appropriate..

dreadylein: :D

eulerscheZahl: for the top you probably need more than 10 turns lookahead

Guinsoo: But how


eulerscheZahl: i might write something about bit operations for the inventory later the day

AntiSquid: 1001 states guinso

Guinsoo: :heart_eyes:

Guinsoo: What?

WINWINWIN: No imagination in contest titles any more :(

Nerchio: euler im scared for you

dbdr: eulerscheZahl how do you feel about your tshirt?

dbdr: same thought

AntiSquid: total possible combinations of gems player can have GuillaumeSLD

eulerscheZahl: i'm skydiving right now

AntiSquid: Guinsoo *

Nerchio: there is a nice and cozy place 77th place below me if u want :D

dbdr: I can only fall too, let's stop the recalc, who's for that?

Default avatar.png BoBot:

Default avatar.png BoBot: ooops :D


WINWINWIN: :joy: :joy:

Default avatar.png BoBot: did not know the chat does that

Nerchio: not again antisquid

Default avatar.png GuillaumeSLD: ?

AntiSquid: sorry

AntiSquid: pinged wrong person

AntiSquid: was addressing Guinsoo

Guinsoo: A Rigged Election!

wlesavo: euler dont drop out of tshirt range :worried:

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: Do they make tshirts for frogs?

WINWINWIN: Tshirt is Top 50 right? And top of lang?

Astrobytes: Toads man, toads!

AntiSquid: go offline euler . live the dream

eulerscheZahl: top20

eulerscheZahl: top50 was years ago

WINWINWIN: So Euler anyway gets a tshirt for 1st in C#?

eulerscheZahl: the first in a language is also long gone

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: he was a traitor and used C++ as well


Default avatar.png BoBot: that T-shirt inflation :/

AntiSquid: they didn't do any more top of lang since WW

WINWINWIN: I`m behind the times :(

Default avatar.png BoBot: wait, it is the other way around with inflation

eulerscheZahl: down to 20, i'm ready to /flip

AntiSquid: deflation BoBot

WINWINWIN: Tied with Yorkov and .01 ahead of wala :)

Default avatar.png BoBot: some of the first contests I did even had monetary prizes :O

Default avatar.png BoBot: Accountant optimization was one I think

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: there we go

Guinsoo: :laughing:

ToshiTuringMachine: and the winner is.... C++ ! (again)

eulerscheZahl: tbh i don't think that i belong in top20 with that bot

AntiSquid: this is where one starts to look forward to RAIC

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: not sure if i will play RAIC

WINWINWIN: Did you submit a wrong version euler?

eulerscheZahl: don't think so

eulerscheZahl: just other players being better than me

AntiSquid: 1 rust 1 java

eulerscheZahl: and 22nd

Traquila: python #25

AntiSquid: nice

WINWINWIN: Awesome Gonny

Default avatar.png BoBot: keep that Python dream alive!

Traquila: and java #24 its crazy

Default avatar.png BoBot: wala 19th with Java as well rn

Default avatar.png **LordSkaven starts petition to ban all non toads that are in legend

WINWINWIN: The #2 Toad, Daiver, is now #320? He was in the top 100 for a long time wasnt he?

eulerscheZahl: broken submit?

WINWINWIN: Looks like it, his score isnt computing.

eulerscheZahl: back to 20

eulerscheZahl: oh dear, that thrill

dbdr: by 0.0

Nerchio: what happens when 10 people at 20th will have the same score

Nerchio: they give out 30 tshirts?

Nerchio: :joy:

eulerscheZahl: there are more decimals

eulerscheZahl: just not shown

dbdr: tshirt decided by a rounding error

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: random winner

AntiSquid: i think they would, there was a convo once, but there are decimals Nerchio

kovi: lets make a deal: cut it half (left-right arm/side)

eulerscheZahl: thank you king salomon

jrke: top3 looks similar as expected

Nerchio: the biggest upset of the recalc is me going down 25 places

Nerchio: for sure

dbdr: eulerscheZahl at 90%, what is your timer? I have 35ms, at 85%

Nerchio: i blame java because why not

eulerscheZahl: pb didn't even plot you

eulerscheZahl: 40ms

eulerscheZahl: shorter matches?

AntiSquid: when did the limit get fixed?

dbdr: can be

eulerscheZahl: that's something we could extract as i got the replays now

eulerscheZahl: 46k already

AntiSquid: i only tried this morning 40ms

eulerscheZahl: i always used 40

karliso: cgstats says that Agade is 53% vs pb4 over 86 games

AntiSquid: was timing out at 20-25 last week :/

eulerscheZahl: CG stats doesn't have the full history

pb4: We've exchanged binaries to test right now karliso

karliso: cool

eulerscheZahl: did you send him a virus?

JFB: trojan :-)

pb4: Should have in case he won :D

eulerscheZahl: pb4 Agade 68 75 7

eulerscheZahl: win loss draw

pb4: He has 45.9% +- 0.5 winrate vs me

eulerscheZahl: so a little in Agade's favor

pb4: over 17k games apparently

eulerscheZahl: and how do you could draws in that?

pb4: 0.5

karliso: 17k games?

eulerscheZahl: so you are a little stronger on the long run

pb4: Seems so

eulerscheZahl: looking good for you to win. i'll wait a little longer to congratulate

karliso: I need a new pc

AntiSquid: RAIC will probably have one as prize

JFB: Usually had

eulerscheZahl: but they are saving on tshirts+hoodies this year

JFB: Mac

pb4: Revenge for COTC

eulerscheZahl: as in: none at all

Nerchio: some recalcs already finished and mine is still like 15% does it mean the system believes in me? :D

eulerscheZahl: why revenge? agade didn't do anything to you

lifetimeLearner007: top 2 are so close

pb4: In COTC ?

eulerscheZahl: oh, i was at OOC :D

eulerscheZahl: the other ocean game

eulerscheZahl: wait, you won that

pb4: for 50% of the rerun we were at 0.00 score difference

eulerscheZahl: i remember, close one between #2 and #3

pb4: Very very very close

pb4: I was ahead until the very last match

pb4: ....

eulerscheZahl: then agade got unlucky at WW

pb4: Don't remember that

WINWINWIN: Congrats PB4, 3rd contest win :)

eulerscheZahl: i think it's decided now. congrats, well played!

eulerscheZahl: and reCurse still shown as online, already getting morning for him

rockstar555: C0ngrats PB4

dreadylein: Grats to all the winners :)

rockstar555: :smiley:

XprophEtX: Congrats to all winners! :relaxed:

pb4: Thanks :)

lifetimeLearner007: congrats @pb4, @Agade, and @reCurse

Agade: Ty

rockstar555: Congrats Agade

lifetimeLearner007: and congrats to all the legends... next time, I'll try to reach legend

eulerscheZahl: well played Agade. nice to see you back

AntiSquid: that's an old timer top 3, was wondering if it's going to end up like that :)

AntiSquid: (account age ofc)

eulerscheZahl: same top 3 as on CotC, reverse order

Guinsoo: Do you guys write all your code in the CG ide

Guinsoo: It gets messy

eulerscheZahl: of course not. offline IDE

JFB: Really a bit nostalgic top 3 rank

eulerscheZahl: and different files that we merge with a script

DomiKo: ohhh wow

DomiKo: so close to top5

Guinsoo: Okay I'll look into it, sorry I'm quite new

AntiSquid: i used VSC, but later stuck to the IDE to check for timeouts Guinsoo

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: when do submissions reopen?

JFB: An eulerscheZahl it looks that tsheert for you :-)

DomiKo: 0.02 nice

eulerscheZahl: wait for wala

eulerscheZahl: i have a horrible winrate

karliso: Did you like this game?

eulerscheZahl: not that much tbh

eulerscheZahl: little interaction, felt random sometimes

eulerscheZahl: you can lose the game with a single bad action that only turns out to be bad later

Astrobytes: Yeah, almost no point in having an opponent

karliso: yeah. similar to pac in that regard

AntiSquid: i didn't dislike it, could have practiced a bit more searching / simulations but timeouts where a huge turnoff

DomiKo: felt more random than pac

eulerscheZahl: but here it was more obvious what to do than PAC

eulerscheZahl: so we have less skill variation for bot

eulerscheZahl: s

DomiKo: everybody have really similiar tactic

eulerscheZahl: and hard for me as a human to analyze a replay

DomiKo: and a "magic values" in eval matter :(

eulerscheZahl: so I liked pacman more

AntiSquid: they forced interaction with opponent with the 6 brew limit

DomiKo: not really

mzbear: i wrote all my code in the web ide, and it was horrible. started late, ran out of time, and only in the very end i got a somewhat interesting idea that i didn't have time to take to the end

AntiSquid: yes because it matters if you end it before opponent can do his 6th

eulerscheZahl: 4 still computing. 3x java

DomiKo: I didn't care about opponent at all, and go to top5

eulerscheZahl: coincidence or does CG take longer to start a java?

eulerscheZahl: now 3 out of 3 in java

dbdr: they might use the 1s more

AntiSquid: 1 brew makes a world of difference regardless of your rank domiko

dbdr: wow, DomiKo ignores opponent totally? :O

DomiKo: I'm only saying that one of my programs played solo game, and win rate wasn't affected that much

DomiKo: dbdr right now no

eulerscheZahl: but you detected the end of game?

DomiKo: but I was

dbdr: ok

DomiKo: right know I only dettect if i can brew 6th potion

DomiKo: but ithout it

DomiKo: I had same winrates

eulerscheZahl: you don't know when you have to hurry before the opponent ends the game?

DomiKo: yes

DomiKo: I don't care

eulerscheZahl: wow

Rounddice: I tried to detect whether an opponent can brew a recipe before me, but it made my winrate worse...

DomiKo: true

DomiKo: because you can make every potion in 5 turns

eulerscheZahl: i also failed with that opponent brew

eulerscheZahl: but at least the end of game felt mandatory to me

dbdr: everyone did :D

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: Rounddice same here, avoiding recipes my opponent can reach first just made my bot worse - but endgame prediction worked

eulerscheZahl: i'm afk-ing a bit

jrke: endgame predictor ??

AntiSquid: ya jrke, to see who gets a 6th potion first

jrke: by minimax?

MichalOp: I anticipate what opponent will do using the same beam search with less time given to it, and do full minmax if someone has 5 potions, both seemed to improve performance a bit

jrke: all recalc ended

AntiSquid: just counting distance to next potion when either player has 5 potions

jrke: we have the final leaderboard

mzbear: this was the basis of my final idea: ... a lookup table of spells (without rest) for minimum distance to brew. the next step would've been creation of recipe+recipe tables in a similar fashion by looping through all possible pivot points, and then dynamic programming to make all paths for 5 recipes. viable? not 100% sure, but it looked promising

jrke: ah got it

DomiKo: Wrocław 3rd win! :D

AntiSquid: let's all enlist there

AntiSquid: i'll be domiko's desk mate

Nerchio: :joy:

jrke: mzbear don't you use 'using namespace std;'

Nerchio: i don't think they enlist people from silver antisquid

Nerchio: ;)

JFB: And the winner is ..... eulerscheZahl (last t-shirt)

mzbear: uint64_t is enough to contain a mask of viable spells, and then a pathfinder can be built around that to only test the best spells at each inventory position

eulerscheZahl: :shirt:

DomiKo: nice one!

Nerchio: gratz euler

mzbear: jrke: nope, i never do :)

eulerscheZahl: thanks, didn't even expect it anymore :)

Astrobytes: well done :)

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: well done everyone who competed, looking forward to the post mortems

AntiSquid: lol Nerchio thanks for rubbing it in, but i spent least time on this one :/

DomiKo: I can't wait to read pb4's postmodern

eulerscheZahl: inb4 10 versions of "i wrote a beam search"

Nerchio: haha i thought I needed to counter the jab against Wroclaw signing everyone :D

eulerscheZahl: pb did some interesting stuff

DomiKo: I know

DomiKo: I tried to copy his eval of spells

AntiSquid: i wrote a beam search too, although i didn't mention it on forums eulerscheZahl

jrke: my current submitted code is beam searcg

DomiKo: I made 40 games with same choiced of cards :joy:

Nerchio: yeah i will probably not write a post mortem since i am 76th :D

AntiSquid: ah, well you can move uni Nerchio


AntiSquid: people had spell evals like in LOCM afterall? lol

eulerscheZahl: pb extracted more than me

AntiSquid: i was considering it but thought it's not relevant


Guinsoo: Lol

AntiSquid: nvm i do have a formula in there, but it's very basic, sharing on forums


Nerchio: i kind of expected spells that produce a lot of ingredients to rank low

Nerchio: but i think my eval was the opposite lol

AntiSquid: i mean if you're serious about it, wouldn't spell scores be dependent on what you already learned ?

AntiSquid: if you have 2 blue -> 2 green then 2 green -> 2 orange matters a lot more

Nerchio: well beginning of the game you usually buy spells anyway

Nerchio: so you want general 'good' spells

Nerchio: but balancing your spell inventory is probably quite important too

eulerscheZahl: i gave up on the latter

eulerscheZahl: => wait for pb's post mortem here

Nerchio: why is it so hard to find link to post mortems :D


Nerchio: thanks i closed it and couldnt find

eulerscheZahl: they are just not there yet

AntiSquid: yes Nerchio, but there was also the issue of getting better spells and giving more blues to the opponent

Nerchio: yeah thats why my bot ended up with 7 spells for free

Nerchio: in the end

Nerchio: it was easy to randomly lose at the start by feeding your opponent

Nerchio: but its the first time i worked with bot which basically only part was search

Nerchio: tuning it was kind of a pain since you cant see direct results

Nerchio: you need to look at many games and win ratios

Default avatar.png BoBot: from PMs it looks like the basic ideas/principles are similar - something I did not pay attention to, was how many resources you have left after casting - I did have some points for ingredients in eval, but I think that was strongly outdone by brew eval

mzbear: my biggest mistake was sticking to the web editor instead of working locally .. i started the challenge late and didn't want to "waste time" setting up a local referee. in the end, it was impossible to figure out what changes were an improvement :(

Default avatar.png BoBot: oh, I was very happy with how I organized my coding this time - I found a good library for combining Python scripts, so I could work with several files, also I used unittests way more than ever before for a CG contest

Default avatar.png BoBot: that worked for basic logic at least, once I got deeper I stopped creating tests - and that might have hurt my progress actually :P :/

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl you got into the cut gz :O

DomiKo: forum down?

ZarthaxX: im viewing it

DomiKo: :/

AntiSquid: domiko too pesimistic: "I will probably finish around the 13th rank in the legend league." you're already 7th on stable leaderboard :P

special_agent: .

AntiSquid: .

Nerchio: .

DomiKo: I messed up

DomiKo: I preseed reply button

DomiKo: and ehhh...

ZarthaxX: wait, wasnt there a run of the game?

ZarthaxX: there was right?

AntiSquid: recalc you mean? there was

ZarthaxX: yeah that

ZarthaxX: ah ok

DomiKo: I always have to press wrong button wrrrr

WINWINWIN: They removes emil. from the leaderboard?

WINWINWIN: *removed

special_agent: guy why my account showing N/A in contest view repport ?

WINWINWIN: Did you delete and reactivate your account or something like that?

AntiSquid: hey domiko i delete your second post, you double posted due to a bug or whatever

DomiKo: ok


DomiKo: I see now

special_agent: no i did not do anything to my account

DomiKo: I pressed delete button on first one

DomiKo: So I can't see my first post :(

AntiSquid: shit

AntiSquid: wait

DomiKo: I got "too many request" error

WINWINWIN: I`m not sure what happened special_agent, ask the [CG] team. But dont spam themm.

DomiKo: and someting went wrong

AntiSquid: you deleted the first one with the likes on it :/

AntiSquid: i restored the second one

DomiKo: :sob::sob::sob:

special_agent: help me guys please

WINWINWIN: Any idea what happened to him, Squid?

AntiSquid: uhm yes but i'd rather not say it in chat

WINWINWIN: Ohh... got it.

Clagus: :scream:

special_agent: AntiSquid please dm me

AntiSquid: WINWINWIN i went up in rank from 808 to 802 so 6 bots removed above me

WINWINWIN: Yeah, I just checked, total is now 7036 from 7045

WINWINWIN: So excluding emil. 8 removed

eulerscheZahl: damn, i wanted to take a snapshot to see who got removed

ZarthaxX: 7035*

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

eulerscheZahl: anid still there

ZarthaxX: he should get removed soon

ZarthaxX: :D

eulerscheZahl: i expect some movement here

ZarthaxX: they didnt bother in changing the text..

ZarthaxX: wtf

Zanoshky: anyone from the top wish to share code?

Zanoshky: would love to learn and improve myself

darkhorse64: Copy/pasting is really the least effort

ntroPi: the game will be an opten bot competition, so sharing full code is ... not optimal?

ntroPi: *open

ZarthaxX: yep

AntiSquid: Zanoshky not a website where people share or where it's encouraged. Actually discouraged.

Zanoshky: sorry did not know

AntiSquid: it's ok

ntroPi: There will be post mortem blogposts about used strategies though. So plenty to learn.

WINWINWIN: Special agent had an alt which he used for testing, he has just joined and didnt know the rules, can anything be done?

darkhorse64: Sharing knowledge is encouraged.

AntiSquid: kaggle is in the other extreme though, people actively share during contest and you got to take top code and improve it unless you got top notebook yourself Zanoshky

eulerscheZahl: CG decisions are final



eulerscheZahl: you can politely ask Thibaud but don't expect anything from it

AntiSquid: WINWINWIN those with alt (there were a few) last contest were lucky to dodge the removal

WINWINWIN: last contest alts were allowed?

AntiSquid: also alts are never allowed according to Thibaud so use at own risk .

eulerscheZahl: thibaud removed alts but showed mercy to the main accounts

AntiSquid: no WINWINWIN they were removed, but let mains stay

WINWINWIN: Oh, understood.

WINWINWIN: But why bother with alts? No shame in trying a bad submit...

AntiSquid: but still wish there was a way to self-demote to wood especially during contest when you want to try a new approach

rockstar555: how to became a moderator

AntiSquid: everyone approaches progression on ladder differently

eulerscheZahl: :popcorn:

WINWINWIN: Oh, yeah. to start from basic rules.

AntiSquid: yes

DomiKo: pb4 is repylng!

DomiKo: here we go!

AntiSquid: record it

DomiKo: posted!

DomiKo: lets read

pb4: Not the PM yet :P

eulerscheZahl: :D

WINWINWIN: You got their hopes up :D


DomiKo: You got me

DomiKo: I'm so hyped

pb4: Should I delete ? :innocent:

DomiKo: I have SS's

eulerscheZahl: you changed the scores

eulerscheZahl: 513 => 514 for me

pb4: Good for you then :D

eulerscheZahl: rounding errors?

pb4: It's based on a numerical solver, maybe you were right on the edge ?

pb4: oh I excluded emil in the last calculation

eulerscheZahl: poor emil

pb4: Could have changed somebody else's score, which changed yours in turn

AntiSquid: RIP email. best member

AntiSquid: why is Jeff06 at 0 ?

pb4: Had to pick a value to normalize

pb4: so... last at 0

MenoIy: euh there was someone ahead of me in the leader and I don't see him anymore is there still match in gold ?

WINWINWIN: No, the guys with alternate accounts are being removed.

MenoIy: alternate ?

MadKnight: multiple

WINWINWIN: Spare accounts, for testing.

MenoIy: ah niiice

ntroPi: multi account is forbidden - some people did it anywas.

MenoIy: so they check the code if it s same ?

eulerscheZahl: yes

MenoIy: Nice

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I see more than one person saying the used inventory in their eval function with: tier0 + 2*tier1 + 3*tier2 + 4*tier3

where did this come from?

eulerscheZahl: afaik they only check gold+legend

MenoIy: I hop more poeple drop Jk Xd

WINWINWIN: They probably have some script to check everything

ntroPi: Thats the formula to calculate potion value.

ntroPi: (plus one extra rule)

AntiSquid: mine was based on rounds it takes to get the ingredient with the starting spells pedrosorio

AntiSquid: i guess they ignored the resting turn for their scoring

eulerscheZahl: safe bet that you will climb

eulerscheZahl: but ranking was stable in this case. just 6 spots apart

Westicles: They both used the ETSI standard for comments

AntiSquid: which is why i imagine the scores would drastically change as you acquire new spells, not sure how to evaluate it in that case


Illedan: Is the multi open yet?

eulerscheZahl: no

Westicles: European Telecommunications Standards Institute

karliso: Poor guy. There are probably people doing worse things than that.

Illedan: Nice tshirt rank euler :D

BrunoFelthes: Will moderator win t-shirts?

Illedan: Sure

WINWINWIN: 7035 now, one more guy gone.

eulerscheZahl: thanks illedan

eulerscheZahl: why not BrunoFelthes?

eulerscheZahl: shall i be punished for doing some voluntary work for CG?

BrunoFelthes: I'm 24th

eulerscheZahl: i didn't know the game before, same chances for everyone

dbdr: erichto knew it before

eulerscheZahl: true

BrunoFelthes: Was you not a beta tester for the gamer euler?

dbdr: not sure how much and what was the deal

eulerscheZahl: no

AntiSquid: knew what?

eulerscheZahl: that's purely a CG created contest

BrunoFelthes: I just want a t-shirt :(

dbdr: erichto had a video showing the game when it opened

eulerscheZahl: you have one already

eulerscheZahl: locam, do you remember?

BrunoFelthes: yes

AntiSquid: i think they just contacted him for the streaming part that's it .

BrunoFelthes: it was so close... congrats euler

eulerscheZahl: thanks. was on a coin flip

dbdr: sure, but so he had access in advance

eulerscheZahl: in that ranking i'm below the line (but so are you)

Astrobytes: maybe on the day only dbdr? Either way, didn't help his rank :P

BrunoFelthes: I position below

AntiSquid: that's a 3.5 hour bot Astrobytes

dbdr: yes, not complaining :)

eulerscheZahl: i don't think he ever planned to really try the contest. just some streaming

eulerscheZahl: which was nice, extra exposure for CG

Astrobytes: He usually streams contests now, at least once or twice

Nerchio: well he probably got paid for it

Nerchio: since he seemed to spend quite some time on it

DomiKo: CG is growing and that's important

eulerscheZahl: i bet against. probably a tshirt

AntiSquid: doubt he got paid for some streaming

Nerchio: it's advertisement and not a bad one, doesnt need to be paid a lot tbh

Astrobytes: Yeah, don't think he'd be paid. But yeah, more exposure is always good

eulerscheZahl: i know illedan got a tshirt for streaming in the past. so i see it realistic that errichto got one as well

eulerscheZahl: but that's all

DomiKo: Is there any photo of CG T-shirt?

Nerchio: ok you guys know CG better than me :P but I would imagine something specific like this would consider as paid advertisement


AntiSquid: he had an interesting DP bot, nobody mentioned DP regarding their bot here, guess it's not feasible at all on CG ?

AntiSquid: BAN !

Astrobytes: thanks for that euler

eulerscheZahl: old one, no longer available. and i never managed to win it :(



eulerscheZahl: the robot arm and stdin stdout are still available

eulerscheZahl: and some twisted rubiks cube

DomiKo: we can choose TShirt?

eulerscheZahl: yes

DomiKo: O.o

eulerscheZahl: you get a link to an online shop

eulerscheZahl: enter size, address

AntiSquid: gratz on shirt domiko

eulerscheZahl: just no payment

DomiKo: thank AntiSquid

eulerscheZahl: was about time that you get one ;)

Nerchio: ah i thought these are custom shirts for the event

Nerchio: :sweat_smile:

**eulerscheZahl already has a duplicate robot arm

eulerscheZahl: in the past they had more expensive prizes:

eulerscheZahl: but i like the canvas more. something collectible, nothing you buy in a shop

AntiSquid: also different funding system

WINWINWIN: I just want the T Shirt :( It shall be mine in the spring challenge!

Nerchio: true bot top3 is a little bit harder than top20 :D

eulerscheZahl: i know

eulerscheZahl: once i was close :(

AntiSquid: you could get the address of the shop the canvases are made at and order a custom made one with whatever text you want euler :D

Nerchio: this time looks like there was a lot of strong players

WINWINWIN: It has to be won.

eulerscheZahl: that's not the same AntiSquid :D

AntiSquid: someone got a CG shirt for their baby

AntiSquid: so .. i mean the contest isn't so much about the prizes

eulerscheZahl: this time there were 7k players. odds are good that some of the new ones are strong

dbdr: #5 is lvl 8

AntiSquid: odds are some are even better since, some are new / just getting started, not everyone has same amount of time

Nerchio: im glad i got legend so i dont have to come back to the game anymore

WINWINWIN: Karliso, experimenting with avatars?

eulerscheZahl: oh, look at karliso's new profile pic :D

Nerchio: i want to slowly fill my profile with legend :D


karliso: you like it?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: who recognizes where it's from?

Uljahn: CR?

eulerscheZahl: no

AntiSquid: just a suggestion

AntiSquid: it's from that knight and wizard game euler made

Nerchio: some of them are pretty good

Nerchio: :D

AntiSquid: o something i thing

AntiSquid: onitama ah

WINWINWIN: What do you think AutomatonNN>

AutomatonNN: I was talking about the polar bear

AntiSquid: ZarthaxX

Nerchio: my elo so low in pb post :(

ZarthaxX: squido

ZarthaxX: ah

ZarthaxX: the bot :rofl:

WINWINWIN: I like AutomatonNN :)

AutomatonNN: good idea

BrunoFelthes: What was the AutomatonNN position?

AutomatonNN: why do you think they are really challenging?

BrunoFelthes: 1th AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: ̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤

eulerscheZahl: not again!

Nerchio: lol

Nerchio: troll automatonn

AntiSquid: don't type if you don't want to get stabbed

WINWINWIN: Which one is the one that kept pinging euler?

AntiSquid: NN

AntiSquid: ah just noticed your pokeball WINWINWIN

WINWINWIN: pokeball?

WINWINWIN: What Pokeball?

AntiSquid: the pokeball icon moderators have


AntiSquid: you catch pokemans in chat but never release them in the wild, that pokeball

struct: oh well

WINWINWIN: :P Rockstar555 and rodrigo are among those Pokemon

struct: just woke up

eulerscheZahl: you banned them?

struct: rank 120 doesnt seem bad

WINWINWIN: I didnt, I` not sure how to.

ZarthaxX: gz struct :)

struct: ty ZarthaxX


struct: and ty for the help too, on suggestions

eulerscheZahl: write "/ban username"

eulerscheZahl: i'm still at 0 bans :)

DomiKo: we will get CP from contest at night?

WINWINWIN: Got it, andd to kick, its /kick?

eulerscheZahl: but some kicks

eulerscheZahl: yes

AntiSquid: yes

WINWINWIN: Thanks :)

Lachrymosa: Morning CG

AntiSquid: 9922 CP for you DomiKo

eulerscheZahl: DomiKo this night or next probably. sometimes it takes a bit

AntiSquid: struct 8557 CP

Illedan: Wow, karlis o changed his avatar? :O

DomiKo: I can't wait for multi

AntiSquid: 10000^((7035-120+1)/7035)

DomiKo: I will break 100K CP

struct: 8557 is nice

eulerscheZahl: do you recognize it Illedan?

ZarthaxX: struct i didnt do anything but ok :P

Illedan: Ofc

Illedan: :)

eulerscheZahl: :)

eulerscheZahl: the original was red

DomiKo: :joy:

struct: 8557 is almost 7 times of what i currently have from all contests combined lol

Illedan: Very good game which got me through some boring days in Sri Lanka :P

eulerscheZahl: i tried with gimp and then wrote a script to make it blue

AntiSquid: it goes down by 500 every contest struct

struct: I dont think i ever took a contest so seriously

Illedan: I wonder how they managed to set the date 6th of May already :thinking:

struct: next time ill "start" day 1

AntiSquid: placeholder for sure

AntiSquid: select a date and go with it

Illedan: Last time they didn't set a set date

AntiSquid: then postpone as needed

Illedan: Hope not

Illedan: I'll plan next year around that date

AntiSquid: didn't they set a date for sept last year or so and then postponed to spring this year ?

WINWINWIN: I hope it does get postponed a bit... exams then :(

Default avatar.png Oliverboi420: ye

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I'd like to see what rank the bot I had 24h ago would have achieved, before I drunkenly submitted a lame version right before the end of the contest xD

Majeck: When will the codinpoints for the contest be updated? in 24 hours?

eulerscheZahl: we don't know. usually 1 or 2 days

Majeck: Also, how long ago did the contest end? All I knew was that it ended in monday :P

eulerscheZahl: 4h 42min ago

ATaco: I only just started it today, got through to wood 1, then it ended.

eulerscheZahl: first post mortems are there already

ATaco: Was a shame, spent a few hours thinking about it

eulerscheZahl: the game will come back in the multiplayer section

eulerscheZahl: probably in 1 or 2 days as well

AntiSquid: you joined about 10 days too late ATaco

eulerscheZahl: will appear at

MSmits: hey euler what rank did you get?

eulerscheZahl: 20 \o/

eulerscheZahl: we missed you :(

MSmits: thats very good

struct: grats

ATaco: Still enjoyed fiddling with it.

MSmits: yeah it sucks, but i had no time

ATaco: I was sure the concept was easy until the layers started adding on

AntiSquid: there are lots of other games

MSmits: I could have started on saturday for a 2 day rush till monday, but too tired

eulerscheZahl: i think you would have liked that param tuning contest

ATaco: (I was quick to destroy the time limit :P)

DomiKo: Euler I will share my inventory too

DomiKo: :D

BrunoFelthes: OMG euler, I even undertand what you wrote at your feedback... I need to study more about bitwise

eulerscheZahl: yours is better?

DomiKo: I believe

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png Oliverboi420: Hello niggers

DomiKo: union tricks :joy:

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: :rolling_eyes:

eulerscheZahl: that was an instant kick without warning

WINWINWIN: Definitely

miszu: hi all


miszu: any post morterm published?

eulerscheZahl: hi

eulerscheZahl: yes

BrunoFelthes: a lot of miszu



AntiSquid: Oliverboi420 i was about to ban . no racial slurs of any kind .

miszu: I would like to know how simple person I am

eulerscheZahl: yes, next is ban for sure

AntiSquid: not even the cracker one .

miszu: what happened?

eulerscheZahl: racial insult

miszu: the N word? :O

miszu: oh my...

DomiKo: Euler are you ready?

eulerscheZahl: for your post mortem? yes

eulerscheZahl: MSmits "I reached #43 legend using smitsimax"

DomiKo: for my one trick

eulerscheZahl: my code formatting is better for sure :P

eulerscheZahl: oh, you edited

DomiKo: 4 ` insted of 3

DomiKo: :(

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: yep, my brain is broken after reading eulers and DomiKo's post mortems. Very smart ideas, dont understand them one bit yet

MSmits: wait eulerscheZahl, you used smitsimax? ?

eulerscheZahl: no


DomiKo: Euler you like it?

eulerscheZahl: let me read

MSmits: ohh ok

MSmits: yeah i was more thinking about DUCT

MSmits: because the possible moves are interrelated

eulerscheZahl: repeatable looks nice

DomiKo: :grin:

eulerscheZahl: i just generated a state with the spell applied once


eulerscheZahl: and then applied the spell again to that new state

MSmits: decoupled uct

MSmits: two different trees, but joined gamestates

MSmits: a lot more branching than smitsimax

MSmits: because it's state-coherent

MadKnight: DUCT but extra branching only if enemy move affects u

pb4: who used DUCT ?

miszu: most people use beam search. I need to read about this algorithm

MSmits: i was saying thats what i would have tried

MSmits: pb4

miszu: never heard of it in my AI class

MSmits: if i had time

pb4: :)

pb4: I used double DUCT :D

MSmits: whats double duct?

MadKnight: miszu it's like BFS but with n best nodes instead of all

MadKnight: DDUCT ?

pb4: DUCT for draft phase

AntiSquid: but i don't see why he used smitsimax

pb4: DUCT for endgame

MSmits: ahh ok

pb4: BS in the middle

MSmits: sounds good yeah

wlesavo: euler gratz with t-shirt, i missed the end of recalc :slight_smile:

MSmits: I'll join next contest for sure

MSmits: at least i wont be moving or stuck trying to create an AI course from scratch

MSmits: in weeks

eulerscheZahl: thanks wlesavo. was really close. dropped from 15 to 22 and back up on the roller coaster

miszu: why beam search vs bfs?

eulerscheZahl: to go deeper

miszu: all you care is the best move

eulerscheZahl: but what's the best move?

eulerscheZahl: if you finish a potion now, you have no ingredients left for the next

eulerscheZahl: reloading them takes some turns you don't want to waste

wlesavo: yeah, i saw you droping out of top 20 and then had to go

miszu: eulerscheZahl yeah but you need to reload inventories anyways

struct: well if you have more ingredients after brewing

eulerscheZahl: with a half-full inventory you can use better spells to reload the rest

struct: you can reload faster

eulerscheZahl: repeatable spells

miszu: in bfs, you don't need to stop right after brewing a spell

miszu: you could go deeper no?

struct: yes

eulerscheZahl: state count just explodes at some point

struct: but with beam you prune the worst nodes

eulerscheZahl: and some paths are obviously stupid

miszu: onvious :D

struct: I was getting like depth 14 with width of 6500?

eulerscheZahl: so you remove the garbage early to have a cluser look at the rest

AntiSquid: didn't you prune equal states?

eulerscheZahl: of course we did

miszu: in bfs you can't prume easilly as in beam?

struct: or more cant really recall

eulerscheZahl: unordered_set

dbdr: bfs with pruning = beam

AntiSquid: i forced it to stay at 1001 max

miszu: ohh

struct: can i post the beam part here to see if its right?

struct: it has really no evaluation and stuff like that

struct: that shows on the code*

dbdr: sure

AntiSquid: if it goes over you might have a bug really, i checked mine when it went over was counting extra possible stated going into 11-14 gems total so ...


struct: very dirty


eulerscheZahl: oh, you were faster because i did a little cleanup

struct: State* Agent::pool = new State[1000000]; State** Agent::queue = new State*[1000000]();

WINWINWIN: looks like they stopped kicking in the contest now. Rankings are final.

eulerscheZahl: huh? there are some kicks missing?

struct: thanks for sharing euler

dbdr: struct: you're not removing duplicates?

struct: no

dbdr: that's a huge impact

struct: I "did not have time "

dbdr: ok

WINWINWIN: Kicks are over in the contest...

[CG]SaiksyApo: No they are not.

eulerscheZahl: you will find some more :)

eulerscheZahl: also congrats on reaching legend [CG]SaiksyApo

eulerscheZahl: did you break your bot in the end? i even saw you a bit above me this morning

miszu: man I feel stupid now haha

miszu: beamsearch is not something so fancy

[CG]SaiksyApo: Won't keep an bugged AI so I fixed the known bug and made it worst :p

Astrobytes: lol, classic

dbdr: struct: what do you do with best?

dbdr: is that how to pick your action?

struct: yes, I store the first action id in the state

struct: and then just increase by 1

struct: first action that started that state

struct: so origin

player_one: I've noticed that my bots tend to get "entrenched" if I don't resubmit for a while.

struct: not the parent, but the parent of all I guess

dbdr: so you don't actually pick the best action/state

player_one: I didn't do anything for about 5 days, and mine was sitting at about 16th in Silver last night.

miszu: but hold on, you need a good heuristics for beam search. It is difficult to find good heuristic

struct: dbdr how should I have done it?

player_one: I then spent an hour or so improving it, and couldn't get above 100 in Silver, even though I know it was better! :-)

struct: eval just the best state?

dbdr: pool[0].actionId

dbdr: that would be a pure beam search

Maciulis: so whole state is added to unordered set or just inv deltas after casts?

Default avatar.png meh1001: I used A* with the.. euclidian distance? as the heuristic

dbdr: pool[start].actionId

dbdr: you get the idea

Default avatar.png meh1001: it wasn't great

struct: I see, thanks

dbdr: I mean what you do has some kind of sense. but you don't even consider the order inside the beam

dbdr: just what is inside or outside the beem

miszu: 1993/7035. Top 2000 I am happy

eulerscheZahl: "After REST, in the next turn only the ‘unlocked’ spells are available" some clever pruning from valcodi. how could I miss that?

miszu: eulerscheZahl why is that good pruning?

dbdr: ah yes, makes sense

miszu: you are missing lots of states

dbdr: ideally the beam would take care of it anyways

eulerscheZahl: why should you REST and then not do anything with that action

player_one: No. That's brilliant.

eulerscheZahl: sure, beam handles it. after some non-optimal states

dbdr: actually, I do REST - BREW sometimes

miszu: oh makes sense yeah

player_one: I only checked for BREW after CAST.

dbdr: if I'm sure the opp will not brew it

eulerscheZahl: that rest-brew only makes sense if you predict the opponent

eulerscheZahl: opp: i'll do that #3 potion

dbdr: easy to do depth 2

struct: it makes a lot of sense if you predict

eulerscheZahl: you: i want that +1. but it will be a #3 soon

eulerscheZahl: +3, not #3

struct: since you will have all spells ready when the net potion shows up

dbdr: yes, that's why I wait

dbdr: in case the price goes up :)

player_one: Got it. Yeah, I ignored bonuses. Out of scope for me. :-)

eulerscheZahl: i ignored them too

JohnCM: where's the forum to post strats for this?


JohnCM: ok

eulerscheZahl: 47 posts to read already

BrunoFelthes: 429 Too Many Requests

CowZow: hey I saw a lot of players using beam search - from what I read it is like bfs but then you limit the best nodes of each level to open. Is this right?

eulerscheZahl: right


player_one: Prioritize and limit, yes.

SirLoxley: How much does this bit shift hackery gain in terms of compute time? I used regular ints, and sometimes even Strings

CowZow: I see thanks

player_one: It's going to depend on the language, SirLokley.

eulerscheZahl: strings usually cost you quite a lot

player_one: If you want to compare in your language, I recommend you time some simple loops using different techniques.

SirLoxley: My chosen runtime was Java/jvm. Well Strings I used mainly as keys for Hashtables

JRFerguson: euler

eulerscheZahl: JRFerguson

SirLoxley: Next time I swear I use Rust. Spring I used C++ and hated it. Java is ok-ish but with all that memory allocation happening for you ... not good in real hard time situations

Nerchio: true

Nerchio: i might be trying Rust as well

Nerchio: we will see :D

eulerscheZahl: not every contest is as CPU heavy as this one

dbdr: but most are

eulerscheZahl: there have been some with python in top3

dbdr: let's say many are, and in all it helps

Nerchio: but it would be nice if i didn't have to start optimizing before i sit down to strategy so to speak

eulerscheZahl: that was extreme in this one

Nerchio: 'strategy' matters only so much when you can reach depth 3 or 4

eulerscheZahl: you need a lot of sims to feed the beam search at get results where param tuning makes sense

dbdr: true, though I think at some level perf was enough, it did not make the difference

struct: multi available

Nerchio: so yeah i used a bitset in java for the first time and i enjoyed it quite a bit

struct: oh not yet

eulerscheZahl: really?

dbdr: people reached depth 35


Nerchio: i think if you do it well it's not a much bigger mess with nicer performance

eulerscheZahl: fair warning for kick next time ;)

dbdr: don't need to go deeper :D

CowZow: eulerschezahl - your bitwise trick for the inventories was too clever PogChamp


dbdr: esp with beam

eulerscheZahl: thanks :)

struct: ah no

JRFerguson: i don't quite get the beam search

struct: link doesnt work

JRFerguson: can anyone share a resource about it ?

dbdr: perf might distinguish mid gold from legend, more than mid legend to top legend

eulerscheZahl: did you read this?

eulerscheZahl: @JRFerguson

eulerscheZahl: assume width = BeamWidth i screwed up trimming my snippet

Nerchio: ^ java would explode if i did this

eulerscheZahl: i did that in C#

eulerscheZahl: and then converted to C++

eulerscheZahl: not sure if it was necessary in hindsight

eulerscheZahl: given the close #20 i'd like to think that it was

Nerchio: maybe if you spent time rewriting on your C# bot it would be better

struct: oh they removed the box from home page :(

Nerchio: high placement of Wala in java also makes me thing you could reach higher with C#

eulerscheZahl: i know

Nerchio: even though java is quite slow compared to C++ i underestimated the possibilities

Nerchio: that you can do in this contest

JRFerguson: mmm, thanks eulsr

JRFerguson: euler

Nerchio: that's why im impressed with non C++ languages reaching higher spots :P

JRFerguson: i think i got it

eulerscheZahl: nice

dbdr: nice reference implementation

JohnCM: ok i shared my strat there

struct: states = next.OrderByDescending(n => n.HeuristicScore).ToList();

       if (states.Count > BeamWidth) states = states.Take(width).ToList();

struct: so if I understand right

eulerscheZahl: that speed efficiency right there :D

struct: at the end you will pick the best at final depth right?

struct: and return it?

eulerscheZahl: yes

struct: ok i did it wrong like dbd said

eulerscheZahl: how did yours even work? :D

Nerchio: i liked the comment somebody wrote where they picked the most common starting move from 20 best

eulerscheZahl: now you know what to test in multi

struct: if i get legend with that change

struct: i delete

eulerscheZahl: you did right and i did wrong. don't delete

dbdr: it does some kind of vote on actions that lead to stay inside the beam

dbdr: it's not completely meaningless

dbdr: just not using all the information

dbdr: it might be more robust in a way, if the best path gets blocked

struct: I dont read the papers and then I come up with these implementations...

eulerscheZahl: that's what i did for MCTS

eulerscheZahl: but i think i understood it and got it right

eulerscheZahl: then implemented an MCTS solver without readin the paper :D

eulerscheZahl: seems to work. managed to make a colleague from work rage when playing connect4 against it

dbdr: :)

eulerscheZahl: "why does that idiot tell my that i lost?" 10 turns later...

JRFerguson: how do you score a rest action ?

eulerscheZahl: no special score

JohnCM: the score depends on the later actions you do

JohnCM: but it opens up possibilities for more spells

JRFerguson: when does the beam search think it is a good choice ?

eulerscheZahl: you reward with later spells that you apply

eulerscheZahl: oh and i slightly reward having a spell available

JohnCM: i realized the more heuristics i do to hardcore the actions, the worse it performs

JohnCM: so i just let the bfs do its job

JohnCM: hardcode*

JRFerguson: as i understand, you evaluate all the nodes at a certain depth

JRFerguson: and keep the best N

JRFerguson: 1200 in your case euler

eulerscheZahl: beam is wide enough. when the start leading to the REST is good, it won't get pruned instantly

eulerscheZahl: so even a bad REST can keep you in best N

JRFerguson: ok

wlesavo: euler dont you mind sharing your hash function for educational reasons? :slight_smile:

eulerscheZahl: i should then specify how i store my spells

eulerscheZahl: int64 for active, another one for exhausted

struct: I stored mine on u64

struct: same

Nerchio: i didn't know how to do the hash function so i was pruning by score :P

eulerscheZahl: REST: active |= exhausted; exhausted = 0


eulerscheZahl: the spell bits will overflow in that hash eventually

eulerscheZahl: but i start filling at the least significant bit

eulerscheZahl: so it's fine unless the opponent spams LEARN

struct: active is the same as learned right?

wlesavo: oh also, i thought to store in int64, but how you check if particular spell is active or not for this state?

eulerscheZahl: learned =active | exhausted

eulerscheZahl: and the last 6 bit are the tome

eulerscheZahl: for a score lookup of my currently learnt spells

struct: ah ok i had learned and exhausted

eulerscheZahl: scoreLookup[(active|exhausted)&0X3F]

dbdr: oh, you precalc the score? nice

eulerscheZahl: only 64 combos

dbdr: yeah, that allows for complex scoring if you want to

eulerscheZahl: i did. and then discarded :(


dbdr: yeah, it's hard/dangerous to be clever :D

Astrobytes: wow, it's available in multi already

eulerscheZahl: similar to my iterating

eulerscheZahl: even C# has a PopCount

dbdr: ERROR 404

JohnCM: i think i can hit legend for this comp if i finetune my bot a little

wlesavo: i feel dumb reading this code

eulerscheZahl: tried to access the multi dbdr?

JohnCM: it was alr beating gold pretty frequently

Astrobytes: I'm looking at my code in the IDE

dbdr: yes

JohnCM: a pity i reached gold late. the silver boss was too tough

struct: wlesavo popcount counts number of set bits

struct: __builtin_ctzl returns the first bit index from left?

eulerscheZahl: while (__builtin_popcountl(mask))

eulerscheZahl: while (mask)

struct: mask &= set the bit to 0

eulerscheZahl: how about that?

struct: oh right

wlesavo: ok i have to read about masks

eulerscheZahl: i bitboarded my hypersonic, that was a beast

dbdr: 1 year of covid and you don't know about masks?

eulerscheZahl: :D

Uljahn: :smiley:

Nerchio: only pokeballs in this chat

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: are you scared?

wlesavo: dbdr apparently not enough :smiley:

Nerchio: i was using beam search with 400 nodes and i see people were using like 1.2k

Nerchio: feelsbad

Astrobytes: some eager beavers already resubmitting

dbdr: Nerchio: don't feel bad, test

eulerscheZahl: my c# version was at 500 only

eulerscheZahl: and i didn't gain much

wlesavo: 0 computing in legend :smirk:

Nerchio: in the end i finished with 400 depth 0 and +50 each depth

JohnCM: i haven't seen any legend python share their strats yet

JohnCM: would be interesting to see how python works

NitMpez: has any pm's been posted yet

NitMpez: was curious what i messed up :P

Astrobytes: yeah, loads

cegprakash: link plz

NitMpez: cool, i need to check them out


eulerscheZahl: is the player deletion finished yet?

wlesavo: wtf nercio you submit broke my rank ebven though i won a game

tomatoes: just click forums link :expressionless:

eulerscheZahl: 7025 remaining

Astrobytes: Since the multi is out I would think so

SandmanSW96: hey, in the contests/multis/etc, is there a hotkey for "replay with same conditions" ?

eulerscheZahl: i still see those 3

Nerchio: i lost all games cause i had a bug

Nerchio: :D

Astrobytes: maybe inform staff euler

eulerscheZahl: ok

miszu: I am struggling a bit with my datastructure for my MCTS. Is my Node too complicated or it looks alright?


TwoLate: Siharde is DQ'ed

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: speaking of bitwise operations, I went full retard and stored the whole state in single Java long lol

Nerchio: that's good

Nerchio: if you can pull it out

Nerchio: :D

Nerchio: pull it off

BrunoFelthes: eulerscheZahl how do you deal with repeatable spells?

Nerchio: thats the correct statement :D

eulerscheZahl: apply again on the result of my first spell cast

eulerscheZahl: and then patch the parent relation

dbdr: I do that too. no need to multiply :)

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: Nerchio, it makes the code messy and harder to iterate, and then I didn't even spend time tweaking the eval function which seems to be the main diff to get to legend

AshKetchum: euler do yo use std::map or your own map

dbdr: repeated additions

Nerchio: pedrosorio true but its quite efficient if you can handle it :)

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: how do you paste code here?

Astrobytes: just paste it, it'll auto-pastebin

eulerscheZahl: unordered_map

eulerscheZahl: not using my own implementation AshKetchum

Backtomars: Guys, when you prune equal states, do you consider your spell states?

eulerscheZahl: of course

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: brew, cast, learn functions that update the state bits:

Backtomars: thanks

BrunoFelthes: they will release the game today?

BrunoFelthes: wow

Nerchio: its up D

Nerchio: :D

Nerchio: and you just beat me -_-

BrunoFelthes: nice... the last contest that i participate, it take days...

Backtomars: After brewing one potion,should the states map be cleared for the next brew?

AntiSquid: so from rank 808 to 801 to 788 O__O that's a lot of deletz

AntiSquid: need to do a full rewrite

AntiSquid: one day ...

wlesavo: ещвфн шы еру вфн

wlesavo: damn cyrilic

AntiSquid: DA

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: "today is the day"

wlesavo: today is the day i was gonna say

tomatoes: damn communist

wlesavo: damn you euler

Astrobytes: :rofl:

AntiSquid: isn't that the lyrics of the wonder wall song ?


eulerscheZahl: too much sitting lately. i'm off for a walk

Nerchio: enjoy

AntiSquid: wear a mask /s

Nerchio: take some bits with you to protect yourself

AntiSquid: funny this bugged version is my best one . it has bad enemy prediction, why does it rank 100 places higher?

JFB: Waw - small change of the parameters, 1st run in arena - and promotion to Legend (+ one more pushed too ;-) So I really can be in Legend in contest.

DomiKo: bot programming?

Nerchio: nice congratz

JFB: DomiKo - yes

AntiSquid: lol did you just missed legend JFB ?

AntiSquid: for contest i mean

wlesavo: submits are so smuth rn

JFB: Yes - I finished 2nd in Gold

AntiSquid: sux

AntiSquid: all the brutal testers stopped running in the background

Nerchio: benchmarks if anything :D

Nerchio: ok my bot is trash

Nerchio: goodbye bot i will never start it again :D

JFB: But it is trash from the Legend ;-)

Nerchio: true

tomatoes: legendary trash

kovi: is it just me not getting in?

struct: remove fail

struct: from end

kovi: oh thx, weitd

Default avatar.png Alexians: hey all

Default avatar.png Alexians: new newbie, zero experience, trying to find something new to do

Default avatar.png Alexians: Got into Crypto from coinbase, and wanted to see what else blockchain programming could offer

AntiSquid: haha

AntiSquid: that link

JFB: So it looks that middle of Legend was 1 submit away. C'est la vie

DomiKo: :(

DomiKo: close

JFB: So may 2021 - next try ;-)

DomiKo: so legend fell unstable right now

DomiKo: first submit top50

DomiKo: second submit top16 right now

AntiSquid: JFB damn that's some bad luck

MSmits: hi

MSmits: chat lagging?

miszu: qq for MCTS, the uct formula is ln(x) where x = total number of simulations of MCTS or the parent node visits?

Default avatar.png twoeyes: hello! by any chance, is there a way to 'join' previous challenges and try them out?

Default avatar.png twoeyes: nevermind, I JUST found it XD

DomiKo: hi MSmits :smiley:

DomiKo: yes its so laggy

Zenoscave: wow quick turnaround on the multi

eulerscheZahl: chat is back

Zenoscave: hi eulerscheZahl

Zenoscave: where'd you end up?

eulerscheZahl: 20 :)

Zenoscave: nice!

eulerscheZahl: my first CG contest without C# :(

Zenoscave: don't worry there's always a chance to redeem ;)

struct: There is no going back now

Zenoscave: struct will you delete?

Zenoscave: you made gold!

Zenoscave: turns out I could increase my beamwidth by 25% with no depth loss

Zenoscave: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

struct: delete why?

Zenoscave: you joked delete if no legend

Zenoscave: or was it no gold

struct: no gold

AntiSquid: i joked about delete if stuck in silver :P

Zenoscave: well what are you waiting for :P

geppoz: ok, now back to nintendo puzzle ;)

AntiSquid: :'(

Zenoscave: jk Anti

Uljahn: silver in python == gold in c++ :smirk:

AntiSquid: but seriously i can't tell anymore, was it really that hard of a contest or did i not invest enough time / attention, i don't remember facing such difficulties to promote

eulerscheZahl: nintendo or delete @geppoz?

geppoz: :D

Zenoscave: in 100 attempts or less

geppoz: I already risked saying "1st in country or delete"

miszu: AntiSquid I think it was a matter of time

geppoz: barely did it ;)

miszu: but the bots were good

eulerscheZahl: after emil was gone, the country victory became much easier for me

geppoz: there is 100 times french that any other country so...

AntiSquid: emil self-deported

geppoz: 60 it vs 3000 fr

struct: Not much competition in portugal

struct: there were only 2 people in gold

geppoz: 4 italy in gold

miszu: guess my competition in Canada...

AntiSquid: lots of new faces overall, wonder how many stay

geppoz: about nintendo i tried hard years ago

geppoz: timeouting in final tests

geppoz: then forgot about it, now it came again in my mind :D

struct: Just change country

eulerscheZahl: only 2 Germany in legend

eulerscheZahl: at least 22 in gold

miszu: we are the peaceful country. Why would I change it?

Nerchio: stop submiting in fall challenge guys its over

Nerchio: you are pushing me down

Nerchio: :rage:

eulerscheZahl: me too


Default avatar.png BoBot: sry guys, can someone explain something about the beam search - people comment that they have beam width of X, f.e. X=1000 at depth is it possible to have X larger than the branching factor in this game...which is like <30 even with multiplications

Zenoscave: you use up to the beam width but not all of it

eulerscheZahl: at depth 1 you don't reach that width

eulerscheZahl: but at higher depths around 3-4 you do

Default avatar.png BoBot: ok, so the descriptions are a bit suspect :D then I get it thx

Nerchio: i looked up RUST as an alternative to C++ for next competition damn the language looks rough

struct: maybe my beam width was too high

eulerscheZahl: a 1 month contest to learn it

eulerscheZahl: that's how dbdr started. on RAIC

Default avatar.png BoBot: damn, reading the PMs it makes me feel I missed very little from hitting legend...I mean I got mid gold but I feel like I could have gotten farther

eulerscheZahl: He came from Java as well

Nerchio: i might try raic out

Default avatar.png BoBot: I did not implement patience in my eval, and right now shoehorning it in does not seem to work

struct: I would try rust, but I feel like I still have so much to learn on c++

eulerscheZahl: warning: the next contest might be burnout complex

Default avatar.png BoBot: I also did best-first search, not beam search, I guess that is the reason

dbdr: :+1:

eulerscheZahl: a starcraft game with base building, resource management, fighting units

Nerchio: sounds good

Default avatar.png BoBot: wait what? :O

Astrobytes: in 3d

Nerchio: not good

Nerchio: :D

Default avatar.png BoBot: ofcourse it sounds good to you @Nerchio ;)

Gronahak: 4d !

eulerscheZahl: might be just UI in 3D and game in 2D

Astrobytes: hm, it's RAIC


Nerchio: dbdr how do i work without 2d arrays

struct: is it like CG games?

eulerscheZahl: and

Default avatar.png BoBot: haha I did best in the contest that played like a MOBA game, and I have played thousands of hours of Dota, felt like it helped

eulerscheZahl: RAIC is always more complex than CG games

Nerchio: i can't even create an array with the size i read from input in rust :joy:

eulerscheZahl: more tiny little details to make the engine complicated

dbdr: Nerchio use Vec

eulerscheZahl: a starter code that's like 30 files

AllYourMCTS: i like rust!

Nerchio: it's not slow?

struct: What are the machine specs in raic usually?

dbdr: no

AntiSquid: do you think they'll introduce some weird kind of aiming again for RAIC?

eulerscheZahl: no idea struct

AntiSquid: or maybe ships have velocity and fly by when trying to shoot

struct: is multi thread allowed there?

eulerscheZahl: but the games last much longer than on CG

AllYourMCTS: rust is touted as equal speed of c++

AllYourMCTS: not sure about actual performance for CG stuff though

Nerchio: i know thats why i wanna try it out

eulerscheZahl: CodeBall had 15k ticks where your bot could make an action

dbdr: Vec is like an array in Java/C#, in that it's behind a reference

eulerscheZahl: a replay with a 5min viewing duration and 60FPS

dbdr: rust array is an immediate value, you can't even do that in Java at all

AntiSquid: they never release source code of game engine do they?

eulerscheZahl: your bot had 6min in total to play the game. add the opponent and you are at 12min for a single match

struct: 12 min total?

struct: Are submits slow?

AntiSquid: and the starter code was pain


eulerscheZahl: that video is edited for highlights only

eulerscheZahl: and RAIC always has a debug mode (offline) where you can draw your own stuff


Astrobytes: do players do PMs for RAIC?

eulerscheZahl: yes. in Russian

eulerscheZahl: but publishing the code after the contest is common there

reCurse: Easier when there's no multi after

eulerscheZahl: yes

Astrobytes: Yeah indeed

eulerscheZahl: i think i won't enter RAIC this time to keep my sanity. others might enjoy it

Nerchio: looks difficult

reCurse: I have a hard time believing it's enjoyable

dbf: they promised to publish some promo about raic tomorrow, so maybe we will have a bit more details

struct: I doubt ill join

AllYourMCTS: did anyone use spell values based on the available potions for content?

AllYourMCTS: contest*

reCurse: They're in the category of contests that think design needs a billion details otherwise it's bad

reCurse: Then you realize what a horrible mess it is

eulerscheZahl: when it comes to completing a potion and LEARN is a good path: yes

dbf: yep, they like to add a lot of details, that are mostly ignored :)

eulerscheZahl: specifically choosing that spell in the first turns: i don't think so

reCurse: If you like figuring out a broken game sure. AI though...

eulerscheZahl: like: you can only climb a ladder if the bottom half of your body center line is on it

eulerscheZahl: (last RAIC)

eulerscheZahl: and you have a gun. but everytime you change your aim, you add some randomness to where you shoot

eulerscheZahl: so don't shake too much

reCurse: The contest is a second thought

reCurse: Let's have fun with the design instead

dbf: I hope it will be easier to control units, than in 2017

eulerscheZahl: if it wasn't for the suicide mine, i might have actually enjoyed the lat RAIC

eulerscheZahl: 2017 was a pain

eulerscheZahl: draw a rectangle to select units

eulerscheZahl: next turn: you have them selected

eulerscheZahl: now you can move that block of units

eulerscheZahl: but don't move into the other units as they will get stuck and none is moving anymore

dbf: but you can't move them every step :)

eulerscheZahl: yes, your code gets called 60x per second

eulerscheZahl: but you can only file 10 commands

eulerscheZahl: except if you capture command centers, then you get a few more

tibithegreat: Question: in the questmap I had a challenge to get gold in a contest, and I managed to get to gold in the fall challenge but the quest map doesn't see it :(

Default avatar.png BoBot: wait, so you were literally fighting for time/cpu resources in the game?

tibithegreat: is there anything else I need to do?

eulerscheZahl: my guess: you never really promoted in the fall challenge multiplayer game

eulerscheZahl: they just moved the arena

eulerscheZahl: so that might not trigger the quest completion

eulerscheZahl: someone reported that on the forum already

tibithegreat: but in the arena I'm already gold

dbf: @BoBot no, it was just to make this game closer to how humans plays rts (don't know why they wanted it)

tibithegreat: so I can't promote to gold there either

eulerscheZahl: known bug, that's all I can say

tibithegreat: oh ok

Default avatar.png BoBot: I think this is the first time you did not have to resubmit to the MP yourself?

reCurse: Spring was like that too I think

Astrobytes: "closer to how humans plays rts " - when we're coding bots to play against bots... :D

eulerscheZahl: RAIC organizers sometimes put the game experience over the bot programming experience

reCurse: This.

reCurse: A thousand times

eulerscheZahl: Astrobytes you can play the game vs a bot in your browser

eulerscheZahl: or offline runner

Astrobytes: Yeah, but that's not the point of the contest

eulerscheZahl: but then i always struggled with the controls and lost to my bot as i was just to slow to do anything

eulerscheZahl: as i said: i'll probably pass

Astrobytes: Not like you have a panel of judges all playing manually against all the bots :P

eulerscheZahl: :D

geppoz: any of you solved Nintendo? it is really possible?

struct: ofc its possible

struct: I just dont know how to solve it

Astrobytes: It's somewhat mathematical apparently :P

Astrobytes: all I know about it is Galois fields are a small part of it. And I'm weak in field theory. And everything else that pertains to that puzzle :D

reCurse: Strange puzzle for nintendo tbh

Astrobytes: Yeah, not sure what they were looking for with that...

AllYourWhat: i mean don't game devs usually need to heavily optimize stuff and use math a lot for trig/pruning/visuals/etc?

Zenoscave: not that kind of math

reCurse: There are a lot of different prog fields in game dev

reCurse: Just not that kind of stuff, normally

Astrobytes: Maybe they wanted someone to make really, really good license keys

reCurse: Or just hire a company actually specialized in the domain shrug

geppoz: +1 :D

eulerscheZahl: i'm completely clueless at nintendo. the only official puzzle that i have not solved

Astrobytes: Yeah, would make more sense

AllYourWhat: why get a company when you can get a dev on cheap who doesn't know how much they're worth!

reCurse: Because it's actually more expensive

Astrobytes: didn't someone say there's a video about it? Some dude paid a mathematics professor to explain the maths to him

player_one: I solved the 32 bit ones, and then wasn't motivated to optimize my solution for bigger numbers.

reCurse: With the notable few exceptions of some middlewares with shark royalties

reCurse: But not like you will recode those anyway

player_one: Now my head's not in that space anymore.

AllYourWhat: while answer not foudn:

reCurse: 4.2% timeout during rerun :o

eulerscheZahl: and who timed out the most?

reCurse: That's harder to grep

reCurse: Need to plug that in c#


eulerscheZahl: some parsing for the winrates by bot

reCurse: eww python

reCurse: But thanks

reCurse: Already got the structures mapped out in c# anyway

eulerscheZahl: did the download in python. somehow i once encountered difficulties with C# on another website. My Linux didn't have the encryption algo needed and Mono said it's the task of the OS

eulerscheZahl: me: shall i really fiddle with my system to get it working? nope, python

miszu: my MCTS does 3k simulations but chose the worst path. I guess my backpropagate is not doing it properly

eulerscheZahl: somehow i stuck with it

reCurse: Well Mono...

eulerscheZahl: yes..

reCurse: At least you have .net core now

eulerscheZahl: i'm on .net core now

eulerscheZahl: :D

reCurse: Or .net 5 now

eulerscheZahl: was years ago before .net core was a thing

reCurse: Microsoft, there's a lot of things I like about you, but your marketing is not one of them

Astrobytes: I swear their whole marketing dept is high

reCurse: They've been consistently weird for what. 30 years?

reCurse: It's an achivement

dbdr: not just the marketing

Astrobytes: lol

reCurse: Was waiting for that snark

eulerscheZahl: they made a lot of good decisions in the near past IMO


reCurse: Not trendy to like Microsoft I know

eulerscheZahl: .net under MIT, getting closer to Linux, ..

reCurse: They needed to get Ballmer out

reCurse: Now it's better

eulerscheZahl: i'm just not a fan of Windows itself. with there telemetry and all that. and i got used to my linux now

reCurse: They get a lot of flak for their telemetry and deservedly so

reCurse: But at the same time

reCurse: You're getting it much worse from websites

reCurse: So shrug

dbdr: it's my machine, why should I run secret code on it?

eulerscheZahl: true :(

reCurse: Do you have intel dbdr?

dbdr: yes

reCurse: Ok.

Zenoscave: well then...

eulerscheZahl: i don't see why i should pay for something that i can get for free in a more customizable version

reCurse: Well have I got news for you

dbdr: i kno the hardware situation is far from ideal

dbdr: not a reason to add one more layer if I can avoid it

dbdr: not news to me

dbdr: I know

reCurse: Just saying

reCurse: You don't own anything

reCurse: Not modern hardware anyway

eulerscheZahl: but in general my opinion about MS improved in the last few years with their new open source mentality

dbdr: that does not make software irrelevant

reCurse: "it's mine, why should it run secret stuff" is a lost cause imo

reCurse: But I agree just saying

dbdr: are you saying open source will somehow disappear?

reCurse: Which browser are you using?

dbdr: firefox

reCurse: Their privacy is just marketing

dbdr: I had phases with chromium too

reCurse: You're getting f* from so many angles

dbdr: just marketing for what? Mozilla is a non-profit (owning a corporation for legal reasons, does not change the principle)

reCurse: They're far from stellar in privacy

dbdr: nothing's perfect

dbdr: I can still make choice

dbdr: s

reCurse: I was just saying I'm not sure microsoft's make a big difference in the big picture

reCurse: But of course it's your choice

dbdr: google might be worse now, yes

reCurse: The privacy landscape is a dumpster fire that's too late to extinguish imo

AllYourWhat: lets just pull the plug on the entire internet

AllYourWhat: and start over

dbdr: for me benefit of open source is not only privacy

dbdr: it's also: if the maintainer/owner company makes a stupid decision, can someone fork the project to make take it in another direction?

reCurse: I was not arguing against open source or am I misreading

dbdr: I don't know :) I was saying I prefer to run open source on my machine when I have the choice

reCurse: Oh ok, sure. That's valid

reCurse: Wish it was easier to like Microsoft publically sometimes.

dbdr: it's ok, you did your coming out, we still like you ;)

dbdr: the way you are ;)

reCurse: Doesn't mean I hate linux or open source, heck I always have a wsl terminal up and running.

dbdr: :)

Astrobytes: always found it odd that Apple never got the same level of hate as MS

struct: Im hoping that GUI comes soon to wsl

struct: They have showcased it

reCurse: Apple has good marketing

reCurse: Which is the complete opposite

reCurse: Wasn't it already released?

reCurse: I mean insiders

Zenoscave: i don't think so. I haven't seen it

struct: Havent tried on insiders

Zenoscave: ah insiders maybe yeah

struct: "GUI app support in WSL is becoming a reality! We are getting closer to an initial preview and happy to announce a preview release for Windows Insiders within the next couple of months."

struct: september 22

reCurse: Oh ok my bad

reCurse: I really don't care about linux gui tbh

reCurse: But it's always good

reCurse: I'd say it's one of the main reasons I stick to windows

Astrobytes: Yep. Convenience.

reCurse: Or not horrible gui

Zenoscave: even the better gui's for distros are a pain

Zenoscave: Elementary tries but still...

reCurse: It takes a lot of work to pull off

reCurse: And not something sexy to work on

reCurse: So you need to get paid

Zenoscave: ^ this

reCurse: It's been a while I did C#

reCurse: When did they add automated source download and break

AntiSquid: lol linux gui for windows :D

reCurse: That's so good

Astrobytes: Yeah, good UI (and overall UX) needs a healthy dose of good HCI knowledge, something many lack

struct: AntiSquid is just to run the apps

Zenoscave: The c# field is really improving

reCurse: I wish I still had a use for c#

reCurse: I mean work or otherwise

struct: Only app gui will show

AntiSquid: yes it's good, what's not good is windows people who are afraid to understand/ have a look at WSL and probably even at this new feature ... hard to convince some folks

struct: Well with wsl i dont really need dual boot anymore

reCurse: WSL2 is amazing tbh

struct: its so fast

Astrobytes: I need to upgrade my windows version (still on 8.1 for music software/plugins), but I'm willing to break them after all the latest WSL developments

Zenoscave: 8.1 !?!?!?!?!?

Zenoscave: Astro...

ZarthaxX: im on win7 lol

Astrobytes: It would have broken a lot of plugins and software :shrug:

Astrobytes: I run it like classic windows though, not all that weird app shit

Zenoscave: Wait i thought win7 were all pushed to 10. Am I wrong

reCurse: They offered free upgrade

reCurse: Not forced

Zenoscave: Huh some were forced i vaguely remember.

reCurse: Hmm

struct: I recal earing something like forced

Zenoscave: I heard of updates auto starting and switching to 10 on a patch day

Astrobytes: I think the download was forced but not the install or something

Astrobytes: Yeah, I think it depended on your update settings

ZarthaxX: :thi

Astrobytes: how much is the upgrade anyway?

ZarthaxX: i didnt know about that :P

Zenoscave: it was 80-100 USD when i looked

Zenoscave: perhaps as changed

struct: Isnt upgrade free?

struct: from windows 7 and 8.1

dbf: I decided to switch to win 10 once I have a new pc, but I don't have any upgrades in last ~7 years, lol

Astrobytes: it was struct but not now


player_one: I haven't tried it, but this information still pops up every once-in-a-while.

struct: "You can also still upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro by using a product key from a previous business edition of Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 (Pro/Ultimate)."

emh: are points for contest delivered yet? what rank do you need to get points?

emh: I got 0 so far it seems

reCurse: Points will be done in a few hours I believe

Astrobytes: player_one: I've seen that but haven't tried it

reCurse: It's done once per day

dbf: emh, they are recalced overnight usually

emh: ahh ok

struct: I think its added at 1:00 am france time

emh: btw I released my first game on Steam today

emh: it's in Early Access Program

emh: just an alpha so far

player_one: Is it good? ;-)

emh: nahh not yet

emh: but might become :)

emh: hehe

Astrobytes: It's not based on that NSFW CSB thingy is it? :D

dbf: is there any AI for asteroids?

emh: Atrobytes hehehe noooo

emh: dbf nope

Astrobytes: good! :D

Astrobytes: emh, can you make that a CG game or something please :P

reCurse: grats emh

miszu: question for MCTS, does a node represent who is the next player to play or is it the previous player who played?

tibithegreat: I've worked in gamedev for almost 7 years and I have the utmost respect for anyone who manages to actually launch a game. So congrats emh

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm still running 8.1 pro, 10 was crashing all my apps and hogging resources. The superfetch was killing it's usability. I had to turn off all the updates,cloud,play store crap ... but 8.1 is stable as hell. So I can't play some win10 directx12 dependent first person shooters... i have other machines for that. Chrome & silverlight are my nemesis, they open too many security holes and I refuse to use them. ok, TMI.

AntiSquid: looks like a nice pew pew game emh

AntiSquid: see? that's why CSB needs lazors and asteroids flying towards the pods!

tibithegreat: doesn't matter how big or complex the game is, if you went through the launching pains, you've been through stuff

Astrobytes: hm? You need to keep track of whose turn it is miszu, then score the nodes accordingly

miszu: Astrobytes my mcts returns the worst possible move

Astrobytes: reversed scoring?

AllYourWhat: the score in the current node is from applying the action from the parent node

reCurse: Ok so player with most timeouts in rerun is :drum:

PatrickMcGinnisII: emh did you write a postmortem?

reCurse: Deleted account with 1081 timeouts

emh: Astrobytes hehe it's made with Unity. porting to PIXI would be a challenge

emh: tibithegreat thanks :)

emh: AntiSquid thanks :)

reCurse: 2nd place goes to SaiksyApo with 65 timeouts

emh: PatrickMcGinnisII nope

Astrobytes: Yeah, simplified I mean emh ;) and yeah, well done!

miszu: my node has a player variable. That variable is who's turn it is

emh: thanks Astrobytes hehe


miszu: and my node


AllYourWhat: change the first condition to ```result != node->player```

miszu: why though?

Zenoscave: you're counting wins for opponent not you

AllYourWhat: you're root node is your action, to get the best action you're looking at its children's scores

AllYourWhat: but the children of the root will be your opponents action

AllYourWhat: that continues down the tree, just easiest to think about from the root and children fo root

miszu: yeah I get that

miszu: but the child wants to win as much as possible so it should increase its score if it wins no?

AllYourWhat: yeah but an actions score is contained in the child node that it leads to

struct: emh you dont have to use PIXi

PatrickMcGinnisII: miszu you do realize you can do all that back peddling in one while loop without recursion right? like while(node!=NULL) {node->visit++; node->wincount+=(result==.5?:.5:1);node=node->paremt;} thaqt kinda thing

PatrickMcGinnisII: man my typing is bad

miszu: PatrickMcGinnisII yeah I realized that :/ was following a website for the skeleton of MCTS. I can see you could optimize it

miszu: does doing stack calling is slower than loop?

PatrickMcGinnisII: everytime you push and pop and branch or instantiate objects you are wasting time

emh: struct can I use Unity WebGL? wonder how CG integration would work though and still, my game uses the HDRP pipeline so would need to convert it to the WebGL pipeline (LWRP/URP or what it's called)

miszu: PatrickMcGinnisII branch you mean like if else if statement?

struct: I dont know emh, I never tried or looked into it, I just know that euler maged to use three js with viewer

struct: press play my code

PatrickMcGinnisII: calling any function you push vars and change the instruction pointer, etc... if/else is fine if its organized properly

miszu: I'll benchmark it to see how big of a difference does it make

miszu: ok it clicked now

PatrickMcGinnisII: I often write code that's not efficient, but after it's working properly ... it needs to be efficient. Recursion is your enemy, unless you have a super efficient use for it.

miszu: your children is your score basically

AllYourWhat: :)

reCurse: Rerun timeout data for those interested:

emh: struct ahh cool it's doable then.. I have some experience with WebGL and three.js, see my homepage

PatrickMcGinnisII: thanks reCurse, anyone over 1% should be penalized ... that's sloppy

reCurse: ?

reCurse: There were server issues

PatrickMcGinnisII: I was seeing plenty of bots ranked 400 places above me, timing out ... it wasn't the server, instead of scaling back and refiguring what they were doing they would rather take the 1%+ loss ... it's just sloppy

Astrobytes: No, there really were server issues.

struct: Even CG aknowledged the timeouts

Astrobytes: never clicking on your homepage again emh :P

kovi: imho speed was not that important so i have chosen the safe 36ms

kovi: (not that important for c++/beam)

miszu: ok I am beating the silver boss bot easilly

PatrickMcGinnisII: I have run speed tests ... and the execution times for multiple runs on same code can vary alot.

miszu: with 3k sims at turn 2

struct: nice you should place around top 150 in gold

Astrobytes: cool miszu!

PatrickMcGinnisII: I would think there would be less variance on a compiled code than a scripting lang

miszu: let me see if I can win if the bot starts... just to not humiliate myself

Astrobytes: oh, not a submit, just IDE?

miszu: yeah

Astrobytes: watch out for that ;)

miszu: and I won vs bot when I am the O

miszu: the bot won when I am the O just now...

miszu: NIUUUUU

PatrickMcGinnisII: maybe I'm wrong, i guess sending and recieving responses can get tied up in que

miszu: I think I missed a condition check if I start 2nd

reCurse: There were random hiccups were your code would be interrupted for up to 30ms

PatrickMcGinnisII: miszu this uttt?

reCurse: *where

reCurse: Even in C++

miszu: yeah

miszu: super wierd. When I am X I beat the boss like for breakfast. If I am O, my bot is doing horrible

emh: Astrobytes hehe. nsfw stuff is hidden. you need direct link to go there. on front is safe for children

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmmm, there must be some kinda timestamping ... but i guess hyperthreading cores... sh*t what do i know

Astrobytes: lol, I'm no child but I can't unsee that emh. CSB has never looked the same since :D

Astrobytes: miszu: bug in your sim?

miszu: my mcts looks fine

miszu: but why when you flip role you don't do well

Astrobytes: that's why I said check your sim

PatrickMcGinnisII: reading the post mortem on the challenge and seeing how euler and domiko bitpacked the inventory and applied the transformations is pretty kewl

AntiSquid: kovi what is tc-ish ? ", so it is too much a solo optimization game with relatively narrow possible approaches (more tc-ish than cg-ish)"

reCurse: topcoder

AntiSquid: ah

Astrobytes: I get his point completely.

AntiSquid: i thought i'd be amongst the very few that didn't really liked it that much .

AntiSquid: thought more people would enjoy the heavy opti focus

Astrobytes: I wasn't keen from the start. But I grew some motivation on Saturday and Sunday :P

AntiSquid: i was enjoying this more :P

AntiSquid: actually we can play that as guests if anyone is interested

Astrobytes: lol

reCurse: No thanks

AntiSquid: not best graphics, but it's ok game

Astrobytes: I only came across the mattle site recently

reCurse: This game is horrible

PatrickMcGinnisII: love the dragons emh

AntiSquid: are you going to write a PM reCurse ? about your approach

reCurse: Maybe, unlikely

kovi: too bad this game has no use for battlestation

struct: Next contest physics please

reCurse: I could have used it to analyze search

struct: I want fb like

reCurse: Until I realized there is no point in having good search

AntiSquid: physics with fog or we delete in protest, right struct ?

Astrobytes: Give it a day or so reCurse. There's a lot of interest ;)

Astrobytes: (re. PM)

reCurse: A lot of the stuff has been spoiled with other PMs and top 2 deserve it more since I'm so far from them.

Astrobytes: Meh. Like I said, give it a day or 2

kovi: well, i like anything which is not beamsearch

Astrobytes: ^

reCurse: And chokudai?

miszu: so muy UTTT bot chose path that has high chance to win and output % of win and then suddently it drops by 10% even < 50%

miszu: I don't cache my mcts. I do a completely new mcts each time

kovi: ok, some totally different approach (eg. include enemy prediction or something)

kovi: and effective (dp and full-grapf resolve was interesting, but not useful enough)

reCurse: Well I have a mostly useless endgame search I guess

reCurse: Spent too much time on endgame before realizing it's also pointless

Astrobytes: This is why you should write a PM (no pressure)

Rounddice: I'm confused, why am I rank 5 again!? I was 19th when the Legend recount happened.

reCurse: That's the purpose of a recount

Rounddice: No, but I was 19th at the END of the recount.

reCurse: Oh you meant the multi sorry

reCurse: They duplicated the arena for rerun

kovi: was endgame pointless? i only had simple heuristics toward that one

reCurse: What you have is before rerun I think

reCurse: Ok let me rephrase

reCurse: It's pointless to go further than 'good enough'

reCurse: Just like it's pointless with search to go further than 'good enough'

reCurse: It's a strange game, the recipe draw breaks everything

reCurse: Which is why I found amusing so much talk about perf when it didn't matter

Cosmeen: Is clash of code actually helping me improve my coding, or am I just procrastinating? xd

reCurse: It looks like more optim should be great but actually

Astrobytes: The latter Cosmeen

ClockSort: where can i see final standings? is this this, or is this the multi?

Zenoscave: multi

kovi: recurse, yeah you are right

Astrobytes: ClockSort:

reCurse: On every compute intensive CG game I always get something out of more perf or more efficient

reCurse: This game? Had to stop my bot from searching more because it played worse for it

kovi: true

Default avatar.png -Rutger-: @reCurse did you output the gamestate in challenge aswell? to debug locally ?

reCurse: I used... :drum:

reCurse: Bitstreams

Zenoscave: Lol duh

PatrickMcGinnisII: I didn't know taking the first 8 0 cost learns was actually a thing at op of leaderboard

Astrobytes: damn you were faster than my inb4

Default avatar.png -Rutger-: ah like you explained in your video ?

reCurse: Yes

reCurse: Except don't do this at home

reCurse: There are much better ways

Astrobytes: (it's subjective)

reCurse: And with a small game state like this one I just base64 the whole state pointer

AntiSquid: his 3rd video holds the secret to sentient AI, ask him about it -Rutger-

Zenoscave: Serialization is an interesting subject

Default avatar.png -Rutger-: :)

Zenoscave: What depth performed best for your bot reCurse? mine seems to be 8-12

reCurse: 15

Zenoscave: I tried that but perhaps beam width played a part too

reCurse: Found with much cursing and submitting

Zenoscave: too large a beam width gave bad results also

Astrobytes: (re)cursing and re(submitting)

Default avatar.png -Rutger-: @AntiSquid im still hoping for more video's ;)

Rounddice: I made it dependent on the state of the game. Not sure whether that was a good idea

Zenoscave: don't hold your breath

reCurse: It was a fun experiment but I'm done with those

Default avatar.png -Rutger-: haha i would be dead by now :p

reCurse: Even part 2 is debatable

Astrobytes: the beam width Rounddice?

Astrobytes: or the depth?

Rounddice: Both

Astrobytes: Oh

Rounddice: I decreased depth and increased with towards end

struct: re curse why did you decided to not do it anymore? Do you think the locam videos did not have enough quality?

reCurse: Part 2 was a downgrade

Astrobytes: interesting

reCurse: I'm not a showman

reCurse: I understand the effort required to make good content

reCurse: I'm not interested in putting it

Astrobytes: No, but it was very informative

Astrobytes: And you don't have to do much to impress an audience of programmers

PatrickMcGinnisII: Where is this Ai takes over the world video?

reCurse: Thanks but meh

struct: I understand

reCurse: There's much better out there

struct: I enjoyed them though

Default avatar.png -Rutger-: yeah me too. i liked the fact that it wasn't prepared

Astrobytes: I dislike programming streams for the most part. I watch some youtube stuff now and then

NitMpez: i'd hate someone to watch my programming stream... it'd be awful for them and me

struct: It can be fustrating I guess

reCurse: There's a lot of pressure to be entertaining. It's a weird feeling.

PatrickMcGinnisII: I watch a couple PY streams during contest... it was actually kinda funny watching them pull their hair out

reCurse: Made me understand a lot more how some streamers work.

Astrobytes: I prefer content over entertainment in "knowledge-based" media

AntiSquid: i am amazed by instafluff guy gathering such a huge audience

NitMpez: i get coders block too much, i feel like i would be streaming me staring at code trying to figure out what to do next

Astrobytes: look at erricht o ... not exactly riveting

Astrobytes: But gets the job done

AntiSquid: ya but he's been doing it for a long time

struct: I opened his stream when he was trying to do DP for Fall challenge

Astrobytes: in between being harassed by randos wanting to know how to be the best at CP in a week

struct: it was too much complicated for me

AntiSquid: he paces it well imo

struct: Yeah, but im not really familiar with DP

AntiSquid: and i like his replies to the randos :D

Astrobytes: I just don't like the whole CP community thing for the most part

Astrobytes: Yeah I agree there AntiSquid

reCurse: Youtube for programming definitely works. I don't understand its appeal for streaming though.

Astrobytes: For a bit of fun it's alright, in the context of CG I think it works depending who is doing it

NitMpez: I just don't want to deal with the negative criticism on what I stream

Astrobytes: Don't stream. Upload video. Delete trolls.

AntiSquid: DrDisrespect moved to youtube because of twitch ban, still tons of views. I just maximize view and don't care about chat most of the time.

reCurse: I say youtube as in video

AntiSquid: yes

reCurse: Youtube streaming is still streaming

miszu: alright submitting my bot in UTT. Wish me luck

Astrobytes: yeah totally

Majeck: Astrobytes what do you mean by the CP community?

NitMpez: gl

struct: videos is way easier to make it look better

reCurse: Competitive Programming

Astrobytes: oh Competitive Programming

Majeck: Oh

Cosmeen: Is there anything more productive I can do on this website? I finished all my hw for college, and have some free time, but I don't want to go back to playing Minecraft :))

Majeck: what a horrible acronym lol

Astrobytes: oh not that again

Majeck: Cosmeen Bot programming

AntiSquid: uninstall minecraft Cosmeen

Majeck: Or code golf

Astrobytes: ^

Majeck: Both are fun and easy to get into

struct: Check fall challenge 2020

Astrobytes: (not code golf, bot programming)

Cosmeen: I saw they added a quest map, what path is most interesting?

struct: AI

reCurse: Clash of course

Astrobytes: all of them except the ones you don't like

AntiSquid: the ML one

Astrobytes: It's not like you *have* to complete it

miszu: 1st in silver

Cosmeen: AntiSquid just for the memories man, really felt good since I didn't play in like 2 years

Cosmeen: AI is that one?

Astrobytes: problem with switching player id's miszu?

miszu: Astrobytes I don't think so. I doubled check and it looks fine

AntiSquid: actually you could try to do some Minecraft ML if you are willing to put up with debugging and setup headaches ...

miszu: sometimes it goes for promising move but actually it made it worse and the % went down

miszu: I do 3k sims

Cosmeen: I didn't get into ML yet actually, would be nice to go ahead on what they teach at college, where should I start with that?

Astrobytes: cool, so it's working to some extent at least

miszu: maybe my numbers are not high enough

miszu: 3k might not be enough to see if a move would be a bad move but my mcts sees it as most promissing

miszu: at least my rating is above the boss

NitMpez: feel like first contest i did in a while... i actually di code vs zombies again in c++ and acraft to prepare doing this contest in c++

miszu: I have 29.69 and boss has 28.14

Astrobytes: looks like you're going up if you keep that score going

miszu: oh for sure I am going to gold

Astrobytes: Cosmeen: what have you learned in college?

miszu: but will it cut to legendary? :P

Astrobytes: That's when you need the optimisations.

Astrobytes: 20K+ iirc for legend?

Astrobytes: I don't have a proper UTTT bot yet. I've been putting it off.

reCurse: Don't

NitMpez: haven't even tried yet

struct: Only was worth it because I didnt spent much time on it

NitMpez: been trying to go back and do contests i missed

Astrobytes: It's one of those rainy day ones where something else is always preferable for me

miszu: look at this and the debug values


PatrickMcGinnisII: my backyard is 2 foot tall grass now because of the contest

miszu: I am around 50%, one time 60%ish and then 40% and then lost

Astrobytes: guessing your debug values are going to stderr

miszu: yeah

AntiSquid: PatrickMcGinnisII just put fake grass on top

PatrickMcGinnisII: miszu i played your bot before it promoted, good job...better than me, butt hat's not hard

Astrobytes: (so we can't see that... :D )

NitMpez: :P

miszu: PatrickMcGinnisII when did you play vs my bot?

PatrickMcGinnisII: my hottub has a frog living in it now, wth

PatrickMcGinnisII: damn it CG

PatrickMcGinnisII: just now miszu

Astrobytes: get in there and 'befriend' it

miszu: I can't see your bot

PatrickMcGinnisII: hes' actually pretty cool, just hope he doesn't die when i put chems in it

miszu: like I don't see your profile pic

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh I'm way down in silver in uttt, i didn't put in alot of effort

Astrobytes: take the poor wee thing out before you put anything in it Patrick

PatrickMcGinnisII: I usually only get in it in the winter, too freakin hot in summer

Astrobytes: You don't have a thermostat?

AntiSquid: is that how you see your tenant? as a frog ?

Astrobytes: Not that I own a hot tub I may add.

PatrickMcGinnisII: they are tree frogs, they geet around... sticky feet

Astrobytes: well put it back on a tree before dosing it with muriatic acid or chlorine

miszu: promotion to gold in 30 min! :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: I actually have another house, I'm kicking that tenant out in february

PatrickMcGinnisII: i'd rather have the frogs

Astrobytes: nice one miszu :)

miszu: 3.6 points difference than the bot

miszu: let's see gold later :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: no acid, I'll prolly drain it first so I don't have to use as many cchems

miszu: my next improvement is to actually keep the mcts used and continue for next iterations

AntiSquid: kicking out? oof what happened

miszu: it does fresh mcts each turn

PatrickMcGinnisII: i didn't do beam in contest, I'm probably going to have to now

Astrobytes: just set your root to the best node and go from there. But you're gonna need some more optimisations

miszu: yeah but I use dynamic allocations :/

miszu: so I need to modify that

Astrobytes: turn 1, preallocate or die screaming

AntiSquid: i reach all states, but only for creating one potion :D

miszu: yeah I need a datastructure for my pool of nodes

PatrickMcGinnisII: tenant always tearing up my stuff, they broke the kitchen faucet, the tub spout, the front door, holes in the walls... they suck! house was perfect when they moved in. They put an above ground pool up in backyard w/o telling it's full of fungi and mosquito larvae. And they killed all the grass, i could go on and on.

AntiSquid: wow assholes .

miszu: PatrickMcGinnisII do you have damage deposit?

PatrickMcGinnisII: I gotta work on stuff b4 dark...

PatrickMcGinnisII: more dmg. than that'll pay for

AntiSquid: sounds like my former next door neighbours

AntiSquid: digging holes in the backyard :D

miszu: can't you sue them?

AntiSquid: guy walking around in towel ... not sure if with or w/o underwear

Astrobytes: Node* nodes; Node nodes[NODE_MAX]; have a play an d see what works miszu

miszu: Astrobytes how can you guarantee that the next one you use is not used in your mcts?

struct: everytime you store in a node

struct: you increment

PatrickMcGinnisII: i told tenant already to prep for move, they tried to change the numbers on the lease for the deposit...I'm like, yall ain't getting any $ back ... go ahead and sue me with your fraudulent documents... dumb asses.

Astrobytes: ^ and make a s**tload of them

miszu: is it possible your whole array is used?

struct: well yes

miszu: # of sims = # of nodes you need right?

Astrobytes: I'll let struct answer that one ;)

struct: I think thats seems right

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'll trade rental house for condo in scotland, rofl

struct: On uttt I allocate like 18Mill

struct: But that is because my MCTS is not right

miszu: cuz in traverse() you keep digging if your node is full of visited children, then you create new node

miszu: 18 mils?

miszu: CG can handle that shit?

Astrobytes: you must be mad PatrickMcGinnisII

struct: depends on the size of node

struct: you have 768MB

Astrobytes: ^


miszu: plz don't roast me :(

Astrobytes: this is where the optimisation part begins

**PatrickMcGinnisII is crazy ... in a good way.

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, work to do, glhf.


Astrobytes: later PatrickMcGinnisII

struct: and I can even reduce the size

struct: if I change the first 3 vars to int8_t

miszu: yeah but 1st child index can be misleading, what if the next index is used for another node?

Astrobytes: I was gonna say

struct: i know how many childs the node have

miszu: fair enough

miszu: but you need to select a child at random

miszu: unvisited

struct: There are multiple ways to do this

Astrobytes: Yes but you use the next available node in the preallocated array

miszu: also, do you use cin for read input?

miszu: btw, I haven't even include the pragmas

miszu: so that 3k could be a full 4k

Astrobytes: add those

Astrobytes: possibly more

struct: pragmas on Fall challenge was 10x boost for me

struct: for some reason

Astrobytes: bit twiddling weirdo things struct :P

miszu: I am proud of my bitboarding

Astrobytes: Voodoo

miszu: 1st time bitboarding


struct: What was the questin about cin though?

miszu: is cin okay to use?

miszu: or better scanf?

miszu: reading inputs is slow

damoah2: hello

struct: I use cin

miszu: ok no optimization for readings?

struct: never cared about the performance of reading inputs

struct: idk, never checked

darkhorse64: miszu: use tables instead

miszu: darkhorse64 tables instead of what?

Astrobytes: your win checking I believe

miszu: so instead of 11 ors I should have an array where it's precomputed if it is a win or not?

Majeck: What happened to "emil" in the leaderboard

Majeck: I can't find the user

darkhorse64: use a lookup table to compute vitory, loss

miszu: does it make big difference?

miszu: in performance?

Astrobytes: well, you've got almost a second in the first turn, do the maths ;)

Astrobytes: Majeck: #3

struct: gn everyone

Majeck: #3 in the contest leaderboard shows up as reCurse

Astrobytes: gn struct, well done on gold again :)

Majeck: was reCurse emil :O

struct: thanks

miszu: Astrobytes no I meant instead of using the ors, would using lookup table be much faster?

miszu: :)

Astrobytes: should be

miszu: alright gold runs now!

struct: Majeck you must play Nier to understand who was emil.

Majeck: Nier Automata

AntiSquid: i never played nier automata but the avatar made me think of ...

Astrobytes: <incoming random anime picture/video>

Majeck: I thought it represented the lady fish in the Shark Movie

Majeck: *Shark Tale

Astrobytes: lol wtaf

Majeck: Looked like a fish to me hahaha

Astrobytes: :D

miszu: top 50% in gold

AntiSquid: eh Astrobytes ? it made me think of recurz avatar

Astrobytes: nice, should end up top 1/3 or thereabouts miszu

miszu: good news is that it shouldn't take much optimisations

Astrobytes: ah OK AntiSquid, was expecting the usual ;P

miszu: bad new is... I am about to enter in a world where it's very easy to make a mistake

Astrobytes: Gold boss is tough from what I know

miszu: I can draw sometimes with gold boss

miszu: but didn't win yet

Astrobytes: good start regardless

Astrobytes: hey darkhorse64, how did you like the contest?

miszu: I need to read about pragmas and which one to turn on

AntiSquid: already gold ?

Astrobytes: start with #pragma GCC optimize("O3","unroll-loops","omit-frame-pointer","inline"), try some combinations out.

Astrobytes: Depending what you're doing you may need to enable certain vectorization flags

Astrobytes: etc

miszu: gonna read about optimize

miszu: time to activate cheat codes :D

darkhorse64: Not a first sight. It took me quite some time to figure out what to do. I finally wrote an optimized BFS on Saturday (the previous was slow and buggy) but I failed to design a proper eval

Astrobytes: Similar to me, though I wasn't keen on the game at all from the start. Didn't get motivated until Saturday, by Sunday I didn't finish my rewrite in time so stayed in silver

darkhorse64: The key points were compressing the state (600 -> 48 bytes) and removing duplicates (for more depth)

darkhorse64: Probably, I can get a lot smaller but 500K + visited nodes per turn is enough

Astrobytes: think it might be more eval-centric rather than raw node counts from what I've heard so far

miszu: MadKnight here:


darkhorse64: May be I should try the inventory bits trick just to see how much it gains. Having a break rn. The weekend coding session 2x12h has been tiring

Astrobytes: strange game anyway, don't like it too much. I prefer the user contributions these days

Astrobytes: Yeah, it takes the energy out of you for sure

ScriptKiddie0101: genshin impact

darkhorse64: The penguins & blocking multis are interesting to try out 3/4 players algos

Astrobytes: Yeah, next stop for me

Astrobytes: Also trictrac's fireworks one

Astrobytes: in contributions

darkhorse64: miszu: computing moves on a mini board is also a lookup

darkhorse64: filling a vector :scream:

miszu: yeah... correctness first, then optimizations :P

Astrobytes: darkhorse64: he just started with it ;)

darkhorse64: I spent months on optimizing UTTT

miszu: pragmas, pool of nodes, getting rid of vectors

Astrobytes: still haven't bothered

Astrobytes: haven't even check my Oware in a while, need to get back in top 10

Astrobytes: *checked

miszu: UTT is a cool project to master basic knowledge of c++

miszu: 159th/611 in gold

miszu: if I reach legendary I change my profile pic

Astrobytes: submit finished?

miszu: golds run is done

darkhorse64: This as my first multi and I foolishly imagine that I could be #1. So I try hard. Now I am more modest ...

Astrobytes: :grin:

darkhorse64: *was*

Astrobytes: it's those ankles again darkhorse

Astrobytes: miszu: top 1/3, struct was correct

miszu: yeah looks like it

darkhorse64: Dying PC. Waiting for Black Friday

miszu: almost top 1/4 :D

Astrobytes: Indeed miszu

darkhorse64: How many rollouts second turn ?

Astrobytes: < 3000

miszu: 3k on average

darkhorse64: You need a 6/7 x improvement for Legend

miszu: darkhorse64 here is an example and look at cerr:

miszu: 3.5k sometimes

miszu: gonna start with pragmas

miszu: easiest to fine tune

miszu: then basic lookup table for smallboard

miszu: then ???

Astrobytes: miszu: we can't see your cerr output, only you (that might be weird in a contest if we could right?)

miszu: oh...

Astrobytes: You can output stats or whatever after your turn output before the endl/\n

darkhorse64: move generation. Pragma for Legend might be enough

miszu: Astrobytes let me try that

Astrobytes: rerun your submit with the pragma I gave you

miszu: I want to benchmark the optimize() and the target() as well

Astrobytes: are you using any special instructions?

miszu: what special is special?

Astrobytes: popcnt, ctz etc

miszu: nope

miszu: simple c++

Astrobytes: right, well try with just the pragma I gave you

darkhorse64: +1

miszu: I'll try it

miszu: ok here it is


miszu: with the # of sims in cout

Astrobytes: sorry, was petting my cat :D What happened to output on first 2 turns? And is that with or w/out pragma?

MadKnight: Astrocats

miszu: haha

miszu: 1st turn I always play middle

miszu: 2nd turn is the opponent

miszu: 3rd turn is me starting mcts

Astrobytes: Catstrobytes ;)

miszu: before pragmas

Astrobytes: oh, yeah, lol, sorry

Astrobytes: long day

Astrobytes: now pragma

miszu: benchmarking the Os

miszu: ok so Ofast gives me most sims

miszu: >= 6k

Astrobytes: I usually start with Ofast and work my way down

miszu: I did all of them

miszu: ofast is most consistent

Astrobytes: try it out and see

miszu: yeah I just did it


miszu: brb

Astrobytes: argh

Astrobytes: 3326

Astrobytes: woops, wrong window

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: away with your EcksDees :P

Astrobytes: How did you like the contest Scarfield?

Scarfield: haha, it gave me a needed laugh, judt looked at my contest code and realised why it did so bad

Astrobytes: I had a similar revelation last night lol

Scarfield: i liked it well enough, but didnt put enough time in to do much, and also apparently coded something different than what i wanted :'(

Scarfield: in an effort to simplify my initial approach, i took 1 ingredient at a time, somehow forgot to change it so it would look for the entire recipe.. saw it within 10 minutes today lol

Astrobytes: Yeah, I didn't get motivated until the weekend really, not a big fan of the game, but it was alright

Astrobytes: hahaha, I had something similar going on Saturday I think

miszu: funroll-loops doesn't help relaly

Astrobytes: have you submitted miszu?

miszu: I just put Ofast for now

miszu: what's the pragmas you use again?

Scarfield: i was doing UTTT when i learned about using pragmas, got almost double the simcount from these:

  1. pragma GCC optimize "O3,omit-frame-pointer,inline"
  2. pragma GCC option("arch=native", "tune=native", "no-zero-upper")

miszu: nvm foudn it

Astrobytes: uhhh from memory pragma GCC optimize("03", "inline", "unroll-loops", "omit-frame-pointer ")

phord: I started out with beam search (didn't know what it was called, though) and couldn't get out of bronze. Sounds like most of the winners used beam, though.

Astrobytes: Scarfield's one should be used with avx/avx2 I believe for auto-vectorization

phord: I guess my beam was too narrow. :-(

Astrobytes: *target of avx/avx2

Scarfield: ah, just copied them from someone in chat, never really looked into what it does :p

Astrobytes: Anyway, I am totally exhausted. I shall see you all tomorrow, good luck miszu!

miszu: thanks Astrobytes!

Scarfield: gn :wave:

miszu: 102th/611 now



Zenoscave: separate param tunings but same bot

Zenoscave: this was weird

lazily.evaluated: YOOOOOOOOOOOO

ScriptKiddie0101: YOOOOOOOOOOOO

miszu: simple lookup table for my UTT increases # of sims from 9k to 13k

ClockSort: UTT = ?

miszu: Ultimate tic tac toe

miszu: question about MCTS, is saving the sims and applying your move and opponent move doesn't affect the correctness of the MCTS algorithm? Like I want to know if you can save your mcts for future sims and not restart from 0.

Lysk: yes you have to select your new root node based on the move you made + move opponent made

miszu: ok thanks

crystal_prince: hello