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GenesisWasTaken: testing stuff out on an alt account is within the rules right?

NinjaDoggy: idk, i was banned before for it(on my alt)

NinjaDoggy: but it's probably fine

Zenoscave: your alt ?

NinjaDoggy: just namei t differnetly

NinjaDoggy: in UTTT

NinjaDoggy: i got an email saying i was hogging legend spots and got it removed lol

NinjaDoggy: I wasn't too discrete with the name though...

GenesisWasTaken: why does it take so long to get out of wood league lol

NinjaDoggy: NinjaDoggySmurf :thinking:

GenesisWasTaken: is it because there are only 16 people insthis league lmao

GenesisWasTaken: it takes forever for me to find 1 match

NinjaDoggy: submits are slow right now

NinjaDoggy: because servers are overloaded :(

GenesisWasTaken: been sitting here for 10 minutes and I'm still at 50%

NinjaDoggy: game's too popular

elderlybeginner: what are the basic rules for utilizing learns in silver?

NinjaDoggy: learn first 8

NinjaDoggy: you can get top of gold with that still

NinjaDoggy: my current bot learns index 0 for first 6

elderlybeginner: any ratings for learns required

LLG: I just learn until I have 8-10 spells, still trying to figure out the optimal number

elderlybeginner: ?

NinjaDoggy: no, learn first tome for 8 turns is pretty good

LLG: I put higher weight on spells with 0 cost

NinjaDoggy: was around top 30-40 gold today

NinjaDoggy: with that still

NinjaDoggy: you can also try to generate a value for each tome

NinjaDoggy: and take highest value tome or something

LLG: yeah that's what I do

elderlybeginner: 5-6 learns at start works best for me, but still got stuck in silver and I am wondering where are my week points

NinjaDoggy: probably searching algo

NinjaDoggy: and python :(

LLG: maybe your evaluation heuristics

elderlybeginner: most certainly it's about heuristics

LLG: I've seen people in gold with only about 5000 sims

elderlybeginner: I don't rate learns and brews

LLG: so it technically could work with good heuristics

LLG: one thing you could do is optimize the end game

LLG: like if you're at 5, and you can get to 6 before your opponent can brew a single potion

LLG: that's a good target to rush

LLG: or if they're at 5 and about to get 6

NinjaDoggy: yea, end game optimization is pretty big

LLG: you can try to cast spell and get bonus points for ingredients at the end

NinjaDoggy: having 1 extra potion usually wins

elderlybeginner: that would require to look into opponent

LLG: you can just track the number of potions each side have brewed, for now

Uemu: if you're at five and your score + the potion you will make is higher than opponent's score, rushing the sixth potion when the opponent is ahead is bad imo

elderlybeginner: i am usually first with 6 brews, but loosing with points

LLG: yeah I only rush 6th if the 6th potion give me higher score than my opp.

LLG: otherwise I look for the second closest, etc.

LLG: until I find one

LLG: if I can't find one I just optimize ingredients

LLG: because you get 1 points for each tier2+ ingredients at the end

Uemu: Oh the ingredient part is smart as hell

GenesisWasTaken: I do search for both sides though

GenesisWasTaken: so I have perfect information on which player can rush a potion first

GenesisWasTaken: let's say, they're at 5, and there's no way I'm beating them to 6

GenesisWasTaken: I'll optimize ingredients

elderlybeginner: still you get more points by brewing 6th then by optimizing end-state with inventory

Uemu: Yes but if you can't brew sixth before him stack ingredients

GenesisWasTaken: yeah that ^

GenesisWasTaken: if I can't get to 6th before my opponent I stack ingredient

elderlybeginner: I must have bigger heuristics weaknesses then that

GenesisWasTaken: right now I just evaluate by point/turn

GenesisWasTaken: I get the path to each potions, and divide their reward by the number of turns to reach it

Zenoscave: GenesisWasTaken do you include current inventory in your eval?

GenesisWasTaken: for example, I can brew a 20 points potion in 4 turns, that's 5 points a turn

elderlybeginner: in general i'm going for "kill", just trying to brew asap and only rating casts

GenesisWasTaken: I used to, but now I don't

GenesisWasTaken: the only thing I evaluate is point/turn

Zenoscave: Put it back. that's a big part. Just need to tune the eval

GenesisWasTaken: then I have some heuristics to determine whether I can get to that potion before my opponent

elderlybeginner: do you rate brews in regards to its ingredients usage?

Zenoscave: yes

elderlybeginner: kind of balance points/ingredients?

Zenoscave: t0 < t1 < t2 <t3

GenesisWasTaken: well, the potion's reward IS based on it's ingredients

GenesisWasTaken: but yeah, could be a thing to look into

Zenoscave: But you don't know which potion will be next. having ample t3's but not too many is important

GenesisWasTaken: yeah stacking 10 gold ingredients is a very common problem

GenesisWasTaken: I've seen it way too many times

elderlybeginner: i believe I'm learning and casting improperly

GenesisWasTaken: also, multicast

GenesisWasTaken: I can't believe I forgot about that up until upper silver

elderlybeginner: improperly casting when no solution is founded

GenesisWasTaken: I was doing single cast all the way from bronze to like, top 400 silver

GenesisWasTaken: before I started generating states for multicasts

elderlybeginner: i have multicasting included in simulation only

GenesisWasTaken: also, how many states are you able to generate in 50ms?

GenesisWasTaken: it's ironic how my old bot was super efficient about generating states (only 1-2k before timing out)

Zenoscave: 30-40k

elderlybeginner: i don't see big difference between 2k and 5k; thus it's about heuristics

GenesisWasTaken: so I tried a solution that doesn't require as much simulation

GenesisWasTaken: but then my current bot does 5k sims in 5ms

GenesisWasTaken: I'm like

GenesisWasTaken: NOW you decide to be fast huh

GenesisWasTaken: when I don't need you to be

NinjaDoggy: @Zenoscave

NinjaDoggy: my secret sauce pruning is finally being useful! :O


NinjaDoggy: I'm computing the best possible set of 6 brews given an initial set of casts, and a fixed 11 brews

Zenoscave: Nice NinjaDoggy!

NinjaDoggy: it's easily searching depth 40-60 < 1 second XD

Zenoscave: I'm trying to do opp blocking

NinjaDoggy: ah...

NinjaDoggy: it's a pain

Zenoscave: any pointers?

NinjaDoggy: simulate your opponent for a given depth

NinjaDoggy: then simulate your self for that same depth

GenesisWasTaken: oh yeah speaking of which, I should do that also

NinjaDoggy: compute opp turn 1, then ur turn 1, then opp turn 2, etc

Zenoscave: then rinse and repeat?

NinjaDoggy: knowing minDist to potions really helps

NinjaDoggy: yea

GenesisWasTaken: right now what I'm doing is

GenesisWasTaken: check which potion has the highest return for my opponent

GenesisWasTaken: like, point/turn for him

GenesisWasTaken: then if I can get to it in less turns than he can

GenesisWasTaken: I'll rush it

GenesisWasTaken: but only if he doesn't have a second best option available in 2-3 turns

Zenoscave: But what if he has two other potions where p1+p2 / (t1+t2) is >?

NinjaDoggy: sry p1+p2/t1+t2 is?

Zenoscave: points and turns for items 1 and 2

GenesisWasTaken: my thought is, if I go out of my way and do unoptimal things to block him, only to have him brew another potion 1 turn later

GenesisWasTaken: that wouldn't be very profitable

GenesisWasTaken: so I only do that if my opponent doesn't have a second option available within x turns

NinjaDoggy: wait sry i'm prob being dense rn but

NinjaDoggy: what's points and turns?

Zenoscave: minDist and Price

NinjaDoggy: oh like if there's multiple options for opponent

Zenoscave: Yeah

NinjaDoggy: like if you block potion 1, but they do potion 2

NinjaDoggy: hehe ok secret sauce time

GenesisWasTaken: yeah that

Zenoscave: I chose the wrong one a lot

GenesisWasTaken: but yeah, as I said, I only do opponent blocking if they don't have another option within 2-3 turns

GenesisWasTaken: probably not the best way to do it

GenesisWasTaken: but it kinda improved my bot compared to not doing it at all

GenesisWasTaken: another thing I picked up from my colleague is to use a bit field to store spell castable state instead of storing a boolean on each Spell instance

GenesisWasTaken: so when you generate a new state, you only need to generate 1 bit field, instead of n booleans

GenesisWasTaken: with n being the number of spells

GenesisWasTaken: which in turn, means I don't even have to clone the spells, but rather just use the original array

GenesisWasTaken: anyway I'm gonna go grab something for lunch while waiting for my bot to reach silver

GenesisWasTaken: see you guys later

elderlybeginner: any one with python's code contest here? How long is your code?

ClockSort: alright, we're submitting. Let's roll.

NinjaDoggy: let's see it CLOCKSORT

NinjaDoggy: (don't mind if you bump me to legend ;) )

miszu: rush B my friend

ClockSort: so far, meh results

miszu: yeah saw it :/

ClockSort: 16% done, server isn't that bad

NoobCod3: guys join the class of code im lonely

miszu: question for c++, does a function that returns a primitive can be returned as const?

Csipcsirip: it's not tha hard to try out :p

miszu: sorry I meant can it always be returned as const?

Csipcsirip: I don't understand the question

miszu: const before a function definition means the return value won't be modified

Default avatar.png Good_Coder: Lol

Default avatar.png Good_Coder: Hi

Default avatar.png Good_Coder: Hi

Csipcsirip: const int f() {return 1;} ?

Default avatar.png Good_Coder: ???

miszu: yes example

Default avatar.png Good_Coder: ???

Default avatar.png Good_Coder: ...

miszu: int is a primitif

miszu: primitive*

Default avatar.png Good_Coder: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Default avatar.png Good_Coder: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

Csipcsirip: in this case if you do this: int a = f(); a will be modifiable

miszu: so could you say that whenever you return a primitive you could always put a const before?

Default avatar.png Good_Coder: ????????????????????????????????????????????

Zenoscave: Good_Coder quit.

Csipcsirip: but you can do int f(){return 1;} const int a = f(); in this case a is const

PatrickMcGinnisII: Coding with 1 day left in challenge...everyone: FML ME:

miszu: yeah I know you can but

ClockSort: top 100 Gold and climbing, yess!

miszu: primitives will always be const when returned though

miszu: even if you don't put const

Csipcsirip: wut? no.

Zenoscave: nice ClockSort

Csipcsirip: int a = f(); a = 69;

miszu: yeah

NinjaDoggy: i think he means

NinjaDoggy: f() = 69

NinjaDoggy: doesn't work?

ClockSort: try f() = 420

NinjaDoggy: lol

NinjaDoggy: maybe compiler will allow it

miszu: can't lol

miszu: haha

miszu: because f() is not an l-value

Csipcsirip: oh okay. never tried that :D

miszu: if you are interested into why you can't do: 5 = 7, it has to do with l-value in a language

ClockSort: also 5 isn't 7

miszu: pretty interesting

miszu: I really mean 5 = 7 and not 5 == 7

The_Duck: 5 isn't 7 until you set it equal to 7, maybe :)

Zenoscave: Prove it ClockSort

Default avatar.png jlfudev:

NinjaDoggy: i would be down for some clash of code

miszu: from 0 to 13s: people submitting and winning first games 13s+: losing at the end and ending below boss bot

NinjaDoggy: but dedicating too many cores to offline computing right now :P

NinjaDoggy: if only I got my hands on a zen 3 cpu...

NinjaDoggy: this would be going more than twice as quick

eulerscheZahl: 6,928 results found for «Score - All»

so close

NinjaDoggy: ?

eulerscheZahl: 7k

NinjaDoggy: yea so close

NinjaDoggy: 41 off :P

Lysk: badoum tss

NinjaDoggy: i mean 72 ofcourse :)

wlesavo: we need some smurfs

eulerscheZahl: oh, i missed a kick on that ??? spam above

Kiat: server unstable?

wlesavo: feeling like the old days, wake up earlier to be able to play some games

Instafluff: anyone happen to know how to avoid a big gc spike for JS on CG?

ClockSort: never lose a reference to any object. then GC doesn't have anything to clean up

dbdr: it will still try...

Instafluff: hmm...

ClockSort: it worked for me in C#, haven't tried JS

reCurse: That's not where all the cost is though

eulerscheZahl: wlesavo just giving up?

ClockSort: right, @recurse I'm paying in other ways too :P

reCurse: It makes GC traversal slower for one

reCurse: Not sure it's a benefit but if it works for you

wlesavo: assertion triggered, do not know why though eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: assert(wlesavo > eulerscheZahl)

reCurse: Hmm is it bad to have coffee at 2am

dbdr: assert(can_still_win())

Ifthel: Instafluff my bet, reuse via a set() command instead of instantiating, keep a bunch of that object type in an array for later reuse.

wlesavo: smth like that

eulerscheZahl: get some sleep and come back stronger tomorrow reCurse

reCurse: But tomorrow will be wasted with servers

reCurse: If I stay up longer now I can stay up longer tomorrow

reCurse: Or something...

eulerscheZahl: did you take off from work?

reCurse: Monday? Yeah

wlesavo: submits will be dead soon anyways

eulerscheZahl: smart move. i did the same :D

dbdr: why monday?

dbdr: ah, to rest

Instafluff: thanks @Ifthel im looking to see if i can force objects to be on the stack in node...

reCurse: All nighter

eulerscheZahl: chatting after challenge

reCurse: This might be my last contest for a while

reCurse: So wanna make it count

eulerscheZahl: oh, relevant changes in your life?

reCurse: Possibly

eulerscheZahl: still lurking on the chat?

reCurse: Discord yeah

reCurse: Webchat unlikely

dbdr: good content on discord?

reCurse: I prefer the chat on discord and I'm already pretty active on it

reCurse: Webchat means another app/window meh

benlinn: fk man this game is hard

dbdr: not for reCurse ;)

reCurse: I beg to differ

benlinn: who's that lol

reCurse: I'm starting to hate this game with every fiber of my soul

benlinn: lol

benlinn: nice to meet u guys :) i just want to get to bronze before time runs out

dbdr: inb4 ragequit

benlinn: dont give me any hints hto

kovi: which was the last game you liked recurse?

dbdr: ragequit and still win :)

reCurse: tbh I think it's more the contest effect

kovi: (i remember such last day hate for quite a few times...)

kovi: yeah...we got tired

reCurse: Like I'm sick of watching or thinking about it

reCurse: lol

kovi: at least its not 4 week long as locm

dbdr: burnout

wlesavo: felt this way about phd thesesis

wlesavo: still do

kovi: 4 week without depth. halite3 was good

reCurse: Last game I liked is probably FB or WW I think

reCurse: On CG

Csipcsirip: server is so dead already. rip spamsubmit

wlesavo: and it is only 100 ppl computing

Gonny: when it's that slow to push because servers are overloaded, does it potentially increase your time outs?

wlesavo: would be close to 400 later

blasterpoard: I suppose it's so slow because of everyone running cgbenchmark

blasterpoard: (not me, my bot is not finished yet, I have nothing to test)

Csipcsirip: and games are even much shorter than usual

Csipcsirip: usually there are 100+ turns at least

wlesavo: yeah imagine 300 turn games

blasterpoard: I wonder why there were absolutely no problems during kutulu, 4players and 200 turns...

blasterpoard: maybe it depends more on the load of their cloud provider, not CG itself

kovi: maybe cause heuristic was enough to reach top gold in kutu

eulerscheZahl: or CG still has some problems with the backend

Batpapa: Do you know if in C++ there is any way to set the flag fpermissive? Virtual pure inheritance couldn't work without it..

Westicles: maybe

Westicles: #pragma GCC diagnostic warning "-fpermissive"

Batpapa: I already tried, but without success :'(

Batpapa: I think i'll just recode some classes then

Westicles: you could do it the hard way from bash

Batpapa: Isn't it considered cheating? Because you by-pass their compiler limitation

CommanderCero: nah everyone uses pragmas otherwise c++ would be slow as hell

Batpapa: sure, at least for O3

Westicles: did you try this

Westicles: #pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wunused-result"

  1. pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wuninitialized"

Westicles: you can list exceptions error by error

kovi: wow, new leader. very nice submit bourgeof

bourgeof: thank you kovi, but the submit is not finished yet...

bourgeof: But it is a very good start :)

kovi: well, impressive start

bourgeof: Best ever for me :)

Batpapa: I always get

Batpapa: note: (if you use ‘-fpermissive’, G++ will accept your code, but allowing the use of an undeclared name is deprecated)

wlesavo: solid lead, nice

Batpapa: no worries, I give up!

LLG: I changed a tiny bit of how I choose spells to learn

LLG: I hope that's enough to push me to gold

LLG: I was #15 silver at 50% battles before the submit so maybe I could've been gold anyway, but let's see

Csipcsirip: wow bourgeof, calm down

bourgeof: ;)

Csipcsirip: writing minimax to the endgame is giving me headaches :(

benlinn: battles in progress 0%

Instafluff: -1% :joy:

GenesisWasTaken: accidentally resubmitted both my smurf and my main

GenesisWasTaken: inb4 fighting myself

eulerscheZahl: you aren't allowed to use smurfs in contests

GenesisWasTaken: 👀 welp time to abandon my smurf

eulerscheZahl: last time thibaud was thinking about removing only the smurfs or both smurf and main account

eulerscheZahl: CG has some plagiarism check

eulerscheZahl: afaik they only run it for gold+legend

GenesisWasTaken: can I somehow delete my smurf so my main stay safe? 👀

GenesisWasTaken: there's a chance both my accounts get to gold on this submit

eulerscheZahl: then resubmit before it finishes

eulerscheZahl: a worse bot of course

Batpapa: have you any known way to by-pass the 100ko file size limitation?

eulerscheZahl: no. the limit is chars, not bytes

eulerscheZahl: so fancy unicode can increase it a bit

Batpapa: arhhh

Batpapa: I guess I have to make different files for differents techniques

GenesisWasTaken: what are you guys doing with your files that make it exceed 100 tho 👀

The_Duck: you can strip whitespace and comments to save some characters

eulerscheZahl: or use tab instead of space if you code in python

Batpapa: plenty of classes

Instafluff: minify :joy:

Batpapa: oh yeah, it's 4 spaces instead of each tab, good guess!

GenesisWasTaken: hi instafluff! was just watching the vod of your stream

eulerscheZahl: be careful about compression. if it's considered as obfuscation, it can disqualify you

GenesisWasTaken: you planning on streaming anytime soon?

Instafluff: hi genesis!

Instafluff: not anymore til next week :worried:

Instafluff: thanks for watching it btw!

Instafluff: i didn't know that. thanks for the heads up euler!

GenesisWasTaken: you shooting for gold today Instafluff?

Instafluff: hopefully. i was struggling vs random GC timeouts tonight and trying potential workarounds

Instafluff: it's looking like all of today will be struggling against the servers :joy:

GenesisWasTaken: lol xD good luck with that

GenesisWasTaken: I'm procrastinating redoing some parts of my heuristics

KingKirb64: Yo, how are we doing 3am gang?

GenesisWasTaken: all I've done today is change my spells limit from 12 to 13 and fix 1 faulty comparison (where it compared references instead of values)

GenesisWasTaken: and somehow I'm seeing good improvements xD

Instafluff: thanks! good luck to you too. hopefully i can get back to working on the heur soon too :D


Westicles: sign in to confirm your age... shame on you!

LLG: it's 3pm gang on this side of the planet

BabyLearnToCode: it's 3:13pm =))

KingKirb64: dang where is that?

linjoehan: How about a song to wake you up?

PatrickMcGinnisII: already passed thru the metal playlist

lifetimeLearner007: Hey guys, here is what I'm doing: But its timing out and not getting many iterations in bfs before timeout. Can someone point out my mistake/ suggest improvement?

benlinn: does anybody in the higher levels use javascript?

Instafluff: im using JS in silver atm :thinking:

LLG: there are a bunch of people in gold who uses js

benlinn: sweet ^

LLG: and 1 guy in legend who uses python

LLG: what a legend

benlinn: lol wow

benlinn: im guessing the best use C++ though?

LLG: yeah I think most ppl in legend uses c++ and rust

Instafluff: generally ya, if you need the iterations for simulation

benlinn: oh i just realized i can look it up myself

LLG: yeah that's where I get my information from xD

benlinn: 90% C++, 10% java and rust

PatrickMcGinnisII: How I wish VPN worked:

Westicles: Je préfère des chanteuses comme Diane Dufresne ou comme Fabienne Thibeault

PatrickMcGinnisII: no Tatiana Shmaylyuk?

Westicles: I don't even know who they are... they made us memorize that in high school French and it never went away

PatrickMcGinnisII: Lo siento

linjoehan: lol PatrickMcGinnisII now you just name dropping.

PatrickMcGinnisII: gheesh, I'm running two trees per turn. One with learns and rests and a quick one with just casts. can't get depth

lowzhao: how to prevent timeout?

linjoehan: do it faster.

lowzhao: njoe

lowzhao: lol cool

lowzhao: i will do it faster then

PatrickMcGinnisII: I was trying to do 2 consecutive brew pairings eval instead of the single brew logic... but just can't quite get there

lowzhao: what if you just change the problem to be a double for loop?

lowzhao: and same BFS logic

lowzhao: use an array to prevent revisiting

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm depth first, i can reach 20k nodes, but everytime i try to use trim logic to get deeper i timeout

PatrickMcGinnisII: sob

lowzhao: depth first and stop and second brew?

lowzhao: at*

PatrickMcGinnisII: I can see all the available brews first occurrences, but can't reach all of the 2nd brews...some but not all

lowzhao: I think you should consider ignore some paths if its over a certain best that you already have found

kotamanegi: I agree with lowzhao, it's useless to think something like resting 10x times, just use calculation time wisely to find some better answer.

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm not usiing eval functions like yall prolly are, after i saw top bots winning games in 30 turns, I started looking at combinatorial brew pair paths

blasterpoard: PatrickMcGinnisII 30? that's a lot

kotamanegi: @PatrickMcGinnisll

kotamanegi: miss type,sorry

Csipcsirip: 26? thats a lot

kotamanegi: but that's timeout :D

Csipcsirip: all I can see is that I won in 6 turns, everything else is BS :p

Csipcsirip: aaand the server is completly frozen

kotamanegi: :sweat_smile:

kotamanegi: 1 hour ago solution is still 26% progress :disappointed_relieved:

PatrickMcGinnisII: running new tree without learns after turn 10 or so, does the trick ... but I have to run local to find optimal learn pathways to desired destination pairings...eww, damn php making me shortcut

kovi: i wonder if i submit now, will that finish at the end?

PatrickMcGinnisII: i don't remember, does CG recalc, or just let everything running finish?

dbdr: recalc legend

PatrickMcGinnisII: my last submit was 3 days ago

kovi: after finish i think

linjoehan: I think I may get to silver now finally!

eulerscheZahl: oh, now i know why i gained some ranks :(

eulerscheZahl: system is back, isn't it?

kovi: there is progress yeah

eulerscheZahl: did the help just call me stupid? :D

eulerscheZahl: oh, i can't read. maybe it's right then

eulerscheZahl: my mind added a "not" to the description

Default avatar.png Retroscilo: So I come and say hi :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: Pat() , this function is already overloaded... don't even try!!

wlesavo: blasterpoard is this a new version already?

HCCHEN: I'd like to continue working on my achievements but can't find it

blasterpoard: wlesavo kinda, it's still very inconsistent

blasterpoard: but it wins against your style of play

wlesavo: yeah, i have like 0% winrate against it

blasterpoard: :)

blasterpoard: (I'm very greedy and lose vs players who learn 6 or less spells)

kovi: cgbench should be limited to current top5....

eulerscheZahl: you mean only those should be allowed to use it?

eulerscheZahl: or only play vs them in your batch?

kovi: yeah. maybe top5-vs-top5 games only

AntiSquid: lol

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: my hashcode code is broken so using a hashset makes my bot dumb, but using a list means I have to stop searching really early. ARRRGH

wlesavo: tough battle at the top, recalc would be fun to watch

kovi: pb4 took strong lead now

AntiSquid: rewrite LordSkaven or fix hashcode @_@

rockstar555: hii

geppoz: it is happening again :( , I pick my looses in arena, lost by my timeout, and in IDE I dont timeout at all :(

PatrickMcGinnisII: someone turn the timer off? I just dropped: total nodes = 194647

PatrickMcGinnisII: holy nodes = 208735

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh, first turn only

LLG: dang

LLG: rank 16 silver

LLG: so close

LLG: had a series of close defeats around rank 100... if I won 2-3 more I could've been gold

LLG: my winrate in 10-30 is good

Cappefra: mmm when's the end exactly?

aCat: you have timer om the top of IDE

PatrickMcGinnisII: says up top in the ide

aCat: 22h 26m

WINWINWIN: Well done PB4

JFB: Only 50 participants left to 7000 :-)

eulerscheZahl: we can do it

JFB: Everyone in Legend will add 1 smerf :-)

Westicles: How many in legend are people never heard of before?

Westicles: I guess delineate and most of the japanese

WINWINWIN: actually its only 4

MenoIy: what is the best way to know wich potion i should brew xD I suck at math...

Westicles: This is a programming site, not a math site. So I've been emphatically told

MenoIy: :(

kotamanegi: I heard tha score for potions is determined by tier-0 * 1 + tier-1 * 2 + tier-2 * 3 + tier-3 * 4

kotamanegi: Of course there's noise x for (-2 <= x <= 2)

lainislain: thats actully the price

MenoIy: ah ok thx <3

Cappefra: are there good resources for beam search? There's an article here in codingame where the GitHub link gives back a 404

wlesavo: if you have general understanding you would be fine

kotamanegi: If you want to know spells & recipe list, please look at github for info.

kotamanegi: @Menoly

MenoIy: thx

JFB: Am I correct that when you said beam search - you mean Breadth-first search with pruning ?

LLG: I believe so. From what I understand, beam search is a BFS that only explores n most promising nodes at every depth.

aCat: yes

Q12: How do you determine which node is worth exploring?

LLG: that's where heuristics come into play

LLG: inventory state, distance towards potions, etc.

eulerscheZahl: kotamanegi the "noise" is +1 for 3 colors and +2 for 4 colors

Q12: Thanks, maybe I will use it

Whiskee: is there anything more reliable than Stopwatch for C#? Because this is honestly getting infuriating, ticks vary too much :/

eulerscheZahl: Stopwatch is good enough

Presac: Is the distance towards potions just the ingredients missing?

eulerscheZahl: use ElapsedMilliseconds

ParticleBeam: Try only starting the stopwatch after the first input read

eulerscheZahl: and start the timer after reading the first line of input

LLG: ingredients missing, but with different weight on different tiers

Whiskee: it's what I'm using, it easily leaps forward 5ms

LLG: missing 1 blue is closer than missing 1 yellow

Whiskee: same exact loop

eulerscheZahl: CG has some problems in general

eulerscheZahl: most players use a time limit around 40ms

LLG: right now I'm only exploring inventory states

ParticleBeam: Also, garbage collector might run in the background

LLG: so I don't even exceed 10ms most turns

Whiskee: I guess it really is the garbage collector complicating things, because I'm repeating the same identical state several times in a row, same calculations, averaging 38-39 and then getting spikes of 55

Icebox: damn

Icebox: I wasted 16h

LLG: I tried playing against my own bot

LLG: and 1 of them took 10ms a turn, the other one took 11ms for the exact turn

eulerscheZahl: with what Icebox?

eulerscheZahl: debugging?

Icebox: no, with sleeping

wlesavo: lul

Icebox: :D

eulerscheZahl: sleep is never wasted

kotamanegi: @eulerscheZahi thx for info. I haven't noticed that :D

LLG: it is possible to get to a higher rank by just resubmitting without changing your code right?

eulerscheZahl: yes. but you can also drop

LLG: yeah that's why I'm afraid to do it

Icebox: volatiliy giveth, volatility taketh away

eulerscheZahl: improving your code is more reliable if you want to gain ranks

wlesavo: 50 ppl 5 gameson the start of submit, nice

LLG: I'm very close to gold

LLG: like, top 10 kind of close

LLG: so I was thinking maybe resubmitting could move me up just a little bit

eulerscheZahl: it's only to gold, still lots of room for improemvents

wlesavo: or not, dam, itis still 3 isnt it

LLG: yeah I guess I could actually write a proper BFS for starter

LLG: right now I prune all states with the same inventory state, except when I just rested

LLG: I guess I could start taking spell states into account lol

LLG: been putting that off way too long

Whiskee: I'm changing so many things at once that I don't know how to title my commits

Whiskee: best development practices out of the window

geppoz: :D same here Whiskee

Cappefra: honestly if you don't end up with some sort of spaghetti code mad props to you

geppoz: I will create a git next contest

WINWINWIN: Geppoz, dropbox is better.

geppoz: dropbox?? I mean for trace all changes, all back-and-forth ideas

geppoz: not for sharing ;)

Icebox: magine Version control with dropbox

Icebox: kappa

geppoz: oh, I didn't know

JohnCM: haha once i extended my depth to 10, my code performed worse than it was at 5

Icebox: yes, I'm being sarcastic

JohnCM: 'cause i considered multiple brews (which may not have existed by the time)

Icebox: dropbox isn't for code :D

JohnCM: icebox, how're you?

Icebox: I'm doing fine, thanks, how about you?

JohnCM: i've been trying the past two days to get into gold, but now still stuck at top 50 silver

JohnCM: i even recoded my entire python code into c++

JohnCM: which gained me 5+ depths

Cappefra: Pretty sure this is the hardest challeng to get into gold

JohnCM: that's how inefficient python is

Cappefra: it doesn't feel that way but it's so hard

JohnCM: it's hard because it's too easy

JohnCM: there's too few things you can do

Icebox: well there are people in legend with python JohnCM

JohnCM: haha i wonder what they did

geppoz: same here

JohnCM: there must be something i'm missing out

geppoz: in python I had 30ms for GC

JohnCM: wait for post-mortem to be enlightened

geppoz: it is possible to do static allocation in python??

JohnCM: memset equivalent in python?

Cappefra: It might be because of how many people there are and your bot needs to be performing well against more different strategies at the same time

geppoz: (Im newbye in python btw, but i got silver with it, before switch to c++)

Icebox: geppoz you just need to know what operators reallocate memory in python

Icebox: and then avoid those

ParticleBeam: Create a super long list in the beginning as reuse list with an index?

geppoz: that: newboards=[]

JohnCM: size = ... buffer = bytearray(size)

JohnCM: bytearray is implememted in C

JohnCM: i think maybe that's why my code is so slow. i used lists, which is super slow

JohnCM: geppoz i think you'll be silver soon

JohnCM: i mean gold

JohnCM: wish i could be bumped up to gold overnight

JohnCM: i can win the silver boss 70% of the time already

geppoz: seems so...

JohnCM: 49th in silver now... come on

JohnCM: few more bumps will do it

geppoz: I just noticed that i was calling clock() at every explored node :D

geppoz: that was big my timeout fear :D

JohnCM: my performance actually became better after i removed pruning

JohnCM: i think i removed a few important branches

geppoz: now i call it every 16th explore and i gained one depth!

JohnCM: geppoz how many spells on average do you learn?

JohnCM: wondering if there is a sweet spot

geppoz: i hardcoded the first 6

JohnCM: i hardcorded the first 8 haha

geppoz: then it is free to learn if it finds a good reason to

JohnCM: yea.. maybe 6, then let the program decide if learning reduces number of turns

JohnCM: haha i have some ideas in mind, but very lazy to code out

JohnCM: spent the whole day yesterday coding the c++ version alr

geppoz: someone top hardcoded 8

JohnCM: my first time coding c++, took a while

JohnCM: lucky got some kind souls told me how to do struct and vector initialization here

JohnCM: so it was easier

geppoz: yeah, Im gold ;)

JohnCM: yay congrats

geppoz: ty


JohnCM: oh my algo can win yours

JohnCM: maybe i should just wait out

JohnCM: oh wait, that's a timeout

JohnCM: yours is better

geppoz: :( my timeout again

geppoz: and I was winning :D

JohnCM: very impressive code there geppoz

JohnCM: you beat me by 30 pts

geppoz: maybe you learn too much at start, so the tree is too wide ?

JohnCM: do you learn only the bottom tree, or the 2nd line also can

JohnCM: i was trying to limit my number of actions per turn

JohnCM: i have a feeling your code can reach legend geppoz

geppoz: I dont think so

JohnCM: you are doing 90+ in 40 turns

JohnCM: that's very high score

geppoz: I dont play opponent, and contest is almost over

JohnCM: that timeout though...

JohnCM: you might want to reduce a depth

geppoz: I need to add opponent, I dont think I can do it today

JohnCM: next competition then

JohnCM: just a little disappointed i can't make gold

LLG: #1 silver now

LLG: it would be great if someone were to push me up :^)

JohnCM: soon your turn

geppoz: you can get gold johncm

LLG: just take the day off tomorrow and grind your ass of :^)

LLG: you're very close

JohnCM: haha i hope so, now i'll code in dynamic spell learning

JohnCM: hope it pushes me closer

JohnCM: then maybe enemy prediction later

geppoz: enemy prediction is a big change, and it is not needed for gold, so if you just want to reach gold, i suggest not to sail for it if you cannot spend all day and night on it :D

JohnCM: ha yea

JohnCM: dynamic spell learning then

JohnCM: not much time left anyway

rockstar555: hii guys i am felling so tried

rockstar555: because i woke up all night to solve a hard puzzle

rockstar555: :tired_face:

JohnCM: did you solve it?

JohnCM: some hard puzzles i solve only 90%, the last 10% is too hard

Cappefra: same

Cappefra: I really enjoyed skynet episode 2

geppoz: I'm working on the "Nintendo sponsored" puzzle by years :D

geppoz: literally

WINWINWIN: Up all night for only 1 puzzle?

WINWINWIN: You solved like 5 last night

LLG: I'm .03 below the boss

LLG: this is intense lol

MadKnight: u got 21h to get RNG'ed into next league

LLG: I'll improve my bot after dinner

rockstar555: i solve it only 90%

LLG: even if I get to next league I still want high placement, cause my colleague is tailing me very close

LLG: and we're competing

MadKnight: oh

MadKnight: are u doing beam search ?

LLG: not really, I'm doing exhaustive bfs

LLG: but I don't take into account spell states, only inventory states

LLG: so there's only like, 2000ish states to explore

rockstar555: I have fever also

LLG: I'm doing exhaustive for me and my opponent every turn

rockstar555: last night

LLG: Siska is looking scary tho

LLG: already at #3 at just 63%

Zanoshky: guys, i use java for contest, but i lose 66ms just to read input ?? what is this?

Zanoshky: in.nextInt() for all states takes between 43 to 62 ms?

therealbeef: that probably includes waiting time for something to appear on stdin

WINWINWIN: Are you measuring time right around the input statement?

LLG: generally you want to start measuring after reading the first line

Zanoshky: i use system nanotime on start of the while loop, and at the end of last nextint()

LLG: start your timer after reading the first line

Zanoshky: sure one sec

WINWINWIN: Ok, are there any methods in that area? It could be that.

LLG: I had that problem with c# and typescript

therealbeef: they should have made this clearer in the game rules, i think

LLG: there's a couple milliseconds of nothingness between the start of the while loop and when you read the first input

LLG: not sure why, but I'm pretty certain there is

Zanoshky: thanks! works much better

Beresta: easy example would be if you end turn in 1ms and your enemy ends in 50ms - you will have a delay till next input of 49ms + whatever takes engine to evaluate both moves

Beresta: so yea, starting measuring after first input line is a good idea

PatrickMcGinnisII: still wierd stuff in output from referee

PatrickMcGinnisII: Standard Output Stream:

PatrickMcGinnisII: same inventory

PatrickMcGinnisII: played against myself

Beresta: is it really same? looks like lhs has 1 more inv space free

LLG: do you have replay link?

PatrickMcGinnisII: nothing was lost, inventory not full

LLG: rip I lost a game to Orpheo

LLG: there goes my plan of getting RNG'd to gold

PatrickMcGinnisII: it computed inventory correctly

PatrickMcGinnisII: i guess player 1 had 1 more 0 ingredient

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmmm

Orpheo: @LLG same I'm betting on RNG, sorry :(

LLG: 😔

LLG: also the real question is, Patrick

LLG: how the hell did you get to 5 taxed blues

PatrickMcGinnisII: both players learned 5 turns in a row

PatrickMcGinnisII: er, hmmm,, should be even #

LLG: and yet none of them touched the bottom spell 👀

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh, learned 1 spell above

PatrickMcGinnisII: yup 5 learns per

PatrickMcGinnisII: testing differrent learn priorities

LLG: also, idk if I'm being dumb here

LLG: but isn't this kind of thing very easy to test by just looking at the game screen

LLG: you can just look at it and see if the output matches with what's happening

Beresta: I have a bunch of safety checks end of turn and throw exception if my turn is somehow invalid from expectations :D helped me to found a dozen bugs in my bot


LLG: RNG'd to gold


Beresta: gratz

Orpheo: gg

LLG: Good luck Orpheo

PatrickMcGinnisII: the game summary output is just wonky

LLG: hopefully I'll see you here soon

Orpheo: ty ^^


MadKnight: there's actually 1001, LLG

LLG: 1001 for 1 player

MadKnight: oh, u want it for 2 players ?

MadKnight: but isn't it 1001*1001 ?

LLG: I'm doing it for 2 players

LLG: separately, not in the same bfs

MadKnight: ooh

LLG: I run bfs once for me, once for my opponent

MadKnight: but why ?

LLG: then extract the data that I need, like shortest path to each potions etc.

eulerscheZahl: to know when the game will end

MadKnight: and how do u use the results of your BFS ?

MadKnight: of enemy bfs i mean

eulerscheZahl: score some more points before opponent completes 6th potion

LLG: the result of my bfs is shortest path to each potion

eulerscheZahl: or end game early yourself

LLG: so, let's say, my opponent has a shorter path towards the best potion

LLG: I'll go for the next best

LLG: that kind of stuff

LLG: and yeah end game optimization also

LLG: if he's at 5 and I can't beat him to 6, I'll just stack ingredients for the endgame bonus

MadKnight: but what if he isn't going for that potion ?

LLG: well, I'm playing for worst case scenario

LLG: I think my idea is to maximize my worst outcome

MadKnight: worst case is if he's going for multiple possible

LLG: I mean worst case when it comes to the 6th potion race

LLG: worst case is if he picks his closest potion, and it's a shorter path than whatever i'm going for

geppoz: MadKnight what's 1001 ?

Orpheo: I made it also to Gold :D same code i've been resubmitting since yesterday with minor modifications ^^

MuddySneakers: Ha! Link404 timed out!?!

kotamanegi: Everyone get timed out. Even Silver Boss does.

MuddySneakers: That's the gold boss that timed out.

kotamanegi: Ya, my Link404 too lol

kotamanegi: I bet program execution time is longer than expected because of it's busy server

rockstar555: hii

LLG: geppoz 1001 possible inventory states

LLG: and congrats Orpheo


Zanoshky: is there a faster way to sort a int[6] in java?

MadKnight: faster than what ?

Zanoshky: Arrays.sort(enemyBfsAction, Comparator.comparing(Result::getKey));

Zanoshky: this take 10MS!

Zanoshky: wtf?

Beresta: what, can't be true

LLG: sounds fishy

MadKnight: show us more code

Zanoshky: System.err.println("Sort start + " + printRoundTime() + " ms");

       // Sort MIN to HIGH
       Arrays.sort(enemyBfsAction, Comparator.comparing(Result::getKey));
       System.err.println("Sort end + " + printRoundTime() + " ms");

Zanoshky: this is 10 ms

MadKnight: wat

MadKnight: cmon

MadKnight: obvious

Zanoshky: i am stunned

MadKnight: your timer also counts the printing time

eulerscheZahl: oh, you solved the nintendo puzzle rockstar555. i still struggle with this one. can you give me a clue what algos to look up?

Icebox: eulerscheZahl he already solved that yesterday

Icebox: you're so late

eulerscheZahl: my bad

MadKnight: try not counting the printing time Zanoshky

Default avatar.png DerthekNagra: I am having trouble keeping the number of brews that the opponent has done in the fall challenge. Any suggestions?

Beresta: check current and prev turn enemy score, if it changed => he brewed

rockstar555: Sorry guys I am Playing Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

Default avatar.png DerthekNagra: Oh! Thanks! How didnt I think of that :D

kotamanegi: Same can be said for Bonus BREW points (just a reminder)

struct: Icebox today no sleep?

Icebox: nope

wlesavo: around the time somebody should ban this cheater guy, atleast from chat

Icebox: till the end

struct: ok, maybe ill do the same

struct: But i reached my goal

wlesavo: gogo legend

eulerscheZahl: 25 turns \o/

struct: wow

struct: my best was 31, vs a silver boss

eulerscheZahl: to be fair: lots of green+blue

struct: what strength is default ai?

HCCHEN: where are the puzzles?

HCCHEN: 1 more puzzle to level up but I can't find the puzzles

wlesavo: euler also default feeded you with some blues

VizGhar: @HCCHEN top menu -> practice ?

ParticleBeam: I'm missing something fundamental

HCCHEN: ha, thank you very much

rockstar555: hey guys what you do today

wlesavo: can someone finally ban this guy? he is really annoying

WINWINWIN: rockstar??

WINWINWIN: I`m not even sure if he's a guy or someone's chatbot...

struct: But he is a genius, he solved nintendo

struct: And managed to solve some puzzles exactly with the same code as another player


WINWINWIN: But I'm sure of the chatbot theory...

struct: I think he is a troll yeah

Westicles: He's just a kid

Icebox: I'm already writing up a message to thibaud about the whole impresonation thing besides copying

Icebox: for a chat ban he hasn't done anything wrong tbh

struct: yeah

WINWINWIN: I don't think that anyone would mistake him for Euler :P so not really impersonation...

Icebox: still

geppoz: congratz struct for gold ;) I just followed you ;)

Icebox: imagine someone picks your uni, your location and your job WINWINWIN

struct: that geppoz

Icebox: wouldn't you be creeped out even if just a little?

eulerscheZahl: wlesavo 01:48PM can someone finally ban this guy? he is really annoying

sorry, can't do. he lives next door and i'll catch a bloody nose

WINWINWIN: Yeah, its pretty weird...

Astrobytes: He's still hanging around then

Icebox: imagine the weird eye contact once you meet him in your job eulerscheZahl

Icebox: would be awkward as hell :)

eulerscheZahl: :D


Astrobytes: lol

Westicles: Like a sitcom... euler, meet your new boss

Astrobytes: Hey, Westicles. did you change your pi digits puzzle? I swear your first solution was even more amusing

Astrobytes: *contribution

eulerscheZahl: it got too many downvotes

eulerscheZahl: so he changed it to add even more digits

Astrobytes: hehehe

Icebox: ah, classic

Westicles: The first one was awesome, but everybody hated the unicode. Now everybody hate it because too much math

PatrickMcGinnisII: too many hairs in your pie?

Astrobytes: 3rd time lucky: use both

PatrickMcGinnisII: er pi?

eulerscheZahl: just create a clash of code where you have to add up ASCII values. higher chance to get it approved

Astrobytes: lol, sadly true

Westicles: And thanks to icebox BTW for the algorithm. I never would have dreamed a million digits in a half second is possible

Icebox: <3

aCat: what's the cod elimit length??

Presac: I wonder, how do you write and test your code? Personally, I write in vs code and copy it to codingame then run it there, but is there an easier way testing?

Westicles: 100k characters. some unicodes count as 1char, some 2

PatrickMcGinnisII: Westicles using gmp.h is cheating, GMP in php is disabled in CG last time i checked

Q12: Can someone help me? I am trying to use Stopwatch in C# to measure the time so I will be able to escape my recursive function before the time for the time end. But for some reason it doesn't work I checked with stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds how much time I have and it says 0 so I didn't escape the recursive function and then CG told me that I didn't provide input in time. what is the problem?

ParticleBeam: Did you use stopwatch.Start()?

Beresta: garbage collections is a usual suspect

WINWINWIN: I don't know about the stopwatch, but there's another way for time

Q12: yes ParticleBeam

WINWINWIN: DateTime dt =;

Westicles: I'm not implementing my own scientific programming package that will get rejected anyway just to avoid using gmp

WINWINWIN: time = (dt -;

WINWINWIN: now in capitals both times.

Q12: thanks WINWINWIN, I will try this


AllYourMCTS: what about stopping like 2ms before you hit the time limit? it takes some time to return from all the recursive functions and output

aCat: is it better / faster than stopwatch?

Beresta: no

eulerscheZahl: stopwatch is the way to go in C#

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, last submit...I'll be sleeping when challenge ends

WINWINWIN: Euler is stopwatch faster?

WINWINWIN: Because there is object creation in DateTime?

Westicles: Do you think CG would put a couple wordlists in the sandbox for use in word puzzles if I asked? Can think of any other way to get at them

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm really surprised I've been hovering around 1000th place for 3 days

Westicles: *can't

eulerscheZahl: i don't think there's much of a difference. but when the standard library has a component specifically for that task, use it

Beresta: there might be a difference on precision, as stopwatch uses high precision cpu timer, not sure about datetime tho

Beresta: also datetime might have bigger overhead because it has a looooot of formatting, etc, capabilities

Astrobytes: guess you'd have to ask them to find out tbh Westicles

Westicles: Then I will secretly embed 2 million digits of pi

Astrobytes: hahaha

eulerscheZahl: maybe you can give the wordlist via stdin in an SDK contribution

eulerscheZahl: and just use some javascript to completely remove the viewer if you don't need it

Westicles: well I was thinking a scrabble optim, so that would work

AllYourMCTS: sanity check... you can't cast a spell that gives you an excess of ingredients right?

ParticleBeam: i believe so

eulerscheZahl: for scrabble you can have a viewer

aCat: AllYourMCTS nope

Westicles: yeah, it would need to look decent. It would end up being offline though


Westicles: That's it exactly!

eulerscheZahl: oh, you got 4th

Astrobytes: nice!

Westicles: Well, this one


Westicles: I did them manually and came in 3rd

aCat: when you resubmit you always start from the bottom?

eulerscheZahl: how long are you on CG now aCat?

aCat: ew years

Astrobytes: manually :D

aCat: but at the beginning I didn;t do much

aCat: I should knoiw this behaviour?

Astrobytes: Probably :P

eulerscheZahl: your submit always resets your score

eulerscheZahl: so in legend you start at the 2nd-last place

eulerscheZahl: right above the deleted emil.

aCat: I was pretty sure some time ago the first matchmaking depends on you previous position

eulerscheZahl: that's RAIC

WINWINWIN: Do you ever have battles with the deleted Emil.?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Westicles: They all look like this. Got to get double triples on three words


eulerscheZahl: instant win as emil times out in turn 1

Astrobytes: when is RAIC btw?

eulerscheZahl: next week, got delayed

Astrobytes: oh?

eulerscheZahl: they had problems with their sandbox or whatever

eulerscheZahl: as dbf mentioned yesterday

WINWINWIN: But Emil as negative TrueSkill, so winning against him would have a negative impact on you?

Astrobytes: I missed that

Q12: Can somebody help me in private with the implantation of Stopwatch in c#? for some reason I can't make it


eulerscheZahl: RAIC preview

eulerscheZahl: read first input Stopwatch sw = Stopwatch.StartNew()

eulerscheZahl: while (sw.ElapsedMilliseconds < 40) do stuff

eulerscheZahl: Console.WriteLine(action)

Astrobytes: hmm, racing or fighting I wonder

Q12: thanks, I am trying now

eulerscheZahl: maybe both?

Astrobytes: They didn't email this time? I can't find anything

Astrobytes: true

eulerscheZahl: and your geometry for collisions will be exactly defined, not just a block or sphere

eulerscheZahl: (i don't know anything but at RAIC nothing surprises me anymore)

Astrobytes: hahaha, you're not wrong there :D

Valdemar: Astrobytes organizers said that it will be strategy game, with buildings and unit production

eulerscheZahl: i didn't get an email either

eulerscheZahl: just dfb on the chat and someone on their discord


Astrobytes: Oh I see Valdemar, thank you

eulerscheZahl: we had that 2 or 3 years ago already?

eulerscheZahl: with the hamburger tshirt

Astrobytes: 'CodeCraft" - clue in the name I suppose

eulerscheZahl: that's about the only thing i can read

Valdemar: eulerscheZahl yes, but it was just battle without resource management

AllYourMCTS: what is RAIC?


JohnCM: thibaud rank 2 now in silvr

JohnCM: haha

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: So annoying I lose most of my games by 1-3 points

JFB: eulerscheZahl - so it is official web page for RAIC 2020? (I newer received tshirt (I win 2 times) so I play only for fun)

JFB: ;-)

PatrickMcGinnisII: gratz [CG]Thibaud

PatrickMcGinnisII: just jumped

Astrobytes: into gold I presume?

**PatrickMcGinnisII nods

struct: yes

Astrobytes: cool, hey struct, well done :)

eulerscheZahl: sorry to hear that JFB

struct: thanks Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Legend today struct?

struct: Doubt it

eulerscheZahl: i'm only waiting for the last one from 2019. they gave a like where i had to enter shipping details just 1 or 2 months ago

JFB: question: do Gold boss is random? Usually bosses have not been random (=not deterministic) but when I play with gold boss I have different result every time

struct: Oh I just remember that if I want to get legend

Astrobytes: think it's the timeout/timing issues JFB

Valdemar: JFB it is undeterministic unfortunately

struct: I need to beat dbd

JFB: eulerscheZahl - OK so maybe I have to wait :-)


Astrobytes: timing instability so search cutting out at different times = different result

struct: Got 1 but I think I need to be faster

JohnCM: maybe monte carlo tree search?

JFB: OK - thanks Astrobytes Valdemar

JFB: So it is a bit a pity that Gold boss is not replaiyable. So probably I have to find sb deterministic near top of the Gold and optimize o win with him ;-)

**PatrickMcGinnisII zzzzzzz

MuddySneakers: I'm not sure you're going to fine all that many folks who are deterministic near the top of Gold.

JFB: True

Adi28: hello!

Adi28: anyone know how do add the ccompany logo ?

eulerscheZahl: i think only codingame staff can do so

emh: number of matches in Silver increased from around 80 to 100? great! more time to climb to boss hehe :)

eulerscheZahl: unlikely

eulerscheZahl: just more players submitting at the same time

struct: Anyone has any idea, why I get this error on brutal tester?

struct: ERROR [com.magusgeek.brutaltester.GameThread] Problem with referee output in game1. Output content:WARNING: sun.reflect.Reflection.getCallerClass is not supported. This will impact performance.

eulerscheZahl: so you get these extra matches duing your submit

emh: ohhh

emh: in that way

geppoz: eulerscheZahl about inserting logos in company and school, there is someone to ask for?

eulerscheZahl: thiabud

eulerscheZahl: thibaud

Default avatar.png Mohammadmh: hi

JohnCM: lol it's so hard to get into gold

emh: JohnCM true true

[CG]Thibaud: thx PatrickMcGinnisII

emh: I've been struggling for days

[CG]Thibaud: was difficult!

JohnCM: i'm hovering 50-100, still have 60% more games

JohnCM: and i beat the boss now 80% of the time

JohnCM: my AI is improving

JohnCM: but so are the top 100 silver ppl

struct: 6977 players euler prediction was on point

emh: my best was rank 1 in Silver, but that was a few days ago

emh: now I'm around 50

JohnCM: man.. you should have risen up back then

JohnCM: now it's much harder

emh: yes

Default avatar.png Mohammadmh: چه جوری کوه رو حل کنم

struct: English please

eulerscheZahl: with that prediction i'll quit the cristall ball business :)

eulerscheZahl: crystal*

Icebox: eulerscheZahl predict my final rank

Astrobytes: hm? Contest participants?

Default avatar.png Mohammadmh: what are solve the mountian pazzle

struct: 30th

Beresta: any way to make codingame less laggy / more responsive? annoying to wait several secs each time I get back to browser :(

dbdr: push eulerscheZahl push! :)

Default avatar.png Mohammadmh: in payhon

Astrobytes: close the IDE window often Beresta

eulerscheZahl: am i losing to you dbdr?

dbdr: 3-1

Default avatar.png Mohammadmh: 3

dbdr: and same rank

Beresta: Astrobytes you mean refresh page? or is there any way to close IDE? :O

eulerscheZahl: where do all these paython programmers suddenly come from?

dbdr: in legend?

eulerscheZahl: i'm slowly getting frustrated about the contest.

eulerscheZahl: no, PAYthon

JohnCM: euler you in legend alr?

Astrobytes: Beresta: close it completely and open in another tab, I think it's pixi that crashes the tab after a while

eulerscheZahl: yesderday someone wrote that on chat

JohnCM: lol paython

eulerscheZahl: today again (well, payhon, close enough)

Beresta: hm I see

Icebox: rockstar wrote that yesterday

AllYourMCTS: paython?

dbdr: payathon

Icebox: he always wrote "paython"

eulerscheZahl: yes JohnCM, legend

Icebox: xD

Default avatar.png Mohammadmh: penis

JFB: One move to late:

JohnCM: it's probably a paid version of python

eulerscheZahl: floating around rank 20 which is the tshirt bar

Astrobytes: papayahon

JohnCM: congrats euler! you're doing great again

Icebox: refrain from using foul language Mohammadmh

eulerscheZahl: too late, he got kicked and can't read it anymore

Icebox: :D

Icebox: yeah I type to slow

JohnCM: one day i'll make it to legend

eulerscheZahl: thanks JohnCM

Icebox: there goes "warning first"

eulerscheZahl: weren't you legend last contest?

JohnCM: nah i was gold only

struct: I needed to warn?

JohnCM: didn't break the speed barrier as i was using python

struct: sorry lol

struct: I think he knows the cause

Icebox: no you don't I guess

Icebox: yeah

eulerscheZahl: general guideline: warn -> kick -> ban

Astrobytes: I think no warning is fair when someone just types something like that ;)

JohnCM: but now things have changed, i am using c++ now

Icebox: euler just did a rundown for me

eulerscheZahl: in extreme cases you can skip 1 or 2 steps

Icebox: how modding works

Icebox: :D

JohnCM: but still struggling to get gold lol... it's not the program, it's the algo

eulerscheZahl: i switched to C++ too

eulerscheZahl: sadly necessary this time

JohnCM: yea.. c++ needed for greater depths

JohnCM: 57 and 50% more battles to go.. come on, let me win more

JohnCM: oh yea.. rank 44 now

BrunoFelthes: WoW, a Java in 4th, nice... I was trying to be the best java... but 4th will be impossible

eulerscheZahl: obviously it is possible

BrunoFelthes: I have no much more time

JohnCM: lol

Csipcsirip: dont worry pb4 is mid submit. so he's only 5th

Icebox: remember, paython is in legend :eyes:

BrunoFelthes: @eulerscheZahl for me ...

JohnCM: i'm really curious how the python code made it to legend

Astrobytes: The Power of Payhon

JohnCM: what legendary heuristics did he/she use

JohnCM: watching my rank rise is like watching the stock market

Astrobytes: stonks

Icebox: funny story

JohnCM: oh i'm in the 30s now

JohnCM: rank 36:)

Icebox: there was a hackathon in Kosice, slovakia

JohnCM: this is a new record

Icebox: like a couple months ago

eulerscheZahl: thrilling story :popcorn:

Icebox: and couple weeks before the start they announced you couldn't participate live there

Icebox: because of covid

eXhaustedUA: JohnCM are you cpp? :)

eulerscheZahl: oh, the one where you qualified for?

Icebox: yeah yeah

eulerscheZahl: and you paid traveling expenses

Icebox: yeah the same one

Icebox: :D

Icebox: long story short

Icebox: I didn't want to burden my team

Icebox: because the plan was to work together

BrunoFelthes: eulerscheZahl, how many nodes are you visiting?

Icebox: but they were already together and me in germany

Icebox: so I worked alone

eulerscheZahl: about 150k

BrunoFelthes: wow

Icebox: and demotivated by the fact that I don't have a team I made a troll submission called "Stonks"

Icebox: about stock market and fund management

Icebox: that got 5th place :D

Astrobytes: Did it win

Astrobytes: LOL

Astrobytes: brilliant

BrunoFelthes: funny history, when i increase the deep of my algo, the algo perform worst... I'm visiting +- 10k


eulerscheZahl: my c# was around 50-60k nodes

BrunoFelthes: what is the deep?

eulerscheZahl: 15-20

Astrobytes: well played Icebox. Did your team get a placement at all?

Icebox: #1 :(

Astrobytes: lol, well, some consolation at least

BrunoFelthes: but, do you consider, some how, the new brews?

eulerscheZahl: no

BrunoFelthes: so, what is the point to get 15-20 deep? because with 10-15, 3 to 5 brews will go away...

SirLoxley: how do you get that many nodes? My BFS (with heuristics) hardly generates 500 and then I have seen it all

eulerscheZahl: hm, i could try a wider beam and see

Icebox: BrunoFelthes because if your inventory state is good enough you can reach any potion in 2-3 moves

BrunoFelthes: that is my point Icebox, at legend, you and your opponent, so, with 15 turns, there is no brews anymore, so, why to calculate 20?

Csipcsirip: most games last 30-40 turns

BrunoFelthes: yes...

Csipcsirip: so thats the point of 20 depth

eulerscheZahl: maybe i should switch to chokudai search

chokudai: XD

eulerscheZahl: oh, hi

BrunoFelthes: Csipcsirip are you using what deep?

chokudai: hi

eulerscheZahl: i still remember your 1 day till legend in the last contest

Csipcsirip: fix 15. and yep, im using chokudaisearch btw :p

BrunoFelthes: what is chokudai search?

eulerscheZahl: fixed depth, dynamic width


eulerscheZahl: a bit like beam search bit changing the static and variable thing

eulerscheZahl: but*

BrunoFelthes: i think that i am using it

BrunoFelthes: i'm not sure what is the width

Nerchio: so at the start you go depth then width?

Nerchio: or smth like this

eulerscheZahl: yes

Csipcsirip: iterative widening :p

BrunoFelthes: I do i with width 0

BrunoFelthes: what width do you use?

Default avatar.png Losh531: hi

Csipcsirip: with width 0 this algo does nothing

Presac: From when exactly do I have 50ms to do what I want in the fall challenge?

Csipcsirip: I increase the width after every iteration.

Default avatar.png BoBot: could it be described as DFS with max_depth? or am I missing something

ClockSort: Presac from first readline

eulerscheZahl: after reading the first line of input till the print of your action

ClockSort: ^

BrunoFelthes: why the width is important at chokudai?

Presac: Thanks.

eulerscheZahl: less time checking with higher width

BrunoFelthes: i will try to add width 1

BrunoFelthes: are you using 1?

JohnCM: i like that term. iterative widening

Csipcsirip: I start with width 1 and increase it after every iteration

Csipcsirip: not sure if its the good why or i should set it to something like fix 50

JohnCM: what C++ function can i use to time?

JohnCM: like to stop the loop when time is up

geppoz: elapsed=(clock()-beginTime)*1000/CLOCKS_PER_SEC;

geppoz: this is my noob one

geppoz: but it works


eulerscheZahl: clock() has some precision issues i think. at least i had problems with it in the past

DomiKo: here ChokudaiWidth never change :/

DomiKo: ohhh

DomiKo: never mind

eulerscheZahl: csipcsi just modified it. is that allowed?

JohnCM: thanks euler

Csipcsirip: no, i did not! I copied from somwhere else :D

Nerchio: so you guys change the width parameter in the whole search

Nerchio: but maybe it could be based on the number of potions done in the game? the more the wider you go instead of deeper

Csipcsirip: dont think it matter much tbh

JohnCM: ok i got it

JohnCM: the clock thing

JohnCM: how is it possible that the boss is not dropping for silver!

JohnCM: pretty sure he lost many battles against the top 100

JohnCM: just like me

eulerscheZahl: but also won a lot

eulerscheZahl: and stronger players get promoted

Presac: Poor boss. Never have a chance to be promoted

AshKetchum: JohnCM, here is a class I wrote after watching reCurse's stream


AshKetchum: Usage: Timer timer; timer.start(); while (timer.isElapsed(0.04)): // 40 ms

JohnCM: thanks, basically functions to start clock and check time elapsed

AshKetchum: yes

LLG: wow I really need to improve my bot

JohnCM: yup got it!

LLG: I lose to ppl in gold 80-90% of the time

JohnCM: haha this competition is mad

JohnCM: how do people even code so efficiently

AshKetchum: don't call isElapsed in every iteration, call once in say 200 or so iterations

JohnCM: ok

SirLoxley: I would love to get there first ... is it possible to win against the silver bot without using that 1s calc time upfront?

LLG: wdym 1st calc time

LLG: like preprocessing stuff before 1st turn?

SirLoxley: yep

LLG: if that's the case I never did it

LLG: and still made it to gold

SirLoxley: because I don't so far

LLG: I just do regular bfs

LLG: heuristics go a long way

Nerchio: i will donate $5 for better CG servers

Nerchio: where can i do that

Nerchio: :D

fermeaux: And what is the goal of your bfs ?

struct: 1st doesnt matter much imo

LLG: my bfs at the moment find the shortest path to each recipe

LLG: then try to maximize points/turn

LLG: unless 1 player is at 5 potion then I maximize for the endgame

LLG: depending on the situation (both at 5, me at 5, opponent at 5)

fermeaux: interesting

wlesavo: Csipcsirip did you finish your minimax? :slight_smile:

hbouillo: Hey:) Is there anyone here doing MCTS? If so, would you mind sharing your rollout rate per turn?

LLG: I thought about MCTS but decided against it since it sounded like a lot of work

LLG: especially considering I didn't know what it was prior to this event

AllYourMCTS: i'm just doing random depth 1 rollouts

AllYourMCTS: but im not doing full game rollouts with all the actions, so not sure what rollout rate would tell ya

Csipcsirip: I have 1 ply "minimax". working on some more serious stuff. not sure if i can finish it, wlesavo

hbouillo: Same, but seeing my BFS didn't go past silver, I turned towards it :D

hbouillo: @LLG

hbouillo: I see @AllYourMCTS

LLG: if anyone fought against me earlier today in high silver, or right now in low gold

Default avatar.png TheTenYearOldPanda_57c0: why i can't move the pod on coders strike back? can someone teach me?

LLG: I put some emojis in the commands so analyzing matches become a bit less boring

LLG: c:

wlesavo: Csipcsirip i see, nice

reCurse: 394 computing :D

SirLoxley: I have spiced up my commands with curses from the fakir fight of "Asterix and the Magic Carpet"

SirLoxley: Pushan turn you into an old goat!

geppoz: lol, better from "monley Island"

geppoz: *Monkey Island

SirLoxley: yeah had that one first actually, but it didn't quite fit to these sisters

aStar: =.= hey golds, which algorithms are you use?

SirLoxley: you fight like a dairy farmer ...

struct: aStar bfs

ClockSort: aStar bfs

aStar: wow

Icebox: damn you use astar?

Icebox: :D

Michael_Howard: @LLG my console is full of them. Makes it much more intuitive to follow what's going on.

aStar: =.= i just use depth-limited search

aStar: i can't reach gold

ClockSort: usually silver bfs just have fewer sims than gold bfs

ClockSort: i am running 100k-150k sims, depth around 8-10

aStar: wow

ClockSort: and in c# :laughing:

aStar: my depth just only 4 =.=

LLG: @Michael_Howard I just put them on the chat bubble since I can't be arsed to look at the console unless I'm debugging something

LLG: when I'm just analyzing my bot's playstyle I rarely check the console

Nerchio: 412 results found for «Score - Computing»

aStar: @Icebox i can't find a heuristics

Counterbalance: struct, did you get pushed or made an improvement? I knew you'd pass my bot once in gold :)

struct: I got pushed Counterbalance

aStar: @LLG

eulerscheZahl: no waking up without gold

yhyoxx: :)

eulerscheZahl: the boring version of "no sleep till legend"

aStar: @LLG anh ơi anh work team nào v ạ

struct: I had script to run the alarm only when I got gold

Counterbalance: really? :)

aStar: haha

struct: nah, but maybe an idea for next time

struct: Should I use all my threads for brutaltester?

struct: or is not ideal?

aStar: have anyone used A*, minimax, or alpha-beta prunning?

Counterbalance: you'd definitely need to patch the cg engine for that.. I recommend leaving at least 1 or 2 threads free..

struct: ok thanks

struct: I only managed to make it run on windows :/

LLG: @aStar I'm still in my probationary period in Viacar

ZarthaxX: Csipcsirip you are top 10 with some kind of 1 ply minmax??

ZarthaxX: you kidding me

Astrobytes: hey Zarthy

eulerscheZahl: on top of high depth chokudaisearch

Csipcsirip: ^

ZarthaxX: ahhh ok, all good

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: Ok so I found my problem with my BFS the best path it could find was 217 turns long lol

ZarthaxX: hey astrobyto :*

Skynse: dfs or bfs?

Skynse: oh

Skynse: "breadth" first search

LLG: very broad, indeed

Astrobytes: I don't know whether to continue trying to speed-write my sim + search or just leave it

yhyoxx: same

yhyoxx: 17 hours

LLG: in my case working on heuristics gave me much better results

yhyoxx: do ur best it's gonna be over soon

LLG: I'm doing 4k sims per turn at best

Astrobytes: I got to silver with just a reflex agent but I reached a "fk it" point lol

yhyoxx: same

LLG: I reached silver with a super scuffed bfs

LLG: decided to rewrite my entire code

LLG: it became a less scuffed bfs, lol

Astrobytes: I didn't even bother doing a bfs lol, been lacking motivation this time

Nerchio: well advancing from gold is impossible now unless you have godly bot

LLG: my goal is only high gold anyway

LLG: first time experiencing some kind of competitive programming so I'm not aiming too high

LLG: I'm happy with mid-high gold

Samer: LLG what are you using to store the ingredients?

yhyoxx: i just wanna leave silver

LLG: uhh... just an array of 4 integers

LLG: the regular way, I guess

yhyoxx: i think what i need to beat the boxx is a good choice of potions to target

Samer: and to store spells and potions? lists or arrays?

yhyoxx: predicting the opponent

yhyoxx: vector<Action>

LLG: I use lists

LLG: I honestly don't care that much, since I'm not duplicating the whole list anyway

yhyoxx: cool

LLG: so performance is not a huge issue for me

Samer: dump the lists, use jagged arrays, you're likely to double your sim count

Samer: at least that was the case with me

Astrobytes: alright, afk for a bit, making bread and spaghetti

LLG: my sims are fast

LLG: I just don't do a lot of sims

yhyoxx: hmm

LLG: well, not exactly fast, just not slow lol

Icebox: how fast is "not slow"?

Samer: 4k sims per turn?

LLG: I'm only doing around 4k sims per turn, but I rarely exceed 10ms a turn anyway

Icebox: that's extremely slow :D

therealbeef: :D adding one forgotten reserve() halved my running time

Icebox: 400/ms

Icebox: others get 40k/ms

Icebox: so I'd say that's slow

Samer: you wanna go extreme, store all 4 of them in an int and use bit shift

AllYourMCTS: is that 40k/ms number with both players until end of game?

LLG: I mean it's still 5x faster than my old scuffed bfs so I'm happy with it

AllYourMCTS: or just 40k single action applications/ms?

Icebox: depends on the person you ask

Icebox: I'm just giving numbers

LLG: I'm sure there are a lot of ways I can improve my sims but sim count isn't my focus right now

Icebox: the implementations are different

Icebox: the numbers are similar

LLG: I do use bit shift, just not for ingredients

Samer: LLG i actually agree with you

Samer: 4k sims got me in gold too

LLG: I just a bit field to store my spell states

geppoz: uh oh, just notice I forgot to increase the rewards on lower tome spell when I learn >0

Samer: because i optimized other aspects

LLG: (castable/not castable)

geppoz: *lowers tome spells

LLG: I use* a bit field

Samer: llg

Samer: best optimization i made was choosing the right tome spells to learn

Samer: and that's still a work in progress

LLG: mine's really simple as well

LLG: I look at bottom 3

LLG: if there's a free spell (no negative delta) I grab it

LLG: else I grab whichever one has the best value

LLG: most of the time I just grab the bottom one cause it's free

Samer: best value, or best value to your existing spells? ;)

geppoz: I suppose you didn't see the Euler epic: "learn just to pay dat tax" :D

LLG: actually forget about that

LLG: I scrapped all of my learning heuristics a while ago

LLG: just realized it now when I looked at my code

LLG: right now I'm just grabbing all-positive spells in the bottom 3

LLG: else I grab the bottom 1 til I have 12 spells

geppoz: it was something really

Icebox: that happens hella often tho

Icebox: as in

Icebox: that's really important to have


Icebox: 26th turn

Icebox: learn to discard allowed me to fill inv

geppoz: nice :D

geppoz: I potentially also have that, but never noticed if I used sometimes

eulerscheZahl: but check turn 26 of this

Icebox: :D

BrunoFelthes: wow

BrunoFelthes: fastest game ever?

BrunoFelthes: my AI with the same seed get 27 turns

BrunoFelthes: :(

JohnCM: wow euler your inventory is almost full all the time

JohnCM: max efficiency

BrunoFelthes: why do you draft 5 tomos eulerscheZahl? Any rules?

eulerscheZahl: tomos?

BrunoFelthes: learn

eulerscheZahl: no fixed rules here

BrunoFelthes: humm

eulerscheZahl: oh no, Magus submitted that was my reference if i'm improving or not

kreo: hahaha

Magus: :D

BrunoFelthes: maybe you will gain something

eulerscheZahl: magus put back the old version!

Magus: wow ... submits are ... very slow

eulerscheZahl: almost staff ping slow again

eulerscheZahl: i mean sunday staff ping

kreo: I thought the mot reliable way to tell if you are improving is to play ~100 games against the old version

BrunoFelthes: because the blind draft will help with the current brew and the new randons.. I just dont know the best balance

Michael_Howard: Is there a way to have the codingame web IDE show 2 windows of your code with changes trasferring?

eulerscheZahl: too much rock paper scissors for self-play

eulerscheZahl: and 100 isn't taht much

kreo: I bet you don't play 100 games against Magus, do ya?

eulerscheZahl: a diff between bot versions? no

eulerscheZahl: i don't

eulerscheZahl: i click the yellow button

eulerscheZahl: and then wait 2h

struct: im doing around 1k is that enough

kreo: And what if after 2h you see that you haven't improved or even lost quality? What do you do to debug?

eulerscheZahl: 1k what? submits?

LLG: lol euler flexing on us

LLG: with that 25 turn game

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: looks like the submits situation is getting ok

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: there definitely is a problem with my code

Nerchio: kappa?

eulerscheZahl: to be fair that was mostly blue+green. 25 frames but low score

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I timeout too much :((

eulerscheZahl: some timeouts are normal, CG has problems

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I mean nearly 80% of my games are 0-turn because I timeout

ClockSort: that's too many ;)

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: yeah

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I'll consider rewriting to another language

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: Kotlin seems like a good choice

LLG: I just tried that seed

LLG: Link404 won against me in 37 turns, 95 to 44 lol

LLG: I still have a long way to go

NinjaDoggy: :O I got pushed to legend overnight

NinjaDoggy: I was like 2.5 pts away from boss after submit dang...

NinjaDoggy: thx ryzen! :D

NinjaDoggy: Risen*

struct: grats

NinjaDoggy: nice, you made gold too!

ToshiTuringMachine: that red timer...

struct: 17 hours lets go

eulerscheZahl: good news NinjaDoggy, now you don't have to delete your account

NinjaDoggy: :joy:

eulerscheZahl: wait till it starts blinking toshi

NinjaDoggy: dw i have some sick improvements today

NinjaDoggy: gonna be top 20 ;)

eulerscheZahl: you have some sick confidence at elast :D

ToshiTuringMachine: this contest really destroyed my self esteem. still in silver fighting timeouts

struct: rank 1 or delete /ss

ZarthaxX: lmao

MadKnight: only one account stays on CG after the contest ends

ZarthaxX: not everybody is like u structo

struct: This time I had to set goal lower

struct: No way I can get legend in this contest

ZarthaxX: hahaha :P

ZarthaxX: coward

geppoz: 1st in Italy or delete here :D

LLG: did Errichto cancel his stream today?

LLG: he should be live right now right?

struct: yes canceled I check on his stream now

struct: "[canceled] CodinGame Day 4 - Legend League"

LLG: rip

kovi: maybe legend was too hard for him? (just jking)

LLG: I was thinking maybe I could get some ideas from watching it

LLG: but I guess I'm on my own now

ZarthaxX: kovi he is in silver

ZarthaxX: maybe he didnt like it

struct: he was 2nd and did not get pushed :/

ZarthaxX: yeah, i saw that, multiple times

ZarthaxX: super sad

wlesavo: chokudai is still not in legend, that is surprising

struct: lets go

struct: time to stat

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: is rewriting from typescript to kotlin worth the time?

MenoIy: Its me or no one is getting out of the silver ?

Cappefra: My theory is silver is so crowded it's really hard to write a bot that does well against bottom mid and top silver

Cappefra: but it's more likely that I simply suck

MenoIy: true and sad :(

casmith789: I managed to just get out of silver yesterday but it required a lot of optimisation

MenoIy: I'm getting out of ideas :/

ZarthaxX: running out

dreadylein: same, the boss is slightly boosted by the submits but if you win consistnely against him you get out

Nerchio: come on bot

Nerchio: you can do it

MenoIy: Im winning against him like 80% of times but Im stuck at the mid

Nerchio: just one time lucky pls :D

DomiKo: yes you can!

Nerchio: i probably jinxed myself

Nerchio: that was a bad idea

jrke: are battles slow?

Nerchio: yeah since 2 days

Nerchio: :D

delineate: does anyone know how the end of the contest works? are all scores reset before the final set of games are played or not?

Icebox: just for the top players

NinjaDoggy: the scores are kept i believe

NinjaDoggy: as the starting point

jrke: just for legend they had megarun for 500 battles

Icebox: well yeah he's right, the scores are kept but the code is resubmitted

struct: but score starts where you end up

struct: If you have 25.00 when rerun starts you start with that score

delineate: ah, I see. interesting, thanks. and it's using a trueskill for the score? (so at the end, everyone's variances are set high like a fresh submission (but with the current means? or is it something else))

struct: variances are kept I think

eulerscheZahl: yeah, increasing variance an 1000 extra battles

struct: oh i was mistaken

struct: I never reached legend so I dont know :(

eulerscheZahl: i should look into trueskill again, how do you call the confidence there?

eulerscheZahl: increase sigma for recalc

delineate: okay yeah cool. was trying to understand if there was a disadvantage to submitting late (as your variance will be higher than people who submitted earlier), but it sounds like that isn't the case

wlesavo: legend soon will exceed ooc numbers, but the contest is far more popular

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: my code timeouts far less often now, yay!

struct: already 60 in legend

struct: damn

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: looks like I got a OK-ish bot now

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: at least I'm not the worst in bronze

ParticleBeam: Why does nothing work...

Kiat: so many submit for silver now...

Kiat: system lag again

MadKnight: really?

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: doesn't look like it lags for me

MadKnight: they mean the submits

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I know


Uemu: Ye I'm stuck after the first 10 matchs

Kiat: stuck for 20mins

Kiat: silver boss getting beat to positino 9 now

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I won't sleep 'till my battles are done... this makes me happy - I'm in the top 1000 *in bronze* for the 1st time

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: *knocks on a piece of wood*

MenoIy: Get me out of silverhell pleassse

dreadylein: grats :)

Uemu: I wanna get out of silver tooooo, end my first contest in gold

Samer: will this game be available later for play?

Illedan: Yes

Samer: great

wlesavo: especially with pm wisdom

jrke: did c++ got broked on submission?

jrke: all timeouts just on resubmits

Samer: it's funny when you change your code to make it smarter and less random, you submit and lose 100 ranks :) i guess randomness can be useful sometimes

Default avatar.png Apologize: how can i prove i'm not a bot

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: Ironicly, by coding a bot Apologize

geppoz: next contest: a bot that outputs code for another bot :D

geppoz: input: minigame rules

geppoz: wow not bad uh?

Default avatar.png Apologize: so cool

dreadylein: so General Game Play Competion ? :P

Zenoscave: NLP time right geppoz

eulerscheZahl: lateGame = Players[0].SamplesFinished < 2;

well done me

Icebox: huh, samples

Icebox: what is this, C4L

Zenoscave: lol Icebox

struct: Icebox submit already

eulerscheZahl: using c4l terminology in the contest :D

Icebox: but I did struct

Icebox: only testing the sim alone but I did submit :3

eulerscheZahl: when gold?

Icebox: probably this submit, if not I'll submit same sim with different params

Icebox: I need to finetune sim without all the other logic so that I can debug clearly

Icebox: sim = eval I mean

struct: I think current 1st on silver

struct: will go straight to legend

kotamanegi: Really? GoGo!!

eulerscheZahl: defaultAI is submitting and ranked above you Icebox

Icebox: sick

Icebox: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

MadKnight: default too strong

MadKnight: too icy

jrke: icy was first at one moment

MadKnight: not enough icy

miszu: how's everyone doing?

yhyoxx: terrible

miszu: the sound of defeat

Samer: pretty good here

miszu: I went into UTTT

miszu: Samer how's gold for you?

eulerscheZahl: getting frustrated

Samer: i'm not making progress in gold.. my silver code is still better than the "improvements" i made today

Samer: i got plenty of ideas, but not enough time to execute

ClockSort: i just had a breakthrough after adding 4 major features that worsened my bot.

Beresta: yea same stuff, my current gold bot is still worth than the one that carried me into gold :D

Rounddice: I don't understand why my old code performs the new one by so much

ClockSort: making your bot worse is a common hobby, it seems :)

Beresta: but I've rewrote it completely from heuristics to beam search

Beresta: potential is there

wlesavo: Rounddice it can be lucky submits also

ClockSort: sometimes a new submission takes a long time to rank up to where it belongs, so it seems worse.

Samer: not when you lose the first 15 battles :D that's a pretty good sign you belong in the bottom

Samer: i'm sticking to my silver code for now

NinjaDoggy: what exactly is default AI?

NinjaDoggy: do they pick someone's code to be default AI?

ClockSort: yeah i think so

ClockSort: and ironically they were named Default.

ClockSort: in gold they're named Link404 which really confused me

NinjaDoggy: I know that bosses are picked from someone's code

NinjaDoggy: but idk about default AI(the bot you have by default in the highest divison)

JFB: ClockSort - sb can think it is strange type of hobby - spend Sunday writing worse version of your bot. But it really look so it is my hobby too ...

struct: Gold is not deterministic right?

struct: Gold boss*

JFB: It look so

JFB: *looks

struct: I think I really need to add pruning

miszu: s it not wrong that it is true that

miszu: Is it not wrong that it is true that the gold boss is not deterministic, correct?

JFB: Is it true that it is not wrong that it is true that the gold boss is not deterministic, is it Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: tankers spawn with 1 water

ParticleBeam: This statement is false.

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: > is it true that it is not wrong that it is true that ...

miszu: my history teacher in a multiple choice exam made a joke question with that statement but in French.

Astrobytes: 2 hour submits...

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: wow, rank 466! I've never been so high

miszu: grats

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: ty

miszu: I am 1946

miszu: top 2000

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: in what league? I'm 466 in bronze

Astrobytes: oh, he means overall

miszu: oh sorry I mean overall

miszu: across all league

JFB: At first I think that you are from 1946 :-)

JFB: 1946 year

sadakatsu: I have long thought that the solution to statements like, "This statement is false," is to implement a rule that any assertion that reflexively refers to its own evaluation should be inherently false.

miszu: Hi all, I came from 1946. How's 2020?

JFB: So far great :-)

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: go to 2019. the grass was greener, trees taller, etc.

ParticleBeam: Suddenly all oscillators stop working

JFB: covid?

struct: Ok I need to submit soon

struct: and hope I get pushed

miszu: which league are you?

NinjaDoggy: yea pushing is pretty important

struct: gold

NinjaDoggy: i got pushed 2.5 points

JFB: It is 14 hours to the end - so 7 submits :-)

geppoz: struct you aim to legend now? :D

struct: Ill try, but its not really a goal

Zenoscave: I left my debug time limit in my last submit

emh: I've given up on Gold

ParticleBeam: Bah. My rewrite fails miserably.

emh: staying in Silver

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: NinjaDoggy 2.5? do you mean rank?

Zenoscave: 45M ms

NinjaDoggy: no, 2.5 points lol

struct: lol

NinjaDoggy: i was 2.5ish points away from boss after submit

Zenoscave: turns out that's too long

NinjaDoggy: and got pushed up to legend XD

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I actually thought 2.5 was the rank

struct: ok im gonna add enemy now

struct: then prune

Zenoscave: prune first

Zenoscave: Enemy is high gold/ legend

JFB: Yes, prune first.

Zenoscave: Been telling you that for days lol

JFB: My bot with added enemy works worse

Zenoscave: 2 days exactly

struct: True

struct: But 2 days ago I rewrote

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: 14hr 43mn left, I hope I'll not get lower...

struct: :p

Zenoscave: :P i see

struct: Ok I cant be in chat or I lose focus

struct: Cya

Zenoscave: Bye struct

Zenoscave: glhf

struct: u2

ZarthaxX: 7000 participants

ZarthaxX: :O

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: yeah, that's a lot

struct: very nice

struct: congrats to cg

Zenoscave: struct leave chat!!! You need to focus

struct: sorry

BrunoFelthes: 7k participants, and servers are stucked :(

Zenoscave: Yeah My submit gets 1 battle a minute or 2

miszu: how slow are sumissions?

BrunoFelthes: 4 hours i think

Zenoscave: 4 HOURS!?

BrunoFelthes: my submition 2 hours ago is at 50%

miszu: do you think the deadline will be extended?

Zenoscave: Will the extend competition if it takes too long? They've done it once

Astrobytes: no

BrunoFelthes: for sure no

Zenoscave: drats

kotamanegi: For sure no

Astrobytes: have they? Oh well, maybe, who knows

Zenoscave: I believe it was the locam sprint. but I can't recall.

Zenoscave: but it was a severe situation so most likely no

Astrobytes: don't think they extended that did they?

Astrobytes: All I know it was a clusterfk :D

Zenoscave: it was something. Cant remember which one been so long

Astrobytes: wow, submits from around 3:40-ish still going

Nerchio: in legend?

BrunoFelthes: CG should have a paid version for a faster submision

particleflux: mine from 4:30 in bronze also still running, seems like I'm gonna end up *right below* the boss -.-

Astrobytes: yeah Nerchio

Nerchio: nope

Nerchio: dont jinx me

Nerchio: i was already here 2 submits ago :D

Default avatar.png k7n: i losing on submit because my code is timing out and when i rerun the same battle in the ide it doesn't timeout

geppoz: usual in these days...

Default avatar.png k7n: I already hamstrung my bfs by shaving of 3 ms but it's still happening at least 2 out of 10 battles at the moment

Default avatar.png k7n: c'est la vie, i really had fun with this competition even if I'm only silver

Beresta: damn, scoring is hard

LLG: I just realize something is not right with my points/turn heuristic

ZarthaxX: wat :P

LLG: let's say I can brew a 20 points potion in 5 turn, and a 8 points potion in 3 turns; the first 2 moves for both paths are the same

LLG: technically the 20pts is better, because 20/5 > 8/3

LLG: but after 2 moves

LLG: it becomes 20/3 < 8/1

Zenoscave: I tried telling this to you last night ;)

Zenoscave: Harmonic sums weigh revers

Zenoscave: reversed

Q12: So how can solve it? @LLG

Q12: I am doing exactly like you and I suspected there was a problem in it, Love to hear what you will do :slight_smile:

theycallmedavid: Don't forget where did you start from

dbdr: that start eulerscheZahl :+1:

Zenoscave: there's two options both are viable but meh

TC9792: dont change it if you already have a target potion?

Zenoscave: *3 options ^

wlesavo: euler coming for top1

ParticleBeam: Add the existing game step counter to your depth value?

wlesavo: dam sorry for ruining perfect submit euler :smiley:

Zenoscave: no just total points / total turns or sum(order.price * pow(1.0-discount, order.turns) for order in order)

eulerscheZahl: :D

Zenoscave: discount should be very very small

Zenoscave: but greater than zero

eulerscheZahl: is urgency bonus worth adding to the sim?

eulerscheZahl: seems unreliable with opponent interfering

Csipcsirip: dont think so

ParticleBeam: Isn't it already included in the price?

Zenoscave: That's why their both meh

eulerscheZahl: ParticleBeam for later potions when you remove one with bonus

ParticleBeam: Ah ok

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: wow takes 1 hour to play all battles now

eulerscheZahl: only 1?

eulerscheZahl: you must be in wood

dbdr: What did you do eulerscheZahl? :)

ZarthaxX: sit tight and wait :)

eulerscheZahl: rage repush an old version

Csipcsirip: ichyo submitted almost 3 hours ago xd

dbdr: really? :D

ZarthaxX: frustrated toad?

eulerscheZahl: yes ZarthaxX, i'm pretty much done with the game

ZarthaxX: you got what you wanted toad, it's fine right? :D

eulerscheZahl: i want that tshirt

dbdr: again?

ZarthaxX: you got many..

dbdr: is there a new one?

wlesavo: my version that got to #6 yeasterday cant reach 30 now. also tryed to rage push that one couple of times :smiley:

eulerscheZahl: i don't think so

eulerscheZahl: :(

eulerscheZahl: it's just that i haven't won anything in 2020

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: you have won my admiration euler :heart_eyes:

eulerscheZahl: codejam? nope kotlin heroes? yes but retour to russia

eulerscheZahl: RAIC? no tshirts this time

eulerscheZahl: oh, nice LordSkaven. this will totally keep me warm in the winter :D

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Icebox: Zenoscave the total turns vs total score is tragic, no hate <3

Zenoscave: what do you mean tragic?

Zenoscave: only love Icebox

Icebox: imagine you're in late game (turn 45 or 44 or something), you have 30ish points and have two options

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl go do ctfs and change the topic :P

wlesavo: MichaelPu gratz!

ZarthaxX: Icebox wassup bro

Icebox: 10 score potion in 1 turn or 11 score potion in 2 turns

Icebox: according to your "total score/total turns"

Zenoscave: I prefer to use the discount version

Icebox: the 11 in 2 is better than 10 in 1

dbdr: count time from the previous potion

Icebox: so if the formula fails on such easy cases imo it's not that good :D

Zenoscave: I agree

Q12: so which formula do you suggest?

Zenoscave: I was giving options to solve the harmonic sum

Icebox: ZarthaxX not much I was gonna change a couple of variables in my code, but you know the moment you change ABSOLUTELY nothing in your code but next time you test it the neighbors house is on fire and your code segfaults?

Icebox: something like that

Astrobytes: and Zeno did state they were "meh"

Zenoscave: meh is right

Default avatar.png BoBot: thinking that you need to keep going for the bigger one sounds like a fallacy.. before you started both targets were in risk of being stolen by the opponent, now only one of them is risky... the ordering must not stay the same throughout the turns but I might be wrong about this - and I am sure there are many cases where we still want to go for the bigger one

ZarthaxX: LOL

Zenoscave: Still don't know a non meh

Astrobytes: looking good so far euler

Zenoscave: sshhh don't jink

Zenoscave: jinx*

Astrobytes: only another 3 hours to find out

eulerscheZahl: i expect it to rank around 20-25

Astrobytes: not gonna argue, all your predictions have been 100% this contest :D

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: 1 out of 1

eulerscheZahl: wait, i predicted Neumann legend

Astrobytes: sure there was something else too

Neumann: You also predicted a 1.5 ratio

wlesavo: 7006!

Neumann: 2 out of 3

Zenoscave: 1.5 ratio?

Neumann: When he converted his code from C# to C++

wlesavo: another eulers prediction become true

Zenoscave: Ah right

Neumann: 2/3 predictions right, and 0 promises honored

Zenoscave: did he promise to eat a hat

Neumann: He said he was going to congratulate my legend promotion. He didn't

Astrobytes: Shocking!

Zenoscave: how rude Euler!

numb3r5: what does it mean when it says "pod 1 of player waits for it's engine to reload"

eulerscheZahl: you weren't online when i saw you promoted, sorry

Zenoscave: Is csb disabled right now?

eulerscheZahl: congrats for reaching legend. i'm not even remotely surprised taht you did

eulerscheZahl: typing in teh chat is getting laggy again

Neumann: Thanks euler, appreciated

Astrobytes: Yeah, congrats from me too. Since we're congratulating :D

Presac: Why does actions take longer in the arena than when testing?

Zenoscave: congratz Astrobytes

Astrobytes: congrats Zenoscave

Astrobytes: actually, I'll take that. I thought I'd stay in Bronze.

Astrobytes: Nothing quite like suddenly getting motivated at the *end* of the contest :/

Astrobytes: Where's robo this time around?

Zenoscave: lol Astrobytes penultimate peril

Astrobytes: hahaha

LLG: Zenoscave what does this do? or sum(order.price * pow(1.0-discount, order.turns) for order in order)

MadKnight: Zenoscave did u share your code?

Zenoscave: MadKnight on accident I pasted the top ~1/4th

eulerscheZahl: robo around 4k it seems. that's unusual for him

MadKnight: fixit

Zenoscave: Nothing but the spells were shown. same as Deck.jav

Zenoscave: Java*

eulerscheZahl: usually a safe candidate for legend

Astrobytes: yeah, maybe he's busy or just didn't like it

MadKnight: write a virus that deletes top-1/4th code fromeveryone's PC

Zenoscave: LLG waiting makes a potion worth less. but only exponential decay

Astrobytes: smits was busy and also low level

eulerscheZahl: he's online. let's ping RoboStac and ask him about his contest performance

Zenoscave: not linear

Astrobytes: lol

Michael_Howard: My bot gets to about #150 in silver without doing any repeatable casts yet - how far can I expect to go up when I add it?

MadKnight: smits is busy he doesn't play the contest much

Zenoscave: I'd say gold

eulerscheZahl: gold++

MadKnight: #149 ? Michael_Howard

Zenoscave: is it that close silver to legend?

MadKnight: at least

eulerscheZahl: legend will be hard, that needs some more bells and whistles than just repeatable spells

Michael_Howard: Oh, and I get about 16 nodes without serious crashing, that's the 2nd next thing I need to sort :)

AntiSquid: next contest should be about optimizing leaderboard submits @_@

Michael_Howard: scoring is fast but sim has bottleneck

Astrobytes: profile + optimise

Michael_Howard: Got to do all the low hanging fruit that might require a brain before it gets to midnight & all-nighter time...

MadKnight: people are in legend with python

LLG: @Zenoscave from what I understand, the order.price * pow(1.0-discount, order.turns) decreases the recipe value by amount of turns to reach it

LLG: what does the sum do?

Zenoscave: adds all the completed sums together

Zenoscave: depends on how you track orders brewed ig

LLG: so I'm essentially calculating distance towards all recipe

LLG: right?

Zenoscave: no just ones you complete

LLG: oh, like the completed ones

Zenoscave: yup

LLG: gotcha

LLG: I calculate all of those post-BFS

Michael_Howard: If I can get Swift into legend I'll be so happy :)

Zenoscave: not optimal but it should help

LLG: so I don't have a list of completed potions

Zenoscave: do you track current state's score?

AntiSquid: 2 people MadKnight

AntiSquid: are in legend with py

LLG: I do

Zenoscave: add a decay score to track for sorting in bfs

LLG: oh wait

LLG: I don't track every states in the bfs, just the root state lol

LLG: my bfs only does 1 thing, get shortest paths towards every potion

LLG: all the heuristics comes after BFS returns

Zenoscave: and not second or third potions?

LLG: all 5 potions actually

LLG: I scan all possible inventory states, then get the shortest paths towards the states that can afford each potion

Zenoscave: smart.

LLG: also Zenoscave, by "discount should be very very small"

LLG: how small are we talking

Zenoscave: .005-0.1

LLG: I'll try playing around with those

Zenoscave: But I've never found a good value that always helps

LLG: any reason why you prefer it to total points / total turns?

Zenoscave: Icebox had a good example

Zenoscave: 10/1 > 11/2

Zenoscave: end game points matter more

AllYourMCTS: total points / 2 * total turns, fixed!

Zenoscave: lol AllYourMCTS

Default avatar.png BoBot: count turns starting from the end of the game *taps forehead*

LLG: I have a deterministic solution for endgame scenario (either player at 5 potions)

LLG: if I'm at 5 I'll rush the closest potion that gives me higher score than my opponent

LLG: if they're at 5 I'll try to rush a potion, or stack ingredients if I can't rush any fast enough

miszu: LLG, if your AI is russian add the Rush B option

Default avatar.png ANGGEL: hi

AntiSquid: what's the reference miszu

LLG: it's a csgo reference

miszu: AntiSquid in counter strike game, in dust 2 map russians always rush into B site when terrorists

miszu: it's a popular reference among gamers

AntiSquid: was never a fan

miszu: :P

AntiSquid: nice improvement Rounddice, become the Edgelord !

AntiSquid: seriously, congratulations on 3rd place

ClockSort: it's getting hard to climb, everyone else is climbing too!

miszu: which league?

ClockSort: or at least, that's what I blame my slow progress on :)

Nerchio: <legend> :)

Astrobytes: :eyes: eulerscheZahl tho

miszu: you guys too good

DomiKo: GJ

aCat: Grat Nerchio

Zenoscave: I'm still waiting for emil's comback

ClockSort: congrats to all Legend players -- it's a great achievement!

AntiSquid: chodu kai entered the LB

AntiSquid: 1 day legend again?

Astrobytes: well done Nerchio!

eulerscheZahl: oh, looking better than i expected so far

ClockSort: I'm #50 Gold, really trying to make Legend in the next 13 hours

miszu: good luck ClockSort

Nerchio: thanks wasn't so easy to enter legend with java tbh

miszu: with java?

miszu: ouff

AntiSquid: oh gratz nerchio

Nerchio: im impressed with vala nice results with java

Michael_Howard: All this talk about rushing potions at the end... why aren't people rushing potions all the way through? Serious question.

Nerchio: wala*

miszu: why you kept with java and not c++?

AntiSquid: he likes java

ClockSort: thanks miszu

Nerchio: i was in the middle of rewriting to C++

Nerchio: but saw wala smashing to the top in java

Nerchio: so decided to keep going

Zenoscave: Michael_Howard which is better 15 points now or 20 points in two turns

eulerscheZahl: potion rush empties your ingredients

Zenoscave: that's why

Michael_Howard: @zenoscave ah I see what you mean. Thanks.

eulerscheZahl: with no ingredients you take more turns to recover

Michael_Howard: Another good point. Thanks.

AntiSquid: poor daiver :(

AntiSquid: was rooting for him

mde_deus: hey I need some help with chess board analyzer, how should I make it so the checkmate is identified?

Samer: eulerscheZahl did you manage to fit spells and potions into an int32? this is killing me, i can't figure it out

NitMpez: yeah... I'm trying to come up with ways to push higher... but i can't come up with a good heuristic to do a beam search so still stuck at around depth 8 and unfortunately I rush potions which seems hit or miss, looking to adjust my scoring to handle differently

Samer: i seem to be 2 bits short

eulerscheZahl: onl the inventory part of them

eulerscheZahl: which spells i have is more than 32bit

Samer: yes that one's easy.. i can even fit the price, but still need 2 bits for castable and repeatable

Samer: i guess it's impossible

LLG: I guess I'll submit, watch it for a bit then go to sleep

eulerscheZahl: i guess i could do a little writeup of my storage after the contest. the rest of my bot really isn't worth writing about

Zenoscave: Also how you modify to get a new state needs to be considered. Samer

LLG: it's already 3am for me

LLG: I need to wake up at 6:45

wlesavo: Nerchio gratz :slight_smile:

Nerchio: ty :D

DomiKo: good start in legend

Zenoscave: more operations but smaller storage isn't always optimal

Stilgart: gg Nerchio

Nerchio: i will grab my spot at the bottom of legend :joy:

Zenoscave: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

kovi: yeah, pm will be boring mostly

Zenoscave: TIMEOUT

eulerscheZahl: i need very few operations for my inventory

Samer: Zenoscave is have fast routines routines to sum 2 inventories and other operations, one liners

eulerscheZahl: i know a little of what pb is doing. that could give an interesting read

Zenoscave: and number of instructions/cycles in this?

wlesavo: kovi i bet python pm's would be helpful

eulerscheZahl: but 20 times "i used beam search and through thousands of simulations steps at the problem", meh

Q12: @mde_deus check if the king is attacked and if so then check if he can escape, if he can't then this is a sign that there is checkmate.

Nerchio: i want to know how wala can be in top legend with java :D

Astrobytes: I'm interested in the more unique approaches, seems there are a few

Zenoscave: By being better than bottom legend

elderlybeginner: I have a feeling that I set wrong objectives. And I have a feeling that I started to understand what to go for. Bit late to start it over again :joy:

ClockSort: relevant username

Zenoscave: .com

wala: Nerchio arrays and primitives mostly

eulerscheZahl: how many sims do you get?

wala: I don't know but but i think the evaluation is rather important in this contest

Nerchio: yeah my evaluation is average at best

Nerchio: well i use arrays and bitset and was getting even 200k nodes but it wasn't very useful so i changed to beamsearch and well.. 30k nodes maybe and up to depth 15

Nerchio: kinda bad compared to other languages :D

pb4: How many people here have tried to see how their rank is impacted by the number of simulations they get ?

Zenoscave: o/

Zenoscave: My sims greatly impact my score

pb4: Was it impacted much ?

eulerscheZahl: my answer: not that much after some point

Zenoscave: That means my eval is probably inadmissible

wlesavo: pb4 i did for montecarlo, 5-15k were almost the same, but this is mid gold

eulerscheZahl: to some degree you can counter a worse scoring with more CPU power. but there are limitations

pb4: eulerscheZahl : same answer for me. Can't see a real difference between 30k sim and 150k

wlesavo: my opp prediction is 1k rollouts mc, it seems to get all the losses right

NitMpez: really depends i guess... kind of like nerichio mentioned, only gets 30k with beam search but the extra depth is more important...

kovi: for mc it did matter for beam it is not without enemy prediction depth over 10+ has diminishing return

wlesavo: same, i only have around 20k unique nodes,

NitMpez: I can't wait to hear what people did for their heuristic on the beam search to get to that depth... everything i implement seems to get to same depth or i just do worse

Nerchio: i only predict enemy ending 5 turns

Mike-yerG: hey all! Just a quick question: I'm just using actionId to brew, but once one of us brew that id my witch will still attempt to cast it. Doesn't my actionId refresh each cycle?

AllYourMCTS: it only refreshes after you use the Rest action

wlesavo: Mike-yerG you probably dont clear your storing right

Mike-yerG: I'm new to all this so it would make sense I'm doing something wrong haha.

Mike-yerG: would setting actionId = 0 after each brew do the trick?

miszu: so I wrote my UTT game engine without testing it. 200 lines of code. Time to see if it will crash when playing random moves

Counterbalance: 37m before the timer starts flashing

Astrobytes: lol miszu, you really did give up on the contest :D

miszu: *insert 24h tv series sound effect*

NitMpez: i'm almost there

miszu: Astrobytes, yeah yesterday I realised I don't have enough time to finish writing my game engine and do bfs

miszu: I started the competition half way through

dbf: Mike-yerG, just read everything from input on each step. All spells are provided to you in correct state

Beresta: and I'd stuck in optimizing my heuristics full day today... seems like the more tunes I do the worse it becomes :D

geppoz: my initial idea was to start with values: 1,3,5,7 for ingredients, then change them every time I learn a recipe that make it different

miszu: next competition I would start right away in C++ and write my game engine from beginning

Mike-yerG: oki I'll recheck everything.

miszu: if you have a correct game engine, the rest is "easy" to test different strategy

geppoz: so when I learn [-5,0,+3,0] the weight of 3 drops

Astrobytes: miszu, I didn't do much due to lack of motivation until yesterday, now I'm motivated and don't have time to finish my sim never mind search :D

Astrobytes: Trying to pick some low-hanging fruit and fix some bugs in my crappy reflex bot

miszu: motivation is important haha. I find the applying moves to your game engine quite complex. Lots of corner cases to handle

eulerscheZahl: wlesavo

Astrobytes: hahaha :D

Zenoscave: lol

Astrobytes: wlesavo you are now Big In Japan

ZarthaxX: LOL

ClosetAI: Is chokudai even trying? Maybe he will come back in last hours. Maybe even Psyho comes back.

Zenoscave: Psyho I doubt.

Zenoscave: But he could

eulerscheZahl: he tweets about slow servers and that he wants to go to bed

pb4: Psyho ?

ClosetAI: Psyho complained about TCO finals but that was like 5 days ago

eulerscheZahl: chokuda i

kotamanegi: Chokudai does.

eulerscheZahl: now you pinged him

elderlybeginner: this red color for timer is kind on annoying :unamused:

Zenoscave: I have an improvement that increases my w/r against myself by about 20% with like a 1% loss rate increase. Wondering if I should resubmit

ClosetAI: Chokudai is doing the 24h thing that he did last time I think

eulerscheZahl: elderlybeginner it will start blinging soon

Astrobytes: slow servers kinda ruin the last day

eulerscheZahl: use the browser developer tools to remove it

Zenoscave: I agree astro

kovi: wow, iehn won topcoder marathon final

pb4: STOP THE COUNT !!!!

Zenoscave: no pb4. not again

AntiSquid: :D

Zenoscave: I can't take that anymore

Astrobytes: lol

AntiSquid: contest the results if choku beats you :P

eulerscheZahl: i made that joke before


Zanoshky: pb4 congrats!

Zanoshky: would like to hear any advice if youd like to share some?

Zenoscave: win matches

eulerscheZahl: git gud

Astrobytes: lol eulerscheZahl, do you save your jokes for handy reference? :P

struct: I tried pruning it was a fail

struct: I go for my 2nd attempt

AntiSquid: man what's with the snail pace submits Q_Q

AllYourMCTS: winning is just magic

eulerscheZahl: discord has a search bar at the top right

Astrobytes: I knowwww

Astrobytes: struct: Time for a Prune Array

eulerscheZahl: but write it in paython

AntiSquid: but but ... that would actually make sense for once !

Zenoscave: what's a prune array?

Astrobytes: *Payhon

ParticleBeam: An orchard?

Zenoscave: more ceg memes?

Astrobytes: Ask ceg Zenoscave

eulerscheZahl: the thing that makes GAimax faster

Astrobytes: :D

Zenoscave: thought so

eulerscheZahl: astro yesterday it was paython.

AntiSquid: what was the matrix meme Astrobytes ?

eulerscheZahl: you missed that i think

Astrobytes: Ah yeah, I did euler

Astrobytes: AntiSquid ?

Astrobytes: for ceg?

AntiSquid: in his own words

struct: Today I felt the pain of playing vs myself

AntiSquid: something about cost matrix ?

Zenoscave: struct what's that pain like ;)

Astrobytes: Oh god, yeah

struct: not fun

struct: I think I failed my first attempt of pruning

struct: But im going to try again

Astrobytes: AntiSquid: When he had the 'payoff matrix', pb4 asked him about it I believe

Zenoscave: gl struct

AntiSquid: pay off matrix is a real thing, just don't remember ceg's words

struct: Still have 12 hours

Illedan: Nice pb4, pure luck?

Astrobytes: Yeah I know what a payoff matrix is, but ceg had very far from a payoff matrix :D

pb4: It'll go down, but stay in top 3

ClosetAI: Agade is still in queue

pb4: Normally...

AntiSquid: it's like submits get slower by the minute .

eulerscheZahl: but this time you can't win a starwars toaster

Zanoshky: pb4 do you always program in c++? Do you see any benefits from other langs?

AntiSquid: the canvas is okey

AntiSquid: sort of

miszu: I am using the rand() function in c++ but always give me the same value when I restart the game

pb4: Zanoshky : don't know other languages

NitMpez: need to srand it

Astrobytes: srand() - call srand() if you must use rand()

eulerscheZahl: miszu use srand(TIME(null))

NitMpez: set your seed

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Astrobytes: hahaha

miszu: thanks guys

Zenoscave: too slow

eulerscheZahl: or was it time(NULL)?

Zenoscave: time(NULL)

Astrobytes: srand(time(NULL))

miszu: for MCTS what's your favorite random function?

Zenoscave: lol

Astrobytes: or 0

Astrobytes: same thing

dbf: miszu, fastrand

eulerscheZahl: xkcd rand

Zenoscave: time(0) == time(NULL)??? i thought they were different

ddreams: NULL == 0

ddreams: so

eulerscheZahl: very fast

Astrobytes: I use a xorshift

Zenoscave: oops duh

dbf: very fast, very random

BrunoFelthes: I only add the urgency bonus at my code now

AntiSquid: isn't that automatically included?

BrunoFelthes: for future turns

struct: Well if you want to sim

Icebox: ok I'm gonna do what I never like to do

Astrobytes: sleep? :D

dbf: rewrite in c++?

Icebox: chat pls help C++ blows my mind I'm lost Q_Q

Nerchio: personally i didn't bother implementing taxbonus for spells or urgency bonus in my simulation

Nerchio: but maybe taxbonus could've been a little useful

Icebox: dbf no I'm in gold with c++ already

miszu: just read that rand() generates same randon numbers... that's not random!!!!

struct: whats wrong Icebox?

Zenoscave: it is. random on input. not output

BrunoFelthes: i think that in legend any little thing can make difference

struct: it is random

struct: but it has default seed

Icebox: calling q_ptr->front() on a queue crashes struct

eulerscheZahl: i have the tax return. but don't add tax to new spells when i learn

eulerscheZahl: and no urgency bonus either

struct: I dont use queue sorry

AntiSquid: check if q_ptr == NULL ?!

struct: I use plain old array as my queue

MrSok: you should seed it with a timer

Illedan: Is adding Learning to the search good enough as addon? :thinking:

Icebox: neither the ptr is null nor the queue is empty AntiSquid

Illedan: Wonder if I should try to wing adding it as a last effort

eulerscheZahl: you don't have that?

Illedan: Nah

**eulerscheZahl slaps Illedan around a bit with a large fishbot

Astrobytes: miszu: start here

Illedan: Didn't bother

NitMpez: i don't have the depth for it

Illedan: Ok eulerscheZahl

Illedan: I'll do it

Illedan: FINE

AntiSquid: what ... i added it

Zenoscave: do you mean learning midgame?

NitMpez: been trying to get my depth lower to add learning

Illedan: You had me and slaps

AntiSquid: didn't do much i guess

Zenoscave: or beginning

BrunoFelthes: Illedan yes at the early turns

eulerscheZahl: nice, random drift to top10 i'll go to bed before i drop again

Zenoscave: gn euler

NitMpez: gl

Illedan: Oh, BrunoFelthes. You don't do that on later turns?

Astrobytes: gn euler, and best of luck :)

Illedan: Intersting :thinking:

dbf: gn euler, good submit :)

miszu: so many different ways for randoms

BrunoFelthes: i do, but i think that it do not do much difference

pb4: Illedan : what does it mean "add learn to the search" ?

miszu: I mean.. I am not creating new encryption algorithm

Zenoscave: pseduo-randoms*

Icebox: okay antisquid it might be NULL but this doesn't make sense

miszu: just something decent for MCTS

miszu: yeah pseudo

Icebox: if (q_ptr->size() > 169500) {

       std::cerr << "U " << q_ptr << " " << &(q_ptr->front()) << std::endl;

struct: pb4 learning psells from the tome

eulerscheZahl: ille LEARN also helps to your your inventory and get free space for some spells

Icebox: oh cmon

Icebox: no pastebin

Illedan: hmm

NitMpez: he learns first part of the game but not after

dbf: miszu, what language do you use?

miszu: c++

BrunoFelthes: Illedan when you learn, you have more resources when new brew appear

Astrobytes: Yeah miszu, they're good rng's

miszu: does the random function matters that much in MCTS?

NitMpez: also have more cases to search :P

miszu: I just want A random move

BrunoFelthes: so, if you have same result with learn and without learn, with learn is better at the long run

Illedan: pb4, just using Learn as part of my simulation. Now I have it as a separate part

Illedan: True

dbf: miszu, after some performance tweaks you can get more sims with switch to some faster rng

wlesavo: Astrobytes lol im trending :smiley:

Illedan: 2 hours should be enough to add something that might work :D

Astrobytes: dbf: that's why I linked the xorshifts

dbf: but at the beginning just use one from standard lib

miszu: okay thanks dbf

miszu: I am in silver in UTTT

Astrobytes: lol wlesavo

struct: ahahaah

struct: I cant believe

struct: I dont believe thiis

miszu: so if I want to use rand() I should call srand() followed by rand() everytime correct?

NitMpez: ?

struct: this is my apply Aciton

MrSok: yup

NitMpez: no


struct: anyone sees anything wrong?

NitMpez: you should do srand once at the start of ur program

AntiSquid: why miszu

Astrobytes: no, once per execution miszu

struct: this is too good

NitMpez: srand(time(null))

miszu: right once

miszu: as long as it's different everytime

NitMpez: then your rand seed will be different every time

struct: Astrobytes check and see if you can find the bug

MrSok: srand(time(null)) this is much better


Icebox: so that code AntiSquid

Icebox: gives


Icebox: I don't understand how it can compare size of pointer

Icebox: but can't cerr it

Icebox: this is black magic for me I swear

NitMpez: srand(time(NULL)) just in case since the null cap matters

miszu: ok thanks it worked

miszu: sorry for my noob question

NitMpez: its ok... i've been stuck in the same spot for the last couple of days...

struct: So my bug was that when I brew, I didnt discount ingredients

struct: ...

MrSok: np everyone is making noob questions when reaching a new target

Tyir: wait a minute, Icebox gave up on Python?

NitMpez: yeah that will make a difference

Icebox: I switched to C++ on saturday last week Tyir :D

theycallmedavid: Too weak

NitMpez: my funny thing is.... i overwrote my enemy predictions and sad thing is... i did better with my garbarge enemy preduction than i do with my actual one

Tyir: you've betrayed all my expectations, before it was pure heuristics, then you gave up on that. now you gave up on Python

wlesavo: struct so you brewed by pure magic, no ingridients involved?

Astrobytes: sorry struct, just looked. You didn't take off the cost from your inventory?

struct: yes

struct: I didnt

AntiSquid: (void *)ptr Icebox maybe ?

struct: and got me to gold :D

Astrobytes: lol

struct: new strat

AntiSquid: cerr << (void *)ptr <<

NitMpez: gratz

Astrobytes: Having similar issues fixing my bugs

wlesavo: easy gold

struct: Time to see now if this was a feature

struct: lol

Astrobytes: You'll find out in 2-3 hours :P

AntiSquid: not sure if &ptr works either

wlesavo: skipping ingridients when learning with near full inventory was a fun one

AntiSquid: woah barely top 100 silver .

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 pass me a bucket of motivation

Automaton2000: yeah, i've seen that one

Astrobytes: I wish I'd had the motivation earlier in the week. Ah well. Contests always a fun time anyway

wlesavo: Astrobytes did you liked the game after all?

AntiSquid: would have preferred this as pure optimization contest of sorts instead of the tiny extra bits here and there

Astrobytes: Yeahhh up to a point wlesavo, it's not my favourite, but it's alright

BrunoFelthes: if you cast the 4 t0 spell, with only 3 free spaces, the movement is invalid, or you can have 3 t0?

AllYourMCTS: invalid

Astrobytes: ^

Astrobytes: if total exceeds 10 it's invalid

Zanoshky: how do you guys predict enemy movements? I use java and barely do 7 node depth search with timeouts

AntiSquid: stick to 20ms Zanoshky

AntiSquid: and prune massively

BrunoFelthes: i predict only 5 enemy turns...

Zanoshky: how to enfroce prune?

Astrobytes: if (tooBig) prune;

miszu: when you create new object in c++, does int members have value 0 or garbage value?

Astrobytes: (sorry, just joking :) )

Zanoshky: A prune is a dried plum of any cultivar, mostly the European plum. :D

AntiSquid: just leave at -1 what you can't predict : distances 0: 5 3 2 5 3 distances 1: 1 2 -1 -1 1

Astrobytes: depends if you initialise them or not miszu

miszu: the default constructor

miszu: I have no constructor in my structs

AntiSquid: can have garbage value, depends

Zanoshky: do you also take into consideration learning a spell which might be used down the tree branch?

Zanoshky: because i always timeout if i include learning

Astrobytes: You can either make a constructor to init to 0, set them to 0 as default or zero them when you need them - depends on usage

miszu: yeah so if you simply declare member int with no initial value, it will take garbage value when you create an object

Zanoshky: does anyone uses a star in this contest?

Astrobytes: Undefined, it might, it might not

AntiSquid: hard to ask 7k participants that question :P

theycallmedavid: I try to build death star

miszu: Members of class types have no default values in general case. In order to for a class member to get a deterministic value it has to be initialized

miszu: that answers my question

Astrobytes: Wait for PMs Zanoshky

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: so my optimized BFS and A* bots are still being beaten by my own weird search bot that I wrote on Tuesday and has no optimizations FML


Astrobytes: miszu, if this is regarding MCTS nodes be careful with initialisation as it can be costly

struct: So many at the same time

struct: Almost everyone in legend submiting

struct: except 1

miszu: Astrobytes, ok yeah thanks for the headsup. I am aiming for correctness for now

mojojojo: are the submits still slow?

AntiSquid: paint drying speed

Astrobytes: Be prepared to throw everything at optimisation miszu, correctness be damned :P

mojojojo: just what i wanted to hear

Icebox: okay AntiSquid

Icebox: this is even more bizzare I swear


Icebox: this code


Icebox: this output

Icebox: so literally after calling the function again

Icebox: the the pointer go to shambles

Icebox: does*

Icebox: absolutely nothing happens inbetween

wlesavo: Astrobytes lol that totally desribes my overflowating hash function

AntiSquid: isn't q_ptr supposed to give same result there if nothing happens in between ?

Icebox: it does

AntiSquid: do you use new when you create objects ?

Icebox: I use Emplace

Icebox: which creates the object in the queue directly

Icebox: I assue no new needed there

miszu: Astrobytes is optimization important to reach gold? :O

struct: for uttt?

struct: no

Icebox: I meant absolutely nothing happens between cerr U and cerr S

Icebox: and U still cerrs a valid pointer address

miszu: struct, what about legendary?

struct: yes

Icebox: while calling the function again cerrs nothing and crashes

miszu: do you incorporate some game knowledge it too? Like first few moves?

struct: my uttt is vanilla mcts

Icebox: I'm completely dumbfounded and don't even know how to debug this

Icebox: Q_Q

miszu: oh I see

miszu: thanks

PatrickMcGinnisII: sizeOf(&q->ptr) ?

ZarthaxX: what's happening ice?

SirLoxley: still can't beat that silver boss :/ sometimes I do, but not consistently

Astrobytes: Pointer problems Zartho

ZarthaxX: if you are experiencing some extrain bug, you are probably smashing the stack

ZarthaxX: strange*

ZarthaxX: mmm okey Astro

Astrobytes: Well, I think so

Astrobytes: Just had a quick look, don't trust me

Astrobytes: trying to be higher in silver

AntiSquid: feeling like gold or delete Automaton2000

Automaton2000: yeah, tell me about it

Icebox: ZarthaxX you might be onto something

Icebox: oh my god you might be onto something

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 understands me!

Automaton2000: so, back to the code?

miszu: does Automaton2000 throw random txt or it actually reads input?

Icebox: what is the stack size?

Automaton2000: do you get a lot of time to get back to your old code

Icebox: ZarthaxX ?

ZarthaxX: i meant that you might be hitting the return address of a function

ZarthaxX: or some other variable in the stack

ZarthaxX: like a ptr for example if thats the case

Icebox: nonoono what is the stack size?

ZarthaxX: struct asked

Astrobytes: 8 mb

Astrobytes: westicles checked the other day with ulimit

Astrobytes: @Icebox

ZarthaxX: why the @

Icebox: AaAaaaaaa

Icebox: yup

Icebox: or is it yup

Astrobytes: just to show who I was talking to ZarthaxX. Meh, so judgemental :P

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

Q12: If I am in rank 48 (Silver) should I risk a submit that will maybe help me a little?

AntiSquid: bedtime now, maybe by tomorrow someone kicks me to gold :'(

AllYourMCTS: whats your goal?

Astrobytes: how many hours you got Q12? :D

Q12: gold league

AllYourMCTS: well you aint getting gold league by not submitting!

Icebox: ZarthaxX give me your address

Icebox: I'll order you pizza

Icebox: :)

Q12: Astrobytes: one

AntiSquid: if it's not top 20 you aren't really risking anything (prizes) Q12

Astrobytes: the submit might take longer than that Q12

Q12: so I should submit...

AntiSquid: 2 hours for my last submit

AntiSquid: listen to the heart of the bots Q12

Q12: I am trying, but he doesn't listen to me :rage: :joy:

Q12: Ok, lets do it!!!!

ZarthaxX: Icebox what?

ZarthaxX: did you manage to fix it?

ZarthaxX: i want a pineapple one :)

Icebox: I didn't yet, but it makes too much sense

Astrobytes: ZarthaxX you monster

ZarthaxX: ah, okey

Icebox: I use around 9mb of data

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes i just said it so someone commented that lol

Zenoscave: blow the stack !!!!!

Astrobytes: Thought so tbh :D

ZarthaxX: blow it baby

Icebox: and it might or might not be chilling on the stack

Icebox: so yeah

Astrobytes: recursion Icebox?

Icebox: if this fixes

Icebox: yeah

Icebox: recursion

Zenoscave: def a stack blow

Icebox: so if this fixes you can pm me your address ZarthaxX

Icebox: I'll order you a pineapple one :)

Astrobytes: and mine, I could well go a pizza :P

Astrobytes: sorry, talking Scottish: I could destroy a pizza

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

ZarthaxX: okey

Astrobytes: Welp, given submit times I don't think I can do much more. Hopefully this one stays top half of silver and I'm cool;

Astrobytes: or cool.

Default avatar.png cblte: Hi Guys.

Default avatar.png cblte: Just started and getting back into the game of programming :) this time learning some Go and Python

Astrobytes: When you subsitute . with ; :(

Astrobytes: there are 11 hours and 19 mins to submit in the current contest cblte :D

Icebox: yup that fixed it ZarthaxX

Icebox: making it tail recursive fixed the issue

Icebox: \o/

Astrobytes: Send me half ZarthaxX, pineapple or not :rofl:

Astrobytes: gj Icebox

ZarthaxX: nice :O

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes you are gonna hate eating each piece :D

Astrobytes: Not if it tastes of success :P

miszu: given an int that represent a bit like 64, how to get which position is the bit?

miszu: 1 = 1st, 2 = 2nd, 4 = 3rd...

miszu: wrost case I'll use a counter in my loop and get the position like that

Astrobytes: fast way? __builtin_ctzll

Lysk: yeah I am using that kind of loop, it's annoying


Astrobytes: maybe not the best page in hindsight...

Lysk: this one maybe

miszu: ah thanks

miszu: I guess loops would come to the same thing

miszu: I am using a while loop anyways

Astrobytes: yeah 'bit' better Lysk, thx :)

Astrobytes: this will be fast

BrunoFelthes: pb4 with more than 2 point than the 2nd place...

Lysk: I can shorten my loops to avoid going through trailing zeros :thinking:

Lysk: from french channel, he has precomputed path to each potion

Astrobytes: Yeah, I heard earlier

Astrobytes: It's working really well

Astrobytes: PM's are gonna be interesting

Lysk: yup, i would like to learn how is the stater representation used

Andy176822: anyone know a good way to know how close the opponent is to getting the 6th brew?

Andy176822: I might be missing something


struct: :D

The_Duck: like, how to know how many brews they've already done?

elderlybeginner: servers seems to be red hot

Andy176822: yea

Andy176822: that doesn't seem to be provided in the input

The_Duck: it's not, but you can check each turn to see if your opponent's score changed

The_Duck: if it did, then they brewed something

Andy176822: aha, good idea

Andy176822: thanks

Astrobytes: lol struct

Astrobytes: oh hi The_Duck, nice to see you back again :)

Nerchio: pb4 29 points 2.2points ahead atm :o

Nerchio: BrunoFelthes nice result in java too :)

BrunoFelthes: :D

BrunoFelthes: Heuristics > Performance :D

Nerchio: interesting ^^

BrunoFelthes: I changed some things that was not very good at my code, and the number of visited nodes jumped from 10k to 20k :D

Nerchio: i can do more but still much worse

Nerchio: but i won't be changing my code anymore :D

BrunoFelthes: I'm not confident that this code will get the top20

Nerchio: hehe i will be cheering for java player good luck

BrunoFelthes: im sure that it is possible to write a top1 code in java... the best players just dont like to use it... and CG platform do not have a good experience to play with GC languages

Rikerslash: a question to the java developers. Do you use soem unusual datastructures to get performance. I use mainly ArrayList and Hashmaps and a lot of custom objects. Any tips?

Rikerslash: I am 10th with java atm

wlesavo: the real question is it possible to write top1 python code

BrunoFelthes: plain arrays

ThomasNicoullaud: pb4 you timeout

Rikerslash: arrays instead of lists if possible if sized are fixed?

Rikerslash: sizes

Nerchio: well just try to avoid creating many new objects every round, if you can create them on round 1 and only refresh their state in future rounds

Nerchio: its much better

BrunoFelthes: reuse as much as possible the objects

Rikerslash: this is a very good idea thanks

Nerchio: yes this is the first contest where i really needed to do this

Nerchio: but basically you don't really want really big garbage collections since they can time you out sometimes

Rikerslash: at the moment for example I put all my spells and tomes and stuff in lists at the start

Rikerslash: every turn

Nerchio: if you create arraylists or whatever make sure they don't auto-resize during your work that can really kill performance

Nerchio: ah I also do this it's not enough object to bother with in my opinion

Nerchio: we're talking here the big things like search or whatever where you use thousands of objects mostly

Nerchio: ideally you don't want to use objects and use plain types

Default avatar.png meh1001: I just profiled my code for the first time, and found that 16% of my time is spent by my function that determines if I have the ingredients to cast a spell

Default avatar.png meh1001: :expressionless:

Nerchio: you run local instance to profile it?

Default avatar.png meh1001: yeah

Nerchio: kk i rarely do that so can't use profiling :(

Default avatar.png meh1001: I scraped input from a match and shoved it in locally

Default avatar.png meh1001: overrode input() to just read it from a file

Nerchio: so you need to print the input to stderr then

Nerchio: ?

Nerchio: and you just copy

Nerchio: will try it next contest for easy debugging

Beresta: yea I did the same

Default avatar.png meh1001: yeah I just made it WAIT 100 times, so the input is not useful for determining how smart the bot is, but made it possible to do the profile

Default avatar.png meh1001: wish I'd though of doing it last week when I still had energy to try and improve it

Nerchio: isn't it just 1 turn though?

Default avatar.png meh1001: nope, cause while my side sends WAIT the enemy side is still learning an brewing so the spells and potions still changed some


Beresta: oh wow didn't know it works like that :D > as for profiling, I just print every turn, something like that

Nerchio: well i mean i use timers inside the code as well but would like to profile in the IDE

Default avatar.png meh1001: Well, I can't say it's a great idea... but I'm using python and am also very lazy so I wanted to use the python profiler

Beresta: well profiling is kinda dangerous and could easily be misleading in debug mode its just completely different from release, and in release its not that reliable

Nerchio: :grimacing:

Beresta: might be helpful early to local some real bottlenecks, but later meh

Default avatar.png meh1001: I certainly don't know the ins and outs of it

Default avatar.png meh1001: yeah like, 18% of my time is calculating my heuristics which honestly are of questionable usefulness

Beresta: yea, I once added some terrible check to evaluation and it resuced my iterations like 10x :D

Beresta: reduced*

Default avatar.png meh1001: 17% checking inventory against spell cost though is pretty ridiculous

Nerchio: the more stuff i added to evaluation it slowed down as well

Nerchio: even if it was if checks

Nerchio: but every thing counts i guess

Beresta: meh1001 precalculate it all

Default avatar.png meh1001: I certainly learned lots of stuff doing this challenge that I didn't know before about optimization. Yeah that's one of em

Default avatar.png meh1001: sadly I doubt I'll ever use any of this knowledge in my actual job snicker but it's super fun

Astrobytes: Fun is the general idea ;)

Beresta: yea, true

Beresta: I'm waiting for it to finish now so I can look what others did on forums, I wonder what were my biggest mistakes :D

geppoz: meh1001 if you want to reduce that time, you can build a lookup table precalculated

geppoz: an array of 1001 elements, where index maps all inventory combination,

geppoz: and element is an array of possibile recipes (42) with possible/nopossibile and remainder

geppoz: and remainder itself is the index where you land after cast that spell

Default avatar.png meh1001: thats an excellent idea

geppoz: I didn't do it, since it is not my issue :D

Zenoscave: if you do an array of 82. you can also include the first for spells and all 36 potions. and have a lookup of cast and brew

Default avatar.png meh1001: it would probably get me 20% reduction in time honestly, well, assuming the lookups are much faster (which they would have to bE) than the list comprehension things I'm currently doing

Njitram: Whats with the guy in legend that always times out at turn 1?

geppoz: a smurf deleted

Default avatar.png SkyCoops: Coucou les amis

geppoz: salut

geppoz: (?)

Astrobytes: coucou SkyCoops #fr

MuddySneakers: Does anybody know: does threading help, or do you only actually get a single core?

Astrobytes: Single unfortunately

Astrobytes: multi-core arch but we only get 1

SinOfWrath: Gold submission: won two against top100 players, lost one against a lower ranked player: let me place you at rank 300. This is gonna be a long night to wait my rank stabilize. :D

Astrobytes: there are submissions still running (in Legend at least) from around 20:00 (GMT)

Astrobytes: and hello fellow Scottish person SinOfWrath

SinOfWrath: hi Astrobytes, good to know that it's super slow tonight

SinOfWrath: I guess 7000+ game on last night is not so unexpected

Astrobytes: Yeah, last night of the contest but this is actually the highest number of contestants who submitted if I'm not mistaken

miszu: curious, how much $ does it take to run montly the platform?

Astrobytes: No idea. You'd have to ask Thibaud

Astrobytes: They do have a main business other than this

miszu: debugging my UTTT, my game engine has hidden errors


miszu: I find this platform more fun than hackerrank or other stuff

Astrobytes: the link I posted is how they make $ or € rather

AbundantPuddle: Did they combine the urgency bonus into the price by default?

Astrobytes: Right, not going any further so will stick with my crappy silver rank. GL to the remaining tryharders :D

Astrobytes: AbundantPuddle: price the amount of rupees this will win you if this is a potion recipe, 0 otherwise. This includes the urgency bonus.

Astrobytes: The urgency bonus is also in tomeIndex: This is also the value of the urgency bonus if this is a potion recipe.

AbundantPuddle: Yes, I restarted my code in Python and it didn't specify that. My earlier code I could have sworn you had to add the tome_index to the price to get the overall profit.

AbundantPuddle: But thank you, I'm just glad somebody could clarify that for me. I appreciate that.

AbundantPuddle: They changed how the default python code reads in the variables as well . Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss something.

AbundantPuddle: Oops, I apologize. I did just read that in the Game Protocol.

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: goodnight/day all

ZarthaxX: astrooooo

ZarthaxX: nooooooooooooooooooooo

AbundantPuddle: Have a good night Astro. Take care.

Astrobytes: zarthooooooooooo

ZarthaxX: you cant leave me like that

ZarthaxX: wait for my submit to end(?

Astrobytes: I have to, I've been MadKnighted

ZarthaxX: okey lol

ZarthaxX: gn astro

Astrobytes: You're way above me anyway

Astrobytes: But still, silver fistbump

Astrobytes: If you get gold I'll buy you a pineapple ZarthaxX

ZarthaxX: i think gold is secured

ZarthaxX: :fist:

ZarthaxX: gimme pineapple

particleflux: when bfs is optimized too much and now it actually gets worse 'cause it looks too much into the future with bad scoring :S

ZarthaxX: limit the depth

Astrobytes: looks that way :fist: :pineapple:

NinjaDoggy: lol unlucky

NinjaDoggy: astro heading out?

Astrobytes: yeah, top 50% silver

NinjaDoggy: alrighty, gn m8

Astrobytes: or I was at least

ZarthaxX: have a good one byto

ZarthaxX: :*

Astrobytes: gn NinjaDoggy :) all the best luck to the late submitters!

struct: nn

ClockSort: see ya

NinjaDoggy: hey clock!

NinjaDoggy: u staying till end?

ClockSort: trying to

ClockSort: i keep adding LEARN to my search in different ways that all make the results worse

NitMpez: i'm the opposite i'm trying different ways to prune to get pass depth 8th and having no luck

NinjaDoggy: silly trick that sped up my performance a lot in C++:

NinjaDoggy: memset all your global arrays to 0 on turn 1

NinjaDoggy: that way it forces them to be loaded in memory

NinjaDoggy: and then it's much faster to access after that

miszu: ok I think my game engine for UTTT is bug free. I can run couple runs with no errors

miszu: I had a previous submission for UTT in silver and finished 5th. I totally rewrote my bot and just playing random moves. He was able to draw with the boss bot. How sad was my previous submission couldn't draw even with sloppy MCTS

Michael_Howard: I know how this must sound... but has the Silver boss got harder to gatekeep Gold? :sweat:

Michael_Howard: Talking about in IDE, not even arena.

Lysk: NinjaDoggy is it 8*sizeof() or just sizeoff in the memset?

Zenoscave: Nah, they don't change bots

SirLoxley: I cant beat him consistently either. Sometimes ... rarely I do

Michael_Howard: I went back to my pre-tree version to test it & it got absolutely minced

Michael_Howard: At least I know my 10 node tree is doing something lol

SirLoxley: my endgame sucks, didn't read properly "tier1 or higher"

NinjaDoggy: @lysk just sizeof

Lysk: gotcha thanks

ClockSort: mizsu what is UTTT?

NinjaDoggy: ultimate tic tac toe

ClockSort: :thumbsup:

miszu: question, what functions you guys use to measure time

ClockSort: i use Stopwatch class (C#, sorry :D)

miszu: haha :P

cegprakash: I just added simulation and it's tooo bad any tips

cegprakash: I've 90K sims at depth 5 clearly something is wrong with my moves

cegprakash: I'm last in silver :D

miszu: make sure you are returning the best move and not the worst move

struct: Dont discount ingredients when you brew

ClockSort: eliminate identical positions from your tree

MadKnight: where are the static lists in the referee ?

MadKnight: of spells and recipes

ClockSort: lol this match

ClockSort: best debug output ever

Zenoscave: lol He used to do it one word at a time

MadKnight: i can't find the list of all recipes/spells

MadKnight: Zenoscave maybe u got it ?


MadKnight: oh thk

geppoz: yw

Zenoscave: sorry thought you said "why" not "where"

Zenoscave: misread

MadKnight: does it use the index in this array for the id of spell in the tome ?

Zenoscave: I believe so

NinjaDoggy: it's... complicated ish

MadKnight: can i do allSpells[tome.spells[3].id] ?

Default avatar.png Ridakz: when u learn a new spell the id changes

NinjaDoggy: learns are id'ed properly

Default avatar.png Ridakz: so u have to track new id

MadKnight: yea i know it changes when u learn

NinjaDoggy: brews are index + offset(42 i think)

MadKnight: i only need the tome id for now

NinjaDoggy: yea learn id is the index

Michael_Howard: Is the leaderboard getting faster again? 50% in half an hour.

Michael_Howard: Sleepy Europeans.

ClockSort: maybe so.

ClockSort: stupid question: how do you count the number of potions the opponent has brewed?

SirLoxley: every time his score changed ... ++

ClockSort: brilliant. i was trying to watch potions while factoring in any potions i took. :O

SirLoxley: so close ... in IDE I lose to silver boss and it's always by a point or two

cegprakash: score tracking I think @SirLoxley

hcabel: Someone find a good way to know witch spells learn ?? I try lot of things but the best result was learn first spell all the time ^^

SirLoxley: there are certain spells that work well together. I pick them that way. Plus that (4 0 0 0) and (3 0 0 0) are must have

PatrickMcGinnisII: hcabel there are 14 learns my bot will never do, that's the simplest way to start

Michael_Howard: @hcabel you can give them a score based on tier value, then add+subtract tax bonus/penalties.

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: that awkward moment when the challenge is almost over and you're looking for ideas on how to rank spells (because you just learn the first thing every time), and everyone responding is way below you on the leaderboard...

PatrickMcGinnisII: lvl and rank may be a better indicator pedrosorio

Counterbalance: what I do is I pretend I know all the spells, then find the brews, and see which ones I used

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: PatrickMcGinnisII ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: ^ I only pretend I know 1 at a time, the learn that has the most cross usage is what i pick

Default avatar.png meh1001: What I did was include spells 1 at a time in my search and if they shaved more than 2 off the distance I'd learn em, but it was too expensive so yeah

Default avatar.png meh1001: but since I had horribly unoptimized python I didn't have the nodes to not time out most of the time xD

PatrickMcGinnisII: because i use php i have a trimmed down sim, and it's not even perfect

ddreams: I had a MCTS for learning the spells, but after seeing recurse jump to the top by simply picking the first 8 I stopped thinking about it

miszu: c++ question. I have problem declaring my node class. Something to do with incomplete type:


Counterbalance: if it's Node: struct Node; struct Node {....}

PatrickMcGinnisII: Node *

SirLoxley: yeah you have to predeclare it

SirLoxley: the compiler doesn't know what a Node is when he sees that vector<node>

miszu: same problem


Zenoscave: If I increase my beam width my search becomes lessaccurate...

Zenoscave: not because of time

ddreams: need a pointer, not the class itself

SirLoxley: make that a vector<Node *>

ddreams: use vector<Node *>

Counterbalance: which type can't it find?

miszu: the parent

miszu: I need a pointer?

Zenoscave: struct Node parent; no?

SirLoxley: yes. The compiler doesn't know how big a node is before the thing isn't fully constructed

miszu: yeah makes sense

Zenoscave: ^ that too

miszu: ok it works

miszu: thanks all

miszu: my road to c++ and MCTS has lots of mountains

SirLoxley: good luck. I think I give up here.

PatrickMcGinnisII: Battles in progress 97%

miszu: oh it's for tic tac toe

SirLoxley: Is it possible to continue on the bot after the competition?

Default avatar.png primitive_coding: @miszu if you put a node into a node, that node in the node would have to contain a node, which would have to contain a node, too, because ist's a node...

PatrickMcGinnisII: prolly end up a multi in a bit

SirLoxley: I am a bit upset that I didn't make it to Gold

miszu: primitive_coding yeah I was thinking about the same. It would be a recursion

PatrickMcGinnisII: i tried, but just trying to stay in top 1k was a challenge in itself

miszu: i'm trying to do MCTS but it's very easy to make a mistake

miszu: in the logic

PatrickMcGinnisII: crap, dropped to 1001st

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh well, dinnertime glhf

MadKnight: tome.add(new TomeSpell(new Recipe(-3, 0, 0, 1))); wait how do i tell if it's repeatable ?

ddreams: if any are negative, it's repeatable

Batpapa: yes

cegprakash: should I go for the smallest rupees one or the highest rupees one?

MadKnight: rly? repeatable if any negative ?

ddreams: what do you think?

ddreams: did I stutter?

Batpapa: miszu, I first made MCTS, that was a huge lose of time (for me at least)

miszu: I am doing the tic tac toe bot, not the contest

MadKnight: can't i be confused and ask again?

miszu: I gave up on contest haha. I am happy with silver

Batpapa: repeatable = !anyNegative

Batpapa: oh ok ahah

Lysk: except initial spells

Lysk: if 0 <= id < 42 and a negative then repeatable

ddreams: you can ask more questions if you're confused, but just repeating the answer with a question mark behind is pointless

Icebox: MadKnight fix your bot

Icebox: gold when?

MadKnight: doing the engine now

Lysk: you should stream MadKnight!

MadKnight: i'm just learning to speak english cmon

miszu: why people are pushing to stream? :P

geppoz: you are really starting to play at 8h to end? :D

MadKnight: no i'd use an alt for a stream

Tyir: Icebox, give me some pointers on how to do this better

Icebox: I don't know if I'm a position to give pointers :D


Icebox: I just made a weird improvement that might not be an improvement

BrunoFelthes: 26 turns against 1st position

BrunoFelthes: not bad :D

Tyir: you are working on C++ now, i figured you have tons of pointers

cegprakash: 74 turns againt #1000 and still lost

cegprakash: not bad

ddreams: BrunoFelthes what strategy are you using?

BrunoFelthes: same as everyone...

BrunoFelthes: chokudai

Icebox: where are you Tyir

NinjaDoggy: can anyone give some tips/helpers for uploading hardcoded data onto codingame?

Tyir: overall ~1300 with some brute force 3-4 depth

Icebox: that's silver?

NinjaDoggy: say, if I wanted to upload an array of integers how could I compactly do that?

Lysk: I have python scripts to put stuff into a single file

NinjaDoggy: i'm talking about hard coding an array of size a few thousand

The_Duck: maybe you could encode it in a string literal, that gets you one code byte per actual byte of data

Tyir: i should also state that i forced it into my code, it doesn't take into account learning

NinjaDoggy: The_Duck, yes that's what i'm trying to do but

Tyir: my simulations don't look at spells to learn; so definitely not ideal

NinjaDoggy: there's apparently some fancy stuff u can do with characters that contain more than 1 byte of info

Zenoscave: wanna know how ninja

The_Duck: would that be better? does the submission size limit care about characters, or bytes?

NinjaDoggy: yes please Zenoscave :)

Zenoscave: Characters

NinjaDoggy: yea it just counts 100k

The_Duck: huh

Zenoscave: unicode

NinjaDoggy: yea weird

NinjaDoggy: um... unicode is nice and all but...

Icebox: that is not true tho

Icebox: there is a filesize limit not char size limit

NinjaDoggy: ? didn't someone post a pie compression thing

Zenoscave: what's the filesize limit?

Icebox: so more bytes per char is just less chars

Icebox: 100kb

Zenoscave: I thought it mattered or is that just shortest

NinjaDoggy: actually 1 byte per character is enough for now i guess...

Icebox: I mean that's really easy to test...

NinjaDoggy: a factor of 4 or 8 won't really impact much

Icebox: just upload 100kb file with normal chars

Icebox: and 110kb file with unicode

Zenoscave: dd time

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: sqrt(12 - 3)

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: downloading data: 99%

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: [emergency meeting]

miszu: cyan: I just want to say hiii :)

ddreams: (everyone voted cyan)

miszu: cyan was not the imposter

NinjaDoggy: um...

NinjaDoggy: if i get weird stuff like:

NinjaDoggy: ok rip I can't even paste it

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: blue: noo my data gone

NinjaDoggy: but basically for each characters, i'm using basic ascii values from 0 -255

NinjaDoggy: but it doesn't print nicely?

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: [Dead Body Reported]

ddreams: self report, roddy sus

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: no u sus

linjoehan: lol have you seen the 3d version?

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: ddreams was not an impostor

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: Victory

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: i'm so lonely :(

linjoehan: 3D Amouns Us looks really cool I think.

Default avatar.png **Rodrigo_the_coder slaps linjoehan around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: I'm so lonely... :(

ddreams: code a bot friend

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: how

emh: ohh I got to Gold actually

emh: with my last submit before I went to bed hehe

cegprakash: what is silver to gold strat?

cegprakash: go for fastest potions?

jrke: ceg i think yes that would work

ddreams: I'm pretty sure that's not enough

ddreams: though I could be wrong

mlemm: you need a good depth sim

linjoehan: Dont think so either. Fast ones might get to little gold.

AbundantPuddle: Is that like "Code a bot, friend" or "Code a bot-friend?"

KrabbyFR: that's my first challenge :D do you have any ressources where I can learn to do sim?

ddreams: both work

AbundantPuddle: Lmao

linjoehan: I did have a try at fastest first but it was quite bad, maybe I'm the problem though.

mlemm: im simulating fastest/highest brews and still couldnt climb to gold

mlemm: because my depth is too low

rockstar555: hii Good morning guys

Whiskee: because silver is a very different place now

emh: cegprakash I'm doing beam search with brew price / turns

emh: so average gain per turn

Whiskee: I was very high before the cutoff but had a bugged version when it happened so didn't make it

linjoehan: my depth is to low too, I just had an eval for incomplete ones, but that may be the problem mlemm

cegprakash: I don't do BFS yet :(

cegprakash: only simu

therealbeef: made Gold :D

MadKnight: why so cegprakash ?

MadKnight: and how do u use simu ?

linjoehan: Will MCTS work on this thing? or am I just going to hate myself for trying later

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: this is where true coders cry:

ddreams: I used this competition to learn MCTS, but couldn't get it fast enough

cegprakash: I use a difficulty rating (difference between required and current inventory) in my scoring MadKnight

ddreams: bfs was much easier and stronger

cegprakash: why is castable true when the spell is on cooldown

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: where true coders cry

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: have you watched it

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: ???

Murleys: Bots should not be able to submit the first answer to a challenge ...

miszu: I am writing my getallpossiblemoves() but it will be super inneficient. Good bye performance

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: pls watch

Csipcsirip: no

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: why

linjoehan: is an action that gets you over 10 items totally not allowed or will it fill you up to 10 and disguard the rest?

ddreams: not allowed

Samer: not allowed and you skip your turn for invalid action

linjoehan: thanks

Murleys: :croissant:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

JohnCM: rank 14 silver now, pls bump me up

Zenoscave: Rodrigo_the_coder quit

struct: :D

DomiKo: wtf

struct: Zenoscave gl on submit

DomiKo: why am I 4th?

Zenoscave: This one might be it...

Zenoscave: not win just last

DomiKo: rank after recalc will be so random

Murleys: no ones playing clash of code :cry:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :(

mlemm: wdym by recalc Domiko

struct: Illedan stop please

struct: or i bring my next one

[CG]SaiksyApo: Mercy plz Illedan

Illedan: :P

struct: grats both

Illedan: FINALLY

Illedan: Saiksy..

Illedan: I have to use 25 MS because of massive timeout now

struct: 25? ahahah

struct: poor you Illedan

[CG]SaiksyApo: My limit is 40 and I'm not even close, fix your timeout

struct: same

DomiKo: i have 45

Illedan: hmmm

struct: and I dont even start the timer at right place

Illedan: :(

Illedan: Maybe I'm doing something stupid again

[CG]SaiksyApo: Profile the memory ?

Illedan: Naaah, I wanna sleep

Illedan: :P

[CG]SaiksyApo: I used to have some code that took 5Go :D

struct: yeaeh you can sleep

struct: me not yet

Illedan: I wanna see my rank in Legend first

Illedan: Unless this losestreak kills me :sob:

DomiKo: rank is so random here ;(

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Zenoscave: RIP Illedan

DomiKo: does anyone know how recalc after end of contest work?

jrke: i have to optimize my code a bit and i will be in legend but its hard to optimize :(

DomiKo: like how many games are played?

struct: 500?

DomiKo: hmmm

DomiKo: hope it will be enoght

Zenoscave: total?

Zenoscave: or per player

struct: per player

Illedan: per

DomiKo: I have to say that changing meta was so exciting

Illedan: What meta?

DomiKo: but I love that it is the end

Zenoscave: I reverted 10 hours of work...

DomiKo: meta of playing

DomiKo: I had like 4 different programs

Illedan: :pray:

NightLuna: oh

struct: want a little push?

jrke: can anyone give me some c++ pragmas?

struct: #pragma GCC optimize("O3","unroll-loops","omit-frame-pointer","inline")

jrke: are these enough^^^

struct: You want more?

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

struct: wait Illedan

struct: Ill push

jrke: they are already there in my code

struct: I hope

Illedan: Just everyone push :D

ddreams: #pragma GCC option("arch=native","tune=native","no-zero-upper") //Enable AVX

  1. pragma GCC target("avx2") //Enable AVX

ddreams: dunno if those help

ddreams: but I've had them in contests here for years

struct: #pragma GCC target("sse,sse2,sse3,ssse3,sse4,popcnt,abm,mmx,avx,avx2,fma")

jrke: thanks :)

Illedan: I'll just push again struct

struct: why?

struct: you can wait

struct: and go to sleep and wake in legend

Illedan: Nah

Illedan: Watch this go instant legend

Illedan: Do believe.

jrke: watch what?

Illedan: My submit crashing and burning and losing vs bad strats :(

struct: What is a bad strat Illedan?

Illedan: Winning vs me

struct: lol

struct: sorry CG but I saved my submits for now

Illedan: Glad I have tomorrow off work too :D

DomiKo: Good for you

MadKnight: struct what happened ?

MadKnight: hey Illedan nice for u

Gonny: How slow are the submits right now?