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ClockSort: what do you mean, "losing an openref"? you mean newing something that becomes garbage?

Zenoscave: If a var goes out of scope and is no longer referenced

Zenoscave: yeah

ClockSort: ok to create local-scoped value-type primitives in a function? or do those end up with the GC?

ClockSort: based on my research, that should be ok

Zenoscave: those will be stack so fine

ClockSort: what about setting a Tuple<> (value type) to a New Tuple<> value? does the old value get GC'd?

Zenoscave: yup

ClockSort: it shouldn't since Tuple is value type.

Zenoscave: It is?

Zenoscave: Thought tuple was ref

ClockSort: oh wow it was changed.

Zenoscave: Microsoft made all tuple types reference types in the interests of simplicity.

Zenoscave: Yeah

ClockSort: well that's probably my problem, let me test it...

ClockSort: yes that's it, i'm creating thousands of tuples and letting GC clean up. lol

Zenoscave: lol nice find

ClockSort: whoa, there's a ValueTuple in C# 7 which is a value-type tuple

Zenoscave: what vers. is on CG again? time for the faq

Zenoscave: 8.0

ClockSort: *phew*

ClockSort: let's see if that improves things.

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hii world

ClockSort: hello rockstar

ClockSort: did you know that stars are also rocks? just really wet ones.

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hello ClockSort

Zenoscave: is plasma wet?

Zenoscave: never thought of it that way

Default avatar.png rockstar555: thanks for information

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hello Zenoscave

Zenoscave: hi rockstar555

Default avatar.png rockstar555: lets play clash of code

ClockSort: i don't have time, only 172 more hours available for the fall challenge

Zenoscave: ^^^

Default avatar.png rockstar555: okkk

Default avatar.png rockstar555: let me go match was started

Default avatar.png rockstar555: clash of code

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hii

ClockSort: oh sweet, i think that fixed it

Zenoscave: only d=3? full or beam?

FahrendraKhoirul: kuy play clash of code

ClockSort: you looking at my bot?

Zenoscave: perhaps ;)

ClockSort: that's running at 5ms to combat GC :P

FahrendraKhoirul: wow

FahrendraKhoirul: that cool

ClockSort: let me submit this...

Zenoscave: no throttle on time?

NinjaDoggy: GC can be combated pretty effeciently

NinjaDoggy: initialize all the variables you need on turn 1

NinjaDoggy: and never let GC do anything ;)

Zenoscave: lol hey NinjaDoggy

NinjaDoggy: hey zeno!

Zenoscave: how's your bot

NinjaDoggy: it's not bad

ClockSort: i'm setting my C# BFS search to run until 40ms is up

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hii

NinjaDoggy: i'm full rewriting in C++

NinjaDoggy: and i had an AHA! moment :)

NinjaDoggy: should be top 20 minimum again soon ;)

Zenoscave: oh no. Not a famous Ninja aha

NinjaDoggy: hehe... last time i had that

ClockSort: @ninjadoggy what search alg you using?

NinjaDoggy: was on Code of ice and fire :P

Zenoscave: I remember

NinjaDoggy: dijkstra's to solve the game

NinjaDoggy: just bfs

NinjaDoggy: should be able to go depth 20+ or something

ClockSort: i'm getting depth 6 or 7 bfs in C#

Zenoscave: full bfs depth 20!?

NinjaDoggy: soons ;)

Zenoscave: are you MAD

ClockSort: that's mad, you must be trimming

NinjaDoggy: cast/brew depth 20+

NinjaDoggy: current java bot gets like depth 10 with cast/brew

ClockSort: it does help to cut learns

Zenoscave: no learn?

NinjaDoggy: i don't think learning is too important yet

NinjaDoggy: just learn first X turns ;)

Zenoscave: Testing now...

NinjaDoggy: a lot of bots have success with it

Donotalo: i'm only casting and resting upto depth 20 easily, to find brewable orders from a given inventory

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hello averyone

Zenoscave: I do both first x and then learns in between

NinjaDoggy: yea cast/rest can go really deep

NinjaDoggy: yea that sounds good as well

NinjaDoggy: where if learning doesn't impede anything

NinjaDoggy: just learn because it's helpful later

Zenoscave: fair

ClockSort: if you tame the GC, can you really get much better perf out of C++ vs C# or Java?

NinjaDoggy: yea it's huge for java at least

NinjaDoggy: in my experience

Default avatar.png rockstar555: C++

D.FooL: Why i'm not getting a 100% though i passed all the test cases?

NinjaDoggy: for what? a puzzle?

NinjaDoggy: the test cases in IDE are different from the cases when you hit submit

NinjaDoggy: (to prevent hard coding)

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hey tell me what was the best among java c++ and c#

NinjaDoggy: depends...

NinjaDoggy: C++ is best for speed

NinjaDoggy: C# is mostly just better java? I think?

NinjaDoggy: java is best if that's what you're most comfortable with

Default avatar.png rockstar555: thanks NinjaDoggy

D.FooL: TicTacToe


Default avatar.png rockstar555: yes i made this game in dev C++

D.FooL: i think i don't have a problem on my code.

D.FooL: Is this a kind of bug?

D.FooL: This is my 2nd time

Default avatar.png rockstar555: can you tell me about turbo C++

ClockSort: @ninjadoggy do you know how many states you're looking at during a search?

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hiii

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hey anybody wants to play coc

kerdei: Promotion to Bronze League in : 00H 00MN 33SC YASSS! :nerd:

HungryBurger: @kerdei You're out of the woods now.

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hii

kerdei: :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png rockstar555: Hello World Program


lets play

ClockSort: i'm in

ClockSort: lol i'm not in.

ClockSort: i guess you have to click Join

Default avatar.png rockstar555:

phord: Am I the only one making up my own search algo as I go?

ClockSort: you are not.

Default avatar.png rockstar555:

FahrendraKhoirul: cmon join discord

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: C:\Users\USER\Videos\Captures\help me leh.mp4

useAllTheThings: Whoa, you got some weird things in that folder

AbundantPuddle: Yeah, I wouldn't be sharing that if I were you.

AbundantPuddle: I mean to each his own, but... The world doesn't need to know.

phord: It asked me for a login. :-(

phord: hunter2

AbundantPuddle: The username is "password" and the password is "password."

AbundantPuddle: It's just easier to remember it that way.

yhyoxx: nice

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hello

Default avatar.png rockstar555: yhyoxx

Csipcsirip: server is dead again :(

Zenoscave: On submits?

Csipcsirip: ye

Zenoscave: Shame :/

Marcelo-Hackerman: i hate these long problems

Marcelo-Hackerman: so much to read

Csipcsirip: the game engine is the simplest one ever tho

yhyoxx: hello rockstar555

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hello yhyoxx

yhyoxx: how do u red text ?

yhyoxx: are u so a moderator

Default avatar.png rockstar555: yes

yhyoxx: did u hack this website ?

Default avatar.png rockstar555: no

yhyoxx: okay :')

Westicles: That's the blood of Jesus

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hi

yhyoxx: x)

Default avatar.png rockstar555: what you are saying

eulerscheZahl: Csipcsirip not simpler than Tron

Default avatar.png rockstar555:

Default avatar.png rockstar555: join me

eulerscheZahl: no, stop posting that link

Default avatar.png rockstar555: PUbg

Default avatar.png rockstar555: I am a hacker

Default avatar.png rockstar555: i am just joking

Default avatar.png rockstar555: i am not a hacker

yhyoxx: :grimacing:

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hey gueys can you play Pubg

Default avatar.png rockstar555: tell me about codingame

Default avatar.png rockstar555: anybody here

Uljahn: rockstar555: yes

Default avatar.png rockstar555: join me on above link

anantaCodes: Please dont spam here

Ifthel: I doubt this is the place to look for pubg teammates rockstar555

anantaCodes: I checked Eulers Heroku app containing some 1200 puzzles from Codingames? Does it mean those are all the questions that we get while competing too?

phord: "Top 100 Companies" has a search field that says "Search for a friend, school or country". But searching for "country" doesn't work here.

eulerscheZahl: no, i would have to update my database. i guess i have 98% or so

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hii

anantaCodes: 98% is impressive too.Thanks

eulerscheZahl: it's a dual use sadly. it can help you understand a reverse or finish a clash after the 15min. but also help you cheat :/

eulerscheZahl: i have a script for the DB update, give me a second...

eulerscheZahl: 1195 puzzles => 1231 updated

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hii

Remus_: good morning Got up to work but still ended up here

anantaCodes: Thanks a lot Euler !

raymoo: can you buy a spell if you can only afford it with the tax accumulated on it?

Remus_: afaik, no

raymoo: thanks

Default avatar.png rockstar555: anybody knows websites for playing games

eulerscheZahl: go to and leave us alone

NinjaDoggy: euler, if you don't mind me asking...

NinjaDoggy: what's nodes = X and d = 13

NinjaDoggy: especially the nodes part :O

NinjaDoggy: 46k? how D:

Nerchio: not-java for starters

NinjaDoggy: yea he's using C#, but I just rewrote in C++

NinjaDoggy: and only getting 30-40k "iterations" of bfs

eulerscheZahl: d is the depth

NinjaDoggy: yeh that's obvious... but nodes? :D

eulerscheZahl: and i'm still optimizing performance, i think i have a good idea to completely clutter my code

NinjaDoggy: lol nice

eulerscheZahl: nodes = single states that i can reach

Default avatar.png rockstar555:

eulerscheZahl: some nodes might be equal

eulerscheZahl: you've been warned Rockspringa

eulerscheZahl: rockstar555 (sorry, tab completion)

NinjaDoggy: oh... I think i might know why

NinjaDoggy: i count the same way but

NinjaDoggy: i prune out nodes really well

NinjaDoggy: so my depth conversion is better but less nodes

NinjaDoggy: ;)

eulerscheZahl: i do: expand node() => increase counter => add to set which removes duplicates

NinjaDoggy: ok yea lemme try that method of counting

eulerscheZahl: now rockstar is insulting me in private messages

Nerchio: :joy:

eulerscheZahl: taking 1 for the team

NinjaDoggy: lol

eulerscheZahl: so, back to my madness, afk

Remus_: I can sometimes match your Ai in the first 75% of the match, euler, then you destroy me in the last 25%

NinjaDoggy: ok phew there we go, i'm getting roughly 120k "nodes" by how you're counting

NinjaDoggy: I was going to say... what magic is he doing is C# that's faster than my current sim ._.

eulerscheZahl: working on it. it will be faster i think

Nerchio: euler probably gets the most out of his language :P

Nerchio: still much easier to do with c++

xineohp: euler do you think your current search will stay good for higher leagues as well, with slight modifications?

Default avatar.png rockstar555: you dont know who i am

eulerscheZahl: xineohp i still have some ideas how to improve. not sure if my current bot will reach legend as it is

eulerscheZahl: rockstar555 now stop spamming or the next strike will be permanent

Default avatar.png rockstar555: i am a hacker

VizGhar: Can I create multithreaded bot?

Default avatar.png rockstar555: Sorry guys

VizGhar: might be fun to compute graph nodes even while waiting for referee or other players

eulerscheZahl: yes but you only get 1 core anyways VizGhar

eulerscheZahl: and your process gets paused

VizGhar: ah i see :)

Default avatar.png rockstar555: how i can make games

Default avatar.png rockstar555: can i make a multiplayer game using coding

Default avatar.png rockstar555: like a battle royal game

GoogleJeff: yes

GoogleJeff: start here:

GoogleJeff: come back when you've finished all of the steps there

GoogleJeff: or if you have questions

VizGhar: And if you mean game for CG go for java instead

eulerscheZahl: the closest to battle royale we have here

Default avatar.png rockstar555: nice thanks for information

Default avatar.png rockstar555: thanks for everybody

eulerscheZahl: aaaand it crashed

eulerscheZahl: so much about my rewrite

VizGhar: I want your life guys :) I have like 1hr a day for coding CG...

VizGhar: work, family, sleep until I get out of rat race

yhyoxx: it's okay

yhyoxx: we're doing all of this for the things u have achieved

yhyoxx: i dont even have a job

yhyoxx: im so broke :'(

eulerscheZahl: i took a week off from my job just for this contest

Westicles: Heh heh, you are so ethical. Sitting there typing all day, who would know

Default avatar.png rockstar555: the game was fun queen i like this battle royal game thank

Default avatar.png rockstar555: you

Westicles: Well, except for all the witches and cauldrons and whatnot

Default avatar.png rockstar555: can you tell me websites for coding like

Q12: which spells are repeatable?

Remus_: All except the first 4

Nerchio: no

Nerchio: the ones that give you ingredients without sacrificing any are not repeatable too

Remus_: true

Remus_: didn't notice that

Q12: so the first 4 and the ones that are free not repeatable, yeah?

Nerchio: i think so

Q12: thanks

Default avatar.png LLG: what happens if 2 players issue a LEARN command on the same spell in the same turn?

Westicles: All the ones here without a negative number

eulerscheZahl: both get the spell


Default avatar.png rockstar555: tell about CG


eulerscheZahl: i donated already. stop showing me this wikipedia!

AbundantPuddle: Lmfao

Csipcsirip: wow this wikipedia site is bad euler is missing from the list of key ppl

AbundantPuddle: It needs updated

Csipcsirip: or maybe he is not calle eulerscheZahl irl ?

eulerscheZahl: the last of languages does not include D!!!!!

eulerscheZahl: someone edit the wiki right now

AbundantPuddle: Nope, pretty sure that's their real life name.

Westicles: His real name is Euler Merkel

Default avatar.png rockstar555: tell me best software for designing games

AbundantPuddle: Somebody give wikipedia the D!

Default avatar.png rockstar555: what is D

WINWINWIN: Its a programming Language

Westicles: You are too young for that answer

Default avatar.png rockstar555: I don't know about this types of programming language

Westicles: It is one of those languages where you google something and it turns out to be obsolete

Default avatar.png rockstar555: nice

eulerscheZahl: what's google? let me altavista that quickly

Default avatar.png rockstar555: can you want to make your logo

Westicles: Oh right, I meant duckduckgo it

Default avatar.png rockstar555: how i can win legend achivments in codingame

GoogleJeff: but seriously, what is google

Default avatar.png rockstar555:

eulerscheZahl: and what's a Jeff?

Westicles: Every time I see Googlejeff, I think of Gurdjieff

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hii

Default avatar.png rockstar555: is unity is best than Unreal

Default avatar.png deoxify: is there a way to close this panel

Uljahn: to close click the triangle icon on the bottom or you mean disable completely?

Default avatar.png rockstar555:

Default avatar.png deoxify: oh thanks i thought that button was for something else

Default avatar.png rockstar555: hey you don't give me my answer

Default avatar.png rockstar555: is Unity best than Unreal engine

AbundantPuddle: I think you have a lot of learning to do rockstar. I would lean towards Unity being more beginner-friendly. However, which one is "better" is purely subjective.

Default avatar.png rockstar555: this is the logo made by me

Default avatar.png rockstar555: ok

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: are we allowed to use threads or async programming?

AbundantPuddle: Actually let me rephrase that as well, it is subjective in a lot of cases, but depending on the application, one may fair better than the other as well.

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: LordSkaven: i think yes, but afaik the runner VMs are given only 1 core

AbundantPuddle: iirc, that is what somebody said earlier in chat.

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: thanks

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: I am probably getting ahead of myself, I am still not sure how to generate my graph fully, all the work I have done with BFS has been with pathfinding and generating the grid there is easy lol

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: what puzzle are you doing?

rockstar555: bye gueys

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: Fall challenge

AbundantPuddle: Bye rockstar. Good luck.

Default avatar.png ikadimi: 7

rockstar555: thank you

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: LordSkaven do you use it for recipes? if so, how, if not a secret?

rockstar555: i will tell you websites for playing games


rockstar555: Play Subway Clash 3d

eulerscheZahl: stop it or ban rockstar555

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: rockstar555 this is not a #offtopic channel

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: rmuskovets: I am not sure yet. using a tree for the simulations. I hear some people are using BFS to transverse it, not sure if that is the best way yet.

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I'm trying to make a simple sim too

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: especially for ranking potions

rockstar555: Sorry

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: yeah, at the moment my sim is just a block of foreach's. Trying to figure out how to make it more recursive and adjustable

rockstar555: ok tell me about Unreal engine

rockstar555: this help me for making games

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: like "if (isBestBalance(potion, allPotions)) { actionsQueue = paths[] }

rockstar555: can i make software by using java

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: yes

AbundantPuddle: There are tons of tutorials online and on YouTube.

rockstar555: tell me

tomatoes: :expressionless:

AbundantPuddle: I can't tell if you're trolling or if you're being serious.

rockstar555: tomatoes

yhyoxx: ^

AbundantPuddle: But in any case, I'm back to working on my code. Good luck.

Uljahn: rockstar555: people are busy here with ongoing competition, so pls be patient, don't annoy them and use search engines before you ask

yhyoxx: "rmuskovets 09:38AM I'm trying to make a simple sim too especially for ranking potions"

yhyoxx: what do u mean by sim ?

Default avatar.png Gronahak: \/mute rockstar555

Default avatar.png Gronahak: /mute rockstar555

Default avatar.png Gronahak:  /mute rockstar555

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: yhyoxx: simulation of my moves

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: btw guys what do you use for this chat (xmpp/jabber clients)?

eulerscheZahl: check the bottom

eulerscheZahl: i think you need a "real" CG account. no github login

Illedan: Nice lead euler :O

eulerscheZahl: pb pushed me

eulerscheZahl: and i have weird bugs

eulerscheZahl: i want to double-cast

Illedan: :D

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: when is silver unlocked?

Illedan: In about 8 hours I guess

b0n5a1: 18h00

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: today between 16:00 UTC and 18:00 UTC

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: cool

Westicles: Mysterious new American in the top 10

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: I will not make it. My still do not look into what it should make. Just collect spells and makes ingredients then brew anything it can ..

eulerscheZahl: mysterious python at 31

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: euler, you're at #1 now? cool

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: so many c++ at top of leaderboard...

Uljahn: that python is pretty cool, would like to read his postmortem

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: what does that decimal number in leaderboard say?

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: percentage of wins?

Uljahn: TrueSkill rank

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: wikipedia says it's a microsoft product, am I missing something?

Uljahn: that's just an algo similar to Elo

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: is it a good idea to build a graph with nodes=recipes and 'lines'=inventory after that recipe?

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: i think i'll do that vice-versa

Uljahn: that's the best way to learn

Uljahn: you do both and profile

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: then I'll probably be able to implement some algo like DFT

Default avatar.png ngxingyu: is genetic algorithm good for this?

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: my brain looks at it like the lines are some changes, so latter is more intuitive

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: also if I have a starting inventory, how to represent that as a Delta?

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: (^ rhetoric question)

Westicles: GA isn't great for 50ms type of puzzles

Default avatar.png ngxingyu: i see okay thanks @Westicles

Default avatar.png kreska: im 428 this is super addictive:D

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: in what league?

Default avatar.png kreska: bronze

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: :open_mouth:

Clagus: are the bugs fixed already?

Clagus: ok, I can see that they are [FIXED] all spells repeatable

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: i think i'm going to use mcts... it looks good

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: yeah it looks promising rmuskovets

eulerscheZahl: return (ActiveSpells | spell.Mask) != 0;


yhyoxx: woah

yhyoxx: i never used |

yhyoxx: outside bash

eulerscheZahl: bitwise OR and it should be &

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: i think i could write a postmortem after this challenge ends

Westicles: We should all make a solemn pact to start with 20 learns

eulerscheZahl: first 20, no picking

Westicles: right

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: in the 20 first turns

wlesavo: and the winner would be the one breaking the pact

eulerscheZahl: no, that would just be a disqualification

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: so that both players get the 20 learned spells

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: wlesavo if so, just make a bot that does a first WAIT

wlesavo: oh i see, we should make all the move besides learn 0 be non active in referee until turn 20

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: can I make vscode also treat comment+indent as a proper indent?

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: like this

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: like this: // Types

   class Delta {

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: cg editor does treat that as a indent and lets me fold/unfold

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: vscode doesn't

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: ah, I just need to place a #region

eulerscheZahl: that sounds like C#

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: i mean inside of a comment

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: like // #region Game loop

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: also, I'm writing TS

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: turned out I'm writing a DFT

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: lol

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: instead of MCTS

mcts: oh wow I need to change my name I just received a ping for your message ^^

[CG]Thibaud: :D

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I think setting a depth limit on recursive DFT is a good idea, isn't it?

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: maybe I could overcome this by not including the recipes that give free stuff to my algo

Csipcsirip: dft? like Discrete Fourier transform?

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: nah, depth first traversal

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: i dont even know what's a Fourier transform

Csipcsirip: oh u mean DFS

eulerscheZahl: congrats pb4

Default avatar.png SujalAI: How do I find the optimal path to a spell?

Default avatar.png SujalAI: I am a newbie in coding so can you suggest some algorithms

eulerscheZahl: i think even top players only found the optimal path by chance

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I'm currently trying a depth first traversal SujalAI but that algo can easily timeout

Default avatar.png SujalAI: oh

Default avatar.png SujalAI: I guess I should look it up

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: it's a pretty simple one

Default avatar.png SujalAI: I heard someone is using dijkstra

LuckyJ.: Why not using a bfs instead of a dfs?

Westicles: Seems like people are saying BFS with pruning

Default avatar.png SujalAI: which is easier to implement lol?

andrefpoliveira: Both are pretty simple

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: they're kinda the same difficulty

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: that is "simple"

Default avatar.png SujalAI: Unfortunately I have never used either of them

andrefpoliveira: Ahah the simpler you will find probably

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: for djikstra or a-star you need a heuristic function that'll give a estimate path length to the goal iirc

Westicles: And I declare the optimal number of learn 0's to start is... 11 or 12

Default avatar.png SujalAI: I don't think heuristic is required for dijkstra

Remus_: dfs didn't really work for me it was really fast compared to bfs but it made some nonsense moves with sorted actins

Default avatar.png SujalAI: or is it?

AbundantPuddle: Or you can just hard code every possible combination.

Default avatar.png SujalAI: I didn't understand how a path finding algo could be applied to this, because there are vectors for nodes

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: you can give it pretty much anything as a node type

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I'm using recipes as edges and inventory after the recipe as node

Default avatar.png SujalAI: i thought of that too but didn't understand how to implemrnt it

Default avatar.png SujalAI: and also some spells disappear after using them]

Uljahn: they just become inactive until you REST

Remus_: @rmuskovets if you only store inventory, how do you know which recipes exits/castable at that point?

eulerscheZahl: click the gear (viewer settings) to still see the spells

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I also store all recipes

Default avatar.png SujalAI: ive seen some spells disappear and not jus exhausted

Default avatar.png SujalAI: does this really happen?

Uljahn: no, show a replay with disappearing spells, could be a bug

yhyoxx: i keep ending up with full inventory :/

Michael_Howard: There's a setting to hide exhausted spells

Default avatar.png SujalAI: o

Default avatar.png SujalAI: oh

Default avatar.png SujalAI: oh yeah it was turned on

aristotelis-bobas: why is silver league postponed?

aristotelis-bobas: will there be new mechanics in silver league?

Uljahn: no

aristotelis-bobas: ok thnx

Uljahn: silver opens in about 4 hours

aristotelis-bobas: ah nice

Default avatar.png SujalAI: rmuskovets which path finding also are you using

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: depth first search

Default avatar.png SujalAI: kk

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: Uljahn so at ~14:30 +0?

Uljahn: current time + 5-6 hours i guess

Uljahn: 4 hours was a bit harsh estimation, sorry

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: now you say 5-6 hours... time keeps changing:)

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: np

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: it's just more time for us to get ready

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: SujalAI: how you're so high? I'm at 3189 now

Uljahn: nobody knows the exact time, we can only extrapolate from the past experience :smiley:

Michael_Howard: so it's not empty

Default avatar.png SujalAI: rmuskovets I'm not using any path finding algos, just basic strats

Michael_Howard: oops lag

Default avatar.png SujalAI: I learn the spells of highest 'value' (determined by a heuristic)

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: that's what I used before too

Default avatar.png SujalAI: And I'm not really using any strat to cast spells

Default avatar.png SujalAI: I just brew any potion I can

Default avatar.png SujalAI: I also priortize casting spells with higher 'value'

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I'll bring back my old strategy

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: it's better than what I currently do (learn every single recipe)

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: definitely better.

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: that moment when your bot breaks top 2000, but you have no idea why it works

Illedan: eulerscheZahl, did you break it?

eulerscheZahl: i don't think so

eulerscheZahl: i fixed it

eulerscheZahl: performs better offline

Illedan: An era of C# is over already? :(

eulerscheZahl: before it even started

Illedan: True

Illedan: 7 days to learn C++, lets go!

eulerscheZahl: resubmit of yesterday evening just to be sure

wlesavo: it was good while it lasted

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: eulerscheZahl same

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: yesterday evening performs better than now

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: I was 3189, now I'm 2537

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: yesterday > today

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: mmm, I just went from 2780 to 1690. No idea why my bot is even working lol

Westicles: Is it ever a thing to see a low rank player at the top who always seems to lose to one particular guy?

struct: I think its normal

Illedan: Sure

Westicles: I mean, would that kind of thing get you in trouble...

struct: With such a big league no

Default avatar.png Snowite: hi

Default avatar.png Snowite: can someone help me with a problem ?

Default avatar.png SujalAI: yes?

eulerscheZahl: hm, back to 3rd with some battles left

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: my newest code was timeouting because of a console.error()

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: lol

eulerscheZahl: maybe i did break something. or unlucky run

Illedan: Fix it :)

struct: Why do you think you broke something euler?

struct: I wasnt here

eulerscheZahl: i'll let it finish and then push the version again that i see superior

eulerscheZahl: was 4th with my "improved" bot

Default avatar.png SujalAI: woah

Default avatar.png SujalAI: nice

Default avatar.png SujalAI: now you're second

eulerscheZahl: my current one (first from yesterday) thinks i can cast the same spell again if i use it an even amount of times

eulerscheZahl: and that nonsense is back to #2 atm

yhyoxx: x)

struct: maybe unlucky submit

eulerscheZahl: offline: 100 wins vs current bot, 69 losses, 38 draws

struct: How does it perform in these seeds you have lost with the "fixed" version

eulerscheZahl: i feel sorry for the CG servers but i'll submit again

Default avatar.png SujalAI: your rank dropped

Default avatar.png SujalAI: quite a bit

Westicles: 38 draws seems surprising

Illedan: Why?

jrke: how does it feel when improved bot gets bad rank(the current feel of our legendary toad) ;)

Westicles: Hmmm, well I guess I haven't seen many in the wild, but probably related to not having a good bot

eulerscheZahl: it's still me vs other me

eulerscheZahl: not the same bot anymore but similar

eulerscheZahl: and i'm almost deterministic (time makes me random)

jrke: what you all think the opening window of silver would be?

tobk: hm, why do I not see any "opponent-cast" in my actions list? shouldn't it list the opponent's known spells?

tobk: (I wouldn't really know what to do with it, just wondering)

yhyoxx: i think u do get the values

tobk: oh, you are right. I did not notice the debug output being pruned ("..."), now printing just the types and there they are

eulerscheZahl: i think i learned absolutely nothing from that submit :/

jrke: just went 3rd from 2nd

Westicles: You've got a Rounddice problem

eulerscheZahl: i know :D

Default avatar.png SujalAI: I'm braindead now

Default avatar.png SujalAI: I have no ideas

eulerscheZahl: and an empty stomach problem. but i know a cure for that one at least

Default avatar.png SujalAI: Can someone explain how depth first search can be used here?

Default avatar.png SujalAI: Because I don't know the whole graph already, I have to extend it as I go

Q12: When the silver league is open? and which ranks from the bronze league will promote immediately?

yhyoxx: only 10 first sadly

Q12: really?!?

Default avatar.png SujalAI: oh damn

jrke: no no not top 10 it will be between 300-600 not confirmed

Astrobytes: No, it's usually about half the leaeuge

Default avatar.png SujalAI: isn't it any program that can defeat the boss of that league?

Astrobytes: *league

jrke: Astrobytes hi

Uljahn: first 10 is for legend

Q12: thanks

jrke: i think it was 10% for pacman

yhyoxx: was kidding :'0

Astrobytes: a Boss will be chosen by CG, everyone above it will auto-promote, everyone who beats it after will promote

Q12: and when the bronze league will be open?

Astrobytes: hi jrke

Q12: *silver

Uljahn: silver in 4+hours

Astrobytes: ^

Q12: :thumbsup:

Astrobytes: It's done manually so the time can vary a little

jrke: 5 hours from now

yhyoxx: if ur on the ide, click on the league next to the time left

DinuBrat: Wood in 2 mins)

DinuBrat: Uljahn Hi)

DinuBrat: #ru

Q12: > yhyoxx it saying just the day

Default avatar.png SujalAI: I better get my rank above 600 before the league opens :/

yhyoxx: u asked if the bronze league is open

Q12: yeah I got confused, I am already in the bronze league :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png SujalAI: It seems like basic strateies are working better than path finding algos

Default avatar.png SujalAI: weird

Default avatar.png Snowite: can someone help me with some constructors?

Default avatar.png SujalAI: yes?

Default avatar.png SujalAI: Snowite

RockyMullet: hello nice people

Astrobytes: hey Rocky

RockyMullet: how you doing Astrobytes

Astrobytes: all good, yourself?

RockyMullet: yeah good good, slowly coding my sim

Astrobytes: I'm gonna start writing something shortly, after another coffee

RockyMullet: yeah good idea, I need one

Nerchio: i will be trying C++ as well we will see if badly implemented sim is better than decent java sim :D

yhyoxx: ive had so many coffees in the last 15 hours

Astrobytes: :)

Astrobytes: lol Nerchio, good luck :D

yhyoxx: does language change something ?

yhyoxx: execution time ?

andrefpoliveira: Yap

Default avatar.png SujalAI: yes

Default avatar.png SujalAI: c++ is fast

Nerchio: yeah the differences can be huge

yhyoxx: interesting

Astrobytes: Yeah, C++ (and Rust) can give a performance boost if done properly

yhyoxx: how can i do it properly ?

Astrobytes: Don't make it slow :P

yhyoxx: haha true

yhyoxx: for loop go brrrr

RockyMullet: yeah performance with coffee is way better

Astrobytes: :D

ParticleBeam: Sigh. When you log on and see your bot dropped a few hundred slots

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: i really hope nodejs has some optimisations

Default avatar.png SujalAI: im still trying to figure out the optimal path to a potion. Can someone help me pls :cry:

Nerchio: Particle it happens to almost every bot

eulerscheZahl: yeah, every single time. and then you have to fight your way up again

eulerscheZahl: the same every contest

Q12: Are the battles in arena working?

RockyMullet: yeah the things is noob like me rush a shitty bot in the first days to get top 10, then actually good programmers show up and shatter my dreams

Astrobytes: "noob like me" :D

RockyMullet: well im 236 with saturday bot rn, so nothing to write home about lol

andrefpoliveira: I wish xD

RockyMullet: should be good enough for silver, so it's time to waste time on the chat haha

Q12: Are the battles in arena working? need to know before submit

andrefpoliveira: Yeah they are

Q12: thanks

RockyMullet: well I'm actually coding my scoring for my sim, so I might have a bugged broken version soon

eulerscheZahl: i share your rush problem RockyMullet

eulerscheZahl: not to the same extent but on the last day or 2 i see that i messed up

RockyMullet: eulerscheZahl I think I always get too excited in the early days of contests :P

RockyMullet: going for instant gratification haha

eulerscheZahl: i'm too much of a CG veteran for that now :D

RockyMullet: yeah I'll never learn

eulerscheZahl: no one is surprised anymore to see me at the top early on. so it's less gratification :P

eulerscheZahl: so i build it properly and take 2 or 3 days to get to the top. and then fail because i rushed a little too much

RockyMullet: well I'm like "that son of a b did it again !" lol

AdrianGeorgeM: Hello dev friends✌️

eulerscheZahl: see, you are not surprised :D

RockyMullet: AdrianGeorgeM hello

RockyMullet: eulerscheZahl true, you need to work on your sneakyness

dauom: When will silver league be open?

andrefpoliveira: 3h30 I guess

dauom: thanks

RockyMullet: based on previous contest, it should be in 5-7 hours from now

eulerscheZahl: 5h 30min

eulerscheZahl: 6pm SaiksyTime as the French users tend to day

eulerscheZahl: say*

RockyMullet: is Saiksy the one pushing the boss ?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: [CG] Saiksy Apo

RockyMullet: I should peak more in Fr, to know the memes

eulerscheZahl: the tall, bald guy (johnnyYuge)

Astrobytes: lol

Nerchio: euler don't you think C# is going to limit you a little bit?

eulerscheZahl: it does. but less than it used to (release mode + .net core have an impact)

wlesavo: RIIR

eulerscheZahl: and it also helps me (i just can code fater in C#)

eulerscheZahl: MVVM (i have no idea what wlesavo says, just another palindrome)

Astrobytes: Rewrite It In Rust I believe

eulerscheZahl: accept defeat

eulerscheZahl: but i'm not ready for that option yet

Astrobytes: :)

NicolasH_42: + for the Rust, its such a good language ! I do this challenge to learn itand its very good so far

yhyoxx: why do we only see error streams when we're left player :/

RockyMullet: yhyoxx you se your own error stream

RockyMullet: so, there's a total of 66 rupees in the 5 potions of my test case and my sim tells me that my move gives me 204 rupees

RockyMullet: my sim too good I guess

Default avatar.png RoundBananas: I don't understand the codingame learning path interface.

Default avatar.png RoundBananas: How do I find the 'next' challenge to tackle?

RockyMullet: the nodes with a little "play" icon on them

RockyMullet: it's a challenge you didnt do yet

Default avatar.png RoundBananas: Thanks RockyMullet. I've done the intro. Then it gives me three options - AI, Clash of Code and Algorithms. I chose Algorithms and it just takes me to a page called Loops with a gallery of Associated Training Puzzles. There doesn't seem to be any path or order to the challenges?

RockyMullet: oh and I have -13k of each ingredients, sooooooomething might be wrong in my code

Default avatar.png RoundBananas: Is Chrome browser fully supported?

RockyMullet: RoundBananas hover your mouse over it

RockyMullet: it's more like "achievements"

RockyMullet: the tooltip will tell you want you need to do

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: RockyMullet, I dont know, maybe having -13k ingredients is the secret to winning. Not sure what you will win but definitely something

Default avatar.png RoundBananas: ok. I didn't read all that stuff in the tooltip - there it is on the last line. Cheers

RockyMullet: LordSkaven yes, I'm thinking outside the box

RockyMullet: RoundBananas have fun ! :)

RockyMullet: okay copying my sim data breaks it, giving me a broken inventory and broken rupee count :thinking:

RockyMullet: gotta untangle that spaghetti

RockyMullet: oh god im dumb

RockyMullet: uninitialized variable

RockyMullet: good, now my best move gives 0 rupee hahaha

RockyMullet: progress !

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: :thumbsup:

blasterpoard: I've been trying to create good move generation for my search

blasterpoard: if I always play the first move it suggests, it looks like this:

blasterpoard: for now

yhyoxx: looks good to me x)

blasterpoard: it's ok for having absolutely no search other than 1ms precalc every time I learn a spell

aCat: OK, repeteable casts done :-)

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: nice, I am still thinking how I want to approach them

aCat: bleh, I got bunch of nested ifs

aCat: and additional bits to store the info about the number of repetitions done

Remus_: anyone else with random outcomes? Sometimes I win by 50 points then in another seed my bot does nothing for 40 rounds

RockyMullet: Remus_ take a look at your learn code

RockyMullet: maybe you learn too many spells without checking if their any good

RockyMullet: making it way more random than choosing

RockyMullet: one seed you might be lucky and pick good spells, while in another one, bad ones

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: booyah, Top 700 now.(650) Pretty happy with that, started 6 hours ago in Top 3000.

yhyoxx: good job

Csipcsirip: you gotta need to win all of first 30 games to get in top50...this huge bronze league is no fun

Remus_: RockyMullet, thanks for the tip, will do

Presac: I'm just happy being in the top 2000. Still haven't figured out how to handle learning spells and updating the value of spells/ingredients

RockyMullet: :thumbsup:

RockyMullet: Csipcsirip silver is out soon (couple of hours), it's probably better to hold submits until then

yhyoxx: good advice

Csipcsirip: but i need to submit :(

RockyMullet: I mean, if you have a "good enough for silver" bot

eulerscheZahl: you can reach top50 with 1 or 2 timeouts as well

RockyMullet: i'd say top 1000 is probably good enough

eulerscheZahl: and then it's server stress test time again

wlesavo: yeah, it is probably better to wait couple of hours now than couple of hours after the league will be opened

Csipcsirip: and the wait another 3 days cuz silver league wil lbe huge too

RockyMullet: Csipcsirip well maybe you can submit once during that time :P

Stanworld: you can reach top800 with a bot without considering the opponent actions...(or considering he "waits" always)

eulerscheZahl: you can reach top5 without opponent

eulerscheZahl: at least for now. will change during the contest

namenick111: heloo

namenick111: hello

Neumann: top5 without even looking at how many pots he has completed ?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: on my todo

Neumann: Interestring

Neumann: Interesting*

eulerscheZahl: but i know my own completion count

Neumann: So you do look at his score, at least

eulerscheZahl: no

Stanworld: top5 without guessing opponent moves... impressive

struct: STC

eulerscheZahl: i rush to complete the 6th when doing so is a definite loss even

eulerscheZahl: so i know what to improve at least

AbsentMoon: If I want to learn the 6th spell and there is already tax placed under the previous 5 spells, can I learn that 6th spell for free or do I need to place new tax?

struct: no

AbsentMoon: So I need to place new tax?

eulerscheZahl: :100:

AbsentMoon: So just to be clear. You have to place new tax every time you want to learn a spell. Correct?

struct: yes if its above index 0

AbsentMoon: Okay. Thank you.


AbsentMoon: lol

AbsentMoon: Is that normal for you lol

eulerscheZahl: no, someone shared it on discord

AbsentMoon: Oh lol

anoburn: I'm a bit confused. Every time I submit, my bot times out in the first round

anoburn: Following matches work fine (occasional timeout), but first match is ALWAYS a timeout

Stanworld: is there any moment that casting a spell repeatable more 11 times (or more ?) can be valid ?

eulerscheZahl: 5 is the max

Stanworld: ho... i didn'd know that

AbsentMoon: Are all the spell that give resources for no inventory charge non-repeatable?

eulerscheZahl: yes

AbsentMoon: I figured.

struct: My code was bugging everywhere

struct: It breaks if I had 6 recipes instead of 5

struct: add*

Default avatar.png xSkyline: the game code including all the possible spells is available on github:

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: is there an example on how to use the referee code in github to play the game locally?

MadKnight: u wanna play against whom ?

Neumann: eulerscheZahl: the number of nodes you display is before or after the removal of duplicates ?

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @MadKnight I want to be able to play different versions of my bot against each other

adouz: what time the silver will be open guys?

MadKnight: u probably need to run it from the console

Default avatar.png xSkyline: not sure it's worth it to run locally but you can probably do it by reading the documentation

MadKnight: probably in 2h adouz

adouz: MadKnight thanks

eulerscheZahl: before @Neumann

eulerscheZahl: i know, it's low

MadKnight: pedrosorio don't get your bot overtrained against your strategy making him play worse against other strategies

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @xSkyline thanks for the link!

MadKnight: sometimes it can go a bit weird when your bot will play very well against your previous best but worse against everyone else

anoburn: Yeah yeah Euler, flex with your numbers while I'm stuck at 7000 nodes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

eulerscheZahl: blaster mentioned 150k

anoburn: woah

eulerscheZahl: and i'm pretty sure Neumann has more than me as well

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: thanks for the tip madknight, I understand the issue with overfitting, and while the web interface is nice, I want the ability to iterate and test faster locally

MadKnight: but how are u gonna avoid overfitting ?

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: how do you avoid overfitting with the web interface?

MadKnight: by playing against multiple different players

MadKnight: who use different strategies

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: manually pick 30 different opponents by hand?

Neumann: eulerscheZahl: Even then it's pretty high for C#

Neumann: How much the typical perf ratio C#/C++ is ?

MadKnight: usually like 10-15 players in range of some rank

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I can do the manual work after iterating locally with 500 automatically generated versions of my own bot with different parameters

MadKnight: that's still the same strategy

MadKnight: it won't generate major differences

eulerscheZahl: used to be factor 2-3 when i converted my UTTT. but now we have release mode and .net core

Neumann: Oh, I though it was higher

eulerscheZahl: i would guess factor 1.5 maybe

MadKnight: but still a lot better than 1 opponent

eulerscheZahl: i mean 0.66 as you asked for C#/C++ not C++/C# :P

Neumann: I have 180/190k simulated moves (that means less nodes since a lot of them are duplicate)

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: just realized that in my repeatable cast implemation I always returned 0 times cast amount if it was repeatable lol

eulerscheZahl: my 60k is with duplicates too

eulerscheZahl: so you are higher than me for sure

eulerscheZahl: at least i have a bitboard this time

eulerscheZahl: felt like a must-have

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: Madknight, the same code with different parameters (branch factor, heuristic, etc.) can generate wildly different strategies. I am not saying I will iterate locally and then submit the best bot blindly.

I can still do the manual work later, just don't want to do it for every tiny idea I have.

Neumann: Uh ? For inventory ?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Neumann: I don't and don't feel like it's worth the saved memory

eulerscheZahl: it's about speed

MadKnight: yea it might be good enough pedrosorio, try it

eulerscheZahl: except if you have a lookup table for inventory transitions

eulerscheZahl: keeping it as an array and looping was slow for me

eulerscheZahl: and copying the array especially

Neumann: You managed to cast/brew in a single operation with bitboard ? How do you handle negative numbers ?

eulerscheZahl: 2's complement

MadKnight: or u could run it on GPU and get a ton of games running at the same time pedrosorio

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: :D

eulerscheZahl: i can cast/brew with a single add, yes. then an AND to remove overflows

Neumann: Hum, will look into that

Counterbalance: you can get far more sims than that

Counterbalance: i'm getting about 40k sims per ms

eulerscheZahl: but you don't use them to your advantage :D

eulerscheZahl: just trolling

Counterbalance: nope, that's the tricky part :)

MadKnight: what exactly are u simming Counterbalance ?

eulerscheZahl: i spent the whole morning refactoring and then it was slower

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

MadKnight: just the spell usage ?

Counterbalance: casting spells and rest

eulerscheZahl: and brewing

kovi: how many spells?

Counterbalance: yeah.. i collect the solutions for the brews

Counterbalance: 14 spells

eulerscheZahl: i don't understand the question

Counterbalance: I have no idea how you'd do a cast/brew with 1 add and 1 and though, that's pure magic

eulerscheZahl: i'll tell you after the contest, that's the only remotely clever thing in my bot :D

Counterbalance: okay :)

darkhorse64: if you have no carry, you can add four chars contained in an int

eulerscheZahl: but we still need a 5th, the total

**eulerscheZahl does that too

eulerscheZahl: and thanks to dreadylein i learned that C# has a PopCount now

Zenoscave: numerics eh?

Zenoscave: dreadylein reached out to you too ;)

eulerscheZahl: :D

Zenoscave: That's 1 of the 2 todos for today

eulerscheZahl: he loves speed tuning with managed code

CommanderCero: Furiosly writing down everything eulerscheZahl mentiones

eulerscheZahl: let me guess: he also told you about vector using AVX behind the scenes?

Zenoscave: ;)

Zenoscave: My biggest bug is switching between different outcomes turn to turn. my search isn't stable

eulerscheZahl: mine is when i set a fixed sim count

Zenoscave: interesting

Zenoscave: I'll have to try that

Zenoscave: but need the big sims first

eulerscheZahl: you are already above toad level, aren't you? :/

eulerscheZahl: i always struggle with these speed contests

Zenoscave: I was earlier.

Zenoscave: No lookup table yet

jacek: good afternoon

jacek: when silver

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: like 50 minutes to 2 hours

karliso: There is no brutaltester compatible referee on github?!

JRFerguson: hi all

JRFerguson: anyone has any good tips on how to debug memory access violation errors in c++ ?

JRFerguson: my bot is crushing randomly, aparently due to that

Counterbalance: run offline in valgrind or in an IDE

JRFerguson: when i test locally in visual studio it works just fine

JRFerguson: there must be some difference in memory handling between my local environment and CG

Counterbalance: you could compile with gcc -Wall which prints some warnings that VS does not

JRFerguson: will try that

JRFerguson: thx

JRFerguson: i'm getting this warning

JRFerguson: Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur

JRFerguson: i'm not sure what it means

Jdools05: basically your providing outputs before the game as provided all the inputs

Jdools05: it is not expecting your outputs so you may need to check all your input variables

JRFerguson: did the inputs changed ?

Counterbalance: hm yeah i'm getting crashes in the arena now - unknown spell

JRFerguson: maybe outputs to error console are considered for the warning ?

Counterbalance: maybe your bot crashed before reading all inputs

Jdools05: well there are a lot of inputs to handle. for each action you have: id, type, delta 0-3, price, tome_index, tax, castable, repeatable

Jdools05: and then inventory 0-3 and score for both you and your opponent

Jdools05: id just make sure you are receiving all those inputs before sending an output

Jdools05: @JRFerguson I hope that helped out your issue, otherwise I have no clue

Xmaster6: It's more likely to be performance issue, like if your bot is too slow the output at a given turn will be taken into account only at the next one and thus create dis-synchronization...

Bzn0r-Karloid: could someone confirm that:

Bzn0r-Karloid: could someone confirm that: swift locally on macos works 10 times faster than on codingame runtime? Did anyone have this kind of issues? or it works fine for everyone else? my local cpu 9700k, same strategy on kotlin shows kind of same performance both for local and codingame run

[K]Gabor: @JRFerguson has it stopped with a timeout? everytime my bot times out, it gives me that warning

mandersn: JRFerguson - Are you trying to do any debugging output? I've seen that error when I accidentally send my debug to STDOUT instead of STDERR.

eulerscheZahl: god dammit. 4 losses in that submit so far. all timeouts

Counterbalance: do you have a list of all spells in your bot, eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: why should i? CG is kind enough to give them to me

eulerscheZahl: that match had some outliners in the timing before

eulerscheZahl: and other 3 are just in the first turn

eulerscheZahl: seems fine offline

eulerscheZahl: *sends to CG IDE*

eulerscheZahl: and wins the game

JBence: same here euler

Westicles: How many spells did they add?

JBence: random timeouts

eulerscheZahl: i had 1 vs you JBence. you are the one who got sent in my IDE

Eclipse_Storm: When does Silver League open?

eulerscheZahl: take that, kill in 31 turns :P

ntroPi: Within the next hour

JBence: ouch

JBence: there's plenty of room to improve

VizGhar: holy shit euler take some sleep :D

eulerscheZahl: pb with a timeout too

JBence: so is it not our fault?

eulerscheZahl: unlikely

eulerscheZahl: yes, i did submit a new version with some changes. but that all of us break our bots at the same time?

JRFerguson: euler, you also timeouting in ide some times ?

pb4: New spells

mlomb: ETA till silver open?

eulerscheZahl: didn't test

pb4: I timeout if I don't recognize the spell

eulerscheZahl: oh

Remus_: New spells?

ntroPi: 1h

Icebox: what

pb4: As for "normal" timeouts, I get the 1% of games

Counterbalance: same here, they fixed 1 spell

Icebox: god damn it

JBence: I'm not getting timeouts in IDE with 45ms and getting them in arena with 30ms

Icebox: how many "fixes" are there gonna be

eulerscheZahl: i won't even ask why you hardcoded them. afk

Cappefra: what time is silver opening?

pb4: Couterbalance : only one ?

Majeck: 1 hour I think

pb4: Which one ? I'll just fix it by hand if it's only one

Counterbalance: I've asked on discord, waiting for an answer..

Michael_Howard: We need a dedicated "When does silver open" chat channel

Remus_: deck has not been changed, I wish they'd update that too...

Telokis: An error was reported regardin spell 69 on the forum, it may be that one

tempux: NICE

Csipcsirip: nice idd

Telokis: I don't remember the precise message but the main post states "potion 69 is wrong" under "Current bugs". It may have been fixed, idk

Counterbalance: they said that that one was okay. I'ts most likely the (-1, 0, -1, 1) that got changed to (-1, -1, 0, 1)

Cappefra: my goood I'm the noobest of all noobs. I was getting timeouts that seemed random af even after dropping the time limit for the main search down do 35 ms and then I saw I was checking for the timer to be == 35 instead of >= 35 :sweat_smile:

VizGhar: :D nice one

Cappefra: running fine with >=48 now :D

kovi: -1, 0, -1, 1

kovi: chat delay sorry

Cappefra: word kovi, word

Beresta: wait a second, so there are only 36 possible brews

ClockSort: Cappafra, >=48ms? What's your secret?

Beresta: each with predefined cost

Cappefra: @Clocksort I don't do almost anything after that algo, a couple quick decision checks that will never take more than 1 ms, then I print the output

Counterbalance: ok +2500 ranks with that spell fix so it seems to be the one

Remus_: maybe, but cost is calculated from the recipe so they could add some more

ClockSort: @cappefra what language?

Cappefra: C#

AbsentMoon: What method are you all using for choosing what potion to make? I am doing it by price, but I am wondering if it would be better to do it in terms of efficiency (rupees/steps)

Cappefra: @ClockSort going by our ranks doesn't seem like you have anything to learn from me though :)

ClockSort: sweet. i iterate over thousands of states afterwards so i'm stopping at 42ms

VizGhar: if you can make cheaper potion by 2 rupees but 1-2 moves sooner, you should pick the cheaper one (if you are looking only for a single brew)

Beresta: well it could lead you to losing game easily, if you are few points away from winning

daffie: finally found the secret sauce

NoobCod3: anybody wanna be friends?

NoobCod3: IM SO LONELY:(

cegprakash: when is silver opening

MattSOrme: sometime in the next hour?

NoobCod3: I have no friends :(

MattSOrme: Its manual. So whenever CG can pick a suitable boss

NoobCod3: :cry:

Stanworld: there is no friends,...only interfaces...

Hamyzo: How many usually go automatically up to the next league when it opens?

MattSOrme: I've heard as many as top 50%. But they've never had this many people in bronze before i dont think lol

Cappefra: @hamyzo usually like 30-40% of bronze but last contest was like 15% because of how crowded it was

Cappefra: this time it's also as crowded iirc

ClockSort: @cappefra how many states do you search in 48ms?

jrke: 200/1800 was in spring challenge silver opening

MattSOrme: we have over 3500 in bronze this time lol

Hamyzo: Hmm so many opinions, guess we'll know when it happens then

Cappefra: @ClockSort that is a really good question! Let me see

MattSOrme: Hopefully top 1200 ;)

VizGhar: Hmm if I know every single possible LEARN, BREW and CAST... I can simply make complete decision tree right? :D

jrke: ok everyone lets make a guesss how many will be automatically promoted to silver

Donotalo: top 50% won't advance to silver, right?

Remus_: 200

ClockSort: you can see my states if you look at my bot, it's simple bfs

Donotalo: top X% will advance, what's X?

MattSOrme: 200 is too aggressive. Bots at that level are too good for bronze

jrke: in think 12-18%

Remus_: DEFAULT would stay in Bronze right?

Telokis: Is the boss picked from one of the contestants? Or is it handcrafted by CG?

jrke: defaulr will be replaced by boss

MattSOrme: picked from contestants, and maybe tweaked

Westicles: I think I will be boss. Nice and deterministic, around 500

jrke: telokis one of contestants

Remus_: I hope it won't get much stronger then :D

Telokis: Thanks, that's an interesting way of doing it

DeWitt: hm, is the repeatability of the same potions always the same?

MattSOrme: yes. Only learned tomes with a cost are repeatable

jrke: why i made a resubmit :(

eulerscheZahl: why not?

Remus_: Will they change the bot's though? If bot from like 1000th place becomes the Boss, in a few days lot's of people will get past again if it stays the same

DeWitt: wdym by learned?

DeWitt: i mean, is the spell +2 0 0 0 always not repeatable?

MattSOrme: @Remus_ thats kinda the point?

Remus_: I don't think it is, but this is my first challenge so idk

eulerscheZahl: they'll just bot another boss above on wednesday

eulerscheZahl: and one more on friday

MattSOrme: bronze boss isn't meant to be gold boss lol. Can't just go straight to a top bot

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: well in bronze rules they say this is the final (no more rule unlocks)

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: so maybe "just go straight to a top bot" is possible

eulerscheZahl: just harder bosses

Q12: If my rank is 700 what is the chance I will be in silver? should I risk submit my new bot with the hope he will be better than my current bot?

reCurse: Fairly high but no one knows

Cappefra: I think 700 is a good chance of being promoted

Q12: ok thanks

Q12: I hope my rank will be enough for silver :slight_smile:

AbsentMoon: The game ends after 6 potions. If I were to speed brew 6 potions that are cheap, if my score is higher than my opponents score I would win. Would this be a viable strategy or would it barely ever work?

Cappefra: it doesn't matter anyways if you submit or not, if you revert to a bot that would have been promoted to silver directly, that bot will be able to beat the bronze boss

Remus_: It's not a problem if we don't get it now. At least we will know that to beat

Cappefra: @AbsentMoon it can be viable maybe after 3 or 4 good value potions, if you brew 5 very cheap ones just to be fast there's a good change your opponent will be able to brew 3 good value ones and still have you beat

AbsentMoon: I figured lol. I might try a variation of it later.

AbsentMoon: This is probably a silly question, but are the prices for each potion always the same (not including bonuses).

Remus_: yes

Default avatar.png BoBot: damn, this discussion made me realize you do not win just by getting to 6 potions faster - I thought speed vs rupees were 2 different strategies...

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: how to run this challenge offline?

daffie: rates are not necessarily the same if you factor in the number of turns spent on casting

Default avatar.png BoBot: @AbsentMoon all spells are listed here I think:

ayoubyt: 1337

NoobCod3: anybody wanna be my friend?

jrke: 1337?

eulerscheZahl: leet

Neteroo: 0k3y

Default avatar.png Myrky: Should I be proud that my solution got 100% or ashamed that is not optimal?

AntonCosmin: I wanna be your friend NoobCod3

Zenoscave: no silver yet? I thought it would be ready by now

linjoehan: I won't make it to silver yet anyway I'm just gonna stay down here maybe then the boss might be an easier one?

ErikBrendel: yeah I am also wondering when the silver league comes...

Cappefra: I hate this... I make a change that wins like 90% against my own submitted bot, I submit and I lose 450 positions

Cappefra: wtf

Beresta: thats overfitting to one specific opponent

Cappefra: yeah...

jrke: Cappefra randomness and winning against one doesn't mean a better bot

Cappefra: learning the hard lesson

Counterbalance: also the leaderboard gets more volatile further down.. if you have timeouts, it's basically impossible to tell anything

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: can you be demoted from league? Like from silver to bronze?

arkwaw: no

Remus_: yey

linjoehan: maybe that should be a thing though

DomiKo: here we go

tempux: PogChamp silver coming soon

Stanworld: :)

Icebox: jesus no linjoehan, imagine you submit a code with a typo that times out and doesn't compile just to drop a league

Icebox: I don't think you want that

Zenoscave: Yeah I'd be furious if I had to do gold to legend twice in UTTT

eulerscheZahl: bossyboss where are you?

Zenoscave: I got the silver soon notificatin

eulerscheZahl: 1.5k other bets?

ntroPi: But having the previous league bosses in the higher leagues would be fun as a comparison point.

Icebox: 1.2k

Zenoscave: 1.35k

ntroPi: 900

Zenoscave: I averaged

Michael_Howard: 228 (I'm at 229)

Samer: is it possible in a game to see a tome spell that's not in the deck??

Zenoscave: silver opening is never that restrictive

Zenoscave: Samer no the tome's are detirministic

RockyMullet: oh

RockyMullet: silver

CommanderCero: silver boys

DaNinja: ding

qsantos: 867

allahoAkbar: oh yeah

Beresta: 867

Icebox: 867

ClockSort: woot i'm in silver

struct: Nice no resubmit

Icebox: ntroPi wons

Nerchio: i made it

struct: so it saves server

RockyMullet: yeah, a couple will drift for sure

DomiKo: no resbmit?

DomiKo: nice save CG

Michael_Howard: :second_place:

Remus_: so about 800 was the cut

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: yippe I am in silver!

Nerchio: so who was 868 before resubmit = boss? :D

linjoehan: goodbye my friends I will see you there later I hope :tired_face:

ErikBrendel: "woot i'm in silver" - yes, feeling the same over here :D

Cappefra: fuuuuuuuck I was 750 before my shitty resubmit

_martynas: Is there anything new in silver league?

Michael_Howard: Wow only 867

RockyMullet: oh they made it so we dont resubmit, good idea tbh

DeWitt: Players gain 1 rupee for each tier-1 ingredient or higher in their inventory.

ntroPi: IceBox thx, yay. :-)

Zenoscave: _martynas no

Default avatar.png xSkyline: are there no actual game changes in Silver ?

linjoehan: DeWitt that's at the end of the game I think

Donotalo: 867 people in siler

RockyMullet: Michael_Howard it's pretty likely a lot of people will drift or pass with a resubmit, I'm getting it will climb to at less 1200 soon

DomiKo: in bronze there are final rules

DomiKo: no new rules in silver

RockyMullet: xSkyline no, just bigger boi league

Zenoscave: xSkyline the only thing that changes in silver is the opponent meta ;)

Default avatar.png DerthekNagra: when will gold come out? :D

Default avatar.png xSkyline: thanks guys

RockyMullet: 2 days from now

Icebox: in 2 days exactly DerthekNagra

pb4: Was the a recompute in Silver ?

Default avatar.png DerthekNagra: ty

struct: no pb4

pb4: was there*

Icebox: no pb4

Zenoscave: nope

Zenoscave: pb4

DeWitt: nope

pb4: Ok

Zenoscave: lol everyone all together now

RockyMullet: let those poor servers breath

Default avatar.png xSkyline: my first coding game, I'm 460ish

Icebox: chat gigga laggy for me Zenoscave

Remus_: VincentBab is the boss

Zenoscave: same

Zenoscave: Seriously remus? He was 6th yesterday

VincentBab: lool

Zenoscave: VincentBab what happened?

VincentBab: i dont know :/ i was in the top#10 and was not promoted directly lol

Zenoscave: ouch

MadKnight: VincentBab were u submitting ?

wlesavo: VincentBab probably was computing

MadKnight: was it not 100% ?

VincentBab: nope, last submit this morning

MadKnight: random bug

ntroPi: more coming in, almost at 1k now

MadKnight: hey Zenoscave how's your search ?

Zenoscave: Pretty good. slow but steady

Zenoscave: Hey MK

RockyMullet: already at 981, didnt take long

Default avatar.png DerthekNagra: is it possible to have a thread calculating stuff outside of the game loop here?

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: what's the point of the leagues if the rules remain the same?

RockyMullet: no

raymoo: in two more days

raymoo: oh I was scrolled up

RockyMullet: no multithreading

kovi: no recalc just warp?

Default avatar.png DerthekNagra: ty

spaceorc: Why list of available spells is changing in repo? When it will stabilize? I encode spell as index from that list!

Icebox: pedrosorio clear tracking of progress

RockyMullet: my guess would be that they already use their threads to run multiple games at the same time

Grudo: how doeas this new rule works? I don't see a difference

BrunoFelthes: @DerthekNagra you can use multi thread, but you have only one proecessor

RockyMullet: Grudo no new rules, just harder opponents

Icebox: just cause you remain 10th doesn't mean that your bot didn't improve pedrosorio, everyone is improving their bots so you might not feel like progressing. if you have a bot above you though, you can always clearly see if you're performing better or not because the bot doesn't improve

Grudo: RockyMullet "Players gain 1 rupee for each tier-1 ingredient or higher in their inventory."

Icebox: this was always the case Grudo

Zenoscave: Grudo that was already a rule

RockyMullet: thats not new

Grudo: oh so i missed it :F

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @icebox makes sense - how can you tell who is the boss in the bronze league?

RockyMullet: but to answer the question, at the end of the game, you get one point for all ingredients except the blue ones, in your inventory

Redstrike: @spaceorc thanks for pointing that out. I was really confused why I get errors now

RockyMullet: pedrosorio we can guess :P

Icebox: well the boss bot is the bot ranked at #1

RockyMullet: generally with what language, who was around that position, sometimes algos are easy to compare too

Icebox: because everyone above him get instantly promoted

dauom: I've seen in Bronze that "all rules unlocked", does that mean from that point onward nothing will change, only how strong your bot?

RockyMullet: dauom exactly

dauom: from that league onward*

dauom: Thanks

RockyMullet: so you dont have to deal with thousands of bots, crushing most of them

spaceorc: hm, not only tome spells, but delivery spells are also different!

RockyMullet: so you can tweak you bot to deal with better opponents

RockyMullet: also no as long to submit

Remus_: why does this happen to me lol

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: lol

RockyMullet: hum seems like my old replay is broken

Remus_: no possible actions left I think

RockyMullet: they must have changed something

reCurse: They changed (fixed) a spell

reCurse: Broke all old replays

reCurse: And a few bots

RockyMullet: kk makes sense

RockyMullet: what spell btw ?

RockyMullet: what was wrong with it

RockyMullet: kind of wanna know if it breaks my bot :P

Redstrike: from new Recipe(-1, 0, -1, 1) to new Recipe(-1, -1, 0, 1)

RockyMullet: oh they just tweaked the values

RockyMullet: tnx

jacek: w00t? im silver

RockyMullet: wow I never add rupees in my sim...

RockyMullet: I was wondering why my sim would always give me 0 rupee

AntiSquid: always feels strange to see recurze in chat but not on the LB, Automaton2000 how do you feel about it?

Automaton2000: but there are many ways to do so

jacek: LB?

eulerscheZahl: i have a badge now :D

jacek: AutomatonNN what is LB?

AutomatonNN: go there to make a general problem

jacek: thats only participation badge

jacek: nothing to brag about

RockyMullet: whats that project euler thing ?

reCurse: leaderboard I guess

eulerscheZahl: project euler = maths puzzles

AntiSquid: ^ yes

RockyMullet: well I dont have one :'(

reCurse: fwiw I was active in chat in previous contests I didn't participate in

reCurse: That's when it's the most interesting to be around so

AntiSquid: what do i need to do to get the participation badge

RockyMullet: I want to be "special" too

AntiSquid: as i said, it always feels strange, not just this time :P

eulerscheZahl: open your email client AntiSquid

reCurse: Ahh ok

eulerscheZahl: and poor reCurse has no badge now?

reCurse: That's um...

aCat: why this badge has nothing in common with the contest?

reCurse: eh, when you have nothing nice to say...

aCat: there is some other fall challenge this cat known nothing about?

RockyMullet: see what those badges are doing !?!?!?!

eulerscheZahl: the fall down the stairs challenge?

Astrobytes: there are only Spring and Fall challenges now I guess

AntiSquid: i find the badge is a bit huge, imagine having one for each contest

reCurse: Imagine having a badge for clicking a button

reCurse: Damnit

eulerscheZahl: or "certificates"

AntiSquid: i submitted a basic bot too !

jacek: or quests in quest map

RockyMullet: I guess I'm too dumb to click that button, still dont have it lol

AntiSquid: disqualified !

eulerscheZahl: didn't you get an email?

RockyMullet: yah

Q12: Why can't I put the image of the budget in my profile?

Astrobytes: You overspent :P

Astrobytes: (sorry)

MeSeet: what are the requirement to pass to the next league (I'm wood 1 but I do not go to the next one even tho I win more than 95% of my fights

Astrobytes: badge, not budget Q12 ;)

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: MeSeet you need to be above the boss of your league

Q12: my mistake :joy:

Astrobytes: :D

AntiSquid: i don't see the badge on my profile though

Q12: at least I got into silver, that the only thing I matter :grinning:

AntiSquid: and i clicked the bloody link

MeSeet: hum, for a while I was above (3 position, but also nothing, I have to stay there for a long time?

Q12: *that

RockyMullet: I guess euler is the only who participates

eulerscheZahl: just enter this to insert it q12


RockyMullet: Am I even real ?

Quidome: MeSeet, you have to be above the boss after total recompute

MeSeet: ahhhhh ok... I see :) I need to be patient and wait then. Thanks for info Quidome

RockyMullet: oh im specila now !!!

dbf: silver league was without resubmit?

eulerscheZahl: yes

dbf: cool

Q12: Thanks eulerscheZahl, it worked

RockyMullet: eulerscheZahl I though it was a new feature. You were trolling us lol

eulerscheZahl: ? i just inserted the image from the email they sent us

eulerscheZahl: no trolling intended

RockyMullet: yeah I just misunderstood

eulerscheZahl: that's a wide badge q12 :D

Q12: refresh the page :joy:

eulerscheZahl: better

SinOfWrath: First time I got auto promoted on league opening. Was worth being up until 2am over the weekend. :D

struct: Maybe thats what Im missing

AntiSquid: damn it still not there :/

eulerscheZahl: where?

AntiSquid: on my profile

Earthborne: Will taxCount >= tomeIndex if enough tax-ahead is paid?

reCurse: Very successful troll

eulerscheZahl: thanks :)

struct: Are the avatars in chat not loading for anyone else?

RockyMullet: my sim still not brewing a single potion lol

lowzhao: if you submit in silver will you go down to bronze?

struct: no

lowzhao: ok thanks!

sadakatsu: I tried implementing a simulation yesterday. It times out every time. Are there any general tips on how to search the move space quicker than BFS since that is apparently doomed to fail?

RockyMullet: well you gotta have a time check to stop before you time out

lowzhao: not really you should have got something able to brew before you fail.

**Astrobytes makes a mental note to never use a timer again

sadakatsu: I have not been able to figure out a distance heuristic to potions, so I haven't been able to figure out a way to estimate an action's value unless the search stumbles upon a brew action : /

RockyMullet: well you gotta stop so you can output something...

Earthborne: Why Astrobytes?

Astrobytes: Earthborne, see the comment(s) just before mine

Earthborne: Oh, heh, sry

Astrobytes: :)

raymoo: is there a reference for what compiler flags are used for a particular language

BrunoFelthes: run a ps - ef than you can see it

AntiSquid: lol thought i had to resub for the stupid badge, forgot i need to edit that shit -.-

Earthborne: I didn't really catch what's wrong with timer though

raymoo: thanks bruno

AntiSquid: then i'll add a better badge

Default avatar.png ProMikeSundays: do you have tips for getting to the solution faster

Eclipse_Storm: Oh no new rules in Silver?

Earthborne: Helped me search further without timing out (no matter the processing power I get)

sadakatsu: listening intently

Default avatar.png kreska: i dont see anything new

Astrobytes: was a joke Earthborne, the previous guy said "not really ... " after Rocky suggested the timer

Default avatar.png kreska: it should be in green right?

Earthborne: oh.. right

sadakatsu: The code repo and the E-mail that was sent out say that Bronze and up use the same rules.

RockyMullet: finally ! my sim outputing potions

RockyMullet: it still lose to my old bot, most likely because I dont handle multicast yet

eulerscheZahl: you learn a lot

lowzhao: how to compete with yourself?

tobk: somehow the Kotlin language assist is not consistent with the installed version of Kotlin itself...

eulerscheZahl: delete the default

eulerscheZahl: then add someone else

eulerscheZahl: tobk => forum or discord bugs channel

lowzhao: oh thank you for the tips!

raymoo: @BrunoFelthes this just gives me the flags for the running program, am I doing this right?

raymoo: I am trying to get the compiler flags

eulerscheZahl: and give a minimum example where it's wrong maybe

Default avatar.png kreska: RockyMullet how do you do it? is there a way to play on site with different versions of your own bot?

RockyMullet: you can play against your submitted bot

RockyMullet: on the bottom there's "IDE CODE" then another player

RockyMullet: press delete on the other player

RockyMullet: then the +

RockyMullet: you can pick yourself "arena code"

Default avatar.png kreska: RockyMullet and when i delete default bot will i be able to pick it again?

RockyMullet: yes

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: yes

RockyMullet: you can after rpess on a + sign and you'll have a picker with all available bots

raymoo: Anyone else have any suggestions on how I might know what flags are given to the compiler

RockyMullet: I'd say the forum is your best bet raymoo

raymoo: ok, thanks


Default avatar.png kreska: RockyMullet thanks for info i appreciate it!

jacek: so for bronze bot they chose 1000nd player?

jacek: boss*

sadakatsu: I removed learning from my bot's options, and the sims are fast enough now orz

sadakatsu: I don't win, but I can compete.

CodingCarter: What bot game are you playing @sadakatsu ?

sadakatsu: The Fall Challenge 2020.


sadakatsu: LEARN is an action. I dropped that from the choices I search, and now my bot finds a path to a potion within 50 ms.

CodingCarter: Thanks for the link astro and thanks for ref sadakatsu

Astrobytes: np :+1:

sadakatsu: Is the same seed being used across these battles? My replays are showing the same matches repeatedly when I replay opponents.

struct: if you press replay in same conditions it will repeat the same seed

sadakatsu: I clicked "Test in Arena". I'm seeing identical matches over and over.

struct: press options

struct: and check if seed is not manual

eulerscheZahl: he's talking about the lat battles viewer

Grudo: these are replays

eulerscheZahl: showing the same few while not showing others

eulerscheZahl: i know that, annoys me too every time

struct: seeds are repeating on battles that often?

sadakatsu: No, what I mean is, if I play multiple games against opponent A, it's the same game every time.

Grudo: for me it's not the same

struct: sorry, I missunderstood

eulerscheZahl: just a bad selection of which battles of your last submit to randomly show

Default avatar.png meh1001: I noticed it would get out of sync somehow and repeat like that if you mess with the viewing controls

sadakatsu: Ah, I thought it iterated through all of them.

Default avatar.png meh1001: like if you make it show one of the earlier battles I coulnd't figure out how to make it start again with the current ones

Default avatar.png goolmoos: I put an debug print saying "lol" when a certain something that I expected now to happen, happens. Now I realize it activates exactly when my opponent gets himself stuck at the end of game(Eg inventory 0,0,0,9). So it appears that I accidently programed my bot to laugh at the other bot if he is stuck at the end of the game.

Default avatar.png goolmoos: *expect not to happen

AntiSquid: there, 2 badges for same contest, well deserved

sadakatsu: @goolmoos That is awesome and awful at the same time.

raymoo: I've noticed that the final score display often adds a few points to one or both players compared to the rupee display in-game, is this one of the visual glitches people talk about?

sadakatsu: No, that's part of the rules.

raymoo: or is there some kind of bonus applied at the end that I missed

Default avatar.png goolmoos: @raymoo it is not

sadakatsu: Tier 2 and up ingredients are worth 1 point each.

Default avatar.png goolmoos: you get one point for each ingredient (apart from tier0)

raymoo: oh, I see

raymoo: thank you

lowzhao: Can I assume spell's action id is different from brew's action id?

sadakatsu: (look at this bottom-of-bronze guy acting like he knows anything XD)

Default avatar.png goolmoos: @lowzhao yes. id is unique

lowzhao: @goolmoos

lowzhao: thanks!

adouz: can anyone tell me a way to count the moves of casting to brew a potion?any idea plz?

sadakatsu: I'm using what is effectively a BFS right now ^_^;

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: do a DFS traversal

adouz: i have never used bfs or dfs but I will try

sadakatsu: Breadth-First Search and Depth-First Search are graph traversal algorithms.

sadakatsu: The first iterates over the vertices using a queue, the other using a stack.

Default avatar.png kreska: adouz when you do a bfs then mantain parent array of every node and when algo finds an answer traverse back the parent array and count the moves this way

AntiSquid: it's too hard, best to give up before you start

Q12: wow, I made it from 650 to 326 with my new bot!!!! :grinning:

adouz: ok thanks guys

Default avatar.png kreska: wow good job

AntiSquid: :clap::clap_tone1::clap_tone2::clap_tone3::clap_tone4::clap_tone5:

Default avatar.png kreska: so your new bot is two time better

adouz: AntiSquid i will try anyway cuz am learnnig

AntiSquid: was a joke

adouz: ok

phord: Nice job, Q12!

AntiSquid: you're not supposed to give up, the site moto is: No sleep till Legend

sadakatsu: Yeah, that came across pretty meanly : /

Q12: > kreska I wouldn't say it you:sweat_smile:

Q12: Thank you :smiley:

NinjaDoggy: no sleep till legend indeed :)

NinjaDoggy: after you hit legend it's no sleep till top 20 :)

sadakatsu: I don't think I've ever done better than Silver : /

Q12: this is the moto NinjaDoggy

AntiSquid: it's also custom to ask the others "Hey <insert_name>, when 1st?"

Cristinel: who is better? Kotake or Koume?

jacek: yes

struct: who are those?

tomatoes: witches

Cristinel: those 2 witches

AntiSquid: oh god, thought you were talking about some anime characters .

v1993: Twinrova is

Scarfield: which witch is which?

Astrobytes: Zelda, Ocarina of Time etc etc

jacek: celestia or luna?

jacek: i think i have some idea for next contest

RockyMullet: art is better than pretty much all the previous contest imo

jacek: did they pay $$$ for license?

Astrobytes: yeah, it's visually brilliant

Cristinel: I wonder how the soup tastes at the end after 6 brews


jacek: that reminds me of some bartender game

jacek: when you mix drinks and give to customers

tomatoes: valhalla

jacek: something older

jacek: from 90s or early 00s

NoobCod3: I want somebody to be my friends because I have none :(

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: I am sure if you ask another 100 times it will work

AntiSquid: no, just 99 times, since you already asked once

Cristinel: Does anybody here also have a day job?

Astrobytes: Ofc

casmith789: ofc lol

NoobCod3: Can somebody be my friend(s)?

Edrevan: Most people here are not students

AntiSquid: i think this is the worst time to ask this when most people work from hom lol Cristinel

Cristinel: how do you make time for both

AntiSquid: also some have holiday

Xenoid: 8 hrs work, 12 hrs contest, 4 hrs sleep

AntiSquid: also maybe some work night shift

Xenoid: or something

Edrevan: Cristinel look for the "useful resources" page for codingame contests. On it you'll find Bob's excellent article about reaching legends in less than 10 hours of code

Edrevan: TL;DR : it's about being smart and efficient (which is harder said than done...)

Edrevan: easier*

Cristinel: I wanted to take a some days off for enjoing the contest

dbf: wise decision!

AntiSquid: Edrevan imo times changed since the and competition gets harder each time :P

NoobCod3: im eating a salad

NoobCod3: lol

Skynse: yummy

NoobCod3: I know I also have ranch

Skynse: I haven't had a salad in such a long time

Edrevan: True ! It could be interesting to have a "time efficiency" survey or something. Ask everyone how much time they spent on the contest, compare to their rating

NoobCod3: @Skynse since how long?

Skynse: like 2 years

Skynse: could be less

NoobCod3: dayum

Cristinel: I always do Bob's approach, I never got in Legend yet

NoobCod3: you should get one lol

Skynse: I eat healthy foods and all, I just haven't had a salad

Skynse: mmmm, that crunch

Cappefra: how does the AI work btw? does it get better with time until the opening of the next league?

Edrevan: TBH this contest and the previous one weren't a good match for it

NoobCod3: thats good that you eat healthy foods

NoobCod3: there's also chicken in there

NoobCod3: coding has made my typing speed much faster

Skynse: Yeah I eat meat to :stuck_out_tongue:

Skynse: wrong emoji

NoobCod3: :thumbsup:

Edrevan: Cappefra when the boss is not available they just put the "Default" one, whichever league it is.

Cristinel: Cappefra what bot?

AntiSquid: were you here during ocean of code ? Edrevan

NoobCod3: @Skynse wanna be friends?

Skynse: sure

NoobCod3: ok

Jdools05: Hey world, my code doesnt save when I leave the page for the fall challenge, any idea why?

NoobCod3: I finally have a friend

Cristinel: NoobCod3, I'm also available

NoobCod3: I don't @Jdools05

NoobCod3: absolutely no idea

NoobCod3: @Cristinel wanna be friends?

Cristinel: sure

Edrevan: AntiSquid yeah, didn't have much luck with it ^^ Never could get my triangulation code to work, and I suck at "longest paths" type problems

NoobCod3: :)

jacek: Jdools05 you have to run code at least once

NoobCod3: true

Edrevan: but it was really fun

AntiSquid: Jdools05 not sure what you mean but you could just click this :

AntiSquid: it takes you to home page :P

NoobCod3: IoI

winston444: hello noobs

NoobCod3: hello

NoobCod3: and I am a noob

NoobCod3: its the truth

winston444: hhh me too

NoobCod3: oh

Skynse: I've been programming for a while

NoobCod3: i thought you were a pro

Skynse: It becomes easier over time

winston444: nice

NoobCod3: @Skynse can you teach me python?

Skynse: I used to think I sucked at python....until I started making stuff

jacek: good you didnt suck pythons :v

NoobCod3: im just learning python I need somebody to teach me

AntiSquid: wtf man, jacek

NoobCod3: oof

AntiSquid: gross

NoobCod3: brb

AntiSquid: off

winston444: im pro in algorithme :blush:

NoobCod3: noice

struct: :hammer:

Cristinel: NoobCod3 did you enter this Fall contest?

NoobCod3: yea

Skynse: A lot of people always ask other people to teach them how to program, here's what I did. I learned the syntax of the language, then I did research on basic data structures and programming logic (if statements, else statements etc). After a while, I decided to learn object oriented programming and classes (that helped a lot). My first actual program was a quadratic equation solver

NoobCod3: but i suck at coding

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: yo

Skynse: Start making stuff

NoobCod3: that's why I need somebody to teach me python

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: how life

NoobCod3: and I don't know python that much

Skynse: Start with the basics by learning functions

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: no

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: he is wrong

AntiSquid: no hammer please struct

NoobCod3: -_-

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: lol

NoobCod3: im tired

Cristinel: do you know other programing language or programing expirience?

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: help

winston444: you can learn on youtube

NoobCod3: JAva

NoobCod3: Java

Skynse: C, C++ and Java, but C is a brain twister

NoobCod3: I know this code for Java

Skynse: I prefer to use C++ for anything that doesn't work super closely with hardware (drivers etc)

NoobCod3: system.out.print("Hello Java") Its bad tho

AntiSquid: did you know your submit finished faster when you type in chat ?

AntiSquid: finishes *

Skynse: what submission?

NoobCod3: yea what submission

NoobCod3: i might stream on twitch for CodinGame

Cristinel: NoobCod3 where did you get stuck ?

NoobCod3: LOL but I suck at coding

NoobCod3: @Cristinel what?

AntiSquid: hard audience

Cristinel: you said you need help with python

jacek: thats what she said

NoobCod3: HOW DARE YOU Just kidding

NoobCod3: hahahahhahahahahhaha

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: AntiSquid, euler already did the troll of the day.

Cristinel: NoobCod3 about page:

Cristinel: About


Cristinel: :))

NoobCod3: @everybody if any of you wanna watch my stream on twitch (even if i do it) search monsterlovegames

NoobCod3: @Cristinel I do need help with coding

NoobCod3: python

AntiSquid: ok, but i am here to chat @_@ if i may LordSkaven

NoobCod3: I'm home alone:grimacing:

NoobCod3: JK

Default avatar.png nvergnac: Anyone knows how i can switch league in the challenge ? I've met the requirements to get to the next league but it doesnt seems to work

NoobCod3: nobody's talking :(

Cristinel: just wait a bit

NoobCod3: Im looking at your profile @Cristinel

AntiSquid: i don't have permission to, NoobCod3

Cristinel: nice

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: Hi

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: I like your cut g

NoobCod3: @AntiSquid don't have permission to what?

NoobCod3: '_'

MoMaT: nvergnac, you need to wait for all the battles to finish. and *then* be higher than boss.

Default avatar.png nvergnac: oh ok so it takes almost an hour

NoobCod3: do any of you have discord?

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: hi

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: hi

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: you guys at school

Default avatar.png nvergnac: @Momat, thanks

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: yes or no

NoobCod3: yes

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: what school

NoobCod3: umm

NoobCod3: bilingual

NoobCod3: schoo

NoobCod3: l

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: where is that

AntiSquid: school of life

NoobCod3: BW

NoobCod3: I wonder if there is any coding schools because if there is than I would want to go to one

MoMaT: yeah in bronze, with this many people, the battles will be slow. but you will get there eventually :)

NoobCod3: LOL]

NoobCod3: uno dos tres cuatro tacos

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: si

struct: Try again

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: si

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: yes

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: yes

NoobCod3: don't forget the rice and beans on the plato

struct: ok, stop flooding chat

NoobCod3: boy you don't know spanish

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: f

AntiSquid: Glitch-_- dude .

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: f

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: f

AntiSquid: press F to pay respect ?

NoobCod3: Guys Ima stream in a bit follow me on twitch: monsterlovegames

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: ok

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: what do you stream

NoobCod3: typing

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: bru

NoobCod3: and coding sometimes

NoobCod3: just my hands

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: nahh I am not watching you

NoobCod3: like the keyboard

NoobCod3: your bully

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: no

Default avatar.png Glitch-_-: I am not

AntiSquid: bullies don't have an avatar so ...

NoobCod3: true @AntiSquid

MoMaT: AntiSquid, what are your thought about this contest?

AntiSquid: any particular aspect you want me to talk about?

MoMaT: You have some experience in making one with the MOBA-like one, which was very original.

MoMaT: Does it ignite you with joy?

MoMaT: I mean, is it doll, or run of a mill, nothing special, another optimisation fest...

MoMaT: *cool

NoobCod3: he's not answering

NoobCod3: guys what's the time zone for you

AntiSquid: i don't like the graphics, apart from that i like that it's unique, def optimization fest later on (imo), i don't have time for it

struct: I think the game is good

phord: PST here

struct: But I'm bad at it

NoobCod3: what time

AntiSquid: how do you feel about it momat ?

MoMaT: The witches look great, I give you that. The visualisation of moves not so much. You can't step through and see deliveries for example.

AntiSquid: not sure why my experience for the contest creation matters though, this one is clearly better advertised :P

AntiSquid: most popular contest so far 5k before half the contest .

MoMaT: For me there is almost nothing to mess with in your opponents play. No sneaky "place the mines at the baseline" thing...

NoobCod3: mine is 12:21

MoMaT: I meant that as a maker of one, you faced the problem of balancing different aspects of the contest.

AntiSquid: you can try to deny useful spells for the opponent no?

eulerscheZahl: " def optimization fest later on (imo)" we are already into the CPU masterrace

AntiSquid: and then you can try to steal brews (bit difficult)

sadakatsu: Well! My dropping of LEARN as an option bumped me up more than 1200 places in Bronze.

MoMaT: Which I'm not sure this one is doing so well...

AntiSquid: i mean to progress to next league euler

AntiSquid: i have 3 ifs and 10 commented lines of ruby code, so ...

NoobCod3: I'm watching TV and chatting LOL

eulerscheZahl: legend in python? i laugh at you

Icebox: come at me

Icebox: I'll clap u

NoobCod3: OOf

Icebox: noone talks smack about python and gets away with it

NoobCod3: I guess that's true

Icebox: except maybe this contest cause my C++ code does in 4ms what my python code did in 800ms

Icebox: :eyes:

sadakatsu: There's no smack about Python that Python does not make self-evident ; )

AntiSquid: there's not much to balance here MoMaT

MoMaT: I don't think you can really mess with spells so much, it's too costly. If it was turn-based, and the spell goes to one player only, that would be different.

NoobCod3: don't make the argument (even if it is) violent

AntiSquid: not sure how much this matches the original board game they ported

AntiSquid: people try to steal 0 cost spells MoMaT

MoMaT: It's the same, just simultanous turns.

wlesavo: get in legend -> submit in python -> easy first language

Cristinel: how Catan board game will work as a future contest?

Icebox: wlesavo shhhh

AntiSquid: there are 7 D users eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: i want 7k users

MoMaT: when I say balance, I meant the algorithmic efficiency vs. the strategic depth.

wlesavo: but im facinated by this guys in top30 with python

AntiSquid: just algo . optimize the search . that's all i can see MoMaT

MoMaT: most fun contests are those in which people come up with different ideas and you need to counter them in your play.


eulerscheZahl: someone edited the CG wikipage today

MichaelPu: wlesavo, your'e gonna have a tough fight for first in python :)

eulerscheZahl: but didn't add typescript

NoobCod3: join the CLASH OF CODE RN

AbundantPuddle: You didn't aske me to Euler. xp

eulerscheZahl: :D

NoobCod3: I joined

Uljahn: MichaelPu: waiting for your postmortem

kovi: nice submit euler

MichaelPu: :) ty

RockyMullet: nice gj

RockyMullet: showing those C++ scrubs the power of C#

MoMaT: AntiSquid, there is one difference with the board game. universal upgrade spells. any items could be levelled up.

MoMaT: here it's always specific input and output.

wlesavo: MichaelPu nah im not sure ill even get in legend, this plan wont work for me :smiley: but yeah, i hope there will be pms from top pythons

eulerscheZahl: partial opponent analysis now :)

AntiSquid: would those upgrades make this game more like code 4 life?

struct: show mercy euler

eulerscheZahl: pb still the best (crashing on 1 spell)

NoobCod3: I did the CLASH OF CODe

wlesavo: oh, pb have a broken bot in arena?

MoMaT: I haven't played C4L, but it's perhaps easier to have it generic, when played with a human brain :)

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: Top 300, yeah boy

wlesavo: some how it always crashes when i try to play him

eulerscheZahl: yes, a referee update makes him lose some games

Soulee: Hello! what I have to do when OPPONENT_CAST ?

wlesavo: oh i see


AntiSquid: nothing Soulee

AbundantPuddle: TypeScript was added to the Wiki page. I hope this pleases the almighty Euler.

eulerscheZahl: blue+green=yellow makes him crash

RockyMullet: Soulee it's only to tell you what spell the enemy learned, in case you wanna do some prediction

Default avatar.png lNitsua: my first thought when I saw opponent_cast was that you could cast spells on your opponent

Cristinel: same here

Default avatar.png lNitsua: would be a neat, but very difficult addition

Default avatar.png rwilson: they're more interesting in terms of figuring out what you opponent COULD do ( i.e. their shortest spell path to a set of resources is 3 turns, but yours is 2, then you can beat them to brewing that potion )

Soulee: Thnx!

Soulee: so I print wait?


RockyMullet: NinjaDoggy do it

CommanderCero: DESTROY THEM

zahariaca: F

Default avatar.png HackingHues: any difference between bronze and silver... or do I have to read lol

Illedan: NinjaDoggy, you can't get top 10 with that 1 lose failure :P

NinjaDoggy: ;(

NinjaDoggy: i got blocked

NinjaDoggy: down to resubmit

eulerscheZahl: what's that ille?

CommanderCero: resubmit until you get top 10

AntiSquid: HackingHues your opponents are now harder

Default avatar.png rwilson: HackingHues - bronze description claims "All the rules are now unlocked!"

NinjaDoggy: opponent sim is next on the board i guess

Default avatar.png HackingHues: thx :)

MoMaT: hmmm... lNitsua, I like this idea. casting a "messing spell", for some high cost would be nice...

wlesavo: euler did referee update conserned only spells?

eulerscheZahl: and viewer, warning messages

wlesavo: oh i see thx

MoMaT: wlesavo, there are now proper commits in GH repo, so you can track it there directly

eulerscheZahl: the first update was an amend, not sure why

eulerscheZahl: maybe to hide the boss code?

MoMaT: like that would make any difference :) look at the numbers in bronze...

eulerscheZahl: i think bob submitted the default AI (not sure)

eulerscheZahl: ranks in bottom silver

NinjaDoggy: ok nvm, top 10 isn't happening yet :(

eulerscheZahl: at least he was first early in the contest. and same language as the boss

eulerscheZahl: fix it ninja

AntiSquid: i would have used it to skip wood . so i can start with full rules

AntiSquid: done a quick and dirty python instead :P

eulerscheZahl: oh, nice

NinjaDoggy: he's back at the top!

AntiSquid: you can add more 1s with a crash submit

eulerscheZahl: :D

wlesavo: 1111/1111

eulerscheZahl: still almost a week to go. i need holidays after this

mojojojo: what changes if you move from bronze to silver?

eulerscheZahl: the color

PatrickMcGinnisII: alot of processing on the leaderboard

AntiSquid: opponents have +1 stamina and charisma

mojojojo: okay

mojojojo: i believe antisquid

wlesavo: more games to lose in a submit also

AntiSquid: bronze last rule change MojoJojo

mojojojo: what rule

Barimehdi77: is the spells id always fix (78,79,80,81)?

mojojojo: so apart from the trolling, only difference is your bot only starts from the bottom of your league after a submit?