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ClockSort: yeah in C# I went with "Agent" instead. Much better.

Default avatar.png EladYaniv01: how do i identify which player am i ? in python

Default avatar.png EladYaniv01: i notice my bot works only when i am to the left

Zenoscave: you're always player 0 for the input

Default avatar.png EladYaniv01: no i am not, not in the arena ...

Zenoscave: it may not look like it but the input always gives your info first

Default avatar.png EladYaniv01: okay, thanks

Bobbadillio: You might be player 0, but the action_ids change depending on whether you're the first or second player (your info IS first though)

Bobbadillio: that messed me up once :D

Zenoscave: Next 2 lines: 5 integers to describe each player, your data is always fi

Zenoscave: first*

Default avatar.png EladYaniv01: ohhh

Default avatar.png EladYaniv01: the action_id's

Bobbadillio: I just hard coded "oh, my cast for 2 blue is always 82!" and it turns out that's not real

Default avatar.png EladYaniv01: are the problem yeah

Default avatar.png EladYaniv01: yeah

Default avatar.png EladYaniv01: same

Default avatar.png EladYaniv01: :S

Zenoscave: Your's always say CAST

Zenoscave: opp says OPPONENT_CAST

Bobbadillio: SO, the initial action IDs ARE always 78-81 and then 82-85, and you can find out which is which like Zeno said

Bobbadillio: This is ALSO part of what makes my current bot hacky

Zenoscave: The game is completely symmetric. It doesn't matter which bot is on which side

Zenoscave: just only cast id's whose action types are CAST

Default avatar.png EladYaniv01: it does if i hard corded a spell book before hand

morning_cloud: EladYaniv01 you can identify your player by action_type in the input

Default avatar.png EladYaniv01: based on training only to the left

Zenoscave: Then hard code the deltas, not the ids

Default avatar.png EladYaniv01: CAST ##

Zenoscave: I give up

Bobbadillio: On what

Zenoscave: helping

Bobbadillio: :thumbsup:

JinxDaCat: Anybody else periodically have muscle-memory kick in and after making some changes hit Ctrl+S to save? lol.

Bobbadillio: All the time :)

Default avatar.png EX53: for anyone else is it saying you run out of time but its in the middle of the action count loop

Default avatar.png EX53: ive been trying to fix this for hours idk what to do

Bobbadillio: That doesn't happen to me, no. Did you modify it in any way from the initially given code?

Default avatar.png EX53: ya but like i make an object and put it in an arraylist

Default avatar.png EX53: but that shouldnt take 50 ms

Default avatar.png EX53: and ive seen other streamers do the same thing and it works fin for them

Default avatar.png EX53: i think its a bug or something is there someone i can ask for help?

Default avatar.png EX53: this is the only reason i havent moved up

Bobbadillio: I don't think there's any good place to ask, no

Default avatar.png EX53: ah that sucks

Default avatar.png EX53: its in java

Default avatar.png EX53: ive seen another streamer do the same thing in java tho

Default avatar.png EX53: so idk what the problem is

Maliamnon: EX53 - are you writing a ton to the console?

Default avatar.png EX53: no

Bobbadillio: It might not be advisable, but I tend to write to console a lot when I get stuck to make sure I'm not going crazy, and my loops aren't spinning infinitely and stuff like that

Default avatar.png EX53: ok ill try that

Default avatar.png EX53: i mean its the loop that they give you

Default avatar.png EX53: but ill try anyway

ImagineLosing: why does my game for fall challenge only have 19 rounds and not 100?

ImagineLosing: when i play my code

Default avatar.png EX53: becuase the game ends on certain perameters as well

Default avatar.png EX53: like its maximum 100 rounds

VizGhar: 19 is too soon, you probably timed out, or provided incorrect output

Default avatar.png EX53: but in the first division it ends when a witch makes 2 potions

ImagineLosing: im in wood 1 league

VizGhar: well you need 3 potions there i believe?

ImagineLosing: yes

Default avatar.png EX53: ya then its when someone makes 3 potions

Default avatar.png EX53: ya then the game ends

Default avatar.png EX53: thats why

ImagineLosing: k thx

Xenoid: Zenoscave, noooo, you passed me

Xenoid: I am never gonna get a t-shirt

Zenoscave: Isn't t-shirts top 20?

Xenoid: yeah

Zenoscave: We're both in contention

Xenoid: I'm out of ideas for my bot though

Xenoid: unless I change the approach

Xenoid: I won't make top 20 overall

Zenoscave: I've got a few major ones left

Xenoid: nice

Zenoscave: Hopefully at least one pans out

Xenoid: yeah, would be cool

Xenoid: seems to get harder and harder to find optimizations further up the list though, haha

**PatrickMcGinnisII Burps

Zenoscave: I haven't optimized yet

Zenoscave: That's one of the ideas

Xenoid: cool, seems like you are in good shape. Hopefully that will bump you a few more slots at least

Zenoscave: hopefully

Default avatar.png totorroto: when you get promoted?

Default avatar.png totorroto: or how?

Zenoscave: When you have a higher rank than the boss. If you're in bronze then the boss isn't chosen until tuesday

Default avatar.png totorroto: i'm higher than the boss and i didnt get promoted

Zenoscave: Is the submission finished?

Default avatar.png totorroto: maybe i have to wait a little bit or how it works

Default avatar.png totorroto: aaa okey i have to let the battle finish, thanks

Zenoscave: yup

Default avatar.png totorroto: thanks bro

Default avatar.png totorroto: and how i sent the game parameters to my IDE

Default avatar.png totorroto: how thats worrks

useAllTheThings: My strategy is to just sit here and wait for everyone else to submit worse code than they had already

useAllTheThings: So far it's working not too bad

Default avatar.png Jayantpro: in coders strike back... Can anyone help me a bit in bronze league?

eulerscheZahl: wow, zeno at #3 :o

Zenoscave: It's dumb luck tbh

ImagineLosing: what does this warning mean?:Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur.

Default avatar.png meh1001: you have an extra print somewhere, probably at the end

Zenoscave: you probably timeout

PatrickMcGinnisII: ^ what zeno said

ImagineLosing: oh k

Zenoscave: the error message is misleading. usually caused by not printing soon enough

Zenoscave: It's nearly midnight here. Night all

useAllTheThings: night

eulerscheZahl: was it luck yesterday or did i break it? :(

Default avatar.png abmyii: Is it considered cheating to use a StackOverflow answer in a Code Clash, and if so, how do you flag it?

Default avatar.png abmyii: And to what extent is searching and copying code allowed?

aCat: morning ;]

Atomic_coder: its afternoon for me

aCat: ouch ;p

aCat: so it will be more suited for you for the contest end ;p


aCat: sorry wrong chat

Default avatar.png DerthekNagra: Has some1 considered MCTS for simulating in the fall challenge?

Default avatar.png DerthekNagra: or will it be too expensive to find a "winner"

eulerscheZahl: while you can do MCTS to optimize for yourself, it mostly shines in 1vs1 and when there is no obvious eval function

eulerscheZahl: so i don't think MCTS will be a good fit here

Default avatar.png DerthekNagra: Im very new to simulating so Im finding difficult to start

aCat: euler - a question

aCat: can you do BFS without state copying?

aCat: I mean if you have only apply / reverse action

yhyoxx: please speak english

eulerscheZahl: not in a reasonable way

aCat: :/

aCat: that i was afraid of

aCat: damn

eulerscheZahl: i spam new objects :/

aCat: i got engines suited for reversing

yhyoxx: does the enemy bot change everytime i play my code or only when i submit ?

aCat: I can switch to have a state as a single int array

Csipcsirip: how many state.apply(action) u have euler in a round ?

aCat: but damn

eulerscheZahl: Csipcsirip i print that

eulerscheZahl: 20k at best :(

eulerscheZahl: check what rafbill writes

aCat: but you exclude some less promising actions or check for permutations?

eulerscheZahl: i hash my states so i know when different sequences give the same outcome

eulerscheZahl: but sure, pruning is needed if you want to reach a certain depth

Csipcsirip: ye 20k doenst sound much

eulerscheZahl: i'm a noob at speed optimizing

PatrickMcGinnisII: 20k holy crap. I'm under 1k at the moment, *sigh* ... but it's not due to timeout, ha\

eulerscheZahl: blaster mentioned 150k and room for improvements

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm trying to figure out at what point i should deefault to learn

PatrickMcGinnisII: I so badly don't wanna put learn in the search

eulerscheZahl: when you need the tier0 tax

eulerscheZahl: why not?

yhyoxx: hmmmm

Csipcsirip: I gave up smart learning algo when I saw what psycho is doing

eulerscheZahl: what is that?

eulerscheZahl: learn first X?

Csipcsirip: learn first for 8 rpounds

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: still the first weekend

aCat: yeah...

aCat: and i still don't have engine written down :(

Csipcsirip: is it me btw or the submits are rly slow now ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: some learns don't accelerate brews, unless you are doing a prevent strat

aCat: you got 3k people in league

eulerscheZahl: submit is slow... 30 matches, all wins. still around rank 50 with 31% done

eulerscheZahl: i want silver

aCat: 121 people computing

Csipcsirip: ye but yesterday it was much faster with like 2.8k ppl. and its still early in hte morning

eulerscheZahl: and no CSB horror either

JamesOnnen: why is it slow?

eulerscheZahl: maybe CG didn't want to rent that many servers?

PatrickMcGinnisII: servers LOL, hehehehahahaha

eulerscheZahl: AWS or Azure, there are contradicting statements about it

**PatrickMcGinnisII pokes JamesOnnen

**eulerscheZahl slaps PatrickMcGinnisII around a bit with a large fishbot

PatrickMcGinnisII: his profile says MS... gotta poke him

JamesOnnen: hi

JamesOnnen: I have been poked

**PatrickMcGinnisII gets slapped by automaton

ZoltanSimon: Hi everyone

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: hi

KnightMoves: I would like to fight some battles, please

yhyoxx: same

DaNinja: battles are very slow now, it was much faster a couple of hours ago

eulerscheZahl: we know :(

eulerscheZahl: 172 computing. not even that many

eulerscheZahl: oh, pb4 is coming

Cuken: I can't seem to find my friend to use as an agent in the bronze league. Am I missing something?

eulerscheZahl: you can only add players from top1000

Cuken: TY

eulerscheZahl: tell your friend to improve ;)

FahrendraKhoirul: skuy

eulerscheZahl: we officially exceeded the player count from the previous contest

DaNinja: cool

yhyoxx: nice

yhyoxx: please try to exceed number of servers

eulerscheZahl: staff appears offline on discord and i don't want to ping them on sunday. who feels brave enough?

jrke: let the staff rest for now

yhyoxx: ill wait

eulerscheZahl: did you increase your simcount yet jrke?

jrke: currently fixing bugs

spaceorc: Really strange timeouts... I'm printing time taken to stdErr and immediately after that printing command to stdOut. Time is measured from the moment i read the last state line. I see time=43 and TIMEOUT!

dacr: yes for MCTS but partially at that time, simulation ~500 in 50ms not sure it will give good results...

DaNinja: might be crashing at the top of the next loop spaceorc

spaceorc: Nothing about it. If it will be so, the command should return and should be timeout AFTER that

spaceorc: Console.Error.WriteLine($"time: {stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds}"); Console.WriteLine(cmd);

spaceorc: there is nothing between this lines

Donotalo: time for cg server to scale up horizontally

spaceorc: I will try to measure time from the moment i get the first input line, not the whole input

Csipcsirip: can some1 explain the enresult of this game ?


Loran: gah nothing like intermittent errors to make debugging fun

eulerscheZahl: you have 1 green Csipcsirip

eulerscheZahl: Players gain 1 rupee for each tier-1 ingredient or higher in their inventory.

Csipcsirip: oh, i missed that

Q12: Why when I do "test in arena" I start from the end of the league? You can just check if I am better than my last bot and if I am then start from his place and if not start from the bottom. does it make sense?

spaceorc: It true skill

wlesavo: Csipcsirip yeah, i think many people missed that, same with spells hiding spells, a lot of confusion

eulerscheZahl: often the answer is: it would be too much effort to redesign that now

eulerscheZahl: hiding?

Csipcsirip: spells hiding spells ?

eulerscheZahl: oh, the visuals?

wlesavo: typo just spells hiding

wlesavo: yeah

eulerscheZahl: i complained, illedan too. now there's a toggle in the viewer settings

Loran: If i had to guess Q12 its because the backend treats a new submission as a new player and just deletes the old submission. so the new bot has no ELO to compare with and starts at the bottom.

eulerscheZahl: i still don't agree with the default setting but much better now

wlesavo: good thing it can be disabled in settings, but we found out very late about that

wlesavo: yeah same

eulerscheZahl: was added on friday afternoon i think

eulerscheZahl: seed=5848640168752334800

wlesavo: btw im stealing your fatality euler

eulerscheZahl: code:


eulerscheZahl: frame 12: eulerscheZahl learnt spell 32 and gained 0 taxed ingredients, the rest was lost because their inventory is full.

eulerscheZahl: uncool wlesavo

Q12: Loran: I understand what you said but I think it will make the time needed to calc which place are you shorter

wlesavo: euler you shouldve patent that :smiley:

eulerscheZahl: i should have waited till the last day

wlesavo: i wonder how that one python guy keeps up at #30

spaceorc: whyyyyy evvvrythiiinngggg iiissss soooo slloowwww????

Neumann: You're too many

yhyoxx: :p

eulerscheZahl: your keyboard is lagging

spaceorc: :smile:

wlesavo: well at least chat is not slow, i guess no coding

eulerscheZahl: submit is no fun. i wanted to test something. but also see where this one ends

eulerscheZahl: even for mods the chat seems normal atm

yhyoxx: Ahh that red arrow

eulerscheZahl: my current sumbit doesn't even have an arrow indicator anymore

eulerscheZahl: such a long delay between games

jrke: me too

DaNinja: 5% progress in 40 minutes

yhyoxx: :/

Q12: This is why you CG should do this: Why when I do "test in arena" I start from the end of the league? You can just check if I am better than my last bot and if I am then start from his place and if not start from the bottom. does it make sense?

spaceorc: That moment when you decide not to submit bug fix...

Zaphus: submitted an update, *then* opened chat - doh!

Default avatar.png Hussain_Alramadan: Hi, it's my first time chatting with you guyes

eulerscheZahl: not even talking about experimenting

WaRiOrOfCoDe: Does any one else facing problem of not getting battle in contest or is it with me only?

eulerscheZahl: read a few messages above WaRiOrOfCoDe ;)

Default avatar.png TrippTrapp84: dude this reverse engineering challenge hurts my brain

WaRiOrOfCoDe: ohh didn't realise

WaRiOrOfCoDe: sorry

jrke: thats we all are chatting WaRiOrOfCoDe

WaRiOrOfCoDe: man I should not have submitted

WaRiOrOfCoDe: my rank went down and not going up

WaRiOrOfCoDe: now

spaceorc: > Q12 It's a standard true skill implementation - your new submission is not compared with your previous submission. It gets default mu and sigma, and CG has skill-based match maker, so you should play with many weak strategies

jrke: just wait until any CG staff comes online

WaRiOrOfCoDe: yeah

Default avatar.png The_chosen_one: Hello

Default avatar.png The_chosen_one: Stay Safe and stay healthy

Q12: > spaceorc I know what they are doing, I think it would be faster if they will do what I said

spaceorc: I believe that will be unfair

Q12: why?

jrke: 278 bots are computing at the moment

spaceorc: Q12> Algorithm have no information about your new submission. What if it completely bad? Why it should have so small sigma? It's strange!

spaceorc: Q12> If someone wins against your bad submission he will gain unfair rating boost...

spaceorc: Q12> And finally it goes agains true skill paper :smile:

spaceorc: Q12> And finally it goes against true skill paper :smile:

Zaphus: @spaceorc - remember it's your code that is being ranked, not you - and the code is new every time, so it does not go against TrueSkill


Q12: > spaceorc this :point_up_2: is for you

Neumann: Do you guys remember in which CG game timeouts could only be detected if "invalid" was written in the tooltip/frame info ?

Neumann: There are false positive timeout detections in the FallChallenge and I'd like to know which other game I'll break if I remove the "invalid" check :P

spaceorc: > Zaphus that’s what Q12 is talking about, not me

Zaphus: ah, got confused sorry

Uljahn: Q12: "If my new bot is better which means he is surly above the place of my last bot" - that's not true, being better than your previous bot doesn't mean the new version would rank higher, just think about RPS situation

Donotalo: will cg give us today's time back for slow server? my last submission is stuck at 24% after more than 90 minutes.

Donotalo: i'm waiting to understand if the modification works

Csipcsirip: u will get your money back don't worry

spaceorc: ha ha ha ha lol :slight_smile:

Donotalo: :grinning:

eulerscheZahl: Thibaud reacted with :eyes: so it seems they are already investigating

eulerscheZahl: i'd like to believe that it just couldn't handle my strong new submit

MarekM: looks like 100KB source is a limit, bye bye precomputed data :)

spaceorc: @eulerscheZahl - For 6th position after just 24% it should be really strong

struct: 100k chars is the limit

struct: characters

struct: Doesnt matter if the character is 1 byte or 4

xineohp: Anybody facing any issues while publishing the bot?

Nerchio: I think submitting doesnt work so great right now :D

spaceorc: There is only one issue now - games are playing 1 in an hour

Grudo: It doesn't work at all :D 10min 0%

struct: 367 players during submit

struct: CSB memories

spaceorc: from discord: Magus: database screaming for help

Magus: I'm just a moderator, I don't have more informations than you :D

Magus: So i'm just trying to guess

demo_demo_demo: I'm stock at the bottom of the leaderboard and battles progress stock in 0 for like 20 min

xineohp: same with me

Grudo: demo_demo_demo I'm next toy you ;)

Grudo: we just have to wait

spaceorc: sale! good places in a queue! only here, only today! beware of fakes!

shainy_oreng: suddenly pineapples

shainy_oreng: !

eulerscheZahl: so Magus when will you deploy a fix?

eulerscheZahl: the slowdown made me set up a local testing environment :/

Remus_: So many people started testing and never came back up I advanced 100 places xD

Nerchio: automaton2020 when will the leaderboard be fixed

Nerchio: he's gone

struct: I also dont understand why the leaederboard is reversed

eulerscheZahl: automaton2020 never talked

eulerscheZahl: only NN and 2000

Illedan: Good morning, did you kill the servers :O

eulerscheZahl: it was getting slower and slower during the morning

eulerscheZahl: now i have that beast waiting for you arena/FallChallenge.dll: 31 test/FallChallenge.dll: 90 draws: 1

Illedan: hm?

Illedan: :D

Illedan: ah your local thing

eulerscheZahl: my new, unsubmitted bot wins 75% vs arena

Illedan: Nice

Illedan: :)

Illedan: I'll set up something once I start to sim too

adouz: can someone tell why my score is 0.00? i just submitted to the arena and the progress is still in 0%

Nerchio: leaderboards are stuck atm

Illedan: Servers are having lunch, give them a little break

struct: Almost 5k

Illedan: 415 computing

adouz: ok thanks, i will wait

DaNinja: I blame those garbage collectors

heisenbug: it seems there is a problem in the area, the battles come out very slowly...

eulerscheZahl: staff is already investigating

struct: yeah, CG is currently fixing it

heisenbug: ok thanks

MadKnight: rip the servers

MadKnight: what is gonna be happening on the last day ?

eulerscheZahl: a contest

MadKnight: with the servers

MadKnight: are they gonna be dying even worse ?

[CG]SaiksyApo: Submits should be fixed

eulerscheZahl: yay!

eulerscheZahl: any funny story to tell?

spaceorc: oh yes!

yonder83: what search algorhitmh you use

wlesavo: wow nice work, thx!

DaNinja: :clap:

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962: guys i dont understand the lumen puzzle

eulerscheZahl: yes, that's what you wanted to write on the forum. but the spam filter ate it

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962: not spam filter

eulerscheZahl: yes

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962: just need to be reviewed because im new

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962: its way my fist action in the forum ever

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962: anyway can some one explain to me that lumen puzzle

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962: how n=5 and c=3 and the output is 9

eulerscheZahl: that's a vague question. what did you understand and where did your understanding stop?

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962: i dont know how this 9 came out

eulerscheZahl: the n=5, c=3 has to be seen with the map

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962: ok 1 sec

eulerscheZahl: the C is a source of light

eulerscheZahl: and you take the distance from each cell to that C. if it's > 3, it's shadow

eulerscheZahl: count the shadow cells

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962:

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962: aaa so c is the distance of light right?

eulerscheZahl: the distance map is also in the statement

Donotalo: how much RAM do we get from cg?

eulerscheZahl: 768MB

yonder83: Can both players brew same recipe?

ParticleBeam: yes

ParticleBeam: If at the same round

yonder83: do you know? in fall challenge

yonder83: ok, thank you

yonder83: I learnt that they can learn same spell

yonder83: and can brew same recipe too, thanks

eulerscheZahl: what a rare event :o

eulerscheZahl: he's back

Rprades: python question, anyone know how to run a Integer programming optimization? No PuLP or no CVXPY libraries seems to be allowed...

eulerscheZahl: only numpy and scipy

eulerscheZahl: and pandas

kovi: wow, everyone is potiondept2+ now?

kovi: in top20 i mean, as my experience is that i struggle in top100 with brewdepth1

Nerchio: i have bfs depth 4 thats all top25 atm x

Nerchio: cant do much more with java :joy:

Barimehdi77: how many spalls they are? cuz Iknow they are 5 potions

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: So graph transversal is the way to go for the fall challenge? I have been approaching it that way, thought I was overthinking it

Nerchio: that's more like underthinking it :D

kovi: depth4: you mean you getting 4 brews along?

kovi: or just a full search for 4 actions

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: awesome, thought I was missing something obvious. First time taking part in something like this, really enjoying it

Nerchio: no kovi ofc not 4 brews ;P

Nerchio: its just 1 brew

Nerchio: i guess my small amount of heuristics did a nice job

Nerchio: but looks like sooner or later the top should be most about computation

kovi: unfortunately

Nerchio: I agree pure computation is not my thing

Barimehdi77: we have 4 spells right?

jacek: in the beginning

Barimehdi77: and 5 potions in every turn

Uljahn: initially yes

Barimehdi77: in the wood 1 league

Uljahn: ah

jacek: wood1? thats so last week

Doju: what on earth

Doju: why does " instance = cls.__new__(cls, *self[:])"

Doju: return an empty list but instance = Delta(*self[:]) works

Doju: Delta inherits list

Grudo: how many players get to silver at opening?

Uljahn: as many as above the boss

Quidome: I thought last time it was 50

Grudo: ah so we just have to wait to see how strong boss will be

Quidome: not sure and the can change that number

Quidome: The last one entering silver on opening will be the boss

Rprades: has anyone tried genetic alg for this? it tried but wast too slow to converge (around 100ms)

Default avatar.png garfieldhasbacon: garfield is so coooool

Default avatar.png garfieldhasbacon: do any of u guys like garfield

jacek: scarfield?

Default avatar.png garfieldhasbacon: GARFIELD

jacek: i hate mondays :v

Default avatar.png garfieldhasbacon: he is cat. and loves loves loves lasagna

Uljahn: i like kickfield

Default avatar.png alexthe2: hey guys I'm doing this for the first time. How do I get out of wood2 into wood1?

Nerchio: zenoscave top3 really nice

Default avatar.png garfieldhasbacon: stuffing your face as usual

Default avatar.png the...G: how do I move up the leader board? is it just winning or is it the number of points?

Default avatar.png garfieldhasbacon: i dont know a single thing about coding i am just having my fiance in waiting do all the work for me. she is very good at using the numpad

Default avatar.png garfieldhasbacon: she once wrote a whole ternary expression using alt code on teh numpad i dont know how she does it but she types every letter with one finge ron the alt and the other all over the numpad. its crazy hojw she does it

DaNinja: numpad to legend!

Uljahn: alexthe2: you can watch some streams

Default avatar.png garfieldhasbacon: my mom ate all the cheeze its taht i were going to eat to get thru these dumb coding problems

Uljahn: the..G: winning gives you points according to TrueSkill algo

Default avatar.png alexthe2: I'm currently in the arena, but I am stuck at pos number 3

Default avatar.png alexthe2: The other 2 above me use the same code

Default avatar.png the...G: Thanks ULjahn

Default avatar.png alexthe2: The same algo idea

Default avatar.png the...G: how do I see other players code?

Default avatar.png alexthe2: I don' see it, but from their playstyle it's doing the same things

Default avatar.png alexthe2: ohhh, wait does all the battles have to be finished

Default avatar.png alexthe2: so I get promoted?

Default avatar.png the...G: My code is really simple, just going for the highest value brew.

Default avatar.png garfieldhasbacon: coding is so dumb, i cant type 200 wpm for the life of me

Uljahn: alexthe2 yes

Default avatar.png alexthe2: ok thanks

Default avatar.png garfieldhasbacon: how do u type faster

Default avatar.png alexthe2: u don't look at your keyboard

Default avatar.png alexthe2: and you don't fdo typos

Default avatar.png garfieldhasbacon: omg!!

Remus_: write a bot to type for you, duh

Default avatar.png alexthe2: like that one

Default avatar.png the...G: learn to use all of your fingers.

Default avatar.png alexthe2: Nah

Default avatar.png the...G: just 2 fingers then .

Default avatar.png alexthe2: Develop your won style and then check it out

Default avatar.png alexthe2: If it is good and fast you wil be fin e

Default avatar.png garfieldhasbacon: thank u i think i can type really fast now after all that good advice u guys just gave me

titano: Hello, can sbdy tell me how I can test de computing time (and so exit a long calculation to give my answer on time) ? I am coding in JS

Default avatar.png the...G: pleased to be of assistance

NightScap3: :joy:

Uljahn: titano: read the forum topic

Doju: hey guys, why does my cls.__new__(cls, a, b, c, d) return [] but Delta(a, b, c, d) returns [a, b, c, d]

Doju: cls is <class 'main.Delta'>

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962: omg that lumen puzzle is so hard

Grudo: how to display text on screen?

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962: all what i did till now is get cords of C

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962: i need help

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: Grudo: what language?

Grudo: C++

Doju: Grudo you add the text after your command

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: Grudo cerr for debug output, if you're doing Fall Challenge - just put your message after the command like "REST my message"

Default avatar.png garfieldhasbacon: this site is dum it tells me i jus need to put a local on my local to fi my errors

Grudo: oh it works :) thanks

Default avatar.png garfieldhasbacon: like, really??

cegprakash: Zenoscave #3 :o

Doju: right, sure thing, python

Doju: AssertionError: [1, 2, 3, 4] != [1, 2, 3, 4]

eulerscheZahl: different objects

Illedan: euler, is the submitted thing your "monster"?

eulerscheZahl: :/

Illedan: :P

eulerscheZahl: stable top10 at least

Illedan: :)

ParticleBeam: Why did I use long variable names...

eulerscheZahl: what a C++ wall already

MahirSez: hello, i has a query. What happens if i cast a spell and there is not enough space in my inventory will that casting be discarded?

Illedan: zeno is doing nice though

MahirSez: *had

Illedan: :O

ParticleBeam: No. It will fail

Illedan: Hmm, did emil break his IDE code on purpose? :(

Barimehdi77: I write this function to store the brews in a var named brews and spells in var named spells


eulerscheZahl: unknown. but we know that it's broken

Barimehdi77: but the output is not expected


Illedan: Gotta be on purpose

Illedan: -.-

Nerchio: so do you guys think that legend in this game will be pure calculation?

Illedan: yes

eulerscheZahl: yes++

Nerchio: ok wanted to make sure when to stop coding

Nerchio: now sounds like a good time :D

Default avatar.png rmuskovets:

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: Barimehdi77: ^

Nerchio: at the start you need to take spells and feeding your opponent is bad so taking 'free' spells is most optimal most of the time

Nerchio: and if both players take the same spells nothing else matters except calculation

eulerscheZahl: and if your sim is deep enough you can compute best spells :P

geppoz: "pure calculation" you means going as deep as possible without score evaluation?

eulerscheZahl: scoring will still be necessary and important

Default avatar.png alexthe2: you could backtrack if you have the nuts to write that code

Illedan: backtrack from what?

eulerscheZahl: but scoring alone without thousands of simulation steps won't get you anywhere

Default avatar.png alexthe2: simulate

Default avatar.png alexthe2: and then get best result

Default avatar.png alexthe2: by backtracking

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: should a sim do also enemy's steps or yours is enough?

Illedan: Up to you to figure out ;)

Default avatar.png alexthe2: I guess you can just simulate only yours

eulerscheZahl: i think yourself is the most important here, little interaction

Remus_: alexthe2 I'm trying to do that but my code is boggy :(

eulerscheZahl: some opponent prediction won't harm

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: this is the first time im writing a sim

Default avatar.png alexthe2: Yeah makes sense, I just learned about codingame and I will use some gentic shit later on

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: so i think opponent prediction will just slow me down

Default avatar.png alexthe2: given that I can save gentic models

Default avatar.png alexthe2: can I ?

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: i think yes

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: serialization/deserialization

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: using whatever library

Barimehdi77: rmuskovets Thank you

Default avatar.png alexthe2: Yeah I know, I just don't know whether oyu can do it on here

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: cg workers are just vms with the compiler preinstaller, why not?

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: preinstalled*

Nerchio: if i write the same code from Java in C++ is it going to be much faster

eulerscheZahl: factor 2-3

Nerchio: or the idea is to use other structures that make C++ fast

Default avatar.png Mr_Andersson: The 1 second limit for turn 1, does that include VM startup and JIT for languages like C# and java, or does it only count my actual code?

Default avatar.png JBM: as far as i know the referee stays external to all that

Default avatar.png JBM: so a bit more than your actual code

Default avatar.png Mr_Andersson: hmm ok, so picking a language that compiles to native instructions is more "effective" than a JIT language?

Nerchio: yes

Nerchio: much more effective

Nerchio: sadly ;(

eulerscheZahl: the 1s was initially introduced as some languages have a slow startup

Default avatar.png Mr_Andersson: I see, thanks.

struct: Anyone knows what MSmits used on othello?

struct: I wasn't here when he reached 1st :/

Nerchio: somebody had a nice C++ bundler here anyone knows?

struct: 5k players

struct: I use this one Nerchio

Nerchio: thanks

FrancoisB: As far as I know JIT execution *can* be faster that AOT compiled code since optimization can be made for the target machine

eulerscheZahl: in c++ we can use pragmas to optimize for a specific architecture

FrancoisB: There is no denying the supremacy of C++, especially considering memory, just wanted to highlight that JIT doesn't always mean terrible performance

Default avatar.png Mr_Andersson: I would assume the CG compilers are tuned to optimize for whatever hardware they are running on. But yeah, for a generic "needs to run on all x86" binary JIT can be faster if you exclude the startup/compilation time.

kreo: I would add that C++ is not the only language that you can consider in resource-constrained scenarios. There's also Rust at least

jacek: struct he specifically used opening books against the top

Default avatar.png biskop: so performance becomes very relevant in higher leauges?

geppoz: uhm i have a lot of timeouts in battles, when i send the match in IDE, then it doesn't timeout... wtf?

jacek: rust?

struct: thanks jacek

geppoz: python

kreo: Do you have any randomness in your code?

geppoz: no

geppoz: except for time measure

geppoz: i exit at 900ms at first and at 40ms in next turns

geppoz: it seems crashing in first turn in battles

geppoz: and not in ide

jacek: 1st player vs 2nd player?

jacek: do you test in ide being 2nd player?

Vintarel: same for me geppoz, it timeouts many more times in battles than in IDE :(

geppoz: it seems it is not that the problem, it crashes in both cases in battles and neither in ide

geppoz: Vintarel, but always in first or second turn

geppoz: never when the game is past 3rd turn

Vintarel: ok not for me, it's random between third and 13th turn

geppoz: and that never happened yesterday

DeWitt: tops, do you optimize tax payments so that you are not copying them into every state?

DeWitt: optimze = not include additional stones

Vintarel: i guess machines for IDE and battles are not the same, thus the differences, but i might be wrong...

Vintarel: i'm exploring this now

eulerscheZahl: are we talking about data storage or bot behavior DeWitt?

struct: how, I clear vector and it doesnt clear

struct: what is this sorcery

DeWitt: i think, both. if we assume that there is never "extra" stones in the learnable cast

jacek: thats withcrat

DeWitt: we can save some memory

RockyMullet: but tax will change during the sim

DeWitt: but this will make the behaviour pessimistic

DeWitt: memory = number of sims per tick

eulerscheZahl: i have a static list for the tome. and a bitmaks to know which one are still available

Default avatar.png Mr_Andersson: Is there a memory constraint in the higher leagues?

RockyMullet: well one thing you wont be able to do, is learn a spell to get the tier0 insteda of casting a tier0 only spell

eulerscheZahl: 768MB

Default avatar.png Mr_Andersson: I see.

struct: for (int i = 0; i < 2; ++i) {


DeWitt: yeah, but do you include number of exta stones that are added when you learn a spell?

struct: oh god

struct: send help

Default avatar.png codingPassio: is there any one good at js?

eulerscheZahl: struct :D

RockyMullet: eulerscheZahl any problem with memory ? I dont think theres a lot to copy

eulerscheZahl: i rarely struggle with memory

DeWitt: taxCount changes over time

RockyMullet: good good

eulerscheZahl: just to make it faster than copying lists

RockyMullet: I was planning on not giving any f about it lol

Default avatar.png codingPassio: wich programming language good for back-end developer?

RockyMullet: back-end of what ?

eulerscheZahl: and how many sims do you get in 40ms RockyMullet?

Default avatar.png codingPassio: web back-end

RockyMullet: well im on the planning phase of my depth N, thats why im asking questions haha, I'm still on my depth 2, so didnt bother to count yet

DeWitt: o

DeWitt: i have something like 600, but i feel like its too little

DeWitt: how many do you have eulerscheZahl?

Xanrum: 600 depth?

DeWitt: 600 sims

eulerscheZahl: 10k-20k

DeWitt: bam

eulerscheZahl: and i'm on the low end among the top ranks

RockyMullet: I feel it's better to make slowly and right, than trying to rush on the first weekend, also my motivation is not on it's highest on this contest

eulerscheZahl: 10x my sim count

Xanrum: 100-120k on up to depth 10

DeWitt: qq: how do you print ?

DeWitt: but are you trying all the actions in each of your sims?

DeWitt: or its actually mcts?

RockyMullet: some actions can be ignored

RockyMullet: reducing the branching

Xanrum: every available - enougth ingredients, for rest - have any spell on cooldown

RockyMullet: yeah no point of testing to rest twice in a row

eulerscheZahl: why are some many chat users obsessed with MCTS? there are more algos that add some pruning

DeWitt: idk, just saw somedy writing about it yesterday in the chat :D

eulerscheZahl: and i was like WTF :D

Csipcsirip: MCTS is fun

DeWitt: i feel like the problem is that we need to have some decent evaluation function if you do tree search

eulerscheZahl: i just don't see the benefits for this specific game

RockyMullet: eulerscheZahl you doing a bfs I'd guess ?

eulerscheZahl: no

Csipcsirip: ye me neither

DeWitt: haha

Quidome: If you cast a spell and there is not enough room in your inventory will that work?

RockyMullet: oh well I will, since I'm just a simple man lol

DomiKo: MCTS is like the legendary hard algo, I guess

Vintarel: no

Vintarel: just try casting spell 1 many times.. it does not work

Xanrum: no, you must check it

RockyMullet: Quidome no, only tax on learned spell can "bust"

Quidome: ok, thnxs

struct: I dont feel like mcts is legendary hard

Uljahn: you mean vanilla mcts

DomiKo: based on information I have, yes it is

DomiKo: A lot of students are scared of it

Default avatar.png alexthe2: it is not hard just complicated af

struct: Im more scared of pathfinding algos

Gabbek: heya RockyMullet

Default avatar.png YassineMouadden: share code

Default avatar.png YassineMouadden: may alah forgive your sins

Gabbek: I see you guys are doing some nice work, while I've been slacking hard :D

eulerscheZahl: shame

Gabbek: dunno, just no motivation for this one for some reason, started improving my LoCM instead :p

RockyMullet: hey Gabbek

RockyMullet: I'm on the slacking team

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962: guys im stuck in lumen puzzle XD

Default avatar.png ELmahdi1962: i need help

RockyMullet: philosophying about algos instead of coding

Csipcsirip: subit is getting slower and slower again

Donotalo: then it's time for a break again :(

eulerscheZahl: i reported it last time, now it's your turn

jacek: i thought is was simultanous

WaRiOrOfCoDe: I don't know if I can ask this here but still is someone using neural networks or other things like that?

kreo: I don't think so, 50ms looks like too little time for a decent net

WaRiOrOfCoDe: It is comforting, I should try harder to sharp up my logic

RockyMullet: hu, im now 3rd in canada, that's what slacking got me

struct: Top 4 in CSB are NNs

Gabbek: I would like to ask for some c++ learning guidance

Gabbek: does anyone know a good place to start? I know basics, but I would like to improve my knowledge

WaRiOrOfCoDe: Looks like I should look into learning neural networks then

jacek: perhaps as multi some people will experiment with NN

jacek: but 2 weeks is not enough to design and learn NN for such game

struct: Yeah I agree with jacek

struct: Most people who tried to implement NN during contest had very poor results

Default avatar.png alexthe2: You can go for genetics

WaRiOrOfCoDe: okay so I will focus on logic.

WaRiOrOfCoDe: Any sources to learn?

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

WaRiOrOfCoDe: suggestion*


Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: the thrust is a string

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: no boost required

WaRiOrOfCoDe: @struct Thanks

starmaq: @Gabbek if you wanna really devote your time for it, read one of the many books that exist on it, I'd recommend one of bjarne's books or scott meyers'

Gabbek: starmaq thank you very much, writing that down :)

starmaq: I got my C++ knowledge just from googling and searching, so maybe that would suit you better too

starmaq: stack overflow is your friend

struct: I think sim is working

struct: At least random is

RockyMullet: struct :raised_hands:

RockyMullet: gj

struct: thanks

Maliamnon: How long is evaluation taking this fine morning?

spaceorc: is everything stuck again

spaceorc: ?

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: when I do arena, it stays at 18% battles in progress, is that normal?

Victorien_aka_TL: It's very slow today, too many battles to process. I hope it will be better tomorrow when they open the new leagues

spaceorc: it would be hard to pass to the new league with this games rate

Default avatar.png TerrificTaurus: @Gabbek you can google for "Thinking in C++", it's an old book, but very good for the basics of the language and STL, you can build on that I'd definitely recommend the Effective C++ books from Meyers probably the best books on C++ I found Stroustup's books harder to start with, I think they are not for beginners

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: I am currently in wood 1, how do I go to bronze?

Default avatar.png alexthe2: ANSI C 2nd edition is very nice for C, if you want to start with that one

Victorien_aka_TL: LordSkaven : beat the boss and then test your code in the arena

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: ah ok cool, in arena now.

Victorien_aka_TL: If you're good enough they will pass you to the superior league after some combats

Default avatar.png alexthe2: @LordSkaven it takes a long time

Gabbek: TerrificTaurus thank you very much for so detailed answer!

Default avatar.png alexthe2: @Victorien I started 1800 now advanced to 57 but I am still stuck

Default avatar.png alexthe2: There is no next battle

kuhnchris: Yeah my next battles are stuck too.

Default avatar.png alexthe2: What happens if two people fight each other that doesn't do anything?

Default avatar.png alexthe2: does it really animate up to 100 turns?

kuhnchris: They get disqualified if there is no input AFAIK

kuhnchris: except you mean like... 100 turns of rest.

Default avatar.png alexthe2: My oponnent for example is doing nothing

Default avatar.png Mr_Andersson: Would be a draw I guess, both players count as winners.

Default avatar.png alexthe2: But he is brewing and casting impossible spells

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: well time to play some games while I wait for the arena run to finish

Default avatar.png alexthe2: I hope this will go on faster, battles are on 20% since 20mins

Default avatar.png TerrificTaurus: @Gabbek, you're welcome TiCPP is a free book, you can find many copies online, e.g.

Default avatar.png TerrificTaurus: @Gabbek this is pre-C++11 but still valid

Gabbek: great stuff! If you would ever need any python help - poke me! :)

Astrobytes: Hm, not convinced the Eckel book is still worthwhile, I remember it being iffy even back then. Stroustrup has a complete C++ book and another one which is learning *programming* using C++, then you could read Meyers, not sure of others

starmaq: C++ books are most of the time gigantic, but I don't mind having one laying around if I ever want to check something

starmaq: I don't see myself reading one

starmaq: the standard has 1500 pages I think xd

pmor: C++ Primer was one of the best a long time ago

Default avatar.png alexthe2: Jesus, will this arena move any further?

Astrobytes: I think the staff are looking into it

Default avatar.png alexthe2: oh ok

Astrobytes: It can be slow during contests anyway but seems it's extra slow atm

Default avatar.png alexthe2: it's stuck for more than 40mins

Default avatar.png Mr_Andersson: My progress % hasn't changed for 2 hours, but my rank keeps changing so something must be running at least.

Default avatar.png alexthe2: that are just ppl leaving

kuhnchris: i got some network error: -1, so something's fishy

Astrobytes: Melting servers

Uljahn: CSB promotions number isn't very high, just 76 of them :smirk:

Doju: finally got the sim working

Doju: thought it's pretty bad since it only goes to depth 2

Doju: maybe i should prune some of the learn actions

struct: 76 in CSB really?

struct: 435 on fall + 78 on CSB

Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png MoonPhoenix: Can I adjust the bot later for the later leagues?

kuhnchris: yes

Default avatar.png MoonPhoenix: Or do I need to do it now?

kuhnchris: each new league sends your bot back into the editor with the state you programmed it in the last league

Default avatar.png MoonPhoenix: oh cool

kuhnchris: (+ the new requirements to implement)

Default avatar.png MoonPhoenix: how do I enter it to the league as I finished it for now?

Default avatar.png TerrificTaurus: at the beginning I found The C++ Programming Language from Stroustrup to be daunting, then switched to the Eckel book, and found it very beginner friendly Stroustrup's books are a much easier read once you know some of the language

Default avatar.png MoonPhoenix: Test in Arena?

kuhnchris: "Test in Arena" and wait

Default avatar.png MoonPhoenix: Do I need to keep the browser open or something? Or can I just leave it

kuhnchris: if you are above the Boss<name> player you'll get auto-promoted every couple of... I guess hours or so?

kuhnchris: not sure i'd keep it open in the background

Default avatar.png Mr_Andersson: When you get to 100% progress, which at this rate is a couple of days at least :(

Default avatar.png MoonPhoenix: Alright, thanks a lot

Default avatar.png TerrificTaurus: can anyone recommend a good resource about modern c++?

Astrobytes: TerrificTaurus: Stroustrup-wise I certainly wouldn't start with The C++ Programming Language! But Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ is much gentler

Astrobytes: That's probably as 'modern' as it gets, the language moves so fast these days you have to do keep up with it yourself

Astrobytes: *have to keep up

Default avatar.png alexthe2: ahhhhhhh, any infos?

Default avatar.png alexthe2: cause bug-report got no answer

Default avatar.png alexthe2: last we're looking into it was at 11:32, but it was working in the meantime

andrefpoliveira: In C# is heavier for a class to have 4 int vars or a list with 4 elements?

Default avatar.png alexthe2: omg we got 21%

Default avatar.png alexthe2: pace of 1% per hour

starmaq: at the end of the day that's just gonna take 16 bytes, but access-wise a list may be way better due to memory locality

kuhnchris: 18% :(

ParticleBeam: Odd. CG IDE not formatting or refactoring

starmaq: if you're really looking for performance do that, but in the long run it's gonna be annoying so sticking to variables is better for readability and in the long run maintainability

starmaq: I think it's an idiom in C++ to use a table to pack up a bunch of variables in an array then using initialization list syntax you can do a simple Class() : array{var1, var2, var3} {}

starmaq: which looks cool

Default avatar.png azerty123456: bonjour, j'ai envoyé mon code dans l'arène il y a 40 minutes, depuis je ne peux rien faire d'autre. Il faut attendre la fin de tous les combats ? Je suis nouveau sur codingame je ne connais pas encore bien le fonctionnement.

struct: #fr

Default avatar.png TerrificTaurus: @Astrobytes thanks, I haven't checked out the latest editions of his books yet I agree, features are coming so fast these days, but I'm looking for basic things like move semantics and rvalue references

Default avatar.png azerty123456: thanks struct ;)

Default avatar.png alexthe2: mon francais n'est pas bien. Il y a des problemes mais le personnel se penche dessus

Default avatar.png alexthe2: Jesus I don't wanna speak french anymore

Default avatar.png alexthe2: but hopefully this helps

RockyMullet: lol

RockyMullet: your sentence make it sound like your french is sick and needs a doctor or something lol

RockyMullet: good attempt tho :P

Default avatar.png azerty123456: thank you alexthe2 I understand ;)

struct: Still better than my french

RockyMullet: let's not start talking about my english

struct: I can read it but cant type at all

Maliamnon: 12% submitted after an hour :(

Default avatar.png alexthe2: @Rocky I think I had it in highschool for 4 years. But that was 3 years ago

Default avatar.png alexthe2: jesus I had it for 5 years

diogo.giassi: Servers melting, 14% more than 1 hour ...

RockyMullet: my sister in law is german and she speaks ridiculous good french for a non native speaker

Default avatar.png alexthe2: I am german

Default avatar.png alexthe2: but I study in the netherlands

Maliamnon: well, on the bright side, having a 100% winrate after an hour is pretty cool ;)

Default avatar.png alexthe2: ^

RockyMullet: meanwhile I must know like 2 words in german

Default avatar.png alexthe2: especiall if your opponents are just doing WAIT

RockyMullet: ooooh thats why im climbing randomly in ranks, people submit and takes too long to rank up lol

RockyMullet: hopefully opening silver will help

Ra777: when silver starts?

RockyMullet: tommorow

DomiKo: openning silver won't help that much

Ra777: is there calendar or something?

DomiKo: yes

RockyMullet: usually around 5-6 pm french time

Astrobytes: TerrificTaurus: I have the 2nd edition and it covers all the basics, doesn't go too deep on a few features but there's other books and references for going further

Ra777: thanks

Default avatar.png alexthe2: I actually wanted to go for google kickstart today but then I missed it cause I had the wrong time. Then friends of mine were like: try codingame... And while I actaully enjoyed writing really bad code and passing through wood2 and now giving the logic some stupid params to pass in wood1 this happended

Default avatar.png alexthe2: Ahhhhhhhh

RockyMullet: DomiKo yeah, silver will have a lot of people too

RockyMullet: alexthe2 what happened ?

Default avatar.png alexthe2: Servers are stuck

Nerchio: leaderboard lag probably

RockyMullet: oh yeah right

Default avatar.png alexthe2: on 21%

Nerchio: maybe you broke the servers alex

Nerchio: with your code

spaceorc: for me on 11%...

Default avatar.png alexthe2: Nerchio it's so bad that it might have happened lmao

Default avatar.png alexthe2: Like whoever reads the code is just gonna cry in tears

DomiKo: a lot of people are submiting right now

Default avatar.png alexthe2: *drawn in tears

Default avatar.png alexthe2: I wanted to do some genetics later on, but first I have to get to later

RockyMullet: end of the weekend, people are trying to push what they done during the weekend

RockyMullet: and with 3k people in bronze, that's a lot of people

Counterbalance: yawn

spaceorc: Already more than 1 hour without any game on 11% - it's not about something is simply slow, something does not work at all.

malcoriel: same here, stuck on 0%

Astrobytes: Staff are currently looking into it, be patient (it's annoying, I know)

spaceorc: we believe, we hope, we are waiting! :slight_smile:

xineohp: Published new changes now, hoping this time it completes faster.

Counterbalance: yay! some battles are coming through

Default avatar.png alexthe2: not for me

Counterbalance: it was at 0% for 11 minutes, then the first 10 battles appeared

Default avatar.png alexthe2: I really wanted to do some genetics in higher leagues. But first I have to come there

xineohp: Any idea when higher leagues open?

Default avatar.png alexthe2: tomorow

Astrobytes: Click the Bronze league icon up top

xineohp: oh, thanks

Default avatar.png alexthe2: The moment somethin on you screen changes, and you just realized it was one of your old battles

Default avatar.png totorroto: for someone else the arena battles takes so long?

Default avatar.png alexthe2: y, DB are at 100%

DominikSipowicz: I have 0% battles in progress

Default avatar.png totorroto: okey thxs

PotterRafed: Dom :D

jacek: aww

CommanderCero: im gaining ranks while not doing any battles, so atleast im winning by doing nothing

Waffle3z: same, went from 87 to 68 overnight

eulerscheZahl: that will be a fun league opening with 1k players promoting at once

DominikSipowicz: I dropped because I updated :\ I can revert my code so you can drop

DominikSipowicz: kidding :D

CommanderCero: would that even work, im stuck at 11%

MasterDuck: me too

Default avatar.png totorroto: what's deliverySpell means in the github repository? can someone xplain me

eulerscheZahl: BREW?

Default avatar.png totorroto: yeah ahha my bad

eulerscheZahl: yes, DeliverySpell is just a BREW

eulerscheZahl: (just checked it)

spaceorc: And they are described inverted in code.

zahariaca: is there a specific hour when the league opens?

Michael_Howard: Hope the servers don't do this again next Sunday.

eulerscheZahl: around 6pm CET

eulerscheZahl: that is in 25.5h from now

reCurse: Dammit too slow

zahariaca: thank you!

RockyMullet: there's a maximum possible tax I'd guess ?

reCurse: No

RockyMullet: hu it can go really high

reCurse: But it will be mostly discarded at some point

Michael_Howard: Essentially 10

eulerscheZahl: 2* (total spell count-1)

reCurse: You can safely cap it at 10

geppoz: you can consider max =10

RockyMullet: yeah I can assume it's 10

eulerscheZahl: 10 is a good estimate, yeah

reCurse: Did I hear 10

jacek: try 10

Waffle3z: ten

Counterbalance: 10 seems fine

geppoz: if over 10, then it is 10 again :D

Xenoid: It can basically be at most 10

geppoz: since it will make no any difference

RockyMullet: :sunglasses::thumbsup::thumbsup:

jacek: :raised_hand: :raised_hand:

Astrobytes: :digit_one: :digit_zero:

kuhnchris: Ten-Ten

ThomasNicoullaud: 0b1010

Zhmyh: ln(22026.465794806703)

kuhnchris: 2020 DIV 2

Marcelo-Hackerman: i hate playing with bots

jacek: Automaton2000 do you like playing with AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: solved it

Automaton2000: paste your code into the ide

Neumann: Has anyone successfuly setup BrutalTester with the challenge referee ?

eulerscheZahl: i just modified the referee for single core. next step: integrate engine into my own bot

eulerscheZahl: the process communication is the biggest slowdown when you reduce the time per turn enough

eulerscheZahl: and i failed to compile at first, had to replace 1 function

eulerscheZahl: and reset the instance counter for recipes to 0

ma: hm does CG have stome truble running the competition at the moment?

Xenoid: submissions seem to have been broken for a couple of hours

ma: k thx bye.

tomatoes: Neumann

levbor: Looks like that. I've submitted code almost 2 hours ago and it's still at 11%

Doju: Wait.. is there a way to differentiate between exhausted spells and spells unavailable due to not having the resources

levbor: is_castable

Neumann: Thanks tomatoes, will check

Doju: levbor that returns false on some spells even though the spells aren't greyed out

Default avatar.png meh1001: I was under the impression castable only indicates if it is exhausted or not, not if you can afford it

Doju: so was i but it seems that it's not the case

Doju: nvm, i'm just doing something wrong again

Xanrum: how count enemy brews? not score, just count

Default avatar.png Ridakz: score > previous_score

xineohp: anybody facing issues with some rounds. for some reason I am getting the "has not provided 1 lines in time." message even if I am just reading the input and returning "WAIT"

Remus_: ^ same

Default avatar.png Liora: Yeah I'm trying to setup a timer and the time seems so unstable not sure if the issue comes from my code or the server ;/

gaha: i didn't have any issues with the server

gaha: apart of the area

gaha: arena

Default avatar.png meh1001: it does seem extra slow right now

Default avatar.png MoonPhoenix: Do I need to keep my browser open for this?

Default avatar.png ngxingyu: no need.

Oursbrun: problem to submit the code

Oursbrun: code vs zombies

eulerscheZahl: the problem is in the whole website, staff is working on it

Oursbrun: thanks

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: does your rank get reset when you submit? I was 90th now I am 1860th

Oursbrun: no

Grudo: yes, it is recalculating based on actual submit

Default avatar.png ngxingyu: yes mine went from 700 to 3000

icecream17: what? my rank went up overnight

Default avatar.png meh1001: I would expect it to change as other people run theirs in the arena

Xenoid: icecream17 submissions are broken, so everyone above you who submitted is temporarily below you

icecream17: wow, imagine silver opening and the boss getting stuck

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: looks like things are getting better, I am actually getting new arena battle results

Xenoid: yeah, submissions may be running again

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: my rank is changing too

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: in js sort() callback, if i want a to be placed before b, should i return -1 or 1?

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: ah, looked up on mdn

Xenoid: -1. You return a number less than, equal to, or greater than 0 based on whether you want the first thing to be less than, equal to, or greater than the second thing

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: ty:)

Marcelo-Hackerman: java takes really long to code right?

Marcelo-Hackerman: to code, right?*

Nerchio: no

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: my learning logic works... my bot learned every single skill excluding two

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: why does cg put you at the bottom of leaderboard when you start battles?

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: its taking sooooo damn long

Uljahn: servers are slow atm, pls be patient

MasterDuck: Take a walk outside while waiting. I sure need one. My brain hurts.

Default avatar.png EX53: for some reason in the coding challenge it takes 2 seconds just to read the input

Default avatar.png EX53: so i have no time to do anything else

Default avatar.png EX53: does anyone know how to fix it

struct: 2 seconds to read inputs? In what language?

tomatoes: start timer after first input

Majeck: Yes

Default avatar.png EX53: i have private static classes but i left the input code the same

Majeck: Not on the start of the while true

Default avatar.png EX53: java

Default avatar.png EX53: ya i did its its still the same

Default avatar.png EX53: the input code is the same i just have classes outside of the loop

Default avatar.png EX53: it shouldnt change anything tho i dont think

struct: Does this happen on first turn?=

Default avatar.png dynamicritz: hi I can't do clash of code it gets stuck after timer reaches 0

Default avatar.png EX53: every turn

struct: servers are having problems

Default avatar.png EX53: thats why it doesnt even run the rest of my code

Default avatar.png EX53: so what i just cant compete?

struct: no, you can compete

struct: your timeout is not related to server problems

Default avatar.png EX53: how can i compete when my code wont run

Default avatar.png EX53: oh

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: i feel like i shouldnt submit *this* version of my code

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: i was 2030-2010 while now i am 3004

LastRick: Some of yall submitting some good code right now -- I've dropped 100 spaces in the past few minutes going to get coffee.

Presac: Might just be the servers dropping...

LastRick: What does that do to us?

LastRick: (First contest so I truly dont know)

struct: submits are currently frozen I think

struct: ah they are working

struct: just slow

struct: There are many

struct: 800 submits just on Fall challlenge

LastRick: I get it. Does that mean your ranking is incorrect while that is stuck?

struct: Well it needs to reach 100% so you know your final rank

struct: you start from the bottom

Tandy1000: i keep noticing sometimes when an opponent finishes a potion that i was about to complete, my code hangs. if two bots submit the brew for the same potion at nearly the same itme, what happens? does one get invalidated? how do you check for that?

Tandy1000: there's no try - catch for issuing the brew command is there?

struct: you both get it Tandy1000

eulerscheZahl: same turn -> both get the points

LastRick: I'm just debugging and using the "Play My Code" but I see my ranking changing all the time. How do I know if my code is better? Do I have to use Test in Arena?

struct: yes

LastRick: oh

struct: Or you can play vs other players in ide to check

LastRick: i had been avoiding that because it takes so long

struct: An easy way is to see the battles that you lost and send them to IDE

struct: and check if your current code beats them

LastRick: ok

LastRick: to the bottom I go!

Nazdael: Is there any good read I can do for this game, every time I start coding I feel like I am missing on something very important on how to manage my AI decision making.

Nazdael: Like to simulate a good outcome

Nazdael: and what action is appropriate

Zenoscave: Nazdael Take the time to create a model in your code. With the appropriate methods to build a simulation before going full in sim

Zenoscave: also, PEWPEWPEW

eulerscheZahl: current #3 giving hints

eulerscheZahl: i'll take one

Zenoscave: Euler your node counts are low. fixit. ezpz

Nazdael: Not sure what you mean by appropriate methods for siming?

eulerscheZahl: really? :(

eulerscheZahl: how many do you get?

Zenoscave: I was double or tripling your counts in some cases.

Zenoscave: similar ms

Blacksoul: hey guys, anyone trying to solve the challenge with scala? I am trying to run it locally, my code on the web works, but when i ran it locally, the game engine wouldn't recognize my player. it doesn't fail or anything, it creates a player with my scala class, but in the first turn there is no output, and i am just disqualified

eulerscheZahl: scala has some problems reported

Zenoscave: Nazdael what language

Blacksoul: anyone having the same issue while running it locally? (cloned the github project and added my class)

struct: Zenoscave can I get a tip?

Nazdael: c#

Zenoscave: Nazdael make a class that represents the current state of the game and another class that represents each action you can take

eulerscheZahl: oh, for offline run: didn't test with scala

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: lol, I did wrong and it just keeps learing spells if it cannot cast anything

Nazdael: Like spells, recipe, witch and game context?

eulerscheZahl: can you run your bot from the command line? that way you could inject any bot

Zenoscave: struct you don't show up on the bot plays

Zenoscave: yes Nazdael

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: i think you can switch the bot in the idee?

struct: :'(

eulerscheZahl: like: gameRunner.addAgent("dotnet /home/eulerschezahl/bot.dll");

Zenoscave: did you just resubmit?

struct: no

eulerscheZahl: legend or delete?

Nazdael: I have them but the thing is that I cannot figure out a good way to simualte how far I am from a brew and what is a good step - learn or cast

Zenoscave: struct quit hiding

Nazdael: I thought that I could calculate them like point distances, but it doesnt feel

struct: I'm not hiding

Blacksoul: i debugged a little bit, and the addAgent works, it is added. the issue comes from when it tries to get the output, it always gets a "" (empty string)

Nazdael: right :D

struct: Gold or delete is more fair I think

eulerscheZahl: struct start coding

roglemorph: anyone know why code royale says it cant process site ID

roglemorph: my output is the exact same as the boss

struct: Ok ill start coding

LastRick: Newb question: Is this generally how many players join a contest? Or is the lag due to high participation?

eulerscheZahl: this is the biggest CG contest ever

eulerscheZahl: last time was already close to 5k

eulerscheZahl: before it was usually around 2.5k

LastRick: double the normal? woah

DomiKo: and only 20 T-shirts :(

LastRick: people love anything Zelda i guess

eulerscheZahl: there were contests with 2500 players and 50 tshirts

eulerscheZahl: those days are over

reCurse: There's been a big 'marketing' push, it's been 6 months since last contest and many people are in lockdown

ToshiTuringMachine: one submit: 4 hours

eulerscheZahl: i don't even know where that marketing happened

reCurse: Streamers

reCurse: It's 2020

eulerscheZahl: they have that much influence?

reCurse: Apparnetly

Nerchio: the marketing should say "you can code in any language but you can win only with C++ or Rust"

Nerchio: :D

_Lupus_: well kind of. Because the tome only shows the top 6 spells, one of them has the highest tax :)

reCurse: So like real life?

eulerscheZahl: there are like 20 people watching?

reCurse: Sorry I include youtubers in streamers


DomiKo: 14K

DomiKo: 3 days ago

Remus_: Yeah, I wanted to say this too

Nerchio: yeah Errichto is pretty popular

eulerscheZahl: true, errichto has a fanbase

dreadylein: its related to where they are streaming also, 20 people doesent sound much, but in tech category of twich this should be the upper 10% allready

reCurse: It's also concurrent viewers

reCurse: Doesn't say anything about total

Nerchio: let's just say its all of those factors combined :p

dreadylein: :P

LastRick: Streamers are part of it but I think its mostly the "stuck at home" piece. I mean, I havent had this much time to code for fun in 15 years probably

dreadylein: whatever it was, it seems like it worked

reCurse: Might want to switch jobs

reCurse: j/k

LastRick: no offense taken

eulerscheZahl: oh, he's streaming right now. and i pinged him. sorry

Illedan: Yeah, I had 18 viewers on avreage in my stream, but 250 unique during those 4 hours

dbf: yep, he is solving it with DP. so once he is done no one can compete because DP will find optimal solution -_-

Illedan: Hmm, interesting

Illedan: I'll add that to my list

LastRick: I'm an engineer. We usually live at the plant or in our office but we've been kicked out bc of Covid to work from home.

Zenoscave: multi-Knapsack?

LastRick: I guess I'm sunk. I cant use DP to solve this because Grand Festival 2 is giving me fits.

Tandy1000: what's dp?

DomiKo: dynamic programing

struct: Also he streams in 2 places at once

Zenoscave: crazy

Majeck: Is there a way to know (Other than checking the current potions list with last turn's) if my opponent brewed a potion this turn?

LastRick: their score?

struct: if currentScore != lastScore

Majeck: Thanks

Zenoscave: have submissions quit stalling?

Xenoid: submissions seem to be running

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: they are still slow, but are running

reCurse: It's exactly like traffic after a car accident has cleaned up

reCurse: Gonna take a few hours

LastRick: hah

Zenoscave: You must not live near me. traffic after an accident is blazing fast until another redlight run causes a second accident

reCurse: Still takes a while to go through the traffic that backed up

Zenoscave: I see your point now. was missing that :P

LastRick: I've been saying, traffic has been piling up in bronze for a day or so

Default avatar.png LordSkaven: yeah, in bronze league now. Only started yesterday this time, and first time doing something like this.

Zenoscave: wonder if the pgsql 12.x caused it

LastRick: is this typical for the contest to stagger opening up leagues? What is the thought process behind that?

reCurse: They like living on the edge

LastRick: HAH!

reCurse: Last time upgrading languages before contest

reCurse: Now upgrading db before contest

reCurse: :thumbs_up:

reCurse: :P

Csipcsirip: does any1 know the name of the C++ std function, that inserts an element into a sorted vector in o(log2)

Zenoscave: LastRick it is typical. no idea of the reasoning

rcar: insert_element_sorted_vector_olog2()

LastRick: thanks

reCurse: The reasoning is to give more games to fewer players

reCurse: And give a sense of progression

reCurse: Also used to unlock additional rules but it was an experimental disaster

Michael_Howard: How often are repeatable spells actually used by bots that handle them? Wondering how soon I should do this.

Zenoscave: Csipcsirip

Tandy1000: can i get a job from doing well in this 'challenge'?

reCurse: Unlikely

LastRick: yeah if i read this correctly, all the rules are open with bronze? so silver and above is just about tuning your code

Zenoscave: I don't know of many US companies that use it. at least not in the regard you are approaching

reCurse: Yeah

Counterbalance: quick question - is c++ compiled in 32bit mode? Getting a compilation error that I also get locally with -m32 but not with -m64

reCurse: I don't think so

Csipcsirip: I used longer bitarrays than 32bit


Zenoscave: Tandy1000 if you do well enough it may make an accolade mention in a resume. That helped me

reCurse: "Your program is compiled and run in a Linux environment on a 64bit multi-core architecture."

struct: Im sure its 64

reCurse: Note that multi-core doesn't mean you have access to them

Zenoscave: was about to say reCurse

Counterbalance: that doesn't say whether the program is compiled in 64 or 32 bit mode, unfortunately

reCurse: I wish this FAQ was a community wiki, then we could just have automaton spam it on a random trigger and cut our jobs

reCurse: First time the bot would actually be useful

Zenoscave: I like it

Zenoscave: Good idea

Zenoscave: todo item #1123801329867132

reCurse: Counterbalance You could find that out with std::cerr << sizeof(void*) <<std::endl;

Xenoid: Csipcsirip, it's not possible to insert into a vector in O(log2 n) worst case. Vectors are stored contiguous in memory, so in the worst case an insert will involve moving at least half of the vector's elements. If you want fast insertion you need a different data structure.

Zenoscave: Like a red-black tree?

Xenoid: Sure, depending on what the other needs are

Zenoscave: Doesn't STL set use a red-black tree

aangairbender: it does

Zenoscave: I mean that's not implementation specified but I think it's a safe bet

aangairbender: according to the specification Sets are usually implemented as red-black trees.


aangairbender: cppreference I mean

Csipcsirip: ye xenoid, the insertion itself is ot l log2. i was looking for this btw: std::upper_bound

Xenoid: Ah, I see. Never mind then, I misunderstood what you were asking

AntonCosmin: is there a way to get the active code in arena instead of what I have in IDE?

Zenoscave: history tab AntonCosmin

Zenoscave: on the left of the window

AntonCosmin: thanks a lot!!

Xenoid: There is also std::binary_search for more general use

eulerscheZahl: that was a boring victory vs #1

eulerscheZahl: on submit, not an IDE crash

Zenoscave: I've had one of those too

Zenoscave: my only win against

aangairbender: I often see how #1 loses by not making enough deliveries, even Default wins him sometimes

eulerscheZahl: IDe doesn't matter

aangairbender: just too much learning, while opponent does the job

eulerscheZahl: the bot behaves differently in IDE vs arena

Zenoscave: IDE is a different bot. RUST is in debug mode in IDE

icecream17: oh, repeatable spells??? how did i miss that

aangairbender: And he uses Rust as well, rust could be x60 worse in IDE compared to the arena

eulerscheZahl: ceg syndrome

Zenoscave: blasterpoard eulerscheZahl Please resubmit. you're too close for comfort :P

blasterpoard: Zenoscave this is just a test version, not meant to do well

Zenoscave: ...

LastRick: dang

eulerscheZahl: my lucky streak is over...

reCurse: That issue was raised months ago but not a priority I guess

reCurse: Maybe this time it will be

aangairbender: oh I see myself on #60 in your list euler

struct: yeah, rust seems to be more popular now

eulerscheZahl: and you lost :P

struct: So I hope they address this problem

CommanderCero: try blackmailing everyone who opposes you euler

blasterpoard: reCurse reintroducing the bug I mentioned testerday actually improves my bot... luckily, I understood why after this version

Zenoscave: CommanderCero ssshhhhh I oppose him

icecream17: the spells that are not repeatable seem to be the ones that don't have negative delta...

eulerscheZahl: nah, i'll just grab some food

eulerscheZahl: still some TODOs for tomorrow

reCurse: Happy ending

Kirbiby: reCurse toi pas jouer ce contest ?

blasterpoard: now I have to completely rewrite the bot because I went the wrong way

reCurse: Maybe

jacek: Oo

Kirbiby: Oh please explaint the wrong way to be top 5 :d

Zenoscave: jacek hi

jacek: good evening

blasterpoard: Kirbiby it's bronze, bots are weak

Zenoscave: hows your bot

icecream17: The code agrees with me, can I depend on learns being repeatable if they cost something?

jacek: still meh. theres seem to be bug in my spell's bfs.

Kirbiby: weak, weak... The first 2 are undisputed since yesterday

Zenoscave: not always icecream17

Counterbalance: reCurse thanks.. its 64bit indeed, and it was (of course) a -Ofast bug.. -O2 made it compile.


reCurse: :+1:

Zenoscave: First 2 are major players it seems. I foresee them at least top 5 in legend. If they keep it up in improvements. higher

blasterpoard: I have a version that tied psyh.o's bot, but now I'm mostly trying to figure out stuff

reCurse: Psyho has a significant probability of dropping out

Zenoscave: Due to the other competition?

reCurse: Yeah or his own interest

Zenoscave: fair

blasterpoard: I also think emil is going to disappear at some point :)

reCurse: Why

blasterpoard: just a hunch

kovi: whose smurf?

Zenoscave: I'd agree to that hunch

Zenoscave: ^^^^

struct: Not sure if he will disapear though

reCurse: :thinking:

AntonCosmin: bot sometimes reads all the available input and sometimes it doesn' could that be?

Zenoscave: timeout AntonCosmin

Zenoscave: perhaps

struct: or you are printing multiple times per turn

struct: or printing without reading all inputs

Zenoscave: one of these 3 is likely the cause

AntonCosmin: I have games with 100 turns, if it's a timeout part of code will run next turn?

Valdemar: AntonCosmin if you timeout on next turn you will see message about reading issues

Michael_Howard: @icecream17 what is delta?

icecream17: input: delta0, delta1, delta2, delta3: the four numbers describing the consumption/producion of ingredients for each tier.


roglemorph: Standard Output Stream:

roglemorph: I think code royale is broken

icecream17: michael_howard, what league are you in?

icecream17: oh wait

Zenoscave: ranks 5,6,7 all aiming for my spot at least

Zenoscave: It was fun being top three for a few hours :) GL all

Default avatar.png Kalam132: do i need machine learning knowledge for these stuff?

struct: no

Zenoscave: nope Kirbiby

Zenoscave: Kalam132****

struct: Unless you want rank 1 on CSB

Zenoscave: sorry Kirbiby

Kirbiby: don't nope me :d

Default avatar.png Kalam132: what is CSB?

Zenoscave: coders strike back

jacek: or oware

Michael_Howard: @icecream17 fair question given mine. :) I name it something else & had forgotten. I'm bronze.

icecream17: yeah i didn't use the word delta much before the contest

cegprakash: omg battles are stuck

jacek: impossibru

cegprakash: and it's only 3 days into the contest

jacek: its sunday

Michael_Howard: Not stuck just s l o w

Michael_Howard: :turtle:

struct: Only 800 computing

aangairbender: cause 3k players in the same league

eulerscheZahl: because submit was stuck and now it's piling up

aangairbender: oh I see

jacek: lets spam submit more

Zenoscave: no thanks

eulerscheZahl: i'll let this one finish

eulerscheZahl: already did 49 submits in C# :o

eulerscheZahl: and 1 in PHP

aangairbender: lol I was ~2500, then I watched how top guys play, and now I am ~700 and still submit is testing

aangairbender: just started to learn a lot in the start

Zenoscave: nice aangairbender

eulerscheZahl: yet you couldn't avoid getting beaten by me :P

aangairbender: uhh, I just made a submit and the very first battle was against you euler...

Zenoscave: oops did you win?

Michael_Howard: @icecream17 not sure about the repeatable - I just logged them, some produce more ingredients, some produce higher ingredients, some produce more tier value.

Zenoscave: Because I didn't in my last against euler

aangairbender: I dont have any simulations yet, only bfs for potion making, so I guess there is no any chance I could win xD

Michael_Howard: @icecream17 if there's a strict pattern I can't see it

icecream17: I was saying that a spell is repeatable if it doesn't only add ingredients

aangairbender: oh I need to work on repeatable spells, now I am just ignoring that...

icecream17: (it doesn't only add -> subtracts somethinng)

reCurse: And if it's not a starter spell

icecream17: yeah

Michael_Howard: Ah. That seems true.

aangairbender: btw there is a repeatable flag in the input

icecream17: it is true:

reCurse: Still helps since the viewer doesn't give that info without hovering

Zenoscave: does anyone look at opponent sim yet?

Zenoscave: gz eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: oh, that went better than expected so far

eulerscheZahl: opponent prediction is on my TODO

eulerscheZahl: pretty sure kovi does it going by the messages

kovi: :)

kovi: probably should reverse the order if im red....

eulerscheZahl: you are my nemesis

kovi: just 1 game

kovi: very nice submit anyway

eulerscheZahl: i also had that random loss vs #704 :D

eulerscheZahl: (not a timeout)

cegprakash: wins: calls skills

Michael_Howard: aangairbender yeah we know, but if it can only be one kind of spell it can affect what to code

cegprakash: loses: calls random

eulerscheZahl: "unexpected"

Q12: If I slice an array and change one of the objects inside it does it affect the first array?

theycallmedavid: If the slice part of the original array, yes. If it is "deep" copied, no.

jke: What is the bonus points for tier-3 ingredients at end of game? I can't find it in the instructions.

Q12: Thanks that what I thought. What is the meaning of "deep copied", like element by element?

jke: Oh I found it.

Xenoid: Q12, array slices to a shallow copy. So if you change an object in the slice, it will also change the object in the original array. That's only for objects though. If you have an array of strings, numbers, or booleans, then changing the slice won't change the original array

Xenoid: jke, all tier1, tier2 and tier3 ingredients score 1 point. All that matters is they are above tier 0

Q12: Thank you Xenoid and theycallmedavid If I want to slice an array so when I changed an object it wouldn't change it in the original array, how can I do it?

Q12: Never mind I solve it

codeing: sup ?

codeing: what's up gay ?

codeing: tell me.

codeing: the break is important in switch case ?

VizGhar: huh, u joking? :)

codeing: what happen if my switch case don't have break ?

codeing: like this

VizGhar: if you match with first case, all other cases will be executed as well

VizGhar: most of the time you want to use break

VizGhar: (I think it is language independent)

codeing: java

codeing: classic

codeing: or object

codeing: `tets`

VizGhar: you can google it pretty easily

codeing: this code is ok ?

LastRick: in dart, the reason to not use break is if you want it to catch multiple cases


codeing: exactly with internet, we already have break.

VizGhar: Of course it will work... but maybe not the way you want it to :)

codeing: like ?

VizGhar: > if you match with first case, all other cases will be executed as well

codeing: lemme test something

VizGhar: go ahead :D

codeing: yeah.

codeing: true

GabrielDCelery: hiya, does anyone know whats the best way to tell if your bot times out?

codeing: but why ?

VizGhar: Best way to know for sure is to check console output :)

codeing: yeah i try this.

GabrielDCelery: I dont see anything on the console

icecream17: i wish last battles that timeout or draw are highlighted or something

GabrielDCelery: I assume it times out because my opponent provides a command and i dont but it doesnt throw any error

VizGhar: Are we talking about timeout in current Contest?

GabrielDCelery: yes the potion brewer

LastRick: if it times out, it will explicitly say so (I know from SO MUCH experience)

VizGhar: if so, you should see timeout there

codeing: mhm

VizGhar: try sleep thread for 2 seconds so you know for sure

codeing: but do case of switch are like loop ?

VizGhar: And scroll to absolute bottom. Im 100% sure you will see it there

Illedan: Nice eulerscheZahl

VizGhar: no. switch isn't loop

GabrielDCelery: thanks!

codeing: why break so ?

eulerscheZahl: i got my screenshot for the collection, now i can go home

Illedan: xD

LastRick: call it a day

eulerscheZahl: and back to 2nd

GabrielDCelery: this is one of the games that I suspect times out

LastRick: and the dream ends

VizGhar: break will stop execution of current block of code. :)

codeing: mhm

codeing: so something like this is cool ?


codeing: replace break by return

codeing: because break for me is specific for loops .

VizGhar: @Gabriel hmm can't see it in console either... try to send game parameters to IDE with code used back then... maybe you have just encountered bug. Many players mentioned some troubles last hour

VizGhar: @codeing return will immediately "finish" current method

VizGhar: Just play with it a bit, you will understand it soon

codeing: what difference with break in switch case ?

Default avatar.png HHannahh12: yo

VizGhar: google it :)

GabrielDCelery: @VizGhar thanks Ill try to figure it out

codeing: sure

codeing: thx

VizGhar: np

Default avatar.png fyusuf-a: Hey, do you know if both players take the same potion with a bonus, the countdown of bonuses is reduced by 2 ?

Default avatar.png fyusuf-a: It seems implied by the rules.

Xenoid: It is reduced by 2, yes

Default avatar.png fyusuf-a: +1 Xenoid, thanks.

struct: eulerscheZahl you got 1st yesterday while you were not here


struct: 21:26:27 GMT

ParticleBeam: I suppose the Stopwatch in c# would nto be useful for timing as it returns actual time and not processing time?

eulerscheZahl: thanks struct, i missed that indeed

eulerscheZahl: but now i got my screenshot and a resubmit with more sims

eulerscheZahl: stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds is what I use

Neumann: Doing BeamSearch euler ?

eulerscheZahl: not saying

Neumann: Fair enough

Astrobytes: he's learned his lesson by now ;)

Neumann: At least I know it's not MCTS :D

eulerscheZahl: :D

Illedan: Smitsimax for sure

Neumann: Opinions about minmax ?

eulerscheZahl: i should convert to chokudai

MadKnight: Illedan when Illemax ?

Astrobytes: simultaneous though, minimax not ideal. Also seems your own witch is more important

Illedan: MinMax might work Neumann, wonder when someone starts the WAIT meta

Zenoscave: What's the difference between beam and chokudai ? I always forget

cegprakash: MadKnight good to see u after long time

MadKnight: who needs WAIT when u can just output invalid commands ?

eulerscheZahl: wait for what? opponent solving a bonus quest so you get the full 3 point bonus after?

eulerscheZahl: beam: fixed width, variable depth chokudai: fixed depth

Zenoscave: huh

Neumann: If he's minmaxing too he won't complete his task. Deadlock. ggs

Zenoscave: interesting

MadKnight: wonder when somebody figures it out what to wait for

Illedan: Nah, stack up on ingredients and then try to take customers right before the enemy does. To supply block him :D

eulerscheZahl: did you see the replay magus shared on discord?

cegprakash: waiting for bonus quest sounds crazy

Illedan: Yeah

eulerscheZahl: i want to add the bonus to my bot. to adjust the order in which i solve 2 in a row

eulerscheZahl: right now it's random

Neumann: Got the link ?


Neumann: Thks

Neumann: The fuck is blaster doing

Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png PheonixVX: What do the stars on a puzzle mean? Difficulty? If so, why is a 4 star listed as easy? Is it the stars that are dark gray that denote the difficulty?

PatrickMcGinnisII: rating by coders

jacek: if they liked it

LastRick: if you mean the IN OUT puzzle it is the rating by people who finished it

LastRick: which is very subjective since we all have different reasons for our grading

Q12: What is the ideal ratio between the number of turns it takes to provide an order and the price of the order?

Default avatar.png PheonixVX: Thanks

Waffle3z: 1:23

Q12: :joy:

LastRick: q12: I guess that's part of the puzzle for each of us

eulerscheZahl: check some replays from the top and compute finalScore/turnCount

blasterpoard: then multiply it by about 1.2

Q12: Nice! didn't think of it, thanks eulerscheZahl

Q12: why blasterpoard?

jacek: and -3

Q12: You did it before?


blasterpoard: because the bots are bad

LastRick: carry the one

PatrickMcGinnisII: brews from turn 0... last # is $/turn

Q12: thanks blasterpoard

LastRick: all jokes aside, how do i actually watch the top people replays?

Waffle3z: view last battles


LastRick: cool thanks

**PatrickMcGinnisII starts searching OF

icecream17: both messages appeared at the same time....

cegprakash: I want icecream icecream17

icecream17: it's one of the best foods, like pizza

Q12: agreed

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: How come nobody is higher than bronze yet? Last time I played one of these lots of people were in the highest league.

PatrickMcGinnisII: allergic to ice cream :cry:

icecream17: silver hasnt opened yet

LastRick: we all decided to play together this time

_Lupus_: Silver league not opening until tomorrow

Beresta: what time it opens btw?

Astrobytes: Hammer time

LastRick: Closing time

tomatoes: in ~24h

Q12: the battles in arena is working now, yeah? because I don't want to submit my bot and stuck in a bad rank because of it

eulerscheZahl: it's fine

Q12: :thumbsup:

ParticleBeam: Bot has swung between 180 and 260...

cegprakash: do lower league submissions get less priority over higher league submissions? I think it's better to have at least 1 dedicated server for each league

cegprakash: my sisters' submission in wood2 was stuck for looong time

Zenoscave: you can pay for that then ;)

cegprakash: yeah I'm ready to pay :D

cegprakash: lets share

eulerscheZahl: lower leagues have less matches. but i don't think they have to wait longer

Astrobytes: your sister plays on CG also ceg?

eulerscheZahl: a while ago the whole submit was stuck

Zenoscave: does she read the description?

cegprakash: yes

cegprakash: @Astrobytes

Astrobytes: lol Zeno

Astrobytes: Awesome cegprakash

PatrickMcGinnisII: :joy:

eulerscheZahl: that was no a yes @zeno

Zenoscave: Family code!

eulerscheZahl: so she doesn't?

cegprakash: I read description

cegprakash: and I ask if I can't understand

cegprakash: I don't know what's there to troll about it

Zenoscave: tbh the description confuses me too sometimes

eulerscheZahl: i didn't understand the tax instantly

eulerscheZahl: and the spells disappearing after cast did the rest

cegprakash: the animation is super good

eulerscheZahl: "oh no, they are all gone! oh wait there they are"

cegprakash: making the rules understand

cegprakash: from animations

icecream17: in the settings you can set hide exhausted spells to off

eulerscheZahl: i know

Nerchio: at the start you couldn't

Nerchio: disappearing spells also confused me

Soulee: Hello, what is this warning

Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur.

eulerscheZahl: julien added the switch based on the feedback

eulerscheZahl: do you print multiple lines in each loop soulee?

icecream17: Your code output before getting input

kuhnchris: how does the ranking in the Fall Challenge work? I seem to beat my opponents, yet i'm still around rank 1100

icecream17: So you probably output twice or something

eulerscheZahl: ranking = TrueSkill algorithm

Bobbadillio: Yeah, that warning happened to me when I was accidentally outputting twice

BookSaver: Soulee, maybe your bot have not time to post command , too long calculate.

Soulee: yes I print a stream

Soulee: I add items to a steam and then I print them in forEach loop

Zenoscave: you can only print one command each turn

Zenoscave: then there will be more input to read

Soulee: I can print insie actionCount loop?

Beresta: btw what happens inbetween turns? any way to compute more while waiting for input or something? :D

Michael_Howard: @kuhnchris you must beat them more :smiling_imp:

eulerscheZahl: you read all the input. and then print 1 single line of output

eulerscheZahl: no printing in inner loops

Soulee: Ok thanks for the warning!

Waffle3z: how do you avoid timeouts in C++? I'm checking if (std::clock() - startTime > 49000) and printing asap afterwards but I still time out sometimes

jacek: 1ms might be not enough

eulerscheZahl: i have 40ms and 1 or 2 timeouts

eulerscheZahl: garbage collected language might be at fault here

Beresta: btw is there any way to completely shut down gc in C#?

Default avatar.png xSkyline: Can I view my games against the players on the top of the leaderboard ?

HungryBurger: I think you can specify any opponent for your bot to battle against.

HungryBurger: On the IDE, there's a "Players" section, it usually has your name and the name of the boss.

HungryBurger: Press "delete" underneath your boss, and I think it'll let you pick a new opponent.

eulerscheZahl: always keep a reference Beresta :P

Beresta: weeeeeel it won't prevent it right? at least first two times till your stuff gets to gen2 and won't be checked frequently

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @HungryBurger I only see players in top 1000

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: Does anyone know how the score is computed for the top 100 companies and top 100 schools?

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: I was just getting the hang of it and now theres a bunch of extra stuff in bronze league :(

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @DanTheMan832 that's half of the fun, you don't have too much time to "hyper optimize" one set of rules, it keeps chaaangin

Default avatar.png xSkyline: Got it, thanks @HungryBurger !

DeWitt: My bot have spent all the items to get one brew, not he is waiting for the whole game to get a free spell

DeWitt: :D

Remus_: rest maybe? :D

DeWitt: hm

DeWitt: ok, it is a bug. i have free +2 spell, but it doesn't want to use it

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: this is what I like about coding bots, we talk about them as if they had free will :P

Remus_: Well, in my case it's true, because I sure don't know what the heck it's doing

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: haha

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I knew exactly what my bot was doing, but between the previous version and the current one I added so many tunable parameters that I now have no intuition how to change them to get the bot to perform better xD

Default avatar.png Gronahak: Hi ! My bot is acting weird on the ladder for some fights so I send it to the IDE to debug, and there he acts normally. Any ideas as to why ? :thinking: I do not use any RNG

HungryBurger: Maybe the opponent is using RNG?

Nerchio: depends on what "acting weird' means

Default avatar.png rwilson: Gronahak - do you have anything limited by time spent? Likely to be different beween ide & arena.

Default avatar.png Gronahak: @HungryBurger have this problem for several opponents but maybe

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @Gronahak, you can also press "replay in same conditions" several times to see how it acts in multiple runs with same initial conditions

lambrosk: Guys what is the point of placing tax?

Default avatar.png Gronahak: @Nerchio Just doing a WAIT instead of acting ^^

lambrosk: I tried learning a spell at index 2 or 3 without having tax

lambrosk: and it worked

HungryBurger: Last content, I saw a battle where my bot lost in a very specific way I wanted to fix, so I brought it into the IDE, and it wouldn't repro.

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @lambrosk, if the perfect spell is there and you want it and don't want your opponent to have it

lambrosk: ohh

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @lambrosk :O

lambrosk: so a tax prevents enemy from learning

Nerchio: @Gronahak well maybe you changed the code between arena and now or something idk

lambrosk: i musth ave missread

Default avatar.png rwilson: lambrosk - tax works both ways... read careful

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @lambrosk, no you pay the tax to get the spell at index > 0

Default avatar.png Gronahak: Thanks for the feedback all :D

lambrosk: okay got it thank you

Default avatar.png rwilson: pedrosorio and you GET the tax on any spell you learn ... so if the free one has 10 blue on it, you get a nice full inventory to deal with.

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: haha

Default avatar.png Gronahak: @rwilson I do actually, this could very well be the reason why

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I haven't gotten that deep into it, but I suppose collecting a lot of blue can slow you down in some cases

icecream17: uh, do any of you have the website which shows all the inputs and debugging for a game replay id?


jacek: and use arrows to read those :v


icecream17: thanks

**eulerscheZahl got pinged

Astrobytes: sorry man :)

Zenoscave: has anyone compiled the ref offline successfully?

Zenoscave: src/main/java/com/codingame/game/[531,23] incompatible types: java.util.Optional<java.lang.Object> cannot be converted to java.util.Optional<>

Scarfield: pingstroBytes

jacek: AutomatonNN can you ping someone for me?

AutomatonNN: why would you promote to gold?

Astrobytes: Lurkfield

Zenoscave: confusedcave

Astrobytes: Zenohuh

Astrobytes: And no, I haven't tried

Zenoscave: Seems Java15 is incompatitble

Scarfield: still only made a random bot, probably wont make it to instant bronze :'(

DeWitt: how do you print anything on the sceen?

struct: Did you figure it Zenoscave?

icecream17: OUTPUT <space> COMMENTS

Zenoscave: nope not yet

Scarfield: silver *

struct: Check discord fall-challenge channel

struct: Some people had problems aswell

Zenoscave: :+1:

Astrobytes: toofastformetocorrectyouField ;)

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: Ecks-Dee-minate! Ecks-Dee-minate!

DeWitt: icecream17 , it doesn't work. it thinks that i want to repeat a spell

icecream17: Output <space> <#> comments

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: does anyone know the requirements to get to silver league?

Scarfield: minate? you should have been here the other day though. I was super tired and made so many spelling errors you could have had a field day :p

DeWitt: # character?

blasterpoard: pedrosorio you'll make it

Astrobytes: "field day" love it. Dalek-field. Exterminate! Ecks-Dee-minate!

DeWitt: is there silver league yet?

icecream17: # for "Number"

icecream17: Maybe also for comment

icecream17: Some languages have "//" for comment instead

LastRick: pedrosorio: I've heard to expect a percentage cutoff initially, but I dont know for certain

Astrobytes: Doctor Who daleks Scarfield

DeWitt: I still didn't get it

Zenoscave: My OoC fork repo was in the comments on discord lol Funny

Zenoscave: Turns out I fixed my own problem before I had it

DeWitt: CAST spell_id [?] [myComment]

Scarfield: ah, never seen it so the references go right over my head

icecream17: CAST ID #COMMENT

ParticleBeam: Explain

icecream17: instead of

DeWitt: :D

icecream17: CAST ID Repeat

Astrobytes: Shocking Scarfield, shocking :P

DeWitt: let me try

DeWitt: thanks

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @LastRick but percentage cutoff is weird, because you can make it there any time until the fall challenge ends, right?

icecream17: You can use other symbols to prevent the repeat: CAST ID //comment

DeWitt: interesting

Michael_Howard: If you learn a spell at index 1, with 1 tax on it (i.e. enough to pay) but have no blue, do you get the spell & break even, or is it "no you can't have credit till end of turn"

LastRick: again, i dont know. but there has to be some criteria for where they stick the boss in bronze, correct?

icecream17: The separator is a space for both for some reason

Scarfield: pedrosorio yea you can league up until contest ends, and the "contest" will be available as multiplayer after it ends

LastRick: so thats been my criteria for success in bronze (and i might be wrong): I find someone ranked around 40% and play against their code in my IDE

icecream17: Every time I lose it's either super close or I lose by >30 points

icecream17: And nothing seeems to be wrong, i'm just making a few less potions, and my bot seeems to be doing something

Scarfield: hmm thought i had seen Doctor Who being on Netflix, apparently not

Astrobytes: Oh they removed it to the BBC one and Amazon I think Scarfield

Astrobytes: 'Britbox'

Scarfield: sadness, have heard that its great, just never seen it

Astrobytes: Story-wise it's a bit weak currently but it's great yeah

Majeck: Fellas what do you think is better, a potion that gives me 10 rupees in 5 turns or a potion that gives me 4 rupees in 2 turns

LastRick: A little frustrating. I see a game in the Arena where my code times out. I send those parameters to the IDE and replay and I DON'T timeout. How do I debug this?

Astrobytes: There are always torrent-y solutions ofc

Scarfield: the big library yes

Majeck: LastRick my code doesn't even throw an error when it times out :)

**eulerscheZahl officially warns Astrobytes

jacek: huh

**Astrobytes wonders for what?

eulerscheZahl: for the torrent (kidding)

LastRick: Majeck: Since theyre the same $/turn, wouldn't it depend on if your opponent were playing quickly or big $? My best guess.

**Astrobytes torrents frantically

Scarfield: xD

Scarfield: * Scarfield forgot how to do this

Astrobytes: / m e something

**eulerscheZahl slaps Scarfield around a bit with a large fishbot

eulerscheZahl: /slap alsow works

Majeck: Yeah I just had two potions with the same $/T and was wondering which potion I should tell my witch to brew

**Scarfield like this

**Astrobytes schools Scarfield in the art of /me-ing

Scarfield: yay

icecream17: You can look at your debug at clicking on "Replay and Share" then clicking the < ... > at the Game Information thing

icecream17: oh what

**Majeck is upset his code timeouts

icecream17: the chat just scrolled down so much

**Astrobytes grants Extra Time potion to Majeck

Scarfield: next lesson will be me-me-ing

eulerscheZahl: i got a timeout as well

**Majeck cries about the turn time limit being 50ms instead of 100ms

LastRick: So it even happens to the best of us, Majeck.

Astrobytes: One of my friends used to call memes "me-me's"

Majeck: pfff it's pronounced meemee

struct: méme

eulerscheZahl: miehm

jacek: isnt this what you call it? mehmeh

struct: mehme

icecream17: the first e is silent

Scarfield: in the danish sub reddit "dankmark" its "mig mig" mig = me in danish

Majeck: mmee

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @LastRick how do you find someone ranked 40% to play? I only see people in top 1000 to add to my IDE

Majeck: pedrosorio you can't as far as I know

struct: you need to follow them

Astrobytes: MEEM

LastRick: so pick #1000

PatrickMcGinnisII: me<=>me

struct: if you follow you can filter I think?

icecream17: astrobytes that's genius

PatrickMcGinnisII: meem

Majeck: I was playing with some friends yesterday and even though I followed them I couldn't play against them unless they were top 1000

Scarfield: i think you have to follow each other?

PatrickMcGinnisII: search bar should find them if they in same league

Astrobytes: that's normal Majeck, have to be in the same league and within 1000 places

Majeck: Yeah, figured

struct: you are right

eulerscheZahl: usually not an issue

eulerscheZahl: but this contest is huge

struct: euler first again? or didnt change?

struct: Lag today is unbearable

Astrobytes: yeah, how many total now?

struct: due to chat

eulerscheZahl: so that's why you have to rank at the top, to be seen :D

eulerscheZahl: i resubmitted a version with twice the sim count

Astrobytes: Hmph. Not coding til tomorrow.

icecream17: now that so many people's bots have improved i'm probably not gonna get to go to silver when it opens

Astrobytes: Go after then.

Scarfield: but challenge yourself to only have one submit :p

Astrobytes: Or delete

icecream17: it'll probably have bugs if i do that

PatrickMcGinnisII: top 1/2 of bronze is in general good, but some contest have had steep bots

**Scarfield coughs

icecream17: *gasp*

**Astrobytes kicks Scarfield, clearly COVID+

struct: wont be close to 1/2

struct: league has 3200 players

Scarfield: lol

Scarfield: i did read that Elon Musk tweet, you never know

Astrobytes: what tweet?

Astrobytes: I don't twit

PatrickMcGinnisII: -2 +2 *cough* ... You can't enter NASA!

Scarfield: nah saw it on reddit, he apparently has cold symtymps, 4 tests 2 positive 2 negative

Scarfield: symtymps.. here we go again

Astrobytes: meh, he's a knob anyway

eulerscheZahl: hey, got a stream battle at the very end :D

Counterbalance: that's what they are, aren't they

Counterbalance: crap scroll

PatrickMcGinnisII: his sh8t being launched today in a few minutes i believe and they won't let him on property

struct: I watched a bit, but that was too complicated to me

struct: I never did DP

Majeck: What places and up will ascend to silver according to you all?

struct: Maybe I did DP by mistake before

Scarfield: ooh nice link euler, didnt realise emi l was errichto

Astrobytes: oh errichto's taking a DP approach. How surprising :P

PatrickMcGinnisII: watch launch, it's at 7:27 EST

Scarfield: wait lol, he was watching a replay xD

eulerscheZahl: emil is not Erricht o

Scarfield: and i failed misserably at not pinging

Astrobytes: so did euler

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @icecream17 if they use a rule similar to "better than default Ai bot", you should make it easily

icecream17: i think the boss is gonna be around 250th

PatrickMcGinnisII: my bot is learning stuff, but i haven't figured out the tax yet.

PatrickMcGinnisII: the default is still kicking my butt 80% of the time

LastRick: I'll confess, I still don't understand repeatable

icecream17: repeatable: if true, you can do the cast multiple times in 1 turn

eulerscheZahl: AB => CD also includes AABB => CCDD

ParticleBeam: Repeatable allows you to cast the spell multiples times in one round if you have the ingredients


struct: If I get gold Ill call it an achievement

struct: I have no clue what Im doing

LastRick: i guess i never have enough ingredients then

icecream17: repeatable is true if: not 4 basic spells subtracts at least 1 ingredient

PatrickMcGinnisII: lost 400 places on leaderboard overnight again, people arre putting in some effort

DeWitt: when i am buying a cast, do i need to have evnough items in the begging of the purchase, or i can use ones that are on the cast?(tax)

icecream17: enough items in the begnninng

icecream17: "The read-ahead tax is applied after learnt spells have disappeared from the tome,"

icecream17: followed by something i dont understand " meaning new spells may be present in the 6 available when the ingredients are placed."

ntroPi: thats because the other player may have learned a skill too

ntroPi: so your tax may be placed on a skill that was too far up before you chose.

LastRick: Patrick: Same. I've lost 200 spots today with code that is my better (IMO) than early. I mean yesterday I was never break 70 rupees. Today, hit 116. But others are cranking too. Place has been busy all day.

ToshiTuringMachine: DeWitt You may only do this if you can afford it. tax incomes after

PatrickMcGinnisII: finally

Skynse: since when was there a replay feature

icecream17: since i joined a few months ago, or even earlier, idk

ToshiTuringMachine: always

ToshiTuringMachine: I'm here since 2016

Gabbek: Hello everyone :)

icecream17: Hi

Gabbek: quite busy day I see, so many people in bronze now, very nice.

Gabbek: The silver league opens tomorrow?

icecream17: (i'm gonna test some emoticons) =) :) :D =D

Gabbek: I see 4, if that helps you icecream17 :P

icecream17: uh yeah it opens tomorrow

icecream17: there's this one with an even bigger mouth for some reason :grinning:

Gabbek: that's actually scary, haha

icecream17: ooh there's :ice_cream:

icecream17: the food emoji section looks delicious

Astrobytes: icecream17 you don't have to test them all out, they work

**Scarfield can sense a challenge

icecream17: no i was originally testing emoticons...

icecream17: lol scarfield

Astrobytes: don't be obtuse

Gabbek: that emoji would fit your avatar well, icecream17 :)

icecream17: like ":" + ")"

rcar: there's actually 2 of them that don't work. you should try them all until you find them

Gabbek: * googles obtuse

struct: :hammer:

Astrobytes: lol that's not necessary struct

Astrobytes: icecream is cool :P

Scarfield: sigh xD

icecream17: some less used ones might be useful though, i found :grey_question:

icecream17: oh that's huge

struct: :smiling_imp:

icecream17: ? :grey_question:

icecream17: yeah huge

Gabbek: :ballot_box_with_check: emoji testing - done

icecream17: This checkmark looks better :white_check_mark:

Astrobytes: Alright, we know

icecream17: oh now it looks un circle-ish. slightly pixelated, non-vector

Scarfield: I have a feeling the productivity of us in chat right now is about the same :p

Astrobytes: wanna test emojis? make a channel, join it, spam away

Scarfield: #Emogees

icecream17: (pun i didn't notice) icecream is cool

Astrobytes: ;)

PatrickMcGinnisII: :popcorn:

Scarfield: kraftwerk

Astrobytes: lol, I'm not coding, just attending to my KoL Scarfield

Astrobytes: And watching chat ofc

Astrobytes: hashtag NoCodeTilMonday

Scarfield: i have been on about an hour, all i have done so far is assigning an array with new root nodes. Might as well admit defeat for today

PatrickMcGinnisII: says there's 42 learn spells, but i found 64 so far

icecream17: the witches smile when it just sits there and does nothing is...

Default avatar.png rwilson: PatrickMcGinnisII found 64 unique spells ? or just 65 unique id's for learnable spells so far :)

Astrobytes: The other witch brews while we stand about!

PatrickMcGinnisII: define('TOME',['-3 0 0 1'=>true ,'3 0 -1 0'=>false,'1 0 1 0'=>true ,'0 1 0 0'=>true ,'3 0 0 0'=>true ,'2 -2 3 0'=>true ,

PatrickMcGinnisII: ones i found so far

PatrickMcGinnisII: i bool them for if I want them or not

PatrickMcGinnisII: more than 42!

rcar: are those across multiple games? maybe just 42 available in any given round


struct: The ID can change

struct: The spell does not

Astrobytes: The spells are in the github

Astrobytes: Oh struct beat me to it

PatrickMcGinnisII: I started with that list

AllYourMCTS: what do you mean the id can change?

PatrickMcGinnisII: then when i run, everytime a tome spell isn't found in the lookup, i add it

Scarfield: from game to game

Scarfield: AllYourMCTS

AllYourMCTS: how?? they are always initialized in the same order aren't they?

Astrobytes: lol, AllYourOre?

AllYourMCTS: :)

Astrobytes: :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: 0 -3 3 0 not set in TOME

PatrickMcGinnisII: found another

PatrickMcGinnisII: up to 65

PatrickMcGinnisII: i think game has been changed

Scarfield: sure you are reading them correctly? 0 0 -3 3 is one i can see

rcar: 0 -3 3 0 is line 50

icecream17: found another


icecream17: whatttt


Scarfield: line 36

icecream17: it's in github but not in your list

Scarfield: have you copied the spells as tomes by mistake?

icecream17: So 42 learns, and 36 potions

Scarfield: oh yea i meant potions not spells.

icecream17: i think they're actually called brews

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmmm, nha there in the same order

PatrickMcGinnisII: nah

icecream17: i just call them learns and potions in my code

icecream17: learns = tomes

struct: what's max possible id?

struct: under 256 right?

Scarfield: yes

PatrickMcGinnisII: my middle two numbers are reversed in every one, wtf

Scarfield: there is not enough tomes and spells to sum so high

PatrickMcGinnisII: I cut paste directly from the github

PatrickMcGinnisII: how would middle two numbers be reversed

struct: github has no changes on that file

PatrickMcGinnisII: maybe i had old window from 2 days ago still open

icecream17: I got 107, probably not the highest

PatrickMcGinnisII: icecream17 line 38

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm, it's too messed up that all the ing1 and ing2 values are reversed in my code

PatrickMcGinnisII: and I didn't type it in manually


PatrickMcGinnisII: icecream17 yup that's the 42

PatrickMcGinnisII: wow, i gotta go thru idea how values got switched ... i got a ghost in my machine

gitKad: What do you guys do to measure a turns elapsed time in Javascript? I thout would be precise enough, but most of my round take " 80 ms " without getting disqualified...

icecream17: start the timer after the first input

Astrobytes: ^

Default avatar.png rwilson: gitKad - be extra careful with your timings. it's pretty easy to accidentally be timing 'your time+opponent time'

gitKad: Ha wow. Thank you very much :thumbsup_tone2:

icecream17: those candles look very dangerous

gitKad: Love it, my clocks went from ~80ms / turn to < 2 ms / turn :grin:

Astrobytes: Knowledge is power gitKad ;)

PatrickMcGinnisII: damn, my bot works better now that the values are correct

PatrickMcGinnisII: :8ball: in my machine

LastRick: weird how it works that way

ToshiTuringMachine: how do you cope with opponents moves? every move creates a new tree... with trees on every leaf?

adouz: can someone explain to me why my inventory have 11 ingredients when i learned in 19/53 move:

ToshiTuringMachine: just montecarlo?

Remus_: lol

Default avatar.png rwilson: adouz - when you learned, you collected the 2 blue on that spells tax

adouz: rwilson - but in the rules at Learning Spells: it says '...If the witch's inventory is full, the excess is discarded.'

Default avatar.png rwilson: which is what it's showing in the replay. i don't actually see a point where you have 11 in inventory ( it sortof animates it, but then animates the discarding of it )

ToshiTuringMachine: you can't have 11. it's 10

ToshiTuringMachine: rwilson is correct

Astrobytes: excess is discarded so your inventory maxes out at 10

Astrobytes: :digit_one::digit_zero:

adouz: is that mean that it just problem with animation?

Astrobytes: the frames don't always match up to the data (sometimes), trust the data

Default avatar.png rwilson: to be fair, the animation in the replay does show 1 of the blue push into inventory - making the tier-3 dorito chip smash into the middle of the inventory area -- but it immediately gets animated back ( on Chrome ) ... could be getting stuck on other browser

adouz: alright i was just confused, thank u

cegprakash: Magus printing some probability in messages lol

Default avatar.png Keb: Hi, quick question, do you know if it's possible to require("pref_hooks") in typescript ?

phord: Witchy-talk is public debugging. lol

Default avatar.png rwilson: ;) i prefer the ones that use it to smack talk ;)

phord: I assumed that's what it's for, but I don't watch the animations, tbh.

Astrobytes: you'll see all kinds of output there :D

phord: The replay animation just shows up as a black screen for me (Linux, Brave browser). I get the first frame, and then the rest is black.

Anyone else?

Astrobytes: I'd recommend closing the browser (or just the tab, prob browser) and try again

Icebox: I hereby present you

Icebox: whatever the f this is supposed to be


Astrobytes: 82?

Default avatar.png Good_Coder: Bruh

Default avatar.png rwilson: Nice ;) seen a bunch of 12-ish in arena... never seen tax get that high though .... IDE playing against someone? or your own bot?

Icebox: against myself

Loran: that is an impressive tax count

Default avatar.png rwilson: ;) you really don't like that spell for some reason then ... huh ?

Astrobytes: tf though

aristotelis-bobas: looool

cegprakash: all top 100 have some tree based search :o

cegprakash: that makes me sad

cegprakash: I have not even started a search yet

dreadylein: mh ?

dreadylein: ah

LastRick: Does the game give you you and your opponents scores as data?

Astrobytes: second loop

Astrobytes: you're player i==0

Default avatar.png rwilson: LastRick - last INT on the inventory input lines..

LastRick: oh yeah, its with the inventory. Hidden away in a subroutine, thanks everyone

Astrobytes: np

LastRick: if your code is like mine, it's a mile long

Astrobytes: Mines just a few more lines than the default to get to Bronze, not coding properly until tomorrow

LastRick: *weeps into code***

Default avatar.png AFOLOGO: kh

Astrobytes: anyway, goodnight/happy coding/good luck/have fun etc. See you all tomorrow

LastRick: night

Gabbek: good night

phord: How can you tell that another player has a tree-based search?

Atomic_coder: morning

dreadylein: hey

Default avatar.png Good_Coder: morning

Hjax: does someone have a brutaltester referee for the contest?

Nerchio: hjax

Nerchio: run from java quickly

Nerchio: in this contest :D

aCat: run from java always :D

Illedan: Java runs on everything

dreadylein: mhh

dreadylein: why run from it ? :P

Remus_: Crew-1 launch in 1 min if anyone is interested

Illedan: ty

Cappefra: so my bfs can't handle more than 4 spells without timeouts

Cappefra: I'm already avoiding visited nodes...

dreadylein: time for optimizimg :)

Cappefra: hints on how to optimize?

dreadylein: what language are you using ?

Cappefra: c#

Gabbek: I have a very weird issue, anyone has some idea what could it be?

I'm using C# and allocating available actions in my search - each iteration takes much less than 1ms, but sometimes there's a single iteration which takes around 10-20ms. What could it be? Seems like garbage collection since the operations are really cheap and there's no way that there would be so much more computing required in a certain case.

dreadylein: yeah gc most likely

dreadylein: @cappefra in this case you have tons of options for sure :)

cegprakash: add a feature -> rank drops

Gabbek: Cappefra - I would suggest a bit of pruning

Gabbek: if you have 2 spells available: 1st which generates 3 blues, and 2nd which generates 2 blues - always use 3 blues, for example

dreadylein: basicly check what could eat up a lot of cycles, simplify logic, think about the smallest way you can save the gamestate, try to decrease branching condition to a minimum, thinking about function calls and if they are absolutly needed or if you can inline them

Gabbek: dreadylein any idea if you can do something about garbage collection then?

dreadylein: if you want to motivate yourself eulersche is at #1 atm seems to visit around 30-60k nodes in c#

Gabbek: noowhere close to eulersche, but I would like to atleast not timeout due to situation like this :(

Remus_: That is kinda bonkers, I am trying to match him, but can't get over 20k atm :( Also mine is buggy as hell

Gabbek: and using 20ms instead of 50ms doesn't sound like a good solution :D

dreadylein: you can try to give the ilvm a hint to not gc by marking it critical, but this only works if you actualy sure you dont need to :P

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: Rank 200, visiting 400 unique nodes in Python :D

Gabbek: nice one pedrosorio :D

dreadylein: best is normaly not to create toomany stuff that needs to be collected

cegprakash: how euler earns 50 rupees more than me in every game

Gabbek: so I should change my game actions from a class to an int, correct?

dreadylein: most likely cheating :D

dreadylein: it depends, but in this case yeah it will most likely help

Gabbek: well then, I'll try that tomorrow - thank you very much for the insight

Gabbek: I just couldn't figure out anything so I've asked, thanks a lot :)

dreadylein: np

linjoehan: I'm still thinking about how to do this one.

KrabbyFR: Good evening! Can someone help me with this?

KrabbyFR: Is the first spells are free for both witches?

KrabbyFR: or only to the first one who learned it?

dreadylein: ?

dreadylein: the first spell is always free

dreadylein: or what do you mean

KrabbyFR: for both of them?

dreadylein: at least if iirc

dreadylein: yeah should be

Hjax: when one witch takes it from the shop, the other cant have it anymore

Hjax: er, tome

KrabbyFR: yeah

Hjax: if they take it at the same time, they both get it

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: yes, the first spell you receive in the input is free

KrabbyFR: sorry I yeah I used another term xD

Loran: yeah free for bottom slot. since both take at same time they both get tax and it has no cost.

KrabbyFR: ok thank you, seems like I can't learn the first tome for free somehow :/ let me see where's the bug lol

KrabbyFR: ah, so like you cannot learn for free the last tome for example?

KrabbyFR: nvm

KrabbyFR: thanks hahaha

Loran: yes first in order not as in the first spell you buy

Default avatar.png alexthe2: can I install pip packages?

Hjax: no

Default avatar.png alexthe2: can I create multiple files?

Hjax: no

Default avatar.png alexthe2: ok thanks

KrabbyFR: hum actually I can't figure that out: my witch first actionw as to learn the most expensive tome, but it says not enough ingredients to learn

Hjax: you have to pay the tax

Hjax: 1 tier 0 ingredient per page in the tome

KrabbyFR: ok, what is free then?

Loran: which is stored at tome_index

Hjax: the first one is free

KrabbyFR: ....

dreadylein: the first one is free means

Hjax: the second one costs 1, third one costs 2

dreadylein: the first spell in the list :)

KrabbyFR: omg I'm so sorry hahaha

dreadylein: so basicly learn 0 is always free hehe

Hjax: yeah what dreadylein says

KrabbyFR: ok I thought the very first "one learned" is free hahaha

KrabbyFR: I need to walk away from my screen for a bit I think, but it's so addicting

KrabbyFR: thanks guys!

AbsentMoon: Does anyone mind giving me some strategies for picking spells to learn and a system of how you implement those spells?

icecream17: that's what the contest is about

icecream17: i mean, i try to calculate how helpful each spell is

icecream17: *learn, tome

icecream17: well, first actually,

icecream17: i use the fastWayToDoEachRecipe

icecream17: and then choose the most helpful learn or spell, or do a potion

icecream17: some people simulate games to see which option is the best

AbsentMoon: Interesting. Thanks for the help. I might just manually put in the ones I think are best lol

Weltal327: Can anyone give me advice on how to figure out why my code doesn't deliver an output in time?

Lysk: run it locally (by copypasting some valid inputs)?

AllYourMCTS: print out times at various points in your code

PatrickMcGinnisII: could almost see from my house

Lysk: nice!

BrunoFelthes: @Weltal327 are you using language with garbage collector?

AbsentMoon: Does anyone have a list of the tome spells with their ID's? I have the list off GitHub, but I don't want to go through the process of figuring out the ID's.

Counterbalance: the ids change when they're learned so I didn't bother. I just check for the deltas to get an index in a static array.

LastRick: Amazing how many people are playing this contest

danjrauch: Can you compile with c++14?

Counterbalance: servers use c++17

AbundantPuddle: To make things easy on myself, I like to make all my variable names one character.

phord: Compiles faster, too.

AbundantPuddle: Big 🧠

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: giant brains

AbundantPuddle: Opponent can't finish the race if they're doing donuts around the checkpoint

phord: Yeah, but sometimes you just gotta buzz the tower to show them you don't care about their rules.

LastRick: HAH

Blacksoul: How does he get the same number of points as me at the end? Am I missing something?

tomatoes: unused reagents

Blacksoul: come again?

gitKad: Players gain 1 rupee for each tier-1 ingredient or higher in their inventory.

gitKad: Game end section of the rules

Blacksoul: ooooooooh

Blacksoul: i didnt see it, thank you 🙏

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: donut around checkpoint lol

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Zenoscave: what's euler's replay repro link?

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: idk

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: any idea how to get silver?

gitKad: Many ideas :wink:

Zenoscave: no. why play CSB? You know there's an active competition right?

LastRick: You gotta beat the boss to get to silver

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: improve my code?

yhyoxx: yes

LastRick: that code looks like it would never make a potion

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: because its CSB

yhyoxx: it looks like it would never not kill someone on a turn

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: hahahah

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: improve my csb code

yhyoxx: look up " steering behaviors "

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: how to look up

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: its python 3


AbundantPuddle: I don't know. Thrusting can make a lot of things. One could assume this includes potions.

Zenoscave: lol gitKad

gitKad: The first result is amazingly insightful :

yhyoxx: i cant thrust you honesly

yhyoxx: exactly

AbundantPuddle: You should never thrust anybody with a speech impediment.

Zenoscave: oh? Why not?

yhyoxx: id never thrust someone who uses the word 'impediment'

yhyoxx: also quite offensive

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: help me with csb boost

AbundantPuddle: Ith's juth a good rule.

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Zenoscave: Why is it a good rule? I don't get it

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: boost???

yhyoxx: bro just use ur brain

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: anybody wanna be friends?

AbundantPuddle: It's just a play on words.

yhyoxx: we're all friends here

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: like code friends like work things out together

yhyoxx: hmm

Zenoscave: No I understand the double entendre.

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: because I'm lonely :(

Zenoscave: Just don't understand the rule

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: i don't have any friends

gitKad: Play on words... thrust v.s. trust

Zenoscave: I get that...

yhyoxx: hilarious

AbundantPuddle: The whole second statement was merely to drive the idea home because I assumed you didn't get the initial joke.

yhyoxx: it almost took away the pain this bot is giving

Zenoscave: But you're not getting my question. Why is a speech impediment a reason to not trust someone

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

AbundantPuddle: It's not. It's a joke. It wouldn't make sense if I said not to thrust thieves.

Zenoscave: It makes just as much sense as what you said.

AbundantPuddle: Not at all.

yhyoxx: you cant joke with false statements

AbundantPuddle: You must be a hoot at parties.

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: 'thrust' the bots

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: a CSB joke

Zenoscave: I am. You must be a hoot at barrel jumping

AbundantPuddle: Lol yhyoxx

AbundantPuddle: Okay, I'm just going to assume that you're trolling now.

AbundantPuddle: gg

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: im just gonna practice coding

Zenoscave: Nah, not trolling. I just assumed you didn't like getting off your high horse like you assumed I didn't get the joke

Zenoscave: see barrel jumping. high horse. that's funny

phord: I think this thread has run its course, folks.

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: guys i might stream on here tomorr

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: tomorrow

gitKad: :point_up:

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: :NumberOne

AbundantPuddle: If you're not trolling, then you obviously didn't get the joke, and you were too stubborn to admit it and felt foolish when you had the entire chat explain it to you. I never was on a high horse, you were the one who obviously knew everything the whole time.

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: I'm acutally gonna stream tomorrow

Zenoscave: Good luck NoobCod3. enjoy the stream :)

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: thank you @Zenoscave

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: Hope you have a good dary

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: day

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: or whatever

yhyoxx: im actually a hoot everywhere :clown:

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: brb

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: hello

Default avatar.png NoobCod3: I changed my picture

Icebox: jesus what is happening in here

yhyoxx: x)

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :bento:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :poop:

phord: Mike Tyson was looking for a fight over hear.

phord: Mike Tyson was looking for a fight over here.

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: i am rank 14,001 in CSB

Zenoscave: Yeah I had a bit of a meltdown. Sorry bout that. took offense to the speech impediment thing

phord: --------End of thread---------

Zenoscave: How's your bot doing Icebox

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: shell restart

phord: ^L

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: the creator of codingame is onlune

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: *online

Zenoscave: euler got wait stealing fixed i think

NoobCod3: cool replay

ClockSort: when Silver league open?

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: notsure

Zenoscave: 12 hours or so? sometime on the 16th

NoobCod3: can someone help me code>

NoobCod3: i need to learn

NoobCod3: cause I'm trying to compete against my cousin

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: what language

NoobCod3: hes learning computer programming and I don't know what language he is using

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: just take-a-peek

NoobCod3: @Rodrigo_the_coder python or JavaScript

NoobCod3: mostly python i wanna learn

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: ya

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: infinite loop = while True:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: @success

NoobCod3: thats a code?

NoobCod3: for what language

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: python


Zenoscave: Here, this is a good overview

Zenoscave: anthing starting with "#" is a comment and just to explain.

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: a good overview

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: from tkinter import *

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: window = Tk()

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: #popup window

NoobCod3: can you give me more codes for python?

NoobCod3: i will follow you

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: ok

ClockSort: best to use std::clock for tracking time used in C++?

NoobCod3: i will private chat you @Rodrigo_the_coder

ClockSort: ironic that a guy named ClockSort can't use a clock :P

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: for noobcod3:

ClockSort: here's the ClockSort algorithm:

while(!isSorted(list)) { sleep(1000); }

ClockSort: eventually the bits corrupt into a sorted list

Zenoscave: ClockSort use high_resolution_clock or steady_clock

Zenoscave: std::chrono::

ClockSort: thanks

Zenoscave: they're more accurate for CG pruposes

Ifthel: Clock Sort < Intelligent Design Sort

ClockSort: I've had it with the C# garbage collector. Switching to C++ now.

Zenoscave: ClockSort gc can be bypassed if you keep memory alive between methods. IE static global refs

ClockSort: Zenoscave I'm doing that

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: #include

Zenoscave: Still getting gc'ed?

ClockSort: yeah

Zenoscave: hm. must be losing a openref

ClockSort: it should be ok to new a struct in my loop, right? it goes on the stack and bypasses GC?

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: