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leocrabe225: Hey guys, in Ghost in the Cell, can we know if a factory has been hit by a bomb ?

FuriousT: is it possible to dump molecules in Code4Life?

Default avatar.png tinManB: Hellow!

leocrabe225: Hello

Default avatar.png tinManB: can you please explain the chuck Norris technique?

leocrabe225: You need to struggle the guy from his back, you must compress his blood vessel, doing so he will pass out

eulerscheZahl: FuriousT no it's not possible

Default avatar.png tinManB: lol. I was talking about the challenge

leocrabe225: I don't know about any challenge lmao

Default avatar.png tinManB: ok then

AndrewAung11: Who can explain me about Skynet Revolution - Episode 1?

AndrewAung11: Can anyone explain me about Skynet Revolution - Episode 1?

leocrabe225: OK, I read the subject tinMan

leocrabe225: I can explain

leocrabe225: Do yo

Default avatar.png ProgrammerDog: moderate my contribution please

Default avatar.png ProgrammerDog: and by that I mean approve it

leocrabe225: Let's explain the first example

BenjaminUrquhart: time to not moderate ProgrammerDog's contrib

BenjaminUrquhart: AndrewAung11 are you still there?

Default avatar.png tinManB: I googled it and I think I got it now. so 1 is 0 and 0 is 00

leocrabe225: C = 1000011 in ascii binary, so you wanna separate the 0s from the 1s it give you 1 0000 11. Then if you wanna write a 1 you start with 0 otherwise you start with 00

leocrabe225: So : 0 0|00 0000|0 00

leocrabe225: for 1|0000|11

Default avatar.png tinManB: so the frequency is displayed by 0's with out spaces

Default avatar.png tinManB: right?

leocrabe225: You must output the spaces

leocrabe225: Or you would just have a lot of 0s

leocrabe225: And you must not separate the letters

Default avatar.png tinManB: o okay, the number representation 1st 0 or 00 and space then the frequency of appirance 000

leocrabe225: Like, if a A is 0000000 then AA translated is 00 00000000000000

Default avatar.png tinManB: got it thanks

leocrabe225: Ok nice, you're welcome !

Default avatar.png rajutsav1234: hiiiiii

Default avatar.png rajutsav1234: hiiii to all

Default avatar.png rajutsav1234: please say somthing

Default avatar.png rajutsav1234: please say

Default avatar.png rajutsav1234: please

Uljahn: please no flood :pouting_cat:

GoogleJeff: is it time for everyone to spam chat?

GoogleJeff: 🦃

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: c++ solution of tron battle

ProgrammerDog: thanks tysm

KiwiTae: hey bobs

struct: hi kiwi

Matrix007: hey guys...i need help with temperatures

KiwiTae: jiayou

Matrix007: i have finshed all other test cases except the simple test case..

KiwiTae: simple? no temperature?

Matrix007: no..the first test case

KiwiTae: bummer~

KiwiTae: whats the case?

Matrix007: 5 1 -2 -8 4 5

struct: Can you share the code

struct: ?

KiwiTae: need to output 1 no?

Matrix007: thats what i am asking how to share it

KiwiTae: paste it it will create a pastebin link

struct: just paste it here

Matrix007: i am a total noob so my code looks dirty...wait let me see

KiwiTae: no worry we seen worse


struct: They have seen my code

Matrix007: great theres it..

Matrix007: shall i just explain the code?

Matrix007: i am just sorry guys..

Matrix007: gotta go..

struct: Np, Im reading it

Matrix007: i will come later..

struct: oh ok

Matrix007: basic logic is seperate negative and positive...find smallest in both of them..make them both positive...find the smallest one thats the required one

Matrix007: i am sorry if it was spoiled..

KiwiTae: dont want to just use abs() ? hehe

struct: if(small==1) { cout<<-smalln; }

struct: its not the only problem

struct: removing this creates other problems

Default avatar.png Nezinau: Hey, can't figure out, why my code fails if first 2 numbers have smallest diff. Could you bring me on a right path?

Default avatar.png Nezinau:

Earthborne: Nezinau aren't you getting an index error when i==N-1?

DaNinja: it wont work if two consecutive numbers are negative

MadKnight: because this is js Nezinau

MadKnight: that explains everything

Earthborne: ^^^^

KiwiTae: :grimacing: Maddy

Default avatar.png Nezinau: :D

MadKnight: i'm not joking, his sort does string sort

Earthborne: wtf

Default avatar.png Nezinau: No i am not getting any error, just fails in submit phase.

DaNinja: abs(-8 - -7) is not 1

DaNinja: o_O

Default avatar.png Nezinau: oh,

DaNinja: wait

Earthborne: wait

Earthborne: it is though

**wlesavo waits

DaNinja: try abs(all[i+1]) - abs(all[i])

MadKnight: no i mean [1, 2, 10].sort() -> [1. 10, 2]

Earthborne: well that's weird

MadKnight: just check if it's like that

Default avatar.png Nezinau: try abs(all[i+1]) - abs(all[i]) same issue

jrke: all set for contest :muscle_tone2:

DaNinja: you need to split() the 2nd line

MadKnight: DaNinja since when are there negative numbers?

MadKnight: DaNinja it's not temperatues puzzle also

Earthborne: what puzzle is this anyway?

MadKnight: Nezinau don't listen to DaNinja he thinks it's temperatues

DaNinja: its not temps?

MadKnight: no it's horses

DaNinja: duh

MadKnight: Nezinau your sort goes [1, 2, 10].sort() -> [1. 10, 2]

KiwiTae: uuh we can't do string("hello")*2 in c++ to output hellohello?

Earthborne: But why on earth isn't he getting an index error on `for (let i = 0; i < N; i++) { all[i+1] .... }`??

Default avatar.png Nezinau: Yeah, its horses

MadKnight: u can if u overload * KiwiTae

struct: Earthborne he goes out of bounds at end

MadKnight: because it's js Earthborne

MadKnight: js allows u to go out of index

MadKnight: it just gives 'undefined'

Earthborne: oh

MadKnight: Nezinau fix your sort

Earthborne: I keep far away from js

Default avatar.png Nezinau: MadKnight, ok thx

Default avatar.png Nezinau: It worked, Thanks!!!

Earthborne: Ouf, gotta do some more exam reading before the contest start, good it wasn't until this afternoon

AntonCosmin: any hints about the fall challenge?

struct: Don't think there are any.

AntonCosmin: I am soo excited :) can't wait

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: code for tron battle

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: works in any league

jrke: hey struct saw you after a long time

struct: hi jrke

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: a very great code

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: try it now

struct: Can you stop spamming it Rodrigo_the_coder?

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: for tron battle

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: it was just a code

struct: Well you keep spamming it

MadKnight: it's not even full lol

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: if you try discord will donate you

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: money and solutions

MadKnight: wat

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

MadKnight: why would we want that, Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: because it's hard to figure out the best way to be sure to use the boost

MadKnight: do we just kick him, Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: oh and if you want to do that?

MadKnight: yea that's better

Default avatar.png SeekDog: Hi

Default avatar.png tinManB: Hello

Default avatar.png tinManB: Anybody who knows chuck Norris' method?

hem123: sure what do you need

Default avatar.png tinManB: I was able to convert simple chars to it. but special characters and long texts are different

hem123: python?

Default avatar.png tinManB: yes

hem123: yes so you need to loop per character

Uljahn: do you use 7-bit for binary representation with leading zeros?

hem123: ie: CC= 1000011+1000011

hem123: and indeed one need to make sure to make them 7 bit

Default avatar.png tinManB: yes I did

hem123: for example use .zfill(7)

hem123: CC= 1000011+1000011 ==>10000111000011

Default avatar.png tinManB: answer = .join(format(ord(i), 'b') for i in message)

Default avatar.png tinManB: for example for % i get binary 100101 but the expected result starts with 00

Default avatar.png tinManB: I thought zero was 00 and 1 is 0?

hem123: 7bits

Uljahn: you should extend the binary to 7-bit with leading zeros, for example use .zfill(7)

hem123: 0100101

Uljahn: :shrug:

Default avatar.png tinManB: answer = .join(format(ord(i), '07b') for i in message)

hem123: also if you wnat it short look into printf

Default avatar.png tinManB: look this is what I get even after .zfill(7)

Default avatar.png tinManB: Failure Found: 00 0 0 0 00 00 0 0 00 0 Expected: 00 0 0 0 00 00 0 0 00 0 0 0

Uljahn: maybe you have a bug somewhere else

Default avatar.png tinManB: its for %

hem123: i cannot look into your code but it seems to be missing the last number

Default avatar.png tinManB: Thanks it was a while loop problem

Oursbrun: there is a problem with the puzzle "codevs zombies"

Oursbrun: I hard coded and get all the test pass how can I report that

Oursbrun: "code vs Zombies"

wlesavo: thats not a problem, thats a feature

Uljahn: your score isn't very high, is it? the goal is not just to pass but to get the highest score possible

Oursbrun: ok, I see

struct: also the validators are different from test cases

struct: so hardcoding test cases wont do much

wlesavo: i think he meant validators

ImagineLosing: monkey

Uljahn: patching

DomiKo: ehhhh I have to do Code of Rings

DomiKo: I hate that opti :(

DomiKo: someone hate that one too?

ParticleBeam: A relatively basic greedy algorithm seems to work for Code of the Rings

DomiKo: not really :/

ParticleBeam: its not globally optimal no, but a reasonable place to start

ParticleBeam: Oh. I see you have done the puzzle already.

wlesavo: DomiKo you also may cash in some easy cp in cg sponsored, map detection + simple sim = easy top 15 there

DomiKo: you could be right

DomiKo: yesterday I finally done A*Craft and CodeVsZombie offline and reach top6 and top15

logiqub: @DomiKo I love it actually.

DomiKo: and CodeOfRight and Sposored are the ones I have to do

DomiKo: tell me

DomiKo: what is so great in that one?

struct: in sponsored?

logiqub: At first I hated it, because I don't really like Brainfuck. But once you get it working a little bit, it becomes fun. Probably easier if you wrote interpreters/compilers before.

DomiKo: struct in Code Of Rings

struct: 1:30 hours lets go

DomiKo: yea


ZarthaxX: hai sweetie :*

struct: /ban zarthax

struct: Hi

ZarthaxX: now you can actually do that

ZarthaxX: D:

DomiKo: :joy:

ZarthaxX: how u doin

struct: I didnt even know

struct: I'm fine thanks

ZarthaxX: excellent

struct: I only know I was a mod 2 days ago

ZarthaxX: lmao

struct: knew*

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

ZarthaxX: *it just came*

struct: Lets see if my accounts lasts more than 12 days

struct: my account*

struct: can't spell today

ZarthaxX: :rofl: god no

ZarthaxX: yeah i noticed :P

jrke: oh new hovering feature on leaderboard

struct: which leaderboard'

jrke: any leaderboard

struct: What is this "feature"?

struct: I don't see anything different

jrke: hover it

struct: I am

struct: ah it turns dark?

jrke: gotcha

struct: Not sure if I like it or not

jrke: another feature private team chat option on contest home page

struct: Is it really private?

struct: or just creates a new public room?

G-Rom: nop, public room

jrke: my bad

G-Rom: even if it was private, it's easy to update your school or company, so it's not really secure anyway

struct: I notice a nice feature

struct: Past contest pages load instantly

struct: Is this true?

struct: ah only happens if im not logged in

player_one: I'm looking forward to it. This will be my first CG contest since Wonder Woman! That's more than 3 years ago! Boy how time flies.

struct: that long?

struct: damn

Default avatar.png AhmedH2O: guys i keep getting this error SyntaxError: invalid syntax at not in a function on line 17 can anyone help

Default avatar.png AhmedH2O: and the print(ans) should be out of the function

struct: can you paste the code here?

Uljahn: check for balanced brackets

jrke: it means the syntax of code present on line 17

jrke: check it

Default avatar.png AhmedH2O:

DomiKo: does anyone from top 4 in A*Craft posted their hiscores?

Uljahn: x[n - x[n-c]

MadKnight: x[n - x[n - x[n -

Default avatar.png AhmedH2O: that was quick thanks

MadKnight: Automaton2000 how to end this ?

Automaton2000: ah, that might be a feature

jacek: eeyup

MadKnight: oh it's just an hour left

jacek: to what

struct: contest

jrke: to contest

jacek: impossibru

jrke: i m possible

struct: hi possible

jrke: :smiley:

ayachi-bassem: viele danke

jacek: oO

Uljahn: pardun?

Gabbek: Hello everyone :)

eulerscheZahl: a lvl1 user on the chat, how did that happen?

struct: Doesnt pidgin allow it?

G-Rom: we didn't lock the chat for user coming from the chat system of the contest. It will probably evolve in the future, quick fix to have the chat feature for teams

Nerchio: hola amigos

AlPaca: does codingame have an irc chat?

AlPaca: or matrix channel?

Gabbek: Hello Nerchio

MadKnight: isn't xmpp chat not enough ?

eulerscheZahl: so many users online, note the tiny scrollbar my chormium refuses to do anything. I wonder if that's related to the crowded chat

eulerscheZahl: switched to firefox now

MadKnight: page reload did nothing ?

struct: 1944 users

MadKnight: wow that's nice

Gabbek: eulerscheZahl tried to scroll down on chrome, it freezes :D

eulerscheZahl: and you have the reduced list

Gabbek: can't use it either way ^^

eulerscheZahl: my chromium bugs out as soon as i want to switch to world

eulerscheZahl: not even listing the participants

eulerscheZahl: i'll go to codeforces, kotlin heroes starts in 5min

Gabbek: good luck eulerscheZahl!

MadKnight: okay i prepared my new shiny codemerger and cg local and now i'm ready for the contest

MadKnight: on ff on my laptop world list doesn't lag

MadKnight: eulerscheZahl what's kotlin heroes ?

Icebox: Hello my dudes

ZarthaxX: the cube

Uljahn: hey

MadKnight: since when are u red

Gabbek: MadKnight

Gabbek: afk 20min~

Icebox: ZarthaxX I even wrote you on discord but you ignoring me

MadKnight: are u supposed to code it in kotlin ?

Icebox: smh

MadKnight: ZarthaxX is ignoring everyone

MadKnight: on discord

ZarthaxX: wot

Icebox: nah, he's quite active on our cool kids server

MadKnight: his notifications are rip

ZarthaxX: i closed the discord

ZarthaxX: lemme check

ZarthaxX: yeah my notifs get lost a lot too :D

MadKnight: fix your notifs

MadKnight: ezpz

dbf: wow, there is trip to Moscow as a special prize for Kotlin Heroes, eulerscheZahl you must get it

MadKnight: we will drink vodka and play balalaika with our home bear Uljahn the Bear

MenoIy: hello there

MadKnight: and learn to say R like russians

dbf: lol

MadKnight: most important skill

MadKnight: our pet* bear

MadKnight: lel

ZarthaxX: wot

Quidome: wow 13.000+ players registered

MadKnight: Automaton2000 is not registered

Quidome: Can the hardware handle this :P

Automaton2000: i bet you can still work on your bot

MadKnight: 90% of registered people usually don't play at all

MadKnight: or play just a bit

MadKnight: but get ready to have some server lag in the beginning

MadKnight: Icebox ezpz legend ?

G-Rom: we updated the db, just in case ;)

KnightMoves: good morning everyone

Gabbek: good day

Washier: good luck peeps <cracks knuckles>

Default avatar.png maddenvvs: Good luck everyone!

Default avatar.png BrainNotFound: Simple question. If I submit a puzzle, get on the leaderboard, and later I find an improvement, can I go back change it and resubmit?

MadKnight: yea

kovi: early email?

KnightMoves: of course

Default avatar.png BrainNotFound: Thanks.

KnightMoves: yeah the youtube link isn't working for me

jacek: so many streams

Q12: yeah

struct: We get a sneak peak

struct: at screenshot

RockyMullet: hi

struct: hi

RockyMullet: I came for the hype :D

Icebox: ah, here's our favorite mullet

ZarthaxX: cya RockyMullet

Jdools05: This is my first Challenge

RockyMullet: hi, coolest of the boxes :D

Quidome: :drumroll:

RockyMullet: CARNE

RockyMullet: cya ? but im not leaving yet

Washier: 30 secs left to wait

Icebox: good luck boys

Quidome: have fun everyone

kovi: gl

RockyMullet: :triumph:

Washier: GO GO GO

MojoJojo: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

struct: lets go

stylemanguy: Oh yeah I have been waiting for so long :D

ZarthaxX: gl everyone

LinusDev: lets gooo!

ZarthaxX: carneeeeeeeeee RockyMullet

Maciulis: gl gl

Thheo: hf

BenjaminUrquhart: I just woke up 2 seconds ago lmao

BenjaminUrquhart: gl

hasleron: gl everyone

RockyMullet: im fighting with the lag, im not even in yet

jacek: the page doesnt load

RockyMullet: big F

E_pur_si_muove: network error 504 :(

jacek: lets do CSB promotion now

Gabbek: just try again, here's the link for you:

Earthborne: yey back in chat!

Astrobytes: :neutral_face:

Doju: Damn i'm so sad

Doju: I've been waiting for the next challenge since the spring one

Scarfield: lol i was joking the other day saying contest was obviously a potion brewer

Doju: But i'm a conscript in the finnish army atm so i don't have time to properly participate in this one

BenjaminUrquhart: Scarfield lmao

Astrobytes: Not sure I like it

struct: bronze

SkyDreamer: i have a chemistry degree

struct: ill try to take screen shot of rules if you want

struct: from bronze

Scarfield: just started reading, but hope is one of those that gets interesting along the way

ParticleBeam: Odd. The boss seems to fail. Outputs "REST" instead of "WAIT"


Washier: REST seems to be for later leagues

jacek: wood1 is so drawish

[CG]Thibaud: yes Washier

struct: I got lucky I guess

BenjaminUrquhart: cause everyone is just doing BREW <last action id>

jacek: i use first action :v

BenjaminUrquhart: you're banned

Gabbek: hehe, gotta use spells :)

ParticleBeam: I use a random action

BenjaminUrquhart: sorry to do it to you

Donotalo: For instance, a client order with delta = -2, -1, 0, 0 means you have to consume 2 tier-0 ingredients and 1 tier-2 ingredients from your inventory in order to brew the potion.

Donotalo: in the problem statement

Default avatar.png BoBot: lol you lazy guys, I at least sorted them by price

Donotalo: ... 1 tier-2 ingredients ? OR 1 tier-1 ingredent?

BenjaminUrquhart: BoBot if it works it works

Default avatar.png BoBot: but did not look if I had the ingredients, that is for later :D

Default avatar.png BoBot: got me to Wood 1

BenjaminUrquhart: wood 2 is a joke usually so

BenjaminUrquhart: or whatever the starting league is

jacek: easy to learn hard to master

struct: except ocean of code wood 2 boss

Default avatar.png BoBot: oh, they said Wood 1 is drawish :D

BenjaminUrquhart: we don't talk about OOC

jacek: lets talk about UTG

Zhmyh: Ah shit, he we go again.

jacek: meh wood1 ex too

Icebox: first to bronze leggo

struct: no

struct: I was :p

Icebox: or maybe tied with romka

Icebox: struct I beat you on %

Hjax: hello everyone


Hjax: i see the contest has started

Icebox: crap

struct: This was like from 15 minutes ago +

CowZow: Hello! The usual suspects have returned ....

Icebox: wait what

arkwaw: wood 2 boss is like 30th in his league

struct: Thats why I posted rules and github repo

struct: on discord

struct: also I shared replay of bosses

Kiiskil: sudoku solver

Icebox: oh yeah I wasn't looking at bronze leaderboard, only at the promotions

Icebox: explains why I didn't see you get promoted

struct: Yeah I was lucky

jacek: so lucky with 0.68

struct: lol

struct: If it works it works

jrke: man contest leaderboard is broked

Astrobytes: 13000+ people in it last I checked :D

Dan4Life: when did the contest start?

Dan4Life: im guessing 4:30

BenjaminUrquhart: 30 minutes ago

Default avatar.png BoBot: 34 minutes ago

DomiKo: 34 min ago

Default avatar.png BoBot: :D

Dan4Life: oh

BenjaminUrquhart: might as well have been 30 from the hug of death

Dan4Life: lol

Default avatar.png longdong: :)

DXstation: ...

MadKnight: ezpz wood 1

CommanderCero: Lol random actions and immediatly bronze

Dan4Life: lemme try that

Dan4Life: is it possible to get demoted

CommanderCero: no

Hjax: this game reminds me of code4life

struct: Better c4l

Icebox: that was the best contest ever anyway

Gabbek: this is so cool :D

Hjax: im glad you are having fun Gabbek :D

CommanderCero: god so many rules its like reading a book

Gabbek: do you have to be #1 to get to bronze, even if you're above the boss in wood league?

struct: no

BenjaminUrquhart: I've seen worse

Hjax: no you just need to be above the boss

struct: just need to be above the boss at 100%

CommanderCero: no you just need to be above the boss

Gabbek: okey, so just need to wait few minutes

jacek: AutomatonNN what are the rules

CommanderCero: yeah until the leaderboard says 100% of matches completed

Gabbek: oh yeah, that worked

AutomatonNN: ̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤

Gabbek: Hjax you're in bronze, or do you want a screenshot of bronze rules?

BooDeer: Is something wrong with the promotion?

BenjaminUrquhart: automaton did the funny again

Gabbek: hehehe

Hjax: im not in bronze yet, im at work so i cant really do anything right now anyway

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: im in wood 1 now!

CommanderCero: congrats!

VaseSimion: Hi guys, is just me or the chat keeps refreshing?

VaseSimion: Because my cursor just gets thrown in the chat window all the time

aristotelis-bobas: how do you recognize your own inventory input?

Default avatar.png Immanio: Your own inventory is read first

aristotelis-bobas: always? in arena sometimes you are the right witch

Default avatar.png Immanio: in the for loop reading iventory, i = 0 is your inventory, i = 1 is the opponent

aristotelis-bobas: ok ty

Q12: look at actionType

CommanderCero: integers to describe each player, your data is always first:

CommanderCero: in the rules

aristotelis-bobas: you are right, thank you

aristotelis-bobas: 5 integers to describe each player, your data is always first:

aristotelis-bobas: YOUR data is bold

MadKnight: is it always gonna have this bunch of spells ?

MadKnight: or it will be different spells?

aristotelis-bobas: in later leagues you will have learn / tome mechanics

struct: bronze is final

aristotelis-bobas: lol

CommanderCero: seems like it, they have hardcoded spells which are just shuffles

CommanderCero: here from bronze: You can check out the source code of this game on this GitHub repo. You can find a list of all possible spells in the tome.

MadKnight: so how are u guys doing the code for spells ?

tomatoes: no referee this time?


tomatoes: thanks!

MadKnight: struct how are u gonna be checking what spells to use ?

struct: idk, Im still reading rules

yhyoxx: maybe choose the spell that will let u brez the potion with most rupees

BenjaminUrquhart: I have ideas

yhyoxx: brew*

MadKnight: but what if u can get enough stuff for a potion with -2 rupess in 3 turns less?

yhyoxx: that was as far as my brain could go goodluck with that :')

AntiSquid: hi MadKnight

MadKnight: hihi squiddy

Dan4Life: what happens if u brew a potion but u dont have enough ingredients for that potion?

Dan4Life: does it automatically wait

arthurb123: this is so fun

BenjaminUrquhart: nothing

MadKnight: nothing

Default avatar.png crgonzal: you should catch those cases, i guess it will do nothing

Uemu: I print BREW with some ID and it tells me SPELL ID does not exist, lol wth ?

Washier: foor wood 1 is purely pick the potion with the biggest price

AntiSquid: oh there's another D user already on the LB

Dan4Life: how do i check inventory?

AntiSquid: hi Jeroen.

Dan4Life: the inventory is showing after the action count loop so i dont know what i initially have

Washier: you get the actions and the inventory every turn, so you do know what you have before acting

BryanGriffiths: then store the actions and do all your logic after the input is finished

Washier: ^^

yhyoxx: yup

Dan4Life: oh

BryanGriffiths: for example I make a brew struc, a spell struc, a player struc, etc. then parse all the input into the relevent arrays of structs

Dan4Life: i understand

BryanGriffiths: then do what ever logic I want. This way I can adapt as the tiers get more complex

BryanGriffiths: :thumbsup:

DeCe: every spell can only be used once?

Hjax: @DeCe if you REST you can refresh your reusuable spells

DeCe: thanks :) missed that part

Washier: hi Hjax

Hjax: hi there :)

Gabbek: there are some repeatable spells in bronze

Washier: Hjax, any early thoughts you have on how to approach(optimize?) this puppy?

Hjax: im thinking i might want to read some code4life postmortems

Hjax: since this game is pretty similar looking

Washier: cool tx

Washier: its a perfect info game, think gametrees useful?

AntiSquid: recurze said it's similar to code a la mode too, not sure :thinking: i see some similarities indeed

Gabbek: mix of code a la mode & code4life I think

Hjax: yeah it looks searchable, but in higher leagues the ability to learn more complex spells will make the branching factor blow up a bit more

AntiSquid: regression trees washier

Washier: tx, will look into it

Gabbek: looks like I'll have a really rough time, but I'll try anyway :D

Astrobytes: I don't like it much, though I've not tried properly yet

AntiSquid: haha was joking, not sure you have time to do that during contest, applause if you do Washier

Washier: haha. i'm taking some time off from work for this. so much moarr interesting

Hjax: i wont be able to start my bot until this evening

AntiSquid: then maybe you do have time!

AntiSquid: it's evening in UK

Washier: is the game engine open?

AntiSquid: check your time zone privilege !

Washier: haven't checked

Astrobytes: Washier:

Washier: sweeet

Washier: tx

Astrobytes: np

Cohmedy: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

**Cohmedy slaps Astrobytes around a bit with a large fishbot

BloodyTurtles: lol, everybody in the challenge wood league 1 has the same code

BenjaminUrquhart: Automaton2000 do thing

Automaton2000: the problem is that if you make a move in the same league

BloodyTurtles: I haven't lost a single time but they are all ties

Barimehdi77: how can I make a spell in the wood 1 league?

BloodyTurtles: CAST id

Gabbek: make sure you fulfill the requirements and then output command: CAST {action_id}

Gabbek: (you probably want to create a list of spells so that you can track them)

Barimehdi77: but how can I turn the tier-0 ingredient to tier-1?

Barimehdi77: so I can complete the spell ingredients

LastRick: The comment for tomeIndex says "Always 0" in the first two leagues. Yet, I'm reading it and it says -1?

LastRick: Same with taxCOunt

cegprakash: any C++ streamers?

Barimehdi77: but how can I turn the tier-0 ingredient to tier-1? so I can complete the spell ingredients

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: I feel bad for the wood 1 boss

DeCe: Will there be new rules for Silver league?

BenjaminUrquhart: no

BloodyTurtles: probably, there is that tax thing

BenjaminUrquhart: final rules are in bronze

BloodyTurtles: oh ok

DeCe: Thanks :)

Barimehdi77: can any one help me

Barimehdi77: plz

Barimehdi77: how can I turn the tier-0 ingredient to tier-1? so I can complete the spell ingredients

LastRick: i'm only guessing here but what if that's something you cant do in the first league?

Gabbek: Barimehdi77 you have to cast a spell which creates tier-1 ingredient, but to do that you have to have certain ingredients required by the said spell

LastRick: I'm guessing that is a CAST option

LastRick: yeah, what Gabbek said

Gabbek: available spells are provided for you in input section, their action_id is "CAST"

Dan4Life: what happens if u and ur opponent both get the same points?

Hjax: you both win

Dan4Life: oh

Hjax: (you tie)

Hjax: but it will display on the results as both of you getting #1

Default avatar.png Jayantpro: Man even league 2 seems har

Default avatar.png Jayantpro: hard*

Dan4Life: lol, just greedily picking the highest price that u can brew is enough, i hvnt lost a single game yet, but then its wood 2...

BloodyTurtles: it gets a bit more complicated in wood1

BloodyTurtles: but no need for any fancy algorithm

BloodyTurtles: greedy works just fine

BloodyTurtles: ooh, I am about the beat the boss like after 10 min in wood 1

Dan4Life: nice

AntiSquid: wood1 here

sahilrox: In case of a tie, what is the tie-breaker?

BloodyTurtles: ok, I'm just 1 position under the boss

Default avatar.png Jayantpro: Sorry i meant wood1 only lol

BloodyTurtles: oh, i'm 3rd now after the boss

AntiSquid: what's a quick way to bronze from wood1? don't want to overengineer

Nerchio: asd

Uljahn: random choice for bronze

AntiSquid: what?

BloodyTurtles: here's a greedy algorithm

BloodyTurtles: :

Nerchio: my chat lagged sry :P

AntiSquid: kick + ban @_@

BloodyTurtles: if you can cast a spell, cast the highest price one

BloodyTurtles: srry, meant brew a potion

BloodyTurtles: else if you can cast a spell, cast the first one

Nerchio: you need to start casting spells in wood1 so its not so easy i guess

Nerchio: thats only enough to pass wood2 though

BloodyTurtles: else if not all castable, REST

BloodyTurtles: else WAIT

AntiSquid: damn it

BloodyTurtles: yes, i'm in bronze

BloodyTurtles: ok, it's getting a bit more complicated now in bronze

Dan4Life: :clap:

AntiSquid: i go watch a stream for quick bronze @_@

ProgrammerDog: &_&

Avenslova: Hey everyone

Avenslova: Whar does the actionId refer to exactly in the order?

VaseSimion: wood 2 is really simple to pass and in wood one you just need to figure out how the logic of the spells advantages you

Xenoid: The actionId is what you enter in your output to tell the game what to brew, cast, or learn

Avenslova: Oh, thank you

Default avatar.png AbsorbantLight: There's no learning in wood-1, right?

Xenoid: correct

Hjax: correct no tome until bronze

Default avatar.png MarcinS: qwertyiiuyteertyuioiuytrtyuiol;lkfnbij9iujnfdvjufirjn fdvnj

Icebox: I agree with him

Waffle3z: I was just about to say that

AntonCosmin: Hey guys, anyone knows how to write debug in C#?

Default avatar.png ScifiSpirit: To debug: Console.Error.WriteLine("Debug messages...");

AntonCosmin: yes, it works! thank you

Default avatar.png ScifiSpirit: Np

Default avatar.png lNitsua: I haven't played since Ocean of code, but the IDE seems much smoother now, or is it just me?

Waffle3z: "The game ends once at least one witch has brewed 3 potions." looks like it's still giong on for 100 rounds?

tutubalin: typo in contest description: "However, the witch's hut in witch..."

ProgrammerDog: What is capital C in binary?

tutubalin: ProgrammerDog 64+3

Xenoid: 67 = 0x1000011

Waffle3z: oh they're all spells not brews

Xenoid: err just 1000011 rather, not hex

Waffle3z: 0b1000011

Xenoid: yeah that ^

Xenoid: thanks

linjoehan: can the editor stop trying to be smart?

Default avatar.png crgonzal: why if "inv" mean the ammount of gems on inventory it run a for loop twice ?

Default avatar.png Laws: your inv and their inv

Xenoid: You also receive information about your opponent's inventory

GiraffeKing: first is you, second is opponent

Default avatar.png crgonzal: omg i so dumb LOL

BenjaminUrquhart: k I finally have a basic bot done

BenjaminUrquhart: gonna wait for bronze promotion before I do anything else

Hjax: are all the rules available in bronze

Hjax: or will something change in silver (more spells?)

tomatoes: All the rules are now unlocked!

Default avatar.png Over9000: Learn new spells from the magic tome

struct: bronze should be final Hjax

Default avatar.png Over9000: Oh wait sorry I'm dumb

Hjax: ok nice

Gabbek: Hjax wanna talk a bit? Guess we can share some ideas :)

Hjax: sure, i cant do anything but brainstorm until i get home anyway

Gabbek: sent you a message on discord

Hjax: ah i can use discord where i am right now, just message me here

Gabbek: hopefully the anime girl named Hjax is you :P

Gabbek: okey, sure

Hjax: hey thats Yuko from The Demon Girl Next Door

linjoehan: Whoop no loses for me so far. (Wood 2)

BenjaminUrquhart: yay timeouts my favorite

Default avatar.png Biaggio: yo

Default avatar.png Jayantpro: Man even going after wood1 is hard

Default avatar.png Biaggio: what's the lowest league

BenjaminUrquhart: wood 2 for this contest

BenjaminUrquhart: oh boy this tome is gonna be a pain

Nerchio: :innocent:

Avenslova: how do you guys read actionId's?

Avenslova: Sorry for a dumb question

tomatoes: they're in input. bootstrap code handle it

BenjaminUrquhart: with our eyes

Nerchio: the input for each turn gives you actionId?

Quidome: you can het into wood1 with random play :)

Default avatar.png crgonzal: "the unique ID of this spell or recipe" The id of the spell or the potion

Nerchio: i feel like urgency bonus should be given somewhere not sure why we are supposed to calculate it ourselves :D

Avenslova: wait, maybe I messed something else up in my loop

Quidome: what are the bronze rules?

tomatoes: that's complicated


Quidome: thnxs

Default avatar.png lNitsua: sometimes I just don't understand programming. LIterally just copied my code over to another doc, refereshed this ones IDE, and then copied it over step by step, and now all of a sudden my code works

Default avatar.png lNitsua: I don't think I changed anything

hem123: is there an easy way to know which potions have been made and are gone?

GiraffeKing: They won't be in the action list anymore, for one

BenjaminUrquhart: they don't appear in the input

hem123: thanks made a mistake

AntiSquid: why does the boss get 28 and me 27 ? i see 23 and 20 throughout the game

tomatoes: unused ingredients

tomatoes: Players gain 1 rupee for each tier-1 ingredient or higher in their inventory.

Icebox: guys

Icebox: the spells dissapear after 3 turns of being exhauster?

Icebox: exhausted*

Icebox: and if yes, why don't the rules mention it

Icebox: or does it dissapear only visually

[CG]Thibaud: only visually

Icebox: ah

Icebox: thank you

[CG]Thibaud: if you learn many spells

Default avatar.png lxnn: Hey :slight_smile: Do the rules change at all after Bronze?

BenjaminUrquhart: no

AntiSquid: yes, harder opponents

Default avatar.png lxnn: Thanks

Icebox: Rule change: opponents are now hard

Icebox: kappa

BenjaminUrquhart: how could I forget

BenjaminUrquhart: stupid me

Avenslova: I return the command to brew and the game tells that I don't wth

DomiKo: why we have to calculate urgency :(

[Csongor]: lol my code used the enemy inventory as mine until now.

AntiSquid: trying to promote the lazy way failed . putting too much work into this :/

jacek: are here any other way?


njaber: Should have made a s shorter message

njaber: TL;DR, I find this challenge quite underwhelming

AntiSquid: or break it into paragraphs

njaber: Yeah

Default avatar.png Rxspect: how do you change the height of mountain 0 on the descent Im new

Default avatar.png Rxspect: also Im on java

Doju: njaber i agree

Gabbek: AntiSquid you want to reach bronze?

Doju: I was dissapointed because don't have the time to build a good bot for this challenge

Doju: But now i think i might not even try to build one at all

Hjax: this game looks way more fun than pacman to me

Hjax: i hated how random pacman felt

jacek: njaber i think it will be better to watch when the bots will be better. now is somewhat random fest

Gabbek: AntiSquid I suggest you try to go after cheapest/most expensive brew and make sure to use spells, that should do it

AntiSquid: 31.45 vs bots 32.03 can just wait lol

njaber: I feel like even with better bots, the replay is just unreadable, you need to think for a long time on each frame to try to understand why a choic would be better or hy a bot made agiven choice

AntiSquid: boss *

Nerchio: is there a spell limi?

Nerchio: limit? i guess not

Gabbek: there isn't

njaber: 46, the 4 base spells + the 42 in the tome

AntiSquid: i don't think it's an easier challenge. you still have to make the best bot

AntiSquid: well easier to get start if you even bother tracking the game state

AntiSquid: want bronze before i think of my bot structure lol kinda annoyed :P

jacek: i got to bronze making random actions

AntiSquid: but you need to verify them no?

Hjax: lol really? how do you define random actions

tomatoes: like my life

Hjax: like squid said, you at least need to check that its something valid

AntiSquid: exactly, just random can be a mess

jacek: well they give you actions. other than ignoring OPPONENT_CAST, there is no filtering

jacek: i did in in first 30 minutes of challenge, could be because of others pushing me up

njaber: I don't think it's easier either, actually I think the it probably is more challenging on a technical standpoint, but it feels way more straightforward then pacman, I feel like in this one everyone will have a somwhat similar bots, and the small optimizations will make the big difference, whereas in pacman there was a lot of interesting approaches one could take

AntiSquid: i only look at brew and cast

Hjax: so you just randomly brew or cast something?

Hjax: with no regard for your inventory

AntiSquid: not me . i select valid brew / cast

Hjax: dont you just try invalid brews every turn?

jacek: so far, yes

jacek: thast why im 280 / 301 in bronze

Hjax: im kind of surprised that got bronze

jacek: i got bronze when there were only 4 people there

AntiSquid: early on you are more likely to get pushed

struct: yeah

Gabbek: uhh, #9 - bot losing most games by being stuck on 10 items :D

struct: I got pushed

AntiSquid: 0.40 :o

struct: I was 2nd on wood 1

Nerchio: im wondering if at the absolute optimization this game won't be very drawish

njaber: I just put together a bot that weighs actions with a manually tweaked algorithm that evaluates ingredient value, brew value, etc. and I got 80 bronze

struct: and then was pushed to bronze

BenjaminUrquhart: njaber I did none that that and got the same place basically lmao

BenjaminUrquhart: I have no scoring just a blind search

Gabbek: I would love to hear some basic tip regarding contest - I should be checking out replays if I want to fix the most prevelant issue, right? (Not aiming for anything crazy, just trying to adapt for the time being)

njaber: I don't even search

BenjaminUrquhart: I search because I'm used to contests with pathfinding

njaber: I just count number of items in inventory > evaluate value of items depending on existing brews,casts and number of items > get value of each action > take action with highest gain

njaber: I can't even integrate spell learning with this

BenjaminUrquhart: oh that reminds me I need to do full inventory checks

Gabbek: make sure you implement even the most basic inventory size check

Gabbek: since that's very easy to get stuck

njaber: yeah having a bot that doesn't soft-lock is enough to get out of wood 1 I feel like

Hjax: lol, i submitted random bot and it promoted, thats hilarious

Hjax: im bronze now

Gabbek: haha, grats Hjax

AntiSquid: oof

Gabbek: that's actually quite an achievement :D

AntiSquid: what rand did you use?

jacek: return 4;

AntiSquid: did you test valid actions?

Hjax: its literally, rest if you have any unavail spells, then 50% chance between choose random brew and choose random spell

Hjax: testing no validities or anything

Hjax: i cant believe that promotes

jacek: hjaxmax

AntiSquid: i just need my +0.3

jacek: hmax

Hjax: i hadnt tried random because i didnt think it would work, thanks for convincing me jacek

njaber: if you add a random chance to the rest and add a learn, you could just submit that and have a chance you bot plays perfectly untill the end of the tournament :')


AntiSquid: ok i can promote now probably, only was picking last valid spell, now collecting all valid ones and picking rand

Gabbek: a useful reminder for score: make sure to count inventory as points!

Gabbek: otherwise this can happen :D

Hjax: my bot rests after every spell cast, for even chance of using each spell

Hjax: otherwise you will cast every spell, and slowly fill your inventory with t4

AntiSquid: i only rest if len(spells) == 0

Hjax: which isnt great

Hjax: yeah that will just fill inventory with t4

Hjax: and make you get stuck

MadKnight: ezpz top-25 bronze

Hjax: i did rest if len(spells) < 4

Waffle3z: I rest if the spell I want isn't castable

njaber: just do 50% chance if len < 4

Hjax: we arent doing intelligent things here Waffle3z

Hjax: we are making random bots

AntiSquid: it's ok i am already above boss with this mess

AntiSquid: mine isn't really rand collects valid actions :P

Gabbek: do you guys see where it's mentioned about inventory ingrements counting towards score at the end? Can't find it :(

tomatoes: <4 will stuck at the start

AlexisMolestos: any way to use my IDE (pycharm) instead of this?

Gabbek: oh, found it: Players gain 1 rupee for each tier-1 ingredient or higher in their inventory.

Hjax: it was good enough to get bronze tomatoes

Hjax: which is all i was trying to do

Hjax: i added like 5 lines of code to the python 3 starter and got bronze

Hjax: missions accomplished

AntiSquid: brawnze now

jacek: starter?

tomatoes: only 2 spells castable at the start :thinking:

Hjax: the default code

Hjax: whatever you want to call it

jacek: oh

Beresta: bronze is at full rules right?

yhyoxx: very motivating, ive tryin to write an algo for hours now ;_;

AntiSquid: cast times ? this really complicates things

njaber: yhyoxx just make sure your bot doesn't soft lock and you should be able to get into bronze

yhyoxx: what's softlock ?

Hjax: fill its inventory with junk and get stuck

njaber: Taking no action/invalid action each turn

AntiSquid: yhyoxx get valid moves and pick a random one

njaber: If your bot always takes a valid action it should be ok

yhyoxx: yep thanks

AntiSquid: just valid move alone isn't enough

AntiSquid: had to add random

Hjax: straight random moves with no validity checking is fine for bronze

Hjax: at least it worked for me

AntiSquid: didn't work for me first few tries though

Hjax: maybe i just got lucky :D

AntiSquid: :thinking: maybe a demotion is warranted

inoryy: seems basic greedy approach is enough to get into bronze straight out of W2

njaber: They should have just made the boss take random moves lol

AntiSquid: we are talking about laziest possible bot to get to bronze inoryy :P

yhyoxx: #demoteHjax

Hjax: D:

yhyoxx: kidding x)

njaber: not, promote this guy, he is a genius

AntiSquid: #metoo

AntiSquid: oh wrong hashtag

Hjax: #blamejacek

njaber: #HjaxInSilver

njaber: just open the league in advance just for him

AntiSquid: #HjaxLegendElect

Gabbek: hmm

Gabbek: can we somehow know how many potions the opponent has made?

njaber: you can deduce it but you need to keep track of the potion list between turns

inoryy: it's no 5 lines added to default but still < 100 locs written in ~30min

Nerchio: :(

njaber: waitno

njaber: the points

Hjax: check when they get rupees

njaber: how many times thei points changed

Gabbek: oh, so true, thanks!'

AntiSquid: last op command would be nicer

inoryy: well, good contest, time to pretend I've got no time for it for the next 10 days

njaber: ^

AntiSquid: i actually don't

AntiSquid: i move house + have to do some courses + there are some nice job postings i want to apply for :P

Beresta: yay, bronze

Gabbek: congrats

Beresta: no more new rules later on, right?

Cukinoden: could some one expalain for me what does it mean the last loop "for i in range(2)"

Hjax: it gives you the inventory for each player

njaber: I'm coding my own language, was hopping to finish it in time for the contest but I'm far from finished, I think I'll just go back to it and hope I'm finished for the next

Hjax: your data is first, your opponent is second @Cukinoden

Cukinoden: thanks

AntiSquid: laters, have fun time! :P

Gabbek: have a great one AntiSquid

Gabbek: general tip for bronze: make sure you somehow manage your items well enough not to get stack

Gabbek: that alone is worth tons of ranks

Hjax: general tip for bronze, flip some coins

Hjax: :P

Gabbek: ohh right

Default avatar.png qweoruqowrueoqwue: mmm

inoryy: make sure not to flip tables though

BenjaminUrquhart: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Hjax: ┬─┬ノ( ◕◡◕ ノ)

Gabbek: haha

Gabbek: those are epic!

njaber: Well since there are true random elements to this one I reckon at some points even good bots will have to take bets

Hjax: this game is an acceptable amount of random

Hjax: and not a fog of war mess

njaber: fog of war is fun, it makes deduction and induction a very important factor

Hjax: it was not fun in pacman

njaber: I like it personally

Hjax: the, walk around the wrong corner and lose abruptly aspect was annoying

njaber: I got an almost perfect predictor for the opponent, but never made any use of it because my bot was sub-par appart from that

Icebox: just track enemy lul

njaber: wait not a predictor

njaber: a traker

njaber: tracker*

Hjax: i had a tracker, still died randomly and horribly

njaber: then you weren't tracking good enough

Hjax: sometimes you just dont know, you havent seen a pac for a long time

njaber: On the other hand my bot was often frozen in fear after a few turns realizing how many corners it could turns and get eaten at

Gabbek: time to lose some ranks :)

Gabbek: anyone checked recipes yet? are they all premade?

ClockSort: I don't see any repeatability indicators in the visualizer (final rules). Is that normal?

Gabbek: they are atleast visible on spell list in the middle

Gabbek: not sure if they are visible on player's sides

ClockSort: what do they look like in the middle?

njaber: hover your mouse on them

ClockSort: ah, repeatable: true

ClockSort: why isn't that reflected in of the provided source?

ClockSort: oh, they are all repeatable? I now see, repeatable = IntStream.of(

           .anyMatch(x -> x < 0);

ClockSort: I guess they are repeatable if they consume anything. that answers my question.

inoryy: ok I guess nobody else is trying to learn spells right now...

Icebox: where?

inoryy: nvm, misread initial replays

inoryy: though not many are doing it for sure, adding even a simple heuristic helps a ton right now

NicoNeko: :o


inoryy: meh, can't figure out how to make repeatable useful

Scarfield: oh thats an early stream :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: how long it has been open?

BryanGriffiths: meh, I made it to top 71 using my AI from Wood 1... LOL, So yeah no one is utilizing the tome yet.

BryanGriffiths: 71 in the full leaderboard that is

BenjaminUrquhart: I use it :)

BenjaminUrquhart: still submitting though

BryanGriffiths: yeah, I haven't even started on bronze yet, but surprised how high my wood 1 was without even adapting to the new rules

BryanGriffiths: :D

BenjaminUrquhart: same

Gabbek: strange - seems like no matter what kind of brew I'm trying to make

MadKnight: top-30 is using the tome BryanGriffiths and i got top-25 with my w1 bot

Gabbek: I always land on #10 spot :/

MadKnight: which league ?

Gabbek: so I would say it's all about resource management, atleast for now

BryanGriffiths: nice @madKnight.

DomiKo: right now it's for better random :sweat_smile:

yhyoxx: any of you guys know any algorithms related ot resourse management for later on ?

BryanGriffiths: mine was simple greedy poition maker

DomiKo: BFS bro

Gabbek: even simple BFS should do well enough early on

BryanGriffiths: no efficiency anywhere else

MadKnight: and i made a pathfinder

BryanGriffiths: Hmm only a 4 point difference. Intersting

BenjaminUrquhart: woah I implemented something and it actually made my bot better :O

ParticleBeam: Yay. Bronze

BenjaminUrquhart: usually it makes things worse

eulerscheZahl: crashing to victory

eulerscheZahl: is that a bug? :P

BenjaminUrquhart: lmao

BenjaminUrquhart: didn't OOC have a similar issue

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: i submitted that bot, performs poorly at the bottom :(

Gabbek: hello eulerscheZahl :)

ZarthaxX: how was the kotlin toad

Gabbek: how was the kotlin?

ZarthaxX: i saw the first problem and was doable, but didnt know kotlin

Gabbek: bah, ZarthaxX :D you're too fast!

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

ZarthaxX: Gabbek LMAO

eulerscheZahl: that's how it went

ZarthaxX: next time gabbek :rofl:

ZarthaxX: sad toad :(

AlexisMolestos: ZarthaxX hello

ZarthaxX: i saw gennady smashing, as always

eulerscheZahl: and there are tshirts for top50 and 50 random winners

ZarthaxX: AlexisMolestos hai man :O

AlexisMolestos: I gonna participate

Gabbek: I was hoping I can find something simple to improve atm - but no matter what kind of brew I'm going for... it seems to not matter at all for my rank :o

AlexisMolestos: it seems difficult allthoug

eulerscheZahl: i'm at the shared 132nd. but my last submission was a minute later, that's used as a tie breaker

eulerscheZahl: 132 is a lucky random winner but it's not me :/

eulerscheZahl: this chat is so extremely laggy. almost unusable

ZarthaxX: AlexisMolestos nice nice, it's a bit messy :P

eulerscheZahl: i write something and letters keep appearing 5s later

Hjax: really? i havent had any problems with chat

Gabbek: no problems with chat at all either

DomiKo: mod's have ;)

eulerscheZahl: we can see 2k users online

eulerscheZahl: that seems to cause some hiccups

eulerscheZahl: chromium is completely dead, firefox is laggy

Gabbek: oh crap

Hjax: need a smurf account lol


Gabbek: spells spam :O

LastRick: No lag for me using CHrome fwiw

eulerscheZahl: you are no mod

eulerscheZahl: i'm really tempted for the smurf

struct: hmm i also get a little bit of lag

struct: like 0.5 sec between each char

struct: When I left tab open for a while it got slower

Andriamanitra: this spell learning stuff is so complicated

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl just smurf and when you get to legend you submit with your main and delete the other

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

ClockSort: what happens if you want to cast a spell that overflows your inventory? can you discard the lesser-value items clogging your inventory?

BenjaminUrquhart: it fails iirc

Andriamanitra: no, it just fails

ClockSort: brutal.

Andriamanitra: gotta make sure to manage inventory space

BryanGriffiths: no chat lag here

Gabbek: never thought I would have so much fun with random bot

BryanGriffiths: Using chrome with a ton of tabs while simulating and coding

Gabbek: just picking spells and doing whatever :D

Clagus: random power!!1

Gabbek: ClockSort inventory management is really crucial, very easy to get stuck otherwise

Meme_Magician: I'm having a big problem with my AI for the Fall Challenge... The debug messages say it's brewing potions, but it always wait on the first turn - without printing the corresponding debug message for waiting!

Meme_Magician: *waits

Nerchio: maybe you print with error output instead of normal output idk?

ionutzxy: helloy guys

Default avatar.png Liora: are you sure you didn't just forget to remove the default output of wait?

ionutzxy: how can you find out if the spell is yours or not?

Meme_Magician: @Nerchio I have been using the error output

Default avatar.png Liora: I think both witch have the same spells?

Kathrin: use the action type to check if its yours or not

AlexisMolestos: I gonna win I know it :grin:

ionutzxy: it's also spell for the opponent

ionutzxy: should I just divide by 2?

Meme_Magician: I'm in Wood 2 right now, the only actions are 'brew' and 'wait'

ionutzxy: and get the first half?

ionutzxy: there is no simpler solution?

Kathrin: no actiontype is cast or opponent_cast (at least in wood 1) does it change later on?

ionutzxy: ah ok

ionutzxy: in wood 2 you have also spell

ionutzxy: which you can CAST

Nerchio: no you don't in wood2

Nerchio: wood2 is just brewing

Nerchio: wood1 is spells

Clagus: so the deck of spells is predefined, and also the deck of orders?

Nerchio: as far as i know orders are not predefined

ionutzxy: wood 1 sorry

Clagus: Nerchio - look here:

Clagus: seems like deliveries are defined

aristotelis-bobas: how do you know how many times you can cast a spell if its repeatable?

eulerscheZahl: as often as you have input stones

Clagus: don't know what are deliveries though :P

ionutzxy: you have to rest

ionutzxy: and the it will be available again

Nerchio: Clagus i don't think its delivieries

Nerchio: or maybe :o

Clagus: it seems like it has recipe + reward

tobk: Do casts always increase the "tier" of the ingredients?

DomiKo: no

BrunoFelthes: wood1 yes

tobk: seemed like it in wood 1, but probably will get more erratic in bronze, right? would have been to easy

Nerchio: Can't find some recipes there though so not sure

Clagus: Nerchio - ok, interesting

Nerchio: nvm missed it so i guess they are predefined

Clagus: yeah, I'm checking now, and can't find anything outside of this predefined deck

Clagus: nice try trolling me though :D

Clagus: but maybe they will change it later

Clagus: it would be nice to know :D

Nerchio: in ruleset i found that spells have a predefined deck but nothing said about recipes

Clagus: yeah, I know, I went to github just to check out the spells, and found more :P

NoahAnteau: hello

PatrickMcGinnisII: wood2 action is kinda nutz

tibithegreat: sorry if this was asked before, but is there a limit to the number of spells?

Meme_Magician: I figured out the next step, but still need help

Gabbek: tibithegreat nope, but there's 52 spells in a tome

Meme_Magician: It's telling me, `Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur.`

Meme_Magician: But I'm reading every piece of it

tibithegreat: ok, thanks

Gabbek: Meme_Magician you're most likely outputing multiple commands in a single turn

Meme_Magician: Gabbek I checked, and each command has a debug message associated with it, so I would've seen both messages if there were multiple actions

Gabbek: Meme_Magician try to output just wait and see if you get a warning

Gabbek: WAIT command I mean

Cukinoden: why they show me this message ?

Cukinoden: "Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur."

Gabbek: same reason as above, Cukinoden

MadKnight: how do u check for 50ms in c# ?

MadKnight: Cukinoden because your code timed out ?

Gabbek: MadKnight most likely stopwatch

Meme_Magician: Gabbek Doesn't help much; now it just WAITs twice. Before, the AI clearly selected a brew potion action, then waited until next turn to produce the action

Meme_Magician: I take it Python won't be fast enough for this competition?

ParticleBeam: System.Diagnostics

tempux: if you want to be top 50, python is not fast enough

NoahAnteau: i can not figure this out:disappointed:

Meme_Magician: Gosh darn it.

Meme_Magician: Gotta recode everything in C++ now

Meme_Magician: (grouchy mumbling)

tempux: its fine it is still its day 1 :))

Meme_Magician: Yeah, I know, I just expected to be faster than this

Hjax: i bet there will be a python in the top 50

Meme_Magician: I'll be mad abt it if there is

jacek: i would still work on heuristic before switching to c++

Hjax: this game is heuristic friendly enough for python i think

Meme_Magician: jacek the only issue with my heuristic is that it's timing out the game

sadakatsu: I plan to read through the GitHub code later to try to understand the Bronze+ mechanics. My immediate question is, "What happens when the two players try to learn the same spell?" For some reason that is never explicitly stated...

Default avatar.png cypy: memoization

Meme_Magician: Either that of I have to make the inputs match up somehow

BenjaminUrquhart: sadakatsu they both get the spell

sadakatsu: That MIGHT be stated in, "When both witches perform the same action, they both reap the rewards for that action. This applies namely to potion prices, the urgency bonus, the read-ahead tax, and learning spells," but if so, I am somehow still confused.

tempux: the spring competition I got around top 100 and there were only two other pythons better than me

tempux: you can search far enough with python, using c++ you can search so much deeper

Recovery_disaster: will the spells be the same for every league?

Gabbek: starting spells, yes

Recovery_disaster: Oh, so you get more spells later which are random ?

Gabbek: in which league are you, Recovery?

struct: There are at total 42 spells

inoryy: eulerscheZahl php?!

Recovery_disaster: still wood 1 ...

Gabbek: in bronze you unlock tome and there's total of 52 spells

Gabbek: oh, 42 - sorry

Hjax: are the recipes randomly generated

Hjax: or are there a fixed number of those too

struct: I do think recipees are random

Hjax: i wonder if this will be like locm where someone worked out how good each spell is

Hjax: and just had a fixed greedy draft order

Default avatar.png lxnn: Is it possible to turn the suggestions box in the editor off? I couldn't find a setting for this. Might be blind... :)

MadKnight: now with stopwatch it always timeouts

sadakatsu: My current plan is to try to pick my next move as though the current options are the only ones that will ever be available ^_^;

struct: lxnn I think the most you can do is disable "accpet suggestion on enter key"

Default avatar.png lxnn: Ah right. Thanks. Might try out the auto-uploader thing.

inoryy: Hjax

Hjax: ah, they are hard coded

Hjax: thanks inoryy :D

inoryy: though they are randomized

inoryy: the order that is

Hjax: sure, but this means theres room to do some analysis

struct: Deliveries are orders right?

Hjax: on what kind of recipes are likely / what spells help the most recipes

tutubalin: Why (1, 3, 1, 1) recipe worth 18 rupees, and (1, 1, 3, 1) worth only 16?

SpaghettiCode: omg the challenge is so cool, but I think i'm too noob... i'm already stuck at wood league lmfao

inoryy: hah, Psyho taking part in the contest

Hjax: because 1,1,3,1 tastes bad

Hjax: the customers dont like it

Hjax: psyho was really good at halite right?

Hjax: like, re curse good

inoryy: yes, he's from openAI afaik

Hjax: fun, i like seeing scary people join

kovi: not just halite. psyho is probably best topcoder marathonist

jthemphill: is the challenge a reskin of century spice road?

Gabbek: whoa :o

struct: They mentioned spice road yes jthemphill

Default avatar.png Avrem: if you take an action, is it removed from the action input in the next read?

jthemphill: struct cool, thanks

BenjaminUrquhart: yes it is Avrem

tutubalin: Also (2, 0, 2, 2) = 15 (2, 2, 0, 2) = 17

BenjaminUrquhart: less is more clearly

tutubalin: So tier1 is better than tier2

Hjax: spells are not removed, brews are removed

Hjax: spells just become exhausted

eulerscheZahl: inoryy PHP for hardcoding

eulerscheZahl: beats top players but fails at the bottom :(

inoryy: lol

tutubalin: Again: (0, 0, 2, 3) = 16 (0, 2, 0, 3) = 18

BenjaminUrquhart: known bug

Hjax: it doesnt really matter of the potions have consistent values


GiraffeKing: It's not about which ingredients go in; the potions have a random value based on their usefulness.

If a potion of "Turn this rock into solid gold" cost [0,2,0,0] and a potion of "Turn this apple into an orange" costs [1,1,3,1]; that doesn't mean turning apples to oranges is more valuable, it just means the ingredients are higher leveled.

BryanGriffiths: I just assumed potions are random values and there for I do a price vs time to make check to choose the best one

tutubalin: value is not random, it is hardcoded. but it looks like both in receipts and book spells tier-1 and tier-2 are swapped

tobk: wow, bronze is getting quite complicated...

Waffle3z: oh wow I'm in 6th

BryanGriffiths: @tutubalin yeah I know, but at least when they fix the code my code doesn't need to change. ;)

Default avatar.png lNitsua: I kinda wish I could do this challenge in matlab

Default avatar.png lNitsua: matrix operations and symbolic math would make programming this so easy

Cappefra: right? hahahaha

Cappefra: Was thinking the same

Meme_Magician: Figured it

Default avatar.png lxnn: I think numpy library is provided for Python.

Scarfield: could use numpy in python

Default avatar.png lxnn: jinx

Default avatar.png lNitsua: I have never worked in python

Scarfield: :zipper_mouth:


karliso: Turn 5. It looks to me like red player manges to play non-repeatable cast repeatedly on same turn.

BryanGriffiths: weird I just see a black screen with the progress abrs showing who scored

Nerchio: shows repeatable to me karliso

Nerchio: in ui

BenjaminUrquhart: not me

BenjaminUrquhart: unless we're looking at the wrong spell

Glenn: Only one action id is given per round. How do I get the id for the other 4 orders?

BenjaminUrquhart: spell 90 is being cast that turn, it does not look repeatable


tutubalin: karliso also i can't find when he learned this spell

Nerchio: ah I see i looked at turn 6, thats true

karliso: tutubalin Turn 4

Nerchio: he casts unrepeatable twice

karliso: yeah, looks like a bug t me

ClosetAI: Yeah I've noticed the bug with repeatable flag as well

Snap997: i hate coding :(

tutubalin: karliso ah, yes. id has changed

ClockSort: looks like items don't show as repeatable on the side panels. but they still might be. they show their repeatable state while still in the tome list.

Scarfield: they show if they are repeatable in both the tome and spell list, guessing it is a bug as well

karliso: When I read inputs from tome list it says that card is not repeatable.

Scarfield: it also shows as not repeatable in replay, he just has the power to recast it :p

Scarfield: weird, i just tried recasting a not repeatble spell, didnt work: "attempted an invalid action: Spell 78 is not repeatable"

BenjaminUrquhart: a wild euler appeared

Scarfield: use Masterball

ClockSort: is `castable` starts at 1, then 0 if you use, then 1 when you rest?

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

eulerscheZahl: don't worry BenjaminUrquhart. euler has to go to bed soon, the cat is already waiting

Default avatar.png lNitsua: castable also appears to always be 0 for potions

BenjaminUrquhart: eulerscheZahl yes the cat is more important, better take care of that

eulerscheZahl: will do, good nicht

eulerscheZahl: night

eulerscheZahl: i hate blind typing, laggy chat

Icebox: going to sleep already?

Default avatar.png Zilvester: Looking at the Github code, I see the source for the spells. But has anybody found a static list of "brews" (or are they randomly generated)? I'm trying to calculate the relative frequencies of the different ingredients.

eulerscheZahl: i urgently need an alt, first thing tomorrow :D

Icebox: wait, why alt?

BenjaminUrquhart: secret alt or no

eulerscheZahl: why aren't you a chat mod icebox?

Cappefra: I gotta say I wasn't expecting to have to perform matrix inversion

BenjaminUrquhart: probably to test against

Icebox: I don't know, why am I not?

eulerscheZahl: there are like 2k users on the chat. and a mod can see all of them. causes a huge lag

eulerscheZahl: i even switched to firefox for chatting as chromium keeps crashing

Scarfield: a mod breaking the rules openly :o

Gabbek: euler, damn you :p stop beating my randomness! :D

eulerscheZahl: i have random too

eulerscheZahl: but i seeded my RNG

MadKnight: because Icebox only comes for contests?

Gabbek: oh, that's too powerful, hehe

eulerscheZahl: so, good night for real now

Gabbek: good night

Scarfield: 7, 8

Icebox: MadKnight thats not true

Icebox: I've been grinding golf for the last 2 weeks as well

Icebox: got to top 5 on py on thor


Gabbek: omg

Gabbek: this copy

Gabbek: delete this link please! :(

Default avatar.png Zilvester: cancel my last question - found it

BenjaminUrquhart: quick, someone send 20 messages so it gets lost

Gabbek: hdhsj

Gabbek: vncxnx

Gabbek: hsfhsd

Scarfield: xD

Default avatar.png Zilvester: like this...

BenjaminUrquhart: I was joking

Gabbek: any mod around to delete it please?

struct: We can't delete it sorry

BenjaminUrquhart: can't delete chat messages

Scarfield: i dont think you can delete a message

struct: At least its not full code

Scarfield: yea, and early in the contest

Andriamanitra: in wood league i think yes, after that it gets more complicated

Gabbek: turn 37 basic spell gets thrown out?

AntiSquid: just ping Automaton2000 and AutomatonNN a few times

ParticleBeam: I wonder if quoting the "jabberwocky" would be enough

Gabbek: *confused*

Andriamanitra: oh i was scrolled waaayyy up

Automaton2000: i thought about it and i have a simple eval

AutomatonNN: why not make the league of really slow on the boss?

Scarfield: phew

tutubalin: karliso interesting thing: according to referee code, when you learn a spell, it becomes repeatable automatically

BenjaminUrquhart: hm

AntiSquid: only some spells are repeatable though right? or is that a bug?

Gabbek: how do I lose a basic spell on turn 37? :(

tomatoes: thats only player

tomatoes: visual

Gabbek: ohh

Gabbek: okey, thanks a lot tomatoes

Scarfield: yea tried casting a spell twice, didnt work, so its not a bug for all spells at least

PatrickMcGinnisII: damnit, does a casting sequence always exist to find a brew?

AntiSquid: my mental image of that username:

AntiSquid: every time .

PatrickMcGinnisII: So it took a boss 21 turns to brew, holy hell

AntiSquid: well it's wood

AntiSquid: also 1800 people in wood @_@

AntiSquid: 2500 bots on first day that's something special

Scarfield: yea, more than most contest has had for participants overall iirc?

Default avatar.png natec360: well I'm straight up bad so that's why I'm in wood

Default avatar.png lNitsua: covid got people hoping this game will get them a job

PatrickMcGinnisII: I at least thought wood1 would be a depth 0 casting solution for a brew

AntiSquid: pacman had close to 5k Scarfield . well actually pacman was most popular contest

Scarfield: wood usually is just about implementing the rules of the game, stategy starts at bronze

Hjax: pacman has already been dethroned in terms of signups

tutubalin: AntiSquid this is a bug with repeatable:

AntiSquid: depends, you have all rules in bronze so imo that's where you start implementing the rules, wood is to get familiar with the game

PatrickMcGinnisII: a depth 20 casting solution with rests may be unnattainable for alot of people

Scarfield: yea it seems i recalled incorrectly :p

tutubalin: Scarfield this bug is for learnt spells only. doesn't affect default spells

Scarfield: oh, for every learnt spell then? still in wood so i cant test

AntiSquid: nah you do you Scarfield . but imo you have to redo a lot if there's a new rule added

Astrobytes: Not sure if I'm motivated to even continue lol

Hjax: whats wrong astro?

Astrobytes: I don't like it :P

Scarfield: i meant recalled incorrectly about the no. of participants, i pretty much meant what you said about wood squiddy, just phrased it badly

Hjax: D:

Astrobytes: It's like CalM + C4L, neither of which I liked

Scarfield: CastroBytes

Hjax: yeah definitely seems like those two games mixed together

Astrobytes: RecallField


AntiSquid: i don't see the CalM part

Scarfield: xD

BenjaminUrquhart: C4L but less state machine

AntiSquid: i liked a la mode

Scarfield: total recallField

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: I'll probably have a go at it but I'm not keen

AntiSquid: i guess the recipes aspect ?

Astrobytes: yep

Paluke: Help please: I am trying to do this challenge in TS. How to set type for readline() and printerr() ? I am stuck.

PatrickMcGinnisII: cast 78 cast 79 rest cast 79 rest cast 79 rest cast 79 rest cast 79 brew 0 is some BS!

PatrickMcGinnisII: for wood1

Paluke: It was simply `/* globals readline, printErr */` in plain JS

AntiSquid: i still have yet to sort by recipe and add pathing to my CALM bot so ... maybe the recipe sorting isn't most important part of this game either

Paluke: I get "Cannot find name 'readline'." error

Default avatar.png lNitsua: what's easier, learning python and numpy, or getting good enough at c to figure out how to program matrix math

Hjax: python + numpy is definitely easier

AntiSquid: python ofc

Astrobytes: quicker for sure

Hjax: better is up to debate, but certainly easier

Default avatar.png lNitsua: guess it's time to learn python

Default avatar.png lNitsua: thanks

AntiSquid: even doing machine learning in python is easier than mastering C :D

Astrobytes: *quicker to learn I mean

BenjaminUrquhart: lmao that bottom spell

dreadylein: also mastering c normaly means messing up slightly less then all the other :D

BenjaminUrquhart: frame 34+

Andriamanitra: no such thing as "mastering C", the language is so dead simple you can learn all of it in a couple days

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: so how long have you guys been programming for?

BenjaminUrquhart: a time

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: nice

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: lol

dreadylein: @Andriamanitra the same is true for asm, but both also give you all the tools to shoot into your own foot reeealy easy :P

Astrobytes: Benjamin was born in the JVM

Astrobytes: :P

inoryy: that reminds me of

Gabbek: Hjax seems like getting stuck with having lots of ways of generating 3 but not 4 tiers is really painful, gotta pick those spells nicely :|

BenjaminUrquhart: you don't know me

BenjaminUrquhart: I started in python

BenjaminUrquhart: smh

Astrobytes: lol inoryy

dreadylein: lol inorry :D

Astrobytes: calm down Benjamin it was a joke

Astrobytes: So toucheh

BenjaminUrquhart: I know

Gabbek: haha, that's a good one inorry

BenjaminUrquhart: I have difficulty with tone in text so yeah that came off a bit aggressive

BenjaminUrquhart: mb

Astrobytes: Benjamin was born in a snake ;)

dreadylein: the thing with asking , how long are you coding is, tons of people feel old about 3 seconds after its asked :P

Scarfield: xD

SamSev: hello

dreadylein: hi

Astrobytes: no agression or anything intended in the slightest BenjaminUrquhart

BenjaminUrquhart: think this is my 5th year programming

Scarfield: agrestroBytes

BenjaminUrquhart: Astrobytes the aggression was on my end, not yours

Andriamanitra: i've been programming 10-ish years, never regularly enough to get good though

BenjaminUrquhart: :upside_down:

Astrobytes: case in point then :D

Gabbek: inoryy you're doing search or something random, if I may ask?

AntiSquid: i see i should focus on reversing aging instead of being here

dreadylein: ;)

inoryy: no search, bunch of greedy decisions that fit in < 100 loc

Scarfield: it takes 40 years to do so apperently

Gabbek: interesting

AntiSquid: you have all of eternity afterwards

inoryy: pick a potion to brew first then build your invertory for it

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: ok thank you i was just curious because im pretty new

PatrickMcGinnisII: AntiSquid find a way to synth and make a B $

Andriamanitra: you seem to have a pretty good score without doing search, this gives me hope :D

inoryy: I wouldn't read too much into it, people writing search are busy debugging their segfaults

Andriamanitra: i don't have a search either and i am 100% sure i won't be able to write one for this either

Gabbek: ^-- indeed

inoryy: I would be surprised if my bot would get through to silver without changes

Default avatar.png Avrem: is this the global chat? or wood chat

BenjaminUrquhart: global

Scarfield: global

BenjaminUrquhart: there's no such thing as league-specific chats

Scarfield: the chat name is viewed in the top "world" :)

struct: silver is only in 4 days

struct: But I think if you are currently top 5 you should be safe

Default avatar.png Avrem: not gonna lie, the IDE makes it hard to debug

Jdools05: I just started the challenge, can someone explain to me what the second for loop does? I know it is used for the inventory, but why does it loop twice?

Scarfield: just write your code in Word, its where its at

Scarfield: for both players

Scarfield: Jdools05

dreadylein: 2 player

BenjaminUrquhart: second time around is opponent inventory

v1993: One for your inventory, once for your enemy's

Hjax: what happens if you try to cast a spell that produces more resources than you have room for

BenjaminUrquhart: fails

Fosfen: it fails

Hjax: ah cant cast at all?

Hjax: ok

BenjaminUrquhart: nope

Jdools05: ah thank you, i did not know that

struct: wait what?

Scarfield: i thought it only discharded what couldnt fit?

BenjaminUrquhart: too little space means no spell

Jdools05: thats probably why my code was selecting weird spells

BenjaminUrquhart: that's only for learning from tome

struct: if you dont have space for the resources that the spell generates it fails?

Hjax: the tax is discarded when it wont fit

Scarfield: ooh

Hjax: rules dont say anything about spell outputs

Fosfen: Is a graph approach a good idea for this challenge ?

BenjaminUrquhart: yeah discard only applies to tome tax

BenjaminUrquhart: Fosfen depends on what you want to do, I use a graph only because that's what I'm used to and it's working pretty well so far

Fosfen: Thanks

Andriamanitra: i think graph would be the most logical way to approach it, but that said it's not what i did at all :D

Gabbek: so how do leagues work in contest? One of the codes get's chosen from bronze, like the top 20%ish or something?

struct: yes

hem123: Question for the fall challenge

hem123: how can one use cast id times if you need to rest after the use of a spell

Scarfield: somes spells are repeatable

Hurda: Gabbek - every tiem you submit you play against everyone in the league. Each league has a boss (AI) - you have to have better score than teh boss to pass up

ParticleBeam: I believe you can cast it multiple times in one round after which it gets exhausted

hem123: @Scarfield is there a limit on repeats?

Gabbek: repeats has no limit, apart from your inventory space

Scarfield: afaik your inventory

struct: Hjax

struct: I guess this answers it

ParticleBeam: I think its only limited by the amount of ingredients you have

Gabbek: but it'll get exhausted after using it

Gabbek: Hurda thanks a lot :)

struct: "struct attempted an invalid action: Not enough space in inventory for spell 86"

Scarfield: hem123 no need for "@" in chat here, also you can autocomplete usernames: scar[tab] -> Scarfield

hem123: ta

RockyMullet: I dont understand tax

struct: Rocky

struct: so from bot to top

struct: if you want imagine 3rd spell

struct: 1st and 2nd get taxed + 1 each

Cappefra: the tome is wild...

struct: with tier 0 igredients

ParticleBeam: You can learn the first item from a tome for free. If you want to skip to learn the next one, you have to pay a tier-0 ingredient per skip.

ParticleBeam: You can learn the first item from a tome for free. If you want to skip to learn the next one, you have to pay a tier-0 ingredient per skip.

RockyMullet: so I need to spend 2 tier 0 ^

struct: When someone picks that spell they get those igredients

RockyMullet: oooooh

struct: Yes

RockyMullet: you should be writting the statement lol

RockyMullet: thanks

struct: np

Scarfield: interesting kind of tax, it gets payed back to whoever buys the next product

tutubalin: i find tier-X term a bit anti-ergonomic. we'd better choose other terms like Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow. or D, C, B, A

Scarfield: damn my spelling is way off today

Gabbek: the tax thing is really interesting

Scarfield: yea, seems like there are some strats in the tax/inventory department

Gabbek: yeah, started collecting tax - looks really good

Gabbek: apart from ahem inventory management which I dont have :D

Gabbek: suddenly losing pretty much all via full inventory, hehe

Scarfield: xD

Scarfield: the tax collector struggling from succes

Doju: Does anybody know what all of the possible actions are?

struct: Learn, Cast, Rest and Brew

Paluke: How to make Typescript ignore readline and printErr?

Doju: I mean in terms of values

Remus_: Can I test on a specific seed? My code doesn't pick anything in like 1 out of 30 battles. :(

Paluke: in plain JS it was /* globals readline, printErr */

struct: Remus_ you can

Xenoid: The action types are "CAST", "OPPONENT_CAST", "LEARN", and "BREW"

struct: enable expert mode on settings

struct: then you can choose seed

Doju: yes thank you, but i mean like deltas for example

Doju: what are all of the possible deltas

Doju: there has to be a fixed amount, right?

Remus_: Thanks! :)

tutubalin: Doju

Doju: Oh nice, that's exactly what i was looking for. thanks tutubalin

Gabbek: tax collecting seems to be very powerful, just need to manage your inventory well enough :|

tutubalin: Doju it may change a bit soon. so keep an eye on it

Icebox: wait a minute

Icebox: I've read the chat about repeatable spells being bugged

Icebox: but how exactly?

Icebox: now I'm scared to implement it

Gabbek: Icebox the other way around - non-repeatable are repeatable

Icebox: and repeatable aren't?

Gabbek: which should not be the case (but dunno exactly how it works, just seen it being mentioned earlier)

Gabbek: repeatable are

Scarfield: learned spells are apparently bugged, all repeatable(?)

Icebox: so basically all spells are repeatable except the starting ones?

struct: yes Scarfield

Scarfield: i think so

struct: Icebox its bugged

Gabbek: yes, but that's a bug

Scarfield: i know so * :p

Icebox: nah nah struct

Icebox: it's a feature

Scarfield: xD

inoryy: as long as you rely on repeatable flag from inputs you'll be fine even after it's fixed

Icebox: I knew that Oioi was hacking

Icebox: kappa

Icebox: dude made the bug into a feature

Icebox: literally

Scarfield: its cost effective!

Scarfield: free turns ftw

Gabbek: well, I must say that contests are really fun!

Gabbek: this is my first one and I'm having a blast; such a friendly community and awesome conversations, a huge thank you to everyone :)

Scarfield: :muscle:

Gabbek: Hjax have you started with the contest?

MadKnight: he already got bronze

Default avatar.png casmith789: what's the silver/gold/legend leagues for?

KleinesAtom93: Is it possible to already get promoted to silver or is everyone in the bronze league atm? Sorry, my first contest :X

Default avatar.png casmith789: it says they are locked until the 16th

BenjaminUrquhart: silver opens later

Xenoid: For glory, @casmith789. They will open later in the week

Scarfield: highest league currently is bronze, silver will open in 4 days

Gabbek: KleinesAtom93 it will be open on 16th

KleinesAtom93: alright, ty! :)

Default avatar.png casmith789: do you just get promoted if you do well in bronze then? when it opens

inoryy: aim for top~30% if you want to get auto-promoted

Xenoid: The highest ranked players in Bronze will form the Silver league when it opens, and other players can get promoted by beating the boss, which is usually derived from the highest ranked player in Bronze at the cut

Scarfield: KleinesAtom93 if you click on the League symbol next to "Fall Challenge 2020" you can always see when the next league will open

Icebox: screenshot collection extended

Icebox: #1

Gabbek: hehe, congrats

RockyMullet: this submit got me from ~500th to 21st, I'd say it's a good submit :)

dreadylein: grats :)

inoryy: nice

Gabbek: RockyMullet beautiful! :)

RockyMullet: fixed my spell learning, I didnt realized it had such a big impact haha

RockyMullet: inoryy 11th ! doing good :)

inoryy: thanks!


Gabbek: so that's how you use repeatable actions...

Gabbek: *amazed*

Doju: I just don't have the same excitement over this game compared to the spring challenge...

RockyMullet: oooh thats how

Gabbek: but I'm confused - is free green supposed to be repeatable?

Remus_: wow

Gabbek: doesn't say so on the tooltip, hmm

RockyMullet: oh drifted 15th, the CG gods are too good with me

Gabbek: hehe, hi Rocky :D

Gabbek: let's hold the ground together :P

Doju: Do you guys already have working searches?

RockyMullet: next to each other, gatekeeping the top

RockyMullet: me not yet, but im only 16th

Gabbek: so apparently people are using all spells as repeatable now

RockyMullet: gotta read how this thing work

RockyMullet: but it's probably not useful before you get a search

Gabbek: pretty sure it's bugged - even those spells which have no repeatable tag

Gabbek: are being repeated

RockyMullet: pretty sure Romka already has one

Gabbek: unless I'm missing something crucial

inoryy: it's bugged

Gabbek: thank you for the link, let me have a look

Gabbek: oh, well that kills that insane performance, sure - still need to devise a plan how to even go about search

Gabbek: but that atleast explains it a bit, thank you inoryy

Icebox: lmao I got to 100% dropping only 2 out of 70 games

Icebox: one against 2nd and one against 5th

Icebox: and I ruined it

Gabbek: Icebox are you using repeatable actions?

Icebox: yes

Gabbek: just wondering

DomiKo: i need to debug my :(

Gabbek: with spells that are not repeatable, correct?

Icebox: I got 1st without that

Icebox: but this "flex" submit inclused that, yes

Icebox: included*

Gabbek: fair enough, was curious, thanks :)

DomiKo: we can feel the diference

inoryy: weird flex but ok

Icebox: ah, a fellow youngster

inoryy: insert matt damon meme here


inoryy: lol I meant this one

Recovery_disaster: Can I get the urgend bonus from the input, or do I need to calculate it myself?


DomiKo: I'm close to you Icebox

Default avatar.png azh412:

Icebox: I'll keep the spot 1 warm for you DomiKo

Icebox: come and get it

DomiKo: mmmm

DomiKo: I have to check if I will timeout or not

DomiKo: and I guess I have somebugs

DomiKo: :(

DomiKo: give me sometime

PatrickMcGinnisII: more movement in wood1 than i have seen in awhile


DomiKo: what happend there

DomiKo: he had 50 points

DomiKo: made 18 points potion

DomiKo: and boom 69 points

Gabbek: you get +1 point for all tier-1 and higher ingrements

Gabbek: in your inventory

DomiKo: ohhhhhh

Gabbek: quote: "Players gain 1 rupee for each tier-1 ingredient or higher in their inventory."

Subsage: after each action, we get orders *up to some number*, but what about ingredients? Do they also refill, and at what rate, if any?

Gabbek: oh, so if I'm not mistaken -- all learned spells are repeatable at the moment? :(

Gabbek: Subsage which league are we talking about?

Subsage: 2nd one, just unlocked spells

Gabbek: ingredients don't refill at all, you have to cast spells in order to gain additional resources

Gabbek: from wood 1 and onwards

Subsage: so if I were to exhaust my inventory, that's it for me then? Just hardlocked

Drallieiv: Is that me or does it return "attempted an invalid action: Tried to cast an opponent's spell..." If I try to cast one of my spell that will make me over 10 ingredients

Gabbek: not at all - you have the basic spell of creating 2 tier-0 ingredients

Gabbek: (and spell becomes exhausted, but you can use rest action in order to make all spells available again)

Subsage: I see, but nonetheless, all generation of inventory is from our own actions. Interesting, thanks for the info!

Gabbek: aye, from our actions indeed, you're welcome :)

SpaghettiCode: lol how tf am i top 10 in wood 1

SpaghettiCode: my bot is terrible

Default avatar.png ivan44: what's the purpose of `OPPONENT_CAST`?

Drallieiv: you could see if the opponent can snipe the potion you plan on doing before u

Drallieiv: if he can do it in 2 turns, while you need 3, you now the client may disappear first

Luca_Poda: someone know why happen this? "attempted an invalid action: Command does not match action, expected 'CAST' but got 'BREW'"

Xenoid: You have to brew potions and cast spells

Luca_Poda: Ok thank you but why does the program tell me to cast and not to brew?

Xenoid: Most likely, because you output a command like 'BREW 17' but 17 was the ID of a spell, not a potion

Luca_Poda: Ok thanks you so much

Xenoid: No problem

Zenoscave: Finally got a chance to sit down for the challenge

Gabbek: hello Zeno

PatrickMcGinnisII: good, push me out of wood1 plz

Zenoscave: Hi noname

Zenoscave: Hi PatrickMcGinnisII

dreadylein: hi

SpaghettiCode: is it possible to be demoted from a league?

Zenoscave: no SpaghettiCode

SpaghettiCode: nice

Gabbek: how's going RockyMullet?

RockyMullet: found a bug in my learning stuff, scrashing my head so far

Hjax: Zenoscave same, unfair europeans get a head start, i was at work all day :P

RockyMullet: oh you gave me 3 victory, really nice of you :P

Zenoscave: I was moving a friend into a new appratment

Zenoscave: no work currnetly

Gabbek: haha, yeah enjoy :D trying some experiments and this one seems to be quite a bad one

LastRick: That leap in difficulty from Wood 2 to 1 shocked me.

Samer: hey guys, is the list of spells always constant?

tomatoes: yes, but shuffled

RockyMullet: 100% win in 20 games, submit looking good :D

Gabbek: good luck RockyMullet!

RockyMullet: first lost at 27 games :cry:

Gabbek: gonna gift you some wins, hehe :P

RockyMullet: ty for the generous gift :P

RockyMullet: lost 3 times in a row against icebox

RockyMullet: lol i pushed icebox first

Ille-Stream: Damn, top 3 is in a different league

RockyMullet: aaand lost against romka, everything back to normal lol

Gabbek: seems like I'll be stuck around #20 ish for now

Gabbek: just losing too much games against top 10

Ille-Stream: Stream ended top 13 \o/

RockyMullet: gj

dreadylein: grats :)

Gabbek: great job Ille-Stream :)

Ille-Stream: Oh, wrong account. brb

Illedan: :)

RockyMullet: stabilized 11th :D

Gabbek: nice!

RockyMullet: strating to smell like sim/search, I doubt I can cheat my way higher than that

Illedan: agreed

Gabbek: same here, unless you manage to get a really good inventory management

Gabbek: then you probably can cheat a bit higher

RockyMullet: Illedan will you submit your stream code on Illedan ?

Subsage: looking at leader board, is the number with arrows the score?

Illedan: Sure, but gotta fix it first. Not going to accept worse than top 10 :P

RockyMullet: see you in 3 days lol

RockyMullet: jk jk

Illedan: I'll leave stream code though, as a reference

ClockSort: how do i view matches between the top players?

Illedan: leaderboard => last battles => watch

RockyMullet: Subsage yes, thats how the ranking is done

Illedan: ClockSort, you need to go to the contest landing page and not the IDE

Gabbek: Rocky - I thought I'm gonna go high but it seems I'm getting a bit stuck with inventory against low, so dropping tons of ranks :D

Subsage: Thanks Rocky

RockyMullet: whats wrong with your inventory ?

RockyMullet: np

Gabbek: likes to get stuck with tier3 or tier4 :D

ClockSort: um, it looks like top players are repeating non-repeatable spells?

ClockSort: is that a bug?

Gabbek: yes

Gabbek: but it kind of happens naturally if you try to implement repeatable because of the bug

Default avatar.png John.Pop: Does any one action cost the same amount of time?

RockyMullet: oh yeah, I could still cheat my way up by implementing repeat cast

Gabbek: true

RockyMullet: ooooh I see sneaky people abusing the bug of repeating non repeatable spells

RockyMullet: that could help too

Illedan: Oh, you can repeat them all? :P

DomiKo: dont do that ;(

Gabbek: Illedan yeah

RockyMullet: from what i understand the bug is, if you cast a repeatable first, you can repeat all of them after, even non repeatable

MattSOrme: If its a bug then how about just not using it? since it'll get patched anyway?

ZarthaxX: for the lolz

RockyMullet: the lolz are fun yes

ZarthaxX: and also for the carne master

Gabbek: I guess I'll try to defend top 20 with my randomness

RockyMullet: anyway im not even using the ones that are not a bug

ZarthaxX: Gabbek gl :P

Icebox: RockyMullet no I don't think it works like that

Icebox: I think you can cast all non-repeatables repeatedly as long as those are not your starting ones

Gabbek: yeah, think that's how it works

RockyMullet: im confused again

Gabbek: all spells learned from tome are repeatable

Gabbek: and worse - all of them will appear with the flag if I'm not mistaken, right?

RockyMullet: ok so its just casting the same spell, i get it now

Gabbek: well - you can cast any, as long as it's not a starting one :p

Gabbek: seems like randomly saying defender of 25 works - rank #26, haha

MarekM: hi, it just me in python, or everyone lose 33ms out of 50 just for reading mandatory inputs?

Gabbek: tell me about your results Rocky, if you'll try repeats

MattSOrme: @MarekM

MattSOrme: When are you starting your clock?

Gabbek: MattSOrme found the merger useful, or using a single file atm?

MattSOrme: @Gabbek single file atm. I'm going to re-format everything and start again on the weekend

MarekM: after while True:

Gabbek: poke me if you would need help using it, I'll be around on the weekend MattSOrme

MattSOrme: @MarekM move it to after the first input

Jdools05: anyone know how to open a private chat i closed on accident? I didnt have them as a friend and i dont remember the specifics of their username

MarekM: @MattSOrme looks much better, thank You

Jdools05: it was like Rwillson something...

Astrobytes: use the search at the top

Astrobytes: then message them if you recognise the right username

LastRick: its in the top if you're not on a puzzle

Astrobytes: ^

Default avatar.png Surina_Kaiba_Quinn: Hello, just unlocked chat and wanted to say hi.:relaxed:

Gabbek: Hello BrandonRobertBerg-Mcdougald :)

Subsage: that's a big name

ZarthaxX: autogenerated

ClockSort: are you allowed to pay the tax with the taxcount you collect from LEARN?

BrunoFelthes: no

ZarthaxX: that's given after

ClockSort: IRS lets me do it

Andriamanitra: i've won 9/10 clashes since i accidentally missed one and finished last... still not back to the rank i was before that

Andriamanitra: this is brutal T_T

zeeton_red: lol... adding random rest to clear wood1 feels so naughty. Anyway will start work on bronze tomorrow.

zeeton_red: good night and gl hf everyone

Zhmyh: Anyone knows if there will be an increase of potions count for game over in the higher leagues?

Zhmyh: I mean silver+

Zenoscave: I had a ternary switched. was scoring all completeable brews as 0

Zenoscave: lol

Gabbek: ouch, good catch though!

icecream17: just joined

ZarthaxX: Zenoscave F

RockyMullet: nooooo timeout

ZarthaxX: F x2

Zenoscave: 80% of my losses are timeouts

RockyMullet: wow all my lost are from timeout

RockyMullet: gotta fix that

Zhmyh: Wtf did you already do to get a timeout? xD

Icebox: I'm already getting timeouts since an hour

Icebox: xD

Zenoscave: hush icebox

Zhmyh: U mean 1 AM or T+1 since the beginning?

Zenoscave: 1st place should never timeout


Icebox: PEW PEW

Zenoscave: PEW PEW PEW PEW

RockyMullet: ok some bugs in here lol

RockyMullet: PEW PEW

Icebox: Zhmyh since an hour ago*

Icebox: forgot a word

Zhmyh: Oh

RockyMullet: actually my timeout is a crash, so "better?" I guess

Zenoscave: "better" lol

RockyMullet: stabilized 7th !

RockyMullet: :D

Gabbek: :D holy molly

Hjax: wow the repeatable potions are really bugged arent they

Hjax: er, spells *

Gabbek: yeah, they really are

Icebox: repeatable potions :o


Gabbek: RockyMullet I'm between 10-40 with my random heurestics

Hjax: first turn both bots grab a non repeatable and cast it 5 times

Hjax: amazing

DomiKo: :sweat_smile:

Gabbek: oddly enough I think it could work, atleast for now; just need to tweak some numbers

Gabbek: getting closer to you :P

Gabbek: I must admit - I've never felt so clueless as in this multi

Gabbek: I have no idea what I'm doing :D

RockyMullet: fixed my crash, time for a resubmit :triumph:

Gabbek: oh noes, here comes #1 Rocky

RockyMullet: I was crashing against romka sadly :P

RockyMullet: wasnt*

Zenoscave: RIP

RockyMullet: damn, also have a bug where I do nothing

Default avatar.png kreska: Hi everybody I have a question. Can one potion consists of more than 6 ingredients or this is max because from the game visualisation it looks like there can be max 6 ingredients per potion?

DomiKo: its max

Gabbek: kreska 6 is the max

Default avatar.png kreska: thank you very much for quick answer!!

RockyMullet: lol knowledge is power

Zenoscave: Rocky how many do you win in first 30 matches?

Gabbek: I would say about 90%

RockyMullet: I lost twice in first 80, this game being one

RockyMullet: I think I lock myself with a full inventory

Gabbek: #14 here and about 10-15 loses in 75ish games, so I guess Rocky must be around 5ish

Gabbek: oh, I was wrong :D

RockyMullet: still losing to Romka :unamused:

BenjaminUrquhart: looks like I need to start doing stuff

icecream17: what only 2

RockyMullet: ok fixed it I think, RESUBMIT !

Zenoscave: top 200. not base for 1.5 hours

Zenoscave: err top ~200

RockyMullet: icebox raining on my party

RockyMullet: hum i think my fix made it worse

Default avatar.png lNitsua: I've never used python before, but figured this was told this was the best time for me to learn because of the linear algebra capabilities. I just finished my bronze bot and was wondering if anyone could just look at the code and tell me if I made any python fau paux's

Default avatar.png lNitsua:

icecream17: 4 people pormotiong

Default avatar.png lNitsua: I'm not really asking for bot advice, just python tips/advice/mistakes I made

Default avatar.png lNitsua: but tips are always welcome

RockyMullet: what ???

RockyMullet: my opponent timeout and then I lose ?

Gabbek: oh lol

Gabbek: he got 2 points for having tier-1+ items in inventory

Hjax: known bug

Gabbek: that's even better hack than repeating spells :D

Hjax: well im almost done formatting the inputs in a way i like

Hjax: maybe ill get something that runs before i go to bed lol

RockyMullet: 100% win in 26 games, looking good

Hjax: what are you doing right now rocky? just some heuristics?

Hjax: or do you have something more fancy already?

Waffle3z: pretty tedious to figure out what exact move the opponent made

RockyMullet: hard to say how fancy it is

RockyMullet: probably still in heuristic territory

RockyMullet: 3 lost to Romka, he wants to assert dominance

RockyMullet: 4 lost

RockyMullet: 5, please staph

Waffle3z: trying to keep track of that +3 bonus which means I need to know if the opponent and I both brewed the #1 potion at the same time

AbsentMoon: Since you may play either the red or blue witch, how do I know which inventory to track?

Hjax: your inventory is always given first

Hjax: regardless of which witch you are

RockyMullet: 7 lost to romka, not a single game against icebox

Gabbek: aww

Gabbek: you were too good :p

Gabbek: so you ended up playing against romka all the time, hehe

RockyMullet: icebox is scared of my beautiful mullet thats why

RockyMullet: 9 lost against romka, still no game against icebox, not understanding how it works lol

RockyMullet: oh no lsot to icebox in the end

Andriamanitra: oh no i've ran into the dreaded flood fill clash

Andriamanitra: why is this a thing ;_;

RockyMullet: hum, im still fulling my inventory some times


Chloris: hows day1?

RockyMullet: laggy lol

Gabbek: tough, feeling clueless :)

RockyMullet: trying to have fun before people smarter than me crushs my hopes and dreams

Chloris: lol

RockyMullet: stabilized 6th, seems fair :D

Chloris: 👍

solaimanope: How do you upload java project that has multiple files into the competiton?

Xenoid: I don't think that is possible

BenjaminUrquhart: you put it all into 1 file

hito: I remember a past challange had starter kits for some languages - is there a python3 starter kit this time around?

BenjaminUrquhart: no

BenjaminUrquhart: have fun

icecream17: somehow i'm stuck with a bug that's hard to find already

Default avatar.png lNitsua: is numpy capable of symbolics, or is sympy usable in this?

Icebox: unfortunately nor

Icebox: not*

icecream17: my code keeps thinking that green is tier 2 and i cant figure out why

Default avatar.png lNitsua: my only real approach to this is linear algebra, and the only way I can think to solve with more than 4 spells is symbolically. You all are using linear algebra, right?

icecream17: i'm still in Wood 1

Waffle3z: I'm doing BFS

BenjaminUrquhart: ^ just a search

Gabbek: random

Default avatar.png lNitsua: that sucks to hear, I was excited for this one cause EVERY contest uses bfs

Waffle3z: linear combination would require casting negative spells

Default avatar.png lNitsua: How?

Icebox: it's funny you mention sympy lNitsua

Waffle3z: unless you mean something other than solving a system of linear equations

Waffle3z: actually that's not how to approach this anyway

Default avatar.png lNitsua: that's exactly what I mean. You can sum the affect of each spell into the neccessary amount for a potion, then solve for constants, which are casts of each spell

Waffle3z: yeah maybe that is a better approach than bfs

Default avatar.png lNitsua: works fine for the first 4 spells, it would fail without symbolics after learning a new spell

Default avatar.png lNitsua: Icebox why?

Icebox: I remember talking with [CG]Thibaud about improving python and what's the best way to do it at the start of 2019 and I specifically mentioned sympy

Icebox: but either intentionally or not that addition was skipped over :D

Default avatar.png lNitsua: I'm much more proficient in matlab so I made a draft in it, and it gave me the appropriate amount. Now I just need to move it to python

Waffle3z: bfs is still good for finding the shortest path, which may include a detour through LEARN

Icebox: .

Default avatar.png lNitsua: tbh this challenge would be borderline broken with sympy imo

Waffle3z: or a creative usage of some other spell that avoids a REST

Icebox: lNitsua that is unfortunately not true

Icebox: even with sympy, someone who reimplements the same math in C++ will just outperform your code with a factor of 100 if not more

Default avatar.png lNitsua: Waffle3z my first thought is that you could do a run through of the available spells and see if they're more "efficient" than the base. Including them in a linear equation should include the shortcut

Icebox: that's why I wanted sympy added

icecream17: aaaa it was a typo!!!!

icecream17: YES the bug was fixed!!!

Gabbek: congrats icecream17

Default avatar.png lNitsua: That's fair, as far as the coding goes I'm out of my league here. I know cpp is far faster, but I don't see any reasonable ways to include symbolics in cpp

BenjaminUrquhart: roll your own :upside_down:

Default avatar.png lNitsua: or solve the equations without syms. But I'll be working on that part for the next few days I guess

Waffle3z: something like 4 tier 0 -> 1 tier 4 and 1 tier 4 -> 5 tier 0 has a net gain of +1 tier 0 but still requires that you have 4 in the first place

PatrickMcGinnisII: wow, typo...i shoul dhave never reached bronze

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: You guys seem really experienced so I was just wondering what language you think I should learn next(I've already learnt Python and C). I'm thinking maybe Javascript or C++. Thanks

Icebox: C++ unless you're a web developer

Gabbek: whoa, my random's 17 and there's still some games left

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: Oh thank you

Xenoid: Those are both good choices. Java would also be a good choice

Gabbek: going :o

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: Yeah thanks

PatrickMcGinnisII: say no to JS... java

Icebox: say no to java... kotlin

Waffle3z: is java better than other languages for something?

Default avatar.png lNitsua: I'm confused on what your example there proves, waffle3z

Waffle3z: there are some initial conditions necessary for any given sequence of spells to be possible

BenjaminUrquhart: Waffle3z not really other than an intermediary between python and C/C++ in terms of speed

BenjaminUrquhart: at least imo

Default avatar.png lNitsua: yeah of course, but because the initial spell gives 2 for free, the math would allow it to be done

Waffle3z: why would you want an intermediary in terms of speed, that sounds like a disadvantage

PatrickMcGinnisII: I learned Fortran, never used it beyond academia

Gabbek: you have to manage your inventory size

Gabbek: that's very important

BenjaminUrquhart: my inventory seems to manage itself

BenjaminUrquhart: somehow

Gabbek: it feels like top10 is where you need repeating spells

Default avatar.png lNitsua: is there a cap on the number of times you can cast a repeatable spell in one turn?

Default avatar.png lNitsua: aside from soft limits?

BenjaminUrquhart: don't think so

Gabbek: nope, only inventory space is your limit

BenjaminUrquhart: as long as you have space

Default avatar.png lNitsua: ty

BenjaminUrquhart: Gabbek your bot is a spell hoarder

Gabbek: I don't have any search so it's still not really all that useful tbh :D

Gabbek: I've just watched my losses and could've won about half of them with search :/ hmm

dauom: how do you get promoted from league to league? For instance I'm in bronze but I don't know how to figure out when I will be promoted or what the criteria are

BenjaminUrquhart: when you finish placement above the boss for the league

Gabbek: silver league will unlock on 16th

BenjaminUrquhart: right now there's no boss because the next league isn't open

dauom: I see... that was confused me, not seeing any boss in this league

dauom: Thanks

Gabbek: BenjaminUrquhart just tried with 20ish spells, it's funny :D

BenjaminUrquhart: nice

Gabbek: with tons of spells you should most likely aim for very expensive potions

Gabbek: even if someone makes potions much faster than you

BenjaminUrquhart: I don't aim for specific potions, I just search until it's possible to make one

Gabbek: than they still can't win if you get huge rupees values from your potions


Gabbek: haha, not good, but funny :D

Default avatar.png Thienu: what happens if both witches brews the same potion? do they both get the reward?

Xenoid: Yes

Default avatar.png Thienu: thanks

Xenoid: No problem

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

Xenoid: Is the file size limit still 100K or did they raise it?

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder:

NicoNeko: if you code in java how do u combine multiple class files into one

NicoNeko: do u literally just copy and paste

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: it was incomplete

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: file over the limit

DToTheE: Are we allowed to share ideas and our code with other people we are working ideas with?

MoMaT: no code sharing @DToTheE

DToTheE: Got it, thanks!

Default avatar.png SeekDog: wow

Default avatar.png SeekDog: fall challenge got some fun

Meme_Magician: I have no idea what to do q_q I know this is some sort of optimization problem but the recursive method I wrote to select the best action takes too long

NinjaDoggy: so what's up with the reusable bug people were talking about earlier? Are all spells reusable right now, even if they're not supposed to be?

NinjaDoggy: repeatable*

Laminator: for the bot competitions, anyone know if slower languages are at a disadvantage? Like 50 ms is brutal if we're talking C++ vs Python.