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MadKnight: hey Zenoscave

MadKnight: u ready for the contest ?

MadKnight: Point[] ps = { new (1, 2), new (5, 2), new (5, -3), new (1, -3) };

MadKnight: oooooh gotta switch to c# 9

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: imagine knowing more than one language... true pros only know one

BenjaminUrquhart: how's that working out for you ;)

Thyl: Hello do you know a web site for the theory game ???

CodingBroke: Need more practice in data structures. Any suggestions?

Thyl: hash table ?

Thyl: CodingBroke

Uljahn: CodingBroke: start with then learn how to measure performance and finally use the knowledge in practice by solving puzzles or playing bot AI multiplayers. As a bonus you could look at how data structures work under the hood in your PL

Slendr: Hello, I'm trying to resove Horse-Racing-Duals but I don't have a clue about what to do. Any hint ?

Uljahn: search for the minimum difference

Uljahn: there should be the Hints button on the left

CodingBroke: Uljahn, Thanks for the tip. bigocheatsheet looks great

Slendr: The Hints button is interesting but I don't understand how it can help.

struct: If the data you get is like this 2 5 8 3 20 and you make it become likes this 2 3 5 8 20 you will only need a for loop to find it after

Uljahn: and you should find the minimum difference between those numbers

Uljahn: in this case the answer should be 1

Slendr: I think I need to review the basis of Java, I feel like I lack necessary skills. Thank you for your help still !

struct: Is Msmits still active?

Default avatar.png SeekDog: i don't understand anything.

Default avatar.png SeekDog: Im suck

struct: about what?

Default avatar.png SeekDog: the problem lmao

struct: What is the probleM'

struct: *?

Default avatar.png SeekDog: it make so sense

Default avatar.png SeekDog: no*

struct: What problem are you trying to solve?

Default avatar.png SeekDog: well Mc sell nuggets of packs6, 9 ,20.

Default avatar.png SeekDog: n is the numbers of nugget

Default avatar.png SeekDog: print if-possible the largest numbers of packs he need to sell to complete the order.

Default avatar.png SeekDog: else print NONE

Default avatar.png SeekDog: I don't understand this problem

Default avatar.png SeekDog: Can u explain me :(

Default avatar.png SeekDog: it made no sense to me

Default avatar.png SeekDog: FK life

struct: So if the order is N nuggets you need to find how many packs you need to sell

Default avatar.png SeekDog: yeah but the test make no sense to me

struct: so if he orders 35 you would need to sell a pack of 20 a pack of 9 and a pack of 6

Default avatar.png SeekDog: wait

Default avatar.png SeekDog: test3: input 17 expected output: NONE

struct: what are the packs available in that test?

Default avatar.png SeekDog: 6,9,20

struct: yeah its not possible because if you sell 3 packs of 6 you get 18

Default avatar.png SeekDog: wait

struct: which goes above 17

Default avatar.png SeekDog: test 4:input 123 output 20

Default avatar.png SeekDog: what the heck is that

struct: 6 * 19 + 9

struct: 19 packs of 6 and 1 pack of 9

Default avatar.png SeekDog: fk

Default avatar.png SeekDog: how I don't understand that

Default avatar.png SeekDog: my brain suck

Default avatar.png SeekDog: my life

Default avatar.png SeekDog: I'm so fking NOOB

Default avatar.png SeekDog: THANKS U struct

struct: chill, you can improve

struct: np

Default avatar.png SeekDog: how long have u been solving the this site?

struct: My account is 4 years old

Default avatar.png SeekDog: wow

Default avatar.png SeekDog: such a pro right now

Default avatar.png SeekDog: nice to meet u

struct: nice to meet u2

RockyMullet: hello :)

struct: hi rocky

struct: What time is it in Quebec?

struct: isnt it very late?

RockyMullet: 6 am hehe

RockyMullet: I'm an early bird

RockyMullet: trying to get back in the game after a long time without contests :joy:

struct: I can say the same

RockyMullet: when was pacman, cant remember

struct: March/ApriL?

Default avatar.png SeekDog: wow two pros here

struct: oh it was May 7

RockyMullet: wow, long time

struct: March 20 was Ocean of code

RockyMullet: both were fun imo

wlesavo: true

Default avatar.png SeekDog: another pro here

Default avatar.png SeekDog: damn

wlesavo: nice to see so many old faces in chat when the contest is upcoming

RockyMullet: the contest zombies :P

RockyMullet: back from the dead

RockyMullet: to COMPETE :triumph:

wlesavo: SeekDog nah, i started programming a year ago

struct: Legend or delete

RockyMullet: SeekDog you'll kick our asses in no time

Default avatar.png SeekDog: bro my acc is few months old

RockyMullet: well meant it as motivational or something haha

Default avatar.png SeekDog: I just stated solving here about 4days.

RockyMullet: it's a very fun platform, you should stick around

Default avatar.png SeekDog: I had been playing a bit few months ago but had stopped

struct: Are you joining the contest?

RockyMullet: personally I like multiplayer bots / contests the most and since I made a bot for all the past contests I kind of got bored and mostly show up for contests, but there's a lot of stuff on here to have fun with

Default avatar.png SeekDog: now I feel like I want to play it everyday like a game/

RockyMullet: good !

RockyMullet: I don't know if you are new to coding

RockyMullet: but having the motivation to learn is the best way to actually learn

Default avatar.png SeekDog: I'm at year 2 university now.

RockyMullet: gamifying learning helps a lot imo

Default avatar.png SeekDog: U know what

Default avatar.png SeekDog: I just study at the class.

Default avatar.png SeekDog: but now covid peroid

RockyMullet: pratice/apply it in here :sunglasses:

Default avatar.png SeekDog: I can't even study at class.

RockyMullet: you study computer science or something ?

Default avatar.png SeekDog: So Im trying to use this everyday and try to learn everyday.

Default avatar.png SeekDog: Im studying Software Engineering

RockyMullet: good

struct: Do puzzles and multiplayers

struct: Clash is fine, but you wont learn much from it

Default avatar.png SeekDog: Can u give me some tips for newbie

RockyMullet: I can't speak for other degrees, but imo programming needs practice or oeverthing else

RockyMullet: like struct said

Default avatar.png SeekDog: what is best point from puzzles and multiplayers

RockyMullet: puzzles are good in a way that if will often have a proposed algo / solution, that you can look up and learn about taht algo / technic

RockyMullet: while multiplayer is mostly AI, so fun if you have are driven by competition

Default avatar.png SeekDog: but I don't know much

struct: In AI you can also use some concepts you used on puzzles

struct: Thats why you do puzzles, so you can learn

Astrobytes: Learn by doing

Default avatar.png SeekDog: I was doing clash all the time.

Astrobytes: Hiya Rocky, struct o/

RockyMullet: hey Astrobytes !

struct: hi astro

struct: SeekDog Clash is fine if you have like 5 minutes or something

struct: Like you are on a break

RockyMullet: yeah, like astrobyte said, experience is a great way to learn, mistakes makes you do better

Default avatar.png SeekDog: For me, some problems took over 15mn :(

RockyMullet: yeah and thats why I'm not a big fan of clash

Default avatar.png SeekDog: and can't solve it even worse

Astrobytes: Puzzles don't have a time limit

Default avatar.png SeekDog: wow

RockyMullet: time pressure is not a good way to learn

Default avatar.png SeekDog: im surprise

Default avatar.png SeekDog: d

Astrobytes: So probably better to do instead of clash

Default avatar.png SeekDog: thanks I will try it over clash

Astrobytes: as struct was saying clash is supposed to be a quick bit of fun - it's no fun if you need to practice though!

RockyMullet: and some have some visuals with it, nicer to see your code do the things you told it to do :)

Astrobytes: ^

jacek: clash? fun? w00t?

Default avatar.png SeekDog: Can u guys give me some experience about ur learning when ur new like me?

RockyMullet: I'm old, so that experience wont be relevent much for you haha

Astrobytes: Be prepared to use your search engine a lot (or books)

RockyMullet: ^

RockyMullet: google is your friend

Default avatar.png SeekDog: I google every minute lmao

Astrobytes: And ask questions, or look for answers to your question

Default avatar.png SeekDog: yeah of course

Astrobytes: But always try to understand the answers

RockyMullet: ^^^^

Default avatar.png SeekDog: u know the feeling when u can't solve a problem

Default avatar.png SeekDog: fk

Astrobytes: Yup. Break it down

RockyMullet: if you just copy paste some answer on stackoverflow that you don't understand, you fixed you problem, but you didnt learn anything

Astrobytes: Pen and paper/whiteboard is a good place to start solving a problem

Default avatar.png SeekDog: Do u know many programming languages?

Default avatar.png SeekDog: I tried to do it myself

RockyMullet: me, not much, like 5 or 6

jacek: paper eh?

Default avatar.png SeekDog: then I try to find better method than mine

RockyMullet: but at some point, you know the concept of coding well enough that learning a new language is just about learning the syntax

Astrobytes: ^

Default avatar.png SeekDog: yeah

Default avatar.png SeekDog: In year 1, I learned many languages

Astrobytes: Once you understand basic data structures and their associated algorithms you can apply that knowledge to any language

Default avatar.png SeekDog: difficult to remember all of those

RockyMullet: must have been confusing

Default avatar.png SeekDog: My college have lots of subjects

Default avatar.png SeekDog: python,c,html,css,javascript,java,scala,kotlin,sql

Default avatar.png SeekDog: I think it's so much for year 1.

struct: all that in 1 year?

Default avatar.png SeekDog: year

struct: That's way too much

Default avatar.png SeekDog: and other more

Default avatar.png SeekDog: data structure and algorithm

struct: On my first semester I only had C

Default avatar.png SeekDog: yeah

Default avatar.png SeekDog: that's my problem

Default avatar.png SeekDog: u know atcoder?

struct: I've heard about it

Astrobytes: I'm guessing you're not expected to learn all those languages fully in 1 year...

Default avatar.png SeekDog: yeah

Default avatar.png SeekDog: syntax,

RockyMullet: that's a bit dumb :grimacing:

Astrobytes: python & C for data structures and algos I presume

Default avatar.png SeekDog: control statement

Default avatar.png SeekDog: looping

Default avatar.png SeekDog: IO

Astrobytes: HTML/CSS/Javascript for the web stuff

Astrobytes: Java, Kotlin and Scala for.... JVM worshipping?

Default avatar.png SeekDog: my data structure class didn't involve any coding

Default avatar.png SeekDog: just the algorithm

struct: 3 JVM makes no sense

Default avatar.png SeekDog: to understand the time complexcity and space

struct: or sence

Astrobytes: Yeah that's standard SeekDog

Astrobytes: But you should learn to actually write the algos too

RockyMullet: oh well, we wont be changing your school's program today haha

RockyMullet: pratice will help you for sure

Astrobytes: lol

RockyMullet: and here is a good place to do that

Default avatar.png SeekDog: Can u guys give me some tips to be good at coding like your?

struct: practice

RockyMullet: pratice

Astrobytes: Practice, fail, practice, fail, repeat until competent

Default avatar.png SeekDog: the instructor showed me and explain how it is writen

RockyMullet: yeah that's why you need pratice, where you are not shown how it's writen

jacek: good for him

Default avatar.png SeekDog: so puzzle is a better choice right

jacek: for starters, yes

RockyMullet: but yeah, don't be a dick and tell that's not how you code something, even if you are right, it doesnt translate well into grades lol

Astrobytes: hehehe

RockyMullet: yeah puzzle would be the best place to start

Default avatar.png SeekDog: thanks man

Default avatar.png SeekDog: clash when it ended can't continue lmao

Default avatar.png SeekDog: and my brain want to explode

jacek: also tomorrow starts contest, why dont you try it

Astrobytes: ^

Astrobytes: Just for fun

RockyMullet: yeah, it's fun and the competition really help for the motivation

Default avatar.png SeekDog: which contest ?


Astrobytes: damn you were fast struct :P

Default avatar.png SeekDog: i do join atcoder contest

Default avatar.png SeekDog: like every weekend

Default avatar.png SeekDog: for begineer

Default avatar.png SeekDog: japanese site

jacek: oO

struct: This one is longer

Astrobytes: Well this one lasts for 10 (or 11?) days

Astrobytes: And it's about writing a program to play a game

Default avatar.png SeekDog: how often does this contest hold?

RockyMullet: 3-4 times a year

Astrobytes: Usually only twice a year now

Default avatar.png SeekDog: wow

RockyMullet: yeah they are trying something new

Astrobytes: For official ones

Default avatar.png SeekDog: Im afraid I can't do even one

Default avatar.png SeekDog: haha

Astrobytes: But we have unofficial ones too sometimes

Astrobytes: Of course you can

struct: you dont need to be here the 11 days

AndrewAung11: Is Fall Challenge same like other? with many confusing puzzles?

RockyMullet: you can try and just give up if you don't like it, it's not much commitement

Astrobytes: Just see how far you can get

struct: no AndrewAung11

struct: its a multiplayer

AntiSquid: SeekDog just get an avatar and you'll be a pro in no time

RockyMullet: true

Astrobytes: I was awful in my first one, but you get better after that

RockyMullet: my mullet is carrying me

AntiSquid: or end up like a certain level 40+ guy i won't mention, poor guy still has no avatar

Astrobytes: lol

wlesavo: i believe atcoder is founded by chokudai

Astrobytes: Oh really?

Astrobytes: Nice

AntiSquid: are you sure?

wlesavo: i wownder if he will join this one

AntiSquid: i thought he is just an employee

wlesavo: oh maybe im wrong

RockyMullet: who's that chokudai ?

AndrewAung11: Yeah struct many multiplayer games have many confusing puzzles isn't it?

AntiSquid: chuck norris of CG, RockyMullet

struct: no

struct: this will be player vs player

struct: Dont know if its 3 player or 4 or 2 ...

struct: At least I hope

struct: I dont think it will be optimization

Default avatar.png SeekDog: what else apart from puzzle and contest, that recommend to try?

RockyMullet: kind of low profile for a chuck norris if I never heard of him

wlesavo: AntiSquid he is ceo, dont know if he is actually a founde

AntiSquid: aha

AntiSquid: ok my bad then

Default avatar.png SeekDog: My school require me is do the atcoder

AntiSquid: low profile ninja then RockyMullet

RockyMullet: ok googled him, so he's doing code contests

RockyMullet: I'm not much of a fanboy haha

Default avatar.png SeekDog: Is CodinGame the best site ever

Default avatar.png SeekDog: ?

AntiSquid: this isn't about fanboyism geez . damn it . giving credit where it's due

RockyMullet: is he on CG ?

AntiSquid: yes

AntiSquid: well he joined during pacman got legend in 8 hours

wlesavo: RockyMullet chokudai is some kind of a meme, euler once said japanese have their own algos, for example chokudai search, and then he joined pacman contest

RockyMullet: I mean, I don't follow people

AntiSquid: not sure anymore

AntiSquid: but very short period of time

AntiSquid: wasn't that quote after he joined wlesavo ? he also posted the algo on twitter later on

AntiSquid: actually the algo is mentioned in some other jap blogs

struct: One of his tweet even mentioned re Curse

RockyMullet: I like when CG get some hype

Default avatar.png SeekDog: Do u guys active on this site everyday?

AntiSquid: it was some different guy saying he's looking forward to compete with recurz and then recurz was too busy with other stuff hahaha

RockyMullet: I used to, but after around 1-2 years I kind of reached the end of mmultiplayer bots, aka what I'm interested in, so lesser and lesser, but therE's enough content to last a long time

wlesavo: AntiSquid no, for sure not. i believe the discussion was quite before the contest started

AntiSquid: maybe, then i didn't see the start of it or the first mention

AntiSquid: but after contest everyone spammed the link to the explained algo

RockyMullet: when reCurse is not participating, it's my only chance of trying to be #1 in canada haha

wlesavo: yeah, and his tweeteraccount

AntiSquid: RockyMullet

RockyMullet: what's the search for ?

RockyMullet: the algo i mean

struct: I think its similar to beam search

struct: iirc

AntiSquid: ya

Cohmedy: can anyone recommend good source for learning and practicing algorithms.? thank you

jacek: codingame :v


Cohmedy: to learn?

jacek: hmm

d-Dahaka: sololearn



Cohmedy: thank you all

AntiSquid: no problem, glad to help Cohmedy

MadKnight: are u all ready for the contest ?

MadKnight: Automaton2000 is ready for sure

Automaton2000: u can get to legend with mm

Aya_Noaman: can smn tell me abt fall challenge

RockyMullet: MadKnight I think I am

MadKnight: how are u ready RockyMullet

RockyMullet: Aya_Noaman it will be a bot programming challenge, so you code a bot that plays a game against another bot who plays the game, then you get ranked

MadKnight: can u play against Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: i can see any other puzzle's/challenges videos's

RockyMullet: MadKnight I think I am yeah, 1 or 2 feature I would've like to have done for my offline debugging, but I think it's at least in a usable state

MadKnight: are u gonna code it in c# RockyMullet ?

RockyMullet: nope, my offline stuff only supports C++

MadKnight: how does your offline debugger look like ?

RockyMullet: like prog art haha

MadKnight: lemme see

MadKnight: the code

RockyMullet: but its a grid with buttons and tooltip with debug infos, with a slider for the timeline

Aya_Noaman: @RockyMullet ok cool thank you

RockyMullet: my code's not updaloaded anywhere yet

RockyMullet: let's hope my computer doesnt blow up in flames

MadKnight: why would it lol

jacek: what about xbox?

RockyMullet: it shouldnt :P


eulerscheZahl: hey rocky, what's the status of your physics game contribution you were working on?

RockyMullet: OH SHIT !

RockyMullet: that

jacek: thats CG servers tomorrow

eulerscheZahl: you wanted 3D, right?

RockyMullet: pretty much dead on the pile of abandonned side projects lol

RockyMullet: but it was working a bit

RockyMullet: no, it was 2D

eulerscheZahl: but you wanted 3D?

RockyMullet: but with a poor's man physic engine

RockyMullet: yeah but I'm not render programmer

eulerscheZahl: but CG supports 3D

RockyMullet: not a physic programmer either, but at least I can manage to do something since I'm ok with math

MadKnight: i can help u with 3d render

RockyMullet: oh really ? is that new ?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: worked since we can upload our own stuff

eulerscheZahl: just not documented

jacek: oh aCat is leading leaderboard

eulerscheZahl: oh, 29 players submitted :o

RockyMullet: I could look it up

MadKnight: i need to submit

RockyMullet: problem with 3D is it takes way longer to make art

RockyMullet: and a bunch of spheres and boxes is kind of boring haha

MadKnight: just use free assets

MadKnight: or MC style

eulerscheZahl: pay a 3D designer for it

eulerscheZahl: you have to invest money to create a contest and win a free canvas

RockyMullet: hu, nice

MadKnight: use free UE4 assets 500MB each

eulerscheZahl: upload is limited to 10MB

struct: Im sure 500 MB will load fast

eulerscheZahl: can we use external references?


struct: I'm not sure

MadKnight: here's a good free asset

RockyMullet: this character is probably animated

RockyMullet: not sure what the CG 3D runs on

MadKnight: it probably supports some kind of animations

RockyMullet: I'll assume they are using some kind of 3rd party


MadKnight: or better this one

eulerscheZahl: there are some 3D assets

MadKnight: it's unreal engine, RockyMullet

eulerscheZahl: like houses and trees

MadKnight: oh cool, freebies

RockyMullet: the CG 3D viewer runs on unreal ?

eulerscheZahl: any JS library you want

MadKnight: oh nope, the 3d models do

eulerscheZahl: i used threejs for that demo

eulerscheZahl: the downside: you have to reinvent the wheel. like frame transitions. the SDK does that for you if you stick with pixi

RockyMullet: hum im curious, the shitty physic engine I made for my 2D game could probably be refactored for 3D

MadKnight: yea probably

MadKnight: can u use the same collision detection ?

eulerscheZahl: and the 3D rendering even consumes less CPU/GPU than pixi

RockyMullet: same code, with one extra dimension

MadKnight: u gonna do collision detection between what things ?

RockyMullet: yeah, I do believe that lol

MadKnight: any rotational inertia?

RockyMullet: hum my 2D games was rectangles and circles

RockyMullet: nah screw that lol

eulerscheZahl: RAIC style physics: just make 100 microticks per gametick

eulerscheZahl: and 60 ticks per second

MadKnight: and in 3d u gonna also use rect & circles ? or will it be cubes ?

RockyMullet: yeah cubes and spheres, maybe swept sphere

MadKnight: cube and sphere is a bit more complicated

RockyMullet: swept sphere is pretty common for character collisions

MadKnight: u mean capsule ?

RockyMullet: yup

eulerscheZahl: you mean character recognition?

MadKnight: that's gonna complicate your collision detection

RockyMullet: yeah usually characters have a big collision shape to bump into environnement

RockyMullet: then they can have more precise ones for hit detection if it's like a first person shooter

RockyMullet: checking for head shoots etc

Default avatar.png cydrus: when does the contest start tomorrow?

eulerscheZahl: 24h 30min

eulerscheZahl: then it starts

RockyMullet: hum its 10 am for my time, I think the page check for your timezone

Default avatar.png cydrus: thanks :D

MadKnight: yea just add 30min to current time

LastRick: Getting kind of excited. First contest on here for me.

RockyMullet: LastRick it's fun !

eulerscheZahl: it's like bot programming. just with everyone playing it at the same time

eulerscheZahl: you go to bed at rank 10 and wake up at 30

eulerscheZahl: then you fight your way back up just to be discouraged again the next morning

eulerscheZahl: repeat for 10 days

struct: I wake up at gold and delete account

eulerscheZahl: poll is still open

Aya_Noaman: hey guys

Aya_Noaman: join a short mode clash from #clash

eulerscheZahl: hi you join a long clash from

TBali: "you go to bed at rank 10 and wake up at 30" That never happened to me :) More like "you go to bed at rank 500 and wake up at 600".

LastRick: You make it to 500?

TBali: And even more like: "Be at 500, improve your code, submit. No you are at 600.

LastRick: HAH

blasterpoard: in my experience, it's more about wondering why the changes you make to your bot have absolutely zero corellation with your rank

TBali: Yes - resubmitting any change can result to +-200 places

TBali: *without

LastRick: That doesn't give me much confidence for tomorrow

TBali: take it easy, it is a game

TBali: and I am amateur

LastRick: What's below amateur? :P

struct: My goal is to leave wood

TBali: Aim high, than miss :-)

eulerscheZahl: mine is to annoy some players a bit at least before they manage to beat me

struct: I saw aCat game

struct: I must try it

blasterpoard: I hope I'll get to play and not get immediately discouraged by literally seeing rock-paper-scissors in the statement

eulerscheZahl: same game

blasterpoard: then, I don't care about the result

RockyMullet: annoyance is the best weapon

struct: What do top people use on SameGame?

eulerscheZahl: i use beam search

struct: I never tried it, I need to check it

eulerscheZahl: oh, also:

eulerscheZahl: another cat game

eulerscheZahl: and some SDK fun (see the system clock showing the real time and the debug mode resizing something)

struct: wow nice

eulerscheZahl: you missed a few things. even how you became a mod yourself :D

struct: now I need to catch up

eulerscheZahl: and at 2048 you can generate replays that play for several hours and aren't even close to the 1MB limit

struct: These games are good I dont even need to read statement

struct: to understand how it works at least

eulerscheZahl: JBM is working on Freecell right now

eulerscheZahl: and he started a blog:

TBali: Beam search: is the beam size static?

Default avatar.png JBM: speaking of which, I don't understand your feedback

eulerscheZahl: your game just crashes for me. and i don't understand the move list you provide

eulerscheZahl: C# code:


Default avatar.png JBM: you output move #5 in test "hard" C# and it crashes?

Default avatar.png JBM: ok thx

eulerscheZahl: outcomment the Console.WriteLine to see the input given by the game

eulerscheZahl: use the code as i shared it and it crashes

DomiKo: struct for SameGame NRPA

struct: ReferenceError: fc_1 is not defined at Answer.js. on line 20

struct: on javascript

struct: its fc + 1 on c++ but fc_1 on javascript

eulerscheZahl: that's another topic. default code crashes

eulerscheZahl: but that's reported

struct: What does NRPA stands for?

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah the stub one i'm keeping for later

Default avatar.png JBM: referee crash is more serious

eulerscheZahl: and the red cards could be a little darker I think

Default avatar.png JBM: even if it's caused by C#

Default avatar.png JBM: darker?

Default avatar.png JBM: i was ready to make them brighter

struct: darker red

eulerscheZahl: i think you provide an invalid list of moves. tried to understand the 21 on hard

eulerscheZahl: had no idea what it should do and tried it. then it crashed

Default avatar.png JBM: yes it looks very weird indeed

struct: I guess it stands for Nested Rollout Policy Adaptation

DomiKo: struct

DomiKo: yes

struct: thanks

DomiKo: but I don't know what top1 and 2 use

DomiKo: :(

struct: Marchete is good at optimizations

DomiKo: but still gap to top1 is big

eulerscheZahl: scores per testcase:

eulerscheZahl: for whatever reason aCat decided to have each testcase twice on submit. so you have to double the total score to compare with the CG ranking

eulerscheZahl: at some point i was first on testcase 1 on that js-games site :D

eulerscheZahl: btw westicles = sampson on js-games

DomiKo: some day there will be like 30 new players in that game :sweat_smile:

eulerscheZahl: when it becomes the puzzle of the week

DomiKo: no

DomiKo: the puzzle of the lecture

DomiKo: :wink:

eulerscheZahl: right

struct: In 4 months afk and not once puzzle of the week :'(

struct: I cry everytime

eulerscheZahl: you scrolled through old notifications?

struct: yeah

struct: I have most of them disabled so I get only the puzzle of the week ones

eulerscheZahl: you can disable new followers?

struct: I did not get followers

struct: Im too low on the leaderboard

eulerscheZahl: oh, that hurts

struct: people dont see me

struct: Hjax followed me 2 months ago

eulerscheZahl: i'll unfollow and refollow you so you feel more important

Gabbek: hiya :)

struct: Thanks

eulerscheZahl: and follow Gabbek while i'm on it

Gabbek: managed to leave silver on xmas rush - getting my "all gold" stuff sorted; guess one day the goal will be to hit legend :)

struct: Was Gabbek active in chat before?

struct: I dont know if I like this feature of seeing all people that are on chat or not

Gabbek: I'm a quiet person - so the answer would be no. I was just lurking mostly on forums and doing exercises :)

eulerscheZahl: tab completion is much less convenient as a mod

struct: ah it only shows for mods?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: and you can see kick/ban messages in italic that are invisible to other users

eulerscheZahl: like: X kicked Y

eulerscheZahl: and when you kick Automaton, you have a nice day without it until it reconnects

Gabbek: oh, is it me or is there more people now in Vindinium? Nice - I like it quite a lot.

struct: When I left it had around 250ish if I remember

eulerscheZahl: slowly increasing. you can see the history here

RockyMullet: wow still 12th in Vindinium, I would probably drop if I were to resubmit haha

eulerscheZahl: 27th :/

LastRick: Totally late on this but that's a great blogpost from JBM. You can probably guess someones age just from their level of empathy

RockyMullet: yeah, seeing you 27th tells me I dont deserve that position haha

Default avatar.png JBM: lol

Gabbek: interesting link, thanks eulerscheZahl!

Default avatar.png AntoineDominici: can someone explain me, with have only coordinate outpu but we can't choose how to kill a zombie ?

eulerscheZahl: it tells me that i don't really tried vindinium myself

struct: I was around 20 with this code I think

Default avatar.png JBM: my empathy betrays me again

struct: now 50

eulerscheZahl: i know i butchered English grammar right now

RockyMullet: ouch :cry:

struct: but my code is quite simple

struct: its just ifs

LastRick: JBM: Thank you for the Wordstar reference. I can't remember the last time I thought about that software.

Default avatar.png JBM: ^^

eulerscheZahl: a good read if you know how CG was like in the beginnings

Gabbek: oh - that's yet another thing I've never tried :p clash of code, heh

eulerscheZahl: you don't miss much

Gabbek: how are leagues in contest?

Gabbek: there's wood and then there's just shared leaderboard, right?

eulerscheZahl: you start with wood - bronze

eulerscheZahl: then a new league every 2 days

Gabbek: oh, I see, interesting

eulerscheZahl: silver on monday, till legend on friday

eulerscheZahl: and initially legend will be 10-15 players

struct: is beam search basicly bfs with pruning?

eulerscheZahl: the boss is a real player code

struct: or am I understanding it wrong

eulerscheZahl: yes, that fits struct

struct: Thanks, wikipedia explained it well

struct: all links i was getting was for machine translation beam search

struct: or whatever its called

Gabbek: speaking of interesting ideas - I remember finding tower dereference's code to be very useful for implementing tiles scoring - basically a ratio for how many units will be crossing certain tile, super useful for tower placement

Gabbek: that thing alone handles so much :)

Gabbek: maybe the fall challenge will be something with spells creation?

Gabbek: no idea why but cauldrons make me think that way for some reason :D

LastRick: Euler/JBM: that second link is hilarious as well. It serves to make me realizes all of my complaints for the past few months are simply repeats of JBM's far far funnier observations

Gabbek: oh, the article about freeCell is very fun

Gabbek: JBM guess I'll try to solve yours FreeCell after the contest :)

Default avatar.png JBM: why wait?

Gabbek: I doubt I can do it today - need to google how to play FreeCell first :D

Default avatar.png JBM: why google when there's an actual statement

Gabbek: Oh, it's that detailed

Gabbek: guess I should check it out first before saying anything

Gabbek: That'll do for sure, awesome

Westicles: The rancor is flying on my puzzle contribution!

Default avatar.png JBM: there's a "rules for noobs" section just for you

Default avatar.png JBM: everything needed to solve it is [supposed to be] there

Default avatar.png JBM: and even a tiny bit more for culture

Gabbek: oh and example game, sweet - very noob friendly!

Astrobytes: 10/10 for the amusement factor of your puzzle Westicles :rofl:

eulerscheZahl: and the originality

Astrobytes: Yes indeed

kovi: less than 1 day

eulerscheZahl: "Contributions must be original" i can clearly answer that with "yes"

eulerscheZahl: hype

eulerscheZahl: soon we have a Kotlin Heores contest again

eulerscheZahl: heroes*

kovi: coop potion craft would be interesting

eulerscheZahl: calm recoded?

AntiSquid: CG VonRickRoll - can't believe that real ...

eulerscheZahl: i saw that username in some old forum posts

Astrobytes: afk, making bread

AntiSquid: JBM your contribution doesn't load for me, no idea what it's supposed to be


eulerscheZahl: nice trolling AntiSquid of course it loaded

AntiSquid: not for me

Gabbek: damn, I fell for it as well :D

Gabbek: but the message is quite clear :P


struct: I remember him with the tag

struct: I played clashes vs him before

struct: He used to have USA flag



struct: /ban

struct: Time to block that link

eulerscheZahl: don't you like marslander?

Gabbek: okey

struct: I love it

Gabbek: I'm done clicking the links for today :D

Gabbek: good one euler :p

eulerscheZahl: time to prepare for the contest. my Kotlin is a bit rusty again

AntiSquid: Gabbek

struct: Why Kotlin euler?

Gabbek: JBM what's the turn limit on freeCell?

eulerscheZahl: because

eulerscheZahl: 200 turns

struct: ah I got confused, thought it was for CG contest

eulerscheZahl: i'm ready for CG contest. finished setting up VS code

DomiKo: Euler what is your CF name?

AntiSquid: link to freecell? i only found this:

eulerscheZahl: compiler check debugger check file merger in build events check read input from file check

eulerscheZahl: it's eulerscheZahl, big surprise :D

Gabbek: AntiSquid

DomiKo: i search it with space :| it didn't work :(

eulerscheZahl: i'm a purple noob

DomiKo: nahhh

DomiKo: purple is good

Scarfield: oooh the struct has returned :) :wave:

Westicles: Those contest witches look suspiciously like the aliens from Mars Attacks

struct: hi Scarfield

struct: its twinrova from zelda

Scarfield: good to see you back, there havent been enough hex games :p

jacek: penguins are hex

jacek: speaking of hex

Scarfield: but are penguins enough?

AntiSquid: best hex game too

DomiKo: penguins are great

Scarfield: sure, will have to try it after contest, just wanted to greet the great destructor :)

Westicles: So these contests are entirely written by CG?

Realsakib25: I love algorithm(2)

Default avatar.png ProgrammerDog: lol me too :)

eulerscheZahl: yes, we are back to CG contests now

eulerscheZahl: for a while (2 years) it was done by the community with help from CG staff

eulerscheZahl: see

eulerscheZahl: there is still a small hope to get a community contest if you offer a completely finished game. I did that, waiting for a decision from CG

Westicles: Ah, interesting. So that achievement is really tough now

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: i'm surprised they didn't remove it

Default avatar.png ProgrammerDog: hi

struct: hi

Default avatar.png JBM: eZ: your heroku down or just me?

AntiSquid: ooc was half-community

AntiSquid: also CG contests are only twice a year now? oof

AntiSquid: wonder if it's due to covid

Default avatar.png JBM: it's not

Default avatar.png JBM: (the 2/year part)

AntiSquid: how do you know?

struct: How long has it been since it was a physics contest?

AntiSquid: we never had a physics + fog of war contest

struct: If we dont count Code royale it was meanmax Nov 2017 :'(

Default avatar.png JBM: CM told us, I suppose

struct: But i dont count Meanmax so it was FB on Nov 2016

Default avatar.png JBM: I didn't make a mental note much more specific than that

struct: So we can see that Nov contests are physics

AntiSquid: how can you not count mean max?

struct: I wanted to say CG official

struct: Wasnt meanmax community?

AntiSquid: ya but .

Default avatar.png JBM: not any less official

eulerscheZahl: physics might not be considered beginners friendly

eulerscheZahl: and CG is going more and more in that direction again

AntiSquid: is XR beginner friendly?

eulerscheZahl: no

AntiSquid: no physics there :P

struct: UTG was one of the most beginner friendly imo

eulerscheZahl: that physics is not noob friendly doesn't mean that non-physics is

AntiSquid: hated UTG .

struct: Wondev Woman and Fantastic Bits were my favourite

eulerscheZahl: hypersonic and code of ice and fire for me

AntiSquid: RAIC 2019

eulerscheZahl: RAID 2020

AntiSquid: was joking . god that random aim ...

Zenoscave: I'm losing track of all the acronyms

eulerscheZahl: you could reduce random a bit by shaking less

AntiSquid: "This email is already subscribed" ah they were going to email me regardless (RAIC)

eulerscheZahl: still not a fan at all

AntiSquid: what if we had a contest where every participant's name was an acronym Zenoscave ?

Zenoscave: oh god

eulerscheZahl: we should all create an alt account. and after the contest guess who's who

Zenoscave: that's an idea

AntiSquid: my output msg would be a dead giveaway

Zenoscave: muda muda

DomiKo: wow

DomiKo: i randomly changed someting in

DomiKo: Zombies

DomiKo: and boom

DomiKo: +300K score

DomiKo: i love random games

eulerscheZahl: that does not sound like penguins

eulerscheZahl: but LeRenard is pushing you up there

DomiKo: I know ;)

eulerscheZahl: where else could you get #300k? search race?

DomiKo: wait

DomiKo: he pushed me to 31.37

DomiKo: and push you down to 31.51

eulerscheZahl: :/

DomiKo: ohhh

DomiKo: he is going to 32+

DomiKo: nice

eulerscheZahl: his own game so it's ok. otherwise we would not tolerate this behaviour, would we?

DomiKo: We will give him some time here

eulerscheZahl: contest is near, i won't get my self into that fight now

DomiKo: true

DomiKo: I'm trying to get some points in opti

struct: Domiko whats your score on zombies?

DomiKo: 650K right now

DomiKo: but I'm still spamming

struct: What search?

DomiKo: MC

struct: My best before harcoding was 675k I think

struct: By spamming

DomiKo: I don't even know in which test I got that much

struct: Test case 17 464270

struct: for me

struct: Test case 18 140760

struct: I ran test case 17 for plenty of time

struct: but my mc could not find a better solution

DomiKo: hmmm

DomiKo: test case 17 look like I can reach ~100K

DomiKo: :/

struct: let me get a replay

struct: and those scores were for validators sorry

struct: but I can get 450k+ on 17 testcase


AntiSquid: guys latest development of the US election!

DomiKo: euler thank you :D

Zenoscave: who are the wolves?

Zenoscave: I don't get it

AntiSquid: no correlation, just thought the video is funny, comment is to drag attention to it

Zenoscave: ...

Zenoscave: It worked

struct: I cant generate a 400k+ replay

struct: But I remember its possible

AntiSquid: it's more comparable to a CG leaderboad actually, when you are parked at 2nd and people drag you down with submit spam, then someone wrecks everyone with his buffalo-like submit :P

eulerscheZahl: and then a wild double hulk appears

Zenoscave: ah BotG best game

NightScap3: ezt

Default avatar.png cjthegamer14: I did it right

LastRick: Finally solved A-star by aCat and I feel like I could conquer the world now

eulerscheZahl: next: space maze

LastRick: baby steps, euler!

eulerscheZahl: conquer the world

struct: Must do it the hard way

struct: What was the other guy method?

struct: NN?


eulerscheZahl: ray casting

struct: Soon he will finish it

Astrobytes: NN AND ray casting iirc

eulerscheZahl: does struct know about GAimax and prune arrays?

struct: yes

Astrobytes: ^

struct: ceg right?

Astrobytes: yep

struct: I want to talk to MSmits about hash tables

struct: What did he implement

Astrobytes: what I told him to do, a custom one

struct: Yeah, but there are multiple ways to make it

Astrobytes: he was using unordered_map or something previously I think

struct: I have a faster version that unordered map atm

struct: but I still want faster

Zenoscave: prune arrays? I heard about gaimax

Astrobytes: which multi?

struct: none

struct: But can be usefull I guess

struct: I finally managed to make a working MCTS

Astrobytes: He ended up using Zobrist, that much I know

struct: a true mcts not my uttt version

Astrobytes: Ah cool

Zenoscave: My uttt mcts sucks.

Zenoscave: it's a right dogs dinner

struct: my uttt doesnt have "rollout"

Zenoscave: rollout?

struct: "playout"

struct: random playout

Zenoscave: I know what you mean, just not how. at all?

Astrobytes: Oh it just builds an enormous tree

struct: So it did select expand select expand

Astrobytes: iirc

struct: until it reaches the end

Zenoscave: is that just an iterative bfs

Astrobytes: (with UCT)

struct: Maybe ill apply it after contest

struct: but I must try SameGame first

Astrobytes: I have a list as long as my arm, I've been very lazy on CG recently

Gabbek: same issue today, wanted to do FreeCell from JBM and I'm just staring at my PC instead of even starting :D

Astrobytes: I know that feeling well lol

eulerscheZahl: i feel with you

eulerscheZahl: and the fact that i have a bot somewhere doesn't mean that it does anything useful

Astrobytes: ^ same for the second part

Gabbek: oh, you haven't coders of the realm 1v1 -- really liked that one :)

eulerscheZahl: on my list for so long

Gabbek: but then again, there's only one contest I think I've ever disliked

eulerscheZahl: now you make me curious

Illedan: Hi

Gabbek: by contest I mean multi - any guesses? :)

struct: hi

Astrobytes: Lo

struct: Yinsh

eulerscheZahl: psst, don't say BOTG now

struct: Yavalath

Illedan: BOTG!

struct: Othello

Illedan: Worst game ever

eulerscheZahl: Best game ever watch the default game, players say it there

Gabbek: Smash the Code

struct: Smash the code is top 10

eulerscheZahl: i liked STC

Gabbek: guess I'm the only one then :p haven't even left wood 1, haha; didn't feel like the motivation was there

Gabbek: whereas with every other multi I haven't had this feeling

eulerscheZahl: surprisingly one of my least favorites: tower dereference

Gabbek: any reason for that? I'm curious

Astrobytes: I don't think I've started that yet

eulerscheZahl: i thought it would be an interesting game idea. but balancing turned into a nightmare

eulerscheZahl: how strong each tower is

Astrobytes: Make part 2, call it Tower Deference

struct: Biggest problem of those games

eulerscheZahl: was working on it for about a year (with several breaks)

eulerscheZahl: and you know how quickly I lose interest

Gabbek: I see - it plays different than most other games, beating waves is very easy and it's mostly about finding the optimal way to save the most amount of gold

Astrobytes: The original artwork was the best

eulerscheZahl: not as good as the original bender 4 artwork

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: but i really liked my self-drawn attacker at TD

Gabbek: they look really nice indeed, congrats! :)

struct: Did you reuse any code from STC on SameGame euler?

Gabbek: oh yikes, kovi went berserk on TD


Astrobytes: heh heh heh

eulerscheZahl: no, started from scratch

eulerscheZahl: then improved a bit here:

eulerscheZahl: oh, Rat62 played this week

eulerscheZahl: saw him on CG chat long ago

eulerscheZahl: a fellow German, and a teacher

Astrobytes: I like that people are still using that, I just wish they would update the site

eulerscheZahl: the flash and java applets are totally outdated

Astrobytes: yep, I can't see them converting any time soon

eulerscheZahl: new users have no idea what the game is about. i can still improve is i remember the game

eulerscheZahl: the admin (adum) mostly abandoned it

Astrobytes: Shame

eulerscheZahl: there is even a task where you see a video of adum doing som joga-like exercise

eulerscheZahl: and accidentally hurting himself

Astrobytes: lol, I didn't know about that one

Gabbek: speaking of puzzles - I remember one great link, let me find it


eulerscheZahl: somehow it's not loading?

Astrobytes: Yeah, doesn't work for me

Astrobytes: download worked tho', ouch


Gabbek: about ~10-15 of those puzzles/games are available on pycheckio as well

Astrobytes: oh yeah, I think most(?) of us know that one

eulerscheZahl: a yeah, i had that installed before moving my OS to SSD

eulerscheZahl: mostly playing rect

Astrobytes: Probably a couple there worth porting to CG

eulerscheZahl: i'll start with "mines"

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: we also have bridges (there is no spoon) and fifteen in a smaller version

Astrobytes: true

eulerscheZahl: and flip

eulerscheZahl: and guess

eulerscheZahl: =bulls and cows

Astrobytes: and samegame

Gabbek: we have pattern as well

eulerscheZahl: and solo

eulerscheZahl: and towers

Gabbek: unruly... hmm - remember solving it somewhere, not sure if it was on CG

eulerscheZahl: and undead (haunted manor)

Gabbek: ohh yeah, so true

Gabbek: signpost seems familiar

eulerscheZahl: towers = high-rise buildings

struct: I enjoyed flood

Astrobytes: Right, well, better to list the ones we *don't* have perhaps :P

struct: played it now

Gabbek: Astrobytes hehe, yep, you're right :D

struct: Which multi/optim/puzzle is the best to try and apply Beam Search?

struct: I won't do it today, but must try after the contst

struct: contest*

LastRick: *frantically googles "beam search"

Astrobytes: Hypersonic?

eulerscheZahl: 2048 same game

struct: I guess single player should be easier

eulerscheZahl: hypersonic is a single player

struct: why?

eulerscheZahl: little interaction except for avoiding traps

Gabbek: off to slack a bit, have a great one :)

Astrobytes: see ya tomorrow Gabbek :)

eulerscheZahl: i predict a laggy first 2 hours

eulerscheZahl: when did the streaming schedule and useful resources get added here?

eulerscheZahl: they even sacrificed their trailer video for it

LastRick: I recall seeing that schedule late last week. I thought, wow, that looks official

eulerscheZahl: sent by mail. didn't know it's on the contest page too

struct: I just saw the trailer, it looks nice

struct: 12687 players registered so far

struct: Is this the highest?

struct: I know the final number will be lower but still seems like a lot

eulerscheZahl: last one had > 13k

struct: at the end?

eulerscheZahl: 13,699 CodinGamers have registered to this contest


eulerscheZahl: a little less than 5k who actually played

struct: Yeah some people also register during contest

struct: So I think this one will pass it

struct: But what matters is the ones that play it I guess

eulerscheZahl: was going up a bit in the last few days

eulerscheZahl: the asian community doesn't like fog either it seems

eulerscheZahl: well, at least that one player

struct: What are the upsides of fog?

Hjax: makes search worse, heuristics better in general

Hjax: but you can also make heuristics competitive with search just by having a big search space

struct: But how is fog "begginer friendly"?

Astrobytes: "makes search worse" seems to be the idea

proXDhiya: hello

proXDhiya: i am new here

struct: hi

Astrobytes: Hi new here :)

proXDhiya: hahaha hi

Zenoscave: Hi new here i'm dad

proXDhiya: hey dad lol

Astrobytes: Daddy Pew Pew

Astrobytes: good alt

Zenoscave: Are we doing an alt contest?

Zenoscave: Like eulerscheZahl suggested

Astrobytes: lol, I don't believe so. Would be funny though

Zenoscave: I haven't deleted my account recently...

Astrobytes: :D

Zenoscave: maybe this *is* my alt

Astrobytes: Your L Smith one is still active?

Zenoscave: I can't log in but it can't be deleted.

Zenoscave: I must've done something funky

Astrobytes: P-Funk... er, Pew-Funk

Zenoscave: Rest in P-Funk

Zenoscave: because no pulse is no excuse not to dance

Astrobytes: haha yes :D

grateful_tomato: fun puzzle: no idea why only I could solve it

LastRick: what was the question?


grateful_tomato: pretty simple undergraduate stuff

grateful_tomato: puts "#{(m*(n+y)-y)/(m-1)} #{n/(m-1)+y}"

BenjaminUrquhart: I don

BenjaminUrquhart: I don't speak perl (or ruby?)

grateful_tomato: "a" is in the first curly braces, "b" in the second

grateful_tomato: Ruby, you should try it, it is fun as well :-)

struct: /(m-1) can be shortened

struct: /~-m

struct: til minus m

vanor89: :yin_yang:

Zenoscave: What's the stance on table compression in CG Contests? Not obfuscation but encoding data

PatrickMcGinnisII: if you got her up on the table, compress away

Zenoscave: Seriously? I don't intend to obfuscate or binary import. just encoding a table in the next contest possibly

Zenoscave: Good to know

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, sry. I just try to keep things linear, it's kinda a memcopy versus cloning type thing i guess

PatrickMcGinnisII: so many games are x,y

PatrickMcGinnisII: making it linear makes it faster, there's a couple ways to do this

Zenoscave: But the game state is usually a tree... That's the thing i'm encoding

Zenoscave: i.e. an opening book

PatrickMcGinnisII: ahhh, where msmits at?

Zenoscave: It's the wee hours for him

Westicles: I would guess anything that looks like gibberish is illegal, but the Euro guys will know for sure

Zenoscave: It's probably premature optim anyhow

Zenoscave: iirc you can encode data just no binary packing to transfer libs. Just wanted to make sure stance hasn't changed

Zenoscave: Like no upx in contests but data tables are fine

PatrickMcGinnisII: The only opening book that was successful at all for me I had referencing issues I had to use a 88 charset to encode the data, cause we get more memory than codesize... as long as you can decode it in under 1s during the first turn, you are good

PatrickMcGinnisII: other use unicode packing

Zenoscave: I have my own idea I'll share later if it works

PatrickMcGinnisII: There are different ways to serialize a tree, lib packing...yea - i don't see it

PatrickMcGinnisII: struct, edumacate us

PatrickMcGinnisII: gn g/l

SupSon: See this post on opening books

Zenoscave: 12 hours!

Felixx: non