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IcyFlamer1: idk how to do random lmao

IcyFlamer1: lmao it did it


Default avatar.png Ahmed44un: i don't even know where to start. Guys help me a little

DaNinja: did you try the descent?


Luke12341: :|

Default avatar.png Keyboat: maybe start by lighting a bowl

Default avatar.png Keyboat: helps with the thinking

Default avatar.png Keyboat: and then just shine my fellow friend. shine

Aya_Noaman: hey guys

Aya_Noaman: can someone explain the stub generator

Aya_Noaman: im creating a game but i dont rly understand from the directions

DaNinja: I've never tried. Have you read the syntax?


Westicles: Just find a similar puzzle and copy it

Aya_Noaman: DaNinja yes i read it

Aya_Noaman: Westicles so im just supposed to duplicate a game? no way

Aya_Noaman: well

Aya_Noaman: if u tried before can u just tell me what to do when the only input is a number

Westicles: No one will consider it cheating if you copy someone else's stub generator

Aya_Noaman: ok

DaNinja: read <variable>

Aya_Noaman: thanks thats it?

DaNinja: guess so

Aya_Noaman: :thumbsup:

Aya_Noaman: no it doesnt work

Aya_Noaman: is there sth i should write in the input other than the number?

Westicles: read N:int

DaNinja: ^

Aya_Noaman: ok

conaldev: hi

IcyFlamer1: hello

Default avatar.png Vik-ing: How do we use "console.log()" to check the variable we have? Since we use it to submit our answer.

IcyFlamer1: is it python because i only use python

Default avatar.png Vik-ing: It regards JavaScript.

IcyFlamer1: oh

Default avatar.png Vik-ing: In Python I assume it is "print()" or?

IcyFlamer1: yes its print

Default avatar.png victorianionescu: // Write an action using console.log()

   // To debug: console.error('Debug messages...');

IcyFlamer1: i understand a little js so i might be able to help

jrke: Vik-ing click on three dots button which is present on viewing replay

Default avatar.png Vik-ing: Victorianionescu, thanks!

Default avatar.png victorianionescu: Welcome

Default avatar.png Vik-ing: Jrke, what do you mean?

jrke: nothing i misread your quesion

IcyFlamer1: anyone knows how to get past boss 4 in coders strike back?

IcyFlamer1: im using python

Default avatar.png Vik-ing: IcyFlamer1, what is the mechanic?

IcyFlamer1: mechanic?

IcyFlamer1: im just satrting out python

Default avatar.png Vik-ing: By "mechanic" I mean the objective of the game.

IcyFlamer1: i thought everyone played coders strike back

IcyFlamer1: its the first ai game

IcyFlamer1: theres the game idk how to explian

DaNinja: aim for nextCheckPointPosition - 4 * velocity

jrke: what new unlocked rules

IcyFlamer1: colliding

jrke: da ninja i think its 3*vel

DaNinja: right :)

IcyFlamer1: im like bronze now

IcyFlamer1: any help?

IcyFlamer1: hello?

Default avatar.png Vik-ing: What have you tried so far?

DaNinja: the forums have a lot of discussions on CSB

Uljahn: colliding could be completely ignored until gold and then just some shielding should be enough for legend

Uljahn: drifting is more important i guess

Default avatar.png ajb1093: hi

Default avatar.png CaptAdityaDominatorLordDit: i am a GODDDDDD

Default avatar.png ajb1093: go live

Default avatar.png CaptAdityaDominatorLordDit: ANYONE WANT TO JOIN MY COMPANY?

Default avatar.png ajb1093: please

Default avatar.png ajb1093: huh

CopperFr: what is your company ?

Default avatar.png ajb1093: how do you play ultimate tic tac toe

Uljahn: ajb1093: there is a list of valid moves provided in inputs to choose from

Default avatar.png ajb1093: where

Default avatar.png JBM: behind you

Default avatar.png ajb1093: what

Default avatar.png ajb1093: :black_joker:

jacek: good afternoon

Default avatar.png ajb1093: hi it is 800

Default avatar.png ajb1093: 8:00

Default avatar.png MEmde: Because Poland is located in the US?

jacek: :thinking:

Default avatar.png ajb1093: go live

Default avatar.png ajb1093: in florida it is 800

Astrobytes: Well, I'm confused.

LastRick: It is?

Default avatar.png ajb1093: yeah

Default avatar.png MEmde: depends if you live in Tallahassee or not :joy:

Default avatar.png ajb1093: gulf breeze mke

Default avatar.png ajb1093: me not mke

Default avatar.png ajb1093: i live in breeze

LastRick: oh i get it. I just think ppl consider florida eastern standard

Default avatar.png ajb1093: yes

eulerscheZahl: good news everyone i've set up VS code, i'm ready for the contest

DomiKo: good news.. or not.. my laptop is dead :(

eulerscheZahl: oh dear

eulerscheZahl: i hope you have a backup

DomiKo: yes

DomiKo: but I don't have another good device :(

eulerscheZahl: amazon express delivery? the contest is near

eulerscheZahl: or a real hardware shop that you visit in person

DomiKo: I'm hoping that it will be repair before end of contest

DomiKo: or I will be coding from 13 tablet

eulerscheZahl: that sounds rough

DomiKo: that thing is cheaper than some parts from my keyboard...

DomiKo: I'm hoping that just battery died or something not important

eulerscheZahl: so its not turning on at all?

DomiKo: nope

DomiKo: no signal of life

DomiKo: it looked like it wasn't even charging

Default avatar.png JohnDoe123: Is clash of code working today guys?

KodyScharf: wont start for me :grimacing:

sylvain-reynaud: me neither

Default avatar.png algebra97: sa,e

Default avatar.png algebra97: same*

JDuke: I just got into one, seems fine

Default avatar.png ajb1093:

Default avatar.png ajb1093: do it is hard

Default avatar.png ajb1093: abracadabra\

Default avatar.png ajb1093:

Default avatar.png ajb1093: import 'dart:io'; import 'dart:math';

Default avatar.png ajb1093: is my code correct

eulerscheZahl: "very very quick upgrade of the DB server, should have been back in 2 minutes. Preparing for the Fall Challenge 2020" from the discord server

eulerscheZahl: might be related to your clash problem?

MadKnight: eulerscheZahl u gonna do the contest in c# ?

Aya_Noaman: guys

Aya_Noaman: playing against clash bots is NOT COOL.

Aya_Noaman: For the last 5 games i always came in scnd or third because of a bot.

eulerscheZahl: i'm doing all contests in C# since Hypersonic

Majeck: Aya_Noaman I think it depends

eulerscheZahl: the clash bots only reproduce what real players did in the past

Majeck: This is purely anecdotal but when playing alone against bots I feel they're better

Aya_Noaman: yea but is it fair to be beaten by a bot in less that 30 secs?

Aya_Noaman: the average in the game in question was about 2 min

Majeck: Yeah, that never happens when playing with real people

eulerscheZahl: if the task is easy: yes

Majeck: At least to me

Majeck: It's purely anecdotal in my case but I think bots perform better if you're alone in a clash with them

Aya_Noaman: I think were better off playing against real ppl unless we chose to include a bot or two, agree?

Aya_Noaman: maybe higher levels cud do that

Majeck: I think bots are absolutely awesome

Hjax: if there were no bots, no one would play clash

Majeck: I didn't even know they were bots for like a year

Majeck: The reasoning behind putting them in is great

Aya_Noaman: Yea but if there was the choice of adding a bot it would be easier for beginners like me

struct: Hello



eulerscheZahl: STRUCT

eulerscheZahl: hi

Majeck: And I love the transparency, just click on any of their profiles and you get linked to the articles

eulerscheZahl: we saw you dead and rotting in your basement

struct: Hi everyone, sorry euler

darkhorse64: Just in time for the contest ?

struct: Can I pm you?

Default avatar.png ajb1093: start the clash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eulerscheZahl: sure, you can PM all of us

Aya_Noaman: hey can i join too

Hjax: glad to see you again struct, its been a while :D

eulerscheZahl: 4 months

struct: I did not even know that I was a mod until now

struct: I'm happy to see you all again

AntiSquid: it's ok i understand why you'd miss me

struct: Who are you?

AntiSquid: glad you are well too lol, so what were you up to ?

struct: Not much, I see the site changed quite a bit

struct: at least home page

AntiSquid: we are waiting for the grow a tree addition .


eulerscheZahl: quest map and some certificate that praise you like a god for reaching CSB legend. but the real content is still the same

eulerscheZahl: we have to summon Astrobytes to share the happy news

struct: Is the site a bit slower?

struct: Like laggy?

eulerscheZahl: database update

eulerscheZahl: might not be fully index yet, not sure

DomiKo: ohh i pushed 5 people to Wood 1 in penguins :sweat_smile:

eulerscheZahl: i pushed at least that many into the icy water

DomiKo: :joy:

Default avatar.png luc1fr: hey guys

Default avatar.png luc1fr: or ladies may be

BenjaminUrquhart: he exists

BenjaminUrquhart: the account-deleter themselves

eulerscheZahl: now he doesn't have to delete his account anymore

eulerscheZahl: he can ban all of us instead so *we* are the ones who have to start again

BenjaminUrquhart: woah

struct: Who wants to be first?

BenjaminUrquhart: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i just want to have some fun

eulerscheZahl: I nominate AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: which puzzle you did :P

Uljahn: Automaton2000: no fun allowed

Automaton2000: why did i just walk into?

jacek: AutomatonNN who is the most noob

AutomatonNN: hey guys

eulerscheZahl: we all are

jacek: and i see notclass is back

Default avatar.png Dark_Dave007: HELLO

jacek: HI

eulerscheZahl: DomiKo you should really add some pushing to your Penguins bot

jacek: and i should add actual heuristics into mine

eulerscheZahl: *a search

jacek: A* you say? maybe ill try

eulerscheZahl: :rolling_eyes:

eulerscheZahl: i'll grab some food

struct: I see that dbd has been dethroned

DomiKo: eulerscheZahl yeah, I'm adding it right now

Aya_Noaman: join my game from #clash

Aya_Noaman: short mode

Astrobytes: oh wow, welcome back struct! Where have you been?

struct: Hello Astrobytes

Astrobytes: You OK man? We were getting a bit worried

DomiKo: I know it's luck, but I'm happy :)

struct: I'm ok now, thanks, sorry for ditching

Astrobytes: As long as you're alright it's cool

jacek: -9997 and you win? fix your score

DomiKo: yeah still working :sweat_smile:

eulerscheZahl: oh, getting into top10 already. well done

struct: Is the console output bugged? It doesnt seem to keep up with the current frame of the game

DomiKo: not yet I guess

struct: If i try to press the arrows on the viewer

DomiKo: but when I add pusing maybe

DomiKo: struct in Penguins I see ouput for round 1 and 2 in the first round

DomiKo: soo yea I guess its bugged

struct: Its working now, weird

eulerscheZahl: looks fine for me

eulerscheZahl: what are you playing?

struct: Just pressed play my code on csb

eulerscheZahl: "submit" is "test in arena" now

struct: any difference?

eulerscheZahl: longer text

eulerscheZahl: more to read

struct: :D

BlaiseEbuth: More confusing

eulerscheZahl: oh, you are in Robin Hood mode now

struct: Maybe its a placeholder for a new feature

BlaiseEbuth: It's Link !

struct: Who's link?

Astrobytes: Robin Hood :rofl:

eulerscheZahl: little Rob riding hood

Astrobytes: Zelda... Link...

BlaiseEbuth: Because of the "Zelda" contest

eulerscheZahl: surprisingly hard to find a wizard hypnotoad

jrke: euler -

eulerscheZahl: neither a wizard nor a toad. i give you 0 out of 2 points

Astrobytes: :D

jrke: lol

BlaiseEbuth: Some kind of turtle... Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: at least the way i did it again

eulerscheZahl: my toad collection doesn't have the right one on stock either

Majeck: Should I use ints, floats or doubles for storing positions Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: that's why you have to find the bug


Hjax: this is all i could find lol

Default avatar.png Monke_UwU: i feel bad for this dude, beat him by a second

eulerscheZahl: i'll keep my current one i guess. i broke enough default replays already by changing my avatar

jacek: try

**eulerscheZahl creates multiplayer and uses own avatar in default game then changes avatar and CG deletes the old profile pic

Majeck: eulerscheZahl I always thought that your hypnotoad was from Dave the Barbarian, I don't know what to do with my life now that I know it's from Futurama

eulerscheZahl: that looks depressing jacek

eulerscheZahl: i'll use it if i ever fail to reach legend

jrke: it looks tired for contest

eulerscheZahl: i don't even know what Dave the Barbarian is :D

eulerscheZahl: but i've seen every Futurama episode

Astrobytes: The Adventure Time one is good. The wizards all live inside the toad, you can't see them until it opens its mouth really wide

Astrobytes: (the one Hjax linked)

jrke: my harry potter looks good nothing to change in that :)

eulerscheZahl: that's Harry?

jrke: yup

Astrobytes: Looks more like Emo Harry

eulerscheZahl: even now that I know it, i don't see it

jacek: or try the one from the group paint

Hjax: his tie is the gryffindor colors at least

Hjax: look like harry to me

Astrobytes: hahahaha, you actually saved that jacek :D

eulerscheZahl: now i see harry

jrke: yup

eulerscheZahl: wait, who modified my hypnotoad? :rage:

Hjax: ive viewed peoples profile pictures like that before, only to discover their profile picture is a full screen screenshot, showing their browser and open tabs

Hjax: zoomed in on just the picture for codingame

Gabbek: hello everyone :)

Majeck: eulerscheZahl what about:

Gabbek: pictures discussion, interesting

Gabbek: that looks pretty

Hjax: hello Gabbek, excited for the contest?

eulerscheZahl: i saw some real pic of a user who zoomed in to a fancy text on his tshirt

Gabbek: Hjax looking forward to it, yeah - first contest of mine :) hoping to reach gold somehow

eulerscheZahl: that's a nice one Majeck

eulerscheZahl: hm, we could automate this to see the profile and background images of the first X users from the leaderboard

eulerscheZahl: but not now, cat needs me

Gabbek: Hjax I've been experimenting quite a bit with my state copying in python; uhh... making classes for tiles in grid is not smart :D around 20 times slower compared to other methods :(


Hjax: yeah, the less data representing the game board the better

Hjax: ideally either an integer array or just a long if the game is bitboard-able

Gabbek: struct good to see you! You don't know me - just a reader of yours from forums :)

Gabbek: of yours posts*

struct: Hi

struct: I don't think I wrote much but thanks

jacek: wizard and frog eh

Gabbek: toad mage... hmm, euler will have a class on his avatar as well? :P toad mage, toad warrior... there's lots of possibilities!

Gabbek: Hjax are you doing anything at the moment? If you're interested in trying out some ideas on one of the multis you haven't tried then I'm up for it

Hjax: im at work, plus im not really interested in starting a multi right before a contest

Gabbek: trying to find something fun to do while waiting :) decided to push out my xmas rush bot from silver but... guess I'll do that later - too lazy to re-write my insanely crappy copying of states :D

Gabbek: sure thing

Hjax: as long as the contest doesnt have a massive random element / tons of fog of war

Hjax: ill probably be playing a lot of it

Gabbek: then I'm sure we'll catch each other

Hjax: chat is usually really active during contests, lots of lively discussions

Hjax: it will be fun ^_^

jrke: yup contest makes all inactive users active

Gabbek: guess there are many issues like yesterday in general, right?

Hjax: ooo, the_duck is signed up for the contest

Hjax: i hope he plays, hes really good

Gabbek: (I don't even know what the entire fuss was about - was too confused to join in on discussion :D )

struct: what happened?

eulerscheZahl: saw the duck too. did really well at amadeus

Astrobytes: nah, less spammers/trolls in contest time usually

eulerscheZahl: or relatively less so you don't notice it that much

eulerscheZahl: or mods being more active to react faster?

eulerscheZahl: so many possibilities

Hjax: the duck got honorary first place at amadeus, he held rank 1 for like, 7 of the 10 days

Gabbek: struct some trolling, I think - involving bans if I'm not mistaken

Astrobytes: Either way, it's better

struct: What was amadeus?

jacek: bans for trolling? :scream:

jrke: i think i was one of those spammers during spring challenge :thinking:

Gabbek: are there contests which aren't on multi?

Hjax: @struct Unleash the Geek

jacek: amadeus? kurisu makise?

Hjax: el psy kongroo

struct: There was some Gabbek

struct: Please dont say that name Hjax

struct: dont mention it :(

Hjax: you asked XD

eulerscheZahl: i forgot the contest name for a moment

Gabbek: Hjax Steins Gate - right?

jacek: was it one with mining and radar?

jrke: there are many -

Hjax: yep Gabbek, my favorite anime

Gabbek: oh, thanks jrke

eulerscheZahl: the first ones were puzzle contests with a 4h duration

jrke: what was the criteria for ranking then?

Gabbek: the last crusade as 4h duration? Yikes... I remember solving those for a long time, but then again - I'm pretty slow

Hjax: not too long ago i was looking to see if an American had ever won a contest, and the answer looked like no

eulerscheZahl: that one starts soon

Gabbek: where did you find the link, eulerscheZahl?

jrke: ubisoft,In which recurse works?

Gabbek: just in last 5mins I've seen things I haven't seen ever before :D

struct: this is from bordeaux

struct: france

jrke: yeah btw euler where you got that link?

eulerscheZahl: that's where I found it:

eulerscheZahl: there are some more things you haven't seen before i bet

Gabbek: I remember watching recurse's stream - that was really pleasant experience; most of the streams are about clash of codes right?

eulerscheZahl: like

jacek: btw. did you find some 'hidden' replay of the new contest?

Gabbek: Error loading Quest Map

eulerscheZahl: didn't search

Gabbek: yikes :D

Gabbek: now I'm getting all kinds of errors

LastRick: oh boy

Gabbek: brb ~

Hjax: more fun if we dont get a replay ahead of time

struct: I would stream coding multies or contributions, but my coding skills are not great

LastRick: better now than in 2 days i guess

eulerscheZahl: but i reported 2 different ways how i succeeded in the past. both fixed

eulerscheZahl: i knew about BOTG hero selection before the other players. and groots

eulerscheZahl: couldn't view it but see the commands and image names

eulerscheZahl: and scared Illedan so much that he didn't update the game until it was fixed

eulerscheZahl: fun times

eulerscheZahl: the forum is a blank page for me now and the homepage just says "Error loading Quest Map"

eulerscheZahl: is it me?

Gabbek: nope euler

Gabbek: same happened to me

Gabbek: after viewing your link :P

Gabbek: relogging helped

eulerscheZahl: strange

BlaiseEbuth: Buh. The Ubisoft challenge don't want me... :(

struct: Yeah I had to login again

jrke: how to register in that ubisoft challenge

struct: You probably need an ubisoft emal

struct: email*

eulerscheZahl: logout helped, thanks for the hint

jrke: no there is register button there and it ask to create new cg account

jrke: no option for login

struct: There is option for login

BlaiseEbuth: On top

eulerscheZahl: that's what you get for clicking random links that a stranger posts on the internet

jrke: i tried but when logged in it refreshes the page and makes me log out again

struct: When I open that link I get logged of on here

Gabbek: I remember pycheckio and sharing pycharm's edu logs

Gabbek: and being able to delete someone's account :(

Gabbek: so scary :D

eulerscheZahl: another interesting contrib, some of you will recognize it. sadly never released

jrke: yeah i think there is bug in that page thats why CG didn't provided it openly

struct: Is this the sound one?

eulerscheZahl: yes

DomiKo: yes!

Gabbek: oh, never seen this, looks awesome

eulerscheZahl: the only point of discussion: creator wanted an optim. while the rest of us said it's a puzzle (easy to reach perfect score)

eulerscheZahl: then he somehow lost interest :(


DomiKo: invalid move by Euler

jrke: gn

Default avatar.png c0d1ngr1ff: hello

DomiKo: whait what

DomiKo: that was timeout by me lol

jrke: how you won after timing out lol

jacek: everyone failed

eulerscheZahl: i wanted to spawn as you died

DomiKo: so i can always timeout and won?

eulerscheZahl: 9 penguins in total. do we have them yet? no => keep spawning

Gabbek: there's so many awesome multis... wait 5 years and I'll be there guys :P

eulerscheZahl: in 5 years we will at least double the number

eulerscheZahl: scroll to the bottom, there are release dates

jrke: then he will say - 'here's so many awesome multis... wait 10 years and I'll be there guys :P'

Gabbek: I'm spending much less time playing games and doing codingame's puzzles, so there's a chance, hehe :)

KUBECZEQ_01: xd?

DomiKo: i added pushing!

DomiKo: lets see

eulerscheZahl: do you push yourself?

DomiKo: I think no

eulerscheZahl: top5 was surprisingly easy

eulerscheZahl: but there's only 1 really strong player

DomiKo: you?

DomiKo: xd

eulerscheZahl: no

Gabbek: talking about penguins?

DomiKo: yes

eulerscheZahl: yes

jacek: linuxes

jacek: he could make different distros pushing each other

Gabbek: *adding penguins to the list of multis I wanna try out*

struct: People that use transposition tables, do you use unordered map or you have your own implementation?

struct: for CG?

jacek: unordered_map. MSmits has own implementation

jacek: as always

Gabbek: I mostly used unordered_map, but it's most likely best to look at others :)

eulerscheZahl: in C# smits doesn't even use List<T> he uses List as i recently learned

eulerscheZahl: he left me in utter disbelief

jacek: no to generic eh

Gabbek: started loving one thing that eulerscheZahl shown me - zobrist hashing :)

eulerscheZahl: that's another topic

struct: thanks

eulerscheZahl: DomiKo try not to spawn at the edge. makes you vulnerable to pushing

DomiKo: that could help

DomiKo: look like I will be top5

eulerscheZahl: close

DomiKo: I have big problem, that sometimes my penguins group in one place :/

jacek: no homo


DomiKo: maybe that's why

jacek: :o

darkhorse64: @Domiko: searching or bunch of ifs ??

DomiKo: no search

DomiKo: my score is pretty intuitive

DomiKo: right know fitting some parameters

eulerscheZahl: dbdr at #3 has no search either

eulerscheZahl: i have a depth 1 only

eulerscheZahl: tric trac goes much deeper with a cheap scoring

jacek: ifmax

Astrobytes: tric-itrax algo

darkhorse64: I have a greedy bot that avoids being pushed (but fails sometimes, it's buggy) an looks for pushes. I do not optimie harvesting

darkhorse64: *optimize*

DomiKo: yea avoiding gives a lot

darkhorse64: I have been very lazy. Time to work a bit to get back to top 10

darkhorse64: I want to try a MCTS for n players

jacek: so NCTS?

DomiKo: ahhh

DomiKo: so close

DomiKo: ohhh

DomiKo: i got it!

eulerscheZahl: #3. you should stop now

DomiKo: i have 41% with you

eulerscheZahl: so i have 59%?

DomiKo: in that run yes

eulerscheZahl: then i'm still superior B)

DomiKo: right now it cg stats says 69% for you

DomiKo: so i can submit spam

DomiKo: and get some more points

DomiKo: I should look at score of opponents I guess

eulerscheZahl: i still have some obvious flaws when it comes to extending my territory :(

DomiKo: yea

DomiKo: I have some problem with my greedy end game

DomiKo: when I'm the only player in some spot

DomiKo: but I have to say

DomiKo: that is great game

DomiKo: really fun

eulerscheZahl: like how is the right one supposed to be better (i'm red)?

eulerscheZahl: yes, well chosen from LeRenard

DomiKo: hmm

DomiKo: that will be interesting when more players will spend some time here

eulerscheZahl: it gained > 100 players in a week (puzzle of the week)

eulerscheZahl: but most didn't try for long

Gabbek: looks really interesting

Westicles: The mysterious number shifter hit 700. Doesn't seem to be slowing down

eulerscheZahl: a graph problem. but your actions modify it, cutting edges every time

eulerscheZahl: wow, still going

eulerscheZahl: and we don't even know if that's with the script or copy-pasting levels by hand

Westicles: Level 2 guy, he just came here for this I guess

eulerscheZahl: onboarding and then directly to number shifting

Westicles: Probably samegame will go the same way, eventually

eulerscheZahl: so, did he know about the game when creating the account already?

eulerscheZahl: i think i have a bug in the referee. you can't solve level 1000 as it will try to create the map for 1001 and crash

eulerscheZahl: so 999 is the max unless i fix it

Westicles: Give him a year and it will be a hot topic

trictrac: hello struct back to business, good news !

Zenoscave: struct is back?

struct: Hi trictrac, thanks

Zenoscave: hi struct o/

struct: hi Zeno

Zenoscave: hi trictrac. hi Westicles and eulerscheZahl

Westicles: hey Zeno

eulerscheZahl: hi mass pinger

wlesavo: zeno probably back from celebrating :smiley:

eulerscheZahl: celebrating what? Biden victory?

Westicles: Mail fraud, and announcing a cure the first working day after?

trictrac: hi every one

eulerscheZahl: good evening

trictrac: struct as discuss with you month ago, I have tried to implement hanabi cooperative game (cf fireworks contribution)

Zenoscave: I celebrated Biden too

eulerscheZahl: you can't celebrate that long enough

Zenoscave: Last week was agonizing in wait. but there's still more to be done. It is official but we still need to wait

eulerscheZahl: oh, a date is announced :o

Zenoscave: on the 21th :laughing:

eulerscheZahl: st*

Zenoscave: read the announcement again

Zenoscave: it says th

eulerscheZahl: oh

eulerscheZahl: so, where's the typo? wrong ending or wrong number?

Zenoscave: That's my point

eulerscheZahl: 21st is still G contest

eulerscheZahl: so i go with 24th

eulerscheZahl: CG*

Zenoscave: Are you ready for Thurs?

eulerscheZahl: not even sure if or how hard i will try RAIC

metahom: in Russian there's no typo. 21

Zenoscave: good to know. Thanks metahom

metahom: np

eulerscheZahl: beta anyways. a few years ago i invented the sandwich in the command and conquer game

eulerscheZahl: and they added an atomic explosion

Astrobytes: "a few years ago i invented the sandwich" is my take-home from that

Westicles: The Earl of Euler

Zenoscave: how old are you euler? An earl nonetheless too

Zenoscave: bah Westicles you stole my joke

Westicles: heh heh

Astrobytes: :bread:

eulerscheZahl: 29

Zenoscave: Well it's official. My C# Optim is awful

Zenoscave: 155/159 Legend UTTT

Zenoscave: Rubbish MCTS

eulerscheZahl: you had a C++ before. that's a regression for UTTT

Zenoscave: I was seeing if my C# MCTS would hold up. Prepping for new contest

Zenoscave: I worked out the kinks in the main code so the optim is as good as it gets

Astrobytes: GC?

Illedan: GCTS?

Zenoscave: garbage collection?

Zenoscave: is it slow in c#?

Illedan: yeah

Astrobytes: Garbage Collecting Tree SEarch... I like it

Astrobytes: Yes.

Zenoscave: So object reference and handles should be global....

Zenoscave: well that might help a bit

Zenoscave: OK this'll be a major rewrite

darkhorse64: In every language, memory allocation is not compatible with performances

Zenoscave: or I can do the global node array trick and upfront the alloc

darkhorse64: ^

Astrobytes: Advisable

struct: trictrac and how did it go?

struct: Hi Illedan I saw your forum message today

Astrobytes: It's in Contributions struct

Illedan: Oh, hi struct :D

Illedan: Where you been at?

trictrac: 4 players -> 4 rounds of 3 players -> score for 1 player = sum of round he participate

MasterDuck: How does a clash decide if your code is "not correct enough"? Like when you pass all the tests, but you don't get 100% score.

Astrobytes: Validators differ from the test cases

Astrobytes: (well, they should)

struct: Hiding, but I'm back

Astrobytes: So you have to think of edge cases MasterDuck

struct: It's to prevent hardcoding, but sometimes test cases are not good enough

Astrobytes: ^

struct: Good job tric

Astrobytes: It's gonna be an interesting game

trictrac: thanks

MasterDuck: Thanks for answers.

Astrobytes: np MasterDuck

Illedan: Nice :)

Astrobytes: The balance is restored to the force now that you're back struct

AntiSquid: oh yeah saw that RAIC starts when CG fall contest ends

Default avatar.png JBM: OHAI struct

struct: Hi JBM

AntiSquid: struct so where have you been?

Astrobytes: Not here ;)

struct: Not in jail

AntiSquid: :thinking:

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 prison and jail aren't the same right?

Automaton2000: no dude i have to figure out how to get started

AntiSquid: ok thanks for confirming

jacek: AutomatonNN what kind of game for the contest?

AutomatonNN: What do you mean by the coding skills?

AntiSquid: so the contest is about coding skills

Zenoscave: Why were you in jail Struct

Zenoscave: Too many double rolls?

struct: I was inocent

AntiSquid: unconsensual staring ?

AntiSquid: did you guys notice the Event Schedule and Resources on the contest page? so much work put into that lol

struct: I only noticed it at first because page did not load everything at once at first

struct: Too much to scroll imo

AntiSquid: yes

grateful_tomato: big private clash, no bots:

struct: Automaton2020 join

struct: Automaton2000 join

Automaton2000: hm i think i can make the difference between the two

Astrobytes: Oh I didn't notice all that on the contest page

Astrobytes: lol, re Curse stream labelled as bitstream :rofl:

Astrobytes: The meme lives on

Hjax: ive never asked him about bitstreams

Hjax: despite his profile urging me to do so

Astrobytes: Yeah, I'd keep it that way :)

Hjax: i take it hes not interested in playing the contest?

Astrobytes: Not wishing to speak for the man himself but we'll see, if he likes it he might I guess

jacek: oO

Hjax: we need a board game contest so jacek will play :P

AntiSquid: grateful_tomato join here, no bots

AntiSquid: then i join your clash

Astrobytes: They're generally harder though, so not suitable for the CG "Easy to start, hard to master" thingy

Hjax: codingame fall challenge 2020, chutes and ladders

Hjax: easy to start :P

Astrobytes: lol

Hjax: also similar random element to pacman

Hjax: im not bitter or anything

AntiSquid: rocky identified the witches are from Zelda Orcania, it's a boss one shoots fire one ice

struct: you can see the fire and ice in their head

Astrobytes: lol hjax

struct: in the picture

Astrobytes: yeah saw that AntiSquid

Astrobytes: And I only noticed that after Rocky said struct

jacek: trying to reverse the game rules?

AntiSquid: i don't see the ice lol

struct: the talisman

AntiSquid: always fun part of the contest jacek

AntiSquid: just a blue gem struct

struct: that

struct: gem

Astrobytes: And Rocky has a good record on contest guessing

Hjax: after googling it, yeah thats clearly what the picture is referencing

AntiSquid: i retroactively done a lot of guesswork too with the contest games

Astrobytes: Ice & Fire sounds strangely familiar...

Hjax: i wonder what the games name will be

struct: I think Ocean of Code was probably the easiest to figure what it was

struct: but Im not sure if anyone found it

Hjax: how to fit a coding pun in, ocarina of time, twinrova, maybe another zelda title

AntiSquid: how so struct

struct: 2 hours before you knew it was a board game IIRC

struct: we*

AntiSquid: based on what

struct: maybe i'm just confused

Astrobytes: Hjax: Another Code of Ice & Fire :P

Hjax: but i skipped that unofficial contest

AntiSquid: pacman contest had obvious cover art, although slightly misleading

Hjax: unfair!

AntiSquid: XR was immediately guessed as crazy labyrinth game

Astrobytes: The ARduino of Time

Astrobytes: Wondev Witches

Hjax: XD

Astrobytes: The Ocarina of Line Numbers

AntiSquid: The Ocarina of NO Time to sleep till Legend

Astrobytes: On my Swedish mate's stag night we made him play an Ocarina blindfolded and in his underpants in a busy part of Örebro city centre

Astrobytes: (consensually ofc)

zapakh: Getting loads of network errors in clash?

Dan4Life: yh me too

grateful_tomato: time to turn it off and on again?

lazily.evaluated: ocaml ?

lazily.evaluated: ocaml >

lazily.evaluated: :100:

lazily.evaluated: >>>>>><><><>

lazily.evaluated: ::<>()

Lil-Red-Guy: Hello

MadKnight: hihi

LastRick: howdy

Realsakib25: I love algorithm

IcyFlamer1: i love ai but i bad at it

IcyFlamer1: hey ppl in clash

IcyFlamer1: just sayin im bad at codin an i wont make it far

Default avatar.png Mwhahhahahah: i just found out about this webstite today

TheDayIsMyEnemy: hi

Default avatar.png JohnBrzenk: anyone can improve flamer

MadKnight: many many people gonna stream it seems

icecream17: i have no idea what the contest will be about

jrke: no one has no idea at the moment icecream17

jrke: 12,410 registered thats huge number

Zenoscave: Astrobytes that sounds like a story.