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Meme_Magician: Bruh... We out here coding. Cease

daffie: smells like gucci?

Default avatar.png RDeeee: brainwash0000

MACKEYTH: Java really needs a handicap in CoC shortest.

BenjaminUrquhart: just don't use java

MACKEYTH: But I waanaaa!

VizGhar: then deal with it :)


VizGhar: I was forced to learn little bit of ruby because of it... Also with java you are most probably not winning other types of CoC right?

MACKEYTH: Shortest is really the only one where I feel disadvantaged.

VizGhar: You have 15 minutes to Google every time "Shortest" pops up

VizGhar: well I'm kotlin dev, so I've had similar problems. You have to learn new lang

MACKEYTH: It would be a good opportunity to brush up on my Python.

VizGhar: Thats the spirit :)

MACKEYTH: I am getting really good at ternary expressions.

Lockes_TheThief: I just know basic syntax in C, C++ and C# but I can't figure out how to logically use my code

IcyFlame7: heu im new here

IcyFlame7: hey

IcyFlame7: sup

Default avatar.png Nezinau: Hi

IcyFlame7: im just got access to the chat

IcyFlame7: im not so good at python so the descnet was rly hard 4 me

IcyFlame7: wait i have a question

IcyFlame7: oh wait nvm

Default avatar.png Nezinau: I am new here too, know nothing basically :/

Default avatar.png TheHardDrug: Not to worry, ive been coding web sites on python for 2 years, and feeling really dumb trying to solve this puzzles :D

IcyFlame7: ikr

IcyFlame7: im learning the ai thingy now

IcyFlame7: oh wait i got it

IcyFlame7: im so blind lmfao

Default avatar.png TheHardDrug: :grin:

IcyFlame7: i didnt see that the x was the y

Burnerlover: i only barley know html

IcyFlame7: i mess around with html though im like terrible

IcyFlame7: yessir

IcyFlame7: so um

IcyFlame7: im doing the wood 1 thing now

Default avatar.png Kirneh: Any C# coders that can help me with a list declaration problem ?

Default avatar.png Kirneh: Have this declaration in a member var inputLines2 = new List<string[]>(); and it works fine. I want to move this out to the class so it can be used in another member. But it wont let me declare using "var" there

Illedan: What is the full code Kirneh?

Default avatar.png chrispickford: You need to strongly type class fields/properties. Are you sure this is the right approach, maybe you should pass your list to the other member as a parameter. What happens in the case your field/prop isn't instantiated?

MadKnight: hey guys what

MadKnight: s a good method to check if u can build a chain of dominos from a list of domino pieces?

hem123: no splits?

hem123: well if it is yes or no you can count the outs.

MadKnight: what outs

conaldev: hi

_programmer_: Hello

IcyFlamer1: heyy

IcyFlamer1: im new

MadKnight: hi new

IcyFlamer1: hey

IcyFlamer1: is there any other ai challenge thats easy to get to bronze for begineers like me other then the pad thing

MadKnight: even better

IcyFlamer1: ?

MadKnight: there's an easy way to get to gold in this pod thing

IcyFlamer1: yeah

MadKnight: just subtract velocity from checkpoint

IcyFlamer1: i want to find a challenge as easy as the pod thing

IcyFlamer1: im good in the pod

MadKnight: in what lang do u code ?

IcyFlamer1: python

MadKnight: nice

IcyFlamer1: the pods easy

IcyFlamer1: my quest now is to get 2 bronze

IcyFlamer1: what do u think is easy for a second one?

MadKnight: how good do u code ?

IcyFlamer1: ok

IcyFlamer1: not sure

MadKnight: ok?

IcyFlamer1: like 3 months of experienc then came here

MadKnight: it's just that it's pretty easy to get bronze in any

IcyFlamer1: im like bad

MadKnight: most people get bronze with just a bunch of if()s

MadKnight: in every game

IcyFlamer1: ah

IcyFlamer1: is the tic tac toe one ok?

MadKnight: it

MadKnight: it's just that u need some actually nice ifs

IcyFlamer1: oh ok

IcyFlamer1: idk where to start

MadKnight: hypersonic maybe

IcyFlamer1: sure

IcyFlamer1: ill go check it out

MadKnight: games with arrays - code4life, codealamode, legends,

IcyFlamer1: cool

MadKnight: like ifs and arrays

IcyFlamer1: k

IcyFlamer1: let me read the thing

IcyFlamer1: can u help with the first league

IcyFlamer1: idk how to start with hypersonic

Default avatar.png Domantas1: Hello! how can i make some of my drones move to neutral zone if it's not occupied by other player. c++ game : Game of drones

DaNinja: just output the x y of the zone

Default avatar.png Domantas1: thx

VizGhar: Hey. Just a quick question. Is it possible to get to Legend League on contests without implementing any kind of NN or GA?

VizGhar: I have a long way to get to those algos even tho I've already implemented some GA before

Uljahn: NN on contests is so rare, the only attempt i know about was during 1 month contest (Zuko3D's bot in LOCAM)

Uljahn: also GA is so 2016 :upside_down:

VizGhar: So only "bruteforce" :P I'm here for about 1 month, so just asking

wlesavo: VizGhar most of latest contests were quite friendly to nosearch bots and legend was possible with python, but you still need to implement a lot of things to be competitive

wlesavo: by most i mean 2, wasnt around before :smiley:

Uljahn: also, bruteforce is infeasible for most recent contests, you should be more clever than that

Default avatar.png ThisUsernameIsAvaliable: i've been here all of 2 hours and have learned, I don't know as much as I thought lol

Ninja811: hello

AntiSquid: greetings

Default avatar.png ProgrammerDog: lmao I made a contribution and its sooo easy

eulerscheZahl: then you could consider putting quality over quantity

Default avatar.png ProgrammerDog: quality? whats that

eulerscheZahl: some buzzword i've heard a while ago. wanted to sound smart now

Astrobytes: I know "no clash is too easy" but...

b0n5a1: it's a variation of "add 0"...

eulerscheZahl: "n cats eat n rats in n minutes. How long will it take for m cats to eat m rats?"

eulerscheZahl: follows the rules of none being too easy

eulerscheZahl: i see no reason to refuse it without breaking the moderation guidelines

Astrobytes: I couldn't refuse it if I tried. I'd have to clash first

eulerscheZahl: or to approve JBM's FreeCell with a broken default code that he calls a WONT_FIX

Default avatar.png JBM: got a solution?

eulerscheZahl: haven't tried yet. but will fore sure

eulerscheZahl: probably some A*

Default avatar.png JBM: there comes a point where i don't want to be bogged down by stub limitations anymore

eulerscheZahl: with the number of remaining cards as a good heuristic

Default avatar.png JBM: it's a hard puzzle, the input format makes sense, the player can figure it out

eulerscheZahl: yeah, annoying when you have to change the input format just so the stubs can read it...

eulerscheZahl: just make that line a string(256) or whatever so it compiles?

Default avatar.png JBM: it's a possibility

Default avatar.png JBM: is it a better possibility?

Default avatar.png JBM: the stub works in many languages

eulerscheZahl: it does? :o

Default avatar.png JBM: last I tried

eulerscheZahl: didn't know that the +1 is possible in some

Default avatar.png JBM: me neither

Default avatar.png JBM: tried it out of despair

Default avatar.png JBM: got a happy C++ surprise

eulerscheZahl: the stub generator (or CG in general) never fails to surprise me

eulerscheZahl: and i thought i know what it can and can't do

Default avatar.png JBM: just let me use my own stub generator

Default avatar.png JBM: you're already trusting me with the referee, how bad could it get?

eulerscheZahl: how does yours handle the possible addition of new languages in the future?

Default avatar.png JBM: There Shall Be No New Languages.

Default avatar.png ProgrammerDog: i got one reject

Default avatar.png JBM: i mean, same as CG

Default avatar.png JBM: i'll add it when it comes

Default avatar.png ProgrammerDog: they don't like it because it's too hard

Default avatar.png ProgrammerDog: i should do something hareder

eulerscheZahl: "No CoC puzzle is too easy."

Default avatar.png JBM: "except when it is"

eulerscheZahl: share that in the comments and demand to revoke the refusal vote

eulerscheZahl: escalate to the manager

eulerscheZahl: your stub uses and int where it should be a long

SPDene: new submission idea: Your task is to output the string "No CoC puzzle is too easy." :P

Default avatar.png ProgrammerDog: I actually wanted to make that first

Default avatar.png JBM: more seriously, all cards are words anyway, i could get away with just incrementing the damn counter and declaring counts start at 1 not 0

Default avatar.png JBM: but it wouldn't be Right

Default avatar.png JBM: i'll think it over after the code cleanup

eulerscheZahl: removing the colon is not an option to keep the format of the online solver i guess?


eulerscheZahl: tbh the 8 consecutive loops already trigger me. I know it's necessary as they have different sizes

eulerscheZahl: which is obviously much easier than the original problem @SPDene ;)

eulerscheZahl: but i get your point

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't really expect anybody to keep the input stub

Default avatar.png JBM: i just strive to have it kind of work long enough to reach the example

eulerscheZahl: i usually keep the starter code and extend from there

Aya_Noaman: join my game from #clash

LastRick: The stub generator gives me so much anxiety, I only now submitted my first contribution. NOOOO idea if it works for languages I don't program in.

eulerscheZahl: pascal's neighbor?

eulerscheZahl: want my feedback on your input format? no? i'll give you anyways

eulerscheZahl: first line should be some n, then n numbers in the next line

eulerscheZahl: for the first testcase it would then be: 5 0 1 2 3 4

eulerscheZahl: the stub: read n:int loopline n val:int

LastRick: Please, all feedback welcome. I was just surprised I couldn't find it already done on your lookup page.

LastRick: Literally stole the idea from a lesson we teach elementary kids

eulerscheZahl: the input format should be oriented on the temperatures input

LastRick: I had that originally (N, then N numbers) but I changed it because if that was presented to me in Dart, I would just split the numbers on " " and get N that way. But I understand if not all languages can do that

eulerscheZahl: some some languages it would be heavy lifting to do it without N

LastRick: see, good to know!

eulerscheZahl: that's not a CG-only thing. go to codeforces, codechef, hackerrank, ... it's common to give an integer N and then N numbers in the next line

Default avatar.png JBM: i grant the stub generator as much respect as it deserves

Default avatar.png JBM: and it's *never* ever given a haskell stub I could use to solve the problem

chrispickford: Anyone know what compiler version the C# editor uses?

LastRick: Changes made! Thanks, Euler. If you think it's good to go, please upvote.

eulerscheZahl: i stay out of the CoC moderation process

eulerscheZahl: in the past i did some cleanup on too easy / duplicated ones

eulerscheZahl: then the moderation guidelines came in place, explicitly stating that they are allowed

eulerscheZahl: while i'm not happy with that, i have to accept that. so i just stopped moderating

LastRick: Interesting. Do you think that should be handled only by CG staff?

eulerscheZahl: also cleaning up the obvious mess in most cases (like broken stubs ;) )

eulerscheZahl: no. if only staff does the moderation, we won't see much new content getting approved

LastRick: That would be my fear too.

eulerscheZahl: they set the guidelines how members should do it. i don't agree with it (or at least some aspects of it). so i don't do it

LastRick: But I also worry that too much openness (so many people can approve) without enough guidelines in place leads to questionable content

LastRick: Hah, jinx

eulerscheZahl: and now we have a quest map in place to further encourage that process ("moderate a contribution", "create a contribution")

eulerscheZahl: which encourages minimum effort puzzles and clashes

LastRick: Fascinating. Not saying I disagree, but how we would set guidelines on "minimum" difficulty/complexity for a Clash?

eulerscheZahl: i could possibly extract some upvote statistics to confirm my cast. if there wasn't a quest "upvote a contribution"

LastRick: Or the other side of it, my current status, which is "submit a contribution".

eulerscheZahl: tbh i don't really care about clashes. i don't clash myself

Default avatar.png ruasd: hello ??

Default avatar.png ruasd: anyone online now

LastRick: no one is here

eulerscheZahl: but sometimes i spot puzzles in the approved section with lots of typos or a broken default code (well, that was before the quest map already)

eulerscheZahl: hello? hellooooo?

eulerscheZahl: echo

LastRick: I guess one of the things I like best about this site is that we can all get something different from it. My favorite is the IN/OUT (w occasional clashes to stay sharp). Maybe you like the compete section. We all find our niche

eulerscheZahl: true. i know that there are lots of users who like clashing

LastRick: and yes there are a lot of bad puzzles. Which brings us full circle, we could use some guidelines

eulerscheZahl: so they should moderate them. how shall i know what they like?

LastRick: fair point

eulerscheZahl: and another aspect i don't agree with: every contribution gives 250XP when approved. i can tell you that creating a clash isn't the same amount of skill or effort invested as a full-blown multiplayer game

eulerscheZahl: easily takes a full weekend. especially if you are new to the CG SDK

LastRick: yeah that doesn't seem fair, maybe a different value for each size puzzle/clash

eulerscheZahl: not doing it for the XP. but it would show some appreciation

LastRick: Yeah. Great talking to you (like always), gotta hop off for a while.

VizGhar: look at egyptian multiplication puzzle in hard... its hardly of medium difficulty :)

eulerscheZahl: got auto-categorized

eulerscheZahl: initially community puzzles had no difficulty

Default avatar.png JBM: yay, another SDK bug

eulerscheZahl: ?

eulerscheZahl: what did you break this time?

Default avatar.png JBM: i think i stopped counting

Default avatar.png JBM: yet another case over overzealous html sanitizing

Default avatar.png JBM: so let's make the input worse so it passes

eulerscheZahl: oh that. i see the statement as one big bug, not as many smaller ones


 doesn't appear either. just normal text

Default avatar.png JBM: and don't get me started on the stub generator

Default avatar.png JBM: wait, you already did

feel free to reopen

 eulerscheZahl: i'm afk for a bit

Default avatar.png JBM: I think I reported multiple of those already

 Q12: Is there a limit of chars in the test case output section in a contribution?

Default avatar.png JBM: feels like it's going to be cat and mouse forever if they can't use the same processors

 eulerscheZahl: i gave up on the statement parsing too. doing workarounds like a table instead of 

 eulerscheZahl: q12 there are limits. 10k for the testcase input and 1k for the output i think

 eulerscheZahl: penguins increased from 25 to 143 players while being puzzle of the week. nice

 Q12: Thanks


 eulerscheZahl: hype

 ParticleBeam: Ah C# Dictionaries...

 eulerscheZahl: ah, Java Hashmaps

 eulerscheZahl: what's your point?

 jacek: c++ unordered_map

Default avatar.png JBM: bash arrays

 eulerscheZahl: strings

 LastRick: nice

 Quidome: I am working on The Lost Files

 Quidome: does someone have zome pointers for related theory

 eulerscheZahl: i just kept joining 2 points until there were some left

 eulerscheZahl: the initial triangle
 \  /

 Quidome: for continent detection you mean

 eulerscheZahl: becomes

 eulerscheZahl: then you have 2 links from 3 to 6

 Quidome: interesting...

 eulerscheZahl: continent is easy: BSF/DFS

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: @eulerscheZahl

 eulerscheZahl: or you include it in the approach i shared above

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Can you unban me from fr chat

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Some mod are racist

 eulerscheZahl: when a node is alone, it's a continent

 eulerscheZahl: Pusslap69 i can't unban. i'm using the webchat and only some external chat clients have an unban feature

Default avatar.png Vince2020: + 1 for pusslap

 eulerscheZahl: the webchat doesn't support it at all

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: But can you do anything with those mods ?

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: They ban me cauz I was black

 eulerscheZahl: blaise ebuth being trigger happy?

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: yes

 eulerscheZahl: and he banned again a few seconds ago

Default avatar.png TheDoomedPandaEater_8d5: I got banned to cause im black

Default avatar.png TheDoomedPandaEater_8d5: too*

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: He's on a streak lol

 hem123: anyone any guidance for temperature to get in the top?

 hem123: got to 97 but am stuck here for a while (python)

 eulerscheZahl: golf?

 hem123: y

 eulerscheZahl: solve the normal puzzle and check out published solutions

 eulerscheZahl: found an 68 char one there. but felt like cheating so i didn't submit it

 hem123: i understand

 hem123: thanks

 hem123: btw solutions is in forum?


 eulerscheZahl: every puzzle has such a section. you can access it for a specific language if you solved it in that language

 hem123: thanks for the help!

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I've sent an email to get unban

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: hope it works

 eulerscheZahl: trying to understand the backstory, i love how deepl translates the usernames
CopperFr -> CopperEng

 Michiel: Does anyone know if the test cases for submitted puzzles (Chuck Norris code golf in this case) are randomized? I have a solution that passes 100% in the editor, but when submitting it multiple times, it gets different scores for each submit, even though it's the same code...

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: lol eulersche

 nicola: TheDoomedBeast_1788, you were NOT banned because you’re black.

 eulerscheZahl: testcases and submit validators are different. but the same all the time, no random

 eulerscheZahl: didn't read the full wall of text. but considering that two different mods wanted to ban, there's a clear indicator that it was justified

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I did nothing wrong to get ban

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: idk about the other one

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I did not insult anybody

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I was chatting with new friends in the chat

 nicola: How old are you?

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Why is that important to you ?

 nicola: It’s more important than your colour.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Je vais pas te répondre

 nicola: Indeed.

 nicola: :grin:

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I don't have problem with you

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: YOu were ok

 nicola: Neither do I.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: The other one that insta ban me

Default avatar.png TheDoomedPandaEater_8d5: But im still black wth

 nicola: Nope, I kicked you first.

 nicola: As a warning.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I wasn't kicked

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I was ban

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: That's the only thing that happen

 nicola: I kicked someone.

Default avatar.png TheDoomedPandaEater_8d5: you kicked me

Default avatar.png TheDoomedPandaEater_8d5: raciste

 Astrobytes: Oh please

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I was ban

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: That's the only thing I got

 eulerscheZahl: :popcorn:

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Never been kicked or anything

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: And I didnothing wrong

 nicola: Yep, I checked.

 eulerscheZahl: rip TheDoomedBeast_1788

 nicola: I kicked TheDoomedBeast.

 nicola: You’re right.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I was fasly ban

 nicola: It should have been a simple warning.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: For what ? chatting ?

 nicola: You both did not understand it.

 nicola: Nope.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Well read the chat again and look where the other mod was pissed off

 eulerscheZahl: what's up with your nick btw?

 nicola: Blah blah blah racist.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: it's because we were chatting at first

 nicola: I’m not racist.

 nicola: We’re not racist.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Well I go banned for nothing

 nicola: I warned you both.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: For what ?

 nicola: Then you complained about racism.

 eulerscheZahl: "flooding"

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: how

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Never flood

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I was talking bruh

 nicola: You said: "Les modos m'aime pas pis chu noir faque modos = raciste"

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: That's not me

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: That's panda

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Check again 

 nicola: Gah, you are right.

 nicola: That’s why I kicked TheDoomer…

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: maybe it was a big misunderstanding

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I don't want anything bad to happen to any mod

 nicola: Hrm.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Just want to get unban

 nicola: Please read again what he wrote.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Who ?

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I don't have access to chat

 nicola: TheDoomer…

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Maybe the doomer is guilty idc 

 nicola: I pasted what he wrote.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Im not

 nicola: Maybe.


 eulerscheZahl: chat logs

 eulerscheZahl: oh, the pastebin is trimmed

 nicola: Then I kicked him (not banned him).

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Yea nic idc about panda

 nicola: He did not understand the warning.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I care about myself

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I got banned 

 eulerscheZahl: remaining logs


 nicola: You said:
"Debannez mon ami bande de raciste"
"Vous aimez pas les noirs hein"

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Look at what cooper said

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: IImma find it for ou

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: vous pouvez pas aller à la chasse au caribou ?

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: And that's not racist ?

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Why he's not ban then ?

 nicola: No.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: omg

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: HOW

 nicola: It’s not racist.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Yes it is !

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: bruh

 AntiSquid: omg

 nicola: :facepalm:

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: He said that because we are black french canadian

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: This is racist

 AntiSquid: explain the racism lol

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: It's a well known cliché

 Astrobytes: Oh stop it will you

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: How you odn't know about this

 AntiSquid: you making a connection between caribou and canadians is racist :D

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: He did it

 nicola: Nope.

 Astrobytes: At this point I'm more concerned about Automaton 2000's response :D

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: he said that because we were canadian

 nicola: Don’t get touchy.

 nicola: Not because you’re black.

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: This chat is corrupted wtf

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: People defending a racist

 Astrobytes: No, you are trolling it

 AntiSquid: so the caribous represent canadians or do canadians look like caribous ?

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Nope

 AntiSquid: crowder doesn't look like one though :thinking:

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: brb in 2 hours i wanna be unban

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: I've been  fair

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: explaining it to you

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: NMow just understand

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Why I said the things I've said because of copper

Default avatar.png Pusslap69: Its easy

 AntiSquid: Pusslap69 enjoy life 

 nicola: Please open a dictionary, Pusslap69.

 AntiSquid: if i say let's go hunt hamsters who am i racist against? curious

 BenjaminUrquhart: it's been a while since I've seen this amount of drama in webchat

 Astrobytes: Log in more often

 BenjaminUrquhart: no u

 AntiSquid: how's life BenjaminUrquhart ?

 BenjaminUrquhart: ok I guess

 Scarfield: grab'em by the pusslap

 AntiSquid: omg ban

 AntiSquid: you're supposed to sniff them instead Scarfield

 Scarfield: dont be rac**t squiddy

 Astrobytes: Thanks for that valuable contribution ScarnaldFump

 Scarfield: xD

 Astrobytes: :P

 Scarfield: it seemed to be over, had to stop myself during :p

 Astrobytes: I bet you were shaking with EcksDee-ness holding that one back

 AntiSquid: how is this racist?

 Scarfield: sadly yes slapstroBytes

 Astrobytes: :rofl:

 eulerscheZahl: meanwhile a puzzle discussion (lost files) moved to the private chat as this one is all about racist moderators

 eulerscheZahl: let's get back to regular business?

 Astrobytes: Anyway, drama over, I can go back to my kol

 AntiSquid: Automaton2000 sniff me

 Automaton2000: how do u code ?

 Scarfield: kol?

 eulerscheZahl: what's a kol?

 eulerscheZahl: Scarfield beat me

 AntiSquid: kool aid ?

 Astrobytes: Kingdom of Loathing

 Scarfield: oh 


 Scarfield: thought you had 
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, its KOL in DK

 eulerscheZahl: it has a ?php in the URL of the login page :scream:

 AntiSquid: wow .

 Gabbek: Good evening everyone :)

 eulerscheZahl: hi

 AntiSquid: i always find the most intense time-consuming links in this chat .

 Astrobytes: kol's awesome, much humour, many chuckles

 Astrobytes: lol Scarfield

 Astrobytes: hi Gabbek

 eulerscheZahl: i already laughed about the bartender called Bart Ender :D

 Astrobytes: You can combine two Bum Cheeks to make an Asshat

 AntiSquid: lol scam caller left me a voice message saying they are from amazon support and if i have any questions i should contact him, he is happy to help 

 Gabbek: I've decided that I'll try to improve my crappy bots in some contests - like xmas rush, funny - started yesterday and found one huge bug in my old code. I wasn't placing the item on the player tile - from last silver to top silver already :D so silly! Wondering how others pull off good results in python for this one; I haven't managed to get 2 pushes working in 50ms :(

 Gabbek: how nice of him, AntiSquid :)

 AntiSquid: i have to rewrite xmas rush . fked up everything there, even the last rewrite and my ml attempt for it

 Astrobytes: You gave up with the ML one?

 AntiSquid: not really no 

 eulerscheZahl: but first you have to call the amazon guy

 AntiSquid: but it was a bad approach

 eulerscheZahl: let him remote connect to a virtual machine running i3wm

 eulerscheZahl: and when he wants a notepad, open vim

 Gabbek: hehe :D

 eulerscheZahl: once a scammer got mad at be just because i let him finish his script before i called him a scammer

 eulerscheZahl: i wanted to be polite and not interrupt him before calling him out :D

 Gabbek: you've wasted so much of his energy :P

 Astrobytes: It's good fun if you have the time to wind them up

 AntiSquid: what did you even say? 
Sie sind ein Scammer? (you are a scammer)

 eulerscheZahl: his first question was if I speak English and I said yes. so the rest of the call was in English

 AntiSquid: oh

 eulerscheZahl: he was from Microsoft. I said I don't have a windows computer. than my internet had a virus

 Astrobytes: heh heh heh

 eulerscheZahl: and he wanted to help me fix it

 eulerscheZahl: i called him a scammer and told his next step (remote connect, eventviewer, tree)

 eulerscheZahl: he: "then why are you wasting my time?"
me: "you called me..."
he: hangs up

 Gabbek: :D

 Astrobytes: lol

 Gabbek: brilliant

 AntiSquid: ya talking to them is a waste of time

 eulerscheZahl: i don't think he'll have much success

 Astrobytes: I enjoy it if I have the time to waste, it's always amusing

 eulerscheZahl: those most vulnerable to the scam are elderly people who don't speak English

 Astrobytes: Language doesn't matter so much, elderly are still most vulnerable

 AntiSquid: "Don't patronize me son. I might be 80, but my PC doesn't have CORONA!"

 eulerscheZahl: but at least here in Germany they are less likely to speak English than the younger generation

 Astrobytes: "IT'S NO EVEN PLUGGED IN YE EEJIT" - my Grandad a year or 2 back

 eulerscheZahl: and with a scammer who's first question is "do you speak English"...

 eulerscheZahl: :D

 AntiSquid: "Lernen Sie erstmal Deutsch!"  ??

 AntiSquid: first learn german - i imagine this to be the response at least 

 Gabbek: I shouldn't even profile my python code at this point - always copying is on the first place if I'm using doing any kind of search :D

 Gabbek: just need to make it 3 times faster - hmm, guess it's more than possible to get push+push easily then

 Gabbek: depth 1 search feels just so weak - or maybe I'm just too lazy to find some good heuristic :D

 Gabbek: AntiSquid have you signed up for the fall challenge?

 AntiSquid: yes why ?

 Gabbek: just curious, first time signed up here, looking forward to it :)

 AntiSquid: you never tried contests before?

 eulerscheZahl: you are here since 2015 and not a single contest..

 jacek: aww

 eulerscheZahl: it's time to join the fun

 Gabbek: nope, I've been always afraid

 eulerscheZahl: you too jacek

 jacek: i got at least bronze

 AntiSquid: wow 

 Gabbek: haha - maybe it's us polish who are afraid, jacek? :D

 Astrobytes: just jump in, I jumped in as a bit of a noob

 Gabbek: but I'm pretty sure aCat was participating in some for sure

 AntiSquid: did you do any on other sites then Gabbek ?

 eulerscheZahl: knowing how well you do in community multis i don't let anything below legend count as a participation for you jacek

 BenjaminUrquhart: time to get mid-gold and destroy my bot last-second again :)

 eulerscheZahl: that's the sprit!

 eulerscheZahl: spirit

 Astrobytes: lol, that was unlucky BenjaminUrquhart

 jacek: im just afraid to make too much ifletons in code

 jacek: then not having time to rewrite it properly

 Gabbek: AntiSquid not really, I've been mostly doing exercises on some coding sites - I love learning, but not much of a competitive person

 Astrobytes: It happens jacek, doesn't really matter. Can play the long game in the multi after

 Astrobytes: Gabbek, you only have to compete against yourself, even in the contest

 eulerscheZahl: haven't seen smits much recently. i guess he's doing all the class preparation now to get some spare time later

 Astrobytes: Was just thinking of him a few mins ago

 Gabbek: that's true - that's why I've changed my philosophy a bit and signed up for it. Want to have some fun and chat with others :)

 jacek: hes generating endgame tables already

 jacek: for each possible game that can be invented

 Astrobytes: Yeah it's a good atmosphere during contests Gabbek

 eulerscheZahl: i still want to set up CS code for C#

 Astrobytes: lol jacek, not even wrong :D

 eulerscheZahl: somehow i'm not totally happy with MonoDevelop

 AntiSquid: nothing made me question my use of time in contests more than the darpa subt challenge ... 

 Gabbek: hopefully I'll have enough energy - quite rough times at working atm so feeling so-so atm, but it's getting close so it's all good!

 Astrobytes: eulerscheZahl: CS code? VS code or...

 eulerscheZahl: VS code

 Astrobytes: thought so

 eulerscheZahl: or is it CSS code? :thinking:

 Astrobytes: Gabbek: just do what you can and enjoy it without pressure, the best way I'd say

 eulerscheZahl: monodevelop sometimes gets completely laggy when I use the newer C# syntax

 KAIn: what do you mean by "set up"? what do you miss?

 Gabbek: I'm really happy with C# lately - haven't done much with it but atleast I'm getting a bit more comfortable - enjoying the extra speed, especially for those 50ms multis :D

 eulerscheZahl: i type some letters and then wait a second till they show up on the screen

 AntiSquid: you don't need any setup

 eulerscheZahl: VS code is some plugin system

 KAIn: I use VSCode for C# with just a few plugins

 Astrobytes: isn't monodevelop a bit outdated now?

 eulerscheZahl: so i want a c# autocomplete and debugger

 eulerscheZahl: yes, last update was 2 or 3 years ago

 eulerscheZahl: another reason to switch :(

 AntiSquid: just code a few if-else promote to bronze, then add an array for the map get silver, do a  basic search get gold, tweak random params and submit spam till legend

 Gabbek: eulerscheZahl can I ask why VS code? You're finding it more useful for you than visual studio?

 eulerscheZahl: i'm on linux

 eulerscheZahl: VS doesn't work here

 Gabbek: ah, right :)

 jacek: wine plx

 AntiSquid: vscode works

 eulerscheZahl: i know, installed it already

 AntiSquid: i tried getting diffchecker to run on linux through some wine and other shenanigans didn't succeed yet

 Gabbek: AntiSquid I would love to use your recipe for my xmas rush :P hopefully atleast gold :D

 eulerscheZahl: just use meld


 AntiSquid: no . you need pathfinding for that Gabbek

 AntiSquid: and then check forums to see what others used to score pushes

 eulerscheZahl: he solved Sokoban and Space Maze recently. he knows how to find paths

 AntiSquid: wow cool . 

 Gabbek: now I'm thinking: there's quite a lot of people using python for xmas, so surely they've managed to do better - struggling with performance here; copying is so expensive

 Gabbek: probably shouldn't use class for tiles at all and just make a flat 49 ints list

Default avatar.png JBM: darn, did i miss the drama?

 Gabbek: JBM you're the lucky one :)

 AntiSquid: what drama

 eulerscheZahl: the racist drama

 eulerscheZahl: yes you missed it

 Astrobytes: drama and some kol stuff too

 AntiSquid: i don't like jbm's avatar btw

 Gabbek: about Space Maze - shown it to a collegue of mine at work and he called us insane :(

 jacek: well space maze creator is insane

 eulerscheZahl: some of my colleagues might confirm :D

 Astrobytes: lol

 Gabbek: but I must say - if all of those platforms would have all directions available... then my approach wouldn't work that good tbh

 Gabbek: still surprised about how efficient time-wise the basic bfs was with heavy optimizations

 eulerscheZahl: the game is based on a real game btw. i just can't remember the title

Default avatar.png JBM: the drama *and* KoL

Default avatar.png JBM: the bad luck

 Astrobytes: :)

 Gabbek: eulerscheZahl isn't it space something like your github repo? I guess you had few cars in mind, right? :)

Default avatar.png JBM: how did you even get to speak about kol

 BenjaminUrquhart: I was gonna do space maze when it first came out but I never got around to it

Default avatar.png JBM: does it even still exist

 Astrobytes: Yes

 Astrobytes: I recently started playing it again

i never finished the multi car version

Default avatar.png JBM: my my

 Gabbek: BenjaminUrquhart I wholeheartedly suggest you try to do that! It's great fun :)

Default avatar.png JBM: how deep does the ocean go by now?

 jacek: refused?

 AntiSquid: code a sphere with cars on it for part 3 euler

 jacek: 3d space maze

 Astrobytes: no idea, literally started playing again the other day

 jacek: kol?


Default avatar.png JBM: i don't remember playing much past its introduction

 BenjaminUrquhart: Gabbek we'll see

 eulerscheZahl: thanks to parcellite i still had that link in my clipboard :)

Default avatar.png JBM: man that place was high-powered

Default avatar.png JBM: needed a very post-NS13 character to dive in

 AntiSquid: do i need to register?

Default avatar.png JBM: you're already in you doofus

Default avatar.png JBM: you probably even already have an avatar

 eulerscheZahl: you can watch a let's play on youtube to decide if it's worth it

Default avatar.png JBM: considering how often you complain about the others'

 AntiSquid: who you talking to jbm

 eulerscheZahl: to AntiSquid

Default avatar.png JBM: some pink nickname

Default avatar.png JBM: not sure what's behind it

Default avatar.png JBM: probably another of those OP deep ocean characters

 **Astrobytes staggers off to Cobb's Knob

Default avatar.png JBM: now where did i leave me meat

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't even remember my logins

 jacek: AutomatonNN will you be in the contest?

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm like 2 pc upgrade past

 AutomatonNN: Automaton2000 is a bot

 AntiSquid: what is best class ?

Default avatar.png JBM: they all are

 jacek: Automaton2000 is that true?

 Automaton2000: i don't need to copy

 Astrobytes: Yeah I had the same issue JBM, hence the complete restart

 Gabbek: JBM - I remember doing some exercises on euler project website... never gonna do the same mistake of forgetting my password again :D

Default avatar.png JBM: AntiSquid: turtle tamer is likely "least surprising"

Default avatar.png JBM: that or the other "force" class

 eulerscheZahl: that's where creative me got the nickname from

Default avatar.png JBM: forgot its name

 AntiSquid: took seal clubber due to ethics

 Astrobytes: Pastamancer or Disco Bandit 

 eulerscheZahl: "i need a nickname for project euler, hmm..."

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah that's the one

Default avatar.png JBM: oh i'm such a disco bandit at heart

 Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png JBM: my first class, the one i always returned to

 Astrobytes: AntiSquid should've gone for Pastamancer, that's the best cook

Default avatar.png JBM: my gf couldn't understand how my battles lated for hours when hers were one maybe two steps

Default avatar.png JBM: (she was a turtle tamer)

 Astrobytes: lol, all about the slow approach

Default avatar.png JBM: assuming it even goes forward

 Astrobytes: Let them wear themselves out

Default avatar.png JBM: ha! missed me! ha! hit you for 0 damage!

 Gabbek: guess we're talking about KoL? :)

 Astrobytes: yep

 Gabbek: I'll do myself a favor and check it out on youtube

Default avatar.png JBM: let me not fall into *that* again

Default avatar.png JBM: youtube?

Default avatar.png JBM: mmm

Default avatar.png JBM: probably not the best medium

 AntiSquid: do you meet others in there?

 AntiSquid: in kol

Default avatar.png JBM: you can

Default avatar.png JBM: if that's your thing

 Astrobytes: In certain places yeah

 AntiSquid: my character: PoopyPoos

 Astrobytes: But it's not mandatory

Default avatar.png JBM: there was hobo town and the slime tube when i left

 AntiSquid: PoopyPoops *

Default avatar.png JBM: in [whatever the multiplayer area's name was]

Default avatar.png JBM: hobo town was real fun

Default avatar.png JBM: slime tube, i'm not sure i ever understood it properly

 Astrobytes: I have Gorgon Ramesses, Kylie Mirogue and Penny Arabian Atta

Default avatar.png JBM: puntastic

 Astrobytes: Naturally

Default avatar.png JBM: oh

Default avatar.png JBM: took me 3 passes over them not getting the minogue one

Default avatar.png JBM: lol

 Astrobytes: She's obviously a Disco Bandit

Default avatar.png JBM: of course

Default avatar.png JBM: and penny the pastamancer

 Astrobytes: Yup

 Astrobytes: Gorgon is too

Default avatar.png JBM: less sure why

 brzezinskip1: hi, i'm new here :)

 Astrobytes: Was just a Gordon Ramsay knockoff

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah but

 Gabbek: brzezinskip1 welcome!

Default avatar.png JBM: sauce.. thingy

Default avatar.png JBM: would have one as well no?

 Astrobytes: He could have been a sauceror yeah

Default avatar.png JBM: sauceror :)

 Zenoscave: JBM what game is this you all are talking about

Default avatar.png JBM: kingdomofloathing

Default avatar.png JBM: dot com

 Zenoscave: :+1:

 Gabbek: Zenoscave kingdom of loathing

Default avatar.png JBM: i'd wager i stopped more than 10 years ago

Default avatar.png JBM: seems like it's still live and kickin'

 Astrobytes: Yeah, I came across it randomly again and checked it out, couldn't resist diving in again

 jacek: is it going to be memed like among us?

Default avatar.png JBM: with 3 chars at once no less

 Astrobytes: Gotta do something in the morning coffee phase and lunchtime, and evening right?

Default avatar.png JBM: oh and the sword behind inappropriate prepositions

Default avatar.png JBM: like i really thought i was drunk the first time it occurred

Default avatar.png JBM: well the problem with playing KoL as a programmer

Default avatar.png JBM: is you end up automating the hell out of it soon enough

Default avatar.png JBM: and then you discover mafia does that better than you

Default avatar.png JBM: and teaches you what you forgot

Default avatar.png JBM: and that sucks some of the fun out of it

 Astrobytes: meh, I like it casual

Default avatar.png JBM: says the 3-characer player

 Astrobytes: :grin:

 Gabbek: even not understanding any of it

 Gabbek: it's fun to read your conversation :D

Default avatar.png JBM: "you had to be there"

 Astrobytes: ^

 AntiSquid: so what am i trying to achieve in the game?

Default avatar.png JBM: your pick really

 Gabbek: hmm, judging by the conversations -- you're trying to have as much fun as possible

Default avatar.png JBM: but ascension is the default goal

Default avatar.png JBM: you get bonuses if you do it teetotal

 Gabbek: is there any character limit for the chat message?

 Gabbek: Nearly pasted my entire code from clipboard by mistake... :D

 Zenoscave: anyone do any MCTS variations like NRPA?

 Zenoscave: for any games.

 Gabbek: Zenoscave haven't really tried, nope

 AntiSquid: i achieved log out 

 Zenoscave: I'm wondering if time-limits allow it

 Astrobytes: meh, KoL teetotal is sacrilege

 AntiSquid: what is nrpa ?

Default avatar.png JBM: it's one of the main conducts

 Astrobytes: Hm, aCat I think, perhaps jacek and MSmits too (NRPA)

 AntiSquid: i just failed kol

 Gabbek: Zenoscave but I'm more than happy to try it out after the contest for something, if only I learn how to even do that :P

Default avatar.png JBM: you get a better thingy at ascension

 Astrobytes: NRPA = Nested Policy Rollout Adaptation

 DomiKo: I tried NRPA in SameGame

Default avatar.png JBM: why are R and P switched?

 jacek: NRPA? like meta mcts?

 AntiSquid: i mean what does it do (for lazy people that don't want to read the paper) ? Astrobytes

 Astrobytes: I failed JBM

 Zenoscave: the R&P are switched because I can't type


 Astrobytes: No I can't type Zeno

 Astrobytes: :D

 Zenoscave: Wait did I type it right?

Default avatar.png JBM: get your shit separate

Default avatar.png JBM: so to say

 DomiKo: yes

 Astrobytes: yes

 Zenoscave: no I like my Poop in a group

 Zenoscave: JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: heavy metal band name?

 Zenoscave: I think you're on to something

Default avatar.png JBM: let disco come back

Default avatar.png JBM: where did i put my disco ball

 Astrobytes: Cluster Cooties, now there's a band name

 Zenoscave: wait so back NRPA is it used here?

 Astrobytes: yeah

 DomiKo: with some good results

 Zenoscave: Cool Just need to optimize my c# to see if it's worthwhile

 Astrobytes: jacek, yes

 Zenoscave: My UTTT (non-bitboarded) only gets 1-2K on an average turn 

 Astrobytes: It's essentially meta MCTS

 jacek: you wnat to do it for uttt?

 Zenoscave: No, was using uttt as a testing ground

 Zenoscave: since sim is easy

 jacek: mhm

 Zenoscave: what is a good full vanilla random rollout count for uttt?

 Zenoscave: just for a baseline comparison?

 jacek: i get 100k per second in first turn. but dont look at me, apparently this is rookie number

 Zenoscave: I'm lucky if I reach 2K /sec in first turn...

 Zenoscave: 20K*

 Astrobytes: 20K+ 2nd turn is the Legend standard is it not? (don't ask me)

 DomiKo: yes it is

 Zenoscave: Ok good to know what I've got to shoot for

 DomiKo: if I remember MSmits gets like 130K in second turn

 Astrobytes: Yeah, there's MSmits and then there's the rest of us :P

 Zenoscave: jesus

 DomiKo: yes :joy:

 DomiKo: I got like 60K and I'm really happy

 jacek: i get 10k and im in top 10 eh

 DomiKo: that's another magic

 Astrobytes: Pony magic

 DomiKo: jacek imagine getting 20K

 jacek: then i'd be top 20

 DomiKo: new top1?

 DomiKo: hmm?

 jacek: i like extrapolation

 Astrobytes: lol

 Zenoscave: nice extrapolation. too bad it's linear

 Astrobytes: You have some extra heuristics jacek right? (other than the teccles)

 jacek: yes

 Zenoscave: How do you a random action eficiently and remove it from the pool for next attempt? My biggest bottlenext is available action removal

 DaNinja: shuffle then iterate

 Zenoscave: shuffle as in put invalid actions at end?

 DaNinja: yes, sorting with better actions near the start helps with AB pruning too

 Zenoscave: Doing mcts, still works?

 DaNinja: a random shuffle is better for mcts

 Zenoscave: good to know

 Zenoscave: Do you redo previously expanded moves in Rollout policy?

 IcyFlamer1: is there a good ai place thats easy to get bronze other then the pad one

 IcyFlamer1: becuse im terrible with ifs

 KiwiTae: IcyFlamer1 pretty easy to get bronze anywhere ah

 DaNinja: if its easy to keep a list of previously use states then I try to avoid loops in rollouts

 IcyFlamer1: for me no tho

 IcyFlamer1: cuz like im not so good at python

 IcyFlamer1: so its harder for me plus im just starting out

 KiwiTae: tron is pretty easy

 IcyFlamer1: ok lemme check

 Zenoscave: My biggest cpu load is from that previous state usage.
Need to look at structure again

 IcyFlamer1: looks easy all i have to do id up down left or right

 Zenoscave: what has O(1) removal and small access?

 Zenoscave: I'm over thinking this. Justkeep a hashtable and delete keys

 DaNinja: children.push(doAction(actions[children.size()]));

 Zenoscave: but it's ordered no? Random rollout needs to be in a random order?

 DaNinja: one child per action

 DaNinja: random_shuffle(actions)

 Zenoscave: I get it now

 DaNinja: cool

 Zenoscave: Thanks

 IcyFlamer1: for the tron im terrible at ai so i just made it do the same stuff in a loop

 IcyFlamer1: and thats just rly dumb

 IcyFlamer1: im like depending on luck

 KiwiTae: IcyFlamer1 to get better, you migth want to implement a strategy.
Could be stay as far as possible from enemi~ or smth else

 IcyFlamer1: ik i treid

 KiwiTae: you tried for 10minutes

 IcyFlamer1: ye

 KiwiTae: usually requires a few hours to make a decent bot

 IcyFlamer1: oh

 IcyFlamer1: i made this


 IcyFlamer1: so far

 KiwiTae: welll u can start by avoiding suciide moves

 KiwiTae: hehe

 IcyFlamer1: ye

 IcyFlamer1: i made a million prints and made it form a spiral

 IcyFlamer1: but if it spawns near the enemy or wall then rip

 IcyFlamer1: my startergy actually defeated the boss once tho

 KiwiTae: hardcoding a pattern is not gonna bring u far eheh

 KiwiTae: u prob get further if u do random legal move