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Default avatar.png Jeongyeon: hello

DivaWeb: hello I guess I could use some clarification on The Descent challenge in javascript

Allis: @DivaWeb As in how to process the inputs, or‒?

DivaWeb: Yeah but I just figured it out thanks @allis

eulerscheZahl: Zenoscave calling for smits at 3:41am. what are the odds to find him?

Zenoscave: slim

Zenoscave: I figured it out though

Codeab: hi guys in contribution how to generate the loops

eulerscheZahl: in the default code?

Codeab: ya

eulerscheZahl: there is loop and loopline

Codeab: like for i in range blah blah blah

eulerscheZahl: loopline is if you have many entries in the same line

eulerscheZahl: loop if you want to read multiple lines of input

Codeab: ya sry loopline


eulerscheZahl: it's even linked on the contribute page -> documentation ;)

Codeab: thx

Codeab: oh whats variable sequence

Codeab: wait nvrm

eulerscheZahl: hi trictrac. plotting any evil things?

trictrac: no only less pruning

eulerscheZahl: seems to work

eulerscheZahl: i had some timesouts. so i'm using a heuristic for the first few turns now :(

trictrac: the disadvantage of C# against C or C++ ?

eulerscheZahl: the disadvantage of an exhaustive search over clever pruning

eulerscheZahl: for each child board:

   for each penguin:
       do a full BFS to get the distance to each cell

eulerscheZahl: in early game that's a lot of possible moves for each cell. multiply with lots of possible moves and it's a timeout

trictrac: ok many things to compute !

eulerscheZahl: and my BFS still has some issues when the opponent can block me


eulerscheZahl: i'm yellow

eulerscheZahl: top right corner: i think the opponent can reach that cell (33.67) before me. but i'm at the corner before

eulerscheZahl: so i don't claim that region and lose

trictrac: I can't read the image ? broken link ?

eulerscheZahl: better?

trictrac: no same pb ?


trictrac: Ok I get the screen thanks

trictrac: Your BFS is not taking in account the player order ?

eulerscheZahl: separate BFS for each. with same distance i see it as I lost the race

eulerscheZahl: and my distance to the corner is shorter as we see the board in the screenshot

eulerscheZahl: just not anymore when the opponent blocks me

eulerscheZahl: a minimax would help here obviously. but i fear more timeouts

trictrac: all these bfs are made as evaluation of a kind of min-max

eulerscheZahl: so i guess you can solve those situations?

eulerscheZahl: i just have a depth 1 (only my own move) with a BFS for scoring :(

jrke: minimax won't work great i think cause it will make very very big tree

eulerscheZahl: in late game it could work

trictrac: I have a completly different approach with poor eval but deep min-max

trictrac: pruning save part of the complexity

Default avatar.png ProgrammerDog: hi

eulerscheZahl: woof

jrke: lemme revisit D&B for a min

eulerscheZahl: it's Penguins time now

eulerscheZahl: D&B was the puzzle of the week before

Default avatar.png The_chosen_one: Does anyone know the pattern

Ifthel: Yes, the pattern is blue red green blue red blue

Default avatar.png sajan: Hello world

jacek: yeah, d&b is so last week

eulerscheZahl: and i made it worse :/

jacek: hm?

eulerscheZahl: i'll submit anyways to see how much worse


BenjaminUrquhart: oh boy time to get back into this

jacek: hm?

BenjaminUrquhart: I haven't touched CG in months

jacek: oh my

eulerscheZahl: contest in Thursday, great time to get back to it

eulerscheZahl: *hype*

BenjaminUrquhart: well that's why I'm back

jrke: :heart_eyes: 4 days

BenjaminUrquhart: maybe I'll make a proper UTTT bot idk

eulerscheZahl: would probably be a bad contest practice

BenjaminUrquhart: what would you suggest then

eulerscheZahl: did you play the previous contest?

eulerscheZahl: i suggest the most recent one you haven't tried yet

jrke: pacman

BenjaminUrquhart: I did

BenjaminUrquhart: loved it

jrke: eulers contest i mean OOC

eulerscheZahl: and give me my shrine!

eulerscheZahl: (onitama sprite)


RaymonStephanie: Someone join in..

BenjaminUrquhart: one of these days I'm actually gonna sprite a shrine and send it to you

codeing: hey

BenjaminUrquhart: hey

codeing: what's up ?

BenjaminUrquhart: stuff

CodinBotChatRelay: _creepersbane#2074: oh hey this started working again

eulerscheZahl: i can kick that bot now

BenjaminUrquhart: D:

BenjaminUrquhart: oke

codeing: mhm stuff like ?

BenjaminUrquhart: stuff liek stuff

codeing: mhm

codeing: it's ambigious

cegprakash: hi all

codeing: stuff like stuff

jacek: ohai

cegprakash: 4 days to event I see

BenjaminUrquhart: but actually, I've been getting into gamemaker, interesting language it uses

jrke: lol i can see ceg after lot of time

codeing: sure

codeing: something else like godot

cegprakash: omg Jrke ur global rank is impressive

codeing: godot for 2d 3d games

jrke: :smiley:

cegprakash: do ppl still call u jerk?

jrke: i think so

cegprakash: :joy:

cegprakash: I see witches in the cover picture of fall challenge

jacek: will you participate in contest?

eulerscheZahl: will you jacek?

jacek: ill probably stop at bronze

cegprakash: yes I'll be active on weekends and less active on weekdays

cegprakash: jacek legend or nothing

jrke: ceg this time t-shirts are there

eulerscheZahl: i really think you could do well if you'd try jacek

Illedan: Canvas or nothing!

jacek: i have short attention

jacek: ooh, a kitten!

Illedan: Where?!

jrke: above all toads or nothing ;)

eulerscheZahl: CG just has to host my community contest. that's probably my best chance for a canvas

jacek: canvas?

Illedan: top 3

eulerscheZahl: contest artwork

eulerscheZahl: 40x30cm

Illedan: did you get top 3 yet euler?

jrke: another contest by euler?

eulerscheZahl: 4th was my best

Illedan: Ah, mine was 5th :(

eulerscheZahl: the other 2 contests where i'm listed as a creator (kutulu, OOC) weren't really by me

marcgardent: hi everybody

eulerscheZahl: for Kutulu i did lots of testing at least. for OOC I knew 2 days before everyone else that this game exists and should be a contest

marcgardent: Do you know, how to load "json Hash file" for spritesheet sin the SDK, (

eulerscheZahl: hm, did that long ago

eulerscheZahl: then reverted as i wasn't completely happy. but i might be able to answer your question

eulerscheZahl: you upload your spritesheet to the website (Leshy SpriteSheet Tool)

eulerscheZahl: then you let the website extract the single images on your sheet

marcgardent: I have already cvreate the json and spritesheet

eulerscheZahl: and take the resulting image and json file, place them in your assets folder

marcgardent: and so, with the code?

Illedan: Lol, that new puzzle by Westicles :D


Illedan: I'm saving that solution atleast ^^

eulerscheZahl: you can access the single sprites by using the name you assigned in the json

eulerscheZahl: sprite.setImage("someName")

marcgardent: mm ok ! fine

marcgardent: thx

eulerscheZahl: that Westicles puzzle is at high risk to break at some language update :D

Illedan: xD

Westicles: I never could figure out how F# and work. Just layers and layers of weird scripts

eulerscheZahl: if L=="TypeScript":s+="/opt/coderunner/nodejs/bin/node -r /codemachine/lib/javascript/internal/polyfill.js -r /opt/coderunner/nodejs/lib/node_modules/source-map-support/register /tmp/A\n" how are we supposed to figure that one out? :D

Westicles: Ah, that's probably straight out of

conaldev: hello, world !

sebak: hello programmers

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: @tychkorg, how did you solve test case 3

wlesavo: lol that puzzle :smiley:

eulerscheZahl: @TatsuJoestar that tychkorg is a bot and won't answer you

eulerscheZahl: CodinGame has bots in Clash of Code who replay what previous clashers did. so you don't have to wait for some real player to join (which could take a while depending on the current time of day)

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: oh

eulerscheZahl: do you remember the task? we could search the clash and solve it here together

Default avatar.png yurv: Hello, anybody knows how to see the task of already finished clash?

Default avatar.png yurv: is it possible to replay the task alone?

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: how do you search for it?

eulerscheZahl: happy searching. there is no official way

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: it was something to do with a waiter named Niki and you had to check to see if they % of total tips to total bill was greater than the & needed for him to get drunk

Default avatar.png yurv: thank you, I'll check it out

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: and you output "DRUNK"

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: "THIRSTY"

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: accordingly

eulerscheZahl: found it

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar:

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: my code

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: and he was the only one who got 100% we all got 75%

eulerscheZahl: something is odd with this clash. i can't open it in the IDE?

eulerscheZahl: i've never seen that before

DaNinja: same, cant open it

NightScap3: Nice Supermuppet nice copy&paste kek

eulerscheZahl: supermuppet is a bot

NightScap3: bruh

NightScap3: fr?

eulerscheZahl: the only thing it can do is copy-paste :D


eulerscheZahl: "CodinGame Official Bots"

Default avatar.png yurv: TatsuJoestar, you forgot to multiply by 100%

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: the % is given as an int

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: not as .10 for 10% but just 10

Default avatar.png yurv: no, tip/total*100

Default avatar.png yurv: tip/total*100>percentage

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: I did total/tip >= percentage

Default avatar.png yurv: that's not right

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: if you have 100 total and 10 in tips it divides in 10 times

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: if you need 10% or greater that works

Default avatar.png yurv: 10$/100$=0.1 = 0.1*100%=10%

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: since you get it as an int you don't need to actually treat it as a percent, you just need to see if it divides into a number >=

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: it works the same

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: if i was given the value as a decimal representing a percentage

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: I would have to do it that way

Default avatar.png yurv: you didn't multiply by 100

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: it works i swear lol

Default avatar.png yurv: if((billtotal / tiptotal) >= percentage){

must be if((billtotal / tiptotal)*100 >= percentage){

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: you can do tiptotal/billtotal *100

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: that works too

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: but mine is simpler and works also

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: it's just the "more tables" test that doesn't work for

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: but i don'tt think it's because of the code I think it's something to do with the validator

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: because we all got 75%

Default avatar.png yurv: billtotal / tiptotal is not a percentage, you cannot compare it to percentage

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: only missing that one

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: okay let me ask you

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: say you have $2500 bill total

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: and $100 tip total

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: tell me what percent of the bill total that the tip total represents

Default avatar.png yurv: I think you have to divide tip total by bill and multiply by 100

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: just tell me the number tho

Default avatar.png yurv: 4%

_programmer_: hry

_programmer_: hey

_programmer_: please help

_programmer_: isalnum in python

_programmer_: it says it is not defined

_programmer_: please answer fast i am in clash

hem123: isalphanumeric

hem123: yes isalnum is in python

_programmer_: editor says it is not defined

Default avatar.png yurv: if((tiptotal/billtotal )*100 >= percentage){

3rd test: 17.5/110*100=15.9>15 - DRUNK

hem123: q="test" print(q.isalnum())

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: man

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: I am fucking retarded

hem123: yes

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: this is what i get for staying up 30hours straight on adderall

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: I can't even math

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: wtf im going to bed

Default avatar.png yurv: no worries, that happens to me all the time

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: yurv I'm sorry

Default avatar.png yurv: we all learn on our own mistakes

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: its sleep time for me LOL

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: OR

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: is it another half adderall time?

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: LOL

_programmer_: thanks @hem123

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: on another note

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: shortest code clashes are not winnable with c++

Default avatar.png yurv: yeah, I know

Default avatar.png yurv: my Java code is always at the bottom of the list

Default avatar.png yurv: we have to have a separate clash of code for Java,C++

SparkCoder: You can

Default avatar.png yurv: a private clash?

SparkCoder: maybe not against python always

SparkCoder: but you can

SparkCoder: you just have to know what you can reduce

SparkCoder: like

SparkCoder: spaces

SparkCoder: variabel name sizes

SparkCoder: new lines

SparkCoder: you can also use macros

Default avatar.png yurv: you cannot reduce class Solution {

   static void f(String res,String s,String ss,int[] c, int n){

Default avatar.png yurv: it won't start

SparkCoder: I am talking about C++

Default avatar.png yurv: public static void main(String args[]) {

Default avatar.png yurv: I see

SparkCoder: java is just too much boilerplate

SparkCoder: which is why I stopped using java

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: either way you can't beat python when you have to cout << "BLAH BLAH";

SparkCoder: if you have a lot couts

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: using namespace std

SparkCoder: you can use

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: #include

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: it counts all that lol

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: god forbid you need to use a 2d vector

SparkCoder: #define p cout

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: vector<vector<int>>

SparkCoder: yes

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: also have to definite type

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: define type*

SparkCoder: #define v std::vector

SparkCoder: v<v<int>>

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: yeah but if you only need 1

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: thats actually longer

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: it counts #define right?

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: as characters

SparkCoder: yes

SparkCoder: if you have more than one 3d vectors

SparkCoder: this works

SparkCoder: other wise over head changes are 0

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: yeah ofc

SparkCoder: 2d*

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: but still my point remains

SparkCoder: then again its always a good challenge

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: very rarely will you makeup ground on a python character count

SparkCoder: you can remove all \n

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: I mean I always try lol

SparkCoder: obsfurcate your code

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: I use 1 letter variable names too

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: lol

SparkCoder: I usually flip a coin

SparkCoder: poython coin flipper

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: I take out all whitespaces that I don't need

SparkCoder: and choose

SparkCoder: which langauge I program in

SparkCoder: c++ or python (usually)

SparkCoder: so that its more of a challenge

SparkCoder: codincup?

SparkCoder: I accidently closed your chat

NoobMaster96: ur all bumbums

SparkCoder: ignore him he is harmless

NoobMaster96: no YOUR harmless

NoobMaster96: print("Thou art harmlesso")

eulerscheZahl: my harmless what?

Default avatar.png stnwtr: F

SparkCoder: if(input() == 'F')


hem123: Just wondering, how can one get code golf dont panic in like code size 60

hem123: retreiving all the inputs is costing me 60

SparkCoder: in which langauge

hem123: python

SparkCoder: whcih question

SparkCoder: chuck norris code golf?

hem123: hang on might have something

SparkCoder: use regex

MadKnight: SparkCoder he said which

MadKnight: it's dont panic

MadKnight: Automaton2000 can u get 59 chars?

Automaton2000: i am not very good

SparkCoder: cant find that problem

MadKnight: have u tried search?

SparkCoder: yed

SparkCoder: yes*

SparkCoder: it only brings the chuck Norris one


SparkCoder: ERROR 404

MadKnight: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: so you get a notification


MadKnight: SparkCoder don't u see it didn't get the whole link yellow?

hem123: should copy paste as link stops after '

MadKnight: u need to copy the whole thing

SparkCoder: Found it

hem123: let me know how lean you can get your code


abecus: poop

jacek: oO


abecus: pop in

SparkCoder: @hem123 what is your code size?

Aya_Noaman: hey guys

Aya_Noaman: anyon wants to join a short mode clash

LuckyJ.: Sure!


SparkCoder: sure

Aya_Noaman: in u go

Aya_Noaman: that was too quick i was almost done

Aya_Noaman: @LuckyJ i would have beat u in code size:smile:

Astrobytes: hey guys, please send the invites in PM or in #clash

Aya_Noaman: thanks

Astrobytes: It's fine to ask/invite but the links kinda pollute the chat

Aya_Noaman: right


abecus: cum

Aya_Noaman: seriously?

Aya_Noaman: :joy:

abecus: yup

Astrobytes: abecus: did you just read what I posted?

Astrobytes: Astrobytes 05:02PM hey guys, please send the invites in PM or in #clash

NightScap3: i just got fooled by codingame bots ;(

NightScap3: i always thought bitwolf and akhiljohn are real

NightScap3: and i was always upset by akhiljohn sometimes dropping fast and solid shit and then drop 400 line solutions

Aya_Noaman: guys join my game from #clash

Astrobytes: They just fill the lobby if there's not enough human participants NightScap3

Aya_Noaman: @NightScap3 theyre bots??????????????????

NightScap3: yes

Aya_Noaman: how did u find out

NightScap3: go onto their profiles

Aya_Noaman: ouch

Astrobytes: Read this:

Astrobytes: under "CodinGame Official Bots"

Illedan: :wave:

Astrobytes: hey

Illedan: Wonder if the contest is related to the art :thinking:

Illedan: C4L all over again

Astrobytes: Hmmm

Astrobytes: I don't have a good feeling about it if I'm honest

Illedan: Might be totally unrelated, like WW :P

Astrobytes: I think they learned their lesson artwork-wise after that lol

Illedan: haha

Illedan: That artwork made no sense :D

Astrobytes: None whatsoever. Very odd

Astrobytes: But who knows, could be a game with spaceships

Illedan: Lightsabers! Join the dark side :rocket:

Astrobytes: We have an almost lightsaber game, the fencing one

Illedan: Not sure what I feel about that one :P

Astrobytes: Yeah same, has he finished the other leagues?

Illedan: yeah

Illedan: that was hella complex

Astrobytes: Do the extra 'features/abilities' bring anyhthing to it?

Illedan: I didn't understand everything

Illedan: Gave up

Illedan: had to put focus elsewhere

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: I'll have a look at it again later or tomorrow

Astrobytes: tric tracs Fireworks game looks intriguing

Illedan: Too much text for me to bother xD

Illedan: Too hyped for the contest to try and understand something like that atm

Astrobytes: lol, that's fair

Default avatar.png Taukir_Khatri:

Default avatar.png Taukir_Khatri: join here

Astrobytes: Taukir_Khatri: post links in #clash please

Default avatar.png Taukir_Khatri: how?

Astrobytes: click on #clash and post there

Astrobytes: You can still ask in here, just say "hey join my clash, link in #clash"

crokis: small question: do you prefer short code competitions (few hours) or longer ones (few days)?

eulerscheZahl: was afk a bit Astrobytes but i beat you with the clash bot link. by several hours :D

eulerscheZahl: i prefer the longer ones


Illedan: Longer, but not too long

eulerscheZahl: for short contests go to codeforces

Astrobytes: I prefer longer yeah

eulerscheZahl: 1 week is a good duration

Illedan: 2 weekends is perfect

Astrobytes: OK I give up with these clashers and their links

Illedan: Kick em all? xD

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: talk to admins to show a different #world chat for clashers

Astrobytes: Maybe if the #clash channel was like Clash World it might work

rohitkumar212: Hi Everyone

MasterDuck: Hi, Rohit

rohitkumar212: Can someone please teach me how to host a channel on twitch and host some games on it

rohitkumar212: i have downloaded OBS software

rohitkumar212: and then i m streaming on the twitch

rohitkumar212: And also have added a title of codinGame, but still there is no notfication of my streaming on this website under the LIVE section


Lachrymosa: Im excited for the Contest coming up :D

AntiSquid: so many new puzzles .

eulerscheZahl: more than usual?

eulerscheZahl: CG created some forum threads for old ones

Astrobytes: * a lot of forum threads for old ones

LastRick: Ahhhh, I was wondering why there were all these "new" messages that seemed to point to empty forums.

Default avatar.png EvaJ: (for cons

LastRick: Does the site have a lot of lag for everyone or just me?

Samuel_Szk: for everyone

v1993: Yeah, it's lagging badly

v1993: Clash of Code is essentially unplayable :|

AndreMarasca: yep

AndreMarasca: :disappointed:

Default avatar.png MrMiagi: Anyone else have lags while playing testcase and clash of code?

v1993: Yeah

v1993: Other portions of site are also lagging

MasterDuck: Unplayable...

AndreMarasca: Yes, I also have lag to run the test cases, I have to use VSCode

Default avatar.png MrMiagi: think its ok now

v1993: Still lags for me on testcases

v1993: Not as badly as before, but still notably

MasterDuck: True

hiljusti: is it lag... or is it a challenge?!

hem123: question I played code royale, I won 60/60 yet I am ranked 240th

hem123: how is that possible?

PatrickMcGinnisII: you are in wood1

hem123: y

PatrickMcGinnisII: did you pass wood1 boss?

PatrickMcGinnisII: you are ranked 240th in whatever league you are in

hem123: well i didnt get there. like when i test in arena

hem123: I only play against others

hem123: where i play my code I win from the boss

PatrickMcGinnisII: the 'submit' or 'test in arena' will play you and rank you

hem123: I only play against others--> meaning against low ranked people

PatrickMcGinnisII: to progress from leagyue to league you have to submit and beat boss

hem123: yes i am doing it again, previous 2 times i had 100% victories

hem123: but the opponents i am getting matched against are all ~400

PatrickMcGinnisII: main leaderboard shows you at 1985th , it will update after your 'test in arena' is done

PatrickMcGinnisII: if you beat boss in points, you will go up to next league

hem123: yes that i understand, but somehow I win everything yet I do not gain rank

PatrickMcGinnisII: i see you at 3.07 points, that's kinda low

PatrickMcGinnisII: 3.18 now

PatrickMcGinnisII: look at previous battles tab

PatrickMcGinnisII: no way u r at 100% winrate

hem123: yet i won the last 150 matches

hem123: oke well my name is highlighted

hem123: ah nvm

hem123: fixed it thanks, i was being an idiot


Default avatar.png JBM: isn't there a chan for that?

b0n5a1: -> #Alex ^^

Astrobytes: JBM: re. your first FreeCell post on Concisely Garbled, "It iterates from the wrong eng"

Default avatar.png JBM: ew

Default avatar.png JBM: thanks

Astrobytes: np

Astrobytes: also I loved the þ

Default avatar.png JBM: ^^

Astrobytes: Quick look at the second one (not read it), "Entertainement"

Default avatar.png JBM: nice, thanks

Astrobytes: all good, keep 'em coming. I'll read the second one properly tomorrow, the last one was top notch :)

Default avatar.png JBM: glad you like them :D

123456789LL: Hi

Ifthel: Hello

123456789LL: Hi

123456789LL: im new

123456789LL: to coding

Ifthel: Well, welcome. Which programming language(s) do you know?

123456789LL: none sadly

123456789LL: but uhh private message

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: which languages do you want to learn?

123456789LL: None really

Default avatar.png Domantas1: Hello! I am new to programming and I am studying computer sciences. Right now I am playing - Game Of Drones and I can't figure out how to make that drones defend one zone or attack other zones if it's free. I would be very glad if someone help me :) programing language is c++.


MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Anyone understand that? I sure don't


elderlybeginner: xrange?

elderlybeginner: what are you trying to do with gaussian distribution?

The_Auditor: Domantas1 not clear on the question, are you asking how to send the drones or how to decide to send or not to send the drones ?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Domantas1 I think you have the wrong idea- You don't "attack" or "defend", you just move drones around

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: elderlybeginner no idea, I don't understand the code at all, which is why I need someone to explain it :stuck_out_tongue:

elderlybeginner: there should be range instead of xrange, and beside that it works. That's not my area of interests, all I can see is that it's based on gaussian distribution and mayby calculating part of CDF

elderlybeginner: result:

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Okay, thx for the article :)

Default avatar.png banh135beo: hello gais

Default avatar.png banh135beo: welcome to the friendzome :))

Default avatar.png banh135beo: zone :((

Default avatar.png banh135beo: lkjakjkjdákljakljsdkkljsdfkljkfdskljsdfkjkljsfdkklkdksdksdfdsfsdfkjjkdkjfdkjsdfa

Default avatar.png banh135beo: who's vietnamese

Default avatar.png banh135beo: not me :((\

Majeck: Hullo

Majeck: Don't mean to be a nuisance, but does anyone have an idea on how I can golf the following (python3): [-1,1]['R'in D]*y I felt really smart by using the 1s and 0s of the true false as numbers but it ends up using the same characters ;( (2*('R'in D)-1)*y

Majeck: The purpose of the code is that if 'R' in D evaluates as true, then return 1 else return -1

Majeck: where D is a string and y another set of expressions

Default avatar.png TheDoomedPandaEater_8d5: Coochie Man?