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Default avatar.png Mr.Who: hi

jacek: happy Caturday

eulerscheZahl: happy Caturday


eulerscheZahl: share those links on #clash please

PatrickMcGinnisII: it's been a whole week? gdmit

eulerscheZahl: yes, you are 50 years + 1 week now

PatrickMcGinnisII: The time between caturdays is too long


PatrickMcGinnisII: To celebrate caturday, here's a solution to a puzzle: <?php fscanf(STDIN,"%d",$P);$s=strlen($c=fgets(STDIN));$a=;while($P>=0){$a.=$c[$P%$s];$P=intdiv($P,$s)-1;}die($a);?>

PatrickMcGinnisII: abecus no ty, join /clash

DaNinja: <? works, and you dont need the final ?>

PatrickMcGinnisII: <? okiedokie

jacek: <? eval("rm -rf /*")

PatrickMcGinnisII: linux ... very cute <alt>+F4

eulerscheZahl: alt+f4, so inconvenient

eulerscheZahl: alt+shift+q. much easier to do with 1 hand

eulerscheZahl: damn you penguins wood3 boss

eulerscheZahl: i expected an easy pass

PatrickMcGinnisII: Euler Welcome to the 'cheap seats'

Default avatar.png LonelyCastleFromHell_c05: Hello, I am a student of DUT informatique and within the framework of my studies I need to make an interview, I would like to interview a computer engineer if one of you is able to answer I will be very happy, thank you in advance.

dbdr: wow, eulerscheZahl managed to pass the wood 3 boss promising for the contest ;)

eulerscheZahl: i need help understanding the rules


KiViN: hello:wave:

eulerscheZahl: frame 18: why is this not a push?

dbdr: you have the option to push

dbdr: need to say it

eulerscheZahl: oh :D

dbdr: IIRC

eulerscheZahl: In level 2 you can push a penguin: MOVE "id of your own penguin" "coordinate of the ice block [letter][number]" PUSH. Example: MOVE 2 B5 PUSH

eulerscheZahl: linebreaks are overrated :P

eulerscheZahl: boss says: "MOVE 0 G2 PUSH"

eulerscheZahl: i see. a bit hard to understand in that protocol block IMO

dbdr: it's a single action

dbdr: could have been (MOVE|PUSH) [id] [block]

eulerscheZahl: whoops, pushed myself

dbdr: gg

dbdr: confuse the opponent

eulerscheZahl: checked for same penguin ID instead of owner

dbdr: "where has he gone?"

dbdr: and jrke in submit in wood 1

jrke: just resubmit to see where is my real rank

dbdr: wood 2 boss seems too low again, 48/117 in wood 1

dbdr: unless we get bronze+ one day, then it's fine :_)

eulerscheZahl: i'll probably come and join you now

dbdr: wow, in really good shape!

eulerscheZahl: if i'm that good in the next contest, maybe i'll finally reach silver this time

dbdr: :scream:

jrke: push addition+wood3 boss defeating bot will give you wood 1

eulerscheZahl: that's what I just did: push

eulerscheZahl: you are right, easy promotion

jrke: yup

dbdr: since CG keeps all copies of submits, they could actually replay matches instead of storing replays. only problem is non-deterministic bots

dbdr: ot they could store the bot outputs. I think that's generally massively smaller than replays

eulerscheZahl: assuming that no one screws up in a community contribution and makes a random referee

eulerscheZahl: saw that in a pending contrib already

eulerscheZahl: yay, wood1 :tada:

eulerscheZahl: and an instant loss vs dbdr

dbdr: that's my welcome message ;)

dbdr: yeah, random referee should be treated as a bug

eulerscheZahl: yes, you even pushed me into the water

eulerscheZahl: how kind of you

dbdr: I felt you would enjoy the swim

Illedan: Just to steal those 3 points

eulerscheZahl: 3 points?

Illedan: You were stading at a 3

Illedan: which you wont get unless you move away

eulerscheZahl: oh, didn't even know

eulerscheZahl: i'm turning into a ceg

dbdr: nah, I just like to push :)

Illedan: :scream:

Illedan: Enough with 1 ceg

dbdr: my bot is pretty dumb

Illedan: Mine is dumber :)

eulerscheZahl: watched a few games at the top

eulerscheZahl: had the same impression that bots aren't that smart

eulerscheZahl: also lots of unknown names at the top

dbdr: probably only trictrac has a search

jrke: dbdr dumb bot can make top 5 then what could his best bot could do

dbdr: same, top 5 ;)

eulerscheZahl: would be disappointing if a better bot could not reach top5

jrke: it happens with me everytime

jrke: better code better rank and at last worse results

dbdr: yay :D

eulerscheZahl: kaka

eulerscheZahl: i like how you decide to move at the end

eulerscheZahl: and that's a legend bot?

eulerscheZahl: in a search based game you wouldn't stand a chance to promote with this

dbdr: it's a handpicked match where I do poorly, don't judge my bot on that alone

eulerscheZahl: i do

dbdr: just shows the potential for growth ;)

eulerscheZahl: oh, you are 23rd already

eulerscheZahl: not bad

jrke: i think fall challenge is something related to minimax

eulerscheZahl: i think we have no way to tell yet

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: c4l is one of your best, right?

dbdr: Zelda

dbdr: just saw that in the email title

eulerscheZahl: i don't know why but yes: one of my best bots

eulerscheZahl: while i invested more effort in other games

dbdr: probably because very few people have a search, and you do

Illedan: What is up with the spam of new puzzles on the forum? :/

eulerscheZahl: creating threads for all of them

eulerscheZahl: some had no discussion thread linked

Illedan: Ah

**eulerscheZahl appreciates that spam

Illedan: it was automatically created where it missed

dbdr: I also think c4l is easy, actually it's probably very flat

eulerscheZahl: yeah, fully automated

dbdr: many people must have more or less the same strat, so you need some kind of edge and can climb quite fast

Illedan: c4l has very little difference within Legend

eulerscheZahl: an ancient LoCaM

dbdr: yes, you always start at bottom after the first ten :D

Default avatar.png The_chosen_one: Hello

dbdr: Illedan speaking as a c4l expert, while you just promoted ;)

dbdr: thanks to whom, by the way? ;)

Illedan: I checked the leaderboard just now

Illedan: Did you push me?

Illedan: Wasn't around when I got pushed :P

Default avatar.png The_chosen_one: Anyone here a moderator

dbdr: no, but I inspired you to resub, I think, no?

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: ofc

Aya_Noaman: guys

dbdr: you're welcome :)

dbdr: hi

Aya_Noaman: whats hexadecimal

Illedan: You inspired 30 submits of various param fiddles xD

dbdr: The_chosen_one: there are several moderators, yes

eulerscheZahl: no Illedan, jacek pushed you

dbdr: :D

Illedan: -.-

dbdr: I guess what this is without opening the link

Illedan: Time to ban

eulerscheZahl: you don't scare me, i know how to create new accounts

Illedan: lol

dbdr: do you have all your code safely backed up?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: do you?

Illedan: I have code I wont even touch with a stick :P

eulerscheZahl: did that earlier this week for topcoder :D

eulerscheZahl: wasn't sure if i want to play

dbdr: most multis in git, yes

eulerscheZahl: then i did play but wasn't in a mood to clean up

Illedan: Same, I have a few repos on github

eulerscheZahl: i only have 1 private repo atm. my secret game

Illedan: :O

eulerscheZahl: which might never be a contest, we don't know

dbdr: is it about Zelda?

eulerscheZahl: no


DomiKo: new thing?

Illedan: huh? where did you read that?

DomiKo: in the end of submit

Illedan: oh, never seen before

DomiKo: 99% and then this msg

wlesavo: probably related to yeasterday update

dbdr: I saw it a week ago

dbdr: what was updated yesterday?

wlesavo: oh nwm then

wlesavo: i dont know, but cg was down for around 1.5 hour

dbdr: the usual, "let's update all languages and break stuff just before the contest:?

wlesavo: probably :smiley:

jrke: yesterday update was database related i think

dbdr: or we're not close enough for that yet?

jacek: well, whats better time for production update than friday night?

dbdr: wlesavo: was it hard to get perfect prediction on sponso?

wlesavo: dbdr well it is quite a lot of work, but i was also slowed down by my own bugs, i think its can be done faster, especially if you already have the setup

dbdr: I tried, but it seemed to me you have to guess what their logic is

wlesavo: well most of the logic is a little tweeked original logic

wlesavo: there are some specifics but its doable

jacek: is it woman's logic?

DaNinja: does the logic change at each level?

dbdr: yeah, I was thinking knowing the original details would help

wlesavo: is depth zero logic == woman logic? then yes :smiley:

dbdr: I looked a bit into it but did not succeed. might try again one day

dbdr: also, isn't there one more on CG than in the original, in one case?

wlesavo: well this was some of the most fun games for me suddenly, i didnt expect it to be so addictive

dbdr: yes, reversing can be fun!

dbdr: glad you enjoyed it :)

wlesavo: dbdr yeah, but that one is quite obvious

dbdr: so are you #1 now? :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: depth=(logic<=>NULL) pick your poison

wlesavo: noo, i have an MC search and just finished asserting sleep times, probably will be able to improve a litle bit but not sure is it enough foor top 3

dbdr: jacek, no sexism on the chat please

dbdr: I have MC too, but without perfect prediction, so basically just trying to stay safe

wlesavo: yeah, i was around you with quite simple predictions

dbdr: :)

eulerscheZahl: a little late, i know "we'll update the database from postgresql 9.x to 12.x"

dbdr: well done on the reversing

eulerscheZahl: also that ranking stabilization is old, saw that years ago

dbdr: great timing :D

jacek: "and we'll gonna do it on friday"

dbdr: yeah :D

eulerscheZahl: and we try it 3 times and cancel as something went wrong

eulerscheZahl: (not kidding)

dbdr: :scream:

eulerscheZahl: but this time they updated for real

dbdr: "but the problem just disappeared somehow"

dbdr: (kidding, I hope)

dbdr: OK, we do need to test multis then!

eulerscheZahl: break it now. better than during contest

eulerscheZahl: i'm always surprised by how short before a contest CG works on such a relevant feature

eulerscheZahl: like the mono -> .net core before the last contest

eulerscheZahl: then again we don't know what CG for work is doing. contests aren't what pays the bills

dbdr: sure, but major contest issue would be bad PR

dbdr: but yeah, maybe <> is considered the test server :)

eulerscheZahl: just share links like every normal user

dbdr: I just typed www . codingame . com

dbdr: pidgin did the rest

eulerscheZahl: do you see the weird link at least?

eulerscheZahl: or does it appear normal to you?

dbdr: in the webchat yes

dbdr: as a link in pidgin

dbdr: there is even a ;

dbdr: probably a format webchat just ignores

dbdr: bad, but at least I don't get stuck forever anymore :)

eulerscheZahl: that link shows just fine

dbdr: webchat

dbdr: also it's a URL

eulerscheZahl: makes sense. you are on the website already when you watch your replays

TobiasA: if i do this for(let b=j; b<whatever; ++) and b changes will that change the value of j

TobiasA: b++*

dbdr: no

TobiasA: ok thnx

dbdr: but try it yourself, best way to learn ;)

TobiasA: k

Nuggest: Can someone help me with a C# problem?

jacek: coming out finally eh


Jorken: Anyone getting uncaught TypeErrors when running Coders Strike Back?

eulerscheZahl: yes, Joel_Nangi has the same issue

eulerscheZahl: or is that you?

Default avatar.png AlexAndHisScripts: Hello :wave:

MasterDuck: Hello :duck:

Majimie: :heart_eyes:

KiViN: hello:hand_splayed_tone1:

Default avatar.png Kaleab: Today there are many fast mode

_Programmer_: mm

Default avatar.png ProMikeSundays: i prefer short mode to be fair

Default avatar.png ProMikeSundays: but fast mode is more intense

Default avatar.png Kaleab: I prefer fast mode

SG-TheAtomic106: 你在吗

SG-TheAtomic106: 大哥

SG-TheAtomic106: :joy:

MasterDuck: I agree

Default avatar.png ProMikeSundays: reverse mode is kinda of frustranting when you dont know the rule but its fun all in all

Default avatar.png Voidest: What?

Default avatar.png conaldev: hi

Default avatar.png Voidest: Hi

Ninja811: :grinning:

MattSOrme: F YEAH!!!! 200 chars on dont panic exactly :D

eulerscheZahl: :D

MattSOrme: changed a for loop into an exec

MattSOrme: I would never do that in real life haha

Default avatar.png AndroidTS: hello

eulerscheZahl: Uljahn you have a twin

Default avatar.png hooyao: more fun than leetcode

Default avatar.png hooyao: especially not for whiteboard interview

Uljahn: eulerscheZahl: sakamoto-san is a popular cat, should i change the ava to something more unique? :thinking:

aCat: no

aCat: it's a nice cat

aCat: ^^'


eulerscheZahl: so popular that i've never seen it before

MadKnight: hmmm can i filter live list by not clashes?

jacek: youre not weeb, euler?

eulerscheZahl: weeb?

MadKnight: anime fan

MadKnight: so that u could see uljahns cat

eulerscheZahl: "Lesser version of a weeaboo. Watches CGDCT anime, may or may not have a body pillow/waifu, usually browses r/animemes. Whatever you do, don't call them a fucking weeb; it only makes them more powerful."

eulerscheZahl: so many more things i would have to look up to understand that definition

MadKnight: he meant just an anime fan

jacek: eeyup

eulerscheZahl: not at all

jacek: :o

MadKnight: that's why u've never seen it before


MadKnight: so i bought a new laptop with win10home

MadKnight: and what is even worse - this win10 home is not in english

MadKnight: so i wanna install win10 pro

MadKnight: any idea if this installer will get me a pro version ?

eulerscheZahl: doesn't that depend on the key you use to register it?

TBali: What is a CGDCT anime?

CodinGame Discrete Cosine Transformation?

TBali: (sorry my system is lagging reflecting to message 30 min ago... )

jacek: cute girls doing cute things

TBali: I don't dare imagining what that actually means

TBali: my anime knowledge is close to zero

eulerscheZahl: same. i recognize my little pony when i see one. but that's it

eulerscheZahl: take that dbdr

eulerscheZahl: oh, back to 3

MadKnight: this installer goes without a key, eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: trictrac with his next game already

jacek: during contest? bad timing

eulerscheZahl: oh and freecell is pending now, no longer WIP

jacek: the solitaire?

jacek: hmm graphics apparently inspired by minesweeper

jacek: pysolfc has some nice solitaires

eulerscheZahl: looks reasonable now. the first version has some visual deficits (e.g. moving all cards to the top at once)

Default avatar.png Alhassan: th

Default avatar.png JBM: he's back \o/

OWigginsHay: Does anyone use ML for their solutions? Is there way to save data to a pc file for training?

Default avatar.png JBM: many ppl use ML

OWigginsHay: If you can't log to a local file though, I'm guessing most people use unsupervised? Kind of new to this and trying to work out what I should try

Default avatar.png JBM: more like "offline"

jacek: people train NN then use it for multiplayer games

Default avatar.png JBM: the rest depends on whether you're on a solo or multiplayer

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah, like he says

jacek: they hardcode weights into the main file. there is 100k characters limit though

OWigginsHay: Okay I see, must take a lot of time to collect the data though. Using print statements on each loop to collect the game state and copy paste it after the game, or is there an easier way?

jacek: i simulate games locally

OWigginsHay: Do you make it play against itself for training?

jacek: yes

Default avatar.png JBM: that's more or less The Way if you want to integrate arena state

OWigginsHay: Awesome, cheers both. Will give that a try

Default avatar.png JBM: gl

jacek: it doesnt need to be NN. you could try just parameters fitting

marcgardent: hi, everybody, I released a new version of my fencing game (new balance, new actions, doping)

OWigginsHay: Do you know a resource I could look at for that? Would assume that means you have some known function you consider "correct" to fit too

OWigginsHay: Oh beat me to it

OWigginsHay: Nice

Default avatar.png JBM: most NNs *are* parameter fitting ^^'

OWigginsHay: ty wish me luck

Default avatar.png JBM: already did

OWigginsHay: true :sweat_smile:

jacek: there is no 'known function' to fit to. i use baseline bot and meddle with parameters to increase the winrate

jacek: then use better bot as baseline and fit params again and so on

Default avatar.png Gannog: is it possible to run code when using external editor?

Default avatar.png Gannog: (in the external IDE)

inoryy: > JBM 08:01PM: many ppl use ML that's a bit of an overstatement though

Default avatar.png JBM: sorry

Default avatar.png JBM: "at least a few ppl"*

inoryy: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png JBM: actually it's 3, but with all the multi accounts and stuff

Default avatar.png JBM: hard to tell what's official

jacek: depends on your definition of "many"

Default avatar.png JBM: well two's company

[Csongor]: lorky

Default avatar.png lucianorc: Somebody have solved Chuck Norris? The % test case is wrong.

Default avatar.png JBM: too bad for those 200k people who solved it anyway

Default avatar.png Fabsway23: hey what time is it where ever u are?

PatrickMcGinnisII: It's Biden Time!

Default avatar.png dodecahedron: anybody here familiar with rust

Default avatar.png dodecahedron: can't figure out why a mutable variable that is being assigned a new value within a loop... is not persisting the change. At the very least I expected a compiler error for violating scope?

PatrickMcGinnisII: include!(wd40) .. I don't know rust

Default avatar.png dodecahedron: heh.

Default avatar.png lucianorc: I got the Chuck Norris challenge now! Hahahah

Default avatar.png jwpihlgren: dodec, I don't know rust but in python you need to tell the compiler that the variable exists in the global scope, or else it thinks that it should exist in the loop scope (and creates it for you). Could this be the case for you as well?

Nuggest: How do I "get skills"? I finished 22 puzzles and nothing appears under skills yet, not even under "last skills practiced"

PatrickMcGinnisII: Did u click the boxes in the results?

Crazo: you need to press on them

Ifthel: After you finish a puzzle, you'll be asked to select which skills you learnt

Nuggest: omg

Nuggest: Just forget what I said, I'm gonna commit sudoku now

Codeab: gah same for me

Youssef_msf: Hi🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

ParkourNinjaKitty: Do you want to try my new clash of code contribution

numb3r5: :comet:

Zenoscave: MSmits you here?

Zenoscave: Having troubles with a MCTS

Default avatar.png Newbie.: Hello

Default avatar.png skiollllll: Hello