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Zenoscave: US Covid-19 cases have spiked significantly since Oct30

Ahriana: hi all

Ahriana: how to close this area, and never auto appear again

KiwiTae: "/leave

Zenoscave: there's a disable_chat query param. I forget it

Zenoscave: but You have to add it every time you enter the site

Ahriana: "/leave

Codeab: hi guys

Codeab: does anyone know how to highlight variables in the statement in contribution?

Zenoscave: [[ ]]

Zenoscave: wrap in those

Zenoscave: I think

Codeab: oh it works thanks

eulerscheZahl: there's also Template:Xxx for other highlighting

eulerscheZahl: variable Template:Constant

Codeab: <<bold>>

Codeab: :)

eulerscheZahl: right

eulerscheZahl: i just click "edit" on another contribution that has the feature I want, then i see it :D

vegeta1101: how to make some more test case visible while making the puzzle

Codeab: click more test cases

vegeta1101: okay thanks

Codeab: guys what is the stub generator input

vegeta1101: that is part that your code will generate for all lamguage

Codeab: um what am i supposed to put in there ???

vegeta1101: stub generetor should at least take all require input

vegeta1101: lets' say you need 2 variable


vegeta1101: and if you want to print some anser then use

write answer

vegeta1101: hope this help

Codeab: ohhhhhhhhhh ok now i get it

Codeab: how bout a print statement

Codeab: what does the number in the bracket do?

Codeab: @vegrta1101?

vegeta1101: just use write

write anythingyouwanttoprint

vegeta1101: write answer

will output print("answer")

Codeab: what does the number in the string bracket do?

vegeta1101: length of string you want as input

vegeta1101: you can set it accourding to your requirement

Codeab: so the number can be like 2384238949283 but it wont affect what the user inputs?

vegeta1101: yep

Codeab: ohhhhh thz

vegeta1101: welcome

Codeab: um guys can someone tell me why my page keeps reloading and restarting over in the contribution page

Codeab: it keeps saying 'Aw snap'

Codeab: 'something went wrong'

vegeta1101: yaa that page have bugs

vegeta1101: try not copy paste

Codeab: oh no wonder

Codeab: wait i didnt copy paste anything and the page still crashed

vegeta1101: hmm contact coding game my site also kept crashing and i gave up on making puzzles

eulerscheZahl: use the SDK, then you can upload your testcases in a zip file

Xwtek: occse;sei

Codeab: um whats a SDK

KiViN: hello:wave:

Ifthel: Hello

Default avatar.png sajan: Hello World

NicoNeko: :O

Default avatar.png AVANTISAVOIA: Console.WriteLine ("Hello Boys");

sahilrox: I too lost a lot of progress on the contribution page, any idea what's going wrong?

Default avatar.png caozouhulue: hello

Default avatar.png caozouhulue: hey guys if you like pornhub,youlike pornhublive

Default avatar.png AVANTISAVOIA: no good my friend

Default avatar.png caozouhulue: my bro,where R U from

Default avatar.png AVANTISAVOIA: from Switzerland

Default avatar.png AVANTISAVOIA: u?

Default avatar.png caozouhulue: china

Default avatar.png caozouhulue: nice to meet you

Default avatar.png AVANTISAVOIA: me too

Default avatar.png AVANTISAVOIA: bro are u a programmer?

Default avatar.png Cli592: hi guys

Default avatar.png AVANTISAVOIA: hi$

Default avatar.png caozouhulue: a student in university

Default avatar.png AVANTISAVOIA: oooh okay nice

Default avatar.png Cli592: can you help me with algorithms

Default avatar.png caozouhulue: U?

Default avatar.png AVANTISAVOIA: yes whats the problem CLi

Default avatar.png Cli592: ASCII Art

Default avatar.png AVANTISAVOIA: im just having fun caozou

Default avatar.png AVANTISAVOIA: what do u need to know

Default avatar.png Cli592: i dont understand

Default avatar.png caozouhulue: maybe this problem is

Default avatar.png caozouhulue: print all the way

AntiSquid: oh lots of new people, hello everyone

Default avatar.png Cli592: hi

Default avatar.png caozouhulue: nice to meet you

AntiSquid: likewise

Default avatar.png caozouhulue: where R U

wlesavo: where #ru

Noisewerk: Is it just me or CG has a tough time loading today?

Default avatar.png caozouhulue: hey bro, what is CG

Noisewerk: Coding Game lol

Noisewerk: Btw welcome, guess you new

Uljahn: they're updating database, Noisewerk

Noisewerk: I see, thanks

Default avatar.png caozouhulue: today the server is not work well

Astrolocus: yes in fact for today I will use Kattis

thanhhv317: my internet is not good in today

Default avatar.png Codewena: Oh I guess I'm not the only one having trouble with the connection

jacek: codingame is so slow today

jacek: maybe they should make more optimization puzzles

wlesavo: due to update probably

Default avatar.png marcal279: hey i'm a sy uni student. wanted to ask which languages i should know to be ready for placements, etc. as of now i know c, c++, python and a little java. confused which language i should learn next

Westicles: Just forget the java and the rest should be fine

Default avatar.png Kirneh: hehe Java is still used a lot :)

Default avatar.png Kirneh: Trying out the .NET framework might not be a waste of time

Default avatar.png marcal279: okayyy thanks a lot!!! :grinning:

Default avatar.png marcal279: do i need to know sql/javascript/r?

Westicles: What kind of job do you want?


Lakkeger: hm that's a bit odd...

Lakkeger: no multiline answers as i can tell

Lakkeger: @marcal279 it depends what do you want to do in the future. as frontend web developer you might go with: javascript, css, html, nodejs, different javascript libs like angular...etc. backend wise: java, go, php, python, sql...etc. application dev wise (depends on the platform you want to develope the app): c, c++, c#, java. the list can go on and on. decide first what do you want to do

Westicles: And if you want to slip into depression and eventually kill yourself, get a job writing clojure

grateful_tomato: why does it say "join a 5min coding battle"? it is 15 minutes

grateful_tomato: also site freezes sometimes and really slow, only reload helps

sahilrox: The only way I can join a clash is by waiting for the clash to start, leaving the clash and then going one page back

sahilrox: Also I can only view results if i refresh the page

SergeyShirokov: Same

Default avatar.png alprasss: any help me

jacek: hm?

Default avatar.png alprasss: Power of Thor - Episode 1

AndreMarasca: what is the problem?

Default avatar.png alprasss: i dont know how to solved

AndreMarasca: each shift you must perform an action

AndreMarasca: Each turn*

matez: Something seems to be wrong with the server speed / accessibility...

AndreMarasca: when you move, you must update the position of the thor in its variables

AndreMarasca: prefer to walk in NW, NE, SW and SE directions

AndreMarasca: These directions save energy

AndreMarasca: a hypotenuse is shorter than two sides

AndreMarasca: Just it

Uljahn: Power of Thor - Episode 1 has the Hints button on the left

rohitkumar212: hi

Default avatar.png TheDell013: hi

rohitkumar212: is there a problem with the website?

rohitkumar212: unable to join the clash

Default avatar.png abmyii: I had the same issue

Default avatar.png abmyii: I had to restart the page to be redirected to the clash

rohitkumar212: oh

rohitkumar212: ok i joined now, but no one is joining..

rohitkumar212: i m the only one here

Default avatar.png abmyii: No, go back to the last link

Default avatar.png abmyii: i.e. the "room" for joining the clash

Default avatar.png abmyii: And you should be redirected to the IDE

rohitkumar212: see now i joined the clash, and the timer is running..

rohitkumar212: let me see if i m able to join

rohitkumar212: or start

Default avatar.png abmyii:

Default avatar.png abmyii: Not sure if that would work.

rohitkumar212: not acccessible

AndreMarasca: f5

Default avatar.png abmyii:

Default avatar.png abmyii: How abou tthat?

Default avatar.png abmyii: If not then I don't think it's possible to rejoin.

Default avatar.png abmyii: Done it again

rohitkumar212: What the heck is going on man..

rohitkumar212: i really do not understand

rohitkumar212: whom to contact?

rohitkumar212: i have many issues with the website

rohitkumar212: unable to join

Default avatar.png Wouter-J: Website is going through some updates I believe; had some issues this morning as well

Default avatar.png abmyii: Same

Default avatar.png abmyii:

Default avatar.png NgonTran: can you guys join the game

Default avatar.png NgonTran: can you guys join the game ?

anantaCodes: Does CodinGame maintain a users activity history on their end? Something that would give an indication as to how much time the user spends on this site ?

player_one: You can see in your profile some achievements around how many times you submit code.

player_one: As an example.

anantaCodes: Yea, I understand that. But I was trying to figure out if there is something like Github which remembers your commit history.

Uljahn: they gather some statistics of forum usage

anantaCodes: Like I am attempting a problem in Practice section but I need to test it many times . It would be wonderful if there was a way to know how many times I attempted problem before getting it 100% right

player_one: Only for competitions... For anything under "COMPETE" they have a complete history of all your submissions.

anantaCodes: @Uljahn Where is the forum?

Uljahn: :scream_cat:

player_one: Click down arrow in top-right corner.

player_one: Forum is under that menu

Allis: It's in the three-dot menu, not the arrow.

anantaCodes: LOL... They got a forum too. After 2 months I know this

anantaCodes: :D

player_one: Ooops... Thanks Allis

anantaCodes: Ya I checked it now 🤯

anantaCodes: Uljahn was very disappointed it seems ;)

Default avatar.png caozouhulue: 芜湖起飞

rohitkumar212: Guys, any idea abt the captcha code?

rohitkumar212: i often have to answer the captche before joining any clash

rohitkumar212: this is quite time taking, irritating

Illedan: Do you play a lot of clashes?

rohitkumar212: ya

rohitkumar212: kind of 30 games a day..

rohitkumar212: at max

Illedan: It is any bot measures, which happens after a lot of clashes

Illedan: *anti

rohitkumar212: oh dude

rohitkumar212: this is quite irritating

rohitkumar212: they could do away even without this..

rohitkumar212: i quite often miss to catch up with my friends who had invited me into the play


rohitkumar212: due to this delay , as i spend time in answering the captcha

rohitkumar212: yeah i have seen some faq's related to this

eulerscheZahl: so: deal with it or do something about your clashing addiction

eulerscheZahl: or would a 2nd account work as well? :thinking:

Illedan: Hi euler, how much vacation are you taking for the contest?

eulerscheZahl: 7 days. add 2 weekend and i'm free all the time

Illedan: Nice :)

eulerscheZahl: except for the first evening. will probably do kotlin heroes

Illedan: aha

Illedan: I'll stream the first evening

Illedan: After that big group of streamers

eulerscheZahl: have fun with your stream

Illedan: Hopefully not crash and burn :P

eulerscheZahl: did that happen before?

Illedan: BotG stream was a trainwreck xD

eulerscheZahl: watched the first few minutes, don't remember any details except from squiddy being connected as well

eulerscheZahl: and i'm pretty sure it was a C# stream :P

Illedan: Sure was C#

eulerscheZahl: what went wrong? bug in the code you couldn't find? or CG servers slow?

Illedan: Everything :D We pushed a new engine to fix the bug with stunned heroes not using their command

Illedan: and it crashed everything

Illedan: after 5 min into the stream

eulerscheZahl: then i left just in time it seems :D

Illedan: :D

eulerscheZahl: as soon as i stopped taking the contest seriously it was quite fun to see new engine bugs every day

eulerscheZahl: game complexity was strong with that contest

Illedan: A little too much :P

eulerscheZahl: and now you announced to stream a game that you don't even know yet

eulerscheZahl: buying the cat in the box

Illedan: Hope it is something fun :)

Illedan: And complex

Illedan: physics would be amazing


kovi: i vote for non physics

eulerscheZahl: hidden below "show 2 more"

Illedan: Click on the day view top right :P

eulerscheZahl: i vote for no fog

Illedan: ^^^^^

Illedan: Anything but fog yeah

kovi: yeah, two was enough for this year

Illedan: haha

eulerscheZahl: if i would watch all those streams i wouldnt have time to code myself

Illedan: True

eulerscheZahl: nice, i'm a useful resource

Illedan: I have to prepare from the start of the contest for my own stream :P

kovi: i got stuck with d&b. the more intelligent it is, the worse it became

Illedan: I'm playing around with Blocking these days

eulerscheZahl: i did topcoder, wont do anything new bofore the contest

Illedan: I'm moving to NS this weekend though

eulerscheZahl: cool

kovi: i failed with topcoder so needed some egoboost here

eulerscheZahl: you got the right idea

eulerscheZahl: simulated annealing is surprisingly popular on TC

eulerscheZahl: i thought the markov chain was obvious for everyone

kovi: imho, that was a nice fresh idea

eulerscheZahl: saw it in context of monopoly cell distributions

player_one: Hey eulershceZahl, I played around with CGFunge Prime yesterday. Fun challenge.

eulerscheZahl: thanks, inspired by your puzzle

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: imho?

Astrobytes: in my humble opinion

Astrobytes: (also honest opinion)

MattSOrme: how on earth have people done don't panic in under 100 chars? I've tried everything I could think of and im only down to 230

ParticleBeam: What language?

MattSOrme: python

Star_Child: ...

Star_Child: hi

Uljahn: im at 177 in py3, but the code looks more like perl :smile:

ParticleBeam: Removed all "imports"

Uljahn: ofc, you need no imports in this puzzle

Uljahn: also redefined most common functions like i=input and r=int

wlesavo: and maping inputs also helps

wlesavo: but yeah, it is not nearly enough for 100 chars

MattSOrme: already assigned int, and i had assigned input, but just updated that to a lambda which has dropped me to 222

ParticleBeam: obviously remove all spaces, put common lines together with ; symbol

ParticleBeam: and variables renambe to 1 letter

MattSOrme: yep, done those too :/

MattSOrme: there has to be some magic thing people have used i don't know about

Uljahn: why lambda?

MattSOrme: cos it lets me input().split() 3 times with less characters

eulerscheZahl: "r=int" thanks, i missed that ;)

eulerscheZahl: i have the lambda too, quite verbose s=lambda _:input().split()

Uljahn: i,r=input,int

  • a,b,_,_=map(r,i().split()) no lambda!

Uljahn: that's what wlesavo've ment i guess

eulerscheZahl: maybe i read the input more often

MattSOrme: you dont need the _ in your lambda

MattSOrme: L=lambda:input().split()

eulerscheZahl: nice, that also removes my dummy argument when calling it :D

eulerscheZahl: 188 => 181, thanks to both of you

MattSOrme: Im down to 216 :(

MattSOrme: Need 200 for this damn quest

eulerscheZahl: maybe the toad has an idea for you in return

eulerscheZahl: my LEFT / RIGHT check: d>'M'

ParticleBeam: Let me double check

ParticleBeam: Ah yes. replace "range"

ParticleBeam: While loop, replace True with 1?

MattSOrme: Done the true->1. Not sure what you mean by the >'M' and i don't use range currently

eulerscheZahl: you have a LEFT or RIGHT in the input

eulerscheZahl: how do you check if it's one or the other?

eulerscheZahl: direction[0] == 'L'? direction == 'LEFT'?

eulerscheZahl: for me: direction < 'M'

wlesavo: nice

wlesavo: btw euler i got perfect predictions for cg sponsored

eulerscheZahl: great

eulerscheZahl: do you know if testcases and validators are the same?

ParticleBeam: Bah. Can't go below 185

MattSOrme: i base it on the length of the string of the direction

wlesavo: pretty much the same, in terms of maps and enemy types

wlesavo: so can be hardcoded

eulerscheZahl: also starting locations?

wlesavo: didnt check that

wlesavo: my solution is online but types and maps are hardcoded

wlesavo: and i have a quite poor mc search for now

eulerscheZahl: i have a depth 1 i think

eulerscheZahl: too long ago

wlesavo: i have smth like depth 70 estimation, but i not even keep the best found solution yet, probably with smth like beamsearch it can be done quite a buit better

MattSOrme: Down to 212

MattSOrme: oof, 207

MattSOrme: changed an "a if x else b" to [b,a][x]

ParticleBeam: Yes

eulerscheZahl: i don't see how to use that in combination with my optimized check

eulerscheZahl: as i don't get 0/1 but a much wider range

ParticleBeam: Replace "and" with &

eulerscheZahl: i have ^

MattSOrme: ooh, that'd get me 4

eulerscheZahl: good old xor

eulerscheZahl: oh, i have a use for the & too. I had a multiplication there, giving a larger range

eulerscheZahl: l=list(map(...)) is there a better way?

eulerscheZahl: something with a *map or alike?

RoboStac: oh nice, got down to 167 with some of the tips here

MattSOrme: hmm, & causes mine to fail

ParticleBeam: Could try *

AntiSquid: what are we code golfing

MattSOrme: dont panic

eulerscheZahl: SyntaxError: can't use starred expression here :/

ParticleBeam: I converted my logic to an equation so - and *

eulerscheZahl: that one helped me

ParticleBeam: That helped me drop 1 character

NitMpez: well got to 183 with everyone's commets from 186... but I'm doing javascript and bash... unfortunately bash is stuck at like 233

eulerscheZahl: my bash is always my python + 12: python3 -c"..."

NitMpez: ahh... yeah was avoiding doing that... not sure how to get it much under 233 with just straight bash

eulerscheZahl: because you aren't good enough with bash

NitMpez: :P tx

eulerscheZahl: neither am i. or golfing in general

NitMpez: same...

NitMpez: ended up writing both and then looking up some stuff to shorten the code

NitMpez: problem i have on my bash... vs the java script... is all my variables have to have $ in from of them

NitMpez: extra character per variable use

ParticleBeam: Phew. Got it to 174

MattSOrme: nice, im still stuck

eulerscheZahl: 175

**eulerscheZahl slaps ParticleBeam around a bit with a large fishbot

NitMpez: 179 now :|

ParticleBeam: Time to code more on Penguins

eulerscheZahl: looks fun

eulerscheZahl: the pushing reminds me of wondev woman

MattSOrme: just can't compress this damn while loop. pretty much re-written how i choose wait/block and it came out at 207 same as it was before :(

jacek: meow

eulerscheZahl: happy Caturday's eve jace

eulerscheZahl: k

eulerscheZahl: oh, he's off. tab completion isn't working

eulerscheZahl: and yes, i tab complete jace to jacek

NitMpez: we 166

eulerscheZahl: now you too Judas

NitMpez: :|

MattSOrme: 204 changing list(iterable) -> [*iterable]

eulerscheZahl: *iterable,

eulerscheZahl: 203

MattSOrme: i'll be damned. 30

MattSOrme: 203*

eulerscheZahl: so it's proven. 200 isn't possible

ParticleBeam: Do you still read all the variables?

NitMpez: 158

eulerscheZahl: calm down

NitMpez: sorry, all the talk on it made me look at it again

NitMpez: truth be told i don't care for code golf that much

ParticleBeam: I do wonder how people can get such short code lengths

NitMpez: yeah... i don't understand the ones below 100

MattSOrme: i do read all vars, and ignore some, but not sure how to shrink further

NitMpez: I'm assuming they are just doing something like what was mentioned in a discussion i saw... put your code online then just do like an sh `curl(<site>)`

ParticleBeam: Read with one variable and index it

eulerscheZahl: that curl got fixed

eulerscheZahl: worked at Power of Thor. the best solution had 9 chars

eulerscheZahl: included buying a really short domain

NitMpez: fun

NitMpez: well then I'm baffled at the 57 character solutions

eulerscheZahl: no idea how it works

eulerscheZahl: mine would break at > 9 floors. bu apart from that it's a generic solution

NitMpez: yeah no idea be curious to see how they did it

darkhorse64: 88 hard coded py3 but still from the lead

darkhorse64: *still far*

Default avatar.png RaresJavaCPhytonPascal: hi

eulerscheZahl: how do you even hardcode that?

eulerscheZahl: i don't see a way to get the hardcoded one shorter than a real solution

NitMpez: a="BLOCK",b="WAIT",a,b,b,b,b,b,a,b,a,b,b,b,b,a,b,a

NitMpez: :P

wlesavo: wow nice darkhorse64

NitMpez: yeah no idea... im not that motivated to do that

eulerscheZahl: just wait until CG changes the validators

darkhorse64: with a table indexed by the #of floors (the last digit).

eulerscheZahl: they did that for thor

wlesavo: and im asserting sleep times for cg sponsored :smiley:

wlesavo: im a little bit of a hardcoder myself

darkhorse64: If validators change, it will be like a new challenge

NitMpez: not for me.. ill be done with the same answer :P

ParticleBeam: I am of the opinion that validators in general should be run a few time and tallied. Sometimes, random based solutions (Tree searches etc) could give great solutions one time and not so great the next. I saw that with Mars Lander.

Default avatar.png Gamerboy12: hello

Default avatar.png Gamerboy12: i am gamerboy12\

Default avatar.png Gamerboy12: teehee

Default avatar.png Gamerboy12: why is no one tallkking

Default avatar.png Gamerboy12: teehee

Default avatar.png Terq: shh

Default avatar.png Gannog: what shh

Default avatar.png Terq: SHH im trying to solve chuck norris nuclear formula

eulerscheZahl: is that another school class?

Default avatar.png Terq: there is ashkelon academy

Default avatar.png Gamerboy12: teehee

Default avatar.png Gamerboy12: ikm in school rn

Default avatar.png Gamerboy12: :nerd:

Default avatar.png Gamerboy12: :nerd::nerd:

Default avatar.png rawrr1: heelllloooooo

RuhRohRaggyRerard: rawrr1 is a suicide perssom

Default avatar.png rawrr1: what

RuhRohRaggyRerard: u are about to die

Default avatar.png rawrr1: sir.

RuhRohRaggyRerard: Maam

Default avatar.png rawrr1: '

Default avatar.png Gamerboy12: hello

Default avatar.png rawrr1: meow

RuhRohRaggyRerard: GamerBoy12 what kinda name is that

Default avatar.png Gamerboy12: teehee

RuhRohRaggyRerard: Be more creative

Default avatar.png rawrr1: i like it ;)

RuhRohRaggyRerard: RuhRaggyRerard

RuhRohRaggyRerard: she gotta crush

Default avatar.png rawrr1: shut upp

RuhRohRaggyRerard: she admitted it

RuhRohRaggyRerard: by saying taht

Default avatar.png rawrr1: WHEN

eulerscheZahl: congrats, you found the chat. let's keep this civil please

RuhRohRaggyRerard: iytrdolfods;iafodshf;hads;lfhds; hfaf;lhadslj;hfhahfdshadskjfhadskjhfdshfkjhadskjfhdsakjhfkdsahfkdsf

RuhRohRaggyRerard: df

RuhRohRaggyRerard: ds

RuhRohRaggyRerard: bored

Default avatar.png rawrr1: STOP

RuhRohRaggyRerard: u good?

Default avatar.png rawrr1: no&

RuhRohRaggyRerard: y

eulerscheZahl: you can use your own #channel but please don't flood this one

RuhRohRaggyRerard: are u mod?

Default avatar.png jaidonh: hello

eulerscheZahl: yes

RuhRohRaggyRerard: y

eulerscheZahl: and i'll do some cleanup if you keep spamming ;)

Default avatar.png jaidonh: hehe

RuhRohRaggyRerard: y

Default avatar.png jaidonh: y

Default avatar.png rawrr1: i love u

RuhRohRaggyRerard: gay

RuhRohRaggyRerard: Just kidding

eulerscheZahl: RuhRohRaggyRerard is kicked, who wants to follow?

Default avatar.png jaidonh: oop

Default avatar.png jaidonh: hello worl;d

Default avatar.png jaidonh: fsodijhgvi;ad

Default avatar.png jaidonh: dlp;anmefhb

Astrobytes: ah crap, I missed the action

eulerscheZahl: i handled it

Astrobytes: So I see

Astrobytes: :)

eulerscheZahl: only 1 kick

Astrobytes: At least they were more responsive than that bunch the other day

jacek: aww

jacek: 6 days

jacek: are you hyped

Default avatar.png camelCaseJung: What is the benefit of this site over leetcode?

ache-of-head: "They've started putting gates around cemeteries."

ache-of-head: "People are dying to get in."

Astrobytes: groan

eulerscheZahl: codingame has multiplayer games

eulerscheZahl: the last contest

Astrobytes: jacek, all aboard the hype train ...

eulerscheZahl: you won't find that on leetcode

eulerscheZahl: creating puzzle threads manually now?

eulerscheZahl: but thumbs up for adding one to all the puzzles now

Astrobytes: Seems the automation didn't work for them all

Astrobytes: but yeah, agreed

jacek: AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: why do you want to be careful?

Default avatar.png rusty: Just ran into this in a puzzle on clash of code, was wondering if anyone knows why the following happens?

111111111111111111 % 19 is 12 in node's but it is 0 in python3

Default avatar.png rusty: also seems to be 12 in PHP and Java as well

jacek: it is 0

jacek: try dividing by 19 and it will be full number

jacek: why 12? i dont know

jacek: number is 57bit long so it isnt long overflow

Default avatar.png rusty: yup, I know the correct mathematical answer, but when you run the code in node js it's 12, wondering why

jacek: well i got this

jacek: could it be it changes to double on the fly?

jacek: in python int(float(111111111111111111)) % 19 it is 12

jacek: :o

Zenoscave: numbers in JS are defaulted to float

Zenoscave: which loses precision after a bit on large numbers

jacek: oh Zenoscave did you register on LG?

Zenoscave: LG?

Astrobytes: Little Golem

Zenoscave: little golem

Zenoscave: yes

jacek: i see

Astrobytes: Oh yeah, the epic profile pic lol

jacek: its the default.

Astrobytes: ah right

Astrobytes: your bot seems to perform well jacek

Zenoscave: jacek do you play manually on there?

jacek: longer time control

Astrobytes: Only Breakthrough or do you do others too?

jacek: only bt. and its bot

Zenoscave: I'm unsure if some players are bots

Zenoscave: darn

jacek: they should have _bot in the name

Zenoscave: just lokoed closer... It does ;)

Zenoscave: jacek is it the same bot as on CG?

jacek: it has larger NN and it takes few seconds to move

Zenoscave: Ah.

Zenoscave: also Double precision variance is the problem for that large of a number

Zenoscave: 111111111111111111 => 111111111111111104.000000 (4378ABEF7846071C) : +1.541976 * 2 ^ 56

jacek: good thing i dont do js

Zenoscave: No that's every language Jacek. any number greater than 2 ^ 52 must be an integer in double format.

Zenoscave: 2^53 ==> multiple of 2. 2^54 ==> multiple of 4. 2^x ==> multiple of 2^(x-52)

Zenoscave: (64 bit doubles only store 52 bits of value. 11 bits of shifting exponent and 1 bit for sign)

jacek: other languages have 64bit ints :v

Zenoscave: this is the same in js and other languages. there might be long doubles (128-bits) in some processor extensions

MACKEYTH: Is there a way to switch the IDE from K&R style indentation to Allman?

froyd: lets bora

froyd: where is the ruby coders?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Ewwww ruby

EightByteRG: Quick question, does anyone know if there is a place where you can access all the available variables for coders strike back?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Look at the statement at the bottom

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: It gives all the inputs

Codeab: hi guys for contribution what does it mean that the code "is working for all languages"

Codeab: when i click ready

LastRick: You are doing an approval?

Codeab: im making a puzzle

Codeab: ok wait i found out nvrm

LastRick: ok

numb3r5: hello world

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Is it possible to access a local file from my computer?

Default avatar.png amr-raazi: no

gabrielsoft: Write a program that prints the temperature closest to 0 among input data. If two numbers are equally close to zero, positive integer has to be considered closest to zero (for instance, if the temperatures are -5 and 5, then display 5).

gabrielsoft: little help here

LastRick: whats the question?

gabrielsoft: Your program must read the data from the standard input and write the result on the standard output

LastRick: yes

Default avatar.png amr-raazi: append 0, sort list, find index of 0. get 2 elements sorrounding index. get absolute diff between those elements. whichever is smaller, display

gabrielsoft: i dont think am getting it right

LastRick: well, it will definitely tell you if you've got the wrong answer

gabrielsoft: i see no index here @amr-razzi

Default avatar.png amr-raazi: dude. do u want me to code it for you?

gabrielsoft: more like a range not a length of anything

LastRick: what language are you coding in?

gabrielsoft: sure

gabrielsoft: js

gabrielsoft: Write a program that prints the temperature closest to 0 among input data. If two numbers are equally close to zero, positive integer has to be considered closest to zero (for instance, if the temperatures are -5 and 5, then display 5).

gabrielsoft: Your program must read the data from the standard input and write the result on the standard output.


gabrielsoft: Display 0 (zero) if no temperatures are provided. Otherwise, display the temperature closest to 0. Constraints 0 ≤ N < 10000

Default avatar.png amr-raazi: ok. we have a inp list. lets call that x

gabrielsoft: ok.

gabrielsoft: guys help out here

Default avatar.png amr-raazi:

Default avatar.png amr-raazi: try this maybe

gabrielsoft: i see no lisst here

gabrielsoft: more like a looping thing


gabrielsoft: nothing worked

Default avatar.png amr-raazi: try my python solution once?