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Default avatar.png asdf_asdf: start

Default avatar.png OttK: >

Default avatar.png Hades-: hi

Default avatar.png Hades-: hi

Default avatar.png Hades-: hi

Default avatar.png PKonly: hello

Default avatar.png Hades-: i am not to be spamming

Default avatar.png PKonly: Then what are you doing?

jacek: good morning

Uljahn: moin

KiwiTae: o/

jacek: is Zenoscave online? :o

Illedan: Why?

jacek: is it him?

Illedan: That avatar :D

jacek: thats default

Default avatar.png Scathach: hello

Default avatar.png RasmusBachHovgaard: Hi

Quidome: hi

error_137: I have a problem. I am getting the error message: invalid syntax at not in a function on line 24

error_137: can anyone help?

punsh: share your code...

error_137: how

Allis: Put it on pastebin or something?

error_137: while True:

Allis: You need == on Line 16, not =.

error_137: but I declare the variable Boostuse

Allis: It's not a variable issue.

Allis: The operator for checking equality in Python is '==', not '='.

error_137: owww

error_137: in the if

Allis: Yeah.

error_137: I get it

Allis: Cool, cool.

punsh: exactly.

punsh: and BOOST should be a string...

punsh: like 'BOOST'

error_137: yea I changed that

error_137: But now I get this:Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur.

Astrobytes: you're printing twice

punsh: if Boostuse == 0:

punsh: and delete the list line

error_137: okay ty

punsh: as Astrobytes says you're printing two lines and that may cause a problem with reading next game input.

punsh: suure.

error_137: I got

error_137: ty

error_137: idk if it's a glitch but the screen with the cars on doesn't move

error_137: But it says I won

Davidchang24: SUp0 bitches

Xwtek: I don't knwo what's wrong with my power of thor ep 2 solution. I just got 90% coverage.

AlPaca: is there an api facility that would allow me to connect a bot to some of the league games?

AlPaca: i'd like to work on a learning neural network but not sure how to realize the learning bit without permanent memory

Uljahn: AlPaca: this could be helpful

AlPaca: awesome, thanks :)

eulerscheZahl: see also:

AlPaca: :heart_eyes: great!

AlPaca: much obliged!

Kionashi: hey hey people

Kionashi: can you guys share one simple puzzle with loops and conditionals?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: The Descent

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Temperatures

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Power of Thor

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Mars Lander

Default avatar.png ProgrammerDog: hi lol

eulerscheZahl: wait, the contest starts at 4pm CET this time, not 6pm? but that collides with Kotlin heroes :(

Gabbek: Good day everyone :)

Default avatar.png ZygimantasBeliauskas: hello guys and girls

Gabbek: ZygimantasBeliauskas heya

punsh: Yoo

Default avatar.png Sriram143: hi

MyBoisForsLife: h4y

MyBoisForsLife: hey

MyBoisForsLife: how yall doing?

Default avatar.png DJBlackVampireInSpace_f50d: Hi

Default avatar.png DJBlackVampireInSpace_f50d: Hi

Awedude12000: Heya

jacek: oahi

Astrolocus: hiii

jacek: how may we help you, Sir/Madam

Default avatar.png ProMikeSundays: hi

grateful_tomato: why is the expected result for test case 11 False in this puzzle ? It is an undirected graph, and it is possible to reach each vertex from each vertex. I drew it with graphviz, you it is clear to see:

NightScap3: what are other cool sites like codingame where I can solve cool puzzles or have contests?

ParticleBeam: Odd. Seems like the answer should be true unless I misunderstood the definition

grateful_tomato: right, this is what I was thinking, and what my program calculates

ParticleBeam: Put a comment in

grateful_tomato: well, 5 of 13 people of a private clash got 100%, so probably I just didn't understand the problem

PatrickMcGinnisII: grateful_tomato vertices number 10 has no edge

ParticleBeam: Oh I see. "One vertex missing"

ParticleBeam: There should be 11 verticies. Only 0-9 have edges

PatrickMcGinnisII: 0-10 = 11 verts

ParticleBeam: Therefore 10 is isolated

grateful_tomato: thanks, I assumed all vertexes have links, my bad :-)

PatrickMcGinnisII: that is for a clash?

grateful_tomato: yes, was in a private clash:

grateful_tomato: it wouldn't be too difficult, if I would have read the description right

PatrickMcGinnisII: Hmph, I would throw Floyd Algorithm at it, which would be too much for clash

grateful_tomato: I fixed my solution, works now. Not the most elegant program, but I could have done it in 15 minutes:

PatrickMcGinnisII: I see the easy solution

PatrickMcGinnisII: recursive solution not required

grateful_tomato: right, there were some interesting other solutions. Too bad Allis didn't share his code

grateful_tomato: Of course, I probably wouldn't understand it anyway :-)

Default avatar.png codestacking: Coding in C# ...where do I see the output for:

Console.Error.WriteLine("Debug messages...")

jacek: well in the output of puzzle

jacek: in red

Default avatar.png codestacking: I see it ...thanks

NightScap3: Uhmm any where where I can add suggestions=

NightScap3: Could we please have Kotlin Libraries instead of Java libraries when coding with Kotlin

NightScap3: I was like literally dying

Default avatar.png evanmars: RIP

PatrickMcGinnisII: finally a little sumptin sumptin

Westicles: Nice job. Just need to add in the numbers

PatrickMcGinnisII: 23%, darnit

PatrickMcGinnisII: not efficient

PatrickMcGinnisII: good enuff for today, 50th

PatrickMcGinnisII: tx Westicles, I need all the props i can get

PatrickMcGinnisII: yall b good, can't b good, be good at it

Majeck: Hullo

Majeck: Could someone link me to euler's herokuapp that let's you find puzzles?

Majeck: *lets



Majeck: PFFF

Majeck: Same time lol

Default avatar.png strattan: Is the theme for fall challenge 2020 really Zelda or zelda-like?

Majeck: It wouldn't suprise me if it were actually Zelda

Majeck: They've done puzzles with Nintendo before

Default avatar.png StrikerXYZ: hi

Majeck: CodinGame is awesome at doing stuff with big brands

Majeck: Such as the Batman puzzles, Indiana Jones, etc

Default avatar.png strattan: I just see theme: Zelda in the email but I CTRL+F for Zelda on the fall challenge page and nothing.

Default avatar.png strattan: Anyway what languages is everyone furthering at the moment?

Default avatar.png strattan: I think I want to do C++

AlPaca: why not something fashionable? like rust?

Default avatar.png strattan: I keep hearing praise for Rust but I dont hold interest in it like those that praise it do

Default avatar.png strattan: Okay so this fall challenge theme based on the background is zelda witches I believe because when I save it the file is: Codin_zelda_witches_fr (2)

Default avatar.png strattan: and google gives me art based on these two for Zelda ocarina of time

KiwiTae: strattan so much trouble ~ they said it in the trailer lol

Default avatar.png strattan: okay I see it in the description: "The goal is to write a program that is better at playing a defined new game (conceived by the CodinGame team) in the Zelda universe than other programs/bots written by the other contestants."

KiwiTae: is it gonna be your first contest ? hehe

Default avatar.png strattan: I think I signed up for another contest or two some years ago so technically not my first but my first in a long while.

Default avatar.png JohnBrzenk: nice

Default avatar.png shinrinyoku-0: okurr'

Default avatar.png shinrinyoku-0: nice cock gu

Default avatar.png shinrinyoku-0: guý

Default avatar.png shinrinyoku-0: mamaakalamaba

Default avatar.png shinrinyoku-0: zooeymamna

Xwtek: oku32

NicoNeko: :O

Westicles: NicoNeko, the streamer guy is questioning your credentials

NicoNeko: lol

NicoNeko: y am i getting questioned

Westicles: You'll have to get us a picture of MIThenge next week as proof

NicoNeko: lol

NicoNeko: campus is off limits

NicoNeko: but hm

Westicles: really, still? that's crazy

NicoNeko: i mean

NicoNeko: corona is getting worse