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Tenlamb: hi

Default avatar.png Pranit: how to solve the power of thor i am new to this codin game how to use it how to learn before solving the problem

Tumble89: hi, im stuck on this question

Tumble89: how to count the total volume of water in a given matrix when it rain?

KiwiTae: Pranit solve it on paper then implement your solution

KiwiTae: if it doesnt work debug

KiwiTae: Tumble89 just need to take the red pill

Default avatar.png STINZBI: i agree

Majeck: It's 4AM where I live

Majeck: And it's a school night

_Programmer_: msg moralesmx

Majeck: Buuuuuuuuut

Majeck: I finished Mars Lander Ep 3

Majeck: All I need to do now is hit submit

Majeck: And I'll hit level 20

Majeck: Have completed my first "Very Hard" puzzle

Majeck: And be complete

Majeck: But I'll leave being complete for the me of tomorrow

Majeck: I want to see if having this incomplete will lead to me having nightmares

dan.b: how's it going guys

dan.b: lol there's a new quest map thing

dan.b: levelled up twice from it

Default avatar.png Newoobie: hi guys

_O-MEGA: hello

Default avatar.png Newoobie: im very new to programming

hiljusti: welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities*

jacek: hi very new to programming, im jacek

CyberLemonade: very new indeed

_O-MEGA: CyberLemonad haven't seen u here, and u have level 36 have u changed ur name?

Uljahn: _O-MEGA: his account is 3 years older than yours oO

_O-MEGA: wow...

_O-MEGA: havent seend him tho ;-;

wlesavo: _O-MEGA check the puzzle section then

Uljahn: ye, he've created some puzzles so is a valuable member of community

_O-MEGA: I havn't enter in codingame for like 6 months and pretty lost the conection with the comunity

_O-MEGA: not that i was very active or so but...

nishantsinha: hi

GoogleJeff: sup nishantsinha

thanhhv317: 2

Default avatar.png Lumie31: Hello everyone, I got a technical assessment from a company and the link points to CodinGame... Honestly, this is my first time hearing about this platform and I'd like to know if anyone has experience with interviews on this platform? Thanks in advance

Uljahn: Lumie31: i guess you can visit to learn more about assessments on CG

Default avatar.png Lumie31: Thank you so much @Uljahn

Majeck: I can know say that I have lived a successful life

Majeck: 100% Mars Lander Ep3

Majeck: I am now complete

Scarfield: nice, GA?

Majeck: Nope

Majeck: Didn't want to make a simulation

Noisewerk: Lmao wished my coding tests were here

Scarfield: how then :) ? a sim for mars lander is not that bad, if you need help with the physics part, chat will help :)

Noisewerk: Btw is there any chance all the '#include' for C++ can not be counted for CoC Shortest Mode?

Default avatar.png Lumie31: @Noisewerk How do you mean?

Noisewerk: Perhaps even 'suing namespace std'

Scarfield: sue them xD

Noisewerk: lol obv meant 'using'

Scarfield: :p

Noisewerk: It's impossible to win Shortest mode in C++ unless you are the only one who got 100% or everyone else is using C++ too

TobiasA: how do i change the direction vector of a pod in csb

Scarfield: your pod will point towards your output; "x y thrust" but only turn a maximum of 18deg per turn though

TobiasA: ok

Default avatar.png Eitvydas: Anyone else doing this for their programing lessons in high school? :D

darkhorse64: Noisewerk: from my limited experience in CoC, many of them are "inspired" by Python capabilities. If you want to perform here, learn Python.


darkhorse64: CG chat etiquette is that you should not post CoC invites here

Astrobytes: Yep, post in #clash instead

Astrobytes: And Noisewerk: if you insist on using C++ for shortest (which as darkhorse says is somewhat ill-advised) #import is shorter than #include

Astrobytes: also "suing namespace std" :D

Scarfield: its the american way! suestrBytes

Astrobytes: lol stdfield

Astrobytes: Oh my, what is this crazy new fencing multiplayer in Contributions

LastRick: wow

Astrobytes: Original concept for sure

LastRick: Looks like Pitfall with a lightsaber

Astrobytes: hahaha, you're not wrong


Astrobytes: Putra: please post clash links in #clash

VizGhar: Woah :) Love this platform. I'll create some multiplayer for sure. Any ideas where to get nice (idealy free) sprites of any kind?

Astrobytes: Sounds like a job for a search engine ;) I'm not sure where the best source is tbh, perhaps someone else knows a good one

VizGhar: sounds fair :)

Astrobytes: VizGhar: there's some in the SDK

Astrobytes: Docs for SDK are here btw:

Scarfield: lol feel like i forgot something:

Astrobytes: possibly... "ecksdee"

Scarfield: *xD*

jacek: you can try VizGhar

Astrobytes: that's on the SDK assets page jacek

jacek: oh?

Astrobytes: Yeah, "External Resources" section, quite a few sources on there now

VizGhar: Hope I can come up with some good concept this month :) quite hard to find free time

Astrobytes: There's no rush, the SDK will be waiting for you when you're ready!

jacek: also, come up with something after the contest

Astrobytes: ^good point

TheNinja811: hi im new

_Programmer_: Hello

eulerscheZahl: a fencing game, interesting

Astrobytes: not overly interesting in its current state tbh

eulerscheZahl: then i'll keep waiting for the contest

eulerscheZahl: hopefully no fog

jacek: fencing?

Astrobytes: We shall see. Or won't see due to the fog I guess...

Astrobytes: jacek:

jacek: w00t

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: ayyyy yooooo

darkhorse64: eulerscheZahl: play the penguins instead

jacek: hes windows guy

Noisewerk: @Astrobytes Definitely C++ is not the way to go in CoC in general, but would be cool if it were more balanced against other languages

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: can you hear me?

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: can you see my messages

Astrobytes: yes

eulerscheZahl: i still hope to get a good idea for the topcoder contest

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: omd

eulerscheZahl: slowly dropping :(

Noisewerk: Also yeah, import is shorter than include but I obv meant the whole #include <iostream> and all

Noisewerk: Hastag include ftw

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: yo im forced to go on this website, im at school

darkhorse64: A windows guy bashing penguins ...

Astrobytes: Noisewerk: just the way it is unfortunately. Can you use bits/stdc++.h on CG?

eulerscheZahl: who here is a Windows guy @darkhorse64?

Noisewerk: Yes you can, but still counts as 13 extra chars compared to Python where you go straight to coding

darkhorse64: dunno: see jacek ¨

darkhorse64: ^

TheNinja811: im new

Noisewerk: I don't mind not winning shortest, but again would make it more of an actual challenge against other languages. Also considering that anything you wanna do in C++ takes longer on average

Astrobytes: Or ruby where you just seemingly type a random sequence of characters and win Noisewerk :P

Noisewerk: Yeah but who uses Ruby :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Default avatar.png nat69: wassup

Astrobytes: Many, many people for CoC!

Default avatar.png nat69: why are you all so smart?

Astrobytes: Only real solution is to have C++ only clashes

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: yo im jeff bezzo

TheNinja811: i use javascript

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: i work for bugatii

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: have a manton

Noisewerk: Honestly I noticed that C++ and Ruby clashers are in the same amount, but not that many

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: and eat food

Astrobytes: ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: you're getting kicked if you don't stop your spammy rubbish

darkhorse64: ^

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: oOoOOooOO sOrRy

Noisewerk: Usually a lobby has 1/2 python. then 1/4 Javascript, then the rest some random with me on C++

TheNinja811: WHAT

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:

Astrobytes: bye

darkhorse64: :hammer

Default avatar.png 88888888888888888: mmm

eulerscheZahl: you were faster this time Astrobytes

Astrobytes: ;)

eulerscheZahl: the nickname alone triggered me already

Default avatar.png CX-10: i am king george 111

Default avatar.png nat69: hi sonny

Astrobytes: yeah, I was just waiting

eulerscheZahl: maybe i get one too

Astrobytes: You're all gonna get kicked if you don't stop spamming crap

Default avatar.png CX-10: hi sonny

darkhorse64: It seems he has brothers

Default avatar.png CX-10: im not

Default avatar.png CX-10: i dont

Default avatar.png CX-10: im AT SCHOOL

Default avatar.png CX-10: sorry for caps

darkhorse64: Then study

Astrobytes: Do some learning then

TobiasA: this site is not a good place to learn how to code at all

Default avatar.png CX-10: im being forced to do this

TobiasA: it doesn't teach anything

eulerscheZahl: it is a good place if you want to learn

Astrobytes: No. You learn elsewhere and practice here

darkhorse64: There are worse things in life

TobiasA: it just gives difficult challenges

Default avatar.png CX-10: ok

Astrobytes: The clue is in the word "challenges"

eulerscheZahl: requires some one investment to research topics

Default avatar.png nat69: wagwannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: yessssssssss myyyyyyyyyy ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Default avatar.png CX-10: lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

TobiasA: i haven't been able to finish mars lander 2 for 2 years

Astrobytes: Left that one for you

Astrobytes: TobiasA: I think I did 3 before 2 lol

eulerscheZahl: same. i hated the marslander

TheNinja811: these coding puzzles are hard

TobiasA: i bet you work for google or nasa

eulerscheZahl: still traumatized from the crash sound

Astrobytes: lol

darkhorse64: It wrecked my PC

Astrobytes: google or nasa? I'm not even a dev

Default avatar.png BillWell: nasa

TobiasA: damn i have a lot to learn

TobiasA: i feel dumber when i come hear

TobiasA: here*

Default avatar.png 88888888888888888: rjysdcftjud4gtrz

Astrobytes: You shouldn't. It just means you have more to study

Astrobytes: bans next time

eulerscheZahl: do we have to warn every single one of the spammers before kicking?

Default avatar.png CX-10: no

TobiasA: can you give me your mars lander code

Astrobytes: Not if they're all doing the same stuff

TobiasA: so i can learn it

Astrobytes: lol, nope

TobiasA: pls

darkhorse64: Copy pasting is not learning

eulerscheZahl: there it is

TobiasA: i promise i wont i dont believe in copy and paste

Default avatar.png BillWell:

Astrobytes: Not even gonna click that, I know what that is

Default avatar.png CX-10: ok

TobiasA: pls astrobytes

Astrobytes: no!

TobiasA: can you teach me

Default avatar.png CX-10: pls gdem

NitMpez: make that my ringtone

TobiasA: teach me your ways

Astrobytes: I'm a moderator not a personal tutor

TobiasA: sigh

Astrobytes: If you ask relevant questions then one of us is bound to help, but not an entire walkthrough

TobiasA: ok

TobiasA: how do i get the right power and angle

TobiasA: ?

Astrobytes: Donno. I used a GA

TobiasA: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

TobiasA: i didnt know one had to go that deep

Astrobytes: You don't.

eulerscheZahl: for part 2 you can use some if-else blocks

Default avatar.png nat69:

Astrobytes: I just used my optim code for 2

eulerscheZahl: next is ban nat69


NitMpez: here's a question on mars lander... i never got my simulation to match up, because the input on next turn it gives you is an int, but it is like it keeps the double in the back ground... IE: turn 1 falling straight down you get 4, then 7 from the input... when 4 + the 3.711 or whatever the grav was gives you 8 when rounding... how did you handle that in your sim

eulerscheZahl: i used my 2 code for optim

eulerscheZahl: heuristic for initial solution. random search to mutate it and improve

Default avatar.png CX-10: can u unban 888888888

TobiasA: where do you guys learn those big word thingies

eulerscheZahl: the server uses floats all the time and only gives rounded values

TobiasA: like heuristic

eulerscheZahl: 8888 is kicked, not banned

Astrobytes: ^

Default avatar.png CX-10: how doese he come back

TobiasA: where do you learn how to make them

NitMpez: so how do you handle that in your sim, do you just keep your simulated output as your input for the next turn?


Default avatar.png CX-10: i will boss u in clash of code

eulerscheZahl: the physics. trial and error until i got the same numbers as CG

Noisewerk: Anyone familiar on how to fix Tab not indenting by default, but selecting next instead?

eulerscheZahl: i only read the input in turn 1 and then completely ignore the location and speed that the server gives me (too inaccurate)

Noisewerk: Other than restarting obv

Default avatar.png O_Musk_Dahan: Hiya!

Default avatar.png CX-10: eulerscheZahl unkick 888888

eulerscheZahl: 8888 has to reload the page

NitMpez: yeah, i did that... and was able to match... but normally I take the input from the server every turn... and reinitialize my sim with that

eulerscheZahl: you can also create your own #spam_room (click that and talk to your classmates all you want)

Default avatar.png nat69: ayyyyyyyy

Default avatar.png BillWell: see all of your heads

Default avatar.png 88888888888888888: thanks for letting me back in

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: can we make a spam room

Default avatar.png nat69: dont kick me u twits

Default avatar.png 88888888888888888: i sleept on me keeboard

Default avatar.png BillWell: hmu on insta @wi11be11

eulerscheZahl: marslander is a very old game. CG learned from their mistakes in later ones

Astrobytes: click #spam_room

Default avatar.png CX-10: my wife left and took the kids

Default avatar.png BillWell: oof

Default avatar.png CX-10: Janet come back

eulerscheZahl: your wife? you are at most 15 of age

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: L

Default avatar.png Licht: Didn't realise pre-schoolers learnt coding

Default avatar.png CX-10: 13

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: f

Default avatar.png CX-10: f

TobiasA: you guys are all working?

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: f in the chat bois

Default avatar.png BillWell: they didnt

Default avatar.png CX-10: yes

Default avatar.png 88888888888888888: im 56 hello kids

Default avatar.png nat69: @ my insta @nathankillilea

Default avatar.png O_Musk_Dahan: 13 years old.

Default avatar.png BillWell: im 69

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: im 72

Default avatar.png CX-10: im 69 years old 420 days

Default avatar.png ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: yo you lot are rubish at kicking peoploe

Default avatar.png BillWell: @joshua.ajala

Noisewerk: I think it's faster if all the rest move to a spam room then viceversa

Default avatar.png BillWell: thats my insta

Noisewerk: smh

Default avatar.png nat69: yo g that really hurts that you kick me

Default avatar.png BillWell: viagra

NitMpez: yeah, that is one of the main ones I've noticed issues with that on... I need to update and re-verify sometime. I was able to solve it doing that... but it did some whacky stuff re-initializing with the ints it gave

Default avatar.png CX-10: luv that blue diamond

Default avatar.png CX-10: Janet why did u leave

Default avatar.png nat69: dont kick me again thanks luv u

Default avatar.png 88888888888888888: :slight_smile:

eulerscheZahl: 2 got banned. be nice or you'll follow

NitMpez: haven't even tried mars lander 3..... probably should of just started with it... and could of used solution for the other 2... oh well work on it after i finish acraft

Default avatar.png 88888888888888888: i dp the VSA im a helpful epraosn

Default avatar.png nat69: im donald

Default avatar.png 88888888888888888: trump

Astrobytes: You both really want a ban huh?

Default avatar.png 88888888888888888: no pls

Default avatar.png nat69: no thankyou

Astrobytes: well shut up

Default avatar.png nat69: okay

Default avatar.png 88888888888888888: im sorry bob

Default avatar.png 88888888888888888: uwuwuw

Default avatar.png 88888888888888888: my frient

Default avatar.png 88888888888888888: tryupe

Default avatar.png nat69: hehehe

Default avatar.png 88888888888888888: heloo

Astrobytes: you were warned

Default avatar.png nat69: no

Default avatar.png nat69: no

Default avatar.png nat69: no

Astrobytes: everyone banned except you nat69

Default avatar.png nat69: y

Default avatar.png nat69: thankyou

Astrobytes: you're next if you don't stop

Default avatar.png nat69: now unban them pls thankyou lotta luv b

eulerscheZahl: there is no unban

Astrobytes: Doesn't work like that.

Default avatar.png nat69: allow it g

Bob: oh god I've been summoned by a troll

Astrobytes: Warning -> Kick -> Ban

eulerscheZahl: hi Bob

Default avatar.png nat69: rude

Bob: o/

Astrobytes: And you've had multiple kicks

Default avatar.png nat69: 69

Astrobytes: hey Bob

Default avatar.png nat69: hi bob

eulerscheZahl: shall we leave the last one for you?

Default avatar.png nat69: cyaaaaa boissssssss twat

Default avatar.png lukeisapoggerscoder: greetings bob

Bob: nah, go ahead

Astrobytes: too late

Default avatar.png O_Musk_Dahan: How old are you?

Bob: I've just sent a nicely passive-aggressive mail to the top HR, that took enough frustration off for now :)

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: i like passive aggression

Bob: although I wonder whether it wasn't slightly more aggressive than it was passive :D

Default avatar.png O_Musk_Dahan: i wish janet was here chums

Astrobytes: you want a ban too eh

Default avatar.png O_Musk_Dahan: no

Bob: well she just announced a series of weekly "Mental Health Safety Moments" because "the pandemic is causing so much stress"

Astrobytes: A series of what now?

Bob: I replied that the ongoing series of layoffs in the group was definitely a much more important source of stress just now

Bob: well, what you see is what she said

eulerscheZahl: you have a point in your reply

Bob: I have no clue what it's supposed to be and I don't intend to go check

Astrobytes: Yes, I think I would have replied the same in your situation

Bob: I just spent the better part of the day moving stuff home and setting up home office because our local RH says I shouldn't be working on-site 4 all week long

eulerscheZahl: been there too

Bob: admittedly, 4 people in 700 square meters is rather crowded

eulerscheZahl: worked 100% remotely for 5 months back to office in september+october (1-2 days a week)

eulerscheZahl: now back to 100% at home

Bob: I guess I'm way better off setting up a laptop on a desk corner at home and remote desktopping on a single screen to the workstation 15 minutes away from my home

Bob: rather than hands-on on the actual station with the dual screen and motorized standing desktop

eulerscheZahl: i just took the whole desktop machine in my room

Bob: hah we can't do that

Bob: desktops are not "allowed" to leave the office

Bob: whatever the F that means

eulerscheZahl: in the current situation we can do a lot of things that were impossible before

Bob: maybe it's easier to steal a 70-pound station than a 4-pound laptop

TobiasA: O.O

Bob: I'm just an engineer, what do I know about these things

eulerscheZahl: still only 1 monitor on my private desk. but 27" at least

Bob: for some reason, 2 days a week was apparently OK, though

Bob: but not 4

Bob: I have to admit my failure at seeing the logic here is absolute

TobiasA: i forgot how format variables into strings in c++

eulerscheZahl: use a stringstream

Bob: if you want to print them, just << them to cout

TobiasA: i am losing brain cells

Bob: otherwise, stringstream yeah

Astrobytes: Viruses care about how many days you work in a row Bob. You can clearly only get infected after 2 days.

Bob: yeah, just like they're more aggressive to people doing sports than to people commuting to work

Bob: damn viruses

Bob: you so smart

TobiasA: if i want to include it it's sstream right?

Astrobytes: Yeah, exactly.

eulerscheZahl: iostream i think

eulerscheZahl: haven't used it in a while

Bob: or strstream ?

BlaiseEbuth: sstream

TobiasA: so which one

Bob: otherwise you can go dirty and go back to sprintf :D

Astrobytes: sstream iirc

eulerscheZahl: yeah, sstream

TobiasA: wth is that

TobiasA: ok thanks

Bob: god I just feel old now

**eulerscheZahl knows sprintf too

eulerscheZahl: strings in C were a pain

Astrobytes: They still are

eulerscheZahl: but i don't have to code in C anymore :D

Astrobytes: fair :)

eulerscheZahl: i successfully passed my first semester at university

Illedan: :wave:

eulerscheZahl: hi

Astrobytes: hey

eulerscheZahl: you gave up on topcoder?

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: Problem didn't motivate me

Illedan: Got enough shit to think about :P

eulerscheZahl: i hereby declare victory over Illedan

Astrobytes: lol

Illedan: :clap:

TobiasA: so you in university

eulerscheZahl: also: where's my numbershifting app?

Astrobytes: hehehe

eulerscheZahl: no, i graduated 2.5 years ago

Illedan: Uhm

Astrobytes: No TobiasA, some people on here are

TobiasA: no wonder you guys are so good at coding

eulerscheZahl: didn't learn much coding there actually

TobiasA: what did you study then?

eulerscheZahl: computer science

TobiasA: you seeeeee

Illedan: I'll see if I can focus it this weekend euler.

eulerscheZahl: i mean sure, i had some coding lectures. but also a lot of theory

TobiasA: i dont even have any coding lectures

Illedan: I can accept my BattleStation not being done if I can push NS to the world

TobiasA: because i literally just finished high school few weeks ago

eulerscheZahl: do you think that battlestation would be a big help?

Astrobytes: That's dedication Illedan

eulerscheZahl: congrats for graduating TobiasA

TobiasA: i have to suffer by learning from yt and google and here-_-

Astrobytes: yes, congrats TobiasA. Lots of great stuff out there to learn from

TobiasA: no one wants to teach me

TobiasA: fank you

Illedan: Yeah, if I can connect my AI to it. For automatic debugging of replays, gathering of data and getting stats from replays

eulerscheZahl: we all started there. the first steps are hard

eulerscheZahl: the more you know, the easier it is to further expand the knowledge

Illedan: Word

TobiasA: das deep

eulerscheZahl: you code in MS Word?

Astrobytes: Yep. Goes for most things in life tbh

Astrobytes: lol

TobiasA: wat

eulerscheZahl: Astrobytes knows the article i'm about to link

Astrobytes: :D


TobiasA: who codes in ms word

TobiasA: thats just deadly

TobiasA: i'm on holiday so i don't plan on reading an article that long

Astrobytes: Your loss. Truly.

TobiasA: oops

TobiasA: i forgot how to use sstream


Noisewerk: Which version is C++ on CG?

Noisewerk: 17 right?

Astrobytes: Yep.

Noisewerk: Great, thanks!

Astrobytes: np

Scarfield: wait, you dont code in Word?

Astrobytes: :grin:

Noisewerk: LibreOffice

Astrobytes: I hand-write everything first, scan it in, then copy it into Google Docs. Like a Real Man.

Illedan: Your compiler is basically image classification to read the handwriting to text?

Astrobytes: Of course. Doesn't everyone do that?

Illedan: I used punched cards..

Scarfield: how do you comment, cursive?

Astrobytes: OG

Illedan: Comment is red marker

Astrobytes: Pff. Comments.

Scarfield: kids these days, low effort and no appreciation of the time when i went to school up hill both ways

Astrobytes: hahaha

Illedan: Anyone tried the Blocking game yet? The branching factor :explosion:

Astrobytes: I have nothing serious implemented yet. Quite a game.

Scarfield: it looks interesting, but it cant be worse than D&B?

Illedan: Far worse.

Astrobytes: Much, much worse.

kovi: what is the problem with db?

Scarfield: no problem with it, just a lot of choices

Astrobytes: For Blocking I guess something like paranoid might work

kovi: oh, so that is why depth1 works so well

Scarfield: oh googled it, one paper mentions a branching factor as high as 650, i guess the mid-game is a b*tch

TobiasA: can you guys suggest something for me to make in c++ for me to get better

Scarfield: wait that was for a 20x20 grid with 21 blocks, but ill take your word

AntiSquid: make a 3D game

TobiasA: oh hell no

TobiasA: i cant even make a 2d

Scarfield: 5D

TobiasA: sdl2 is hard to setup

AntiSquid: then you can't get better

TobiasA: well you need to take it easy on me

TobiasA: start small

Astrobytes: try SFML

TobiasA: do yo know how to make a 3d game astro

Astrobytes: I can get my head around it yes, I haven't made any

AntiSquid: TobiasA

TobiasA: can sfml be used for 3d

TobiasA: ?

AntiSquid: geez had the conversation at work today, a nurse said her 13 year old tell her to google what she doesn't know LOL

AntiSquid: told *

Astrobytes: lol

TobiasA: hahahaha

Astrobytes: TobiasA, it's built on OpenGL so in theory yes. But I have no idea why you would do such a thing

TobiasA: ok so what do i use for 3d games

Astrobytes: how can you make a 3d game if you can't make a 2d game?

TobiasA: i want to know what i can use for both 2d and 3d so when i learn 2d i wont have to use another library for 3d

Default avatar.png abmyii: Sorry for randomly jumping in, but I'd suggest using a game engine such as Godot or Unity

TobiasA: something that uses c++

Default avatar.png abmyii: Must it be C++?

Default avatar.png abmyii: SDL2 is your best bet in that case, and you'll have to learn how to set it up

Default avatar.png abmyii: Godot uses its own language which is very easy to learn

Default avatar.png abmyii: And also has C# support - which Unity uses

Skynse: Do you guys ever get so close to finishing a clash of code problem, but your eyes don't see a line for a split second so you miss out on some time to delete some bad code

Skynse: painful moment

TobiasA: mhm

TobiasA: i feel you

Skynse: It was left with like 3 seconds, and I couldn't get my cursor to the part where I was iterating through an integer instead of the list itself

eulerscheZahl: can't happen to me

Default avatar.png abmyii: Otherwise these are some of the most popular open-source game engines *written* in C++ (so not necessarily scripted in C++):

Skynse: C++ is :muscle:

Noisewerk: Check out this YT channel (I linked the C++ playlist):

Noisewerk: He's great and explains how to write C++ code with game development in mind

Noisewerk: He is a game engine developer so you can find a lot of other related videos to that

TobiasA: ok thnx

Astrobytes: Also this guy:

jacek: dont forget this guy

Astrobytes: Not even gonna click that

jacek: but you clicked

Astrobytes: Nope

Astrobytes: It's going to be ponies or something I know it

CursingLlama: Somehow Fog of War on CodeBusters is disabled and I can't see it with debug mode on or off. Any idea how I could fix that?

Astrobytes: The fog of war setting underneath debug?

CursingLlama: Yeah, I open settings and I can see the fog of war options, but it's greyed out and I can't change the setting.

Astrobytes: After playing a match it's still greyed out?

CursingLlama: Yes. I've tried refreshing the page, but that didn't fix it.

Astrobytes: Hm. Works for me. What league?

CursingLlama: bronze league

Astrobytes: Also Bronze for me... strange

Astrobytes: Which browser?

CursingLlama: chrome

Astrobytes: Same here. Any addons/plugins running?

CursingLlama: I run a few, but nothing that should be interfering. It worked initially and I turned it off while I started out. Just can't seem to adjust it now.

Astrobytes: Very odd. I assume you've cleared the cache and restarted the browser/computer etc etc. Anyone else able to reproduce this one?

CursingLlama: I haven't. I was kind of hoping it was something stupid I was missing.

CursingLlama: I guess I'll go that route.

Astrobytes: Well, give that a go (hey it works sometimes ;) ) and let me know

CursingLlama: Just closing chrome and reopening did it.

Astrobytes: Ah nice one :)

SandmanSW96: hey, not sure where to report a bug, nothing major

eulerscheZahl: try here

SandmanSW96: cool,

SandmanSW96: well glad to see the clash chats back hehe, but I close the old ones, and every time I start another clash, it reopens all of them

eulerscheZahl: reopening chats is a known problem in general. also for private messages

Westicles: hey euler, those space maze puzzles are fun.

SandmanSW96: gotcha, just putting it out there. unlike other websites you guys actually care how it functions lol

eulerscheZahl: you like space maze? :o it's a bit painful :D

Westicles: I just played them manually...

eulerscheZahl: lol

Illedan: And hardcoded your code? :P

eulerscheZahl: i've never finished part 2

eulerscheZahl: afk, cat time

BiMathAx: hello, in the puzzle Spring challenge, the ID of the pack stay the same during all the game ?

Astrobytes: Illedan, Space Maze app next

Westicles: Yeah, most are pretty short but there is one tricky one

BiMathAx: ok thank's

Astrobytes: I don't remember BiMathAx

wlesavo: damn, i have only a few prediction mistakes in cg sponsored now, but it still hurts a lot, literally the same code can end up between 3k and 8k just because some early mistakes lead to death

Illedan: Sure Astrobytes. It's not a copy of another game?

Astrobytes: Not anything current anyway Illedan, I think euler based it on some ancient 8-bit game

maras: er

eulerscheZahl: and i still haven't figured out how the original game is called

eulerscheZahl: still no reply

Default avatar.png waterboy: how to use thrust

Default avatar.png waterboy: ?

jacek: was it from nes or something?

eulerscheZahl: DOS or windows. that's all I had back in the days

jacek: noice

eulerscheZahl: i never had a gaming console actually. the only change other the years: windows -> linux

Astrobytes: Consoles are overrated, you didn't miss much

eulerscheZahl: played a few times at a friend's house

jacek: he probably bought et game for atari and is salty to this day

eulerscheZahl: but didn't like going there that much. his parents were both chain smokers

Astrobytes: lol jacek

Astrobytes: Oh how lovely :/

Astrobytes: I hated visiting friends with parents like that

jacek: they wre chain smokers because they played console games?

Astrobytes: :smirk:

please_try_again: hello my girlfriends

BlaiseEbuth: please_try_again ?

buklau123: regab

Default avatar.png ICanCode: hai

Default avatar.png ICanCode: u guys here?

Default avatar.png ICanCode: hello?

Default avatar.png ICanCode: bye

Uljahn: Automaton2000: k bye

Automaton2000: to have a higher rank

LastRick: Automaton always gotta be better than us

hiljusti: "Just one more clash..."

hiljusti: 3 hours later

hiljusti: "Yeah but just one more..."

Realsakib25: Good Morning

Default avatar.png Mr_Robooot: lmao those clashes are addictive

Default avatar.png Keongy: what's the best way for train ? CLash or training ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: puzzles

KiwiTae: +1

Default avatar.png Keongy: ok thank's =)