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Camto: #clashes

eulerscheZahl: happy Caturday

PatrickMcGinnisII: BOO

Default avatar.png The_chosen_one: I hate cats

PatrickMcGinnisII: who has the ban hammer?

PatrickMcGinnisII: BOO as in ghost:"BOO!" for Halloween

eulerscheZahl: i have :hammer:

PatrickMcGinnisII: :poop::sunglasses::smile_cat:

Default avatar.png The_chosen_one: poo

Default avatar.png The_chosen_one: pooo

Default avatar.png The_chosen_one: poo

eulerscheZahl: stop it The_chosen_one

Default avatar.png The_chosen_one: ok sorry

PatrickMcGinnisII: finally got hitori solver working

jacek: happy Caturday

PatrickMcGinnisII: Black Caturnight

dbdr: Frohe eulerscheTag

eulerscheZahl: *Reformationstag

eulerscheZahl: a holiday in some parts of Germany but not here in Bavaria

eulerscheZahl: Saturday anyways, so it doesn't matter

dbdr: oh, it's an official holiday somewhere, didn't know

dbdr: makes sense in germany :)

eulerscheZahl: in Bavaria we have one tomorrow: Allerheiligen

eulerscheZahl: something religious, i don't know the details

dbdr: all saints

dbdr: trictrac created a multi for himself :D

dbdr: is the boss the same as his bot? :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: only 95 people have done Hitori solver, interesting

trictrac: no the boss is max^n depth 2 and my bot is max^n time limited

eulerscheZahl: a strong boss, is that why you disallow download?

trictrac: yes

PatrickMcGinnisII: wierd, demo allows leaderboard, but errors

PatrickMcGinnisII: but looks like its live

PatrickMcGinnisII: sleepytime, don't turn into Block Heads

eulerscheZahl: now i'm at 3 world chats already :D

dbdr: eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: TL;DR

eulerscheZahl: but the other #worlds are boring, just me

eulerscheZahl: 1 is even still connecting

dbdr: TLDR: i \hbar \frac{d}{d t}\vert\Psi(t)\rangle = \hat H\vert\Psi(t)\rangle ;)

dbdr: but was just a joke reference to the concept name

eulerscheZahl: i'll read that tomorrow in your chat log wiki .D

eulerscheZahl: i know

dbdr: does it interpret TeX?

eulerscheZahl: if you embed it properly, i think so

eulerscheZahl: $\frac{1}{2}$

dbdr: noice

eulerscheZahl: do you use the $ in wiki?

dbdr: me? how should I know? :D


dbdr: so it might need enabling

eulerscheZahl: nah, will just break PHP code snippets

dbdr: nice blocking by robo: frame 110+

eulerscheZahl: somehow i thought "that's a long match of BLOCKING"

eulerscheZahl: to see a c4l replay

dbdr: ah, you're working on Blocking?

dbdr: ah, title, got it

dbdr: now we need a c4l strat in the Blocking multi, to make things symmetric

eulerscheZahl: i'll just idle in the chat till the next contest

dbdr: charging your batteries? :D

eulerscheZahl: playing topcoder :D

dbdr: TC is more similar to puzzles?

eulerscheZahl: optim

eulerscheZahl: 7 days

eulerscheZahl: wednesday - wednesday

eulerscheZahl: and it has a kovi and a tourist competing

eulerscheZahl: also siman

dbdr: oh, optim

eulerscheZahl: marathon match

dbdr: one week?

eulerscheZahl: yes

dbdr: for me marathon is a month+

dbdr: one week is contest-length :)

eulerscheZahl: TC calls it a marathon match

dbdr: > TopCoder currently allows coders to utilize Java, C++, C#, or Visual Basic .Net as a competition programming language. That's very limited

eulerscheZahl: i know

eulerscheZahl: fine for me personally but no Rust for you

dbdr: :pitchfork:

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: Hey I have a problem with a puzzle

Default avatar.png alhassan: Damn this is fun!!

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: is there a way or someone to give it a look?

eulerscheZahl: describe your problem

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: ok so i have my program whih is doing what want

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: but the last solution does not seem to match the problam

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: i mean the one expected

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: bcs my program does what he should

eulerscheZahl: which puzzle are you talking about?

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: bank-robbers

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: the last expected is not right in my opnion

eulerscheZahl: solved by 5000 users, maybe it's your fault. what answer would you expect?

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: 6442500

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: i mean arnt the 5k just vruteforcing the solution for each cases

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: ?

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: because i pretty sure my program is right

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: it works for every other case

eulerscheZahl: they get the same answer as the expected one at least. i don't know their method

eulerscheZahl: let me read the statement again dist

eulerscheZahl: first

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: thanks :)

eulerscheZahl: maybe we should compare our numbers for each vault first

eulerscheZahl: to track down the problem

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: sure

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: i have the list

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: if you want it

eulerscheZahl: paste it here

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer:

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: oops

eulerscheZahl: that's fine

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer:

eulerscheZahl: i got the same numbers

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: oh it s automatic

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: okok

eulerscheZahl: longer texts become a pastebin

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: okok

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: i have the time per robber

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: for each round

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: if you want

eulerscheZahl: so the assignment of robbers to vaults seems out of place for you

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: hum but each robbers does a vault then goes to the next one

eulerscheZahl: share that code segment please

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: or you have to take into account the time each robber takes for a vault and they do more than the other if they have easy vaults?

eulerscheZahl: the robber starts with the next lock immediately after finishing the previous one

eulerscheZahl: so they can get out of order

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: ok that s why then

eulerscheZahl: but locks are started sequentially

eulerscheZahl: just robbers swapping

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: okok that s my mistake then

Default avatar.png Light-Bringer: thanks :)

zapakh: How to unfollow someone?

eulerscheZahl: hit the button where the "follow" button used to be

zapakh: It says "invite"

eulerscheZahl: hover over the profile pic to get a popup

eulerscheZahl: or open the profile page

zapakh: thx

351062: Hi

Neumann: Did anyone posted his 2048 scores ? I saw one pastebin a few days earlier but I don't know who's scores is it, and it's weirdly indexed :P

wlesavo: it probably was yurkovAS, but he improoved a little since

Neumann: Ok thks

eulerscheZahl: i can give you my scores :D

eulerscheZahl: oh, Number shifting is close to a change at the top

wlesavo: wow nice

dbdr: Neumann: 62,535,564

Neumann: I hate you

dbdr: :D

Neumann: I'm coming for you

Neumann: Watchout

dbdr: oh, you're #1 in the 56M category, nice!

Default avatar.png __Nilu__: #

Default avatar.png __Nilu__: #1

Neumann: 57M *

wlesavo: dbdr nice score :grinning:

dbdr: thanks wlesavo! by the way, anyone has that pastebin at hand?

Neumann: I have but I won't give it to you

Neumann: On a more serious note, the original pastebin expired

Neumann: I'll let the author repost it if he wants to

Illedan: Doing 2048 offline Neumann?

Neumann: Kind of

Neumann: I'm not yet to the stage of locally optimising shit offline for every test-case

Neumann: Soon tho

Illedan: :+1:

YurkovAS: my 2048 scores

Default avatar.png siddharthdeo99: good

Neumann: Thanks YurkovAS

Default avatar.png alhassan: Guys I'm in results page my name says "Pending Results..."

Default avatar.png alhassan: There is an issue I'm facing.. I did all tests correct but then it tells me 50% score..

Default avatar.png alhassan: I think it's because I added a comment I forgot to remove..

sahilrox: The validators are different than the test cases, meaning you could theoretically pass all test cases and still get 0%. This is done to prevent hard coding answers.

Westicles: YurkovAS, looks like those are your old scores.

Westicles: Only up to ...408

vtenneke: does anyone have any tips on unfolding paper (very hard) i've been cracking my head on trying to make up a formula since I'm failing on a high amount of folds.

vtenneke: or is there another way that would be better

eulerscheZahl: a region can be at several edges (not not be there)

eulerscheZahl: e.g. if it's at the top right corner, where will it be after unfolding? what happens if it's not connected to any edge?

wlesavo: can we get one of the moderators in #ru for a quick ban

eulerscheZahl: not sure if i have power there

Default avatar.png AhmedH2O: guys i have a problem in horse racing i made a working code and tried it my ide and it works but it doesnt work in the game, thanks in advance for your help

Default avatar.png hem123: what programming code?

BlaiseEbuth: AhmedH2O: What doesn't work ? tests or validators ?

Default avatar.png AhmedH2O: tests

Default avatar.png AhmedH2O: python is the programing code

Default avatar.png hem123: can you show me the code?

Default avatar.png AhmedH2O: sure 1 sec

Default avatar.png AhmedH2O:

Default avatar.png AhmedH2O: im sorry its missing a print here is the working one

Default avatar.png AhmedH2O:

BlaiseEbuth: Why have you "pi > ans" twice ?

Default avatar.png AhmedH2O: yes i want it to set the second highest number

Default avatar.png AhmedH2O: it changes sec to the last greatest number before changing the answer to the greatest number

Default avatar.png hem123: the 2nd if doesnt do anything

Default avatar.png hem123: but the goal is not to find the highest strength

Default avatar.png hem123: it is about the ones closest by eachother

Default avatar.png AhmedH2O: ohhhhhhhhhhh

Default avatar.png Alhassan: Guys how do I check verified answers for a clashofcode?

Default avatar.png Alhassan:

Default avatar.png Alhassan:

Default avatar.png Alhassan: Because no one did js here

Default avatar.png Flamanis: Afaik you can only see what other people did that showed in your specific clash.

Default avatar.png Alhassan: Oh ok :(

Default avatar.png JD12: gg wyatt

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: is clash good for beginners?

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: like I don't expect to win, but is it good practice?

MattSOrme: probably not beginners, better starting with easy puzzles

MattSOrme: the time limit will probbaly demotivate a beginner

vtenneke: I'd say depends, it does teach you some cool basic concepts and you. learn to use them quickly

Default avatar.png Alhassan: Anyone know a extension that makes u see the question after submitting answer?

ParticleBeam: I really cant see how to compact this Python code any further...

Zenoscave: pewpew

Zenoscave: Is there a way to sign osx cli binaries without a developer account? I just want to distribute a c# binary. not profit off of it. dumb apple

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: how do I get the elevator position on don't panic ep1 into the game loop so i can use it?

ParticleBeam: Array?

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: ty

Laminator: I posted my first contribution for the site. I hope it doesn't already exist :p Feel free to take a look!

Default avatar.png Alhassan: I have an issue..

Default avatar.png azh412: .

PatrickMcGinnisII: clash huh

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh laminator is gone,2 hours ago, ok

PatrickMcGinnisII: no one here

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, well this can't hurt then... i did a thing today...

ParticleBeam: Finally. managed to get below 200 chars...

Zenoscave: Hey Patrick

Majeck: I wanted to optimize my pathfinding algorithm a "little" anf got it down from taking over 2 seconds in a 100 x 100 grid to less than 50ms

Majeck: Binary search is amazing

Majeck: *and

LastRick: yes it is

Skynse: dang

Skynse: I've been working on the cat and mouse problem for like 2 hours now. The math is hot

Skynse: I believe my solution is optimal enough. Only problem is that the mouse hits the edge of the pool but doesn't win

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Yea

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: You need to go like 1 unit further

Skynse: ...

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: You need to get past the edge of the pool

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: I add/subtract 81 from my destination'

Skynse: I used a math formula to calculate the closest point from the mouse to the edge of the pool that's probably why it didn't work

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Yep. THe mouse is just sitting at the edge

Skynse: dang, it friggin worked

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: :)

Skynse: 1 problem

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: ?

Skynse: now the simple one doesnt work lol

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: What's happening?

Skynse: mouse decided to go straight to the cat and gets stuck in one place

Skynse: gotta change my boundaries a bit

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Went straight to the cat...

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: smart mouse

Skynse: yeah lol

Skynse: It's probably cause of my 0 angle condition

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: The way I do it is 1) Head straight to the point across the pool from the cat 2) if the distance from the mouse to the midpoint of the pool is equal to the distance of the arc between the cat and the target, head for the point across the pool from the mouse

Skynse: ...

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: That's the most efficient way

Skynse: might as well scrap my if conditions then lol

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: If you're already passing the testcases no need to change

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: This is just the way I do it

Skynse: wtf

Skynse: I just subtracted 1 from one x coord and boom

Skynse: haha now my other testcases are fooling

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: You don't just subract one...

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: If targetx < 0 subract 1, elif targetX > 0 add one

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Same with y

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Replace 1 with 81*

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: So- If targetX > 0: targetX += 81 elif targetX < 0: targetX -= 81

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: And repeat for y

Skynse: your solution is pretty lit, it worked for the first case flawlessly

Skynse: I realized that it is guaranteed to escape if it starts from (0,0)

Skynse: but in some cases, it doesn't start from there so Im trying to make it get to (0, 0) as the first step without any other conditions interrupting

Skynse: How did you find the point furthest away from the cat though?

Skynse: Like, the point on the circle far opposite that of the cat