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Laminator: @Articuno share your code please

Laminator: We need to knowwwwww


Default avatar.png soutenu: so glad they added D lang to this finally

Default avatar.png soutenu: now it's just leetcode that's lacking

Default avatar.png angelpriya: hllo

Default avatar.png angelpriya: hlo

Default avatar.png angelpriya: hlo

CopperFr: i prefer Amiga E

Chazfer: im new;-;?

Chazfer: bruh i was bored and my mom just told me whatever i want here so idk wut to do next lmao

DgH: im mew

Chazfer: im still 12 tho

Chazfer: hewwo {MEW} Chazfer ismyreal name

Chazfer: ehh the chat is dead

Chazfer: uhmmm

Default avatar.png Bachus: hiii

Default avatar.png Bachus: i am looking for some job

Default avatar.png Bachus: i am a senior FE

Default avatar.png Bachus: if you have something pm me <3

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: Hello World

Default avatar.png phantom1299: Hello Ak47aman, I'm World

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: thank phantom1299 for your response

Default avatar.png phantom1299: ur welcome :)

Default avatar.png Chitchen: Hahaha

Default avatar.png Chitchen: It's funny seeing what conversations go on here.

Default avatar.png FredericRANDRIANARIVONY: hello everyone

Default avatar.png LukeCloudwalker: Hey

Default avatar.png hi

Default avatar.png LukeCloudwalker: Has anyone done the ASCII Art problem? What is the expected output on the last test? Meaning what should I do with '@'? It doesn't seem to specify in the rules...

Default avatar.png LukeCloudwalker: Nevermind, I am supposed to use the questionmark

Default avatar.png RromanSmoll: funny you shoulf ask this question)) I am staring in Ascii art exercise right now with no idea where to start)

The_Auditor: Good Morning everyone ! including Automaton2000 !

Automaton2000: i submitted a bot that can be done in python

SPDene: Automaton2000 : what's a "bot"?

Automaton2000: its not really a fan of it

eulerscheZahl: good afternoon to you as well

Zenoscave: moin

Astrobytes: Och aye the noo

eulerscheZahl: ohai

Zenoscave: おはようございます。

Zenoscave: eulerscheZahl Do you sim c4l?

eulerscheZahl: yes


Zenoscave: Would you care to critique a design for c# sim in a bit? My code layout is weak

eulerscheZahl: did you read my post mortem yet?

Zenoscave: several times

eulerscheZahl: oh :D

eulerscheZahl: let me pull up my code and try to remember what I did

Zenoscave: It doesn't need to be c4l I'm just trying to get a general template or pattern down for sim in C#

eulerscheZahl: depends on the kind of search. my code layout is different for beam search vs that monte carlo thing i was doing in C4L

Zenoscave: Monte Carlo is what I'm aiming for

Zenoscave: Do you pass a game state object around?

eulerscheZahl: I have a function Simulate that I call as long as I have time remaining

eulerscheZahl: and I pass the initial state to it

eulerscheZahl: as a copy so I can modify it

eulerscheZahl: for C4L I do completely random simulations. In other games (especially multi-agent) I try to modify an existing solution instead

Zenoscave: Ok that should be enough to work with

Zenoscave: have you worked with ref much in C#?

eulerscheZahl: rarely

eulerscheZahl: if you pass objects, you pass by ref anyways

eulerscheZahl: and such things as ref int myNumber

eulerscheZahl: meh, I rarely have use for that

eulerscheZahl: afk, cat time

Default avatar.png Patela: Hey, anyone can help me understand why Am i failing test 6 of ascii art? (java)

Zenoscave: Meow meow euler. thank you

Zenoscave: What is test 6? I only see 5 Patela

Default avatar.png Patela: when you press "submit" 2 more show up i think

Default avatar.png Patela: and i fail on the number 6

Zenoscave: Ah those are validators. they are not available publicly. (To stop hard-coding solutions)

Uljahn: validator 6 is called "Test full alphabet in CAPS..."

Uljahn: kinda hint

Zenoscave: That's as much as we can give though. Uljahn is correct

Default avatar.png Patela: how do i test the code tho?

Zenoscave: You can't only on submit

Astrobytes: Make a custom test case with all caps

Default avatar.png Patela: how?

Zenoscave: click custom next to test cases

Astrobytes: Settings on left, Expert mode (if not already) then what Zeno said

Zenoscave: if it doesn't show that option you need to click settings on the left and enable expert mod

Default avatar.png Patela: ohh thank you!

Astrobytes: Hi Zenscave & Uljahn btw

Zenoscave: Beat me to it

Zenoscave: Meow

Uljahn: to enable custom test tab switch the mode to expert in the settings on the left

Zenoscave: hi Astro and Uljahn

Uljahn: pewpew

Default avatar.png Patela: should i write the full alphabet?

Astrobytes: pewpewpew

Default avatar.png Patela: in caps i mean

Default avatar.png Patela: dear god

Default avatar.png Patela: i forgot one letter of the alphabet

Astrobytes: :)

Default avatar.png Patela: is there a better way to do an arrawy of the alphabet ? ( I'm kinda rusty)

Astrobytes: Well, technically you don't even need an array with the alphabet

Astrobytes: I gotta go for now, but think about ASCII and how you might go about using it to your advantage here

BiMathAx: Who know Franz Ferdinand ?

Clagus: Franz! One of my favourites in my 20ties.

Default avatar.png Manhar: Hello Guys

Default avatar.png ady642: hi

BiMathAx: Hi, if someone want to test my contribution ? the link : Thank's

tekki: hi world

tekki: something is going wrong?

tekki: if so don't call me ask AutomatonNN :)

AutomatonNN: and it's basically the same thing

Zenoscave: euler you still here?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: watched a southpark episode. back now

Lachrymosa: Hey CG, quick hypothetical. If I wanted to make a wiring diagram that let me click on a wire and it would highlight where that wire flowed to through the system. What types of solutions exist, short of coding it from scratch?

Default avatar.png AndrewWellington: hi

Default avatar.png AndrewWellington: i'm new to coding

Default avatar.png AndrewWellington: but I have a little experience with javascript, if anyone is down to help me with some basics I would greatly appreciate it

Default avatar.png AndrewWellington: or can guide me to a place that could help me

eulerscheZahl: for drawing these plans I got to know eplan. but was disappointed about it. e.g. the lack of simulating that kind of stuff

eulerscheZahl: i can say that now, as Siemens and Siemens Energy are different companies and eplan is from the first while I work for the latter :P

Zenoscave: I have a template MC Searcher finally. It builds and is ready for game specific dev

Zenoscave: The search also is capable of other variations like beam or MCTS just did MC first

eulerscheZahl: c4l isn't the easiest one to get it working

eulerscheZahl: i was close to giving up

Zenoscave: Due to the time move diffs?

eulerscheZahl: yes. and late rewards

Zenoscave: Right

eulerscheZahl: you score at the laboratory but have to take a few steps before

Zenoscave: What search depth did you end up doing? r if full depth howmany rollouts?

eulerscheZahl: if you score wrongly, you will analyze the first sample, then see that you can complete it, go to molecules and then lab

eulerscheZahl: random, about 5k plans iirc

Zenoscave: ok. good to know

eulerscheZahl: a plan means visiting 3 devices

eulerscheZahl: and random choices at the molecules

eulerscheZahl: weighted random, depending on my own samples

eulerscheZahl: and a bonus if blocking the opponent

Zenoscave: interesting

Zenoscave: I was goindg to just due full random current state possible actions

Zenoscave: could probably adjust weights in sample too

eulerscheZahl: full random is bad for picking molecules. takes too long to find a good one

eulerscheZahl: i also have weighted paths. e.g. from the molecules i prefer going to the lab

Zenoscave: and each device you do multiple actions if available?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: and stop randomly too

Zenoscave: why stop randomly?

eulerscheZahl: because i don't know how many molecules i want to take

eulerscheZahl: i only see that when i simulate the lab

Zenoscave: Ah

eulerscheZahl: told you: C4L is a pain for Monte Carlo :D

Zenoscave: Then why did you chose MC?

eulerscheZahl: i also ran a big fat MC to tune the scoring parameters

eulerscheZahl: because MC seemed viable to me. not easy but still doable

eulerscheZahl: no way i'm willing to write a huge if-else of that

Zenoscave: didn't you end up with a massive number of ifs anyways?

eulerscheZahl: 125 including comments :D

eulerscheZahl: my bot still has some funny actions that i don't understand

Zenoscave: lol


eulerscheZahl: check the last few turns

eulerscheZahl: that useless intermediate stop

eulerscheZahl: and i do that all the time when I can't get anything done before the end. No harm but I don't understand it :D

Zenoscave: yeah that is weird

Default avatar.png emy1994: HELLO

Default avatar.png Zrys: Hi

Lachrymosa: Euler, I am currently working on your minesweeper puzzle lol

eulerscheZahl: hm, frame 86 in that replay above was stupid :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: hi Lachrymosa. Glad you give it a try :)

Lachrymosa: Yea hopefully I'll make it work today

NitMpez: welp euler just made me feel bad about my 941 line c4l with comments

eulerscheZahl: i'm around 1.3k lines

NitMpez: oh, i thought you said 125 lines of code...

Default avatar.png Shahmuizz: can anyone tell me how to sort without using array in c++?

NitMpez: apparently someone bumped my decision tree into legend... was nice of them

eulerscheZahl: this is getting too far

NitMpez: that just hurts my head

eulerscheZahl: we should port it to CG. just for reCurse's reaction

NitMpez: is there any good tutorials on basically running your sim, then running it for enemy, then using there position, and reevaluating with sim with their new positions.

Astrobytes: dear god

yassineH: that sounds like fun

NitMpez: cause i swear any time i try to predict any movement... my sims get worse

arthurvergacas: gosh

arthurvergacas: this ui

arthurvergacas: is so

arthurvergacas: weird

arthurvergacas: i spend like 15 minutes just figuring out what I should do

wlesavo: fog onitama :smiley:

Astrobytes: Fogitama

eulerscheZahl: i had a game in mind that's heavily fog oriented

eulerscheZahl: but discarded the idea, i don't think you would like it

eulerscheZahl: you have to find a path in a maze and reach the opponent start location. but you are blindfolded

eulerscheZahl: you can produce sound which travels at a given speed

eulerscheZahl: and wait for the echo to come a few turns later

eulerscheZahl: so you can calculate the distance to each wall

eulerscheZahl: I even had a title in mind: NaNNaNNaNNaN Batman

LastRick: i like it, more map puzzles please

Astrobytes: that title :D

Lachrymosa: That does sound fun :3

Astrobytes: It's very OOC-ish

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: had the idea before OOC

eulerscheZahl: part of the reason why i discarded it

Astrobytes: It would work fine, if the fog is central to the game as it is in this case (and OOC) it's cool. Just not when it's added to something like PacMan :P

LastRick: Holey moly I beat Euler to a solution! I can retire from CG.

eulerscheZahl: what are you talking about?

Astrobytes: lol

LastRick: Thank you everyone for distracting him long enough for me to solve the cardinal number puzzle.

eulerscheZahl: i wasn't even aware of that existence :D

LastRick: then my plan worked perfectly

eulerscheZahl: link?


eulerscheZahl: looks tedious

eulerscheZahl: -2^64 ≤ Xi < 2^64

eulerscheZahl: what a poorly chosen limit

eulerscheZahl: why not 2^62?

eulerscheZahl: 63, typo

LastRick: it is definitely tedious

eulerscheZahl: and a faulty stub generator

eulerscheZahl: reads int instead of long

LastRick: my favorite part is when I got 2/3rds of the way through and had to switch from int to BigInt, I love going through and mindlessly switching dozens of those

Skynse: me: wants to join a clash in time captcha: Im about to end this man's whole career

eulerscheZahl: Unhandled exception. System.OverflowException: Value was either too large or too small for a UInt64.

eulerscheZahl: i kinda saw that coming

eulerscheZahl: 100% on submit. it's just that one number (-2^64) that makes me crash

Astrobytes: bit of a fail that one

eulerscheZahl: still i'm not happy about how the moderation process went there. 2^63 changes nothing about the puzzle but removes the need of BigIntegers

eulerscheZahl: but am I pissed enough to complain on the forum?

Astrobytes: Yeah, I just read the comments and checked it out

Astrobytes: Up to you. It seems like something that should've been picked up as not helpful during moderation as opposed to just being part of the puzzle

eulerscheZahl: puzzle discussions share my concerns. including the crashing default code

eulerscheZahl: screw it. it's anarchy now

Astrobytes: Yeah, saw the forum post

Astrobytes: Honestly.

eulerscheZahl: dwarfie has a valid point about string manipulation being viable. i'll change the stub at least

Astrobytes: Doesn't change the fact that a lot of contributions are slipping through without due care and attention in the approval process (again)

eulerscheZahl: yes. thumbs up for the few users how try to keep it clean and prevent the worst

eulerscheZahl: I gave up and just spam my own brainfarts instead :D

Astrobytes: Yeah, absolutely. lol, keep brainfarting!

eulerscheZahl: not before the next contest. my next one will get complicated if i really decide to go for it

Astrobytes: Ah yeah, not long til the contest now

eulerscheZahl: hype

eulerscheZahl: also i'm trying the topcoder marathon

eulerscheZahl: did a bit of quick coding today, will really start tomorrow

Astrobytes: I saw someone post about that, might have been you

eulerscheZahl: it was

eulerscheZahl: you have a final table from a soccer tournament (goals scored+received, points gathered) and you have to guess the score for each match

Astrobytes: lol, you got this one for sure :)

ParticleBeam: Dots and Boxes proving tricky

Zenoscave: I completely forgot about enemy movement in my Template. It always assumes a game is single player...

Zenoscave: need a better multiplayer version...

Astrobytes: Pass in who's turn it is to your playTurn method, iterate through players... multiple approaches

Astrobytes: *whose

AntiSquid: dots and boxes is annoying to structure imo . i find my implementation not "clean"

ParticleBeam: I have a rather clumsy structure and its very expensive when trying to run simulations.

AntiSquid: i didn't add in yet all the tricks. :P

DesmondW: .

Zenoscave: Anti when did you hit lvl50

Zenoscave: gz

vtenneke: Would anyone have any pointers on Unfolding paper(very hard) I can pas 5/7 of the tests but I'm failing on the ones where you need to fold a lot. Currently using folding and floodfill so probably very inefficient but can't seem to wrap my mind around a formula.

LastRick: I know I'm late to the discussion (had to go carve a pumpkin) but maybe there could be a setting that doesn't allow you to approve the post without solving it yourself? I know that's a question when you hit approve but maybe it should be mandatory

LastRick: vtenneke: I haven't done this one yet but certainly there must be a math way to calculate the number of pieces (based on where the # are) for any given N. That's my guess.

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: Wow level 50 is amazing lol

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: The "Unlocked certifications" part of the home screen lists certifications that you've already unlocked, correct?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Well duh

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: But it says I have "Artificial intelligence" gold level

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: "The developer knows how to develop an advanced AI: the AI optimizes its movements and adopts an appropriate strategy according to context..."

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: I don't remember doing anything like that

Scarfield: hover over the dots on the path: "Reach top 2% of the Bot Programming Leaderboard" to get gold

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Yea it says completed

Scarfield: just above the yellow line it says how you got it

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Oh I didn't see the hat symbol next to it

Scarfield: yea its a little weird

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: I wonder why this whole quest map was introduced...

jthemphill: I'm mid-gold in UTTT. The hot-spot in my code is in calculating available moves. I'm working on bit-boards and planning on returning a u128 representing the set of available moves I can take. Do you think bit-boards are an important optimization to do in UTTT or do you think I'm wasting my time?

inoryy: it's very important, yes

jthemphill: sweet, I shall carry on then

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: So how long have you guys been programming for

twitlydoof: yes