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Default avatar.png VelezArceJ: Hello everyone. I just obtained access to the chat. i hope to learn a lot and hopefully get to know some people.

Default avatar.png mikroman: Hello

Default avatar.png LetchoHUN: Hey

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: Emm, I just passed the optimization score for Code vs Zombies by just doing x = lastZombieNextX and y=lastZombieNextY. That gives a score more then 40k.. I do not feel I optimized anything

jrke: simple start can give you score but for further you need algos which you have to optimize to get better score

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: Yes, but on the achivment track, you only need 40k to pass the optimization track. Also I pass all but 2 of the test with that score.

jrke: then you have to find what went wrong in those 2 cases

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: I know what is wrong, I just take the last zombie input an goes towards it. That no logic at all.

Default avatar.png sybtra: Hi!

Default avatar.png sybtra: I am very new here and new to coding

Default avatar.png sybtra: Can anyone help on my exercise ?

Default avatar.png donMan: Hello Syb, What is your need ?

Default avatar.png Monstrux: hey syb

Default avatar.png Monstrux: how can we help brother? =) Im kinda new too

Default avatar.png XorY: hi guys, could anyone give a hint for the puzzle 'Reverse FizzBuzz'?

ParticleBeam: Brute force? Check all combinations of Fizz and Buzz to see if they are consistent with the input sequence?

Default avatar.png XorY: thanks for the hint, didnt think of that.

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: breh, finally finished the easy enigma machine

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: goddamn

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: am i supposed to find some easy problems actually a bit hard?

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: or am i just trash programmer?

Aya_Noaman: calm down bro

Aya_Noaman: i always feel stupid too

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: lel

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: the imposter syndrome is real

Uljahn: i feel like some easy are medium in disguise and vice versa

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: yeah, i can see a 4 layer criptography being at lest meduim

Marchete: I don't understand the "oriented shape" in Blocking game

Marchete: it says " shapeLetter-[0-1]the flip number-[0-3]the rotate number"

Marchete: so it seems A##

Marchete: but suddenly is A###

Marchete: with numbers even of 5, like 0 0 K015

darkhorse64: The last number is the tile number that touches the corner you attach the shape too

darkhorse64: *to*

darkhorse64: Don't know if I made it any clearer

Marchete: sorry, no :(

darkhorse64: When issuing your move, you place an oriented shape A##. The tile number x will be placed on (col, row). Movegen is going to be hard to code for this multi and I wonder if it's not going to detract people from it

darkhorse64: Is it better ?

Marchete: I still see the statement confusing

Marchete: I can't see the A### at all

Marchete: using the simplest piece, 0 0 A001

Marchete: what's that 1?

Marchete: also rotation coords, if I flip my piece then coords are negative?, or it's reset to 0 as top first?

Marchete: I'm still trying to figure the game, with a GUI and a mouse is easy to do it, but in text mode it's harder to do

Astrobytes: Marchete: the '1' is the number tile from the given shape which will be placed on the coordinates you specify

Astrobytes: well, the number in that case is '1', but could be any number tile from the shape

Astrobytes: I think so anyway. It is somewhat unclear in the statement tbh

Astrobytes: and yes darkhorse64, I think the movegen difficulty will affect the number of participants

MSmits: hey Astrobytes

MSmits: I wrote something cool for my course:

MSmits: it has bfs, dfs, can generate a random maze and show the steps of the algorithm.

MSmits: for the search that is, not the maze generation

MSmits: (keys for this are in the introduction tab)

MSmits: I use it in an iframe, they cant see the code then. It's basically just an interactive animation for the students

Astrobytes: MSmits nice job man, that's awesome :)

Default avatar.png andreimushat: hello everyone

Astrobytes: hi

Default avatar.png andreimushat: Does anyone know what exactly to do on the power of thor app ?

Astrobytes: MSmits: do you think it's worth adding a manual step-through option? As well as displaying all steps

Default avatar.png andreimushat: I am brand new here

Astrobytes: There's a Hint button on the left andreimushat

Astrobytes: And make sure you update Thor's position when you output a direction

Default avatar.png andreimushat: I'll try, thanks

ProCoder3: hi !

ProCoder3: in mean max , I used SKILL x y command

ProCoder3: but i am not able to make my destroyer throw a grenade

ProCoder3: I have enough Rage

ProCoder3: guys please help me :cry:

Q12: what is the name of the game?

Matrix007: is there hint for "CODERS STRIKE BACK" i am just lvl 2 that angle and dist...idk wht to do

Matrix007: like use trignometry?

Matrix007: no idea

ProCoder3: @Q12 it is 'mean max'

eulerscheZahl: ProCoder3 is the target in range of your destroyer?

ProCoder3: Yes

ProCoder3: it within a 1000

eulerscheZahl: share a replay where it goes wrong

ProCoder3: Okay will share !!

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: heheh hasrele rinkiya ke papa

ProCoder3: sorry guys it was bug (caused by me)!! Now it working perfectly . Thanks

ProCoder3: for your help

Default avatar.png TogaCat: Where do you get hints in Coders strike back

Monstrux: looked for it aswell, didnt find anything :(

zenoscave: MSmits your turtle has a bug

jacek: hints should on the left?

Skynse: Just submitted my first CoC puzzle

Skynse: I based it on permutations

eulerscheZahl: then you got 1 more than me

eulerscheZahl: "men must sit opposite each other" does that mean the bus has 2 rows facing each other?

Skynse: not necessarily but yeah

Skynse: It means that no matter the number of seats, the two men must sit exactly adjacent each other

Skynse: perhaps I should change "opposite" to "adjacent" in the description

eulerscheZahl: yes, that would make it clearer

eulerscheZahl: and turn the bus into a bench ;)

eulerscheZahl: otherwise I have rows with 2 seats on each side in mind

eulerscheZahl: bench = 1 long line

eulerscheZahl: and sometimes those permutation task see each individual as different, sometimes they only distinguish between groups (so m1, m2, f1 is considered the same as m2, m1, f1)

318673: oh what do we do in this app

eulerscheZahl: with m=male, f=female

eulerscheZahl: congrats 318673, you just unlocked the chat

318673: any one what do we do in this app?

318673: :grimacing:

eulerscheZahl: which "app"?

318673: :money_mouth::zzz::drooling_face:

Skynse: solve code puzzles, compete in bot contests, code with other people competitively

318673: thank you

318673: very much

318673: listen to this


Skynse: :rolling_eyes:

Astrobytes: No.

318673: why to dark:smile:

318673: sorry wrong song

Legoracer: : |

318673: listen to this it is not dark...

eulerscheZahl: you risk a kick, don't you?

318673: ME

eulerscheZahl: yes. Does he, Astro?

Astrobytes: Yes, he does.

318673: why you say that??

eulerscheZahl: you are spamming random youtube links

Astrobytes: Which nobody is interested in.

Skynse: dang man, you're level 54

eulerscheZahl: yes, level up with this contribution:

Skynse: master :pray_tone5:

tobk: Just curious, what "quest" comes after "Create your first contribution"?

eulerscheZahl: "Add to the CodinGame Legacy" get 5 upvotes on your contribution

eulerscheZahl: and then a free harvest to finish the track

tobk: Huh, already says "get 5 upvotes" on "Create your first contribution"

eulerscheZahl: oh wait, I read the wrong part of that long block

tobk: Ah, it says it can be WIP, so I guess that level is about creating a contribution, and the next about getting it accepted.

eulerscheZahl: you don't only have to create a contribution. it must get approved for the last part

Skynse: dang, full blown minesweeper animation

eulerscheZahl: took me a weekend but well worth it :D

Skynse: Im gonna start off with the easier puzzles, then move up from there

Skynse: I still haven't figured out mars lander 2

Skynse: or the mouse and cat one

eulerscheZahl: i did all hard ones before the marslander 2. even did marslander 3 before 2 :D

eulerscheZahl: then i gave up my search approach for it and solved it with a few if-else

Legoracer: mmmmmmmm

wlesavo: lol, i also strugled with it quite a lot, started it like 4-5 times, and only quest map made me finally do it

eulerscheZahl: story of me golfing "don't panic"

Dartisan: For the optimization tree? I have to solve it still under 200 chars in Dart ;-)

eulerscheZahl: in any language

Dartisan: Yeah, is a personal challenge, I try CodinGame in only Dart. Is for my training.

Dartisan: In the leaderboard I see it is possible, so I have to search.

Dartisan: Best in Dart currently 131 chars.

Dartisan: So my approach in Code is somewhere false.

Majeck: I'm confused with a CoC

Majeck: You have to determine the angle between the hour hand and the minute hand

Majeck: But in the example it says 12:30 -> 165

eulerscheZahl: you don't know how that 131 was achieved

eulerscheZahl: might be a system call

eulerscheZahl: with a shorter bash solution

Majeck: I'm confused: twelve o clock in the hour hand, and 30 minutes in the minute hand should give 180º, no?

ParticleBeam: No. Remember the hour hand moves slightly so it weill be between 12 and 1




eulerscheZahl: but dbdr said his solutions are legit and without such tricks. so 142 should be doable. but sure if it would pass everything or just the given testcases

Dartisan: Thanks, I will find, I will invest some time later. Or wait for the next Dart version, they reduce the code from version to version ;-)

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: hey, anyone know if in this exercise

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: is it safe to assume it will always be a single circuit given and it will always be valid?

eulerscheZahl: C# will get better at golfing too

eulerscheZahl: in C#9 you don't have to write the Main() function anymore. You can just put the code outside of the function/class

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: hello world!!

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: print( "Hello World!" )

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: std:cout<<"Hello World"<<endl;

Dartisan: Sounds good, than C# makes Python a bit concurrence.

eulerscheZahl: nah, still far away from python level

Majeck: Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

eulerscheZahl: but the lambda syntax is shorter

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: textview.settext("Hello World");

eulerscheZahl: P(s)=>Console.WriteLine(s); P("Hello World");

eulerscheZahl: shorter when you need it again

Majeck: System.out.println("Hello World!");

dbdr: interesting start by StOUb :D

dbdr: blocking above all

eulerscheZahl: a few contest bots did that too

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: ++++++++++[>+++++++>++++++++++>+++>+<<<<-]>++.>+.+++++++..+++.>++.<<+++++++++++++++.>.+++.------.--------.>+.>.

eulerscheZahl: but none at the very top

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: beat this

Majeck: >> "Hello World"

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: nah



Majeck: What language is that?

eulerscheZahl: Malbolge

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: you guys do competitive programming?

eulerscheZahl: rarely

eulerscheZahl: the annual codejam

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: on codechef /codeforces?


eulerscheZahl: as i said: rarely

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: CM

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: says rarely

eulerscheZahl: CM?

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: Candidate master

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: which you are

eulerscheZahl: oh. see, i don't even know the acronyms :D

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: on codeforces

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: thug life

Hjax: is this site not competitive programming?

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: ya it looks like but problems are relatively easy here

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: doesn't involve ds and algo

Hjax: ? clearly you are looking in the wrong place

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: why so?

Hjax: this site is far more about the contests and competitive games than the puzzles

Hjax: theres a contest starting in two weeks

eulerscheZahl: CG is competitive too. but in a totally different way than codeforces & co

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: i joined clashes only till now

eulerscheZahl: the last contest here on CG

Hjax: yeah clashes are easy (and boring imo)

eulerscheZahl: guiding multiple pacmen through a maze to collect the most pellets

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: yay that looks good!!

leojean890: did CG delete some accounts or something like that ? I won like around 10 places in every multi in the same time ;) (or detected similar codes and removed some of them for multis ?)

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: what's the frequency of such competitive contests on CG?

Hjax: a few times a year

Dartisan: Next in 14 days.


Hjax: ^ which is the third contest this year

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: that's sad

Hjax: you are free to play the games and join the leaderboards of games from previous contests

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: i was expecting more number of contests


inoryy: uvaishzafri if all puzzles seem easy then I'm sure you've already solved right? :)

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: lol i was talking about clashes

Hjax: clashes are just like, an easy warmup thing

Hjax: not really the meat of this site

Skynse: anyone been able to solve escaping that cat?

Default avatar.png uvaishzafri: yay thanks all !!

Dartisan: Clashes is only one part. You Bot and Optimization for challenging and Code Golf for a bit of fun :-)

Westicles: One thing I've learned from the videos... clashers appear to be a bunch of weirdos

Dartisan: Can't believe only 655 persons tried A code of ice and fire. It is a funny one :-)

eulerscheZahl: 2160 in the contest

eulerscheZahl: no idea why so few bothered to resubmit

eulerscheZahl: now CG moves the whole contest leaderboard directly to the multiplayer section

Skynse: some clashers are pretty mysterious

eulerscheZahl: and the others are on twitch

Skynse: wait then that means I've clashed with a streamer before

eulerscheZahl: but the adblocker does a fairly good job at removing that button :P

Dartisan: Oh, that is real a pity, would cost nothing to commit the same code and the people would have twice the points.

Skynse: or theres a chance that I have given the number of clashes I've done

eulerscheZahl: #clash

eulerscheZahl: click that and check the links to be on stream

Hjax: in two weeks the clashers will be briefly flooded out of chat by everyone playing the contest

Hjax: it will be wonderful

ParticleBeam: This "easy" puzzle is driving me nuts.

Hjax: which one ParticleBeam

ParticleBeam: Graffiti on the fence

LastRick: love that puzzle, and i would also add one that probably needs its difficulty changed

Dartisan: It is a tricky one, I tried in first to solve it by array, but as the numbers are Big, I had to switch to logic and compare.

leojean890: difficulties mentioned with community puzzles are not very accurate.. some hard are easier than some "easy";)

leojean890: about official puzzles, it's better;)

leojean890: (way more accurate)

Majeck: leojean890 agree 100%

Majeck: ParticleBeam try to solve it with pen & paper

Majeck: Use that same logic in your code

Majeck: Do you draw the whole fence to solve the problem when you have pen & paper?

Dartisan: Yeah, sometimes also the difference between easy and difficult is simply the basic knowledge of an concept, you know already at that point and apply, or you have to build that concept in first.

leojean890: sometimes yes, for example, no easy puzzles with simulation needed or dynamic prog..

leojean890: and difficulty is .. subjective about personal experience and knowledge..

Dartisan: Yeah, started some days ago with Bellmann Theory ;-)

Dartisan: Say, in my daily work there is no need for this part, but this is also why I like this place, it gives me the playground to pass in these domains.

jacek: bellmann theory?

jacek: temporal difference learning?

Skynse: is remi6 a bot?


eulerscheZahl: bots are with 50k+ clashes

jacek: remi?

Dartisan: jacek, I just started, say it is to replace my recursive approaches by calculated matrixes, for the simply pathfinder.

Skynse: Not sure if I made a mistake by deleting my contribution but eh

Skynse: it was a weird one anyways

Skynse: I mean, at least now I know the work that has to be put into puzzles

AntiSquid: speaking about leaderboard? dr db keeps rising going for 1st i guess

eulerscheZahl: doctor database?

Skynse: you guys ever write code in the moment *sometimes*, then when you look back at it, you wonder how you thought of it so quickly

th-mas: yeah

th-mas: you like write a ton then read it and realize you dont even understand what you wrote :P

Skynse: I solved the defibrillators puzzle a week ago, and looking back at it, I thought someone came into my account and solved it lol

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: and done completely

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: was it supposed to take me over 4 hours to do tho? lol

eulerscheZahl: let's see if i can do this faster

jacek: can you make game in 2h?

Skynse: have you been able to solve the cat and mouse one?

eulerscheZahl: not today anymore, getting tired

eulerscheZahl: didn't really try the cat+mouse one yet

Skynse: I want to see if I can use angles, once I figure out a way to make a triangle from 2 coords

Skynse: my mouse is just too slow

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: lel, nice to see im not the only one who gets brain farts after programing for a time

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: mental exhaustion is real

Skynse: My bed is looking real nice right now

Skynse: It's calling me

Skynse: ughhhhh, I have to study a bit before a new topic tomorrow

AlPaca: ugh

AlPaca: when you click submit because you want to correct faulting code ... xD

eulerscheZahl: code is ugly but it passed the equivalent circuit puzzle

eulerscheZahl: bed time, good night

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: breh

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: you did it in 16 min

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: i feel so unfit LOL

Default avatar.png Cauy: anyone know how to do thor episode 2?

Uljahn: yes

Default avatar.png Cauy: Would you mind helping me with C code?

jacek: C?

ParticleBeam: Finally solved that puzzle. My brain must have been dead.

zapakh: I know that feeling

Majeck: Is there any way to get code back after closing my browser :weary:

Majeck: I lended the computer that I'm using with the IDE open and they closed the browser lol

Majeck: Should've seen it coming

Default avatar.png philb32: If you go back in your history you should be able to see your session. If it's a puzzle you click Solve and you should get your code back.

Majeck: Where does it say Solve?

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: I need to complete Don't Panic ep1 and Power of Thor ep2 for my homework by tonight, can someone help? (in C)

Majeck: Homework?

Majeck: They're vastly different difficulties

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: I can make a few solutions for dont panic but not one general solution

Default avatar.png philb32: ok, if you go to the same puzzle that you were trying to so, there is a button that says Solve, click this and you will get back to your previous session, I just tried it, Don't Panic episode 1 as it happens :)

Majeck: TheNoiselessGhost_65d3 If you're having problems with Don't Panic Ep1 I doubt you'll be able to complete Power of Thor Ep2

Majeck: When it first ran as a contest even the most experienced coders took more than two hours to complete it

Default avatar.png Cauy: TheNoiselessGhost are you in ECE.217

Majeck: philb32 THANKS

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: yes lol

Majeck: philb32 OH lol

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: I recognize your name

Majeck: That's just the button to open up the puzzle lol

Default avatar.png Cauy: Do you know how to do any of the codings whatsoever lmao

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: I mean, yeah, pretty sure i can figure it out eventually but the problem is he gave us 3 weeks to do it and i am just starting

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: he gave me a few extra days because i was gonna be gone

Default avatar.png Cauy: Yeah thor is like 177 lines with only going to case 5

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: my gosh

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: might just take the F

Default avatar.png Cauy: I feel like I am clueless when it comes to this

Majeck: Your prof is crazy if he thinks Don't Panic Ep1 is at the same level as Power of Thor Ep2

Default avatar.png Cauy: he doesnt

Majeck: I mean Don't Panic Ep1 can even be golfed

Majeck: Without anything too complicated I got it to under 200 characters in Python

Default avatar.png Cauy: Dont panic is a stepping stone for thor in our class

Majeck: That's crazy, they're really different

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: are programming challenge websites that popular in universities?

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: does he expect us to complete a code for every testcase or can i turn in one thats hardcoded for like half of them and get an ok grade?

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: This is the first one ive ever taken so im not sure

Default avatar.png Cauy: Just one for all of them

Majeck: I doubt he'd let you get away with hardcoding

Majeck: In any case if you were to stoop so low as to hardcode you could just look up the solution online :shrugs:

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: .... Already tried

Majeck: For sure thought that :shrugs: was an emoji!

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: I cant find any online in C

Default avatar.png Cauy: What is your first name Noiseless Ghost?

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: its Blake. I think we're in the same building

Default avatar.png Cauy: PC3

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: Dunning building?

Default avatar.png Cauy: Yep

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: yeah i recognized your name from the group chat thing

Default avatar.png Cauy: Ah yeah

Default avatar.png Cauy: What is the flag in your profile pic?

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: on here?

Default avatar.png Cauy: GroupMe

Default avatar.png Cauy: The chat

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: not sure, its whatever the default image is

Default avatar.png Cauy: Your Right

Default avatar.png Cauy: You're

Default avatar.png Cauy: It's just a weird background thing

Default avatar.png TheNoiselessGhost_65d3: yeah I never bothered to change it

MAKMED1337: Answer: malloc.c:2389: sysmalloc: Assertion `(old_top == initial_top (av) && old_size == 0) || ((unsigned long) (old_size) >= MINSIZE && prev_inuse (old_top) && ((unsigned long) old_end & (pagesize - 1)) == 0)' failed.

MAKMED1337: what does this mean ?

Default avatar.png everydaybenedict: Maybe search stackoverflow

Majeck: MAKMED1337 what puzzle?


Majeck: Hmmmm

MAKMED1337: i found error

MAKMED1337: thx

Default avatar.png everydaybenedict:

Majeck: Two possibilities: 1) The puzzle screwed up

Majeck: 2) You screwed up

MAKMED1337: 2

Majeck: In any case it has something to do with pointers I think

MAKMED1337: no

Majeck: Oh

Majeck: ok

MAKMED1337: it was out of range

MAKMED1337: in vector

Majeck: I hate Code vs Zombies cause since two years back I've been passing all tests but failing one or two validators

Majeck: And I honestly don't know how to fix i lol

MAKMED1337: An error occurred (#407): "You reached the limit of plays for a period of time.".

MAKMED1337: what i need to do ?

MAKMED1337: jsut wait ?

MAKMED1337: *just

Majeck: Yes

Majeck: A few minutes or so

Majeck: Stop hitting "Play all testcases" when the cool down runs out

Majeck: Just play the ones that interest you

Default avatar.png FakeGhost_dd05: Hey is anyone there?

Default avatar.png FakeGhost_dd05: I need to ask something important

zenoscave: No one is here FakeGhost

Skynse: ask

Default avatar.png FakeGhost_dd05: Hi, it's important. I have a "technical assessment" to do and I need to know what i can expect from it

Skynse: what do you specialize in?

TBali: if you are good then a 'job offer'

Default avatar.png FakeGhost_dd05: specialize" java"

Skynse: what field are you getting assessed in?

Skynse: or more specifically, what job

Default avatar.png FakeGhost_dd05: Well I'm kinda rusty in java that's why I'm trying to read some stuff. but i wanted to get an idea of what I'm getting

Default avatar.png FakeGhost_dd05: ahh junior java developer

Default avatar.png FakeGhost_dd05: I'm reading the syntax and apllying it aswell

Skynse: Well, OOP knowledge is always required, some knowledge on data structures and algorithms, etc

Default avatar.png FakeGhost_dd05: I just want to know what should i expect

zenoscave: [CG]BOUGA do you know of a way to get trueskill sigma mu values for a score? Are they ever represented in an API? PM me please

zenoscave: I dont wanna dig where I shouldnt

Default avatar.png FakeGhost_dd05: So should i expect syntax and some problems aswell?

Default avatar.png FakeGhost_dd05: Like these puzzles on this site ( not the same ones ofc)

Majeck: Well, it depends on the employer

Default avatar.png FakeGhost_dd05: Oh damm

Majeck: They could ask you anything

Majeck: Like I've known some cases where you can't code and have to do solve problems in pen & paper

Default avatar.png FakeGhost_dd05: Thanks for the information tho. I'm going to review all the syntax and do several problems. thank you

Default avatar.png FakeGhost_dd05: (this is a link they sent me)

Majeck: Or worse, having to code in real time while sharing your screen (super stressfull)

Majeck: FakeGhost_dd05

Majeck: I'll DM you

Majeck: Could someone link the plugin that lets you work in CG with multiple files?

Default avatar.png philb32: Majeck, did you get your code back? I finished episode 1, just looking at episode 2 now

Majeck: Thanks for asking!

Majeck: No I didn't but it was only like +-20 minutes of work lost so no biggie

Default avatar.png philb32: ok

Majeck: I'm actually really excited

Default avatar.png philb32: about what?

Majeck: I just finished a "semi" hardcoded solution for Mars Lander Ep. 3

Majeck: Oh, and it worked!

Default avatar.png philb32: well done, don't know that one, maybe I'll have a look tomorrow.

Majeck: I just need to implement two big classes (both of which I've already done similar ones in different games) and I'll be done :)

Default avatar.png philb32: go ror it!

Majeck: It'll be the first very-hard puzzle I solve and it'll get me to level 20

ZarthaxX: gz :O

Majeck: philb32 Episode 1 and 2 of what game?

Default avatar.png philb32: Don't panic

Default avatar.png philb32: I seem to remember from years ago that Mars Lander was a game you could play on unix systems.

KiwiTae: ZarthaxX wtf

Majeck: Pardon my ignorance, what does gz mean?

Default avatar.png NotSpice: Shorthand for congratulations

Majeck: Thanks!

Default avatar.png NotSpice: You're welcome!

KiwiTae: Majeck gz its not a easy one

Zenoscave: Hey KiwiTae long time

KiwiTae: yes~ Zenoscave pewpew

KiwiTae: im in between jobs so got some time ~

Zenoscave: Same here Kiwi

KiwiTae: im a bit scared of leaving my safe island lol

Zenoscave: eh?

KiwiTae: im in covid free zonenow but im moving to europe in 5weeks

Laminator: #clash