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Default avatar.png d2hf: who can find me a job

GoogleJeff: you're hired!

GoogleJeff: j/k i can't actually hire people

Sarzorus: Honestly, seeing d2hf's comment made me a little happy. Job searching has been gross lately.

Sarzorus: Even though I know it's not just me I'm glad to see it isn't just me

Default avatar.png d2hf: hahahaha bro

Default avatar.png d2hf: hook me up with dat job

Default avatar.png d2hf: i need chedda

GoogleJeff: :(){ :|:& };:

KiwiTae: there are tons of jobs

KiwiTae: depends what u looking for

KiwiTae: maybe u can improve how you sell yourself for them hehe

Default avatar.png daniellf99: :money_mouth:

Default avatar.png d2hf: i was just testing you

Default avatar.png d2hf: i am hiring here

Default avatar.png d2hf: congrats GoogleJeff, you just matched the profile I'm searching for

Default avatar.png daniellf99: :scream_cat:

KiwiTae: :joy:

Default avatar.png d2hf: :bug:

Default avatar.png d2hf: found a bug in the chat

Extrimizz: :bug:

Default avatar.png viciousVigilant: lol


AntiSquid: #clash Nicky1812

Default avatar.png Sacrilegious: How can I know if mine can be upgraded to next level?

Default avatar.png Monstrux: lol.

Default avatar.png Monstrux: Sacrilegious, you're coding code royale as well?

KiwiTae: oh code royale the one with the towers and giants?

AntiSquid: can you upgrade CIF mines?

wlesavo: can you upgrade OOC mines?

Default avatar.png LathifSihab: hi

Uljahn: Automaton2000: can you mine OS upgrades?

Automaton2000: i want to get into top 10

Default avatar.png JuB420: helo

Default avatar.png JuB420: does someone have diamonds?

jacek: huh

Uljahn: deadly diamonds of death?

AntiSquid: this ?

AntiSquid: " Diamond gives your 8-bit Atari a high-tech graphic user interface."

Astrobytes: loving the MAC/65 program at the bottom

DaNinja: requires 48K memory!

Default avatar.png DylanJohnBerndt: Thanks guys

Lafihalas: Hey guys, what happened to the interface for ghost in the cell, when it is in "windowed mode" aka. not fullscreen, only the top left section of the game is shown, the rest is cut off, its a little better proportion that is shown on HD, but still the part is cutoff, and that part gets bigger the more i increase the size of the section where i write code


Default avatar.png sullivank: hello

eulerscheZahl: just tested this with my own Casio fx-991 PLUS. also getting the Pi :D

Astrobytes: I tried with my Casio fx83GT+ and discovered it is dead. Not going downstairs for the other one right now so will take your word for it

eulerscheZahl: oh, RIP Casio :(

Astrobytes: I think there's 4 of them in the house in total, scattered around

Astrobytes: plus a big chunky graphing one that I haven't used in years

Astrobytes: haha the best forum post of all time:

darkhorse64: PEBCAC Hall of Fame

eulerscheZahl: and such an accurate description of the problem

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: reminds me of some colleagues "your program is broken"

darkhorse64: Typical User Story: Description of the problem: the program crashes. Expected state: the program does not crash

darkhorse64: me: Moved to rejection

eulerscheZahl: me: fix later when another user complains with more details

Astrobytes: when I used to work full time at a pharma distribution place, I came in after hours to do some labelling and paperwork to a note that said: "Stopped labelling, machine broken". We had 10 labelling machines.

eulerscheZahl: lazy colleague

Astrobytes: That was a long evening.

Astrobytes: And our labelling software ran on a really old NT machine

Astrobytes: Horrible, horrible software.

Astrobytes: *label design software that is

eulerscheZahl: and the funny thread got closed :(

257832: Ah yes. Sorry eulerscheZahl, I broke your toy. ^^

eulerscheZahl: i wanted to know which puzzle was 100% broken

BlaiseEbuth: He gonna post on the dedicated thread... Perhaps

eulerscheZahl: but first someone doesn't understand the site at all

BlaiseEbuth: Again...

eulerscheZahl: i don't think this requires an answer, enough said in that thread already

Astrobytes: "I just need the method signature and I will implement"

Astrobytes: some folks need to lighten up a bit

Skynse: Does the language used determine how fast a bot will perform?

Skynse: for instance, if I used c++ instead of python, would it respond to input faster

eulerscheZahl: yes. but that's only a concern for more complicated puzzles and bot programming

eulerscheZahl: back to the other topic: apparently the Temperatures puzzle is broken :D

AntiSquid: meaning ?

eulerscheZahl: catch up here

eulerscheZahl: and then have a look at the temperatures puzzle thread

eulerscheZahl: 171k users who solved it were wrong :shocked:

AntiSquid: bug exploiters should be banned

Astrobytes: Man, so many bugged puzzles. It's a wonder so many people keep using the site :P

Dartisan: Automaton2000 Please fixe that ;-)

Automaton2000: i am not even a ga

Hjax: oh noes temperatures is broken

Hjax: im glad someone pointed it out

Hjax: :P

Hjax: its funny because if the site ever glitches and breaks an easy puzzle, no one will believe whoever is reporting it

Majeck: I mean

Majeck: If the person was really insistent then somebody would probably test their answer again

Majeck: and if it failed then we'd know the puzzle was actually broken

Astrobytes: There is the odd glitch now and then, but 99.99% of the time it's PEBCAC

Majeck: PEBCAC?

Astrobytes: Problem Exists Between Chair and Computer

Majeck: That's amazing

Majeck: I'm adding that to my vocabulary

SPDene: similar to an ID ten T error :P

Astrobytes: lol, there's a few variations of it. Keyboard and chair etc

Astrobytes: and yeah SPDene :D

Dartisan: I hav more to smile on the link Euler posted and hoped Automaton2000 would fix it ;-) Problems could always exists. I don't even know how Codingame manages all the Language upgrades, knowing newer languages could be challenging.

Automaton2000: if you guys have any idea why?

AntiSquid: he should have been more specific what is bork. i remember one puzzle was randomly passing or not passing for a language and i had no random lol

Dartisan: oh my first bots I wrote, I used also random, and it is not so long ago ;-)

eulerscheZahl: my favorite PEBCAC variation: layer 8 error (in reference to the ISO-OSI model)

Skynse: "OSI"

jacek: guys, can you solve it

jacek: its not coc

eulerscheZahl: what's the task?

jacek: whats in the '?'

eulerscheZahl: so i have to come up with my own rules?

eulerscheZahl: reverse clash

jacek: eeyup

PatrickMcGinnisII: must be a polish thing

jacek: polish remover thing?

PatrickMcGinnisII: the answer is 21

AntiSquid: you need to figure out the pattern basically ...

eulerscheZahl: 21 is only half the truth

AntiSquid: why not 42 ?

jacek: why 21 D:

PatrickMcGinnisII: eulerscheZahl g/j

AntiSquid: whatever the pattern is it's confusing af

jacek: maybe brain's nn isnt powerful enough

PatrickMcGinnisII: the shaded regions should = 100 and the diff of the light ones should sum to 100, hench 21

eulerscheZahl: maybe those are just random numbers arranged to drive you nuts

PatrickMcGinnisII: but 1/2 of 42 is great

eulerscheZahl: 100 for shaded sounds very arbitrary to me

eulerscheZahl: any indications why this should be true?

jacek: and why diff of light ones, they dont sum too 100 hmm

Default avatar.png Christakool: does anyone find a job here?

Default avatar.png Christakool: realistically?

jacek: ask euler has much they pay him for being mod

eulerscheZahl: how much?

PatrickMcGinnisII: ahh, u r right

PatrickMcGinnisII: the diff doesn't work

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm

eulerscheZahl: my payment is free trolls messaging me when i use my mod powers

jacek: - taxes

eulerscheZahl: but as a more serious answer: some companies use codingame for recruiting

Kr3sZ: but not microsoft... xD

eulerscheZahl: they'll give you a link and you can solve preselected tasks

eulerscheZahl: on the other hand, what does not work: have a profile here, solve some puzzles and hope to get contacted by a company

jacek: :(

PatrickMcGinnisII: what's the answer jacek?

BlaiseEbuth: Wait What ?! I'm waiting since more than 5 years and you're tellin' me I will not get a job like this ! :rage:

jacek: i dont know :D

eulerscheZahl: google image search is useless

eulerscheZahl: for more than 5 years, not since ;)

eulerscheZahl: and it's true, you are here for ages :o

jacek: how come you have solid? i have clock

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah... It's CodinGame here not TranslateGame ! ^^

eulerscheZahl: i'm on winter time now, i don't need a clock

eulerscheZahl: always waking up too early anyways

eulerscheZahl: so, who else wants to do a google image search and tell us what they get?

jacek: perhaps MSmits will make opening book for that

Astrobytes: Possible related search: ecuadorian serie

Astrobytes: ^from the puzzle image

jacek: soccer?

Astrobytes: seems that way

Astrobytes: yandex gives: 2020fw Travis Scott Whoisjacov Pocket Cargo Pants Men Women Joggers Drawstring Sweatpants Cactus Jack Trousers - купить по цене

eulerscheZahl: that's a long one

eulerscheZahl: higher odds that any is true


Astrobytes: thanks Patrick

eulerscheZahl: you found the toad

BlaiseEbuth: :o

PatrickMcGinnisII: guess it works

eulerscheZahl: i have a fun collection of hypnotoads. like

eulerscheZahl: but using that might make me look like a Trump supporter

Xerock: hello do you know how to convert a phrase into binary ?

eulerscheZahl: chuck norris puzzle?

Xerock: exact :)

eulerscheZahl: depends on your programming language

Xerock: python 3

eulerscheZahl: binary = "".join(format(ord(char), '07b') for char in input())

eulerscheZahl: credits to Uljahn, i copied from his published solution


PatrickMcGinnisII: even after perspective correction, google thinks its a barcode

eulerscheZahl: do you know what URL shorteners are?

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok ok



AntiSquid: how come that link doesn't get picked up by CG's pastebin thingy?

eulerscheZahl: no http or www

BlaiseEbuth: no \n

eulerscheZahl: typed the link from the top of my head, not even sure if it does what i want



AntiSquid: :(


AntiSquid: 4th and 5th grade maths ... they must have done something similar in class, know the pattern or how to look for it and now call that educaycion

jacek: edacuyation

PatrickMcGinnisII: back to PEBCAC

PatrickMcGinnisII: best result is a variation of magic square

PatrickMcGinnisII: since 67 is prime it shouldn't be a multiplicative thing

eulerscheZahl: i factored the numbers too. nothing that sticks to my eye

PatrickMcGinnisII: shaded could be in x,y and non shaded in y,x limiting answer range 1..9,1..9

eulerscheZahl: i'll go with just random numbers

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: wtf

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: for j in range(len(message)) :

           aux = message[0:j]

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: somehow this gives me index out of range

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: for j in range( len(message) ) :

           aux = message[0:j]
           print( j )
           print( message[j] )

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: better to read

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: jsut for clarification it gives me the error on the print( message[j] ) line

eulerscheZahl: works fine for me

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: did i break the compiler? lol

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: unlikely

eulerscheZahl: no error

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: yeah, strage as hell

eulerscheZahl: not strange. the error must be at a part that you haven't shared

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: thing is, if i comment the message[j] line the error goes away

Default avatar.png yurv: when j=len(message) message[0:j] is ok message[j] is out of range, right?

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: yup

PatrickMcGinnisII: try lem(msg)-1

PatrickMcGinnisII: len

eulerscheZahl: try sharing more code

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: wait, does len() shouldnt include the last number, should it?

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: range(4) should be 0 1 2 3

eulerscheZahl: range(len(string)) goes from 0 to length-1

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian:

eulerscheZahl: message = aux

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: it wont run on the snippet cause no inputs

eulerscheZahl: what i expected: you shorten the message in that loop

PatrickMcGinnisII: range defaults to include last # unless you add a start value

PatrickMcGinnisII: euler is always right tho

eulerscheZahl: range(x) is from 0 to x-1

eulerscheZahl: >>> list(range(10)) [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: what do you mean shorten the message?


PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm

eulerscheZahl: look at line 33

eulerscheZahl: you have a fixed range defined, with the original message

eulerscheZahl: then you reassign message to something shorter

eulerscheZahl: but still go to the old limit

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: oh

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: i see now

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: wow ok

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: wait tho, it shouldnt shorten the message

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, I'm giving up on the polish magicv square

eulerscheZahl: it does, because aux is a substring of it

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: no nv,m

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: it should be right

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: aux = aux + chr( rotor_list[i][aux2] )

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: this would add the chr part as string right?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: or do i have to cast it into str() to amke it concatenate properly

eulerscheZahl: or: aux += chr(...) for short

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: yeah

eulerscheZahl: should be fine without str() try it, my python isn't that good

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: nope, same error

eulerscheZahl: do you still modify the message variable?

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: yes

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: every iteration the message gets changed

eulerscheZahl: never modify the variable you are iterating over unless you want chaos

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: so maybe putting the entire message in an aux_string and then updating message after i finished would work

eulerscheZahl: for c in message:

   print(c) + or do something else with it

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: now that i think about it, its acutally easier to do that then what im trying to do

eulerscheZahl: for c in message:

   print(c) # or do something else with it

eulerscheZahl: wanted to comment, typo

eulerscheZahl: try this if you want to iterate over the characters

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: thing is, i need the actual position of what im using in the string

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: wait

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: i DONT

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: wait no, not good idea

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: better to just put the message in an aux, change aux, then update message

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: or just recreate the new message in aux using aux += new_letter

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: or something

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: strage tho, cause i also iterated message and updated it in a previous for and it worked fine tho

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: no, it didnt work

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: the first for completely emptied the message

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: thats why it was out of range

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: jesus

Astrobytes: print(x, file=sys.stderr) is your friend

eulerscheZahl: for (index, value) in enumerate(message):

eulerscheZahl: gives you the index as well

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: no, problem wasnt indexing

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: problem was my stupid brain not working with ord() properly

eulerscheZahl: replying to an older message, was afk

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: oh ok

eulerscheZahl: thought you might be interested in learned a handy language feature, my bad

PatrickMcGinnisII: puzzle tree paths is pretty easy

eulerscheZahl: there's a reason why it's in the easy section

BlaiseEbuth: :thinking:

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: yeah

PatrickMcGinnisII: getting froggy euler? heh

Astrobytes: But... but...

BlaiseEbuth: lel

Astrobytes: (courtesy of dbdr ;) )

PatrickMcGinnisII: "/expert"

PatrickMcGinnisII: wth

BlaiseEbuth: Yes we spoke about it on Fr ^^

Astrobytes: :grin:

eulerscheZahl: the /easy /medium is just a slug. which is a good thing if we want to change the difficulty later

PatrickMcGinnisII: expert bumps to very hard page

eulerscheZahl: when i was new to CG, it was called export iirc

PatrickMcGinnisII: ahh, puzzle name is more important

eulerscheZahl: and you had to solve easier tasks first to unlock the harder ones

dbdr: export (sic?)

eulerscheZahl: oops

Astrobytes: :D

dbdr: some words are hard to type

PatrickMcGinnisII: and.... poofda dbdr

dbdr: too close to a keyword

eulerscheZahl: seems i'm incontinent at typing

dbdr: whole might be hard too

Astrobytes: typing incontinence?

dbdr: I guess that's a pun

Astrobytes: So would I

Astrobytes: But I'd usually use that one if an extra letter was included

Astrobytes: (leakage...)


eulerscheZahl: still working


Astrobytes: meh

Astrobytes: works tho'


PatrickMcGinnisII: typing incontinence, chatting over internet with someone in the same computer lab i hope

Astrobytes: lol euler

PatrickMcGinnisII: probably involves poetry, unrequited promises, and a bathroom quickie....oh crap, I'm reliving college


PatrickMcGinnisII: probably a nice php global used in there

eulerscheZahl: very unlikely

eulerscheZahl: a java backend seems much more likely to me

dbdr:"Hello world!")/tree-paths <!%22)/tree-paths> you can include your code in the URL

PatrickMcGinnisII: btw, I turned 50 today. So bow that I've gotten my puzzle fix I will be adjourning to a steak dinner and coercing the GF into stuff

PatrickMcGinnisII: er now

Astrobytes: gj on the level up

eulerscheZahl: ok boomer

**PatrickMcGinnisII slaps PatrickMcGinnisII around a bit with a large fishbot

Astrobytes: :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm a Xer! big diff

dbdr: how is it ok to include coercing in a birthday plan?

Kuzey: KEKW

Astrobytes: yeah, perhaps coercing is not the word you were looking for

Astrobytes: Either that... welll

PatrickMcGinnisII: may be innapropriate for chat, it involves a sex swing ... dangling her from the ceiling takes some ...coercion

PatrickMcGinnisII: no incontinence involved

PatrickMcGinnisII: 'nite

**Astrobytes regrets the whole conversation

Default avatar.png ZeroWnD: where can i find easy practice levels? when i click on AI or something it goes to level 4 stuff already

Default avatar.png ZeroWnD: i just started out here xD


dbdr: <>

Astrobytes: hehehehe

Zenoscave: Just signed up for my last semester of undergrad. 8 years is the right timeline, yeah?

Zenoscave: errr. 7? I can't remember anymore

dbdr: 8 years old?

eulerscheZahl: so you will finish it at least? yay!

dbdr: you're doing fine

eulerscheZahl: i remember you journey with bureaucracy

Zenoscave: If i was 8, i would hav estarted college at birth ;) Thx eulerscheZahl

Zenoscave: It was a tough one for sure

Astrobytes: yeah, that's been some hard slog!

Zenoscave: We should call the Codingame Fall Challenge the ozone killer

Astrobytes: Hope everything goes smoothly and without any crap, not like you *need* the qualification but still ;)

Zenoscave: I hope so too ;)

eulerscheZahl: that will be like a wood league for you

Zenoscave: the unversity wood league would be nice

dbdr: Zenoscave: why Ozone Killer?

eulerscheZahl: busy CG servers?

CursingLlama: Out of curiousity, is there a reason for the delays for promotion in league puzzles?

eulerscheZahl: just guessing, was wondering the same

Zenoscave: Finally someone took the bait! Because the acronym is CFC

dbdr: :D

eulerscheZahl: because CodinGame is mean and wants to force you to take a break

Zenoscave: Chlorofluorocarbon reference

eulerscheZahl: but even kidding. making you take a break is the only reason

dbdr: if the CG servers are in France, they are mostly nuclear-powered

Zenoscave: just a word pun, no ties to the servers in this joke

eulerscheZahl: servers are either AWS or Azure. CG made misleading statements

eulerscheZahl: i know that their email server is till AWS by the headers they send

dbdr: > <> is an alias for

Zenoscave: there you have it

Zenoscave: >

eulerscheZahl: they wanted to move the user code execution to Azure

Zenoscave: how'd you do that link thingy dbdr



dbdr: this?

Zenoscave: yes

dbdr: ah, copy paste into pidgin

Zenoscave: ah external client.


dbdr: ^ typed in webchat

Zenoscave: makes sense

Astrobytes: lawl, CFC

Astrobytes: ooh scroll

Astrobytes: well played regardless

dbdr: Regulus is motivated

Astrobytes: haha, that is true dedication

eulerscheZahl: *tree dedication

Astrobytes: :smirk:

Zenoscave: What problem is that on?

eulerscheZahl: tree paths

Zenoscave: Makes sense

AntiSquid: should just pull a westicles and tehn retire from doing it in all languages

Zenoscave: dbdr: How do you keep pidgin from showing enter/exits

dbdr: I don't. but it must be an option

eulerscheZahl: challenge accepted

eulerscheZahl: did you see it? :imp:

Zenoscave: yes euler.

Zenoscave: along with 30 others

AntiSquid: mass join leave ?

eulerscheZahl: the enter/leave messages are what made me switch back from external client to webchat

AntiSquid: (don't have pidgin open)

eulerscheZahl: i reloaded the website twice

Zenoscave: But can you do this?

Zenoscave: it doesn't show up in webchat. nevermind

dbdr: 30 others? I just saw euler reenter twice

AntiSquid: ah, quite sure you can automate that nonsense somehow. back when i was using messenger for yahoo / hotmail there were some troll tools to instantly leave and rejoin 20-30 times

AntiSquid: really annoyed friendlist people

dbdr: Yes I can

Zenoscave: Nice dbdr






eulerscheZahl: you forgot the cg icon

Zenoscave: True enough

Zenoscave: not a mod unfortunately

Zenoscave: Don't have the time to truly mod appropriately often enough

Astrobytes: nobody does, it's a team effort ;)

Zenoscave: Is their an application process?

Zenoscave: there*

Zenoscave: Also pidgin has a plugin for mute enter/exit

eulerscheZahl: wait for thibaud to ask and then hoppe for astro to say your name while you are offline

Astrobytes: Don't think so, Thibaud just went on a mad recruitment drive a few months back

Astrobytes: lol euler

**Astrobytes adds Zenoscave to the list

Zenoscave: lol interesting

dbdr: match d { Dir::L => buf.push_str(" tfeL"), Dir::R => buf.push_str(" thgiR"),


Zenoscave: what in the world dbdr

dbdr: don't see it?

Zenoscave: Left and Right tree matching?

dbdr: yes

Zenoscave: I don't get it

Zenoscave: r/woosh

dbdr: the lol is in the string literals

eulerscheZahl: and a string reverse to change the node order

eulerscheZahl: child->root to root->child

dbdr: it's not mine, it's a published rust solution

Zenoscave: must be missing or overthinking something

dbdr: it's building the string from right to left

dbdr: you know the end first

eulerscheZahl: i like that thinking out of the box

eulerscheZahl: but a little minus on the readability score :D

dbdr: I did something like that at work once, but not production code, just a proof of concept

Zenoscave: I should learn rust. Been thinking that or Go should be a good training

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: might be quite readable to arabic speakers

Zenoscave: Little stagnated on python progress

jacek: rust? :x

Zenoscave: jacek would you choose Rust or Go?

dbdr: both MS and Facebook just posted job offers for positions to work on the rust compiler

Zenoscave: hmmmmm...

jacek: though decision

Zenoscave: that settles it. Go it is

dbdr: lol

Zenoscave: The only letter in FAANG I want to be a part of is the worst one.

jacek: if you choose rust, your bot wont work in debug mode and smits wont counter book you

Zenoscave: (flame bait) but it's the G

dbdr: I don't like either companies. but it's good news for the language in terms of viability. I don't expected either would have control anyways

dbdr: Mozilla is the historic sponsor, and the community is diverse

Zenoscave: I love me some mozilla

Hjax: love it while you can, it might evaporate soon :(

dbdr: yeah, not in the best shape :(

jacek: hm?

dbdr: Mozilla announced layoffs

Hjax: mozilla is going downhill in a hurry

Hjax: they laid off a ton of their staff recently

Zenoscave: 25% I read

eulerscheZahl: that's more than kovi did :o

eulerscheZahl: that classname :D

Astrobytes: 25%.. .that's pretty grim

Astrobytes: lol wtf

Zenoscave: enetprise java ftw

eulerscheZahl: yeah. i'm pretty sure they'll keep supporting firefox. but what about their other products like thunderbird? :(


eulerscheZahl: i know that without clicking the link

Zenoscave: Did not read on that so i can't speak to it

Astrobytes: hehehe


Astrobytes: I'm sure the products will live on euler, just not from mozilla

Astrobytes: yeah that's a classic jacek

Zenoscave: Have not seen this one yet jacek. was a good laugh


Astrobytes: I KNEW that was incoming

Hjax: lol 3.2k issues, 428 pulls

Zenoscave: Just astounding


Zenoscave: Saw that one

Zenoscave: pretty good find


Astrobytes: lol jacek

Hjax: what a pleasant, helpful community, the power of open source

eulerscheZahl: my git skills aren't good enough to even commit nothing :D

eulerscheZahl: it's still hacktoberfest, make a pull request :D

Zenoscave: `git commit --allow-empty`

jacek: git commit -m suicide

Astrobytes: hell no, I don't want that t-shirt

Zenoscave: Yeah that t-shirt is not the one I'm after

Zenoscave: It is a farce really

eulerscheZahl: it is

eulerscheZahl: but CG has 20 tshirts this time :)

Zenoscave: I'm already prepping

Zenoscave: Any news as to the game type / play

eulerscheZahl: multiplayer

Astrobytes: Bot programming

Zenoscave: FoW

Zenoscave: ?

eulerscheZahl: unknown

Astrobytes: Oh probably :/

Zenoscave: what's the theme

eulerscheZahl: the rules are foggy for now

Astrobytes: Zelda witches

Zenoscave: So that's the known portion?


eulerscheZahl: oh, 6.0 is out

Astrobytes: :no_mouth:

Astrobytes: yeah Zenoscave

Default avatar.png 26: e

Default avatar.png 26: start clash little boy

jacek: oO

Zenoscave: who you calling pinhead 26

Astrobytes: end acquiescence large man

Zenoscave: lol Astrobytes nice word use

Astrobytes: ;)

Zenoscave: eulerscheZahl: I probably will use C# again this competition

Zenoscave: got me my first legend in comp last time

eulerscheZahl: i see C# I give :+1:

Zenoscave: :+1:

Zenoscave: Was 3rd in C# for ooc

eulerscheZahl: then i think i was 2nd

eulerscheZahl: illedan :rage:

Zenoscave: wonder who could have been first :thinking:

Zenoscave: ah you beat me to it

eulerscheZahl: meh, got the language achievement already

eulerscheZahl: only top3 and victory missing

eulerscheZahl: but somehow those seem to be the hardest

Hjax: if teccles has actually quit for good maybe i can get #1 java

eulerscheZahl: maybe i should try java next time :thinking: i practiced it a bit while using the codingame SDK

eulerscheZahl: and it's similar to C# anyways

Hjax: no no no, its ok you can use C#

Hjax: :P

Astrobytes: Think you're fine staying with C#, don't see what you'd get switching to Java

Hjax: he'd get a shot at stealing my #1 language ranking trophy

Hjax: thats what he'd get

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: but C# has .net Core and release mode now

eulerscheZahl: so i'll stick with it

Astrobytes: I guess re-implementing the engine would be easier, still gotta make it performant though

eulerscheZahl: depends on the game

Astrobytes: true

eulerscheZahl: last time i didn't even read the referee code

eulerscheZahl: nor did i code the full engine

Astrobytes: Last time I didn't even code

eulerscheZahl: nocode

Astrobytes: Well, not much

Hjax: im really hoping this game is nothing like ooc and pacman

eulerscheZahl: i hate fog

Hjax: me too

jacek: ooc pacman it is

Astrobytes: OOC was a lot better than pacman

Astrobytes: imo

Hjax: i didnt make an honest attempt at ooc, so i guess im not in a real position to complain about it

Astrobytes: But I wasn't keen on either

Hjax: but im still bitter about pacman

Astrobytes: OOC was nice just cause it was a 'free' contest cause of lockdown

Hjax: i enjoyed utg a lot

Astrobytes: No shit :D

Hjax: :P

jacek: will the s appear for contest?

Astrobytes: The 's'?

jacek: struct

Astrobytes: oooh

Astrobytes: who knows

Astrobytes: Hope he's OK

Default avatar.png elmajouli: Hello world ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hjax: oh right he just vanished a while ago didnt he

Astrobytes: yep

Astrobytes: Hi elmajouli

Gabbek: Anyone interested in ? I think I like it too much and I'm waiting for some more people to submit :)

Hjax: i wonder what scary people will play the contest

Hjax: probably karliso

Astrobytes: Oh I haven't done anything serious for that yet Gabbek, forgot about it tbh

hiljusti: it sucks; they're a company with principles

Astrobytes: Depends on the type of contest Hjax

hiljusti: oops replying to old news (about mozilla layoffs)

Astrobytes: chat scroll issues, happens every day :)

jacek: 4 wood leagues? w00t

Gabbek: Just curious, how do you reply to someone directly on the chat, so the message appears in red? Do you have to mention their name, or is it something else?

Astrobytes: Try BotG jacek, it has about 30

Astrobytes: Just their name Gabbek

Gabbek: I see, Astrobytes

Astrobytes: yep, just like that. And you can autocomplete with the Tab key

jacek: ok AntiSquid

hiljusti: neat

jacek: meh

Astrobytes: But watch out for 'false positives' like jacek just did

Astrobytes: (deliberately)

Gabbek: Oh, that's helpful, awesome. Thank you!

Astrobytes: no worries :)

Gabbek: What's the best way to test your new bot against the old one, I assume just selecting it and trying in the practice mode a lot? (apart from making your own game engine)

Hjax: brutaltester

Astrobytes: ^

Astrobytes: But watch out for overfitting against yourself

Gabbek: Aye, for sure. Currently learning some C# and my bot is worse than my python one so no worries yet :D

Gabbek: I always struggle with codingame... there's just way too many cool things to do. I'm always undecided on what I wanna do next :(

Hjax: well theres a contest in two weeks

Hjax: so thats something to do :D

Gabbek: haven't tried any contest yet, so that would be something new for sure :D

Hjax: oh contests are my favorite thing

Hjax: i get lazy with multis lol

jacek: contests are bot programming, so do some multi

Gabbek: I think I like the learning aspect of multis the most, I'm not much of a competitive person

Gabbek: but it's really great to learn new things and improve a bit :)

Hjax: the cool thing about contests (imo) is watching strategies change over the course of the event

Hjax: since people are racing to come up with new ideas

Gabbek: that's a very cool aspect, for sure - read a bit about it on crystal rush

Astrobytes: and yeah, you don't have to compete seriously if you don't want to, just participating is cool

Astrobytes: and yeah Hjax, so true

Astrobytes: the chat comes alive

Gabbek: Astrobytes - actually, this is quite funny because with quests I think it incentivize lazy people like me to actually join one :D looks quite funny to have that bronze badge with bot programming while you have some not-so-horrible in legend :)

Gabbek: (the 2nd quest is to join the competition)

Astrobytes: Haha, the quest feature is working then :D

jacek: yes, even clash haters when on clashing spree

jacek: went

Astrobytes: When I first joined CG in 2015 I didn't even realise they had contests going on

Gabbek: yep, for sure - I was trying to convince one of my colleagues and he wanted to see my profile - the very first question was about the bronze medal, so it's doing some work for sure, hehe

Gabbek: I haven't realized there were contests for a very long time, now that I think of it

Gabbek: just one day I randomly clicked on code & magic thing and it was multi - then it was like... ohh, there are contests, interesting. I remember that.

Astrobytes: There's only 2 official contests per year currently (though we had an extra one due to COVID lockdown this year)

Astrobytes: I neglected CG for ages, busy with life and other things, then randomly decided to visit again, there was a contest pretty soon and that was that lol

Astrobytes: Code Royale

Default avatar.png JBM: yikes

Astrobytes: What a mess of a bot I made :D

Astrobytes: hey JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: hey Astrobytes

Gabbek: I really like that you can learn so many things. I used to be very active on codewars - but I got bored after solving 4k+ exercises; it was much more like just doing easy stuff rather than interesting like on codingame

Gabbek: But I truly appreciate that there's so many different ones for those who look for something else :) math-related euler page is awesome, love it - even though I really struggle there :D

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's definitely got an edge on other sites in some respects

Astrobytes: (CG that is)

Gabbek: Code Royale - Astrobytes, is that the one where you control two heroes against the other player?

Astrobytes: Gabbek: No, it's the one with the queens, knights, mines and towers


Gabbek: ohh, right - maybe I'll find some motivation to try further with that one :D

Astrobytes: 2 heroes against the other player, what's that? Botters of the Galaxy?

jacek: ultimate tic tac toe

Gabbek: I usually hit gold and move onto the next exercise / contest - but it never seems to stop, too much interesting puzzles. I'm hoping I'll learn some java after c#, would like to create a puzzle or two for others to enjoy

Astrobytes: You don't need Java skills to make puzzles unless you use the SDK (non-visual versus visual that is)

Gabbek: I remember trying Smash the Code one day - had a really hard time with it due to, hmm, "accessibility" of that contest? I gave up in wood 1 :D

Gabbek: multi*, not contest, whoops

Astrobytes: Everything becomes accessible at some point in your learning ;)

Astrobytes: People get scared off with a lot of the multis but you can get really far without even knowing much in the way of specialised search algos etc

Gabbek: that's very true :) What's your favorite contest so far? From the multis I've tried I think it would be legends of code & magic - probably because I used to play some heartstone in the past and found it somewhat familar; the cooking one would be my #2, really liked ocean of code as well.

Gabbek: I think it's all about finding a way to make it enjoyable for yourself, regardless of results - as long as you learn something, it's a net positive, I think

Gabbek: but surely it's "scary", just like a lot of people don't play ranked games in multiplayer games for similar reason :D

Astrobytes: You did pretty well in LoCam and OOC right? I wasn't keen on either of those :D I really enjoyed A Code of Ice & Fire

Astrobytes: Oh and I *hated* the cooking one :D

Astrobytes: Not as much as I disliked the PacMan one but it was very 'meh' for me!

Hjax: im still kicking myself for all of the contests i missed because codingames UI scared me away years ago

Astrobytes: And yes, you have a good attitude Gabbek, learning and a healthy dose of fun on the way

Astrobytes: Same Hjax, though just my not noticing rather than the UI (or maybe that was the reason I didn't notice, it was grim back then lol)

Gabbek: Currently my python bot is #1 in LoCam, #10 overall, probably my best result so far, in Ice&Fire I see I'm last now, probably because .net core change - should change that soon, I guess :D it was around 20-30ish if I remember correctly. But I guess I should join some contest regardless of everything - if just so to share the strategy I've used, since I've learned so much by reading other people's postmortems.

Gabbek: Hjax - I can't recall how it used to look back in the day, but it seems some people indeed had this problem

Hjax: easily the most clunky UI design ive seen on a website

Astrobytes: You should definitely join! It's a great atmosphere in the chat and really good fun

Hjax: its much better now

Astrobytes: Yeeep

jacek: eeyup

Astrobytes: (didn't wanna steal your catchphrase jacek)

jacek: its not mine

Astrobytes: it is on here

Gabbek: I rarely talk/write on forum - rather silent person in general, but it's really great community and it's a pleasure to speak to you guys!

jacek: i never use forum

Astrobytes: yes you do

Gabbek: but I must admit - CG has a very positive effect on me. I play a lot of video games and lately... I'm just getting bored of it - I would rather struggle with one of the exercises :D

Astrobytes: It is a great community Gabbek, one of the best features of CG

Zenoscave: Gabbek do you know SihardOussama

Hjax: @Gabbek I love discussing contests, and will be in chat for a lot of the upcoming one I imagine, feel free to shoot me a PM if you want to talk some strategy during the contest :)

ZarthaxX: Gabbek we are gud ppl

Hjax: a wild ZarthaxX appeared

Zenoscave: Pewpew

Zenoscave: Hiya zarthie

ZarthaxX: heyo Hjax

Astrobytes: Hjax mining for tips already

ZarthaxX: mah man zenopew

Gabbek: Zenoscave doesn't ring a bell, unfortunately. But maybe if I would see the icon then I would know :D for some reason icons are easier to remember, atleast initially

Astrobytes: Zarthoutofthedarkness

ZarthaxX: what the f

Hjax: @Gabbek same profile picture as you, thats why he asked

Zenoscave: It's the same profile

Zenoscave: *picture

Zenoscave: ^ what Hjax said

Gabbek: ohh, I see - well it's from darker than black (anime), so I guess there might be some people using it

Zenoscave: Interesting

Gabbek: but I think ZarthaxX profile picture is the most known out of all :D

Hjax: ive seen a ton of anime, but i havent seen darker than black yet

Hjax: ive heard its good though

Zenoscave: ZarthaxX what's your picture from

Astrobytes: It's Zarth Vader

Gabbek: Hjax most people say that first season is good and 2nd one is worse, if you like nice fighting animation then you would probably enjoy it

Zenoscave: The bear?

Astrobytes: (it's not really)

derjack: cat?

Hjax: theres lots of anime profile pictures on this site, i had one until i joined the cat army

Astrobytes: #catpower

Zenoscave: Catpower is diminished as it isn't caturday

Skynse: meow

Astrobytes: It's Chews-day

Zenoscave: Like chew toys? Like dogs?

derjack: chomusuke

Gabbek: Hjax regarding tactics and contests - sure, will definitely poke you. Do you use discord as well? More than happy to talk about some multis if you would like to as well.

Astrobytes: My cats chew all sorts of things, one has real pica and chews plastic

Hjax: yeah im in the CG discord

derjack: thereis cg discord

Hjax: i havent played a ton of multis, mostly just ones for unofficial contests

Zenoscave: I have a feeling this'll be a great contest

Astrobytes: Think most of us are on the CG discord

Hjax: platinum rift 2, code of kutulu

Hjax: didnt end up playing code of ice and fire, was busy that week

Scarfield: there was a unofficial contest for plat rift 2?

Astrobytes: I hope your feeling is correct Zeno!

Hjax: there was, the one thibpat ran

Astrobytes: Yes Slowoffthemarkfield

Scarfield: chewstroBytes

Astrobytes: :D

Scarfield: i missed that one then :'(

Astrobytes: Hjax I seem to recall you telling me you were lazy not busy :D

Zenoscave: Astrobytes ready for a cooking witch version of CaLM ?

Zenoscave: ;)

Hjax: no no no, i was busy some days and lazy the others

Scarfield: but then again didnt even submit for the last one Coif

Astrobytes: :D

Gabbek: when it comes to easiest multi I think the title would go to Tower Dereference :D

Astrobytes: lol Zenoscave, hell on Earth

Zenoscave: That's me!

Scarfield: Hansel & Gretel recipies

Hjax: basically i was busy the first week, and then wasnt motivated during the week, and then the contest was almost over by that point

Hjax: first weekend*

Zenoscave: is there another unofficial currently?

Hjax: one just ended not too long ago

Hjax: next contest of any fashion is the official one in two weeks

Scarfield: HYPE !

inoryy: rookie mistake to be busy on first weekend

Astrobytes: I tried to pick some low hanging fruit but ultimately lost a few places. Couldn't be assed to rewrite contest code

Zenoscave: hey inoryy long time

inoryy: hello!

Hjax: inoryy are you going to play the contest?

Astrobytes: evening inoryy

inoryy: I'll probably do the usual

Gabbek: evening :)

Astrobytes: first weekend and quit?

inoryy: try to get as far as I can within 1 weekend and then pretend I'm too busy the rest of the contest

Scarfield: xD

Zenoscave: inoryy What is your bet on fog of war?

Scarfield: you have "moved" a lot :p

Gabbek: that's one way to go about it :D

inoryy: no idea, haven't even looked at the hints or anything; going completely blind

Zenoscave: there's hints!?!?!

Astrobytes: Zelda, witches

inoryy: well now you've ruined it

Zenoscave: we were over this. right

Hjax: lol rip inoryy

Zenoscave: sorry inorry

inoryy: literally unplayable

Astrobytes: :P

Zenoscave: well the type of witch can still be a surprise

Gabbek: might as well not sign up with so much knowledge already :D

inoryy: right?

Zenoscave: queue astro ruining the type

Hjax: just write your bot now, you already basically know the spec

Zenoscave: Throw back to recurse during crystal rush

inoryy: lol

Astrobytes: Probably a smokescreen for some FOW fighter plane sim anyway, don't worry

Scarfield: at least there hasnt been a replay shared.. im slow

Zenoscave: Scarfield are you searching?

Hjax: oh right we did have a crystal rush replay early didnt we

Hjax: i totally forgot about that

inoryy: first person CSB

ZarthaxX: Gabbek my profile pic is common? what

ZarthaxX: lol

Astrobytes: lol inoryy

Scarfield: wasnt it patrickMc.. who spoiled it?

Zenoscave: ZarthaxX if you were a pokemon you'd be a slowpoke

ZarthaxX: the bear is frm itnernet

ZarthaxX: the hat is edited

Astrobytes: FRM ITNERNET

ZarthaxX: Zenoscave pikachu :P

Gabbek: ZarthaxX not common, just known - as in popular, I've seen it being mentioned just about anywhere, on forums, on discord, often in the chats :D

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes lemme be

Astrobytes: ;) <3

Hjax: the bear is actually wearing an eyepatch in the photo already, only the hat is photoshopped

ZarthaxX: patch also is photoshoped

ZarthaxX: lol

Hjax: shhhhh

Astrobytes: I like Zartho's github pic better

ZarthaxX: imagine poor bear

ZarthaxX: that dogo is ded

Astrobytes: I know, but nice dogo

Zenoscave: always a good dogo

Scarfield: 11/10

Zenoscave: they're good dogs brent

Gabbek: I don't know any bad dogo, do they exist?

ZarthaxX: it was an amazing dogo

ZarthaxX: ;(

Hjax: the cat in my profile picture will be 19 in a month

Zenoscave: nope

inoryy: is that from potc contest?

Scarfield: My mom has a dog that was born dead, but they managed to revive it. Its kind of brain damaged, but still a very good dogo

Astrobytes: Ah he's a legend Hjax

Zenoscave: potc?

inoryy: pirates of the carribbean

Astrobytes: Pirates of the .. nvm

inoryy: bear with an eye patch and pirate hat

Zenoscave: ah right. couldn't think of that one

Zenoscave: holy butter nuts. Have people been actively playing CSB?

Astrobytes: promotion happening again?

Zenoscave: ecurse is at 59.88. did the penguin even get that high?

Zenoscave: I might be the slowpoke

inoryy: yeah there's been a bunch of activity in #ru

Gabbek: Scarfield that's great news that he got saved! Mine always was afraid of cats... there's one lady who would always walk with her black cat on the leash :D

Zenoscave: MK active again?

Astrobytes: Top CSB is now NN dominated Zeno

Scarfield: yea he is sometimes

Astrobytes: And yeah he's around again now

Scarfield: and yea, its super cute, and extra derpy :)

Gabbek: Hjax ohh, you're a starcraft player - interesting. I'm "starcraft watcher" on youtube :D

Egrace: Hi everyone! Can somebody give me some tips how to solve Mars Lander? I mean what approach will be easy enough to use to solve 2nd chapter?

Scarfield: wait till you meet nerchio then Gabbek

Hjax: no dont take this away from me

Hjax: stop

Zenoscave: Almost made legend in ruby no tricks

Astrobytes: aw bless him Scarfield, had a friend with a similarly brain damaged cat, was the sweetest little thing but needed brushed constantly, couldn't look after himself properly

Hjax: Nerchio is only 100x better than me at starcraft :P

Astrobytes: :D

Hjax: my claim to fame is that i beat alphastar a few times

inoryy: and it never recovered since

Hjax: lol

Zenoscave: what's alphastar

Hjax: deepminds starcraft agent

Gabbek: Egrace hello, hmm - easy enough approach for Mars Lander, now that's a bit of a pickle for me :D

Astrobytes: "what's alphastar" :o

Zenoscave: loop{puts "0 3\n0 4"}

Zenoscave: I'm awful at keeping up with ML stuff

Egrace: :grimacing:

Hjax: alphastar is quite good, although not better than the best humans

Astrobytes: yet . . .

Default avatar.png cg000: see almost beat it in ruby.

Hjax: i dont think they are working on it anymore, so my title is safe

Default avatar.png cg000: gold i mean

Gabbek: if I'm not mistaken it was hell of expensive and they discontinued it, right?

Hjax: well, they accomplished what they set out to do

Hjax: and published their paper

Gabbek: aye, that's for sure :)

inoryy: :zipper_mouth:

Astrobytes: Nerchio is the next evolution of alphastar, and now he competes in bot programming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Zenoscave: nerchio are you a bot

Hjax: ive never played nerchio in starcraft, but no doubt he would destroy me

Gabbek: Astrobytes ohh, really? Didn't know that

Zenoscave: Do you know Automaton2000?

Astrobytes: nice inoryy, look forward to it

Automaton2000: will have to play with me

Astrobytes: just kidding Gabbek!!

Gabbek: Astrobytes and I was about to ask for some link, darn it :D

Gabbek: I felt for it so easily :P

Hjax: ive beaten players of nerchios level, although not many times

inoryy: wait what are you looking forward to, Astrobytes?

Astrobytes: The things you zippermouthed at inoryy

Zenoscave: GPT3 is cool though amirite

Hjax: AutomatonGPT when?

Zenoscave: oh god

Scarfield: yea, it seems crazy

Zenoscave: the world is ready

inoryy: haha I wouldn't hold my breath Astrobytes

Scarfield: cant wait for it to ping euler with better jokes

Astrobytes: Ah, OK. Fair enough :)

Zenoscave: What do you get if you cross a highway in a wheel barrow

Astrobytes: lol Scarfield

Zenoscave: run over.

Scarfield: lol

Astrobytes: ...

Zenoscave: You can thank euler for that one

Astrobytes: Atrocious.

Astrobytes: Always the best kind of joke.

Zenoscave: did you know you can't run in a campground

Gabbek: it's one of those moments when I know that I need to improve my english, because I don't know like 2 words and I don't know if I should laugh or not :D

Zenoscave: you can only ran. it's passed tents

Hjax: i got tricked for a while by an article written by GPT-3

Scarfield: sigh xD

Astrobytes: FFS Zeno

Hjax: took me a few paragraphs before i realized it was kind of off

Astrobytes: :rofl:

inoryy: what's funny is to keep stumbling on conspiracy theories about whether this or that barcode is AlphaStar, some people are *really* convinced too

Zenoscave: what is barcode

Hjax: people who name themselves IIIIIIIIIIII

Hjax: to hide their real name

Gabbek: basically a blank name

Zenoscave: ah

Astrobytes: that's a thing?

Gabbek: in starcraft, yeah :)

Astrobytes: I was totally thinking actual barcodes

Hjax: yeah, enough people do it that its hard to tell them apart

Hjax: so you get anonymous accounts basically

Astrobytes: Man I'm out of the SC loop these days

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: here too

inoryy: AlphaStar played under barcodes too

Hjax: people sniffed out one of its accounts pretty fast

Gabbek: haven't seen it being utilized in starcraft broodwar though - so I guess it's only because AlphaStar used to play under barcodes

inoryy: not really, took 5 days until first one iirc

Hjax: nah barcodes happened long before alphastar

inoryy: first games were on Friday and first reddit thread was late Tuesday

Scarfield: well it only really works if more than one does it

Hjax: someone beat alphastar and said "gg alphastar" at the end

Hjax: made me laugh

inoryy: yeah I remembed that one : D

Hjax: a zerg player who beat alphastar terran with a nydus

inoryy: beasty "lost" twice lol

inoryy: failed a cannon rush and the instaquit the next game

Hjax: beasty threw super hard

Hjax: he should have won that cannon rush game

Gabbek: beasty had a funny series about pretending to be alphastar

Hjax: alphastar final never really solved cannon rush, which is why i could beat it

Hjax: i think i could have beaten it on my own mouse / keyboard, the terran looked especially mortal

inoryy: terran was weakest, yeah

Gabbek: while we're on topic of bots - what are your initially thoughts what would be useful in ? Initially I thought that going deep would yield quite good results, but from my testing it didn't really do as well as I thought it would

inoryy: which is funny because it was the strongest for most of the training run

Hjax: the protoss one had really great micro

Hjax: the zerg one just liked that ravager all in

Hjax: boy did it like that ravager all in

Gabbek: building placement was a real biggie for alphastar

Gabbek: if there's one thing I remember the most about its' terran playstyle :D

inoryy: mid one failed spectacularily a few games, final was ok at placement

Hjax: i wonder how many times final lost at blizzcon

Hjax: since there were some mid agents mixed in

inoryy: < 10 iirc

Hjax: oriol confirmed that my first win (and advanced's first defeat in general) was vs final

Hjax: and i know serral was playing against it in his games

inoryy: couldn't go to blizzcon :(

Hjax: :(

Hjax: it was cool to meet a lot of the team

Hjax: i talked to Timo a lot

inoryy: yeah, they were quite happy about meeting everyone and how the event went

Hjax: when they announced the alphastar thing at the start of blizzcon

Hjax: i RAN there lol

Hjax: and spent most of blizzcon there

Hjax: #worthit

inoryy: haha

Astrobytes: That's rather awesome. Slightly OT but any joy with recruiting some SC2 botters?

Hjax: i havent asked yet, inorry and i are both admins in the sc2ai discord

Hjax: so im sure we can convince some people to play

Astrobytes: *force

Astrobytes: :P

inoryy: I vaguely hinted about it to Crypt but he didn't follow I think : D

Gabbek: interesting :D that must have been cool on blizzcon, never been on such a big event

inoryy: (not an admin there anymore btw)

Hjax: admin in spirit!

inoryy: alright, I'll take it :)

Astrobytes: transcended? :)

inoryy: well it was a wild run, when I joined initially there were less than 10 people and I had no idea how to do RL and only barely had experience with DL for that matter

Gabbek: I think one of the best AIs is probably AoE2HD? Bots are doing rather well against normal people and aren't cheating (sure - they don't stand a chance against pros, but in general it's pretty good)

Gabbek: RL / DL stands for?

inoryy: reinforcement learning / deep learning

Astrobytes: Reinforcement Learning/Deep Learning

Gabbek: ahh, right, thank you very much

Astrobytes: ugh, too slow

inoryy: too slow

Gabbek: haha

inoryy: bah

Astrobytes: Hah, vengeance

inoryy: lol

Gabbek: Astrobytes that capitalization made you lose the first one :P

Scarfield: afaik the AIs for aoe2 are written by the same one guy

Astrobytes: Can't help it Gabbek! :D

Scarfield: SpellStrobytes

Astrobytes: Grammarfield

Gabbek: Scarfield yeah I think so too, I think I remember it vaguely; spirit of the law made some video about the guy

Scarfield: yea i think thats where i heard it :)

Gabbek: I have quite bad memory, wish I would atleast remember more names!

Gabbek: I remember reading somewhere that Battle Brothers (if any of you know this game) uses MCTS, but I'm not sure if it's true - but it would be quite nice surprise :D

Scarfield: never heard of it, untill now i guess

Astrobytes: MCTS is used as part of some game AI decision making in some games so it's possible

Astrobytes: It's not like it's MCTS only though

Gabbek: I've only tried MCTS once, in UTTT, at first in python - either I did some mistakes or it was just really bad :D

Gabbek: slighty better in C#, but I should try to re-write in c++ one day, really enjoyable experience

Scarfield: python is too slow to get any useful statistics for UTTT from MCTS

Gabbek: by the way - any of you did some heavy website scrapping? What would be the best language for such a task?

Hjax: python has lots of libraries for that sort of thing i think

Astrobytes: you can get good results for MCTS in C#, better in C++ yes but still good enough

Astrobytes: python

Gabbek: I've got a working solution but I initially thought it would be around 3k requests... well - it's about 300k; guess it'll be time to learn some async then :D

Gabbek: just gonna share this lovely link if anyone would like to learn something new:

Gabbek: there's java, python and kotlin, as well as tons of learning materials

Gabbek: they are also giving out licences to all of their tools for personal use if you complete *no idea how much* content, which you might find useful :)

inoryy: yeah JB are great

inoryy: I'm considering buying a license even though I have it at work, just to support them

Astrobytes: Looks interesting!

Gabbek: inoryy I know the feeling, exactly what I did myself

Astrobytes: meh, having one of those days where I feel like I should change careers again

Astrobytes: Time to go offline methinks!

Gabbek: but I must say that I'm not using much of pro features :D I don't do any web development, pretty much

Gabbek: Astrobytes good night!

Astrobytes: gn Gabbek, nice chatting with you

inoryy: Astrobytes gn and hope tomorrow goes better!

inoryy: Gabbek, nice! if you ever decide to give C++ a go then their CLion IDE is really good


Gabbek: woot

Gabbek: is this what happens when your message is too long? :D

Gabbek: inoryy do you know any decent place for learning some c++?

ZarthaxX: inoryy my profile pic is from cotc, yes :P

ZarthaxX: late response

Gabbek: good night everyone!

Default avatar.png 26: gogoogogog


Laminator: come get Laminated

SPDene: Laminator use #clash for CoC invites

Laminator: It auto-posted there

Default avatar.png MC12345: I SAID GIRL WHY ARE YOU CALLIN

Default avatar.png MC12345: BANGER