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grateful_tomato: I think there is a problem with the C# backend. I'm playing and I get this error, which looks like it causes the player to die immediately "ERROR: object '' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored."

eulerscheZahl: known error, ignore it

eulerscheZahl: your crash on stream seems unrelated to the error you just pasted

grateful_tomato: ok, but somehow it looks like I die after this error. E.g. I start at 5 6, then the error happens, and next move I'm dead.

eulerscheZahl: try to print the whole stdin given to stderr and debug locally

eulerscheZahl: and hover your cursor over the tooltip in the replay timeline for more information

grateful_tomato: problem solved, was an infinite loop, thanks again eulerscheZahl. Now I'm first in the wood league :-)

jacek: happy Caturday

pharesmostafa: hi all

pharesmostafa: :)


pharesmostafa: 4

pharesmostafa: 3

pharesmostafa: 2

jacek: :c

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: how do i check if no input was provided c++?

Default avatar.png TatsuJoestar: "Display 0 (zero) if no temperatures are provided. Otherwise, display the temperature closest to 0."

Allis: @TatsuJoestar You can check whether the input stream is at EOF, but probably the problem actually provides 0 as the first line to indicate that there are no further inputs.

Default avatar.png dotaicode: hello world

Default avatar.png dotaicode: how to compete with friend

Default avatar.png dotaicode: ?

yamsunsee: chỗ clash of code có dấu ... á

yamsunsee: ông có tạo room private được đó

Default avatar.png dotaicode: ok

Default avatar.png dotaicode: thanks

AntiSquid: yamsunsee #VN

AntiSquid: or click username for PM please

yamsunsee: Why am I not allowed to answer here in my native language?

Default avatar.png Raper1798: How to use BOOST in coders strike back ?

MSmits: "BOOST"

MSmits: it says in the description

Default avatar.png Raper1798: invalid input. Expected 'x y power' but found '12027 5490 BOOST

MSmits: lemme check how i do it

Default avatar.png Raper1798: its expecting power

MSmits: you know you can use boost only once right?

Default avatar.png Raper1798: yes

MSmits: does this error come on the first use?

Default avatar.png Raper1798: yes

MSmits: can you give me the line of code you use to output this?

MSmits: btw for anyone reading this. We went to PM. It was another of those: promotion -> input change thingies. They really should do something about it. Many new players run up against this

MSmits: nvm... was a different issue

MSmits: btw jacek. I'm testing the random move thingy on CG bench. Did a baseline yesterday and will be increasing randomness to the point where it starts to affect my bot too much. So I can find a sweet spot to properly fit params

MSmits: base:


MSmits: oh the paste is fixed! Yay

MSmits: hmm I am exactly one "e" beyond saying someting profound about time travel

zTTK: bruh

MSmits: bruh backatcha

zTTK: i will jutsu u :<<<

MSmits: scary

YurkovAS: MSmits do you have some bonus\penalty in bandas? Stuck and can't understand how to improve: continue search bonus\penalty or increase performance (bitboards play same as byteboard).

MSmits: it's actually completely vanilla mcts

MSmits: no eval, just loss/draw/win

MSmits: however, I do have an endgame DB and high performance

MSmits: basically, any board that is 12 squares or smaller, is looked up for L/D/W

MSmits: so 3x4, 6x2 at most

Default avatar.png i_iMatt: hey

MSmits: the endgame db got me from rank 7 to rank 2

YurkovAS: MSmits about performance: how many rollouts \ sims in first or second move?

MSmits: Let me go check, sec

MSmits: Rollouts: 55808 in second turn

MSmits: turn 1 is bad comparison, because i lose some time calculating endgame db

MSmits: one rollout is 4 sims btw

YurkovAS: MSmits thanks!

MSmits: oh just to be clear. I calculate the end gam db in game, not offline

MSmits: so it's not some massive string or anything

MSmits: takes me 66 ms in 1st turn

MSmits: you might think I could generate a bigger one, but after 12 squares, comes 14 squares and that's 10x bigger and not particularly interesting (7x2)

MSmits: ohhh

MSmits: i just noticed i do calculate it offline it seems

MSmits: i am confused with oware

MSmits: then it's the string limitation that stops me from doing 14 squares

MSmits: lol... I was looking at my code and thinking: "why is there Chinese in there"

YurkovAS: :smile:

MSmits: it's interesting, in some games you get a bigger db by doing it in the 1st second and in some games it's better done offline

MSmits: cpu vs storage size I suppose

YurkovAS: for strings we may use one big chars pool. each string store in this pool in c-style (with null ending). and in db use char* (unordered_map<char*, uint8_t>). i'm used this approach in some contest. new string allocation is very fast

MSmits: the problem is the codesize

MSmits: in oware i store around 10 million seed counts

MSmits: there's no way you can store this in 100k characters

MSmits: in Bandas I store L/W/D results that use less than 2 bit each, so i can store more.

MSmits: to be exact, I store 10 L/W/D results in 1 character

MSmits: only use 20-30k characters total, for my 12 square DB. If I were to try 14 squares, it would take around 200k characters

MSmits: gtg visitors today

starmaq: is there any way to get the link to a challenge you did on clash of code

LastRick: Try this site created by EulerscheZahl:

jacek: mhm

Default avatar.png SnAp: why is it asking after every round about 'not a robot confirmation' ?

jacek: youre clash addict


AntiSquid: use for captchas it's part of the clash challenge :P

AntiSquid: SnAp

Default avatar.png SnAp: :thumbsup:

Presac: How do you approve or reject a contribution?

eulerscheZahl: reach lvl20 for puzzles or play 50 clashes to moderate a clash contribution. then go to

zTTK: does anyone know if i can disable noti's for when anyone accepts or rejects any contribution?


Presac: It is because I have reached that point I'm asking. Just don't see anywhere to actually do it.

eulerscheZahl: namely "Enable community contributions notifications" but all are better set OFF

eulerscheZahl: Presac try a contribution that doesn't have a WIP in the title


eulerscheZahl: you might miss those two buttons. level up and you'll unlock them

Presac: ah, apparently I have only been looking at ones that was wip

eulerscheZahl: the purpose is that you see some puzzles and know how a good contribution should look like

PkZ: Does anyone possibly know how to deal with a gradient exercise where you have multiple points and you have to rearrange them?

eulerscheZahl: WIP = work in progress author wants to get some feedback but not ready yet

PkZ: Or if a name for something similar even exists

Presac: Does red text in chat mean a whisper or something?

eulerscheZahl: red = your name was mentioned

eulerscheZahl: only red for you

eulerscheZahl: Presac => red

Presac: ok. good to know

eulerscheZahl: also: you can autocomplete eul[tab] => eulerscheZahl

Presac: eulerscheZahl

Presac: smart

Presac: Do the "Win three reverse clashes" only start counting after you reach that point?

eulerscheZahl: no, works all the time

Presac: Apparently I'm bad at reverse. Only 1/(50+) won...

Presac: And that was some n*n*m solution

icecream17: i just made up a very bad pun

aabbccsmith: Hey

wyattsell: hi

Default avatar.png yusuf007: Hello

Default avatar.png yusuf007: I'm new in development

Default avatar.png yusuf007: can you guys help me with logic

Default avatar.png yusuf007: I want to build my logic

icecream17: uh.. you mean the idea of logic or some "thing"?

Default avatar.png yusuf007: Hmmm... How can I explain it

icecream17: do you mean you want to improve your logic

Default avatar.png yusuf007: yes

Default avatar.png yusuf007: right

Default avatar.png yusuf007: skils

icecream17: ive never reasearch that before wait a second

Default avatar.png yusuf007: okay waiting....

Default avatar.png yusuf007: btw thanks

Presac: A good start is searching about 'and' and 'or'

Harrogin: Logic puzzles are a fun way to learn

icecream17: great answers here yusuf007

icecream17: i guess just do stuff that requires logic

Default avatar.png yusuf007: wow thats right

Default avatar.png yusuf007: Thanks bro @iceream17

icecream17: i think presac and harrogin put the better answers

Default avatar.png yusuf007: Ohh sorry Just read those messages

Default avatar.png yusuf007: Thanks harrogin and presac

Default avatar.png yusuf007: harrogin I think your right let me try one of the puzzle game

Matrix007: what does this mean and why does this happen?An error occurred (#705): "You are not allowed to access to this solution".

icecream17: logic puzzles are actually a game but there's other ones too, like sudoku and nongrams. coding somewhat...

icecream17: matrix what did you do beforehand

icecream17: usually you can access solutions to a puzzle when you have solved the puzzle already

Matrix007: no it was not mine

Matrix007: it was on coc

Presac: Are there a way to see stats from all clashes you have participated in?

Matrix007: anthers guy code i wanted to see

icecream17: oh, they have to click

icecream17: some button that lets other people view their solution

icecream17: wait

Matrix007: no i see VIEW CODE but now its not a problem

Matrix007: i am able to see

icecream17: ohh

icecream17: hmm, guess something with the server, idk

Default avatar.png midoo: Hello there

Skynse: Just solved one problem except, everyone got either 80% or 60%

Skynse: probably a problem with one of the test cases

AntiSquid: clash? reverse? everyone got it wrong then imo

Skynse: it was a clash, but a non reverse one

Default avatar.png GreatPanda03: tfw you know what to do in a reverse clash

Skynse: lol

Skynse: Most of the time I can solve those, but sometimes I just bail because I have no idea what to do

AntiSquid: i doubt it's the puzzle, but you can report it on the forums .

Skynse: cool bio quote

LastRick: Skynse: do you remember the puzzle, if so we can probably look it up

AntiSquid: ya thanks trying to remember something more catchy from a sci-fi book i've read

Skynse: I dont remember the name of the puzzle, but it had to do with raising the last digit of a number Nto a power P

Skynse: N to a power P*

LastRick: Is this it?

Skynse: yeah that was it actually

Skynse: ok I see why I got 80 now

LastRick: Glad to help

Skynse: the process timed out meaning my code was inefficient

Skynse: lol print(str(n**p)[-1]) is pretty inefficient

AntiSquid: kinda lame puzzle imo, you need to know some of the power tricks when you're in a rush .

LastRick: One change I would like to see in the submission page is perhaps clarifying why you missed a problem. Instead of it saying 80% and turning the option red, why not replace the title with TimeOut or incorrect? Would be a lot more informative.

AntiSquid: agree with visual's comment lol ... where is visual, haven't seen him in a long time#

Skynse: broooo, I forgot I was in a clash

AntiSquid: if you get a mini leaderboard with % at the end it's clash .

AntiSquid: < 15 min timer ? = clash

Skynse: dang, this one was easy af

AntiSquid: ya if you know the trick already it is easy .

Skynse: This one was about some chocolate bars and the minimum number of times it could be divided

Skynse: where m*n is the dimension of the bar

LastRick: Whats the title?

Skynse: I don't remember lol

Skynse: Do you guys have calculators by your side when solving puzzles?

AntiSquid: you can use your OS calculator no?

Skynse: That's too slow for me

Skynse: I mean clashofcode puzzles btw

Skynse: tfw you get 0% in a clash because of a typo

Skynse: I worked so hard on that dict and and didn't check for errors(which would be a comma instead of a column)

Majeck: Hellooo

Skynse: whatsup

Majeck: If someone could help me with using the Stub Generator that would be cool

Majeck: (Ideally someone that's used it a lot before)

Majeck: I need to create a loop that loops N times and reads two ints separated by a space on one line and THEN reads a new string

Majeck: I'd like it look like this for python: for i in range(N):

 a, b = [int(j) for j in input().split()]
 line = input() 

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: hey im relatively new to programming. Since a lot of you seem pretty experienced, would you say doing the puzzles or clash of code is more beneficial? Thanks

Majeck: Oh, no pastebin?

Burritos33: Rohana, start with some puzzles to get the basics down. You can see results better.

Majeck: I agree with Burritos33

Skynse: I prefer clashofcode, but puzzles are really fun for interactive challenges

Majeck: Start with some easy puzzles first then move on to medium puzzles or CoC

LastRick: Rohan: The puzzles are going to give you more time (more than 15 minutes) to work. So you'll get to learn the code at your speed. The downside is you can't see the solution code until you solve it. So feel free to ask for help here if you're stuck.


AntiSquid: works lol

LastRick: I completely agree with Majeck: Easy, then start mixing in CoC with medium

Burritos33: But once you get some basics going, try some CoC indeed. Its easy and fun!

LastRick: Yep, I do CoC as a change of pace break when I'm stuck on a puzzle, they're pretty fun

Skynse: I like the puzzles way more however since they are visual

Skynse: gonna solve the escaping the cat one right now to rank up

Skynse: I came up with a literal showerthought solution

LastRick: Sounds about right, always when you're doing something else

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: Thanks for the help

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: Ill try some of those puzzles

Skynse: haha broo wtf, my shower idea actually worked, but the cat and mouse just move in circles lol since the cat is faster

Majeck: Yeah, the answer is more complicated than just move to the opposite side from the cat

Majeck: sadly

Skynse: yup

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: so about how long have you guys been programming for

Skynse: almost 5 years

zTTK: 2-3 years

inoryy: 10 years

Skynse: dang

jacek: meow

Skynse: so random

jacek: its still Caturday

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: dang nice

LastRick: Many many years.

Majeck: zTTK same, 2-3 years

jacek: pump those number up

Majeck: Doing so one day at a time

jacek: do it faster

Majeck: Oof, don't have my time machine with me

Majeck: Maybe Doc Brown can help me

inoryy: rookie mistake

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: lol

Majeck: In any case has anyone here worked with the input generator before?

Majeck: I'm literally on the border of tears because I can't do a simple thing lol

Majeck: Maybe I'll go mad who knows?

jacek: stub generator?

Majeck: Yeah, for puzzles and contributions you use a special sort of pseudocode to generate the input stub

jacek: its pretty straightforward, isnt it

Majeck: I just need to read two different lines in the same loop

Majeck: And I haven't figured out how yet

Majeck: I need it to generate something like: for i in range(N):

  a = input()
  b = input()

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: does anyone else keep getting security checks after doing a puzzle or clash or code?

LastRick: "its pretty straightforward, isnt it" HAH! Literal lol. That thing is the reason I've yet to submit a single puzzle. Every time I look at it, I think, not today, Satan.

Majeck: Or in C#:

zapakh: I get security checks on every clash if I play a whole, whole lot.

Majeck: Hey! Pastebin detected it this time!

Majeck: Nie

Majeck: *Nice

Majeck: It's not even my own puzzle that needs this, I volunteered to help out someone else (boy do I regret it lol)

Skynse: lol

CHackerBoy: try the live stream clashes - great fun

Unkmar: And they do NOTHING for you leaderboard status.

chinoto: I found it fun to, not everything is about status :P

chinoto: I found it fun too, not everything is about status :P

chinoto: That is not an edit function...

icecream17: yes!!!!

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: sorry im pretty new to programming can someone please tell me what's wrong with this: if l in ["olzeasgtb"]: whenever i try with just ["o"] or just any singular letter it returns true

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: and i thought the in operator could check for substrings in a string but i may be wrong

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: Thanks

Majeck: You don't need to make the string a list

Metanoob: if l in "olzeasgtb":

Majeck: if I in "olzeasgtb":

Majeck: Lol

Metanoob: :p

Majeck: Yep, that's the problem

Majeck: Cause if you do ["abc"] then the "in" operator will only check if I == "abc"

Majeck: An open question to the CG community:

What's your opinion on the statement: "Python shouldn't be the first language you learn."

Majeck: Do you agree, disagree, and why?

LastRick: I think it depends on why you code. It seems these days Python is dominating numerical problems but if I'm developing mobile apps, probably wouldn't start with python.

Skynse: To be honest, I use python for most of what I do because it has readily available in-built libraries that make a lot of tasks easy and not in requirement of from-scratch algorithms. However, if I'm looking for speed, I'll throw python away for the task lol

123456789LL: Hi

123456789LL: wowowowoo

123456789LL: Trecrvtbyunmiko,mikjuhdgum

Majeck: HI 123456789LL

Majeck: Nice name

Skynse: A bit sus don't you say

Majeck: Vote 123456789LL

Majeck: I saw him vent

Allis: I saw him doing the murder task.

Majeck: LOL

Default avatar.png VusalShahbazade: Hi, I am new here. How I can go to the next boss, I have defeated current boss and got on top of ranking on areana.

Majeck: Allis is the other imposter no cap

Majeck: VusalShahbazade what game?

Skynse: bruh

Default avatar.png VusalShahbazade: coders strike back

Majeck: I'm rubbish at that game, but almost anyone else here can help you

Majeck: Consider slowing down before you reach a checkpoint, that's as far as I could get lol

Skynse: lol, the current puzzle on coc is one involving poker

Skynse: I haven't played poker before

Majeck: Nooooo, I love poker, why didn't I click play again ;(

Default avatar.png VusalShahbazade: Before it was kinda automatical, It was just skipping to next boss when you get some results in arena

Skynse: Im out lol, poker isn't my thing

Default avatar.png VusalShahbazade: Idk is this end of the game?

Default avatar.png VusalShahbazade: I am on boss 4

Majeck: Up and to the left it should say your league

Majeck: And your ranking

Skynse: when you see a community success rate less than 70%, you know you're in for a ride

Majeck: You need to get to be like in the top 5 of your league AND beat the boss in order to ascend

Default avatar.png VusalShahbazade: bronze league, rank 1/25,319

Majeck: Praise be to you, I could never get out of bronze

Majeck: Just wait a little

Majeck: In 30 minutes you'll receive the update

Majeck: it's not instantaneous

Default avatar.png VusalShahbazade: K thanks a lot, gotta check tomorrow, gotta sleep now. Bye

Majeck: Skynse I disagree, a lot of really easy puzzles have community success rates of less than 70%, especially the beginner ones.

Allis: @Skynse Aww, it was a really simplified version and Python's sorted() is clever enough to make it pretty straightforward.

Skynse: Im pretty sleep tbh, so I just decided to bail out

Allis: Fair enough.

Majeck: Now I feel even worse for skipping the poker clash knowing that Allis programmed it

Allis: I didn't?

Majeck: I love your clashes XD

Skynse: wut

Majeck: Oh

Majeck: Lol

Skynse: imagine playing your own clash

Majeck: I have, it's awesome

Skynse: I should solve more classic puzzles

Skynse: I coc too much lol

Allis: It's good to strike a balance.

Skynse: But I'm in a better position thatn 3 years ago

Skynse: Before, I couldn't solve the simplest of problems on my own

Majeck: Allis I misunderstood your comment, so I thought you had made the clash, sorry lol

Allis: Ah, okay; no worries.

Skynse: So what applications have you guys made?

Skynse: My current one is a text editor

Majeck: Skynse Yeah same thing, I joined around 2018 and I'm appalled and impressed at the same time by how I coded

Allis: I had considered submitting a Clash puzzle like Project Euler #54, but probably too much for fifteen minutes.

Skynse: ...

Majeck: I remember the temperature puzzle took me days to complete way back when and it was super complicated over 60 lines hahaha

Allis: @Skynse Have you implemented wrapping yet?

Skynse: The text editor engine handles that for me

Allis: Well, that's just cheating.

Skynse: lol

Majeck: Right now I'm developing an app for a friend (and school)

Skynse: what can I say, I was still learning c++ and qt5

Skynse: but it's fun to implement things that have already been implemented

Majeck: I coded it in Java using Swing (How I regret not learning C# GUI) and so far it can communicate with a database to handle his' students grades

Skynse: Java feels like lava for me when I use it to be honest

Majeck: Different courses, different tests, different grading styles, all that sweet stuff

Skynse: different languages have different feels for me

Majeck: Skynse I HATE Java

Skynse: lol, I dumped java 4 years ago

Majeck: Well only in locker room talk

Majeck: Cause I love C# and C# is identical to Java lol

Majeck: It's like liking one twin sister over the other hahahah

Skynse: C++ feels lightning fast and native, python feels like a rusty cog, java feels like hot coffee (see what I did there)

Majeck: Nice

Skynse: I refer to python as a cog because well, bruh, you can't make native builds

Majeck: Skynse id you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

Majeck: *if

Skynse: dm

Majeck: Sure

Harrogin: C# is amazing for the string structure

Harrogin: Scanner in java is pretty annoying imo

Skynse: yeah

Majeck: Harrogin could you elaborate further?

MACKEYTH: Speaking of Scanner, I'm trying out using instead in code golf. Has anyone had any luck with that?

MACKEYTH: So far, it looks like catching IOException & the extra logic wipe out any character savings

Skynse: Java makes it really annoying to golf

MACKEYTH: Eh, at least you get to compete against other Java. Java = suicide in CoC.

Skynse: most people use python for CoC

Camto: Python and Ruby are mad good for CoC

Skynse: ruby is even better

Skynse: waaaay shorter solutions

MACKEYTH: Hm, I'll have to try that.

MACKEYTH: Have to learn ruby first.

Skynse: I once clashed with a ubisoft programmer

MACKEYTH: That's pretty cool. How'd you do?

Skynse: Well it was a normal clashofcode actually

Skynse: the problem was simpele

Skynse: simple*

Skynse: He's pretty active on this site

Skynse: Im going to solve the easy puzzles, then rank up from there

Skynse: I love how the puzzles lists the concepts that will be learned from solving them

Lachrymosa: Yea, I love this site and recommend it to anyone I come across interested in coding

grateful_tomato: I understand that the bots might be useful to make the clashes look like there are more real people, but in this clash there were 2 bots, and they didn't leave after real player came in (usually they leave when the 5th player joins). Is this a bug? Might be better to disable the bots anyway.

grateful_tomato: Once I started a clash with 3 other bots and no other real player, and started another clash before ending the bot clash, to get more people, might be a workaround :-)