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Xedux: @KiwiTae have you it's solution

KiwiTae: for each node u need to print its right and bottom neighbours or -1 -1 if they dont exist

Xedux: yeah i understand

Xedux: but not able to write the code in proper format

KiwiTae: can send me your code maybe i can check whats wrong with it hehe

Xedux: ok

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: hey im relatively new to programming i have learnt python and c, so I was wondering if I should learn Javascript or Java. Which do you think would be more useful. Thanks for the help!

KiwiTae: go for c# :D

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: Oh ok thanks lol


Deeps2104: why everyone here is using python or javascript even though c++ beats em all

eulerscheZahl: beat in regards to what? speed? code size?

eulerscheZahl: how easy it is to write it?

eulerscheZahl: use the right tool for the right problem. contests are usually dominated by C++

Deeps2104: ofc in speed dude

Deeps2104: Yupp i actually got the idea.For such easy stuff python is way more superior than c++ because of its library

eulerscheZahl: c++ all the way

eulerscheZahl: language potporee

Default avatar.png _Forever_: it's time to code!

thanhhv317: yeah

thanhhv317: what time is it

thanhhv317: in your country

eulerscheZahl: 7am

Default avatar.png _Forever_: 1pm

eulerscheZahl: soon logging off and switching to my office PC

Default avatar.png _Forever_: how to write a great AI

Deeps2104: yupp i see

MACKEYTH: OMG, Java, why?

MACKEYTH: Can't say "Hi" when "Greetings and salutations this fine morning, afternoon, or evening my good sir or madam"

MACKEYTH: would do

Trap-chan: hello everyone :D

DejaVu_0081: hello


Default avatar.png grrlic: test.. 1, 2, 3


Default avatar.png sid12123: blackpink in your area

AntiSquid: na na na


PaarthThePro: :grinning:

AntiSquid: PaarthThePro you get banned for that

AntiSquid: use

AntiSquid: use

PaarthThePro: :grimacing:

PaarthThePro: :upside_down:

AntiSquid: #clash channel .

PaarthThePro: :open_mouth:


PaarthThePro: :grinning:

Default avatar.png Corellcb: omg what a madlad

G-Rom: we just released a new page to highlight streamers (reload your page, it's at the top right). Very excited to see upcoming streams ;)

KiwiTae: G-Rom good job, feels dangerous to click this new button hehe

G-Rom: oh, you mean you're afraid to do immediate live stream by clicking it?

jrke: new lice button nice

jrke: live*

Marchete: noice

DomiKo: really nice

KiwiTae: G-Rom yes ><

KiwiTae: but I did click it :D noice feature

AntiSquid: G-Rom that's awesome!

AntiSquid: now other coding puzzle sites will probably do the same :joy:

AntiSquid: i will try to get a better connection for streams, wonder if people still watch if i go a bit slow though

G-Rom: let's try it ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: go go squiddie

AntiSquid: thibpat has a good stream imo, i mean the way he handles it

Illedan: Like that new Stream button :O Maybe I should try a stream now :thinking:

KiwiTae: Illedan u should hehe

Illedan: No idea what to stream, but I will stream the next contest I think

Default avatar.png JBM: just show us your tits

Default avatar.png JBM: that's what 90% o ftwitch views are about

Metanoob: mantits

Default avatar.png JBM: quit being so sexist

Metanoob: sry

Illedan: I'll think about it

AntiSquid: would you date a streamer girl JBM?

Default avatar.png JBM: that was unexpected

AntiSquid: i don't mean a normally dressed one

Default avatar.png JBM: let's say, not any less than any other girl

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't believe in discrimination

AntiSquid: one of those that just show off their looks and giggle for the thousands of fans

Default avatar.png JBM: where are you going with this?

AntiSquid: just asking

AntiSquid: nowhere

Default avatar.png Goldwave: wtf did i just walk in on

AntiSquid: we don't know what you do at home ...

jacek: i know, i work for the gov

jacek: you nasty boy

AntiSquid: jacek = NSA spy

Shrimpster: he didnt say what gov

AntiSquid: KGB

KiwiTae: CCP

Shrimpster: mi6

Westicles: la Sûreté

KiwiTae: hey does it get cold in France during winter? :/

AntiSquid: Spaz

AntiSquid: yes KiwiTae

KiwiTae: :scream: im gonna miss my island >,<

AntiSquid: how's china treating you ?

AntiSquid: western media doesn't cover much

Westicles: Still having those crazy air raid drills in Taipei? Almost made me miss my flight once

KiwiTae: hahah its not crazy we just do that every few months

AntiSquid: what flight? US army chopper Westicles ? hmmmmm

KiwiTae: we have military drills, so cannot go out for like 30min its no big deal

KiwiTae: CCP is bullying everyone in the south sea so theres that >,< as long as they dont invade us we gucci..

jrke: chinese army is also under india's border

jacek: oO

tibu: how to reverse module 5 and -1 to 400000003?

tibu: *reverse modulus

kill-code: hi

Default avatar.png Tanvirt073: nice joke

Olusola: hello world

kill-code: hi

Default avatar.png Tanvirt073: hello

Olusola: whose in the current clash?

KiwiTae: #Clash

kill-code: oh

Shrimpster: hello

Shrimpster: :D

kill-code: hi

Olusola: it's starting in less than 30 secs

Default avatar.png Tanvirt073: wanna play clash of code?

kill-code: cant

Default avatar.png Tanvirt073: why?

kill-code: i not good at codeing

Shrimpster: *sad noises*

Default avatar.png Tanvirt073: so what ? practice makes a man perfest

Default avatar.png Tanvirt073: perfect*

kill-code: oh

kill-code: ur right

Shrimpster: (and a woman lets not be sexist)

kill-code: #kiilcoodeown

Default avatar.png croraf: What is clash of code?

kill-code: idk

kill-code: join my chat

Shrimpster: a little competition to show and improve your coding skills

Default avatar.png Tanvirt073: yup sure

Default avatar.png croraf: ok im in

Default avatar.png croraf: it starts in 1min

pharesmostafa: hi all

Default avatar.png Remembered_Goodbye: hey guys, howd u do the mime type puzzle

_Lion_: hi

LeisureSkrellingtons: is there a way to turn off the 'special modes' in clash? like reverse etc.

Einwickler: LeisureSkrellingtons no there isn't

Default avatar.png Remembered_Goodbye: no i think its just random

LeisureSkrellingtons: ok, thanks

kill-code: hi

Default avatar.png Remembered_Goodbye: np

Ethaen: caca

AntiSquid: don't .

Default avatar.png ismail_enegadi: dd

kill-code: hi

eulerscheZahl: when was that LIVE box added to the top bar?

Astrobytes: today

eulerscheZahl: i see

eulerscheZahl: but i don't understand what the streamer is saying

Astrobytes: I've not checked the streamer

eulerscheZahl: CoC and loud music

Astrobytes: lol, how entertaining

kill-code: wyd

eulerscheZahl: how does that even work? does CG regularly poll twitch to see if there are streams?

G-Rom: yep

codeing: wesh

codeing: does it exist another platform fun like codingame ?

kill-code: ys

kill-code: a

codeing: kill-code what ?

kill-code: what

kill-code: why are you mean :sob:

Shrimpster: there is codechef or smthin like that

Default avatar.png VampiresKing: i dont think so their is other fun platform codiningame.this; . lol

Shrimpster: but I prefer cg too^^

eulerscheZahl: for classic textbased puzzles there are tons of other websites

eulerscheZahl: hackerrank, codeforces, codechef, spoj, ...

Default avatar.png VampiresKing: but this one is interactive

Astrobytes: project euler

eulerscheZahl: the interactive part of CodinGame however is pretty unique

Default avatar.png VampiresKing: agreed

Westicles: Let's get dbdr a carton of cigarettes and he can stream 2048 info

Astrobytes: yes, CG has the graphical aspect, multiplayers etc. Far more features than other sites

Default avatar.png VampiresKing: yeah

dbdr: Westicles, I don't smoke

eulerscheZahl: good decision

Astrobytes: Indeed

kill-code: smoke

Westicles: Okay, well this current guy is the only twitch I've watched. Dancing girls then?

darkhorse64: Coding girls only

eulerscheZahl: is KnittingDev still a thing?

kill-code: i am a girl

Astrobytes: hm, I just tuned in and he was googling 'square'

darkhorse64: Then you can stream

eulerscheZahl: she was streaming regularly when i was new to CG

Shrimpster: ahahaha

kill-code: maybe\

Westicles: dbdr, I was reading the ru chat. They all call you the 'monster'

kill-code: im dieing

dbdr: honored :D

Astrobytes: gotta add that to your bio now dbdr, 'a.k.a The Monster' :)

dbdr: lol

dbdr: you know russian Westicles?

darkhorse64: In Cyrillic

Astrobytes: haha yes

Westicles: no, just read the translation.

dbdr: dbdr он же Монстр

dbdr: looking for clues?

Astrobytes: It even looks good!

Westicles: Yeah, but it turns out we are doing the same thing. Considering we pretty much have exact same scores now

AntiSquid: there's a streamer, let's RAID

Astrobytes: ?

kill-code: i am streaming

eulerscheZahl: your lead is surprisingly persistent. without you i would say the maximum possible is somewhere around 59353k

dbdr: I didn't know that was the maximum

dbdr: that's how I beat it

eulerscheZahl: like the bumblebee who doesn't know that it can't fly

AntiSquid: game ?

dbdr: 2048

eulerscheZahl: meanwhile royale is climbing ranks at onitama. he keeps playing although the last few CP are quite hard to get compared to the effort needed. I think he likes the game :)

Astrobytes: oh you're 2nd now

dbdr: oh, gg on lvl 54 btw

eulerscheZahl: for a few days again

eulerscheZahl: lvl54 since yesterday

eulerscheZahl: minesweeper got approved

Astrobytes: ah that's why all the new contributions from you :P

AntiSquid: go faster! it's fast mode ! faster ! damn it lol

eulerscheZahl: if i was going for XP, i would create clashes

Astrobytes: hm, fair point

Default avatar.png Monstrux: hey Guys, quick question

how does this clash of code for beginners work? DO I have so solve only 1 problem or, theres more after you finish the first one?

AntiSquid: for clash how would you know the puzzle you want to make doesn't exist#

eulerscheZahl: you join and solve 1 problem

eulerscheZahl: then you can join again to solve the next

dbdr: now there are two puzzles both called Minesweeper :D

eulerscheZahl: and if you do that too often you have to solve a captcha

eulerscheZahl: i know dbdr. I just didn't care :D

Astrobytes: darkhorse64, dbdr: off-topic but what's the meta on Penguins? Just the usual minimax/MCTS-fest or anything special going on?

eulerscheZahl: there are almost 2 2048 as well

AntiSquid: and multiple bulls and caws

dbdr: Astrobytes: no Idea, I just have greedy I think

dbdr: depth 1

AntiSquid: nvm

darkhorse64: greedy, don't get pushed

Astrobytes: cool, thanks

dbdr: bulls and calves

darkhorse64: I could write a MCTS for two players but I don't know how handle 3,4 players. MaxN does not look too appealing

AntiSquid: @Coderbekka check BotG lol

Astrobytes: Yeah I was considering options and nothing looked overly appealing, or at least not worth the effort in terms of reward

darkhorse64: Waiting for GoTW magic to add 200 players

Astrobytes: lol yeah, hopefully


dbdr: let's see how CG deals with this link :D

Hjax: almost exactly three weeks until the fall contest :D

AntiSquid: wtf ^

AntiSquid: guy above hjax

Hjax: i sniped squids wtf

kill-code: lol

Astrobytes: it's the original 'monster' quote from ru AntiSquid

dbdr: I'm a monster cg apparently. maybe means cg monster?

Default avatar.png JBM: maybe it means you're scary to them

dbdr: I'm the monster under your bed when you switch off the lights at night

AntiSquid: but i sleep under the bed ...

AntiSquid: alone

AntiSquid: where's the monster

Hjax: dbdr is a giant, city destroying crab (rustacean)

Astrobytes: 'rustacean' :smile:


Hjax: thats what the rust community calls themselves

Hjax: rustaceans :D

Astrobytes: brilliant, I love it

Hjax: the mascot for rust is a crab called Ferris

Astrobytes: Like 'ferrous'?

Astrobytes: (iron, rust etc)

dbdr: probably, good catch!

Hjax: yep!

Astrobytes: Nice!

dbdr: original c2rust tool was call corrode

zapakh: That is awesome

Astrobytes: It wouldn't be right if there weren't multiple puns on the language name within a language community/toolchain

kill-code: #kiilcoodeown

Hjax: ?

dbdr: I guess 'cargo' is also in the industrial theme as a package manager and build tool

kill-code: it a chaat

kill-code: u can spam anything you want

AntiSquid: no

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 will find you and ban you

Automaton2000: then again, i don't have any idea of how to code

Astrobytes: cargo, crates, container/ship, rust. Works for me :P

kill-code: T-T

kill-code: yall are mean

eulerscheZahl: AntiSquid quick: hit the edit button and change a letter in the title!

Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png Jetim: Just found this website, it loooks great!

AntiSquid: squal ? eulerscheZahl

Hjax: squat?

dbdr: deploy the squid!

Shadowtick: I made a translator its called the translator of randomness

Astrobytes: squab

Shadowtick: does anyone wanna see it?

Astrobytes: No.

Hjax: oh thats a good one astro

AntiSquid: no Shadowtick

Astrobytes: :)

Shadowtick: ;-; it took me forever

Hjax: the art for the fall challenge looks pretty cool

eulerscheZahl: and it's even 4k

AntiSquid: lots of dishes with the bird's head on display, how can someone eat like that

eulerscheZahl: the full size

AntiSquid: (squab)

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: isn't your mineseeper much harder than VilBoub's?

eulerscheZahl: i think easier

dbdr: his solver only does local reasoning

eulerscheZahl: you can guess and get lucky

eulerscheZahl: sometimes you have to

dbdr: so probably his problems are very easy

eulerscheZahl: vilboub requires a full solving at once

Hjax: now as long as they dont have insanely limited information to the point of randomless

dbdr: did you look at his code?

eulerscheZahl: taking into account the total number of mines

dbdr: 50 lines, only trivial reasoning

eulerscheZahl: no but solved his puzzle

eulerscheZahl: oh, mine is longer than his

dbdr: maybe you overdid it. or I am missing something

eulerscheZahl: blatant copy-paste then :D

dbdr: ?

eulerscheZahl: i stole his puzzle

dbdr: no, yours is harder

dbdr: and nicer looking of course :)

AntiSquid: but the desktop items ...

eulerscheZahl: i don't even think it's harder. if you fail at some reasoning, you can reveal more numbers first and get extra clues

eulerscheZahl: btw check out for todays newsletter, you may see some minesweeper

dbdr: I have the same logic and make a guess in yours, but almost always die

AntiSquid: newsletter?

eulerscheZahl: i guess they'll announce the twitch streaming indicator

eulerscheZahl: not sent yet

Hjax: hmm the file name for the contest art is "codin_zelda_witches_fr"

eulerscheZahl: but can you find the _en version

eulerscheZahl: i failed to translate it, don't understand the art :(

Astrobytes: Zelda Witches from France

LegendaryStone: is the live section new

LegendaryStone: or im blind

Hjax: yes

jrke: what type of bot programming it should be state machine or minimax? :thinking:

AntiSquid: yes, blind, was there for years now, ask Automaton2000

Automaton2000: yeah, i use it as a win for p1

AntiSquid: see ? LegendaryStone

eulerscheZahl: that LIVE was added today

eulerscheZahl: seems to sort by the number of viewers

Shadowtick: ...ummmmmmmmmmmmm

AntiSquid: no ^

Shadowtick: I am just gonna ignore this chat so I don't get confused

Shadowtick: so yeah imma just go

AntiSquid: :hamburger:

Shadowtick: :radioactive::hamburger:

Shadowtick: radioactive hamburger

Rovetown: xd

Shadowtick: I was thinking to put just a biohazard and hamburger after it but I thought you know radioactive hamburger is smarter

Rovetown: lol

AntiSquid: the second coding stream looks weird

Rovetown: so im kinda new to python, and im doing the fantastic bit puzzle. what im trying to do is get the entityId of the Snaffles and let my wizards move to the x and y of these balls

Rovetown: but idk how im able to get the entitieid of the balls

Rovetown: and then access their x and y coords

Rovetown: could anyone lend me a helping hand?

AntiSquid: see statement

AntiSquid: check entity type

AntiSquid: or something

Rovetown: ok ima try that

Default avatar.png LaythGhandri: hello world

Default avatar.png HoussemNinja: ah layth wenek hh

Default avatar.png LaythGhandri: hhh sahbi hoo

Default avatar.png HoussemNinja: hh malla zhar

Default avatar.png HoussemNinja: :joy:

Default avatar.png LaythGhandri: hhh riit

Default avatar.png LaythGhandri: riglt jawek say

Default avatar.png HoussemNinja: hani bdit.. mizelt nefhem fih

Default avatar.png LaythGhandri: hatta ena

Default avatar.png LaythGhandri: khdemt wahda mta3 les mountians

Default avatar.png LaythGhandri: w haw 9a3d nchouuf f jma3a fach yahkou

Default avatar.png HoussemNinja: hh hani ne5dem fehe taw

Default avatar.png LaythGhandri: hhh bahi gued rouhek

Astrobytes: guys, English only in World chat please

Default avatar.png LaythGhandri: b anahi langage khdemt

Default avatar.png HoussemNinja: i work with js layth

Astrobytes: if you want your own channel to talk in you can use #tn

Default avatar.png HoussemNinja: okay bro no problem

Astrobytes: :)

Default avatar.png LaythGhandri: I have worked with java

Default avatar.png LaythGhandri: ok sorry

Astrobytes: it's alright, don't worry

Default avatar.png LaythGhandri: :slight_smile:

dbdr: careful, this is an expert puzzle:

Astrobytes: lol wat

Astrobytes: how did that happen?

dbdr: I always found it strange the level is in the url

dbdr: since the level can change

dbdr: so I guessed they just ignore that part

Astrobytes: guessed correctly!

dbdr: for beginners:

Astrobytes: :grin:

AntiSquid: "it's easy, skill up noobs"

dbdr: inb4 a horde of programmers reconsider their career choice after failing that easy puzzle for days

AntiSquid: o _ o

Shadowtick: I can speak the furry language now :3

Astrobytes: Shadowtick, give it a rest will you

Shadowtick: which is actually funny because it is just taking r's and making it w's like for = fow

Rovetown: hell yeah i threw away the python idea, went to java again with a new idea, and bam! my wizards now go to a rdm snaffle

Rovetown: now i only need to check for the state and then make them score

Shadowtick: and how about you leave me alone Astrobytes

Hjax: you are walking on some thin ice there buddy

Hjax: astro is a chat moderator

MSmits: what did I just walk into?

Hjax: nothing important

MSmits: kk

Astrobytes: lol MSmits, well played :P

MSmits: hehe someone got it at least

Astrobytes: :grin:

Hjax: i still dont get it

**Hjax sips more coffee

MSmits: check shadow ticks messages from the last days and you'll see

Shadowtick: welp imma go away for a bit

Shadowtick: because I need to get some school stuff done

Hjax: i havent seen re curse in a while, has he said if hes going to play the contest?

Shadowtick: so have a great day everyone

Astrobytes: bye Shadowtick, same to you

Astrobytes: I doubt it Hjax

Astrobytes: Don't think he's feeling it much recently

dbdr: he might lurk as other times

Astrobytes: yeah possibly

Hjax: i keep crossing my fingers teccles will randomly pop up and play as well, but thats looking less and less likely

MSmits: too much pressure I think, he usually wins or almost wins but it does still take him a lot of time like the rest of us. It's not acceptable for him to perform less because he has less time to invest. and he doesnt like recent games I believe

Astrobytes: yeah I guess when teccles said he was done he really meant it

Astrobytes: and yeah MSmits. Plus time invested vs reward

MSmits: personally I accepted that when I invest time like a normal person I will end between 10 and 40 and that's ok

MSmits: my first few contests were really obsessive for me

Hjax: i have enough PTO to take the whole week off, but im not sure thats worth it

Astrobytes: that's why teccles stopped, too much time for not a lot of reward

MSmits: I will be very busy during that time, but i'll invest what little free time i have

Hjax: smits post mortem is going to be like, i only had 20 minutes to write my bot, so i was pleased that i finished in top 30 legend

Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: not wrong :D

MSmits: thats overstating it lol, at least 20 hrs :P

MSmits: I used to invest like 60 hrs in a contest though

MSmits: first contest i slept for 16 hrs straight when it was done

MSmits: and i was not recovered when i woke up

jacek: so traumatizing


MSmits: lol

Astrobytes: lol, ceg stays up for the last couple of days of contests, all-nighters

MSmits: it's probably the best time period during the contest to do that

MSmits: by that time I'm usually out of ideas or too tired to recode things

Hjax: at least in UTG i spent the last day watching replays and shouting HOW DOES THIS WORK

dbdr: lol

MSmits: hey jacek, I had this bonus for oware EPT for whomever's turn it is and it was pretty big. When I fitted it for jacekmax, i got the best result for 0 for some reason

Hjax: i got a good idea with a few hours left

Astrobytes: that was a frantic last day

jacek: for 0?

Hjax: and then i skipped OOC and ran out of motivation on friday in pacman

Hjax: i really hope the fall game is nothing like pacamn

Astrobytes: I didn't even bother trying to go further than bronze in pacman, was totally unmotivated

MSmits: imean of 0

MSmits: meaning it's deactivated

Hjax: i never worked out why my bot was bad, i think me and smits were doing roughly the same thing

MSmits: 56% with it at 0, 40-48% for higher values

Hjax: could have just been not enough sims because i was using java

MSmits: tried negative too... was worse again

MSmits: Hjax yeah we did the same thing

MSmits: just more performance, i went a little deeper because of that, or at least it converged well for higher depths

Hjax: either way that game was incredibly frustrating

Hjax: it was very difficult to watch a replay and know why you lost

dbdr: MSmits: which is better: +0 or -0? ;)

MSmits: lol... i just tried 0 :P

dbdr: there is no 0, just +0 and -0 in floats

MSmits: Hjax yeah, also most things didnt seem to work even though you felt like it should

MSmits: i have floats

MSmits: wait no they're ints

Astrobytes: they're all floats down here...

MSmits: :grin:

Hjax: youll float too?

dbdr: get out of this body, JS

AntiSquid: postmortems for pacman pointed a lot of interesting things one could have done

Hjax: ill just never touch it again and hope the next contest is better :D

Hjax: it cant possibly be worse....... right? :P

inoryy: I kind of liked it :(

Astrobytes: weirdooo :P

Hjax: hi inoryy :D

jacek: "If Pac-Man had affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music"

inoryy: hello :)

Hjax: i wonder if i can get some people from the starcraft 2 AI discord to play the contest

Astrobytes: that would be cool

Default avatar.png [Admin]Bro: hi

inoryy: CG was plugged there just recently wasn't it

jacek: ohh an admin

jacek: good evening!

Hjax: yeah people were talking about it in the "other competitions" channel

Hjax: might be fun to get a bunch of people to play and see how they stack up :D

inoryy: for sure!

Hjax: oh nice the fall challenge is bringing back the t-shirt prizes

inoryy: it also falls on the weekend CP2077 is released :grimacing:

Astrobytes: ah, lol. Well, I'm sure people will still find some time at least

Shadowtick: ok back

Shadowtick: but I am not staying on long

jacek: you need to work on focus

inoryy: also the starting date on the website is wrong assuming they're not planning to start on Thu

Hjax: didnt pacman also start on a thursday?

inoryy: oh, did it?

Shadowtick: alright imma go check

Hjax: past contests says may 7th, which was a thursday

Shadowtick: I meant the actual game is what I am checking

Hjax: unless thats wrong too :D

Shadowtick: the pacman game came out on May 22, 1980

AntiSquid: Shadowtick not staying long? that's ok darling leave any time you want

351062: Is it possible to reach 50M+ with just the snake eval on 2048 ? Can't figure out if my bottleneck is my exploration or my eval

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: Hey im relatively new and have learned python and c. Which do you think would be more useful to learn next, Java or Javascript? Thanks

Shadowtick: pffffffff wait why did you say darling to me????? AntiSquid

Hjax: java and javascript are different tools for different jobs

wlesavo: inoryy yeah they probably wanted to end on monday, for 2 weekends to be included

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: ok thanks

wlesavo: Neumann for sure possible

Neumann: ffs

Neumann: I don't understand

wlesavo: but keep in mind that some snakes better than the others

AntiSquid: is it a trigger Shadowtick ?

AntiSquid: don't read too much into it

Shadowtick: no I am confused why you said it to me AntiSquid

wlesavo: my best perfoming snake was horizontal bottom right headed i believe

inoryy: wlesavo but that's already how it worked for the last 2 years, start on Fri and end on Mon following 2 weekends

AntiSquid: i could say it to anyone, you're not special, don't get any ideas

Shadowtick: I just feel like I got called a child when I am 16 that's all AntiSquid

inoryy: :)

wlesavo: inoryy oh i see, then difference not that important anyway

AntiSquid: ok sweety

jacek: oO

inoryy: just seems like a random change if it's really starting on Thu

kill-code: hi

Shadowtick: Stop it AntiSquid I don't want to feel like I am being called a child!

Neumann: wlesavo: hu. How would that make a difference ?

kill-code: ya plz stop

AntiSquid: 2 accounts?


wlesavo: oh, bottom left headed. well i guess some local minimas are escaped by some snakes better than the others

inoryy: CG chat never changes I see :)

wlesavo: with other parameters being equal at least

Shadowtick: Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff what is happening what have you started AntiSquid

AntiSquid: daddy and a kid that wants to be adopted but got rejected GoogleJeff

Astrobytes: we had a fairly good run until recently inoryy

GoogleJeff: that's not a very nice thing to say, daddy. try practicing some compassion, eh?

kill-code: WHAT

inoryy: maybe I'm just lucky then, Astrobytes

kill-code: yo

Shadowtick: welp imma disappear out of the chat for a bit

AntiSquid: kill-code i will kick both

kill-code: why

kill-code: me

AntiSquid: work on the timing then

Astrobytes: inoryy: nah, these 2 have been hanging around for a while now

kill-code: dude

AntiSquid: you come across as 2 in 1

kill-code: why

kill-code: are u so mean

kill-code: and question

AntiSquid: also try to create more interesting varied deep personalities if you play that game

Shadowtick: I am gonna stop ok AntiSquid so don't worry since I won't be around to do anything

Shadowtick: anyways I am gonna go so byeee

MSmits: Shadowtick maybe next time you log in do some coding

Astrobytes: see you in another 20 minutes 'tick

kill-code: is it still eng

kill-code: lish

Shadowtick: I have done enough puzzles for 2 weeks which that is 7 puzzles a week MSmits so don't make me do more pls don't

Hjax: maybe try a multi instead?

Default avatar.png L810: i dont even know where to start on power of thor episode 2

kill-code: لماذا أنت لئيم

kill-code.: hi

MSmits: Shadowtick, you must!

Default avatar.png L810: can someone plz help me complete this? its for an assignment

DoxLee: can i ask a question for databases ?

DoxLee: i mean about databases

2020qwerty: hi

Default avatar.png TheNCoder: hey

Shadowtick: no I dont have to MSmits

Hjax: i thought you were leaving

Astrobytes: Astrobytes 06:22PM see you in another 20 minutes 'tick

Shadowtick: I did and I finished my school work early so I am back

Astrobytes: was a few minutes out but close

Shadowtick: no pls no not my battery I have 14% left ;-;

Shadowtick: my chromebook is about to dieeeeeee

AntiSquid: reeeeeee

Hjax: oh no what a shame

Shadowtick: back

Shadowtick: I plugged my chromebook in

Shadowtick: so I can stay on longerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hjax: arent you a student, shouldnt you be paying attention or something

Astrobytes: 'ADHD' apparently

Hjax: he surely has no trouble paying attention to this chat

Astrobytes: so says the bio

Astrobytes: Yes indeed

DejaVu_0081: Can you check "LIVE" button? We will have fun. Soner is streaming now

Astrobytes: No need to ask in here, we can all see the LIVE button and it's in the discord server

Astrobytes: People will join if interested

AntiSquid: add twitch link invites now? :D

Shadowtick: I actually have both adhd and autism Astrobytes

Shadowtick: wait did kill-code get banned with the ban hammer?

Westicles: I have advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: Me, Myself and Irene right?

Westicles: heh heh, yeah nice catch

AntiSquid: no idea, astro might have used a whip instead

AntiSquid: @tic

Shadowtick: ...I am not gonna ask what I walked into

Phalax: This was too hard for me

Default avatar.png Mee42: what are these chat rooms lol

jacek: oO

Astrobytes: Oo

Illedan: -.O

Astrobytes: o_o

Default avatar.png diss: penis

jacek: :O

Astrobytes: kicked, don't worry

DejaVu_0081: lots of joking people have started coming here lately

Astrobytes: It happens every now and then yeah

Astrobytes: We try to keep them under control

Default avatar.png Gordinflon: @plieuse un marron

AntiSquid: FB stream :o

fishy15: orz

Default avatar.png L810: can someone plz walk me through power of thor ep 2?

AntiSquid: hold Automaton2000's hand

Automaton2000: but i need a way to see which one of them

icecream17: i don't think anyone will give you the answer but if you are stuck on something specific you can ask

AntiSquid: you basically need to lure them to the same spot and then thunder them

AntiSquid: this is all i can remember

HotDogWater: I've passed all testcases but am failing a validator. Is there a way to get info on the validator to see what code tweaks are required?

AntiSquid: i guessing it's the last validator which is like the last testcase

Smish314: Weirdly, it's validator 6 of 9 in "A Child's Play"

Smish314: Though I pass test 6 with ye olde flying colors.

Skynse: yo wtf, why are there so many teletubbies in this clashofcode match

Skynse: probably bots

Skynse: lol

Y0ursTruly: xD

Default avatar.png TheEvilSkull_cad6: How do i report a bug on a puzzle?

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: once you submit you can give feedback on the right

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: im pretty new here though so there might be a better way

Y0ursTruly: that redirector was really fun

Y0ursTruly: came second tho owo

LastRick: What puzzle has a bug?

Mingus: guys who code wth python wdu use as a frameworks plz

Mingus: cerryOy?

Mingus: cherryPy*?

icecream17: i just add frameworks whenever i have a problem i can solve with it

Mingus: or django

Skynse: depends on the task at hand

Default avatar.png RohanasaurusRex: im pretty new to this website and it seems nice do you guys happen to know any websites similar to these where you can solve puzzles and compete? Thanks

Skynse: I don't know of any other websites where you can compete in real time, but for problem solving, I'd recommend, or leetcode

Y0ursTruly: hmm that find circles in the numbers, made u read the question twice

Default avatar.png BkDevDude: @RohanasarusRex Try Codewars, I'm not sure if you can compete but it's pretty similar.

Default avatar.png BkDevDude: How do I determine the numbers that have the lowest difference? For example if the input is "1,7,4,8" It would choose 4 and 8.

Y0ursTruly: try running abs between the numbers

Y0ursTruly: Math.abs

Y0ursTruly: if u do js

Laminator: would 7,4 have a lower differest?

Default avatar.png BkDevDude: Well true, but it's only doing smaller, bigger. Not bigger, smaller.

Default avatar.png BkDevDude: And I do Python

Y0ursTruly: well doesnt python have those versatile variables and stuff :l

Default avatar.png BkDevDude: Idk I guess so :/

Default avatar.png BkDevDude: Is there a way to generate words using letters? If the input is 'ethal' it would make 'lethal' or something.

zapakh: [c+'ethal' for c in map(chr,range(97,123))]

KiwiTae: BkDevDude no shade but lowest dif with this set 1,7,4,8 would be abs(8-7) right?

Metanoob: ye however it would be possible if you have to treat it as a sequence

Metanoob: (i.e. 7, 4 and/or 4, 8)

Metanoob: 4,8 ) *

KiwiTae: looks like the horse racing duals puzzle~

KiwiTae: need to sort the array hehe

Default avatar.png Creetch: So i sorted the vector for the horse-racing and it passes the 3 test cases, but fails on 2 of the extended challenges for who know what reason.

Default avatar.png Creetch: Now its failing on more after making 0 changes. FML, FTP

icecream17: yes yes! (not very interesting just celebrating)

KiwiTae: :joy:

Default avatar.png Creetch: wow, needed to set my different to INT_MAX....

KiwiTae: Creetchgj

Default avatar.png victoraavila: hello there

Default avatar.png KILLINA13: how do you create private clashes?

Default avatar.png NotSpice: Any chance someone here has done the credit card verifier easy puzzle? Sorry if this isn't the place to ask.

KiwiTae: u got the puzzle link?

Default avatar.png NotSpice: This is the link:

Default avatar.png NotSpice: I've since figured out my problem though, thanks!

KiwiTae: :innocent: