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Default avatar.png Volere: sht i suck

KiwiTae: Volere its ok

KiwiTae: get better overtime

Uljahn: Automaton2000: just spend 10k hours coding

Automaton2000: i think i might try that

Default avatar.png ILU: hey

jacek: good morning

thanhhv317: hey

thanhhv317: in here is afternoon

thanhhv317: not morning

jacek: you live in the future

thanhhv317: and u live in the pass

UMUT-hue: :)

Default avatar.png ThePrivateBreakfastEater_c0d7: Hey

Default avatar.png serpongs: hey

KiwiTae: hey

Metanoob: hey

Default avatar.png __Nilu__: :)

ZarthaxX: hey

Default avatar.png serpongs: hey

AlexMartin1: hey

Astrobytes: hey

DomiKo: key

Default avatar.png Webberchen: hey

UMUT-hue: hey hey

MoKi: heyyyy

DaNinja: hay

Tally99: hey

Majeck: hey!

Uljahn: h̵̨̰͉͎͙̻̬̖̝̼́͒̈̾͊̆̓ȩ̷̡͔̝̙̻͇̗̞̭͖̞̮͉̬̙̘̼̼̼͚̖̮͆̈́͌͝ÿ̶͙́̏̃̃͊̍̓͒͛͆̔̂͑̓͊̉̚̚

AntiSquid: hey

AntiSquid: whÿ̶͙́̏̃̃͊̍̓͒͛͆̔̂͑̓͊̉̚̚ are ÿ̶͙́̏̃̃͊̍̓͒͛͆̔̂͑̓͊̉̚̚ou using funnÿ̶͙́̏̃̃͊̍̓͒͛͆̔̂͑̓͊̉̚̚ sÿ̶͙́̏̃̃͊̍̓͒͛͆̔̂͑̓͊̉̚̚mbols?

Astrobytes: :o

KiwiTae: ZarthaxX o/ pewpew

Shadowtick: welp time to change my profile picture to a gif I made

Shadowtick: :3

Shadowtick: ok I couldnt have the gif since it wouldn't spin

jacek: huh

Shadowtick: I made a gif that it has a spinning pyramid that is colorful

Shadowtick: I dont know how to explain it

Shadowtick: 𝕀 𝕨𝕚𝕝𝕝 𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕘𝕠 𝕘𝕖𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕜


Default avatar.png Gryja: hello guys im new here :)

Shadowtick: hello I can help you with anything javascript that I know how to do

Default avatar.png Gryja: im learning python, but thanks

Shadowtick: and my name is shadowtick :3

Default avatar.png Gryja: im doing first game with mountains and im kinda confused

Shadowtick: ok I will shoot you a message

KiwiTae: Gryja how so hehe

AntiSquid: for loop @Gryja

Default avatar.png Gryja: the default code that the site gives me i dont t understand

for i in range(8):
       mountain_h = int(input())

Default avatar.png Gryja: input means thats someone should input something how does the code work if noubody is inputing anything

KiwiTae: hahaa

Default avatar.png Gryja: is the site itself placing random inputs?

KiwiTae: when u press play testcase , they send you the input

Metanoob: Gryja, exactly yes! Not exactly random, they are crafted by the author

Default avatar.png Gryja: Height of mountain 0 : 9 Height of mountain 1 : 8....

Default avatar.png Gryja: is thhis what site inputs?

Default avatar.png Gryja: this is in console

Default avatar.png Gryja: oh i see

Default avatar.png Gryja: Standard Output Stream: 5


Default avatar.png Gryja: is this it ?

Uljahn: don't hesitate to read hints on the left

Metanoob: yes Gryja

KiwiTae: oh damn so many hints they do it well

Default avatar.png Gryja: i read all of them ..

Default avatar.png Gryja: ok i understand now that the site is inserting inputs by itself

Default avatar.png Monstrux: did u try to check the inputs with console.error(smthg) ?

Default avatar.png Gryja: and it shows ind the "console output"

KiwiTae: yea all is executed on the server

Astrobytes: yes, just imagine you're reading the inputs straight from stdin

Default avatar.png Gryja: okay that clears is

Default avatar.png NotNick.: gryja are you on the shooting the mountain level ?

Default avatar.png Gryja: yes

Shadowtick: Gryja I have your told you how to fix yours

Default avatar.png NotNick.: try using a variable that is determined by scanning the

generated mountain height and then use it to shoot if that makes sense

Default avatar.png Gryja: so .. whenever i have some code that requires input , the site is the one that is going to fill that input in>

Uljahn: also debug print is your best friend

Astrobytes: yes

Default avatar.png NotNick.: ^

KiwiTae: print("hekllo",file=sys.stderr) in python i think

Astrobytes: Imagine it's giving you a text file every turn and you're reading the data from there

Default avatar.png Gryja: okay , thank you all, ill practice more

Default avatar.png NotNick.: Good luck!

KiwiTae: Gryja take it slow gonna work out jia you

Astrobytes: yeah, no rush when you're learning

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: has anybody done the "Prefix code" puzzle?

AntiSquid: what's this error about? i see it in a lot of different places on CG : ERROR: object '' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored

Astrobytes: something on CG end, they know but haven't fixed it. Doesn't seem to cause any issues, been happening for a few weeks now iirc

AntiSquid: thought it's my code since i reuse some stuff ...

Astrobytes: nah it's not you

Default avatar.png JBM: it's me

Astrobytes: :smirk: afternoon JBM

AntiSquid: must be

AntiSquid: all these avatarless people on chat are kinda dodgy to begin with

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't see anyone avatarless around here

AntiSquid: #dark_alley_chat_no_avatars_allowed

Default avatar.png JBM: have you activated image download on your browser?

Default avatar.png Remembered_Goodbye: what challenge should i warm up with for python

AntiSquid: just anything really

AntiSquid: python is easy to start of with#

jacek: challenge?

AntiSquid: Remembered_Goodbye how about paper snooker?

Astrobytes: paper snooker... that would be something

jacek: why are you spamming

jacek: AutomatonNN good afternoon

AutomatonNN: How do I specify the last test case?

AntiSquid: testcases[-1]

jacek: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

AntiSquid: sudo apt-get purge openjdk

jacek: sudo pip install paper-soccer

AntiSquid: could not find version that satisfy requirement

jacek: 69.420

Astrobytes: :expressionless:

AntiSquid: tesla short shorts?


AntiSquid: i am glad at least one of the rich people has some common sense and knows how to meme


Default avatar.png JJ124: how do i do the power of thor episode 1?

Default avatar.png JJ124: do i call a function?

Default avatar.png NotNick.: Are these games good for beginner programmers? :-?

Default avatar.png JJ124: yeah but you should have a tiny bit of coding knowledge

Default avatar.png JJ124: i would recommend watching just the first two lectures of CS50

Default avatar.png JJ124: from harvard

AntiSquid: sololearn quick fast easy .

Default avatar.png NotNick.: I did finish a uni degree in CSE but these type of exercises are nothing similar with what i used to do.

AntiSquid: really?

AntiSquid: even the easy puzzles?

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: A weapon more powerful than metal gear...

Default avatar.png NotNick.: Makes me feel like i've finished that degree for nothing haha

AntiSquid: idk maybe you're just confused by the starter code?

AntiSquid: read it carefully? did you do onboarding?

Default avatar.png NotNick.: Managed to make one of them but tried others and had no success.

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: i've seen experienced software engineers get confused by Codingame at times

AntiSquid: which one did you try

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: because it can be that different from what they are used to doing

Default avatar.png NotNick.: i managed to complete the one with the ship shooting the mountains

AntiSquid: well i am starting to wonder what they were doing lol

Default avatar.png NotNick.: it was pretty straight forward.

Default avatar.png NotNick.: but now im on the one with the temps and im confused since i didn't work with arrays much.

AntiSquid: if CG is confusing then so is every other puzzle site which usually has more active people doing puzzles afaik

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: not puzzle sites, i'm talking about their day to day jobs

AntiSquid: same issue, you got to learn the code base when you start a new job

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: yes

Astrobytes: Wait you did a computer science and engineering degree and didn't learn about arrays?

Astrobytes: NotNick.

Default avatar.png NotNick.: we did learn about them , but not really used them.

Astrobytes: Oh, all theory no coding

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: lack of practical experience it seems

Default avatar.png NotNick.: +

Astrobytes: Well, get practising. It'll come

Default avatar.png NotNick.: we were focused pretty much on microcontroller coding , simulating real life projects and such

AntiSquid: i thought uni / college hooks you up with a company to slave some free hours so you can gain experience? and aren't there any tests?

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: what data structures did you use

AntiSquid: microcontrollers have arrays no?

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: ^

AntiSquid: go to codesignal > developer login > arcade and do the stuff there to help you catch up with whatever you missed out on:

AntiSquid: i can do that stuff without degree .

Default avatar.png NotNick.: sweet nice one.

Default avatar.png NotNick.: they do but the tasks that we had to complete didn't involve using or creating any really.

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: what data structures would they have involved then?

Default avatar.png NotNick.: We always got a sample code , never started from 0 really

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: lool

Default avatar.png NotNick.: which i believe it was a huge mistake.

Astrobytes: yeah, that's a common complaint I've heard a lot

AntiSquid: what uni did you study at ?

Default avatar.png NotNick.: Coventry university

MSmits: it's good to start with sample code when you dont know much yet, but at some point you need to start from scratch

eulerscheZahl: i like the default code

MSmits: in CG i do yeah

MSmits: I meant in general for teaching coding

eulerscheZahl: except if someone didn't read the manual how to write stubs

eulerscheZahl: e.g. reading a line as a string instead of list of integers

MSmits: ah yeah

MSmits: input/output stuff is a special part of coding for sure and so is string manipulation.

MSmits: for writing bots and such, the focus should not be on that

MSmits: so the default code is great to skip this

eulerscheZahl: Console.ReadLine().Split().Select(int.Parse).ToArray() done

AntiSquid: you could argue the simulation part should be imported from a library outside your IDE because it's boilerplate code

eulerscheZahl: nah, i want full control

MSmits: mmh not that easy to answer, because for some games, coming up with the fastest simulation is a big part

eulerscheZahl: RAIC gives you a huge starter code with all classes defined already

MSmits: you could also have boilerplate minimax and mcts ready to go. Or just give the whole bot except the eval

MSmits: or give even the eval and set all parameters to 0 so they just have to fit them

AntiSquid: same as with writing your own machine learning models, but libraries for that are very popular

eulerscheZahl: last contest. open any folder and just have a look at how many classes it has

AntiSquid: oh and i guess that could include some granularity on parts of the simulations you want to import

eulerscheZahl: you get the full gamestate using their class model

AntiSquid: ya i used their stuff

AntiSquid: but their code is confusing

eulerscheZahl: and then you create your own classes and map to them as you don't like the initial setup

AntiSquid: why is the same library #included multiple times on the same file

eulerscheZahl: the nullables annoyed me in the C# starter

eulerscheZahl: just define a NONE weapon type instead of using a Weapon?

AntiSquid: lots of nonsense in their code .

**eulerscheZahl almost never uses nullable

MSmits: same here euler

eulerscheZahl: asked illedan, he doesn't either

Illedan: Only when creating APIs for others.

MSmits: well I use almost nothing :P

eulerscheZahl: generics?

AntiSquid: oh i remember that, had to check everytime if weapon != nullpointer

MSmits: whats a generic again?

eulerscheZahl: List<T>

MSmits: I use Lists

MSmits: not List<T>

eulerscheZahl: WHAT??

eulerscheZahl: oh dear

Illedan: ?!

MSmits: never used that sry :)

AntiSquid: ????

Illedan: hahaha

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: i use php variable variables

MSmits: seriously I code in C# almost like i do C++

eulerscheZahl: you surprised Illedan as well. see what you've done

eulerscheZahl: c++ has a vector<T> too

MSmits: C# to me is like C++ without being able to do suicidal lines of code

AntiSquid: i added question marks too for extra dramatic effect

MSmits: oh and i like the string stuff

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: what universities have you guys gone to

MSmits: in C#

AntiSquid: multiple ones HelloWorld183L

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: ok

MSmits: university of Amsterdam

eulerscheZahl: a German one that you've probably never heard of

MSmits: and university of codingame

eulerscheZahl: Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen

AntiSquid: i mean i cooked at multiple universities HelloWorld183L

MSmits: that's the swastika place right euler?

eulerscheZahl: the one where the Erlang language is from

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: yes take the question literally

eulerscheZahl: no, that was my high school ("Gymnasium")

MSmits: the one where it's on the floor?

MSmits: oh ok

eulerscheZahl: fun times

MSmits: yup. HelloWorld183L thinks you went through high school in WWII now

eulerscheZahl: :old_man:

eulerscheZahl: :older_man:

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: then got tutored under alan turing

AntiSquid: timetraveling with a haunebu

MSmits: gonna take a nap. too tired, hf :)

Westicles: Lots of young lads under alan turing, so they say

eulerscheZahl: found the school website again,c:panoramaview,h:f,m:t&pv=pv1&pv1=vt:p,u:a5d6a02a-4fea-4c35-8794-49584fbfaf06,cf:47.36,p:0.13654,t:-0.00982&p=hanssachsgymnasium

AntiSquid: is that a figure of speech for something else ? lol

Astrobytes: shocking Westicles :P

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: how did you guys get first introduced to codingame

Default avatar.png TogaCat: has anyone got a solution for C++ for bronze league in "coders strike back"

eulerscheZahl: another student showed it to me

Astrobytes: found it randomly

Default avatar.png simooooon: do you know a codingame of ML ?

Default avatar.png simooooon: well kaggle i guess

AntiSquid: TogaCat just googled for fun coding sites .

AntiSquid: HelloWorld183L i mean

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: i see

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: a web developer introduced it to me a while ago and i didn't look at it much up until now...

AntiSquid: simooooon ya kaggle or aicrowd

Astrobytes: something up with submits?

Default avatar.png simooooon: didnt know aircrowd thks

Astrobytes: oh working now, just slow

eulerscheZahl: 98 in CSB

eulerscheZahl: silver promotino

Astrobytes: ffs

AntiSquid: join codingame discord at the top, i linked a lot more contest sites in the external contest section simooooon

eulerscheZahl: classic

eulerscheZahl: why didn't you check that yourself astro? such an obvious thing to do :D

eulerscheZahl: and it's silver so it will take a little longer

Astrobytes: couldn't be bothered tbh

Astrobytes: plus you always do it so it saves me :P

eulerscheZahl: let's all congratulate Nagrarok for finally reaching silver

KiwiTae: hehe wellplay

Astrobytes: grrr, I mean gj

Astrobytes: well at least I'm not in the middle league of Penguins by myself any more

yassineH: hello guys and girls

Astrobytes: I wasn't in there long but I hate being stuck in a league by myself

Default avatar.png simooooon: Oups Une erreur est survenue (#73) : "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session"

Default avatar.png simooooon: wtf is this ??

yassineH: i have a little problem with the testing thingin

yassineH: Oups An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session".

yassineH: lol

Default avatar.png simooooon: same

yassineH: same

Shrimpster: prob server wide

Default avatar.png simooooon: same for a friend

Shrimpster: same here

eulerscheZahl: will fix itself in 2 or 3 minutes

yassineH: ok thx

AntiSquid: dots and boxes still works

Default avatar.png simooooon: fuck i thought i won for 1 sec but i everyone have the same pb :,(

Astrobytes: and penguins

Default avatar.png simooooon: same for penguins..

Default avatar.png s0ulvn: how can i play with friend

Default avatar.png simooooon: u need a friend

Shrimpster: oof

Shadowtick: I bet no one can guess what my profile pic is

Asgardinho: is there something wrong with the IDE tests?

Default avatar.png apollodor: same here

Default avatar.png apollodor: it says error #73

Asgardinho: I guess service is down/overloaded

Default avatar.png apollodor: only 1 executor running at a same time for a test session

Default avatar.png apollodor: this is the error

hbooex: same here during coc

AntiSquid: is it a green background Shadowtick ?

sbrnc: error everywhere

sbrnc: any tests

Default avatar.png miracle: same here

Shrimpster: euler said its gonna take a few mins to fix it so keep patient ^^

LastRick: So I've got to do my real work instead? Ridiculous.

Default avatar.png apollodor: :joy:

JoJoey: "only one executor running a t the same time for a test session". please how do i kill the test session ?

Default avatar.png apollodor: it's not you. It's a global issue

AntiSquid: if it's a CSB submit issue then you probably need to wait for an hour

JoJoey: ah ok thanks. i was thinking that my program bugged the system with some kind of infinite loop

Default avatar.png TheoreticalCocktail_d75d: getting:

Oups An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session".

Default avatar.png apollodor: you have an infinite loop :D

Default avatar.png TheoreticalCocktail_d75d: how to fix it?

Default avatar.png apollodor: :D:D

Default avatar.png boomerdasimp: hi guys what that $ROW = stream_get_line(STDIN, 1024 + 1, "\n"); means

Default avatar.png JoeFather: smal pepe you watch xqc right?

AntiSquid: who's that?

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: gaming streamer

SmolPepeL: lol

SpaghettiCode: So i was bronze league in coders strike back for weeks and now I randomly got in silver league... how is it possible? I didn't even change the algo

Default avatar.png GregIven: How does one report a bug with a challenge

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: people got worse? idk

Default avatar.png colinemonds: spaghetticode: well, the tracks are randomly generated, so maybe you just got lucky

SpaghettiCode: lol I don't understand how

Peter-Griffin: i have the same error and i wrote a for loop

Default avatar.png colinemonds: if your bot can reach the end of the track at all, you have a shot

Default avatar.png GregIven: Oups An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session".

Default avatar.png GregIven: not possible

Matrix007: so what iserror #73

Default avatar.png GregIven: I ran the same code in VS

SpaghettiCode: then probably it was luck

yassineH: server errors

Default avatar.png GregIven: and it works fine

Matrix007: An error occurred (#73): "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session".

yassineH: just give it some time

hbooex: global issus

hbooex: -s+e

Default avatar.png GregIven: fucking servers cracking

Default avatar.png colinemonds: is it just in coc or with everything?

Peter-Griffin: i have the same error

yassineH: we all do

Peter-Griffin: in clash of code

yassineH: dont go there

Default avatar.png GregIven: why not

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: just restart your browser kappa

hbooex: seems to be with everything

SmolPepeL: :sunglasses: coz we hacked it

yassineH: the clash of code is harder

Default avatar.png colinemonds: no, the bot challenges work normal

Default avatar.png GregIven: harder?

Default avatar.png colinemonds: I can watch my bot lose

jacek: hm?

Peter-Griffin: it works again here in clash of code

yassineH: it is back to normal

hbooex: yeah

SpaghettiCode: what you mean it's harder?

yassineH: perfect

[CG]Thibaud: error 73 should be fixed

Default avatar.png dusan0611: great

AntiSquid: :astonished:

eulerscheZahl: but 73 is such a nice number...

jacek: 2137?

DejaVu_0081: Hi

pharesmostafa: hi

pharesmostafa: c++

pharesmostafa: i m c++

pharesmostafa: u r ?

Default avatar.png boomerdasimp: php

pharesmostafa: gg

pharesmostafa: :)


Default avatar.png boomerdasimp: that ROW sems incoreect how to access to an element on it

Default avatar.png boomerdasimp: it jst like a matrix


pharesmostafa: join

pharesmostafa: plzzzz

pharesmostafa: z

pharesmostafa: z

Uljahn: please post CoC invite links on #clash

pharesmostafa: follow me

pharesmostafa: plz

pharesmostafa: plz

pharesmostafa: plz

pharesmostafa: :)

SpaghettiCode: lol python is op for coc shortest mode

LastRick: dont forget ruby

eulerscheZahl: or bash

eulerscheZahl: or php

LastRick: There is no better feeling than beating a python/ruby/php user in shortest with Dart. I get a coders high.

AntiSquid: pharesmostafa wtf man

Default avatar.png Ganganchacha: bugsaala

eulerscheZahl: did you click the follow button yet AntiSquid?

eulerscheZahl: also: when did the promotion popup change?

eulerscheZahl: oh, minesweeper just got approved. that's why

LastRick: Sheesh, Euler, just approved the tree problem and you've already done it!

eulerscheZahl: yes, saw it in the forum and gave it a quick look

eulerscheZahl: didn't notice it on the contribute section but the puzzle is fine. nothing to criticize from my side

AntiSquid: wolf 3D would have been a good ico

AntiSquid: who keeps such shortcuts on the desktop anyway? lol

jacek: *reject*

351062: Illedan: doing some magic bitboard stuff on 2048 ?

Illedan: Nope

Neumann: I was about to blame my engine for my scoring ..

Illedan: :P

Illedan: A good eval + strong pruning should get you far ;)

jacek: prune array?

Illedan: Prune beam search

AntiSquid: really hard pruning

Neumann: mhh

Neumann: I really am rusty

Dartisan: LastRIck I confirm, doing CoC with Dart and win tastes sweeter, but I still need my second win for the Quest Map ;-)

Dartisan: By the way, for those seeking lectures about Algos, Baeldung is a site known by Java developpers, but also document more and more Algos:

AntiSquid: heavy java focus ?

jacek: java is easy

Dartisan: Mostly, it is one of the sources for Java and Spring developpers but from the explications you could perhaps understand the way, only without the special features different languages have for shortcuts

Dartisan: As Java is a verbose language, I feel it easier to read.

Dartisan: SInce I am in Codingame, I search more and more documentations and collect them in this direction.


eulerscheZahl: the algorithm bible

AntiSquid: Sorry, the website cannot be found. Automaton2000 :(

Automaton2000: and try to get you

Dartisan: Thanks, will take in my collection

AntiSquid: you could disable scripts with an extension

Unkmar: Now I am going to do some practical coding for myself. Ciao.

pefbrute: Guys, hi! Are there some pros of exercising here?

AntiSquid: yes, 10 push ups, 10 squats, run for 10 miles every day !

pefbrute: Haha, sorry, I mean, solving tasks here

AntiSquid: actually:

eulerscheZahl: just ask your question pefbrute

eulerscheZahl: if it's about an easy puzzle here, odds are good that we've solve it already

Astrobytes: I think he means pros as in pros and cons of using CG

Astrobytes: maybe

eulerscheZahl: then i'll mention a friendly community :P

pefbrute: Well, yeah, actually, I did mean it, Astrobytes!

AntiSquid: you get our awesome company

Astrobytes: :)

AntiSquid: and i can suggest cool anime avatars

eulerscheZahl: visual games to motivate you and help you see what's going on

pefbrute: Woah, sounds nice )

AntiSquid: ikr and it's free

pefbrute: Haha, that would be definitely cool

eulerscheZahl: the last contest

Dartisan: Say, I use CG to learn Dart, a language not practiced, you will not learn, and PRO, CG gives me many exercices to write each day Code in Dart, this opportunity I have not on work :-)

pefbrute: Okey, gotcha, thank you guys

Astrobytes: and people are always willing to help you out if they can

eulerscheZahl: next one will take place in 3 weeks

Astrobytes: oh yeah, contests, they're always fun

AntiSquid: seriously, CG is about the multiplayer and the visuals, because otherwise you can just use any of the 100++ coding puzzle sites out there

pefbrute: Mmm, thanks, AntiSquid

pefbrute: I start to get the picture

eulerscheZahl: for the multiplayers there's only a handful of similar websites but with less content and less frequent contests

eulerscheZahl: such as Russian AI Cup

Dartisan: That part comes later, to optimise and climb the ranks ;-)

Astrobytes: But ofc there are many who just do puzzles too.

eulerscheZahl: or even clashes

Astrobytes: yup

eulerscheZahl: poor misguided souls

AntiSquid: 73/247 in d&b . i know i didn't put in a lot of effort but when rank > 50% i expect to get more than 350 / 2700 CP

AntiSquid: 2450 *

Astrobytes: Community multis are about prestige not points :P

AntiSquid: now i need to sort by area size what to take in late game

AntiSquid: ya feeling proud every time i beat something like a heavy sim or bitboard magic with a low effort algo

AntiSquid: i go read something, don't want to overexert now

Astrobytes: I like Penguins better, I'll work on that before D&B

AntiSquid: i know the d&b game from memory, that's all the reason i am doing it

jacek: linuxes eh

AntiSquid: i can't think of any gameboard structure i like

jacek: unary board

Dartisan: I am curious if the Fall Challenge 2020 will be a State Machine problem.

AntiSquid: i think it's a gardening problem

AntiSquid: witches collect herbs

Astrobytes: could be herbs vs witches

eulerscheZahl: my money is on some grid map.

Astrobytes: lol

Dartisan: so more Pathfinder :-)

eulerscheZahl: but can you control more than 1 witch?

AntiSquid: i am 100% it's a grid map contest

Astrobytes: oh, witches in a labyrinth with FOW

Astrobytes: Blind witches

AntiSquid: no maze no

eulerscheZahl: but with a magic spell to see through the fog

eulerscheZahl: lumus

AntiSquid: i expect some timers on items or something like that

PatrickMcGinnisII: Maybe I can be a grandmaster, i freakin' gurus

PatrickMcGinnisII: u

Dartisan: Sounds nearly a bit like HyperSonic where I currently in.

AntiSquid: maze games will sound similar but they're not

eulerscheZahl: exploding vessels?

PatrickMcGinnisII: a combo of code vs zombies and fantastic bits, lol

Astrobytes: I highly doubt it would be another physics-based game

AntiSquid: i mean grid games, not maze

Einwickler: Please no physics game :pray:

Scarfield: its obviously a potions game

PatrickMcGinnisII: lol, and I'm rewriting codevzomb

Astrobytes: Potionfield

AntiSquid: is codevszomb physics game? :P

AntiSquid: what does it count as

Scarfield: witchstroBytes

Astrobytes: oh christ, I hope it's not like CalM, with potion recipes

Dartisan: say, it is more the components finding and timer, I am just calculating.

eulerscheZahl: Scarfog

Scarfield: i was too late to approve your mine sweeper frogfog :'(

AntiSquid: i expect it to be like calm only in the sense that you plant seeds and then collect them after a timer Astrobytes

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm, well cvz doesn't have tiles/cells , but it does have circle intersection maths

Illedan: Damn, Minesweeper was harder than I thought :O

eulerscheZahl: :imp:

Astrobytes: Hm, could be interesting like that AntiSquid

Astrobytes: Can minesweeper be made into an optim or not worth it?

Illedan: Nah

Illedan: Just luck

Illedan: After a certain point

Einwickler: AntisSquid like a facebok game? :joy:

AntiSquid: i never played minsweeper seriously, there were always an awful lot of nice windows games to play back then instead of the default win95-98 games

Astrobytes: Hm, yeah I guess

Scarfield: next up will be pinball

Astrobytes: I spent many lessons at school playing minesweeper :P

eulerscheZahl: not blockout?

AntiSquid: ugh physics ugh someone complain :P

Illedan: Pinball would be fun

PatrickMcGinnisII: another code a la mode would kill me

Illedan: crazy physics :D

AntiSquid: what is CvZ classed as ?

Scarfield: optim

AntiSquid: is BotG physics ?

Astrobytes: annoying

AntiSquid: next wolf 3D or DOOM euler :P the image files are ripped

Dartisan: I prefer code4life over code à la mode ;-)

Astrobytes: wolf 3D was great

PatrickMcGinnisII: Illedan likes physics

Illedan: Sure


PatrickMcGinnisII: *cough* bitrunner

Einwickler: Maybe he just likes the pain :)

Astrobytes: nice AntiSquid

Astrobytes: I don't know why everyone hates the physics so much, just implement the engine and get on with it

Illedan: I think Minesweeper classifies as hard euler :thinking:

AntiSquid: i don't read referees astro :P

AntiSquid: usually .

Astrobytes: meh

PatrickMcGinnisII: What game would sum up 2020?

**PatrickMcGinnisII snickers

Scarfield: the worst sim imho i have made so far was Chutulu

AntiSquid: not pandemic PatrickMcGinnisII

Astrobytes: The Mexican Lovecraft one Spellfield?

Scarfield: you know which one :p

Astrobytes: :grin:

AntiSquid: some goofy chaotic clown game would be more suitable for 2020

eulerscheZahl: you are wrong Illedan. when it's in hard, less players will see it :D

Illedan: xD

Scarfield: fake news detector

Illedan: Going for them users

PatrickMcGinnisII: The CDC admitted it has no samples of CoV-19 ... how do you make a vaccine? W/ samples of the virus ... something smells funny

Illedan: I'm too tierd today to see the clear solution in the endgame


eulerscheZahl: do you find those mines?

Illedan: Nope

Illedan: This is where I am now

Illedan: And wondering how to implement it with my mess :D

eulerscheZahl: does human Illedan find them?

Illedan: sure

AntiSquid: PatrickMcGinnisII ! Death Stranding is the game that leaves you just as confused and annoyed as 2020 ! No doubt there. Good graphics, but hate being a delivery boy (didn't buy it based on that)

Illedan: I tried to make this code small and stupid. Should have gone full on from the start :P Feel like I need a search to solve this

Scarfield: i only did certain bombs -> certain safe cells -> probability of bomb on remaining edge tiles

PatrickMcGinnisII: my daughter wants to dress up as an AmongUS character for halloween ... I'm like wtf, u want me to make you look like a hazmat person

eulerscheZahl: i opted for ugly code

Scarfield: wouldnt find the bombs on the pic euler linked, but the probability part would pass still

AntiSquid: i like the meme: "for Halloween this year i am going to dress as myself without a mask, people find it scary enough"

Einwickler: AntiSquid Empty supermarket shelves

Scarfield: with toilet paper prices

PatrickMcGinnisII: AntiSquid I don't have a ps4, i like norman reedus...hmmm

AntiSquid: Einwickler a plain card board tube (from the toilet paper roll)

Einwickler: AntiSquid thats way better yeah! :D

AntiSquid: i was using kitchen wipes for 1-2 weeks btw .

Default avatar.png Romil: I think Clash of Code problems should be harder. (much harder..)

PatrickMcGinnisII: I ordered a wire face light up mask. Last year my daughter was a devil woman...they gonna love us at the church around the corner again this year!

Scarfield: try out some puzzles Romil

Default avatar.png Romil: Ummm... sorry but.. can you tell me 'where' are puzzles in this website ?? :sweat_smile:

AntiSquid: 15 minutes romil


Scarfield: then you can choose the difficulty you want :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: yall ran out of TP in the UK?

Default avatar.png Romil: Thank You Very Much !! :)

AntiSquid: Romil, this is only solved by 4 people on the site

AntiSquid: much harder .

Scarfield: np, also check out the compete sections. The Bot programming is by far what i enjoy the most on this site Romil :)

Default avatar.png Romil: No No.. I am just a kid. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

**PatrickMcGinnisII grumbles fkin' Euler

Einwickler: AntiSquid Ouch. I just used 1 sheet peer session :D

eulerscheZahl: at least I was kind enough to put Space Maze into expert (was going for "hard" at first)

Default avatar.png Romil: talking about that 'much' harder part.. :sweat_smile:

Scarfield: didnt know you and euler were that close patrickMc

Astrobytes: :P

AntiSquid: a bit too friendly

PatrickMcGinnisII: he can Funge himself thankyou

Astrobytes: ffs hahaha

PatrickMcGinnisII: at least euler keeps making content despite trying his best to melt brains

Astrobytes: when my nephew was really small he used to call fire engines "funge-ins"

ZarthaxX: sounds like :mushroom:

Scarfield: Zarthoo

Astrobytes: Ah Mr Mushroom, he was a fungi to be with

Astrobytes: hello SporethaxX

PatrickMcGinnisII: i didn't know a tesla could do 235kph

Default avatar.png Samnath_shah: wow

ZarthaxX: SporeaxX sounded cool Astrobytocus

ZarthaxX: Scarfoooooooooooooooooooo

ZarthaxX: hai

Scarfield: :vulcan:

ZarthaxX: waddup

Scarfield: finished the boys in a week, and waiting for the contest :)

ZarthaxX: what is that?

Einwickler: The boys is really worth it

Scarfield: amazon prime show about super heroes

Einwickler: Im pretty anti super hero movies but this series was really good

eulerscheZahl: hi ZarthaxX. how's it going with the SDK?

ZarthaxX: have been busy, couldnt continue

ZarthaxX: and also found out im a noob with gmail

ZarthaxX: :(

eulerscheZahl: what's hard about gmail?

ZarthaxX: i found out that i missed 2 mails from a company

eulerscheZahl: important ones?

ZarthaxX: yeah, but i got the third one today, asking me if i was seeing the mails

ZarthaxX: and that's how i realized i missed the other ones :P

ZarthaxX: i had 2 interviews with it until now, and now im goingto have a third one

ZarthaxX: im glad they insisted sending 3 mails to contact me..

eulerscheZahl: ghosting a company that wants to hire you, smart move

Astrobytes: lol, what's the job?

ZarthaxX: the other 2 mails were sent to promotions

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl ;)

ZarthaxX: honestly i dont know astro lol, i just started talking with them after winning a contest from them

eulerscheZahl: do you use an external client for your emails?

ZarthaxX: it's a company relate dto security

Astrobytes: Oh, interesting

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl no

Astrobytes: You did a CTF or something?

ZarthaxX: the possible job would be a security research, but im just starting lol

ZarthaxX: but they "believe" i have pontential

ZarthaxX: yes, it was a pre ctf

ZarthaxX: it was cool

Astrobytes: nice

ZarthaxX: challenges are still out there i think

eulerscheZahl: give link

ZarthaxX: you had to find flags in 6 different games

ZarthaxX: 2 made in c, 2 in python and 2 in java

Scarfield: sounds nice, polar bears are rare these days, of course they want you

eulerscheZahl: the C ones are probably the hardest


eulerscheZahl: stupid me found the "download all" too late

ZarthaxX: lol

ZarthaxX: Scarfield LOL

ZarthaxX: i have to explain the rules

ZarthaxX: you need an initial password for the first zip

PatrickMcGinnisII: entonces

ZarthaxX: the first password is this one We1come_To_0napsis_Ch4llenges

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl i would say the java ones are the hardest :P

ZarthaxX: there is a minesweeper

eulerscheZahl: python2, how ancient

ZarthaxX: yes, annoying

eulerscheZahl: there are 2 minesweepers now

eulerscheZahl: or do you mean in the CTF?

ZarthaxX: in the ctf

ZarthaxX: the third one is java

eulerscheZahl: i'm too tired for this now


ZarthaxX: anyway in each lvl folder

ZarthaxX: you have the flag at the end

ZarthaxX: if you want to test any

eulerscheZahl: euler non comprendo

eulerscheZahl: non able Espanol

ZarthaxX: just a bit of google translation

ZarthaxX: funny toad :rofl:

ZarthaxX: i will explain tommorrow

ZarthaxX: :P

eulerscheZahl: nah, i trust in google translate

eulerscheZahl: guided me through mini RAIC

ZarthaxX: i tried RAIC :rofl:

ZarthaxX: still cant stand the translation

AntiSquid: when is raic this year

AntiSquid: ZarthaxX is doing CTFs? :o

eulerscheZahl: tbd

ZarthaxX: AntiSquid starting to look into security :P

ZarthaxX: well, dive into

jacek: yay for bayern

eulerscheZahl: btw RAIC will not have any tshirts / hoodies this time :(


ZarthaxX: i never tried it but well

eulerscheZahl: but if you go for the overly complex game, there's still hope

ZarthaxX: it always discourages me

Astrobytes: same, I take a look at the engine, and the hundred page manual and give up

AntiSquid: it helped me practice pointers and shared pointers (the shitty messy RAIC game engine i mean)

AntiSquid: because i built on their shitty code

MSmits: hey jacek... I am still fitting params for your jacekmax

MSmits: it's slowly getting better, but I don't think it'll be better at the end

MSmits: probably same rank on leaderboard though

MSmits: somewhere within that huge gap

MSmits: at least it proves it can work fine for something other than your NN's

AntiSquid: which game

jacek: i thought as much

jacek: i think with best parameters it wont be different from what you have now

MSmits: I'm not sure, it might be worse. I suspect your search is more sensitive to a good eval

MSmits: and your NN obviously has a far better eval

MSmits: because the EPT way is fuzzier, taking the average

MSmits: it's like what you do with normal mcts, you dont have a good eval, so you take the average

MSmits: AntiSquid: Oware

MSmits: but i will keep the structure of the eval completely identical and also fit the same (slowass) way with cg bench. That's probably the fairest way to do this

MSmits: so far I get 50+% vs everyone but darkhorse

MSmits: and the NN's... just testing vs Agade, but he wrecks me

jacek: do you have some automated parameter tuning?

MSmits: i dont atm, but i can whip it up I suppose when i have some time

MSmits: not any thing fancy though, i dont have the temoral difference thingy down yet

MSmits: just taking a param, fitting it, using a random move param like you do, then take a different parameter, fitting it again, just visiting each in order

MSmits: multiple passes until stuck in local optimum

jacek: you do it all manually? :scream:

MSmits: always have

jacek: i thought maybe some GA was involved

Astrobytes: (the M in MSmits stands for 'masochistic' :P )

MSmits: lol

MSmits: except when i am wrecking you though, then the S means something else

MSmits: :grin:

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: jacek i also never wrote a GA

MSmits: I have some bad holes in my knowledge

Astrobytes: Still? I thought you were gonna practice it a few months back

MSmits: it is still on my list i suppose

jacek: welp

MSmits: btw, doesnt have to be GA

MSmits: can also be SA

MSmits: just need one of those things

jacek: or PSO or CLOP or SPSA or whatever

MSmits: yeah, there's many ways to put 3 or 4 charactes together

Astrobytes: hehehe

MSmits: hard to use those in conjunction with CG bench though

MSmits: so you kinda have to use self-training

MSmits: I mean it's not impossible, just difficult for me

MSmits: I have had self training arenas before. All I would have to do is put one of those GA thingies in there

MSmits: basically, I would take a set of parameters. And another set of parameters, make them have babies and select the best. Maybe mutate the babies a bit. Sounds easy

jacek: but fitness function is most expensive

MSmits: why?

MSmits: isnt it just winrate?

MSmits: oh, you do changes compared to the last version

MSmits: the params that changed more are adjusted more

MSmits: but thats a different type of training

MSmits: so I am confused

MSmits: what is this fitness function?

jacek: how do you compare 2 organisms? which one is better

MSmits: the one that wins more

Astrobytes: fitness function is your eval

jacek: yes

MSmits: so dont you have all sets play a bunch of games?

Astrobytes: you select offspring according to their fitness

jacek: fitness function is way do determine which bot is better. but to do that you need to play handful of games

MSmits: yeah

jacek: for each pair

MSmits: ohhh wait

MSmits: you mean the playing of games is part of the fitness function

MSmits: i thought of that as being separate

MSmits: ofc playing games is expensive

jacek: ah

MSmits: there is a lot of experimentation to be done with is

MSmits: so many free paramters in GA

MSmits: SA is way easier like that

Astrobytes: tuning SA ain't always easy

jacek: ah, the hyper parameters :unamused:

MSmits: maybe not easier, but less parameters makes it faster

MSmits: i would guess GA often outperforms SA, just because there are more dials

MSmits: btw if you know a good animation about GA or even SA where you can adjust dials to get different fitting results, let me know

MSmits: i dont mean a video

MSmits: some iteractive thing. I've seen people in videos do them

MSmits: interactive

Astrobytes: there's an interactive Mars Lander one somewhere iirc

jacek: i dont know any

Astrobytes: Or something along those lines

MSmits: cool

MSmits: I'll look for that more specifically

MSmits: things like that really beef up a course

jacek: yes there are some articles on cg for ga

MSmits: I can tell the students what to try and think about the results

MSmits: yeah i knew that

MSmits: I am also thinking of letting them fit a NN for a simple "AND" or "OR" operator

MSmits: and calculate the output by hand

MSmits: maybe something animated so you can see the NN being trained to give the right result

MSmits: and of course the google website about tensorflow


Scarfield: go to the testing paragraph there is a animation which explains the process pretty well

Scarfield: if you are still here MSmits

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: hey, im just trying to do that with mars lander. still stuck at trying to simulate it. does anyone know i should round any of the numbers? because currently i am getting different positions compared to the site

Scarfield: its a bit weird, it keeps the decimal points until you crash/land/fly out, but then it shows rounded values iirc

Scarfield: so you should not round, its only the values shown that are rounded

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: ok, now so now i must find what is actually wrong with it :P

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: thanks

Scarfield: np, how are you calculating the change of position?

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: i break it down to x speed and y speed, x acceleration and y acceleration, and each turn the speed changes according to the acceleration, and the position changes based on speed

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: i only tried testing it on freefall for now

Scarfield: mars lander is the only puzzle where you have to take into consideration that the acceleration is not instant

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: oh

Scarfield: so: dy = y0 + v0 t + 0.5 a t^2

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: oh i calculated as acceleration being the change in speed (m/s) per second

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: probably should look at the formulas again

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: so for what you wrote its relevant when acceleration is the same, so i use it to calculate only for one turn, so the t is 1, so its

dy = y + v + 0.5a

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: if i understand correctly

Scarfield: yup :)

Scarfield: vy just to be clear

Scarfield: and ay

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: yeah

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: ok so ill seperate acceleration to x axis and y axis, then use the formula for each axis individually

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: thanks :D

Scarfield: exactly

Scarfield: np mars lander is a bit weird since all other puzzles just assume the acceleration is added instantly to the velocity

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: ok thats good to know for when i try the other ones

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: yesss! got it working for freefall

Scarfield: :muslce:

Scarfield: :muscle:

Scarfield: nice

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: so the order i did it is:

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: calculate acceleration update postion (y = y0 + 0.5a) update speed (v = v0 +a)

Default avatar.png yankydoodle: first time i did any kind of simulation, feels nice

Scarfield: yea good job :)

MSmits: thanks Scarfield, that's not directly usable as a teaching tool, but I can use it as inspiration

MSmits: i mean in my specific circumstances, i can't directly link this for the students and expect them to use it, but it's very detailed and will help me understand and transform it into something better

Scarfield: oh missed that you wanted to use it for teaching, but yea it explains the idea very well :)

MSmits: it sure does

MSmits: for me the extra detail is good, because I already read a lot of general stuff about GA

MSmits: this gif is great


MSmits: I might actually use this in my teaching material

Scarfield: yea its great, are you going to teach NN's GA or both?

MSmits: it's an AI course

MSmits: I start with BFS/DFS and such

MSmits: then GA/SA

MSmits: maybe i'll do pagerank

MSmits: for sure machine learning in several forms

Scarfield: cool :)

MSmits: and I will definitely link to the social dilemma and do something with that

MSmits: it will mostly be code-free, with coding exercises being extra for smarter students

MSmits: but they need to completely understand the algorithms

MSmits: so they need to be able to explain when BFS works better or DFS

MSmits: and which one finds the shortest path

MSmits: etc.

MSmits: thats why i am looking at a lot of interactive examples

MSmits: coding it yourself works, but is way too time consuming

MSmits: for the student I mean

Scarfield: yea makes sense, and you cant really code it if you dont understand it to begin with

MSmits: maybe I'll let them all work out a section of their choice and grade that

MSmits: so, a pathfinding coding exercise or a ga or whatever

MSmits: maybe I'll involve CG some way, not sure

Scarfield: do you have animations for BFS and A*?

MSmits: yes

Scarfield: ok, just remembered seing some good ones, but not where. but wont look if you already have them :)


MSmits: this is amazing

MSmits: if you know more, sure do share

MSmits: the more I have the better

MSmits: i already put this in an iframe in my course

Scarfield: damn, thats i nice link. sure ill see if i can find it

MSmits: at first i wondered why DFS is not in that link i shared

MSmits: but i guess it's a horrible algorithm for such an open space

MSmits: even though you could draw a very closed mazelike thing

MSmits: so anything that compares DFS and BFS in a similar way would be perfect

Scarfield: you know right?

MSmits: i know it, but did not check it for this


MSmits: lol it was even in my favorites already

MSmits: i just didnt check it

Scarfield: xD

Scarfield: pretty sure thats the animations i was thinking of

MSmits: it even has python

MSmits: which is the language we use

MSmits: wow that is amazing

MSmits: I should translate this whole thing and then refer to the redblobgames site for the english version. Then they get credit

Scarfield: yea its a great site, there is also stuff about hex tiles :p

MSmits: i knew that

MSmits: i studied it for that pirate game

MSmits: this site is similar to

MSmits: except very different subject

MSmits: but equally amazing

MSmits: that one is all about learning to code 3D stuff, noise, shaders and randomly generating things

Scarfield: oh yea, forgot about this one, but can see i have it favorited

Scarfield: have considered to look into noise, the stuff you can make with it is amazing

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: I did a lot of experimentation on random world generation at some point

MSmits: with voxel engines and such

MSmits: I even learned how to do it on the GPU for speed

MSmits: it's one of those rabbit holes i fell into

Scarfield: xD

Scarfield: do you know the coding train youtube channel?

MSmits: nope

Scarfield: he has a lot of great coding videos, also about different projects with noise

MSmits: cool


Scarfield: he is coding with javascript though

MSmits: ahh ok

MSmits: I'll probably watch that just for fun

Scarfield: he has tons of videos, with some great projects for ideas :)

MSmits: nice

MSmits: gonna go sleep. alarm clock goes in 6 hrs, thanks for the help Scarfield

Scarfield: np gn :)

MSmits: gn

ImaNoob: what's the best way to learn python?

Default avatar.png colinemonds: do puzzles on codingame

Default avatar.png colinemonds: also

ImaNoob: ok

Default avatar.png colinemonds: glad I could help :)

ImaNoob: Ok

ImaNoob: Maybe i can go codecombat

ImaNoob: I'm not good at codingame yet

Default avatar.png colinemonds: sure, whatever you enjoy best

GoogleJeff: why is every Clash of Code today "fastest" or "reversed". where are my Shortest Mode clashes!

GoogleJeff: who cares about being fast. i am here for the code golf

GoogleJeff: also, why is there no "reverse shortest" mode?

Anth: maybe you are looking for

Default avatar.png GreatPanda03: shortest mode is horrible for java

GoogleJeff: Anth: thanks for the pointer

GoogleJeff: GreatPanda03: yeah, the different languages need like a handicap or something to make it fair

GoogleJeff: or else everyone just needs to learn ruby and python.

Default avatar.png GreatPanda03: agreed

Allis: I think adding a performance mode would be a great way to balance everything out.

Default avatar.png haasosaurus: leetcode

Default avatar.png Dokari: :joy:

Xedux: anyone have it's solution ?

KiwiTae: sure

KiwiTae: Xedux whats blocking you?

Xedux: i can't write proper syntax for the required output ?