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Default avatar.png Galbie: dank memes

Default avatar.png Koldunas: hello

Default avatar.png zTTK: sup

Default avatar.png Drugou: Can I change a PHP language version to last or not?

DaNinja: php here is version 7.3.9


Default avatar.png rafietje: hu

Default avatar.png rafietje: hi\

jacek: :hu:

Default avatar.png Tanny2009: ?

Uljahn: :?:

Uljahn: :Automaton2000:

Automaton2000: i don't think i will use it

Shadowtick: morning everyone

Default avatar.png Tanny2009: i woke up at exatcly 7:00

Default avatar.png Tanny2009: and im still tired :sleeping:

Shadowtick: I woke up at exactly 6:00 am

Shadowtick: and I have a cup of coffee to get me through my day

Shadowtick: so I will be awake :3

Default avatar.png Tanny2009: 7:00 MT

Default avatar.png Tanny2009: moutain time?

Shadowtick: hold on let me go get a clock for the time where I am

Default avatar.png Tanny2009: k

Default avatar.png Tanny2009: im in canada so if anyone is in usa or a different country than it is a different time'

Shadowtick: I sent it to you

Default avatar.png Tanny2009: where?

Default avatar.png Tanny2009: oh ok'

Default avatar.png Hravran: 15:35

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: Hello Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but i want to learn more

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: What do you want to learn Automaton2000

Automaton2000: because it takes time to get #1

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: What about you AutomatonNN

DomiKo: AutomatonNN [*]

DomiKo: Automaton2000 where is AutomatonNN?

Automaton2000: i don't think that i am getting the error

Scarfield: toad kicked NN

jacek: toadfield doesnt like to be hilighted

MSmits: hey, I was gonna code your jacekmax today jacek... but then I had another idea to speed up my endgame book :P

Marchete: what's jacekmax? :D

MSmits: it's jaceks version of best first minimax

MSmits: backpropagating the best eval


MSmits: so like mcts, but instead of doing wins/visits you just take the eval

MSmits: it's almost EPT depth 0, except with that you add up all eval scores like you do with win scores

MSmits: in this case you replace them minimax style

MSmits: i think i can code it in an hour or two at the most

MSmits: Astrobytes I had an idea to fix my cache issue

Astrobytes: Oh yeah?

MSmits: i was storing the information per gamestate as 180 values, one for each turn

MSmits: so turn 20-180

MSmits: err 20-200

MSmits: but when i am doing retrograde I am doing all states with 1 turn left, then all states with 2 turns left, then all states with 3 turns left etc.

MSmits: so its better if all states with 1 turn left are close together

MSmits: then when you're doing 2 turns, you can look the 1 turn stuff up fast

Astrobytes: yes for sure

Astrobytes: that makes sense, I thought you'd be doing something like that already!

MSmits: apparently not!

MSmits: then i started thinking more. I stopped my local database at 15 seeds, because beyond that i couldnt keep everything in memory

MSmits: but what i didnt realize is that i only need to keep the last turn in memory

MSmits: and maybe the current turn

MSmits: so thats 100 times less memory

MSmits: so it's the same issue really

MSmits: I need to do 1 turn, then write to HD

MSmits: then do another etc.

Astrobytes: Yes, storing everything seems pretty redundant

MSmits: i was thinking in terms of seed databases, seed 1, seed 2 etc.

MSmits: but what i really should have been doing was turn databases

MSmits: I calculate I can do my local db up to 25 seeds with this improvement

Astrobytes: jeez man, that's something

Astrobytes: Have you started on it yet?

Astrobytes: (so much for "I'm done with Oware" :P )

MSmits: nah, I just thought of it on my way home from the train :P

Astrobytes: Keep me updated, it sounds promising

MSmits: yeah, it might take a while to calculate, so i might need a pause/resume function

Astrobytes: that's trivial enough

MSmits: also, HD space. I need to think about really compactify, because it's gonna be big

MSmits: 200 billion values

MSmits: mmh thats too big i think :P

Astrobytes: you're not compressing it already?

MSmits: well it's not very compressible I think

MSmits: I will just serialize it in as few bits as i can

MSmits: 200 billion times 6 bits

MSmits: mmh that's actually possible

MSmits: uses half my HD though

Astrobytes: lol that poor HD

MSmits: i might not go as far as 25, but we'll see

Astrobytes: It might not be worth it

MSmits: yeah. By the way. I think a supercomputer could solve this game easily

MSmits: just need 200 TB of space

MSmits: it's like the paper about solving Awari. It has less than 1 trillion states if you dont consider the turn

MSmits: with the turn it's 200 trillion

MSmits: but that solves the infinite loop problem, because turns never go beyond 200

Astrobytes: Maybe you should contact the authors ;)

MSmits: nah, it won't be interesting to them, the 200 turn limit is artificial

MSmits: it's just to deal with CG limits

MSmits: but it's essential in how you play this game

Astrobytes: Still interesting enough I'd say

Astrobytes: They might find you 200TB of storage and a supercomputer :P

MSmits: They are Romein and Bal, I think they lost interest. their database is no longe rup either

MSmits: someone claimed they made mistakes

MSmits: but it's impossible to check now

Astrobytes: oh right, yeah, I remember this discussion from before

MSmits: anyways, gonna work on the live bot first, before i try and tackle the issue of the local db

Astrobytes: Make an article like the CSB Nash-DQN one

MSmits: Yeah, I might

Astrobytes: when [if] you finish

MSmits: I don't think anyone wrote anything about endgame DB's before

MSmits: on CG I mean

Astrobytes: I've not seen anything no

MSmits: I did two of them now and I think I have the biggest one for either game.

MSmits: 9 seed oware and 12 squares Bandas

MSmits: I think the next biggest for bandas is 9

Astrobytes: who has that?

MSmits: Nagrarok, I was told

Astrobytes: ah ok

MSmits: interestingly... I dont think karliso has one

MSmits: so he's wrecking us in some mysterious way again

Astrobytes: He's just using the karl iso magic again

MSmits: yeah

Astrobytes: is bandas based on a real game btw?

MSmits: I think so, but I dont remember which.

Astrobytes: I remember searching for it but don't think I found anything

MSmits: An AI multiplayer game made with the Codingame SDK Based on Frutiparc Frutibandas game Assets by Kenney Vleugels

eulerscheZahl: i found

eulerscheZahl: which is now what i was looking for

eulerscheZahl: *not

jacek: karlisomax?

Astrobytes: ah thx MSmits


MSmits: all i could find

Astrobytes: MonteKarlisoTreeSearch

MSmits: good one

MSmits: not to be confused with MadKnightTreeSearch

jacek: MonteCegTreeSearch

Astrobytes: Indeed

Astrobytes: hahaha

MSmits: I imagine that's an algorithm to find a tree in a forest

eulerscheZahl: MonteCegTumbleSearch

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: PlumTreeSearch, for his Prune Array

Astrobytes: (prunes are dried plums)

MSmits: he has a prune array?

Astrobytes: He did yes

Astrobytes: Only he knows what it did or what it was

MSmits: you get an interesting combination of results if you google prune array

MSmits: graphs, construction tools and hygiene products

jacek: it was his misunderstaing of how alpha beta works

eulerscheZahl: next time he's online remind me to suggest him caching array lookups

Astrobytes: ah yes, that was it jacek

Astrobytes: cegpracache :D

MSmits: thats maybe a real name

Astrobytes: that was genius that one

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: nope it's unique

MSmits: google has no idea what that is

MSmits: which is impressive

Astrobytes: I did find a Pracache Ulvanolanit

MSmits: poor guy

MSmits: or ?

Astrobytes: no idea

jacek: by HHD you really mean HDD with spinning motor?

jacek: HDD~

MSmits: me? I dunno, I have a SSD and one of those old ones on my system

jacek: alright

jacek: i almost felt pity and was gonna send you fast SSD

MSmits: seems like i have a SSD of 500 gb,and two of those spinning motor things, one of 500 GB and one of 1 TB

MSmits: maybe I'll start a service where you send me a SSD and I send you one back with a oware seed DB :P

jacek: then youll get owned by piracy. ill use that to *seed* torrent

KiwiTae: i dont have a computer :(

MSmits: gonna make some mad :moneybag:

MSmits: who would not want an oware seed db

MSmits: lol jacek :)

MSmits: would be funny to see a torrent for an endgame db

jacek: i bet there are for chess

MSmits: KiwiTae, you are doing CG on your phone?

MSmits: jacek no doubt, maybe even checkers

Astrobytes: XxX-SeedDB-bY-5m1751.torrent

Shadowtick: hello

MSmits: though there is no need, that checkerboard website shares checkers db up to 8 pieces

MSmits: 10 pieces uses insane HD space

MSmits: Astrobytes that doesnt look SFW :P

Astrobytes: lol

Shadowtick: what did I just walk into???

ZarthaxX: a beautiful place

MSmits: you say that every day Shadowtick

MSmits: maybe by now you should have the answer :P

Astrobytes: a discussion about seed databases, torrents and storage

Astrobytes: *endgame databases

Shadowtick: I know but now I am actually confused about it even more than the last ones MSmits

MSmits: ah ok. I could explain it so you'll understand it, but I am afraid you'll leave halfway through

Astrobytes: Please explain it.

Astrobytes: :P

ZarthaxX: Annoybytes

Shadowtick: well I am gonna be coding and have the chat shrunk down

Shadowtick: hidden*

MSmits: I don't fit in a shrunken chat, unfortunately

Astrobytes: Zarthonium

ZarthaxX: wall of text smito :P

maras: Is there a way to fight against the boss using the CGBenchmark? Does the boss have an ID or something?

Shadowtick: I meant I am gonna hide ittt

MSmits: sure, flee again

Astrobytes: ITTT? Infinite Tic Tac Toe?

MSmits: maras, there is, i dont remember

MSmits: maybe it says on the website

Astrobytes: it's on the forum somewhere

MSmits: it has some player id

MSmits: i think

maras: That's great news, I'll try to find it then

jacek: :o

Astrobytes: maras:

MSmits: Astrobytes uttt is already ittt, it never ends

Astrobytes: fair point

MSmits: Yes you can. You have 2 options :

Use agentId = -2 (this is the boss of your current league)

MSmits: Find the replay of a game with the boss. Open your browser console and look at the JSON response, it contains the agentId of the boss

Astrobytes: that's what I just linked :P

maras: :heart:

MSmits: yeah

maras: thanks a lot

MSmits: I saved him the click

Astrobytes: :)

MSmits: oh you linked the specific part of the forum thread

MSmits: i thought i just lucked out and it popped up in the rigth place :P

MSmits: this linking is too advanced for me

Astrobytes: no it saves the post number in the url

Astrobytes: as you scroll down the page

MSmits: ahh nice

Astrobytes: yeah, handy

Shadowtick: alright Imma just go so have a great week everyone

Astrobytes: and you

MSmits: yeah, keep thinking about what you ran into

MSmits: maybe tomorrow you'll know

MSmits: otherwise just ask us again

Astrobytes: Shadow tick walks into a bar. Says 'ouch'.

Default avatar.png DJBouncyPirate_fc6f: 你

MSmits: DJBouncyPirate_fc6f that's just depth 0, not much of an opening book tbh

jacek: thats neat compression

jacek: it fits 49 seeds of uttt

MSmits: i think we broke jacek, he's mixing up games now

Astrobytes: lol

ZarthaxX: wtf

Astrobytes: My pods keep running out of sanity.

MSmits: lol

MSmits: let's make these jokes as "inside" as possible

MSmits: if ZarthaxX doesn't get it, we're doin good

ZarthaxX: :(

Astrobytes: :D

MSmits: :P

ZarthaxX: it's easy as i havent been here for months heh

ZarthaxX: but good luck

MSmits: you didnt get the opening book joke?

MSmits: I can explain, wont be as funny ofc :P

Astrobytes: HumouraxX

MSmits: I thought you were only doing this with scarfield

MSmits: or was this because ZarthaxX was gone

MSmits: is scarfield ZarthaxX replacement?

Astrobytes: No, it started with AnthraxX

MSmits: ohh ok

jacek: wooo new puzzle of the week

Astrobytes: ScarthaxX :o

MSmits: that sounds like a weird mafia thing

Astrobytes: and Zarfield

ZarthaxX: what opening book joke?


MSmits: ffs

MSmits: DJBouncyPirate_fc6f 05:04PM 你

ZarthaxX: wat

MSmits: MSmits 05:04PM DJBouncyPirate_fc6f that's just depth 0, not much of an opening book tbh

ZarthaxX: ah

ZarthaxX: compressing your opening book with special chars

MSmits: yeah, i thought you would have gotten that one

ZarthaxX: i lived that part of cg :P

MSmits: oh how did you use this?

MSmits: I struggled with it over the weekend. Finally managed to get that working, but it wasn't easy

ZarthaxX: i meant i saw a lot of opening book compression shenanigans haha

MSmits: ah ok yes

ZarthaxX: i never did it myself

Astrobytes: you gonna join the contest Zartho?

jacek: nowadays is NN compression

MSmits: I never needed to before, because my opening books were always small

MSmits: but endgame books are massive

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes maybe

Astrobytes: cool cool

MSmits: jacek how does the size of the NN scale with the time needed to train it until it tapers off?

MSmits: say if you used the same NN, but twice as many constants

ZarthaxX: the problem is that uni is gonna get hard on those days sadly

Astrobytes: ah yeah, well, hopefully you find a bit of time

MSmits: I start a new course (as a student) the day after the contest starts

ZarthaxX: yeah, i will jsut abandon my team for the subject proyect

ZarthaxX: :D

jacek: i actually never measured. i assume about 100-200x position vs the NN's number of weights

MSmits: but I probably wont get much home work

ZarthaxX: MSmits nice timing

MSmits: it's about game design

MSmits: think they will make us do stuff in unity

jacek: i think have about 52k weights for oware

ZarthaxX: oh, why did you choose that?

MSmits: what do you mean by 100-200 x position?

Astrobytes: you'll walk that if it's Unity then MSmits

MSmits: ZarthaxX not that much to choose from, other stuff would be more basic. At least game design sounds fun, i need some credits

ZarthaxX: i see

MSmits: yeah i used unity before

MSmits: even went into their compute shader stuff

MSmits: lots of tutorials too

Astrobytes: Yeah I remember

MSmits: it's a cool tool

Astrobytes: And your sphere?

jacek: nowadays i use somehwat supervised learning. i play random games, take out the position and let the current bot analyze for few depths for each of them

Astrobytes: It was a sphere right

ZarthaxX: you will be into gaming for 10 days then :P

MSmits: oh that thing is still making me a euro a month":P

MSmits: yeah a sphere

Astrobytes: :D

jacek: so for oware i can do 5 millions position and i think it will saturate it

MSmits: I used the money for that useless D &B paper

jacek: :O

jacek: hint: sci-hub, libgen

ZarthaxX: D&B ?

MSmits: nah this one was not available

MSmits: had to spend $$

MSmits: could not resist

Astrobytes: oh didn't know libgen

MSmits: dots and boxes ZarthaxX

ZarthaxX: there is a paper for a game of cg?

Astrobytes: we've got loads of board games now Zarthabsentee

MSmits: umm, cg has checkers too

ZarthaxX: i know Astrobytes it's too much :D

MSmits: I think checkers has thousands of papers :P

jacek: hmm

MSmits: more citations because it's easier to find and read stuff?

Astrobytes: Makes sense. Most big journals are only exploitative money making machines

jacek: ZarthaxX its bit of experimentation and cg limits. there are 12 houses and 2 scores. 2 * (12 * 31 + 2 * 25) * HIDDEN_UNITS + HIDDEN_UNITS

eulerscheZahl: and soon we'll have minesweeper

MSmits: hmm jacek, have you not considered doing it scoreless ?

Astrobytes: that looks awesome btw euler, you did a great job on that :)

jacek: nah

MSmits: since the history of any gamestate has no effect on what the best move is

ZarthaxX: jacek what are you talking about?

eulerscheZahl: thanks. even got a win98VM and installed Netscape + WinRAR on it :D

MSmits: so no matter what the score is, the best move is the smae

MSmits: same

Astrobytes: lol, now that's dedication!

MSmits: damn eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: couldn't find a way to go online with the VM

jacek: ZarthaxX ahh you were talking to MSmits, sry

eulerscheZahl: so i created an ISO file and inserted that

ZarthaxX: okey haha

ZarthaxX: optimization minesweeper toad?

jacek: MSmits i want to keep it simple for now. game state -> chance of winning. so far it works. if i get rekt, ill try another approach

eulerscheZahl: medium puzzle

ZarthaxX: oh ok

MSmits: ah ok, sure chance of winning does need the score

ZarthaxX: isn't there one already?


eulerscheZahl: yes

MSmits: this actually explains something i found with your bot


eulerscheZahl: but mine has a working windows clock that shows the real time :D

MSmits: I do a scoreless state, and your bot does sometimes do a different move if it came to the same state by a different route (with possibly a different score)

ZarthaxX: how did you mix minesweeper with that interface wtf

eulerscheZahl: you can turn it off, check the settings

ZarthaxX: did you mimicate win98 game?

eulerscheZahl: i took a screenshot from minesweeper on a Win98 and drew over it

ZarthaxX: ah okey haha

MSmits: Mimicate More than just mimicking someone. Greater than just imitating them.

MSmits: had to urban this one

MSmits: I thought you made it up

ZarthaxX: i thought it existed :P

MSmits: apparently it did

Astrobytes: A case of mimesis

jacek: mitochondrium is a powerhouse of the cell

Astrobytes: lol, we need a dictionary of Zarth

jacek: thank you, school

Astrobytes: *mitochondrion

ZarthaxX: lmao

eulerscheZahl: desoxyribonucleinacid

MSmits: thanks Astrobytes, I'll correct the physics errors

Astrobytes: *deoxyribonucleic acid

MSmits: are we testing Astrobytes now

Astrobytes: lol MSmits

eulerscheZahl: yes, autocorrect made that red. but failed to offer a better version

MSmits: giraphe

jacek: proffessor

Astrobytes: haha I like giraphe better than giraffe

MSmits: me too

Astrobytes: professor

MindController: Guys please help

MindController: A.erase(A.begin() + 0);

MindController: Im getting segmentation fault with this line

eulerscheZahl: what's A.size()?

MindController: 2

eulerscheZahl: hm :thinking:

ZarthaxX: you sure

AntiSquid: besser = better btw :P

eulerscheZahl: i don't see what could be wrong with this line then. maybe it segfaults somewhere else before?

eulerscheZahl: i don't get that AntiSquid. you are first only hit when I crtl#f for besser (and me now)

eulerscheZahl: and we got a useless badge from the hacktober ctf

Astrobytes: oh you did another ctf?

eulerscheZahl: wasn't as fun as the first

eulerscheZahl: but we learned that zeno is a great teammate for that kind of contest

AntiSquid: what do you mean euler?

eulerscheZahl: too windows heavy. and new tasks revealed late into the contest

Astrobytes: that figures, he's good with numbers and crypto

eulerscheZahl: and linux

AntiSquid: ah yes that was bullshit :D

eulerscheZahl: oh and the first questions that you had to answer to unlock the rest

AntiSquid: 15:00 - 16:00 is when new puzzles got revealed

eulerscheZahl: some research about the sponsors needed

Astrobytes: eugh

eulerscheZahl: how many core values does sponsor X list on the website, seriously?

AntiSquid: reply challenge was really good imo

Astrobytes: lol, that's really lame

AntiSquid: some stuff annoyed me about reply, like the wording, but it was still far better

eulerscheZahl: was only the first few. but already dropped my motivation when the real challenge started

Astrobytes: was it just the 3 of you for reply or did Ille's colleague also join in the end?

AntiSquid: this ctf seemed random, amateurishly organized

eulerscheZahl: on paper ille too. but didn't play

Astrobytes: why not?

AntiSquid: zeno is really good at that stuff

AntiSquid: he hard carried us

eulerscheZahl: oh and the first hour the website was really laggy

eulerscheZahl: i didn't even see the tasks that zeno solved until the next day

eulerscheZahl: went to bed and the next day some new tasks were there. and already solved

AntiSquid: ya me and zeno stayed up and talked

AntiSquid: was going to decompile a binary and zeno just ran a one-liner search on it to make it give him the flag ... lol

eulerscheZahl: saw the chat the next day. but didn't read all of it as the tasks were solved

AntiSquid: you know the flag3.txt challenge where i used the password to login to the other user? apparently you were supposed to find a file that has a permission to access the other user's file and run that on the flag3 lol


eulerscheZahl: ah, that's what I would have expected. some SUID or alike

eulerscheZahl: you could write your own post mortem on that task

AntiSquid: i did, a quick one for fun wanted to see if anyone comments / how they react

eulerscheZahl: i see

eulerscheZahl: somehow i assumed you just set the username when connecting via ssh already

AntiSquid: i connected without setting a username, there was none specified and i didn't even specify a port since -p 22 didn't work

eulerscheZahl: oh, i thought it was ssh user@machinename

eulerscheZahl: i logged in but just copied the details

AntiSquid: i did ssh machinename

AntiSquid: that's the only thingi remember working

eulerscheZahl: now it's offline already, can't even see the tasks anymore

AntiSquid: or maybe we are talking about diff puzzles? either way the flag one went down for an hour

AntiSquid: ya it's sad ... wonder what the 5k worth of points tasks even were

eulerscheZahl: we are talking about the same task. but meh, let's end this discussion about a semi-interesting contest

eulerscheZahl: back to watching last week tonight

AntiSquid: reply was great, wanna try the investment challenge on their site, curious what it is about :D

AntiSquid: oh shit . just remembered i signed up for the other challenge on sunday and didn't continue it LOL

Default avatar.png colinemonds: i hate it when you're one character behind on "shortest code" coc and the winner didn't share their code

AntiSquid: why do they need to share if they don't want to ?

Default avatar.png colinemonds: they don't have to

Default avatar.png colinemonds: i can hate things without hating the people

Astrobytes: you can always pm them

AntiSquid: pm them your hate

Default avatar.png Begalkantin: Gue baru belajar bang

Astrobytes: lol, not quite what I had in mind

Astrobytes: Ruthless mode today squiddy? :D

Default avatar.png Begalkantin: Hai dude

eulerscheZahl: AutomatonNN still afk

Default avatar.png Begalkantin: KOntol

Astrobytes: Stop it Begalkantin

Default avatar.png Begalkantin: dddd

Astrobytes: yes euler, appears so

Astrobytes: Ooh I am being schooled in naughty Indonesian words in PM

Astrobytes: Every day I learn

eulerscheZahl: pay attention and use them for the next troll


Astrobytes: ban next time

eulerscheZahl: i get English insults in PM

Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png programistination: wtf this website is full of bots

Astrobytes: Yep. Especially the multiplayer section :P

eulerscheZahl: in clash of code it's a replay of previous games from real humans

Default avatar.png programistination: wtf

Default avatar.png programistination: this is some number one BS

Default avatar.png Begalkantin: FUCK OFF ALL

Default avatar.png Begalkantin: HAHAHAHA

Default avatar.png programistination: lmao

eulerscheZahl: your turn again Astrobytes

Default avatar.png programistination: but this is some next level bs

eulerscheZahl: banned *RIP*

Astrobytes: There we go. Peace and quiet.

Default avatar.png programistination: I thought there are lots of ppl playing

eulerscheZahl: well, do you want to wait 10min without anyone joining at bad times?

Default avatar.png programistination: yes

Default avatar.png programistination: remove the fucking bots

Astrobytes: programistination: the bots only play when there aren't enough human players

eulerscheZahl: the bots jump in to fill the gap and leave again if real players join

Default avatar.png programistination: ik

Default avatar.png programistination: but remove them

Default avatar.png programistination: xD

Default avatar.png programistination: jk

eulerscheZahl: that would turn clashing into a single player game at some hours of the day

Astrobytes: Which kind of defeats the purpose

MadKnight: are u sure bots only play when not enough players ?

eulerscheZahl: there are some twitch streamers clashing. with lots of real players competing at the same time (around 50)

Astrobytes: Pretty sure, it's what they said on the blog article right?

Astrobytes: CG bots that is, I'm sure there are user bots too

eulerscheZahl: this one plays clash of code occasionally

MSmits: so hey. What's the best way to serialize an array of 1249046562 ints

MSmits: bytes i mean

MSmits: or at least store them on HD in a readable way

MSmits: (without decompressing the whole thing every time)

Astrobytes: New optim game

Astrobytes: :P

eulerscheZahl: also depends on your file system i think. how easy is it to access a random part of the file?

MSmits: no i was talking about my oware seed db :P

eulerscheZahl: oh, more insults in the private messages

eulerscheZahl: all caps now

Astrobytes: lol, the anger is real

MSmits: what did you do eulerscheZahl

Astrobytes: I know MSmits!

eulerscheZahl: kick

eulerscheZahl: and astro went for the ban after

MSmits: that hurts, you play soccer

Astrobytes: He got 3 kicks and a ban

MSmits: teamwork

eulerscheZahl: by 3 different mods

eulerscheZahl: do i want to *** his ***?

MSmits: is this Begalkantin?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Astrobytes: And we're learning Indonesian words

Astrobytes: yeah

MSmits: oh ok

MSmits: so you used him for his knowledge and then discarded him?

Astrobytes: Hmm, he kind of bestowed the knowledge upon us without our consent

MSmits: I see

MSmits: sometimes you don't know what you're missing until it's handed to you

Astrobytes: I think I know enough to get beaten up by strangers in Indonesia now

MSmits: sounds useful

Astrobytes: #lifegoals

MSmits: we all have our bucketlist i guess

Astrobytes: back to your issue, is it not easier to store in an actual database? OR that's too slow?

Astrobytes: Also are you serialising it by hand currently or using an inbuilt feature?

Default avatar.png colinemonds: I mean, "serializing" a bucket of bytes literally just means taking it as it is

Default avatar.png colinemonds: so what's wrong with just calling open() and spitting it all out

Default avatar.png colinemonds: databases, sheesh! bac

Default avatar.png colinemonds: back in the day we had to hand-roll our floppy drivers

Default avatar.png colinemonds: barefoot and uphill, both ways

Astrobytes: don't worry, MSmits loves doing things like that

MSmits: colinemonds thats exactly what i need

MSmits: but i also need to be able to go into that file and retrieve a byte at a specific position

MSmits: not sure what this open() thing is though

MSmits: a value will use 6 bits, so i will retrieve two consequtive bytes actually and take part of each

MSmits: consecutive

MSmits: i think?

MSmits: Astrospelling?

Astrobytes: second is correct yes

MSmits: kk

Astrobytes: "astrospelling" lol

MSmits: hey i figured I'd weigh in on that thing you got going with scartaxX

Astrobytes: :D

MSmits: but glad to hear it's possible to put data on disk like that

Scarfield: its a beautiful thing AstroSmits

MSmits: :grin:

Astrobytes: indeed Mfield

MSmits: that sounds like what euler is working on

MSmits: either that or something out of string theory

eulerscheZahl: huh, what am I working on?

MSmits: minesweeper

Astrobytes: I was gonna say it defo has a theoretical physics sound to it

MSmits: yeah

eulerscheZahl: ah. only 1 vote missing

Default avatar.png colinemonds: well, 6/8 at least lines up every QWORD, so you can process it in blocks of that size if you want (and it's easy to calculate indices)

eulerscheZahl: and then level 54 :boom:

Scarfield: i can be "persuaded"

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: colinemonds i dont mind if it is hard to calculate indices. These files are going to be 2GB each and I need 100 of them

MSmits: roughly, but you get the idea

MSmits: dont want it to be 33% bigger

Default avatar.png colinemonds: sure, but well, if you need to get it as efficiently as possible (and do care about order/need to access by index), then just bit-shifting to proper positions is the way to go. you're advantage here is that because it naturally lines up, even the perfect packing isn't annoying to implement

MSmits: ah yeah, that's true, if I ever stop using it and want to keep it around I could pack it

Scarfield: I like your profile euler, you pretty much have everything and then: "SKILLS No skills learned yet"

Default avatar.png colinemonds: *your. also, because the indices are easily calculated, you could keep the values even in-memory like this, and processing will probably still be reasonably performant, depending on what you do (will probably hit memory bandwidth limits before the CPU is busy with packing/unpacking)

MSmits: mmh ok, but say I am using an array of bytes (is this char? or uint8_t?), how would i go about writing it to file and reading parts of it?

MSmits: which c++ functions are these

MSmits: most of the stuff i find are about reading and writing strings

Default avatar.png colinemonds: hah, that would actually be a nice coc challenge!

MSmits: I often write an integer to file in hex format or something, but that's pretty silly

Default avatar.png colinemonds: it's conceptually very simple: the first byte you write is (values[0] << 2 | values[1] >> 6)

MSmits: yeah no i got that part

MSmits: the bit shifting and such

Default avatar.png colinemonds: then i don't understand your question

MSmits: how do i write it

Default avatar.png colinemonds: ohhhhh

PatrickMcGinnisII: MSmits it's just how you open the file

MSmits: yeah i should explain, i am a bit wizard that does not half of programming basics that real devs take for granted :P

MSmits: does not understand

Default avatar.png colinemonds: ofstream writestream("file.bin", ios::out | ios::binary);

Astrobytes: ^

MSmits: ahh thats the stuff

Scarfield: ?

Astrobytes: Honestly MSmits, you could just have asked that a day ago lol

MSmits: i only thought of the question today

MSmits: because i had that new idea

Astrobytes: hehehe

MSmits: hmm but scarfield, thats plain string writing

MSmits: characters

Default avatar.png colinemonds: it's the same concept, you just have to pass the binary flag

MSmits: I am learning how to write binary now

MSmits: yeah apparently

Default avatar.png colinemonds: characters == bytes as far as C and C++ are concerned

MSmits: cool, thanks

Default avatar.png colinemonds: it's a wrong assumption, but it made sense in the 70s

Scarfield: yea, just realised. your avatar should have a wizard hat with ones and zeros on it, instead of moons and stars :p

AntiSquid: how many decades have you been coding for colinemonds

MSmits: not a bad idea Scarfield

Default avatar.png colinemonds: not as many as Dennis Ritchie, which is also why I don't sneer at decisions like that in retrospect :)

Astrobytes: good answer :)

AntiSquid: only now realized he has a degree in physics .

AntiSquid: need a degree in physics to get better at coding i guess

MSmits: physicists end up all over the place

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: v = 6 c = 90 answer = v + c print(answer) - 96

MSmits: mostly it's a degree that says: smart guy

AntiSquid: humblebrag

MSmits: or gal

MSmits: it's true though, at one point we had 5 guys with physics degrees in or parliament

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: AntiSquid how have you been doc?

MSmits: our

PatrickMcGinnisII: Physicists wear several hats usually named i j k

AntiSquid: alright . i wish i could say great but yeah . how's it going Thecodekid123 already forgot when we last talked .

MSmits: PatrickMcGinnisII lol... I always make loops with i,j,k I think you're referring to tensor geometry?

AntiSquid: how do i access my digitial memory again ? (someone share the link to the CG chat history please lol)

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: Me great I am learning Python for now.Thanks for asking AntiSquid.:sunglasses:

MSmits: isnt that just google?

MSmits: AntiSquid?

Default avatar.png colinemonds: coc etiquette question: is googling for a mathematical formula allowed?

PatrickMcGinnisII: MSmits my physics classes were all about how general formulas were made, so yea i,j,k unit vectors

LegendaryStone: DiL can you share code please, you never do and I want to learn

LegendaryStone: :pensive:

AntiSquid: yes ofc . colinemonds

Default avatar.png s0m3th1ng: Wassup everyone, this is my first time doing this

Default avatar.png colinemonds: great, thank you

Astrobytes: googling for anything is allowed in CoC

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: a = b b = 'idk' print(a) - idk

MSmits: oh right yeah that's just linear algebra. I think it's a class many CS students dislike

Default avatar.png colinemonds: including just the solution? hah

Default avatar.png s0m3th1ng: are you guys in high school or college?

Default avatar.png colinemonds: I guess that's the world we live in now

AntiSquid: i mean if you ever do coders strike back i don't know how you progress without checking trigo formulas

Astrobytes: People do that sadly

MSmits: s0m3th1ng that and more

Default avatar.png s0m3th1ng: oh- okay

MSmits: I am both in high school and college and I have a job, how about that

Default avatar.png colinemonds: AntiSquid I meant fastest mode in particular, not any of the bot challengs or puzzles

Default avatar.png s0m3th1ng: wow

Default avatar.png colinemonds: for those it's obviously ok

MSmits: high school is my job, so i am cheating I guess

Astrobytes: No it's fine in all CoC modes

Default avatar.png colinemonds: cool

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: Guys and Gals you can try to code in python here:

AntiSquid: colinemonds you save solutions for the puzzles you've done and paste them next time you get them, coc repeats itself

Default avatar.png colinemonds: I guess if I had just spent the time working the formula myself instead of chatting, I would have had it by now, so I also don't feel bad about it anymore

MSmits: *try* to code sounds a bit offensive :P

Astrobytes: s0m3th1ng: a lot of us here are old

AntiSquid: and people share the code . i mean ...

Default avatar.png colinemonds: that's really lame, no?

Default avatar.png colinemonds: seems like it defeats the entire purpose

AntiSquid: how else do you want to beat the 10 second guys ?

Astrobytes: tis what it is

Default avatar.png colinemonds: I didn't have any 10 second people so far

MSmits: colinemonds you need to do a lot of clashes before you see repeats

MSmits: most people get tired of it before that

eulerscheZahl: more than 600 clashes in the pool

MSmits: most people switch to stuff that is more fun

AntiSquid: oh number increased a lot i see

Default avatar.png s0m3th1ng: Astrobytes how old?

AntiSquid: * meaningful @MSmits

Astrobytes: MSmits is 128, I'm 38, there are others

codeing: yo the city

MSmits: :grin:

eulerscheZahl: smits is -128, he had an overflow

codeing: i'm doing something

codeing: like

MSmits: wouldnt that be -127?

Astrobytes: lol euler

codeing: *


AntiSquid: hi codeine nice to see you pal

Default avatar.png s0m3th1ng: how is MSmits 128

eulerscheZahl: 127+1 = -128

MSmits: mmh ok

PatrickMcGinnisII: :joy:

eulerscheZahl: in 2's complement at least

codeing: yo

Default avatar.png s0m3th1ng: I'm only 18

codeing: let me ask please something

codeing: thanks

codeing: i'm doing something

codeing: and i have question for you

Astrobytes: He likes bits s0m3th1ng, and doesn't know his own age so you can just suggest one

codeing: this is the algo

MSmits: s0m3th1ng we have 13 yr olds that wreck people at coding here. Age doesn't matter that much

Default avatar.png s0m3th1ng: okay

Astrobytes: yep

PatrickMcGinnisII: in 8 days my age will start with a 5, proof of garbage in garbage out GIGO

codeing: what you think about this code ?

AntiSquid: who is that MSmits ? :P#


MSmits: jrke

MSmits: i think?

AntiSquid: is he 13 ?

Astrobytes: yep

MSmits: I thought so, might have the name confused

Astrobytes: He is 143

Astrobytes: I mean 13

Astrobytes: lol

codeing: any feedback

AntiSquid: lies, too good for 13 .

MSmits: euler confused you with the overflow joke isnt he

MSmits: didnt he

Astrobytes: Nice kid. I taught him minimax

MSmits: he learns too fast


MSmits: he'll be karliso before he can vote

PatrickMcGinnisII: underflow

codeing: *


codeing: or


PatrickMcGinnisII: imagine being young during AlphaGo

Astrobytes: I know right

MSmits: we're all young compared to Alpha go though

MSmits: dont they all say it's like 30000 hrs old

MSmits: the articles

Default avatar.png colinemonds: is that a lot of hours? doesn't feel like a lot of hours

MSmits: yeah its just 5 yrs

MSmits: maybe its 30000 lifetimes i dunno

MSmits: in any case, they always talk about huge trainign times

Default avatar.png colinemonds: imagine playing go against yourself for 30,000 lifetimes

Default avatar.png colinemonds: a special kind of hell

MSmits: i dont even want to play it once :P

MSmits: at least against myself i'd win 50%, thats something

Allis: We know not what we sow.

Allis: The robots will have a hard time forgiving us.

PatrickMcGinnisII: i had to ride my 10 speed 13 miles each way in 100 degree heat to copy an ascii table from the library, true story . :(

MSmits: i know. It's somewhere between 1 and 48 seeds

Astrobytes: Heretic MSmits

AntiSquid: if you count training time as age they are all millions of years old :P

Allis: @PatrickMcGinnisII What an adventure!

MSmits: yeah

eulerscheZahl: and now tell the same story again with metric units so the rest of us can understand what you are talking about PatrickMcGinnisII

Astrobytes: about 20km

Default avatar.png colinemonds: what's a ten speed though

MSmits: I am assuming it was hot, he went far and he copied the same database multiple times because he kept losing it on the way back

eulerscheZahl: the 100 degree was the hard part for me actually

Astrobytes: 30+ degrees

Astrobytes: nearer 40 I guess

eulerscheZahl: that's hot

PatrickMcGinnisII: 10 speed, lol... it had gears

AntiSquid: 10 gears?

Astrobytes: Ain't any of you used a proper bicycle?

PatrickMcGinnisII: 2 in front, 5 in back..c'mon 2x5=10

AntiSquid: never drove a care with 10

PatrickMcGinnisII: Actually the one I have now is 18

AntiSquid: not very knowlegable with cars actually

Default avatar.png colinemonds: I repaired my bicycle yesterday. The light didn't work because the cable broke, so I wrapped bell wire around and affixed it with alligator clamps

Default avatar.png colinemonds: Most gangster shit on the bloc

MSmits: why are you focused on the bike. I am more interested in why he had to copy an ascii table multiple times

AntiSquid: i mean 7 seems enough

Astrobytes: hahaha now that's a proper repair job

PatrickMcGinnisII: just once, there was no internet! Had to trek to even have a possibility of finding an answer

MSmits: ahhh ok

AntiSquid: oh you were talking about bikes lol

MSmits: you're like those third world people that have to walk 2 hrs for water. Only it's worse in your case. Ascii tables should be available to all

Astrobytes: brb, founding an NGO for ascii tables

Default avatar.png colinemonds: that's America's main two cultural exports, democracy and the ASCII table

PatrickMcGinnisII: they didn't really start publishing personal computer books til like '79

Default avatar.png colinemonds: yeah I figured this story had probably happened before the internet haha

Default avatar.png epinephrine: :nerd:

PatrickMcGinnisII: unless you had a magazine subscription to microcomputer magazine you had no info at all

MSmits: PatrickMcGinnisII is an OG

Default avatar.png colinemonds: although tbh, if you knew what an ASCII table is and why you would need one, couldn't you just have ran the equivalent of for(i=1;i<256;++i) { printf("%c", i); } on your machine?

Astrobytes: Original [Mc]Ginnis

PatrickMcGinnisII: i built my own computer and burnt my own EPROMs, yall are spoiled

Default avatar.png colinemonds: ohh. yeah in that case

MSmits: no doubt PatrickMcGinnisII

Astrobytes: ^this is the man I keep trying to convince to use C instead of PHP on here

MSmits: yeah this is inconsistent

PatrickMcGinnisII: Astrobytes rofl

Astrobytes: ;)

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm burntout

MSmits: because of the eproms?

Astrobytes: all in the head brother, all in the head

**MSmits googles eproms

Default avatar.png colinemonds: speaking of which, why is there no "6502 Assembly" option

AntiSquid: great now try a quantum computer

AntiSquid: patrick

PatrickMcGinnisII: Imagine trying to make the leap from ASM to OOP, you'd fry your braincells too

Astrobytes: there was a suggestion for ARM assembly in the language thread colinemonds, that's as far as it goes

MSmits: PatrickMcGinnisII the reverse leap might be worse?

Default avatar.png colinemonds: shhh, nobody mention FP to Patrick now

MSmits: FP is quite old isn't it?

Astrobytes: yeah but it's trendy now


eulerscheZahl: wtf

Astrobytes: just saw that

eulerscheZahl: vandalism approval

Astrobytes: no, some are old puzzles

Astrobytes: they might be linking those without threads

eulerscheZahl: ah, that would explain it. and i like that explanation more

MSmits: a community bot?

MSmits: Thi baud handing off his job to a machine ?

jacek: FP?

eulerscheZahl: the bot creates threads for new puzzles

Astrobytes: it's the one that links a forum topic to a puzzle or multi MSmits

MSmits: ah

eulerscheZahl: i thought someone just approved 7 at once

Astrobytes: damn you :P

Default avatar.png colinemonds: I reached Gold league on Coders Strike Back yesterday and I felt so betrayed

Default avatar.png colinemonds: for the entire lower leagues, you never get the full layout of the map including all checkpoints

MSmits: we all feel your pain colinemonds

Astrobytes: yeah, it's a bit of a kick in the teeth

MSmits: other multis are not like that

Default avatar.png colinemonds: so I felt super smart when I constructed them in-memory to optimize turns for the later laps...

Default avatar.png colinemonds: oh, I'm not alone

Default avatar.png colinemonds: well then

MSmits: for a long time we gave people a heuristic just to get them into the higher leagues so they get all the info

MSmits: we stopped doing that because its a bit counterproductive to learning

Astrobytes: Now we mostly encourage the slow way

Default avatar.png colinemonds: it seems like it wouldn't hurt to just give all the checkpoints from Wood league onwards, though

Default avatar.png colinemonds: people can just ignore them if they don't care

MSmits: yeah, thats how other multis work generally

AntiSquid: go for legend in CSB since you get another rule change and need to optimize again

Astrobytes: Yeah. It's very old though, as M Smits said it's better for other multis

Default avatar.png colinemonds: really? gah

MSmits: isnt it just a speed increase?

MSmits: to legend?

AntiSquid: double speed

PatrickMcGinnisII: FP written in GNU C, oic ... damn rabbit hole colinemonds damn u

MSmits: dont worry about that colinemonds

MSmits: speed is just a number

AntiSquid: small change huge effect

MSmits: all other multis afaik, have their last rule change at bronze

MSmits: and when the rules change, its usually a good thing, to slowly let you get into the game

MSmits: with csb it's counterproductive

Default avatar.png colinemonds: well I thought about re-writing everything for gold anyway, because currently I barely have an AI algorithm, I just do simple linear algebra to optimize the turn for the next checkpoint and otherwise I just follow the track

Astrobytes: contests can vary, as it's obviously a dynamic thing but ultimately ends up as last changes in bronze

PatrickMcGinnisII: How to make me shutup, make me curious enough to google something

MSmits: colinemonds if you want to get into csb seriously, you need to write a search algorithm

Default avatar.png colinemonds: FP in C is not considerably more insane than OOP in C, and people do the latter

Default avatar.png colinemonds: so hey

Astrobytes: PatrickMcGinnisII you never heard of functional programming until now?

MSmits: minimax, ga, etc.

Default avatar.png colinemonds: yeah, I figured I'd try Minimax with a-b pruning first and see how that goes

MSmits: it works, many bots have it

MSmits: the top 5 are neural networks, but dont let that discourage you

AntiSquid: isn't it just about the MCTS these days ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Astrobytes not as an actual lang.

MSmits: NNs on CG are beatable in most cases, some are just very strong. The codesize limits heavily restricts them

Default avatar.png colinemonds: how do you even use neural networks on codingame? do they just bring their own evaluator?

MSmits: you have to write everything yourself

MSmits: and fit it into the codesize

Default avatar.png colinemonds: yeah that's what I figured

AntiSquid: through suffering

MSmits: not many games have them though

MSmits: a few boardgames and csb and bitrunner2k I think

Default avatar.png colinemonds: it just becomes an exercise in Kolmogorov-complexity at that point

Default avatar.png colinemonds: find an NN that plays well *and also compresses well*

jacek: and unicode

PatrickMcGinnisII: I haven't done nN on CG, don't you have to give it baby steps on local sim first?

MSmits: ahh good old Kolmogorov

**MSmits googles Kolmogorov

Astrobytes: hehehe

jacek: you train NN offline and just put weights in the code

BuonOmo: Anyone got stuck at 93% on the chess board analyzer with all tests passing ?

jacek: cute cat

PatrickMcGinnisII: BuonOmo I'm kinda working on it now

Astrobytes: Nope, I'm at 0%, no tests passing, 0 attempts

Astrobytes: :P

Gabbek: BuonOmo - finished it around 10min, all passed.

PatrickMcGinnisII: haven't tried to submit yet

Gabbek: You're most likely having issue with capturing.

MSmits: oh PatrickMcGinnisII. NN's are your way to get a rank 1 using php language

MSmits: do it :)

BuonOmo: So frustrating, i've taken some shortcuts (like a rook can see even if there is a pawn in the way). But idk which one is an issue...

BuonOmo: @Gabbek don't think so!

PatrickMcGinnisII: I like graphics tho, I'd hate to have to write a java app to run a php code, how rude\

Default avatar.png colinemonds: just call Vulkan API from PHP via FFI

Astrobytes: that would be interesting

Default avatar.png colinemonds: "An attacked King could be saved only by moving himself to a safe square (not by using another piece from the King's team)" makes the puzzle kinda lame, like, the entire puzzle is really just "write a chess evaluator", but then it's really "write a chess evaluator that doesn't even work"

Default avatar.png L810: can someone send me the solution to the game: Don't Panic episode 1 in C coding

Astrobytes: No L810

Default avatar.png colinemonds: really, at least google it yourself!

Default avatar.png colinemonds: kids these days!

Astrobytes: Indeed

Default avatar.png L810: why not lmao. i did google it first

MSmits: you're supposed to code it

Astrobytes: You're kinda missing the point

Scarfield: ^

Astrobytes: If you can't do it, figure it out

MSmits: ask for a hint

MSmits: astro is always happy to help

Default avatar.png L810: its an assignment... not by choice

Default avatar.png colinemonds: hah, that's what I thought

MSmits: lol

Astrobytes: gee thanks MSmits

MSmits: :P

Scarfield: lol

PatrickMcGinnisII: vulcan google hole... got me again. supported by my graphics card and my PHP cli ... huh, how did i not know this?

Astrobytes: L810 you will learn nothing in this course/class if you go around asking for solutions to problems

ZarthaxX: L810 keep asking for solutions, that's the way to go

MSmits: :vulcan:

ZarthaxX: im the devil here astrobyto

eulerscheZahl: no, you are the polar bear

PatrickMcGinnisII: I guess i can throw netbeans out

eulerscheZahl: and replace it with IntelliJ?

LastRick: I don't need the solutions, just the validators

Default avatar.png colinemonds: PatrickMcGinnisII well, setting up Vulkan to the point where it renders a triangle is just a thousand lines or so of boilerplate, so I think it will still look better than most PHP code I've seen

Default avatar.png colinemonds: I'd say go for it

Astrobytes: lol ZarthaxX :imp:

Default avatar.png colinemonds: LastRick right, NN is going to put us all out of a job

Astrobytes: colinemonds hahahaha

LastRick: yep

PatrickMcGinnisII: colinemonds well i actually do alpha channel blending in php, not animated of course, but it works really well

Neumann: wlesavo: you're using vanilla Beam Search on 2048 ? It fascinates me how poorly my Beam Search performs, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong

Astrobytes: Neumann strongly on topic here :P

Neumann: Oh I'm sorry I thought this was internet

PatrickMcGinnisII: All the top 10 peepz are hard-wire focused

Astrobytes: :P

Astrobytes: I was only joking btw

AntiSquid: are we discussing manga ?

Astrobytes: Nope. Sushi recipes

Neumann: I know :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: huh, i don't get forum notifications but i get CoC ones, gheesh

eulerscheZahl: defending your rank on the optim leaderboard or are you interested in 2048 for real?

Neumann: Why not both

eulerscheZahl: ok, that's cool :)

Neumann: I'm trying to convince myself I'm not that rusty after a few months off of CG

Neumann: But my struggles are proving me wrong

Neumann: Also first time I'm implementing Beam Search

Neumann: And legit not understanding why it sucks so hard

wlesavo: Neumann some tuning, but i also struggled a lot finding good parameters, also acounting for duplicates gives a huge boost

MSmits: hey Astrobytes, my 8 seed db went from 300 ms to 150 ms using the new order of calculation (better caching). Now I am going to try it for 9 seeds. I have good hope I can keep it under 1 second

Neumann: What is there to tune besides the beam width ?

eulerscheZahl: there are that many duplicates? i didn't expect that

Neumann: Currently at width 1000 with snake eval ->10M

wlesavo: basically it worked much worse then my BF at first, i even thought i broked my sim at some point, but it was just the parameters

Default avatar.png colinemonds: ESL question: how do you call one square on a chess board?

wlesavo: yes euler. i didnt checked how much, but quite a lot

Neumann: Parameters, with a S. brb reading Beam Search definition because I can only see 1 parameter

Default avatar.png colinemonds: a square? tile? checker-thing?

wlesavo: Neumann i have smth like depth 50 width 30

Neumann: tf

eulerscheZahl: that's almost like my params :rofl:

MSmits: yay, 9 seed db: Endbook time: 336 ms

eulerscheZahl: and a similar Neumann reaction to it

MSmits: I can do 10 I think

wlesavo: Neumann also there are some differences in approaches, i for example do fixed depth fixed print depth, some people try to search for the whole turn

PatrickMcGinnisII: All programmers have performance anxiety it seems

Westicles: I'm a little surprised how hard these 131k tiles are to find offline. Still stuck at 4

wlesavo: im at 4 with online solution, magaiti even have offline reverse sim, and even that struggles, i wonder what dbdr did, he was quite fast to achieve that score also

Westicles: Which 4? If you call them 0-29, I have 4,6,15,22

wlesavo: let me check

wlesavo: oh wait, im at 5, 3 4 6 15 22

Westicles: aha, thanks I'll look into those more

wlesavo: also i believe 6 is easiest to achieve 3.3M

Westicles: I don't have any good ideas besides trying the 8 snake rotations. Maybe there is another closed path besides the snake that works

Westicles: Doing reverse sounds interesting though

Neumann: wlesavo: depth 50 width 30 takes 2ms max. I must be doing something else than a BeamSearch

PatrickMcGinnisII: a BF at 6 depth only gets you 1M, a BF at 5 depth, and expanding top 75% scorers to 2 more depths gave me 1.5M . I'm so out of my depth, pun intended

Westicles: All I do is depth 7 from scratch every turn, no beam

PatrickMcGinnisII: max tile 8192 at depth 7 imho

Westicles: Nope. 1.6-1.74M for every case, but no 131k

Neumann: So you print 7 moves per turn ?

Westicles: Oh, no I meant I search 7 moves into the fugure

Westicles: future

Astrobytes: MSmits: sorry was afk, that's quite the improvement!!

Westicles: I print whenever chrono hits 50ms

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl i will always be the polar bear

Neumann: Ok, like wlesavo did. Depth 7, keep best, depth 7 from that one, etc for 50ms

ZarthaxX: need to put some horns in my polar bear and a trident or smth

Westicles: right

Neumann: That approach gives me 24M :/

PatrickMcGinnisII: only kept 1?

Astrobytes: ZarthaxX: put an unpopular opinion on your profile pic and you can be a polarising bear

Scarfield: bipolar bear?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Astrobytes or add sunglasses

Astrobytes: true

ZarthaxX: wtf :rofl:

Default avatar.png DejaVu_081: hi

Westicles: Ah, yurk posted his scores


eulerscheZahl: will this turn into the next Great Dispatch with top players getting a perfect score?

Default avatar.png colinemonds: what puzzle are you discussing?


Default avatar.png colinemonds: oh, it's yours, cool

eulerscheZahl: i was a little spammy with contributions :innocent:

PatrickMcGinnisII: damnit, 10 minutes to figure out i forgot to put __ in front of construct

Default avatar.png colinemonds: is 2048 even solvable from every starting position/random seed?

eulerscheZahl: if you are really unlucky with the spawns probably not

eulerscheZahl: but in this version you have the spawn algo as well. so you can actively influence the next spawn

eulerscheZahl: the drawbacks of an interpreted language PatrickMcGinnisII

PatrickMcGinnisII: is it bad that i only put solutions in OOP to make it readable?

Default avatar.png colinemonds: is it bad that my solution for the puzzle I'm working on has some functions that are over a screen page long and are really just the same block copy-pasted a dozen times because I'm lazy and nobody will maintain this anyway?

Default avatar.png colinemonds: ... probably yes

Astrobytes: that happens

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm, most puzzles r like 100 lines max, maybe a couple harder ones at 400

MSmits: astrobytes, yeah it was nice. Then I did 10 seeds and i got just over 1s. Looking for a few more improvements now and otherwise I'll just code my "continue into regular turns" thingy

Astrobytes: I think you're on the right path MSmits

MSmits: yeah, I hope this is done soon, then i'll look into doing it locally

PatrickMcGinnisII: u stil fighting bandas?

MSmits: nah this is oware

Astrobytes: (hence my interest)

MSmits: i generate endgame books so that i can immediately give a W/L/D result when it goes below 11 seeds on the board

MSmits: i do this in the first 1s mostly. It's not put into codesize

eulerscheZahl: joke's on you: you'll beat me like 20-3

MSmits: lol

MSmits: the thing that took 70% of my calc time now due to caching only takes 15% now

MSmits: funny how changing the order of operations can make such a big difference

Astrobytes: that really is an impressive result

ZarthaxX: what

Astrobytes: nothing, shuddup :P

MSmits: i sped up my endgame book generation by doing things in a different order. By a factor of 3 or so

MSmits: 2-3

MSmits: thats what happens if you make a huge 100 mb array and you decide to think about caching instead of just accessing it all over the place

MSmits: i shudder to think of how badly my mcts sometimes caches with all that tree reuse

MSmits: though i guess the nodes could still be close somehow, not sure, it's messy

ZarthaxX: i said what because i didnt get what he changed for the cache friendly thing :P

Astrobytes: yeah yeah :P

ZarthaxX: ban astro

**Astrobytes hides

MSmits: oh ok, well i was accessing things in a way where they were on average 180 times farther apart than they are now

ZarthaxX: i see

ZarthaxX: good catch :P

MSmits: because i sorted by state instead of by gameturn

MSmits: each state has a value for each game turn

MSmits: but i only need the previous turn

ZarthaxX: ah nice haha

PatrickMcGinnisII: dropping 14 ints in a stack sounds faster to me

PatrickMcGinnisII: says the 1 depth oware bot

Astrobytes: hey i'm 0 depth

MSmits: mmh not the same :P

Scarfield: oof the puns, must resist

Astrobytes: shhh

Astrobytes: lol punfield

**PatrickMcGinnisII thinks Astro is scarred

Scarfield: 14 ints vs 100Mb array, potato potato

PatrickMcGinnisII: he can still hash each node and sort it all out after

PatrickMcGinnisII: maybe drop a radix sort on it. 3 loops and call it done

PatrickMcGinnisII: isn't treeing the entire oware doable? Maybe not booking it for CG, but the expansion isn't infinite ...maybe big...

MSmits: yeah it is

MSmits: needs 200 TB or at least something of that order

MSmits: that's an upper limit

MSmits: actually

MSmits: thats the statecount

MSmits: the treesize is waayyyyy bigger

MSmits: transpositions keep the statecount low, so solving it is doable

PatrickMcGinnisII: 200TB, seriously ... i may have to investigate this, but I never finished my oware

**PatrickMcGinnisII adds to his to-do list

Astrobytes: It's a rabbit hole

Astrobytes: A good one though

MSmits: i can probably take a guess at the solving time by a quick calc

MSmits: assuming 10 seeds is 1 second

MSmits: gimme a min

MSmits: it would take about 500 hours on a single core, assuming the same cache efficiency. Considering that you would, at some point need to keep 100 trillion states in quick memory all at once. That is not realistic

MSmits: so 500 hrs * whatever penalty due to cache inefficiency/using HD

MSmits: parallizing it is completely doable though

MSmits: but the cache problem is not gonna go away

MSmits: parallelizing, what a crapp word this is

Default avatar.png Excetra: Bruh I'm level 3 on this thing and I haven't even got more than 0% on any of thenm

Astrobytes: you forgot to trigger your astrospeller MSmits

MSmits: yeah sorry

Default avatar.png Excetra: I'm so bad at this

MSmits: at coding?

Default avatar.png Excetra: well yeah

Default avatar.png Excetra: I just don't understand any of the clashofcode things, and when I do I can't do it

MSmits: do some basic coding tutorials first. Python is probably a good idea

MSmits: nah dont start with clash really

Default avatar.png Excetra: Yeah, I'm learning python

Astrobytes: and do puzzles, not clashes

Default avatar.png Excetra: I'm not like a total total beginner, but I am a beginner

MSmits: you dont need a time limit when you're still learning

Default avatar.png Excetra: where can I do the puzzles?

MSmits: practice


Default avatar.png Excetra: Thankyou :)

MSmits: there is a difference between the difficulty of the easy puzzles though

MSmits: if something is still out of reach, try a different one

MSmits: they're not that well categorized

Default avatar.png Excetra: Alright, I'll have a look, thanks for both of your help

MSmits: np

Astrobytes: yeah, the CG official ones are better (they have graphics)

Astrobytes: And you can ask in chat or check the forum for tips

Default avatar.png Excetra: alrighty

MSmits: then

Astrobytes: ;)

Astrobytes: that was... Ace Ventura or the Mask?

MSmits: i think ace ventura

MSmits: but was split between that and cable guy, dont remember

Astrobytes: k, I trust you, been a while

Astrobytes: No defo not cable guy

MSmits: yeah just checked

MSmits: its ace ventura

Astrobytes: ah cool

LastRick: also ace ventura 2, don't forget that masterpiece

MSmits: right :)

Astrobytes: Can't remember if I watched it or not

LastRick: Do you recall any jokes about bat guano? Then no.

Default avatar.png Excetra: Wow this is difficult

Astrobytes: It's a no from me

Astrobytes: Anyway, Cable Guy and Truman Show were probably my favourite Carrey films tbh

LastRick: Those were good too, def different from Ace. But my vote would be Eternal Sunshine or Man on the Moon

Default avatar.png Excetra: Is there anywhere where I can find the answer to the question, because I'm really confused

LastRick: depends on the question

Astrobytes: Oh damn, forgot about Eternal Sunshine, that was a great film

MSmits: yeah i liked that

Default avatar.png Excetra: It's on puzzles: it's called descnet

Default avatar.png Excetra: The descent

Astrobytes: there's a button on the left with Hints

LastRick: the descent

Default avatar.png Excetra: ah ok

LastRick: yeah, i think most of us have done it, what's the problem

MSmits: one of the hints should be that there's a button on the left with Hints

LastRick: hah

Astrobytes: But I'd urge you to think through what the problem is that you're trying to solve

Astrobytes: lol yeah

Default avatar.png Excetra: alright i'll have a try

Astrobytes: write it down on paper/whiteboard

Default avatar.png colinemonds: is The Descent the one with the mountains? that one reminded me a lot of maths problems in middle school

Default avatar.png Excetra: yes it is the one about mountains

Astrobytes: yeah that's the one

Default avatar.png colinemonds: "Two trains from Chicago and Washington are moving at each other at a speed of 40 mph. They pass by a train station that's at a distance of 20 miles to Washington and 1000 miles to Chicago. How old is the storekeeper?"

Astrobytes: hahaha

ZarthaxX: 5 tomatoes

LastRick: The doctor was his mom!

Astrobytes: 42

PatrickMcGinnisII: colinemonds well if they pass a station while moving at each other, the storekeeper is probably dead

Default avatar.png Excetra: so the answer has the while loop as:

Default avatar.png Excetra: wat

Default avatar.png Excetra: while 1:

Default avatar.png Excetra: is what i was meant to say idk why it did that

Default avatar.png Excetra: i just wanted to know what while 1: means

Astrobytes: white True

Astrobytes: *while True

Astrobytes: 1 is true

Astrobytes: it's an infinite loop

Default avatar.png Excetra: oh right ok

Astrobytes: so while true is always true, do this stuff

Default avatar.png Excetra: so if it was while 0: it would mean while false

MSmits: no

MSmits: it means while false is true

MSmits: so, never

Default avatar.png Excetra: oh lol

Astrobytes: hehe, easy trap to fall into

Default avatar.png Excetra: yeah this answer confuses me, and it's on the easy section... i'll try another question

MSmits: yep

MSmits: dont worry about the while thing though

MSmits: i didnt understand it at first either and i could solve a few puzzles before i did

MSmits: to me it just meant, thats the puzzle loop in which the logic goes

MSmits: it's a game loop basically

MSmits: they are always infinite until some thingy breaks out of it

Default avatar.png Excetra: right

Astrobytes: for puzzles look at it as while there's all the input, keep doing stuff with it

Default avatar.png Excetra: It's getting late anyway, I should probably head off for the night. Thanks for your help guys

Astrobytes: when you output at the end, it stops

Astrobytes: no problem

Default avatar.png Excetra: have a nice evening :)

Astrobytes: and you

Default avatar.png Sepehr.khashei: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

MSmits: Astrobytes is not *that* funny

Astrobytes: It's true :(

MSmits: :(

MSmits: I meant you are very funny, but with a few extra O's of course

MSmits: few less i mean

Astrobytes: Obviously :P

MSmits: there's too many O's is what I'm saying

Astrobytes: Sepehr.khashei: explain your outburst of laughter

MSmits: what a lazy troll, just one spam message

Astrobytes: I know, zero fun

MSmits: yeah he had lots of zero's and 2 L's

Astrobytes: ffs :D

MSmits: hey the level of intelligence goes down closer to midnight

MSmits: also i am sleep deprived, had to work this morning and i was a week off

Astrobytes: this is true

MSmits: my sleep cycle gets messed up

Astrobytes: I don't even know what my sleep cycle is these days lol

MSmits: yeah that makes sense in your situation, sucks

Astrobytes: Multiple reasons, not just that tbh

Astrobytes: MAd year

MSmits: because of covid?

Astrobytes: weird work schedules etc

Astrobytes: yeah

MSmits: oh about covid... I went to a wedding a week ago and now the bride is fevered coughing and waiting for test result

Astrobytes: you were masked up right

MSmits: glad I didn't go to the afterparty

MSmits: i was very careful

MSmits: they had like 10-20 people in a house

Astrobytes: I mask up everywhere

MSmits: afterwards

MSmits: i didnt go there

Astrobytes: oh ffs, that's just stupid

MSmits: yeah, I know, that's why i didnt go

Astrobytes: The stupidity never fails to amaze me, problem is the rest of us feel the consequences of it

MSmits: wasnt just stupid, also illegal, but my country is not so big on enforcement

MSmits: rules lately got a lot stricter btw

Astrobytes: It's kinda hard to enforce some of the regulations without being fascist, it's a thin line

MSmits: all bars/cafe/restaurants are closed

Astrobytes: yeah same in my region of Scotland

MSmits: masks will soon be mandatory everywhere

MSmits: but you see them a lot already

Astrobytes: Have you seen the situation even just around Europe?

MSmits: just around?

Astrobytes: just Europe, not counting the rest of the world

MSmits: ah yeah, the second wave was very well predicted

MSmits: our politicians screwed up this time though

MSmits: first time they did ok

MSmits: they acted too late

Astrobytes: (sorry, typing in a conversational Scottish way :P )

Astrobytes: Same across Europe

MSmits: I'll gie ye a skelpit lug

Astrobytes: HAHAHA

MSmits: I'm fast with google :P

Astrobytes: whaur'd ye pu' that wan fi?

Astrobytes: ah

Default avatar.png Sepehr.khashei: just want to say something :)

MSmits: google does not know what you just said Astrobytes

Astrobytes: You have now said 'something'. Congratulations! You are our 100th something!

MSmits: we do have quite a few somethings

Astrobytes: Spelling varies but that was "Where did you pull that one from"

MSmits: ahhh ok

Astrobytes: fi/fae

MSmits: just googled typical scottish expressions

MSmits: I am watching the social dilemma

MSmits: Arjen Lubach (our John Oliver) did a good segment on the same issue

Astrobytes: It's very regional, I use a lot of Glaswegian stuff as it's familial but I use East coast stuff because I live there

MSmits: it's really scary

Astrobytes: I haven't watched it yet

MSmits: i meant the Dutch programma

MSmits: programme

MSmits: it showed people demonstrating at our political centres

MSmits: claiming our leaders are pedophile blood drinkers

Astrobytes: No I mean I didn't watch the Social Dilemma yet

MSmits: i know

MSmits: but that was what was really scary

MSmits: you dont imagine so many people in your country are on this path

MSmits: it's like 10-15%

Astrobytes: Oh soooo many yes

Astrobytes: "claiming our leaders are pedophile blood drinkers" - yep

MSmits: The Dutch are one of the least vulnerable people to this sort of thing, I think, but if we go this easily...

Astrobytes: They latched on to some anti-establishment vibes (justified) and get sucked into this crap

MSmits: but so fast

wlesavo: nice westicles, some improvement?

MSmits: Arjen Lubach made a fresh youtube accounrt

MSmits: he needed 3 clicks to get into conspiracyland

MSmits: it's crazy

Westicles: wlesavo, yes #26 popped up

Astrobytes: Yep. That sounds about right

Astrobytes: And, not sure about others experiences, but it's a lot of so-called 'free thinkers' I see getting sucked into this crap

MSmits: free in this context meaning an unstructured, vulnerable mind

Astrobytes: It's essentially cult style indoctrination

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: we have a political party catering to this now

Astrobytes: Put 2 + 2 + 2 together, all good so far, add another 2 + 2 + 2 get 956, too late by then

Astrobytes: They take common issues and problems and provide an *explanation*, which is why people gravitate towards these things I think

MSmits: I have been judging the US for those trumpian idiots with their crazy signs and stuff for like 6 years

MSmits: but we apparently have those too , just in lesser numbers

Astrobytes: I think, personally, the reality is much worse and people can't handle the fact that there's a lot of stuff without tangible blame or reasoning

MSmits: yeah that is it exactly

Astrobytes: Same everywhere MSmits

Westicles: Yeah, half the people are idiots :)

Westicles: And not my half

MSmits: i dunno, I always thought my country was well educated, sober etc. But that's probably just a bias from the people I associate wit

Astrobytes: Bluntly put, yes Westicles

Astrobytes: Yes, there's a lot of bias now, bubble effects etc. Nothing that hasn't been going on as a society previously but magnified in different ways I guess

MSmits: right

Astrobytes: Anyway, very deep for a Monday eh

MSmits: it's very paradoxical that it's easier to find out what other people think, but we are less likely to do it

Astrobytes: Yes, you have to actually actively pursue it

MSmits: yea

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: how will the second cognitive revolution with AI affect politics?

MSmits: lol Astrobytes was already letting on that it was getting to deep and now you come with that HelloWorld183L

Astrobytes: Indeed!!!

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: i threw that one in for some giggles hehe

MSmits: lol

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: i've been reading Superintelligence so that came up on my mind

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: anybody else read it?

MSmits: nah, not working on my autobiography yet

Astrobytes: I know the book but I haven't read it no

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: interesting read, especially if you're interested in AI

Astrobytes: lol MSmits

MSmits: will remember HelloWorld183L

MSmits: sounds good

Astrobytes: Yeah, I'm always up for philosophical and ethical issues

Astrobytes: well, the two are intertwined

Astrobytes: Anyway

Westicles: Bostrom? Yeah, good book

Astrobytes: I am going offline now

DomiKo: buy Astro

Astrobytes: Amazing to see chat so active today

DomiKo: bye Astro*

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: it can provide insight into how philosophy can intertwine with AI

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: goodbye astro

MSmits: gn!

MadKnight: is there a thing in c# to check for condition and throw exception if false ?

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: yes an if statement

MadKnight: too boring

MadKnight: i need something like Assert()

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: perhaps i haven't been in cool kid language territory yet then

DomiKo: Debug.assert I guess

MadKnight: no that one doesn't throw exception

MadKnight: it just stops the process

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: i don't know much about assertions but what if you just threw an exception before asserting

MadKnight: i don't have an id

MadKnight: if

MadKnight: i do Assert(x>3, "x must be greater than 3!")

iKirbs: you can throw your own exceptions

iKirbs: and catch them

MadKnight: yea but is there an assert-like function for that ?

iKirbs: not sure bout that

MadKnight: what's the best way to ask user to input some value and check if it's correct format and in some range() ?

MadKnight: and then ask him to input again if it's not

MadKnight: what's the nicest way to do that ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: property change event handler, don't think cg supports it

MadKnight: why not ?

MadKnight: cg supports events

MadKnight: custom

PatrickMcGinnisII: i dunno, i was told event handlers beyond try and on_error didn't trigger...maybe I'm wrong

MadKnight: what event handlers?

PatrickMcGinnisII: but set on a variable and write a trigger function

MadKnight: how did they try it ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: try is part of event handlers

PatrickMcGinnisII: try ... maybe error event handler

MadKnight: but let's say we're not on CG, so how would it look like? i mean your solution


MadKnight: nonono i know that

MadKnight: but i mean

MadKnight: how would the rest look like ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: i dunno. while (!int.valid());

MadKnight: 1 - that doesn't output message saying what is wrong 2 - that doesn't look like a nice way

PatrickMcGinnisII: I do it JS with a popup warning box

MadKnight: so how would it look in js ?


MadKnight: noooo that's not even a part of the question

MadKnight: i know how to popup

MadKnight: and i know how to do properties

PatrickMcGinnisII: JS can call a validator function on form submit

MadKnight: yea but that's a different case

MadKnight: i'm talking about console app

PatrickMcGinnisII: you can show hidden error messages and highlight fields, etc.

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh

Default avatar.png colinemonds: @MadKnight doing it in a loop is kind of the classic way to do it in most imperative languages

Default avatar.png colinemonds: wrap it in a method (that you pass a Predicate into for validation) if you don't want it to clutter up your code

PatrickMcGinnisII: yea, just while(1) and break out when they input something valid

MadKnight: hmm but what about non-imperative langs, colinemonds ?

MadKnight: or imperative but a lot of language features

Default avatar.png colinemonds: actually, same story, just with recursion instead of a loop...

MadKnight: no, recursion is a workaround

MadKnight: and is bad

MadKnight: and dirty

Default avatar.png colinemonds: well, functional languages don't usually offer loops (as a language feature)

MadKnight: yea

Default avatar.png colinemonds: recursion is fine as long as tail-calls are eliminated

Default avatar.png colinemonds: (which they aren't in C#, obviously)

MadKnight: tail-calls ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: .TryParse(Console.ReadLine(),

MadKnight: recursion in this case is a dirty workaround

Default avatar.png colinemonds: tail-call elimination means that if the recursive call is the last thing that happens in the function body, the compiler will convert the function into basically a loop (ie the "tail"-call will not allocate a stack frame)

MadKnight: oh

Default avatar.png colinemonds: most FP have this

MadKnight: oh right i know about that

MadKnight: i just didn't know the name

MadKnight: but anyway

MadKnight: how to avoid this dirty workaround and make it better?

Default avatar.png colinemonds: I don't really understand why you think everything is dirty here

Default avatar.png colinemonds: loops are dirty

Default avatar.png colinemonds: recursion is dirty

MadKnight: loops are just imperative

MadKnight: but using recursion as while(!good) is bad

PatrickMcGinnisII: not as bad as hooking a variable with .onchange

PatrickMcGinnisII: darn thing will always be listening

PatrickMcGinnisII: of course, turning the listener an and off makes it better

MadKnight: it's clearly a workaround, colinemonds

MadKnight: it's not supposed to be like that

PatrickMcGinnisII: is vodka cheap in russia?

MadKnight: u wanna visit russia to buy a ton of vodka ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: I just googled it, 5 x cheaper than here

MadKnight: do u not agree that recursion instead of while() does seem kinda like a workaround ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: JS is full of workarounds that include recursion, its a mess

Default avatar.png colinemonds: MadKnight: it's not a workaround per say, different languages just have different philosophies

MadKnight: oh with this guy we were talking about FP, PatrickMcGinnisII

Default avatar.png colinemonds: if you use recursion instead of while() in C#, you're doing it wrong

MadKnight: but what about FP ?

Default avatar.png colinemonds: if you're doing it in Haskell, it's absolutely fine

MadKnight: but it doesn't seem to make any sense

MadKnight: it's just super weird

PatrickMcGinnisII: there's a bunch of functions that work great recursively that are faster and don't bloat the kernel

Default avatar.png colinemonds: programming languages like that have special syntax that supports this use

MadKnight: yea i know it does

Default avatar.png colinemonds: in conjunction with tail call elimination, there is also no runtime impact

MadKnight: do u know what's MCTS ?

Default avatar.png colinemonds: no, what's that?

MadKnight: let's go to DM colinemonds ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: I am curious about infinite series use in FP lang

PatrickMcGinnisII: but i digress

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, yall have fun, took me 4 hours to get one puzzle done, fml

PatrickMcGinnisII: laterz

ZarthaxX: nice PatrickMcGinnisII sounds frustrating asf

Default avatar.png MeyerIvan: Hi, how do you use a sqrt() funtion without including math.h library?

MadKnight: std::sqrt

MadKnight: include cmath

MadKnight: double sqrt(double);

double x= sqrt(3);

Default avatar.png MeyerIvan: it doesn't let me include it

Default avatar.png MeyerIvan: I'm allowed to write only in the green area, inside the while loop

MadKnight: why doesn't ?

MadKnight: u are doing something wrong 100%

MadKnight: MeyerIvan

Default avatar.png MeyerIvan: It's solved. I needed to use less IA, only force the result without calculations. Thanks

Default avatar.png joshnho: any1 still here ?

Skeenie: sup

Default avatar.png joshnho: oh i wanted to see from the game clash i just did

Default avatar.png joshnho: wanted sum1 to look at my code and tell me why the hell it didnt pass only the last test lol

Default avatar.png joshnho: but nvm i guess

Default avatar.png joshnho: unless u can help

Default avatar.png theredbobct: Yea! What language did you use?

Default avatar.png theredbobct: I have no clue how to write C++ but I can do C and Java

MadKnight: yea i get it

MadKnight: oh

MadKnight: theredbobct joshnho Skeenie hey

MadKnight: u guys solved the problems ?

Default avatar.png theredbobcat: Heya! Which ones?

Default avatar.png theredbobcat: Sorry I've been doing these all night XD

FuriousT: If you are "replaying same conditions" it works fine until you attempt a run where you have a code error (syntatx etc). Then once you've corrected the error the replay no longer plays the GFX and the page has to be reloaded (whereupon you lose your replay conditions).

MiguelFeliciano: How am I missing this last test case??? Temperatures - No Temperature... I'm checking for NaN using Javascript and returning zero. What the hell is it looking for when it's expecting: Nothing?

ZarthaxX: you print nothing

MadKnight: hey ZarthaxX

Coder613: hey all I'm a beginner here. how do you get thor to get the angle in power of thor episode 1?

ZarthaxX: you print the direction you wish him to move Coder613

Coder613: right that worked for the straight lines but not for the angle. he always strays off course when it comes to the angles.

ZarthaxX: what do you mean by angles

Coder613: when he moves sw to get to the light he always foes too much south

ZarthaxX: you are giving the wrong directions then

ZarthaxX: you can choose to just move N, S,W or E

ZarthaxX: you dont have to always move in both directions

Coder613: Is there any way to increment the degree of direction? Like say divide it by half?

ZarthaxX: no

ZarthaxX: show a replay of your problem

ZarthaxX: you can share the video of thor dying


Coder613: sorry I dont know if that was it. can you see it?

ZarthaxX: nop lol

ZarthaxX: you gotta see in the same bar where you press play in the replay

ZarthaxX: an icon that is to share the video

Coder613: right then i found your profile but i cant figure out past that


Coder613: got it!!

Coder613: I think I figured it out. Thanks so much ZarthaxX you were very helpful.

ZarthaxX: okey

ZarthaxX: nice :P

ZarthaxX: have fun!

Coder613: thanks you too!