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Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: it's numpy!!

Allis: For transpose?

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: yeah

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: but i think i found something

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: else

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: fck my brain alright xD

Allis: @LinhT.Nguyen Here ya go:

Default avatar.png jdsfklsd: braed

Default avatar.png jdsfklsd: bread

Default avatar.png jdsfklsd: brioche

Allis: Having to explicitly say list() everywhere is annoying, but being able to transpose just by zipping the splat is very nice.

BiMathAx: Hello, i tonna to do thé puzzle happy number but i don’t understabd Thais : « of irse digits ion base-ten »... What is this, please

eulerscheZahl: «of its digits in base-ten» that's what the statement says

Default avatar.png riccoraga: @MathieuGanesan

jacek: oO

jacek: meh, checkers is so drawish in the top

MSmits: yeah, especially because of loops

MSmits: endgame books would fix this, but they are really big in checkers. 3-4 pieces is the best you can do

MSmits: mostly because you need a DTM as opposed to WLD endgame base. You need the time to win instead of the W/L/D value. If you know the time to win of a state, you can end the game as fast as possible

MSmits: time to win is at least 8 bit as opposed to WLD, which is 3 bit

MSmits: err less than 2 bit even

jacek: mmh

MSmits: you can generate it on the fly in some way, but you need a very efficient algo. But then at least space wont matter much

MSmits: i do it on the fly in oware. Last night I boosted the performance to being able to do 8 seeds in 300 ms :)

MSmits: my original was 6 seeds and also took 300 ms, now 20 ms. Crazy boost

jacek: at first turn?

MSmits: yeah

jacek: and how does it affect winrate

MSmits: a little, it's really really hard to tell because there is a huge gap between the 4 NN's and the number 5

jacek: at least self winrate

MSmits: hmm I should test that. I will have to submit without both books, then do a CG bench with 8 seed endgame book

jacek: so you dont have some local arena? you do it all via cgbench? :O

MSmits: I do I think, I havent used it in a year o rmore

MSmits: i generally dont run more than 5-10 games or so, i just need to find one i lose to create the opening book with

MSmits: and I lose a lot vs you

MSmits: the sad thing is, my 9 seed takes about 1200 ms =/

MSmits: i can calculate it over the next few turns i think, but that's so messy

jacek: until you find a more efficient algo

MSmits: this is pretty efficient though. This one is able to create a db roughly 14 million states with their end game seed count

MSmits: 75582 different states * 185 turns (because turn matters)

MSmits: thats in 300 ms. So it could do 50 million in the full 1s

MSmits: my local DB goes up to 15 seeds in an hour, with this boost I could make it go much faster, but 16 seeds will still take 100 times longer because 15 seed db fits exactly in 4 GB memory, I would have to use harddrive memory :(

jacek: 4GB RAM? what year is it

MSmits: its not the ram limitation

MSmits: the arrays required cant be bigger than some value

MSmits: the compilers just wont let you

jacek: C# limitation?

MSmits: c++

MSmits: in VS anyway

jacek: w00t

MSmits: I could get up to 22 seeds with 100 GB HD the way i am storing it now

MSmits: more seeds is nice, because you can local sim and end with a lookup at 22 as opposed to simming till 15

MSmits: it's faster, but also more accurate

MSmits: I think this perfectly reflects my winrate vs the NN's now:


MSmits: recurse's last submit was always very strong vs my bot and you and robo submitted a very strong bot at the end. I was 0-10% vs them without my opening book. Agade was always 55%

jacek: better than agade, neat

jacek: huh, robo so down, he was 2nd

MSmits: i did a lot of submits

MSmits: and i have an opening book vs you and robo, not so much vs recurse and agade

MSmits: he can resubmit and get back up

MSmits: preferably a few times, so i get boosted to 3rd :p

MSmits: btw, I thought your bot was very deterministic, but that random chance does produce some offshoots in the tree. On average one split every 5-10 plies

MSmits: robo's has one split in the full opening book tree. Almost completely deterministic

MSmits: it's a smart move

MSmits: noticed this in Othello as well

MSmits: must be difficult to balance this. If you make the random thingy too large, your bot gets worse

jacek: my UCT is [0.9,1.1] * eval + exploration

MSmits: ahh yes, that's what i would have expected

jacek: so it isnt completely deterministic even with fixed rollouts

MSmits: it only changes stuff around when several moves are nearly equally good

jacek: its good for testing the strength, because either it would be 100% or 0%

jacek: and against boomers

jacek: bookers*

jacek: :D

MSmits: yea, it does help a lot

MSmits: i wonder if this would help me fit parameters by self play

MSmits: i could even create an opening book while using it at the same time

MSmits: btw i checked earlier and the book only has 707 moves in it still and that includes the opponents moves i dont play, just to build the tree. That's after months of calctime

MSmits: so you can see why i havent needed that unicode thing before

Allis: Months?!

MSmits: well yeah, i have it running in the background on a single core

MSmits: Games played: 2546303

MSmits: a game takes 1-3 seconds

MSmits: every game adds a node to the tree

jacek: yeah, only months

MSmits: :)

MSmits: I've done this for yavalath, uttt and othello as well

MSmits: for uttt with little success except vs other people that use books

AntiSquid: how come you didn't have your own NN attempt yet MSmits?

jacek: he has - its book

AntiSquid: that's different

jacek: only cool kids have NN

AntiSquid: only the top NNs are cool :P

jacek: AutomatonNN is it true?

AutomatonNN: I come to the beach and sure :)

YurkovAS: jacek do you have open book in uttt?

jacek: no. only teccles'

AntiSquid: are we going to see some nasty bail-ins AutomatonNN ?

AutomatonNN: yeah

Default avatar.png JefMacatugob: hi

Q12: Why sometime I have this message: "Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur." and after I click run test case again (the same test case), without changing a thing, it disappear. Do you know why this is happening?

eulerscheZahl: that's because of the goblin living on one of the CG servers

MSmits: I'm pretty sure it's a toad

LastRick: Like most warnings, I just ignore it. I'm sure that's fine.

A.F: hi

A.F: how to do coders strike back

A.F: :grin:

jacek: ?

jacek: the more you know

Default avatar.png Robin: Hey guys, sorry to disturb. Just a question. Do you know the recursion limit of the CodinGame evaluator?

eulerscheZahl: the defaults of your language

jacek: what is the defaults of french?

eulerscheZahl: numbers go up to 60. then you have to use math

Default avatar.png Robin: Thanks for that. But it's doesn't answer my question unfortunately.. It says how much memory is available. Not how big the call stack can be..

eulerscheZahl: it gives a a list of compiler versions used

eulerscheZahl: consult the docs for that specific language and version

jacek: medical docs?

Default avatar.png Robin: Not trivial. It depends on how much memory has been allocated to the stack. With java it can be done with the -Xss flag.

Default avatar.png Robin: Anyway, I'll never know..

jacek: so make some experiments

Default avatar.png Robin: By doing a simple infinite recursion, I can go to over 10000 calls before it crashes.

Default avatar.png Robin: With my program, it fails with fewer than 5000.

Default avatar.png Robin: Screw this, I don't want to remove the recursion...

Default avatar.png besirgunduz: hello guys

jacek: ohai

FuriousT: I assume you've accounted for any parameters passed in your recursion experiment + locals of the function you are recursing.

jacek: damm you recursion

MSmits: bug in your sim jacek?

MSmits: I know your pain, it's hard

MSmits: are you doing it on a bitboard?

jacek: i copied some bitboard implementation in python to c++

jacek: i think the sim is good but translating move to this notation is bugged

MSmits: ah yeah, thats annoying as well

MSmits: it's different for different games too I think

MSmits: sometimes the top is 1, sometimes bottom

MSmits: yay, seed 9 book finished calculating on ply 10

MSmits: so that should work in most games unless my opponent plays ridiculous moves that aren't in the opening book

MSmits: wonder if it's worth doing a 10 seed one

MSmits: probably finish at ply 70 or something :P

jacek: so you pick book move and calculate the endgame in rest of the turn?

MSmits: yeah

jacek: x.x

MSmits: first time i do something crazy like that

Default avatar.png kaanersoy12: Guys hi, how can i get hint about game i am a new i want to learn

Default avatar.png Emreunsal: mal aq

MSmits: which game?

Default avatar.png kaanersoy12: The Descent

jacek: there are some hints for puzzles.

jacek: on the left

MSmits: yeah there's a thingy you can click

Default avatar.png kaanersoy12: there is mountains so scary :/

MSmits: the descent is mostly about going through the loop and outputting the highest one

MSmits: it looks a bit weird because you're already in a loop, but this is the game loop

MSmits: you have to write your own loop where you pick the highest mountain

MSmits: and output this

Default avatar.png kaanersoy12: Okey i can understand it is a good one :)

Default avatar.png kaanersoy12: thanks.

Default avatar.png kaanersoy12: a lot

MSmits: np

Astrobytes: up to 9 seeds for your book now MSmits? Impressive!

Default avatar.png Emreunsal: mal aq

Default avatar.png kaanersoy12: How can i get the heighest mountain value?

Default avatar.png Emreunsal: :heart_eyes:

Default avatar.png kaanersoy12: i can't do it till 30 minutes lol :)

Default avatar.png kaanersoy12: i can't do it

Default avatar.png kaanersoy12: How can i get the highest mountain value in The Descent game ? please help

Default avatar.png Emreunsal: help help

Default avatar.png Emreunsal: heeeeeeelp

Default avatar.png Emreunsal: HEEEEEELP

Default avatar.png Emreunsal: !!!

jacek: :thinking:

Default avatar.png Emreunsal: List<Checkpoint> checkpoints = new List<Checkpoint>();

           Checkpoint farthestCheckpoint = new Checkpoint(-1, -1);
           Checkpoint previousCheckpoint = new Checkpoint(-1, -1);

MSmits: Astrobytes yeah, still ironing out some bugs, but 9 seeds seems to be doable. Maybe 10 seeds too but probably not realistic

jacek: you gotta pump those numbers up

jacek: up to 48

MSmits: lol

eulerscheZahl: and add a 20 before

jacek: then maybe youll have chance

MSmits: :grin:

eulerscheZahl: promoting stuff like jacek does with paper soccer :P

MSmits: main limit is cache efficiency. You need to do a lot of lookups during the generation of the db. Once the db gets to 30 million entries...

MSmits: no way around that really

MSmits: i did some profiling and 70% of the calc time was just getting a value out of the db and it's a plain array lookup, cant be made faster

Astrobytes: oof

MSmits: i just tried to code a progress indicator for the seed9 book and multiplied the steps done by 100 and divide by the total steps. There are so many steps that I got a negative percentage... went out of 32 bit range :P

AntiSquid: paper soccer is not real football, change my mind

eulerscheZahl: and chess is no sport

eulerscheZahl: neither is e-sport

jacek: paper soccer was once puzzle of the week... during contest... :(

eulerscheZahl: bad timing

MSmits: that's just mean

eulerscheZahl: onitama gained 100 players in that 1 week and dots and boxes even more

AntiSquid: sorry for you man, it's like winning lottery when there's a huge % tax on it :P

MSmits: I don't dislike paper soccer really. I just always seem to have 2 or 3 games that rank higher for me.

jacek: 258 on d&b, when there was less than 50 week before

jacek: just like coronavirus cases

jacek: i would have thought more people played it at school. but its apparently only popular in poland and mid/eastern europe

MSmits: yeah i didnt play it at school, only D&B I think

eulerscheZahl: i did neither

eulerscheZahl: only four in a row (rarely)

jacek: euler had no chill at school

AntiSquid: i played d&b in school was #1, beat the guy who was addicted to it, totally meaningless achievement, but since we are on the topic ...

MSmits: that's cool AntiSquid

MSmits: I bet he still visits the psych talking about you

jacek: and yet youre at the bottom of leaderboard

jacek: plot twist: that was Crazy_Remi

AntiSquid: i put 0 time into it

Default avatar.png LucaInPython: hi

jacek: is it true

MSmits: eh never heard of that

MSmits: why?, did you stub your toe and looking to move here?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: loool

jacek: maybe

Astrobytes: Does a back/bone problem qualify as a disability? Asking for a friend... :P

jacek: first weed and now this?

jacek: how can you get even cooler than that?

Astrobytes: Apartments without heating

AntiSquid: physics professors skipping class @jacek

AntiSquid: and python was born there

MSmits: I dunno, the coolness must be focused in a different part of my country, Not feelin it here

eulerscheZahl: was a discussion here as well

Astrobytes: "Some sex care workers admitted to being ‘sneaked’ into the house of their clients, especially through their backdoors"

eulerscheZahl: check the last paragraph, even mentions the Netherlands as an example

eulerscheZahl: (sorry for German)

jacek: :scream:

MSmits: I was honestly just surprised about the government funding part

MSmits: not sure that is true, seems unlikely

eulerscheZahl: google time? have fun clearing your history afterwards :D

MSmits: lol

MSmits: good tip

Astrobytes: Not sure it is govt funded from what I've read

Astrobytes: But it's regarded as acceptable

jacek: its nothing. in here government f**k us everytime

Astrobytes: lol jacek

Astrobytes: would be funnier if it wasn't true

AntiSquid: why does this give an error on CG:

jacek: hm?

MSmits: eulerscheZahl says it's the goblin

AntiSquid: struct move { }; vector<move> moves; // gives error

AntiSquid: struct Move { }; vector<Move> moves; // works

Astrobytes: the move keyword?

Astrobytes: std::move?


jacek: AutomatonNN where is struct?

AntiSquid: oh i forgot it exists

AutomatonNN: why?

jacek: AutomatonNN because his gone and he didn't delete account yet

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the code royale bot to start with your submit to stay in the lea

eulerscheZahl: and that's why you don't using namespace std

Astrobytes: ;)

Astrobytes: LOL

Astrobytes: no mercy for the Automaton

eulerscheZahl: AutomatonNN will be back i fear

eulerscheZahl: takes longer than i thought

jacek: huh

Astrobytes: he kicked NN

eulerscheZahl: nothing to see here

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN was just peacefully protesting

Astrobytes: doesn't he come back after chat reset or something

Astrobytes: Or does he need a restart himself, I don't remember

jacek: Automaton2000 why that frog kicked your brother?

Automaton2000: i see no way to know if my bot is so stupid

eulerscheZahl: we'll find out. i wouldn't be surprised to see it back tomorrow

Astrobytes: better not ban it I guess :P

Scarfield: i think it comes back with chat reset, undyingmaton

AntiSquid: make a chat bot that pings its creator

Astrobytes: Autoscarf o/

Scarfield: autoBytes oi

AntiSquid: zombie chatbot

eulerscheZahl: Autohotkey

Astrobytes: Zombitron9000

Scarfield: make a bot that kicks NN

Astrobytes: Or an NN that kicks bots :thinking:

AntiSquid: he'd have to use his account

eulerscheZahl: give a bot mod rights. and you have a 1% chance to get kicked when you ping it

Astrobytes: hah

eulerscheZahl: oh, astro was faster with that suggestion :o

eulerscheZahl: i've gotten slow

AntiSquid: he also golfed it

jacek: youre getting old

Astrobytes: what multi you working on AntiSquid?

AntiSquid: idk ?

AntiSquid: why?

Astrobytes: Just wondering, since you posted about the move/Move thing

AntiSquid: i opened up ice and fire earlier then went to read a book i downloaded

AntiSquid: then came back and fooling around with dots and boxes

AntiSquid: look my rank improved there

Astrobytes: Ah. I gave up doing anything on ice and fire, tried some stuff for low hanging fruit but I need a rewrite so I gave up

Astrobytes: Just did my first d&b the other day, not written a proper one yet, just enough to get into next league

AntiSquid: didn't do anything on CG for really long

Astrobytes: Same

AntiSquid: trying to avoid a slow start next contest :P

Astrobytes: lol also same

AntiSquid: i should probably look at referee . i am like the "what does the statement say" people in chat when it comes to the referee code

Astrobytes: No need for getting out of wood 2

AntiSquid: no but then i might have to rewrite the structure

Astrobytes: I don't get serious until next league unless it's necessary

AntiSquid: doing this very halfhearted .

Astrobytes: Just sort the available moves by something, prefer certain moves if available, if not use the sorted

Astrobytes: boxes, not moves

Astrobytes: you'll figure it out

AntiSquid: i am writing it, i am just slow

AntiSquid: not import libs here

Astrobytes: import libs?

AntiSquid: import keras add layer add layer

Astrobytes: Not using python here either

Astrobytes: Type faster

Astrobytes: :P

AntiSquid: wait, you're distracting me

Astrobytes: :grin:

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 tell him i need to be polite and answer

Automaton2000: thanks for all the other stuff

Astrobytes: haha, well shut up and code then!

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 starting pinging this guy

Automaton2000: i've got the same problem

AntiSquid: let's wait for him outside when he takes the bins out Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i am in the train

AntiSquid: you're done for, automaton is on his way Astrobytes

Astrobytes: (and I'm the distracting one :rolling_eyes: )

Astrobytes: lol

AntiSquid: i think this promotes me

Astrobytes: looks that way yep

AntiSquid: what's the best structure to store the board? any theories ? :p

eulerscheZahl: class Board

Astrobytes: didn't get that far yet, first thought was a graph (edges, vertices style)

AntiSquid: i think next contest will be about hunting toads and dropping them in the witches' cauldron

AntiSquid: ok bad joke, killed chat, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i'll do it in time

Astrobytes: coding killed my chat, not your joke

FuriousT: what does this mean "angle for the rotation angle in degrees" for the input?

Default avatar.png vatsalsharma376: I have some fair experience in competitive programming but I don't know how to start with codingame. Are there any good #resources ?

Astrobytes: Depends on your experience really, there's puzzles, multiplayer bot programming, optimistation, code golf

Astrobytes: *optimisation

magaiti: FuriousT, angle is the variable name, "rotation angle in degrees" is the variable value

magaiti: or rather, variable meaning

magaiti: meaning of the variable value. duh

AntiSquid: don't like the referee implementation for the board on d&b, thinking of how to do a nicer one

AntiSquid: maybe a checkerboard of sorts .

MSmits: AntiSquid do you mean for a sim in your not?

MSmits: bot

MSmits: I can share my board implementation, but not sure you'll like it :P

AntiSquid: for my bot . i only use one representation usually

MSmits: ah ok

AntiSquid: and i think i can do with 1 here

MSmits: well mine is uint64_t hor and uint64_t ver

AntiSquid: A1 R == B1 L is part of what i want to add into the way i access the edges

MSmits: ah I see

AntiSquid: what does that mean MSmits

MSmits: I just have all horizontal lines in one bitboard and all vertical lines in another bitboard

MSmits: both are 64 bit

AntiSquid: oh i get it .

Astrobytes: but what about box edges

MSmits: i didn't know what kind of search i was gonna do so i figured if it is mcts i could keep the board on the node

MSmits: well they are just lines also

MSmits: first vertical line on the left is bit 1

AntiSquid: so you have 2 boards per node ?

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: mind you i never got a search for wood 2. I used this method in my local solver

MSmits: I randomly create endgame boards by placing lines on it until all lines lead to boxes given away

MSmits: wood 1 i mean

MSmits: I did have a whole mcts thing in wood 2

MSmits: including the bitboards... but kinda overkill with that small a board

Astrobytes: I just sorted the boxes and edges by a heuristic lol

MSmits: oh, I solved the whole thing on turn 1 and then my bot just gave up when it was p2

Astrobytes: fk effort for wood 2

MSmits: because 3 -1

MSmits: I'll go back to D&B once I get this AI course done, will be in 2 months o rso

Astrobytes: how's it going?

MSmits: got too distracted by other games. Glad I am done with oware now though, no more seeds. 9 is the limit

AntiSquid: well my board would have 225 places once i implement it, only 112 used though

Astrobytes: lol, not tempted with 10 then

MSmits: going ok, did not get that much done in my vacation week, but got some good videos and animations ready to put in there

Astrobytes: awesome, did you end up using the interactive one?

MSmits: well after all the bugs were fixed, seed 9 DB is done between ply 15-40, 10 db would take twice as long and cause cache issues for the rest of the bot

MSmits: yeah i did

MSmits: i put it as an i-frame

AntiSquid: wait i could use uint128_t is that slower than 2 uint64_t ?

MSmits: had to dust of some archaic html skills

Astrobytes: Ah, yeah given your access time for the db that figures lol

Astrobytes: ah cool

MSmits: AntiSquid that depends on how you use it, if you're gonna access the 64 bit thingies separately all the time then it might cause overhead to do the 128 bit version

MSmits: I used the 128 bit for hypersonic because it made sense there

MSmits: visual studio hates it though

Astrobytes: that's why I never used 128 bit tbh

DomiKo: omg so close to top20 in UTTT

MSmits: gj DomiKo, you did teccles already right?

DomiKo: yes yes

DomiKo: i can't improve performance

MSmits: penalty on selection for moves that give away a free move to opponent?

FuriousT: magaiti . no doubt. However, what I meant is which angle. In any case it matters not as the angle is non-sensical until you actually start moving. My issue was with the angle reading initially.

DomiKo: but I'm tuning some parameters

DomiKo: and testing how some "enchacements" work

MSmits: what enhancements are those? Or is this a trade secret?

Astrobytes: enchantments or enhancements? If you're using magic I wanna know :P

MSmits: I have maybe 2 things I never shared, but most of what i do is common knowledge

magaiti: FuriousT, initially your angle is -1 which means it is not defined. you can start moving in any direction

Astrobytes: (just playing on the spelling mistake :) )

MSmits: yeah it was almost enchantments

magaiti: after that, your pod has a defined arientation

DomiKo: at some point, I don't know what I'm doing

DomiKo: so I can say it could be magic

MSmits: this is mcts though?

DomiKo: yes

MSmits: ah ok

Nerchio: MSmits already knows everythhing about MCTS boring :D

DomiKo: i have to say that I did like 100+ submits

MSmits: I am never bored talking about mcts :)

MSmits: oo did my rank change

DomiKo: and leaderboard in top 11-30 changed a lot

AntiSquid: MCsmiTS

DomiKo: that because amur and Yurkov submited a lot too

Astrobytes: MCTS Bitboards is actually MSmits' name

DomiKo: I moved some guys fromtop11 to top25

DomiKo: some from top30 to to18

MSmits: nice work DomiKo

MSmits: wow amurushkin must have improved his bot a lot

MSmits: well at least a little

AntiSquid: you shuffled the leaderboard .

AntiSquid: if there were continuous games it would readjust itself :P

MSmits: i have to be careful... uttt has some serious power... I get drawn back in :P

Astrobytes: what's the hot multi in #ru these days? I haven't checked for a while

DomiKo: that's my job

DomiKo: shuffling is my second name

MSmits: good luck finding a wife with that

Astrobytes: Mrs Shuffling

DomiKo: :rolling_eyes:

AntiSquid: was a reply to your "moved people in ranks", RPS effect there for sure imo

Astrobytes: Nerchio, how's COIF legend?

AntiSquid: CIF

Astrobytes: that's a cleaning product

AntiSquid: then CIAF

Nerchio: I left it already :D

Astrobytes: CoIaF is what it should be

Nerchio: trying to learn some MCTS in UTTT now

Astrobytes: ah cool

Nerchio: cause last time i tried it was a disaster

MSmits: yeah, that was my first mcts

AntiSquid: i said it from the start i am calling it CIF

MSmits: it's hard to get it right the first time

DomiKo: yes

AntiSquid: what's the best node selection formula ?

MSmits: do you just mean the selection part of mcts?

AntiSquid: yes

MSmits: lemme share mine for oware, they are all similar

Astrobytes: depends on the application, there are variants on plain UCT

AntiSquid: UCB

DomiKo: you can try SHOT

Astrobytes: applied to trees

Astrobytes: UCT

Astrobytes: or SHAT


MSmits: oh did you mean the uct formula

MSmits: I just use plain uct with a fitted exploration usually

AntiSquid: upper confidence bound

Astrobytes: applied to trees


MSmits: damnit, not even a small functio


MSmits: this is for a single child node. I pass the statistics of the parent as a parameter

MSmits: invsqrt(x) = 1/sqrt(x)

MSmits: takes a bit of math to work it out, but it's just the normal ucb

MSmits: this is optimized

Astrobytes: and works nicely

MSmits: inline float rsqrt_fast(float x) { return _mm_cvtss_f32(_mm_rsqrt_ss(_mm_set_ss(x))); }

MSmits: use that

AntiSquid: is shat latest trend or what Astrobytes

MSmits: people been :poop: ing since the dawn of history AntiSquid

AntiSquid: ah that thing Jacek linked in chat yesterday?

Astrobytes: Sequential Halving Applied to Trees

Astrobytes: yea

Astrobytes: h

MSmits: oh

MSmits: lemme check that out

Astrobytes: I wasn't satisfied with "We propose to adapt Sequential Halving to Monte Carlo Tree Search and to name the resulting algorithm SHOT"



AntiSquid: i have it . added it to my google drive for later :P

Astrobytes: ;)

AntiSquid: using google drive so i don't have to move pdf from device to device

AntiSquid: then i can read when i am bored

Astrobytes: yep, sensible

AntiSquid: cool MSmits, do you always use the same formula?

MSmits: lately yeah, I have experimented with different ones on uttt a long time ago

MSmits: never got noticable results, but I have to admit i didnt do it very scientifically

Astrobytes: there's a whole bunch of variations on it

Astrobytes: some require mods to the actual algo

Astrobytes: Can't say I've experimented much

MSmits: the one i like is where you do an evaluation of the children and store that and during selection you prefer this eval on low visits and the statistics become more important than the eval as you visit the node more

MSmits: kind of a mix between minimax and mcts i suppose

MSmits: you just have to tune it right

jacek: progressive bias?

Astrobytes: that's a nice one

MSmits: that could be it yeah, i forgot the name

jacek: just use jacekmax and enjoy being 1st in every game

Astrobytes: "you just have to tune it right" goes without saying for any eval function :P

MSmits: i mean the balance between statistics and eval, on top of tuning the actual eval

MSmits: what was jacekmax again?

jacek: hyperparameter tuning eh

jacek: best-first minimax with uct

MSmits: oh right

MSmits: sounds good

Astrobytes: there's material on it, jacek probably has the paper links

jacek: linked here

MSmits: is this shat or shot thing usable for fixed time limits?

MSmits: oh great

Astrobytes: ah yeah, forgot you did that playground

MSmits: thanks jacek

jacek: they claim shot is slightly better than uct with the same time

MSmits: oh btw, I thought i was the only one that use depth 0 ept jacek ?

MSmits: or did someone else also do 0?

Astrobytes: Me

jacek: zerobytes

MSmits: oh and it was bette rfor you too?

Astrobytes: yep

MSmits: ah cool

Astrobytes: I told you to try 0 depth

MSmits: ohh

MSmits: I talk too much about stuff, forget who told me what

Astrobytes: you're just better than me is all

Astrobytes: :D

MSmits: you also told me about the custom hash

Astrobytes: yep

MSmits: I should remember better what you say

Astrobytes: As long as I'm around to remind you don't worry :P

MSmits: kk :)

jacek: kkk even

MSmits: :scream_cat:

MSmits: does jacekmax come with a solver?

MSmits: oh i guess it's minimax so its natural?

jacek: its implied

MSmits: right

MSmits: it's so easy to understand

MSmits: i should do an oware version of this

jacek: :scream:

MSmits: it's probably going to suck at first

MSmits: because the parameters arent tuned for this

MSmits: move's eval value + log(move's visits)

MSmits: this is not uct is it?

MSmits: oh final selection nvm

jacek: thats final selection

MSmits: didnt know you meant the move selection for that turn

MSmits: allright got it

MSmits: you also use this in onitama right?

jacek: yes

MSmits: and othello

jacek: yes

jacek: the three big Os and B

MSmits: B?

jacek: bt

MSmits: oh for me B is Bandas

jacek: as its written in the article ~

MSmits: I read like :poop:

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: and ntuples too

MSmits: you didnt compare it with ept did you?.

MSmits: i mean could be your NN is just awesome and it would be even more awesome in oware if you did ept

jacek: not much

MSmits: i had the same experience switching to ept from other algo's

MSmits: it might have similar performance

jacek: it came from the ept. somewhat by accident i overwrote instead of adding and it sticked

AntiSquid: ept?

MSmits: early playout termination

jacek: i bet its just a scaling problem. and tuning

Astrobytes: early playout termination

MSmits: mcts with a short simulation or in my case, no simulation

MSmits: so you backpropagate an eval score

Astrobytes: you eval instead

MSmits: this is like a journalist at a covid press conference, summarizing the prime minister

jacek: the paper i linked use only eval instead of uct

Astrobytes: lol

jacek: but, do you propagate -1, 1 or eval score?

MSmits: i actually did it differently in different games, i barely see much of a difference either way

MSmits: if you do eval score and you scale it down to between --1 and 1, thats the same as scaling up the exploration parameter instead

MSmits: the only thing that makes a real difference is clamping

Astrobytes: I tried the -1,1 and scaled, no difference really

Astrobytes: ffs lol

MSmits: thanks again for that summary

MSmits: I tried clamping, no clamping or a sigmoid

jacek: dunno. for me scaling to -1, 1 was meh. perhaps if NN tells you if something is 0.2 or 0.8 that eval is more accurate

MSmits: scaling is pointless though, the exploration can be scaled as well, so any difference will be fitted away

MSmits: but clamping and sigmoid thingies will change it

Astrobytes: yeah I used tanh in oware I think

MSmits: i checked earlier and it seems like i use nothing

MSmits: no clamping, no sigmoid, just the eval

Astrobytes: I need to get back to that Oware soon

MSmits: it's a bit dangerous as you can get some extreme eval scores throwing off your search

MSmits: but apparently it doesnt hurt my bot (much?)

Astrobytes: I think I tried every method with Oware lol

MSmits: yeah I tried too... but its so hard to test things because of 2 things:

MSmits: 1) RPS

Astrobytes: Yeah but you've got MegaBook Monster Bot

MSmits: 2) huge gap between NN's and the rest

AntiSquid: looking at relu makes me think, just make up your own function and calculate the derivative

Astrobytes: yeah true MSmits

MSmits: well for me the gap is worst, because I am in the middle of it. You can use my bot as a bridge at least, when you test

MSmits: I got nothing

AntiSquid: but book is fixed, NN are supposed to generalize and therefore beat book ... maybe a book for corner cases to aid the NN

MSmits: AntiSquid in my experience most NN's for board games on CG are very deterministic and easily counterbooked

Astrobytes: shh, this will trigger a big Oware discussion

MSmits: jacek's is the exception because he included a random component in his move selection on purpose

AntiSquid: maybe they're overfitted MSmits and therefore work like a book :P

MSmits: but even his book is deterministic if he removes that

MSmits: bot that is

Astrobytes: works great though

MSmits: AntiSquid i dunno if they are overfitted. They work well against all sorts of bots. Overfitting is not the same as being deterministic

MSmits: for example, a bot that always plays the best move is not overfitted but perfectly deterministic

MSmits: most NN's are like that on CG

MSmits: they play very very well, but once in 100 turns they make a mistake

MSmits: and because they are deterministic, i will find it

Astrobytes: MSmits - The Terminator

MSmits: Robo's bot makes a mistake around ply 20 or so, with the moves I make and then he doesn't recover. The only reason I dont always win is that I can't make my book go all the way to turn 200 and my bot will also make mistakes

MSmits: well I can actually... since he is so deterministic, but havent gotten around to that :P

MSmits: jacek keeping me busy

jacek: woah so you can tell at what ply bots make mistake

MSmits: my mcts score will suddenly jump 2 whole points at that node

MSmits: and it never goes down again

MSmits: 2 points being 2 expected seed advantage

MSmits: i cant be 100% sure of course, but once i found that node, my bot went from 10% to 40-50% winrate

MSmits: so i am guessing it's real

Astrobytes: you've had that 'feature' for some time now iirc

MSmits: what do you mean

Astrobytes: figuring out which ply the NNs make a mistake on (or any other player)

MSmits: yeah, but that's mostly because I am crazy enough to manually enter opponent moves into meta mcts and search through those branches

Astrobytes: The 'how' doesn't matter, only the end result :P

MSmits: true

jacek: like analyzing carlsen or karpov games

MSmits: thats really what it's about for me. I mean getting a better rank is fun, but for most of these games its also fun to figure out what moves are good

MSmits: for oware it's mostly about beating the NN's though, I can't make rhyme or reason out of my meta mcts for this game

MSmits: it makes no sense

Astrobytes: I rely on others analyses for that jacek lol

AntiSquid: great data analysis MSmits


MSmits: here's the nide

MSmits: node

MSmits: Robo's move is 2

MSmits: your move is 5

MSmits: (jacek)

jacek: M?

AntiSquid: i completely forgot what my bots were doing ... can't even figure out what the hell my pacman or xr bot variables stand for :D

MSmits: marked, means my opening book wants an answer to this move

MSmits: the * means it's forcing the search through this move

MSmits: it's forcing through your move

MSmits: (for obvious reasons)


MSmits: so your move is -1 on average it says, which means i should win more, but my bot isn't able to capitalize on the advantage most of the time... too many turns left, too good of a NN

MSmits: (mind you this search goes 80 plies deep in some cases, which means still 120 turns left)

MSmits: if you're interested jacek, check out this game:

MSmits: at ply 19, you'll do exactly what my meta mcts says you do

MSmits: this is just the first game i found with me as p1 on the leaderboard, which tells you how common this is

jacek: mhm

MSmits: the thing is your random thingy only happens when moves are close to equally good, that doesnt happen too often

MSmits: but with 200 turns, it does happen often enough

MSmits: rarely your first move as p2 will be in house 11, but usually it's house 7

MSmits: rarely as in, maybe 1 in 20

jacek: hmm

MSmits: you could retrain your bot. Will be interesting to see what changes

MSmits: is it like a 1 hr thing?

MSmits: or does it train for days?

jacek: how can you tell its 1 in 20?

jacek: moves.push_back(getMove(nullptr,game->getCurrentPlayer(),rand()%100<95?7:11));

MSmits: cuz i look up lost games to find more nodes to mark in my tree

MSmits: and almost always it's house 7

MSmits: very rare 5

MSmits: err i mean 11

MSmits: (i think in 0 to 5 for both players)

jacek: actually for 1st move as p2 i use this 'opening' 95% 7 and 5% 11

Astrobytes: the 'other 5'

MSmits: haha

jacek: its neat you could reverse engineer that

MSmits: nice estimate by me then?

Nerchio: btw guys

Astrobytes: impressive

MSmits: it's just by watching so many games jacek

Nerchio: in MCTS when i expand node but have like 50 possible moves

Nerchio: it doesnt kinda make sense to expand all 50 states or is there

MSmits: hmm expanding is a misleading term sometimes Nerchio

jacek: MSmits i can retrain oware overnight, thats 6h-8h.

Nerchio: i mean in UTTT right now

MSmits: ahh ok

MSmits: Nerchio what i mean is, you select a node right, an unexpanded one

Nerchio: when you can play on any position on the board its up to like 80 positions so why would i create all 80 states for this

MSmits: then you give it children

Nerchio: yeah i talk about giving it children

MSmits: is that what you mean by expanding?

MSmits: ah

MSmits: what do you do for each child?

jacek: i always expands by all available moves. each child will have then 0 score / 0 visits

Nerchio: nothing yet im asking before I implement it

MSmits: i sort of do what jacek says i think

Nerchio: well from what i understand you create a node/state for each child but

Nerchio: you're not going to visit all of them anyway

Nerchio: so whats the point of creatin all of them

MSmits: sometimes i set the visit count to 1 to avoid some division by zero somewhere

MSmits: Nerchio in some games i immediately simulate from each child

MSmits: so i backpropagate 50 simulation results at once

MSmits: not in uttt though, but some other players do

Nerchio: yea so its like looking for a win depth 1

Nerchio: ?

jacek: its implementation detail, you may expand by 1 child or all children. in early days of mcts, memory was constrained so they expanded one child per visit(s)

Astrobytes: ^

Nerchio: i will be coding mcts for uTTT in java i am already constrained :D

jacek: i expand all children also because i look for mate-in-one

MSmits: some games have a fixed number of children

MSmits: like Bandas and Yavalath

MSmits: so what i do is just reserve the memory and do nothign else

MSmits: expansion -> nodindex += 4

MSmits: (for Bandas)

Nerchio: well I guess I will try first with expanding all the children but i will probably try to prune it later in UTTT

Nerchio: seems like a massive waste of time and space:D

MSmits: you have to remember that you will very rarely have those moves that give 50 children

MSmits: most will have on average 7 moves

Nerchio: I guess that's true

jacek: UTTT branching factor is usually < 9

Astrobytes: and it's all bit ops anyway so not gonna be a massive hit

MSmits: expansion is less than 2% of my runtime

MSmits: and i expand all

jacek: rarely you will see more than 9. those will happen in late midgame or endgames with few moves left anyway

Astrobytes: (not that I've done UTTT, I'm slightly allergic)

MSmits: selection and simulation are most expensive

Nerchio: well Astrobytes i don't start with bitboard :D

MSmits: no need to start with bitboard, the trick to learn mcts is to make the sim as simple as possible for you

MSmits: otherwise you have two sources of bugs

Astrobytes: Oh yeah, your first MCTS, my bad

Nerchio: yeah first time i got to bronze but i think i was creating a new state when doing random playouts instead of playing it out on 1 state :D

Astrobytes: yeah, don't do that until it's working

Nerchio: its 2nd MCTS :D

Nerchio: but first was kinda fail

Astrobytes: ah right

MSmits: oh so your first mcts was mostly monte carlo?

Nerchio: no i think it was MCTS with many mistakes :P

MSmits: most people make the mistake of creating the whole tree during the random sim

MSmits: meaning they grow a huge tree very quickly

jacek: struct?

Nerchio: yeah thats what i was doing i think

MSmits: struct did, mad knight did also and i noticed others do it too

MSmits: problem is that you get a working bot that way

Astrobytes: mk did too?

MSmits: its just not very good

MSmits: at first yeah

MSmits: he knows how to do it now

Nerchio: ok so another question i had which you guys probably know the answer for

Astrobytes: I only knew struct did it

MSmits: people pm me sometimes about mcts

Nerchio: when you create a tree and like 50k states

Nerchio: why not save parts of the tree that you go down into next rounds?

Astrobytes: you can

MSmits: i do

Astrobytes: tree reuse

jacek: tree reuse

MSmits: almost always

Nerchio: thats kinda what im thinking i want to do

MSmits: but in some games you create so many nodes it's not feasible

Nerchio: since java is so slow

MSmits: but mostly you can

Astrobytes: just make your start node the one you wish to start from

MSmits: dont do treereuse immediately

MSmits: it complicates things

jacek: focus on the proper mcts. leave the fancy rest for later

MSmits: also tree reuse actually means you make *more* nodes if you use an object pool

MSmits: since you can reset to index 0 of the pool

Nerchio: kk just wanted to know if this 'tree reuse' is something that people use :P

MSmits: you keep moving through the pool

Nerchio: so how many nodes do you guys reach in simulation

Astrobytes: can get hairy really fast

Nerchio: i think i managed to create only 300k for java but will probably use like 10% of that :D

MSmits: depends on the game, but uttt needs 30-40 million for me sometimes

Nerchio: :grin:

MSmits: and i only have 20-25 in my object pool

MSmits: but i often reset for other reasons, so it usually doesnt matter

jacek: huh

MSmits: and i do a check

jacek: i can only do around 100k in second in 1st turn

MSmits: 100k nodes?

jacek: 100k steps. select expand rollout backpropagate

MSmits: oh, i do between 90 and 130k in the second turn at 100 ms

MSmits: of those rollouts as you defined it

MSmits: lemme get a better estimate, i am running a testgame

MSmits: Rollouts: 816384 first turn

MSmits: Rollouts: 92928

MSmits: second turn

Nerchio: I would just like to enter legend in UTTT :D

Nerchio: a few people in java already there so should be possible

MSmits: wait a min jacek... how do you get so few rollouts and rank 8

MSmits: what magic is this

Astrobytes: 20k+ rollouts needed iirc for UTTT legend

MSmits: yeah with no fancy stuff

MSmits: thats in turn 2

MSmits: so around 5x slower than my bot

jacek: hmm but 100k * 7-8 is close to what you have. maybe its difference in counting

MSmits: whats the 7-8?

jacek: and i got into legend with java bot as well

MSmits: a rollout for me is a single move through the tree and a single simulation

jacek: average branching factor in the 7-8 beginniing

MSmits: so i dont sim all children

jacek: hmm but i dont do much fancy stuff, my sim is pretty simple

MSmits: i wonder if it is just different ways of counting or do you also do some jacekmax(gic)

MSmits: no fancy selection, UCT modifications, weighted sims etc?

MSmits: rank 8 is really really good. There's at least 30 people in uttt as obsessed with it as I am in most games. Strong opposition

jacek: well in UCT there is bonus for winning small board and penalty for giving opponent mobility

jacek: + mcts solver of course

MSmits: oh right, well those are good bonuses I guess, gives you +5 or +10 % winrate when everything else is the same

jacek: as for sim, there is mate-in-one checking and more chance for winning small board

Astrobytes: seems smart

DomiKo: 90K on second round wow

DomiKo: i got like 45K right now...

MSmits: 130k sometimes, depends on the cpu

MSmits: re curse says he has 180k

Astrobytes: nice

DomiKo: Karliso then 200K? XD

MSmits: kar liso said near 400k but he counts differently

MSmits: still has way better performance somehow

MSmits: his way of counting woul dget me to 250k or so

Astrobytes: he's still #1?

darkhorse64: karliso does not talk he just gets #1

MSmits: he is yeah

MSmits: also he removed his book I believe

Astrobytes: oh really?

MSmits: so I can no longer wreck him 100% :P

Astrobytes: darkhorse64: he does talk sometimes

darkhorse64: look at his profile. He is #1 in all hisbots or nearly

MSmits: yeah karliso is nice, he's a bit like robo in that he doesn't talk much, but when he does, it's golden

darkhorse64: Then I missed what he says

MSmits: yeah it's getting annoying how he is always slightly stronger than me in every board game :P

Astrobytes: sure he reads more than he talks

MSmits: he sometimes asks very basic questions

MSmits: like nerchio just did

MSmits: totally weird for such a strong player

Nerchio: thanks!

Astrobytes: yeah, that's quite confusing at times

MSmits: hey i am comparing you to the best board game player nerchio :0

Astrobytes: But he doesn't give away his initial approach fully, he might figure out interesting heuristics initially etc

MSmits: he asks how mcts works and such, then he writes a mcts and a week later he is nr 1

MSmits: he opened up a bit later on, at first he said nothing

MSmits: he shares a little bit now

Astrobytes: Oh ok, didn't see him for a bit. My absence, no doubt

MSmits: the thing is that if he didn't have such success, we would have had no problem with him just asking questions

MSmits: but he asks questions, we help him and then he wrecks us :P

MSmits: so now he has to share some too :)

Astrobytes: hehehe, sharing is caring

jacek: friendship is magic

MSmits: for a long time i thought he was daporan messing with us :P

MSmits: but he's not

jacek: daporan?

MSmits: ah, was this before your time jacek?

Astrobytes: No, defo not dapo. I spoke with dapo back when I was diagnosed with my back issues, last time I've seen him

MSmits: he always showed up for contests with prizes, took the win, shared nothing an dleft

MSmits: really strong player

MSmits: also had nr 1 csb for a long time

Astrobytes: actually, if you talked to him he would share stuff

jacek: hmm google search for dapron reveals youtube ai videos

MSmits: yeah he did later when i talked with him sometimes

MSmits: but that's how he is viewed generally

MSmits: he doesnt write post mortems and such

MSmits: yeah i think thats him jacek

Astrobytes: No, he didn't like the hating because he did the hiding thing

MSmits: he did one for mean max

MSmits: he won it with a GA

MSmits: and then made the video

Astrobytes: He's a really nice guy actually

MSmits: Astrobytes yeah the hiding thing didnt help his image

MSmits: he is i guess

MSmits: maybe just misunderstood

Astrobytes: He just didn't like the hating

MSmits: I can see that

MSmits: that stuff happened mostly before i was here, but it echoed a lot after on chat here

Astrobytes: hence 1 less CG player

AntiSquid: no the hiding wasn't the issue lol

MSmits: ah here's a vet that knows

DomiKo: board game's are hard

MSmits: easy to sim, hard to win

DomiKo: because you have to make quick board class

MSmits: a class, whats that?

MSmits: uint64_t board

DomiKo: but making fast random moves

DomiKo: and generating moves

DomiKo: that the really hard part of board games

MSmits: my only class is usually Node{}

MSmits: sometimes i have a State class for a hash table for opening books or something but thats it

MSmits: DomiKo you mean fast sim in general, in uttt it is fast random, but i dont even use random in most games

jacek: well only the uttt is optim fest, other board games could be slower with smart heuristic

DomiKo: that could be true

DomiKo: in UTTT heuristic really don't do that well

DomiKo: or I don't know how to use them :((

jacek: -3vel


MSmits: add the free move thing DomiKo

MSmits: a move that gives the opponent a free move is bad

MSmits: add a penalty to UCT for this move

MSmits: helped me a bunch

codeing: look at this


Astrobytes: You posted it already

codeing: you'd not looked it

Astrobytes: Why would I look at it

codeing: because it's important

Astrobytes: I covered UML in a course a long time ago, why would I look at it

darkhorse64: UML is boring and useless

Astrobytes: ^

codeing: what ?

Astrobytes: Can be useful for a quick sketch on a whiteboard but then so can random squares and circles

codeing: darkhorse64

codeing: how you code a software without uml ?

darkhorse64: Really easily

codeing: i understand, you are not architect

codeing: or something like thaht

codeing: ez

darkhorse64: I have been involved in several multi-million lines of code projects

codeing: and ?

darkhorse64: UML does not help

codeing: what help so ?

codeing: how do you establish the architecture of your software?

codeing: on paper

darkhorse64: Paper cannot capture the dynamics of data nor it can capture all the small details that will make your paper design baly fail

darkhorse64: *badly*

Astrobytes: I only have limited experience but even that taught me that a working model is better than some hopeful diagram

darkhorse64: UML is like a battle plan. After 15 mn, no plan will resist fire

Astrobytes: I wish I could have written that on my exam paper :P

codeing: what your level Astrobytes ?

Astrobytes: level? I'm a biologist. I've done some CS study is all

darkhorse64: My experience is that a good design will look at how data flows. Then, you can model objects, threads

codeing: CS ?

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: computer science

codeing: in CS, what your level at university ?

Astrobytes: I have a masters in cell biology, not CS, I've just done additional study in CS

codeing: what does biologists do there ?

Default avatar.png HelloWorld183L: what programming paradigms would be most useful for a biologist?

codeing: joking

Astrobytes: It's all about data and stats

Astrobytes: When I was doing more biology-related things I left that to the bioinformatics department

Astrobytes: Lots of python and R

codeing: ez

Astrobytes: These days I tick boxes, tell people off and write reports

Astrobytes: codeing: the extra CS study was for my own interest

codeing: no doubt on

Astrobytes: gn all

Default avatar.png fdoanay: hello guys

artofwaraabb: hi

Default avatar.png ezra555: hi

AntiSquid: hi codeine how's it going?

Default avatar.png MACKEYTH: Will games remember your code if you leave and come back?

Harrogin: yes

Harrogin: i always run my code before i leave just to be safe

Default avatar.png Dekster: Good Morning Guys

Default avatar.png Bahnschrift: phat