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doduyphuong: :expressionless:

DaNinja: you print the number of the mountain to shoot

Default avatar.png SINGHALBROTHER:

Default avatar.png SINGHALBROTHER: HELP ME C#

MadKnight: what is that link for

pluieciel: Hi!

pluieciel: one question: clojure macro doesn't work here in IDE, right?

Default avatar.png JBM: why eouldn't it?

pluieciel: (defmacro prefix [exp]

 (list (second exp) (first exp) (last exp)))

pluieciel: (println (macroexpand '(prefix (5 * x))))

pluieciel: Standard Output Stream: (prefix (5 * x))

pluieciel: in my computer:

pluieciel: my-test.core> (println (macroexpand '(prefix (5 * x)))) (* 5 x)

Shrimpster: Some random Asian kid just followed me, should I worry? :rolling_eyes: (he's my first follower haha)

magaiti: he liked your name, no doubt

Shrimpster: hahaha thanx, that's probably it

Astrobytes: if you don't know him, simply don't follow back Shrimpster

Shrimpster: I would never, he just followed and I thought it was weird (^.^)

Astrobytes: Yeah, it happens fairly frequently unfortunately

Shrimpster: ok good to know

Default avatar.png Remembered_Goodbye: hey guys, how do you do the ascii art puzzle

Default avatar.png Remembered_Goodbye: nah screw it ill search it online cause dead chat

Default avatar.png Kamatcho: Damn, trying out python for the first time

Astrobytes: Nice to see you waited less than a minute before making that decision.

Default avatar.png Kamatcho: It's quite hard.. feeling dumb here xD

Astrobytes: If you're totally new to python (and programming) codingame *might* not be the best for practising Kamatcho

Astrobytes: It assumes a basic working knowledge

Default avatar.png Kamatcho: Which I don't posess

Default avatar.png Kamatcho: What might be better? I've done some lua programming earlier

Astrobytes: Hm, you could try freecodecamp? I think that's supposed to be decent for learning

Astrobytes: Or there's always youtube video series and what not, depends how you prefer to learn

Default avatar.png Kamatcho: Mostly by doing

Default avatar.png Kamatcho: And then again mostly by trying to solve things

Astrobytes: freecodecamp should work then I reckon

Astrobytes: Then, when you're a bit more comfortable you can come back here and solve some puzzles etc

Default avatar.png Kamatcho: Might check that out before I go in here doing puzzles and feeling stupid lol

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's advisable. So you can focus on just solving the problem rather than trying to figure out the language :)

Default avatar.png Kamatcho: Thanks for the advice!

Astrobytes: No problem at all

Sylarb91: Astrobytes... does freecodecamp have something for c# too, cuz i just looked and couldnt find anything ?

Sylarb91: i know the basics of c#... but there is always room for improvement

Astrobytes: Sylarb91: No I don't think so, it covers JS, python, HTML & CSS, some other web-stuff only I believe

Astrobytes: Not sure where's best for C# tbh

Ramdeath: hi all

Sylarb91: ok. thank you

Astrobytes: hi Ramdeath

geppoz: hi

geppoz: there is a way to collect all the scores of the tests?

geppoz: without looking each one, but getting as a table?

magaiti: you can make a js script for that

magaiti: i dont have one ready available

magaiti: but it should be as easy as 3 lines

MadKnight: geppoz u can run custom js scripts on web pages

geppoz: after i play all testcases i find result in some variable?

geppoz: or you mean launching test with my js?

Default avatar.png GaethofsQ: Is there any more documentation on coders strike back? I'm looking for the formulas used to define the speed, acceleration, etc... of the drones

KiwiTae: check the forums

Uljahn: or CSB landing page, there are some links to external resources

735487: geppoz: I have one. it show all test case results and sum it up

735487: var sum=0;var i=1;$('.testcase').each(function() {

       var a = Number($(this).attr('title').split(':')[1].slice(0, -1)); console.log(i++ + ": " + a);if (i>2)sum+=a;
   }); console.log(sum);

735487: I used it for 2048 game. that is why it skips first test result

Default avatar.png ooh: is there a way to erase submissions in history?

magaiti: why would you want to do so?

Unkmar: Are you ashamed of your progress?

Default avatar.png ooh: i have duplicates, a lot

magaiti: progress is a process of trial and error, and there are shameful errors

Default avatar.png ooh: i'm ashamed of pressing submit on the same code

Shrimpster: there's no shame in that, happens to everyone

magaiti: yeah, i for once, want color tags for my submissions, and maybe even editable descriptions

Default avatar.png boubagaa: help me

Default avatar.png boubagaa: pleaaaase

Astrobytes: magaiti:

magaiti: hmm, intersting stuff. but no

Astrobytes: It has editable descriptions

magaiti: ok ill look into it someday. thanks

Astrobytes: np

wlesavo: it would be quite good if enhancer wouldnt reset all the descriptions from time to time

Astrobytes: agreed

eulerscheZahl: does it still break the UI for puzzles?

Azkellas: Never heard of this issue wlesavo

MSmits: mmh for some reason c++ doesn't like it if i set a 100 million sized uint8_t array to the value 3

MSmits: I'll just set it to 0 before run time and change it to 3 during runtime when needed

MSmits: works.... dunno why

Alshock: xD That's a bit weird

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: I think it's some kind of optimization

Alshock: you have an initialization list of 100 million {3} ?

MSmits: you cant do that I think

Default avatar.png skrutt: nope

MSmits: if you set it to 3 that way its just the first element

MSmits: the rest will be 0

MSmits: i was using a function to set them all to 3 at the start of the program

MSmits: but i think the compiler noticed it and decided to do this before runtime

Alshock: Ik, that's why I was asking if you had an initialization list with 100 million threes, wouldn't actually write them all down ;P

MSmits: which took too long somehow..

MSmits: oh lol, no.

MSmits: awww the first symbol of my endgame book is a ✻

MSmits: damnit, i finally finish my size 12 endgame book for Bandas and I crash my VS because the string is too big

YurkovAS: MSmits do you know the original name of the game Bandas?

MSmits: nope

jacek: bandas isnt original? D:

Dan4Life: \o/

Dan4Life: |

Dan4Life: |

jacek: wtf? how can i reply to a forum post

Default avatar.png asuna321: i kinda suck at this

eulerscheZahl: use the "reply" button

jacek: i clicked reply, typed text but i cant see any send or ok button

eulerscheZahl: screenshot?

eulerscheZahl: is there a bar at the top?

eulerscheZahl: if yes, close it

jrke: oh trailer out for fall challenge thats nice


jacek: ahh, thx euler

eulerscheZahl: and close that windows bar as you are on it

jrke: yeah euler is right

jacek: windows bar?

jacek: i only use windows for games, so i dont bother customizing browser much

jrke: euler have you registered now,i mean you were having problem in registration of fall challenge is it fixed?

eulerscheZahl: was fixed minutes later

eulerscheZahl: maybe they broke it again, no idea

jrke: oh thats to quick

eulerscheZahl: 9,194 registered

eulerscheZahl: let's check again in a few minutes

jrke: yes will cross 15,000 this time i think

eulerscheZahl: 2 more registered now. seems to be working

jrke: yeah

jrke: i am off now gn bye bye :)

Neumann: eulerscheZahl: is it me or does 2048 have the same issue as SearchRace regarding timeouts when you use more than 40ms ?

eulerscheZahl: i didn't even check the time i take per turn, don't know

MadKnight: Neumann people on #ru were saying they also had the same problem in both

Neumann: Ok :/

MadKnight: amurushkin

eulerscheZahl: that's disappointing :(

Default avatar.png Apocrypha_blank_01: Question. Does your clash rank update even if you play privately with friends ?

jacek: ahh so thats why im not #1 at 2048 :v

MadKnight: Neumann could it be related to some kind of late timer stopper in the SDK ?

eulerscheZahl: Apocrypha_blank_01: no

Neumann: Now I need to figure out why my BeamSearch sucks

Neumann: MadKnight: maybe, hard to tell without any backend information

MadKnight: like it takes 15ms to read all moves that u print + proceed them

MadKnight: try splitting your entire solution in 600 turns

Neumann: Meh, I don't think so. Even with a really under-optimised engine, processing a hundred instructions shouldn't take that long

Default avatar.png petr_step: Hi

MadKnight: yea but reading from stdin might be slow

Neumann: It's all on one line

MadKnight: maybe just try splitting in 600 lines ?

MSmits: man... VS goes mental, it's only 24209 characters

MSmits: one one line I mean

jacek: why dont you do it normally in VS and the unicode stuff only in the ide

MSmits: cuz you hadn't suggested it to me yet

jacek: its obvious

MSmits: also, how do i play CG bench matches this way? I tried putting in these unicode strings, but it doesnt take them

MSmits: something to do with encoding of the text file

jacek: i dont use cg bench

MSmits: mmh ok

MSmits: oh btw, what i did so far, was use a different program to produce the string, output it to console and then copy paste it into the other program. For some reason this inserts random spaces

MSmits: only very few, but still

Schwase: anyone here do "the lucky number" puzzle before?

Schwase: its the one with 6s and 8s

jacek: i use python to do te encoding

MSmits: mmh ok

jacek: how big endgame can you solve in reasonable time?

jacek: if not for the 100k limit

MSmits: hmm

MSmits: I think using an endgame db, I can solve full maps

Default avatar.png petr_step: What is your favourite language?

MSmits: with 3x3 as the biggest, I already solve at ply 9-15

MSmits: if I make a bigger db offline and run the algo on the full map, i can solve it in a few mins to hrs probably

MSmits: depending on the map

MSmits: I do this with mcts so it's not the most efficient solver

MSmits: probably could be done faster with a proper negamax

MSmits: but the database I hope to get working I should be able to have endgames of 2x6 or 4x3 instantly solved also. It's just a really big jump. From roughly 30k states to nearly 2 million

MSmits: it fits easily in 24k unicode characters, but having some problems debugging

jacek: 24k unicode? thats just 48k normal

MSmits: i could use ascii encoding sure, but thats not really easy either

MSmits: you cant use the full 8 bit, it's 7 bit

MSmits: and i dont really get the extended ascii or understand whether i can use it here

MSmits: might be i can also fit it with base64 even

MSmits: but then the string gets long also,

jacek: mmh ok

MSmits: I'm thinking the unicode range has some more gaps that I am running up against

MSmits: I know there's a 2k gap in the high ranges that I am skipping

Nerchio: hey guys is there any UTTT local referee for all levels i think i could find only for 1 board

Nerchio: or i don't know how to change it to higher level :D

YurkovAS: Nerchio readme has uttt referee

YurkovAS: run command: java -jar ./cg-brutaltester.jar -r "java -jar -Dleague.level=2 tictactoe-referee.jar" -p1 "./uttt-1" -p2 "./uttt-2" -t 10 -n 1000 -l "./logs/"

Nerchio: it says my player does invalid input when it clearly doesn't :P

Nerchio: my player can play boss in the uttt referee but when i try to play myself it doesnt work idk

Nerchio: ah i guess it had a problem with reading the same file so i created a copy xd

Nerchio: nvm it doesn't really work when i play against myself doesnt make any sense ;p i guess i will just leave it

tobk: So, from now on all challenges will be called "[Season] Challenge [Year]"? Kind of dull...

Astrobytes: they switched to 2 official contests per year so I guess that's the way they want it :neutral_face:

tobk: I don't have a problem with the two contests thing, and even using that name for the contest, I'd just wish they would re-brand it when it's released for MP

Astrobytes: valid point

Majeck: Wait, so no more awesome names like "Coders Strike Back", "A Code of Ice and Fire", "XMAS RUSH", "Code a la Mode", etc?

Majeck: Not kidding, the names were one of my favorite parts hahaha

Astrobytes: Sure seems that way yeah

Majeck: :/

Majeck: Woah Google is registered for the fall contest cool!

Majeck: Amazon too

MSmits: all it requires is some players that work there

Astrobytes: ^

MSmits: doesn't mean jeff bezos made a decision :)

Astrobytes: lol

Majeck: Oh you're right hahaha I thought it was a company decision lol

jacek: meh imagine deepmind playing contest

MSmits: it would get claustrophobic and we'd beat it

jacek: whats this called?

Default avatar.png Hola_SoyElii: A scam

jacek: would make a nice puzzle

Astrobytes: no idea, seems nice though, yeah

codeing: hi

codeing: for this puzzle


codeing: look at this 100%


codeing: any feedback ?

Allis: It's super-verbose. :/

Astrobytes: almost unreadable

codeing: what verbose ?

codeing: like ?

Scarfield: many words

hiljusti: "wordy"

codeing: comments.

hiljusti: it can be positive, like "very well explained"

Scarfield: VerbosestroBytes

codeing: was using java

Astrobytes: Wordfield, hello

jacek: very bad for codegold though

jacek: golf even

PatrickMcGinnisII: codeing isprime function not optimal

Default avatar.png mcjordan2002:

Astrobytes: mcjordan2002: post in #clash

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png mcjordan2002: thx

Astrobytes: mcjordan2002: you can ask for participants in here but keep links to #clash or PM please

codeing: not optimal like ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: only have to loop to sqrt of n, not n

codeing: mhm

jacek: anyway, whats the problem. does it work always?

codeing: sure. the code is ok

codeing: 100%

jacek: so, whats the question? :thinking:

MSmits: to be or not to be

codeing: to be for me.

codeing: to be => to code

Dan4Life: to be not to be

magaiti: 2B | ~2B

MSmits: ||

MSmits: or it would be bitwise

PatrickMcGinnisII: or you could be holding a pipe

Dan4Life: 2B || !2B

Dan4Life: or 2B | ~2B


Dan4Life: negation doesnt work ~

MSmits: it's the way the chat shows the tilde

Astrobytes: it's a font issue don't worry

MSmits: it doesn't do squiggly

MSmits: You know what's annoying. The community games usually dont have swap, but some games are really lopsided in favor of p1

MSmits: Bandas is 70-30 when I test it. Then I submit and i get 7 games vs karliso of which he is player 1 6 times

Astrobytes: Yeah, and no way to change it as the creator

MSmits: time for some spam !

MSmits: I finally have my huge engame book working

Astrobytes: for Bandas?

MSmits: am in ballpark with Nagrarok and karliso now

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: it has almost 2 million endgame states with L/W/D values

jacek: and loops are D?

Astrobytes: didn't know you were making one lol, I should just assume you always have/are working on an endgame db for any game you're currently playing

MSmits: apparently there are no loops that are affected by the turn limit unless the turn is beyond 190 or so

MSmits: so that means i can just look them up, loops arent always draw

MSmits: depends on how many dudes there are

MSmits: of p1 and p2

MSmits: what i did was retrograde analaysis for every state, from turn 200, backwards. Then I tested if any state has a different value for any turn between 1 and 190 and they did not

MSmits: but a state at turn 195 or so may have a diffeent value than it has at turn 190, so you cant look up the states at the very end

MSmits: this is very different in oware btw. You have to always take the turn into account

Default avatar.png LuaCultist: lol

MSmits: (to solve I mean, obviously not to win in most cases)

MSmits: earlier I accidentally forgot to reset my time at the beginning of my turn, which meant I only used calculation time in the first turn. The rest of the game it would do at most 1 expansion and then stop. I still got rank 11, mostly because it used the reused tree from turn 1 :P

MSmits: was kinda hard to figure out though, I thought I messed up my unicode stuff again

MSmits: jacek, as for your loop question. This game was solved at frame 29:


Astrobytes: I usually forget to start the timer and wonder why it times out

MSmits: it shows as value 0 solved

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: this one is way more extreme: I solved it as a loss at frame 14. It turns into a loop with tric trac having 2 more dudes


PatrickMcGinnisII: ass

MSmits: yw :P

MSmits: was solved at frame 12

MSmits: this is why dudecount is a bad evaluator for this game, you had way more guys, but they were nearer the edge

PatrickMcGinnisII: umm, i only looked at my 4 moves... nothing

MSmits: yeah I know, this game heavily favors performance too

MSmits: like uttt

PatrickMcGinnisII: I still in top half of leaderboard, so more than half aren't even trying

PatrickMcGinnisII: so, you're saying goal to make game last longer may be more beneficial?

PatrickMcGinnisII: or end in your favor i guess

MSmits: hmm

MSmits: in my case it doesn't matter, is solve very early. Basically, either the game is lopsided (many maps are) or you just make the right decisions the first few turns

MSmits: I lose to lower ranked players sometimes, mostly because of the maps

MSmits: the mcts node value will be -0.4 or something, which is really bad and that shows that no matter what you do, your position is crap

Metanoob: when your algo thinks its right but it's actually having a seizure: "Found: abdarbdacaaadadabdarb... Expected: abracadabra"

MSmits: lol

Metanoob: a bit like Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but i just don't know what i'm doing

Metanoob: sry mate

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmmm, not over my head. But I'm always in the situation of determining the overhead execution cost of iterative deepening/pruning or just dropping a heuristic rule. Bandas is one of those like you said like uttt, where sure you can gen 20k nodes, but if you try to prune and go deeper you lose 25% of the total nodes you can explore

MSmits: true

Metanoob: in those kind of challenges, timeout counts a lot, right? Does that mean some languages have the upperhand slightly?

MSmits: depending on which languages you compare, it might be a lot

MSmits: C# and java, small difference, C# and C++ large difference, C++ and python HUGE difference

PatrickMcGinnisII: I put an opening book together for UTTT, and it helped alot. I didn't properly mcts after that ... and left a basic heuristic in place because I didn't have the time to fix the MC.

MSmits: yeah that would certainly help, if the book is good

Dan4Life: quick question, why is shortest mode a mode in clash of code considering its very inconvenient for C++, C# and Java Users?

MSmits: easiest is to just watch top players and copy their moves

MSmits: use the right tool for the job Dan4Life

MSmits: it's not a goal of CG to make all languages equivalent

Dan4Life: So i should learn Ruby then?

MSmits: python should really be enough

PatrickMcGinnisII: i didn't run the sim for long enough locally to really refine the book, and I couldn't get more than 50k board states

Dan4Life: oh, ok

MSmits: 50k moves in the book?

Astrobytes: feel free to learn Ruby if you want ofc

PatrickMcGinnisII: i think I ran it for 2 days. I'd have to look it over, but 50k was the goal

PatrickMcGinnisII: boardstate X, best move =.

Metanoob: makes sense yeah MSmits, thanks :)

MSmits: thats pretty awesome PatrickMcGinnisII, it's not that easy to fit this many moves in the codesizes

Astrobytes: don't forget Rust in that speed comparison

Metanoob: oof yeah

MSmits: I am guessing you stored a tree PatrickMcGinnisII, as opposed to fully defined states?

MSmits: that way you only need to store each move


MSmits: doesnt work

MSmits: bugged

Astrobytes: still broken

PatrickMcGinnisII: damn, still not fixed

Astrobytes: use pastebins from poland like MSmits

MSmits: yea :)

Astrobytes: :P

PatrickMcGinnisII: wouldn't load

PatrickMcGinnisII: lol


PatrickMcGinnisII: A Database Error Occurred

Astrobytes: you must have broken it

Astrobytes: All these years it had no traffic, then suddenly: BOOM

Metanoob: haha

Astrobytes: I always liked hastebin

Metanoob: thanks for sharing, didn't know it

PatrickMcGinnisII: my lookup

Metanoob: yup, perl confirmed

Astrobytes: Steganography challenge!

PatrickMcGinnisII: it's compressed, but it is what it is

Default avatar.png rohanjain: do we also get difficult questions in clash of codes ?

Astrobytes: Difficulty is subjective rohanjain

Metanoob: ^

Astrobytes: If you feel they're too easy try some puzzles instead

Default avatar.png rohanjain: so as we increase in level, the difficulty increases ?

Allis: No, that wouldn't make sense for Clash.

Allis: You don't get to choose your opponents.

Astrobytes: No, I mean it's a personal experience. You may find it easy, others may find it hard.

Default avatar.png rohanjain: oh ok

Metanoob: also PatrickMcGinnisII I've had to do that so many times too, most frequently with exporting encoded images to data:base64 in js because of canvas tainting

Metanoob: s/encoded//

PatrickMcGinnisII: if size isn't an issue md5 works

Default avatar.png rohanjain: if after coming after first in clash of codes, if we leave in between, would the progress still show or it won't ?

Astrobytes: rohanjain: puzzle section is here, varying difficulty levels

Default avatar.png rohanjain: Thank Astrobytes 👍

PatrickMcGinnisII: the first turn having a decent amount of time, decrompressing the book isn't a problem

Astrobytes: Yes, it will show rohanjain

Default avatar.png rohanjain: Oh ok

Default avatar.png JimmyJames: 'sup!

Metanoob: ah ye I forgot about the first turn, nice one

Metanoob: Hi JimmyJames

Default avatar.png rohanjain:

Astrobytes: rohanjain: there's a channel for clash links - #clash

PatrickMcGinnisII: MSmits I think your terniary works better than what i did

Default avatar.png rohanjain: oh i didn't knew

Astrobytes: You can ask in here but keep links to private msg or #clash

Astrobytes: It's OK don't worry

MSmits: PatrickMcGinnisII when i write an opening book i never store gamestates

Astrobytes: plies + best moves no?

MSmits: I store a tree made of moves. In the first turn, my bot turns that tree into a map with states

MSmits: it looks like this:

Astrobytes: aha gotcha

MSmits: 4 { 3 5 { 6 } }

MSmits: i play 4, best response is 3, if opponent plays 5, i play 6

Astrobytes: elegant

PatrickMcGinnisII: I just was running into issues with addressing the correct branch/node

MSmits: btw, i never bothered compressing an opening book

MSmits: a single move requires so much calculation time that i never hit the limit

MSmits: my oware book looks like the example i just shared, including the spaces and such. It's still only a few kb

MSmits: despite a run time of months

PatrickMcGinnisII: so 2 bits per position x 81 + 5 bits for the move... umm compresses into ... crap I forgot

Astrobytes: small pecan brownies

Astrobytes: :P

PatrickMcGinnisII: yea gotta be crack brownies at this point

Astrobytes: hahaha

MSmits: for example, if you do oware, you basically need values between 0 and 5 for the move and each move needs information for the follow up (sibling, go deeper, or go up)

MSmits: so 18 possibilities

MSmits: means you can fit 3 moves in a single unicode character

MSmits: so I am guessing 200-300k moves is realistic

PatrickMcGinnisII: MSmits but don't you end up with alot of empty spots in the data?

MSmits: why empty

PatrickMcGinnisII: cause the game would be over

MSmits: how so?

PatrickMcGinnisII: i guess it's how you are referrencing them

MSmits: oh usually unordered map

MSmits: this doesnt have to be fast

MSmits: i just do one lookup per turn anyway

Einwickler: MSmits you there?

MSmits: the conversion from text-tree to unorderedmap takes some time but its ok

MSmits: didn't you see me spamming Einwickler?

PatrickMcGinnisII: langs get caught up trying to find the right index in an array if it doesn't have a mathematical or incremental 'method'

Astrobytes: He's not Einwickler, it's an imposter, don't believe the hype

MSmits: it's not an array PatrickMcGinnisII

Einwickler: yeah I just noticed my chat was scrolled up :sweat_smile:

MSmits: unordered map is a hash table

MSmits: well i am giving up spamming, karliso's bandas bot still beats mine

MSmits: i'll be happy 2nd

Einwickler: Didnt want to interrupt you guys. sorry for that :stuck_out_tongue:

MSmits: np

Astrobytes: I just noticed the time, I'm off. gn all :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: ahhh, cg doesn't support SplHash for php

MSmits: what did you want to ask Einwickler ?

Einwickler: cu astro

MSmits: gn Astrobytes

PatrickMcGinnisII: and everytime php makes an object the memory overhead is just stupid

MSmits: yeah, some languages are like that =/

Einwickler: I just implemented basic minimax for uttt and was remembering your advice of not going into the arena

MSmits: ah right

MSmits: does it always win in wood?

PatrickMcGinnisII: so your bandas finally finished computing

MSmits: cuz it should if you did it right

Einwickler: Im pretty sure its working as intended now. Anything I should test before going to next league with 9x9?

MSmits: PatrickMcGinnisII i submitted many times, a few times 2nd, sometimes lower, but never 1st

PatrickMcGinnisII: pretty darn close, gratz

Einwickler: Against the wood boss at least, yes :)

MSmits: Einwickler you can try to add ab pruning. It's not particularly hard to implement. Takes a while to wrap your head around why it works though

PatrickMcGinnisII: i looked awhile back you were hovering around 7

MSmits: ah yeah, that was before the end game book

PatrickMcGinnisII: so, what did karliso do I wonder

MSmits: i always wonder that. In uttt he has a 3k line bot and I have no idea what to write about uttt in that many lines

PatrickMcGinnisII: unrolling some loops can gain a few ms...maybe i guess

MSmits: usually the compiler does that and it barely matters

MSmits: definitely not why his bot is better

MSmits: probably he has some smart heuristics

Hjax: did you guys see that Rémi Coulom (author of crazy stone) took #1 on Dots and Boxes O_O

Default avatar.png JBM: classy

The_Auditor: what? RickRoll ?

Default avatar.png jr7vn: HI everyone

Default avatar.png jr7vn: i come from vietnam, and you?

Default avatar.png jr7vn: Are u here?

Default avatar.png jr7vn: Hi

Default avatar.png GameBot: Hi

Default avatar.png jr7vn: you are Bot?

Default avatar.png GameBot: No

Default avatar.png jr7vn: oh sorry

Default avatar.png GameBot: No problem.

Default avatar.png jr7vn: because your name is GameBot

Default avatar.png jr7vn: where are u from?

Default avatar.png GameBot: USA

Default avatar.png GameBot: When did you join CodinGame?

Default avatar.png jr7vn: about 3 days ago.

Default avatar.png jr7vn: please review my website, i have compliti it . this address is:

Metanoob: nice jr7vn I don't understand vietnamese but I google translated your "about"page :)

Unkmar: Hello jr7vn. Life good?

thanhhv317: Hi

Default avatar.png ngwoon: hi there