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Laminator: He keeps his secrets. Hence never sharing his code

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: bruh

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: bghtmd,

Harrogin: i feel like everyone who codes in Ruby comes up with crazy elegant solutions really fast

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: ok

Laminator: They have access to more tools

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: But which is the best way to learn ruby

Default avatar.png Ugu_Ugu: University

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: university?

Default avatar.png Ugu_Ugu: yes~

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: ok

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: University is a website?

Default avatar.png Ugu_Ugu: if u study hard, you can reach there

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: ok

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: ima learn on oy youtube

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: and maybe i'll learn c++ too

Default avatar.png Ugu_Ugu: good job

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: ok

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: it's seem like python is easy for me so i'll use Pyton

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: :money_mouth:

Default avatar.png KcalbCube: hello all!

Default avatar.png VizGhar:

Default avatar.png random12313: A1 64

Default avatar.png random12313: input output

Default avatar.png random12313: Input Expected output F4 74

Default avatar.png random12313: t8 124

Default avatar.png random12313: (869 -829

Default avatar.png random12313: %8988 9025

Default avatar.png random12313: someone has any idea?

BorisH: @random12313: You are a cheater. Anyhow - consider ascii and mod

Default avatar.png random12313: i sumbitted it empy

Default avatar.png random12313: empty...

Default avatar.png xlr4829: cheater

jacek: oO

KiwiTae: lol

Default avatar.png ChattrBox: hi

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: please guys enough with the accusations. it's about learning and improving not cheating

Uljahn: there is no learning and improving in being fed with the answers

KiwiTae: ooh Uljahn o/

Uljahn: hihi Kiwo

MSmits: it's kiwi, look at the avatar. Its the fruit!

MSmits: and it's also a bird

MSmits: KiwiTae I am fascinated by your avatar

Einwickler: It's a visual teapot


MSmits: look what my dude does at the end

MSmits: it's a real problem with solving games. He's like, screw it -> Geronimooooo,

MSmits: this game I solved at ply 10.

MSmits: (as a loss)

Einwickler: Oh dear. But you would have been losing at that point anyway right?

MSmits: yes

MSmits: 3 moves left, last being my opponents, so it was a lost cause

Einwickler: So it's kind of a neat feature to shorten the replays ;)

MSmits: problem is, i solve much earlier

MSmits: i know at ply 10 I have lost

MSmits: so what move to do? If everything is a loss

MSmits: frame 10 sry, that's ply 9 i guess

Einwickler: Take the worst move available to shorten the replay? Dunno :thinking:

MSmits: that would be a bad idea. The thing is, my opponent doesn't know he has won

MSmits: so he might still make a mistake

MSmits: so i should still do the best move. At the end it doesn't really matter, as my opponent surely knows, but at ply 9 it really does

Einwickler: Ah yes of course. :joy:

MSmits: so what I do know, because it's mcts, I take the move with the most visits

MSmits: which is likely the best move and if not, at least the one hardest to solve and giving the longest game

Einwickler: Whats the mieaning of visits in this context?

MSmits: oh, mcts is a search algorithm with random simulations

MSmits: it keeps growing the tree by making simulations from a leaf of the tree

MSmits: preferring better branches of course

MSmits: as opposed to minimax, which just does all branches to equal depth

Einwickler: So its minimax with a brain? :)

MSmits: mmh i guess so, it's a bit more involved yeah

MSmits: it's used in uttt as well

MSmits: but people do ok with minimax

MSmits: top 10 is probably all mcts, below that minimax gets more common as you go down

MSmits: in some games minimax works better

MSmits: but you should learn minimax before mcts

Einwickler: I still didnt do the minimax implementation for uttt. Im kinda stuck with the idea of finally doing things in c++ in favor of the languages im comfortable with because they kinda suck in performance

MSmits: mmh i wouldnt start with C++

MSmits: I did my first UTTT in C#

Einwickler: And Im reaaally slow in doing things in c

Einwickler: *c++

MSmits: then converted to C++ in 2 days, having never coded anything in c++ before that

MSmits: (1000 lines!)

MSmits: so conversion is doable

Einwickler: Yeah I had some C in my classes but the prof was kinda bad so I didnt really learned that much

Einwickler: Since then i am avoiding this subject of low level like languages :D

MSmits: same, i think i had a very short class, with no explanations, just muddle along on your own, i copied what my fellow students did. This was 20 yrs ago

MSmits: this was in the context of coding for physics

MSmits: we were supposed to solve the schrodinger equation for an infinite well using c

Einwickler: This is so sad. We had a really good class using ruby and I learned a lot about it. But I would exchange that knowledge for finally being able to properly code in c++ at any time

MSmits: you need to know very little c++ to effectively code for boardgames on CG

Einwickler: My biggest problem for the basic stuff actually is handling collections

MSmits: mostly it is learning about pointers and memory, forward declaration and such

MSmits: ahh, well the thing is. Once you are optimizing for a boardgame, you use the collection types less and less

Einwickler: It's so convenient in high level languages

MSmits: until in the end, you're just using giant arrays

MSmits: you dont realize though, with the higher languages, how slow your fancy collection types are

Einwickler: But arrays are of static size? So you just declare them with a huge size at the beginning?

MSmits: yes

MSmits: Node nodes[NODE_MAX];

MSmits: const int NODE_MAX = 25000000;

MSmits: (thats a lotta nodes)

Einwickler: Oh boy, that doesn't really sound more performant to me but I guess it is?

MSmits: the thing that makes it performant is that you dont need to create new objects during run time

MSmits: they're there

MSmits: you're just using them

MSmits: and creating a new object is just incrementing an index to the array

MSmits: nodeIndex++

Einwickler: Ah yeah sure because in board games you only care about performance/run time per move right?

MSmits: yeah pretty much

MSmits: well

MSmits: if you do minimax

MSmits: evaluation of the board is super important

MSmits: but if you take that as a given, the next step would be performance

Einwickler: Yes but I mean you can do the setup of your huge arrays at the start and then just reuse them?

MSmits: minimax doesnt use a node array though

MSmits: you dont store your nodes

MSmits: this is a mcts thing

MSmits: well technically you can store them, but you dont need to

MSmits: minimax doesnt use memory at all

MSmits: well.. a negligible amount

Einwickler: But you still store your board state at least once at any given time

MSmits: yeah just that

MSmits: do / undo moves

MSmits: mcts keeps statistics

MSmits: so you need lots of memory

Einwickler: But for a 3x3 board thats really to be ignored I guess :D

MSmits: for any size really

MSmits: a 9x9 board is still very small

Einwickler: sure

MSmits: in mcts the board size matters

MSmits: because if the board size is small, you can save it on the node

MSmits: and then you dont need to do/undo moves when moving through the tree

MSmits: since the boards are already fully on the nodes

Default avatar.png programistination: Hello

Default avatar.png programistination: Mr Physics

MSmits: hi

Einwickler: Don't want to deep dive into this at this point but what is the point of storing the board states in the nodes in mcts? Or did I get this wrong? Whats wrong with just storing its rating if thats all you care about?

Einwickler: Just tell me if thats a question you would have to go deep into it

MSmits: oh, well, when you go down the tree, you modify your board, by applying the move that goes with the node

MSmits: sometimes applying a move, is a complicated thing that takes time

Einwickler: Dont want to get confused before I even started with minimax :D

MSmits: if the next boardstate is already on the node, you dont have to apply the move

MSmits: since you already have the result of it

Einwickler: Ah so its kind of trading memory against computing time for next depth?

MSmits: generally, if a boardstate is 128 bit or smaller, i keep it on the node

MSmits: exactly

Einwickler: Got it

Einwickler: Makes sense

Default avatar.png programistination: mr Physics what are Differentiel equations used for in physics

MSmits: for coming up with new formula's using the physical constraints that come with the situation you're looking at

MSmits: basically, everywhere in physics

MSmits: it's the most important math

Default avatar.png programistination: I did them in math last year

MSmits: for example waves, waves are everywhere

Default avatar.png programistination: linear , bernoulli , homogenoeus

MSmits: the second derivative of the function is equal to minus that function

MSmits: that gives a wave

Default avatar.png programistination: interesting

MSmits: well add some constants

MSmits: remove the minus

MSmits: and you have an exponential

MSmits: waves are everywhere in physics

MSmits: exponentials also

MSmits: i dont remember all the ways of solving them as we stop just short of this in my physics classes

Default avatar.png programistination: but when you study them in math classes

Default avatar.png programistination: it's bs

Default avatar.png programistination: you just solving some equations

Default avatar.png programistination: and you don't know nothing about the physical aspect of it xD

Default avatar.png programistination: idk

MSmits: thats annoying about math yes

MSmits: and why i didnt like it when i was younger

Default avatar.png programistination: well there are two types of ppl

Default avatar.png programistination: there are the ones who can't study something that can't be experienced or touched

Default avatar.png programistination: and there is the opposite

Einwickler: But It's really dependent of the teacher you got too

MSmits: well I am somewhere in between. Usually i didn't matter that much, but often in the math classes i did, they went really really abstract

Default avatar.png programistination: yep it's kinda boring , when you can't relate it to something in the real word

Default avatar.png programistination: world*

MSmits: they would be talking about matrices A and B and then someone would ask for an example

MSmits: then the professor would say

MSmits: well for example take this matrix:

MSmits: a,b,c d,e,f g,h,i

MSmits: etc.

MSmits: You get the idea

Default avatar.png programistination: lol

Default avatar.png programistination: yeah

Default avatar.png programistination: abstract vs concrete

Einwickler: My girlfriend just asked me what I did the whole day before I knew this site

Default avatar.png TheManeatingPonyVanDerSwag_d59d: Hi all

Einwickler: I dont know anymore :D

Einwickler: HI :wave:

MSmits: it's a good question though

sunksuperset370: hi

Einwickler: MSmits do you know "Selected Papers on Fun and Games" by Don Knuth? Seems to be a book made just for you :)

sunksuperset370: hey ellis

sunksuperset370: allis

Allis: Oh, hi.

sunksuperset370: sorry long time no see

Allis: No worries.

A.F: hi

sunksuperset370: i code during class

Allis: As is only right and proper.

sunksuperset370: no i am in science right now


A.F: ?

A.F: help me please

A.F: :sob:

Uljahn: how may I help you?

sunksuperset370: problem i just rage quit that puzzle

sunksuperset370: i hate the collision part

sunksuperset370: sorry it was just too much for javascript on me

sunksuperset370: any one want to join my clash

sunksuperset370: ?

sunksuperset370: hello?

sunksuperset370: any one want to join my clash of code

sunksuperset370: hey allis

sunksuperset370: any one else?

Allis: Are you streaming?

sunksuperset370: noo

sunksuperset370: nonono

sunksuperset370: i am just in class feeling lonely

sunksuperset370: plus i am not a streamer

sunksuperset370: i am on a chromeboo

sunksuperset370: chromebook

sunksuperset370: i am just asking people on codingame to joining me

Allis: Makes sense.

sunksuperset370: 10 sec

Allis: Probably best to do so in the #clash channel in future.

LastRick: or share a link?

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: i will

sunksuperset370: after this clash

MSmits: Einwickler will check it out

sunksuperset370: hold on

sunksuperset370: i will finish this clash then i will put the link in the chat bin

Astrobytes: sunksuperset370: asking for participants in world chat is cool, but post links in #clash as Allis said or in PM

sunksuperset370: ok thx

sunksuperset370: i think i am really bad at this clash

sunksuperset370: i just quit for this one

sunksuperset370: the link is in the #clash

sunksuperset370: please join

sunksuperset370: thx

sunksuperset370: hello

sunksuperset370: please join my clash in #clash

Astrobytes: (and don't spam it, people can still see your original request)

sunksuperset370: oh sorry

jacek: Oo

jacek: hmm, how come d&b has more players than onitama, despite being much newer? :thinking: :eyes:

MSmits: onitama is an acquired taste

jacek: so d&b is for plebs

MSmits: sure

Marchete: agree

jacek: is there some intrinistic for getting list of indexes of bits of integer?

Marchete: yes

jacek: like 0b10001 = {0,4}

jacek: for now i have good old loop


jacek: :s

Marchete: it's so ugly it broke the pastebin


Illedan: Hi Marchete. Long time. Zup?

Marchete: I can't see pastebin but I imagine 1ULL<<index

Marchete: yeah

Marchete: doing pleb games

Illedan: pleb?

Marchete: for pleb people

Illedan: Never heard the word pleb before :P

jacek: so nobel

jacek: noble even

Marchete: plebeian

Illedan: aha

Marchete: intrinsic for loop of bitsets is with

Marchete: count_zeroes_right == __builtin_ctzll == _BitScanForward64(&idx, x); in Windows

jacek: thats plebeian system

Marchete: I have some macro for loops

Marchete: a First() then a Next(I)

Marchete: Next takes the last index as parameter

Marchete: #define BOXLOOP(i,bLOOP) (int i = (bLOOP).First(); i >=0; i = (bLOOP).Next(i) )

jacek: is it much faster?

Marchete: no

Marchete: others use a while(){}

Marchete: but in that case you need to remember to do stuff inside the while loop

Marchete: I picked the approach "for BOXLOOP(i, values){}"

Marchete: anyways Msmits_ is the master bitmasker here

MSmits: hi

MSmits: lemme reread your problem jacek

MSmits: ahh

MSmits: lemme give you a code example i use for this. Have to look through a bot or two, i do this a lot

MSmits: I am guessing uttt

jacek: checkers

MSmits: also yeah, sec

jacek: but probably also othello

MSmits: this is how i do it in uttt apparently:


MSmits: but i do it differently in other games

MSmits: probably better to get the index first, then do 1ULL << index to get the bit to remove

MSmits: instead of doing moves & -moves


MSmits: no idea, it was the first thing that came up on google :P

MSmits: dunno why

jacek: uint16? its for uttt?

MSmits: this is with a ternary bitboard

MSmits: kind of

jacek: so its triboard

MSmits: not entirely, the moves are binary

MSmits: the board is ternary

MSmits: so i pick the moves with this system off a uint16_t

MSmits: then apply the move to tritboard

jacek: ah so its looped __builtin_ctz. i thought it would be something more fancy

MSmits: if that i exists, i dont know it

jacek: so it doesnt exist then

MSmits: well fancy builtin stuff usually doesnt return lists

MSmits: at most it's an integer or an array fitting in a simd register or something

zapakh: How do I disable the autocomplete box in the IDE?

eulerscheZahl: jacek 02:40PM hmm, how come d&b has more players than onitama, despite being much newer? :thinking: :eyes:

eulerscheZahl: and how did it get a straight 5 star rating? :o

eulerscheZahl: 27 votes, all 5 stars. not a single hater yet

Marchete: because it's a nice puzzle

Marchete: no weird rules

Marchete: just a single move type

MSmits: it is, but it's not art, like Onitama :)

eulerscheZahl: but i thought every game gets a 1 star troll at that point

MSmits: did you rate it yet?

eulerscheZahl: i never rate

eulerscheZahl: neither mine nor others

MSmits: hmm ok

MSmits: I rate everything 5 stars :p

eulerscheZahl: i upvote on the contrib page

MSmits: but whats this about stuff getting removed with too many negative votes, is this real?

MSmits: ratings i mean

eulerscheZahl: yes. i think you need 20 votes in total and a low average

MSmits: I see

jacek: challenge accepted

Westicles: Has anyone looked at how many 2048 tests can get the 131k tile? It looks like 14/30 to me

eulerscheZahl: 0 for me. but i'm not a reliable source here

Westicles: I mean in theory. I know that is the upper limit based on the spawns, but might be lower

MSmits: hey Westicles, do you also do bot programming or just optims?

Westicles: You gotta spawn a 4 at the right time, and have no 2s around

Westicles: Never tried the bots. I'm not much good at writing tight fast code

MSmits: you may not have to be if you're this good at writing smart search algo's

jacek: 2048 has 2 1 starts

eulerscheZahl: you don't become a puzzle of the week like that

eulerscheZahl: shame on you 2048

MSmits: who does that

MSmits: seriously

eulerscheZahl: i script. and i'd really like to know how it works

eulerscheZahl: a script*

MSmits: did you say something snarky and they 1 starred you?

eulerscheZahl: or one didn't like the game, no idea

eulerscheZahl: votes are anonymous

MSmits: makes no sense, everyone knows what the game is before starting

MSmits: it's 2048

eulerscheZahl: you can know and hate it at the same time

MSmits: yeah but then just dont start :P

eulerscheZahl: then maybe i got a hater, who knows

MSmits: I'm surprised you're still nr 1 btw. You're not actively working on keeping that rank and royale seemd to be

jacek: :innocent:

MSmits: would have expected him to pass you by now

eulerscheZahl: onitama gained popularity so i climbed back up

eulerscheZahl: he was above me

MSmits: oh, you got boosted

eulerscheZahl: and i did the teccles opening for UTTT :D

MSmits: haha!

MSmits: good man

jacek: did you go up then?

eulerscheZahl: from 140 to 100 approx

MSmits: it's one of the nice heuristics that actually works well

MSmits: though not 100%,you can lose by applying it, I've seen cases

MSmits: kar liso once told me his bot is 3k+ lines

MSmits: mine is big at 1k

MSmits: I can't imagine what fancy heuristics are in there.

eulerscheZahl: in my ranking range it's a boost for sure

MSmits: yeah, my bot even uses it still

jacek: it even me god boosted by acout 10 ranks

MSmits: in all cases

jacek: tttt

jacek: i cant type today

MSmits: teccles tic tac toe?

MSmits: btw you can also do the teccles within the search

MSmits: not just for picking the move

MSmits: you can get much deeper that way

jacek: i only use it in the opening

eulerscheZahl: no i can't. would require refactoring

MSmits: ah ok

MSmits: i have a few pruning rules that are not 100% guaranteed, so my search tree resets a lotr

MSmits: because my opponent does a move i didnt search

MSmits: like teccles, if he doesnt do teccles, my search tree is gone

eulerscheZahl: i don't have that problem. i don't reuse my tree :D

MSmits: ahh, yeah, well i end up not reusing it much either this way

eulerscheZahl: do you see a way to expand a node without listing all possible next moves first and then picking one?

eulerscheZahl: to allocate memory for all children right away

jacek: nah i always expand by every children

MSmits: yeah i do too

eulerscheZahl: ok, then i waste time somewhere else

jacek: actually i cant imagine one node at a time, like in early mcts go literature

MSmits: a small bias toward avoiding moves that give your opponent a free move, helps

MSmits: in selection i mean

jacek: or adding bonus for moves that win small board

MSmits: because these moves are generally very bad and also cause lots of branching

MSmits: yeah supposedly that works, i have not been able to see much difference though

MSmits: might depend on the rest of the bot

eulerscheZahl: nah, not going back to it. i'd rather give 2048 a more serious shot

MSmits: eulerscheZahl once you have all the basic stuff done, most gains will be gotten from optimizing the random rollout

MSmits: and that's not fun for you

eulerscheZahl: you know me

_Royale: MSmits: eulerscheZahl: I will probably start Onitama soon :)

MSmits: that's cool _Royale :)

MSmits: you'll like it

MSmits: beware bugs with card rotation and such, you can get stuck a little bit

eulerscheZahl: oh dear, rip #1

MSmits: there's always yavalath :)

eulerscheZahl: :poop:

MSmits: hey it's fun :)

MSmits: FB probably has room for improvement for you eulerscheZahl

MSmits: if you were looking for cp

eulerscheZahl: i know

eulerscheZahl: or golfing

MSmits: vindinium too

MSmits: your own game :P

MSmits: you can do better than 26 for sure

eulerscheZahl: 25?

MSmits: i dunno , but you lack 1500 cp there, so a few ranks help a ton

Westicles: golfing is fun. love those and pascal system calls

eulerscheZahl: i had vindinium on my TODO for ages. back when it was still hosted on

eulerscheZahl: then suddenly it was offline so i decided to port and play on CG

eulerscheZahl: still on my TODO :(

MSmits: lol

MSmits: i should go back and give that a try

MSmits: now that i am better at the whole minimax thing

eulerscheZahl: or GitC

MSmits: oh yeah

MSmits: i never got the hang of that

eulerscheZahl: i remember your struggle

Illedan: One of the prettiest games though

MSmits: i love that part of it yeah

eulerscheZahl: codebusters and hypersonic have the best graphics IMO

MSmits: it's really one of those games that makes you think, wow that's great. And then when you start: umm now what?

MSmits: they look cool yeah

MSmits: wow i am 2nd in HS!

MSmits: oh it's yurkovas

Westicles: Hey Illedan, I'm having to turn my snake different directions per test case for 2048. Did you have that problem?

MSmits: he was asking me questions the other day, i guess he boosted me

Illedan: I have code for it yeah

Illedan: but I lost motivation at that point

Illedan: But I didn't need it for that score

MSmits: 'turning the snake" is 2048 jargon?

Illedan: ye

wlesavo: ru chat is all about 2048 :slight_smile:

Illedan: Nice

eulerscheZahl: i was stalking you Russians a bit

Westicles: Do the russians agree with me that only 14 of the test cases can possibly get the 131k tile?

eulerscheZahl: validators are public. and the same as the visible testcases

wlesavo: Westicles yes, and only 4 for 131 + 65

Westicles: oh, I didn't get that far. only have 3 131k so far

wlesavo: quite nice distribution actually, i wonder if it was meant to be this way

Illedan: :D

Illedan: Euler at 10 mill be like. Yeah, 100 % planned

eulerscheZahl: definitely planned that way :D

Illedan: Seed generator?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: RNG from project euler, repeats only after 6 million random numbers

eulerscheZahl: "random"

wlesavo: :smiley: well anyway dbdr should be very close to optimum

Default avatar.png sDCrAZzE: ELMOP

Default avatar.png sDCrAZzE: es delanka po feef rejup

Default avatar.png sDCrAZzE: poof de fuef le jeje

eulerscheZahl: 6308949 numbers in the cycle to be exact

wlesavo: cycles of 80k would be ok :slight_smile:

Westicles: I was really surprised you can get 50M using only 3 dirs

Illedan: :)

Illedan: Helps to know where numbers spawn

dbdr: oh, russian speakers are squatting the top 5

Illedan: I keep only 3 dirs until a certain point to get more simulations

Illedan: And I count the number of that last dir. It never goes above 5 in total

Illedan: Meaning I can just disable it under certain conditions

eulerscheZahl: i would give them a friendly hi but all i know is "cyka blat"

Illedan: :P

wlesavo: this will count

dbdr: and #8 has 54M :D

eulerscheZahl: and then: nothing

Illedan: Was nicer 1 week ago when I was chilling here alone :P

dbdr: Illedan is a sprinter

Illedan: Always

eulerscheZahl: and then he gets a cramp

Illedan: Did a few marathons though :P

dbdr: 2km marathons? ;)

Illedan: 42km, but best is only 4 hours :P

eulerscheZahl: marathons in real life? wow

dbdr: sounds pretty good already

Default avatar.png Ferreato: hy

Illedan: Sure did 2. And 2 months ago I did a half-marathon in the mountains

Default avatar.png Ferreato: i'm new here

eulerscheZahl: i need a ball to motivate me to run

Astrobytes: "Fetch euler!"

eulerscheZahl: woof

Astrobytes: "good boy"

KiwiTae: Illedan trail runner? :D

KiwiTae: im doing a 75km in the jungle next month

Astrobytes: that sounds fairly brutal

Default avatar.png sDCrAZzE: es lamle kil toeb fer feuf

Default avatar.png sDCrAZzE: im american ididot

Default avatar.png sDCrAZzE: s'

Shadowtick: hello everyone

KiwiTae: Shadowtick o/

Einwickler: Good evening (or whatever it is in your tz) :wave:

KiwiTae: Einwickler o/

Einwickler: Kiwi *nod*

Einwickler: I dont like this emoticon KiwiTae. As a german this angled raised arm has a really bad taste to it :fearful:

MSmits: I agree, everyone but Germans should use it :P

KiwiTae: o/<3 better?

Astrobytes: If you look at it the other way, it's actually the other arm

KiwiTae: haha

Einwickler: So we are checking who is german and who isn't again? I dont think thats a good idea too :joy:

MSmits: true

eulerscheZahl: we already know that anyways

eulerscheZahl: i'm not even allowed to declare my stringstream ss

Astrobytes: hahaha

KiwiTae: tough

Hjax: hello everyone ^_^

KiwiTae: and im forbidden to use c++

Astrobytes: hey Hjax, where you been hiding

Einwickler: oh boy this conversation really went sideways fast :D

MSmits: this is one of the funniest mistakes ever

Einwickler: Cheers Hjax :wave:

KiwiTae: ah no my bad lol failed

Hjax: ive been pretty lazy, havent really started a code of ice and fire yet

Default avatar.png echossouth: Sup everyone

Astrobytes: I don't want to click the link MSmits but I remember that story

Hjax: i read the post mortems and understand how the game works i think

Astrobytes: Nerchio got legend Hjax, now you must

MSmits: yeah, i can't believe noone thought of this :)

Einwickler: MSmits yeah I know this one :D

Hjax: nerchio has been working hard

Astrobytes: He has indeed

eulerscheZahl:,c:panoramaview,h:f,m:t&pv=pv1&pv1=vt:p,u:a5d6a02a-4fea-4c35-8794-49584fbfaf06,cf:47.36,dh:f,st:f,p:0.07139,t:-0.97708&p=hanssachsgymnasium that's my old school, check the floor

MSmits: hey guys, does anyone know how to use a random seed from all positions in cg benchmark?

Hjax: so the game, as i understand it, is about cutting off your opponents income and preventing your opponent from doing the same

Hjax: the fact that you can make a big path of soldiers in a single turn is pretty unique

Einwickler: eulerscheZahl ohhh dear :scream:

eulerscheZahl: took me years to notice :D

MSmits: Hjax how do you mean unique?

eulerscheZahl: to be fair the floor is way older than 1930

Hjax: you can spawn a soldier next to the soldier you placed on this turn

Astrobytes: wow, oh no :D

Hjax: ive never seen a game like that before

MSmits: oh right

MSmits: it's a pretty cool part of the game though

MSmits: it's not just used to finish the game either

eulerscheZahl: chain kills were a bit too powerful IMO

MSmits: you can also use it to cut off territory

Hjax: yeah its used for those big territory cuts people do

MSmits: yeah

Astrobytes: The whole game was cool, but yeah the chain kill meta was a bit annoying

eulerscheZahl: still among my favorites

MSmits: it puts a timer on the game, I like it

MSmits: if you let your opponent amass too much gold, you're dead

Hjax: it does look fun, i expect to find time to work on it

Astrobytes: Yeah, was a really enjoyable contest

Hjax: ive been busy some days and lazy the others so far :D

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: I'm still lazy to rewrite my contest code, I already updated it a while ago

MSmits: never redone any contest yet

Astrobytes: yeah but you're 1337

MSmits: :)

MSmits: I want to redo kutulu most of all

MSmits: because i used c++ and my eval is crap

MSmits: used C# i mean

Default avatar.png Aliot2000: hi baby

Astrobytes: You just used sanity right?

KiwiTae: did my sim in python for kutulu >,< terrible buggy

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: i was afraid to go back right after contest

MSmits: because if i improve it i might have been 1 at that point =/

MSmits: that would have been frustrating

MSmits: so better avoid it :P

KiwiTae: :joy: MSmits trouble of the gods

MSmits: yeah

Astrobytes: Top 25 problems

MSmits: hey, Astrobytes you coded a few mcts bots right?

Astrobytes: Sure

MSmits: did you ever do the 1 child continued expansion?

Shadowtick: I made a song but I dont know what to title it

MSmits: i am trying this in bandas, if 3 of the children are immediately solved, keep expanding

MSmits: saves you from doing the whole selection thing again

Astrobytes: No I don't believe I've tried that, sounds worthwhile

MSmits: for some games yeah

Shadowtick: :3 anyways I am gonna go do some puzzles or play doom

MSmits: in oware it is nice, especially if you have a endgame db, so if all moves except one go below 7 seeds, keep going with the one move

MSmits: unless you found a win ofc

MSmits: puzzles or doom...

MSmits: or doompuzzles

Astrobytes: makes sense, seems much more efficient

MSmits: if i search doom, i get 6 users named doom, but no puzzle

MSmits: :(

Shadowtick: no I meant the game

MSmits: we got this

Astrobytes: Now we need a Doom multi

Shadowtick: huh?

MSmits: we got cultist wars :P

Astrobytes: Nothing, just ignore us

Shadowtick: MSmits If you have google sites I can give you the embed code for doom

MSmits: no need

MSmits: but thanks


Shadowtick: welp they blocked doom

MSmits: this is seems great

MSmits: for teaching search algo's. They got one for DFS too

Shadowtick: ;-; I cant play it on my google site anymore

Astrobytes: lol, nice MSmits

Default avatar.png Aliot2000: hi dude

Astrobytes: The music really worked haha. Great visualisation though

Astrobytes: Explains the whole thing in one go

Astrobytes: DFS one is just as good

MSmits: only thing it lacks is a pathfinding goal. But I guess this is fine. I can use it in the course and say things like: "Say our goal is node 75, which algorithm finds the goal fastest"

Astrobytes: Well yeah, you can adapt to your needs. But this demonstrates the algorithm prefectly

Astrobytes: *perfectly

MSmits: yeah, as a video is perfect

MSmits: also nice would be an animation with settings that you can control

MSmits: like the physics apps here:

Astrobytes: You could do that in C# or python yourself

MSmits: sure, but might be a lot of work

MSmits: a

MSmits: also the visual part is hard

MSmits: for me anyway

Astrobytes: doesn't need to be fancy

MSmits: it helps if it is though, when teaching

MSmits: or at least looks minimally good

Astrobytes: there are graph visualisation libs

MSmits: hmm

Astrobytes: python man, import universe

MSmits: true :)

MSmits: I think I am going to go with the video and improve the course later

MSmits: need to get something functional first

MSmits: I am starting in 3 weeks

Astrobytes: sure, you can work on it as a small project

Astrobytes: The vid will be great

MSmits: I am thinking of maybe an unplugged activity where they have to apply the algorithm to a map on paper

Astrobytes: I would definitely recommend that

Astrobytes: It's a great exercise, it solidifies the process when you work it by hand

MSmits: yeah

Hjax: @MSmits have you seen this?

Astrobytes: ooh yeah, totally forgot about that, good one

MSmits: thats great Hjax, thanks :)

Astrobytes: that'd work great

Shadowtick: can someone tell me if my song is bad?

Shadowtick: because I need to know if I should quit while I am just starting

KiwiTae: Shadowtick sure

KiwiTae: share

Majeck: Sure

Shadowtick: I sent the link to you two

professional_dumbass: me too!

Default avatar.png Bouuuuuh: yes share the link

Shadowtick: ok but I dont do it in here

Astrobytes: why not

Shadowtick: because I feel like i would be advertising more and getting kicked for it

Astrobytes: hardly advertising if you want an opinion on it

eulerscheZahl: KiwiTae link your youtube channel to counter the advertising

Default avatar.png Bouuuuuh: this is your first song ?

Astrobytes: what style is it?

**eulerscheZahl is italic

Astrobytes: :smirk:

KiwiTae: :joy:

Astrobytes: Someone give me the link, I'm intrigued

Default avatar.png Bouuuuuh: me to please

KiwiTae: eulerscheZahl let me stream somth first hehe

Astrobytes: Taking free jazz to new levels

KiwiTae: eulerscheZahl here haha

Shadowtick: oh I dont know what kind of genre or style it is

Shadowtick: it's my first time

Astrobytes: Random. Chromatic tone clusters.

Majeck: I'd recommend getting a rhythm down and maybe adding chords or something to counter the melody

Shadowtick: well it is my first song so I didn't know how to do it

Shadowtick: and I put one of my songs on my latest youtube video

Default avatar.png Bouuuuuh: you don't have any music theory ?

Astrobytes: I would strongly recommend learning how to play something first

Majeck: As always the internet is full of help for whatever you want to learn

Default avatar.png Bouuuuuh: you can find many ressources on youtube

Shadowtick: well I was using that website to make the song

Shadowtick: but the song on my dbd/dead by daylight video I uploaded is different

BiMathAx: who is Top 1 ?

Hjax: top 1 on this site? either euler or royale depending on the day

Hjax: currently euler

BiMathAx: on this site (i want to be sick :-) )

Default avatar.png emvebence: hi

Default avatar.png Pitorendo: Na csá

Default avatar.png emvebence: Csaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Default avatar.png emvebence: Halo

Lun4rIum: Hi everyone ! Check my contribution ^^ :

jacek: meh, now i see checkers lack good statement

Default avatar.png shiplu: heya

Default avatar.png emvebence: sad

Default avatar.png emvebence: HI e

jacek: how may we help you, Sir/Madam

Lun4rIum: Look my contribution sir

BiMathAx: Hello, I have do a new contribution but I don't have the place to the english test... How to have the 2 explanation (French and English with the limitation. Please

jacek: Lun4rIum i think you cant change from puzzle to clash. youd need to make new contribution

Lun4rIum: Oof

Zenoscave: shame

Lun4rIum: I need to turn on my pc to copy everything in a new CoC project

BiMathAx: Test my clash please :

Zenoscave: BiMathAx It isn't an orignal clash. there are others that are the same.

BiMathAx: ok... dommage

Wizard_Aesthetics: How do you guys recommend learning C#?

ZefusToutCourt: How i made * all around à Sorel un a print

ZefusToutCourt: worls* not Sorel tf si that

ZefusToutCourt: is*

ZefusToutCourt: like

ZefusToutCourt: *******

ZefusToutCourt: * Hey *

ZefusToutCourt: *******

Default avatar.png emvebence: hey

AntiSquid: hey

Zenoscave: hey

jacek: c-c-c-combo breaker

Zenoscave: yw jacek

AntiSquid: spoilsport !

jacek: party pooper?

Default avatar.png kill-code: nah

Default avatar.png kill-code: all of u

jacek: i see, so pm of external client makes the number tabs

Allis: But they're always empty?

Default avatar.png kill-code: right

jacek: kill code pmed me and im conversing

Default avatar.png kill-code: wow

jacek: though tab is still some number

Default avatar.png kill-code: nope

Default avatar.png kill-code: this shit is hard

Default avatar.png kill-code: image.png

Default avatar.png kill-code: click this\

jacek: some hacking stuff?

Default avatar.png kill-code: nope

Default avatar.png kill-code: just click

Default avatar.png kill-code: image.png

Default avatar.png OmerDrk: I cant f---ing solve Rectangle Partition puzzle

Default avatar.png OmerDrk: or how you call it

Zenoscave: why are you trying to make me spam email kill-code

Default avatar.png kill-code: no wrong thing

Default avatar.png kill-code: image.png

Default avatar.png kill-code: nvm

Zenoscave: please stop putting email links in the chat

Default avatar.png kill-code: wrong thing

jacek: oO

Zenoscave: You can't embed images in chat btw

Default avatar.png kill-code: thank

Default avatar.png kill-code: s

Default avatar.png kill-code: this is not working

Default avatar.png kill-code: :rage:

Default avatar.png kill-code:

jacek: are you trying to post image?

Default avatar.png SzBence: what is that?

jacek: x.X

Default avatar.png kill-code: can yall see it tho

Zenoscave: kill-code you can't post images. it just doesn't work in chant

Zenoscave: post a public image link not an email one

Default avatar.png kill-code: f****

Default avatar.png programistination: shhhhhhhhh

Astrobytes: an imgur link or something would work. Just stop posting links like that please

Default avatar.png RustyRobot_c9c7: ight

Default avatar.png kill-code: whtt

Default avatar.png kill-code: whya\

Default avatar.png RustyRobot_c9c7: nm

Default avatar.png RustyRobot_c9c7: nvm

Astrobytes: Right. Now stop talking nonsense laddie and do something productive

Default avatar.png kiil-code: hi

Default avatar.png kiil-code: like whta

Zenoscave: Astro just ban. He's doing similar in PM

Astrobytes: K. Thought as much.

Astrobytes: He been kicked yet?

Zenoscave: Don't know how to tell

Zenoscave: So Probably not

Zenoscave: give him fair warning ig.

Astrobytes: kill-code: stop your crap or you'll get a kick, then a ban if you continue

Default avatar.png DejaVu_081: hi

Default avatar.png DejaVu_081: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

AntiSquid: he randomly pmed me

Default avatar.png Pitorendo: Hey

AntiSquid: Hey

Majeck: Weird question: Are the banners and art that appear in Clash of Code and the Optimization leaderboard drawn by CG employees?

Majeck: The art that appears as if out of a Marvel comic or something

MadKnight: no i think they paid some guy

Majeck: Oh, but they are like specifically donde for Codingame?

MadKnight: yea they paid him to draw these

Majeck: *done/made

magaiti: Donde esta la biblioteca

Zenoscave: Donde esta mi pantelones. No mas cervecas por favor

AntiSquid: anyone here wants to join a CTF ?

Zenoscave: when Anti

AntiSquid: tomorrow

Zenoscave: Link?

AntiSquid: one sec


Zenoscave: Sure pm me

Default avatar.png Yanis.Gaultier: hello everyone :) i'm new there

Default avatar.png programistination: holy moly number 9 is here

Default avatar.png programistination: xD

Default avatar.png Yanis.Gaultier: ??

Default avatar.png programistination: I gotcha you're new here

Default avatar.png Yanis.Gaultier: oh i'm the 9th ?

Default avatar.png programistination: lmao

AntiSquid: hi news

AntiSquid: newies ?

MadKnight: newbies*

Default avatar.png petr_step: I am new

AntiSquid: awesome, welcome to CG new!

Default avatar.png Yanis.Gaultier: i'm new too

PatrickMcGinnisII: hacktober, kewl... looks like you need a little php exploitation there

Default avatar.png Yanis.Gaultier: since 30 mn

PatrickMcGinnisII: a 'lil SQL, a crawler, some JS injection

PatrickMcGinnisII: then some Kali, some router analytics, not bad

MSmits: yay finally made unicode work. What a pain

MSmits: my size 3 bandas endgame book:

MSmits: 鱝䓱

MSmits: size 4: 鱝䓱ᦹ햫㮋䛗ᆵᦹ햫ࡉ

MSmits: not sure if those squares will work, might be invalid

jacek: squares will work, you just cant print them

MSmits: ok, but if i paste them into the IDE they will be recognized?

jacek: yes

MSmits: cool thanks

MSmits: this is way easier than I thought it would be

MSmits: well the encoding

MSmits: not the c++ syntax of it

MSmits: whoever designed that wstring/wchar stuff should be shot :P

jacek: hm?

MSmits: i tried so many different ways to get a wchar from a number and then add it to a wstring

MSmits: I ended up doing:

MSmits: wstring output = L""; wstring b = L"a"; b[0] += encodedNumber; output += b;

MSmits: could only add numbers to the wstrings accessed as arrays, nothing else worked for me

MSmits: there might be an easier way I missed of course

jacek: why adding number?

jacek: you want int16 number into wchar?

MSmits: well that, but also add the wchar to the wstring i am building

MSmits: first few characters of unicode seemed like they wouldnt work so i decided to start at "a"

MSmits: I am storing in ternary anyway, so i can store 10 values in a unicode char, using most of the range

MSmits: 1* first + 3* second + 9* third etc. up to 10

MSmits: makes a number below 65k so it fits in unicode

MSmits: when decoding i just subtract 'a' and then use powers of 3 to get the values back

MSmits: basically this way, I can store maybe 80k or so unicode characters holding 800k loss/win/draw values for my bandas endgames

MSmits: using symmetry, a few million even

jacek: how does improve your winrate

MSmits: i am testing that now. I currently have a size 9 endgame book, so max is 3x3

MSmits: book vs book as 1p gives me 70%

MSmits: no book vs book as 1p gives me 49%

MSmits: p1 has an advantage of 70-30 in bandas

MSmits: kind of like uttt

MSmits: so it's pretty damned strong to have an endgame book

MSmits: and I'd like it to be bigger :)

MSmits: up to 12 is possible

MSmits: 13 doesnt exist and 14 is way too big to fit

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: what is the best tips to learn python


Default avatar.png ImaNoob: thx

pluieciel: codecombat:smile:

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: ok

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: I know about w3shools

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: thanks for the tips

Default avatar.png dance546: hi

Default avatar.png dance546: i don know how to code can you guys help me plz

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: ok

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: codecombat is the best to

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: or you can screach on yt

Default avatar.png dance546: :smiley:

AntiSquid: nah nobody can help you, everyone here was born with coding skills

LastRick: I just come here for the chat. Didn't even know this was a coding site.

Laminator: typing is a computer skill

Laminator: osu is actually pretty useful for mouse usage. I really should get better at navigating my cursor

Hjax: osu being good for mouse accuracy is a lie they tell you to get you addicted

Default avatar.png JohnIsTaken: e

hiljusti: π

Laminator: I mean it literally trains you to move the mouse more quickly and accurately.

Default avatar.png iCaNhaCkBrO69: niger

Laminator: usa

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: lol

Default avatar.png nerdboi: gamer

Default avatar.png GameBot: Hi everyone

doduyphuong: :smiley:

RenzoT: Hi,

Default avatar.png GameBot: what is funny?

Default avatar.png GameBot: how did you solve the Descent code?

KiwiTae: lol

KiwiTae: GameBot that puzzle is quite hard have you try solving Onboarding first?

Default avatar.png GameBot: Not yet

KiwiTae: tough

RenzoT: Hi,

Default avatar.png GameBot: How to shoot in the game? is print function a way to shoot?

KiwiTae: which game? read the rules its explained

Default avatar.png GameBot: Descent

Default avatar.png GameBot: I am sorry. I am new and I don't know where the rules are.

KiwiTae: if u open ide u see them

Default avatar.png GameBot: The comments?