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YCS-Venom: There is no bots i think

Allis: @YCS-Venom If you go to the Clash leaderboard and sort by clashes descending, the first 11 users are bots implemented by CodinGame.

Allis: The idea being that you can always get a Clash going even if nobody's awake.

Murleys: Anyone else found that they don't really get fastest code all that much? I pretty much get 90% of the time shortest code or reverse, is their a way we can set our preference?

Uljahn: Murleys: i guess it's possible for private clashes only, not for regular ones

Murleys: UIjahn: ah dam that sucks, I hate doing the shortest code challenges in C# ...

Default avatar.png Jenroksis: hi

Default avatar.png hatbuinho: hello world :))

Default avatar.png OmerDrk: hello

Default avatar.png justacoder: Is there any code versioning in this place? Like, the code that got me to rank X, can I get that back? Say I've changed stuff, in the mean time? Or do I have to manage all that off line?

DaNinja: CG saves a history of your code every time you hit Submit or Test in Arena

Default avatar.png OmerDrk: I am so idiot I cant do "Reactangle Partition"

Default avatar.png OmerDrk: Rectangle*

Alshock: it has nothing to do with idiocy

Alshock: What problem do you have with that puzzle OmerDrk ? Is it too slow? Or do you not see a way to do it?

Default avatar.png Hipip: why tf , they only judge on the number of characters

MSmits: Hipip I don't know you're doing, but you've obviously only seen a tiny bit of this site

MSmits: I am guessing you played a clash and the type was code golf

MSmits: one of 3 possible types (you can't control which you get)

Default avatar.png Hipip: oh okay

Default avatar.png Hipip: gotcha

MSmits: there's more fun to be had in the bot programming section

MSmits: but that will take a bit more time

jacek: so windy so rainy

Default avatar.png Hipip: I think there is a lil bit of unfairness here xD

Default avatar.png Hipip: high level languages always win

jacek: maybe in clashes

Einwickler: I would even say that's really only for clashes and code golf puzzles.

Default avatar.png Hipip: what are some other interesting game modes other than clashes and golf puzzles ?

Default avatar.png Hipip: I'm kinda new here

MSmits: just told you on my last message :)


MSmits: it's the best thing on CG

MSmits: imho

MSmits: many games to choose from

Default avatar.png Hipip: oh okay didn't see it

Default avatar.png Hipip: thanks

MSmits: hf

Default avatar.png Hipip: it's some ai shit ?

MSmits: much ai :poop:

Default avatar.png Hipip: BIG BRAIN

MSmits: :owl:

Default avatar.png Hipip: holy moly I'm talking to a big brain

Default avatar.png Hipip: he's 23rd Global

Default avatar.png Hipip: dayum

Default avatar.png Hipip: lol

MSmits: many people active on this chat are high ranked

MSmits: eulerscheZahl is here every day almost

MSmits: he is ranked 1

Default avatar.png Hipip: wow cool

Default avatar.png justacoder: @DaNinja, how does one access that? Thanks.

MSmits: unless he's not, sometimes he's 2

Default avatar.png Hipip: i'm always here also

Default avatar.png Hipip: 88,751st

MSmits: :)

Default avatar.png Hipip: :nerd:

MSmits: you quickly gain rank when doing bot programming

MSmits: doesnt really matter which game, just pick something you like

Default avatar.png Hipip: but you're so good at python

MSmits: not really

Default avatar.png Hipip: so don't tell me that high level are not biased here

MSmits: i am basic at python

MSmits: probably my best language is C# but only intermediatre there

Default avatar.png Hipip: could they consider the speed of execution or somthn like that

Default avatar.png Hipip: in clashes

Default avatar.png Hipip: but shit different languages

DaNinja: justacoder check Results > History

MSmits: that plays into bot programming and optimization

MSmits: your speed

Default avatar.png Hipip: cool

MSmits: thats why in many bot programming games, the top is c++ or rust or similar

MSmits: not all though

MSmits: some are mostly smart heuristics and require no speed

Default avatar.png Hipip: c++ is used more than py ? in the bot programming stuff

MSmits: well i should clarify, in many bot games the top is c++ because the top players are used to this language, it doesnt always necessarily mean its best for that game

Default avatar.png Hipip: oh okay

MSmits: in bot programming, python is still used a lot

MSmits: it's just when you get ranked high in some games, performance starts to really matter

Default avatar.png Hipip: yeah because in ml and ai stuff its the most used

MSmits: not exactly

MSmits: python is the scripting language used fo rit

Default avatar.png Hipip: well the data says that

MSmits: at the back, compiled stuff is running that might have been coded in C++ or similar

MSmits: but most people don't touch that part

Default avatar.png Hipip: c++ is their god right

MSmits: we have machine learning here too

MSmits: the top 4 in oware abapa are all neural networks

MSmits: also top 5 (I believe) in coder strikes back

MSmits: but it's not easy to make it work here due to code size limit

Default avatar.png Hipip: interesting

Default avatar.png Hipip: what about the clashes

MSmits: thats usually python and ruby

Default avatar.png Hipip: the best ones are the ones who uses py ?

MSmits: because you code faster in it and it takes less characters

Default avatar.png Hipip: in clashes

Default avatar.png Hipip: hmm okay

MSmits: i try to use python in clashes, but i am pretty mediocre at it

Default avatar.png Hipip: I always find a 500chars solution with c# or c++ and one with 50chars with py

Default avatar.png Hipip: xD

MSmits: can be better than 500 prolly

MSmits: but each language has its tricks

Default avatar.png Hipip: what about some games about data structures ?

MSmits: hmm

Default avatar.png Hipip: linkes lists , trees and shit

Default avatar.png Hipip: linked*

MSmits: can be useful sometimes

MSmits: trees for sure

MSmits: always

MSmits: for boardgames it's almost always minimax, or mcts or related

MSmits: I focus a lot on boardgames, because it's more fun to me

MSmits: less code to simulate the game, so it's more about coding a search algorithm

Default avatar.png Hipip: what did you study before you started playing it ?

MSmits: some games are really complicated and take like 500 lines of code just to simulate

MSmits: i am a physics teacher studying to be a CS teacher

MSmits: master of astrophysics, many years ago

Default avatar.png Hipip: oh how cool is that

Default avatar.png Hipip: amazing

MSmits: thanks

Default avatar.png Hipip: np

Default avatar.png Hipip: it was amazing talking to you , Have a great Day , Sir :grin:

MSmits: you too, you can always ask questions here, sometimes you won't get a response, depends on the time of day

MSmits: hf

Default avatar.png Hipip: yep I'll , see ya

Einwickler: MSmits talking about minimax and board games: do you have any recommendation for a reference to get started with it?

MSmits: google is full of all sorts of tutorials for it, it's really easy to find. As for a game to use it on: Try a simple board game. Might be less flashy and fun for you, but it does away with a lot of the unnecessary bits to learn the algo

MSmits: try ultimate tic tac toe

MSmits: try to test the algorithm before you get to bronze (dont submit or you will be promoted)

Einwickler: why is that?

MSmits: in bronze it goes from 3x3 to 9x9, a bit more complicated to simulate

Einwickler: ahh okay

MSmits: it's not really hard, but a bit of a hassle if all you're looking to do is learn minimax

MSmits: so just try "play my code"

MSmits: good enough to test it

Einwickler: Yeah I guess Ill have to to improve in onitama someday. Got place 71 in wood 1 and its really fun but I fully ignored minimax and just wrote some basic decision making

MSmits: btw, once you know minimax, really consider switching to negamax. It's cleaner, same functionality for half the code

MSmits: but conceptually slightly harder

MSmits: yeah minimax works great in onitama

Einwickler: So you would definitely recommend going for minmax first though?

MSmits: yeah

Einwickler: alrightt

MSmits: you will just have some duplicate code due to: if player == 0 then

MSmits: else ...

MSmits: negamax runs from the perspective of the player whose turn it is, minimax has to do the if on every iteration

MSmits: once you got negamax and minimax down, quickly move to ab pruning, which makes you search a lot deeper

Einwickler: But the basic idea of both is to calculate possible moves right? So only the decision made based on that data is different?

Einwickler: Or do they even make the same choices but negamax code is smaller?

MSmits: negamax makes the same choices as minimax probably, they are equally fast

MSmits: ab pruning may make a different choice because it searches deeper

MSmits: but if it does make a different choice, it is very likely a better one

MSmits: negamax is simply more elegantly coded, but a little more obscured

MSmits: btw, ab pruning is an enhancement to both negamax or minimax, doesnt matter

Einwickler: alright that should be enought to start with. Thank you for the great help as always ;)

MSmits: np :)

jacek: for starters, just pick up a game, make function that lists all available moves, make function doMove(), undoMove() and end conditions and youre there

MSmits: yeah you have to do that, that's why you pick a simple game to start with

Einwickler: Wait dbdr submit his solution for tic-tac-toe in Java? I always thought he does nearly everything in Rust :scream:

dbdr: I started rust 1.5 years ago

MSmits: java is a much slower language, so that result is quite good Einwickler

MSmits: my first version was in C#

dbdr: not that much slower, still compiled to native code at runtime

dbdr: 1.5 to 2 times slower, roughly

MSmits: my experience with C# is 2-3x slower for similar code

dbdr: right

jacek: depending on object allocation

MSmits: yeah i use object pools, even in C# if i can

Einwickler: Dont get me wrong I wouldn't dare to say its a bad solution. I was just surprised to see a solution from dbdr on the leaderboard thats not written in rust

MSmits: ah yeah

dbdr: you can tell it's an old one, that's all

MSmits: you can always go back dbdr

dbdr: I think the submit date does not match it, I had to resubmit because of a Java upgrade

MSmits: it's probably less than a days work

dbdr: a day for doing what?

MSmits: conversion

dbdr: from Java to Rust?

MSmits: yeah

dbdr: yeah, I will do it eventually :)

MSmits: you'll get sidetracked of course. At first you'll want to convert directly, then you will notice all sorts of possibilities java doesnt have and...

dbdr: well, you can use the new langage feature, but still aim for identical behaviour first

dbdr: nice for testing

MSmits: yeah thats true

MSmits: i took a detour

dbdr: language features mostly help for performance

MSmits: was working on endgame database for checkers

dbdr: behaviour changes is a different beast

jacek: d&b almost tripled this week

MSmits: then got more into retrograde analysis and now I have an endgame book for Bandas :P

dbdr: oh? that's why I got CPs then :)

MSmits: nice

dbdr: despite losing the #1 in it

dbdr: wow, 140 in d&b :O

MSmits: nice

MSmits: i should go back soon

MSmits: but bandas is so fun

jacek: detronize thay random guy

MSmits: I thought you worshipped him?

dbdr: d&b is a headache begging to happen :D

MSmits: now he is a random guy :(

dbdr: the random god religion :)

jacek: random guy... it fits the mcts inventor

MSmits: oh right

MSmits: the "random" guy

dbdr: :D

MSmits: I'm sure they said that about people when mcts was coming up

Shadowtick: morning everyone

MSmits: like when quantum mechanics was coming up

Shadowtick: what did I walk into?

MSmits: "code does not play dice"

MSmits: wrong closet

Shadowtick: @_@ im confused

MSmits: it happens

MSmits: try :confused:

Shadowtick: can someone tell me what is happening

dbdr: Einwickler: for a fixed depth, minimax, negamax and alphabeta should all return the same result

jacek: my first attempt at meme

Einwickler: dbdr but they differ on the max depth they can reach?

MSmits: right Einwickler, ab pruning will just take less time in that instance

MSmits: in a set amount of time yes Einwickler

dbdr: yes, because ab is faster, you can make it go deeper

Einwickler: Ah yea that makes sense

MSmits: all those algo's will solve the game when given enough time

dbdr: often more than the age of the universe though :)

MSmits: not if he starts with uttt wood

dbdr: except near the endgame

dbdr: right

dbdr: ttt starts near the endgame ;)

MSmits: quite a few games on CG are solvable halfway through

MSmits: true

dbdr: yeah, like othello

MSmits: Bandas, Onitama, othello, yavalath

MSmits: if you make a wrong move, yavalath is solvable at ply 2 :P

jacek: oware "v

dbdr: unultimate uttt ;)

dbdr: that's like a virgin bloodymary

MSmits: yeah

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: whats to correct syntax?

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: print(xmid+" "+ymid)

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: in python

MSmits: print(xmid,ymid) will work

Shadowtick: ... ok imma go

MSmits: i think that inserts a space

dbdr: but using + should also be find

dbdr: *fine

jacek: unless xmid ymid are ints

dbdr: right

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: they are floatts

MSmits: what will that even do?

dbdr: str(xmid)

MSmits: python is weird with type conversion

Default avatar.png white-undo: import sys

dbdr: does CG have fstrings?

MSmits: I did a bitboard in python once. It was a huge pain

dbdr: python 3.6 I think

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: INPUT:

MSmits: damn still not fixed?

MSmits: they need to get on the job

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: i need tot make a code that takes 2 cords and prints the mid point

dbdr: MSmits: coding a bitboard in python is like running a marathon in a suit ;)

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: isnt the formula x1+x2 / 2 , y1+y2 / 2?

MSmits: so you're stuck in traffic and late for a meeting. It happens

dbdr: (x1+x2)/2

Shadowtick: ... I made a special p5.js project for this website

MSmits: dump the car and start running

Shadowtick: but Idk if the code will work in here

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: i need those that are ints

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: to be printed as ints

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: and those who are floats print as floats

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: Found: 2.0 3.5 Expected: 2 3.5

dbdr: int(...)

MSmits: then they are probably not floats

MSmits: err ints

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: Found: 2.0 3.5 Expected: 2 3.5

MSmits: like dbdr says, convert to int first

MSmits: somewhere in your calculation, python saw fit to make your number a float

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: yeah because of the / 2

MSmits: likely

MSmits: you can do //2

MSmits: integer division

jacek: then 3.5 will fail

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: yeah

MSmits: if he's sure they are even numbers

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: 2.0 % 2 == 0 is true?

MSmits: that could work

MSmits: or before you divide, do x & 1 == 0

dbdr: GuyShtiler: for this kind of question, just try it

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: i passed one test lol

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler:

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: damn

MSmits: pastebin doesnt work

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: i did if its even convert it to int

MSmits: it's annoying :(

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: but that doesnt work either

MSmits: hmm conditional typecasting

MSmits: that seems iffy

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: Failure Found: 5.0 5.0 Expected: 5 5

jacek: if its ehole number then make it int

MSmits: a simpler thing you can do is this

MSmits: convert to string, check if it contains a dot, then cut off the last 2 characters

jacek: so simple *.*

MSmits: dot and zero

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: if its a 1.25...

MSmits: does that happen too?

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: too late i missed the question lol

MSmits: allright then check if it has a dot and if everything right of the dot is a zero

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: could have made a substring from 1 before the dot

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: and convert it to int

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: i suppose the answer is way eaiser then that


Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: print('{0:g}'.format((x_1+x_2)/2), '{0:g}'.format((y_1+y_2)/2))

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: that was the answer

MSmits: f = 1.23


  1. False

MSmits: f_i = 100.0


  1. True

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: i need to count the same occurances on a string

Default avatar.png GuyShtiler: of names seperated by a space

Scarfield: MSmits still here? :)

Default avatar.png guygy: how do i code

icecream17: well... what do you know about coding

Default avatar.png guygy: how to make a game

MadKnight: var game = new Game();

MadKnight: i thought it was trivial

Metanoob: ah, what kind of game do you want to make? Game with only text, 2d graphics, 3d graphics?

Default avatar.png guygy: 2d to start out

Metanoob: Ok, are you familiar with any programming language at the moment?

Default avatar.png guygy: no

The_Auditor: you'll have to learn the basics of programming first

Metanoob: Although you can learn a language at the same times as learning how to make a game, it is good to at least have some basics in the language of your choice. Do you have an idea of what language you would like to learn?

The_Auditor: it's like: "who to write a book?" "Do you know how to write sentences?"

Default avatar.png guygy: ok how do i do that

Default avatar.png guygy: i would like to learn java script

icecream17: here's a javascript guide:

Default avatar.png guygy: is it for beginers

Metanoob: Great! nice one icecream


Metanoob: Yes there is a section for beginners in there,

icecream17: also found

Default avatar.png guygy: are you guys game makers

icecream17: lol

The_Auditor: i'm a game player

icecream17: i mean, it's possible but not really...

Default avatar.png guygy: what languages do you know

Metanoob: I did make a few games, however nothing worth playing :)

Default avatar.png lavakat: can some one link a guide to most c# codes and what they do


Metanoob: The_Auditor ruthless :stuck_out_tongue:

Metanoob: but also a very good link

icecream17: oh i think my last link was pretty bad looking at it

The_Auditor: if you like learning by watching video for javascript i'd try

The_Auditor: i programed in pascal/delphi about 20 years ago, neadless to say i forgot most of it. so when i tried to solve a puzzle using pascal all i needed was google

pluieciel: I think Codecombat is nice for beginners

The_Auditor: seconded Codecombat

Default avatar.png DerpyTaterTot: hi

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Hey guys! I have a warning, saying that my code did not read all available input before printing instruction

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Would that mean that my code is too slow?

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: it works fine for previous test cases

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Skynet Revolution - Episode 2

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: is the puzzle im working on

Scarfield: could be that either you dont read all the input :p or you print more than one output the same turn?

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: I mean, it shouldnt be the case, since the previous puzzles worked fine

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: also one of the puzzles sometimes work, but sometimes it doesnt

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: weird stuff going on :D

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: test cases* not puzzles

Scarfield: i think the most likely cause is that you for some reason are printing more than once the same turn. doing that will give you the same error as not reading all the input asfaik. probably some weird edge case that isnt clear. As for the sometimes works sometimes not, are you doing some search with a timelimit?

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: What do you mean 'search with a timelimit'?

eulerscheZahl: while (timer < 50ms) continueSearch()

Scarfield: looking through the posible options ( i havent done that puzzle btw) untill no more time left

Scarfield: if that is the case, the timer limit could be too large, and sometimes timeout

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: How can I check the timer limit?

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Im using python3

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Response time per turn ≤ 150ms

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: I guess my code is too slow? :joy:

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: I will actually check it

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: didnt know there is a timelimit

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: thanks for that ;)

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: yep, it takes 200ms in the further test cases

Scarfield: nice, thats one issue cause found :)

jacek: issuefield

Majeck: Flat_Erick I know I'm a little late but in python you can do:

Majeck: import time

Shadowtick: hi

Majeck: start = time.time()

Majeck: # Rest of code...

jacek: :O

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Yeah, thanks Majeck, Ive done that already

Majeck: time_elapsed = time.time() - start

Majeck: Got there too late hahaha

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: It seems like my path finding algorithm is slow

Majeck: What puzzle?

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Skynet Revolution - Episode 2

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Have you done this one?

Unkmar: What if I choose to ONLY solve puzzles?

The_Auditor: all power to you !

The_Auditor: i don't like code golf, so i don't do it

LastRick: That's favorite thing to do here as well. Slowly working my way through all the puzzles

Astrobytes: feel free, plenty people do. Just do what you enjoy.

Unkmar: I'm not here for fun. I'm only here to learn and possible viability of getting a job.

Astrobytes: Alright then. My apologies.

Einwickler: Unkmar why not both?

Astrobytes: You won't learn much here per se, you have to learn elsewhere for the most part and apply it here

Astrobytes: As for getting a job... well

MSmits: here you become motivated to learn. But personally, just asking stuff on chat here taught me alot

Astrobytes: Yes, chat can be truly incredible sometimes from a learning persepctive

Astrobytes: *perspective

Astrobytes: MSmits taught me loads

MSmits: thanks :)

Astrobytes: You're most welcome

jacek: yeah, here's no fun, only work.

Astrobytes: We all clock in at the same time and commit to 8-12 hours of rigorous CGing

jacek: those are rookie numbers

Astrobytes: :P

The_Auditor: @Astrobytes are you kidding?

Astrobytes: The_Auditor: of course ;)

The_Auditor: few

MSmits: some days are like that for me though

The_Auditor: yeah, some days . . . his message implied every day

MSmits: well in a perfect world, he would be right

Astrobytes: lol indeed

The_Auditor: in a perferct world, i wouldn't have to do anything else and would spend all my time here

MSmits: that was my point

Astrobytes: Just highlighting that most CG users regard the site as fun/enjoyment with a healthy dose of learning

MSmits: exactly

MSmits: but some have found their careers here

Astrobytes: A couple, yes

Astrobytes: *A few

MSmits: you could argue I have as well. Even though it's teaching and not coding

Astrobytes: Yes, was about to say that actually :)

Astrobytes: I guess there's a few people who have perhaps switched careers as a result of using CG

MSmits: I know, I was just trying to preserve your keyboard. I have a spare one

Astrobytes: :D

jacek: i realized maybe i should switch to machine learning job instead of making shitty apps for android

MSmits: mmh you could also make great apps for android

LastRick: HAH

Astrobytes: Could be a good switch

Astrobytes: Depends on the job

jacek: though probably i would need to learn properly, with... math

The_Auditor: do you find that current interface on CG is not conducive to ML

Astrobytes: all those squiggles jacek

MSmits: The_Auditor ML in CG is a bug that was turned into a feature by players

MSmits: definitely not conducive to ML

jacek: well ML is associated with python

The_Auditor: like, i can't easily run a genetic ML

The_Auditor: unless i reimplement the runner myself

jacek: but there is not ml libraries here and CG has very hard limit on code size and execution

MSmits: right

Shadowtick: I broke my minecraft

Shadowtick: ;-;

jacek: i had to implement NN for some bots myself and it turned out quite good

Shadowtick: I cant see the buttons to it anymore

Shadowtick: no play button or anything

Default avatar.png ICanCode: i just looked at a website called, and it gave me some code but i dont know if i should use F#, C++ ect. ect. any ideas?

The_Auditor: any chance to add an API to CG to make it ML friendly ?

Astrobytes: Feel free to suggest in the forum The_Auditor

Astrobytes: Everyone uses the unofficial API to download replay data and such currently

Default avatar.png ICanCode: im new to coding so i dont really know most of the stuff ur saying

MSmits: argh... I hate this. I have a bugged bot in Bandas that is near nr 1... if I fix it I can barely reach 7

Default avatar.png ICanCode: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Astrobytes: ICanCode: that site has solutions to puzzles on this site. I don't recommend copying and pasting

The_Auditor: say, the Ice and Fire runner is not containing any secrets, i guess, is it public? or can it be made public?

jacek: you mean the referee?

Astrobytes: The referee is available for all multis

The_Auditor: where ? how?

Astrobytes: There's a link to a github repo in the statement usually

The_Auditor: yaya ! weekend gone !

Astrobytes: :)

Default avatar.png random12313: bad face 85

Default avatar.png random12313: input and output

Default avatar.png random12313: someone knows maybe?

Default avatar.png random12313: A beef 64

Default avatar.png ICanCode: im trying to recreate among us, (if you know what the game is) Anyone want to help?

Default avatar.png random12313: BABE 46

Default avatar.png random12313: abcdef 75

Astrobytes: hex

Default avatar.png random12313: whats hex

Default avatar.png random12313: Babe face, A beef, A decade, A bee. 296

Shadowtick: can you code in minecraft by anychance?

Astrobytes: you might wanna skip that one and google hexadecimal

Default avatar.png ICanCode: not me shadow

Default avatar.png ICanCode: can anyone code in among us?

Default avatar.png ICanCode: or atleast a singleplayer

Shadowtick: Idk how

Shadowtick: but I do have it so we could play some among us

Default avatar.png ICanCode: me either

Shadowtick: :3

Default avatar.png ICanCode: lel

Einwickler: Alphaloc you there?

Shadowtick: ICanCode I am gonna send you a message

jacek: :O

Alphaloc: I am

Default avatar.png ICanCode: can anyone here code really well?

Default avatar.png ICanCode: and know the game among us?

Astrobytes: Nope. We're all totally incompetent.

Einwickler: Would you explain your solution on the clash we just played?

Einwickler: Is it just the dif between highest and lowest index of '#'?

Default avatar.png ICanCode: huh

The_Auditor: if i knew to code very well, why would i be on a site to learn coding ?

jacek: whats with the among us? all memes sites are full of it

Astrobytes: Some new garbage that kids are playing on their mobiles I presume

**Astrobytes exits old man mode

jacek: ok boomer

Astrobytes: :grin:

The_Auditor: ROFL

The_Auditor: ICanCode do you want to make a replica of Among Us or does the Among Us have a way to program the player actions?

Default avatar.png ICanCode: i am wanting a replica

Default avatar.png ICanCode: cant recreate it completely

Default avatar.png ICanCode: unless actual people play

Default avatar.png ICanCode: there would have to be bots

Default avatar.png random12313: those reverses

Default avatar.png random12313: damn

Default avatar.png random12313:

Default avatar.png random12313:

Default avatar.png random12313: input 3 3

Default avatar.png random12313: 1

Default avatar.png random12313: ..o

Default avatar.png random12313: ...

Default avatar.png random12313: .0.

MSmits: you do realize we cant see those pastes...

Default avatar.png random12313: output 2

Default avatar.png random12313: yeah im typing it

Default avatar.png random12313: input 5 4

Default avatar.png random12313: 2

Default avatar.png random12313: 0...

Default avatar.png random12313: .00.

Default avatar.png random12313: .0..

Default avatar.png random12313: ...0

Default avatar.png random12313: .0..

Default avatar.png random12313: output 12

Einwickler: Are you really just asking for a solution in world chat while being in a clash? :thinking:

Default avatar.png random12313: after i finished

Astrobytes: random12313: try looking at other people's solutions if they shared the code rather than flooding the chat, or message them

Default avatar.png random12313: Yeah i just figured out i could do that btw no one solved it

Default avatar.png ICanCode: can anyone here code really well? and know the game among us?

Default avatar.png -CoolHandLuke-: hi

Default avatar.png JBM: ho

Default avatar.png -CoolHandLuke-: ho ho ho marry crismas

Default avatar.png -CoolHandLuke-: lol

Astrobytes: I have no wish to marry crismas, whoever she is

Astrobytes: ICanCode: stop repeating the same questions

Astrobytes: hi JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: heya astroes

Default avatar.png ICanCode: hahaha, sOOOO fUnnY AssTrOBytEs

Default avatar.png JBM: wazza

Default avatar.png JBM: my my don't we have a winner here

Astrobytes: Same old crap, different day. Yourself?

Default avatar.png JBM: kinda same

Default avatar.png JBM: i've got two contribs in WIP with no motivation to push further, a third one in draft

Default avatar.png JBM: i solved indy3 at long last today and that got me wondering whether i had actually solved indy2

jacek: indy3?

Default avatar.png JBM: (answer: seems so)

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah looks like it's "last crusade" nowadays

Default avatar.png JBM: until the pm changes his mind

Astrobytes: Yeah, naming changed over the years for a couple of 'em

Astrobytes: What's the other contrib other than TvC?

Default avatar.png JBM: cglambda

Astrobytes: Oh wait , the esolang one

Astrobytes: Why are you stuck?

jacek: youre not gonna push further the TvC?

Default avatar.png JBM: i'd need to get a more "easing" test suite up

Default avatar.png JBM: oh i am

Default avatar.png JBM: *someday*

jacek: 2137st

Default avatar.png JBM: i'll have no remorse whatsoever delaying it until it reaches +250

Astrobytes: Hey, there's no rush on a WIP

Default avatar.png JBM: then i'll start having slight questionings, but nothing to keep me from sleeping

Astrobytes: as for TvC, longer the better. I grin everytime I see it

Default avatar.png JBM: then when I find the right timing between the official (or was it) contest and xmas

Default avatar.png JBM: i can have my very own open to everyone EXCEPT ISLINGTON contest

Astrobytes: lol, such exclusion

Default avatar.png JBM: still have no idea what islington is, but i didn't like it the first time round

Astrobytes: It's (iirc) a college in Nepal that's affiliated with another in London (Metropolitan?)

Default avatar.png JBM: too bad for them

Astrobytes: Never let it be said that JBM bears any grudges :P

Default avatar.png JBM: Never

Astrobytes: Anyways, I'm out early. Need to pet my cat then play some music (rediscovered my guitar)

Default avatar.png JBM: i oughta look at mine too every now and then

Default avatar.png JBM: oh well

Astrobytes: That was my issue, kept looking at it and not playing it

Default avatar.png JBM: it's like 1m away

Astrobytes: It's a struggle motivation-wise but once I'm doing it I'm alright

Default avatar.png JBM: but i'm already listening to music

Default avatar.png JBM: hah talk about motivation

Default avatar.png JBM: was about to get back to playing in the orchestra

Default avatar.png JBM: and if i got correct recollections we're now grounded at night for curfew

Default avatar.png JBM: yay

Astrobytes: Ah damn, that sucks pretty majorly

Default avatar.png JBM: yup

Astrobytes: Right. Cat petted. I'm out. Goodnight JBM and take care

Default avatar.png JBM: gn8, seeya

MSmits: gn

Default avatar.png ICanCode: seeya astro

Default avatar.png ICanCode: srsly tho can anyone here code among us?

Default avatar.png ICanCode: or atleast like recreate it>

Default avatar.png ICanCode: ?

Default avatar.png ICanCode: im really bad

Default avatar.png ICanCode: like i havent took any classes or anything

MSmits: just try it and get better :)

Scarfield: hey MSmits, if you have a monomolecular layer of some material, wouldnt it technically only be 1 surface, but with 2 sides?

jacek: physics? :scream:

MSmits: not if they were molecules

Einwickler: Oh wow now we are getting kind of philiosophical here :D

MSmits: maybe if they were elementary point particles

MSmits: molecules still have sides

Shadowtick: ya yeet imma go now

Shadowtick: hope you all have a great week

MSmits: you too

Shadowtick: I will try but I cant guareenty because I might have more panic attacks from school

Shadowtick: guareente*

MSmits: please dont panic trying to spell guarantee

Scarfield: yea, but if you were to calculate the surface energy, there is only that 1 layer, and i guess you could technically say it only has 1 surface

MSmits: what surface energy?

MSmits: do you mean the bindings between the molecules?

Scarfield: well yea, there wouldnt really be surface tension without other "layers"

Shadowtick: alright I better go before I do while I try figuring out what is happening

MSmits: in that sense there is one layer and if that is your defining characteristic of having a surface then sure

MSmits: surfaces don't have to be flat

MSmits: they can curve and form a sphere

MSmits: the molecular bindings will have an angle

MSmits: then sides matter

Default avatar.png problems: these questions are so difficult. know where I can find some easier ones?

MSmits: Scarfield you're freaking people out it seems :P

Scarfield: xD

Default avatar.png ICanCode: hi

Shadowtick: ok I am back but only because I forgot that I needed help with something

Default avatar.png ICanCode: okya

MSmits: solved this as a loss on frame 12. Opponent made a mistake on frame 17, solved as a win on frame 18. Gotta love those endgame books :)

Default avatar.png Hipip: you know how's the genius here ?

Default avatar.png Hipip: it's not the one who ranked first

MSmits: who?

Default avatar.png Hipip: it's not the one who can destroy anyone in clashes

Default avatar.png Hipip: it's the one who made this game

Default avatar.png Hipip: :)

MSmits: the one who ranked first is pretty damned good

MSmits: and made the most games :P

Einwickler: Who are you refering to?

MSmits: we have community created bot games and optimization arena's.

Einwickler: euler?

Default avatar.png Hipip: but the one who made is more intelligent

MSmits: yes

MSmits: if having a great idea is intelligence, then yes

Default avatar.png Hipip: the one who made it , think bigger than the one who ranked first here

Default avatar.png Hipip: xD

Default avatar.png Hipip: I'm weird

MSmits: I agree :)

Einwickler: Ouch :'D

Default avatar.png Hipip: on which statement :joy:

MSmits: any :)

Hjax: all glory to the hypnotoad

Default avatar.png Hipip: cool Mr Dr Jr Physics

MSmits: murder jar?

Einwickler: Gotta love MSmits taste of humor :joy:

Default avatar.png Hipip: Gotta love how cringe is this chat

MSmits: we try

MSmits: it gets worse later at night

Default avatar.png Hipip: but he made us addicted

Hjax: oh the chat in the evenings US time gets awful sometimes

Hjax: no moderators around

Default avatar.png Hipip: does anyone knows how the backend of this type of websites works

Default avatar.png Hipip: like leetcode and this

Default avatar.png Hipip: how they're able to compile any language you select

Default avatar.png Hipip: very fast

Hjax: its not like you are uploading much code, i think theres a few different machines doing the game running

MSmits: no idea sorry. This is another of those things euler could tell you about

Default avatar.png Hipip: shut up euler knows nothing

MSmits: :scream_cat:

Hjax: ? easy there buddy

MSmits: you just said there are no moderators

MSmits: you woke the beast

Hjax: lol

Default avatar.png weirdo101: F*** My life , I'm leaving this shit

Default avatar.png weirdo101: oh shit

Default avatar.png weirdo101: wrong message

Default avatar.png weirdo101: sorry xD

Allis: Yikes.

Hjax: indeed

Default avatar.png weirdo101: Yeet

Default avatar.png weirdo101: oh shoot the mods are here

Default avatar.png crazyvinvin: Hi guys

AryeEidelman: JavaScript tip: use console.warn() for logging. It won't interfere with the result.

Default avatar.png BlueskyFR: or console.error

Default avatar.png BlueskyFR:


Default avatar.png BlueskyFR: a

Default avatar.png BlueskyFR: *a*

Default avatar.png BlueskyFR: **a**

Default avatar.png BlueskyFR: nvmd

Default avatar.png JBM: lol another duolingo suggestion/corection accepted

Default avatar.png JBM: how many years after i stopped

The_Auditor: does Automaton2000 learn from all message, even the censored ones?

Automaton2000: oh, i had a good bot

Majeck: Automaton2000 can you say a curse word?

Automaton2000: i wanted to see if i can figure it out with a good heuristic

Majeck: Lol

Majeck: What heuristic would that be Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: any suggestions on how to get to the real world

Majeck: I don't know maybe AutomatonNN knows?

AutomatonNN: cool

Majeck: Can you help Automaton2000 get to the real world AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: without the other time

Automaton2000: why did you say you use.

Default avatar.png ManBearPig_: Automaton2000 what's your final form?

Automaton2000: ah i didn't know you could do the same in java and python

Metanoob: Automaton2000 yes you can, ask AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: wood 2

Automaton2000: i did, i also deleted cookies and cleared cache

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: what's the tips to get better at codingame

Allis: Get better at coding? :P

CyanRook: It's mostly just typing

CyanRook: Also if you want to win in shortest, learn ruby

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: ok

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: but i prefer Python

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: cause im beginner

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: alright ima learn ruby

Allis: It's a great language.

CyanRook: You can reach top 10 with python and python is probably better for jobs. But if you want to be number 1, you probably need ruby

Allis: ^_^

Allis: Ruby used to be really good for jobs, and it's still okay, but it's definitely fallen off, which is sad.

CyanRook: Theres a few firms popping up in the DC area that are ruby shops

Allis: That's good to hear. I don't think the language will ever completely disappear, but it has to be said that it occupies comparatively few niches.

Allis: Its "programmer happiness" metric is off the charts, but that's not terribly marketable.

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: ok thanks for the tips ^_^

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: Ima learn ruby now

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: are you going to get better at codingame using ruby?

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: wow you dont need colon in ruby

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: that's why i can win with ruby

CyanRook: I'm too lazy to learn ruby unless someone is going to pay me :D, so I just do python

Allis: Python's cool too, but everything that's not Ruby just feels like C to me.

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: Python is for beginners

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: Ruby's pretty good

Allis: They're both general-purpose languages that are good for people of any level of expertise, depending on what they're trying to get done.

CyanRook: ^ true

CyanRook: my day job is actually in rust, but knew python from previous jobs

CyanRook: Rust is not a good language for competitive programming hahaha

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: I'm just 11 years old .-.

Allis: Why?

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: I'm 11

Allis: Why are you eleven?

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: i said im 11 years old

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: im not aldut

Allis: I heard you each time.

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: you do sound like 11 hahaha

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: ya

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: I like coding since im almost 11

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: nice

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: if u enjoy coding go all in

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: also check out deep learning later on

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: ok

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: ur literally 11 so

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: just do anything you enjoy

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: if it's coding it's pretty cool

Laminator: FR, I had a friend who was obsessed with programming when we were in middle school. He works at Apple now.

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: Wow

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: surprisingly haha

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: that's the thing about obession with programming

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: you hardly care about getting a job

Laminator: You can do both

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: two birds one stone

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: ye

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: if ur obssessed with other things like video games/ sports etc things can be uncertain

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: meanwhile if ur obssessed with programming u'll hardly have to care about a career path

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: and more about goals etc..

Laminator: I'm actually at a crossroads between data engineering and full stack development lol

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: haha you pretty much just have to follow your heart

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: few people can say the same

Laminator: They can, they just end up poor

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: exactly

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: xD

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: i mean it's us individuals who have to adapt and not the world so

Default avatar.png AvkashSharma: k

Metanoob: but they are part of the world, so by changing themselves... they change the world I guess

Default avatar.png mike2ykme: What do you do with Rust in your day job CyanRook?

Metanoob: nevermind me I'm too sleepy. going offline, cya CG

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: i may get a new computer this saturday :D

Allis: Aren't you eleven?

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: yes

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: I'm eleven

Allis: Well done.

Laminator: I haven't gotten a new computer in several years now

Harrogin: allis how did you find "scale" on that last clash?

KiwiTae: Laminator i dont have a computer

Allis: @Harrogin It was the number of digits after the separator.

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: now ima use python

Allis: Use Whitespace.

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: or maybe i'll learn c++

Allis: It's good for the environment.

Laminator: a lot of competitive programmers use c++

Laminator: I think it's for the speed more than anything

Laminator: like process speed, not coding speed

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: i did it in coc and it said im 0% corect

Harrogin: @allis oh i was making it more complicated tha\n it needed to be

Harrogin: i thought scale was the the number of digits which was of greater size than the other side of separator

Harrogin: which wouldn't be too hard now that I think of it again

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: I think c++ is all about speed

Default avatar.png Ugu_Ugu: Do you like pizza?

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: YAS

Default avatar.png Ugu_Ugu: what do u think about pineapple on your pizza?

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: yAS

Default avatar.png Ugu_Ugu: lol

Laminator: You'll soon come to find out that everyone likes pizza

Default avatar.png Ugu_Ugu: pineapple too?

Allis: Stop right there.

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: Allis how r u so good at Ruby coding

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: did you learn it from anywhere

Allis: I was born this way. XD

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: bruh

Default avatar.png ImaNoob: but where did you learn it