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Laminator: If not an 11 year old, who else would be told a noob?

Laminator: I guess the only person left is Joe

Laminator: Joe Mama! Ohhhhhhhhhhh

Sylarb91: good morning. can anyone help me a little on some piece of code ?

Sylarb91: c#

EquinoxWhale: me noob, Sadge

huss3: guys what do they mean with "following lines"


huss3: im hella confused

Allis: It's... pretty straightforward?

Default avatar.png VizGhar: How does the "bot programming" contests work? I just want to know, wheter there is some higher league in Dots and Boxes then Wooden one

Default avatar.png VizGhar: I can't see any Boss on wooden league - lvl2

Allis: @huss3 A lot of languages can't just magically read all the input; they need to be told how many lines to consume.

Allis: So a lot of the problem statements contain the number of lines to read as the first line so that people writing in those languages have a reliable way of consuming the input.

Allis: "Following" in this case means something like "comes after".

huss3: OH

jacek: VizGhar in d&b there is boss in wood2, then there is wood1 and nothing more

jacek: d&b is community game

pluieciel: Hi all, I am doing "The Bridge". I find a confusing fact: when I run TESTCASE, sometimes it passes, sometimes not. and the Submit give different pass ratio each time.

pluieciel: what could be the reason? thanks

KiwiTae: if you have rng in your solution might happen

KiwiTae: random#

pluieciel: nope

pluieciel: no random in code

KiwiTae: do you time out?

pluieciel: yeah, when not pass, the error is "time out", but I calculate some of the time, <50 msec, far smaller than the limit of 150msec

KiwiTae: ~ if you time out thats why u dont always pass~

KiwiTae: make sure you finish turn before 150ms

pluieciel: feel like the time is not stable

KiwiTae: yea its not~

pluieciel: i mean change too much from once to another

KiwiTae: maybe dont try to solve it in 1 turn just can dfs depth 3

pluieciel: ok I will try, thanks!!

pluieciel: Standard Error Stream:

pluieciel: Standard Error Stream: 1st split time: 22.782039 msecs finish time: 55.859746 msecs

pluieciel: seems not a timeout issue, but timeout comes randomly

Q12: the paste bin doesn't work


pluieciel: pastebin has a bug, or I use it wrongly?

Q12: has bug

pluieciel: ok

Q12: try paste your code here:

Q12: now everybody can see it with this link


pluieciel: anyone could help me test it? thanks a lot! I blocked here for 2 days... really hard to figure out the issue

DaNinja: woah (((((closure)))))?

Astrobytes: (true? clojure) true

markyy: I just unlocked clash of code legend achievement! :)

markyy: say gratz to the duck

Astrobytes: well done

pluieciel: Unable to resolve symbol: clojure in this context:joy::laughing:

Default avatar.png Ownguali: Hello guys

Default avatar.png Nutsa: coucou

Default avatar.png Ownguali: tg

Shadowtick: hi

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: GRATZZZZ MOFOO

Shadowtick: huh?

Default avatar.png Ownguali: GRATZZO MOZERELLA MAMA

Shadowtick: huhhh?????????????

Shadowtick: I am getting even more confused

Default avatar.png Ownguali: if la mere a ronan > tour eiffel System.out.preintln("La mere a ronan est enorme")

Default avatar.png Nutsa: i'm confused

Default avatar.png Nutsa: WTF MEN

Default avatar.png Ownguali: calm down

Default avatar.png Ownguali: sale con

Shadowtick: I don't understand certain languages

Shadowtick: because I know mostly english

Default avatar.png Ownguali: im saying that nutsa's mom is bigger than the eiffel tower

Shadowtick: but I know some Russian and some korean

Default avatar.png Ownguali: salagnae

Astrobytes: Stop the nonsense Ownguali, Nutsa or you'll get kicked

Shadowtick: oop

Default avatar.png Ownguali: *Ownguali leave the room*

Default avatar.png Nutsa: sorry i m calm now

Uljahn: stop being edgy teen, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i mean u need to convert it to a different game

Shadowtick: I am just gonna go to the chat that lets me talk in korean

Shadowtick: so bye

Default avatar.png Nutsa: ownguali fdp

Astrobytes: watch your language

Astrobytes: go to #fr

Shadowtick: wait that is french isnt it?

Default avatar.png Ownguali: it is

Astrobytes: yes

Shadowtick: wow I guess I learned some french from my sister after all

Shadowtick: :3 I can tell somehow

Default avatar.png ByBoSs4: yeah go FR ownguali

Shadowtick: but anyways imma go learn more Korean and Russian

Default avatar.png ByBoSs4: nice

jacek: omelette du fromage?

Default avatar.png ByBoSs4: baguette fromage ahahah

Default avatar.png Ownguali: Stop laughing about french people, they're so friendly

Default avatar.png Ownguali: :)

Default avatar.png ByBoSs4: tepu ownguali

Astrobytes: Quit the swearing already

jacek: swearing?

Astrobytes: Yes, read what he wrote


eulerscheZahl: google fails to find the right language for it

Astrobytes: google what verlan is


eulerscheZahl: ah, i have to transpose the text

Astrobytes: in this case it's an easy one

Default avatar.png Ownguali: it means bitch in french :confounded:

Astrobytes: I know, thank you

Astrobytes: Stop the unnecessary swearing

Default avatar.png Ownguali: ok

jacek: bloody hell

Default avatar.png Nutsa: :heart_eyes:

jacek: what are teaching Automaton2000 and AutomatonNN

Automaton2000: so this is a general chat

AutomatonNN: I was just thinking of a more efficient compared to c++ or more

Shadowtick: I think this needs a censor option to censor cussing in all languages

Astrobytes: No, there's no need for censorship. People are free to swear in context, no language fascists here.

Default avatar.png NMVuong: i don't understand output

Shadowtick: I mean like for people that aren't allowed to see cussing that is what I mean by that Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Avert thy eyes young Shadowtick, lest they burn with the profanity :P I see your point but the majority of people are OK with it

Astrobytes: NMVuong: it's like input, but the other way round ;)

Astrobytes: *thine eyes

Shadowtick: I know but I just am throwing out a idea

Astrobytes: feel free to suggest it on the forum

Shadowtick: ok

Shadowtick: which forum do I need to go to?


Shadowtick: thanks

Illedan: Oh, Yurkov and Westicles are closing in too :)

eulerscheZahl: beaten in my own game. again :(

Illedan: :P

Illedan: I guess you have less motivation for your own game?

eulerscheZahl: same motivation in terms of time i spend

eulerscheZahl: but creating it costs time too

TomasV: Is there a way to see what exactly failed on animated "game" puzzles after submitting on the validator page? I keep failing one testcase and since it works on IDE validators I have no idea what is wrong

eulerscheZahl: validators are usually different to IDE testcases

eulerscheZahl: seems you don't cover an edge case

TomasV: Thanks, but I know about that, the thing is it's the Skynet revolution - episode 1 and the only thing different there are numbers, which shouldn't matter at all since I use a graph, thats why I'm asking if there is any debug info or anything similar to see, like if I didn't provide any input or what exactly is the problem


eulerscheZahl: you can watch the replays after your submit

eulerscheZahl: note: that doesn't work for all puzzles

TomasV: yeah, but the agent just stops and nothing happens, thats the thing

eulerscheZahl: that's unfortunate. there's no simple way to debug this

TomasV: well it seems like I did something wrong about the input, that's my best guess

TomasV: thanks for you help

TomasV: your*

TomasV: The problem was actually array size - not sure why, but since I was sure the input didn't look suspicious I thought maybe out of bounds exception could be the culprit and when I initialized my severed edges pair to size nodes*2 , it works like a charm. Thanks once again for the help

VicPopescu: hi, anyone done the puzzle of the week? I have a test case that I just can't figure out how to get to 101 because it's impossible with the puzzle rules

eulerscheZahl: huh, what is the puzzle of the week in your opinion?

Dartisan: Puzzle of the Week you mean Dots and Boxes?

eulerscheZahl: la pipopipette

Dartisan: Yes, a nice challenge, have only invest a short moment in it now for have a basic understanding. Later it will become challenging, to keep the turn and archive as much points as possible by a Pathfinding. Should be something for you. Only get in the next league with more fields ;-)

VicPopescu: yeap, dots and boxes

Dartisan: my current solution is a quick-win in using simply the valid moves proposed and a short logic, so no real AI and Algo yet, but I a have a vision.

VicPopescu: well, I have a complex algorithm already, but I need to step back maybe and have a look at the core concept again

Dartisan: Perhaps, I don't know, as for the rule, when you fill a box, you get the next turn would be more clear and the algo more useful on a 3x3. Had some tries till get it in the second league, and remember had also many draws.

Dartisan: But the puzzle itself I find real nice. Has some new elements to discover for me.


Default avatar.png johnysins: Hi geeks

Shadowtick: can I have some help with dots and boxes because I am wanting to do it because it's the puzzle of the week

Default avatar.png Puzo: HI world

Default avatar.png Puzo: hellooo

Default avatar.png malpk: hi

Default avatar.png OmerDrk: I am glad I find such a website

Shadowtick: hello

Shadowtick: and what do you mean by that OmerDrk

Default avatar.png OmerDrk: Shadowtick (my english may be incorrect) I mean I didnt know there is this like a website full of coding puzzles etc

Shadowtick: Ok and if you need help with javascript on puzzles I completed let me know

Shadowtick: because I will help you with them

Default avatar.png OmerDrk: ok thnks

jacek: its not only for clashing ;v

Shadowtick: I dont do clashes

Shadowtick: so those yeah dont look at me for help

jacek: do you need some help with dots and boxes?

Shadowtick: yes

Shadowtick: I do need help

jacek: what help

jacek: dbdr youre gonna let some noob be better at d&b than you?

Shadowtick: I don't know what I need to do to make it put more than one line down because after one line it says invalid input and in the standard output stream it says shadowtick played a invalid move

jacek: you need to print one line at a time in the loop

Shadowtick: oh?

jacek: you only make one move per turn

jacek: though in d&b you may get several turns one after another

Shadowtick: ok?

jacek: you never did multiplayer game here before?

Shadowtick: I did coders strike back/csb before

jacek: and there you also print one command at a time

Shadowtick: I know

dbdr: jacek: is a noob who invented MCTS really a noob?

Nerchio: do you guys know what JDK is ice and fire?


Nerchio: thanks

jacek: well he didnt invent jacekmax

Shadowtick: wait a minute that seems weird that I forgot how to make something I always make on p5.js

Nerchio: any ideas about why codingame doesn't read this properly?

Nerchio: error: cannot find symbol

         if (actualZone.westNeighbour.isEmpty()) return;

Nerchio: ups no pastebin :D

Nerchio: error: cannot find symbol

         if (actualZone.westNeighbour.isEmpty()) return;

MadKnight: because there is no such property

MadKnight: lol

Nerchio: but its not correct thats the problem :D

MadKnight: well looks like it is

MadKnight: correct

Nerchio: -_-

MadKnight: try to understand why there is no such property

Shadowtick: hey MadKnight nice to see ya

Nerchio: if i change this code to !isPresent() instead of isempty it works

eulerscheZahl: westNeighbor? do you also have notrh, south and east? who codes like that?

Nerchio: idk what else can i do :D

eulerscheZahl: are arrays not invented in java yet?

eulerscheZahl: or lists

Nerchio: depends how you code it i guess

Nerchio: I don't think its bad

eulerscheZahl: way easier to iterate over all neighbors

Nerchio: but i see your point

Nerchio: yeah i guess that makes sense to use array in this case :D

Default avatar.png pharesmostafa: hi world

Default avatar.png OmerDrk: hi

Default avatar.png pharesmostafa: iwhat language did u use

Default avatar.png pharesmostafa: i use c++

Default avatar.png pharesmostafa: :)

Default avatar.png pharesmostafa: :(

jacek: :o

Default avatar.png OmerDrk: i know c# and python

Shadowtick: bye I have to get off

Default avatar.png OmerDrk: bye

Default avatar.png pharesmostafa: :o

Default avatar.png pharesmostafa: :>

AntiSquid: :o

Default avatar.png BaLu93: C++

pluieciel: Hi again, just wonder is there anyone could help me check my "random timeout" issue in The Bridge Ep2 with Clojure?

pluieciel: submit sucess rate varies between 0% to 91%


Astrobytes: pluieciel: it seems some people are reporting random timeouts with some puzzles and multiplayers, could be that. My clojure skills are not good enough to debug that unfortunately ;)

Default avatar.png pharesmostafa: :.(

Default avatar.png pharesmostafa: : . (

AntiSquid: clojure times out even for 2048 when you only output up . i just want to get the +1 on the language

Bob: Clojure, aka "why am I doing this to myself?"

AntiSquid: aka i wouldn't use it if the site didn't have language achivements

Bob: actually it was kinda fun to practice it enough to get Roller Coaster done

Bob: god I scared him away

Bob: T_T

pluieciel: Roller Coaster is just where I begin to know it haha :laughing:

Bob: too bad you won't ever use it for anything else XD

Bob: but well in that category at least it's more interesting than VB.Net

magaiti: experienced fortran programmers can write fortran code in any programming language

magaiti: applies to closure most of the tiem as well

Zenoscave: I think that applies to most languages most of the time magaiti

magaiti: if your mind is not bent the lisp way, you'll use closure as a blunt tool

Bob: I think my Roller Coaster code is more or less a port of my C++ version

Bob: possibly just bit bent, though :)

N0rtz: Hi everyone


Majeck: I just realized that your eyes do the "black dots" optical illusion trick on the dots and boxes display

Majeck: That's awesome!

Majeck: You ever feel like the biggest idiot in the whole wide world?

Majeck: You ever feel like the biggest idiot in the whole wide world?

Majeck: Don't know why it was sent twice

Majeck: Anyways I hit a bug in my code and long story short after two hours I realized that I had a function that copied a class, but when I printed the copy it wasn't the same as the original

Majeck: So I spent over an hour inspecting the copy code trying to find an error but I couldn't

Majeck: Well it turns out the bug was way back in another unrelated part

Majeck: I had a list of characters and a string that were supposed to hold the same information

Majeck: (inside a class)

Majeck: Well turns out that a few lines back I had edited the list of characters BUT NOT the string

Majeck: Well, at least future Majeck knows why you're code was bugging past Majeck

Laminator: Now you just need a way for future Majeck to prove you are past Majeck from the future

Laminator: I just wanna say that I'm really sad AlkhilJohn is just a bot