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Default avatar.png Petar01: yo

Default avatar.png Petar01: hello world

Default avatar.png ProCoder3: \msg venki05

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png Achilles69: hi

geppoz: hi

Default avatar.png cakeman38: print("imagine talking like this") :pensive:

Allis: imagine(imagining);

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: font size is too big :)

Default avatar.png dqhuy: crazyo who

eulerscheZahl: looked fine for illedan


dbdr: must be system dependent

dbdr: no big deal

eulerscheZahl: it is, we noticed that in the OoC preparation already

eulerscheZahl: how many chars to allow for messages I think

eulerscheZahl: i'm about to push an update. larger replays should load a little faster

dbdr: nice

eulerscheZahl: still slow, just not THAT slow anymore :D

eulerscheZahl: turns out that cloning objects with newObj = { ...oldObj, some stuff you replace } is slow

dbdr: very cool that you improve the perf!

eulerscheZahl: and it's live

eulerscheZahl: also getting around the SDK a little more

eulerscheZahl: also learning for my other project that you haven't seen yet

eulerscheZahl: slow loading is always annoying

eulerscheZahl: i admit i liked the old code more regarding readability

Illedan: Hi

eulerscheZahl: hi

MSmits: hi

Illedan: Oh, kovi above me too now

Illedan: :)

eulerscheZahl: i disclosed your screenshot you send me in private

dbdr: hey Illedan

eulerscheZahl: now everyone knows you use the bottom right corner

Illedan: I have 2 different snakes ;)

MSmits: snakes?

Illedan: Depending on where the tile will spawn at the round where you can get 131k tile :P

dbdr: oh, that's a good idea :D

Illedan: :P

dbdr: MSmits: snake shape

MSmits: oh

Illedan: public int[] Neigh = new int[] { 0, 0, 1, 2,

                                        5, 6, 7, 3, 
                                        4, 8, 9, 10, 
                                        13, 14, 15, 11 };

dbdr: for 2048

MSmits: sounds advanced

Illedan: Not really if you played the game

Illedan: I added that before I had a functioning search xD

MSmits: I havent, much. I doubt I got past bunny shape

dbdr: potato shape

eulerscheZahl: snake, even I can get something that remotely resembles that

dbdr: animal is more advanced

kovi: dbdr are you hardcoding? (kinda)

dbdr: I test offline

Illedan: I found that you can get above 40 mill with only 3 directions too :D

kovi: nice

eulerscheZahl: tuning some params per testcase already?

dbdr: yeah

kovi: yes i guessed so

kovi: but i dont play that game

Illedan: Same

eulerscheZahl: i should drop 1 action from my sim then :D

MSmits: it's a great game

Illedan: This game is so 2 days ago.

kovi: :)

MSmits: eulerscheZahl do you have any advice for checkers. I suck at this game

eulerscheZahl: you had some fun with it, i'll call that a victory for the contribution

Illedan: Ofc

eulerscheZahl: nah, my checkers is stupid minimax

Illedan: I used one whole afternoon + got distacted at work. GJ

eulerscheZahl: failing to attack even if i would win by sacrificing 1 or 2 stones

MSmits: i tried stupid minimax, it didnt get above your minimax even though it was c++ and used TT + AB

MSmits: well probably same strength as yours

eulerscheZahl: i have alpha beta too no TT

MSmits: TT didnt seem to help much anyway

MSmits: I got it working, improved my eval, got it all the way to the same rank as my mcts-like version. Then put the eval in that old bot at it's better :(

MSmits: and

MSmits: I can never get a negamax that's better than a mcts-type bot

eulerscheZahl: you are submitting

eulerscheZahl: how dare you destabilizing a perfect ecosystem?

MSmits: sorry :P

dbdr: a perfect ecosystem is at equilibrium

dbdr: cannot be destabilized

MSmits: what he said

**eulerscheZahl slaps dbdr around a bit with a large fishbot

MSmits: maybe I should just fit my parameters for the mcts version. Get as high as possible and then counterbook the top 3. Seems to work on other games

MSmits: I have no idea how these guys at the top 3 get so strong

eulerscheZahl: level up your social engineering

MSmits: mmh you mean nicely ask them ?

eulerscheZahl: yes :D

MSmits: dbdr doesn't remember :P

Default avatar.png Zikyyyyy: hello fellas

Default avatar.png Zikyyyyy: hows it goin

MSmits: hi fella

MSmits: ok, just coding

MSmits: and following the 2048 safa

MSmits: saga

dbdr: soap opera?

Default avatar.png Zikyyyyy: im just goin through intro

Default avatar.png Zikyyyyy: learning

MSmits: soap opera works too

MSmits: thats cool Zikyyyyy

Default avatar.png Zikyyyyy: Was studing IT school, but it was a while since last "codin session" :D

Default avatar.png Zikyyyyy: tryin to learn on my ow

Default avatar.png Zikyyyyy: n

dbdr: ouch, this hurts the eyes:

eulerscheZahl: got messy in the end :D

eulerscheZahl: did you notice a speedup in loading btw?

dbdr: yes

eulerscheZahl: nice

dbdr: ah, was reponding to the previous message

dbdr: I need to reload

eulerscheZahl: i half-feared that race condition in the answer :D

dbdr: :D

dbdr: still slow, but yes it seems better :+1:

eulerscheZahl: still a lot of data to process and generate

eulerscheZahl: all the animations are loaded before the viewer gets responsive

eulerscheZahl: which isn't optimal, now that I'm thinking of it

eulerscheZahl: but too deeply buried to touch

kovi: how many tests above 3m?

dbdr: 1

dbdr: you?

kovi: 1 in ide tests but i meant final tests, which i havent checked

dbdr: ide is the same as validators

kovi: oh

kovi: didnt even looked

dbdr: there is a display bug in the results window

dbdr: off by one

eulerscheZahl: you mean the "random"?

eulerscheZahl: i blame CG for it

dbdr: yes, and all shifted. understood that it's CG's bug

AntiSquid: are you doing any more CTFs euler? :P

eulerscheZahl: i don't have anything planned

eulerscheZahl: but i enjoyed it, so maybe if you find a good one...

eulerscheZahl: but i sucked in all categories except coding :(

AntiSquid: you earned points that's the goal

eulerscheZahl: i had fun, that's the goal

wlesavo: lol illedans 3 action heuristic works :slight_smile: easy + 10M with a freakin bruteforce

AntiSquid: what heurisitc?

eulerscheZahl: this one was a cool challenge solve it in 3s to get the next level

eulerscheZahl: or reset the counter to 0

wlesavo: AntiSquid never go down

dbdr: 3s?

eulerscheZahl: 3 seconds

AntiSquid: they had a really complicated one in a previous year : solve captchas in 3 seconds ... multiple ones but with that kind of program you can basically solve most captchas :D

eulerscheZahl: would give you the link but it seems down now

AntiSquid: i've read the write up for that

eulerscheZahl: sounds fun. i plan to try it again next year

dbdr: I mean, how can you solve it in 3d? is it automated?

eulerscheZahl: of course

AntiSquid: there are donzens of ctfs, i just skimmed over a few before this

eulerscheZahl: and numpy failed me on it

eulerscheZahl: refused to solve for a non-square matrix

eulerscheZahl: more equations than variables

dbdr: wlesavo improving :+1:

dbdr: you still use MC?

wlesavo: dbdr 3 actions now :smiley:

wlesavo: bruteforce

dbdr: ah, full search? how deep?

wlesavo: 7

wlesavo: it could be optimised from what i having, but 3 actions lets for a bit deeper search. i think game could be solved on around 8-10 depth

Illedan: Define solved

dbdr: reach perfect score

wlesavo: well 2+4+8+16...+2^16

dbdr: 8-10 is far from enough, I think

Illedan: You need a depth of 100 to get the max score

dbdr: you're mixing things up

kovi: more than 100 on 1 certain test

dbdr: you could do several depth 10 searches per turn

wlesavo: but thats a bold guessing from what i see now

Illedan: ah, true

wlesavo: yeah, you probably right, im just not there yet

dbdr: you're not that far though

wlesavo: hitting 65k at 600 turn with depth 7 and 3 actions, hm. yeah, for perfect a lot should line up, 100 might be not enough, but still it feels like depth 9-10 should be able to go a long way

geppoz: "3 actions" means?

dbdr: ULR

geppoz: any reason for doing that?

wlesavo: фддщцы ащк вуузук ыуфкср фтв нщг вщте куфддн туув ше гтешд ыщьу зщште

wlesavo: oh

wlesavo: allows for deeper search and you dont really need it until some point

eulerscheZahl: did you write English to a Russian layout?

wlesavo: yeah forgot to change layout :slight_smile:

dbdr: ψαν ηαππεν το αλλ οφ θσ ;)


dbdr: :D

dkov: what can I do, if the standard error stream, started to only show: `...'

Illedan: Nice dbdr, swapping snake helped?

dbdr: no, haven't done that yet

dbdr: will keep it as an option if any of you threaten me ;)

Illedan: :P

Illedan: Dont count on me

eulerscheZahl: you should stop at a score of 67108864

eulerscheZahl: that's 2^26, don't exceed it

eulerscheZahl: dkov there's not much you can do about it except printing less

dbdr: I only know the 2^(2^N)

dbdr: and 2^N for N <= 16

dbdr: surprised you know 2^26

eulerscheZahl: i'm talking about a total score for 30 validators (not a power of 2)

eulerscheZahl: just giving a random number that would be nice to see as a score on the leaderboard of this game

eulerscheZahl: or half of it for wlesavo

dbdr: it's only nice if you know what 2^26 is

eulerscheZahl: oh, that's what you meant

eulerscheZahl: i used python to calculate it :D

eulerscheZahl: i'm not even sure if i can get up to 2^16 at the top of my head

eulerscheZahl: till 4096 it's fine, then i have to think a bit

dbdr: but you would recognize 32768

dbdr: useful to know what fits in a signed short :)

eulerscheZahl: of course, i recognize it

eulerscheZahl: but can't tell if it's 32768 or 678 or something when i don't see it

kovi: huh, 62m? picked a random 3m+?

eulerscheZahl: did you get the 3m on the same testcase before he improved further?

kovi: hmm, i thought it is not possible to go above 60m, but it seems it is (22*1.74+6*2.8+2*3.4)

eulerscheZahl: that profile pic looks familiar

geppoz: that is Doom boss if I remember

eulerscheZahl: was thinking about

geppoz: y

eulerscheZahl: i never played doom

geppoz: you too young :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: doom still runs in DOSBOX, fun

PatrickMcGinnisII: the engine was nice for it's time

Shadowtick: I played doom 1,2 and 3 because I found the games and everything to play them

Shadowtick: :3

Shadowtick: I hate doom 2016

PatrickMcGinnisII: i believe it was compiled w/ DJGPP 16-bit of course

Shadowtick: yes it was actually

Shadowtick: they used to only have 8-bit plus 16-bit games back when doom 1 and 2 came out

PatrickMcGinnisII: modeX graphics were actually a thing

Shadowtick: I know but some games wouldnt be able to use that

Shadowtick: idk why they couldn't

PatrickMcGinnisII: I did alot of matrix transformations in asm back then, z- ordering, etc. *sigh*

Shadowtick: ok

Shadowtick: but I am good at coding on p5.js

Shadowtick: and I am trying to make a game on it

PatrickMcGinnisII: inline asm in C++ was very powerful back then, back when coders weren't lazy because Pentiums weren't quite as common

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm too old for this conversation

eulerscheZahl: and don't even clean up the garbage myself anymore

eulerscheZahl: thank you managed code <3

PatrickMcGinnisII: I need a bot to change the cat box

jacek: :3

Astrobytes: just done mine, and the little bugger promptly shat in it and walked off. Didn't even cover it :/

eulerscheZahl: mine does her business outside

PatrickMcGinnisII: better than the tile in the foyer, listening to one of my cats (who is blind) trying to cover it up reminds me of CG somehow

eulerscheZahl: enough neighbors to cover

Astrobytes: my eldest used to, but she doesn't go out much nowadays

eulerscheZahl: corona lockdown? :(

Astrobytes: Nah, she doesn't like it up here since I moved

Astrobytes: Used to have a huge garden with a big tree and lots of places to hide

eulerscheZahl: oh

Shadowtick: aight imma head out

PatrickMcGinnisII: my GF came over last night and my animals (3 cats and a dog) all cock blocked me...little shits

Astrobytes: PatrickMcGinnisII: Mines scratches the floor, wall and sometimes in mid air. That's her definition of covering it

eulerscheZahl: when mine was still new, she had the freedom to go outside but didn't quite understand the concept so she came inside to go to toilet and then outside again right away

Astrobytes: hehe, my friends cat still does that after many years

eulerscheZahl: :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: I have a cat door ... use it you lil sumbitches

eulerscheZahl: mine was always completely dusted afterwards

Shadowtick: see you I am gonna be coding in p5.js or editing a khan academy game spin-off I have

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok Shadowtick glhf

PatrickMcGinnisII: people shake their heads about php, that's how i feel about JS

Astrobytes: my previous cat before this pair couldn't figure out getting back inside via the cat flap

Default avatar.png mgajda: anyone knows keybinding to run all tests in the CodinGame editor? Or is this chat corona-only?

Astrobytes: that's not exactly a nice way to ask for help

Astrobytes: :P

Default avatar.png mgajda: can you please kindly give me a pointer towards the possible keybinding to run all the tests. Please, please, please

eulerscheZahl: ctrl+enter for one test ctrl+shift+enter did something too

eulerscheZahl: i forgot if it's all tests or submit

PatrickMcGinnisII: keybinding, editor has changed, but clicking run all testcases usually works fine

Default avatar.png mgajda: (I use VS Code all day, but did not find a solution quickly.)

Astrobytes: ^ second one runs all

Default avatar.png mgajda: (obviously my VS Code is non-default config, maybe that is why)

Astrobytes: If you right click and check the command palette it's in there I think

Default avatar.png mgajda: Thanks! I want to live without clicking, less RSI

Astrobytes: True

Default avatar.png mgajda: and thanks for "Command palette" pointer.

Astrobytes: no worries, quite a few useful commands

Default avatar.png mgajda: and sorry for rough question, we are all spoiled by the good UIs we get daily, and get enraged when we cannot find command palette :-)

Astrobytes: All good :)

Astrobytes: You can edit keybindings through Settings on the left too btw

Default avatar.png mgajda: or am I only one with the anger-control problem when UI is anything less intuitive than reading my mind?

Astrobytes: No, it happens lol

PatrickMcGinnisII: no untrigger suggest, stupid box pisses me off

Default avatar.png mgajda: yep, found keybindings, so the command palette is only one I needed to make it work :-)

Astrobytes: Awesome. Handy for assigning Ctrl-S to something other than save in my case lol

PatrickMcGinnisII: spam to follow, me thinks

Default avatar.png mgajda: yeah, that is the one I will assign to "run tests" next. (I usually have `build --file-watch` setup.)

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh :3 is a cat face smile...smh, i feel so dumb

Astrobytes: You can run CG-local and automate everything that way

Astrobytes: At least then you are in your own IDE

Default avatar.png mgajda: CG-local? Any URL?

Default avatar.png mgajda: do you mean CG-Sync?

PatrickMcGinnisII: rewriting COIF isn't any fun, wth...I was so sloppy the first time thru

Astrobytes: CG-local is another similar one, think it's for Chrome actually now I think about it

Astrobytes: thread here:

Astrobytes: Same PatrickMcGinnisII

Astrobytes: alright, afk for a bit. Making flatbreads

Default avatar.png mgajda: still cannot find the command from palette...

Default avatar.png mgajda: what is the editor command name for "Play" or "Play all" command? (One that I can put into keybindings.)

PatrickMcGinnisII: what did ctrl+shift+enter do?

PatrickMcGinnisII: might just insert a line

Default avatar.png Outjamboned: Hi , I just beat the Boss of Onitama but i dont get the quest "puzzle of the eek" completed

Einwickler: Im pretty sure you will get it after some time. I spent some time on Onitama yesterday and got the achievement an hour afterI beat the boss I guess.

Einwickler: So just be patient :)

Default avatar.png Outjamboned: Ok , thank you :)

Einwickler: Did you just beat the boss once or did you get promoted to the next league? I was also promoted after some time so maybe thats important too

Default avatar.png Outjamboned: I was promoted to Wood 1

Default avatar.png mgajda: yeah, it ctrl-shift-enter works in standard keybindings, but I do not see how to check them. In Vim keybindings it just inserts a line :-)

Default avatar.png mgajda: @PatrickMcGinnisII

Einwickler: Outjamboned so then just spend some more time on this and Im pretty certain you will get the achievement soon

MattSOrme: This match showed up as a loss in my last battles :/ but i clearly won

Nerchio: sometimes the match history feels bugged

Nerchio: maybe you need to open and close xD

geppoz: anyone likes to put drawings in code?

geppoz: ;)


Default avatar.png Outjamboned: I got the achievement in the end :) Just needed to wait

CopperFr: it's a crazy crazy world (Scorpions 1990)

Default avatar.png Armenz: Is there a way to autoindent my code?

eulerscheZahl: no

Default avatar.png Armenz: Aaaah ok. Thanks

CopperFr: you can use Format document

Default avatar.png Armenz: Where can I find that?

eulerscheZahl: oh, that's new

CopperFr: i have that in right click menu

eulerscheZahl: right click in the editor, command palette

eulerscheZahl: the old editor didn't have such a feature

CopperFr: you have multi-cursor too :D

Default avatar.png duckymirror: It doesn't do indent my Rust code though

eulerscheZahl: i have an offline IDE ;)

CopperFr: perhaps it's not in all languages

Default avatar.png duckymirror: Yeah

eulerscheZahl: worked the the C# code where I just broke formatting on purpose

Default avatar.png duckymirror: I sometimes open VS Code, paste my code, format it and paste it back into the online editor :smile:

eulerscheZahl: i code in my offline IDE and then copy-paste it here

Default avatar.png duckymirror: Coding online is much more comfortable with the new editor

Default avatar.png duckymirror: I mean it's more comfortable than with the old editor

CopperFr: yes the online editor is ok

PatrickMcGinnisII: only thing i miss is right click paste

eulerscheZahl: don't you usually use ctrl+v?

CopperFr: i prefer ctrl+v

PatrickMcGinnisII: i few things i don't like about new editor as well, but I've been told to shutup and like it, basically

eulerscheZahl: i hate it when i close the autocomplete with escape and the editor loses focus entirely

CopperFr: it's strange there is Copy / Cut but not Paste

PatrickMcGinnisII: i like having options, i drink coffee with left hand, etc. i know, wierd

AntiSquid: from a left handed mug?

CopperFr: ah yes the editor don't do coffee it's a problem

PatrickMcGinnisII: I got it at the left hand mug store

PatrickMcGinnisII: gheesh, rewriting COIF, got all my pretty new data structures setup and it plays... 100 lines of code to print "MSG Are we having fun yet\n"

PatrickMcGinnisII: at this rate the unnoficial contest will be over

Majeck: Wait

Majeck: I just realized mugs can be left-handed

Majeck: I had never thought about that before hahaha

Default avatar.png duckymirror:

Default avatar.png duckymirror: I just found this

PatrickMcGinnisII: I just realized that in 10k years when an archaeologist digs up Disney World he's gonna think we worship Mickey Mouse and that we tortured people with "rides" to nowhere.

eulerscheZahl: nah, too well documented

Majeck: eulerscheZahl I bet every single civilization on the face of the earth has thought the same thing

Majeck: "We're all around and we've built so much, no way people in the future don't know who we were"

eulerscheZahl: and we still know a lot about ROmans

Astrobytes: Meh, "what have the Romans ever done for us?" :P

Majeck: Well apart from the roads, sewage, aqueducts, law and order

Majeck: Putting all of that aside

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png duckymirror: And being our ancestors.

Majeck: What have the romans ever done for us?

Astrobytes: Glad someone got it ;)

magaiti: i mean they didnt leave a single blog

Default avatar.png FatihAltuntas: what is the code for power of thor

Astrobytes: Look at the Hints button on the left

Hugo-NL: anonyone know that if you created your account with oauth if there is way to reset your password without actually knowing it ?

Guven: hi all, come over solve puzzles with us

PatrickMcGinnisII: Guven Welcome to the chat room! You need to be a follower of SonerGonul to chat.

PatrickMcGinnisII: yawn, CoC twitch lol

Shadowtick: I mad a song

Shadowtick: made*

PatrickMcGinnisII: Shadowtick addicted to CG huh

Shadowtick: no

Shadowtick: I made a song on another website that I found

PatrickMcGinnisII: will your song annoy my 14 year old daughter?

Shadowtick: Idk

PatrickMcGinnisII: if so, I will play it

Shadowtick: it doesnt have any lyrics

Shadowtick: I am publishing my song right now

Shadowtick: so I got to wait a bit

PatrickMcGinnisII: melt your brain

Shadowtick: no I'm not gonna do it

Shadowtick: it is almost done publishing

PatrickMcGinnisII: I play this song when i rollup on a gas station

PatrickMcGinnisII: keep in mind I'm old AF

Shadowtick: ok?

Shadowtick: but your not someone that has to deal with trying to keep their youtube channel alive

Shadowtick: I have to

PatrickMcGinnisII: My 14 yr old has her own youtube, 1k subs

PatrickMcGinnisII: u?

PatrickMcGinnisII: I lost all my coif changes when my intenet went down, i hit didn't save the code

Shadowtick: I dont even have 50

PatrickMcGinnisII: drop a link, I'll sub, if its any good you'll get a couple huno more

PatrickMcGinnisII: er hundo

Shadowtick: I will send you the link to mine

Shadowtick: I sent the link to my channel and to my song

PatrickMcGinnisII: she lied, she only has 441

PatrickMcGinnisII: ouch

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh she needs 1k


PatrickMcGinnisII: damn lost 40 lines of code in the coif internet drop debacle

Shadowtick: ooof

jacek: fffuuu?

Shadowtick: ummmm?

geppoz: done

geppoz: lol

geppoz: I unrolled the shift routine of 2048

Shadowtick: imma just go make a bass boosted version of my song

Shadowtick: so brb

geppoz: for calc each of the new 4 rows i do no cycles

geppoz: just 5 cmp (max) and 4 assignment (max)

Shadowtick: back and dear god my ears are dying

Shadowtick: I think I messed up editing my song


PatrickMcGinnisII: geppoz that for 2048?

geppoz: y

geppoz: :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: well you have 4 inputs to condense right

Shadowtick: I think my ears are bleeding

PatrickMcGinnisII: take out all the zeros, put them on the end

geppoz: y, so i hated that two cycles that lasted 4 or 3 times

PatrickMcGinnisII: then all you need is 2 ifs and an else

PatrickMcGinnisII: because at most you have to merge two positions

geppoz: "take out all the zeros" -> that is already a cycle 0 to 4

PatrickMcGinnisII: it's one function in php

PatrickMcGinnisII: i see what you mean tho

geppoz: i had a 120% increase

PatrickMcGinnisII: so mine is 4 + a max of 3 more ifs

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm

geppoz: (but im far from top solutions)

geppoz: this is my microelectronic soul that tries to emerge :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: so you have to do 6 ifs and then assign

geppoz: 3 to 5 ifs, then 2 to 4 assign

PatrickMcGinnisII: exaplains why mine runs a hair slower on fuller boards

PatrickMcGinnisII: i thought about just precomputing a list

PatrickMcGinnisII: since my code never gets up to 64k

geppoz: anyway, I did that because I like this things, but with a better evaluation you gain far more that all that code optimizations

PatrickMcGinnisII: so a 0 is 1, 1 is 2, 2 is 4, 3 is 8, 4 is 16,5 is 32, 6=64,7=128,8=256,9=512,10=1k,11=2k,12=4k,13=8k,14=16k,15=32k, 16=64k...hmmm 16^4 combos

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh no a 0 is 0

Shadowtick: ... ummmmmmmmm imma just go

PatrickMcGinnisII: lookup table too big

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, glhf

MSmits: Shadowtick couldn't handle the Patrick :(

jacek: the star?

geppoz: lookup with all possible value impossible

geppoz: uhm TBH if you suppose never go over 32678

geppoz: you can represent every value with 4 bits, so x4cells = 16bits

MSmits: oh btw, jacek, I misunderstood what you meant by tempo

Shadowtick: I am easily confused that's why MSmits

jacek: MSmits ?

MSmits: tempo is how advanced your pieces are. I meant a bonus to the player who's next to move

jacek: but thats what i mean by temp - a player to move

MSmits: oh, that's weird, I came across it with the other definition

Shadowtick: I am gonna edit my bio and put a link to my first song

Shadowtick: because Idk why

Shadowtick: why not*

MSmits: sure

jacek: you mean breakthrough? i saw a paper that gave some score for the furthest pawn

Shadowtick: I forgot how to

MSmits: nah checkers

MSmits: same idea I suppose

geppoz: so there will be a an array of 65536 words (16bits)

jacek: and tempo is

MSmits: you mean parity I think?

MSmits: When a player achieves a result in one fewer move, he gains a tempo

jacek: no, just a player to move

jacek: hmm

MSmits: I'm thinking this is one of those things that are used with different definitions

jacek: meh

MSmits: in any case, I found that giving a bonus or penalty to the player that is next to move is really important in best first search type algos

Shadowtick: I did it

MSmits: doesnt matter in minimax/negamax

Shadowtick: I added my song to my bio

jacek: good for you

MSmits: that's enough productivity out of you this week Shadowtick, relax now

jacek: does your negamax still oscillate between even odd?

Shadowtick: ok

MSmits: nah, that earlier version had tons of bugs

Shadowtick: I am gonna be done talking for a few minutes

MSmits: it was on onitama btw, i got all the bugs out and then it was worse tha my mcts version

MSmits: I got an improvement switching to negamax on checkers, after improving the eval, then i used that eval in my mcts and it was better =/

MSmits: negamax seems a waste of time for me

jacek: at least you improved your eval

jacek: also, any fancy move ordering?

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: I store the best move from an earlier iteration

MSmits: search that first

MSmits: dont remember what thats called

MSmits: killer move, history ? dunno

MSmits: seemed to make sense

jacek: best move from previous principal variation

MSmits: not exactly

MSmits: I store everying in TT

MSmits: take the best move out of there

MSmits: so not just the PV,

jacek: oh right, not only pv

jacek: just best move from previous iteration

MSmits: yea

MSmits: not sure if this is the standard way to do it

jacek: it is

MSmits: well then I figured it out. I guess it was too much to hope for to get some actual improvement over mcts. I spent 2 years perfecting coding that.

MSmits: i'm still a newbie at negamax

jacek: killer move is about taking best move of the same level

jacek: i.e. if b2c3 is best in one situation, it may be best in similar one

MSmits: yeah i guess that works for games where the overall board structure stays the same during the search

MSmits: but if the board changes wildly after every move, kller move doesnt work

jacek: like bt, but i think checkers too

MSmits: maybe yeah

MSmits: not onitama i think though

MSmits: with all the card switching and the few pieces

Shadowtick: hey i'm back

jacek: welcome back

Shadowtick: gtg eat dinner

Shadowtick: ;-;

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, rewrote my 40 lines of code

PatrickMcGinnisII: breaktime

PatrickMcGinnisII: glhf

tobk: What's that new contest? Rerun of Code of Ice and Fire?

Majeck: Yep

Astrobytes: Not a rerun, just informal 'see how much you can improve'

Astrobytes: (if you have a bot already)

Shadowtick: hey

Shadowtick: im back

maras: is there a way to check memory usage in CG?

Majeck: Not that I know of

Majeck: You can check the ms it takes to run your program though

Majeck: Hey in the "Counting Squares on Pegs" what does it mean when it says that: "Note that we do not require the squares to be axis-aligned."?

Majeck: Is it saying that the squares don't need to be squares, ergo they're actually quadrilaterals?

Majeck: Or is it referring to them not needing to be in a "grid"

LastRick: Look at PetrKlic's image in the community discussion for the puzzle:

Majeck: Oh

Majeck: Thanks you just saved me a lot of wasted time lol

LastRick: Np

Default avatar.png Sunkin351: In recent years, the C# language has evolved quite a bit, and I'm wondering what version of the language this place is using.

Default avatar.png Sunkin351: The presence of Span<T> Indicates this is C# 7.2+ and I'm very happy about that.

Schwase: im sure there are specifics available somewhere

Schwase: id check the forums if youd like a definite answer

DaNinja: versions are in the faq

Default avatar.png Sunkin351: C# 8, compiled with unsafe code on... Sweet.

Default avatar.png Sunkin351: For the project "Unique Prefixes", I was lead to believe the same string of letters would not appear twice, yet in the 7th test case, there are 2 and 3 identical strings. Can someone explain this?