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sashaGrey: hi

jrke: (seed * seed) % 50515093L;

jrke: is this the formula to generate next turn seed for 2048 if yes then why its not working in c++

kovi: 64bit

jrke: so should i make it long long ?

kovi: i use int64_t, but yeah

jrke: oh yes now worked by long long thanks kovi


jrke: anybody ^^

_Nilu_: !faq

PatrickMcGinnisII: i use a flat array jrke

jrke: btw i got error it was division by zero

Default avatar.png Pengu.: lass mal btw spielen btw

Default avatar.png Pengu.: btw

AntiSquid: #de Pengu.

Default avatar.png Pengu.: btw

AntiSquid: you continue and you get banned for spamming @_@

jacek: such commitment

Q12: Is storing a lot of data can make the run time of the program longer?

Default avatar.png Zuusn: yes

Default avatar.png Zuusn: it can depend on how you store it aswell

Q12: Ok thanks, that what I thought

geppoz: x%1 = ?

geppoz: this operation make sense?

jacek: itll always be 0

LegendaryStone: occanowey do you think you can share your code please? or Shahrourit

Q12: geppoz Yes. Like this:

LegendaryStone: :( Didn't know how to complete it. I'm fairly new.

Shadowtick: hello

Einwickler: is it me you looking for?

Q12: geppoz The paste bin doesn't work so go to this link:

occanowey: LegendaryStone I published it.

LegendaryStone: Thank you :)

occanowey: :thumbsup:

Shadowtick: welp imma go make a website

Shadowtick: so brb

Shadowtick: and its gonna be a website about how great this website is or something about this one

MSmits: what is this error:

MSmits: ERROR: object '' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.

MSmits: bot performs fine otherwise

Default avatar.png JBM: bug on CG side

MSmits: ah ok

Astrobytes: Illedan posted it on discord also

MSmits: I see

dbdr: CG shenanigan :)

MSmits: hey dbdr, i have a question about checkers

MSmits: did you do anything special there, or just a regular negamax with well tuned eval?

dbdr: hm, that's a bit out of my memory

MSmits: ah ok, i was just wondering if you went back after Othello and used some things you learned there

MSmits: I am assuming it is your run of the mill negamax then, because otherwise you would remember

dbdr: did checkers first I think

MSmits: i tried an EPT mcts in checkers, never got a good eval, so I am going back and writing a negamax

MSmits: already got a good sim and stuff

MSmits: I guess it's a better game for minimax style algorithms

MSmits: it's weird though. It's very hard to find a good eval on checkers on google. People are very protective of it

MSmits: was much easier with Othello

MSmits: best i could find was "count your material" and "prefer center pieces"

eulerscheZahl: MSmits you can hover over the score to see the submit date

Default avatar.png Dibbla: Guys, sorry to interrupt. Im just promoted from wood boos3, and im eager to know what exactly is the nature of turning in the game

Default avatar.png Dibbla: cuz boss3 can speed down immediately after it pass check point in a weird way

Default avatar.png apollodor: Hello

Default avatar.png Dibbla: Is it possible for us to do so?

Default avatar.png apollodor: Could somebody help me understand the Ascii ART?

Default avatar.png apollodor: I'm really not sure how to treat this.. not sure how I'm suppose to convert a letter into ASCII art

Uljahn: apollodor: ascii art alphabet is given to you in inputs, your task is to select appropriate parts of those strings and join it together

Uljahn: Dibbla: could you pleas share a replay with such boss's behavior?

jrke: if im not timing out in IDE so can i timeout in submission for optimization game ?

Shadowtick: back

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: nah u cant dont worry

Default avatar.png apollodor: @Ulijahn, which one is, T?

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: well maybe u could if the hidden ones take more time

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: it rarely happens tho

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: ive never seen it happen tbh

Uljahn: apollodor: Following lines

Uljahn: apollodor: use hints button on the left

Default avatar.png apollodor: :|

Default avatar.png apollodor: I've read that once and didn't understood. Now it's clear

Default avatar.png apollodor: thank you

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: Hello World deHllloorW

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: An ElePHPant AaEeHlnnPPt

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: how to reverse this guys... help

Bob: seems reasonably obvious

Bob: just put your thinking in order :)

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: oh shit alphabet

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: thanks bob

AntiSquid: HoleWod lrl

dbdr: Illedan, did you reach a perfect score?

dbdr: anyone calculated it?

Default avatar.png sDCrAZzE: poopy

Einwickler: Can somebody here recommend me some resources for an introduction to genetic algorithm? Im not new to programming but entirely new to this field. Big thanks in advance


Illedan: little higher than this

dbdr: I mean on a single case

Illedan: sure

Illedan: Score: 2817876 Moves: 65488

Einwickler: Love Bob ♥

dbdr: that's perfect?

Illedan: only on perfect spawns

Illedan: Not sure

Illedan: didt calc it

Bob: and Code vs Zombies is typically a good challenge to try out a GA

Einwickler: Do I need to write a simulation for that?

Bob: yes

dbdr: #moves susiciously close to 2^16

kovi: yeah

Einwickler: Alright going to check that out. Thank you very much :)

kovi: need 100+ depth

Bob: being able to simulate the game is the basis of all GA/MC/MM methods

jrke: we can print unlinited no. of moves per turn?

dbdr: yes, depth seems to matter a lot

Shadowtick: hello

dbdr: jrke, basically yes

jrke: oke

kovi: i mean just to be able stuff 60k steps in 600 real step

dbdr: ah

Illedan: For 95% of my score you need at least 43k steps

Illedan: Most testcases stop at this amount

Illedan: because there is a 2 spawning and not a 4

Illedan: Seed 11205586 is the one I shared

MSmits: eulerscheZahl thanks, didnt know that

eulerscheZahl: did you experience any limit of chars printed per turn?

eulerscheZahl: the same way our error stream gets truncated

dbdr: I remember seeing a limit in the SDK

dbdr: might have been in the referee output though

eulerscheZahl: maybe i should just test it

Bob: Einwickler: the good thing about code vs zombies is that - precisely - the game is rather simple to simulate

Bob: and it's solo so you don't need to estimate opponents' moves

eulerscheZahl: i got off my one errors in the zombie game :(

eulerscheZahl: by*

Bob: also, you can get good results with the rather naive eval of just using the actual game score

Einwickler: That sounds perfectly great. I was kinda afraid of the idea to write a simulation for coders strike back because im pretty sure the collision stuff will make me go crazy as my knowledge of programming physics are veery limited. :'D

Bob: indeed :)

dbdr: Illedan, what are you doing, tweaking constants?

dbdr: spm submit?

MSmits: Einwickler copy the referee and then improve the math, no need to understand the physics

Illedan: some constants and some spam

MSmits: math knowledge is enough

Illedan: I get random timeouts :(

Illedan: And sometimes it can't solve the level properly

eulerscheZahl: you told me you are done

Illedan: On 1 level yeah

eulerscheZahl: next time i check you have 1M more

Illedan: xD

Illedan: Nothing better to do before the contest later

Illedan: but now off to make pizza

Illedan: cya later

dbdr: 1M is only 2%

eulerscheZahl: to me that reads like quitting

Illedan: :D

eulerscheZahl: it's not that 2% improvement

MSmits: sure does

Illedan: You have reached the maximum of submissions in a row. Please try again in a few minutes.

Illedan: Guess I'm stopped

eulerscheZahl: it's the margin of how close you get to the optimum

Illedan: anyway, bye

Einwickler: MSmits are you talking about coders strike back or code vs zombies? What referee do yo mean? I am confused

MSmits: strikes back

MSmits: you dont need to understand the physics

eulerscheZahl: zombies strike back :thinking:

dbdr: right. MSmits, we need the exact value ;)

eulerscheZahl: who will add that game?

MSmits: 50% chance it's you

MSmits: you have like half the optims

eulerscheZahl: my next is probably minesweeper

eulerscheZahl: puzzle, not optim

eulerscheZahl: random testcases (only 1 or 2) and you have to resubmit if you get unlucky

Einwickler: I dont really see any chance for me writing an appropiate simulation without understanding the maths? :thinking: What am I not getting here?

kovi: phew, im reliefed

MSmits: Einwickler the referee is public, you can copy the code to do the simulation

dbdr: burning out kovi?

eulerscheZahl: an optim would be torture for minesweeper

MSmits: then you improve the math that is in there

dbdr: at least you've moved aheda of Marchete now

kovi: going to be a local competition soon

MSmits: physics really does not enter into it

Einwickler: Ahhh now I see where you are going here. Where do I find this reference?

MSmits: someone share the csb referee

MSmits: some people have it on their gith

dbdr: eulerscheZahl, when has torture stopped you? :D


jrke: is there any hardcoded in 2048 ?

MSmits: ah yeah thats it

eulerscheZahl: i mean i'm fine with torturing myself to code the UI in JS

eulerscheZahl: but i don't want to torture you

kovi: yay

MSmits: just remember, the sim is slow, but can be made faster with some math shortcuts

kovi: but really i cant see the way to reach illedan

eulerscheZahl: ille got the 56M without hardcoding

Einwickler: This is great. Kudos to all of you ♥

eulerscheZahl: you'll also struggle with the code size limit if you want to hardcode 50k moves for each of the 30 validators

MSmits: have fun Einwickler

MSmits: there's also some links on the csb main page

kovi: euler: good point

MSmits: with people sharing their wisdom


jacek: oh my

Einwickler: Yea I think I saw these. But a lot ot this stuff is very advanced if Im remembering this right. I really do need to get the basics first. One step at a time :)

dbdr: kovi :D

dbdr: in sync

MSmits: Crazy_Remi is now following you on CodinGame!

kovi: grat

eulerscheZahl: i saw that switch at #2

jacek: hm?

MSmits: your idol is following me jacek :P

eulerscheZahl: did you follow first?

MSmits: I think so

jacek: MSmits is that stalker fan

MSmits: when jacek mentioned him

dbdr: following me too :)

MSmits: well you're his opponent in D&B

dbdr: and I followed him

dbdr: nah, he has no opponent ;)

MSmits: maybe when I'm done with this negamax experimentation

Default avatar.png ferdinandkedef: python or c++

jacek: meh when i resubmit i push him up

MSmits: both

jacek: yes

Default avatar.png ferdinandkedef: same

dbdr: MSmits, isn't it bad to task switch?

MSmits: not if it keeps you motivated

dbdr: ah, you were getting bored?

MSmits: 2 things, i got a bit bored, but also D&B taught me how to do a proper hash table

MSmits: and that made me want to revisit negamax

Unkmar: I'm not going to try a build a prime generator/filter in 15 minutes.

dbdr: eulerscheZahl, did not stop on 2048?

MSmits: since my checkers bot is so bad, it seems like a good place to get some improvement

Unkmar: I don't care what language I use.

eulerscheZahl: busy with other stuff, didn't really try it myself yet :(

eulerscheZahl: new project at work, less motivation to code at home

eulerscheZahl: which is the same place physically :P

dbdr: didn't do the CGP Grey thing?

eulerscheZahl: the what?

Unkmar: Anyone else get burned out here really fast?


The_Auditor: @Unkmar yes

jacek: MSmits so now you can invite him to clashes

Unkmar: It was fun for like the first week. And then it is like. Why?


jacek: did you try other games? puzzles?

Astrobytes: try something other than clashes Unkmar

MSmits: definitely do that... clashes are boring

MSmits: i dont see how you can get bored after a week, thats like half a bor

MSmits: bot

Hjax: i feel like theres something wrong with the site design, since most new people seem to assume this site is just about clashing


Astrobytes: Stop it please JakeCoop, post it in 'clash

Astrobytes: or even #clash

Astrobytes: yeah, I don't get it Hjax

Unkmar: Okay, anyone of you. Try something elsers finished that Batman Warmer, Colder thing?

jacek: either clash or CSB

jacek: batman what?

MSmits: shadows of the knight he means

Astrobytes: You know, the Keeping Batman Warm puzzle

darkhorse64: Shadows of the night 2

MSmits: thats a puzzle Unkmar, try a multiplayer arena

jacek: its binary search [solved]

MSmits: write a bot for one of like 30 arenas

jacek: :newspaper: :soccer:

Unkmar: Not asking for a guide or solution. Just curious if any of you finished it.

eulerscheZahl: more like 50

MSmits: all of us i think Unkmar

Hjax: not me, because i almost never do puzzles

MSmits: Hjax would finish it in 10 minutes

Hjax: would i? it claims to be "very hard"

jacek: his gf is not impressed though

MSmits: it's easy, i had students that solved it

Shadowtick: hello

jacek: ohai


MSmits: says medium

MSmits: episode 2 is very hard apparently

Unkmar: That is episode one. That was easy.

MSmits: never tried that

Hjax: oh yeah i was talking about episode 2

MSmits: ahh did you mean part 2

MSmits: almost noone ever asks about part 2

Unkmar: Episode 2, Not so much. I'm glad others don't smack code walls with it.

darkhorse64: 2 is more difficult but if you watch carefully replays, it gives you hints on how to proceed

jacek: medium? is easy. episode 2 is fun

Unkmar: The first one was easy for me. Sure, you can't just brute force every location. But that was pretty easily assumed anyway.

jacek: tomorrows contest

jacek: maybe youll get more motivation

Yasser: yupi

Astrobytes: that was a random little notification

eulerscheZahl: that gets a ping?

MSmits: is that ice and fire?

eulerscheZahl: unknown, 3 options i think

MSmits: ahh, I am not joining, too much to do

jacek: fantastic bits, tulips and daisies, a code of fire and ice

eulerscheZahl: would be fun if he surprises us with something else

Unkmar: I don't like competing. I actually dislike anything that resembles sports. So, that include programming racing/fighting bots.

MSmits: well the only competing part is the fact that there's a leaderboard.

MSmits: you can just write a good bot and ignore that

MSmits: it's fun to get something that works

Unkmar: So, I'm left with puzzles. And trying to find one that is challenging but not nearly impossible for me is a challenge.

eulerscheZahl: if you choose an old arena, it's playing against some ancient bots anyways

MadKnight: oh, why so, Unkmar ?

MSmits: ohh it's a MadKnight

MadKnight: yea it is

Unkmar: I'm still competitive, I just hate to compete. So, I can't just (ignore that).

eulerscheZahl: that's why i skipped the halite contest

Noisestorm: Do we need to register by the starting hour or even after it started is fine?

eulerscheZahl: 3 months is way to long. had to protect myself

MadKnight: why?

MadKnight: oh

MSmits: like eulerscheZahl said, try an old arena, noone plays there anyway, not for years

MSmits: you'll compete with stale code

MSmits: you'll still see your bot improve and noone will see it

eulerscheZahl: or try to promote to league X

eulerscheZahl: the boss is static

MSmits: right

MSmits: well 99.99% of bots are also :)

MSmits: in an old artena

MSmits: -t

jacek: old arena?

MSmits: like mean max

MSmits: or something

Unkmar: I never finished longest palindrome either.

eulerscheZahl: onitama more than doubled the player count since Monday :tada:

Unkmar: After several DAYS, I just didn't care any more.

MadKnight: yea bots are like passing levels in single player

MSmits: free cp for me :)

jacek: :scream:

MSmits: it's deserved eulerscheZahl, it's really a great game. No cons to it

Unkmar: You see. that is the thing folks. I can usually solve most anything. I just have to dedicate my LIFE to it. Or at least several DAYS of it. Which creates a serious burn out.

MSmits: days, you say?

MSmits: :grin:

MSmits: days...

jacek: amateour

Unkmar: And completing a GAME just isn't rewarding enough. It doesn't save lives. Help the elderly. Help people, make me money or... Well, it feels completely unproductive.

MadKnight: Unkmar there must be something very specific that creates a burn out for u

eulerscheZahl: for the palindrome there's a well known algo

eulerscheZahl: either you have that bit of theoretical background and the puzzle is easy or you'll really struggle to see it

Unkmar: Amateur? I started programming before many of you were even in diapers.

MSmits: he meant amateur for being only obsessed for days

MSmits: I spent months on some games

Default avatar.png JBM: what's that to do with anything?

jacek: eeyup

MSmits: even the least obsessive person here, like maybe euler, is still obsessed enough to spend a week on a game

Unkmar: I've spent many months on projects. But I was getting paid for those and they made money for the company. They made the CSR's lives better. I've spent months playing games. That was just fun. But most coding adventures I do for myself are either completed in a week or abandoned.

MadKnight: but completing a GAME is a kind of practice/learning Unkmar

MSmits: Unkmar life itself has no purpose with your definition of it

Unkmar: don't get me wrong. I've already benefited immensely from this site. I've buckled down and learned things that I had put off for years.

Astrobytes: Do something else then Unkmar, doesn't sound like you're enjoying CG

Astrobytes: Or those parts of it at least

MSmits: we're not just here to learn, it's also just fun

Astrobytes: Take a break and change the scenery a bit for a while

MadKnight: u can never be sure that u don't have a ton more stuff to learn, Unkmar

MSmits: I watched the shining for the first time yesterday. At no point did I think: "is this making me money, is anyone's life better for it? "

MadKnight: selfish smitsy

MSmits: :P

jacek: shining?

MSmits: *the* shining

MadKnight: i remember that title

Astrobytes: The Stephen King story

Astrobytes: "Heeeere's Johnny!!!" etc

MSmits: was a bit disappointed, but still worth watching

MSmits: i can see why stephen king hated it though

Astrobytes: Book is orders of magnitude better

Default avatar.png Niicide: im so anxious for my sat scores :(

MSmits: never read it, but i can imagine it from watching this movie

Unkmar: yeah, I don't read or watch Stephen King. I saw one of the movies based on one of his books and. Yeah, I don' t like horror stories.

MSmits: i read enough of his books to get the flow of them

MSmits: he doesnt call them horror stories

MSmits: he calls them suspense novels

Astrobytes: He writes quite a narrow range, and has many failings, but I enjoy a lot of them

MSmits: because horror is cheap

MSmits: blood/gore/scares etc.

MSmits: thats not what he is about

MSmits: there's a lot of fantasy/mystery to them

Astrobytes: He's about the thing under your bed that you know isn't real... but you always pull your foot back under the covers anyway: just in case

MSmits: you have that thing too eh?

Astrobytes: (from Nightshift preface iirc)

Hjax: im convinced anyone who can sleep with their feet hanging over the end of the bed is a psychopath :P

Astrobytes: :D

MSmits: good hypothesis

MSmits: lisey's story is the best imho

The_Auditor: past couple of months feel close to horror stories

MSmits: it's a good example of SK books not being horror

MSmits: not quite, anyway

Astrobytes: It's got some horror-ish aspects

Astrobytes: But like psychological not gruesome

MSmits: only for those people directly affected.

MSmits: For the rest it's merely uncomfortable

Dartisan: eulerscheZahl how many players are needed in Onitama for a new bronze League?

jacek: its a paradise for antisocials

MSmits: like, if you lose your job, get sick, lose a family member

Astrobytes: (I mean Lisey's Story btw)

MSmits: ahh ok

jacek: Dartisan there is no bronze in onitama

MSmits: Dartisan the creator of the game decides how many wood leagues there are

MSmits: onitama has 2 i think?

MSmits: or just 1?

MSmits: no it's 2

Dartisan: Ah, good to know, I thought it would be dependent on the number of players.

MSmits: nah. You still get the same amount of cp as a game with the same amount of players and bronze/silver etc. leagues

MSmits: so the fact that it's wood leagues doesnt make it less important score-wise

Hjax: but any game with <500 players wont give the maximum cp

Dartisan: Except for the archivement, to make it in one Gold League ;-) But I see, but there are plenty of Games, Onitama is only one of my favorites, I for sure will invest later more time :-)

MSmits: Hjax true and it's actually worse, because the players that are there are usually harder to beat because you dont get hundreds of weak opponents to easily pass

MSmits: we have some good players here that play every community multi

jacek: :eyes:

eulerscheZahl: (was afk) only CodinGame can add higher leagues than wood to a game

eulerscheZahl: and so far they've never done it for a community contribution

Dartisan: Ah, good to know. So even not the developper.

eulerscheZahl: illedan wanted that for Bitrunner. Now we have 5 wood leagues :D

Illedan: pff

eulerscheZahl: at some point i tried to add a new league to vindinium. demoted everyone from wood1 to wood2. with a weak boss, making the whole website laggy when everyone promoted :rofl:

Illedan: :P

Dartisan: Always lovely, when you build on community and in the same bloc the community ;-)

Dartisan: Ah yes vindinium I will also later goes back with some new tries.

jacek: mhm

Illedan: nice kovi and dbdr :)

dbdr: almost maching you if we add up our scores :D

eulerscheZahl: still going in parallel :D

Illedan: :D

dbdr: no french in top 10 :O

eulerscheZahl: maybe they are more the multiplayer folks?

dbdr: 4 in top 10 optim

eulerscheZahl: but they are rarely active in community optims

eulerscheZahl: which is why they dropped on the optim leaderboard already

dbdr: yeah

dbdr: Neumann is less active generally, I think

eulerscheZahl: he said he didn't code for half a year. i countered with his recent contest participations :P

dbdr: he did SR though

Illedan: :raised_hands:

eulerscheZahl: the only one I skipped :D

Illedan: :(

eulerscheZahl: my complement

eulerscheZahl: sorry Ille. physics is just not my cup of tea

eulerscheZahl: i'm a square grid player

Illedan: Not octo?

eulerscheZahl: never

dbdr: penguins is hexa

kovi: nice dbdr

kovi: we improve suspiciously in sync

dbdr: yes :D

DomiKo: little sus

eulerscheZahl: a pig?

DomiKo: suspicious

YCS-Venom: hmm then who the imposter is? LOL

AntiSquid: good you didn't turn it into a truly cringeworthy acronym like : suspy domiko

Default avatar.png TheRandomGuy:

Default avatar.png TheRandomGuy: join me

AntiSquid: no

Default avatar.png TheRandomGuy: pls

Default avatar.png TheRandomGuy: y

AntiSquid: and post them in here #clash

AntiSquid: main chat = no clash links, no nagging to join clash

Shadowtick: ok?

Shadowtick: I will join

Default avatar.png TheRandomGuy: are you an admin

Shadowtick: no I meant I am gonna join a clash

Shadowtick: I should really be more specific huh?

Hjax: DarkDev AntiSquid is a chat moderator and he can kick/ban you if you spam chat with clash links

jacek: :scream:

AntiSquid: i am a nice person, will avoid banning

DomiKo: yea

AntiSquid: will join every clash and spam CG multiplayer links instead

Astrobytes: lmao

jacek: very well


jacek: and you, Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: i mean, you have a high winrate

jacek: eeyup I do

Hjax: automaton speaks the truth

Default avatar.png TheRandomGuy: oh sorry squid i did not know i was not allowed to post links

Hjax: you can post links, just not clash links

Hjax: no one wants to see clash links, most people here arent interested

AntiSquid: you can post whatever, but think about the implications and please no nagging

Astrobytes: and you can still ask if anyone wants to clash, just keep the links out of main chat

Default avatar.png TheRandomGuy: what is nagging?

Hjax: annoying people by asking them over and over

AntiSquid: "pls pls join, why you don't join"

Default avatar.png TheRandomGuy: oh

Astrobytes: ^ asking the same thing repeatedly


Astrobytes: ffs :P

jacek: h my

Dartisan: I had to think on this simpsons episode:

Astrobytes: Perfect example :D

sunksuperset370: ello'

jacek: good evening


jacek: welp

eulerscheZahl: initially the year started in March...

jacek: uh oh

Astrobytes: eugh, never liked the Smurfs

eulerscheZahl: how about the Flintstones?

Astrobytes: hell yeah

jacek: christmas in flintsones?

eulerscheZahl: i never liked Bob the builder

Astrobytes: And the Jetsons to a lesser extent

eulerscheZahl: and thomas the train

eulerscheZahl: boring

jacek: creepy

Astrobytes: I loved Thomas as a small boy

eulerscheZahl: jetsons: never watched

eulerscheZahl: i don't even have an image in my mind

jacek: stop that pigeon?

Astrobytes: Jetsons was just Flintstones in space, and not as good

Astrobytes: Yeah, Dick Dastardly and Muttley

Astrobytes: epic

Astrobytes: loved Muttley's laugh

jacek: and flintstones in space is stone treck

Astrobytes: think I saw that on yt once

geppoz: I have a bug in my python interpreter???? round(4.5)=4 ??

jacek: oO

geppoz: seems round of .5 decimail is rounded down when the integer part is even??? madness

eulerscheZahl: rounding to even is normal

eulerscheZahl: banker's rounding

geppoz: The round() function rounding strategy and return type have changed. Exact halfway cases are now rounded to the nearest even result instead of away from zero. (For example, round(2.5) now returns 2 rather than 3.)


geppoz: "normal" for who?

eulerscheZahl: though i don't think it's a good idea to change it when it was different before

eulerscheZahl: normal to bankers of course

geppoz: if I heard now for the fisrt time then ofc it is not "normal"

eulerscheZahl: if you always round the same way, you make wins or losses due to rounding

geppoz: programming is for math not for bankers :D

eulerscheZahl: with rounding to even it will cancel out in the long run

geppoz: ok, goodbye python

jacek: euler works for banks. when he rounds profits it is even, when expenses it is odd

geppoz: not serious language :D

jacek: yeah, D is the way

eulerscheZahl: no, i consider banks boring wouldn't work there


eulerscheZahl: D doesn't like bankers either

Dartisan: on german they call it "Kaufmännisches Runden" ;-)

Hjax: i hadnt actually seen that rounding strategy, but it makes sense to me

jacek: why in german everything sounds like weapon

eulerscheZahl: you speak German? shouldn't surprise me actually


jacek: :scream:

Dartisan: Yeah, we learn as first language in school.

geppoz: then how to "normal" round in python?

Astrobytes: It might seem aggressive at first listen/look but spoken German sounds wonderful

eulerscheZahl: what a coincidence. my first was German too :D

jacek: int(x+0.5)

eulerscheZahl: what is "normal" rounding supposed to do with negative values?

geppoz: even shorter, nice

eulerscheZahl: golfing?

Hjax: i assume he wants to round away from 0

eulerscheZahl: if golfing: int(x+.5)

geppoz: uhm no, toward +inf

Hjax: ew

geppoz: so round(-1.5)=-1

geppoz: how about the bankers in this case?

eulerscheZahl: to even

eulerscheZahl: -2

geppoz: -2 since it is even

Hjax: does any languages standard library round towards +inf?

eulerscheZahl: rounding can be quite complicated the more you think about it

eulerscheZahl: but not as ugly as time zones

geppoz: so they are the same for the positive odd and for the negative even :D

geppoz: comic

geppoz: all uses toward +inf IMHO


Dartisan: please no timezones.

Hjax: java supports a bunch of rounding modes, C++ rounds away from zero

jacek: kree java!

Astrobytes: every. single. time. :rolling_eyes:

jacek: nopony got that reference? :(

geppoz: java rounds toward +inf the negatives

geppoz: as javascript

jacek: what is the round o NaN :thinking:

geppoz: NaFN


geppoz: Not a Fractionary Number

geppoz: :D

Dartisan: Thanks for the link, will be forwarded on the next days ;-) Perhaps it would be an inspiration to calculate timezones for clashes ;-)

Astrobytes: "Not a Fractionary Number" I must admit I substituted the F with another word :/

geppoz: well i meant the Math.round

geppoz: the standard method

Hjax: Astrobytes thank goodness im not the only one

Astrobytes: :D

geppoz: about the timezones I always managed to convert in epoch seconds

geppoz: the inputs, so work with that, then convert in other TZ in output

Hjax: theres no sane way to parse time zones

Default avatar.png hatf0: there's no sane way to parse

Hjax: because that would require some logic and structure in the design of time zones

Dartisan: It starts mostly already on the paper, when the question is, what time counts, client, company, headquarter or server location ;-)

jacek: meow

Unkmar: Agreed, Tom Scott did a video all about time zones.

Majeck: It was an awesome video

Majeck: Is there anyway to chat with someone who's not online?

Majeck: But that you know the username?

Majeck: *It is an awesome video

Majeck: hmmmm

Astrobytes: I think you can just PM them

Majeck: How?

Astrobytes: Sorry, think it's only if you follow each other

Majeck: It seems that if I use the /msg nickname on someone who's not online it doesn't work

Majeck: Oh you're totally right Astrobytes

Majeck: Thanks!

Majeck: Found the button in Profile -> Followers

Majeck: Thanks

Astrobytes: Awesome :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: mention them in a comment on discord, they will get an email with your comment/request, but it will be public

Astrobytes: Or just DM them on discord ;)

Majeck: I haven't ever joined the CG discord hahaha

Majeck: Is it worth it?

Astrobytes: Yeah sure, can be interesting at times

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm not on discord much, didn't know DM/PMs were there

PatrickMcGinnisII: but I do get emails when I'm mentioned

PatrickMcGinnisII: no spam plz

PatrickMcGinnisII: ;)

Astrobytes: Not a heavy user myself other than the CG and a few other quiet servers, it's better than regular social media at least!

Majeck: What is? Discord?

PatrickMcGinnisII: alot of stalkers on social media

Astrobytes: lol, Puzzle of the Week: Spam Patrick the hardest

Majeck: Hahahhahahha

Astrobytes: yes Majeck

Majeck: I would totally join in on that puzzle

Majeck: Could you imagine though?

PatrickMcGinnisII: <-- at least i'm ok w/ using my real name.... I have guns...and lots of ammo, heh ;)

Majeck: I imagine Euler renting some servers and sending over 20m messages a day to PatrickMcGinnisII

Astrobytes: Mr McGinnis here would be thoroughly unimpressed I believe Majeck

Majeck: On the contrary I think he would love all the attention

Majeck: Who wouldn't like being completely flooded with spam?

Astrobytes: Quite a few names are known on CG PatrickMcGinnisII, just not really a thing on here

PatrickMcGinnisII: umm, yea... I can send 500 an hour on MY server w/o help

Majeck: I recently learned how to use python to control my GUI and sent over 1200+ messages in 15 minutes to my CS WhatsApp group

Majeck: They were thoroughly annoyed lol

Astrobytes: Don't be That Guy lol

eulerscheZahl: i doxxed myself for a RAIC tshirt :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: lol, how long did it take? 6 months?

Astrobytes: Since they're now a rarity that was a worthwhile investment no? :)

eulerscheZahl: only 9 months to ship

PatrickMcGinnisII: rofl

eulerscheZahl: and the explosion looks like a hamburger

Astrobytes: It's the thought that counts

PatrickMcGinnisII: I keep offerring to laser cut acrylic led plaques for contest winners, then i looked at the shipping costs to certain countries...holy $100 US from me to Argentina

Majeck: Forgive my ignorance what's RAIC?

eulerscheZahl: russian AI cup

Astrobytes: damn you

eulerscheZahl: hosted once a year. usually plenty of tshirts to win (360)

eulerscheZahl: but not this year :(

Astrobytes: You get Putin's socks, cash or a voucher

eulerscheZahl: still waiting for the delivery from last year. corona delayed it

PatrickMcGinnisII: I would mail 3 to FR tho

Astrobytes: $100 to Argentina from Florida?

PatrickMcGinnisII: yup

Astrobytes: Pretty damn steep

Astrobytes: Mind you, mailing most things these days isn't cheap

Majeck: Couldn't you send them by mail?

Majeck: Or is the $100 using mail

Astrobytes: Shipping usually involves mail service at some point yes ;)

PatrickMcGinnisII: 3 methods to get to Argentina, cheapest was $100 for up to a pound

PatrickMcGinnisII: to EU not so bad, i sent a few things to UK

Astrobytes: (that's about 0.45kg normal people :P )

Majeck: lol

Astrobytes: Might get more expensive now cause of Brexit Patrick (or cheaper, depending on weird trade deals)

codeing: #fr

codeing: fr

Astrobytes: Yes codeing, that's the French channel. We know

codeing: mhm

codeing: what's up gays?

PatrickMcGinnisII: a php guy in top 10 of 2048...yall slackin'

Astrobytes: I'm still ULDR

PatrickMcGinnisII: i think I'm maxed to due to processing limitations

PatrickMcGinnisII: so should be easy to beat 1.4M for yall

Astrobytes: Honestly Paddy, you should try something other than PHP, I *know* you'd smash it

Astrobytes: Extra effort yeah sure, but dig in :smiling_imp:

Astrobytes: Put those C skills to use

PatrickMcGinnisII: Another issue of C for me is I get too involved with inline ASM, and I'll never get any sleep

Astrobytes: So be it.

Astrobytes: Release the inner (FL)nerd

Astrobytes: CG's perfect for obsessing over code optimisation :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: i love java, but then i'll feel guilty about using it for CG and not android

Astrobytes: Och just do it laddie

PatrickMcGinnisII: I run php locally all the time for image manipulations and i don't have to run a big IDE

Astrobytes: Sure, PHP is cool for loads of stuff

PatrickMcGinnisII: PY routine add-ons to software make me pull my hair out

Astrobytes: I think you're wasting your skills sticking with it on CG (just my 2 cents/pence)

PatrickMcGinnisII: i'm almost a Grandmaster sticking to just php

Astrobytes: True. But your multi performance would be even better

PatrickMcGinnisII: yes, the only motivation...sticking it you guys...rofl

Astrobytes: I don't care either way honestly, I just think you should unleash your inner beast properly

PatrickMcGinnisII: Haven't fired up VS in like a year or something

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmmm

PatrickMcGinnisII: might be rusty

PatrickMcGinnisII: I appreciate the thought

Astrobytes: I know you know your shit, don't sell yerself short

PatrickMcGinnisII: crap, i got to go cut some stuff...

PatrickMcGinnisII: glhf

Astrobytes: All good, catch ya later man

aCat: ? codingame

Default avatar.png CodingLegend1: Anyone completed the stock exchange losses problem?

Default avatar.png CodingLegend1: All my testcases work except the large dataset because it's not optimized enough... help plz

Astrobytes: ? aCat

jacek: ? happy Caturday's eve

aCat: heh

aCat: this should be pasted in browser bar

aCat: I wondered where this typed text went :P

Astrobytes: It's really annoying how the chat takes focus like that :D

Zenoscave: happy caturday tomeowow

kyrillos: peauriebrieake

Zenoscave: Did euler change 2048 somehow?

Astrobytes: He added '-' command to disable viewer, and added some more output in the summary I think

Zenoscave: The viewer is going super fast and then slow for some games

Zenoscave: might be CG related

Zenoscave: also getting ERROR: object '' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.

Astrobytes: ah yeah, that's some bug they're looking into

Zenoscave: shame

Astrobytes: It's quite recent (today) so guess it'll be fixed quickly


Default avatar.png CodingLegend1: Anyone got a solution for stock exchange losses in c++?

MadKnight: yea i got

MadKnight: CodingLegend1

Default avatar.png CodingLegend1: How did you optimize it for test case 05? I was able to get all the others

MadKnight: u can do it in 1 loop

MadKnight: and not 2

Default avatar.png CodingLegend1: Hmmm, I've tried doing one loop using max/min but then it fails for 06

MadKnight: because max can go after min

Default avatar.png CodingLegend1: yeah

MadKnight: so how to do it ?

MadKnight: in 1 loop

Default avatar.png CodingLegend1: Haha no idea

MadKnight: u need not just max or min

MadKnight: u need more

MadKnight: so add more conditions

Default avatar.png CodingLegend1: standby, I might be onto something

Majeck: Can anyone link me to Euler's site to find Codingame puzzles?


Majeck: Hahahaha

MadKnight: to find what codingame puzzles, Majeck ?

Majeck: I meant one of eulerscheZahl's website

Majeck: I forgot the name but it was basically a search bar for codingame puzzles

Majeck: MadKnight a really dumb (funny) clash of code puzzle I just played


DomiKo: I guess this one

Majeck: It had like 10 lines of statement with unnecessary crap

Majeck: Only for at the end say Bob has n eggs and Alice wants m eggs, how many eggs are sold?

Majeck: It

Majeck: Thanks DomiKo

Majeck: That's exactly what I was looking for

DomiKo: no problem

Default avatar.png CodingLegend1: MadKnight what data structures did you use?

MadKnight: ints

Default avatar.png CodingLegend1: Nvm I figured it out!!

MadKnight: gj

EmbeddedIs77: Hi

EmbeddedIs77: What languages do y'all use for golf?

EmbeddedIs77: I prefer ruby

EmbeddedIs77: cuz of how many inbuilt methods there are

Default avatar.png AlexBrvrt: Hi ! Does someone has a clue for the batman puzzle. I've found a solution but the Tower, i didn't understand how is it supposed to be possible. Can someone help ? ty

Laminator: you gotta be efficient. Think of the game where you guess someone's number by asking if it's above or below x

Default avatar.png halworsen: starting to wonder just how many clashes can be solved with regex

nickarshadi: iteresting aproach to solve them with regex

nickarshadi: interesting*

Prince349k: hi

Prince349k: chat ded?

Laminator: 0 if I had it my way

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: automaton2000 d

Automaton2000: which is what i think

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Exactly!

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Automaton2000 you're a good friend

Automaton2000: i'm pretty sure there are a lot of fantasy/mystery to them

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: .-.

Default avatar.png Niicide: sup automaton

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Automaton2000 you bot

Automaton2000: so what is the size of the input is read

PatrickMcGinnisII: ERROR: object '' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.

jrke: Patrick it happens with me also sometimes

PatrickMcGinnisII: only just started for me when I added a define("FSCORE", ...); statement

**PatrickMcGinnisII wonders if his rewrite of Tulips & Daisies is necessary

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: I found a way to finish detective pikaptcha without timing out... but it takes so long to type it out...

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: :'(