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MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: .-.

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: AutomatonNN

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: ...

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: RIP

MadKnight: do u guys know what's data-driven programming ?

[Csongor]: I would advise you tp

[Csongor]: search

[Csongor]: using google

gsomix: MadKnight, sure, you feed data and haha functions go brrr

gsomix: oh no it's data-oriented

gsomix: i have no clue then

Default avatar.png PrivatePirate_33ce: im a beginner here, can i get an explanation for Power of Thor Episode 1

JisuranIchigatsu: it's a condition puzzle, no difficulties here

JisuranIchigatsu: if else

professional_dumbass: are you sure allis isn't a bot?


professional_dumbass: him/her solved it in less than 2 mins

professional_dumbass: and by no means is that a easy question

professional_dumbass: didn't share the code either

professional_dumbass: a bit suspicious

Uljahn: Automaton2000: did you know there are official bots in clashes?

Automaton2000: i do need to add some more

Illedan: Automaton2000 How do I make my code 2x faster?

Automaton2000: no idea how to use the same function

jacek: delete system34

MadKnight: remove half the operations Illedan

Uljahn: make the rest of universe 2x slower

Illedan: :D

kovi: duh, seed is 64bit...

Illedan: haha

Westicles: Nice job Illedan. Running offline?

Illedan: Nah

Illedan: Online still

Illedan: Can get much higher offline

kovi: hmm, is there spawn/bug when the field is full?

Illedan: Should not?

kovi: may not be important, i just stop with prediction error in such case

Illedan: Did it happend because of an incorrect command?

Illedan: Only case where the board might still be full

Illedan: and euler forgot to check for that case

Illedan: :D

Illedan: Seems he do indeed check it

kovi: i cant see where



Q12: What does it means?

MadKnight: > FatalProcessOutOfMemory

Q12: Ok Thanks

MadKnight: how much memory did u allocate ?

Q12: I just wanted to create a hash table for numbers but I think that because the numbers are so big I can't make hash table that use their value to point to their location in array

MadKnight: what puzzle ?

Q12: Magic count of numbers

MadKnight: true, it got 9234567891011

Q12: yeah

MadKnight: wait didn't u mistook hashtable with cache arrya ?

Q12: pass all tests but the last two because of run time so now I try to reduce it

MadKnight: because hashtable doesn't allocate memory for all possible things

Q12: I use arrays as hash table. is there another option that I don't know about?

MadKnight: array isn't a hash table

Q12: So give me example for a hash table in JS so I can understand

Default avatar.png iliboss78: who want come to fight

MadKnight: oh, u use js ?

Q12: yes

MadKnight: oh then u are right

MadKnight: it is a hash

Q12: what lang did you talk about?

MadKnight: i talked about arrays

MadKnight: in general

Saaalikh: hey

Saaalikh: i want to clash with some real people for once

Saaalikh: these public clashes are filled with bots ffs

Default avatar.png iliboss78: shut the fuck up saaalikh

Saaalikh: are you a bot?

Default avatar.png iliboss78: no

Default avatar.png iliboss78: i'm just black

Saaalikh: '_'

Saaalikh: ok

Saaalikh: im brown btw

Default avatar.png iliboss78: like poo

Uljahn: iliboss78: stop being rude or ban

Default avatar.png iliboss78: i don't care

MadKnight: okay then no reason not to ban

MadKnight: don't forget #fr Uljahn

Default avatar.png iliboss78: shut up MadKnight i trying to sleep

Uljahn: sleep well, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: what would you do it in the viewer

AntiSquid: hey iliboss78 how's it going?

MadKnight: ask him on #fr, he's no more here

AntiSquid: he's banned already?

MadKnight: ye

Nazdhun: hi. is there a way to send a user a PM on ?

jacek: private message on their profile

Default avatar.png ____Mimil_____: hey guys

Nazdhun: but only if the users follow each other?

jacek: oh? maybe

Illedan: Lol, crazy idea + 5 min code pays off :D

dbdr: gg :)

Default avatar.png ____Mimil_____:

Default avatar.png ____Mimil_____:

Illedan: Wow, first time 2 equal submits only gave 200k difference :O

Illedan: Not only luck anymore :tada:

dbdr: you use random?

Illedan: Nah, but the timing is random

Default avatar.png ____Mimil_____: how report , mp?

Default avatar.png Cleinpresident: don't say

Default avatar.png ____Mimil_____: cleinpresident is not cool with me

Default avatar.png Cleinpresident: is trolling

dbdr: MC Illedan?

Default avatar.png ____Mimil_____: can u report this guy plz

Illedan: :angel:

Illedan: Who knows :shrug:

dbdr: :)

Default avatar.png Cleinpresident: please

Default avatar.png Cleinpresident: i m inocent

Illedan: LOL

Illedan: Ezpz

wlesavo: nice

Illedan: Wait a sec

dbdr: ah, you failed 30M

Illedan: new score INC

dbdr: ignore above :D

Illedan: Now

Illedan: ^^

dbdr: inb4 negative score above 2^31 ;)

Illedan: hahah

wlesavo: failed 40M ))

dbdr: even bigger fail too

Illedan: Damn

Illedan: Told euler I thought it looked too easy

dbdr: it's all relative

dbdr: but yeah, harder would also help with replay size

Default avatar.png Alex00N: is here anyone who has passed toptal's first tehnical test?

Illedan: 40 mill ;)

Default avatar.png Alex00N: they are pretty demanding

Default avatar.png LeRadovidVegan: Hello World!

DomiKo: top score Illedan?

Default avatar.png ____Mimil_____: print("hello world")

Illedan: Not yet

wlesavo: Illedan nice 50M fail

Illedan: Need 1000 more steps

Illedan: and I solve it

Illedan: Gotta optimize

Default avatar.png Cleinpresident: if emilienFoussard parle trop:

wlesavo: yeah optimal score should be possible

Default avatar.png Cleinpresident: print("tg")

Default avatar.png ____Mimil_____: modo can u see the mp, between me and clainpresident?

Default avatar.png Cleinpresident: emilien was in irl with me

Default avatar.png ____Mimil_____: and can u expulse this guy

Default avatar.png ____Mimil_____: bro are u ok?

dbdr: I looked at the referee, and I don't see how the testcase1 is fixed

dbdr: looks random to me

Illedan: Is it a validator?

dbdr: validator 1

Default avatar.png Cleinpresident: ____mimil he hits me irl

Illedan: hm

Illedan: wierd

Illedan: euler said it is not

dbdr: well, what's the seed?

Illedan: :P

Illedan: Only CG knows


dbdr: dirty euler coding :D

Illedan: hahaha

Illedan: OH

Illedan: FML

Illedan: It is possible to get the 131072 Tile

Illedan: I need more speeed

Illedan: 46 mill :)

dbdr: a good problem to have


DomiKo: You need speed!

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: MORE

Westicles: The names are off 1 on the validators

dbdr: how so?

Westicles: Well, I only did the first one(290797) and it only works on the random seed validator

dbdr: 290797 is the second one

dbdr: oh, it does seem there is something off by one

Westicles: yeah.

dbdr: euler screwed up again

dbdr: validators too ;)

Illedan: xD

Illedan: Validators on CG are not the best implementation :P

dbdr: I mean human validators

Illedan: pff

dbdr: kept holes, that they are now exploiting ;)

Illedan: Do we get score on submit for failed testcases?

dbdr: I don't know. I know it won't count as top score

Illedan: ok

dbdr: the % is the first criteria

Westicles: No, you get 0 for a failed case

Westicles: Or if you hit an invalid move

dbdr: Illedan, what's your max number of moves?

kovi: uh, illedan. that is brutal

dbdr: he has close to 50% of the total points on the lb LD

jacek: LD?

jacek: lucid dreaming :?

dbdr: :D

dbdr: L and : are neighbours

Agade: Lymphatic drain?

Allis: Load distribution?

dbdr: hey Agade!

Default avatar.png TomasV: local destination?

AntiSquid: lol

Allis: $ whatis ld

Agade: hey dbdr

dbdr: active these days on CG?

Agade: Not really last thing I did was oware abapa I think

Agade: I'm very slowly working on some CSB stuff...trying to do RL with python+Cpp

dbdr: nice

Agade: got #1 on oware but then jacek and robo got even better

AntiSquid: what is jacek using in oware?

Agade: AZ, probably

Allis: What's AZ?

Agade: Alpha Zero

Allis: Derp.

AntiSquid: jacek ?

AntiSquid: ping him Automaton2000

Automaton2000: and you are above me

dbdr: wlesavo, Illedan: how can a score be optimal?

kovi: each call has 2^x

kovi: cell

dbdr: cannot you always go further, potentially

dbdr: ?

kovi: you cant go further then

dbdr: ah, so limited by 2^31?

kovi: 2^32-1 i guess

dbdr: java is always signed

kovi: well, that is not the score

kovi: that is the visual sum of current numbers

dbdr: I mean 2^32 never occurs in java

dbdr: it's either 2^31 or 2^63

kovi: wait i meant 2^17 - 1

kovi: sorry

kovi: not sure about the limit of the score

kovi: if everything comes as 2 it is 2x as if 4-s coming all the time

AntiSquid: 3,932,156 ?!

dbdr: what's that AntiSquid?

dbdr: kovi, i'm not following how what comesmatters

WhiteGlove: I need 5 mins with a java guru

jacek: oO

dbdr: nice, wlesavo is emerging :)

wlesavo: nah, my broken sim emerged to its full power :slight_smile:

wlesavo: is there a limit to printing 10k chars at once?

MadKnight: how do i connect to cg chat with websockets? what uri do i use ?

DomiKo: wlesave I guess there is a limit

DomiKo: when I printed too much i got timelimit

jrke: yeah printing too much timeouts sometimes

AntiSquid: the max score 2048 on single board dbdr

dbdr: ah, 2^1 + 2^2 + ... ?

dbdr: right, you need space for the intermediates

AntiSquid: you need to count all the combos that lead up to the higher numbers too

AntiSquid: checked google for math on the number .

wlesavo: yeah the score is close to max_num*(log(max_num)*2)

wlesavo: petition for eulerscheZahl to draw only the final state of the board after many actions were outputed

Illedan: You can add -

Illedan: and get no viewer

Illedan: Just add a comment on the state

dbdr: what's strange is there is still lag when using -

Illedan: He doesn't reduce the time on each frame without the viewer

Illedan: guess those tousands of sec is causes some lagg

Illedan: :P

kovi: :)

dbdr: only data size should matter

Illedan: Game information: Maximum number of player interactions (600) reached score: 2020388


dbdr: you can be #7 with a single grid :D

Illedan: xD

DomiKo: 2Mln is nice

DomiKo: I got like 1.6Mln with 40K moves

DomiKo: how many moves you make?

Illedan: 47k

Illedan: You get the 131072 tile after about 43k moves

dbdr: oh, that's why the score can grow exponentially

Illedan: I get the 2048 tile on the first sec xD

jacek: so you need 18bits per tile?

jacek: wait, 18* different states

Illedan: Score should just be the sum of tiles on the board, would be easier to see the actual progression this way :P

kovi: yes

dbdr: 49M

dbdr: still improving?

jrke: so there is random test cases also

dbdr: no

jrke: so can still hardcore?

dbdr: maybe not because of the size limit

jrke: hmmm

jrke: whats maximum no. of turns?

dbdr: 600

jrke: so we have max 4 ** 600 game states

dbdr: no, you can output multiple moves per turn

Westicles: say 50k characters times 30 validators

dbdr: ill said 47k moves

jrke: oke

jrke: is there any logic on spawing of new tiles

jrke: or its random

dbdr: it's in the referee

dbdr: not random

wlesavo: lol broken sim depth 7 bruteforce able to achieve 4096

Default avatar.png nxnjitsu: bruh

Westicles: unicode is 8 bytes? so you could fit 32 moves per character?

DomiKo: not really

DomiKo: or I don't know how to do it

DomiKo: I tried using base65536 but it sometimes have double charaters :((

dbdr: unicode is not 8 bytes

Westicles: c++ has char32_t

dbdr: 32 bits is not 8 bytes either ;)

jrke: damn 49 million

DomiKo: move has to use 2 bits

Westicles: heh heh, oops

Default avatar.png nxnjitsu: allow send answers

EMG21: no

EMG21: shut up

jacek: oO

Metanoob: heyo

Shadowtick: hi

jacek: good afternoon

Shadowtick: how are you doing?

AntiSquid: ok

Shadowtick: I thought my classes ended at midnight last night but no it was just the ones due this month

Shadowtick: I was rushing through everything like I gotta get it done!!!

Shadowtick: isnt that sad

Default avatar.png CSharp_Sama: God I've been offline for so long

Default avatar.png CSharp_Sama: too longe actually

Default avatar.png CSharp_Sama: long :flushed:

Metanoob: good thanks and yourself?

Shadowtick: 𝕒𝕟𝕪𝕨𝕒𝕪𝕤 𝕨𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕕𝕠 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕒 𝕕𝕠?

The_Auditor: what happened to AutomatonNN ?

Default avatar.png CSharp_Sama: AutomatonNN where are you

Default avatar.png CSharp_Sama: :flushed: he's gone

Default avatar.png CSharp_Sama: :sob:

Metanoob: Automaton2000 where is AutomatonNN?

Automaton2000: i am not even sure if it is a very bad idea

Metanoob: thanks for the swift reply man

The_Auditor: even Automaton2000 is sad about his pal AutomatonNN

Automaton2000: right now i have an issue with my code on github

Metanoob: Sure you do buddy

Shadowtick: alright imma go draw something on ms paint website

Metanoob: hf!

Shadowtick: because I wanna draw some art

The_Auditor: Automaton2000 doesn't think that is art

Automaton2000: much much better than i expected

Shadowtick: but it will probably look horrible anyways so brb

The_Auditor: i stand corrected , Automaton2000

Automaton2000: thats pretty much the same as the test cases

Shadowtick: back

Shadowtick: I drew a infinite box


Shadowtick: Because thats the best I can do rn

Astrobytes: Shadowtick: Why do you hang around here

Default avatar.png CSharp_Sama: :wave:

Astrobytes: hi

Default avatar.png CSharp_Sama: How's life

Magus: Metanoob: AutomatonNN has a little issue right now. Because i was trying to update him, and it failed. So at the moment AutomatonNN won't boot because of a bad dependency chain .... :(

Astrobytes: Plodding along. You?

Magus: Automaton2000 is innocent.

Default avatar.png CSharp_Sama: I'm living

Metanoob: ouch, thanks for the heads up Magus

Automaton2000: if you want to simulate the entire game

Astrobytes: hi Metanoob

Metanoob: hey Astrobytes!

Shadowtick: Astrobytes it's because I can and because I have nowhere else to go

eulerscheZahl: 49 million :o

eulerscheZahl: well done illedan

The_Auditor: the student amazes the teacher

eulerscheZahl: the seal amazes the toad

dbdr: TIL Illedan is a seal

Shadowtick: welp imma go back to ms paint and paint more

The_Auditor: Automation2000 did not see your previous creation

The_Auditor: Automaton2000 did not see your previous creation

Automaton2000: sure, but you can make it work

Default avatar.png NIKIMINAG: the hell is this

The_Auditor: can you be more specific, Automaton2000 is confused

Automaton2000: they might be a bad move

wlesavo: MC does a little bit better than brute force, but still quite sad

The_Auditor: so, on the weekly challange, i improved the logic and my score dropped :)

eulerscheZahl: i see some difference in scores achieved

eulerscheZahl: weekly challenge?

eulerscheZahl: onitama?

The_Auditor: just like in RL you fix one bug and the app crashes, because the other bugs were relying on the bug that was fixed

eulerscheZahl: is it me or are the scores missing?

The_Auditor: i see scores

dbdr: I don't

eulerscheZahl: so naked

dbdr: you're 246th?

The_Auditor: sorry, i see scores in the lateral leaderboard on the puzzle

jrke: yeah he is

eulerscheZahl: i rock at CSB B)

Default avatar.png whothehelliskolev: Greetings. What is the version of python? And have you guys tried to use assignment operator in list comprehension? It seems to give an invalid syntax error when running the tests

wlesavo: its working again

jacek: python 3.7.4+

jrke: anybody knows ML here

jacek: print (sys.version)

Default avatar.png whothehelliskolev: Oh, I see. Thank you!

eulerscheZahl: jacek that question is for you

dbdr: eulerscheZahl, how deep do you beam?

jacek: mhm?

eulerscheZahl: beam me up Spock

eulerscheZahl: const int searchDepth = 50;

   const int printDepth = 40;
   const int beamWidth = 50;

dbdr: :D

jrke: euler here is one stupid doubt if row = 4 4 4 4 and i play L then it will be 8 8 0 0 or 16 0 0 0

jacek: 8 8 0 0

jrke: oke

wlesavo: it is explicitly said so in example

jrke: it was there but there was none for if both tiles are newly made(btw i said stupid doubt)

The_Auditor: that would be like castling in chess

eulerscheZahl: kudos to ille for making me add an example

darkhorse64: The rule is that there are no cascading merges

jacek: like chaning flips in othello in early drafts

eulerscheZahl: may the source be with you

darkhorse64: or chaining destructions in smash the code

MSmits: or me just writing spam walls

eulerscheZahl: you are a cascading spammer? I knew it!

MSmits: :flushed:

The_Auditor: yes ! it's java!

eulerscheZahl: referees are almost always java has to be a JVM language

MSmits: havent seen someone this enthousiastic about Java since wel... ever

The_Auditor: you obviously did not have to work with C

MSmits: c++

jacek: kree java!

The_Auditor: when java came about i was 10x more enthusiastic

eulerscheZahl: the move function might be a little cryptic but i golfed it in less than 40 lines with all 4 directions

The_Auditor: c++ has evolved over the years, not as punishing a c

eulerscheZahl: strings in C are fun :sick:

The_Auditor: c is like a katana, very sharp, but you don't want to make salad with it

AntiSquid: C is the alpha stage of C++

MSmits: c++ never got out of beta


dbdr: I did a summer research project at the university developping BETA as a student :)

MSmits: interesting

MSmits: I prefer shakespeare though

AntiSquid: you were a student at "Scandinavian School" ?

dbdr: visiting

dbdr: we had to go abroad in the second year

dbdr: which was great

AntiSquid: exchange program ?

dbdr: not an exchange, I could pick anywhere in the world

dbdr: I wanted to work on Eiffel, but Meyer never responded :D

AntiSquid: oh. i would pick somewhere warm and sunny

dbdr: Denmark is nice in the summer

Default avatar.png CHT-DAT: hi

The_Auditor: hello

dbdr: the sea is still a bit cold :)

dbdr: but the 20 hours of daylight were fun :)

AntiSquid: :thinking:

dbdr: at 3, you don't know if it's 3am or 3pm, looks the same

AntiSquid: 20 ?

AntiSquid: in denmark ?!

dbdr: roughly

Default avatar.png CHT-DAT: i am vietnamese bro

MSmits: sun was low I imagine

MSmits: not too bright

MSmits: hi vietnamese bro

MSmits: I am Dutch bro

Default avatar.png CHT-DAT: No way bro

MSmits: way

AntiSquid: i never lived that far up north

Default avatar.png CHT-DAT: Do you know "Chào em"??

MSmits: nope

AntiSquid: is it edible ?

MSmits: is he/she also a vietnamese bro/gal?

MSmits: or edible. sure

Default avatar.png CHT-DAT: I hate China a lots

MSmits: noted

Default avatar.png CHT-DAT: We call them Ching Chong

AntiSquid: .

AntiSquid: ya ok drop it

eulerscheZahl: you are working towards a kick

AntiSquid: every language sounds weird to outsiders, let's not be rude CHT-DAT ... feel free to complain about non-racial related stuff

MSmits: and...

MSmits: (religion?)

Default avatar.png CHT-DAT: Oke i am fine

AntiSquid: idk

The_Auditor: and politics

AntiSquid: i mean you could talk about censorship

MSmits: what if he complains about you censoring him ? :P

The_Auditor: we can talk about use of AI in censorship

AntiSquid: why can't you jokingly call someone winnie the pooh ?

Default avatar.png CHT-DAT: Do you hate china bro??

AntiSquid: that's fine MSmits

AntiSquid: no CHT-DAT

AntiSquid: no motivation .

MSmits: AntiSquid feels only love

AntiSquid: i hate SJWs i admit that

MSmits: JWS ?

eulerscheZahl: love is in the polluted air :notes:

Default avatar.png CHT-DAT: You do not know our feeling bro

The_Auditor: @CHT-DAT what programming language do you use ?

AntiSquid: i am aware a lot of neighboring countries hate china for being "intrusive"

MSmits: similar to Russia

MSmits: I suppose

The_Auditor: @MSmiths you stepped in it

MSmits: the :poop: ?

AntiSquid: CHT-DAT apply for americahn citizenship and vote trump, he will make chyna pay

The_Auditor: yep, i did not what to mention my feelings , but now...

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 voted already

Automaton2000: you can still work on your bot

Default avatar.png CHT-DAT: I am not good at English but i love my country and you can not know what CHINA has done to us bro

MSmits: yes it's not too late, thanks Automaton2000

Automaton2000: and i don't know how it is in the contest

MSmits: it's soon

The_Auditor: @AntiSquid i don't think the citizenship process works that fast

The_Auditor: 5 years for green card + 5 years for citizenship

AntiSquid: was a joke

AllYourMCTS: anyone know how many CPUs the machines that bots run on have?

AntiSquid: you also don't know which way a country is actually headed in 10 years

MSmits: AllYourMCTS doesnt matter, you only get to use 1 cpu

The_Auditor: if you are lucky and win the "greencard lottery" then its is still 5 years for citizenship

AllYourMCTS: oh damn

MSmits: be glad, saves you from having to parallize

MSmits: to be competitive

The_Auditor: @AntiSquid i agree with you, it's a jke

AntiSquid: and if you are lucky to not have your house burnt down or get shot The_Auditor .

AllYourMCTS: man i was just working on a threadpool in rust and was looking forward to doubling the speed tho

AntiSquid: i think it's ok, if that's what they want to do . their choice The_Auditor

AllYourMCTS: that makes sense

dbdr: MSmits won

dbdr: 't you join

dbdr: the 2048 fun when it's hot?

The_Auditor: So, apply for Canadian residency ! you gcan apply for citizenship only after 3 years of living in Canada !

MSmits: i don't need to, you just said I won

dbdr: :P

MSmits: nah, it doesn't attract me that much

AntiSquid: in china you never get full status even when married to a chinese national so w/e The_Auditor

MSmits: i guess i'll write some bot at some point, but not soon

MSmits: AntiSquid even if you get full status, you live in a country that monitors your every move.

MSmits: no freedom

AntiSquid: UK is getting kinda close to that MSmits

MSmits: doubt it

MSmits: sounds like hyperbole

AntiSquid: hah .

MSmits: it might be moving from 0 to 1 in a scale of 0 to 10 being North Korea I assume

The_Auditor: many countries are getting to that, ppl just like to kick china arround

dbdr: with a phone in your pocket, "they" literally kno your every move

AntiSquid: i think GDPR won't be as strongly enforced after brexit MSmits

AntiSquid: there's cameras everywhere in UK

MSmits: sure, but it also matters what they are used for

AntiSquid: internet data is kept by the ISP for a 6 months if i remember correctly

AntiSquid: and not sure if any laws changed recently .

AntiSquid: regarding privacy

The_Auditor: I have a question: if aliens find earth and notice they like to eate humans, would they care what country the food comes from?

MSmits: in China there are regions (not sure how many places now) where they use point systems to show if you have good behavior

MSmits: the cameras are used for this

AntiSquid: everyone is now automatically opt-in on organ-donor list in UK and you have to opt out, it took me by surprise really .

MSmits: thats fine with me actually

dbdr: this specific one, me too

MSmits: people are too lazy to think about it, so they have to do this

MSmits: otherwise noone signs up

MSmits: because of pure laziness

AntiSquid: i would like to be more aware of such changes .

MSmits: here they made us aware of it, i guess that should have been done better in your case

AntiSquid: was in the talks since last year, went live in march afaik and i found out about it in september

dbdr: there is a talk about the importance of default settings, organ donation was a main example

AntiSquid: but the main news was never covering it

MSmits: yeah that seems bad AntiSquid

The_Auditor: @AntiSquid I think what cardashians did recently is more important then organ donation laws

Metanoob: The Auditor, comparable to humans eating fish, does it matter the ocean/sea? In a way it does, if your favorite taste of fish is located in a specific area

dbdr: problem is not enough people pay for quality news

The_Auditor: where can i pay for quality news ?

AntiSquid: where can i find neutral news ?

dbdr: neutral does not exist

dbdr: and that's fine. good to use several sources, but also care about quality

The_Auditor: neutral is a subset of quality in news domain

Hjax: i like this site, but it seems to be mostly USA news

dbdr: what does neutral mean?

dbdr: everyone has perspective based on their background

AntiSquid: i mean anything that isn't a political echo chamber

dbdr: and that's fine

dbdr: sure, if your goal is to prove one party is better than another no matter what, it's not going to be quality

AntiSquid: you can look at 2 opposing views and still not get the honest truth .

Hjax: you can, but at least you can evaluate both perspectives for yourself

Hjax: which is important

dbdr: sure. the biggest lie is that there are only two sides to an issue

eulerscheZahl: even the selection of what's worth reporting is biased already

Hjax: also morning/afternoon/evening everyone :D

AntiSquid: journalistic silence is journalistic violence /s

eulerscheZahl: good afternoon :)

AntiSquid: and if i don't to see you for the rest of the day good night

Hjax: i agree theres no such thing as unbiased news, imo the best you can do is expose yourself to lots of different perspectives


Hjax: at least in the USA the whole "us vs them" mentality is super prevalent, and not very productive

dbdr: yes. sometimes I force myself to watch a talk after I realize I really disagree with the speaker

dbdr: can be interesting

Shadowtick: hello again

Shadowtick: gtg bye

AntiSquid: what so soon? oh damn

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: are you aware the validator names don't correspond to the actual seeds?

dbdr: they are off by one

MindController: Can some1 help me with hard puzzle surface?

MindController: No need anymore

Shadowtick: back

Shadowtick: I hate my internet it keeps flickering in and out

eulerscheZahl: yes dbdr, see the discussion here and

eulerscheZahl: i bothers me too. but it seems that the correct tests are executed, just labeled incorrectly

eulerscheZahl: and i would be surprised if this will get resolved before the next contest

dbdr: ah, I see: "isValidator": "false"

eulerscheZahl: priotity: low i think :D

eulerscheZahl: i spelled that wrong

dbdr: :D

dbdr: 2nd warning ;)

eulerscheZahl: just like gamengine

dbdr: game&gin

dbdr: &tonic

eulerscheZahl: you can't unsee it

The_Auditor: cofefe

eulerscheZahl: or good old referer


jacek: mystery solved - he didnt use bitboard

dbdr: HELO

dbdr: in SMTP

dbdr: jacek ?

jacek: forum onitama

Shadowtick: hi everyone

jacek: how may we help you, Sir/Madam

The_Auditor: hello

Default avatar.png pharesmostafa: ho

Default avatar.png pharesmostafa: hi

Default avatar.png pharesmostafa: start

Default avatar.png pharesmostafa: hello guys any one know c++

jacek: i know him, c++ is nice guy

MSmits: i think he's obnoxious

Einwickler: Has a hard time with memory sometimes though. He can be really resentful

MSmits: and when he is easygoing, he takes it to extremes

dbdr: If C allows you to shoot yourself in the foot, then C++ is giving you a machine gun! -- James Prince

jacek: what does rust give you?

Allis: Tetanus.

dbdr: memory corruption and data race safety at compile time

dbdr: without performance penalty

Astrobytes: well played Allis

dbdr: :D

MSmits: do you mean it gives you memory corruption and also data race safety, or does it give you safety for both those thingS?

MSmits: I can read that both ways dbdr

Astrobytes: lol

dbdr: guess ;)

MSmits: ahh well, I guess I always thought rust was better in all ways, but if it can corrupt your memory...

dbdr: you *can* if you really want to :)

MSmits: cool

MSmits: I corrupt memory a lot

dbdr: you have to tell the compiler this is an unsafe section

MSmits: ah see, that's more work than I would have to do in c++. It just assumes everything is unsafe

jacek: which is true

dbdr: yes, it's more work. the idea is to make the safe way easy and short, and the dangerous one longer but possible

Hjax: i always heard the quote as "C++ makes it harder to shoot yourself in the foot, but when you do you lose your whole leg"

Astrobytes: I think Stroustrup himself said that one

Hjax: but yeah, from what ive seen is that rust tries really hard to make the most logical/most rust friendly approach also be the approach that results in safe code with fewer bugs

Hjax: so once you get used to thinking in rusts philosophy, you get the benefits for free mostly

Hjax: i do wish we could get a newer rust version on codingame, the language is updated so frequently

Default avatar.png JBM: wait till you hear about the haskell lag

jacek: hm?

Shadowtick: привет

Shadowtick: I am learning Russian :3

Shadowtick: привет means hi

dbdr: #ru

Shadowtick: I am not joining that until I am fluent in russian

Default avatar.png JBM: that's kind of backwards

Default avatar.png JBM: joining would *help* you become fluent

dbdr: I'm not going in a simming pool until I know how to swimm

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm not coding in C++ until I'm through with the '20 spec

Shadowtick: I am using to help me learn

Default avatar.png JBM: i used to

Default avatar.png JBM: 'tsall MadKnight's fault

Shadowtick: madknight told me it is a good one

dbdr: do you still do? ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: nope

Default avatar.png 01000110_01110100: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Shadowtick: I am using it because I wont get side tracked on it

Default avatar.png 01000110_01110100: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Hjax: yeah the swimming analogy for language learning i hear a lot

Default avatar.png JBM: i had a frontal with their handling streaks wrt timezones and lost a *long* streak

dbdr: 01000110_01110100 stop

Hjax: sitting on the beach reading about swimming isnt going to work

Hjax: gotta get in the water

Default avatar.png JBM: that killed my motivation

Astrobytes: immersion technique

Default avatar.png JBM: (no, it did *not* motivate me to pay $10 to keep the streak)

Shadowtick: w̷̫͐e̴̼̅l̴̮̓p̶̥̃ ̸̮͆t̷̜͑i̷̲̕m̴̪̒e̷͈͗ ̸̥̈ţ̶͑ő̶̤ ̴̫̆l̴̡̇e̴͍̓à̴ͅr̶̊ͅǹ̵͚ ̵̻̕ṃ̷̓ǫ̷͂r̷̘͘é̴͍ ̵̬̈́r̷̯̿u̵̙̍s̴̤̋s̶̰̆ḯ̶͜á̴͈n̷̟͘

dbdr: pay to streak? :O

Default avatar.png JBM: pay to save

Default avatar.png JBM: but close enough

Default avatar.png JBM: the funny thing is

Default avatar.png JBM: i got notifications for my suggestions/corrections being accepted

Default avatar.png JBM: years after i stopped

Shadowtick: 𝕚 𝕒𝕞 𝕘𝕠𝕟𝕟𝕒 𝕘𝕠 𝕜𝕖𝕖𝕡 𝕝𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕞𝕠𝕣𝕖 𝕣𝕦𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕒𝕟

Default avatar.png JBM: please do

dbdr: a CP market place would totally work

Hjax: ive been trying to learn japanese, its quite difficult, but its fun

Default avatar.png JBM: it's a nice language

Shadowtick: yes it is

dbdr: solves CG financing and pro players needs at the same time :)

Shadowtick: and I actually want to learn russian for 3 reasons

Shadowtick: 2*

Default avatar.png JBM: that's better than 2

Default avatar.png JBM: ok

dbdr: *1

Default avatar.png JBM: that's better than 1

dbdr: Взлететь

Default avatar.png JBM: that's kind of...

Shadowtick: its because I know two Russian game characters in two different games and because I always wanted to learn russian

Default avatar.png JBM: feels

Default avatar.png JBM: incomplete

dbdr: is it?

Shadowtick: :3

Default avatar.png JBM: i dunno,. ask the natives

Shadowtick: yata yadeza oof oof oof oof oof oof ooooooooof

Shadowtick: just imagine someone making a video but instead of ora ora ora its oof oof oof

Shadowtick: but thats never gonna happen

Shadowtick: brb imma learn more russian

Astrobytes: ...

Shadowtick: Я вернулся

AntiSquid: go to #RU for russian

Shadowtick: sorry didn't mean to put it

Shadowtick: I've returned and is there a Korean channel by any chance?

Shadowtick: because I am learning korean also

AntiSquid: #KR

Default avatar.png JBM: but he's not fluent yet!

Shadowtick: thanks

Shadowtick: I have a couple of friends irl that know Korean

Shadowtick: so I know some words in korean

AntiSquid: like what

Shadowtick: 안녕하세요 is hello. 잘 지냈어 is how are you doing 좋은 하루 되세요 is have a good day

AntiSquid: spamming random wrods makes perfect JBM

Shadowtick: you asked me what words I know in korean

Shadowtick: so I answered your question

AntiSquid: but can you spell it out with european alphabet without looking at google?

Default avatar.png JBM: spelling korean with a european alphabet is a weird request

Shadowtick: I had to enable the korean keyboard setting

AntiSquid: he uses hangul

AntiSquid: sure

AntiSquid: spell the letter z with korean alphabet Shadowtick to prove you know how to write korean

Default avatar.png JBM: what purpose would that achieve?

Default avatar.png JBM: random testing to assess his motivation for something totally extrinsic to the chan's values?

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: im at school wtf phython 3 is hard

jacek: thats what she said

AntiSquid: omg seriously these no avatar users are criticizing a lot aren't they?

Astrobytes: use python 3 instead

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm on pidgin

Default avatar.png JBM: *all* users are no-avatar

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: i am on python 3

Default avatar.png JBM: tough

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: luck

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah

Astrobytes: was a joke playing on your typo Burnerlover

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: well adios england is boring

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: k

AntiSquid: python is easiest

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: o

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: im embarrassed cause it hard

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: im new to coding

Astrobytes: Everyone's a beginner at some point

AntiSquid: it's ok

AntiSquid: just take it easy, step by step, first upload an avatar

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: done

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: not loading yet tho

Astrobytes: AntiSquid: out of curiosity, on a scale of 1 to Norman Bates, how mad does the no avatar issue get you? :P

Shadowtick: ready to get a korean z AntiSquid

AntiSquid: not all, it's just that CG chat is running a special promotion where you get an extra kick before getting banned if you have an anime avatar and don't want users to miss out on potential benefit

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: 3

Astrobytes: :rolling_eyes:

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: anyways is there a python 1 and 2?

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: cause whya re they not there then?

Shadowtick: ...

AntiSquid: well the history about python 1 is very interesting and i forgot it so i suggest looking it up . python 2 is kinda old so it's just python 3 now

Astrobytes: Python 3 is newest, used to have python 2 but it was removed. Kind of irrelevant for the platform, only use is for maintaining legacy stuff I guess

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: okthen

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: i gono take python 1

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: on another website

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: but dont worry

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: i will come back

AntiSquid: there is no python 1

Metanoob: good luck I guess?

AntiSquid: and you might not even find python 2

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: there isnt?

AntiSquid: well there is and isn't

Metanoob: nah not really

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: dang well guess im staying here

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: yay

Astrobytes: It's not like 1, 2 and 3 are difficulty settings ;)

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: ok thanks that would be scarie

Metanoob: the main syntactic difference between python 2 and 3 is that in python 3 you have to print with braces : print('Hello World!')

Metanoob: the rest is libraries/apis

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: yeah i noticed you use print("X")

AntiSquid: some functions work differently . so just use py3

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: x is a varible

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: kk

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: th

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: x

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: i will join the discord too

Astrobytes: parantheses Metanoob :P

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: lul bye doing school work

Metanoob: thanks!! braces are for teeth

Metanoob: :grimacing:

Astrobytes: {}

Iuliep: :(

Iuliep: :)

Iuliep: :D

Iuliep: :P

Iuliep: :O

Iuliep: Oo

Iuliep: >:(

Metanoob: that's probably my biggest struggle with english there, how to name those chars


AntiSquid: accolades

AntiSquid: duckduckgo pastebin

Metanoob: is curly braces acceptable too right?

Metanoob: yeah I tried formatting and naming all those chars I knew, turns out I must have created an 'effed up code snippet

AntiSquid: no

AntiSquid: chat pastebin is borken

Astrobytes: yeah {} can be curly braces

Metanoob: oh alright, I don't know well the features of the chat actually

Metanoob: cool ty Astrobytes

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: im on the decent rn and i got past decending mountains but nothing else, help?

Shadowtick: what is going on here?

Shadowtick: I come back from coding something on khan academy and I see this

AntiSquid: don't ruin it Shadowtick

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: ?

Default avatar.png Burnerlover: anyone help with python 3 the decent

Shadowtick: ok I won't AntiSquid

Shadowtick: because I am getting off anyway

Iuliep: why is pastebin brocken?

Astrobytes: It happens sometimes, should be back soon

Iuliep: oh ok thanks

Iuliep: what you do to get better at solving puzzles? i am doing pretty well in clash of code but i have some dificults at the puzzles. I know they are suposed to be hard but what you guy do to get better at solving them?

Astrobytes: Are you doing the easy ones?

Hjax: clash isnt great practice, its better to take your time and work through more difficult puzzles than to spam through easy ones in clash

Iuliep: i do some easy onew

Iuliep: ones

Hjax: which puzzle is giving you trouble?

Iuliep: not some puzzle in special

Astrobytes: Have a look at the tags on the puzzles, usually gives you some insight into what you need to know/learn

Iuliep: but idk what to do when i cant finish one

Astrobytes: Keep trying and don't give up, ask for help/advice, read the forum threads (if there is one)

Hjax: yeah people are more than happy to give you a hint to push you in the right direction

Hjax: maybe its just an algorithm you dont know yet

Astrobytes: ^

Hjax: we can tell you the name of it so you can go learn it

Iuliep: oh ok

Iuliep: i usually wasnt going to ask for advice

Iuliep: i was tring myself

Iuliep: but didnt find a clue

Astrobytes: tl;dr: don't be afraid to ask/look for some advice

Hjax: trying for yourself first is fine, but its better to get help and learn something than give up

Hjax: besides 50% of my job as a software engineer is using google anyway :P

Astrobytes: Definitely doign the right thing by trying as hard as you can first

Astrobytes: *doing

Astrobytes: lol

Iuliep: if you ask for one that is giving a hard time

Iuliep: isnt really a hard time

Iuliep: but idk why i dont get 100

Iuliep: is a easy one

Iuliep: back robbers

Iuliep: can i upload my code or something?


Astrobytes: ah, use or something instead

Hjax: the paste thing is broken today :(


Iuliep: i think this is

Iuliep: is in C++

Astrobytes: you don't need that whole second for loop

Iuliep: ?

Astrobytes: And you should think about at which point you need to sort

Iuliep: i soretd after i calcualted all the vaults

Iuliep: sorted*

Iuliep: after i am subtrating the smalles number from all the vaults for how many robbers there are

Default avatar.png battlelife6: hay can someone help me with this coding

AntiSquid: no, because nobody knows what you are referring to

Astrobytes: Think about how you might be able to do it in a single loop Iuliep

Hjax: ok i solved the puzzle, im unable to access pastebin, but i can answer questions

Default avatar.png battlelife6: im talking about code royale

Hjax: there was a pin at the top of ##python on freenode for a long time, maybe its still there

Hjax: "Don't ask to ask"

Default avatar.png battlelife6: i can send my curent code

Hjax: its better to just ask your question rather than showing up with a "hey i have a question"

Default avatar.png battlelife6:

jacek: welp

Hjax: the paste thingy is broken today battlelife6

AntiSquid: just state what your problem is and where you are stuck BattlePirateVanDerSwag_35df

Astrobytes: use battlelife6

AntiSquid: battlelife6

jacek: only today?

Astrobytes: was ok the other day

AntiSquid: didn't see it work all week

Default avatar.png battlelife6: sory never mind

Astrobytes: may have been momentarily, or I may not have had my coffee at the time :P

Astrobytes: you solved your issue battlelife6?


Hjax: man on the big heist it takes the robbers 3 months to get in, this bank must have some pretty terrible security

Astrobytes: lmao

Astrobytes: Iuliep: any progress?

Illedan: dbdr at your question at 1 PM. Was just a random submit giving me 49 mill. I'm still a little away from max limit

Astrobytes: Nice AntiSquid, the oceans can be as weird as space

AntiSquid: they're streaming non-stop it seems. just randomly chekcing their stream from time to time

Illedan: And I can only get the 131k tile if I get a 4 tile spawn at that exact round xD

kovi: ofc

Hjax: the good 2048 replays probably look silly, the tile will always spawn in the lucky place :D

Hjax: (obviously not luck because the rng is predictable)

Hjax: (but it will /look/ lucky :D )

Astrobytes: I've not written anything serious for that yet, just output the same sequence every time

Astrobytes: One of my favourite timewasting games lol

Hjax: submit spamming?

Astrobytes: no, 2048 :P

Astrobytes: as in 2048 is a favourite timewasting game. My submit is just outputting ULDR repeatedly

dbdr: Astrobytes: I hear ULR is better

Astrobytes: I got better with ULDR I think, lemme check

dbdr: not sure which one exactly, but 3 directions, not 4

kovi: does it matter which 3? :)

dbdr: yes for finite number of seeds

DomiKo: ohhh no

DomiKo: 1.4Mln

DomiKo: I have squeeze more

kovi: what is your depth now?

AntiSquid: Astrobytes seriously? just the full sequence?

Astrobytes: cout << "ULDR" << endl;

**AntiSquid competing for best 0 effort submit

AntiSquid: and you just resubmitted that? heh ?

Astrobytes: resubmitted?

dbdr: if you count effort per points, ULDR is high

Astrobytes: happy now Hjax & AntiSquid? :P

AntiSquid: sorry

Hjax: im trying other permutations

AntiSquid: i just couldn't believe it

Hjax: but hit the submit limit lol

Astrobytes: Yeah, better to check in IDE first Hjax

Hjax: are the cases the same?

Astrobytes: Don't think so but there seemed to be a good indication that shit scores in the IDE meant shit scores on submit :P

Hjax: :D

DomiKo: Hjax yes

DomiKo: they are the same

Hjax: theres no way to see the sum of the ide tests though is there?

Astrobytes: I stand corrected

AntiSquid: when game first came out i tried ULDR and didn't give me good score compared to ULR so i thought that's best instant score

AntiSquid: + only needed 1 single line of it not multiple ones

Hjax: i wish this game gave me legal moves

Illedan: lol

Hjax: im lazy and dont want to figure it out

AntiSquid: ya same

Illedan: I have 20 unit tests to verify my logic :P

Astrobytes: Sim should be easy enough to implement, not looked at the ref yet

Astrobytes: you're 100% online Illedan right?

AntiSquid: not if you're lazy

Illedan: yeah

Illedan: dbdr offline?

Astrobytes: nice

dbdr: ?

Hjax: oh if i do 2048 im definitely doing it offline lol

Illedan: Solving it offline dbdr?

dbdr: ah. no

Illedan: :)

kovi: lately i test sim through playing (checking predict from last turn vs. input of next turn)

dbdr: what's your secret Illedan?

Astrobytes: usually a good way to test the sim

DomiKo: Hjax offline is not great for top scores I guess

DomiKo: One test case have length 40K+

DomiKo: so you have to make a lot of parsing

Illedan: secret?

Astrobytes: as in 'Give us your algo' :P

Illedan: Oh

Illedan: Sure


DomiKo: "Invalid paste id, perhaps it expired?"

DomiKo: I guess your algo crashed

Illedan: Yeah just did

Astrobytes: lol

Illedan: I keep sending only - and it is valid by the engine

Illedan: :D

DomiKo: You have to resubmit

DomiKo: is there any blog about parsing data in CG?

Astrobytes: replays and stuff?


Astrobytes: thanks to our Toad

Hjax: i have beaten the completely random solution by attempting to play legal moves :D

Illedan: :clap:

Illedan: Soon 1st? ezpz

Astrobytes: share your code or get kicked! (i'm joking!)

DomiKo: and that's C#

DomiKo: imagine speed in C++

eulerscheZahl: share your code and get kicked

Illedan: Oh, nice we have Moves and score information now <3

Illedan: thx

Astrobytes: spoilerscheZahl strikes again :rolling_eyes: :P

Astrobytes: oh, nice update

Hjax: im almost the best dumb heuristic bot

Hjax: not sure if i should be proud or sad

Astrobytes: lol, gj

Astrobytes: anyways, out for tonight. Laters all :)

Hjax: cya

kovi: oho

kovi: hjax: i almost reach 100k with dumb (well not so dumb, but no actual simu)

dbdr: gg kovi

kovi: thx dbdr

Illedan: Nice, closing in!

Hjax: whats the maximum number of moves you print in a turn Illedan

Illedan: Like in the first sec?

Hjax: yeah

PatrickMcGinnisII: Illedan, like 20M wasn't enough?

Illedan: 1300 on the first sec

Hjax: 1300 is quite a few, and you are just using some beam search i imagine?

Illedan: Wont tell

Hjax: oooh a secret :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: 600 commands...oh i thought it was 600 commands per turn for 300 turns

Illedan: Sweeeeeet

Illedan: :tada<.

Illedan: :tada:

Illedan: Removing some linq helps :)

jacek: good for you

Illedan: xD

Illedan: Score: 2491016 Moves: 56033 Still half a mill in points I guess

MSmits: mmh got a win vs you jacek, using negamax


MSmits: no idea if it's actually better than my old bot, probably not

Illedan: what depth?

MSmits: depth 8

MSmits: TT doesn't seem to help much if at all

MSmits: surprised me

MSmits: also I am using my mcts eval, so it's not exactly optimal. I am dreading refitting all these parameters :(

MSmits: it's really quite different when you use eval in a UCT guided search or just use it to pick the highest score one in a negamax setting

Illedan: true

Illedan: anyway

Illedan: I'm off

MSmits: my mcts bot with eval solves much sooner

Illedan: Guess that is the end of my 2048 career

Illedan: :)

MSmits: huh why

Illedan: Fun little detour

Hjax: now give everyone else 6 months to catch up

Illedan: Pretty close to max

MSmits: how do you know it's max?

MSmits: you broke replay size?

Illedan: Because it can't possibly spawn more numbers

MSmits: ohh

MSmits: mmh you kinda broke eulers game then

MSmits: good optim supposed to have a soft cap

MSmits: but you hardcapped it

Illedan: I guess max is a few millions above this

Illedan: But I'll accept someone beating it

Illedan: Guess tomorrow :)

MSmits: you mean it stopped being fun for you and you're moving on?

Illedan: Yeah, I can see the max and have to rewrite everything to be SUPER efficient to get there

Illedan: Can use that energy for something with more value :P

MSmits: true, wise move then

Illedan: I got enough value from the game for having about 8 hours of fun :)

Hjax: its funny, most papers on 2048 are useless here

MSmits: why is that

Hjax: because our game isnt random

MSmits: ahh

MSmits: except for that one random case?

MSmits: or are all validators nonrandom?

Hjax: idk, but one of your input parameters is the seed

PatrickMcGinnisII: This one is still pretty good, give you some ideas on what to add to an eval...

Hjax: so it doesnt matter anyway

MSmits: ah ok

Hjax: you can simulate the game for an arbitrary seed trivially

Illedan: bye

jacek: so? just make the expectimax the nonexpectimax, it should be even easier

MSmits: :confused:

Hjax: yeah my point is that this game is easier than the game the papers are playing

Hjax: most of the science the paper covers isnt super useful

MSmits: ah ok, for D&B the reverse is true

MSmits: most papers are about smaller board sizes

PatrickMcGinnisII: a 4x4 2048 game is still expected to end tho

Hjax: i found a paper doing a n-tuples eval, seems like massive overkill

MSmits: maybe it's just enough kill? Did it perform well?

Hjax: it did, they had like 16 million weights though

Allis: Is that not a lot?

Hjax: its a ton

MSmits: 16000

jacek: you could try smaller ntuples

MSmits: ton


Hjax: i never got around to writing ntuples for othello either :D

MSmits: me neither

jacek: i only have them in othello and onitama for now

MSmits: I use my code size more efficiently :P

MSmits: with success too

MSmits: I rank above you in onitama, but my bot loses most games

MSmits: someone pushed me to 2

jacek: i fear resubmiting

Hjax: onitama is a really strong looking game

MSmits: you'll pull me down

Hjax: strange*

Hjax: ive never seen anything like it

MSmits: it's really quite nice

MSmits: the sim takes some figuring out

MSmits: even though it's not that complex

jacek: the cards for the opponent werent obvious

MSmits: the rotating can get confusing

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm still working on beam, gheesh

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: laserbeam?

MSmits: support beam?

PatrickMcGinnisII: I should be, got laser presents to make for GF anniversary

PatrickMcGinnisII: no beam search

MSmits: beam search is cool

MSmits: I used it a few times. In contests too

MSmits: it;s one of those algorithms that's often useful

PatrickMcGinnisII: I can only make 21,845 boards before running out of time with php

MSmits: thats not bad

MSmits: it's not great either, but you can do something with that

MSmits: if you get that many sims in hypersonic, you can get to legend I think

MSmits: I won't waste my time convincing you to try a different language though.. I know what you'll say

PatrickMcGinnisII: so I'm dynamically choosing the top half of 64 boards, rinse and repeat until i get to max board creation timeout

MSmits: sounds good

PatrickMcGinnisII: i free the board memory inbetween my output and reading new input, so that time doesn't seem to count against me

Hjax: i probably wont attempt 2048, since ill be playing jrkes unofficial contest soon

MSmits: what game is that?

MSmits: the unofficial contest I mean

Hjax: uh, either fantastic beasts, code of ice and fire, or tulips and daisies

Hjax: whatever wins the vote

MSmits: I see

Hjax: fantastic bits* my bad :P

Hjax: no copyright infringement here, no sir

jacek: and tulips and daisies is leading

PatrickMcGinnisII: all of which i suck at

Hjax: i voted code of ice and fire personally

Hjax: looks like a nice, fun, heuristic friendly game

jacek: heuristic :scream:

Hjax: im lazy, i dont want to write a search

MSmits: its a nice game

Hjax: but if tulips and daisies wins i need to write a search

MSmits: but you kind of need a search for at least parts of it

MSmits: for example an endgame detector

MSmits: floodfill/bfs style

Hjax: that kind of thing is fine

MSmits: if you watch some replays, you'll see them finish off with a chain

MSmits: that's a search

Hjax: i just mean when the whole game is, write a search and tune your eval function, it gets kind of sterile and boring imo

Hjax: i like strategy

MSmits: mmh it could be a search and still has a lot of strategy

MSmits: the strategy is in writing the evaluation, which could have many parts

Hjax: the pr2 unofficial contest was pretty fun

Hjax: i like games like that, if only the game had better / more fair maps

PatrickMcGinnisII: fml:

MSmits: doesnt work

Hjax: pastebin is dead patrick

jacek: indeed

PatrickMcGinnisII: i c

PatrickMcGinnisII: i get:

PatrickMcGinnisII: Warning...

PatrickMcGinnisII: at line 0

PatrickMcGinnisII: fml

MSmits: gonna get some sleep, gn all

Default avatar.png halworsen: good luck

MSmits: if I catch you outside my window making shadowfigures again...

sunksuperset370: can someone translate python to javascript

sunksuperset370: here

sunksuperset370: i was looking at some code and I needed to figure out what the code was doing

sunksuperset370: python 3 is hard to understand formy puny brain

sunksuperset370: js is easy

sunksuperset370: any help

Metanoob: I sent you a dm sunksuperset370

sunksuperset370: whwhwhwhy?????

sunksuperset370: admin?

Metanoob: no you asked for help about translating some python3 to js

sunksuperset370: ok

Metanoob: do you still need some help?

sunksuperset370: yes

sunksuperset370: sorry took time to reply

Metanoob: where is the code you need help with?


Metanoob: no worries

sunksuperset370: wait sorry


sunksuperset370: the code is one the site

Metanoob: cool I see it

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: any help

Default avatar.png apollodor: Hello

sunksuperset370: hello

sunksuperset370: metanoob

sunksuperset370: you here

sunksuperset370: can any one translate python 3 to js

Metanoob: yes, I left a comment on the page of the code snippet

Metanoob: refresh if it is not visible yet

Metanoob: basically %2X is to print as hexadecimal number, and %02X is to add a leading 0 if the hex value is only made of 1 digit

sunksuperset370: sorry i still can't see the coe

sunksuperset370: code


sunksuperset370: paste bin doesn't work right now


Metanoob: that is one possible equivalent in js

sunksuperset370: can you put the code in easy js

Allis: That is easy JS. You should get familiar with bitwise shifts at some point.

Allis: In base-10 (the number system you're used to), multiplying by 10 is a left shift of 1; same idea in binary, except it's 2 instead of 10.

Metanoob: color channels are a bit tricky, because those are using bitwise operations to store 3 colors (and sometimes also an alpha channel) into a single 32 bit integer

sunksuperset370: ???????????

sunksuperset370: sorry i am new to coding

Metanoob: are we allowed to link to external resources such as a tutorial in CG chat?

sunksuperset370: i think

Allis: Sure, it's weird at first, but only because new programmers don't realize they have an intuitive sense of how positional number systems work, and just need to apply a bit of rigor.

Allis: @sunksuperset370 If you had the number 1234, do you know how to extract the digit in the hundreds place (the 2)?

sunksuperset370: var numb2 = 1234;

Allis: What.

sunksuperset370: console.log(numb2[1]);

Allis: No, that wouldn't quite work; numbers aren't indexable in JS.

Metanoob: it would work, but numb would have to be a string in that case

sunksuperset370: ooooohhhh

Metanoob: so, with a tiny bit of math

sunksuperset370: var numb2 = '1234'l

sunksuperset370: ;

Metanoob: you can extract the second digit, even if it is a number

sunksuperset370: uuiummm

sunksuperset370: how

Metanoob: I believe what Allis was refering to is something called the decimal logarithm

sunksuperset370: uuuumm oookkkkkkeeeeyyyyyy

Metanoob: which is available through js's math api as a function called Math.log10

sunksuperset370: i am still a noooobb at js

sunksuperset370: still a new programmer

sunksuperset370: in js

sunksuperset370: don't know a lot of js though

Metanoob: I understand maybe explaining something from one language to another might not be the best option to understand what's going on here

sunksuperset370: i was wondering if you could tell me how js works than I would think that would help

sunksuperset370: i know some of it

sunksuperset370: but i am not an expert

sunksuperset370: like if statements

sunksuperset370: while loops

sunksuperset370: var const let

sunksuperset370: arrays well some of it

sunksuperset370: mostly this is all i know

Allis: Now apply those things you know and write some programs.

sunksuperset370: what do i need to write the code for like what is the goal to do with the code

Allis: Even if they're very simple programs, there's no better way to learn to code than to write code.

sunksuperset370: ok

Allis: Just randomly learning this and that and trying to memorize it won't be an effective learning approach. Gotta get your hands dirty. :)

sunksuperset370: lol

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: do you want to join my clashj of code so I can see what I can do?

sunksuperset370: allis metanoob?

sunksuperset370: any one

Allis: The trick is to push yourself just beyond your limit; you want to be in a position where you *almost* know everything you need to know to write the program, but then you hit a block and you need to learn something new to proceed.

Metanoob: clash of code is a great place to start yes

sunksuperset370: do you want to join mine

sunksuperset370: ?

Metanoob: I am okay to play one round with you yes

sunksuperset370: ok

Metanoob: it's midnight here though so I won't stay too long

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: i will create the clash

Metanoob: how do we join the clash? will you invite us yeah?

sunksuperset370: yeah

Metanoob: ok cool

sunksuperset370: allis

sunksuperset370: can you play too

Allis: I'm in the middle of a different Clash, but it's shortest mode so I have time.

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: i sent metanoob an invite

sunksuperset370: i need to play with more players too

sunksuperset370: half minte left

Metanoob: Im in :grin:

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: :grin:

Metanoob: wow it supports up to 100 players

sunksuperset370: yep

sunksuperset370: uujm

Metanoob: do you know the modulo operator in js?

Metanoob: it is the the operator %

Metanoob: like +, -, * or / etc...

sunksuperset370: yes

Metanoob: oka

Metanoob: y

sunksuperset370: check this out




sunksuperset370: need help

sunksuperset370: shorted mode

Allis: Oh, hey, you're my 100th follower. That's pretty neat.

Allis: I feel like you should get a cake or something. :sweat_smile:

sunksuperset370: ooooooh

Metanoob: haha grats

Allis: Danke.

sunksuperset370: problem

sunksuperset370: this is the code

sunksuperset370: const N = parseInt(readline());

sunksuperset370: let answer = ' ';

sunksuperset370: if (!N/4) {answer = 'Ok'}else {answer = 'AAAAAAAAAA!!!'};

sunksuperset370: why dis not work

Metanoob: N/4 will always be different than 0, unless N is 0

sunksuperset370: ?

Metanoob: 100/4 = 25

Metanoob: however

sunksuperset370: N can't be 0

sunksuperset370: check constrains

sunksuperset370: 1 <= N

sunksuperset370: so N can't be 0

Metanoob: I understand, my point is N/4 isn't the way to check if a number is divisible by 4

sunksuperset370: 2 mins

sunksuperset370: ok

Metanoob: modulo % is useful for that however

sunksuperset370: how

Metanoob: N%4 will tell you what the remainder is, after division

sunksuperset370: ok

Metanoob: if the remainder is zero, then it means than 4 was able to fit fully in N, so it is divisible by 4

sunksuperset370: so if the remainder turns out to be an integer the answer will be aaaaa

Default avatar.png halworsen: N%k == 0 means N is divisible by k

Metanoob: yes!

sunksuperset370: ok

Default avatar.png halworsen: generally, N%k == a means that N=c*k+a for some integer c

sunksuperset370: well

Metanoob: nice job, 100% sunk

sunksuperset370: yayayayaya

sunksuperset370: yay

sunksuperset370: can you do another one

sunksuperset370: please

Metanoob: I'm afraid I have to leave

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: can allis do it

sunksuperset370: or halworsen

Default avatar.png halworsen: do what

Metanoob: clash of code with sunk

Default avatar.png halworsen: sure

Metanoob: cool, alright you have fun I'll see you around I guess :)

sunksuperset370: i can't follow you for some reason halworsen

Default avatar.png halworsen: weird

sunksuperset370: i think you should go to clash of code

sunksuperset370: ok

Default avatar.png halworsen: i could follow you at least

Default avatar.png halworsen:

Default avatar.png K-: Hello World :D

sunksuperset370: i am in

sunksuperset370: can allis

sunksuperset370: do this

Default avatar.png halworsen: dont think we're in the same lobby

Default avatar.png itwasmeDIO: za wordo

sunksuperset370: nono

Default avatar.png halworsen: ah there

sunksuperset370: allis

sunksuperset370: you there

Default avatar.png halworsen: gl

sunksuperset370: hurry

Allis: Dang. I just missed it.

sunksuperset370: i think this is going to be hard

sunksuperset370: i can't seem to figure out what this code work

sunksuperset370: is word a string

sunksuperset370: how do i figure out how long the word id

sunksuperset370: this is all so confusing

sunksuperset370: i can't do tis

sunksuperset370: help hep help!!!!!!

Default avatar.png itwasmeDIO: muda muda muda

Default avatar.png itwasmeDIO: MUDAAAA

sunksuperset370: ?????

sunksuperset370: what

sunksuperset370: oh my god halworsen

Default avatar.png halworsen: what language are you using

sunksuperset370: js

Default avatar.png halworsen: uhh

sunksuperset370: i am bad at this

Default avatar.png halworsen: i think it's word.length

sunksuperset370: help help help

Default avatar.png halworsen: if you fed the input into word, that is

Default avatar.png halworsen: yeah

sunksuperset370: word is input

sunksuperset370: so word is a string

Default avatar.png halworsen: yeah

Default avatar.png halworsen: if you did const word = readline() the length is word.length

sunksuperset370: yep

sunksuperset370: i forgot how to write a while loop

sunksuperset370: while ( i = word.length(word) i==0; i--){


sunksuperset370: is this how we write a while loop

Default avatar.png halworsen: that looks like a for loop to me ;)

sunksuperset370: i quit

Default avatar.png halworsen: while loops keep running until the stuff inside () is false

sunksuperset370: the problem is ther are some errors

Default avatar.png halworsen: word.length isn't a function

Default avatar.png halworsen: length is a property of word

sunksuperset370: ???

Default avatar.png halworsen: if you have word='abc', word.length is 3

Default avatar.png halworsen: no function call needed

sunksuperset370: while ( i = word.length(word) i!==0; i--; {


sunksuperset370: until i don't == to 0 i ==

Default avatar.png halworsen: for (let i = word.length; i == 0; i--) { ... }

sunksuperset370: oooh

sunksuperset370: tgere is still an error

sunksuperset370: plus how do i get to the last letter in the string

sunksuperset370: this is confusing

Default avatar.png halworsen: that's fine, it took me longer than i thought it should too

sunksuperset370: i just quit

sunksuperset370: lets sstart another one

sunksuperset370: i will create it

Default avatar.png halworsen: sometimes writing the code is just really tough

PatrickMcGinnisII: while ((i=readline(STDIN)).length>0) {}

PatrickMcGinnisII: ?

Default avatar.png halworsen: does that read 1 char at a time??

sunksuperset370: hello

PatrickMcGinnisII: no, I have npo idea what you are doing

Default avatar.png halworsen: discussing a clash

sunksuperset370: patrick you want to join

PatrickMcGinnisII: read a whole line at a time

PatrickMcGinnisII: then interate over it

Default avatar.png halworsen: also, for future reference, you can get the last character in the string with word[word.length - 1]

sunksuperset370: do you want to joing the clash

Default avatar.png halworsen: or word[word.length - 2] for the 2nd last character

Default avatar.png halworsen: and so on


Default avatar.png halworsen: you & me bud

PatrickMcGinnisII: string.charat(n)

PatrickMcGinnisII: oops

PatrickMcGinnisII: charAt

PatrickMcGinnisII: lookup JS email validators, looking at code is great way to learn

Default avatar.png halworsen: sounds like a one way ticket to regexes

PatrickMcGinnisII: yea, don't use regex ... very slooow

sunksuperset370: well i don't know





sunksuperset370: why is this crap not working!!QQQ!!!

sunksuperset370: while (N <=0)

sunksuperset370: {n--;

sunksuperset370: out= w;

Default avatar.png halworsen: so

sunksuperset370: console.log(out);}

Default avatar.png halworsen: N is how many times to repeat it right, so N is gonna be > 0

sunksuperset370: yes

Default avatar.png halworsen: at least at the start

Default avatar.png halworsen: and you want to loop N times

Default avatar.png halworsen: but N <= 0 is false, so the while loop won't run like that

sunksuperset370: wel i changed it to just a >

Default avatar.png halworsen: yep, that's correct

Default avatar.png halworsen: also remember that variables are case sensitive

sunksuperset370: still don't work

Default avatar.png halworsen: N and n are not the same

PatrickMcGinnisII: lol, while(out.length>0) {out=substr(out,-1); console.log(out);}

Default avatar.png halworsen: na this is a different clash

Default avatar.png halworsen: you get N and a word then print the word N times on different lines

sunksuperset370: i got it

Default avatar.png halworsen: niiice

Default avatar.png halworsen: good job

sunksuperset370: i just had to change the first const to a var

sunksuperset370: lol

sunksuperset370: didn't notice that

sunksuperset370: another one?

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'll shutup, my suggestions are all wrong anyways

Default avatar.png halworsen: sure

Default avatar.png halworsen: lmao

Default avatar.png halworsen: not wrong, you just dont have the context :p

sunksuperset370: what does Imao

sunksuperset370: mean

PatrickMcGinnisII: roflmao

sunksuperset370: wait never ming

sunksuperset370: how do we do this one

sunksuperset370: is this binary

Default avatar.png halworsen: nope

Default avatar.png halworsen: the first line tells you how many numbers you get

sunksuperset370: ok

Default avatar.png halworsen: the second line is a list of numbers separated by spaces yeah?

sunksuperset370: ?

Default avatar.png halworsen: and each number is the ASCII code for a character

PatrickMcGinnisII: what's the name of the clash?

sunksuperset370: fasted mode

Default avatar.png halworsen: idk i finished it

sunksuperset370: ?

sunksuperset370: this is really confusing

sunksuperset370: i don't know ASCII

Default avatar.png halworsen: ASCII is a text encoding

sunksuperset370: i don't know that encoding

sunksuperset370: if i don't know this i can't do it then

sunksuperset370: i q

sunksuperset370: sorry

sunksuperset370: i just easjly give up

PatrickMcGinnisII: list of clashes

Allis: @sunksuperset370 That's gonna be a huge problem.

LastRick: Any mods on that could send me Validator 3 and/or 4 for Logically Reasonable Inequalities, would be much appreciated. Can pass all tests but can't get by those. Thanks.

Default avatar.png halworsen: i mean

Default avatar.png halworsen: yes, if you keep giving up that's not good, but some clashes don't really fit for beginners

sunksuperset370: well i am a beginner

Default avatar.png halworsen: also, sunk, ASCII is basically just taking a letter in the alphabet and turning it into a number

Allis: I more meant the whole self-starting thing. Being able to learn without being forced to is kind of a superpower.

sunksuperset370: so i guess i am going to blow my ass away in everything I I don't work u

sunksuperset370: up

Default avatar.png halworsen: so the clash is asking you to turn those numbers back into letters

sunksuperset370: yes and i don't know Ascii

Default avatar.png halworsen: very often you'll have functions that can translate back and forth for you

Allis: But you could! It's not a secret.

sunksuperset370: can you join my clash

sunksuperset370: allis

sunksuperset370: >

sunksuperset370: ?

sunksuperset370: can you join too

Allis: The rated ones are more exciting. :/

sunksuperset370: hhhm

Default avatar.png halworsen: lol

sunksuperset370: can you joing allis

sunksuperset370: please

Default avatar.png halworsen: i wonder why you would find them more exciting... hmmm

sunksuperset370: AAAALLLLIIIISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

sunksuperset370: look in your notification box

PatrickMcGinnisII: String.fromCharCode(ascii_code)

sunksuperset370: join

Default avatar.png halworsen: sounds about right patrick

sunksuperset370: never mind

sunksuperset370: help

Default avatar.png halworsen: what do you have so far


sunksuperset370: nono

Default avatar.png halworsen: just paste it directly into chat

Default avatar.png halworsen: the pastebins don't seem to work

sunksuperset370: i am put the paste bin shit is getting gin the way

sunksuperset370: i can't do it

sunksuperset370: i type in control V

sunksuperset370: but the thing thinks i am using paste bin


sunksuperset370: here

Default avatar.png halworsen: what lol, does codingame put your code in a pastebin automatically?

sunksuperset370: this is the code so far

sunksuperset370: yes

sunksuperset370: it does

Default avatar.png halworsen: cool

Default avatar.png halworsen: ok anyways

Default avatar.png halworsen: so A is the word you wanna wrap in stars

sunksuperset370: yes yes i know

Default avatar.png halworsen: and on the line with the word you have something like * word *

sunksuperset370: but this should at lease log the second line

sunksuperset370: but the thing logs nothing

Default avatar.png halworsen: ok so first off word.length isn't a function

Default avatar.png halworsen: it's just let Star = word.length + 4;

sunksuperset370: how do i use the thing then

sunksuperset370: word.length wont work

sunksuperset370: what is the thing taking the length from

Default avatar.png halworsen: let sTar = is a syntax error

Default avatar.png halworsen: oh right you called it A

Default avatar.png halworsen: it's A.length + 4

Default avatar.png halworsen: if you have a string and you read it by const inp = readline() it's length is inp.length

Default avatar.png halworsen: or if you do const bean = readline() it's bean.length

Default avatar.png halworsen: yea?

sunksuperset370: okok

Default avatar.png halworsen: let sTaR = is a syntax error, you can remove that line

sunksuperset370: ok

Default avatar.png halworsen:

sunksuperset370: now how do i put in the amount of starts rather than longing in a number

Default avatar.png halworsen: bruh

Default avatar.png halworsen: ok so in javascript

Default avatar.png halworsen: strings have a function called repeat

sunksuperset370: ok

Default avatar.png halworsen: so you can do '*'.repeat(n) to repeat * n times

sunksuperset370: ok

Default avatar.png halworsen: e.g. '*'.repeat(5) gets you '*****'

sunksuperset370: so '*'.repeat(Star)l

Default avatar.png halworsen: yes

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: well that worked

Default avatar.png halworsen: nice

Default avatar.png halworsen: gj

sunksuperset370: another one but with more people this time?

Default avatar.png halworsen: i can do 1 more but i'm heading off after

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: any one else want to join

sunksuperset370: 3

sunksuperset370: 2

sunksuperset370: 1

sunksuperset370: uuuummm

sunksuperset370: any help here

sunksuperset370: how do i vise versa a capitalization

sunksuperset370: help

sunksuperset370: help

sunksuperset370: help

Default avatar.png halworsen: string.toUpperCase()

sunksuperset370: ?

Default avatar.png halworsen: or string.toLowerCase()

Default avatar.png halworsen: 'a'.toUpperCase() => 'A'

Default avatar.png halworsen: 'A'.toLowerCase() => 'a'

sunksuperset370: how do i check if a letter is lowercase or uppercase

Default avatar.png halworsen: hint: 'a'.toUpperCase() => 'a'

Default avatar.png halworsen: oops

Default avatar.png halworsen: 'A'.toUpperCase() => 'A'

Default avatar.png halworsen: is what i meant

sunksuperset370: i don't get it

Default avatar.png halworsen: in the same vein, 'a'.toLowerCase() => 'a'

sunksuperset370: i am really confused

sunksuperset370: how how how

Default avatar.png halworsen: what happens when you take the upper case of a upper case letter compared to when you take the upper case of a lower case letter

sunksuperset370: ?

Default avatar.png halworsen: the upper case of 'A' is 'A', yeah?

sunksuperset370: yeah

Default avatar.png halworsen: and the upper case of 'a' is 'A'

sunksuperset370: yeah

Default avatar.png halworsen: mhm

Default avatar.png halworsen: there's a difference there you can use

sunksuperset370: ?


PatrickMcGinnisII: google is your friend

sunksuperset370: uuum

Default avatar.png halworsen: was trying to lead you onto the answer but google is also cool lol

sunksuperset370: can i figure out stuff while keeping google out of this

sunksuperset370: google isn't what i want to go off of

sunksuperset370: if i did i would have done so a long time ago

sunksuperset370: i need to ask real people for help

sunksuperset370: sorry patrick

Allis: @sunksuperset370 That's a really silly mindset. You're not just gonna magically know stuff.

sunksuperset370: i know

Allis: Learn how to learn; it's a remarkably valuable skill.

sunksuperset370: lol

sunksuperset370: will

sunksuperset370: well

PatrickMcGinnisII: start with built in functions like

sunksuperset370: the problem here is that google isn't always right

Default avatar.png halworsen: there are some problems where googling the answer is justified

Default avatar.png halworsen: and there are some problems where you stand to learn a lot by arriving at the answer by yourself

Allis: Googling to just find an immediate answer to the problem isn't what's being suggested.

sunksuperset370: can i please know what is the topic question I asked was

sunksuperset370: i thought i was shouting help help help

sunksuperset370: sorry

Default avatar.png halworsen: it's a string manipulation problem

sunksuperset370: didn't mean to be a jerk

PatrickMcGinnisII: How do i vice versa a capitalization

Default avatar.png halworsen: that's a broad subject so you won't really find this problem by just searching for that but that's the family of problems it belongs in

sunksuperset370: well

sunksuperset370: 3 mins left

Default avatar.png DarkDev: #C#

sunksuperset370: i need to know how i did so far

Default avatar.png halworsen: thing i was going for was that if you take the upper case letter of an upper case letter, it doesn't change

sunksuperset370: ok

Default avatar.png halworsen: but if you take the upper case of a lower case letter, it does change

sunksuperset370: ok

Default avatar.png halworsen: so you can check if the character changes to know if it was upper or lower case

Default avatar.png DarkDev: @lua

sunksuperset370: ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: c=(c==c.toLowerCase()?c.toUpperCase:c.toLowerCase);

Default avatar.png halworsen: ternary might be a bit beyond this level

Default avatar.png halworsen: anyways, c===c.toLowerCase() means c is lower case

Default avatar.png halworsen: c===c.toUpperCase() means c is upper case

PatrickMcGinnisII: i didn't google tho, i answered his Q

sunksuperset370: well timed out

Default avatar.png halworsen: sunk, i suggest you go look at the puzzles, it's nice not to have a time limit hanging over you while learning basics

Default avatar.png halworsen: don't be afraid to google for hints if you really are stuck, but you should make sure you've tried to solve the problem using what you already know first

PatrickMcGinnisII: sunksuperset370 find a searchable function url like whre you can easily see the function prtotypes to refer to

sunksuperset370: sorry about being a jerk

sunksuperset370: thx you all

PatrickMcGinnisII: and a bunch of IDEs have function prototype built in for you. i do JS in Notepad++, i think it does do a little error checking, but u still need access to the prototypes

PatrickMcGinnisII: I think people recommend intelliJ

sunksuperset370: well i was thinking if i should learn c++

PatrickMcGinnisII: console.log everything , before and after var manipulations to really visualize what u did

sunksuperset370: ok thx

sunksuperset370: well i think i should work on some other puzzle

sunksuperset370: welli think ishould leave bye

sunksuperset370: see you tommorrrow

Default avatar.png DarkDev: Does anyone know C#

LegendaryStone: Allis do you mind sharing your code?

LegendaryStone: :pensive:

LeopoldFitz: You can show your code

Default avatar.png UnPlugThaMatrix: im looking for a gf

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: same

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: any programmer model here

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: i want to persuade you to become my gf

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: sounds good

Majeck: LinhT.Nguyen hahaha

Majeck: Being alone in quarantine is no fun

Majeck: I'm actually madly in love with a girl on here

Zenoscave: That's not cringey at all...

Majeck: Mostly because she's always beating me by like 10 points in any competition I try

Majeck: Zenoscave I know, I'm completely pathetic

Zenoscave: Then change.

Majeck: I mean

Majeck: What's the harm lol

Majeck: I'll never see her in real life

Zenoscave: but still your sentence is offputting.

Zenoscave: this general chat is not the place for that

Majeck: Sorry what I meant to say was that I was completely obsessed over a girl here

Zenoscave: doesn't help..

Majeck: My whole life has been consumed by a fictional account

Majeck: I do nothing all day but refresh her page in the hopes that she has responded to my 87th message

Majeck: My parents are thinking about dis-adopting me

Majeck: But I don't care for I am completely enchanted

Majeck: Is that less cringe Zeno?

Zenoscave: sure sounds good now

Majeck: Fiufff

Majeck: I was worried I was being a little crazy but now I know that I'm being completely normal

Default avatar.png UnPlugThaMatrix: what if the acc is a bot lol

Default avatar.png UnPlugThaMatrix: ir prob is a thot bot

Default avatar.png UnPlugThaMatrix: *it

Zenoscave: nah, only bot is Automaton2000 and AutomatonNN

Automaton2000: but your bot is worse

Zenoscave: lol

Majeck: UnPlugThaMatrix noooooo

Majeck: I hadn't even considered that hahaha

Majeck: Well I guess every morning I'll have to help her pass her captchas

Majeck: (Zeno all of this is satire)

Zenoscave: (i figured that out after a bit...)

Zenoscave: (just slightly slow)

Majeck: My whole life is a satire

Default avatar.png Niicide: lol

LeopoldFitz: No, you are miracle.Just turst yourself.

Default avatar.png Niicide: your mom p**** is a miracle

Majeck: Hey language

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: hahaha its ok to be in love

Unkmar: I was tired, so I just satire.

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: lmao