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Laminator: those aren't the same types of challenges. Completely different skill sets.

Laminator: I'll take glory and recognition over the prize money as is with most software engineers. But it's still something. And a lot more companies know hackerrank

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: guys

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: how to do the gandalf balrog problem

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: kaglge is machine learning deep learning lol not much to do with coding

eulerscheZahl: that hackerrank contest is for India only

eulerscheZahl: This contest is open to participants from India only. The ratings of this contest will reflect on your HackerRank Profile.

jrke: oh only for india?

eulerscheZahl: hackerrank often has that kind of limitation

eulerscheZahl: india only, women only, students only, ...

MadKnight: when Automaton2000 only ?

Automaton2000: you will be more interesting

jrke: then i should sign up there also

eulerscheZahl: collides with the reply challenge anyways

Laminator: wow, I've been missing bold text since grade school. haven't stopped apparently.

Laminator: Sorry everyone

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: guys how do u approach gandalf balrog problem in clash of code

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: 2hard4me

Default avatar.png WhileTrue_1337: hi all just got my chat rights :wave:

Default avatar.png khalid-shammout: hello

Default avatar.png khalid-shammout: anyone ahve account on codepen

Default avatar.png khalid-shammout: have

Default avatar.png khalid-shammout: ?

Default avatar.png khalid-shammout: its a facebook for coders

Default avatar.png khalid-shammout: your posts is codes

Default avatar.png khalid-shammout: its for frontend coders

jacek: frontend eh? then i dont have it :v

wlesavo: I though cg is facebook for coders

AntiSquid: i have account on codepen and no it's not facebook ...

AntiSquid: it's more like github with pretty visuals

AntiSquid: and an IDE !!

AntiSquid: khalid-shammout facebook is pure cancer

Default avatar.png khalid-shammout: its not

Default avatar.png khalid-shammout: its a social network just like fb

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png khalid-shammout: thats what I mean

Default avatar.png khalid-shammout: its for free

jacek: do you do fronten

jacek: d

AntiSquid: then CG is a social network lol

jacek: but im antisocial :c

Uljahn: great part of CG is a cats community, so you should enjoy it :smiley_cat:

wlesavo: catmunity

wlesavo: wow new nobel announced, 3/4 prizes last years basically for astronomy/relativity

Default avatar.png nxnjitsu: shutup

Default avatar.png nxnjitsu: that was the guy sittingnext to me

MadKnight: that's not a guy, that's Automaton2000

Automaton2000: who is the best way to do that?

AntiSquid: nxnjitsu explain yourself

jacek: AutomatonNN can explain

jacek: or not

LambertV: salut les zboubs

AntiSquid: maybe i should just ban rude level 3s

MadKnight: yea we all come through this

Uljahn: literally hitler :scream_cat:

MadKnight: through this phase

Default avatar.png iliboss78: salut les loosers

TheSpiffiest: well who doesn't like to loosen things?

AntiSquid: it's the mandela effect spelling, TheSpiffiest

TheSpiffiest: bonjour tendeur

TheSpiffiest: Ah, my language skills are weak if they aren't compiled

AntiSquid: mandela effect refers to collectively shared false memories, when a group of people remember the same thing, but that thing is false and never happened

MadKnight: oh they're all in #fr

MadKnight: spamming tons of spam

AntiSquid: good lol

MadKnight: the spammers i mean

MadKnight: the class

TheSpiffiest: sounds like trump supporters in my country, but it can happen in about a week

Default avatar.png damien_pny: wsh les bg

AntiSquid: they don't need chat for class .

AntiSquid: in what way TheSpiffiest ?

Default avatar.png Remimi: cc

TheSpiffiest: his supporters constantly explain away every bad things he done.

TheSpiffiest: He made fun of a crippled guy by immitating how his arms don't work. Oh, not that's just how he makes fun of people.

Default avatar.png sonianve: je suis un tournesol

TheSpiffiest: anyway they have a reality distortion field

Default avatar.png iliboss78: antisquid do you fear of me ?

TheSpiffiest: I have to run, but I'm not a fan of the president of usa to be polite. ttyl all, must get to work

Default avatar.png Remimi: :octopus:

Default avatar.png iliboss78: antisquide avez-vous peur de moi?

Shadowtick: ...

AntiSquid: iliboss78 #fr

Default avatar.png iliboss78: t'as peur de moi antisquid ?

AntiSquid: TheSpiffiest you're one of the few that explains to me what they disagree with from the anti-trump camp, i usually get angry replies .

Default avatar.png Remimi: hello

Default avatar.png Remimi: hello

Default avatar.png Remimi: i'm not where i'm suppose to be

Default avatar.png Remimi: love trump

Default avatar.png LeRadovidVegan: Trump to Goulag

Default avatar.png iliboss78: antisquid vient 1V1 warzone

AntiSquid: what warzone ?

Default avatar.png iliboss78: call of duty

Default avatar.png iliboss78: vient warzone je te détruis

AntiSquid: oh lame, i thought you meant a different kind of warzone (some exploitable pc)

Default avatar.png iliboss78: je vais te hacker

Default avatar.png LeRadovidVegan: The warzone of the nearest Minecraft PvP Faction server

Shadowtick: I use some apps to just make it where I have lot of enchants on my personal worlds

Shadowtick: I use toolbox for minecraft pe so I can make a knockback stick that has knockback 25 on it

Shadowtick: its funny when you hit something and it just goes flying away

eulerscheZahl: Oups An error occurred (#510): "An error has occurred during compilation/execution.".

eulerscheZahl: is it just me?

Shadowtick: ye

Default avatar.png Nanaw:

Default avatar.png Nanaw: while 1:

Default avatar.png Nanaw: :cherries:

jacek: huh

eulerscheZahl: might be the puzzle contribution that causes the 510

eulerscheZahl: only happens on some testcases

Shadowtick: can I have some help with my code for csb

wlesavo: same eulerscheZahl but it is more random, for example i can get an error on the test case that was alredy executed once

wlesavo: but it does look to correlate with test case

eulerscheZahl: same for me

eulerscheZahl: did you also try 2048 or something else?

wlesavo: also 2048, it is like that a couple of days at least

eulerscheZahl: oh, didn't try it for a while

eulerscheZahl: might even be too easy as an optim :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: there's still plenty of room for improvement for me. but that code is still pretty basic

wlesavo: nice, even if too easy it is nice addition to optims

eulerscheZahl: wait, that was my good testcase

wlesavo: i think this error might start to occur around the time you added ignoring characters, at least it was the first time i got one

eulerscheZahl: i'll create a new contribution to see if that one's buggy too


eulerscheZahl: submit finishes there, seems better

wlesavo: yeah

wlesavo: same

wlesavo: i wonder what is the problem then

eulerscheZahl: no idea

eulerscheZahl: i know there's some problem with replacing testcases

eulerscheZahl: but that didn't happen recently

wlesavo: hm

wlesavo: also, do you plan to release after finishing a bot?

eulerscheZahl: put up for approval? yes

eulerscheZahl: illedan wanted to have a bit time to test before it goes to moderation

wlesavo: yeah, thats what i meant. nice

eulerscheZahl: that's the testcase issue:

eulerscheZahl: might be related to the stuck submits? no idea

eulerscheZahl: and i suppose nothing will happen before the contest

eulerscheZahl: the way i know CG, they are working on the game till the last day

eulerscheZahl: (i guess my community contest experience isn't 100% representative)

wlesavo: so do you plan to keep a new contribution instead of the old one?

eulerscheZahl: i don't want to (removes old comments and feels like farming double upvotes)

eulerscheZahl: but i think i have to

wlesavo: feels bad, but seems necessary :slight_frown:

eulerscheZahl: but i think i'll replace it when i put it up for approval

eulerscheZahl: should i wait for illedan or just do it now? :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: i've tested enough myself. seems to work as expected, no crashing

eulerscheZahl: a little slow with 12k frame replays (well, 300 frames but 12k moves)

eulerscheZahl: but i don't think there's anything i can do to reduce load time

eulerscheZahl: already only using very few entities

eulerscheZahl: less than 100 in total

darkhorse64: wlesavo: I have done your optim last week. It turned out to be a C++ programming optim not an algorithm optim at least for me. I went the brute force way: filtering all possible cases

darkhorse64: I had to go to a suboptimal solution for length 9

eulerscheZahl: yolo, feel free to approve (or refuse)

wlesavo: darkhorse64 yeah, thats an obvious way to go, but there should be some tricks in choosing guesses to reduce entropy

eulerscheZahl: just guessing a valid number each time gives me a score around 320

eulerscheZahl: i test some numbers and count the number of remaining candidates based on possible answers

darkhorse64: Actually, I have only issues with the first guess. 3M+ possibilities to filter

eulerscheZahl: that's why I converted from C# to C++

eulerscheZahl: and i do some pre-filtering

eulerscheZahl: you can group the numbers by bulls and cows already if you know before what you will guess

eulerscheZahl: and then it's just an array lookup in the first turn, no real filtering

darkhorse64: Brute is OK for lengths 1-7 and 10, 8 needs a small trick only 9 remains

eulerscheZahl: i bruteforce everything

Default avatar.png PikaYuhno: bruh diga

eulerscheZahl: yeah, you said that to me in private message already

Default avatar.png PikaYuhno: lol

Default avatar.png PikaYuhno: it was an accident

wlesavo: i managed to get 6 in python, still want to make a c++ solution. now i just have a greedy algo i.e. make a guess and keep a better bulls

Default avatar.png PikaYuhno: i just wanted to say that i love eulerische ZAhlen

Default avatar.png PikaYuhno: but idk what it means

darkhorse64: For guess, I select a random number. My best is 317

wlesavo: i think not random selection is how dbdr got the edge, but im just guessing here :slight_smile:

darkhorse64: Yeah, there must be a way to select a candidate which will bring more information. Or spam submit

eulerscheZahl: that's probably the only thing you can improve once you optimized for speed hard enough

eulerscheZahl: dbdr had a few submits below 300

eulerscheZahl: my spamming got me 304. so there must be something he's doing significantly better

darkhorse64: Should not you consider that "2048" is at 100% only when the 2048 is present ?

darkhorse64: *2048 tile*

darkhorse64: Anyone submit the default code will get 100%

eulerscheZahl: hm, on the one hand you have a valid point here

dbdr: is 2048 vanilla?

eulerscheZahl: on the other hand that's a lot of 0 points at the bottom then

dbdr: isn't there a problem about plenty of existing solvers?

eulerscheZahl: sadly no vanilla, CG limitations :(

eulerscheZahl: the spawning is known to your bot, not random

dbdr: ok, I suppose that changes the game quite a lot

eulerscheZahl: it does

eulerscheZahl: and necessary so you can print several moves in a single turn

eulerscheZahl: 600 frame limit...

dbdr: is the spawning hardcoded or random per game?

eulerscheZahl: and you won't be able to hardcode everything. 30 validators * a lot of turns

eulerscheZahl: random per game, RNG is on github

dbdr: iow, is there going to be spam submit or offline search?

eulerscheZahl: a fairly simple one but produces > 6 million numbers before repeating

dbdr: so spam submit?

eulerscheZahl: offline search. but you can't hardcode every move because of code size limitations

eulerscheZahl: validators are always the same

dbdr: ah, seed is fixed too?

eulerscheZahl: there's 1 random testcase. but submit seeds are fixed

dbdr: hm, is there that much move data that it does not fit in 100K?

eulerscheZahl: i get 12k actions in a single testcase

eulerscheZahl: and that's far from perfect

eulerscheZahl: * 30 validators

dbdr: at 2 bits per action...

eulerscheZahl: sure, only 2 bit per move so you can compress

Shadowtick: ...

eulerscheZahl: still a lot

Shadowtick: ?

darkhorse64: It's quite the same with a*c or ns

dbdr: 12000*2/8*30 90000

darkhorse64: If you do not consider it as a problem, I can validate

Default avatar.png MJKDev: .

eulerscheZahl: but that 12k is still pretty bad i think

eulerscheZahl: far from optimal

eulerscheZahl: Shadowtick when i told you to go to #world, i meant you should repeat your whole question there. no one else knows what you asked me in private

Default avatar.png Scartiloffista: hello! do anyone know how to signal a bug in a starting code?

eulerscheZahl: Scartiloffista which puzzle and language?

Default avatar.png Scartiloffista: eulerscheZahl "Dungeon and Maps" in C, I think fgets() does not get the input map right

eulerscheZahl: known bug, it reads 1 char too less

eulerscheZahl: char map_row[w + 2];

           fgets(map_row, w + 2, stdin);

eulerscheZahl: that should work, didn't test

Default avatar.png Scartiloffista: it seems so, thank you!

Scarfield: Msmits, you here? :)

jacek: *ahem*... 3 3 is best opening for yavalath with pie rule

Scarfield: xD

jacek: is this RNG? seed = seed * seed % 50515093L

eulerscheZahl: RNG enough

eulerscheZahl: the sequence repeats after more than 6 million different numbers

dbdr: Really Not Good?

eulerscheZahl: i took that RNG from project euler

eulerscheZahl: and obviously the L suffix isn't needed


eulerscheZahl: i also executed it with different initial seeds to detect the largest cycles


wlesavo: lol, thats a nice approach

eulerscheZahl: the lazy way to generate testcases. i always do that

eulerscheZahl: for space maze i let it running for a few hours to generate enough :D

eulerscheZahl: some were too easy, others to hard (or maybe impossible)

eulerscheZahl: i randomly placed items and then tried to solve

Westicles: Isn't there some trick the NN guys came up with to store big data files, you could use for 2048 offline?

MadKnight: why would u try to make a NN for 2048 ?

MadKnight: it's almost the least interesting task possible for that

Westicles: Not the NN, the big data file

Westicles: They were saying thousands of moves times 30 validators is huge

MadKnight: no they just coded floats into 4-byte strings

jacek: there are N-tuples for 2048


Westicles: Oh I see. I thought this meant they stored more than 100k


eulerscheZahl: you can go beyond 100k bytes with unicode

eulerscheZahl: as the limit is 100k chars

jacek: there are some tricks for compressing binary and sending just the binary

eulerscheZahl: i predict that top players will end up hardcoding certain turns and computing the rest

jacek: opening books eh

eulerscheZahl: hardcode where the heuristic fails. more like a middle book

Illedan: Should be easy to hardcode 2048

eulerscheZahl: how so?

Illedan: Just use functions like done in Bender 4..

Illedan: Should be a bunch of repeated patterns :P

eulerscheZahl: but the "function name" will be longer, the more functions you define

eulerscheZahl: i don't think you can win much, might be wrong

eulerscheZahl: if you win something, a simple gzip should do the trick

Illedan: True

eulerscheZahl: and there are always 2 buttons if you disagree: downvote and refuse ;)

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: yo

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: quick question

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: if i wanted to do these codes in OO is there a way?

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: cause tecnically i can define a class in the same file as i use it, but its def not the norm

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: it also aint reccomended to do so

eulerscheZahl: you have to make some compromises and deviate from best practices on codingame

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: guess so lol

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: still, this site helped me a LOT practicing and giving me confidence

Guven: this is great stream we are solving together :

jacek: so spammy

Westicles: What if you edited the non-validator tests to store your data, ran it, then set them back

Westicles: You have access to those files

Westicles: Looks like not on optims though

eulerscheZahl: not sure if i get your question

Westicles: Regular puzzles have those in1.txt type files, you could store data there

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: edit it = modify the contribution?

Westicles: right

Westicles: I guess that would be frowned upon

eulerscheZahl: as in: make an incorrect solution get 100% by temporarily disabling the testcases?

eulerscheZahl: that would work

Westicles: Hah, okay never mind :)

Shadowtick: can someone help me with my code on the tower dereference?

Majeck: defense or dereference?

Shadowtick: Tower Dereference

Shadowtick: I spelled it correctly because I am looking at the name of it

jacek: :o

jacek: tower *reference

Majeck: Automaton2000 can probably help

Automaton2000: i need a better way to know the time it takes for me to see a list of numbers

Shadowtick: ok

eulerscheZahl: Illedan you're giving me headache


eulerscheZahl: upload breaks the formatting once again

eulerscheZahl: there is no

 Shadowtick: who knows a easy puzzle that has to do with loops

 eulerscheZahl: the descent

 Illedan: haha :D

 eulerscheZahl: i'll raise my concerns on discord

 Shadowtick: I already did the descent

 Westicles: Ghost Legs

 eulerscheZahl: or outside of codingame:

 Enknable: Just go to the easy puzzles and ctrl-F "Loops"

 eulerscheZahl: use the tags


 Enknable: how'd u get there eulerscheZahl?

 eulerscheZahl: i clicked the loops at the descent puzzle

 Enknable: oh

 eulerscheZahl: :D

 Enknable: ezpz

 jacek: or :soccer:

 jacek: i used many loops there

 eulerscheZahl: emphasis on "easy"

 eulerscheZahl: now that I updated the statement, i get this random seed:

 eulerscheZahl: Illedan i blame you

 eulerscheZahl: but exactly the same score on submit

 eulerscheZahl: is random still random? :thinking:

 eulerscheZahl: yes, it is

 eulerscheZahl: seems to be a visual issue only

 Illedan: haha

 eulerscheZahl: and i start to see some layout problems too

 AntiSquid: auto-adjust font ! 

 PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm trying CoC, browser is taking minutes to load a clash,  my pc isn't maxed out.  major errors going on

 Shadowtick: bye everyone

 eulerscheZahl: that's a sign to play the puzzle of the week instead

 eulerscheZahl: or 2048, just got approved

 eulerscheZahl: oh, i forgot to set an image

 PatrickMcGinnisII: alot games just truncate the numbers like 16384 to 16k, 32k ,etc.

 eulerscheZahl: i made the font smaller now

 Illedan: eulerscheZahl, forgot to mention. Add a screenshot as the game image

 PatrickMcGinnisII: bit runner 2048?

 eulerscheZahl: i will

 eulerscheZahl: a screenshot of the leaderboard :rofl:

 Illedan: :D

 Allis: Savage.

 PatrickMcGinnisII: 2048 scores?

 PatrickMcGinnisII: optimization?

 PatrickMcGinnisII: mjst be optimization

 eulerscheZahl: optim


 AntiSquid: report it! it has no cover image AutomatonNN

 AntiSquid: Automaton2000 ?

 Automaton2000: i need to think about it

 AntiSquid: what happened to the other one?

 eulerscheZahl: banned for pinging euler

 eulerscheZahl: hm, that NN isn't even online. strange

 eulerscheZahl: but won't miss it

 AntiSquid: arch nemesis :o

 PatrickMcGinnisII: what is the probability of a 2 versus a 4?

 eulerscheZahl: 50-50

 eulerscheZahl: assuming that the random generator is good enough

 eulerscheZahl: and it's another language award farming puzzle :)

 AntiSquid: i am done with my epic submit for the new game

 PatrickMcGinnisII: java, should be ok

 eulerscheZahl: achievement unlocked: D lover

 MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: ?

 AntiSquid: long ago

 AntiSquid: D wasn't that bad since it's close to human coding language

 eulerscheZahl: submit still shows "random seed" instead of the correct validator names

 eulerscheZahl: :/

 eulerscheZahl: but seems to play the right ones at least

 jacek: 50-50? i thought it was 90-10

 jacek: for original 2048

 AntiSquid: oh this is an easy way for +1 for the languages i didn't get to 30 yet

 PatrickMcGinnisII: oh you are using a pseudo randome and grabbing a single bit

 PatrickMcGinnisII: math.random would probably do a better job

 MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: math.random?

 AntiSquid: clojure fail eh?

 MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Oh js

 MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Ewww

 Westicles: Don't get me started on language farming

 AntiSquid: why? it's good ... i need to get my 30 each

 AntiSquid: i don't know why but i need to

 Westicles: I'm over 200 each

 AntiSquid: for real?

 Westicles: ugh

 AntiSquid: wow .

 jacek: french too?

 AntiSquid: do you have a tool to translate your puzzles ? 

 Westicles: yes

 AntiSquid: like what


 jacek: duh

 AntiSquid: not even Automaton2000 finds that funny

 Automaton2000: as long as there are no more moves

 PatrickMcGinnisII: using high modus number as prime and seeding it with a co-prime on init() and looping it date,getTime()%1000  number of times would make it less predictable and it would have a longer period

 PatrickMcGinnisII: or seed math.random w/ date.getTime 

 Westicles: He wants it to be predictable so you know whats coming

 eulerscheZahl: Westicles with 230 puzzles per language, wtf?!

 PatrickMcGinnisII: oic, well grabbing bit 5 makes the long unnecessary

 eulerscheZahl: and i thought marchete was crazy

 DomiKo: wait what

 DomiKo: 230 ?!?!?


 DomiKo: I see

 DomiKo: that's insane

 eulerscheZahl: and in C++ he has done more than me in C#

 jacek: his CV is impressive. hired already. not make another cat website

 Westicles: It is your faults with that python script

 eulerscheZahl: :D

 DomiKo: which script?

 eulerscheZahl: some system calls involved?

 Westicles: yes

 eulerscheZahl: the number shifting script helped to auto-submit

 eulerscheZahl: stilgart with 447 solved puzzles in haskell :o

 eulerscheZahl: that must be close to everything

 PatrickMcGinnisII: so guessing where number is gonna spawn on board wouldn't give you an idea of whether it was gonna be a 2 or 4 because bit 5 is always >15

 eulerscheZahl: the code is public. including the spawn logic

 PatrickMcGinnisII: so there's no relationship there

 eulerscheZahl: and you are given the random seed used

 PatrickMcGinnisII: oh really? where is that?

 eulerscheZahl: did you read the statement?

 eulerscheZahl: a valuable clue for DomiKo as well ;)

 DomiKo: yes yes

 DomiKo: statement could be really helpful sometimes

 PatrickMcGinnisII: looking at looks like random.nextint

 PatrickMcGinnisII: oh there is a parse

 eulerscheZahl: that's exactly what it's not


 eulerscheZahl: damn, line numbers changed after i linked it in the statement :/

 eulerscheZahl: i thought i was clever enough placing it at the top of the class

 eulerscheZahl: then i added a getScore() function above

 eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

 eulerscheZahl: i'll refactor that, faster than reuploading the statement on CG

 AntiSquid: ╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)︵ ┻━┻

 PatrickMcGinnisII: so like 290797 is the seed of test2?

 eulerscheZahl: kind of

 eulerscheZahl: starts as 290797

 eulerscheZahl: then generates 2 spawns from that

 eulerscheZahl: before you have the first interaction with it

 eulerscheZahl: damn you clojure

 eulerscheZahl: even a while loop without reading anything times out

 PatrickMcGinnisII: oh crap, you give it all away in the actual game

 PatrickMcGinnisII: i was looking at sourcecode json files

 PatrickMcGinnisII: smh

 eulerscheZahl: the only way to get beyond 600 turns

 eulerscheZahl: allow the user to print multiple actions at once

 eulerscheZahl: but then the user has to know how spawns work

 PatrickMcGinnisII: array arrangement looks pretty normal

 Shadowtick: hey I am back now

 jacek: good for you

 Shadowtick: I didn't wanna get back on but I had to because I wanna finish the algorithms

 jacek: algorithm addict?

 Shadowtick: no

 Shadowtick: just trying to finish

 MadKnight: he's talking about the quest map, jacek

 jacek: quests addict?

 Majeck: Booyah!  Just got a 3300 character program to exactly 200 for code golf

 Majeck: Also does this link not open for anybody else:

 Majeck: ?

 Majeck: I wanted to read it but past the first paragraph it never loads and I tried it on like 4 different devices 

 Shadowtick: it opened for me

 Majeck: Weird, I mean it did open for me too what I meant was if anyone can read the whole blog

 Shadowtick: ok

 logiqub: I can't open it


 Majeck: That's how it looks on my device right now

 logiqub: Thx for the picture :smile:

 PatrickMcGinnisII: ok eulerscheZahl, all my predictions work and board manipulations work, but no search, just output random 600 moves at a time for score of 28k, smh, lol

 AntiSquid: i can share my code for inspiration PatrickMcGinnisII

 PatrickMcGinnisII: in D? lol

 AntiSquid: best time to learn D isn't it?

 AntiSquid: does pastebin work?

 PatrickMcGinnisII: i suppose


 PatrickMcGinnisII: inva;lid paste id


 PatrickMcGinnisII: ULR, lol

 PatrickMcGinnisII: guess i shoulda just randomize 3 directions instead of 4

 PatrickMcGinnisII: now I see why its a beam search

Default avatar.png simooooon: hello

Default avatar.png simooooon: world

 MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: "Import std" AntiSquid

 PatrickMcGinnisII: i stored board flat

Default avatar.png simooooon: fck

 AntiSquid: ? MaliciouslyCrypticUsername ?

Default avatar.png simooooon: hohp

 MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: The url

 MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: .-.

 PatrickMcGinnisII: hmmm, now to make it jump thru hoops, maybe I'll get a good eval for a depth of 5 w/ full search, with some cutoffs maybe I'll get to 7.  Hmm, i better read up on beam search

 PatrickMcGinnisII: 600 no fraking way

 MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: ???


 MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Ohhh

 LegendaryStone: AdrianoIanase do you mind sharing your code please?

 LegendaryStone: I'm relatively new, and I want to see a better way you solved the problem

 AdrianoIanase: oh

 AdrianoIanase: ok

 LegendaryStone: Thanks :)

 AdrianoIanase: it's not that elegant, but it's fastest mode ;)

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: I am back biys

 Shadowtick: ...

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: I am back girls

 Shadowtick: why

 Shadowtick: whyyyyyyy did you say it like that

 Shadowtick: hey if anyone needs me ping me

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: no one needs you

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: no one will ever need you man

Default avatar.png UnPlugThaMatrix: lmao

Default avatar.png Zenro: hi

 Harrogin: Anyone in Legends of Code & Magic?

 MadKnight: i am

 Harrogin: Oh dang rank 61 I bet lol

 Harrogin: Would a neural network be viable in this game?

 Harrogin: Or is it just straight up manual game logic?

 MadKnight: it's actually complicated

 IKEJIME: java array

 Jef808: Hmmm I got followed by a Clash of Code bot tonight isn't that a little over the top? :/

 professional_dumbass: : /

 bisnaisu: np