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MadKnight: hey KiwiTae

MadKnight: MaliciouslyCrypticUsername

MadKnight: or jrke

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: ?

MadKnight: hey what are u coding ?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Clash

jrke: kaggle

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Gotta get my rank back up~

MadKnight: why gotta ?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Bc...

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: I gotta

MadKnight: what kaggle jrke ?

MadKnight: but why, MaliciouslyCrypticUsername ?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: n,e=int(input()),0 for i in range(n):

   for j in range(n-i-1):e+=1


MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Any way to make that shorter?

MadKnight: can't u multiply

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: No, because if you notice, I'm doing n-i

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: So I can't just do it in the beginning

MadKnight: e+=n-i-1

MadKnight: inside first for

MadKnight: and then it's a progression

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: ...

MadKnight: there's a formula too

jrke: is it sum of first n numbers?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Goal-When you go out to dinner with your friends, everyone toasts with everyone else once. You wonder how often one glass bumps into another.

jrke: oh its easy

jrke: do it

Default avatar.png cg000: (n*n-n)/2

Default avatar.png cg000: ezpz

jrke: print(n*(n-1)/2)

MadKnight: cg000 are u an alt ?

Default avatar.png cg000: possibly

Default avatar.png cg000: pew pew

MadKnight: some kind of jbm ?

MadKnight: oh, pew

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: ...

MadKnight: lol

jrke: make it short malicious

MadKnight: MaliciouslyCrypticUsername learning that for j in range(n-i-1):e+=1 is the same as e += n-i-1

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Yea I get the idea now

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: I never thought of it though, I got stuck on the idea of looping

Default avatar.png cg000: p (a=gets.to_i)*(a-1)/n

MadKnight: no that's ruby

jrke: in python

jrke: n=int(input())

jrke: print(n*(n-1)//2)

jrke: my big brother told me this question cause it once came in india's best competitive exam

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: ...

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: loool

jrke: and yes Malicious this is also sum for first n numbers

jrke: MadKnight doing google football contest on kaggle

Default avatar.png cg000: google football?

Default avatar.png cg000: link pls

jrke: oke


jrke: 3000$ for 1st ranker

jrke: 2000$ for 2nd and 1000$ for 3rd ranker

Default avatar.png cg000: woah

Default avatar.png cg000: bah not quite legend with ruby

jrke: watch any replay you will stunned

jrke: cg000 watch this -

jacek: wah

jthemphill: ew, i'm not a fan of how the kaggle football competition is laid out

"Our game rules are implemented in the following open source code: [links to 270 lines of python code which exclusively handles I/O]"

jthemphill: like it's really obvious that they don't want anyone to solve it in a way that isn't RL

jthemphill: i feel like in general ML is going down this dead end of trying to solve literally every problem with black-box RL, even though the most successful ML players (*cough* AlphaGo) wind up using ML in combination with a search algorithm

jthemphill: oh okay they do give you the actual engine code in C++, it's just kind of hidden

jacek: lets NN everything

AntiSquid: quite sure you can modify stuff your way on kaggle

AntiSquid: there are usually example notebooks without any ML in them as an entry so ...

jrke: i submitted my bot on kaggle today reached 920 score 46th rank then started loosing currently 740 scorewith 130 rank in football

jrke: squidy are you having ML bot?

AntiSquid: it's a basic starter bot just to see how the game works, not into football actually and no time atm so ...

AntiSquid: it has some ML, but it's a joke implementation

wlesavo: "There is a nice blog-post from Warsaw University students who conducted a research project using Google Research Football environment and SEED RL" first thought about aCat's students, but then realized Wrocław!=Warsaw

RAMSES: heloooooooooooooooo world

RAMSES: okkk...

Default avatar.png zirnelis: OK

Planktonas: bbd

Default avatar.png Vandenis: cbb

Default avatar.png zirnelis: CBB

Default avatar.png Vandenis: ka cia bazarini ciortas

Default avatar.png Vandenis: tave praplėst gal?

Default avatar.png Koldunas: ei

Default avatar.png zirnelis: pagauk mane

Default avatar.png Vandenis: tu nepagaunamas

Default avatar.png zirnelis: as busiu greitkelyje

Default avatar.png Vandenis: nes pederu nieks negaudo

MayoDewitt: prtanu ertes

MayoDewitt: le amigo

Default avatar.png Koldunas: as IT pamokoj

Planktonas: kas nori mano jogurtuko?

Default avatar.png Koldunas: nesikeikit

Default avatar.png Vandenis: le amigo debilygo

Default avatar.png zirnelis: no amigo

Default avatar.png zirnelis: bigy diko

Default avatar.png Vandenis: as jogurto noliu

MayoDewitt: which amigo

Planktonas: nuryk zertva

MayoDewitt: polish amigo?

MayoDewitt: kurwa

MayoDewitt: russian amigooooo

MayoDewitt: cyka blyat

jrke: among us pic lol

MayoDewitt: hey you study in my school

MayoDewitt: im mayo too

jrke: I am in India

wlesavo: AntiSquid save us please

jrke: yes mayo international school

MayoDewitt: do you love mayo

MayoDewitt: garlic mayo

MayoDewitt: hot mayo

RAMSES: aarki dürum tebak

Planktonas: eat shit

Default avatar.png Vandenis: chew kok

Default avatar.png zirnelis: suck balls

Planktonas: deeznuts

Default avatar.png zirnelis: India eat poop???

uvBoss: what is happening here?

RAMSES: salit voy youkrut

uvBoss: Antisquid wha thas the chat become?

AntiSquid: #LT for lithuanian chat .

AntiSquid: can't tab complete

AntiSquid: don't worry, they aren't swearing it's just a lithuanian dialect, i know because i've been there many times

uvBoss: oke xD

AntiSquid: good morning kids, kaip cia suda ?

Default avatar.png JBM: if i can't tell it's swearing, i don't worry it could be

uvBoss: its not cussing its this XD

Planktonas: fh

Planktonas: ka tu lochas ?

Planktonas: unban zirnelis

Planktonas: fre zirnelis 2020

AntiSquid: #LT

AntiSquid: no letiuvishkai in here aciu

wlesavo: well i can tell that kurwa and cyka blyat is swearing :slight_smile:

jacek: kurwa line?

AntiSquid: shuda is most popular actually

AntiSquid: well from what i heard

Default avatar.png ils: is the CoC captcha has been solved or not?

jacek: hm?

jrke: does bot programming can also become PotW

KiwiTae: Potw?

Default avatar.png sDCrAZzE: i pooped

jrke: puzzle of the week = PotW

KiwiTae: I dont recall seeing it happening

Default avatar.png sDCrAZzE: poopoo

jrke: the current PotW is Bot programming

Shadowtick: I finally finished scrabble :smile:

darkhorse64: It already happened to Breakthough and gave it a nice audience boost

jrke: oh

darkhorse64: *Breakthrough*

Shadowtick: ... ok?

jrke: now its onitama's turn

Shadowtick: I'm confused about what's happening right now

darkhorse64: Paper soccer and checkers too

darkhorse64: Onitama engine is a bit more difficult to code than usual for a board game because available moves for a given pawn vary according to its position on the board. The referee code is quite helpful for a start

darkhorse64: Moves depend also on the cards you have in hand

darkhorse64: I ended up precomputing all moves for all positions and all cards

eulerscheZahl: Onitama is puzzle of the week \o/

Shadowtick: ...

eulerscheZahl: i'm slightly confused, wasn't it before?

Shadowtick: brb

Scarfield: i think it has been before, but i dont pay too much attention to puzzle of the week tbh

eulerscheZahl: usually i don't either. except if it's my contributino

eulerscheZahl: i had some puzzles of the week already, so i might be wrong which of them exactly has been before

Scarfield: i dont have that "issue" yet :p

eulerscheZahl: i'm sure about vindinium, cgfunge prime and number shifting

eulerscheZahl: and space maze and sokoban haven't been yet

eulerscheZahl: that would be fun :D

Scarfield: oh yea, i completely forgot about space maze, gotta have a look at that one soon, seemed very interesting, and challenging :)

eulerscheZahl: let's say it this way: 50XP is an insult for solving it



tibu: How to count min ways for transform 2 to 100 by n-=1 or multify n by 2.

tibu: The answer is 9, but i got confused the approach

eulerscheZahl: what is "min ways"

eulerscheZahl: number of ways or minimum steps would make sense to me

eulerscheZahl: i guess you mean the minimum number of steps needed, as there are infinite ways

eulerscheZahl: do you know BFS?

tibu: yes min steps

tibu: how to implement BFS for this problem?

eulerscheZahl: you have a list of reachable numbers: [2]

eulerscheZahl: then for each number x you compute x-1 and x*2

eulerscheZahl: so: [1, 4]

eulerscheZahl: do the same again with the new list

eulerscheZahl: [0,2,3,8]

eulerscheZahl: repeat until there's a 100

eulerscheZahl: use a set instead of list for a better performance

tibu: im still confused

Default avatar.png BoBot: ((2*2*2-1)*2-1)*2-1)*2*2

Default avatar.png BoBot: yup, 9! :D

eulerscheZahl: you know python, tibu?

tibu: yes, i know

Default avatar.png boon-cpu: yooooo

tibu: BoBot you are amazing :))

Default avatar.png BoBot: @tibu tibu means "baby chicken" in Estonian, had to check if you were not from my home country :D


eulerscheZahl: i coded it, might be easier than writing my thoughts in prosa

Default avatar.png BoBot: loool, meanwhile...

AntiSquid: interesting multi as puzzle of the week again

Default avatar.png BoBot: btw, eulerscheZahl, Onimata is cool :D I know it was not your invention - have you played the real one?

tibu: thanks

Default avatar.png BoBot: I did not even know there are MP Puzzles of the Week

Default avatar.png BoBot: before

Default avatar.png BoBot: multiplayer*

eulerscheZahl: i've never played Onitama in real life. was browsing boardgamegeeks to look for fun games to put on CG

Default avatar.png BoBot: really simple rules, but I have a feeling it is complex enough to not be trivial

eulerscheZahl: you have to promote 1 league to mark the puzzle of the week as solved

eulerscheZahl: there are a few cases where you can enforce a win after 5 turns (because of random card selection on setup) but thanks to trictrac those are excluded from the game

Default avatar.png BoBot: I noticed from source code you had to remove some "trivial" setups

Default avatar.png BoBot: yea (Y)

Default avatar.png BoBot: was just commenting on that :D

Default avatar.png BoBot: nice to see those removed...I guess it is not as important face to face, most players would not solve the game so easily

eulerscheZahl: someone actually had a look at the code, nice

Default avatar.png BoBot: I wanted to see how the cards are created, saw that specific cards even have (animal) names

Default avatar.png BoBot: i.e. if I was going to implement a simulation, which cards would I need to create or what limits are there

Default avatar.png BoBot: to the possible moves*

eulerscheZahl: i stuck to the original game here there are extension packs with some more cards

eulerscheZahl: but those have even more trivial cases

Default avatar.png BoBot: yea I guess in the real game the trivial solutions matter less

eulerscheZahl: someone on the boardgamegeeks forum did the maths

Default avatar.png BoBot: or not... :D

Default avatar.png BoBot: I guess they are "geeks"

eulerscheZahl: true. but our bots can think a few turns ahead

eulerscheZahl: even my #12 bot could solve the trivial ones

Default avatar.png BoBot: not mine :D

Default avatar.png BoBot: I have minimax with 1 turn atm

Default avatar.png BoBot: but that is after ~1h of work

eulerscheZahl: should be enough to promote

eulerscheZahl: boss is only capturing if possible, random otherwise

Default avatar.png BoBot: almost, close, I think it does not pick the best move even at depth 1 at the moment

Default avatar.png BoBot: still wins games by random

Default avatar.png BoBot: will fix it in a minute or 10

eulerscheZahl: the move generation is where i screwed up initially. rotating the cards made my head hurt :D

Default avatar.png BoBot: oh, damn, haven't even thought of that

eulerscheZahl: meanwhile the UK struggles with large excel files

eulerscheZahl: i'm surprised/shocked that they use excel for that purpose

Default avatar.png BoBot: they really do not belong in the EU - EU officials are notorious for their love of large Excel files :D

Default avatar.png BoBot: at least that is how people mock the gov/EU in my country :D

Default avatar.png BoBot: "put it into Excel"

Default avatar.png BoBot: lol, my scoring function looked like this:

def score(self):

     return 0

Default avatar.png BoBot: no wonder it does not distinguish moves

Shadowtick: back

eulerscheZahl: nice scoring :D

Default avatar.png BoBot: I like creating stub code, good skill for creating code fast that "works" i.e. does not crash :D

Default avatar.png BoBot: need more TODO-s

sparky: a lot of us did vote to remain in the EU..

eulerscheZahl: unrelated, as you are in the UK: do you know any game developers living there?

Default avatar.png BoBot: haha I am well aware, I watch a lot of UK comedy panel shows :D

Default avatar.png BoBot: my new favorite is Frankie Boyle's New World Order

eulerscheZahl: for me it's mostly lastweektonight and patriot act

Default avatar.png BoBot: not a lot of support for Leave from the comedians...except for John Cleese.... :/

Default avatar.png BoBot: John Oliver is great, have not watched Patriot Act

eulerscheZahl: entertaining too. and dedicated a whole episode to some issue our society has

eulerscheZahl: similar to lastweektonight

eulerscheZahl: but less crazy ideas

eulerscheZahl: like sponsoring the marble racing league

eulerscheZahl: or baking a huge cake with an insult to the guiness world records printed on it

eulerscheZahl: or a musical about Bob Murray

sparky: eulerscheZahl No, don't know any game developers, I'm in the 'business' programming world

eulerscheZahl: i see

Astrobytes: I've got someone getting back to me re. UK game dev

Default avatar.png BoBot: ok, took me 45 minutes, but I do not miss killer moves now :P

Default avatar.png BoBot: "1 turn wins"

Shadowtick: can anyone help me with legends of code & magic

Default avatar.png BoBot: wow, I did not know they have kept on developing the game

Default avatar.png BoBot:

Default avatar.png BoBot: did you find this site already? it looks like it could have some resources

Shadowtick: what do you mean by that?

Default avatar.png BoBot: after the contest on Codingame, it looks like they kept on developing and creating contests for it

Default avatar.png BoBot: I took part of that contest, but my strategy was influenced by 10+ years of playing Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone, hard to give a summary of that :D

Default avatar.png BoBot: do you have specific questions?

Shadowtick: ok?

Default avatar.png BoBot: ok?

Default avatar.png BoBot: (just testing if you are a chatbot)

Shadowtick: -3- wow I said ok? because I was saying it the your message that said after the contest on Codingame, it looks like they kept on developing and creating contests for it

Shadowtick: to the*

Shadowtick: god dang I am having a horrible time with grammar today

Shadowtick: I meant to say to your

Shadowtick: but to be honest I am not a chatbot

Default avatar.png BoBot: yea, I shared a link to their site, first hit on google

Default avatar.png BoBot: jk man :D

Default avatar.png BoBot: and I was surprised that this game had a new life off Codingame

Shadowtick: what do you mean by that????

jrke: bot programming is best part of codingame

Default avatar.png BoBot: dude @jrke your bot is keeping me in Wood 2

Default avatar.png BoBot: get promoted already

jrke: lol its just my 5 minute work

Default avatar.png BoBot: lol mine is 1.5h, we will see who will have the last laugh

jrke: i won't do a lot on this just a simple bot

jrke: and see i wanted to improve it later

jrke: if

Shadowtick: ... imma just put my favorite song on real quick

Shadowtick: back

jrke: BoBot wait a min then submit

jrke: cause i will be in wood 1 then

Shadowtick: anyone wanna see my coders strike back ai?

jrke: whats your rank in it?

Shadowtick: mine?

jrke: Shadowtick ?? whats your rank in Coders Strike Back

Shadowtick: let me go check it again

jrke: yes yours

Shadowtick: 1,394th/44,479

jrke: league silver?

jrke: try to make legend

Shadowtick: no wood league 2

jrke: oke

Shadowtick: how do I do it with the nextCheckpointAngle > 90 but it wont make my pod stop

LegendaryStone: MystiquePanda Can you share code please :pensive:

jacek: oh, puzzle of the week

Default avatar.png D0ted: anyone know how to do the part where you have to add the nextcheckpoint angle > 90

eulerscheZahl: more like "multiplayer of the week"

eulerscheZahl: except for CSB. that one is always the multiplayer of the week

eulerscheZahl: 8 new players already, not bad

jacek: how much $$$ did you pay for make it for the week

Scarfield: 4 dogecoins

Default avatar.png JBM: such wow

Shadowtick: hi

jacek: how does puzzle of the week quest look in this case? you just submit random bot and youre done?

Shadowtick: huh?

Scarfield: promote one league to "solve" i think, euler mentioned something like this earlier

Shadowtick: I am just gonna not ask what is going on

eulerscheZahl: at least that's what thibaud said when the quest map was introduced

eulerscheZahl: i had the same question


Scarfield: Invalid paste id, perhaps it expired?

eulerscheZahl: come on


eulerscheZahl: for those on the CG discord

eulerscheZahl: "you promote to the next league"

Shadowtick: I will join

Default avatar.png jenra: hewwo

Guven: this stream is amazing

AntiSquid: hi Shadowtick how's it going

PatrickMcGinnisII: all morning to get 7th in Penguins

Allis: That's pretty good.

Shadowtick: guess what

Default avatar.png Kishore123: twitch is cool

Shadowtick: yes

Shadowtick: it is but I was gonna say I am gonna become a twitch streamer

Shadowtick: since I am already a youtuber so why not be a twitch streamer too

Default avatar.png Kishore123: yo

Default avatar.png Kishore123: share your code

Shadowtick: who?

Shadowtick: who do you mean?

gabrielsoft: great

Einwickler: If I ever again lose because I was a second slower I will go to bed I swear! :(

Shadowtick: ...

Shadowtick: I'm gonna just say a phrase and see who will know what its from

Shadowtick: Za wordo

Laminator: You

Default avatar.png oONinjaDudeOo: jojo

Default avatar.png PovilasDauksys: Yare yare

Default avatar.png PovilasDauksys: DIO

Default avatar.png itwasmeDIO: NANII

gabrielsoft: sure

gabrielsoft: am i even good at coding

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: lmao it started i was too late

gabrielsoft: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

YCS-Venom: Hello guys

MadKnight: hello venom

YCS-Venom: how are you?

MadKnight: just as usual

YCS-Venom: how's everything?

YCS-Venom: :grimacing:

MadKnight: Automaton2000, how are u ?

Automaton2000: you have to add a new node

Laminator: hackerrank hackercup coming up in 3 days

Laminator: sorry it's "HackFest"

jrke: Codingame Fall Challenge coming up in 37 days 11 hours 7 minutes 35 seconds ;)

Laminator: If it's anything like Facebook's hackercup this year, I'm going to cry and swear off python lol

Laminator: Looks like you have time for both

Laminator: hackerrank has prizes for the winners

jrke: codingame also have

jrke: if you wanna win prize then goto kaggle