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Default avatar.png Perfect_DepiT: hey

Default avatar.png Perfect_DepiT: hey you~

Default avatar.png Perfect_DepiT: yeah you~

Default avatar.png Perfect_DepiT: We have a gift for you~

MadKnight: is it a new version of Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: or is it a bad idea?

jacek: happy Caturday

eulerscheZahl: you are late today jacek

eulerscheZahl: and why can't i tab-complete you?

jacek: i had to reboot

eulerscheZahl: you must be on Windows then

jacek: i dont do drugs

Marchete: wsl

AntiSquid: wsl2 !

Marchete: and GUI soon

AntiSquid: really?

Marchete: yeah

AntiSquid: they are desperate to circumvent linux eh?

Marchete: no, they went the best way, unify everything on a single platform

Marchete: obviously for end users

Marchete: linux standalone will be for servers and such

Marchete: but once you have seamless windows + linux apps in a desktop

Marchete: why will one go the painful way?

AntiSquid: lots of reasons to stick to linux

AntiSquid: i'd rather have windows containerized

AntiSquid: it's not as secure, it's bloated and frankly i personally prefer linux since it's easier to set up what i need (i don't game much)

AntiSquid: relevant :

Saaalikh: hey

Marchete: If you don't game or use Microsoft office, yeah you can go Linux or Android or even a toaster with web browser

AntiSquid: proton, vulcan, playonlinux worked for me ... apart from that blizz ban for using some software to run their games, but screw them

AntiSquid: i use libreoffice even on windows btw

DomiKo: even with playonlinux on windows you can get some extra fps, so still, it's better option

Marchete: I'm not going to argue, everyone is free to use what they like.

AntiSquid: not arguing, stating what i do

DomiKo: for me, the biggest disadvantage of windows is, that you need you use a mouse, a lot ...

Marchete: I know and it's OK

jrke: i have just used windows yet never experienced any other

AntiSquid: well WSL2 is for windows jrke

AntiSquid: check it out

jrke: but i think for windows 10 +

AntiSquid: what windows are you using? 7 ?

jrke: im having windows 7 outdated

eulerscheZahl: at least not XP :D

eulerscheZahl: but seriously: you should upgrade

jrke: it costs money for that and im not having enough

jrke: my laptop works ok

AntiSquid: you can upgrade free afaik, since you have the windows key from 7

AntiSquid: jrke

Marchete: yeah the windows 10 upgrade were pretty much for everyone

Marchete: except on very old PC's, performance was the same

jrke: i faced one comic thing with me last laptop

Marchete: also you can get an OEM key pretty cheap

Marchete: but for an old laptop is not worth it

eulerscheZahl: linux is for free :P

Marchete: I converted an old vista (sigh) laptop, and was terrible

jrke: oh btw im having virtual box on my laptop so linux is there on my windows only

Marchete: virtual box? then better have w10 with linux subsystem

Marchete: much much better

AntiSquid: vista is the epitome of failure


jrke: vista is too old as i remember


eulerscheZahl: but why are you discussing windows versions when you could play Sokoban? :P

jrke: euler 3000$ are waiting for you :)

Marchete: some replays of these "agents" are pathetic, like run towards goal


Marchete: from the 1st player

jrke: are you taking part in contest

Marchete: me? no

Marchete: but I just saw some replay of 1st player

Marchete: and most of the time is playing like a little boy, running all the field with the ball, straight to the goal

jacek: looks like paper soccer eh

Marchete: they should add some kind of stamina

jrke: i think stamina is there im not sure

Marchete: ahh

Marchete: yeah, that's game is perfect for euler :D

Marchete: that*

eulerscheZahl: i won't join the kaggle contest

eulerscheZahl: and my internet is losing connection every few minutes right now :/

Marchete: fix your linux

jrke: what if we combine net+euler=neutral

jacek: neuter?

jacek: w00t

IfIHadATail: I just got here and have no idea what you guys are talking about but I agree completely

ThunderbirdOne: but but... where would i get my One Piece now ? :o

AntiSquid: 2 weeks break, Oda is sick

AntiSquid: do you mean where to buy or where to read online ?

ThunderbirdOne: well no, i used to get all my anime from horriblesubs =/

AntiSquid: there are official sites now to read manga btw

ThunderbirdOne: im too lazy to read :')

professional_dumbass: lol

AntiSquid: ah

professional_dumbass: i don't think you have to read a lot tho

professional_dumbass: can't you just see thee pictures?

professional_dumbass: *the

AntiSquid: there's a lot of text in there

professional_dumbass: ah, so basically you'll miss out on a lot

AntiSquid: and as for "just seeing the pictures", go look up hunter x hunter

AntiSquid: there are memes just about the massive massive speech bubbles and the long explanation panels

professional_dumbass: oh ok lol

professional_dumbass: i see why

AntiSquid: my favorite:

professional_dumbass: oh lmao 😂

jacek: pussy playing itself

Avifire1: wow moved up 2 leagues in 7 mins

DuncanDrust: Is it possible to disable turn numbers on games with them listed over the console? In ghost in the cell, I am finding this turn count covers my output, and is annoying.

eulerscheZahl: DuncanDrust you just asked the same on the forum

DuncanDrust: True

eulerscheZahl: and I answered you there

DuncanDrust: Oh goodness

DuncanDrust: Sorry, I did not expect any forum response that fast, and was not checking it

DuncanDrust: My bad

DuncanDrust: Thank you very much!

eulerscheZahl: let me know if you have problems following my instructions, but should be pretty straight forward ;)

DuncanDrust: Modifying local css makes sense, thank you!

DuncanDrust: Worked perfectly :)

eulerscheZahl: :)

Marchete: I didn't know that, I exported to excel and then filter by color, I'm an old guy

Talch: why I get target "MOLECULES" if the only thing I'm printing is GOTO DIAGNOSIS?

Talch: ah I'm reading the other robot's target, got it

wlesavo: in 2048 when you ignore whole input you do not print invalid action eulerscheZahl, resulting in 600 turn games if there are no legit actions were printed =) not that it would matter much but in the same time its a simple fix

AntiSquid: does anyone know a user named kevi? says he got banned? i don't see him in chat history

AntiSquid: he spammed discord just now, PMed him, he flooded me .

wlesavo: kevi_not_hardcode

AntiSquid: found code_kevi in yesterday's chat ...

AntiSquid: so much spam and no ban O_O

AntiSquid: no kick either

eulerscheZahl: wlesavo i make a quick exit if you print the same 10 times in a row

eulerscheZahl: otherwise i don't end the game on invalid actions based on the feedback i've received

eulerscheZahl: antisquid how do you know that there as no kick?

SPDene: did you miss the "[CG]Thibaud kicked these two" in the middle of that antisquid?

AntiSquid: he didn't whine about a kick and he clearly whines about everything

AntiSquid: referring to 2 different users SPDene

AntiSquid: csanad and machi-something

SPDene: i see now (hadn't scrolled down far enough)

AntiSquid: ctrl+F

Astrobytes: is that guy a reincarnation of the earlier guy? Sure was acting like it

jrke: yeah code_kevi spammed a lot

Default avatar.png enesdgn: print(sum([int(i) for i in str(bin(int(input()))[2:])]))

Default avatar.png enesdgn: how can i minimalize this code

jacek: use smaller font :v

jacek: is this bit popcount?

eulerscheZahl: print(bin(int(input())).count('1'))

eulerscheZahl: this is a bit shorter

Default avatar.png enesdgn: gracias

Default avatar.png vladov200: Anybody completed a codingame interview?

Default avatar.png Meide42: hello

eulerscheZahl: vladov200 most of us are here for the fun part, not the interviews. but here's what to expect:

Default avatar.png vladov200: Thanks for the link euler

Default avatar.png vladov200: It'll give me a better idea what to expect

wlesavo: oh i see eulerscheZahl, i just meant that this exit dont work when you dont print valid characters i.e. input is ignored as a whole, even if it is the same. not important anyway

eulerscheZahl: hm, true i skip invalid characters entirely. so do i for strings of length 0

eulerscheZahl: indeed not a biggy but an easy fix

eulerscheZahl: firing up intelliJ

eulerscheZahl: updated

eulerscheZahl: now an invalid character or none at all makes you lose

eulerscheZahl: randomly spamming UDRL will still get you somewhere

eulerscheZahl: early exit if you print the same 10 times in a row

eulerscheZahl: that is 10 times while invalid

codeing: hello the familly

codeing: for this puzzle


codeing: look at the solution 100%


codeing: yep

eulerscheZahl: is there any deeper message or do you just want us to look?

codeing: sure

eulerscheZahl: and what's a Sommet?

codeing: i wanna you feedback if possible.

codeing: Sommet is a Node

eulerscheZahl: that listNeighbors from line 30 to 40 could be shortened a bit

codeing: like how ?

eulerscheZahl: my code (not saying that it's better in total but the neighbor enum is what I prefer):


eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


codeing: nice code

codeing: simple

eulerscheZahl: it's C# not Java but similar enough

Default avatar.png develoore: clash is fun, I wonder why haven't I played it ever before

Saphielle-Akiyama: hi

Default avatar.png Maxence_yrowah: hi

Default avatar.png Parad0X02: i am the best

Default avatar.png Perfect_DepiT: sex

AntiSquid: ban

AntiSquid: this is a prude chat Perfect_DepiT

Default avatar.png Sjogs: is python or c# the most recommended language to learn in 2020 and 2021 :P learned 2021 in the past in school etc but hearing some colleagues say python is better ?

Simonka: depends what for... theres no single best language

Default avatar.png develoore: if there would be a best language the others wouldn't exist

Default avatar.png Sjogs: true. I mainly love web dev and everything that it involves :P but mainly rethinking what server sidel anguage I should keep learning. I have the most experience with c# as in with .net core etc but sometimes you have to evolve if the market asks other htings :)

Default avatar.png Sjogs: things *

Default avatar.png develoore: don't worry about the marked, worry about what interests you, if you're good you can be good in anything

Default avatar.png develoore: if you're bad you can be bad in the most trending languages :D

Default avatar.png Sjogs: hahaha that's why I'm here to not be bad ;p

Default avatar.png develoore: I was an android dev for four years, but quit because it bored me

Default avatar.png Sjogs: if any other good sites are known for learning new trends and refreshing basics be my guest :)

Default avatar.png Sjogs: ooof how come ?

Default avatar.png develoore: well, because there are rich libraries most of the time you don't need to invent anything, just connect them together

Default avatar.png develoore: and I felt I was more playing lego than doing a job xD

Default avatar.png Sjogs: hahaha true :P I have been learning some flutter recently to see what it holds up to as it has a bit of a hype around it. is fun but you are right that it's very much using given pieces or placning them differently to make your own :P

Default avatar.png develoore: never heard of it before, you learn something new every day :D

Default avatar.png Sjogs: it's ridiculous :P it's hard to keep up. swift is a big new thing apparently. average US salaray ( if you manage to get a job there :P ) is 117k :O

Dartisan: Flutter could get nice 2021 when the Web part will become stable.

Default avatar.png Sjogs: that's the annoying part sometimes :P IT changes faster then you can follow :P

Dartisan: it's part of the game ;-)

Default avatar.png Sjogs: I like it a lot for app development @Dartisan as it allows you to make a app for both IOS and android as a 1 man team :P if you wanna make something for yourself or have an idea. You can, without having to first learn 10 languages :P

Default avatar.png Sjogs: true true dartisan true

Dartisan: Well, I wait that Dart will play also a stronger part in the Backend, or Kotlin a stronger part in the Frontend ;-)

Default avatar.png Sjogs: would be nice if devs can choose ;) for people that like python or c# or dart . that they can choose :P

Dartisan: But currently I use Codingame for enjoying the game in using only Dart for the solutions.

Default avatar.png develoore: historically these kind of things ended up having to be later rewritten to native by someone to be fast enough for production

Default avatar.png Sjogs: but firebase is somethign that seems cool af. but not done anything with it so only seen it in vids :P

Default avatar.png develoore: at least that was the case when I was on the market :D

Default avatar.png Sjogs: flutter translates to native when you deploy it. ( at least they say it is) but yeah I still believe for companies that can afford it that native is good. but if you are alone and wanna do it for fun or because you have an idea and wanna test it first flutter seems nice :) if it pops you can then remake it and hire some peeps :P

Dartisan: By experience, it's hardly the Language what slows, but or using for each little feature a big library, or simply code not well structured and useless costly operations.

Default avatar.png Sjogs: ^

Dartisan: But for sure not each language is useful for each implementation case. A strong Thread operated and sync reliable application I would never think in writing in say Dart, JS or similar. Languages like Java have robust Frameworks which behind, which could do daily operations easy and robust.

Dartisan: And BuzzWords like MachineLearning are more in direction like Python, but you could also find implementations in other languages.

Default avatar.png Sjogs: yeah they do recommend python over java though cause faster dev times. but it is a bit slower in operation speed due to run time

Dartisan: So finally, l start learning more patterns and implementation methods and the language will be only an instrument.

Default avatar.png Sjogs: got any site or recommendations ? :p been in a job where I mostly work Sharepoint and Intune etc etc thus not been developing much the last couple years. and I feel like I have become programming dull. aka I have lost touch in how to write code :P

Dartisan: Yeah, that problem I have to, why i like the challenges here in codingame, the last month feel a bit like being woken up again.

Default avatar.png develoore: well, aside from codingame I like CTF sites which have little to do with programming

Default avatar.png Sjogs: feels sad when difficulty is easy and you are like EUHM WHUT ;P this site's difficulty isn't always as easy as you think or I am sleeping xD well it's only day 2 since coming on this site again

Default avatar.png Sjogs: ctf ?

Default avatar.png develoore: I still haven't discovered most of the site

Default avatar.png develoore: capture the flag: security training

Default avatar.png develoore:

Default avatar.png develoore: been here the past 10 years every now and then

Default avatar.png Sjogs: that does sound fun

Dartisan: Don't fear when it seams not easy, it will become with time, it is simply unusually as the problems are different than in work. You see it, when you progress, and still the next problem is not bored.

Default avatar.png develoore: also don't be afraid to give up and try with easier ones, the reason I skipped a few years was that I couldn't complete a challenge, I came back when I realized it was simply over my head at the time

Default avatar.png Sjogs: so you skipped that exercise a few years and did others in the meantime ? :P good starting point here ? just selecting some randomly and solving them atm

Default avatar.png develoore: the moment I realized I'm not stupid was when I showed it to a friend of mine who has masters in algorithms and he also scratched his head for a while :D

Default avatar.png develoore: sadly not

Default avatar.png develoore: I didn't skip it and got anxious... learn from my mistake :D

Dartisan: And also, when you solved an exercise, look on the other solutions of the developer. Sometimes there is an other approach, and it gives an hint for another problem you are on.

Default avatar.png Sjogs: :smiley:

Default avatar.png develoore: clash is especially helpful in this... you may think that the problem was hard and then you check the solutions of others

Default avatar.png develoore: and realize you just missed a small idea

Dartisan: Oh yes, read a page of description, scratched my head, wrote a complex code, and when I saw finally the solution, it was a simple loop with an simple operation :-)

Default avatar.png Sjogs: hhhha true

Default avatar.png Sjogs: the descriptions can sometimes put you off > :P

Default avatar.png develoore: I had a clash with counting the numbers

Default avatar.png develoore: and I thought it's some difficult algorithm for 2-3 mins

Default avatar.png develoore: it was the reverse type

Default avatar.png develoore: I felt so stupid when I realized it, but I needed this realization to get to know reverse engineering better :D

Dartisan: Yes, the classic, had it also, but it is the clocking of time you have at that moment in the head too :-)

Default avatar.png develoore: especially I was doing this 3 minute challenge

Default avatar.png Sjogs: jikes :P

Default avatar.png develoore: and I made it more difficult by coding every solution in C :D

Default avatar.png Sjogs: timers can freak you out :P

Dartisan: As said. I use only Dart, and I need a second win, for the tree of challenges :-)

Dartisan: But, currently I amuse me more on Bot programming, and getting some experiences in these reflexion of problem solving.

Default avatar.png develoore: yeah, weirdly I haven't tried that since I'm on the site

Default avatar.png develoore: I'm only checking it out now :D

Default avatar.png Sjogs: someone yday also did only that. seems it's a lot of fun to do bot programming

Dartisan: yes, but some of the easy Puzzles like the lost child you can apply as next level there.

Dartisan: I like the concept of Leagues, the code growth from league to league and I like playing with the different states.

Dartisan: So, wish you good night and have fun, I have committed my last changes for the day :-)

Default avatar.png develoore: I was really surpised that you can jump multiple leagues up if your bot is good enough

Default avatar.png develoore: it automatically attempts the next one as well

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: 39 more days...

AntiSquid: to do what

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: :)

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: I need a way to replace a character in a string with another one. ex.- Change "eeee" to "eeoe"

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: While keeping it a string

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Anyone help?

Scarfield: python? string.replace() is a thing iirc

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: :0

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Thx

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Wait how would I do it?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: stringname.replae(index)

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: replace*

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: But how would I indicate what to change it to?

Scarfield: just google it :) but .replace works for replacing a substring with another substring, wouldnt work for your example though

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Nvm I came up with a better way, I was too lazy to do re.split, but list() is a thing

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Thx anyway :)

Default avatar.png menelopesph: hi:nerd:

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Hell

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: o

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Hello*

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Pressed enter too early :/

Default avatar.png menelopesph: np

Default avatar.png UnPlugThaMatrix: hi my dudes

Default avatar.png skullkidd98: hey

Default avatar.png kes74: Is opponentX correct? I'm not seeing values that make sense.

Default avatar.png kes74: nm, my mistake

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: I keep timing out on detective pikaptcha on the last case

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Bc I loop (# passages)^2 times

Allis: Well, at least you know what you're doing wrong. :P

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: I don't know how to make it faster though...