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Default avatar.png Ma8000: hi guys

Default avatar.png Tiki69: hey can some help me with this question?

Default avatar.png Tiki69: i have done first task

Default avatar.png Tiki69: didn't able to figure out the second teask

Default avatar.png Tiki69: task*

N_Flamel: teask lol

Default avatar.png Maxi235678: moin

AntiSquid: tsk tsk

AntiSquid: languages: .... SQL, .... SQLQ i wonder what SQLQ is can't find it online

Phurinat: SQLQ ??

AntiSquid: oh found it, SQL execution query


AntiSquid: at least i think this is what it refers to ?!

N_Flamel: c++ is so bad for short code challenges

N_Flamel: :(

Eragon_09: yes saME

N_Flamel: ikr

Default avatar.png NotAshura: yep

Default avatar.png Tiki69: java is more bad for short chaalenges than cpp

Eragon_09: yes as a inforamtik professor i can agree

N_Flamel: if we're going this way assembly is worst

jacek: good morning

N_Flamel: It's morning?

jacek: eeyup

N_Flamel: Lol where do you live

gsomix: good morning, jacek

gsomix: Automaton2000, good morning too

Automaton2000: i'm not sure how much time does it take to get a good rank

N_Flamel: What's your rank

jacek: Automaton2000 how long have you been awake

Automaton2000: at the start of the contest

jacek: thats long

N_Flamel: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png nxnjitsu: your mum is long

jacek: why do i only see familiar faces in the penguis on wood1 league :v

AntiSquid: that's a low blow nxnjitsu

Default avatar.png WeisstduwasIchMeine: hello for everyone

jrke: whats the response time for Tron battle per turn

Default avatar.png nxnjitsu: your mum

Uljahn: nxnjitsu: you've been warned, stop it or you'll get kicked/banned

Q12: Finally!!! solved Bender - Episode 1 after hours of debugging :grinning:

DomiKo: Episode 4 is waiting for you

jrke: let him do ep 2 else he won't understand story of ep 4 ;)

EricSMSO: Hi jacek. Because there are only 13 players in penguins at the present time. I hope some more people will join soon

jacek: for most part i was alone in wood2. not much for 3p 4p multiplayer there eh

sunksuperset370: any one know how to do coders strike back

sunksuperset370: i am using javascript

sunksuperset370: i am in wood 2 league

PurCHES5: I'm trying to do my first hard puzzle:thinking:

PurCHES5: the labyrinth

sunksuperset370: for coders strike back?

sunksuperset370: oh

PurCHES5: sunksuperset370 i'm stuck at bronze

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: i didn't do labrinth i think

PurCHES5: but wood 2 you just need to follow the hint

PurCHES5: i forgot what that was

sunksuperset370: just take a look


PurCHES5: cannot see it

sunksuperset370: no click one the link

sunksuperset370: oh

sunksuperset370: wiat


sunksuperset370: hhhmmm

PurCHES5: cant either

sunksuperset370: i don't know what the problem is

Q12: There is problem with the paste bin.

Q12: Try paste your code here

sunksuperset370: hhhm

Q12: see it

sunksuperset370: i did

Q12: PurCHES5 you can see it now in the link

sunksuperset370: thanks

sunksuperset370: for the help

Q12: :thumbsup:

PurCHES5: ok thx

sunksuperset370: i still lose even though the enemy's output is the same too

sunksuperset370: thrust 100

sunksuperset370: the x and y are the same too

sunksuperset370: :thinking:

sunksuperset370: :head_bandage:

Q12: I don't know the puzzle but I will try to help you

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: i will share the link to the play for the current code

Q12: ok


sunksuperset370: see it now

Uljahn: thrust 100 is too much when you need to make a hard turn

sunksuperset370: i think there is too much speed

sunksuperset370: i even tried to lower the speed

sunksuperset370: but the think is then too slow

sunksuperset370: it is some where is 95 - 100

sunksuperset370: but none of those work either

PurCHES5: sunksuperset370 u just need to cut the thrust when angle is too large

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: lets try that

PurCHES5: just an if statement

PurCHES5: will solve that

sunksuperset370: ok thx

sunksuperset370: problem

sunksuperset370: look at that code

sunksuperset370: purCHESS

sunksuperset370: the code on the link

PurCHES5: there's just replay

sunksuperset370: it is telling me that i didn't provide input lines in due time

PurCHES5: no code

sunksuperset370: no the code link

sunksuperset370: the other link


PurCHES5: ok i see

sunksuperset370: any idea

sunksuperset370: i think it is because the variable isn

sunksuperset370: t a sting

sunksuperset370: string

PurCHES5: i forgot the question actually

sunksuperset370: i think i might need to use arrays

sunksuperset370: what i needed to do was to change the gthrust when the angle is too much

PurCHES5: did the question mention that there are more inputs?

sunksuperset370: no

sunksuperset370: only

sunksuperset370: three

sunksuperset370: x and y and thrust

sunksuperset370: thrust is supposed to be a stink

sunksuperset370: sting

sunksuperset370: string

Uljahn: try this: if angle > 90 or angle < -90 (for both angle directions)

sunksuperset370: ok

Uljahn: thrust = 0 else thrust = 100

sunksuperset370: thrust 0 just stops the pod

Uljahn: no

PurCHES5: no he says the program throws an error

PurCHES5: not the solution

sunksuperset370: yes

Uljahn: thrust is accelerations not velocity

sunksuperset370: its the speed of the pod

Uljahn: ok

Uljahn: im in legend league btw

sunksuperset370: we don't get velocity this early in the puzzle

sunksuperset370: i am still a wood 2

PurCHES5: :disappointed: I stuck in bronze for a while and dont want to do it anymore

sunksuperset370: labrint right

sunksuperset370: i think i might need to change the final thrust var to an array var

PurCHES5: i knew that i could make the code more complex and will surely pass that but i just feel its not worth the time

sunksuperset370: ok

PurCHES5: like i always stuck at around 100th

PurCHES5: sometimes it gets higher

sunksuperset370: turn

PurCHES5: sometimes lower

sunksuperset370: ?

sunksuperset370: hundredth turn

PurCHES5: sunk when turning use 0 thrust

PurCHES5: and use 100 thrust when angle is lower than like 20 or 15

PurCHES5: i don't think u need an array?

sunksuperset370: the problem is that thrust needs to be a string

sunksuperset370: rather than a value

sunksuperset370: the number value needs to be a string value

PurCHES5: then convert it into a string?

sunksuperset370: take a look at the code i put in the link

PurCHES5: i dont understand

PurCHES5: what was that

PurCHES5: the array is totally unnecessary

sunksuperset370: ok any idea how to turn it into a string

MadKnight: sunksuperset370 what lang ?

PurCHES5: toString()

PurCHES5: js i think?

sunksuperset370: yes

sunksuperset370: js

MadKnight: just "text " + 100

sunksuperset370: ?

sunksuperset370: can you make changes to the link


MadKnight: why did u not put a whitespace in between numbers

MadKnight: ohh there's too much js magic in this code

sunksuperset370: the space in the console . log to because we need to have a space to log the next indo

sunksuperset370: info

eulerscheZahl: i updated your codeshare

sunksuperset370: you mean reload the site

sunksuperset370: i did

sunksuperset370: what do i do now

eulerscheZahl: read the comment next to your print statement

sunksuperset370: what do i do about that?

Metanoob: I think the idea is to reorganize your numbers so that they don't contain whitespace and only format them with whitespace once you print them... amirite @eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: ' 50'[0] this takes the first character of a string. So you only have a whitespace and the 50 is lost

sunksuperset370: check the link again

sunksuperset370: i made some changes in the if statement

eulerscheZahl: ok, that will work too (without the [0])

eulerscheZahl: but for readability and such i'd still recommend to convert it to a string only when printing

eulerscheZahl: keep it as a number before

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: the value will only change it the if statement is true

sunksuperset370: not when it is not true

sunksuperset370: one of the three statement will always be true

sunksuperset370: hold up will be bace in 5 mins

sunksuperset370: back

eulerscheZahl: then have a look at the format strings that Metanoob showed you

Q12: I have a problem in CoC right now "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session"

Q12: What to do?

Q12: I can't test my code

Default avatar.png B-612: +1

Default avatar.png B-612: i couldnt submti my code

Default avatar.png B-612: test actually

Q12: I submit know and it just stack and after a while give me 0 score but I am sure I am right because I did the game already

Default avatar.png B-612: +1

Default avatar.png B-612: we was the same loby bro

Q12: Yeah we are in the same clash

Default avatar.png B-612: y i was solved like 1.5 min

Default avatar.png B-612: and couldnt solve the problem

MadKnight: Q12 "Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session" goes away itself in 2min

Default avatar.png B-612: actually coudlnt test

Default avatar.png B-612: i mean

Default avatar.png B-612: i was got 100% solve rate

Default avatar.png B-612: sad

Q12: :point_up_2:

Default avatar.png Lezlon:

eulerscheZahl: oh dear, where is my struct when i need him?

MadKnight: on discord probably

eulerscheZahl: not within the last 2 months

MadKnight: big gone

MadKnight: wanna play some russian competition ?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: unless it's RAIC i'm not interested

sunksuperset370: sorry it took time to come back

AntiSquid: i don't see the big profile update

sunksuperset370: ?

AntiSquid: ?

eulerscheZahl: ?

AntiSquid: what is that hexoban site euler? sokoban with hex?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: and no: i won't port it

eulerscheZahl: not that's i'm scared about hex, just not different enough to justify a new contribution

eulerscheZahl: and i already see sokoban pending for weeks if not months

AntiSquid: MadKnight i probably play the next unofficial contest for fun instead ... but what contest is that russian one


AntiSquid: what a bit of everything>?

eulerscheZahl: sadly only the algo track is for everyone

eulerscheZahl: the optim is for udssr only

AntiSquid: lame

Default avatar.png NNekros: its a ip of nasa

AntiSquid: would have liked to try the analytics one

Default avatar.png NNekros: of nasa bitches

AntiSquid: CG chat is contracted with nasa to kick trolls, it pays CG 100$ per kick

Default avatar.png NNekros: mother fuker

eulerscheZahl: well done squiddy

AntiSquid: i didn't kick, CG lost 100$

eulerscheZahl: reading the CG newsletter for a moment

eulerscheZahl: switching back and BAM

professional_dumbass: what's the minimum age for playing?

professional_dumbass: hopefully above 12

professional_dumbass: otherwise im done for

AntiSquid: solve puzzles then you'll know

AntiSquid: CG has an integrated AI that recognizes gestures and type speed and can asses your age based on that alone

Default avatar.png Brevis: what gestures?

professional_dumbass: wait wut

professional_dumbass: that's cool

Default avatar.png Brevis: idk I guess that was supposed to be a joke? But I don't get it even if it was a joke..

AntiSquid: mouse gestures

Default avatar.png Brevis: (before CG detects that Brevis is 2 years old)

professional_dumbass: lol, dont captcha use mouse gestures too?

AntiSquid: was a joke . being in funny mood .

professional_dumbass: ok lol

AntiSquid: no age restriction, but hey you can teach your kids to code from an early age eh ?

professional_dumbass: im a kid

Default avatar.png Brevis: coding p r o d i g y to be exact

AntiSquid: that's alright professional_dumbass, have fun

professional_dumbass: thanks, you too!

professional_dumbass: how are your ranks the same after years?

Uljahn: Automaton2000: My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place.

Automaton2000: and i don't know when to use it

Default avatar.png Brevis: professional_dumbass how did you solve that problem so quick!! Have you solved it before?

Default avatar.png Brevis: frog leaping thing

professional_dumbass: nope

professional_dumbass: see the pattern

professional_dumbass: i checked all the tests

professional_dumbass: i divided 143/11 got 12, 120/10 = 12, so basically found a pattern that you multiply n*(n+2)

professional_dumbass: *got 13 sry

Default avatar.png Brevis: :anguished:

professional_dumbass: i would have solved it in 10 seconds if i solved before lmao

Default avatar.png Brevis: bruh.. you solved it in 1 minute.. that's impressive..

professional_dumbass: thanks

professional_dumbass: if you get these type of questions, there probably is a pattern

icecream17: I discovered in bug in contribution comments

icecream17: if you repeatedly click upvote very fast, you can artificially increase the numbers of upvotes by more than 1

professional_dumbass: wait wut?

icecream17: like this: click click (+2) click (-1) click click (+2)

icecream17: infinite upvotes

MadKnight: does it still work after u refresh page ?

icecream17: i dont think so... it went from 26 to 3

AntiSquid: wow it works icecream17

icecream17: its awesome

AntiSquid: same for downvotes lol

icecream17: hmmm, is it possible to

icecream17: get overflow

AntiSquid: just user side bug though

icecream17: with an autoclicker i got up to 385, so it probably doesn't overflow

icecream17: wow, i got 1st in wood 3

MadKnight: > i dont think so... it went from 26 to 3 then it's a visual bug icecream17 u can achieve the same with browser developer tools on f12

professional_dumbass: inspect element lol

professional_dumbass: i used to do that to show my friends i had 1 billion subs on youtube lmao

sunksuperset370: can someone help me

sunksuperset370: for coders strike back

sunksuperset370: i am using js

sunksuperset370: wood 2 league

icecream17: wht do you need help on

sunksuperset370: take a look at the coee

sunksuperset370: code


MadKnight: didn't we fix your code 2h ago ?

MadKnight: // note the whitespace here

icecream17: is there an error?

MadKnight: there's even a comment explaining the problem

sunksuperset370: there is an error

icecream17: what does the error say

sunksuperset370: Timeout: the program did not provide 1 input lines in due time... sunksuperset370 will no longer be active in this game.

icecream17: ok, that means your code didn't do output

icecream17: so it probably broke before that

sunksuperset370: yes that is the problem

icecream17: what do you think could be wrong

icecream17: oh by the way, there are a bunch of ^^^^ after than console.log

sunksuperset370: i think it is in the if statement

professional_dumbass: i have no idea about js

icecream17: okay, now press F12 and try your if statement,

professional_dumbass: but why is your else indented like that

sunksuperset370: hold on

icecream17: or try it here:

icecream17: if (5 > 90 or 5 <- 90)

icecream17: oh well, if you found it congrats

icecream17: but anyways

icecream17: the correct if is:

sunksuperset370: no wait

icecream17: ok

sunksuperset370: i am in class right now

sunksuperset370: be back in a little while.

professional_dumbass: so what was the problem?

Default avatar.png rradarr: it might be a noob think to ask this here, since you guys are talking about competitive programming, but could anyone help me with C++ MIME Type puzzle? :/ I've been stuck on the Large dataset for 3 days now

icecream17: <or> doesn't exist also "5 <- 90" was converted into "5 < -90", but what was probably really meant was "5 <= 90"

icecream17:, here you go sunksuper, a good explanation

professional_dumbass: lol

professional_dumbass: such a simple problem

professional_dumbass: but didn't come to my mind

sparky: rradarr do you have a timeout or the wrong answer?

Default avatar.png rradarr: timeout

Default avatar.png rradarr: from what i've read on the forum it could be bugged?

sparky: it's ok for me - are you looping through all the types when checking?

Default avatar.png rradarr: I'm using a hash table with a slightly modified djb2 that gives me ~70% fill and max of 6 entries in a bucket

Default avatar.png rradarr: *about 70% fill (~ <- this should be tilde)

sparky: hmm that was the obvious thing to do wrong (not use a hash)

sparky: copy the test case and try it locally

Default avatar.png rradarr: not shure how I should try it locally, copied the code to vs and once the console opened i just rightclick to copy the testcase. it takes about 15 seconds

sparky: ah, well that is too slow - you'll have to speed things up

sparky: typically it's 1 second for tests I think

Default avatar.png rradarr: oh wow

Default avatar.png rradarr: okay

Default avatar.png rradarr: how do I shave off that much time xd

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: man, imma sound like a noob rn

Default avatar.png rradarr: in the browser it takes about 1 second and the whole output seems to be printed because the end of testcase correct output is the same as mine

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: but im kinda stuck on the counting squares logic

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: its an easy problem too, embarassing

icecream17: i think easy problems are harder than easy too

Default avatar.png rradarr: I just passed the MIME once and immedietly after failed without changing anything :/

MadKnight: with what error?

Default avatar.png rradarr: same, timed out

Default avatar.png rradarr: maybe i'm on the edge of the time constrain and got lucky once

MadKnight: wanna show me your code ?

Default avatar.png rradarr: yes, I would apreciate if you looked at it :)

Default avatar.png Aaronthebaron: o

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: ok, finally did the square counting one, im not sure mathematically what i did tho

Default avatar.png codehacker123: hi

Schwase: drak which puzzle?

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: rectangle partitioin, easy one

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: partition*

Default avatar.png codehacker123: :kissing_heart:

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: im actually gonna ahve to study my own code to know exactly why it effing works, and in time too

Schwase: ohhh

Schwase: good puzzlew

Schwase: you can just brute force it however

Schwase: satisfying to solve indeed

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: i mean, now i understand why it works, and i dunno if theres a way to solve it without "brute forcing"

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: and now i know i actually made a mistake in the right direction when solving it

Schwase: there might ways to improve it but at the end of the day it still would be "brute force" even if it is limited or reduced somehow

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: ya, i was able to limit the number of searches in list to one search for each possible case

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: but its still sorta brute force

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: but yeah, fun one

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: tho kinda annoying when you test a code just to see the next error and then it suddenly works perfectly

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: and you dont know why

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Hey!!!!!!!!

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: lol

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: How are yall

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: lol

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: pretty good, having fun, you?

icecream17: im amazing, my tic tac toe bot beat random 99 times a drew twice

Default avatar.png LoganBTW: i'm new

icecream17: i wonder, how many of everyone is new

icecream17: i actually joined this year

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: im kinda new, started last week on monday

Default avatar.png steezy: whats up my niggas

Default avatar.png steezy:

Default avatar.png steezy:

Default avatar.png Ragnar87: whats up body

Hjax: ive had an account for a long time, but i didnt really start doing anything on this site until about a year ago

DomiKo: sound's similiar to me

Hjax: you have a better work ethic than i do though :D

Hjax: youve played a lot more multis

DomiKo: yeah I spend some time in my holidays

Schwase: question: is taking testcases from an actual puzzle book OK? or is that not original or what not

Default avatar.png JBM: The big question seems more like one of IP

icecream17: Yes! i promoted!

Zenoscave: What game/league?

icecream17: tactactoe, bronze

icecream17: to silver

Zenoscave: gratz

Default avatar.png zainul1995: how to solve mars lander 1

MadKnight: with ifs

Default avatar.png BenCrossley: How should I think about the 7-segment scanner?

Uljahn: BenCrossley: is the puzzle statement unclear for you?

Majeck: I just finished the weekly puzzle without looking the answer up and I feel like a literal GOD

Majeck: Programming highs definitely make up for the lows

Default avatar.png BenCrossley: It's clear, I'm just not sure on how to go about my implementation

Uljahn: i guess you should implement sort of a character recognition system by comparing the input with ascii arts of digits

Uljahn: maybe you should solve ASCII ART puzzle first if you haven't done it yet

Default avatar.png Bennyboi: Okay, yeah I'm new. Trying to figure out the sequence of progression

Default avatar.png Bennyboi: What do I do when I'm just totally stuck on a puzzle?

Uljahn: skip it

pardouin: you can use a dict that associate each string to its digit

pardouin: for example " _ | ||_|" to 0

LastRick: Hey, don't give it all away! :)

Default avatar.png Bennyboi: Yeah I had some ideas like that

Default avatar.png zainul1995: give me solution of mars lander 1 plz

Uljahn: also there are different kinds of puzzles: some are created by staff (has no author specified) and by community (with an author), i'd recommend to solve the former first (they are called classic puzzles)

Uljahn: zainul1995: look for the Hints button on the left

Default avatar.png zainul1995: it doesnt help me lot..

Majeck: @Uljahn some puzzles have hints?

Uljahn: very few

pardouin: zain if it lands too fast try to give less speed from time to time

LastRick: Sometimes you might find a hint in the Discussion tab or search for the community page of the puzzle

Default avatar.png zainul1995: solved it bro thanks

Majeck: Just wanna thank whoever did the weekly puzzle, it was really fun and I skipped two classes to solve it lol

Schwase: oh whats PoW?

Majeck: Goblin Lake

Majeck: Or I guess in this case "Escape the Cat"

Majeck: Here's a Code Parade video about it:

Majeck: It links an article to the solution

Astrobytes: There's something on numberphile about it too iirc

sunksuperset370: hello i finally reached bronze league for coders strike back

sunksuperset370: lol

sunksuperset370: :grinning:

sunksuperset370: although i do hate the collision factor

sunksuperset370: :thinking:

sunksuperset370: can any one help

sunksuperset370: just so you know i use javascript :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sunksuperset370: you can look at my code currently on this link

sunksuperset370: any ideas?

jthemphill: sharing code in contests is against the rules

sunksuperset370: uuuummmmm

sunksuperset370: :grimacing:

sunksuperset370: sorry

sunksuperset370: but i do need help here

sunksuperset370: i didn't put the code there yet

jthemphill: you can ask questions, but we probably won't look at your code if you link it

sunksuperset370: the link doesn't go to my code

sunksuperset370: its a whole totaly different site

sunksuperset370: like google docs except for coding

sunksuperset370: just so you know i didn't put my code there so i am good

sunksuperset370: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

jthemphill: i mean nobody's going to disqualify you, dw

jthemphill: especially since CSB is a really old contest

sunksuperset370: i was to say that too

jthemphill: but it also means we also won't look at your code to give pointers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sunksuperset370: but i figured it was best if i didn't

sunksuperset370: yeah

sunksuperset370: i get it

sunksuperset370: no cheating on the test

sunksuperset370: even if it is old

sunksuperset370: :innocent:

sunksuperset370: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

sunksuperset370: lol

sunksuperset370: i do need help though

sunksuperset370: can you take a look at my play through though

jthemphill: link the replay?

Default avatar.png bajosi: hello

sunksuperset370: yes

Default avatar.png username09128347: what is this chat used for?

sunksuperset370: linking the repleay

sunksuperset370: um to talk to others and ask for help

Default avatar.png username09128347: would I specify the name of the puzzle or is this chat puzzle specific?

sunksuperset370: no it is n't puzzle specific

sunksuperset370: i am on coders strike back

sunksuperset370: right now

sunksuperset370: just take a look here

Default avatar.png username09128347: oh yeah I just signed up today to learn C. I already know the concepts of programming in general like functions, loops, etc. I think I am on a too easy level. How do I change it?

sunksuperset370: you can't

sunksuperset370: you have to go up with the levels

sunksuperset370: like from scratch to art

jthemphill: okay found one of your replays:

sunksuperset370: no not that one

sunksuperset370: this one


jthemphill: oh, well the boss is using boost and you aren't

jthemphill: you're beating the boss on turn 50, then the boss boosts past you

sunksuperset370: i k

sunksuperset370: problem

sunksuperset370: it depends on the layout of the map

sunksuperset370: i only use the boost if the least amount of dist to the next checkpoint of 5000

sunksuperset370: every single time i press play code the lay out changes

jthemphill: there's a button to replay with the same conditions

sunksuperset370: and the boost is messed up

sunksuperset370: i know that

sunksuperset370: but i don't want to do that

sunksuperset370: i want to code to be ever changing

sunksuperset370: like something challanging

sunksuperset370: at least when i know how to set the thing up

sunksuperset370: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

jthemphill: the reason you'd replay in the same conditions is to debug

sunksuperset370: ok

jthemphill: like, answer the question "why didn't i boost at turn 35 in that replay?"

jthemphill: because i think you'd want to boost on turn 35 there

sunksuperset370: i think i might just end up changing the least dist to 4000

sunksuperset370: that is what i have estimated

jthemphill: yeah, and then redo that replay under the same conditions to see if you boost there

jthemphill: the other thing is i think you only ever turn to the right, even if you want to go left

jthemphill: oh, no, you do a left turn there

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: Is there a faster way for me to let my stuff run in the arena?

sunksuperset370: uum

sunksuperset370: what is your question exactly

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: I don't fully understand how to actually resister when I rank over the "boss"

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: *register

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: As in

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: do I just wait for it to say something

sunksuperset370: win?

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: ?

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: Yeah win basically

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: Do I just have to wait, cause it says I am ranked 1, do I just wait?

sunksuperset370: so you have to wait in the arena and where it says your rank in the current league

jthemphill: @s1ph0n yes you have to wait

sunksuperset370: there will then be a timer

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: Where do I find the timer?

sunksuperset370: when the time goes down to 0 after 2 sec to get purmote

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: Is it the battles in progress bar?

sunksuperset370: where it says your rank on the top middle

sunksuperset370: it should change if you stay rank one for enought ime

sunksuperset370: time

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: I don't see anything, I'm just vibing at rank one, wait now it is doing something

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: I see it just takes a while

sunksuperset370: yeah

sunksuperset370: if your internet is slow it takes some time

sunksuperset370: or maybe its something else

HungryBurger: You'll see something like "Those better than the Boss will be promoted to Silver League at 19 H 12"

HungryBurger: That would mean 19:12 (or 7:12pm).

jthemphill: yeah promotions happen at set times throughout the day

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: My league is very low so I guess it happens quicker

sunksuperset370: yes

sunksuperset370: it takes time to get registered before you get the timer

sunksuperset370: so when you think the timer is 00

sunksuperset370: log back in or reload the site you should get pormoted

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: Yeah I see I got promoted

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: It just took a bit

sunksuperset370: yeah

sunksuperset370: what puzzle are you on

sunksuperset370: like the name

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: I'm doing the collisions now

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: Just reached it

sunksuperset370: oh

sunksuperset370: what league

sunksuperset370: bronze

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: Bronze

sunksuperset370: yeah

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: yup

sunksuperset370: i am really low on the rank right now

sunksuperset370: 21,485

sunksuperset370: now it says 20,033

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: I am also very low rank

sunksuperset370: i was at something about 14000 when i clicked play in arena and i got dowm

sunksuperset370: down

sunksuperset370: i need to figure out what i need to do to win

sunksuperset370: the most biggest problem i am at is the collision

sunksuperset370: they are the things that are messing me up

sunksuperset370: like just when i am about to win the other guy pushes me off course and wins

sunksuperset370: i need to do something about that

sunksuperset370: any ideas

sunksuperset370: can i just show the code i have currently please

sunksuperset370: :disappointed_relieved:

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: sorry broski against the rules

sunksuperset370: please

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: maybe take a break and come back later

sunksuperset370: pretty please

sunksuperset370: its 10:00 pm right now here

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: Then head to bed and come back tomorrow

sunksuperset370: so if i take a break i am on bed

sunksuperset370: i need to wake up at 5:30 am

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: Go to sleep and come back tomorrow when you have time

sunksuperset370: i need to go to school too

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: You'll be able to think about it better then

sunksuperset370: i think i do best when i am awake and don't want to go to bed

sunksuperset370: just take a look at the code then tell me any thing that i can get better at

sunksuperset370: don't tell me suggestions but tell me what i can change

sunksuperset370: not what i can change it o

sunksuperset370: to

sunksuperset370: please

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: You're starting to annoy me bro, I suggested what to do, if you don't want to do it then don't bug me

sunksuperset370: oooppps

sunksuperset370: sorry

sunksuperset370: i better get going then

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: Have a good night

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: bye

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: byezzz

sunksuperset370: sorry for being annoying

sunksuperset370: gn

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: Just do better next time broski

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: is all good

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: another question sorry

sunksuperset370: what language do you use to code

Default avatar.png vladov200: We've all been there, its tough when code doesn't work and you don't see why

sunksuperset370: yes that is common in people who dream to be software engineers

sunksuperset370: like me

sunksuperset370: but what lang do you use

sunksuperset370: siphon what lang do you sue

sunksuperset370: use

sunksuperset370: python

sunksuperset370: java

sunksuperset370: javascript

sunksuperset370: c+

sunksuperset370: c++

sunksuperset370: hello?

sunksuperset370: siphon?

sunksuperset370: please answer

sunksuperset370: ok fine i am leaving

sunksuperset370: byes

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: soz I was afk doing some stuff, c#

Saaalikh: nrhh

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: I agree

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: I might be struggling just a tad with actually getting ahead of the competition in the bronze league (the collisions one), it doesn't feel like I have to change anything or check for anything regarding my opponents position, but it feels like I definitely have to change something if I want to pull ahead of the other people in the league

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: I can't for the life of me though get what it is

Default avatar.png s1ph0n: hmmmmmm

DrinkeeCrow: How the fuck are any of these puzzles for beginners?

N_Flamel: which puzzles?

DrinkeeCrow: Temperatures.

N_Flamel: give me the link


N_Flamel: damn this is really easy

DrinkeeCrow: Well thanks a bunch for making me feel even fucking dumber

N_Flamel: no no just print the number with lowest absolute value


Default avatar.png ZombieCastle_e03c: mp

N_Flamel: xD this is hard