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Unkmar: What measurment are you given of the circle? radius, diameter, circumfrence?

Unkmar: What is the given information? angel in degrees or radians?

Unkmar: if angle is in radians, Just multiply angle by radius.

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: need help for angle input. coders strike back.

MadKnight: u can just reset your code

jacek: good morning

jacek: are you mad, knight

CopperFr: shadow of the madknight

Default avatar.png Krryptonian: i am new to codingame

Default avatar.png JBM: we've all been

Default avatar.png Krryptonian: :joy:

professional_dumbass: is there a problem with my ide

professional_dumbass: code editor

professional_dumbass: i don't see people who submitted

jacek: mhm

jacek: Automaton2000 do you even submit

Automaton2000: is it because of the way

ThunderbirdOne: is it the way though Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: i don't get what you're saying

Whatar: why are we still here Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: somehow i have a question, how do you know if i got it

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Why am I not promoted even thou im rank 1 in my league and ive beaten the boss easily?

PurCHES5: cuz u need to wait for a while

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Do i need to be online?

PurCHES5: there should be a downcount on the top left corner of your IDE

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Ive just been promoted xD Thanks mate

PurCHES5: np

PurCHES5: good luck

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: You too ;)

jacek: CSB?

Bob: CSB -> -3v

jacek: Automaton2000 whats -3v

Automaton2000: if a unit is on an inactive cell at the start

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: good morning yall

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Automation2000 what is the first coding language created?

eulerscheZahl: you have to spell the name correctly to get an answer tab-completion can help

eulerscheZahl: aut[tab] => Automaton2000

Automaton2000: what would be the same as the ones used during the event. your final score may thus differ from your ...

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: oh but what is it

jacek: how first compilator was compiled?


2ndwolf: it would be nice to have our replays in another window, for us with 2 screen

2ndwolf: the debug mode is convenient but having to switch from fullscreen to ide isn't optimal

eulerscheZahl: why don't you just click the 3 dots below the replay?

2ndwolf: ooo you'r eright

2ndwolf: I clicked that before but because it said share I didn't realize it was what I needed

Default avatar.png ils: captcha is still not working

Uljahn: ils: can you see recaptcha here?

eulerscheZahl: i see a school bus

2ndwolf: lol my bot beats bronze league 1 boss but I'm loosing ranks in arena

2ndwolf: (coders strike back)

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: bro program an A.I

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: I am the only one that is not a mod wow i am ashamed of myself

2ndwolf: if({

2ndwolf: answer();

2ndwolf: }

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: what?

2ndwolf: there u go, here's an ai

2ndwolf: just gotta work out the specifics

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Lol

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Wow

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: i should of said to make a robot :(

2ndwolf: aren't those the same thing

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: But i am not a robot that's why

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: if({ answer(); }

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: lololololol

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: I am not a bot

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Hey what language are you the best at

2ndwolf: gs1

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: really i am only good at english and spanish

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: i don't know how to code

2ndwolf: pilluelo

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Callate gatito

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: You know spanish wow

2ndwolf: I learned that one to answer to people who'd call me a maricòn

2ndwolf: for laughs

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: lol thats all you know haha

2ndwolf: I don't know much but I had lessons in high school

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Well i know you will learn

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Do you know a website where i can code that is not Unity or Buildbox and besides this one?

Default avatar.png Angelbilly: hi there

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: hi

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Do you know a website where i can code that is not Unity or Buildbox and besides this one?

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: send me the link

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: w

2ndwolf: we understood first time I think

2ndwolf: I learned to code on graal XD

2ndwolf: honestly it sucks now so don't code on graal

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: I am not sure of that that why i typed again

Insufficient: what sort of coding do you want to learn how to do

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: python

Insufficient: for what purpose

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: JavaScript

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: games and websites

Insufficient: honestly for those applications probably do some of the online courses

Insufficient: codingame is good too for games :)

Default avatar.png Angelbilly: yes i am learning java script with online courses and books

Default avatar.png Angelbilly: there are not many websites that are free to do that

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: yeah but what about websites

2ndwolf: oh

2ndwolf: eloquent javascript

Insufficient: try udemy or coursera

2ndwolf: is a very good resource

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: i know Codingame for games but i don't know for websites

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: coursera did not work for me

Default avatar.png Angelbilly: yea eloquent java script is good but i thought it was a little complicated for beginers

2ndwolf: just search eloquent javascript, the book is free on their website

2ndwolf: really?

2ndwolf: it starts from the basics

2ndwolf: there are some chapters that flew over my head but it's ok, it makes it a complete book

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: thanks guys yall are a big help

Default avatar.png Angelbilly: yes i agree i would recomend eloquent java script

Insufficient: also there are actually a ton of good youtube videos on web development etc, just have an explore

Insufficient: also my friend is a game dev and he taught himself and did game jams on

2ndwolf: ludum dare <3

Insufficient: so yeah dig around playing with game engines like unreal, unity etc

Default avatar.png Angelbilly: im just finishing python and i am learning html and java script but i got a long way before i could be a great programer

2ndwolf: notch is a ludum dare contestant :P

2ndwolf: or used to be

Default avatar.png Angelbilly: one questions what do you think is the best gui

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: what gui

Default avatar.png Angelbilly: because the other day i wanted to export a program to my computer using tkinter but the computer thinks is a virus and it doesnt make me use it as a stand alone program

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: i have no idea but i use tynker too

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: And how do i use Coursera

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: and udemy?

Default avatar.png Angelbilly: if i'm not wrong you gotta pay for udemy i guess, i'm not sure though

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: I know you have to pay wich i do not want

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: wgat about coursera

Default avatar.png Angelbilly: the same thing i guess

Default avatar.png Angelbilly: you gotta pay

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: oh well i can't use either it blocked for me

Default avatar.png DBDuy: how do i save ongoing project guys ?

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: idk

2ndwolf: test it

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: i am noob at coding

Default avatar.png PovilasDauksys: how to change int to string in c#?;/

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: what??????????????????????????????????????????:confused:

2ndwolf: have you tried googling it.........

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Can mods see what people chat in DM

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: no

AntiSquid: how's your game TheCodeKid123?

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: my game?

AntiSquid: the one you wanted to make

jacek: The Game?

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: I am very bad at coding is all i am going to say about it

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: how come you can chat red

jacek: because hes the mod

jacek: and speaking red when angry

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: 2ndwolf is not a mod and had chatted red

jacek: he was angry

jacek: specifically at you, TheCodeKid123

MadKnight: say red to TheCodeKid123 Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i think it is a great ide

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: How do you do it :rage:

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: plz tell me

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Automation say red

eulerscheZahl: Automaton2000 say hello

Automaton2000: i guess you would need to use some form of it

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Automaton say red

jacek: AutomatonNN can you say red to someone

AutomatonNN: that was a lot of time to read

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: huh can yall plz tell me

jacek: alt+f4

eulerscheZahl: AutomatonNN can tell you

AutomatonNN: what is the first time i came here?

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: i don't have F4

eulerscheZahl: even Mac users have an F4

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: i don't have f4

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: help

eulerscheZahl: i'm hungry. and the good news is I have beans :)

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: please i have a chrome and it don't have f4

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: lol

jacek: hi hungry, im dad

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: plz

jrke: two automation ?

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Automaton2000 how do i type red

Automaton2000: just make sure your bot is not very good at it

Default avatar.png e1213: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: it's ok to have a nice day

eulerscheZahl: and the bad news is i don't have bread

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Automaton2000 you are a bot

Queuebee: :bread:

Automaton2000: at the top of the leaderboard

jacek: bread with beans?

eulerscheZahl: well, toast

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Beans and bread is delicious

eulerscheZahl: afk buying some

jrke: try bread butter

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: i got to go bye

jrke: b-bye

jacek: or butt breader

Illedan: 2048 done euler?

Illedan: Oh, new multi :D

Hjax: i was just talking to someone about an anime that has a lot of penguins

Default avatar.png Angelbilly: hi guy i have a question do you how i can replace end="" in the return statement in python

Illedan: Wood2 :tada: Just have to wait for 100 % :zzz:

eulerscheZahl: yes Illedan i think it's ready

Illedan: Cool, did you manage to code something to fill the board perfectly?

eulerscheZahl: no, my solver is still pretty basic

Illedan: Aiit, maybe I'll try later :)

eulerscheZahl: right now i try to simplify the testcases for sokoban and put that one up for approval

eulerscheZahl: do you think 2048 is ready? or should i keep it WIP for another week?

Illedan: Give me a few days to test. I feel it might be very easy, but I might be wrong :)

eulerscheZahl: :ok_hand:

eulerscheZahl: the alternative: make it a puzzle too

Illedan: Yeah

eulerscheZahl: that "696" seems easy enough

eulerscheZahl: i don't want another space maze

jacek: noeone wants :v

Hjax: in 2048 if you work out the seeds in the test cases cant you just precompute everything?

DomiKo: won't there be problem with slow output?

eulerscheZahl: i even give the seed as input and it's all publicly available on github

jacek: you timeout, Illedan

Illedan: OH

Hjax: so its definitely best to just solve offline then isnt it?

Illedan: Pushing

eulerscheZahl: the point is: there is no way to hide the seeds. the contribution itself is always accessible and shows the validators

eulerscheZahl: that's true for all optim problems sadly :(

jacek: so it only takes that guy with meta mcts to get highest score?

Hjax: i wonder if a 2048 multi is possible, both sides have a board, and choose where to place the tiles on their opponents board

eulerscheZahl: you still need an offline solver that performs well. i'd love to force players to reach the scores purely online, it's just not possible by the design of CG

eulerscheZahl: hm, that sounds interesting

jacek: or maybe give seeds for 20 moves, then they need to query new seed for another 20 moves

eulerscheZahl: but are 300 turns enough?

eulerscheZahl: Jacek it's still either hardcoding (always the same list of seeds) or random validators

Hjax: i recall someone made an AI that maliciously placed tiles in a 2048 game

eulerscheZahl: i don't want a random score on submit

Hjax: and the games ended pretty fast, even if you ran the minimax ai against it

jacek: like S Z tetris?

eulerscheZahl: but now i optimized for 10k+ frames :cry:

eulerscheZahl: and my sokoban multiplayer idea didn't find any friends

eulerscheZahl: give an incomplete map. first you place some more walls, boxes, ... for the opponent

jacek: maybe try it during contest

Hjax: sounds like great escape

eulerscheZahl: then you swap boards and solve what the opponent gave you

eulerscheZahl: great escape is played on a single board

Hjax: true, but the idea of placing obstacles in such a way to slow your opponent down is similar

eulerscheZahl: yes

Hjax: if struct doesnt come back soon, i might try to make a chess multi

jacek: 960?

eulerscheZahl: shouldn't be to hard to code

jacek: 420?

eulerscheZahl: crazyhouse?

Hjax: probably 960, or regular chess

Illedan: Sorry jacek xD

Hjax: if we want to be true to the codingame spirit, we could do that new fog of war chess variant :P

Allis: Fog of War?

Hjax: ^^^

Allis: Crazy timing there.

jacek: kriegspiel?

jacek: sounds german

jacek: sounds like blitzkrieg

jacek: :scream:

Hjax: chess 960 takes away opening books, hard to say if thats good or not

Hjax: chess book theory is kind of interesting

eulerscheZahl: i saw a fog of war breakthrough on another website each pawn running on a different instance of your program so they don't have a shared memory

jacek: smits might not like it :v

eulerscheZahl: and you have to guess what your opponent and teammates (=you) are doing while having a limited vision

eulerscheZahl: an interesting idea. but not possible on CG

Hjax: the fog of war chess variant is basically, you can see any square you can legally move a piece to, and the squares that have your pieces on it

jacek: on a bright side, my breakthrough bot won 5 games so far on littlegolem

Hjax: so a knight can attack a queen without being seen

Allis: Or the King, for that matter.

Illedan: Wood1 :tada:

Hjax: the poor king is quite blind in fog of war chess

jacek: imo i'd keep it classy, maybe 960

Hjax: yeah i agree

Hjax: a 960 engine can play normal chess unmodified, which means i could see mine have a depressingly low CCRL rating

jacek: you have chess engine?

Hjax: i will if a multi shows up :P

Hjax: ive written players for a few board games now, connect4, checkers, othello

Hjax: no chess yet

jacek: new programming language for CG plz

Hjax: i think a problem would be if someone managed to get an existing strong engine into codingame

Hjax: probably gull

Hjax: because its public domain and not super long

Default avatar.png JBM: looks like LOLCODE

eulerscheZahl: that's exactly why no one ported chess yet

eulerscheZahl: too well studied

Hjax: god forbid someone figure out how to get stockfish in here

Hjax: then its all over lol

jacek: well the same good be said for checkers

jacek: could*

Hjax: yeah i think cheating at a community multi is kind of unappealing

Hjax: its so small that mostly people will play to write their own stuff

Scarfield: and if someone shoulf manage to do it, it can still be fun for the rest of us :)

Scarfield: should*

JFB: Hjax - it is really easy - simpy you have add new function (stockfish) to numpy - way foa admin to instal new version on CG - and use it in you bot :-) It is probably the only way to do it in 100 k CG limit ;-)

Hjax: you could probably get a compressed stockfish binary to be pretty tiny

Hjax: without NNUE

Default avatar.png JBM: is it cheating if anyone can do it?

JFB: JBM - I think that it is not cheating

jacek: you already have stockfish ported to CG?

JFB: Hjax - I think that binary smaller that 100 k is rather not possible - or at least very difficult

JFB: jacek - I do not think it is possible in 100 k

MadKnight: what are u discussing ?

JFB: I suggest to include it in ne of the standard libraries in one of the CG languagest (for example numpy ;-) )

jacek: just as someone tried NN weight to put as python module

JFB: MadKnight - theoritical disusion about implementing chess game on CG - and port the best known algo (stockfish ) to be 1st in the game ;-)

MadKnight: what's the problem to port stockfish ?

jacek: 100k code size

MadKnight: is it longer ?

JFB: I think so :-)

jacek: maybe cfish would be smaller

Scarfield: couldnt you get something close to having a "time bank" on CG by having the possibility to "pass". If you output pass, the opponent cant move, since its not his turn, but get time to think as well, and will have to pass, untill the first player having passed actually moves

JFB: - kompressed is 225 k - maybe it is possible?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Does this work for anyone, or just me?

eulerscheZahl: and the limit is 100k chars, which is more than 100kB with unicode

eulerscheZahl: Google Drive can't scan this file for viruses.

Star Wars Mega (141M) is too large for Google to scan for viruses. Would you still like to download this file?

JFB: Yes

eulerscheZahl: no, i don't want to download

Default avatar.png JBM: it could have evil viruses

PatrickMcGinnisII: it's just images in a zip file, gheesh

PatrickMcGinnisII: just making sure it works

JFB: PatrickMcGinnisII - what it is ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Oh it's someone's collection of 1000 starwars images

JFB: google say it for every download > 100 MB .

PatrickMcGinnisII: it's wird the stuff found on goodle drive

PatrickMcGinnisII: damn can't spell, feel like crap

Schwase: im on a hot streak for clash, double digit participations without a signle shortest mode

Schwase: lets keep its up!!!!

MayoDewitt: congrats bro

PatrickMcGinnisII: should i play Penguins or install 8GB of memory, a 1TB SSD, and a new cpu cooler?

MayoDewitt: how do you handle this last one

MayoDewitt: lmao

Schwase: i just jinxed it

eulerscheZahl: i'm not scared of viruses. i'm just not in a mood to download it

Schwase: mayo what?

MayoDewitt: im in the game you just blowed up

Schwase: yeah dude ive played a lot of lobbies

Barroso208: who wants to code with me?

MayoDewitt: kk i understand

Schwase: what was the puzzle?

JFB: So c++ stockfish code is 560 kB. So it looks for me that I was wrong - port it to 100 k is not imposibble - it is only very difficult

Schwase: the brian one?

jacek: penguins? im so alone in wood

jacek: 2

Illedan: :P

Schwase: i strongly dislike when a clash puzzle creator feels the need to require use of a long type but only on one of the last few test cases and its only because of the operations that lead to the output that that data type is necessary and its not even part of the input

Schwase: it was a ^2 problem

PatrickMcGinnisII: is a Penguin board always 8x8?

jacek: eeyup

MadKnight: why is it so long JFB ?

jacek: thats what she said

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Hey guys im back

jacek: why are you red TheCodeKid123

jacek: sus

AntiSquid: hi TheCodeKid123

Schwase: when you get first in an 8 player shortest CoC lobby because no one likes to read the actual problem statement and so they all get 60/70% while you take your time writing a 200+ character code

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: i am confused

Laminator: non-python problems lol

LastRick: ^

LastRick: Meanwhile Dart users: Write 200 characters of code, only able to parse inputs

Schwase: java and dart are similar when it comes to usefulness in code golf. theyre not

LastRick: Yep. Always have to switch to Python on shortest just to have a chance at winning

Laminator: If you're going to switch for shortest, I would suggest ruby or bash. Optimal code is unbeatable by python.

LastRick: ruby for sure. But python I know by heart (ruby not so much) and that's enough to at least make it competitive.

PatrickMcGinnisII: If I don't have a penguin ID because there are 0 on the board, how do I move one on the board with an unknown id? wth

PatrickMcGinnisII: all penguins should be input with -1,-1 or something

PatrickMcGinnisII: do i have to pull the id from the action list, or just use the next posible id #?

LeRenard: comment ca se fait que dot & boxes il y a plus le lien de telechargment

LeRenard: erreur de detinataire

PatrickMcGinnisII: ahh penguins don't have unique ids across all players

Default avatar.png JBM: oui comment ca se fait hein

Default avatar.png sagya: bou nos dias

PatrickMcGinnisII: huh, won my first penguin game

PatrickMcGinnisII: now I submit and quit

jacek: and they say there are no games for linux

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: ohhhh

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: bro I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out wtf I did wrong but I forgot to change smthn in my Vector2 - operator :(

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: hey guys

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: check this out

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123:

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: why is the speed in pod racing non lienar

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: if you move at speed 1 you move 1/frame in each axis.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: but at speed 100, it's 464/frame

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: 466**

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: huh

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: :confused:

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: And it takes a few seconds to reach it's max speed, and boost actually isn't any faster, it just accelerates to max speed quicker.

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: what you talkin about?

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: in coders strike back.

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: oh


2ndwolf: sorry caps

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: check out the website i chatted

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: plz

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Yeah, I want to set up some algorithm to predict enemy's position so I'm recording some info on movement/frame

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: i am so lost

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: it takes 32 frames to reach max speed.

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: ok

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Check out coders strike back it's a mini game.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: or game I mean.

2ndwolf: haha I was thinking the same thing but figured just bumping him while I'm close with a good angle would be enough

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: who?

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: If i can predict his position, I could also do like dot math for his position, and the checkpoints, and do a check if I should avoid collision or knock him off course.

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: check out this website

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: I'm good.

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: come on it all about me

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: I clicked it anyway cuz my VPN was on, maybe make whatever project that is public.

2ndwolf: yeah but I was thinking of simpler, conditions

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Yeah, I wanna try and optimize the fuck out of this game just for fun.

2ndwolf: what league u in

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: See if it would be smarter to avoid collision or knock him of course, math to see what angle I should bump him from to get him the furthest away from the checkpoint etc.

remi6: To me it says " Oops, it seems our codeblocks didn't connect", TheCodeKid123.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: I'm just in bronze atm, I could probably beat it but I'm building a ton of shit rn because at first I was just focusing on making it work well enough to win, and it was an unorganized mess.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: rn I'm working on a check to see which checkpoint has the greatest distance, to determine when I should boost.

2ndwolf: it seems dist/10 + a couple things is enough to be close to boss in league 3 bronze

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: It works

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: That's because your on your account.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: it's probably private.

Zenoscave: MadKnight they need to know about -3vel

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: no my teachers could see it too

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: idk

Astrobytes: don't overthink Coders Strike Back til you get to Gold

Astrobytes: lol, don't listen to ol' pewpewpew over there

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: how do you type in red

Zenoscave: it hust is red when someone mentions your name

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: oh

Zenoscave: it only turns red for the name mentioned

Zenoscave: -3vel is the key

Zenoscave: or is that outdated?

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: I put a new update that says TheCodeKid123

Astrobytes: I didn't use it but it works yeah, insta-gold

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: it do not work

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Astrobytes can you please help me with this please

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: ~~help~~

Astrobytes: Nope, going offline, sorry buddy

Astrobytes: gn all

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: come on :rage::rage:

Zenoscave: gn Astrobytes

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: please

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: help

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: help

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: help

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: I'll just get to gold then, I'll waste my time optimizing then :)

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: help

Zenoscave: TheCodeKid123 please stop spamming

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: help

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Setting up a good Vector2 class was worth it though.

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: then help me

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: wtf do u need help with

Zenoscave: that's certainly not gonna happen if you keep acting so.

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Zenoscave i will stop but please help

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: With what

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: typing red chat

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: that's A: definitely not urgent wtf, and that was B: explained 50 times, read up.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: I'm not gonna tell u again.

Zenoscave: I already told you. If you type someone's nickname it shows up red to them. not anyone else

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: oh

jacek: to think i could have been mod

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Zenoscave is this red?

Zenoscave: It won't work if you say your own name. Yes it is red.

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: oh thx

Zenoscave: jacek, did you decline?

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: jacek i don't think so

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: you should of accepted

jacek: yes, i troll too much

Zenoscave: fair.

Zenoscave: MK 2.0

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: uhhhh why jacek

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Zenoscave i will not spam

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: how old are you

2ndwolf: he said he was 8

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: makes sense.

2ndwolf: that said now that I know all my code was scrap I'm not sure how to optimize my csb bot not

Zenoscave: ezpz -3vel

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: wym -3vel

Zenoscave: (tx, ty) = (cx - 3*vx, cy-3*vy)

Hjax: hes talking about the oneliner csb solution

Hjax: gets you to gold if you just move according to the equation he just mentioned

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: what are those variables tho

Hjax: targetx, targety, currentx, xvelocity, currenty, yvelocity

Zenoscave: :zipper_mouth:

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: how's that a one liner if you have to calculate x&y Velocity though?

Zenoscave: hjax simply meant simple statement with no heavy logic or understanding by oneliner

Zenoscave: If you want to know why that works look into this.

2ndwolf: so I gotta compute thrust from reversing this thing?

2ndwolf: omg great resource thanks

Zenoscave: nope just thrust 100 always. ezpz

Hjax: my csb is rank 458 gold

Hjax: 20 lines

2ndwolf: hahaha

Hjax: close enough to one line :D

Zenoscave: the -3vel accounts for over shooting

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Mine's super over engineered atm, mostly just for convenience though.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: I've got a big ass Vector2 class.

Hjax: i could golf it down a bit more

Zenoscave: faster you go the sooner you stop

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Wait really\

Hjax: i could probably get it under 10 lines

Default avatar.png cg000: EZPZ

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: I could get it to one line :)

2ndwolf: and 10 functions XD

Hjax: functions? who uses those

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Nah, just a lot of semi colons in that one line.

2ndwolf: ok I almost won against bronze 3 boss with (destX destY 100)

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: oh I always beat the boss.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Just sometimes issues in the arena.

2ndwolf: same

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: I'm still setting up rn tho.

2ndwolf: but it's absurd

2ndwolf: I'm about a 100 px behind with just console.log

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: speed is weirdly inconsistent.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: earlier I got 460 smthn

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: this time I got 661.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: ohh

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: if you move on solely one axis you move at a rate of 661/frame

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: if you move diagonally it's 466/frame

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: probably smthn to do with Vector normalizing.

2ndwolf: :O

Zenoscave: Hjax you still on?

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: it takes 38 frames to completely decelerate

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: 2860.6058798792956

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Although it's definitely not efficient, it's cool to look at, if you set thrust to 0 the second the dist<2861 you'll be 100% stopped the same frame you reach the checkpoint, as long as you use angles <4

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: >4**

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: (Also if your checkpoints are too close together it'll break, definitely needs a check for that.)

2ndwolf: omg lol I just won ~12000th to from decelerating ~200th just from decelerating when the angle isn't right

2ndwolf: damnit can't edit XD

2ndwolf: yeah I've stopped stopping my pod because of that

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: It's pretty easy to correct it

Hjax: whats up Zenoscave

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Just check if it hasn't accelerated in more than 2 frames, if so set a condition that makes it thrust.

2ndwolf: yeah

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Rn I think it would be ideal, to set desiredDestination to 2861, away from the checkpoint, towards the player.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: So it never decelerates, but when sliding to change target pos it will trigger the checkpoint.

Zenoscave: Do you shield in CSB yet? I'm interested in comparing 20 - liners

Zenoscave: ^ Hjax

MadKnight: Zenoscave 20-liners that do what ?

Zenoscave: csb ofc.

MadKnight: gold ?

Zenoscave: yeh

MadKnight: in python or c++ ?

Zenoscave: seeing how far up I can get in gold on a smurf. ruby

MadKnight: simple movement simulation is allowed ?

MadKnight: no collision

Zenoscave: no simu

Zenoscave: just steering maths

MadKnight: just the pos += vel

Insufficient: i have rank 400 or so with an 80 line heuristic python 3 script no simulation or anything

Zenoscave: a bit more

MadKnight: try my formula Zenoscave

Default avatar.png cg000: -3v? or pos +=

darkhorse64: 20 lines is too much code

MadKnight: wait are u doing the optimization one ?

Zenoscave: no

Zenoscave: just csb

MadKnight: then try my formula

MadKnight: PM

Zenoscave: :+1:

2ndwolf: 120 ranks from boosting at a different moment

MadKnight: Zenoscave u got the formula working ?

Zenoscave: not yet

Default avatar.png SeeJay: pls share your code

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: So feeling dumb on this 7-segment scanner could anyone help>

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: ?*

Default avatar.png Dementio: hello, when you submit a solution to a puzzle.. is the score influenced by the efficiency of the solution or it just sees if all tests are passed

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: the 1st one

Default avatar.png Dementio: ty

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: No worries I only found out because of rewriting my code without the extra loop i had

Majeck: Is there any way to know an account's age?

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: I can only do one testcase without messing up the others, does anyone know how to fix that?

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: depends on what your trying to do.

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: Is this for the 7-segement scanner

LastRick: @Majeck, I noted that if I look at your profile, in the tab Ranking, the graph has tooltips which show the date that your ranking moved. So I am guessing you joined not too long before that

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: Descending Mountains

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: Thats the one with the ship right?

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: yup

2ndwolf: I've seen him ask that question before

2ndwolf: who is majeck

2ndwolf: thought bot for a moment sorry

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: I did test case one then one change to testcase 2 messes up testcase one

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: would have to see your code

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: and I meant it was The Descent

2ndwolf: look for the highest number in array O_O

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: I thought test case one would stay completed

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: it will if you dont hard code any numbers

2ndwolf: nah you have to validate every test case with one version of your code

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: my guess is you are hard coding the highest one

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: so when you change test cases you are changing the code

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: oh that makes it harder :\

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: its not that bad after you understand the trick to it, Its only a couple lines of code

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: oh thanks =D

Majeck: Thanks @LastRick

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: I am completely lost on the scanner guessing i need to use regex but not sure how i would even start it

LastRick: @SuperN3rdy, the one by tutbalin? If so, I solved it without regex (I rarely use that) so I can probably help

Majeck: @2ndwolf I'm not a bot, but you have a sharp memory!

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: @lastrick Yes I am lost on where to even start

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: Does this chat not link to the full discord?

LastRick: Maybe. I don't know, I don't do discord.

LastRick: So the best hint I can probably give you is I used a HashMap to solve it. Are you familiar with those?

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: Yea I know hashmaps I am doing this in Python 3 though I think they call them dictionaries

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: Take it you did it in Javascript or C++

LastRick: Dart. So with that in mind, is there a value or expression you could store for every number 0 through 9?

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: Trying to think

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: I know there is but not sure what that would be. Was thinking I could add each set of 9 to a hash but that seems a bit much

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: maybe make a set of objects with the 3 lines

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: something like { "one" : {

LastRick: You're really close. Maybe there's a way you could change the three-line ASCII number into a usable key.

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: line1: " _ ", line2: "| |", line3: "|_|"

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: }

LastRick: That's close! Keep going :)

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: OK so I would need to flip that so its the key instead of the value

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: hmmmm

LastRick: Yes

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: OK I am going to go read for a min to see if I can get this

LastRick: Best of luck!

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: I am not the best with Hashmaps I hated in javascript too

MadKnight: > Does this chat not link to the full discord? no it's a separate chat system

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: OK thanks @MadKnight

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: was looking for my chat in the main discord and could not find it

MadKnight: are u doing the chuck norris ?

MadKnight: or file extensions ?

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: No the 7 segment scanner by tutubalin

MadKnight: ooh

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: I am on the right track now that I see what I need to do. Also Thanks for that @LastRick

LastRick: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: so would I have all 3 lines on one line for the key some thing like " _ | ||_|"

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: so it would not look like it but if I added all there lines together like that I would get the value

LastRick: You got it.

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: dam TBH i was doing some complex ass regex for each one that is some much easier lol

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: Guess thats what I get for not coding for a half a year after school

LastRick: Yeah, you figure out quickly here if you're working really hard on a problem and it's level is Easy, probably a better way to do it.

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: Really makes me hate myself :joy:

LastRick: Keep at it, you'll be flying in no time

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: Thanks \

LastRick: My pleasure

Majeck: Quick annoying question: What's the command to send text to the error stream in python3?

Majeck: In C# for example it's Console.Error.WriteLine()

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: i think its sys.stderr.write()

Majeck: Yep! Thanks!

MadKnight: what are u doing majeck ?

Harrogin: first day on this site. clash of code is awesome!

Default avatar.png GeniusProgrammer7720: hello

Default avatar.png _ZiGZ_: hello

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Bro this is so satisfying to watch.

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: Woohoo only took me an hour but its done. Thanks Again @LastRick

LastRick: No problem. On to the next one!

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: Yep plan on doing every one of these easy ones before I move on.

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: The stupid spacing kept messing me up

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: Got a 100% on it too

LastRick: Good to hear. Yep, once you get past the HashMap concept, it's basically a string parsing puzzle. If you like that kind of stuff, go try an ASCII art one.

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: O I didn't like it lol but after I got the dictionary done the function only took me like 10 mins. I just need to remember that hashmaps/dictionary is a thing

LastRick: hah hah

LastRick: Sorry, HashMap, I forgot you existed

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: Yea it's so useful but I always forget it and end up using just list/array and write a bunch of code to compare which is dumb of me. But when I 1st started coding I don't think hashmaps was a thing back in 2000

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: this is like my 4th time restarting programming

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Now I have to program a dot product function for my vector class lets go.

LastRick: Welcome back! :)

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: good luck

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: alo ae

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: sup guys

LastRick: hey

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: yo

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: The way Coders strike back does angles is so annoying.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: why 180 to -180 that's not how angles work

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: gotta do what we gotta do bro

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: ?

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: you dont tel clients they are stupid

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: I don't even know what you was talking about and that is confusing to me lol

Default avatar.png SuperN3rdy: Well that's my night ladies and gents hopefully see you all tomorrow.

LastRick: Later

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: lol I was just promoted to wood 1 of the great escape and my bot literally just moves in one direction

Default avatar.png Nickkname: every body have been through that lol