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Saptarshi: #india

Saptarshi: #in

Saptarshi: #us

VuHoangHiep: larryNY invite me

VuHoangHiep: @LarryNY

Default avatar.png Orlando77: hello

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: how do you do path drawing problem damn

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: insace

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: insane

jacek: good morning

Astrobytes: mornin'

Default avatar.png DanielBikkr: Can anyone tell me if you can console log a variable somehow?

Default avatar.png DanielBikkr: good morning

Default avatar.png Goldwave: in what language? @DanielBikkr

Default avatar.png DanielBikkr: C#

Default avatar.png DanielBikkr: console.writeline break the program

Default avatar.png DanielBikkr: break*

Default avatar.png Goldwave: Console.WriteLine(var)

Default avatar.png Goldwave: then idk

Default avatar.png Goldwave: sorry

Default avatar.png DanielBikkr: Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur.

Default avatar.png DanielBikkr: no problem Gold wave, thx for the reply

Default avatar.png DanielBikkr: appreciate it

Default avatar.png Goldwave: Np :D

Default avatar.png Goldwave: There should be other alternatives, try google :D

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: I need help: pascal

jacek: thats like non-objected delphi eh

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: ghost in the cell

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: .

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: .

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: l

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: k

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: k

Uljahn: :worried:

Unkmar: DanielBikkr: use standard error. stderr or something like that in C.

Uljahn: To debug: Console.Error.WriteLine("Debug messages...");

Uljahn: should be in the commented lines in the stub

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: fprintf(stderr, "Debug messages...\n");

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: in C

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: language

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: to debug.

Default avatar.png DanielBikkr: @Unkmar & @Uljahn thank you need to search for it, sorry. I thought maybe it wasn't possible.

Default avatar.png DanielBikkr: Console.Error.Writeline.. works

Default avatar.png DanielBikkr: :punch:

Uljahn: :thumbsup:

jacek: :wave: i win

Uljahn: gratz :first_place:

Default avatar.png ils: captcha is not working. Any suggestion?

jacek: recaptcha is banned in china :?

Default avatar.png ils: I am not in China.

jacek: hmm

Joseph_Mother: china sucks man

Joseph_Mother: authoritarians

Joseph_Mother: theyre genociding the uyghurs

Default avatar.png DanielBikkr: they killing them uyghurs now?

Default avatar.png abcdefg_123: there are more than 50 ethnic groups there, what

Default avatar.png abcdefg_123: is special with uyghurs

Default avatar.png DanielBikkr: Are the other ethnic groups also being put in camps and forced to change their ways? All I know is the Uyghurs (some kind of Islamic group) are being taken there.

S3na: hey

Default avatar.png Nickkname: Oh, from what I know, Chinese government was giving away money for uyghurs to live.

Default avatar.png Nickkname: and seemed turykey government has arranged several polictical war trying to split uyghurs and other chinese cause they are at the edge area of China

darkhorse64: Don't read propaganda

Default avatar.png DanielBikkr: good to know

Default avatar.png Nickkname: all those stuff are pretty much arrange by media

Default avatar.png Nickkname: It's hard to say which is propaganda

darkhorse64: There ample testimonials from uyghurs from what is really happening. There is absolutely no doubt

darkhorse64: *There are*

Default avatar.png Nickkname: ok, I'm out

Default avatar.png Nickkname: not really into politicals

Default avatar.png Nickkname: what you said could be true

S3na: blah blah blah everyone hates turks everyone said we do all bad things but we didn't kill 5 billion jewish

S3na: just for fun

S3na: ...

darkhorse64: godwin point reached !

Default avatar.png Nickkname: Sorry for the Turks thing, I was just reading it from a news

S3na: no problem, still the world thinks we are riding camels.But there is no such thing in our culture.

S3na: our every turks are muslim etc.

S3na: We only have a problem of expressing our political opinions.Because of the last president except that we don't have much a difference

Batfly: Whatever, the problem is rarely the peoples in general, but more the fem ones with powers (and I don't any any legitimate ones, even with elections....).

Batfly: *few ones

Batfly: *any have

Uljahn: it's frustrating how ongoing Assange trial is a media non-event

jacek: woo new puzzle of the week

JFB: Uljahn - exactly

JFB: Only on I see regular postst from blog:

Metanoob: World is catching up with social distancing

Default avatar.png Brevis: can we the see answer for a clash of code, after it is over?

Default avatar.png Brevis: (if nobody shared their code/ were able to solve it)

2ndwolf: no

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: Why?

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: :sob:

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: :disappointed:

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: I am bad at CODING :sob:

_Nilu_: keep practise

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: How if here i feel like i don't learn

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: do you know where i can make real programs?

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

AntiSquid: ?

AntiSquid: no flooding @_@

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: Are you confused with what i said

elderlybeginner: is there a thread/post about insides of CG? Size of servers, technology, amount of data, hardware?

AntiSquid: what programs do you want to make Thecodekid123?

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: what flooding?

AntiSquid: no, but you are confused with what i said .

AntiSquid: don't flood emotes in chat .

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: what is that?

2ndwolf: the crying smiley was an emote, don't send multiples times the same emote, one is enough

AntiSquid: we talked in DM, all good now

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: yeah :D no more emotes

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: i promise that was not ment to be an emote

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: what is DM?

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: I told you i am a noob

eulerscheZahl: direct message

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: got you thx

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: IS EVERY ONE HERE A MOD?

Astrobytes: Yes

Astrobytes: (not really)

eulerscheZahl: poor jacek is not

Astrobytes: He refused the offer

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: But i did not get an offer

Astrobytes: ...

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: Did you know i am 8

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: that is why i am a kid

Astrobytes: Yeah, and I'm Aladdin

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: You makin fun of me


Aravindhsiva: Anyone can join

Astrobytes: Aravindhsiva: clash invites in #clash please :)

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: what is it

eulerscheZahl: can we just add a regular expression to Automaton2000 to tell users not to share their clash invites here?

Automaton2000: and we can't really use them

eulerscheZahl: @Magus :angel:

Astrobytes: That would be really useful

Default avatar.png TurboM: E

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: I TOLD YOU I AM 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: i am pleb

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: can't you see that

eulerscheZahl: calm down

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: i hate this CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AntiSquid: getting kinda emo mate

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: can yal delete my account

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: rn

AntiSquid: click at the top the drop down next to your name

eulerscheZahl: scroll to the bottom

Astrobytes: close the window, leave, don't return

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: you do hate me i knew it i will report

AntiSquid: i can help with chat ban btw

AntiSquid: you can't trust the others, so only ask me

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: so

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: idc

Magus: eulerscheZahl: Well, Automaton2000 is opensource, but i think Codingame does not want a not-cg-bot talking about moderations/rules

Automaton2000: i don't think it's too much for the help

eulerscheZahl: ok, then you won't see a pull request

AntiSquid: listen to Automaton2000, he makes a good point

Automaton2000: so i need to check the referee

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: eulerscheZahl i think he is the best mod ever

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: it's so easy to get

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: no eulerscheZahl

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: to get what?

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: :innocent:

Magus: :D

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: what that

Magus: the core of Automaton2000

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: will yall ban me?

Automaton2000: madknight did you see that

AntiSquid: do you want the ban Thecodekid123 ?

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: what Automation2000

Magus: Automaton2000 is a just a plain old C++ command line program running behind a NodeJS XMPP client :D

Automaton2000: hi new to this site than clashes :o

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: oh

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: he a robot then

AntiSquid: are you sure? sounds as smart as a clasher to me

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: i knew robots would take over Earth

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: what a clasher

Default avatar.png TurboM: what a unit

Magus: it's funny, i didn't remember that i have a "blacklist" variable in Automaton2000. No one made a pull request to change it to "outlist" or whatever we have to call it now.

Automaton2000: i dont know if i should start working on it

Magus: Nope, you don't rewrite your own code. We already argued on it. I don't want a Skynet child.

Default avatar.png Thecodekid123: plz ban me now

AntiSquid: your wish is my command

eulerscheZahl: he didn't even see your last line :(

eulerscheZahl: wait, is blacklist a racial discrimination now?

Default avatar.png TurboM: im confused

AntiSquid: about your alt?

Astrobytes: eulerscheZahl: yes, blacklist and whitelist are not so great

AntiSquid: euler

AntiSquid: i am wondering if you can call black people black anymore

eulerscheZahl: can i still call a power outage a blackout?

AntiSquid: had a conversation with a black guy actually just about this, he said "hey i am calling that guy black because he is black, no idea what the fuss is all about"

AntiSquid: the only real discrimination imo is to not acknowledge mixed people . everyone just talks about black vs white, everyone else is swept under the rug ...

Uljahn: how do they call Black Fridays and black holes now?

2ndwolf: I think blacklist would be considered discriminating because it has a negative meaning

Astrobytes: When did anyone say you can't call black people black? All my black friends (African and Caribbean) refer to themselves and identify as black people

Astrobytes: 2ndwolf: correct

AntiSquid: being overly sensitive has negative implications

Astrobytes: blackout is fine afaik, as well as brownout. I may be wrong

AntiSquid: imo don't mix unrelated things is best

DomiKo: in my country, we have cake named "cycki murzynki", which is a little bit less aggressive version of "nigger's boobs"

Astrobytes: DomiKo: Can you *** out that word in future please

jacek: ban

DomiKo: I thought that would be auto ***

DomiKo: there is no ***???

Astrobytes: there is no filter on the chat no

jacek: that works only with password

jacek: welp

DomiKo: so my bad

DomiKo: -10 points for gryffindor

Astrobytes: Just hope Automaton doesn't choose to say that one

jacek: Automaton2000 or AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: Upperclasses*

Automaton2000: so it is better than you

DomiKo: AutomatonNN can you say Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: try it and see what they do with the game to be a hard one

AutomatonNN: hey air

eulerscheZahl: -10 for Griffindor? you seem more like Hufflepuf :P

Hjax: oh i see we were talking about the censoring of the word master everywhere

eulerscheZahl: i'll go shopping with my leader card then

Hjax: im yet to find a person of color to who actually offended by things like that, it always seems to be that people get offended on the behalf of people who dont care either way

Hjax: seems like we are fixing non-problems so we can feel good about being progressive, while ignoring the real problems

DomiKo: there are real problems?

Astrobytes: "cancel culture" yeah. Divert from the real issues

Astrobytes: Ban a word and clear your conscience of racial profiling, murder, discrimination, hate crimes

Hjax: and yet those things continue, unimpeded, without the word

Astrobytes: Yep

Hjax: the thing that stuck out to me recently was accounts of people getting resumes rejected, and then submitting a resume with a more white sounding name

Hjax: and getting an interview

DomiKo: there are some problems with interviews

Astrobytes: Yeah, I worked under a chef like that once. Threw out any CV that didn't have an "English sounding" name

DomiKo: like interviews only for women

AntiSquid: yes Hjax . people get offended on behalf of others


Hjax: this was also a super interesting example recently

Hjax: a lawyer getting mistaken for a defendant over and over because of her race

Astrobytes: Yeah, I read that the other day

Hjax: thats the kind of thing i hadnt even considered happening, reading her account of it really changes your perspective

AntiSquid: so if they find the defendant guilty they arrest the lawyer or what? lawyer then shouts i am not the defendant and they reply "don't resist arrest!"

Astrobytes: People used to think the UK was really progressive, and it was getting somewhere, but we're back to 70s era racism again.

Hjax: USA too

AntiSquid: is that really a case of racism (the lawyer thingy) or just plain stupidity? i mean come on you got to be dense to make that mistake

Hjax: 3 different people racially profiled her to be a criminal

Hjax: in the same day

Astrobytes: Of course it's racist, it's negative stereotyping

AntiSquid: so 3 stupid people she met with in the same day

Hjax: i dont think how smart the people are affects how awful it is to racially profile someone like that

eulerscheZahl: but it shows a problem in the society

eulerscheZahl: in this case it's clear that she's innocent

eulerscheZahl: but imagine a crime being committed and searching for a suspect

AntiSquid: well it shows the wrong people are hired in the legal system .

AntiSquid: and that is worrying for everyone

Hjax: the lawyer is just calling for better racism training for employees in the legal system

Hjax: which i think is reasonable


Hjax: racism is largely born of ignorance

AntiSquid: i rather them filter out people that shouldn't be working there

Hjax: Astrobytes it reminds me of selfies people post on twitter, middle eastern looking man with the caption "time to get *randomly* searched at the airport!"

Astrobytes: Yeah. Exactly right. Total joke. And don't get me started on stop and search.

Hjax: there was a post on TIFU on reddit a while ago from one of the biggest redditors

Hjax: i think hes from Lebanon? anyway he was on a flight to a business meeting and went into the bathroom to shave quickly since he didnt have time before his flight

Hjax: and the crew thought he was hijacking the plane and panicked

AntiSquid: imo reddit upvote economics is rotten in its own way

Astrobytes: Classic "Fear of brown person" there Hjax

Hjax: yeah

2ndwolf: wooh lvl10

Astrobytes: grats 2ndwolf


Hjax: found it

Astrobytes: Greek/Lebanese with a beard. My sisters fiancé is Greek-Cypriot, he has a big bushy beard, moved up from London to Scotland and the amount of racism he experiences is unreal. "Arab terrorist" "bomberman" "cloth head" etc. etc. he's like WTF I'm Greek!


Astrobytes: That poor dude, what an experience

Astrobytes: I remember that one euler

Hjax: oooooooo math

Hjax: so scary

AntiSquid: ya lots of europeans can easily get a strong tan

Astrobytes: Absolutely.

Hjax: i know the USA was racist against italian americans for a while, which is like half of my family tree

Schwase: does anyone know why my stub generator for OCaml has an "End_of_file" exception?

Astrobytes: Schwase: It's the code that's generated I believe, even if stub is correct. See this post:

Astrobytes: *thread not post

AntiSquid: imo anti-irish sentiment was one of the weirdest things to read about

Hjax: for a country that championed itself on being a melting pot, theres been a lot of racism against migrant groups here

Astrobytes: Anti-Irish was common when I was growing up, The Troubles were ongoing, IRA bombs and whatnot. Was terrible what some of my friends and neighbours experienced.

Hjax: people forget that their own great grand parents were probably immigrants to the USA

Astrobytes: Now it's the Muslims who get it in the neck.

Astrobytes: Minority of the moment and all that

Schwase: Astrobytes i have more information on why the issue occurred, I think that multi-embedded loop commands are the cause of the issue since it was resolved by changing a two-command loop argument to a 1 command string/readLine command

Scarfield: South Park has a pretty cool episode where people (goo-backs) time travel back from the future. There is only one race, because of "mixed" genes. But even if that happens IRL one day, people would still find other things to hate about each other

Schwase: can i reported this somehow?

Schwase: hey my aunt got a peabody for working on south park

Schwase: haha

AntiSquid: yes Hjax but there is also the other extreme of "let everyone in" even undocumented

Schwase: *can i report this somehow

Scarfield: nice xD

Astrobytes: Ah interesting, sure, either on Discord or make a forum post Schwase

Hjax: sure AntiSquid, but the people that make a fuss often cant tell the difference between legal immigrants and illegal ones

Astrobytes: ^

Hjax: and just assume everyone of a race they dont like is an illegal immigrant

JFB: AntiSquid - what you have against squids? ;-)


Hjax: he has nothing against squids, but if he touches one they will annihilate

Astrobytes: "XD" Scarfield

AntiSquid: i think they should wear a helmet and drive more carefully JFB

Scarfield: lolstroBytes

Astrobytes: :grin:

jacek: pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies can live in harmony. why can't we?


Hjax: people have some desire to feel superior to each other i guess

Astrobytes: argh, another Friendship is Tragic pony reference

Hjax: reminds me of the starbelly sneetches

Astrobytes: Power, exploitation, ignorance, fear of "the other"

Astrobytes: sneetches, that was the Dr Seuss one right?

Hjax: yeah

Astrobytes: Yeah, just like that

Hjax: that story has always fascinated me, because its a really accurate political commentary

Hjax: in a childrens picture book

Astrobytes: Yep. Kids are really open to these things too. Racism is passed down through parents mostly


JFB: Old good "divide and conquer"

Schwase: astro would it be wrong to re- @ thibaud?

AntiSquid: lol getting spammed in PM by emote kid

Astrobytes: No, that's fine Schwase

Astrobytes: Yes JFB

Astrobytes: AntiSquid he tried PMing me earlier, I just ignored him


Astrobytes: hahaha, oh dear

AntiSquid: no way to ignore the "brother" 's PM?

Astrobytes: Just close the window or don't respond

eulerscheZahl: i just got a PM saying "#clash"

AntiSquid: respond with #CSB

Astrobytes: lol, trolling on point

Astrobytes: thanks for the posts Schwase

eulerscheZahl: oh, i closed the chat already :(

Scarfield: if a film/sheet could be made with only 1 molecole thickness, would it technically only have one surface?

AntiSquid: even better link them your puzzles :p eulerscheZahl

Schwase: scarfield no

Schwase: you can look into lead microfibers

AntiSquid: say you clash when they solve Space Maze

Schwase: they are still physically bounded

AntiSquid: could even put it in your profile

eulerscheZahl: oh no, that one guy trying to solve it was painful enough

Schwase: only topology currently has any sort of theory on single surface objects

Schwase: but they are topological discussions :D

Schwase: so at your own risk as they say

eulerscheZahl: g-rom mentioned that our puzzle contributions might appear on our profile in the future

eulerscheZahl: along with the playgrounds

Insufficient: mobius strip came to mind there

AntiSquid: oh so encouragement to spam clash problems?

AntiSquid: "i have 99 clashes, give me the job"

eulerscheZahl: 99 bottles of clash on the wall

Scarfield: yea but it would still have 2 sides, but technically to have 2 surfaces, i would guess there would have to be something in between for it not being just one surface

AntiSquid: add a tease to the strip


Astrobytes: Godwin twice in 1 day

AntiSquid: did you practice any more CTF problems eulerscheZahl ?

eulerscheZahl: nope

eulerscheZahl: i'll be that teammember that's a disappointment to everyone

AntiSquid: did you guys change your mind? lost interest?

eulerscheZahl: i'll still intend to play

eulerscheZahl: on oct 8th

AntiSquid: i watched their youtube vids, they said something about a problem related to asymmetric and symmetric encryption

eulerscheZahl: that's not surprising

AntiSquid: no, it's a hint

eulerscheZahl: symmetric for the easy ones (xor or alike) maybe RSA for the later ones

eulerscheZahl: i don't see that as a hint or spoiler, it's what I would have expected

eulerscheZahl: btw the penguin game is now officially pending

jacek: eeyup

eulerscheZahl: that's your job jacek

jacek: maybe simple floodfill will suffice

Astrobytes: Grrr. No time til next week.

eulerscheZahl: the other 2 board game addicts have approved already

darkhorse64: We are more than two. We are legion

eulerscheZahl: it's live

Astrobytes: lol

AntiSquid: i bet it was properly tested

Astrobytes: The board games tend to be properly tested for the most part

eulerscheZahl: better than a möbius contest :imp:

Astrobytes: hahaha

AntiSquid: submitted for +1 tag

eulerscheZahl: in D?

eulerscheZahl: of course, stupid question

2ndwolf: I would have expected chuck norris to use butterflies to shift bits and send his messages

Astrobytes: why?

eulerscheZahl: xkcd

Astrobytes: Oh, donno that one

2ndwolf: lol

AntiSquid: if bruce lee lived longer would he get memed too?


Astrobytes: hahaha, nice. Thanks for linking it for me

PatrickMcGinnisII: butterfly effect?

PatrickMcGinnisII: smh

jacek: fluttershy?

jacek: yay im 1st on the league

jacek: in the contribution

PatrickMcGinnisII: Someone is trying to hack me thru this chat, yesterday and the day before

Astrobytes: with random windows with random numbers?

PatrickMcGinnisII: can they get IP info thru this?

Astrobytes: *chat tabs, not windows

eulerscheZahl: and a 2nd world channel

Astrobytes: If any of the above, it seems to be a bug

**eulerscheZahl doesn't know your IP PatrickMcGinnisII

2ndwolf: sometimes I get flooded with tabs after entering clashes

AntiSquid: ya whats up with that bug?

PatrickMcGinnisII: I also had a nvidea share process go bad on me ... someone trying to hit my card?

Astrobytes: One should open for each clash 2ndwolf, you can close it if you don't need it

AntiSquid: rand number tab

Astrobytes: Seems connected to PMs from external clients AntiSquid, not sure. Reported it yesterday anyway

PatrickMcGinnisII: yea, wierd # popped up...someone botting from here into another user

PatrickMcGinnisII: yesterday, tried reconnecting (tab) w/ me over and over

PatrickMcGinnisII: consistent notification bleeps, but no notification

jacek: could be... ghost?

Hjax: spooky

PatrickMcGinnisII: seems like a flash injection into a bad image object

PatrickMcGinnisII: CG got some holes

PatrickMcGinnisII: me thinks

PatrickMcGinnisII: If it happens again, I'll greasemonkey it

Astrobytes: maybe it's that skiddie from the other day, trying to pwn CG from Lua

PatrickMcGinnisII: Well, Discord is rampant with new injections, cookie snatchers

Default avatar.png eehh: im knew my dad wants me to make a game

Default avatar.png eehh: butt i dont know python

Default avatar.png eehh: but

AntiSquid: organized cyber crime is on the rise

PatrickMcGinnisII: MadKnight your peoples trying to cookie snatch before the US election? *chuckle*

PatrickMcGinnisII: My server won't run without RPC, wth ... maybe i should shut it down

Astrobytes: PatrickMcGinnisII ru govt != ru people

AntiSquid: PatrickMcGinnisII

Default avatar.png eehh: if dist_1 < dist_2:

jacek: hmm?

Default avatar.png eehh:

AntiSquid: actually its more about criminal enterprizes than governments Astrobytes

PatrickMcGinnisII: Ethiopian just hacked FB, jacked up peoples FB Pay to a worldbank acct. # . I don't think they got any $, but they definitely tried dropping a soc. media worm

AntiSquid: statistically

Default avatar.png eehh:

Astrobytes: AntiSquid: I use the term "government" loosely

PatrickMcGinnisII: Fb opened the door with there Sept. update

AntiSquid: Eehh ?

AntiSquid: #clash eehh .

Astrobytes: is that our child troll from earlier?

jacek: thatsnot clash

eulerscheZahl: wow, harsh

AntiSquid: oops then clash is ruined by this guy?

jacek: :o

PatrickMcGinnisII: run away jacek

Default avatar.png SaquamarineS: Go Diego go

AntiSquid: lol that guy really went to clash .

AntiSquid: kidcoder .

EliTheCoder: is noopatjntsu a bot?

MadKnight: is Automaton2000 a bot ?

Automaton2000: ok that was a problem with the same issue

Default avatar.png sDCrAZzE: poopoo

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Thecodekid123 is back!!!!

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Hi AntiSquid

eulerscheZahl: :popcorn:

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: remember me?

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: the best mod is eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: is that a new account or did you get unbanned?

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: a new account

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: mine was Thecodekid123 now it is TheCodeKid123

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: i deleted the other one

eulerscheZahl: next: TheCoolKid123

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: yeah thx for the idea

eulerscheZahl: enough other mods online to deal with you behave well or you'll risk another ban ;)

eulerscheZahl: good night

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: :joy:

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: what do you mean good night it is 1:55 pm

2ndwolf: he's probably in another time zone

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: oh

2ndwolf: you america centric kid

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: i know

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: and you

2ndwolf: I live east of you

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: wow

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: one day we might meet

2ndwolf: I hm think

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: so i was banned and now i am back what do you think of that?

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: is it good or bad

2ndwolf: hmmm neither, I don't think you were up for an ip ban they just banned the account

2ndwolf: probably

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: they baned my chat i deleted account

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: so what has happened to you

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Is Automation2000 a robot?

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Did everyone leave me?

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: Who wishes they were mods

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: :flag_us:

MadKnight: > so i was banned and now i am back


Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: what is

jacek: thats mad

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: i was baned and now i am back

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: what is wrong with that

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: so

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: i dare one of you to type the coding language you are best at

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: can someone talk to me please

zeesop: polynomial coefficients in a codeclash. FML.

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: what does that mean?

Default avatar.png TheCodeKid123: wanna talk in DM

Astrobytes: Wanna ban again?

Uljahn: Automaton2000: they're banning my chat, should we sanction them?

Automaton2000: so i am not in a function

PatrickMcGinnisII: cute

leodark: hello

Project-Magenta: where is the automatn robot

DomiKo: Automaton2000 here

Automaton2000: it's time to get an idea

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Hey guys, Do i need to first in order to promote in league?

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: to be first*

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: It says I need to beat the boss, but Ive beaten him, but still Im not promoted

DomiKo: you need to beat him in points

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Which points? Im playing "Code Royale" and im in wood 3, but ive beaten him without an issue

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: but still my rank is wood 34

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Im rank 1 of wood 3

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Flat_Erick wait a few hours

Default avatar.png Flat_Erick: Thanks, I actually got promoted few minutes ago ;)

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Which one is this?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: arccos(1-d/2r^2)

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: How do get arccos in python?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Math.arccos ?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: nvm got it

Default avatar.png AbdulrahmanHatim: Hiya everyone

Default avatar.png e1213: こにちは

MadKnight: inichiwa ?

MadKnight: or wait, maybe konichiwa?

MadKnight: would make more sense

Default avatar.png e1213: konichiwa

MadKnight: oh and what would be the i symbol?

DaNinja: い

MadKnight: right

MadKnight: everyone learned japanese, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: yeah it's a bit confusing

Default avatar.png e1213: jajaj

MadKnight: we gotta catch up with everyone Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i have to check if it is in the right direction

MadKnight: we gotta find a japanese companion Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but if there are two ways to get to gold

MadKnight: DaNinja u wanna speak some jap?

Default avatar.png e1213: いいえ

MadKnight: iie/

MadKnight: ?

MadKnight: is that no or yes

Default avatar.png e1213: iie = no

MadKnight: right

MadKnight: was kinda confusng since no sounds kinda like yes and yes - like no

MadKnight: if everyone asks Automaton2000, will he stop no from sounding like yes?

Automaton2000: what do you mean by that

MadKnight: if everyone asks AutomatonNN, will he stop Automaton2000 from sounding like AutomatonNN ?

Automaton2000: is that how you got to do with them

AutomatonNN: gonna be a moderator

Default avatar.png e1213: なに

MadKnight: hmm first one looks like ka

MadKnight: or na

Default avatar.png e1213: な = na

MadKnight: is that nani ?

Default avatar.png e1213: yes

MadKnight: that's a reference to an old meme

Default avatar.png e1213: not so old

MadKnight: things get old pretty fast

Default avatar.png e1213: :O

MadKnight: Automaton2000 is a bot, he generates random messages

Automaton2000: did you see the result

Default avatar.png e1213: that's true?

MadKnight: Automaton2000 say Yes

Automaton2000: go fix it and get a new one

Default avatar.png e1213: :O

MadKnight: there's even a puzzle - Create your own Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: did you do to get out of the box

MadKnight: and there's github repo with Automaton2000 sources

Automaton2000: do you update thor's position

MadKnight: and AutomatonNN is a neural network that generates responses

AutomatonNN: what are you trying to do?

Default avatar.png e1213: :O:O

Default avatar.png e1213: :o

MadKnight: and there is a few NN bots at the top of leaderboard of that racing game with pods

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: I'm on wood 1 on the pod racing game my thing beats the boss thing everytime how tf do I advance?

MadKnight: submit and get #1

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: where do you submit?

MadKnight: Submit button

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: I don't see that..

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: play code, replay in same conditions, or test in arena.

MadKnight: gimme screenie

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18:

MadKnight: yea last one is the one

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: test in arena?

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: I did that.

MadKnight: it says u got rank 1k446

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: 1201 now but yeah?

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Oh do you have to get first

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: ahh I get it.

MadKnight: just use the boost

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: I am.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: just a basic ass check if distance is high, and if it is boost.

MadKnight: and the angle?

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: if > 90 it does 20 thrust.

MadKnight: if not facing the opposite dir? then boost?

MadKnight: angle can be negative

MadKnight: -167

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: if nextCheckPoint>90 it does, 0 else if distance is high it boosts.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: so essentially yes.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: nextCheckpointAngle**

MadKnight: -167>90 won't work

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: oh they can be -

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: I'll just do angle math.abs then

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: it performs the same.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: weird

MadKnight: show me the new code

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: essentially the same, just std::abs(nextCheckpointAngle)

MadKnight: still

MadKnight: show it

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: alright I just won, did a quick change

MadKnight: nice

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: realized smthn I was forgetting to do.

Default avatar.png arsh123: hlo

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: I have a question

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: I need to find the length between 2 points on a circle, following the arc formed

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: But the equations I'm using don't seem to work


I'm using the second answer. Can anyone help?

2ndwolf: I'm guessing if you have the radius, you could do from the angle created from forming a triangle with one of its sides being the shortest path between the two point. From the angle, being a fraction of 360 you could get the same fraction of the circumference.

2ndwolf: I know nothing about these things but from the top of my head I'd try that.

2ndwolf: oh sorry that's what the answer says XD

2ndwolf: can't help then I figured you'd look up the details