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DaNinja: click Ranking in your profile

eulerscheZahl: don't worry, i managed to exit the loop

eulerscheZahl: don't do for (int i = 0; i <= intMax; i++)

jacek: but did you exit while loop


Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Why doesn't the AI pod racing game thing actually play, it's just frozen

Lonlon: this happens from time to time, press the button play your code to upload your code and then reload the page

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: How do you upload?

Lonlon: the button used to run your code also uploads it, cuz if you reload the page without pressing it before your changes to the last uploaded version of your code will be lost

Default avatar.png ChillChilling: I didn't know how to solve pod racing:innocent:

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: Which pod racing?

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: My setup became a clusterfuck(idk if I can say that here) so I'm quickly rewriting.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: nestled if's on nestled if's it was such a hastle to add support for new mechanics.

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: it was p fast tho

Default avatar.png ChillChilling: I even didn't konw what's the command of the cop racing( the first puzzle in AI)

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: You just had to replace Y with X.

Default avatar.png ChillChilling: Okkkk,...hhhh

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: what lang r u doing it in out of curiosity.

Default avatar.png ChillChilling: C

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: C/C++?

Default avatar.png ChillChilling: yep

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: which one?

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: C or C++

Default avatar.png ChillChilling: C

Default avatar.png JackTheRipper18: ah im doing C++.

Default avatar.png ChillChilling: to be honset, I have worked for more one year, but practicing in English platform is very hard for me. Even cant understand the description

Default avatar.png ChillChilling: Perseverance Prevails:joy:

CopperFr: You would prefer to practice in French ?

Default avatar.png Jianwei: hello, everybody

Default avatar.png ChillChilling: In fact, I am iChinese. EN is better.hhh

Default avatar.png ChillChilling: Hi jianwei 大兄弟

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png Umer_J: hi everyone

Default avatar.png arschsaft: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

CopperFr: EN is better than FR ???

AntiSquid: you can change language in settings

AntiSquid: and yes english is better than french otherwise we would speak french in world chat, well not better, but it became the norm at some point

CopperFr: probably but i'm better in french than in english

Default avatar.png JBM: just wait till CN because the norm

Default avatar.png JBM: *becomes whoa wake up jbm

jacek: jaceklang will be the norm

Default avatar.png JoeDaCoder: What do i do?

MadKnight: u code

MadKnight: obviously

Default avatar.png JBM: What do you code? ur CSB, more specifically

Thyl: Hello

Thyl: is there any technique other than nested Monte Carlo for SameGame?

eulerscheZahl: i have a beam search

eulerscheZahl: not that successful though :(

Thyl: You're 3

Thyl: :)

DomiKo: You can do a lot of things I guess

TBali: Hehe, bot leaderboards are kinda unstable... I resubmited my bots to check the tags. 1400 CP goodbye

TBali: greedy algorithm didnt' work for me

DomiKo: you resubmited all of them?

TBali: not at once, but in 3 batches during a day. total of 30. But only 8 of them are over 1000CPs, rest are basic heuristics without much tought or time spent.

TBali: interestingly, all of thm lost ranking. I thought in the average + and - will be averagded to 0

Default avatar.png sid12123: i am an imposter

Thyl: ok

TBali: maybe if a bot is in the arena for a long time, it gets pushed upwards eventually

TBali: But upon resubmit it can be stuck at a lower ranking.

TBali: Especially if gameplay strategies work againt each other rock-paper-scissors like

DomiKo: you can resubmit some of them

DomiKo: and see what happend

TBali: yeah, it was very fluctuating also during contest

TBali: but that time scenery was dynamic, everebody developed their bot and submited frequently. Multiplayer arenas are much more static, most bots are there unchanged for a long time

DomiKo: some games are very random

DomiKo: and some of them have 1K+ people in one level

DomiKo: and your score could change if you luckly win first 10 games

TBali: yes, maybe I resubmit only the Gold+ bots. For Bronze it deas not really matter

TBali: *does

DomiKo: yap

Default avatar.png qsassy: im new

Default avatar.png qsassy: how do u do a new case without deleting the 1st one

MadKnight: u have to do them all with the same code

MadKnight: jbm stopthat

MadKnight: srsly

eulerscheZahl: stop what?

MadKnight: it's from #fr

eulerscheZahl: typing in the chat starts lagging when I have a 3.5k frame replay open :(

MadKnight: so i made a mistake and they keep making fun of what i did 2+ years ago

jacek: when i played 2048 extensively i had the tetris effect from that

jacek: i saw 2 identical cars and wanted them to merge into bigger one

eulerscheZahl: :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: eulerscheZahl your cgfunge has been giving me fits. i overcomplicated the hell out of it

PatrickMcGinnisII: I still can't do #s over 8100

PatrickMcGinnisII: :flip:

eulerscheZahl: #s?

PatrickMcGinnisII: numbers

eulerscheZahl: ah

Default avatar.png JBM: whoa

Default avatar.png JBM: wouldn't have read it either

eulerscheZahl: you need to optimize your algo a bit. you're obviously not doing trial division from 2 to n anymore :)

eulerscheZahl: i think i only check 2 and all odd numbers till sqrt(n)

PatrickMcGinnisII: yes, doing that

PatrickMcGinnisII: but sqrt(10000)=100 loops

PatrickMcGinnisII: i get 91

PatrickMcGinnisII: ;(

PatrickMcGinnisII: how dbdr did so well is beyond me

PatrickMcGinnisII: ill resub in a minute, but no 100%

PatrickMcGinnisII: second time around i actually computed the sqrt instead of i*i

PatrickMcGinnisII: i overcomplicate everything

eulerscheZahl: hardcoding unfortunately :(

eulerscheZahl: 100 testcases aren't enough to prevent that. he's not factoring the numbers

eulerscheZahl: but i think some solutions around 20k-25k are legit

eulerscheZahl: using a list of all primes below 100

eulerscheZahl: you can load numbers in string mode btw

eulerscheZahl: "a" is a 97

PatrickMcGinnisII: yea, i thought of that. still wierd tho

PatrickMcGinnisII: maybe next time around

jacek: what about those probability prime number tests? would they be faster?

PatrickMcGinnisII: determining odd/even is easy

PatrickMcGinnisII: getting the sqrt has a couple methods

PatrickMcGinnisII: but u don't have to do either really

jacek: i*i <= n?

PatrickMcGinnisII: yup, easiest

PatrickMcGinnisII: actually i think its more like i*i>n then its prime

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm, 86%

eulerscheZahl: miller-rabin is deterministic with just testing 2 in that range

eulerscheZahl: there's a mersenne prime below 10000 (2047) but that's not a testcase

eulerscheZahl: that's what robo is doing

PatrickMcGinnisII: the random ones and the log2 tests are just too out therre for me

PatrickMcGinnisII: I think i got it figured out, it's just not as intuitive as i was hoping, you need no where near 40x30 chars

eulerscheZahl: my solution is like 12x7

PatrickMcGinnisII: if it only worked for 2^77,232,917 -1 tho

PatrickMcGinnisII: ;)

jacek: so, almost million deaths from covid :tada:

PatrickMcGinnisII: my gf is still paranoid AF, she's a teacher... I'm sick of the politics

AntiSquid: happy sunday gunday (getting this message every sunday from my american contacts on social media)

jacek: caturday?

AntiSquid: only see that on CG (caturday)

jacek: i span this on irc as well

eulerscheZahl: how do you span it? Caturday?

Washier: hehe

eulerscheZahl: happy Punday :P

AntiSquid: with a spanner of course

TBali: 4th Punic war?

eulerscheZahl: no, Carthago is down already

TBali: Salted like a good hash

Default avatar.png mortadha: hello world

Default avatar.png mortadha: hi

Default avatar.png ils: CoC captcha page is not loading properly. I have tried it in firefox, chrome, opera, and edge

Default avatar.png ils: please help

AntiSquid: lay off the CoC

AntiSquid: have some fun for a change

Default avatar.png Brevis: captcha page?

eulerscheZahl: you'll only see it when playing a lot of clashes in a short time

Default avatar.png Brevis: oh, ok

AntiSquid: and even then you need to really spam the clashes . i mean i've done my clash achivements and quests and only got them around 100th clash or so ... that's excessive amount anyway, there got to be more fun stuff to do

AntiSquid: only got the captchas after 100 clashes i mean

Default avatar.png Brevis: That's impressive

Default avatar.png ils: i got it after 17 clashes

Default avatar.png mortadha: That's impressive

Default avatar.png mortadha: hello world

jrke: can i get refree for CSB

jrke: ?

Default avatar.png Brevis: what is CSB?

eulerscheZahl: coders strike back

jrke: ^

eulerscheZahl: check SpiritusSancti5 on github

jrke: oke

Default avatar.png Brevis: oh, what's that?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Spiritus Sancti...that's what you say before you try to give your cat a bath

jrke: CSB is a bot programming.

Default avatar.png Brevis: ok

Default avatar.png mortadha: hello world

Default avatar.png mortadha: who is heres

Default avatar.png Brevis: hello mortadha

Default avatar.png mortadha: i have a problem you can help me

Default avatar.png mortadha: Brevis

Default avatar.png Brevis: what is the problem?

eulerscheZahl: I never tried to bath my cat. wouldn't end well I think

Default avatar.png mortadha: i have a bad level in data structure

Default avatar.png mortadha: Brevis

Default avatar.png mortadha: please i need to help

PatrickMcGinnisII: hence the little prayer eulerscheZahl ;) hehe\

eulerscheZahl: i don't see a reason to give her a bath

Default avatar.png mortadha: i don't understand

PatrickMcGinnisII: cats usually hate baths, good way to piss off the little killers

Default avatar.png mortadha: i have a bad level in data structures

Default avatar.png mortadha: who can help me

Default avatar.png mortadha: please

Default avatar.png mortadha: ????

Default avatar.png mortadha: ????

Allis: Do you have internet?

Default avatar.png mortadha: yes

PatrickMcGinnisII: mortadha no one knows puzzle or what level you speak of

Default avatar.png mortadha: who knows best website to learn programming with python

Default avatar.png mortadha: or cpp or c or javascript

Default avatar.png mortadha: ????

Default avatar.png mortadha: ????

Default avatar.png mortadha: ????

Default avatar.png 2ndwolf: I think w3schools has all of those

Default avatar.png mortadha: hi

Default avatar.png mortadha: you don't another

Default avatar.png mortadha: for algorithms

Default avatar.png mortadha: i have a bad level in algorithms who can help me please

Default avatar.png mortadha: :nerd:

Default avatar.png mortadha: :hugging:

SPDene: try while True:


Default avatar.png 2ndwolf: genius

Default avatar.png mortadha: who knows best website to learn algorithms

PatrickMcGinnisII: while (level>>1);

PatrickMcGinnisII: google algorithms

Default avatar.png mortadha: i will try

Default avatar.png mortadha: and try

Default avatar.png mortadha: until success

Default avatar.png mortadha: while(1) {level++;}

Default avatar.png mortadha: d

Default avatar.png mortadha: sorry

Default avatar.png mortadha: so sorry

Default avatar.png mortadha: hello world

Default avatar.png mortadha: who is here

Default avatar.png Aditya_08: I come from an R Programming background, love this concept of learning coding by gamification:relaxed:

jacek: is R programming language?

jacek: whats next? HTML?

eulerscheZahl: only in combination with CSS

MadKnight: Automaton2000 are u a programming language ?

Automaton2000: you need to run a meta mcts for uttt

jacek: thats so smits

jacek: again, i joined into some number channel

jacek: meh, when people lose against me in oware i lose pts o.o

Astrobytes: jacek, random chat windows with some random number?

jacek: yes

jacek: and its loading

Astrobytes: Yup, been happening to me for a few weeks randomly

Default avatar.png JBM: like, for as long as you've been clashing

Astrobytes: I haven't clashed in years

jacek: this is not clash, channel tab is number, it doesnt start with cock

jacek: coc*

Astrobytes: "cock", nicely put

Astrobytes: Reported it on discord btw

jacek: sorry, autocorrect

LegendaryStone: lol

ToshiTuringMachine: hi

Uljahn: external clients let you use your user id i guess

Astrobytes: but there's nothing in the tab, just "loading" forever

eulerscheZahl: it happens that i close chats and they open again

eulerscheZahl: but showing the user ID instead of nickname

eulerscheZahl: those number chats are direct mesages

eulerscheZahl: messages even

Astrobytes: hmm

eulerscheZahl: next time you get a number chat, just write "who are you?" :D

Astrobytes: It never displays anything other than "Loading", never tried typing

eulerscheZahl: oh, i'm not sure if i even opened them now that i'm thinking about it

ToshiTuringMachine: hi eulerscheZahl hru

eulerscheZahl: not i'm pretty sure there's a connection between having private messages and these random channels

eulerscheZahl: hi EugenioToshiAmato

Astrobytes: Yeah I think you're right

ToshiTuringMachine: The new Quest Map is so cool

DomiKo: is cool for like 10 minutes

DomiKo: then you forget about it

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: having a contest is cool

ToshiTuringMachine: oh no I have 4/5 upvotes on my contribution

eulerscheZahl: still 1.5 months to wait

DomiKo: yes

DomiKo: that's so loooong

Astrobytes: man, that's ages

DomiKo: Is there any reason why now we have 4 contests per year?

eulerscheZahl: is that 5 upvotes for a single contribution or for all of them combined?

ToshiTuringMachine: dunno

eulerscheZahl: creating contests is some work to do

ToshiTuringMachine: i guess total

DomiKo: Back then there was a lot of it

eulerscheZahl: some background

ToshiTuringMachine: I think codingame expected the site to go viral while we are always no more than 1000 people on contest.

Astrobytes: was too much of a workload on the staff, they're not a particularly large company in terms of people

eulerscheZahl: so all we can do: wait for the next official contest or propose a completely finished and polished game for the possible chance of getting it as a contest

eulerscheZahl: creating such a game is a lot of effort for an unknown outcome

ToshiTuringMachine: but if you propose it you cannot compete :P

Astrobytes: will yours be an actual contest euler?

Default avatar.png shwerpy: hi

Schwase: yeah it sounds like theyre ok with that

Astrobytes: or just unofficial?

eulerscheZahl: i don't know

eulerscheZahl: if it will, then around January

Schwase: unofficial is a great suggestion

Astrobytes: We had an unofficial one with a brand new game Schwase, BitRunner 2048

Astrobytes: Was fun

Astrobytes: The unofficial ones with existing multis are kinda fun, but there's nothing like getting a new game

jacek: 2048 again eh

Astrobytes: lol

jacek: and now i have 2 tabs with world

eulerscheZahl: huh?

jacek: but nothing much on the other world

eulerscheZahl: we are the world


Uljahn: could be me trying to pm jacek from pidgin :/

jacek: huh

jacek: did you see that hmm?

Uljahn: i've closed pidgin already :(

490588: oh that was psi+ not pidgin

Uljahn: now i see world(2) too (after ctrl+f5)

jacek: but do you see what i write there

Uljahn: no


jacek: you broke the chat then

derjack: eeyup

DomiKo: CG chat go brrrrrr

jacek: 2 days till penguins approval or not

Astrobytes: I like that game, I've not had time to write a proper bot for it. Or do anything else for that matter

eulerscheZahl: jacek can you leave the new world channel? or even the real #world?

Default avatar.png JBM: or even just #fantasy?

Default avatar.png Bixmox: How did you guys do the BOOST on Coders Strike Back?

Default avatar.png Bixmox: I feel like my current solution is a bit bad

jacek: i closed the tab and refreshed and its gone

Default avatar.png omid_bushehr: hi

AntiSquid: hi omid_bushehr

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 say hello

Automaton2000: you are not using the same algorithm

scareware047: bad Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i mean in the ide

scareware047: ok fair enough Automaton2000

Automaton2000: invalid paste id, perhaps it expired?"

Default avatar.png X4: Hi

Zenoscave: hey all. pewpew

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Hey any mods here? Keep getting an error on Code Royale.

Default avatar.png Averroes: hello ?

Laminator: hello

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: Inputs.Delimiter := ' ';

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: writeln()