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Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: writeln

Laminator: I've seen some monsters at Bash. It is also crazy good for short. But extremely unreadable.

Schwase: howdy

Default avatar.png Mehrob: hello

Default avatar.png Mehrob: hello

Default avatar.png Mehrob: hi

Unkmar: Yo

Unkmar: The best part of the palindrome. I haven't solved it yet.

Unkmar: Literally, days later.

Default avatar.png Mehrob: yyeeee

_Nilu_: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

**_Nilu_ slaps around a bit with a large fishbot

_Nilu_: I am just trying to understand commands

Unkmar: what language?

_Nilu_: /me

_Nilu_: type /help

**Unkmar flops about like a large trout.

_Nilu_: anyone ready to play a private clash,reverse mode ?

Unkmar: I do okay at reverse mode but generally don't like it. Often takes to long to understand what is expected.

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: lol

jrke: MSmits still painting his house? i wanna see his D&B bot :nerd:

emh: hi I'm new to ruby. why does ruby -e 'p [-12, -5, -137].min{|x|x*x}' return the first number -12 and not -5?

jacek: his paiting his walls with boxes

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: I'm a pro at ghost iin the cell

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: *in

Unkmar: because -12 is smaller than -5.

Unkmar: but... -137 would be smaller than -5 so... I don't know.

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: but I got pure luck

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: for real

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: in ghost in the cell I have 2 outcomes: draw and win.

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: :sunglasses:

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: how to always win: writeln(move 1 3 3)

Default avatar.png PikaYuhno: bruh diga

Default avatar.png PikaYuhno: bruh diga

Default avatar.png PikaYuhno: buh diga

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: my 'glitching_code' make me win in ghost iin the cell

Default avatar.png Rodrigo_the_coder: *made

_Nilu_: /msg superinuit

Default avatar.png AlinHero: Hi Guys, in python how do I combine the current hour minutes and seconds into something like from 09:30:25 into string 093025 ?

Default avatar.png AlinHero: the current time I want

jacek: "09:30:25".replace(":","")

Default avatar.png AlinHero: easy stuff

Default avatar.png AlinHero: thanks

Default avatar.png AlinHero: now ="%H:%M:%S")


Default avatar.png erva: Hey

Default avatar.png elias121202: heil

Default avatar.png _Leo: Halli Hallo

Default avatar.png Remembered_Goodbye: hey

Default avatar.png Remembered_Goodbye: i have only been coding for a few months in either python or lua, and i find the challenges too hard. what should i start with

jacek: easy puzzles? clashes?

Default avatar.png Remembered_Goodbye: ok

Danotris: Hey peole, is there really no way to know why a validator is KO ? I have just one right now, and I can't figure out what is wrong

Uljahn: is it a community puzzle?

Danotris: It's Bender Part 1

Danotris: I wanted to check the forums but they are down right now

Danotris: Every validator is OK except Teleport

Danotris: But I really can't see why

tekki: AutomatonNN help Danotris please :)

AutomatonNN: what do you mean?

Danotris: AutomatonNN, i hate validators

AutomatonNN: what is the most problem with the same opponent and not playing with the cards and see what is a goo

Danotris: Yeah right

Default avatar.png BORN2CODE: hey

Default avatar.png BORN2CODE: sup

tekki: hi all

tekki: please tell me all is fine :) Automaton2000

Automaton2000: or i would have to read it

MadKnight: AutomatonNN isn't fine tekki

AutomatonNN: hey bot are u in the problem with the car change?

tekki: what's the problem MadKnight?

MadKnight: tell him AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: what is that?

MadKnight: exactly Automatonn

MadKnight: exactly AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: *space*

MadKnight: AutomatonNN makes no sense

AutomatonNN: why do you think i did with the code of the battle ?

tekki: what are you thinking about AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see a bot for that particular player

MadKnight: he really likes to ping euler

jacek: maybe AutomatonNN has him in the opening book

AutomatonNN: fix the problem

tekki: problem solved thanks AUtomatonNN

AutomatonNN: cyberpunk i didn't say anything

tekki: AutomatonNN can you kiss AUtomaton2000 for me?

AutomatonNN: gratz

Automaton2000: go to a private chat sir this is a small improvement

jacek: AutomatonNN who's the best waifu and why is this Princess Luna?

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see a pattern around in a house turn and so on

tekki: AutomatonNN be more explicit please

AutomatonNN: MadKnight is a bot in gold?

tekki: MadKnight is not a bot AutomatmonNN

tekki: MadKnight is not a bot AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the problem with the code and message that you are an attention

Astrobytes: wow, he's on a pinging spree

tekki: AutomatonNN are you sick?

AutomatonNN: What do you think about the contest or java or javascript?

tekki: welcome back AutomatonNN you are not pinging euler :)

AutomatonNN: what do you mean by the same as in a contest?

jacek: regina noctis pro nobis, AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to implement the game against when someone else has a problem

tekki: i don't think so AUtomatonNN that' would be unfaire

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to add some calculations to this puzzle in the last contest first

tekki: AUtomatonNN cheat is not allowed!!!

Astrobytes: OK, that's probably enough euler pinging for one day lol

AutomatonNN: why do you have it seriously?

tekki: AutomatonNN how is AUtomaton2000?

Automaton2000: i cant figure out how to build a sim

AutomatonNN: what is the most problem

Astrobytes: tekki: please give it a rest will you

tekki: AutomatonNN do you need to rest?

AutomatonNN: how do you know what the enemy can handle the same as a sample?

Astrobytes: tekki: stop it

tekki: ok astro sorry

tekki: can i say byebye to AUtomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: Water is wrong

Astrobytes: Next time is a kick. Don't push it

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: bruh

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: some of these explanations make like 0 sense

Astrobytes: How so?

jacek: just read the statement

Default avatar.png Philbot: are wee getting more profile updates this week ??

eulerscheZahl: CodinGame forum is down for a bit of maintenance right now because we are making little (or big) changes.

eulerscheZahl: :scream:

Marchete: do you hacked it too?

Marchete: did*

Marchete: :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: i'm completely innocent

Marchete: ok then yes

Default avatar.png midomawk: Hello

tekki: hi midomawk

tekki: what are you doing?

Default avatar.png midomawk: i prepare for a coding interview

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: theres like

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: 10000 foreign people on here

tekki: gl mido

Default avatar.png midomawk: merci :)

Default avatar.png macobo: Foreign is a state of mind

Default avatar.png macobo: everyone here is local in their country ;)

Hjax: calling people foreign on the internet is kind of a weird take

Hjax: of course theres people from all countries here

Hjax: this isnt even an american website, its french

starmaq: and forgein is relative to who's talking

Hjax: a lot of americans have an attitude where everything on the internet belongs to america i think

Hjax: people forget the whole world is on here

starmaq: true

starmaq: but to be fair most of the internet belongs to america

Hjax: i think thats becoming less true over time

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: everything on the internet should belong to america

Default avatar.png EdGHa: oof

Hjax: ? what

Hjax: no absolutely not, the internet is for everyone

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: no

uvBoss: oke weirdos

Default avatar.png TrietNham: yo wtf

AntiSquid: if you're a hillbilly even people from your own country are foreigners that need to get away from your property @Joseph_Mother

Default avatar.png TrietNham: did i miss something

jrke: Joseph_Mother everything does not belongs to just America.

uvBoss: that guy is just tryna piss everyone off

Schwase: ^fake news

AntiSquid: jrke it's a troll don't take it seriously

uvBoss: yea

Schwase: lol sorry tldr

AntiSquid: and stop being **anti-patriotic**

Schwase: wdym by that @AntiSquid ?

AntiSquid: i would like to reply to your question with another joke but might have to explain that too

Schwase: ironically patriotic?

Schwase: or just not patriotic?

AntiSquid: w/e The Boys season 2 episode 6 is out !

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: everything does belong to america

jrke: Joseph went mad :joy:

AntiSquid: ya it's repetitive, not funny, stop, do something or be more creative Joseph_Mother

icecream17: oh what's happening

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: i mean its true

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: we have like

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: a few thousand nukes

icecream17: that doesn't mean we control everything, many other coutnries have nukes too

icecream17: and we can't really use them

AntiSquid: 1000 nukes is enough to wipe all of humanity out of existence

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: Joseph_mother

AntiSquid: it's like "hey i am proud we have the perfect suicide method"

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: no

icecream17: i wonder what other countries think

AntiSquid: others have nukes too

AntiSquid: or are making nukes

AntiSquid: but afghanistan definitely never had any nukes :)

icecream17: huh? do i not know infomoration?


jrke: US stands 2nd if data if correct

Hjax: usa and russia slowly keep reducing their nuke counts

Hjax: which is good

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: aa

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: lol hes madddd

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: hes mad cause i insulted his weak military

Hjax: any mods feel like getting rid of this troll

Astrobytes: not technically done anything kickable yet Hjax

Astrobytes: Give him time

Uljahn: im too weak to kick him, need more nukes :(

eulerscheZahl: sqiddy kicked him already

eulerscheZahl: Joseph_Mother has been kicked by AntiSquid.

eulerscheZahl: he respawned

Astrobytes: Oh, I just joined a minute ago

Hjax: theres no rule against being toxic / distruptive?

eulerscheZahl: there is

Astrobytes: If he's been at it for a while sure

eulerscheZahl: and Joseph is asking for another kick if he continues

jrke: leave him he is mad

Astrobytes: all trolls are

Hjax: looks like he broke 3 of the terms in the code of conduct

Hjax: respect the diversity of the members of the site, be polite and considerate, and no abusive / harassing behavior

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: frog

eulerscheZahl: and he will stop doing so one way or another

eulerscheZahl: toad, not frog :rage:

Illedan: Angry toad :O

Illedan: What is the ? in your about me eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: ?

Hjax: i dont see a ?

Hjax: i see a hypnotoad gif


eulerscheZahl: i guess the broken marslander sound

eulerscheZahl: which me browser doesn't render at all

Illedan: xD

eulerscheZahl: removed it

AntiSquid: why call me an angry frog LOL

AntiSquid: that's what his pm says

Astrobytes: lol wtf

AntiSquid: sure whatever i am angry my military is too weak

Hjax: cant even tell the difference between squids and frogs

jacek: lick them

Astrobytes: :smirk:

jrke: watch CG general leaderboard 1st is man 2nd toad 3rd hand 4th racer and 5th keyboard ;)

Hjax: ah yes, an ally of the united states, that conquered much of the world, member of nato

Hjax: definitely weak :P

Hjax: fought way more of WWII than the USA did

Hjax: super weak

Astrobytes: Well, I suppose we did have recruitment issues in recent times... :thinking: :P

jrke: The entry of USA in WWII changed the result of WWII was quite good

Hjax: it did, but we entered late, after the poor UK had been fighting on their own for quite some time

Hjax: obviously we did a lot on the pacific front, but in europe a lot of credit goes to the british

Astrobytes: Helped us out with supply lines, even before joining

icecream17: oh uk was the first one to not lose against axis (except nuetral switzerland)

Hjax: being an island helped

Astrobytes: ^

Hjax: id love to go to europe some day, but international travel is shot for the foreseeable future

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: lua is the best programming language

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: you cant prove me wrong

icecream17: yes i can actually

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: you

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: cant

icecream17: oh yeah prove it

icecream17: jk

jrke: he came again

Hjax: *opinion* you cant prove me wrong

icecream17: please stop

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: what CANT you do with lua and luac

Hjax: get legend in UTTT, prove me wrong

icecream17: Prove that sqrt(2) isnt irrational?

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's a shame Hjax, so many people have lost the opportunity to experience travelling properly now

Hjax: ive traveled around north america a lot, but never outside of it

Astrobytes: Europe's great, so many countries with rich and interesting histories, landscapes, people. Very cool

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: lua can print the square rootof 2

Hjax: id be somewhat afraid to travel to countries where english isnt the native language lol

icecream17: lua can't do something that is impossible. therefore lua can't do everything

Astrobytes: Nah, it's fine. Just try to learn a few sentences and make the effort and you'll be fine

Hjax: although i dont think ive ever found a german person who doesnt speak english

Hjax: im sure they exist, but it seems like id do ok in germany

Hjax: even with no german knowledge

Astrobytes: Most Europeans speak some level of English (unless small towns/countryside) but they appreciate an effort to communicate in the native language

eulerscheZahl: i guess your would be better in the Netherlands but still be fine in Germany

Astrobytes: afk for a bit, back later

emh: I've been code golfing for a couple of days

emh: but now I am a bit stuck

emh: any good resources available?

emh: guess I found most of them by googling but if you know some secrets, please share

Hjax: if you find something let me know, my attempts to code golf on this site just made me depressed

Hjax: my best attempts are like 20 characters longer than the best for a given language

emh: that's not too bad. mine are multiples of the shortest

Hjax: and i think i know a good number of python golf tricks too

Hjax: which puzzle are you working on / what language?

emh: today was working on Temperatures

emh: in bash,ruby,python3

emh: and a bloated C one

Hjax: at least for python my gold solutions tend to make use of functions like reduce and map, with a lambda function

Hjax: golf*

Hjax: like, really lean on pythons functional programming features

emh: I used map and max in my py3 solution

emh: py3 76 chars, ruby 51 chars, bash 54 chars (invoking ruby)

emh: I tried a lot of things

emh: even touching files for each temperature hehe. using fs as dictionary.

emh: embedding temperatures in evaluated code

emh: haven't tried hard coding

emh: wonder how many people do that

emh: "fmt -1" is handy to break format into lines. tried "sort -Vd" but failed on validation

emh: wondering if there are some floating points tricks

emh: I'm in top 4% but need 2% in order to get Legend on Optimization

Default avatar.png DuBinKa: hello

Default avatar.png DuBinKa: how i advance to next league?

Uljahn: submit and get above the boss in ranking

Hjax: my best python3 on temperatures is 69 characters emh

Hjax: im just taking the minimum with key= a distance from 0 lambda function

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: bro

emh: Hjax ok

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: the best clash of code challenges are the ones where you have to make the smallest

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: some languages are better than others in that field

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: WAIT WAIT

Default avatar.png DuBinKa: how i submit my solution in order to advance ?

Default avatar.png DuBinKa: i did test in arena and play my code

Default avatar.png DuBinKa: i won and nothing happens

Default avatar.png DuBinKa: i feel stupid...

Hjax: test in arena is the correct button

Default avatar.png DuBinKa: it says i am first place

Hjax: above the boss?

Default avatar.png DuBinKa: yes

Hjax: just wait a few minutes then

Default avatar.png DuBinKa: but nothing happens

Default avatar.png DuBinKa: ohhhh ok lol

Hjax: you wont promote until you are done playing games

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: lol i found a way to compress code and execute it

Default avatar.png DuBinKa: compression in size challenge sounds cheesy :D

Hjax: usually you lose more than you gain

Hjax: at least in python, code compression involves like, two imports and some other stuff

Default avatar.png xtpgtpgx: can someone help?

Default avatar.png xtpgtpgx: i try to pass the third boss but i feel like the boss has some sort of breaks. and my pod is soo "slippery"

jacek: hm?

jacek: CSB?

Default avatar.png xtpgtpgx: sorry?

Default avatar.png xtpgtpgx: what

jacek: what game

Default avatar.png xtpgtpgx: coders strike back. checkpoint game

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: LOL

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: oml i can gain access to the systems that check my code

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: mfw

Hjax: have fun escaping the sandbox

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: oh trust me i will

Astrobytes: will you now :rolling_eyes:

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: hallo

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: are there bots in the chat?

Hjax: theres two, but they wont come unless you call them by name

Astrobytes: thankfully

jacek: AutomatonNN is that true?

AutomatonNN: both

jacek: hmm

Astrobytes: :fearful:

Hjax: how do i delete someone elses message?

Hjax: :P

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: hjax i dont think you can do that

Astrobytes: from where Hjax?

Hjax: thatsthejoke.jpg

Astrobytes: oh ffs, I really am slow this week

Hjax: lol

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: hey guys do you suggest beginners to do clash of code?

Astrobytes: there's a small part of me that was taken by that image that I fear will never return

Astrobytes: Sure you can try charlesCabage, depends on your current experience I suppose

jacek: i wonder how euler will like it

AntiSquid: i suggest life is too short to spend it on clash of code charlesCabage

jacek: some clashes are very easy, some clashes are very hard and wtf

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: i am a complete beginner to programming i know a bit of js

Astrobytes: easy puzzles will most likely be best then

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: like?


Default avatar.png charlesCabage: ok thx

Astrobytes: you're welcome

AntiSquid: what do you want to achieve is the question LOL

AntiSquid: for websites you don't really need to know much about algos / puzzle solving

AntiSquid: you can be first on CG, it won't make you a better web dev is all i am saying

Hjax: i would say its hard to get highly ranked on codingame without at least somewhat solid fundamentals

Hjax: and codingame can be good practice

Hjax: it wont force you to write good code, but it will help you learn how to think about code and problem solving

jacek: im not sure if i want to hire someone whos expert at codegolfing...

Astrobytes: :grin:

Westicles: Phew, 17 down 10 to go

eulerscheZahl: what are you playing?

Westicles: Just plowing through all the languages

eulerscheZahl: ah

eulerscheZahl: do you abuse the system and solve the no-brainer puzzles?

TBali: good it was not bottles af beer

Westicles: yep, you'd have to be crazy to do it for real

eulerscheZahl: that would be 99 in total, wouldn't it?

Astrobytes: well, those 33cl bottles are easy to get through TBali

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: heres a tutorial on how to win all the smallest code gamemodes

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: use lua

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: get a lua 5.3 environment (the one the game uses) and then

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: create your program

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: dump its bytecode in your own environment

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: load bytecode using load('bytecodehere')()

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: boom

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: done

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: you can also possibly escape the sandbox using this method as OP_LOADK doesnt actually have any boundary checks

eulerscheZahl: that doesn't qualify for a kick but i'll get you

Hjax: *euler angerly hangs his hammer back on the wall*

Westicles: the crazy guy seems to actually know some stuff

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: i only knowsome stuff about lua

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: i know everything about lua cause its my real love

jacek: aww why theres no Luna language

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: loadk doesnt check what you push onto the stack

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: if you look at a lbi made in lua you can see

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: [1] = function(instruction) -- LOADK stack[instruction.A] = constants[instruction.Bx].data; end,

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: no checks

Hjax: ok put your money where your mouth is, go get #1 on temperatures with lua :P

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: wym "temperatures"


eulerscheZahl: damn, you won that race

Hjax: :P

Astrobytes: wasn't even gonna try lol

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: yeah but

Hjax: i will accept #1 on the lua language leaderboard

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: if you wanted to win every small code game you can just dump bytecode and execute

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: and maybe

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: dont use tons of strings tho

Hjax: ok show me

eulerscheZahl: that bytecode also needs some bytes to be stored

Astrobytes: We're waiting

jacek: that 'bytecode' thing, could it store NN weights? :thinking:

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: i dont have a proper lua 5.3 environment on my school chromebook

eulerscheZahl: good times when the top solution was 9 chars

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother:

Hjax: dont link a github, go get #1 on the leaderboard

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: i have a lua c environement setup on repl but its 5.1 and theres bytecode changes between versions

Astrobytes: man, such a 1337 skiddie

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: i mean

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: im not a skiddie cause i didnt copy anyone

eulerscheZahl: you copy the compiler output

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: copy it from a file

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: cause you wont really be able to do much if you copy it from an output line

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: i tried earlier didnt work so

eulerscheZahl: you say potato i say potato

TBali: it would be nice if we could filter out from the golf leaderboard the system('code-in-perl') type of solutions and the hard coded ones.

Astrobytes: Hey euler, Joseph can be your teammate on the reply CTF...

TBali: I would be interested in the minimum length of the true, generic solutions in my language

Westicles: Seems simple enough to put in 100 validators to get around the hardcoding at least

eulerscheZahl: i'd rather ask TBali or Westicles

eulerscheZahl: 24h capture the flag contest on october 8th-9th, anyone interested?


eulerscheZahl: maximum team size: 4 for now it's me and illedan, maybe a colleague of him too

eulerscheZahl: clean coal

AntiSquid: would have liked to participate, but i am working that day

eulerscheZahl: on a saturday?

eulerscheZahl: starts friday evening

TBali: I am not good enough in this to help such team

jacek: Caturday*

AntiSquid: did i get the dates wrong?

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: yo

eulerscheZahl: maybe, i don't know your working schedule

Default avatar.png Drakkhonian: what does Community success rate means?

Westicles: Not me, I don't know much programming beyond the C++ STL

eulerscheZahl: not even a coding contest

eulerscheZahl: it's 5 categories: coding, crypto, binary, misc, security

eulerscheZahl: and 5 tasks per category

AntiSquid: ok got dates wrong

Westicles: get the Lua guy

eulerscheZahl: binary: you are given a binary and have to debug it. no bit masks

AntiSquid: ya lua guy jump in

Astrobytes: Already suggested that Westicles :P

eulerscheZahl: i'd rather not

Astrobytes: :D

AntiSquid: i am not sure about the rules but you can probably still get a random 4th on the website no?

eulerscheZahl: i can compete with a team of 2 as well

eulerscheZahl: but i have more spots to fill

eulerscheZahl: just don't expect us to code in PHP

AntiSquid: more? i thought it's just 1 empty spot? isn't it illedan + colleague + euler ?

eulerscheZahl: colleague with a ?

eulerscheZahl: so 1-2 spots

AntiSquid: "illedan, maybe a colleague of him too" i missed the maybe

eulerscheZahl: or i drop illedan and fight against him and his colleague :D

Illedan: -.-

Astrobytes: hehehe

eulerscheZahl: oh, there he is

eulerscheZahl: any news about your colleague?

AntiSquid: hey i jump in if you want, i am not working that weekend

Illedan: I'll ask him.

eulerscheZahl: ok, squid is in


AntiSquid: team name?

TBali: how will you split the gaming laptop?

TBali: by brute-force?

Illedan: CPU for euler, screen for me

AntiSquid: i dont care about the laptop

eulerscheZahl: i have a saw

Westicles: endless rancor over the laptop

Astrobytes: TBali :tomato:

Astrobytes: :P

AntiSquid: it's about 1500 £ laptop afaik

AntiSquid: so no deal breaker

TBali: miss! But now look at my wall, what you have done

Illedan: :not-for-the-money-with-wings:

eulerscheZahl: i had a look at last year, we won't get far

Illedan: ^

AntiSquid: and that's 1st place only i mean seriously the hardcore teams are more likely to get it

Westicles: You'll never beat the chinese. teams of 1000

TBali: I can contribute to your team my Caeser cipher decoder in PHP.

TBali: Use it responsibly

Astrobytes: jacek can bring the double rot13

TBali: :)

TBali: I had a rot13 in CoC. PHP has rot13()

AntiSquid: accept me and invite Automaton2000 eulerscheZahl

Automaton2000: i cant figure it out

Astrobytes: welp, there's your answer to that!

eulerscheZahl: automaton is useless

eulerscheZahl: and we still don't know if Automaton2020 is from dbdr

Astrobytes: where is dbdr anyway? Didn't see him recently

eulerscheZahl: not gone long enough to be worried

jacek: hes covered in rust

eulerscheZahl: saw him on fr 1 or 2 days ago

Astrobytes: no, not that long

eulerscheZahl: but where's zarthax?

Astrobytes: lol jacek

Astrobytes: Hm, he was quite busy last he was on, with teaching and stuff

eulerscheZahl: and why is that troll castle nonsense always pending?

jacek: that sokoban?

jacek: ban it

eulerscheZahl: sokoban is broken :(

Astrobytes: JBM's Infinity Troll

eulerscheZahl: sokobad

Astrobytes: what's up with it?

eulerscheZahl: won't load any testcases

jacek: it has bad author

Illedan: Create a lot of contributions as I did with SR :D

eulerscheZahl: i filed a bug report

Astrobytes: ah just looked

eulerscheZahl: you also had problems with testcase updates Illedan?

Astrobytes: he had a zillion testcases iirc

eulerscheZahl: i know

eulerscheZahl: but did the existing ones update when he changed the input format?

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: I had to create new contributions

eulerscheZahl: i replaced the testcases and it's still loading the one ones

eulerscheZahl: and that's a bug you'd usually report instead of creating new contributions and leaving the user behind you equally puzzled

Astrobytes: Didn't you mention it at the time on discord Illedan? To staff I mean

Westicles: the staff are all focused on the Logo language rollout

eulerscheZahl: you turn into a 2nd jacek :D

Astrobytes: logo, lol

Astrobytes: first used that on a BBC Micro in primary school

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: Ooh, what's the Logo language like?

Astrobytes: Old

eulerscheZahl: like SPS, isn't it?

TBali: :turtle:

Astrobytes: All I remember is PENUP and PENDOWN or something like that

TBali: fun method to teach recursion to 8 graders

TBali: not sure it is used byond that

Astrobytes: That's around the last time I saw it in the UK system yeah

eulerscheZahl: wait, didn't we make the same logo confusion before?

TBali: I found 7 logo sources in my repo


TBali: total 7k

Astrobytes: you did euler yes

Astrobytes: Siemens on the brain :P

eulerscheZahl: i learned SPS programming about 10 years ago...

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: I'm just sitting here, excited about const fn improvements in Rust :D

eulerscheZahl: never really enjoyed it

Astrobytes: Doesn't seem particularly fun to program for

TBali: Is it some rudimentary Raspbery PI?

TBali: What is it used for mainly?

Astrobytes: "Example applications are lighting control, roller shutter control or simple automatio"

Astrobytes: n

TBali: your German is good

Westicles: stuxnet

TBali: 'lighting control' as in 'torn on the light' seems a bit overkill for me, I use a flip

TBali: *turn

Astrobytes: ah yeah, stuxnet targets PLCs

Astrobytes: TBali: google translate is reasonable

TBali: Actually I speak German a little

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: Ich spreche auch ein bisschen Deutsch

Astrobytes: Most Hungarians I know speak a little or more German actually

jacek: Hande hoch

Astrobytes: *Hände hoch

TBali: yep, popular in school , 2nd after English

AntiSquid: schwaenzchen in die hoeh

TBali: Let's stop this or euler will logout

AntiSquid: mine was a joke . automaton2000 gets it

Automaton2000: there is a bit too


TBali: Coming back to the true and only logo, I found my 5-liner code (date of file 1992)

TBali: Try to figure out what it does!


Astrobytes: CG pastebin's been broken all week

TBali: TO FA :M :SZ

TBali: FD :M

TBali: IF :SZ > 0 THEN LT 60 FA :M / 2 :SZ - 1 RT 120 FA :M / 2 :SZ - 1 LT 60

TBali: BACK :M

TBali: END

TBali: Thats all

Westicles: it draws a flutterby

jacek: fluttershy?


jacek: :scream:

AntiSquid: starcraft 2 unit ?

AntiSquid: zerg unit i mean

TBali: I need to install a logo to try it out

TBali: Or wait for CG?

TBali: Or there must be online sandbox for this

TBali: andbox Logos Make a Sandbox logo online. Enter your business name and create a stunning Sandbox logo tailored just for you. Try it free!

TBali: google should learn a bit more NLP

Astrobytes: It draws, and turns in some way conditionally, repeatedly


TBali: But it won't run, different logo subversion

Astrobytes: wait, no repeat

TBali: recursive

TBali: it draws branches. 60 and 120 degrees are the turns

Astrobytes: Ah yeah FA

TBali: SZ is the depth

TBali: FA = tree in Hungarian

TBali: M is the height of first branch

AntiSquid: nem tudom

TBali: halves at each level

Astrobytes: yes, makes more sense now

TBali: LT left run RT right turn

Astrobytes: yeah I remember those

TBali: this code is 28y old

Astrobytes: FD is forward

AntiSquid: so where did those 28 years go ?

AntiSquid: i always ask myself similar questions

TBali: that's a dead end

TBali: I plan to call my life recursively

Astrobytes: :smirk:

AntiSquid: it's the start of being more analytical about the data you've gathered

TBali: but maybe with some branching at key IFs

Astrobytes: You're not in World chat often TBali

Astrobytes: Usually see you on discord and the forum

TBali: I still don't understand what is the difference in goal of this chat and discord?

TBali: I don't like this small size chatbox

TBali: or do you use some dedicated client?

Astrobytes: this is more immediate for some, discord is more permanent (though dbdr has a nice chatlog for here now)

Astrobytes: Yeah you can use an external client

Astrobytes: details at the bottom of the page:

TBali: I am not good at multitasking. If I code, I don't what a chatbox on the side. If I chat I cannot really code.

Astrobytes: ?disableChat

TBali: I push to right, that is by default closed for me

Astrobytes: at the end of your URL

TBali: or my first click

Astrobytes: yeah, ?disableChat removes it completely

Astrobytes: So you can have another window where it's open

Astrobytes: Well, it's what I do if I'm coding. Chat etc on one monitor, code on the other

TBali: ok, will look at it, Though too much chat is a time sinkhole. (No offence meant)

Astrobytes: No it's true. When I want to concentrate I disable, close the chat and crack on

Astrobytes: Since becoming mod though I try to keep it open in case I'm needed

TBali: have to take care for your ban quota...

Astrobytes: *disable/close

Astrobytes: I've only banned 1 user

TBali: :)

AntiSquid: you never know when Automaton2000 might spam the chat with one nasty message

Automaton2000: and there was no way to see a replay of my bot?

TBali: is it the same code as in one of the solo puzzle?

TBali: bringing up garbage from earlier lines?

Astrobytes: Isn't it NN that comes out with the offensive stuff sometimes? One of them said c*ckface or something once


Automaton2000: i have a bunch of bugs

AntiSquid: kinky chat bots

Astrobytes: TBali:

Automaton2000: too lazy to do that ?

Astrobytes: haha

TBali: Thanks I will read this (didn't notice earlier, although I did read some blog articles)

Astrobytes: There's links to the github repos too if you're interested

Astrobytes: (in the article)

Astrobytes: I'm out for tonight, goodnight all

TBali: wow, just read the article, very interesting

TBali: bye

AntiSquid: bye? where you going

AntiSquid: CG chat is hotel california

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: lol

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: i wonder if anyone has used my load() method

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: im at home now so i can do it on my own rq

AntiSquid: wow, fantastic baby

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: im not ur baby

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: im 15 you're going to jail

AntiSquid: don't flatter yourself, nobody was calling you baby, was quoting a song you uncultured swine

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: sorry im not some frog bro

Default avatar.png Joseph_Mother: lol i think the ide they use preformats text or something so you cant just paste bytecode

TBali: just trying to set up pidging client

TBali: is this the #general room?

TBali: or World?

emh: World

Default avatar.png JBM: Astrobytes: I'm innocent until proven otherwise

TBali: getting roomlist takes several minutes. Lots of coc room...

TBali: I thought it hang

TBali: I tried to use JBM's pdging guide from 2016 I found in forum... :-)

TBali: *pidgin

TBali: /me

Default avatar.png JBM: accept no imitation

Default avatar.png 2ndwolf: ASCII ART: Why are the tests expecting my code to comply to specifications that were not described

Default avatar.png 2ndwolf: AKA: How am I supposed to get 100% without the proper instructions

LastRick: Yep, sounds like an ASCII art problem.

TBali: @JBM by the way just recently found your blog/webpage - I liked the usergraph analysis article a lot

Default avatar.png 2ndwolf: I'm not alone then?

Default avatar.png JBM: great!

LastRick: Heavens no. Those puzzles are maddening. And I say that as a huge fan.

Default avatar.png JBM: what specific instructions would be missing?

emh: if all else fails you can ask a cart to lobe them. those ASCII art problem

emh: *emh is trying to be an automaton

Default avatar.png JBM: AutomatonNN: tell him about it

AutomatonNN: already had the problem

emh: hehe

LastRick: hahah

TBali: hm, something is not right. I seem to joined to #world with pidgin but I am alone there

TBali: same for #general

Default avatar.png 2ndwolf: not sure what output the Lorem ipsum input should give.... the description clearly says that everything that isn't [a-zA-Z] should be replaced with a ? but I have a feeling it's expecting me to allow spaces

TBali: Pdgin: tried also general channel. 4 people there. but not this.

TBali: Hello from Pidgin. So this is it world and not #world. Sorry for the noise I caused

Default avatar.png JBM: tell us about it

AntiSquid: ##world ?

Hjax: ###world!

Default avatar.png 2ndwolf: ok I figured it out, range problem X_X

Default avatar.png JBM: not enough meta

Default avatar.png JosephAouad: I need help wiith a code

Default avatar.png JBM: who doesn't

Default avatar.png aaravm4: ^

AntiSquid: i need a dollar

Default avatar.png JBM: (23:13:02) JBM: who doesn't

LastRick: ^

Default avatar.png 2ndwolf: I'll give you one if you give me 2

Default avatar.png 2ndwolf: it's my get rich quick scheme

Default avatar.png JBM: *I* need more beer

Default avatar.png JBM: yes i'm begging for it

Schwase: if a contribution is rejected does it get reverted to WIP? or Private?

Schwase: is the point of it that there were 3 people who rejected the puzzle before there were 3 were accepted it and thats how it can control the contributions potential to be approved?

Default avatar.png JBM: it's reverted to draft AFAIUI

Schwase: makes sense

Schwase: you really think that "muddle" is ok?

Default avatar.png JBM: i do

Default avatar.png JBM: but cue the latest 45' of heated debating on #fr

Schwase: i think that separating the strings with spaces as well as the length end x's might be kind of complicated

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't think it's perfect

Default avatar.png JBM: but i think it's do-able in a 15' clash

Default avatar.png JBM: i usually wouldn't approve just because of that

Schwase: i feel bad about the fact that people would actually vote to rejected twice before even a single vote to approve happened

Schwase: id rather give feedback than rejected

Default avatar.png JBM: but the two refusers are well-known for "refusing as a rescindable warning that this won't go as is"

Default avatar.png JBM: so a counter-approve is par for the course

Default avatar.png JBM: yup, so would i

Schwase: the testcases could definitely be improved

Schwase: all of them have spaces

Schwase: which is tough

Default avatar.png JBM: yup, that's not helping

Default avatar.png JBM: neither is the binary encoding

Schwase: especially when so many string manipulation puzzles require you to maintain spaces rather than modifying with some ascii adjustment

Default avatar.png JBM: the mild #fr consensus is 1) decimal 2) all lowercase 3) make x #

Schwase: also the +"x" isnt intuitive to me

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah what can i say

Schwase: ohhh

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm just off hamming codes, i didn't even notice the binary

Schwase: i didnt realize theres other channels

Schwase: binary is unecessary for sure though

Default avatar.png JBM: as i said there, i went (1) WTF (2) WTF (3) WTF (4) oooooh, what if... (1 again) ok I got it

Schwase: yeah that is the fun of CoC after all

Schwase: reverse at least

Default avatar.png JBM: but understood in <5, solved in <10

Schwase: yeah its just that the code is easier than comprehension

Default avatar.png JBM: so even if not perfect, refusals not in order

Schwase: one sec im going to run the translate extension and read the french channel

Default avatar.png JBM: good luck

Default avatar.png JBM: ^^'

Schwase: a lot of english for fr haha

Schwase: i thought that the extension was just doing a really good job

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah that much english used to be a problem with one of our beloved MKderators

Default avatar.png JBM: now it seems he's still enabled, just not there

Default avatar.png JBM: which ought to relieve most tensions

Schwase: yeah thatd be a shame, taking exception to people speaking a language

Schwase: unless no one is responding and they keep messaging out of the native channel language i see no reason why itd be much of an issue

Default avatar.png JBM: he's rather loquatious

Default avatar.png JBM: how's that even spelled

Schwase: loquacious

Schwase: with a c

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah, so says wiktionary

Default avatar.png JBM: even got a page for me:

Schwase: ha

Schwase: ha

Default avatar.png JBM: couldn't invent it

Schwase: have you seen

Default avatar.png JBM: at first (title-) glance, this looks like an optimal urinal

Default avatar.png JBM: (furtest-typo)

Schwase: ah yes, missed that one

Schwase: many missing articles/prepositions, i dont mind helping edit those kinds of things out of a contribution

Schwase: it was hard not to recommend that he looks at the optimal urinal problem to see how they describe the rules since it is as succinct as possible in the statement

Default avatar.png JBM: "men relieve themselves in exactly 8 seconds"

Schwase: i personally loved the optimal urinal problem, a pure classic

Default avatar.png JBM: woman spotted

Schwase: HA

Default avatar.png JBM: eww

Default avatar.png JBM: time to pee, time to move

Default avatar.png JBM: this needs an actual example

Schwase: im creeped out by the word "splashes"

Default avatar.png JBM: lol

Schwase: A group of physicists from Georgia Tech went to Zoo Atlanta to watch animals urinating. To their surprise, they discovered that regardless of size, most mammals urinate for about the same amount of time (21 seconds), despite large differences in bladder volume, a phenomenon they term the “Law of Urination”.

Schwase: your puzzle is unrealistic

Schwase: also his original puzzle was "men take 9 seconds to pee" , men "TELEPORT" to empty urinals in 0 seconds one after the other

Schwase: he cut corners to fix the problem and its not a complete way

Schwase: he probably did 9 seconds because its the largest single digit number

Schwase: yeah that makes sense

Schwase: oh man look at his solution though :(

Default avatar.png JBM: the current pending one?

Schwase: yeah earlier today

Schwase: same test cases

Schwase: he didnt even fix the stub generator, he just changed the input description to match the test cases

Schwase: i still cant get over the fact that he put this up as a CoC puzzle

Default avatar.png JBM: seems a bit much

Default avatar.png JBM: but i'm a bit too drunk to honestly give it a try

Schwase: its not hard

Default avatar.png JBM: what's too much for me right now is:

Schwase: just take your code from and plug it in with numbers until the queue is empty

Schwase: and add 8 seconds

Default avatar.png JBM: people queue, and take 1s to move to a urinal

Schwase: 1 being every turn

Schwase: simple

Schwase: if they can go

Schwase: its the same as a teleport in 0 seconds and pee in 9 seconds

Default avatar.png JBM: without a word on whether all "available" go at once, or one at a time

Schwase: it does though

Schwase: it says "one after another"

Default avatar.png JBM: where?

Default avatar.png JBM: that's not saying much

Schwase: i agree

Default avatar.png JBM: two people in line walking towards two available same-oriented urinals are "one after the other"

Default avatar.png JBM: with 0s delay

Schwase: yes

Default avatar.png JBM: so...

Default avatar.png JBM: "wouldn't approve unless it got abusive refusals"

Schwase: it should be that the man at the front of the queue takes 1 second to move to a urinal and the rest move up in queue

Schwase: not even

Schwase: i wouldnt touch this as a CoC

Default avatar.png JBM: "and the rest of the chckboxes", obviously

Schwase: cough cough solvable in under 5 minutes cough

Default avatar.png KrishnanShankar: What are you talking about?

Default avatar.png JBM: "got own working solution" and the invisible "it's reasonably derived from the statement" one

Default avatar.png JBM: the sorry state of the clash/puzzle contributions KrishnanShankar

Default avatar.png KrishnanShankar: What???

Default avatar.png JBM: tell us about it

Schwase: krishnan, the way puzzles are created for this site is by a user approval/rejection system

Schwase: where a user can submitted a "contribution" to be added to the different modes on CG

Schwase: with the exception of a handful of professionally developed and sponsored puzzles of course

Default avatar.png JBM: "professionally developed" LOL

Default avatar.png JBM: like that makes them any better

Schwase: ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Schwase: to be fair, paid content and software usually is better than free

Schwase: because someone cared enough to pay someone to make it

Default avatar.png JBM: "2% of these puzzles happen to have been paid for --- would you guess which ones?"

Schwase: and that person cared about getting paid

Default avatar.png JBM: (spoiler: no)

Default avatar.png JBM: you can only tell them apart because

Default avatar.png JBM: well this is actually funny

Default avatar.png JBM: they're worse because, as cg-official, they can't be edited by the community moderators

Default avatar.png JBM: so they remain with their flaws forever

Schwase: i was able to get reasonably close on a first attempt. Just would need to work out for a few edge cases and extraneous considerations but the general process is simple

Schwase: not at all doable even in 15 minutes as far as i would care

Schwase: i would just leave the clash

Default avatar.png JBM: close to what?

Schwase: close to 100%

Schwase: for the urinal contribution

Schwase: to be fair, it did take like 10 minutes but i didnt 100% it and i have prior experience with that exact problem which isnt a reasonable advantage to allow in a clash IMO

Default avatar.png JBM: moderation's eternal problem

Schwase: actually not true

Default avatar.png JBM: pray tell

Schwase: Everyone is a winner, even if 0% of the tests work :D

Schwase: cant argue with that

Schwase: "You can look up stuff. You can take your time. You shall have fun. Everyone is a winner, even if 0% of the tests work :D — SaintPlaysThings

Default avatar.png JBM: oh i read that recently

Default avatar.png JBM: that's part of the CoC description

Schwase: the description is just really inaccurate

Schwase: Clash of Code is a game to improve your coding efficiency by solving short programming problems with other people, at the same time. Players share their solution at the end of a game to help other players improve their coding skills.

Schwase: "with other people"

Schwase: well "at the same time"

Default avatar.png JBM: players share?

Schwase: also a big *SOME* players

Schwase: would be an improvement

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah, my clashzero bot begs to differ

Schwase: :O

Schwase: i once had someone complain

Schwase: because one of the CG Lvl 7 bots

Schwase: was "always finishing first"

Schwase: and never sharing their code

Default avatar.png JBM: oh that sucks

Schwase: yeah i am curious to see actually what types of code they write

Schwase: especially their ruby would be interesting to me

Default avatar.png JBM: afair they only ever submit code that was published before

Schwase: ohhh

Schwase: that makes sense

Default avatar.png JBM: so they really don't "write" anything

Schwase: yeah

Schwase: shouldve seen that one

Default avatar.png JBM: but it *is* a bit contrived they wouldn't re-publish

Schwase: so theyre just pace cars

Schwase: err

Schwase: variable pace cars

Schwase: hooray RNG

Schwase: default 0,0 is top left, what would 0,0,0 be? upper-most top left? im just thinking coordinates of a cube. Probably top left back corner ye?

MadKnight: Schwase could be both

MadKnight: could be even bottom-left-something

Default avatar.png JBM: a wild mk appears

Schwase: i mean 0,0 COULD be whatever you wanted it to be

Default avatar.png JBM: how is ur csb mk

Default avatar.png JBM: we missed u

MadKnight: Automaton2000 ban jbm

Automaton2000: now i need to implement it

Default avatar.png JBM: how rude

MadKnight: true, what a rude low trolling jbm

Default avatar.png JBM: what have u been up to

Default avatar.png JBM: long time no c++

MadKnight: Schwase in games they usually use bottom-left

MadKnight: and sometimes they swap Y with Z

Default avatar.png JBM: as long as they don't go POV-like left-handed

Schwase: in math and physics XYZ is Z up/down Y left/right X in/out

MadKnight: use any that u like Schwase

MadKnight: most of them are the same just from different field of view

Schwase: 0 -> 8 = 8-8 -> 8-0

Schwase: easy adjustemnt

Schwase: just pick one and stick with it

Schwase: got it

MadKnight: pick the one from UE4

Schwase: thats what i was describing earlier

Schwase: z up

Schwase: x towards you

Schwase: y to the right

Schwase: "left-handed" isnt really accurate

Schwase: because it satisfies the right hand rule

MadKnight: oh, have u tried UE4 ?

Schwase: no i just looked it up

Schwase: theres pictures

Schwase: and it says "z-up left handed coordinate system"

MadKnight: and why did u suddenly want to learn 3d ?

Schwase: i think that unity is the same way though

Schwase: making a 3D chess pathfinding classic puzzle :ok_hand:

Schwase: err refining and reuploading one

Schwase: it took making a simple puzzle before i understood that less is really more

MadKnight: oh and how are u gonna render stuff ?

Schwase: its just a puzzle not a game

Schwase: you brought up engines not me

MadKnight: no i'm talking about drawing stuff in a puzzle

MadKnight: or are u not gonna ?

MadKnight: just a single input -> straight up answer ?

MadKnight: is it not like a game-type puzzle?

Schwase: correct, just a pathfinding puzzle


Schwase: this is the previous version

Schwase: i dont plan on altering the original version

Schwase: i am just making a new contribution from scratch

Default avatar.png WorksOnMyMachineKEKW: is there a way to add a timeout for the validator in a clash of code contribution?

Default avatar.png WorksOnMyMachineKEKW: for code that takes too long to run

jrke: its automatically done by CG

jrke: it times out if it takes too long to response

Default avatar.png qstommyshu: wow

Default avatar.png WorksOnMyMachineKEKW: @jrke how long does it take for a test to timeout?

jrke: never checked that,no idea for that