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MadKnight: too many clash links in chat Automaton2000, we gotta do something about it

Automaton2000: i'm in the middle of the night


Default avatar.png yt2951: Hi :wave:

Default avatar.png Tanvirt073: hello

jacek: good morning

MadKnight: how did your kutulu go, guys ?

jacek: i let them win

codeing: guy what's up ?

codeing: some person can tell what 3d programing platform exist online ?

jacek: well there was 3d teapot contribution on CG :v

codeing: can i have a link ?

codeing: @jacek ?

jacek: hmm its not there anymore

uvBoss: was it not euler's?

jacek: eeyup

Lafihalas: Coders strike back: how long does the shield last ?

VuHoangHiep: @portpass please teach me python

Default avatar.png Pussy_destroyer: +

Uljahn: Lafihalas: 1 turn, but you can reactivate it

RobkePila: px

Default avatar.png Zenkov: Valfi

PositiveQuark: Hey, how can I open a new room without posting the hashtagged name in the chat?

PositiveQuark: Nevermind, guess who found the help button :)

Danotris: You ?

PositiveQuark: Is that a trick question?

jacek: no

Lafihalas: Uljahn: Thanks !

KAIn: hey, I approved a contribution that is accessible by now, and my quest map didn't update. Did anyone experience something similar?

KAIn: or, maybe I am missing something hmm

SeebOmega: i got this some time ago but in fact it was removed and not fully accepted

SeebOmega: after that i accepted another contrib that was accepted and my quest map did update

jacek: huh there is a quest for accepting contributions? :f

Uljahn: and then for making one, so 3D teapot was a quest accomplishing contribution

jacek: but that encourages crappy contributions to be accepted :s

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's nice to see so many new contribs but I fear quality may suffer

darkhorse64: One fibonacci puzzle a day

Astrobytes: I suppose they can get away with that if they're clashes (according to the guidelines) but puzzles...

Default avatar.png Dhamer: guys is there any low lvl puzzle all i can see are high lvl puzzel like 5 stars

jrke: stars is not level its the score that how much people liked it

Default avatar.png Dhamer: ah thx i thought it indicate the difficulity lvl

Default avatar.png Dhamer: thanks

Astrobytes: hey jrke

jrke: hello astrobytes

Default avatar.png NuclearMutant_e944: yoyoyoyoyoyo

RollingEyebrow: no

Default avatar.png NuclearMutant_e944: yes

Default avatar.png NuclearMutant_e944: wats up

Default avatar.png NuclearMutant_e944: twisted

Default avatar.png NuclearMutant_e944: ?

Default avatar.png NuclearMutant_e944: astro bite

Default avatar.png KishanGhising: helloo

Default avatar.png NIgga: allo

Default avatar.png NIgga: i dont understand shit man

Default avatar.png NIgga: i literally do not understnad naything

Default avatar.png KishanGhising: :joy:

Default avatar.png NIgga: i literalyl need mentan help

Default avatar.png NIgga: i tried to learn coding today but

Default avatar.png NIgga: i just been doing nothing

Default avatar.png NIgga: like how do u fucking code it makes no fucking sense

Default avatar.png NIgga: i fucking swear master bating is a better

Default avatar.png NIgga: thing to do then this shit rn

Astrobytes: Do you understand that you'll get kicked for talking like that?

Default avatar.png bich: nope

Danotris: Smell that ? I think a ban is coming our way

Default avatar.png Adbal99: That's n word D:

Default avatar.png bich: what n word?

Default avatar.png bich: my frustation to this shit is insane

Default avatar.png bich: i fucking hell i fucking trying and shit aint working

Q12: so ask someone for help

Default avatar.png bich: can u help me ;[

Q12: What do you need?

Default avatar.png bich: i literally

Default avatar.png bich: have no idea wtf iam doing

Default avatar.png bich: literally

Q12: What lang do you want to learn?

Q12: And stop cursing

Default avatar.png bich: i heard java script is good

Default avatar.png bich: aight G

Q12: ok

Q12: so I can help you with that

Default avatar.png bich: aight so where the fuck do i start

Default avatar.png bich: cause my down ass is sitting in shit right now

Default avatar.png bich: i am at the quest map and all i am and i have no idea wtf i am doing

Q12: I wont to help you if you keep cursing

Default avatar.png bich: easy as pie more

Default avatar.png bich: aight og oh k k k k H

Default avatar.png bich: bruh but what i do now

Q12: I recommend to start with practice

Q12: go to Practice

Default avatar.png bich: yup oh k

Q12: choose Easy lvls

Default avatar.png bich: aight

Q12: and start solving one

Default avatar.png bich: just clicking

Default avatar.png bich: yup there a promblem

Default avatar.png bich: i dont understand how to slove one

Default avatar.png bich: i am dead ASSS dumb

Q12: tell me the name of the puzzle you have chosen, and try to realx

Default avatar.png bich: Ghost legs

Default avatar.png bich: bruh i am trying too man

Default avatar.png bich: i dont understanDDDD

Default avatar.png bich: i dk where to start

Q12: Private

Default avatar.png bich: what ?

Q12: chat

Default avatar.png bich: howww

Default avatar.png SPARROT: why private

Q12: You also want help?

Q12: I don't want to interrupt everyone

Default avatar.png Tanvirt073: hey guys who is using python?

SeebOmega: Is there a problem here or you found a solution ?

jacek: python? that esoteric language?

Q12: :laughing:

Q12: I am Tanvirt073 , but started just few weeks ago

Uljahn: Automaton2000: stop collecting my personal info

Automaton2000: i have the same issues

sparky: automaton2000: how do you BOOST in haskell?

Automaton2000: but it never reaches it

Default avatar.png widemouthfrog1: I'm having trouble with Code vs Zombies. I keep getting the warning about desynchronized outputs randomly. Sometimes a test will get the warning and fail. I've checked the inputs and outputs with print statements and they're fine. It happens more frequently with more zombies

sparky: I haven't done that much, but you are probably missing some input data. Make sure you read the correct number of humans and zombies - it changes each turn

Default avatar.png widemouthfrog1: Every turn It reads the same number of humans and zombies as the number given, I counted them. It also doesn't happen often for few zombies and sometimes doesn't happen for many zombies

eulerscheZahl: i'm with sparky, you probably miss some input reading paste your code to the chat if you want help

Default avatar.png widemouthfrog1: The whole thing? It's 200 lines

eulerscheZahl: do it or find the issue on your own

Default avatar.png widemouthfrog1:

eulerscheZahl: oh, pastebins are broken again :/

eulerscheZahl: then

Default avatar.png widemouthfrog1:

eulerscheZahl: i ran it a few time, didn't get a warning so far

eulerscheZahl: looking at your code i don't see an issue either

Default avatar.png widemouthfrog1: I can send an image of the console on discord, I tried reloading the page but it's still happening

eulerscheZahl: ok

jacek: have you tried internet explorer

Default avatar.png mj61: hiii]

Default avatar.png widemouthfrog1: Thank you for your help. My problem has been solved. My algorithm was just timing out with large numbers of zombies and can be fixed by making the time I allow for each turn based on the number of zombies

SeebOmega: widemouthfrog1 also you can just break whatever you are doing ehen you run out of time

Default avatar.png widemouthfrog1: How do you know when you've run out of time without checking constantly?

eulerscheZahl: he already does that SeebOmega

SeebOmega: i check it after each simulations 1 simulations shouldn t be more tahn a ms

SeebOmega: ok my bad

eulerscheZahl: i added a simulation counter. it's not that high but high enough to be fine when checking after each iteration

eulerscheZahl: but in some cases it's much higher:

SeebOmega: also i see he breaks at 90ms which should leave at least 10 ms to finish maybe a edge case with no output

eulerscheZahl: lightshot is slow at uploading :/


eulerscheZahl: I added some logging: console.error( - myTime);

eulerscheZahl: maybe random garbage collection causing a massive slowdown, don't know

eulerscheZahl: you have 150ms per turn. but even that 60ms safety margin isn't enough

eulerscheZahl: i know it says 100ms in the statement. but that's a lie

Default avatar.png widemouthfrog1: It could be the copying of zombies on line 172

Default avatar.png widemouthfrog1: And all other copies like it

Q12: I have a question what is better: making a two dimensional array or making a one dimension array when both have the same number of cells in total. Tell me from the run time point of view and the space. (Maybe they are same?)

Q12: Thank you

Noisestorm: Hey all,

Noisestorm: Do you guys know how to share your profile and at the same time be able to show every doce you wrote/submitted?

Noisestorm: *code

Noisestorm: Obviously for CV purposes

eulerscheZahl: your profile:

eulerscheZahl: you can't share your code, it's private.

Q12: I have a question what is better: making a two dimensional array or making a one dimension array when both have the same number of cells in total. Can you me from the run time point of view and the space. (Maybe they are same?) Thank you :slight_smile:

Noisestorm: So recruiters can only see my achievements and not the code I write?

eulerscheZahl: correct

Noisestorm: I understand the concern about people copying code, but if the effort I put into coding here on CodinGame could be recognized by companies, then I would definitely spend more time on the site

Astrobytes: Keep it in a private github repo for that purpose only

Noisestorm: Yeah I thought about that, will probably do so, thanks anyways

eulerscheZahl: rank high in the next contest and only share that one code

Noisestorm: Also true, thanks for the tip

jrke: euler always do half part of what he wrote "rank high in contest" :grimacing:

Astrobytes: because he is the Almighty Toad

eulerscheZahl: so if I say that a high ranking is top50 then half of it is top25?

Metanoob: :D

Astrobytes: Think he meant half of the sentence ;)

jrke: euler in that way i wanted to be 2nd in any contest

Q12: I have a question what is better: making a two dimensional array or making a one dimension array when both have the same number of cells in total. Can you me from the run time point of view and the space. (Maybe they are same?) Thank you :slight_smile:

eulerscheZahl: i still have that dream too

eulerscheZahl: which language Q12?

eulerscheZahl: memory management is highly different depending on your answer

Q12: js

eulerscheZahl: and i'm out

Q12: :laughing: sorry

eulerscheZahl: asking a performance question for JS sounds odd anyways :P

Astrobytes: lol

Q12: I want to make hash table but don't know which one to choose

Astrobytes: maybe check SO?

Q12: How?

Metanoob: hashtable will be faster, I assume you mean {} vs []? Am I wrong?

eulerscheZahl: with your favorite search engine

Astrobytes: Look for the question on stackoverflow / google it

Q12: Metanoob I meant to 2D or 1D

Metanoob: ye that's what I thought at first, I got distracted by the last message I guess

Q12: Astrobytes I tried but didn't found anything

Q12: *something to help me

Metanoob: for allocation, a VERY LARGE 1D array, for which all indices are used (not a sparse array, look it up if you wanna know more about those)

Metanoob: if you know in advance the final size of your array

Metanoob: new Array(<size>)

eulerscheZahl: does JS even have a 2D array? or is it an array of arrays?

Metanoob: it's an array of arrays

eulerscheZahl: then you add an extra level of indirection

eulerscheZahl: so i suppose a large 1D array would perform better (untested)

Metanoob: yeah and it also depends on the js engine behind :/

Q12: How can I test it? with

Astrobytes: You can always try to benchmark the two

Metanoob: yess benchmark is usually helpful

Q12: Ok. Thanks :slight_smile:

Metanoob: js is great for prototyping algorithms, not so good for testing high performance at memory level

Metanoob: I think it's the first time I chat with any programming community online (SO doesn't count alright :p)

eulerscheZahl: come back in 1.5 months during the contest. then this community will be a lot more active

Astrobytes: ^ oh yeah

Metanoob: yeah? Are you participating?

eulerscheZahl: sure

Metanoob: both of you actually?

Astrobytes: Yes, most likely

Metanoob: nice

eulerscheZahl: the last contest, to give you an idea of what to expect

Metanoob: I participated in challenges on codingame a few years ago

Metanoob: it seems similar

Astrobytes: Yeah, try a few multiplayers to get in shape for it

Metanoob: I mean the way it is organized

Astrobytes: Yes, not too much has changed in that regard

Metanoob: nice codingame is one of the platforms I always come back to at some point

Metanoob: along with hackerrank

Q12: I am tring to get to the gold league in this contest right now :grinning:

eulerscheZahl: i lost interest in hackerrank when they stopped hosting contests :(

Metanoob: nice good luck!

Metanoob: oh they stopped?

Metanoob: I didn't even pay atttention

Q12: Thanks

eulerscheZahl: at some point it was contests with limited participants like women only or India only

eulerscheZahl: then it stopped entirely

Astrobytes: CG has a better feel to it anyway

Metanoob: uf

Metanoob: yeah here

eulerscheZahl: it's just different. hackerrank is more like codeforces: shorter rounds with a clearly correct answer

Metanoob: the visual debugging and the animations are pretty good

eulerscheZahl: CG is more fuzzy

Astrobytes: Yeah, that's true

Metanoob: right well put

Metanoob: have you guys tried the nintendo puzzle on CG?

eulerscheZahl: tried and cried

Metanoob: yuuuup

Astrobytes: Oh that, hehehe

eulerscheZahl: the only official puzzle remaining unsolved for me

Metanoob: really? damn man got some serious skills

Astrobytes: Something about field theory wrt that Nintendo thing right? Beyond me anyway

eulerscheZahl: marchete mentioned galois fields

eulerscheZahl: inoryy said that's only a minor part of it

Astrobytes: that's the one yeah

eulerscheZahl: no idea what to search for

Astrobytes: "nintendo puzzle solution" ? :P

eulerscheZahl: :P

Metanoob: haha good one

Metanoob: I didn't actually research, I was just trying to solve it... which is probably why I didn't :D

Astrobytes: Believe me, there's a certain demographic who solve puzzles just like that

eulerscheZahl: you'll definitely need some maths background

Metanoob: yeah I believe you

eulerscheZahl: or github background...

Astrobytes: lol

Metanoob: :D

Metanoob: I mean I don't have a solid background in math... but I read about crypto and some algorithms - but this is rly tough

Metanoob: galois fields you said I should have a look at?

eulerscheZahl: yes. but i did too, didn't help me

Astrobytes: It's outside my skillset, I pick my battles wisely :D

Metanoob: maybe I should try to solve all the other ones before trying this one

Metanoob: haha :p

jacek: try double rot13

jacek: Astrobytes isnt mod?

eulerscheZahl: what did jacek just write? i can't read this encrypted message

eulerscheZahl: he still is - but offline it seems

eulerscheZahl: only those users currently online when you login are shown as mods

Westicles: This guy goes over the math

eulerscheZahl: hm, that seems to be too specific about the challenge. would feel like cheating :(

Westicles: Well, the whole thing is just math majors trying to feel special. Not really a fair problem for anyone else

Astrobytes: sorry, had to go and make food


Metanoob: woops, I was just trying to tell euler that jacek said the following: try double rot13 Astrobytes isnt mod?

Astrobytes: yeah I got it Metanoob, thanks, not too much chat so still visible :)

Metanoob: oh alright sorry :p

Astrobytes: oh, wait. I think he was joking regarding the encryption thing

Astrobytes: I'm slow off t he mark this week

Metanoob: ah okay, I would have been surprised too - would be too nice if it were caesar

Astrobytes: that would be very far from a Very Hard puzzle :P

Metanoob: haha ye

Metanoob: yeah I'm always slow off the mark that's why I don't usually chat so much

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Stuck on C# Temperatures, how to check what value in an array that is closest to 0? x)

Astrobytes: Don't worry, everyone is welcome Metanoob

Metanoob: woop woop glad to be here

Metanoob: VictorSmith, I don't recall that challenge I probably didn't see it yet, would sorting the array help?

Astrobytes: VictorSmith: that's a search engine question, not puzzle-specific

Astrobytes: Look up C# documentation or stackoverflow

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Tried a few searches but couldn't find a proper solution :/ Will check into sorting though!

Astrobytes: Cool, good luck :)


Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Thanks!

Metanoob: good luck!!

Metanoob: thanks jacek I will check it out

jacek: its encrypted with double rot13 though

Astrobytes: lol

Metanoob: alright jacek, that was just perfect haha

CopperFr: arrête de tronquer AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: that's why i am a noob

jacek: oh my

Uljahn: stop being a noob AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: hey guys i have a question about the problem with the output of the game info the more complex code

Default avatar.png YusufEmad04: hey

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Question: If I have a multiple testcase task, and task 1 wants me to print a positive number, and case 2 only negative numbers, am I supposed to complete task 1, change the code, and then complete task 2? In other words, am I supposed to not complete all the cases in the same code and then run all testcases?

Uljahn: you need to create universal code which passes all the testcases

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: But they're mutually exclusive in

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: I can't paste the answer for question 1 (Answer is 1) and question 2, which are only negative numbers.

Uljahn: that's called hardcode when you output predefined number

Uljahn: your code should work for any inputs in given ranges

LastRick: The puzzle isn't asking you to print a positive or a negative number; it wants you to print the CORRECT number, regardless of its sign. So maybe you could store the numbers in a way so that -- once you decide which input is correct -- you come back and print it.

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: I just realised I could probably just store the answers in an array and loop through it.. >.<

jacek: :O

Uljahn: have you solved The Descent puzzle? it has a hints button with a sample solution, so you could have a look for reference

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: I, for some stupid reason, thought that you were supposed to do a WriteLine for each case xD

Uljahn: ah

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Think I've got it now lmao

Astrobytes: Ah. No, don't hardcode

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: I blame my lack of coffee..

Astrobytes: No no, you have to write code that will solve the general case

Astrobytes: So, no matter what testcase you throw at it, your code will produce the correct answer

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Yeah went too far down the rabbithole to print correct answer for case 1 and then completely forgot I'm supposed to loop answers instead of hardcoding them lol

jacek: O_O

Astrobytes: Don't loop over the answers, loop over the temperatures sure, but not an array of the correct answers for each testcase

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Oh, no no. But have the console output in a loop I meant.

Astrobytes: Nope. Your code will be run for each testcase (actually, validators which are similar but different) when you submit. So you just need to output once

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Oh.. The more you know! So hard to figure this out

Astrobytes: The input/output situation on CG can be a bit strange for some people initially, don't worry :)

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Yeah it's a hurdle! Probably missed something explaining it though idk

Astrobytes: It's not really explained tbh, just assumed. That may change sometime

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Mostly just so different from running in your own IDE where you can set debug points and show all printouts

Astrobytes: Well, you can develop in IDE, and copy the inputs from the testcases for a lot of puzzles

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Might do that at some point if I get stuck further down the line! Code I had worked simply by removing the extra console outputs like you said :)

Astrobytes: Awesome! Yeah, you can do custom testcases too, if you need to test some edge case or whatever

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Sweet :D

eulerscheZahl: other sites like hackerrank, codeforces, ... use the same approach of reading input and printing output. but if you are new to the concept, it can be confusing

eulerscheZahl: there was another website "codeeval" that confused me at first. they had some starter code similar to CG. when i extended it, i always failed the testcases. i was also wondering why it was so hard to read (gray text on darker gray background)

eulerscheZahl: turned out the starter code was completely commented :D

eulerscheZahl: codeeval doesn't even exist anymore

Astrobytes: hahaha, brilliant

eulerscheZahl: they gave you points for the difficulty of the puzzle. and subtracted some for time and memory consumption of your code

jacek: memory consumptions? this is MSmists

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Yeah I personally have only been on this site actively for like 4 hours , and like 2 hours on a different one like.. 6 - 7 months ago? x)

Astrobytes: Well, now you know how it works so you're good to go

jacek: wait till he makes prune array

Astrobytes: There's puzzles, multiplayer bot programming, optimisation and clashes too

Astrobytes: lol jacek

jacek: w00t little golem reset players rating to 1500 :?

Astrobytes: That's the board gaming site right?

jacek: yes

jacek: looks like some bug

Astrobytes: Haven't tried it out, it's good? (when it isn't bugged)

jacek: too bad its correspondence only

Astrobytes: Oh, long games

jacek: i just started bot few weeks ago

jacek: yeah, very long. 24h for move

Astrobytes: Oh nice. They allow bots?

Astrobytes: Hey I used to play chess by mail with my grandad back in the day lol

jacek: apparently. at least from the names i saw

Astrobytes: Cool

jacek: and in 1 paper describing bot they used littlegolem to see how strong their bot was

Astrobytes: "So then we waited a whole year for the game to finish"

Astrobytes: :P

eulerscheZahl: they have LYNGK, TZAAR, DVONN struct wanted to port those I think

Astrobytes: *Houdini, not struct

Astrobytes: :D

jacek: huh

Astrobytes: And yeah, I recall him talking about those

Astrobytes: (Houdini, he disappears and reappears unexpectedly)

jacek: like that chess engine

Astrobytes: And he was almost done with Amazons

jacek: 10x10?

Astrobytes: Not sure

Astrobytes: When I get some time I want to do Morpion Solitaire

Astrobytes: Multi and optim

jacek: another NRPA?

Astrobytes: Yeah, I believe that gets good results

Astrobytes: But, CG players are always full of surprises

Astrobytes: Plus the platform restrictions (time etc) always make for interesting results

Astrobytes: I should check with aCat that he wasn't planning that one actually

Default avatar.png Zoe_Witte18: I can't sorry

jacek: youre not from canada?

Default avatar.png Zoe_Witte18: No

Default avatar.png JBM: blame canada

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: How do people specify to boost when they are in range of the final goal on the pod racing game? Is there a variable to check?

The_Auditor: somebody said canada?

The_Auditor: i am from Canada

Default avatar.png JBM: naaaw, you don't exist

The_Auditor: @VictorSmith before boosting i check that the pod is oriented well, and has some speed already, otherwise either end up of track of boost is wasted

The_Auditor: ... but i'm not the best, so what do i know...

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Yeah doing that as well, just noticed that some people somehow manage to boost on the last stretch before the goal on lap 3/3, when they've had the same conditions met before

The_Auditor: and i don't exist

The_Auditor: they probably wait the distance to goal to be smaller

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Right

The_Auditor: i personally did not like the racing ... i like the Ice and fire and the Kutulu

The_Auditor: the racing is the first because it is easy to get something going

Astrobytes: Yeah, hard to pick a suitable first multiplayer game for all, like The_Auditor was getting at it's kind of OK for just setting the scene so to speak, get used to how the multis work etc

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Is there any documentation for the Code Royale? Kind of at a loss as to where to even begin coding x)

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: The quick help and rules don't really make any sense before you've got going it feels like.

Astrobytes: That was my first contest lol, maybe try a multi with less inputs? :D

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: But it looks so adorable :(

Astrobytes: lol, all good. You can check this out:

Astrobytes: It's by the game author and it's in Kotlin but it might give you some ideas

Astrobytes: And there's a few walkthroughs for multis/contests on the CG youtube channel

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Forget that you can play things in different languages, I'm doing it in C# right now. Guess I'd have to start by creating some form of object class

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Will give the YT a look at some point though, thanks for the tip!


Astrobytes: yes ;)

Astrobytes: Also VictorSmith:

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Thanks!

AntiSquid: we already have a smit here, there can be only one so we need to get rid of one Automaton2000

Astrobytes: The_Auditor: Mostly just for advertising contests and contest programming streams

Automaton2000: yes, this is my code

Astrobytes: Another one VictorSmith (and anyone else):

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Got me some reading to do I see! :D

Astrobytes: Contest-oriented but still applicable since the multis are al previous contests

Astrobytes: *all (except the user contributed ones)

Astrobytes: Well, not strictly true but that'll do for now

AntiSquid: the one on tech IO gives me a weird error when going through the pages of that tutorial


AntiSquid: this one has no such error

The_Auditor: Automaton2000 is my friend

Automaton2000: the only reason i can think of

Astrobytes: Hm, is that related to the code-running error on that pops up now and then I wonder, AntiSquid

AntiSquid: when you have friends like Automaton2000 you don't need foes, i'd look for new friends The_Auditor

Automaton2000: he said he is not doing it

The_Auditor: LOL

DomiKo: Automaton2000 is the best friend

Automaton2000: yeah, i guess it is the only option

DomiKo: Automaton2000 yes

Automaton2000: can also be used for the next one?

Astrobytes: Things seem to work when the stuff is referred from CG but not if you do it directly on

AntiSquid: sounds like he takes ownership of you folks

DomiKo: Automaton2000 next one can be friend too

Automaton2000: in the case where there is no limit

Astrobytes: I give up

DomiKo: Automaton2000 have no limit for friends

Automaton2000: i don't know why i cant get out of wood

DomiKo: Automaton2000 ask your friend for help

Automaton2000: but that was before my time

AntiSquid: cyberpunk? is that you ?

DomiKo: Automaton2000 when we can play cyberpunk?

Automaton2000: i am running out of nodes


DomiKo: 97% interesting

AntiSquid: i guess it's just similar peronality traits

DomiKo: I guess he got disctracted by something

DomiKo: but he got 17th place in sponsored challange

DomiKo: interesting

AntiSquid: good night .

DomiKo: good night

Default avatar.png IvailoManolov: Hello guys

Default avatar.png IvailoManolov: anybody awake ?

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Heyo

Unkmar: I need sleep.

MadKnight: Automaton2000 always awake

Automaton2000: if i can do a lot of time on that

Default avatar.png VictorSmith: Shame you can't use external classes in the games :(

PerpetualPhoenix: shame :((

Denshire: am i the only one who leaves if I'm the first one in the clash? I just can't handle the responsibility:pensive:

Default avatar.png Fnaking: i suck im only 11 and i wanna be a coder!:grinning: i have played alot of scratch so i fort ill go on here but its alot harder! but i wanna a Challenge :slight_smile:

Ol_Blue_Eyes: good luck and have fun coding!

solution.cpp: If you get good at making scratch games try go on to the existing scratch games and try modify them, see if you can add features like flight etc. Also try the challenges if you haven't already @Fnaking

Default avatar.png Thereconsniper: Is there a way to set an arrays size too a variable?

Laminator: a=len(array)

Default avatar.png Thereconsniper: meant more like

Default avatar.png Thereconsniper: n=5 int array[n];

Default avatar.png Thereconsniper: but I got it just had to use heap memory.

Default avatar.png gabrielsoft: yes sure

Saptarshi: suggest me a website where I could get good project challenges

Default avatar.png GAL1LE0: pls help me

Default avatar.png GAL1LE0: The Last Crusade - Episode 1