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Saptarshi: Finally I'm a disciple...:kissing_smiling_eyes:4

Saptarshi: is C++ more preferred than C in interviews?

Default avatar.png lichking23333: anyone there?

Saptarshi: yep

Bassel: Hello guys

Default avatar.png lichking23333: hello

Saptarshi: hey bassel

MadKnight: anyone still here, Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: is there anything i should know that

StevePRGM: heh

MadKnight: hey StevePRGM

MadKnight: doing puzzles ?

StevePRGM: puzzled on the best way to be more effective at C++...

StevePRGM: i'm considering either puzzles or a self-creation on my local

StevePRGM: MedKnight, what language(s) do you enjoy? :)

MadKnight: c#

MadKnight: mostly

MadKnight: check private messages StevePRGM

StevePRGM: alrighty

MadKnight: StevePRGM ?

Automaton2000: is there a good way to get the data

Denshire: A question we need answered

Default avatar.png JBM: what if the answer was "no"?

Denshire: :pensive:

solution.cpp: @Saptarshi For most jobs yes

Saptarshi: Can anyone suggest me some projects in C or Java and Py for CV

Default avatar.png globetrotter: @Saptarshi, me too

Bassel: Mars Lander simulator

Saptarshi: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Default avatar.png midomawk: guys when i modify a cell in python the whole column got changed it is normal ?

Default avatar.png midomawk: im using a 2d list

Saptarshi: how are u doin' that

Saptarshi: can u elaborate

Default avatar.png midomawk: lst[i][i] = 'a'

Saptarshi: cuz thats not normal

Saptarshi: nd how does ur list looks...jst an eg

Saptarshi: example*

Default avatar.png midomawk: n = int(input()) lst = [[]*n]*n

Default avatar.png midomawk: for exampe if i change lst[n / 2][n / 2] = 'o'

Default avatar.png midomawk: the whole column n/2 will get 'o'

Default avatar.png midomawk: this is a normal behavior or not ?

Saptarshi: uhh

Saptarshi: im also facing this

Saptarshi: idk

Saptarshi: lemme figure it out

PositiveQuark: I guess it comes from the fact that you create [] which is an object and then you multiply it with n

PositiveQuark: That is that you create an object in memory and have n variables pointing to the same object


PositiveQuark: you update the object in memory but you leave the pointers

Default avatar.png Arrakis_: yes, the *n operator copies the value n times, if the value is a reference to an object you get n-times the reference to the same object

Saptarshi: follow this ^

Default avatar.png midomawk: alright thank guys

PositiveQuark: you might need to create new arrays


Saptarshi: this will help ^

Default avatar.png Arrakis_: the way I do it usually is [[] for _ in range(n)]

Default avatar.png Arrakis_: to initialize 2d array of len = n

Saptarshi: yep @Arrakis

Saptarshi: its the correct way

Saptarshi: btw python sucks

Uljahn: also you can use numpy on CG

Saptarshi: learn C

Default avatar.png Arrakis_: no it doesnt:D

Default avatar.png Arrakis_: i know c

Default avatar.png Arrakis_: every language has its place

Default avatar.png Arrakis_: C is fast to execute but python is fast to develop

Saptarshi: yep being a programmer i shouldnt insult other langs

Saptarshi: sorry

Default avatar.png Arrakis_: no language is perfect, but there might be a perfect language for the job you need done ;)

Default avatar.png midomawk: it seems to me even if it is a pointer i can dereference it by n[][] and just put only my bytes

Saptarshi: in c it becomes more easier int lst[n][n];

Default avatar.png midomawk: yeah on the stack

Saptarshi: I have a separate fanbase for C:kissing_closed_eyes:

Saptarshi: In Java int lst[][]=new int[n][n]

Default avatar.png midomawk: yes but it is different you can't add to it

Default avatar.png midomawk: list in python = ArrayList in java

Saptarshi: hmm

Default avatar.png midomawk: an implementation of a dynamic array

jacek: dynamic array? blashemy

jacek: summer wrap up, summer wrap up ~

Saptarshi: wrap up


PositiveQuark: Sorry for spamming, I am working on a reverse clash quest


PositiveQuark: Played 50 games and only 2 reverses.

Uljahn: that's not an excuse to spam the chat

Uljahn: use #clash channel to post clash invites

PositiveQuark: thanks for the suggestion

jacek: so clashy

PositiveQuark: :D

AntiSquid: you know Automaton2000 can ban so hard even your neighbours will feel the impact

Automaton2000: but i'll try to improve it

AntiSquid: dots and boxes contest :

AntiSquid: tell all your obsessed friends

Default avatar.png YusufEmad04: hey

jacek: smits will love this

jacek: but where is dots and boxes there?

jacek: zuniq is like d&b, but it closes ale the relevant squares?


DomiKo: go to #clash pls

jacek: or invite DomiKo directly

DomiKo: every time I can show how to clash

AntiSquid: maybe there needs to be a disclaimer in the clash page "beware not everyone likes clash"

jacek: impossibru

Default avatar.png adsfjhsjidbsajdbv: lul

Default avatar.png pakagen: ass

Default avatar.png adsfjhsjidbsajdbv: you cunt, we dont swear in here

jacek: bloody hell

Default avatar.png markoschmitz: gay

PositiveQuark: are you okay?

AntiSquid: ya quit it

Default avatar.png Frank89:

jacek: oO

DomiKo: is there any way to make console output a little bit bigger?

DomiKo: or there are only 3 modes

DomiKo: zero mode, little mod, full mode

DomiKo: ?

Unkmar: You can drag the bar between code and console.

Default avatar.png Polu: @positivequark

Default avatar.png Polu: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png Polu: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png Polu: v/flip

Unkmar: You can also zoom+- your browser.

Unkmar: But, there is a limit to what the console will display. too many lines and it will ... things in the middle.

DomiKo: no no

DomiKo: I would love to make it higher

DomiKo: zomming help a little bit

Uljahn: it's possible with custom css userstyle


Uljahn: e.g. stylus plugin works for both chome and ff

DomiKo: Uljahn you are life saver

DomiKo: thank you so much

Uljahn: yw

pde-bakk: Maybe an old question for some of you, but how did you guys define an 'optimal path' in Coders Strike Back? I believe it is what I need to add to move up to legend league

DomiKo: copying levels for Number Shifting will be some much easier :D

DomiKo: 'optimal path'?

DomiKo: there is no optimal path in CSB

AntiSquid: he means optimal path the pods need to take to win :D

AntiSquid: which is basically the problem statement

DomiKo: ohh

pde-bakk: Sometimes my pod approaches the checkpoint at a not-ideal angle which makes for inefficient turning, and I dont know how to change that

DomiKo: are you using any search?

pde-bakk: search?

DomiKo: are you simulating anything?

pde-bakk: Right now I'm just checking that with my current velocity I'd pass the next checkpoint in the next few turns, and I start turning towards the next next checkpoint already

pde-bakk: Simulate how?

pde-bakk: I dont think I am

DomiKo: so maybe you should start slowing down too

DomiKo: if you need to turn a lot to get to the next checkpoint

pde-bakk: It's not that I'm missing the checkpoint, it's just that sometimes its more efficient to take a wider angle, but Im not sure how to simulate that

pde-bakk: I take it you mean simulating with a Genetic Algorithm? Ive never worked with those

DomiKo: you can you any type of search

DomiKo: like Monte Carlo

DomiKo: where you just make random moves

DomiKo: and take the best ones

pde-bakk: hmm interesting ive never done anything like that before

DomiKo: here you can read about simulation in that game


pde-bakk: Thanks dude I will

DomiKo: good luck :grin:

Default avatar.png dotaicode: hi

MSmits: hey guys

DomiKo: hi

eulerscheZahl: hi

MSmits: almost done with D&B solver

eulerscheZahl: js-games is back

DomiKo: nice :grinning:

eulerscheZahl: and it did something against SQL injection

MSmits: oh cool, i guess you made that happen

Scarfield: you tested if you could still do it?

eulerscheZahl: i didn't get an exception anymore for this username: ' --

eulerscheZahl: before i got some MariaDB error message

eulerscheZahl: i didn't try to push it any further, seems they replace the ' by another character now

eulerscheZahl: wait, it's down again?

DomiKo: no

eulerscheZahl: oh, browser caching...

Scarfield: you have been banned :p

DomiKo: and they bring back your highscore

Westicles: yeah, I emailed them and they said they didn't realize it was down

eulerscheZahl: i see. they never replied to me reporting the SQL injection :(

eulerscheZahl: i guess you are more important

DomiKo: :(

Westicles: I don't think that site is high on his list of priorities

MSmits: yay, just tested my solver on 1 million random endgames. Slowest took 65 ms.

eulerscheZahl: and i'm a low priority subtask of a low priority task

DomiKo: Westicles did you copy paste in "Number Shifting" 500+ times?

eulerscheZahl: will you play that dots and boxes contest on the other site MSmits? rules look a little different to the CG version

Westicles: DomiKo: yes

eulerscheZahl: :o

DomiKo: omg

MSmits: do you have a link euler?


eulerscheZahl: from the CG discord

MSmits: thanks I'll check it out

MSmits: probably won't join, unless it's really similar and easy to port

eulerscheZahl: watched a replay there looks like you instantly conquer the whole region when you possibly can(?)

eulerscheZahl: no trick to let the opponent take the last 2 of it

MSmits: hmm ok

MSmits: does that make the game simpler? Considering 5x5 D&B is solved even

eulerscheZahl: just from watching, didn't read the actual rules

MSmits: ohh its very different

MSmits: it's about enclosing zones

MSmits: not boxes

MSmits: if you fill in all the edges of the board, the game ends also

eulerscheZahl: so not similar at all, you won't join

MSmits: nah, but if it was on CG, I'd play

eulerscheZahl: then port it yourself ;)

MSmits: too busy playing other people's work

eulerscheZahl: soon there will be a 24h contest on another website

eulerscheZahl: they have 5 categories with 5 tasks each

eulerscheZahl: 1 is binary, are you interested?

abecus: lol

Westicles: Just reading what Magus said about the “ultimate dirty trick i use for my C++ golf codes”

eulerscheZahl: what is that trick?

Westicles: He didn't say

eulerscheZahl: system call?

Westicles: No, something else. Maybe there is write permission to put your own file somewhere?

MSmits: eulerscheZahl I might be interested sure. Link me :)

MSmits: even if i dont join, I like reading whats out there

eulerscheZahl: now that I got you hooked (team contest), i can reveal that binary means you get a compiled program and have to debug it in one way or another

eulerscheZahl: no bit masks


MSmits: ack

MSmits: that does not seem interesting to me at all :P

eulerscheZahl: :D

MSmits: I am going to write my own hashtable for the first time

MSmits: hope to make my solver a bit faster

eulerscheZahl: oh dear, that sounds hardcore

MSmits: I was thinking, an array of states that I index to with % using a hashfunction with xorshift

MSmits: i just overwrite hash collisions, that's fine, in my case that just means re-search

MSmits: should be simple right?

MSmits: if you dont have to deal with collisions, I don't think it's hard

MSmits: seems like an interesting experiment to try different hashfunctions and table sizes, see what that does for performance

MSmits: also, it seems for D&B it helps to store both an upper and lower limit for ab pruning for every entry

MSmits: instead of choosing between lower/upper/exact

MSmits: this is because both players use the same transpositions

eulerscheZahl: watch out for your wall of text ;)

MSmits: it's ended :P

eulerscheZahl: with a dot

eulerscheZahl: or a box?

MSmits: .

MSmits: did you ever get around to storing the upper and lower bounds for your minimax bots?

MSmits: when using TT?

eulerscheZahl: no. you made me realize i did it wrong

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: Hello

eulerscheZahl: but i didn't care enough to return to it

MSmits: i thought it was hard to do, but i just copied some code and it was easy

eulerscheZahl: just add alpha and beta to your state and hash it

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: I'm new here and i' doing the Decent in javascript will you help?

MSmits: just dont think about it too much, I always lose my line of thought when trying to follow what happens with abpruning and TT

MSmits: it seems to be different from that eulerscheZahl

MSmits: but that would work also, but it can be done better

eulerscheZahl: wait, my alpha-beta doesn't even use TT

MSmits: then it doesnt matter

MSmits: this is a really good source for it. better than wiki:


MSmits: written for chess, but doesnt matter

MSmits: you immediately get code for negamax with ab pruning and TT on page 13, no need to look anywhere else, its great

Scarfield: MMABSPP these names are getting kind of ridicoulus xD

Scarfield: but i guess SPP is enough

eulerscheZahl: that's what i'm usually missing in those papers: code

eulerscheZahl: they explain their idea but aren't 100% accurate at some point and then the detective work starts

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: i dont like that much either, but sometimes you have no choice

AntiSquid: smitz are you aware of a dots and boxes contest on an external site?

darkhorse64: It's a different game, actually

MSmits: yeah it's completely different

AntiSquid: is it not just a variation?

AntiSquid: didn't look much at it

MSmits: but thanks anyway AntiSquid, keep sharing

MSmits: it's about capturing regions

MSmits: cross between go and dots and boxes?

MSmits: you dont take individual boxes

MSmits: might seem small change, but the gameplay would be completely different

MSmits: seems fairly easy to solve though, could be wrong

darkhorse64: btw, this site has interesting contests based on board games. I wonder if they make it easy to wrote bots

AntiSquid: they seem to have multiple rounds over the entire year though

darkhorse64: *write*

AntiSquid: idk, just randomly came across it when looking for something entirely different

MSmits: oh it's Dutch

MSmits: vier-op-een rij :)

AntiSquid: maybe it's your colleague hosting it and you aren't aware

MSmits: nah it's not, but could be someone he knows

MSmits: Q: Is there a limit for the size of my program source ? A: Yes. Your program source file must not be larger than 1,474,560 bytes (the size of a floppy disk).

MSmits: ooooh huge opening book :)

DomiKo: lol

MSmits: trying to figure out if there is some affiliation with a university or some such


MSmits: they are affiliated with that

MSmits: which is basically very close to the subject i am teaching as it is informatica

MSmits: so this is actually only twice removed from my job :P

darkhorse64: You have 30s for the whole game. It's up to you to manage your time bank

MSmits: oh, interesting

darkhorse64: Plenty of opportunities to build a huge MCTS tree (and to run out of memory)

MSmits: this is a Nim game

MSmits: i thought you got points for capturing zones, but you just have to play the last wall

eulerscheZahl: oh

MSmits: also if you solve the game early, you get bonus points for calling the game

MSmits: like what we do in board games, MSG "WIN"

MSmits: if you call it out wrong, you lose points

darkhorse64: Can you call a loss and still win points ?

AntiSquid: bonus points for successful BM (bad manner opponent by calling early GG)

MSmits: no i think you just call a win

eulerscheZahl: calling a loss requires an optimal opponent

MSmits: or purposely solving to lose :P

darkhorse64: just kidding

MSmits: playing the worst possible move

AntiSquid: timing out .

eulerscheZahl: misere nim

MSmits: well there is that

eulerscheZahl: yes AntiSquid, that's your discord status

MSmits: misere nim is really silly, it's the same as being p1 instead of p2 :P

MSmits: you just flip the parity of the game

MSmits: instead of playing the last wall, you'll try to get the other to play it

AntiSquid: as long as i submit a wood bot i can select the tags for a multi :o

eulerscheZahl: ?

DomiKo: ???

AntiSquid: ?????

Q12: ???????

DomiKo: i see pattern there

eulerscheZahl: as in: edit the contribution?

AntiSquid: no the tags displaying on your front page

AntiSquid: when you submit a wood bot to any game you can select the tags as your skills

eulerscheZahl: i haven't submitted anything since that part of the homepage rework

AntiSquid: and you don't even need to submit


AntiSquid: just click last battles and select the tags

eulerscheZahl: i don't know how this works yet

eulerscheZahl: meh, i couldn't care less :P


DomiKo: Export Flood Fill mmmm

DomiKo: great tags

AntiSquid: it doesn't even fit all of them in there

eulerscheZahl: you practiced a lot of skills :o

AntiSquid: just need to have a multi with machine learning related tags now

eulerscheZahl: you seem to be a much better player than me, i'll be watching out for you in the next contest

AntiSquid: ya but you only need to submit starter code bot and it's enough

DomiKo: euler how Sokoban is going?

Default avatar.png Brevis: what's that?

AntiSquid: a chocolate brand

eulerscheZahl: pretty much done with the game itself

eulerscheZahl: i want a solver before i put it up for approval

eulerscheZahl: possibly simplify the levels

eulerscheZahl: and that nasty CG bug...

DomiKo: have you thought about making it optimization?

eulerscheZahl: on the last weekend i added animations and a background

eulerscheZahl: what should be optimized? number of steps?

DomiKo: yes

eulerscheZahl: too BFS-able i think

eulerscheZahl: so i predict some optimal scores

eulerscheZahl: the sad thing is that a puzzle will hardly get any attention

eulerscheZahl: see space maze

DomiKo: I had that task in the lecture, and I guess big maps couldn't be solved with bfs.

eulerscheZahl: no, probably not

eulerscheZahl: but with some help (possibly by hand), i think the optimal solution is doable

DomiKo: hmmm

DomiKo: so sad sbout space maze :(

eulerscheZahl: that's another game which is hard to solve at all but not much harder to find an optimal solution

eulerscheZahl: and it just gets lost in the pool of other problems

AntiSquid: didn't even try it

eulerscheZahl: i gave up on the multiple car version


AntiSquid: only 4 people solved?

eulerscheZahl: ille, robo, me and another player I forgot / haven't seen before

AntiSquid: shadowtheage

eulerscheZahl: not an impressive profile overall but did really well at space maze

eulerscheZahl: i ran the code, solves much faster than mine

mel-mouk: Hi, I've got a (probably stupid) question, I'm trying to use machine learning for one of the game But event though my algorithm is short ( < 30 lines ), the more it learn the biggest the data I need to make it work is and the size limite for the code is blocking me, is there a way to make a request from the code we submit so I don't have to hardcode my data ?

eulerscheZahl: nope, you have to put your weights into the code

Default avatar.png HackingIsntHacking: You could use a folder with shortcuts to the files required in your code, but depending on your programming language this may cause a failure, check your language before trying.


mel-mouk: ok thanks :) I'll look that up

Default avatar.png HackingIsntHacking: Yeah but really @eulerscheZahl is correct, you should probably just use a wait

MSmits: well this is annoying. I wrote my own hashtable and tested it, 9999 times it gives the same result as unordered set, only 1 time it's different =/

mel-mouk: Yeah, I tried a simple version with score for state but I'll have to look how to turn that into usable weight

eulerscheZahl: good enough, let's ship it

MSmits: lol

DomiKo: 200 lvl in Number Shifting that's enough of copy pasting for today

eulerscheZahl: wow, another one refusing my script

eulerscheZahl: but well done for reaching such a high level

DomiKo: WAIT

DomiKo: there is a script????

Astrobytes: You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink ;)

Astrobytes: lol, you didn't know?

eulerscheZahl: i link it in the statement


DomiKo: IT IS

eulerscheZahl: a python program that calls your solver, playes the solution on CG

DomiKo: I guess

eulerscheZahl: then loads the next level and runs your solver again

DomiKo: that a lesson for me

DomiKo: to read the whole statement

eulerscheZahl: read that statement ;)

Astrobytes: The Curse of Ceg

Scarfield: lol i thought thats why you asked westi if he had copy pasted all those times xD

DomiKo: I feel so dumb....

DomiKo: but

DomiKo: I'm happy that I know this know

DomiKo: and not in next 300 lvls...

Astrobytes: And you have a nice score

eulerscheZahl: Uljahn did 100 levels by hand in case you didn't know

DomiKo: so I have a record

DomiKo: I guess

eulerscheZahl: copied it to the site, solved there, imported the solution

Astrobytes: I only did 70

eulerscheZahl: do you know about the or did you miss that too?

Scarfield: he didnt use a script to solve the lvls, didnt machet-e go futher?

Astrobytes: by hand? not sure

Astrobytes: I thought it was only me and uljahn who were so masochistic

eulerscheZahl: i think Uljahn is the highest ranked human player

Scarfield: ye by hand, maybe i just remembered it being marchet instead of ulja

eulerscheZahl: and wes was still copy-pasting levels, didn't get the python script running

eulerscheZahl: marchete got quite far by hand (>50)

AntiSquid: i am highest ranked D player 1/2

MSmits: I liked that NS taught me dancing links. Nice algorithm

eulerscheZahl: but tried dancing links and also simulated annealing after

eulerscheZahl: i imported a DLX library :innocent:

MSmits: SA works great from 0-200 or so

MSmits: err DLX

AntiSquid: number shifting looks like a crypto miner at first glance

MSmits: well SA too

Astrobytes: He used some early acceptance variant right?

MSmits: why crypto miner?

Astrobytes: *late acceptance

Astrobytes: (marchet I mean)

DomiKo: Euler I have problem with script

DomiKo: I singup from google+ :(

Uljahn: eulerscheZahl: woudn't be possible without your browser NS helper

Astrobytes: ^ it's great

eulerscheZahl: first time I used pixi.js

jacek: dancing links?

eulerscheZahl: wouldn't recomment, 4 out of 10 points


Westicles: heh heh, sorry DomiKo I didn't realize you were asking if a script exists

Astrobytes: Does hog memory though, guess that's the pixi

eulerscheZahl: recommend*

DomiKo: that's my bad :disappointed:

eulerscheZahl: yes, pixi is a nightmare regarding RAM

eulerscheZahl: even without any movement animations

Westicles: Please get to 999, I thought dbdr would do it but he seems reluctant to finish

eulerscheZahl: so, let's see how good DomiKo is at installing python libraries

DomiKo: right now

jacek: number shifting by hand? and now by script? so now it is number caps lock?

DomiKo: I don't know my CG password

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: stored in the browser?

DomiKo: I sign up by google

eulerscheZahl: oh

DomiKo: I can log by password from google

DomiKo: buttt

jacek: you can reset password

DomiKo: that's not password in my CG proffile

eulerscheZahl: i think you can turn it into a real account via forgot password

Scarfield: share your google password here, im sure someone can help you :p

jacek: dupa.8

Astrobytes: "XD"

Scarfield: xD

DomiKo: mypassword is: ICantReadStatement

Scarfield: have you met Ceg?

DomiKo: Ceg?

Astrobytes: Yes, you have The Curse of Ceg

Astrobytes: regarding reading statements

AntiSquid: what's a statement

eulerscheZahl: remind me of my beginning on there are similar puzzles where you have to solve a level to unlock the next. it's meant to be solved in code but I didn't realize at first

DomiKo: yes it WORK

DomiKo: Script is running

eulerscheZahl: also had some UI to play as a human. So i wrote code to click buttons in my browser

DomiKo: Life is so easy now

jacek: and now euler has your password

Astrobytes: same euler, though I quite liked playing some of them by hand

DomiKo: Euler now can copy my better score :neutral_face:

AntiSquid: hey i didn't read ocean of code statement properly until like 1 week in so it's more about paying attention to details imo

eulerscheZahl: and after reading level 100 it tells you that you don't play by hand anyways and doesn't show the board anymore

eulerscheZahl: scared me that they detected my bot and blocked me :rofl:

Astrobytes: lol

**eulerscheZahl could cheat himself to #1 at number shifting

eulerscheZahl: i know the secret random seed used for board generation

eulerscheZahl: didn't find a way without me knowing :(

MSmits: it works! My custom made hashtable make the code almost 2x faster !

eulerscheZahl: wow, nice!

Scarfield: nice

DomiKo: damn

Scarfield: so 1million in 32ms? :o

Astrobytes: faster than what?

eulerscheZahl: now push it back to the C++ library

AntiSquid: so if you reverse the seed then it's enough to beat numbershifting?

MSmits: no it's 1 million endgames in about 60-80 seconds

Astrobytes: Oh you normally use unordered_map right

eulerscheZahl: yes AntiSquid

MSmits: for the first 10k endgames, the slowest is 16 ms now, it was 32 ms before

MSmits: yeah, or unordered set

eulerscheZahl: that even happened at first

MSmits: this is so much better

MSmits: I need to rewrite some bots I think :P

eulerscheZahl: then i had to change it from Java.Random to SecureRandom

Astrobytes: that's what I was trying to tell you ages ago MSmits

MSmits: yeah it just seemed like it was hard, but it's not

Astrobytes: No, it's literally documented everywhere ;)

MSmits: i thought it was some specialist type of coding

MSmits: sure

Astrobytes: nah

MSmits: i coded it in 10 mins, converting from a version with unordered set, just took me an hour to find a bug

Astrobytes: good job :) For D&B still right?

MSmits: yeah, solver works fine now. It's ready to be put into a bot i think, but it's a lot of work to get that done

jacek: so whats the different? you went from map to unordered_map?

MSmits: unordered set to my own hashtable

Astrobytes: cool, well, get on it then :P

MSmits: I use an array with 100k entries and generate a hashkey with a simple xor function, then use modulo to index to the array

Scarfield: aah lol the slowest was 65ms before, im amazed how much i can misenterperate sometimes xD

MSmits: i overwrite collisions

MSmits: 65 ms out of 1 million

MSmits: 32 ms out of 10k

MSmits: the more seeds I try, the more rare maps i find that are slow

MSmits: I suspect if i do 100 million seeds i might still find one over 100 ms

MSmits: so just in case, I need to put some code in to play a move on some extreme map

MSmits: average map takes 0.1 ms so i can actually solve on average 1000 maps per turn, but there could be 1 really slow 1

jacek: imagine him working on cancer research

Scarfield: find a bunch of the slow ones, hardcode them, profit

MSmits: Scarfield I thought about trying to figure out the size of the statespace. Maybe thats feasible

Astrobytes: lol jacek. Cured in weeks.

MSmits: that would be cool, but dots and boxes is more fun i think :P

Scarfield: if it can be done with xor, smits would be the one to figure it out :p

Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: bitboards

MSmits: jacek, you could use your ML creativity to cure cancer, that's probably a lot more useful than whatever I am doing

jacek: im already trying to bioengineer cat girls

Scarfield: imagine having the cure for cancer named after a pony :p

Hjax: i feel like the true use of smits talent is if aliens ever come to earth and challenge us to an obscure board game

MSmits: ahhh ok, priorities eh

Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: lol Hjax

MSmits: Hjax yeah!

jacek: Hjax like ramsey number?

AntiSquid: probably the patient data being anonymized and hardly available is the main difficulty

DomiKo: Aliens never will challenge us with MSmith's opening books

MSmits: maybe at some point ML will get so obscure that it will be hacking into hospital DB's without anyone knowing :P

Hjax: i can imagine it now, the other aliens gossiping about how hard one species got smoked

Hjax: and saying, maybe we just leave earth alone.... they are made of meat anyway

Hjax: (please someone get that reference)

MSmits: aliens are veggies?


MSmits: thats funny

Hjax: its one of my favorite short stories

Astrobytes: lol, that's epic

jacek: thats interesting research paper file:///home/jacek/manuscript.pdf

MSmits: is that in the same folder as your manifest.pdf ?

Hjax: " Imagine how unbearably, how unutterably cold the universe would be if one were all alone."

Hjax: i love that line

MSmits: I like the one about traveling in meatcontainers

Hjax: lol

Astrobytes: Hey, if you use the CG SDK on an Apple, do you have to edit your pomme.xml?

jacek: pomme?

MSmits: isn't that an apply?

Hjax: french for apple lol

MSmits: apple?

Astrobytes: (french for apple)

Astrobytes: pomme.xml / pom.xml / CG is French / Apple etc

Hjax: one of the few words i remember from high school french

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: baguette

Astrobytes: Just when you mentioned manifest it made me think of pom.xml MSmits

MSmits: I see

Astrobytes: It's been a long day, expect no good jokes from me

MSmits: same here. I've been painting all weekend

Astrobytes: All done?

Hjax: multilingual jokes are pretty hard to make work, you are really limiting your target audience

MSmits: well not all, but enough so we can live there and paint the rest later

MSmits: i'm moving in on friday

Astrobytes: true Hjax

Astrobytes: Cool, good luck with the move

MSmits: thanks

jacek: actually, this one is better's_Dragon_Maid_Character

Hjax: i can tell you without clicking that

Hjax: thats about lucoa

MSmits: did you need this paper for your bioengineering jacek?

Astrobytes: wtf

Hjax: aka Quetzalcoatl

jacek: i need some inspiratio

jacek: n

Scarfield: btw Hjax your Floyd Warshall for kutulu took 300ms ish? are you BFS from point to point?

Astrobytes: Mythical Aztec Dragon Maid what?

Scarfield: and great story xD

Hjax: dragon maid is a fantasy anime about an office worker who accidentially drunkenly invites a dragon to live with her

Hjax: also a manga

Hjax: its really funny

Astrobytes: I see

Hjax: fantasy/comedy

MSmits: I see that this paper is serious

Hjax: the dragon can take a human form, but doesnt really understand human customs

Astrobytes: Happens to me every time I drink.

MSmits: it is why I don't

Astrobytes: Right.

Hjax: actually one of my favorite anime, its really light hearted and funny

Hjax: pretty popular too

Hjax: reddit LOVED that paper when it first came out

Astrobytes: Familiar concept Hjax, I can see the comedy value

Hjax: one of the most upvoted posts on /r/anime ever lol

MSmits: well it kinda legitimized their hobby as a scientific field

Hjax: @Scarfield my full map BFS takes ~150 ms

Hjax: its not particularly optimized either

AntiSquid: weirdest paper i've looked at

Scarfield: but are you BFSing with a start and end pos for every distance. Made a function yesterday that just floodfills from the start, tracks the dist and applies it. takes 5ms (unless i did something wrong with the timing but dont think so)

MSmits: mmh 1% collision rate on my hashtable. Is that bad?

Hjax: no i just run a full map BFS for every start point

AntiSquid: look at all the research they've done LOL :

DomiKo: that's well prepared one

Scarfield: hm weird, thats a lot of time difference, havent done any optim either


Hjax: i just call this once on every position of the map

jacek: "im a scientist, mum, not a weeb"

Hjax: technically that bfs is happy to wrap around the map

Astrobytes: lol

Hjax: but kutulu always has blockers around the edge

Hjax: so it doesnt matter

DomiKo: yap

DomiKo: kutulu is crap

Hjax: i saw you got legend though DomiKo

Hjax: gj

Astrobytes: Do I detect a bitter sentiment DomiKo? :D

DomiKo: sentiment? nahhh

DomiKo: I'm glad that it's done

Hjax: do you do a search DomiKo

DomiKo: yes

Hjax: i never got around to writing one

Hjax: was trying to get legend with just heuristics, but got busy at the end of the weak and didnt add much

Hjax: week*

DomiKo: I never liked doing full heuristics

DomiKo: in Silver I started writing MC

AntiSquid: domiko is done how?

DomiKo: contest is done

AntiSquid: you submit spammed after "contest"

AntiSquid: and never signed up either

DomiKo: I wanted to get some more CP

Hjax: ? he was on the leaderboard

DomiKo: because i knew that my code could reach top12

DomiKo: i was 12 7H before end of contest

DomiKo: and then I resubmit

DomiKo: and top30...

Hjax: im using most of the heuristics i found on the post mortems, but not legend

Hjax: i think my weights just suck

Scarfield: lol i thought the contest was 2 weeks, sigh

Hjax: i wish it was longer, 7 days is way too short

Hjax: i only had 1 weekend to work on my bot

Astrobytes: Hjax, also, what worked during the actual contest doesn't always fully work as effectively in the multi

Hjax: true

AntiSquid: there was an extra 4 weeks after contest

Hjax: especially with a game thats as dependent on other bots as this one

Astrobytes: yep

AntiSquid: that was the old system of opening league on multi separately

AntiSquid: stronger bosses

Hjax: ah, they changed the bosses

Hjax: that explains why the gold boss is such a bully

Hjax: euler too strong

Astrobytes: Yeah, now the leaderboard positions are the same as the contest when pushed to multi

MSmits: not exactly. I am 16th :P

DomiKo: ohhh no can't solve lvl 231 :(

MSmits: yeah those levels are hard

DomiKo: I guess i finally have to optimize something

DomiKo: but I can guess that lvl 500+ are insane

Westicles: What are you using, dancing links?

DomiKo: still SA

Hjax: what are you playing?

DomiKo: I don't know yet what is Dancing Links

DomiKo: Number Shifting

Astrobytes: MSmits: I mean when the multi opens after contest :P

DomiKo: trying to do someting in every opti

MSmits: oh

MSmits: i didnt do stuff by hand in NS, but I went all the way on Bilbo

MSmits: rank 50 out of 9221 players with a manual solution :P

MSmits: should probably have just beamsearched it though, one of those validators was reeeeallly painful

Default avatar.png Ma.Ay: Does someone know how you can print in js in one row and not in a new line?

Default avatar.png NOTsteve: I usually add to an array then join

Q12: I don't, but when I need to do it I just make an empty string with and add to him what I wanna print


Q12: Like this

Unkmar: don't print. Store it in a string and print later.

Unkmar: That way you can print when you have a complete line. that is the only way.

RobkePila: pX

Unkmar: I have problems with Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock? I've manually tracked through and it looks as though the 3rd test is flawed.

Lafihalas: Hey guys

Lafihalas: How does friction work

Lafihalas: In coders strike back

Lafihalas: I am trying to model it as F=-k*V, but i am failing a bit short

Lafihalas: I got the k to be 0.15, but when i try to compute velocity for next step, i get wrong answer when the craft is turning

darkhorse64: speed *= 1-friction

Lafihalas: Does the craft first turn around and then gain speed increase due to thrust or vice versa

Lafihalas: (by its 18 degree turning limit presumably)

Default avatar.png chick_magnet: how are the rankings calculated? solve time or character count?

jacek: clash? depends on mode. its fastest, shortest or reverse

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: Reverse dosen't make sense in clasj

Default avatar.png JBM: clasjing doesn't make sense in reverse: jsalc

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: I can only do one console.log(); (Javscript)

Default avatar.png CosmicStudios: once I do a second the frst one don't work anymore

Default avatar.png WyattSpur15: nextCheckpointDistance, idk what this means I can't calculate what it means or want

elderlybeginner: Which bot puzzle is the easiest to get to the legend league?

DomiKo: it depends

DomiKo: what is the easiest for you

elderlybeginner: it always depends :)

DomiKo: definitely not kutulu

elderlybeginner: well, you are giving me opposite answers :)

DomiKo: my first one was "Tron Battle" I believe

elderlybeginner: or answer for opposite question :)

elderlybeginner: Great Escape? Codes Strike Back?

DomiKo: Codes Strike Back it's pretty hard

DomiKo: Grat Escape i don't know

DomiKo: Wonder Woman

DomiKo: it's quite simple

DomiKo: simple minmax

elderlybeginner: I got the closest in CSB. Thanks, I will look on WW and Tron

AntiSquid: CSB isn't hard just keep tweaking those numbers

AntiSquid: almost 900 in CSB legend .

Zenoscave: CSB is the easiest legend tbh

elderlybeginner: yes, I believe I could get there without simulating the game

Zenoscave: there's a reason it's the tutorial

DomiKo: then sorry for misleading

elderlybeginner: still, WW and Tron to be check ;)

Zenoscave: This is just my opinion. doesn't mean you're misleading DomiKo :)

Default avatar.png WyattSpur15: I'm not understanding what Ghost in a cell is asking me?

DomiKo: that's weird

DomiKo: my first try of SA in A*Craft

DomiKo: like 2 mouth ago

DomiKo: I get 5.5K points

DomiKo: now I wrote it from the begining and boom

DomiKo: 9.5K points

Unkmar: I give up on Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. From what I can tell, the 3rd test is flawed.

solution.cpp: I will try it now

solution.cpp: Automaton2000 how are you today

Automaton2000: and i'm not sure why it works so well

elderlybeginner: cannot find numpy implementation for flood fill; is it possible to gain some performance using it?