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TheSilent_Boy: hi

Unkmar: Howdy

TheSilent_Boy: hi

eulerscheZahl: moin

eulerscheZahl: happy Caturday

MadKnight: hihi eulerscheZahl

jrke: happy caturday

jacek: happy Caturday

Thyl: happy Caturday

AntiSquid: no ! grumpy_cat.gif

ThunderbirdOne: oh, the usual crew is here

ThunderbirdOne: hi guys :wave:

eulerscheZahl: the lost bird is back

ThunderbirdOne: haha, been super busy the past... year or so?

eulerscheZahl: the new job?

ThunderbirdOne: renovations mostly lol

ThunderbirdOne: and we had a litter of puppies this summer

eulerscheZahl: are you done now?

ThunderbirdOne: ground floor is mostly done

ThunderbirdOne: just finishing touches... lights and stuff

eulerscheZahl: get a professional to do the job. you pay yourself less than minimum wage

ThunderbirdOne: we did do all of it with a contractor

ThunderbirdOne: result is alright, but the contractor was a douche :P

ThunderbirdOne: will not work with them again

AntiSquid: how's your job? you are still doing web dev stuff right ?

ThunderbirdOne: yep

ThunderbirdOne: current client is one of the biggest payroll providers in the country now :D

ThunderbirdOne: project kinda sucks though, one of those projects that's been running for 15 years or so

ThunderbirdOne: and you know, stuff just gets slapped on to it

ThunderbirdOne: bugs get patched but not really fixedd

ThunderbirdOne: etc etc

ThunderbirdOne: the stack also shows its age :P

AntiSquid: sounds good, just think about aaaaaaaaall the money you will make

eulerscheZahl: sounds like you are working for the government

ThunderbirdOne: its db2, mvc (.NET 4.5), jquery, ...

ThunderbirdOne: might as well be that yeah :') it's a private company though

AntiSquid: just got this email "React Software Engineer Position - Medical Imaging Industry" i am not looking for web dev for over 2 years now lol

ThunderbirdOne: theyre working on a replacement project in angular... but that's just an angular menu with an iframe slapped into it lol :D

ThunderbirdOne: so they hide our old menu, show the old content... but you do double the communication

ThunderbirdOne: because navigation in the iframe gets caught in some servicebus, that then sends it to the angular app, which navigates etc

ThunderbirdOne: its a mess really :d

eulerscheZahl: web development is rarely designed with resource efficiency in mind

ThunderbirdOne: oh well, it's wor

ThunderbirdOne: i get paid handsomly

ThunderbirdOne: i get to drive my fancy car... that is... if the lockdown ever ends

ThunderbirdOne: haven't been to the office since march

eulerscheZahl: i've returned last week :tada:

eulerscheZahl: for 2 days at least

AntiSquid: so wouldn't it be better to start over with the webpage ?

ThunderbirdOne: it would

ThunderbirdOne: only... payroll is a bigass business with a ton of rules

ThunderbirdOne: building a new app with feature parity would be yeeeaaaars of work

eulerscheZahl: dont be reasonable AntiSquid!

AntiSquid: department boss decided my team will work from home unless it's necessary to be on site ... so yay ?

eulerscheZahl: you aren't a chef anymore?

eulerscheZahl: how could i miss that?

AntiSquid: for over 1 year now, think you asked before

eulerscheZahl: oops

eulerscheZahl: but astro still is, right?

AntiSquid: well luckily i am not . considering what happened to the industry

ThunderbirdOne: :D haha

ThunderbirdOne: yeah, this global cough thing is bruta

ThunderbirdOne: brutal

AntiSquid: although i was working in a college so i should have been okey-ish

AntiSquid: i stopped cheffing july last year

AntiSquid: and i think i will stick with this employer for long time since they don't cut jobs being funded by the gov

AntiSquid: lockdown just fucked up everything

ThunderbirdOne: right, i'm off again... gonna try and be on more :P puzzles to solve!

ThunderbirdOne: but now its gardening time

AntiSquid: have fun

AntiSquid: are you laying you pavement? :p

eulerscheZahl: as you haven't been here for ages, i should suggest the Space Maze puzzle to you :P


jacek: advertising own game/puzzle eh?

eulerscheZahl: i see a clash of code invite

eulerscheZahl: but i won't click it

AntiSquid: saptarshi you spam a lot with random stuff and now you paste a clash link ... please, let's just get along and be nice :P


Saptarshi: Opps sorry .. from now i would maintain antisquid

eulerscheZahl: what's eulerscharl @Marchete?

Marchete: you as I read it

eulerscheZahl: i guess it's my fault for choosing such a complicated username

DomiKo: ohhh yes

DomiKo: I found critical bug

DomiKo: about yelling

DomiKo: uffff

DomiKo: enemy could yell at himself

Marchete: eulerszhchekaalr

Marchete: sorry we aren't used to those long names with hrzl

eulerscheZahl: easier than Csipscirip :/

eulerscheZahl: *Csipcsirip

DomiKo: oh wow

DomiKo: so I wrote something in global chat

DomiKo: not DM ...

DomiKo: embarrassing moment

AntiSquid: csipcsirip prouncounced chip chirip eulerschezahl prnounced oylershe zal ezpz

AntiSquid: z as in circa

Astrobytes: eulerscheZahl I haven't been a chef since around 2010-2011

eulerscheZahl: oh, i'm confusing things :D

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: how's your unicorn farm going then?

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: Did you know, the unicorn is the Scottish national animal?

eulerscheZahl: i only knew it's the goblin for Ireland

Astrobytes: No, they have a red deer I think

Astrobytes: Not a leprechaun :rofl:

eulerscheZahl: i'm confused where the real part ends and the joke starts

eulerscheZahl: let me look up the scottish national animal

eulerscheZahl: oh :D

Astrobytes: see!

eulerscheZahl: when you have no real animals that seem to be interesting...

Astrobytes: Yeah... we must have been bored or something

Astrobytes: Think it's supposed to symbolise strength and bravery or something like that

Astrobytes: hey the German national animal is mythical too

eulerscheZahl: the Bundesadler?

Astrobytes: Yeah

Default avatar.png Ryanless: Yes!!! I finally got my second win in clash

eulerscheZahl: next step: 3 wins in a row

Astrobytes: well done

eulerscheZahl: Astrobytes always finds the best words

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png Ryanless: well nope, road map says: next step play clash 50 times in total

eulerscheZahl: that's the hardest of all the clashing quests IMO

Astrobytes: but 3 in a row would feel good no? ;)

Default avatar.png Ryanless: Yes, but also super hard to achieve

Astrobytes: Difficulty is in the mind of the clasher

Astrobytes: Or something

Default avatar.png Ryanless: it is? i always thought it's about solving easy task even faster or more concise

Astrobytes: That's what I mean, you can do 3 in a row - that being hard is just in your head ;)


Astrobytes: ^

AntiSquid: real quote is: *defeat is a state of mind no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality* but it's not as funny

Astrobytes: Yes the abridged version is more... immediate

AntiSquid: next unofficial contest already announced for "somewhere in october"

Astrobytes: jrke's one?

AntiSquid: ya

Astrobytes: He's giving a choice of 3 still?

AntiSquid: choose the bot programming between 3 existing choices provided during registration.

Astrobytes: yeah I didn't read the announcement yey

Astrobytes: *yet

AntiSquid: registration not open yet it seems

Astrobytes: I think he's still working on the registration site

eulerscheZahl: announced where?

AntiSquid: on the current unofficial contest discord channel

AntiSquid: hosted by cryptisy

eulerscheZahl: oh, i didn't join that one

Astrobytes: didn't get a chance to work on Kutulu at all during the "contest"

eulerscheZahl: afk trying to find soccer shoes size 47 no luck yesterday

AntiSquid: DomiKo you can stop shuffling kutulu leaderboard contest is over now :p

Astrobytes: good luck euler

DomiKo: shuffle is life

AntiSquid: and you dropped me 1 spot

Astrobytes: lol

AntiSquid: before contest ended i mean

DomiKo: i can be between top10-top40

DomiKo: and I don't understand why

Astrobytes: sounds like Kutulu all right

DomiKo: I made mistake

DomiKo: before end of contest

DomiKo: I was 12

DomiKo: and I resubmit

DomiKo: and bang

DomiKo: 30...

MadKnight: oh that's normal

Astrobytes: yep

AntiSquid: it was like 0.03 difference between each of the "top 3" Astrobytes :D

AntiSquid: now would be 1st due to new shuffling

Astrobytes: Impressive AntiSquid

AntiSquid: didn't manage to improve, just maintain spot .

AntiSquid: not impressive :/

Astrobytes: Well, holding is better than dropping right?

AntiSquid: was about to get dropped i call it a conspiracy they must have rigged their bots to drop me

Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: wala went in hard on this one eh

DomiKo: but reaching legend is so hard here

AntiSquid: no astro, domiko gave wala the win, look at last submit date and time :P

AntiSquid: mine is 3 days old

DomiKo: rly? lol

AntiSquid: yes

Astrobytes: ah lol

DomiKo: I know that I dropped euler from 3 to 6

DomiKo: lmao

Astrobytes: unlucky :D

AntiSquid: agad e was shuffled back to 2nd spot, see 2 year old sub

AntiSquid: oh nvm he dropped again to 4th

AntiSquid: dolmen new #2 ! gz

Astrobytes: Nobody challenged blaster enough for him to resubmit I see

AntiSquid: he was like 0.30 - 0.50 to 2nd at some point

AntiSquid: actually i pushed euler to first on first submit

Astrobytes: Yeah but only if he stayed dropped would he have resubmitted

Astrobytes: I remember

Astrobytes: anyway, gotta run for now, back later

Saptarshi: #ProjectEpix

Zm4j: question? shouldn't Smitsimax by @MSmits, that is located in game coders strike back, be located in CODERS OF THE CARIBBEAN?

DomiKo: you can use it everywhere you want

vintprox: oh geez

vintprox: sometimes this CoC thingy is too strict

eulerscheZahl: as in character accuracy strictness?

Kanton99: how can i get from wood to bronze league?

DomiKo: you have to beat wood boss

Kanton99: i did a couple of times but i still didn't get to bronze

MSmits: Kanton99 you need to rank above the boss

MSmits: so not just beat the boss, beat everyone else as well

Default avatar.png Cardinal90: Hey, so i wrote the code and according by the console i won, but the visual replay doesn't work at all, it's just a static image. Any way to fix this?

Default avatar.png Cardinal90: Reloading the page worked

Doug: Hey guys.. Might be a stupid question, but is there a way to get the full Error Stream output from a run? I'm trying to debug one part of my code, and it looks like there is a display character limit...

eulerscheZahl: that limit is hard, your can only affect what you are printing

eulerscheZahl: e.g. run your program twice, print the first half of your error stream, then the second half

eulerscheZahl: or compress it: zip => base64 for printing

Doug: Ah, that's a good idea

Doug: I'll give that one a shot. Thanks for the tip!

Scarfield: you can also run it locally, then there is no limit

jacek: you can also make no mistakes so no need for debug

Doug: Yeah, I tried that approach the first 10 times! :joy:

eulerscheZahl: you can also say that you understand the principle and don't have to code it to prove anyone

eulerscheZahl: that's my approach

jacek: huh. new community contest?

Doug: Been having the 'ole Imposter Syndrome lately at work, so just trying to prove to myself, at this point!!!

Serenity-Twilight: Is there a way to hide this Discord pane? I don't care for it.

jacek: triangle on bottom

Serenity-Twilight: Ah, of course. I instinctly assumed that that was a Play button, despite the fact that that doesn't make any sense in this context. Thank you.

jacek: and this is not discord

AntiSquid: you mean the unofficial contest right jacek ?

AntiSquid: ah you found it nvm

jacek: eeyup

AntiSquid: ya jrke wants us to vote between 3 games

DomiKo: that's cool idea

jacek: do you know which ones?

AntiSquid: he said it's his favorite 3 games

DomiKo: Kutulu

DomiKo: new king

DomiKo: Agade

AntiSquid: why you troll me domiko :(

DomiKo: I see you have to resubmit

DomiKo: after my little push :sweat_smile:

AntiSquid: submit spam all day

AntiSquid: those -0.05 add up

DomiKo: that's RNG

DomiKo: i won 5 first games

DomiKo: and boom

DomiKo: top6

DomiKo: and moved everyone in top10

AntiSquid: sacrificing Automaton2000 to RNGesus to drop domiko >:)

Automaton2000: i'm pretty sure i got that part

DomiKo: here we go again

DomiKo: Automaton2000 is RNG real?

Automaton2000: i think it's a bit of code

AntiSquid: in this game definitely :P

Default avatar.png MidSizeTexan: The RNG is your friend, unless it is not

DomiKo: agree

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Hmmm, ghost legs looks pretty easy...

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: If I do for i in range(3) will it loop 3 times or 4 times?

Allis: Try it and see.

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: .-.

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Too lazy

Allis: Yikes.

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Dang the way the puzzle is structured makes this so annoying

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: By using -- instead of - in the puzzle, either I have to find a way to combine - and -, or I have to delete all the duplicates right next to each other

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Found a simple solution, I just skip appending the second one .-.

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: I give up ._.

LastRick: Just come back to it later. Give your brain time to work on it a little.

Default avatar.png Parad0X02: please where i can find tutorial for NHL code?

Simonka: NHL?

Default avatar.png Parad0X02: yeah

Simonka: wot

Default avatar.png Parad0X02: something like SQL

Simonka: yes

Default avatar.png Parad0X02: but better

Tiktaktorix: go habs!

Default avatar.png Parad0X02: yes son

Default avatar.png Parad0X02: yes